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Western Kansas World
H. S. GIVLER. Pub.
Issued eTcry Saturday and entered into the
postofflce at Wa-Keeney, Kansas, as second
class matter. .
Per year In advance i tl.00
Display advertisments laments per inch.
Locals. 5 cents per line.
Collections on all advertisements made
All display or local advertising vrill be run
until ordered out. unless otherwise specified
at the time of insertion. Job work, cash on
delivery except to-local customers.
Saturday. Jan. 27, 1912
Local news on every home page.
L. O. Northup, manager of the
Verbeck Lumber and Supply Co., was
a Kansas City visitor the first of the
Bert Bamberg was up from Topeka
last Tuesday visiting his mother
and attending to important business
Miss Louise Bamberg was called
from Salina Wednesday to attend to
some important business matters and
also to visit her mother.
A traveling man brought the news
from Quinter that Porter's big store
burned to tne ground last Tuesday
night. The building was owned by
A. A. Stephens formerly of this city.
'Shorty" Troutwine, editor of the
Grainfield Cap Sheaf, was in town
several hours last Monday shaking
hands with the boys, lie was a pleas
ant caller at this office and remarked
that the Cap Sheaf was moving right
along with the procession.
Mrs. Alva Biliings died at-her
home in Pasadena, Cali., last Monday,
and relatives and friends were noti
fied that the body would arrive here
baturaay night. Mrs. Killings was
formerly Miss Grace Banna the old
est daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. W.
Hanna who live near St. Peter. Mrs.
Hanna has been a sufferer from
chronic heart trouble for many years.
which was the direct cause of her
death. Alva Billings is the son of
Granville Billings who lives west of
town. The funeral will be conducted
from the Presbyterian church Sun
day afternoon. The World extends
sympathy to the bereaved families.
Charles Aaben, who formerly con
ducted a laundry in this city, was
arrested in Stockton Sunday morning
upon complaint of Miss Betty Penny
'of the American House, who claims
that Maben left her hotel, owing her
a board bill of something like $180.
When he left her. hospitable shelter
and withdrew his feet from under
her table, he done it so sudden like
that he did not say goodby nor tell
her where to forward his mail. In
the meantime, between Maben's dis
appearance and his arrest Sunday,
Miss Penny had attached the laundry
upon which she secured ownership of
the property. Now she has Maben
in the cooler and it seems as though
she might get her money at any rate.
There are others who say Mabin owes
them but it looks like they will have
it owing for some time. His arrest
was made upon a warrant issued in
Justice Cook's court who has set the
case for hearing next Wednesday.
Seventeen Years Ago
From The World. January 26. 1895
A horse disease is prevailing to
an alarming extent among the horses
of the county.
Uncle Billy Summerville was in
town from his home in Graham
The Wa Keeney State bank state
ment shows loans of $38,094.93 and
deposits qf $34,1,61.58.
Dr. Morgan, an old resident, dies
in Denver.
School District No. 4, has ten
scholars enrolled. Clara D. McCollum
is teacher.
A. H. Laflin buys the stock of
the Marshall hardware company.
A. S. Peacock is holding a school
teacher's examination.
Rev. Bracken is to hold Sunday
. services at the Presbyterian church.
JANUARY 26, 1900
A. B. Cooper, county treasurer.
-advertises delinquent taxes for sale.
C M. Bell is in Colorado buying
Walter Swiggett was teaching
6Choot at Ogallah.
Sheriff Hobbick is busy serving
personal tax warrants.
W. S. Moser moved his jewelry
store into the iron building.
G". C. Shaefer of Sharon Springs,
succedes Mr. Shank as depot agent
, A. Spena installs system of water
- works at his home on Washington
Hattie J. Kirby was teaching
school in Dist- 21, and Ira C Til ton
in Dist. 39. "
Plan to , erect Lutheran church
here started.
This spjendid car, with the following complete equipment; for $690, f. o. b. Detroit
4 Cylinders, 5 Passengers, Extension Top, Speedometer, Automatic Brass Windshield, Twu-6-in-h Gas lamps
Generator, Three Oil Lamps, Horn and Tools, Ford Magneto built into the Motor.
e's a foirtfl Model fouling. Car
$OVnn Handsome--Foredoors--roomy-up-to-the-minute in desired de
(iTi J I ) tails, strong, simple and backed with a record of five years' sat
Hj Jf y isf action giving results in all parts of the world to more than
100,000 users. This beautiful motor car completely equipped for $690 f. o. b Detroit
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claims and you know it's more profitable to live with a Fact than to nurse
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reliable, positive.
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Entire mechanical construction of "Vanadium Steel, scientifically heat
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The only motor car with the Magneto built into the flywheel as a part of
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teries. This is also a FORD Magneto built entirely in our own shops. '
The lightest weight 4-Cylinder motor car in the world, size, power and
capacity considered 60 pounds to the horse power.
The cheapest 4-Cylinder motor car in maintenance, 20 to 25. miles on one
gallon of gasoline and 5,000 to 8,000 miles on one set of tires.
The simplest motor car in design, anybody of ordinary intelligence quickly
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The high quality and the low price of Modol T FORD'S are possible because
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2nd. The scientifically heat-treated Vanadium Steel material. "We em
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3rd. The most efficient automobile factory in the world, where the work
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4th. The large production "5,000 FORD Model T cars in one year.
