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Constitutionalists to Refuse
Mediators' Invitation for
Informal Conference.
Carranza Will Not Negotiate With
Huerta Until After Conquest of
City of Mexico. Bryan Is
Washington, D. C. Border dis-
patches stating that the Constitution
" alists will not accept the invitation
of the mediators for informal peace
conferences with representatives of
General Huerta were confirmed par
tially here by persons in close touch
with General Carranza.
Rafael Zubaran and Luis Cabrera,
the two most prominent representa
tives of General Carranza, had noth
ing to say on the subject, but word
that a majority of the Constitutional
ist generals to whom the plan for con
ferences had been submitted had dis
approved it came from well informed
Minister Naon of Argentina, the
only one of the mediators in Wash
ington, read the dispatches with evi
dent surprise. He indicated that the
mediators will take no action until
the attitude of the Constitutionalists
Is conveyed to them officially.
Secretary Bryan on behalf of the
Washington government said it would
be improper for him to discuss the
situation in advance of the arrival of
Carranza'S formal answer to the pend
ing proposal for peace conferences.
He declined to reveal what intima
tions he had received as to the char
acter of the reply.
The present purpose of'the Consti
tutionalists, it is understood, is to fol
low the plan of Guadalupe to the let
ter, calling a conference of generals
when the conquest of Mexico City is
A new "first chief" then may be
designated. It is at this stage that
the Carranza-Villa split is expected
to come to a head, the disaffection
probably leading to an effort to have
Carranza superseded. Reports from
Torreon that the differences between
the two chieftains had been composed
were verified by agents of both, but
.there was an undertone of comment
indicating that it was but a tempor
ary truce.
Several Important Members of Stef
fanson's Expedition Are Believed
to Have Perished.
Ottawa, Can. That at least eight
men of Steffanson's Canadian Arctic
expedition left the steamer Karluk
party after the boat sank in the Arc
tic and have not been heard from,
was the report just received from
Captain Bartlett, by way of Nome,
Alaska, to Deputy Minister Des Bar
ets of the maritime department.
Fears are expressed that they per
ished. The missing men are several of the
most important in the Steffanson ex
pedition, including First Officer Alex
ander Anderson of Fifeshlre, Scot
land, Second Officer Gharles Bartlett
of Victoria, B. C, two seamen of Vic
toria, Henry Bouchat, anthropologist
Of Paris; Dr. Allison Forbes McKay,
surgeon of the expedition of Edin
burgh, Scotland; Lewis Murray of
Foxfleld, England, and two British
Wife of Freeport, N. Y., Physician
Charged byCoronef With Mrs.
Bailey's Murder.
Freeport, N. Y. Mrs. Florence
Conklin Carman, wife of Dr. Edwin
Carman, was arrested here, accused
of being the assassin who a week ago
murdered Mrs. Louise Bailey, wife of
a Hempstead manufacturer, by firing
a bullet through her heart while she
was standing in the physician's office.
Mrs. Carman, at whom the finger of
suspicion has been pointing since the
discovery was made that she had in
stalled a telephonic instrument in her
husband's office that' she might hear
conversations between him and his
. -vomen patients, is locked up in Nas
jJlau county jail at Mineola. There she
.will remain until Mondav. when she
will again be examined by the cor
oner, before whom she pleaded not
guilty when arraigned after her ar-
rt in the room where Mrs. Bailey
Expert to Feed Pupils.
Pittsburgh, Pa. Mrs. Cornelius Gid
dings of St. Louis has been engaged
as "director of lunches" in the public
schools. She will receive $2,500 a year
to see that pupils get good noon-time
"eats" at eight cents.
Two Dead Under a Car.
Patchogue, N.'Y. Edwin Bailey, a
former Democratic state senator, and
John Brooks, both of this place, were
found dead under the hood of Bailey's
wrecked motor car on the outskirts
of the village.
' 7.A)r. TV irxJ Sf) '
I I 'isy&L rrK !
