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3 I j i jr 1 s.i v - g w r-8
M?u Rrciament
flights: Have Religious j
- --" Training
I Julia Marlowe, Mrs. Fiske; Ethel Barrymore,
I r - - .. . - . '
MargaretAnglin, -and Dorothy Donnelly,
'Are : Ihstances---Olis Skinner, One of the
'Best Khown-30iAnie-ncanAct6r0 - Is thefcS'f
Son of a Minister-
to the church. In f actthe first theat
rical performances of ' -which" nlste
haa an authentic record- are-taosa
given -by, priests ot th , church j 1
order to carry to those who could not I
read the great truths of the faith. '
Nowadays -it is nothing uncommon
for ministers of thegospeT to come f or-: j
ward as playwrights. - A numDer -pi
successful dramas have , "been written
by men of the cloth! ' " " -,
Rev. .Walter Bentley, well-known
Episcopal clergyman, and president of
the Actors' Church alliance.. was for
merly sin actor, and a good one..
rOtia Skinner, One of the best known
actors on the American stage, ea
talnly one who does much to maintain
the great traditions of the" days when"
the - classics reigned supreme, is Jhm
son of a preacher, and scattered on the j
stage of England and -thehTJnited States
are many sons and daughters of men
of the cloth. ' ., . i . .
Tlora Zabelle is a clergyman's daugh-
list could be extended
I 1
il 1VT I
rsi yaa-. .ar.
e - - - i .-' t - i St
EWgYp$KrlirJis tii
to think of the altar as a
recruiting place for the
stage, it is a fact . that
many of the most success
ful American actresses
Ff pentheirpungjjy eft.la
the ecstasy of religious
itivas Wlti Convent 'and
ixnectlnif"t6 raeiotihe Ca
fe ture to .religious ork; tlie Seluundeji
f the Jure f,the.,footllhta antUtookup.
-the' prof eesien 'Of Thespis;-'
fl Noteless than" flVe"w6men holdfng lm'
H ioftaPt places; (bn sjsge" qn$ Jih.
E "ider- thj. classification.'! s- lia .!
Jg Miss1 Porothll'Jlbnnelly Ipng pelbre
f 2she had a; chance to. show-her powers
! In- GeorSre 'Bernard Shaw's "carraiaa,
V jand befqrettne author .' ortThe aon
g- Jand the Mouse had; even put a pen to
feaperY was eobfinedL within the w.aila of
t . convenU It, ha beoiher "cooicet as
g a young girl, anct .even.,, T after; " Reaving
M ;$hfi- flulet, home Tpf-ner dldhpod' And
f. bidding farewell ty the- sisters she hsid
ifiaintahicfl'.'sutJi' .an affection Soi the
ft -Academy; ot tbe j;Sacted -r Hear t-j that
J ievry timef hef 'engagements' Brliig her
g 'to1' rJew"TWrkL she .-.spends' a consider
B mble phrt of her time at the beadtiful
' -'- While Miss Donnelly was going ' to
- this -schooh of-religious "instruction In
i : 4 3 -.
f 1 4 S ir ji . 4 5 : - ..
greatl.rolea Jtor? women shavd their
source in the devotion of the jcharac-
ters. Here Miss Marlowe Is supreme
ly at homer-As Jeanne d'Arc, foj- exara
pie, she had a matchless chance, and
MJ?JP-ham6SejahAt.beauUtil por
trR't, fif ttin drpnT"y. th"MgMti1l r'1-
otic French maiden whoflnally goes
to'S-raartfrdciSwlnflBfea-'fnABs: to
jtsVfruthtulhess. fJTi z'-H Vi j
i Claude i Adams, .another o the mot
papiJajL actresees, progresed from the
tialeti thoughtful llfesol he consent to
theflah-ttd -slitter-of the footlights.
