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Latest Kansas Events.
Oil and Gas Wells. Taxed.
Important changes in the taxation
xt oil and gas property will be made
this year If the instruction given the
county assessors of the Kansas oil and
gas field by the state tax commission
are followed. The assessors were in
Btructed to levy taxes upon the wells
and also upon the mineral license or
lease under which the wells are op
erated. Heretofore, in most counties
at least, the only item which has been
taxed has been the fixtures. These,
of course, will be levied upon as usual.
The wells are to be appraised accord
ing to their production. As a basis
of valuation Edwin Foster, the county
assessor of Montgomery county, said
that he had adopted the rule that a gas
well is worth $800 for every million
cubic feet it will produce daily and
that an oil'well is worth $200 for every
barrel of oil it will produce daily."
Murder Not a Bailable Crime.
Frank Schenck and Mrs. Mollie
Stewart, accused of the murder of the
Schenck family near Ottawa last year,
must remain in jaii umu ineir case is
finally disposed of, according to the
decision of the supreme court. Schenck
and Mrs. Stewart brought an applica
tion fcr a writ of habeas corpus in
the supreme court to obtain their re
lease on bond but the supreme court
refused to grant the application. The
attorneys for Schenck and Mrs. Stew
art argued that since the Kansas leg
islature had abolished capital punish
ment that murder in the first degree
became a bailable offense.
Says Weights Must Be Full.
Dr. S. J. Crumbine, secretary of the
state board of health, is sending out a
circular letter to the flouring mills of
Kansas, urging and warning them
that full weight must be sold. He
states that he has found many brands
of flour short from eight ounces to
three pounds in 49-pound sacks. John
Kleinhans, bis chief Inspector, has
been making a thorough test of the
flour sold, and Dr. Crumbine's letter
is based upon that.
Miss Howe Got the Prize.
Miss Mateel Howe, daughter of E.
W. Howe, editor of the Atchison Globe,
has been awarded $590 for an article
on Portland, Ore. Prizes were offered
by the Portland Commercial club for
the best articles on that city, pub
lished in outside papers. The first
prize was $1,000 and Miss Howe se
cured the second prize with an article
published in her father's paper.
A Busy Printer.
During the last , two., months,, the
state printing office, under the" man
agement of T. A. McNeal, has turned
out 27,300 volumes of state books, hav
ing a total of 7,971,600 pages, or an
average of 292 pages to the book.
Died On Road Home.
The war department has been in
formed of the death at Long Beach,
Cal., of Edwin C. Jones, of Emporia,
assistant director of printing at Ma
nila, who had come home for the bene
fit of his health.
Named Sheriff of Barber County.
Gov. Hoch has appointed Charles
W. Kldd of Medicine Lodge sheriff of
Barber county, to fill the vacancy made
by the death of D. L. McCracken, who
was killed. Kidd was McCracken's
Should Do It If They Can.
" Finney county is now claiming it
can grow finer cantaloupes than the
Rocky Ford district can produce. If
this is correct the Finney county
farmers would be wise to raise them.
A Wildcat Story.
A catamount was killed near Cedar
vale recently, and the Jokers are say
ing that it probably escaped from one
of the wildcat oil properties which
' abound in Chautauqua county.
Should Be Considerate.
The town marshal In Wathena
should be careful not to vex his pris
oners. One man was so provoked that
he kicked a hole through the side of
the jail and walked out.
Wellington's Chautauqua.
- Wellington's first " Chautauqua as
sembly, which will open June 27 and
close July 5, promises to immediately
.take rank as one of the big Chautau
Quas of Kansas.
Death of Rev. S. B. Fleming.
Rev. S B. Fleming, D. D., superin
tendent of home missions for the
Presbyterian church In the synod of
Kansas, died at his home at Wiohita
Junction City Has 6,800 Population.
The population of Junction City is
6,800. ' A very careful census of the
city made for the new directory shows
this number of inhabitants.
Fire At Penitentiary.
. A-fire which started In the
warehouse of the Kansas penitentiary
destroyed more than $25,000 worth of
property. Efficient work on the part
of the officers and prisoners, the latter
helping in a commandable manner
prevented the flames from spreading
and burning the binding twine ware
house where more than $200,000 worth
of manufactured twine is now stored
ready for shipment. Had there been
a hisb wind and the boiler and power
bouse, new ice plant and manufactur
ing shops would hare been destroyed.
A Conflict of Schools.
Evidently the regretable condition
of affairs at the state agricultural cot
lege, which has culminated in the
resignation of the president of that
institution and several instructors has
weighed heavily upon the mind of F.
