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From a series of elaborate chemical tests.
Comparative digestibility cf food made with
different baking powders.
An equal quantity of bread (biscuit) was made
with each of two kinds of baking powder cream
cf tartar and alum and submitted separately to
the action of the digestive fluid, each for the same
length of time.
The percentage of the food digested is shewn as
follows :
Bread made with Royal Cream of Tartar Powder:
j 99 Per Cent. Digested j
Bread made with alum powders
67 Per Cent. Digested j
Royal Baking Powder raised food is shown to be
of greatly superior digestibility and healthfulness.
Blue Ribbon
The weather is not so pleasant this
The threshers and corn shellers are
all busy.
Candidates for postottices are in the
field with their petitions.
Mr. H. B. Hudson and family are
now at home on the old Bragg place.
P. L. Lessor improved his farm and
increased his comfort by adding a
cow horn to his place.
Duck shooting lias been good on
Big Creek lately, several line ones
have been layed, but trapping is very
slow around here.
People now have more time to visit
also more time to use the telephone:
on some lines the "talking has been
very brisk lately.
Attendance at Blue Ribbon Sunday
School the last two Sundays was very
good. Fifty-seven and sixty-seven.
More seats will be provided.
Here is a poem composed by a
young lady and she claims it is worth
$50, 000.
I wisli I was a china cup
And when you'd drink your tea
Id be sure that at every sup
You'd give a kiss to me.
The women of Kansas have certain
ly been very successful'this leap year,
as all have received the right to vote,
Now is the time to do your Christmas shopping.
Have you seen our extensive line of Watches, Rings,
Fobs, Broches, Links, Lockets, Neck Chains, Watch
Chains, Bar Pins, Beauty Pins, Etc. Everything is
sold at greatly reduced prices, and
great part is sold
18 size 20 year Crown, case o. f .
7 jewel movement $ 8 98
18 year nickel case, 7 jewels... 4 75
12 size 20 year case o. f . 7 jwls. 7 00
12 size nickel case, 7 jewels . o 00
O size 20 year Crown case, hun
ting, 7 jewel movement ...... 9 98
5 50 locket.. I 4 00
4 00 locket 3 00
3 50 locket. .........i.. 2 50
Watch Chains
6 00 watch chain S 4 00
5 00 watch chain 3 50
3 00 watch chain 2 00
2 00 watch chain 1.50
and many have succeeded in captur
ing husbands, for those who have not
succeded there are a few more days
remaining before leap year closes.
My but it will be shocking to have to
wait four years more, but we would
never advise anyone to marry in haste
or to commit suicide. .
But this is Christmas time, what
shall we think or talk about t
Last year we sang Xmas cheer all the
year. How many have had it, nearly
all who tried, if they tried right. We
have enjoyed more of it than any one
year before, it seems to us like the
shortest year we ever lived. The
consciousness of duty well performed
is a song to the soul at midnight.
Every friend we meet and every favor
we get will cheer us on our way
While every opponent we meet and
every offence we get will only serve
as a ladder on which we can climb
higher into realms of nobler thought,
better deeds, more joy, purer bliss
and happiness. So don't be discourag
ed. Happy Xmas to all.
Santa Claus will soon be visiting us
Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Cox were Hays
visitors Sunday.
Wm. Cox has flour, shorts and bran
for sale at Voda.
Ed Voison, of Collyer, w as in Voda,
Tuesday, on business.
Rumor has it that wedding bells
are ringing on Big Creek.
for less than cost.
Tie Pins
$1 00 tie pins 75
75 tie pins . - 50
Tie Clasp
75 tie clasp 50
50 tie clasp 35
35 tie clasp.. ......v. 25
Chain and Pendent
4 50 chain and pendent ! 2 98
3 50 chain and pendent.-. ..... 2 22
1 25 chain and pendent "5
Neck Chains
$5 50-neck chain 3 25
4 75 neck chain.. 3 75
3 00 neck chain 2 00
off on Silverware
Where Quality Counts
Considerable corn and wheat has
been hauled to the elevator the past
Mesdames Miles, Crocker and
Kristof assisted Mrs. A. G. Sch wan-
beck in papering her home.
