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State Iistoricaisoci
Official County Paper
33rd Year Number 35
The New Store
A. EL McCune, Prop.
Try Goods, Notions
Clothing, etc.
All Goods Sold at Cost.
Come and see me, I'll treat you right.
In J. R. Wilson Building south of Heckman
Produce Company
You all know what that means,
the best on earth, "will he here
about October 20th
Car of Apples on Track
Now, everyone hand picked right
from the tree, at $1 a bushel
Sweet Potatoes
at $1'.50 a bushel
Irish Potatoes
Will be here soon, fine ones at 90c
At the IVTill or Store
I will sell at Public Auction at my farm, 6 miles southwest of Wa-Keeney
Monday, November 13, 1911,
commencing at 11 a. m., the following described property, to-wit:
Seven Head of Horses 1 span Gray Mares, 12-years old; 1 span bay mares,
12 and 14 years old; 1 span Sorrel mares coming 2-years old; 1 Sucking Colt.
Five Head ol Cattle 3 first-class Milk Cows, 1 yearling Heiter; 1 steer calf,
Farm Machinery 3 lumber wagons, with boxes; 1 wagon and rake; 1 two
liole corn sheller; 1 eight horse power with speed jack and grinder combined
1 top buggy, 1 surrey, almost 'new; 1 road cart; 2 riding cultivators, 1 two
weeder, 1 riding lister, 2 sulky plows, 2 three-section steel harrows; 1 Woods
mowing machine, 1 hay rake, 10-foot; 1 Craver Header, 2 header boxes; one
16-inch walking plow, 3 1-4 inch breaking plows, about six tons Kaffir corn,
1 stack straw, lot of blacksmith tools and all my household goods, 1 set of
liarness, 1 single harness, 1 saddle, 25 fence posts, wheat drill, corn binder,
McCormick; Sod Disk.
Terms $10 and under, cash, over $10, 12 mos. with good bankable notes at
10 per cent. 5 per-cent discount for cash. Free lunch at noon.
M. W. Mason, Auctioneer.
Make your wants known quick
as the Colonel's two sons are at
tending school for the winter and
Mr. Frank's will, in a few days,
close the store at Wa-Keeney ex
cept Saturdays until after the Im
plement Dealers' convention at
Kansas City. Mr. Frank will as
sist with work aff Ellis between
Customers call and make your
wants known quick.
W. J. Williams, Clerk.
Shoes, Men's Work
Over the receiving desk at the
county treasurers office-there hangs
a card with these words upon it,"
"Keep Smiling." No one seems to
know why the card was placed there
for everybody knows its a physical
impossibility for a man to smile while
he Is paying his taxes and he would
no sooner allow even the suggestion
of a smile to play upon his features
than that he would at the death of a
friend. .
In a few days the county clerk wiir
turn over to the county treasurer, C.
M. Bell, the the tax rolls for collec
tion, and then the money for the ex
penses of the county should pour into
the yawning coffer of the county.
Treasurer Bell is not anticipating
any great rush to settle up. However
he is going to be ready for all who do
drop in.
The greatest danger, Mr. Bell fears
is that when people come in to pay
is that they will come without any
proper description of their property
and then his troubles begin. If each
one would bring a list or -even their
last year's tax receipt it would help
out wonderfully.
"The people of this land having by
long sanction and practise set apart
toward the close of each passing year
a day on which to cease from their
labors and assemble for the purpose
of giving praise to Him who is the
author of the blessings they have en
joyed, it is my duty as chief execut
ive to designate at this time the day
for the fulfilment of tfiis devout purpose.
"Our country has been signally
favored in many wa3-s. The round of
the seasons has brought rich harvests
Our industries have thriven far be
yond our domestic needs, the prod
uction of our labor is daily finding
enlarged markets abroad. We have
been free from the curses of famine,
pestilence and of war. Our national
councils have furthered the cause of
peace in other lands and the spirit of
benevolence has brought us into
closer touch with other people to the
strengthening of the'bondsof fellow
ship and good will that link us to our
comrades in the universal brother
hood of nations. Strong in the sense
of our own right and inspired by as
strong a sense of the rights of others,
we live in peace and harmony with
the world. Rich in the priceless pos
session and abundant ' resources,
wherewith the unstinted bounty of
God lias endowed us, we are unself
ishly glad when other people pass on
ward to prosperity and peace, that
the great privileges we enjoy may
continue and that each year may see
our country more firmly established
in the regard and esteem of our fel
low nations, is the prayer that should
arise in every thankful heart.