- f , H. Hf :
This photograph of Archduke Francis Ferdinand of Austria and his wife," the duchess of Hohenberg, who were
assassinated in Sarayevo, Bosnia, and their three children was taken very recently In their home. As theirs was
a morganatic marriage, the children are excluded from succession to the throne.
The Joplin-Pittsburg Interurban
Lines Tied Up by Em
ployes' Walkout.
Company Declares No Attempt Will
Be Made to Run Cars With
Jopliri, Mo. One hundred and fifty
carmen and shopmen employed by
the Joplin & Pittsburg Railway Com
pany completed their day's work at
midnight not to return to duty at 4
o'clock the next morning. The strike
ties up more than 100 miles of electric
lines in Southeast Kansas and South
west Missouri.
The company's contract with local
Division No. 492 of the Amalgamated'
Association of Street and Electric
Railway Employes of America, to
which the strikers belong, expired
June 21. Whether the discharge of
employes by the company shall be
subject to arbitration is the main
point of disagreement now, although
a wage scale and duration of the con
tract are disputed.
The company announced that it
would not attempt to run cars. Thou
sands of printed notices of the Inten
tion of the union to call the strike
were distributed among miners of
Southwest Kansas, who probably will
suffer the most inconvenience.
It is the contention of the strikers
that elimination of arbitration over
discharge of employes would mean
disruption of the union because the
company would be empowered to dis
charge, arbitrarily, men who are the
backbone of the organization. The
company is holding out for a three
year contract while the union woulfi
limit to one year.
The strikers have been receiving 25
and 26 cent san hour, the latter sum
after being employed one year. They
now ask 33 cents an hour, which
the company has refused to grant.
Trackmen employed -by the com
pany have been on a strike nearly a
month, holding out for increased
wages. W. A. Satterlee, general man
ager of the company, said they arc
asking for an increase 30 per cent
higher jthan the scale on electric or
steam "roads in the Middle West. A
17 per cent raise on that basis has
been offered and refused.
The lines of the railway connect
Pittsburg and Joplin, Columbus, Gi
rard and numerous other towns in
Southeast Kansas.
Plumbers Plead Not Guilty.
Des Moines, la. Pleas of not guil
ty were entered In federal court be
fore Judge Smith McPherson for each
of the thirty-six officials and members
of the National Association of Master
Plumbers, recently indicted on
charges of conspiracy in restraint of
trade in violation of the Sherman
Anti-Trust Law.
Fourth of July Death Toll is Ten. .
Chicago, 111. Revised figures an
nounced by the sane Fourth commit
tee, a Chicago organization, show a
total of ten 'deaths caused by fire
works throughout the nation in this
year's celebration.
Mayor's Shot Kills Miner.
Butte, Mont. Eric Lantala, the JTin
nish miner who attacked Mayor Louis
J. Duncan in the latter' s office and
who was shot by the mayor. Is dead
or the wound. The bullet penetrated
the liver.
Man on Bicycle Attempts to Assas
sinate Freeport Physician While
Making Professional Calls.
Freeport, N. Y. Dr. Carman, in
whose office Mrs. Louise Bailey was
murdered recently, was shot at three
times as he drove his automobile
through the town of Baldwin, near
here. None of the bullets struck him.
The doctor was on his way home from
Rockville Center, where he had been
to attend a patient.
Dr. Carman told the police the story
of the attack upon him. He had been
out making professional calls all after
noon and passed through Rockville
Center on his way home. There he
met Garland Gaden, an actor, and in
vited Jiim to ride home with him.
"Gaden accepted my invitation,"
said Dr. Carman, "and got into the
car. We stopped in a store and" as
we again got into the car, a small
coupe, I noticed a man on a bicycle
near the curb. We drove off without
paying any particular attention to the
The man who had followed the mo
tor car opened fire when well outside
the town.
Receivership of Railroad Ends When
Court Commissioner Accepts
Bid at Wichita. .
