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' Auctioneer'
- General Farm Sales and Live
' ' . Stock a Specialty.
si.:s made: anywhere
' , k Hf, WRITE OR fMOME 1003
Tho Bomt Romody
For alt formm of
inson Rheumatic Cure Co
Well Driller
Will make wells any depth up to
500 feet.
Fourteen years in the business.
Wa-Keeney, Kansas
New Home
Sewing Machine
is to buy the maclii
with the name NEW
HOME on the arm
i and in the legs.
This machine is
rarruotod for all
' No other like it
No ctber as good '
Tie Mew Home Sew'mg Machine Ccospasy,
-T. Stram-
Stop Neuralgia Kills Pain
Sloan's Linament giv,es instant re
lief from .Neuralgia cr ' Sciatica. It
goes straight to the painful part-
Soothes the Nerves and Stops the
rain, it is aiso goon lor rheumatism.
ore throat, chest pains and sprains
You don't need to rub it penetrates.
Mr. J- li. Swinger, Louisville, Ky.,
writes: "I . suffered with quite a
severe neuralgic headache for four
months without any relief." I used
,1? loan's Linaioent for two or three
nights and I haven't suffered with
jnj head since.', Get a bottle to-day
f ...... Xn I. -11 I . . Z j. .
uic inuse oil WUlf? MVT
pains and all hurts. . 25c., 50c. and CI
St your druggist.
Bucklen's Arnica Salve for all sores
.Adv. .
I hereby announce myself as a can
didate for renomination and re-election
tor the office of representative of
J. rego county, Kansas, subject to the
nepuuueau primary, August , isi4,
payers of Trego county. O. L. Cook.
I j- Clv Quick RelUrASV
aswls- - wom" rwn. e Mann t
K get the genuine lJgSgg
at 4lSiVfc
11J I
Western Kansas World
?-'- s. CJIVLKR. Pub,. T ; . -- f '-
Issued every Saturday an entered Into the
jostoslce at Wa-Keeney. Kansas, as second
3lasa matter. T " -
Per year in advance :
-1 .00
Saturday," July 25, 1914
I am a candidate for Judge of this
the Twenty-third Judicial District of
Kansas, subject to the action of the
voters of the district at the August
primary, 1914, as provided by trie non
partisan judiciary ballot law.
L. B. Bkabdslet.
I am a candidate for Judge of this
the Twenty-third Judicial District of
Kansas, subject to the action of the
voters of the district at thev August
primary, 1914, as provided by the non
partisan judiciary ballot law. E. A.
I hereby announce myself a cand
idate for the nomination for the of
fice of register of deeds of Trego
county, subject to the decision of the
Democratic voters at the August pri
mary Margaret Swiocett.
I am a candidate for the nomina
tion for the office of Sheriff of Trego
county, subject to the decision of the
Demscratic voters at the August pri
mary. ET H. Hillmas,
1 herebv announce my candidacy
for the office ,pf Sheriff of Trego
county subject to the will of the Re
publican voters at the August pri
mary EJWAlijian.
I am a candidate for nomination
for the office of Sheriff of Trego coun
ty subject to the will of the Demo
crat voters at the Aueust, 1914, pri
mary Charles Yowell,
I hereby announce myself as a
candidate for the nomination for the
office of sheriff of Trego county sub
ject to the will of the Democratic
voters at the August primary. ,T. J.
To the voters of the 23rd Judicial
district: I am a candidate for nom
ination for the office of Judge, of the
district court of the 23rd Judicial dis
trict of the state of Kansas subject
to the primary election to be held on
the first .Tuesday in August,
Under the non-partsan judiciary Jaw
I invite the support of all voters -
Harry Lewis Pestaha.
1 am "a candidate for .Register of
Deeds of Treeo county, Kans., sub
ject to the will of the Democratic
voters at tne August primary jos.
E. Evans.
I hereby announce myself a candi
date for the nomination for the office
of Superintendent of Schools of Trego
county subject to the will of the Re
publican voters at the August pri
mary. - Eva PhilbbookJones.
Submitting to the people of the
county my record for the first year's
work in office ana promising aaaea
efficiency because of the experience, I
announce mvself a candidate for nom
ination to my present office subject
to the Republican voters at the Au
gust primary. Carrie A. Stkabal,
Count v Superintendent.