Aij-yfeahgptmrj'sTJe ajraiv'sejid .hey .
healfS waslsp'pbpr that It wai feared
th hp'r;'cliancjs of maturing tofrobust
womantoodiWFe-aeageF-.-c-Ev4n now
no one who' saV , the actress ;Jn "Peter
Pan'-:.XoB instance, would accuse her
of efhg an' amz6n,but'slie has the
eaaurilee 'a Wthstaadtthe-Jrlgors of
long--tpursj SMI f 'Be junaps.TrOm one
one; night , staid, 3-"another; fthoiit
discomfort, so 4tsm--b safd thit she
has. uo serious cpmpialiit in. the sub-
oavni Brd;:
3'p seer Flsk Iri; ariy-jt pia in
ec tual doles' thai make up ie reper
toiBe no'-ene-' would '-lmaglne;-thiit this
expprient"blftfie eltra -ahodrrt In the
dramatic art was another of the gradu
ates from altar to the etage.'. j ;
- Since herTmefebfic return to the
BTage-after a period "of absence from lt
Undoubtedly the Increasing .number
of "amateur dramatic organizations
have done much to" forward the'.lm-
provemeot of relatIons :' between :the
church ;and the stage; I "V5''C -
Many phurches haye-dramatlcprgahr
Izations as a sort of adjuhct..,-part pf
the social life of the church .bodyj
jrtThe8e: organizations produce one or.
two-plays a winter -The' members rer
hearse-mot carefully. They , attain
often a remarkable Broficiencys and as
they do the work entirely for the love
of It they' find a' ; pleasure in- turning
over to the church -whatever proceeds
may accrue, n i i-- . . !
Through these.: and: T other TneaBS
that old-time chasm between stage and
the church, which formerly1 seemed fo
be impaseable; Is being -bridged ; I "
Newspaper Correspondents Seized Op
- i v port unity 'to Participate In the! ":"
i-i Soldier's Favorite Drink' --,
Ject of hlthi .
-. cany&yrTtt
. Brig. Gen.. Ciareaee Edwards, chief
of the bureau of insular affairs and in
timate friend of president Taf tj is one
of the most popular men in public life
In Washington. - ' - . - ;
When General Edwards was at' Hot
Springs, Va., some of the natives In
troduced him to a very excellent drink,
the principal" ingredient of , which"was
champagne. The general sampled It
and found It to his liking. ' ' He told a
newspaper correspondent about it and
proposed that they try It. ;
.The Invitation was intended only for
that "particular correspondent, hut, be
ing an -unselfish person he wished to
let his friends In on the' sampling
proposition.' ! v..
, ."Edwards Is going to Introduce me
to a new kind of drink," he informed,
the fellow-workers. We are now on
the -way to the bar.' ' Pass the word
along the line and round the boys up.
I'll hold him until you arrive." - .
f, The general and 1 the ;correspondent
walked into the bar and gave their or
ders. Pretty soon the rest of the cor-respondents-droppedinto
the room In
a careless sort of manner. All ot them
took occasion to walk' over and say
"Howdy" to the general. - - '
- "Join ms' said the general : to
first two who arrived. - -They did.
couple -more arrived. : . '
"Join-, us;" said the generaL
. They "did.. . and , as they Joined there
was a stream of pencil-pushers crowd
ing through the doors with mote out
side, waiting .or . a: chance, to, get in.
The' general looked .them over, gazed
reproachfully, at the. man who was in
tended to be his only guest, ana tnen
remarked to the bartender. .
"Make enough of those' concoctions
for every newspaper -man. in 'Hot
Springs.,- I seem to be up against It."