D. Coburn, secretary of the state
board of agriculture, as do all
things which threaten the interests
over which he watches with fatherly
solicitude, as he has felt called upon
to address a letter to Gov. Hoch upon
the subject. A portion of the letter
says: . "As you are doubtless aware
there has been for. many years, oi
practically since their beginning,
more or less conflict of opinion and
action among the directing forces oi
the state university, the state agri
cultural college and the state normal
school, as to the lines of work each
should follow if an unwise duplica
tion by one or both of the others was
to be avoided. But in the minds oi
the greater unbiased public who sup
port these schools there is no differ
ence of opinion, as to what each was
really intended for and is expected to
do. For example the public, who pay
the bills, expects the university to
provide an education in literature, and
the arts and sciences, as these terms
are understood by educators, and the
young men and women of the state are
sent there, instead of elsewhere, to
obtain it. The same public expects
the state normal school to especially
train and qualify it3 students iathe
art and science of teaching peda
gogy, if you please particularly for
the common public schools. The pub
lic likewise expects the college at
Manhattan to be the school . where
practical agriculture and the mechanic
arts are taught, and for this has gen
erously equipped it with men, lands.
vast buildings, herds and flocks, labor
atories, machinery and money, and
will provide more, as merited. Owing
to duplication and overlapping In the
work of these schools the purposes
indicated are but partially met, while
in its zeal, coupled with a spirit of
rivalry, each institution biennially be
sieges the legislature for increased
funds for carrying on work which
should be or is done by another. In
the interests of all, schools, students
and public, this is a condition that
sooner or later will have to be reme
died, and the sooner it is .remedied
by a proper adjustment the fewer its
difficulties and complications. My
thought is that you could do an in
estimable service by officially bring
ing the situation (which they all con
cede is unsatisfactory) to the atten
tion of the heads and boards of re
gents of the three schools, inviting
them to come together, in conference,
perhaps wisely including the state
superintendent of public instruction.
for the purpose, and urging them to
work out, agree upon and adopt (or
recommend for your approval) a pol
icy which would result in each insti
tution's adhering to its legitimate
duties, without conflict with any oth
er, and in a spirit of harmonious co
operation rather than one of rivalry.
competition or antagonism." The gov
ernor has since stated that he will
call a conference as suggested.
Alfalfa Makes Prosperity.
R. F. Vaughan of Mankato refers to
Jewell county as the banner alfalfa
county and attributes much of the
great success of the farmers up there
to the fact that alfalfa is so generally
raised. "The farmers as well as the
town people up' there are prosperous
and progressive," said Mr. Vaughan.
"Last year was not favorable to crops
of any kind, but just as usual, the al
falfa made a good showing just the
same. One of my neighbors, A. B.
Smith, raised on 15 acres of his farm
alfalfa and seed to the amount of $780.
This was at the rate of $52 per acre.
And this amount represents the net
profits from that 15 acres of land, as
all the expense of harvesting and
handling the crop is deducted. In our
county seat, Mankato, we also find
many evidences of thrift, as well as
genuine enterprise. Recently a move
ment was started to erect a Y. M. C.
A. building there. One woman gave
$10,000 on condition that a certain
amount be raised to keep it In oper
ation and the required sum was soon
Teachers Were Guests at the Fort.
The session of the Northeast Kan
sas Teachers' association was attend
ed by more than 1,300 teachers. Frank
Strong, chancellor of the University
of Kansas, delivered an address on
the progress of education in Kansas
and the west. The visitors saw ' a
dress parade of the Infantry regiment
at Fort Leavenworth and were shown
over the post. - . They inspected the
federal penitentiary after finishing the
convention work.
Democratic Paper for Council Grove.
Council Gfove is to have a Demo
cratic paper. A. R. Zimmerman of In
diana will be editor and publisher.
Brings Money to Mead "County
Ed. Burg shipped 36,000 pounds of
alfalfa seed out of Fowler recently to
McPberson, says the Fowler Gazette.
Alfalfa seed is worth $8 per bushel
an I figuring at this rate, Mr. Burg
left about $4,800 with the farmers of
Mead county.
Harvest Time Coming.
"Now," says Dave Leahy. "is the
time for brass bands in country towns
to polish up their horns and practice
No. 9 and No. 11. The candidates are
ready to "help out the boys."
Vividly Described by , One Who- Has
. Suffered 'from It. .
Mrs. it Mntzabaugh, of Duncannon,
Pa., says: "I was sick and miserable all
last Spring and as X
did not know what
was the matter I
- kept going down
and down until I
" was a physical wreck.
jJ - I bad smothering
jyV spells, . flashes of
&f iR heat over the kid-
Ing the kidney secre
tions, which contained sediment. My
husband urged me to try Doan's Kid
ney Pills, and at last I did so. They
did me much good, and I used in all
eight boxes which restored me to per
fect health."