H. F. Kline presents his name as a
candidate for Representative in the
state legislature subject to the will
of the Republican voters of Trego
countv at the August primary elec-
tion and respectfully solicits their
I herebv announce myself as a can
didate for the nomination of Regis
ter of deeds of Trego county subject
to the will of the Republican voters
at the August primary. O. A.CORT
I hereby announce myself as a can
didate for the nomination of Sheriff
of Trego county subject to the will of
the Republican voters at tne August
primary t fter jje-oOER.
1 herebv announce mvself as a can
didat for re-election for the office of
County Clerk of Trego county, sub
ject to the will of the Republican
voters at the primary election, Au
gust 4, 1914 C. H. Hensos.
.If the voters, men and women, ap
prove my public service as iudsre of
the 23rd. judicial district, I ask tlteir
support at the primary election, Au
gust 4. 1914, to give me one of the
two non-partizan nominations that
must be made J. C. Kuffesthal.
I hereby announce myself as cand
idate for the nomination to the office
of Clerk of the District Court of Tre
go aounty subject to the will of the
Democratic voters at the primary
election August 4, iyi4 w. J. Will
To the Democrat voters of Trego
county: I am 'a candidate for nomina
tion for the office of Treasurer of Tre
go county subject to the- will of the
democratic voters at the August pri
mary If. B. Acre. '
.1 am a candidate for re-election to
the office of probate judge, subject to
the Republican nomination, and as
this ofrice is of special interest to
women i respectfully solicit the sup
port, ci men ana women voters alike,
A S. Pkacock. - -
i a hi a candidate for the ofrice of
probate judge of Treso county sub
ject to the decision of the Democrat
ic voters at the August primary W;
n. J" INCH.
I announce myself as a candidate
for Representative in the State Leg
islature subject to the will of the
.Democratic voters of Trego county
l me August primary. t-UA8. K.
KlRHT. .
I am a candidate for the nomim
tion for judge of the 23rd judicial
district of Kansas on the non-oarti-
zan ticket at the August primary
1 hereby announce ' myself a candi-
iui uie nomination OI lOUBty
Treasurer -of Trego county subject to
cue win ui me repuDiican voters at
the August 4 primary F. H. Rino-
To the voters of Trego Gounty: I
am a candidate for the nomination of
clerk of the district court subject to
decision of the Republican voters at
the August primary O. II. lon.
Dicta grams
Only ten days more and the pri
mary agony will be "over.
And ater that -i- ? .Well,
the relapse is sometimes worse than
the first attack.' '
The primary election affords women
voters a good opportunity to get in
practice for November.
All those young citizens who will
become 21 years old between August
4th and November 3rd may vote at
the primary. Let these also gel in
Eleven persons are contesting for
five different " nominations in this
county, and since these contests are
not all in one party there should be
sufficient interest - aroused to get out
a good vote. :
Now and then we hear of a candi
date who has never been a candidate
before but in the same advertisement
he announces his williugness to break
his record and thus lose all the
credit(?) his modesty may have con
ferred upon him heretofore.
Before election candidates offer
many and various reasons why they
should receive "support, and after
election many voters will offer equal
ly nonsensical explanations as to why
they voted for this or that candidate.
Verily, we mortals are a funny bunch.
Dick Tagraph.