"Wherefore, I, William Howard
Taft, President of the United States
of America, designate Thursday, the
thirtieth day of November next, as a
day of Thanksgiving and prayer.
Ike Wiginton of Quinterhad a nar
row escape from what might have
been a serious accident while return
ing to this place from Gove City the
other day. He was returning by way
of Park, accompanied by Frank Ox-
ley and Attorney Parsons. A mile
out of Park they came to where the
road had been recently fenced and no
signal put out to give notice to trav
elers.- .Although the lights were lit,
Mr. Wigington failed to see the wire
and crashed into the fence before he
could stop his machine. Luckily, the
wire caught on the wind shield of the
machine, tearing it off but doing no
damage to the occupants..
State of Ohio, City of Toledo,
Lucas County, ss.
Frank J. Cheney makes oath that
he is senior partner of the firm of F.
J. Cheney & Co., doing business in
the City of Toledo, county and state
aforesaid, and that said firm will pay
the sum of ONE HUNDRED DOL
LARS for each and every case of
catarrh that cannot be cured by the
use of Hall's Catarrh Cure.
Sworn to before me and subscribed
in my presence, this 6th day of Dec
ember, A. D., 1886.
Seal Notary Public.
Hall's Cararrh Cure is taken inter
nally, and acts directly on the blood
and mucous surfaces of the system.
Send for free testimonials.
F. J. CHENEY & CO., Toledo, O.
Sold by all druggists, 75c.
Take Hail's Family Pills for con
stipation. 3
Fresh beef at Baker's.
Editor of the World; t
I noticed in the Trego Countv Re
porter saying the young men of the
city had organized a Keeney-Wah
club and that the older men are
planning to organize a War Whoop
Club and that O. L. Cook was to en
gineer the scheme. J
Now Mr. Editor, that was the talk,
but when our wise council heard of
it, they got busy and took it upon
themselves to organize said club. So
they at once called a meeting of the
wise law makers of the city and one
wise gentleman (if you will excuse me
using the expression) arose and made
quite a speech, at least he called it a
speech, and said it would not do to
let so important a matter to get into
the hands of O. L. Cook, and he
thought the beat thing to do was to
keep the organization within them
selves. So they took a vote on the
matter and the result was a tie.
So they called on the Secretary of the
Commercial Club, he being a wise
counselor as you remember the organ
izer of the Commercial club was a
gentleman of some merit, being the
man who skipped the town leaving
a good many of our citizens holding
the sack. So after counseling the wise
they concluded to go ahead and they
did. They started in full blast.
The first scene of this orgaizat-
ion was on Hallow'een night when a
minister of the gospel, with club in
uanu, was cnasing nis neighbors up
ana aown tne streets ana alleys, paw
ing and striking like a wild man,
seeking that he might devour. Some
body followed by the Big Chief and
the rest of the brave gang, thev
. -i . . , ... i
howled and threatened and the cit
izens looked on with some amusement
but after all the noise and threats
all it amounted to was a few more
dollars expense put up on top of our
city's indebtedness. '
They told us they would clean up
our city but it did'nt.look much like
it by the class of people that paraded
our streets a few days ago, both day
and night and yet the Big Chief said
by his actions let the good work go
on.: . O. L. COOK.
The date of the shower bath for
the Catholic parsonage in Collyer has
been set for Nov. 13, at 7:30 p. m.
Most of the articles needed have been
subscribed for, but there is room yet
for liberal donations. We have range,
kitchen cabinet, kitchen table, kitch
en utensils, silverware, dinnerset,
tablecloths, napkins, dining room
lamp and one bedroom suit. Come
to the social gathering and bring a
family smile. No soliciting will be
done at the shower. No special In
vitations given. This means you.
Mrs. James Walsr,
"She was eating pig's feet one day
at the door of her cabin, when a
neighbor came to tell her bad news.
Her husband had gotten in a fight at
a saloon, a ball had lodged in his lung
and he had died instantly.
"The woman, a pig's foot held mid
way to her mouth, listened to this
harrowing tale in profound silence.