Bob Kirk, the big ranchman of
Graham county, shipped a car load of
hogs from Voda, last Saturday night.
The many friends of Mr. and Mrs.
Ralph Kristof gave them a. gentle
surprise at their pleasant home last
Saturday night, the attendants all
expressed themselves as having a No.
1 good time. Mr. and Mrs. Kristof
welcomes their friends to their home
any time. -
Big Creek
Another Kansas day last Monday.
Mr. Philpot is busy shelling corn
these days.
Stock are consuming lots of feed
these days.
Couuty clerk, elect, was in Ellis
last Saturday.
Frank Edwards, of Riverside, 'was
in Ellis last Saturday.
C. N. Manker of Kit Carson, Colo.,
was in Ellis last Tuesday.
T. C. Feezor helped Frank Cross de
horn cattle last Saturday.
Some one visited Henry Wolf's hen
lieuse one night last week.
Glass brothers are threshing kaffir
and sorghum seed this week.
A. L. Leonard sold James Casten
of Ellis, a couple of fat hogs Tuesday.
Miss Georgina Dite is helping at
the Catholic fair in Ellis this week.
T. W. Johnson, of Riverside, is
sporting a brand new buggy these
John Derringer and family made a
business trip to Hays city last Tues
day. John Herbert shipped a car of
cattle from. Ellis to Kansas City this
Miss Edna Wahlburg is helping her
sister, Mrs. T. C. Feezor, with her
Mr. and Mrs. John Glass and child
ren spent Sunday afternoon with Mrs.
Glass' parents.
Messrs Stebley and Keagyare build
ing a new house and barn on their
Riverside ranch.
Mr. Hull, telephone manager of
Ellis, is putting a cable line in his
system on main street this week.
John Engstrom, one of the Ellis
blacksmiths, is building a new shop
for his business in Ellis this week
and next.
South Trego
Christmas will soon be here.
Husking corn is nearly through.
Mr. Grekel called on Jas. Benisch
Anton Vitek spent Sunday with
Lawson brothers.
J. J. Fabricus, sr., called on Jas.
Benisch Saturday.
C. C. McKune marketed some hogs
at Wa-Keeney Monday.
Mr. and Mrs. Reed were callers at
Cypher's home Sunday.
that is not all, a
Note prices :
2 00 neck chain 1 50
150 neck chain 98
$6 50 bracelet $ 4 25
6 00 bracelet 4 00
4 50 bracelet 3 00
3 50 bracelet .2 25
3 00 bracelet , 2 00
Souvenir spoons regular 1 00
nsw '
1 00 mantel clock 5 00
5 00 mantel clock 3 00
James Benisch has a lot of pop
corn for sale this year.
IW. B. Cypher entertained '. John
Lawson at dinner Sunday.
'"J. J. Michalies finished drilling his
big wheat crop last Saturday.- ----.
Frank Benisch assisted Chas. Folk
ers in threshing seed, Tuesday.
Will Schneider was helping Folkers
thresh Tuesday and Wednesday.
Wedding bells are going . to ring
strong in South Trego next.week.
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Dietz made a
flying trip to county seat Saturday.
Will Dennis and Fred Flyer are
threshing in this neck of the woods.
Mr., and Mrs. Jas. Benisch were
Xmas shoppers in Wa-Keeney Mon
day. Our teacher Miss Curry wears a
pleasant smile since Saturday. Wond
er why?
J. J. Michalies and daughter, Mol
lie, called on Mr. and Mrs. Jas. Ben
isch Tuesday afternoon.