Washington Times. - - - - - -
-Thbniai" t J Snot eli7 bne of ' tie
greatest market reporters In America,
writea fr6m"New yorsjinder date of
March 20th, and' sayij J - '
- Th Tariff tangle with. Canada
which President Taft-bas taken "In
band is ef Importance chiefly because
of the multitude of American farmers
that are crossing Intcf the Canadian
northwest. Most .conservative " esti
mates of' their;, number-'placa . It . at
150,000 for 1910. Some say as many
as 250,000 will cross. -These are all
expert farmer and their places in. the
United States -are: being filled by 'un
trained men. from -Europe and from; J
the cities. ' Canada" is gaining rapidly
tu agricultural . Importance and -within
a few years the United .States jifill
have to caITcv tte"TmlnIon'" jfbr
wheat.: Prodncrtioar wheat la --tte
United. States is not keeping p
with the population. A tariff war
would complicate Ttfie ;proWent jot 'jdet
tlng: food. Even now-Canadian; falt
ers are getting-higher "prices' fof thf Ir
cattle on the b.oof and, Canadian house
wives are navintr less: for neat li Sis
butcher shops than iarmersanduie
wives are receiving and paying In Itiie
United States, -T&ararlir.: on ;:J crtile
and ..wheat, must: fee ? removed d
tween the : two- cuntyles efor
t v - Gentlemen 'Tw. r-.-'n
, . ..T6" 7 streel;-4 cieanf tigitaeftart m.
men .were- ha vlngj-an--; altercation
they, wire- driving: thefruCarts .side:
"aide along.. appeit-Hroad way.: the pt3ir
aiteraoon. one was xea-iacep. -- on-
bulbous-nocod, . tho ' typical ' -"ruinnij1 :"?
The- other was an.- addeTtedd negfoc
Both looked utterly disreputable," j
"Get out "o'i-Tnyi way iv . yelled the red
faced man. J'PnVt .cher. Jaoow ejaoiikh
to get outerlec -way, when .you-seei a
gentleman-?"! fe i;ri; !!"!
, "I'm" mpre;of VkL !gm,ju'en Jthan.' :ou,
you : big " rum.T-i retorted " the negfo.
"Youall--drives a garbage-rcart, aif I
ohly . picks'" " ashes. Trfe ".York
Press, . . --v-.- j j-
it r
The Man Lower Down. .. . :
- "The beef trust doesn't worry me
any." . - . '-1 '-: ? :
,"WhatJhenIs jourfworxynoti a
JTiTe mar&etman who won't trust."
Boston Herald. - -
vino g poo i a '-? i 'j -- " 1 -1 L -
Itea, Weak, Wmij. Wte7 IBfrnm.
Relieved By Marine Eye. Remedy. Try
Murine For. Tour .Eye Trouble. Ton "Will
LUw Murtner-i It Soothes. 60c at Tour
UrnrelMts. i Write For Eye Books. Free.
Murine Eye Remedy. Cp phlcico, .
Where good thoughta,. germinate
there Is the g-wtb"gf jri; grsatnoes
and goodness. Lee.
'-" T ft ' " " Tl
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white a snow. All grocers, 5c a package.
' There's nothing In it tor the under
taker when a man -is'"-"burted';In- ob-
la M ouuco of vreTention" as well AS m
-pound of cure." For bowel troubles, skin
wounaa; ooiax'&nd otber ills- -tie and 6te asses.
- F - - .
Some of our first impressions were
made by-mother a aupper.-
OpBstloatkm causes bust serious diseases. It
Is tborouitblj oral rvl)yuf nceceas vioaaasa
yei lets. unesusufeluu8iarcswnM.t -
The future
r-t '
Live for The present.
L takes fare pff itself. - , T
",utY r Mt-'S
Leads all other medicines ia
the cure of all spring ailments,
humors,-loss -of appetite,-that
tired feeling, paleness; and
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Hay's Hair-3ca.Hi
Never Falls to atoe CJemy Hair le
Natural Color aai ouatr. Stop its taUins?
cat. mad positively removes Dandreff. le sol a.
Dye. Refuse all substitutes. tr.oo and 50c
Boctlaa by Mail or at Draceaata. 1 CIJ
Send socfor JUxr9 .sample. Bottle aTLaa aaiam
Philo Har asses. Cs. .Maararav N.' I. U. S. A.