Sold by all dealers, 50 cents a- box.
Foster-Milburn Co, Buffalo. N. Y.
Walter Damrosch tells of a matron
In Chicago who, in company with her
young nephew, was attending a
musical entertainment.
The selections were apparently en
tirely unfamiliar to the youth; but
when the "Wedding March" of Men
delssohn was begun he began to evince
more interst. -
"That sounds familiar," he said.
"I'm not strong on these classical
pieces, but that's a good one. What is
"That," gravely explained the
matron, "is the 'Maiden's Prayer.
Harper's Weekly.
Catarrh Cannot Be Cured
With LOCAL APPLICATIONS, ma they cannot resell
the seat of the disease. Catarrh la a blood or consti
tutional disease, and In order to cure It yon mast tslco
Internal remedies. Hall's Catarrh Carets taken In
ternally, and acta directly en the blood and mucous
nrfaces. Hairs Catarrh Care Is not a quack medi
cine. It was prescribed by one of the best physicians
In this country for years and Is a regular prescription.
It Is composed of the best tonics known, combined
with the best blood purl Hers, acting directly on the
mucous surfaces. The perfect combination of the
two Ingredients Is what produces such wonderful re
sults in curing catarrh. Send for testimonials, free.
F. J. CHEKEY CO., Props., Toledo, O.
Bold by Druggists, price 75c
Take Hall's Family Fills for constlsatlon.
Too Free Speech.
The allegations made during a trial
for "blasphemy" raises the whole ques
tion of courtesy and kindliness in pub
lic discussion. Ridicule and sarcasm
are permissible, and effective weapons
In debate, but mere vulgarity and
abuse or Irreverence in dealing with
subjects that are sacred to others, are
not to be confounded with free speech
and cannot be tolerated. Lloyd's
(Eng.) News. .
. His Great Fault.
"Yes," said the would-be author, "I've
taken a borne in the country, but it
will be necessary for' me to engage
a gardener. There's quite a plot of
ground around the house ; too much
Eor me to handle."
"Tes," replied Crittick, ."you never
could handle' a plot, could you?"
Catholic Standard and Times.
Starch, like everything else, Is be
ing constantly improved, the patent
Starches put on the market 25 years
ago are very different and Inferior to
those of the present day. In the lat
sst discovery Defiance Starch all in
jurious chemicals are omitted, while
the addition of another ingredient, in
rented by us, gives to the Starch a
itrength and smoothness never ap
proached by other brands.
The Power of Love.
Love as many persons and as many
creatures as you possibly can. Love
is the only power by which you can
make yourself rich In a moral world.
Garfield Tea cannot but commend itself
:o those desiring a laxative at once sim
ile, pure, mild, potent and health-giving,
it is made of Herbs. Ail drug stores.
The bachelor who takes unto him
lelf a wife gives up the simple for the
itrenuous life.
Should be in every home. Ask your grocer
or it. Large 2 oz. package only 5 cents.
The great doers of history have al
irays been men of faith. Chapin.
Smokers have to call for Lewis Single
Binder cigar to get it. Your dealer or
Lwis Factory, Peoria, III.
Perish discretion whenever It Inter
feres with duty. More.
Mrs. Window's) Soothing- Syrup.
ror children teething, softens the gums, reduces fa
lamination, allays pain, cores wtndcoU. ascabotlle.
The more a man doesn't know the
less he doubts.
The discriminating
For spavin,
Bk.SSskssss. .SSBSsl ..SSS. SSSBBk ssS Sk
rcnuond. wuiu purro unu an iumcnc5& in nordes
For thrush, foot- rot and garget on cattle and sheep
For hog distemper, hog cholera; thumps and scours in hogs -
For diarrhoea, canhor and roup in poultry -
Send for free book on Horses. Cottle. Hogs and Poultry -Address Dr. Earl S.Sloon. Boston . Mass .
Mrs. A. I-think offices are horrid.
-My husband is out all day and says
he Is looking for an office. .
Mrs. Z. How funny! Mine Is out
late nights and says he Is detained at
the office. -
Sheer white goods. In fact, any fine
wash goods when new, owe much of
their attractiveness to the way they
are ' laundered, this being done In a
manner to enhance their textile beau
ty. Home laundering would be equal
ly satisfactory if proper attention was
given to starching, the first essential
being good Starch, which has sufficient
strength to stiffen, without thickening
the goods. Try Defiance Starch and
you will be pleasantly surprised at the
Improved appearance of your work.
Rubbing It In.
"What's that crank In 38 kicking
about?" asked the hotel clerk.