Kansas City Stock Yards, Ju)y 2i,
1914. . Fairly good receipts of cattle
are coming this week, considering
that no influence other than market
conditions is "regulating the move
ment. Receipts of 12000 yesterday
are followed by 9000 today. Good to
choice- cattle, whether fed or grass,
are firm this week, but. medium to
comicon grass steers are slightly low
er. Prime Missouri teers sold at
$9.85 today never before equalled in
July here. Other droves sold at $9.80
and $9.75,. bulk of the native steers
$8. to $9.59, Kansas grass steers up to
$9, grass cows $7. Demand for feed
ers is stronger than it was a week or
two ago, but stock'er tradte is disap
pointing. Some Western Kansas
steers sold to feeder buyers at $7.10
today, weighing around 8501bs, which
packers also tried to buy. - Good na
tive fleshy feeders sold today, at $8.65,
for a short course on corn in Illinois,
stock steers sell at $6.25 to $7.75, a
quarter lower, than a week ago. In
view of the way cattle are selling on
the ranges, stocker prices at the mar
kets are reasonable enough. Quaran
tine receipts are fairly liberal, 230
cars in two days, market steady on
good ones, weak on medium and com
mon grades. Good cake fed steers
sell at $8 to $8.50, wintered Oklahoma
steers $Tto $7.35, light steers brought
up this spring $5.50 to $6. 80
Hogs are strong today, several loads
at the top, $9. JO, and bulk of sales at
$8.90 to $9.10. Heavy hogs still bring
up to the top prices although no big
weight hogs are Coming, average
weight .last week 198 lbs. This is five
lbs under a year ago, which is due to
the fact that feeders are holding nogs
back now, feeding for weight, account
of the profit in that operation at
present prices, ttius keeping receipts
down also. Run here , today is 9000
Sheep and lambs are undergoing
market vicissitude of the worst kind
this week, particularly lambs, which
are 40 to 60 cents lower. Medium
class native lambs stopped at $8 today,
as compared with $8.90 for choice
Idaho lambs a week ago. Ewes sell at
$4.50 to $4.75 today, receipts 7000:
J. A.Rickart,
Market Correspondent.
Union Pacific Time Table.
157 Local freight. 8:4o a m
155 Through freight ........ 9:37 pm
103 Passenger 8:32 p m
101 Passenger ...... ..... 6:12 a m
119 Passenger I . . ... 2:22.a m
EAST BOUND , . ...
104 Passenger J. . . 4:54 a na
120 Passenger ., 7:55 p in
102 Passenger 10:18 p ca
156 Local freight 2:55 p m
154 Through freight ; . 4:54 a m
Mountain time is one hour slower
than central time.
J. E. Fritts, Agent.
Bucklen's Arnica Salve for Cuts,
' Burns, Sores
Mr. E. S. Loper,' Marilla, N." Y-,
writes: "1 have never had a cut,
burn, wound or sore it would - not
heal." Get a box of Bucklen's Arnica
Salve to-day. Keep handy at all times
for burns, sores, cuts, wounds. Pre
pents lockjaw. 25c, at your ir uggist.
Adv. . . . . .. -
Get year watches and Jewelry re
paired at A. S. Tregers, Wa-Keeney,
KansV Adv. " - '
One of the many advantages in
using White Elephant Flour is in the
smaller amount - required as. against
other flours. The Star Grocery
Adv-10 " ' ' ' '
- -, . . - - -- i - 1
Anything in rings Babe- rings
children's rings, set rings; tsmeoi
rings, signet rings' and diamond rings
at rock bottom prices. A. S. Treger,
Wa-Keeney, Kans Adv.
At the Baptist church, July 26th.
Sunday School at 10 a. m; Preaching
at 11 a. m. followed by the sacrament;
Children's meeting 3 p. m.; B. Y. P.
TJ. 7 p. m. Preaching at 8 by Rev. W.
W.Dodge. Cordial invitation to all.
If a lump of soda dissolved jn a
little hot water is added to the blue
water on wash "day, it will prevent
the blue from settling in the clothes
and make them perfectly ' white.
This is especially useful when the
water is very hard.
Those who contemplate making
special premium offers to-' exhibitors
at the coming Trego County fair are
requested to make their decisions at
once and report them at Gibson's
drug store or with the secretary S. J.
Straw. The committee will visit the
merchants of wa-Keeney in a few
days and get what they have to offer.
The complete premium list will be
published in a short time. Speak a
good word for the fair and help make
aWt success this year. September
2nd, 3rd and 4th.
what might have proven a very bad
fire occurred south of town Thursday
afternoon when a fire started in the
grass along side of the road and run
into the stubble and burned up a
stack yard for Henrv Hayflicker and
would have taken the whole wheat
field of his and possibly others if it
had not been for the heroic efforts of
F.red Flyr's threshing crew and others
who were near by and fought the fire
and kept it from the other stack
yards, we hear Mr. Hayflicker was
lucky in having, his loss covered by
.insurance which was most fortunate.