V- erMai uhlge llelliTeateV
lice trial, teases wbere otasr
- jreatadics hrvc ialea,eciaUr-
desired. tiive uarticuIarB.
Pr. K S. OOITTUXL. aerto in, sMW.IMIt.SsIak.
CoDqaeradat Laai-
Krw Ta r.l. rtoM It. Writ OT Proof. Advice fTflsV.
- Tn. CHa.HFi.ai4 JfoMt Oih St, fhn.-tirtpi.l4 P.
Twenty-four Carloads .Purchased
Lewis', Single Binder Cigar
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"- What Is -probably .the Vblggest lot bf
all fancy grade tobacco held -by ay
factory In the United- States has just
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niTIaU, in auth a seasons of their lives, as
rnaideiisrwive or mothers, that the one $imple.
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pleasantly-- and jiaturallv. and which mav b"-i
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conuiuons, wneo.tne system needs a-iaxatiye;
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w fc-w turn illluiliaMVU Jl UK L . fr.l
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t-,jfreeable:and 'refreshing to the taste and
acceptable to the system when its gentle
cleansing is desired. . -- : . v ' "
Only those who buy the; genuine Syrup, of
Figs and Elixir of Senna can hope to get'its
beneficial effects, and as :a guarantee of the
excellence of the remedy, the full name of the
company California Fig Syrup Go. is printed
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jCr&9KEfeld as Syrup of-Figs- and --
Single Binder Cigars. ""The; lot will,
make twenty-four carloads, and IS -selected
from what la considej-ed by ex
perts to be the finest crop raised in
many Tears.- TK6 pur chase olT tobacco
Is sufficient, to last the , factory . more
than two years. ' -An ; extra priced was
paid for the selection. ' Smokers' ; of
Lewis' Single Binder Cigars will appre
ciate this tobacco. -, ; . -" - .
Peoria Btar, January' 16, :tS09. "4 :
Deen purcnasea Dy iiann r. iewis, ot t-c-if , l -j--r- - -
Peoria, for the manufacture ot-Lewis' cJixir ot o6nna is fraudulent and should be fe
this excellent laxative, thepffer-of any substi
tute, when SjnStPfflgTthd Elixir of Sefirjari
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of patronage to some first-class drug establish-
, vaea-
-' An Improvement.
' ."How ' did ; you , enloy . .your'
Hon?"- ;. .-.CI... . - - ; : ;
"Fine! It made a new man ot me!
-"I congratulate your wife.-" r- j
Trained Nurses Earn $15 to 925 Weekly
Free tuition tn a -fine non-aectari an Dri-
vate hospital in Kansas City. - Send for
Illustrated booklet. Address for particu
street, Kansas City.. Missouri.,
.A Sad. Case..
'Do' you" prefer -your -ggs poached
or scrambled?" - - :.. ; :
'X can't remember.'', . -., . ; ,
Use the best. That's why they buy Red
Cross Ball Kue. At leading grocers 5 cents.
New York another now famous actress
. was following a similar course ' in
Philadelphia, only a hundred miles
" away. ' - - -
. This girl bore a name honored in
American stage annals. She was Ethel
i . Barrymore, daughter of Maurice Barry-
". more and Georgie Drew Barrymore. On
; her mother's side she had the blood of
the famous Drew family. Mrs. John
.' Drew was her grandmother John and
- Sidney. Drew her uncles. .'
,-' It had been about determined by the
v- family that this one girl should not fol
low the traditions of the family. But
Miss Barrymore developed such
marked talents that it was impossible
to deny the trend of the Drew blood,
and Ethel went on the stage to become
one of its6rnaments. - f
t- . Julia Marlowe's Early Life.
. Similarly another actress famed for
her charm and the extent of her study
spent her life in early devotion Miss
f Julia Marlowe.-, - " ' ," - A " i .