The Benisch school had a nice pro
gram for Xmas ezercises Friday after
noon which was rendered by Miss
" Collyer
Thos. McQueen and family spent
Sunday in Quinter.
Everybody busy shucking and shell
ing corn these days.
This community was visited by a
light flury of snow Tuesday afternoon.
We are informed O. B. Kessler is
now the U. P. agent at Arropahoe,
John Parsons and Dr. Stoner from
Quinter, were in Collyer, Tuesday, on
Fred Smith and wife moved to
Ransom, Sunday, where Fred has a
job on the Hille ranch.
We are glad to be able to report
the Cass children rapidly recovering
from their recent illness.
Great preparations are being made
for a Xmas tree program at the
Congregational church for Xmas eve
Mr. Kline from Russell, was in
Collyer, Tuesday, looking over Trego
county dirt with the intention of in
Mr. L. Swartz and family moved to
Collyer a few days ago. Mr. Swartz
is the new section boss. Mr. Connelly
having moved to Sharon Springs.
Subscribe for the'World oldest pa
per in the county. adv
J. J. Phares, of Palco, visited in
the city this week.
I. T. Purcell spent Thursday in
Topeka on business.
Our elevators are buying and ship
ping corn and wheat.
Bob Kirk was a Kansas City visitor
the first of the week.
G. Billings made a business trip to
Kansas City the first of the week.
J. G. Hixson shipped a car of hogs
toKansas City the first of the week.
Moses Surprise, who has been work
ing in Oregon, arrived in the city last
W. E. Trailor, cashier of the Utica
State Bank,- was a Wa-Keeney visitor
Tuesday. "
Mrs. Paul Gossman, of Garden City,
visited with Mr. and Mrs. John
Frank this week.
E. Lindberg, merchant of Ogallah,
was in the city Tuesday and made us
an agreeable call.
For Sale Male Poland China hog,
1 year old. Adam Spitsnaugle Colly
er. Kans Adv. 42 2.
F. W. Deines of south of town was
a pleasant caller at this office last
Chas. Rogers was up from Willcox
township, last Saturday and made us
an appreciated call.
Floyd Sites returned to Wa-Keeney
w eunesday evening and is working
in the O. K. restaurant. v
V. Mallinosky, one of the big farm
ers of Collyer township, was trading
in Wa-Keaney last Saturday.
A. Spitsnaugle was down from his
ranch in Collyer township last Mon
day and made us a short visit.
Jake lleckman wants your poultry
for Christmas shipment. Monday is
the last day for poultry deliveries.
Our old friend C. J. Anderson was
up from Ogallah last . Wednesday and
made us a friendly call. Call again
James Tague, the big cattleman of
Banner, was in the city Thursday
paying taxes and attending to other
business. :
-J. W. Bingham writes from Spring
Hill, Kansas, that he will spend the
winter there. He is engaged in tlie
produce business. f
The Verbeck Lumber and Supply
Co. unloaded a car of nigger head
coal Wednesday. This is the best
coal that comes to this market.. -
' County Clerk elect, C. H. Benson.
was up from Ogallah,, .Wednesday,
and was one of the many callers who
called at this office during the day
Jesus New Makes Read For
His BiDIe, the Church.
Places For Humanity and For the
Angels of Various Degrees, Cher
urbim, Ssraphim, Principalities and
Powers, but None Previously Pre
pared For the. Bride She Is God's
New Creation Hers to Be the High
est Place, the Divine Nature.
Buffalo, N. T.,
Dec. 15. We re
port one of Pastor
Russell's discourses
here today from
the text, "In My
Father's House are
many mansions;
1 go to pre
pare a place for
you; 1 will
come again and re-
(PASTOR. gUSSELLlj self." John xiv,
z, a.
The Heavenly Father "dwelleth not
in temples made with hands." In the
largest sense the whole Creation is
His House, every apartment of which
shall ultimately be peopled with boly,
happy beings. "All the wicked will He
destroy." Psalm cxlv, 20.