"He's explaining that everything's
too old and shabby," replied the bell
boy. "He wants everything new."
"All right. Begin by giving him
those new stiff towels."
Important to Mothers.
Examine carefully every bottle of
CASTORIA a safe and sure remedy for
infants and children, and see that it
Bears the
Signature of
In Use For Over 30 Years.
The Kind You Have Always Bought.
Too Polite to Interrupt.
Police Justice You saw that cock
fight? Why didn't you stop it and ar
rest the men? - -
Police Officer I did, Y'r Anner
afther th' fight was over. Chicago
Genuine greatness Is marked by
simplicity, unostentatiousness, self
forgetfulness, a hearty interest in
others, a feeling of brotherhood with,
the human family. -
This woman says she was saved
from an operation ly Lydia E.
PixLkham's Vegetable Compound.
Lena V. HenrYj of Norristown, G&,
writes to Mrs. Pinkham : . .
I Buffered untold misery from fe
male troubles. My doctor said an opera
tion was the only chance I had, and I
dreaded it almost as much as death.
One day I read how other women
had been cured by Lydia E. Pinkham's
Vegetable Compound, and I decided to
try it- Before I bad taken the first
bottle I was better, and now I am en
tirely cured.
" Every woman suffering' with any
female trouble should take Lydia EL
Pinkham's Vegetable Compound."
For thirty years Lydia E. Eink
ham's Vegetable Compound, made
from roots and herbs, has been the
standard remedy for female ills,
and has positively cured thousands of
women w ho have been troubled with
displacements, inflammation, ulcera
tion, fibroid tumors, irregularities,
periodic pains, backache, that bearing-down
feeling, flatulency, indiges
tion, dizziness or nervous prostration.
"Why don't you try it ? -.
Mrs. Pinkham invites all sick;
women to write her for advice.
She has snided thousands to
health. Address, Lynn, Mass.
Send Bketsrband description of
invention and I will Advise
Ton W I thin - sr H tk. v-o-m hxw
to secure protection. Send for my free booklet.
Aupu His JtVItLCIftUat vwrsr nil Wt
Color nore foods brlohter mn4 lister colors thsn mny other dm. One 10c Mekaoe coton aH flbars. They dye in cold iratrr better than an? other dr- YoaCaasfcs
mat aarmeat sntbaut rweuaa sjMrt. sVnts tof trtf booklet Ham to Oia. Blase sad Mm Colors. MOMRO DRUO OO., Qulncy, Illinois.
I S. ST S? . WssH M
curb, splint sweeny, capped hock-: founder; strained
i Improve
K C Baking' Powder wDI do it! Get
a can. Try it for
It doesn't raise better,
if it isn't daintier,
we return your money. Everybody
agrees K C has no equal.
The United
Law insures its purity.
Altitude only 8700 feet above the ses level. Inexhaustible water supply, taken from
the great Snake River, the seventh largest river in America. No alkali, no ocloau.
420,000 acres of the finest fruit and agricultural land in the West.
The man who wants a home where every thins: prows that makes farming profitable
on easy terms or the man who wants land for investment should write us, as we quote
nothing but absolutely reliable information. Address
The State of Wyoming
Is preparing to open for settlement ten thousand acres of irrigable land, nnder
'. the- Carey Act. at 50 cents per acre, as an addition to the now famous Wheat
land Colony. For further information write to ... -
3. R. MASON, General Immigration
This company has been ma kins engines
and nothina- aUa tor thirty years. We are
eneine specialists. ;"
It stands to reason that a big. successful con
cern like this, that makes one thins, must make
that one thins well.
Onr new factory is the most complete and np-to-date
engine factory in the United States.
Because of its complete equipment we can build
engines of the highest efficiency at the very
lowest cost.
That is why we can (rive yon a durable, simple,
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lived engine at a low price.
This liberal proposition is ths crowning reason
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Engine You Want
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Hopper -IfJjfri
mm'a S3. BO, S.OU asms SS.SO mfttmm "
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n of arnmtmr rmlm Ihmn mnjr
Aom fathm mtorti fo-dsr.
W. L Doughu $4 and $5 Gilt Edge Shoes Cannot
j a w . w. i XKma-iae name arm pi
Bold by the best shoe dealers everywhere. 6boes
wrrAUTIOHT. W. I.. Iouglas name and
i. siaing zcee to any snnrsss
Use Bell Long Distance Telephone
UX3 Thompson's Eye Water
W. N. U-, Kansas City, No. 16, 1908.
farmer keeps a supply, of
your favorite cakel If
more evenly, higher,
more delicate 'in flavor,
States Pure Food
Twin Falls. Idaho
Wheatland, Wyow
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