C ,-" When this beautiful -young , actress
first made her appearance there was
'V general -astonishment at the extent of
her v resources. She not only. had all
the charm that goes with youth, but
she had evidently delved- deeply-Into
history and literature while; . making
her - preparation for . delineating 1 the
- great characters of Shakespeare and
other classical characters. . ;
There was nothing raw, immature or
'"unfinished about her work. While still
a young girl she came to the front a.
finished actress frpm her first, appear
M' ' - - " -l."t "
Folks Wondered. 'But the . answer
was simple. .Miss Marlowe had spent
t hef entire youth as a student.- It is
-:true that her-researches had not been
.directed to (thcloreof the stage. .- She
i,-was, in fact, another dweller te a con-:l-vent,..
But ;4n its Quiet , walls 8he; had
j. learned-the -habit of thinking deeply
and , of knowing how :to ... ge..; to ;-.the
truths of history. - -. J- r -
In many , roies an actress, is . cora-"pUed-to
show religious feeung, for
jsny of the great " emotions of . the
Mrs. Fiske has taken a dominating
place as perhaps the most modern of
all our actresses. :
She , was called the - - "American
Duse" when the noted Italian was Just
building up her fame in this country,
and the title has steadily clung to her,
and deservedly. -
Mrs. Fiske got her first ideas of life
in the quiet convent. , Perhaps she
couldn't have gone right on -the stage
as an actress of the: great modern
parts, as soon as she .came Into the
world again from the walls of -.her
place of retreat. It took some little
time, some getting Into . the ' current.
But the actress says that the contem
plative atmosphere of the convent Is
the right place to get the ideas prop
erly" fixed so that in mature, contact
with .any art problem It is possible to
follow the right - ideas, first exerting
the intellect to- get the right concep
tion, then following -the direction to
which that conception points,,.
As the' life of the convent teaches
above all things cbedtence, the actress
who Imbibed her early ideas there is
pliable not- only to-the- will- of other
teachers who know, but" also to the
artistic dictates of her own conscience,
i- Margaret Anglia never-In her youth
figured that life would -lead aer .Ube
way of the stage. - She was moat de
voutly religious, and remains most de
voutly religious, and though some ot
the -roles , she has enacted, would indi
cate a marked departure from, the lines
laid' out by the teachipg. of -a- convent,
nevertheless' Miss Anglin has r never
abated one Jot. the religious regime
that she grew up to. , . -. ; t
' The Church and the Stage. , :
- These are a few instances nat gtve
an Idea of how the. church ! and ' the
stage have-been gradually brought to
gether. In: spite of -the Idea permitted
to survive In the minds of nany-that'
they have -virtually ?i nothing-In voom
moiu. ,.- .--." -: .- r;:. .--. .-v'- r-.-.'r
'-.i Improving Americans.--
"Nothing is fixed but the certainty
of change," said Goethe, and We know
that the future .American will repre
sent a change. He may be taller or
shorter or. thinner or fatter than the
American of today, but there is noth
ing In the' existing state of society
and we use society in its broad sense-
to indicate that he will not be better
in many ways. Confidence in this is
based largely on the" evident determi
nation of the American of today, to
leave our institutions and our Ideals
better than he found them. "Every
American native . or foreign born
wants his children to have a better
education than it was possible for him
to- secure. He wants to have, his
children live In a community of higher .
standards and ideals than he has; he
wants betterment in local, state and
national conditions ; and the result of j
the want will be improvement and
demand by his children for still great-'
er - improvement. tr : Paul Pioneer 1
Pressor::!?- - - ' "
Even' a truthful man is occasionally
. guilty of exaggeration, r- r ,r ; n Vv - i .
. Mrs. WlnalOTre Soot nine- Srrirpi " '
For cbllil rrn teethloa, aoftsns tb ptma, rcxlucasfa.
aainsiaUoulla7spaln.careswlBdoolle. aocabotUa.