Otis L. Benton and son, Harold, of
Oberlin, Kans., were in ihe city Fri
day and Saturday of last week. Mr.
Benton is a banker, ranchman and
speculator and has implicit' confi
dence in western Kansas. He has re
sided at. Oberlin since the time to
which the mirrd of -the oldest -settler
"rnneth not"." Mr. Benton is a Re
publican of the "stand pat" kind. He
wasadelegate to the national Repub
lican convention when Taft was
nominated the first time or in 1908.
Congress created a new office in 1912,
delegating or" designating that a de
partment of justice be created in the
Interior Department of the United
States government to look after the
finances of the Indians. Mr. Benton
was appointed "chief" or the head of
this department and he filled the offi
ce with credit to himself and very
satisfactorily to the Interior Department.-
He resigned the place which
paid $6,000 per year for the reason
when we have prosperity in Kansas
it is rather a slow financier who does
not make more than $6,000 per year.
'At the primary of 1910 E. VV. Ali
man got every Republican vote cast
in his own township. A record
which no other candidate made that
year in Trego county. At the general
election he carried his ow n township
by large majority, more than two to
one. This is a matter of record in
the county clerk's office. Vote for E.
W. Allman for . sheriff, Republican
candidate. Adv
Kitchea Kinks
Boiled potatoes make an excellent
substitute for soap when the hands
have become blackened by contact
with pots and pans. Rub a little po
tato well into the hands and wash in
w arm water. "
Always empty out any water left
before filling the kettle. .Very fre
quently the flat taste of tea is caused
by using water that already has been
When frying- doughnuts, it is a
splendid scheme to have a dish of
beiting- water on t As . each
eartte is oaakif tift' jout ' witlr a fork,
and dash it quickly into - the water
and out again..
To save time when cooking, mix
pepper ' and , salt . (proportioned to
taste) and keep on hand in a shaker
for seasoning vegetables "
After cleaning brass or copper with
salt and vinegar, rub with olive oil,
and the metal will not 'tarnish for a
long time. " -
A pinch or salt added to mustard
helps to prevent- it from drying or
caking. . f
If yooT'overi. trtllnot brown your
pastry as well as you would like, put"
the cakes or tarts in the upper tray
and throw a little sugar en the floor
of the oven.
We have the wireless telegraph,
- The tireless cooker, too;
And smokeless powder is a thing
- That's not entirely new,
We have the spineless female form.
The anecdote less bore,
And now won'l someone please invent
: A first-class wolfless door?
, . YawV mttawa and Ceattva!
Sick, headache, bad breath, sour
stomach, furred tongue and Indiges
tion, mean liver and bowels clogged.
Clean up to-night. 'Get a 25c bottle
of vDav King's New Life Pills to-day
snd empty the stomach and bowels of
fermenting, gassy foods and waste. A
fall bowel m vena eL gives a satistied,
thantrf uk feeling nateasyoAt feel line
Effective," yet mild. Don't gripe. 25c.
at your druggist. ." .
Bucklen's Arnica Salve for Burns.
a Has Year Child Warms? ,
Most ohildren do? A coated, fur
red tongue; strong breath; stomach
pains; circles under eyes; pale, sallow
complexion; nervous, fretful; grinding
of teeth; tossing in sleep; peculiar
dreams anyone of these indicate
child has worms. Get a box of Kick-
apoo Worm Killer at once. It kills
the worms the cause of your child's
condition. Is laxative -and aids
nature to expel the worms. Supplied
in candy form. Easy for children to
take. 25c, at your druggist Adv.
Convincing Testimony
Given By Many Wa-Keeney People
Experiences told by Wa-Keeney
people '
Those who have had weak kid
neys ... ,
Who used Doairs Kidney Pills
Who found the remedy effective
Such statements prove merit.
You might doubt an utter stranger.
You must believe Wa-Keeney peo
ble. Here's Wa-Keeney proof. Verify it.
Read. Investigate. Be convinced.
.You'll find why Wa-Keeney folks
believe in Doan's.