Then falling to her pig's foot vigor
ously again, she said:
"Wait till I finish this pig's trot
ter, an' ye'll hear some hollerin' as is
The girls of LaCross have organized
an anti-slang society. A certain miss
was elected president. Asked if she
would accept the - position, she re
plied: "Sure, Mike, Gosh, girls, I am
so rattled in my cupola that I am
really short on gab. We are certain
ly hitting the high places and I never
tumbled to such a job before, but
when I give you the high ball I ex
pect you to get there Eli, and whoop
'er up Eli. I think I am up to snuff
enough so that the flies won't light
on me while doing the president act
of this society, but I won't stand for
any monkey doodle business from
you gals while running this ranch.
We ought to invite the married
ladies to get in out of the wet and
shoot this slang business, its getting
to be fierce." "
Dr. M. J. Brown, Specialist,
of Salina, will be at the American
House, Tuesday, November 7th, El
lis, November 8th, prepared to treat
the medical and surgical diseases of
the Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat, and
(lasses scientiticslly fitted.
"Mound City Paints go .farthest,
wear longest, look best. Verbeck
Lumber Co.
Fresh pork at Baker's.
V. M. Harris took possesion of the
Grinnell drug store Wednesday morn
ing, put on a new lock, announced he
had paid the rent for a month in ad
vance, opened up a box of Tom
Keene cigars which lie had just pur
chased from Cap Weir and dared the
public to come in and spend its cash.
At the same time P. J. Meir was in
possession of a bill of sale fof the
same store, signed by John W. Rob
erts, to whom J. V. Wise had assign
ed the stock when the mortgage
given by Wise to Roberts had be
come due and Wise was unable to
meet it.
While the leading actors in this
great comedy-drama are not giving
out interviews for publication, the
story runs something like this: Har
ris made Roberts a proposition to
trade his equity in a piece of land to
Roberts for the store. Roberts ver
bally accepted the proposition. Har
ris got his deed and put it up some
place for Roberts and then took pos
session of the drug store.
While this was going on Meier had
made Roberts a proposition that
listened better than the one Harris
had made and Roberts had made him
a bill of sale.
Last week John F. Jones of Wa
keeney, brought joint suit against
Roberts and Wise in J ustice Splher's
court at Gove for $70 due on rent of
the store building, owned by said
Jones. When the case .came for
hearing Tuesday morning the de
fendants did not appear and judg
ment was rendered for the amount
asked. The stock of paints was
levied on.
The question, "Are you running a
drug store?" was put to Harris. He
answered, "Nope, we're running a
music and cigar store Gove County
Record. .
To be held at Wa-Keeney, Novem
ber 16-17, 1911. 1 v
. THURSDAY, A. M. -'.'-;'
9:00 Placing exhibits.
10.15 Experience " meeting, "Early
diskiug for Kafir corn," H. B. Flyr.
, Early disking after Wheat, W. D.
Austin; The Summer fallow, R.
Owen; Manure to Conserve Mois
ture, J. W. Blakeiy; general discus
11.30 A Summary, J. H. Miller, K.
S. A. C. -
1.30 Dairying' in Western Kansas,
H. W. Ashcroft, Charles Trapp.
Discussion. '
2.00 Poultry on the Farm, Mrs. Geo.
Stephens, Mrs. F. D. Wonner.
2.30 The farm, garden and orchard,
J. A. Rich. . Discussion.
3.15 Everyday cookery, Mrs. Mary
JL Simmons, K. S. A. C.
9.00 Judging exhibits.
10.13 Comparative value of kaflr,
milo, dhura and cane, T. J. Turner
and Chas. Folkers. Discussion.
10.45 The Silo and Silage, .E. E.
Grimm, Roger Greenwood.
11.15 Breeding crops for Western
Kansas; H. J. C. Umberger, K. S
A. C.
1.10 Business meeting.
1.30 The farm Horse, W. F. King,
11. J. Simpson. Discussion.
2,00 Raising the wheat yield, E. D.
Wheeler. Discussion.
2.45 Ways of improving the rural
schools, Mrs. Eva P. Jones. Dis
3.15 Some household conveniences,
Mrs. Simmons. ' .
We stood in the ticket office of a
depot the other day and heard a timid
old lady trying to extract information
from a haughty clerk. ' It took him
longer to get rid of her by treating
her snubingly than it would have had
he given her the desired information.
He was insolent and supercilious. If
his insolence had been witnessed by
a superior officer of the road he
would have been on the bum now.