Let each man think he is the one
man for the time.
ment, where they do not recommend; nor sell 3 '2
false brands, nor imitation remedies. The genu-. , :
ine -article may be bought of all reliable rufi "frl
gists t everywhere ; . oner, size . only. .- Regular pj -
nnAA. Rr 4.-Ai.L ' t.itf- t '
riic w vcuw ijci uuluio. jret a oottie ioaay iVv
iriiri i
to have in the house when heeded.
la Crowing Smaller Every Dary.
tisav Mi-.
Born use
them for -Bi1ii
aaaa, a-aHieatise. Sick Baaaacka. SaBaw 5Ua.
GENUINE must bear aignature:
W. N.-U, Kansas City, No. 19-1910.
The Fishing Otter. urz
, The otter. used by Scottish poachers
is one. . of the. mpet deadly, fishing in
struments known.' In' some waters It
is far-more' effective than a net.'.. It I
may be described as a 'water kite,
- Which . serves-: to ' take . out . ever, the 1
water a line bearing 60 or mere flies.
The. otter Itself Is a jtoatisg piece of I
board loaded along one side to keep ft
upright. The poacher walks along
the side of the loch or river," letting
oat-the fly-decorated line as' he -goes,
the otter hoard, gradually working -n(
toward the center. .: An enormous area
of water is fished at -one time and
numbers . ot " fish, are . killed,- niustra-1
ted Sunday Magazine. ' v. " ... ,
eo many centuries ago that the theater
may be said to owe its very existence
.yon dtl
."! Necessary Delay.
'Why; did .yo--postpone-.
vorce proceedings T" J,
, "It was absolutely necessary , to-dc I
so. reDlied Mrs. . Flimsrllt. "until 1
As a matter of fact they were united 1 -could" consult -with my Bhotographen
AVeetabk Preparation for As
similating fheroodandRefiula
ting the Slonwichs ati Bowels of
Promotes DigsUon,Chcerful
nessand Rest.Contains neither
jwr Mineral
Opiuni Morphing
Not Karcc
Sac: r S -B
AncHccI KemedVTor Constlpa-
tion . Sbyr S totnac&Diarfhoea,
ness OF SLE EP
v l'acSlieile .Signature
The Ccktaur CoiRJiY,'i 'f rl
For Infants and Chiiarcn.
Tho Kind Ydtr Have
Always Dough! t
Mfbat Covernor 0niin of Illinois,.
Says About Iti
rn, of lilinoia, owtu a aeo
1 In Baukatohflvan.
Ocrwd. Ba ha Md4 im
jx lntei low i
'Am an Amflrloaii T mm
dftliKhted to mm the rt.
mfldnbl jprogrtH of
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ine bow .tsry In thou
sand, and I have not yt
met one who admitted
he had made a mistake.
They are -11 doln well.
There Is acaroelr a com
munity in the Middle or
WMteni RtatM that haa
not a representative in Manitoba,
Saskatchewan or Alberta.'
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r1 - - Whnul in ISM
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at reasonable prioes. Many farm
era laAvauMaia for their land out
of the prooeeda of one crop.
Bplenajla climate. trool sch of.
excellent railway facilities, low
freiaht ratca, wood, water 0xul
lnmbcr easily obtained. -
L SJrSf lie-J: or pampn.es xien worn,
fr if? SvX'?l lrtiolars as to saitsble location
rKSvi'iiti Vi1 ni low ettleiV rate, apply to
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willing to see In print.'
Copy erf
Thirty Years
"For over nine yef I 'anffere wit n chronic
constipation and during; this time X had to take
SBaviajectiaavof wmrm-aialaa mis aaiy a .uui.
befote I could baye is action on my bowels.
Happily I tried Caceareta, and today I ant a welt
aaan. - ZHrrine; the nine years before I nsed?
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-10c. 25c 50c Never sold sa bulk-. The sen'
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pense. Write today and ret uame.
Hlsta vakainkT
' R.j.Sarasy & Co.,

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