Wichita, Kan. The receivership of
the Kansas City, Mexico & Orient
Railroad came to an end here when
the Rev. Bernard Kelley, once chap
lain of the Kansas legislature and a
boyhood friend of Judge Pollock of
the federal court, by whom he was
appointed master in chancery, piloted
the road out of the receivership at 10
o'clock in the morning. He stood on
the courthouse steps and "knocked
it down" to. a committee representing
the bondholders for J6,000,000.
Formal announcement of the
resignation of George Fred Williams
as minister to Greece and Montenegro
has been made at the State Depart
ment. Foreign manufacturers sent Into
the United States during the first
eight months of the new tariff sys
tem just 8.8 per cent more of their
finished product than they did under
the old. This was pointed to by
Secretary Redfield as ample demon
stration that there is no ground for
the fears of American factory owners
that they would be driven from busi
ness by the new tariff.
In the ruins of a New York tene
ment house, wrecked by the prema
ture explosion of a powerful bomb
which killed Arthur Caron and three
other persons, the authorities found
evidence that Caron's apartment was
a center for the distribution of litera
ture which was printed there and that
at the time of the explosion it was
apparently a bomb factory, fitted with
the .ingredients of death dealing mis
siles. '
The Rev. Henry Barton, Capin, a
retired Presbyterian clergyman, wide
ly known in educational work, is
dead, at his summer home in White
Plains, N. Y. He was 87 years of age.
The bodies of the murdered Arch
duke Francis Ferdinand and his wife,
the Duchess of Hohenberg, have ar
rived at Vienna on board a special
train from Trieste. A funeral pro
cession was immediately formed and
the bodies w ere Escorted to the Hof
burg chapel
Illinois Judge Appoints Guardian for
Helen Morton Bayly, Who Was
Wed Three Weeks Ago.
Chicago. Helen Morton Bayly, a
daughter of Mark Morton, millionaire,
was declared of unsound mind by
Judge Charles D. Clark of Dupage
county and has been placed in the
custody of her uncle, Col. George
While no one connected with " the
case will talk for publication, it is
said that her mental trouble takes
the form of enmity to husband, father
and mother.
Roger Bayly filed a petition last
Tuesday asking that his wife be ad
judged insane. The petition was filed
by Mr. Bayly with County Clerk Law
rence of DuFage county, and Judge
Clark of Wheaton county heard the
report of physicians who examined
the young woman.
Mr. and Mrs. Bayly were married
three weeks ago and weilt to Arbor
Lodge, the -rural home of the bride's
uncle, J. Sterling Morton, near Lin
coln, to suend their honeymoon.
Designated by Senate Amendment as
Headquarters for Customs District '
Already Passed House.
Washington. The senate has ac
cepted the amendment to the Sundry
Civil Bill returning the Kansas City
customs district and designating Kan
sas City as the headquarters. ..As the
bill has already passed the house and
the amendment was placed in the bill
by the senate appropriations commit
tee, the matter will have to go to
conference unless the house agrees to
accept the senate's action.
Those who are interested In restor
ing Kansas City o its former promi
nent place in the customs service ex
press the belief that the action of the
senate will prevail and that Secretary
of the Treasury McAdoo will be. au
thorized to re-establish the Kansas
City office and declare St. Joseph a
sub-port of entry.
Representatives of 80,000 Employes
Go on 'Record for an Eight-Hour
. Day at Same Pay.
Chicago. Eighty thousand railway
employes, through their representa
tives, have gone on record as deter
mined to strike if they do not get the
railroads to change the working day
from ten to eight hours, without re
duction of pay.
The unions represented are the rail
way clerks, freight handlers and
warehouse men, locomotive firemen
and engineers, engineers, maintenance
of way men, oilers, engine wipers and
Ministers Urge Clean-Up. " '
New Orleans, La. Congregations' of
New Orleans churches were urged by
their pastors to co-operate with
health authorities in the general
clean-up campaign being waged for
the eradication of bubonic plague.
Johns Hopkins Gets Big Gift.
Baltimore. Delivery has been made
of $1,500,000 of securities by the gen
eral education board to the medical
school of Johns Hopkins University.