We have noticed often that the
higher up the official is in the rail
way service or any other service in
wLiih the puwUo cmnes in contact,
I tne more poiite and courteous he is.
I The reason for this is that the un-
A 1 might placed on , people are . inso
lence and ignorance. If every boy
who works in a depot or a store and
every girl who works in a telephone
office or behind a sale counter would
just come to realize that the insolent
people are always low salaried people,
we would have better courtesy and
service Wichita Beacon.
Smoked meats at Baker's.
The new insane asylum has not
been located as yet. It is now said
that there is not much use for the
towns of the 6th dlst. doing anything
as Great Bend has the best show.
Maybe they"have. We don't know.
We do know that if there is to be no
politics in the matter, that city has
no better chance than any of them.
The Seventh district has a number
of state institutions, and the Sixth
has but two, but if the politicians
think they can get a better pull by
locating the hospital in the Seventh,
that is where it will go Ellis Re
view. - .
Wa-Keeney is making a hard fight
for the new Insane asylum which is
soon to be located. Oakley has been
told that it is "to far west" in spite
of that old adage about "go west
young Insane Asylum and grow- up
with Oakley?" But the powers that
be say "nixie, not for Oakley." We
are for Oakley, first, last and all the
time and in between times, but if
Oakley can't have it then we would
be mighty glad to see Wakeeney slip
in and get it. We fellows out here in
the west end of Kansas, .have been "
paying out our share of the revenue
for nigh onto a hundred years to
build a state capitol, state universit
ies, normal schools, penitentaries,
etc., but all we have gotten out of it
is the privilege of sending a fellow to
the pen or the asylum once In a
while. We want to be on closer
speaking relations with these insti
tutions and going on the theory that
familiarity breeds contempt" it
would make a better citizenship out
here where the grass is short. Wes
tern Kansas is entitled to this in
stitution and it looks to us that the
intent and purpose of the law would
be filled by dropping the new instit-
ution in the stocking of our sister
of WaKeeney. Here's hoping Oak
ley Graphic.
Weather Report
Maximum and minimum tempera
ture according to the government
thermometer at Wa-Keeney for. the.
week ending Wednesday noon.
Max. , Min-
Thursday 43 . . 33
Friday 39.. ...30
Saturday 34 30
Sunday 40 29
Monday. . .'. 54 ... . 28
Tuesday ! 49. ; ... 24
Wednesday... 24 21
A third of an inch of moisture fell
Sunday in form of snow and rain.
Only two clear days the last week.
Report for Saline Valley school,
Dist. 9, for month ending Oct. 27.
Enrollment 25, average daily atten
dance 18.5, cases of tardiness 16, vis
itors 5. Neither absent or tardy,
Iva Gillispie, Charley Mong, Loraine .
Morath, Clarenee- Percy, Manning
Rhoades, Mabel Gillispie, Myrtle
Mong, Floyd Percy, Burnice Percy,
Nellie Rhoades, Nellie Rhoades.
Fva M. Greenwood, Teacher.
Report of Fairview School, Dist. 16,
for month ending Oct. 27.
. Pupils enrolled 31, average daily at
tendance 30, not absent or tardy 22,.
visitors 6. Pupils neither absent or
tardy, John Hamm, Willie Hamm,
George Hamm, Carl Bullock, Murrel
Bullock, Moree Bullock, Mabel Bul
lock, George Kessler, Albert Kessler,
Albert Struss, Dickie Struss, Georgie
Struss, Mary Malinowsky, Leo Malin
owsky, Cyril Malinowsky, Nellie Bell,
Grace Bell, Gustav Wolf, Albert
Wolf, Laverne Hillman, Charlie Ivan
and Cecil A the r ton.
" Effie Marts,- Teacher. -
(Corrected every Thursday morning)
Eggs , 21c
Butter 25c -
Hens 7c
Springs.... 6c
Old Roosters, each 10c
Turkeys . , 12c
Ducks 6c
Geese 6c
Cream 27c
Wanted '" V
100 head of horses to pasture for the
winter; plenty of good buffalo grass
and running water; no. loco. Price
50 cents per head. Write or come?
and see me at Banner, Kansas.
30-tf. W. J. Dillon.
If you havn't the time to exercise
regularly, Doan's Reguletes will pre-
mild, easy, healthful action of the
Dowels i without griping. Ask youc
druggist for them. 25 cents.

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