Man's fallen condition is the result
of heredity. God made Adam in His
own image, perfect, upright, holy. Dis
obedience and sin have wrought men
tal, moral and physical infirmities, and
There is none righteous, no, not one."
All are prone to sin "as the sparks to
fly upward."
God provided Adam a mansion the
earth Paradise. But sin (not unfore
seen) brought Adam and his race un
der a death sentence. God chose to
permit sin and death to reign during
Sir Great Days of a thousand years
each, thus to give valuable lessons to
both angels and men. He does not in
tend that this lesson shall work disad
vantage to aay. He has provided a
great Redemption, which shows His
sympathy for His creatures and the un
changeableness of His Law.
The Divine Program for dealing with
this rebellious province is to be car
ried out by the Kingdom of Messiah,
during the. Seventh Great Thousand-
year Day. Satan and every evil influ
ence shall be restrained. "The Sun of
Righteousness shall arise with healing
in His beams." and the curse of death
will be set aside. Man will be assist
ed toward righteousness and life ever
lasting by the interposition of the
Kingdom for which we pray. "Thy
Kingdom come; Thy will be done on
earth, even as it is done in Heaven."
Humanity's Mansion Perfected Earth.
At the close of Messiah's reign' the
"mansion" appropriated to Adam and
his race will be fully released from
the curse, and God's footstool will be
glorious Paradise. (Isaiah lx, 13.)
All refusing the blessings ofxMessiah's
Kingdom will be destroyed by the Sec
ond Death. Acts Hi, 23; Rev. xx, 14, 15.
While there were places arranged in
the Divine Plan for the angels, and for
humanity, no habitation was perfected
for the Church. This is because the
Church is a New Creation.
Writing of these, St. John says
"The world knoweth ns not. even as it
knew Him not." St. Paul refers to
"this New Creation as the "ministers of
God." All of these demonstrate their
faith and obedience by walking the
"narrow way" of self-sacrifice, "by
faith and not by sight." To all of them
it is declared, "Through much tribula
tion shall ye enter the Kingdom." But
this class have the assurance that "all
things work together for good to
them"; that they "shall not be tempted
above that they are able to bear."
This New Creation is "made a spec
tacle to angels and. men"; flod Is giv
ing the angels a great object lesson in
connection with the development of
this class. He is able to transform
some of the mean things of this World
into polished "jewels." "a royal diadem
in the hands of thy God." Malachi
iii, 17; Isaiah Ixii. 3.
Heavenly Mansion For Church.
: St. Peter tells about the "mansion"
designed for the Church, saying. "God
hath given unto u,s consecrated fol
lowers of Jesus exceeding great and
precious promises, that by these we
might become partakers of the Divine
nature." II Peter 1. 4.
Thus -we see what it means to be
members of the New Creation! "Eye
bath not seen; ear hath not heard; nei
ther have entered the human heart the
things which God bath in reservation
for them that love Him" the choicest
mansion, the highest place! As our
Lord Jesus in His Resurrection ascend
ed "far above angels," so will His
Church, who will share His Resurrec
tion, and be made "like Him." "see
Him as He Is." and share His glory.
' Tbe Master's death -was-for human
ity In general, bnt its merit remained
to be appropriated at the inauguration
of His Kingdom. The whole world
still "lieth In the Wicked One." until
Christ makes satisfaction for tbelr sins
with tbe merit of His sacrifice.
'Meantime, our Lord deals merely
with His Church, as we read: "He ap
peared in the presence of God for us"
Hebrews lx. 24i as the Church's Ad
vocate, to make "satisfaction for oar
tins." The preparation in us and for
ns will be completed when tbe number
is full 144.O00. It is for us to comply
with tbe conditions of our covenant of
sacrifice and to "walk in His steps."
thus to make our "calling and election
sure," as members of the New Creation.
- Truthful Reports.
Wa-Keeney Read Them With
common Interest.