This gift is to be known as the Will
iam H. Welch endowment for clinical
education and research.
Bernhardt Gives Up Stage.
Chicago. A - message from London
says Mme. Bernhardt's physical con
dition .will prevent her from fulfilling
her engagement to play in America
next season.
Torreon Conference Results in
'Settlement of Controversy
With Gen. Villa.
Huerta Commander Near Vera Cruz
Notifies Gen. Funston To Ar
i rest Mutineers.
Torreon, Mex. General Venustianq
Carranza' has been recognized as first
chief of. the Constitutionalist revolu
tion and General Francisco Villa-vis
subordinate to him. This confirma
tion of the relative positions of Car
ranza and Villa was regarded as the
most important step taken at the in
ternal parley here intended to reunite
the Villa and Carranza factions.
In settling this point, the question
of supplying the division of the North,
which Villa commands, with coal and
ammunition probably will find an" au
tomatic solution. While General Villa
owes Carranza absolute subordina
tion, Carranza, on the other hand, is
obliged to meet the wants of the Villa
Vital Points Concluded.
The conference is ended so far as
vital points are concerned. The
statement was made that, the result
of the meetings were satisfactory.
General Villa said:
"I hope that the outcome of the
conference will be beneficial to Mex
ico and that patriotic motives will
cause the compact to be kept."
Villa had little to say on the elec
tions held last Sunday in the terri
tory controlled by Huerta except that
it was a matter of secondary import
ance, or an attempt to wash out one
stain with another.
"It is not the practice of men to
buzz around like mosquitoes and
sting others when they least expect
it," said Villa in referring to accusa
tions of misconduct made against
him by Carranza followers' along the
Tells Funston of Revolt.
Vera Cruz, Mexico. Brigadier Gen
eral Funston made public copies of
the telegrams exchanged between the
American army headquarters and
Lieutenant Colonel Izunza, comman
der of the Mexican federal outposts.
In his dispatch Izunza said:
"A portion of my infantry outpost
has revolted and I am about to go out
to reduce them to order."
The Mexican commander said he
notified General Funston because he
desired to prevent alarm among the
American outposts in the event of the
mutinous troops seeking to entfr the
American lines or of an action occur
ring in their vicinity.
General Funston replied thanking
Colonel Izunza for his information.
He also assured Izunza that the fed
eral deserters would be arrested
promptly if they approached the
American outposts. No unusual ac
tivity was reported by the American
outposts during the night and no fir
ing was heard.
Marking Time.
Washington, D. C. As viewed from
Washington the Mexican situation ap
peared to be at a standstill, so far as
plans for the proposed conference be
tween the contending factions over
Mexico's internal affairs was con
cerned. It was generally believed
here that no arrangements for such
a meeting could be made until the
conference at Torreon between Villa's
and Carranza's generals had con
cluded an adjustment of differences
between the Constitutionalist leaders.
This probably will consume several
Frederick W. Lehmann who, with
Justice Lamar of the supreme court
represented' the American govern
ment at the Niagara Falls conference.
has left for his home in St. Louis. He-I
will be ready to resume his duties
as a peace delegate whenever the call
comes. Justice Lamar talked with
Minister Naon and saw Mr. Lehmann
just before the latter took, the train.
Both of the American commissioners
said they hope to see the Mexican
factions conferring over the establish
ment of a provisional government in
the near future.
Washington Awaits News. '
Washington, D. C. Washington
government officials and others inter
ested in the Mexican situation await-,
ed anxiously for details of the elec
tion, in which it was sought to choose
a successor to General Huerta. Up
to a late hour nothing had been heard
from the election except that one had
been held and that the voting was
very light.
The fact that few votes were cast
caused no surprise either in official
quarters or among the agents of the
Mexican Constitutionalists in Wash
ington, because it was generally
known that only a few citizens In the
vicinity of Mexico City would vote.
Nine Injured in Interurban Crash.
Elyrla, O. Forty . persons were
shaken un. nine injured, one probably
fatally, when a work train on the
Graftos 'division, Cleveland South
western Electric Railroad, failed to
take a switch and crashed into a
May Teach Baby Care.