5th. The Ford Motor Company devotes all its energy to the production of
only one car: it finances the entire business itself, and this is a mighty force
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mortgages, but everything bought and paid for in cash and sold the same way
There is intense significence in the fact that every fifth car sold in Amer
ica last year was a FORD Model T. This significance increases when you
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FORD Model T car is in largest demand because of its all-round utility; it
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In addition to FORD Model T Touring Car we have for immediate delivery:
Ford Model T Torpedo, fully equipped, I. o. d. Detroit .'. .$590
Ford Model T Commercial Roadster, fully equipped, f. o. b. Detroit S590
Ford Model T Town Car, fully equipped, f. o. b. Detroit $900
Ford Model T Delivery Car, fully equipped, f. o. b. Detroit $700
We have a series of booklets covering important information for the owners of motor cars. These books will be mailed promptly
upon request. Branehes and, large distributors in all principal cities. No Ford cars sold unequipped.
J. W. Spena, Agent, Wa-Keeney
The law in relation to moneys re
ceived into court and paid out is
very las. The clerk of court is the
receiver and disburser. But no
provision exists for any audit, nor
systematic accounting. Because of
this the judge of the district made
some general rules several weeks
ago and sent them to all five clerks
of court west of Russell. One rule
requires an annual report of moneys
to the court or . judge. The first
cleric to get in bis report is F. B.
Hazelwood of - Gove county, who
shows nearly $2,000 on hand at the
end of 1911. " Perhaps this should
be multiplied by 105 counties. Tet
legislators do not ' think the matter
worth legislating upon J. C. Rup-
penthai in Luray Herald.
There are those who think that
running a country newspaper is all
plain sailing, but such is not the
case. Take this week in this little
shop we have all kinds of incon
veniences. In the first place our
patent insides did not arrive as
usual, and besides that we were all
out of print paper and it looked for
a time as though we would have to
be a day late In getting out this
week's effort. We were telling our
troubles to J. L: .Chandley who in
forned us that there were couple of
cars of .Ellis f reight set out ', at Hays
the night before and he called up
and found our paper there - and re
quested him to opem -the car and
place it on 103 which he did. ' So
so far so good. Then wjb discovered
we were out of ink. We telephoned
to Brother Givler at Wa-Keeney and
be sent us down enough for a. couple
of weeks and we are in hopes that
the freight will get through from
Kansas City by .that, time and we
will be fixed ourselves. Nevertheless
we appreciate Brother Givler's
kindness and will try and reciprocate
at some future time. This is one time
when we believe in reciprocity. It
pays to have friends Ellis Head
light. .
Bilious? Feel heavy after dinner?
Tongue coated? Bitter taste? Com
plexion sallow? Liver needs waking
up. " Doan's Regulets cure bilious at
tacks, 25 cents at any drug store.
- Subscribe for the World oldest
and best paper in the county.
Fresh pork at Baker's.
How's This?
We offer One Hundred Dollars
Reward for any case of Catarrah that
cannot be cured by Hall's Catarrh
Cure; F. J, Cheney & Co., Toledo, O.
We, the undersigned, have known
F. J. Cheney for the last 15 years, and
believe him perfectly honorable in all
business transactions, and financially
able to carry out any obligations
made by bis firm.
Walding, Kinnan & Marvin,
Wholesale Druggist, Toledo, O.
Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken in
ternally, acting directly upon the
blood and mucous surfaces of the
system. Testimonials sent free.
Price 75 cents per bottle.
Sold by all druggists, 75c.
Take Hall's Family Pills for con
stipation. 4
"We wonder how many of our re
dters," says the Mildred Ledger, "have
noticed the difference between the
man who has been married but a
short time and the one who has been
married several years. You can
always tell a young husband from an
old one. When a man has been
married a few months, ybu will see
him working in the garden or fixing
up about the house and while be
works he sings, or whistles, or occas
ionally looks up toward the window
to see if anyone is watching him. . A
year later be is still working in the
garden, but the smile has been ex
changed for a frown and he occas
ionally looks up toward the house
wondering 'why in thunder breakfast
is not ready. Another year rolls by
and his looks would sour milk, but he
is still at work, stopping occasionally
to kick the dog or throw a brick at
the cat. The next year we find him
sitting on the porch, smoking a pipe,
while his wife does the digging in the
garden. Now, Just watch our young
men, as one by one, they are caught
in Cupid's net and see if - this rule
does not work out the problem cor
rectly.'! From a boquet of Sunflow
ers in Daily Capital by Tom McNeal.
"Mound City Paints go farthest
wear longest, . look best. Verbeck
Lumber Co.
Don't think that piles can't be
cured. Thousands of obstinate cases
have been cured by Doan's Ointment.
50 cents at any drug store.
Pay us we need coin.
Weather Report
Maximum and minimum tempera
ture according to the government
thermometer at Wa-Keeney. for the
week ending Wednesday noon.
Max. Mix.
Thursday : 32 09-
Friday 27 09-
Saturday ; . 36 . ; 12
Sunday 47 :.. it
Monday 50 ..27
Tuesday 51 28
Wednesday 40 24
- below zero.
Most of the snow has left us but
the Ice harvest goes merrily on.
Our commissioners have been se
verely criticized for placing the rab
bit bounty at 4c when some of our
sister counties are paying 5c. Some
of the fellows who have made such a
sputter in times past about ''taxes"
now refer to the county dads a
"penny commissioners" because they
are saving the county one cant per
head on rabbits, which strengthens
our belief in the theory that some
people would kick if , they were in
their coffins. Gove County Gazette.
Advertise in the World, best ad
vertising medium in Western Kansas.

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