A Wa-Keeney citizen tells his ex
perience in the following statement.
Jfo better evidence than this can be
had. . The truthful reports of friends "
and neighbors is the best proof in the
world. Read and be convinced.
W. F. Stranahan,Wa-Keeney,Kans.,
says: ".tor over a year 1 suffered
constantly from backache and sharp
pains through my kidneys, especially
when I stooped or lifted. The kidney
secretions' passed too frequently at
night, and often pained me intensely
Doan's Kidney Pills, procured at
Gibson's Drug Store, corrected my'
troubles and in view of my experience, y
consider them the best kidney re
medy on the market." (Statement
geven April 13, 1907.) '
When interviewed later Mr. Stran-
ahan said: "I have taken JDoan's -
Kidney Pills occasionally during the
past years and have always obtained -the
best of results. You may con
tinue to publish all I have ever said
about this remedy."
For sale by all dealers. Price 50c.
Foster-Milburn Co., Buffalo, New
York, sole agents for the United
Remember the name Doan's and
take no other adv.
That great farm publication, the
FR, of Kansas City, Mo., is making a
subscribers. Anyone sending 25 cents
will receive the Missouri and Kansas
Farmer a WHOLE YEAR, and will
also receive FREE a great package
containing 50 BEAUTIFUL POST
CARDS consisting of FLORAL,
EASTER; all of very latest designs
and high work of art. Only 25 cents
gets you the Farmer for a year and
the package of 50 cards. Send TO
Sts., Kansas City, Mo. Dept. A.
Beware of Ointment lor Catarrh That
Contains Mercury
as mercury will surely destroy the
sense of smell and completely derange
the whole system when entering it
through the mucous surfaces. Such
articles should never be used except
on prescriptions from reputable
physicians, as the damage they will do
is ten fold to the good you can possi
bly derive from. Hall's Catarrh Cure,
manufactured by F. J. Cheney & Co.,
Toledo, O., contains no mercury, and
is taken internally, acting directly
upon the blood and mucous surfaces
of the system. In buying Hall's
Catarrh Cure be sure you get the
genuine. It is taken internally and
made in Toledo, Ohio, by F. J. Cheney
& Co. Testimonals free.
- Sold by Druggists. Price 75c per
Take Hall's Family Pills for consti
pation adv.
$1.00 Christinas Oflar.
Here is a great bargain for a
splendid daily newspaper published in
your home state. For $1.00 the Topeka
State Journal will be sent by mail to
new subscribers from Christmas until
May 1, 1913. This will more than
take you through the regular session
of the Kansas Legislature which con
venes early in January. The State
Journal is the, ofticiarpaper or Kan
sas and accordingly will publish all
laws, good roads, etc., adopted by the
legislature. The coming session will
be a most important and interesting
Send your $1.00 anytime between
now and December 25, and the paper
will be started at that time and con
tinued each day until May 1, 1913.
The State Journal is now recognized
as one of the largest and best daily
newspapers published in Kansas.
Topeka Kansas.
Ha Laughed Till Ha Died
Taylorsburg, Ohio Abe Skinner,
the village pessimist laughed himself
to death from reading BIFF! the
Great - American Magazine of Fun .
which is making greater strides than
any other magazine before the Ameri
can public to-day. It is a magazine
that will keep the whole family in a
good humor. The staff of Biff con
taing the artists, caricaturists, crit
ics and editors on the continent. It
is highly illustrated and printed in
many colors. It will keep the whole
family cheerful the year 'round. You
can afford to spend 50c a year to do
this. Send this clipping and 50c to
day to The Biff Publishing Co., Day
ton, Ohio, for one year's subscrip
tion adv.
If you are troubled with chronic
constipation, the mild and gentle
effect of Chamberlain's Tablets makes
them especially suited to your case.
For sale by all dealers adv.
Correct Abstracts W. Hr Swiggett ad

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