Seattle. The Seattle school board
is considering a petition that a course
for girls In the care and treatment
of babies be added to the local public
school curriculum. . .
For Undesirable Vegetation.
Common salt is not so effective aa
oil on grass and narrow-leafed vege
tation, but It Is better than arsenite of
soda. When the vegetation is very
rank salt will be found very desir
able and should be used at the rate
of from two to three tons per acre,
depending upon the rankness of ' the
growth. The salt should be fine
grained, free from lumps, and should
be scattered very uniformly. To se
cure the best results. It should be
made Into a saturated solution, one
pound being mixed with a quart and
a half of water. The salt brine should
be applied, by means of a sprinkling
can or sprinkler, which applies It
faster than a spraying outfit.
- Sllverwood, Mich. "My baby was
about six months old when he first be
gan to break out with little pimples
on his head and face. Then they would
run water and keep getting worse un
til his head was a regular sore erup
tion and water would run and stream
from it and his face also. His whole
body was affected. They were little
white pimples which Itched and
burned something terrible. His cloth
ing seemed to irritate him and it was
almost Impossible for him to sleep at
night. They also disfigured him as
they were on his face.
"We tried medicine but without suc
cess. The trouble must have lasted
three or four weeks when I thought
I would "try the Cuticura Soap and Oint
ment. I would bathe him with warm
water, as warm as he could stand and
Cuticura Soap, then apply the Cuti
cura Ointment. The very first time
that I did this It seemed to relieve
him as he slept well and Inside of two
weeks he was completely healed."
(Signed) Mrs. L. White, Jan. 29, 1914.
Cuticura Soap and Ointment sold
throughout the world. Sample of each
free, with 32-p. Skin Book. Address post
card "Cuticura, Dept. L, Boston." Adv.
Shown Up.
Senator La Follette was talking
about the dodges and squirms of a
certain corrupt railroad official.
"For all his dodges and .squirms,"
said the senator, "the man was shown
up. It's like the case of Smith.
"A dun entered Smith's flat, pushed
Into the parlor and said to Smith's
little son:
" 'Where's' your father?"
" "Gone away, the urchin answered,
according to orders.
"'Gone away? Humph! Where
tor ,
" 'That closet there,' was the reply."
The perfect husband always belongs
to another woman.
The best thing with which to feather
your own nest is cash down.
Dto healthI
Q is by way of the Stomach,
Liver and Bowels. Keep
Q these organs strong and J
active by use of
0 Stomach Bitters
Q and you possess the se-
crets of continued good
l health. It is for Poor
Appetite, Indigestion,
Cramps, Constipation
and Biliousness. Try it.
The most economical, cleansing and
germicidal of all antiseptics la
A soluble Antiseptic Powder to
be dissolved in water as needed.
As a medicinal antiseptic for douches
In treating catarrh, inflammation . or
ulceration of nose, throat, and that
caused by feminine ills It has no equal.
For ten years the Lydla E. Pinkham
Medicine Co. has recommended Paxtlne
in their private correspondence with,
women, which proves its superiority.
Women who have been cured say
It is "worth its weight la gold." At
druggists. 50c large box, or by mall.
The Pax ton Toilet Co, Boston. Mass.
br C attar's Startta Pills. Xam
prtesd. f rwh. rrllahin: pirfaifd by
Western stockmen, becsus tfcT
vrosr tasr vaeei ss fan.
for boc&Jet mad testimonials.
L.H1VJ. .
aaa. Blaaklsa nils yi.oo
kM. BMamJsa PUIS 4. OS
tTsa snv lnlactor. bat Ottur'f beat.
TSa suiwloiltf of Cotter products Is due to orcr IS
saaua as spaelsllsSns; 1b rasslaas mm4 ssrsais saly.
lastst Csttar's. XI vnobtajnablsi order dlraet.
Tks Cottar I ttsritarj. Barkalas. CaJ ar Cslss . IV
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