W. F. Stranhan, WaKeeney, Kans.,
says: "For over a year I suffered
constantly from backache and sharp
pains through my kidneys, especially
when I stooped or lifted. The kid
ney secretions - passed too frequently
at night, and often pained me in
tensely. Doan's Kidney Pills, pro
cured at Gibson's Drug Store, remov
ed the trouble and in view of my ex
perience, I consider them the best
kidney remedy on the market. I have
taken Doan's Kidney Pills occasional
ly, during the past years and have al
ways obtained - the best of results.
You may continue to publish all I
have ever said about this remedy."
For sale by all dealers. Price 50
cents. Foster-Milburn Co., Buffalo.,
New York, sole agents for the LTnited
Remember the name Doan's and
take no other. Adv.
Annual Report of Treasurer of Trego
County High School for Year End
ing June 30thu, 1914
Balance in hands of treasurer July
1st. 1913 $ 1.442 65
Amount received from taxes 4,605 CO
Amount received lrom all other
sources 1.006 00
Total ' $ 7,145 65
Amount paid out duriosr the year
lor teachers and principal 4,740 00
Amount paid tor rents, repairs, fuel
and other incidentals. 1,276 61
Amount paid for library and school
apparatus 153 08
Amount paid lor site building and
iurniture 392 66
Amount paid for other purposes 329 45
Total paid out during- year for
school purposes S 7,091 80
Balance on hands ot district treas
urer July 21, 1914 53 95
Total receipts and expenditures
balanced $ 7,145 G5
We as a committee, have examined books
and vouchers and hnd same correct.
Cbas. R. Kirbt
Frank Eaton
W. A. Tawnky
Wa-Keeney, Kansas, July 21. 1914.
First published July 18, 1914
Attachment Notice
Before J. H. Acre. Justice of Peace of Wa
Keeney, Township. Trego County,
J. W. Pbares. administrator of the estate of
J. East. Ueceased, Plaintiff.
Chas. Abl and Mary A hi. Defendants.
The delendants. above named, Chas. Ahl
and Mary Ahl are hereby notified that on the
15th day of July 1914 an order of attachment
for the sum ot Z140 with interest as stipulated
in said note, for same was issued by the
above named Justice of Peace aerainst the
goods and chattels of the defendants in the
above entitled action, including any and all
goods, and chattels, of said defendants, that
may be round in tne saia -l-rego tuniy lvan-
sas and that said cause will be heard at the
oftice of the said Justice of the Peace at Wa
Keflacy. Trego County, Kansas on -the 19th
Say of August, 1914. at 40-e'ciock a. an. of said
AftesR J. W. Phares
J. H. Acre. Justice of Peace. Plaintiff.
(First published July 18. 1S1D
Publication Notice
Before I, H. Acre. Justice of Peace of. Wa
Keeney. Township. Trego County,
j. w. Phares. administrator of the estate of
J. fiast, deceased.. Plaintiff.. .
Chas Abl and Mary Ahl. Defendants.
The above named defendants Chas. Ahl
and Mary Ahl wiu take notice that they have
been sued in the above named court, try the
above naned plaintiff and that unless the
said defendants. Chas. Abl and Mary Ahl
appear and answer-or demur-to, the bill of
aartieulars filed-in said case on or before the
1Mb day of-August, 1914. at-lOo'clock am of
said day judgment will toe readertd against
tbeml as waved for in said bill of particulars
and in favor of said niaintff--in the. sum of
$140 with interest at V per cent per aistiar
gross aiay zar-a mil ana unu ui suns.
Attest J. W. Phares
J. U. Acre. Justice of Peace. Plaintiff.
Kansas State Agricultural College
School of Asrigltoro--Ttaice year ooones In
AgnouUure. Meotaoics, Home fiooaouGb.
Students admitted lram common soooois.
fnsim ( Asricoltore aod Mechanic Arts With
four-year courses in Agriouiture. .Engineering.
Home Joooomies, and Veterinary Medioioe.
Students admitted lrom standard mgn schools.
ddrass President. Kansas State Aancotmral Cstlssa.
(Canossaaseacs Coarsest . Baa 3. Mashalta a .
Physician and Surgeon
Wa-Keeney, Kansas
EL T3. Wheeler
Farms, Ranches, and Town
Property. Attends to btjsi-s
ness for non-residents. Cor
respondence solicited.
. . t
Wa-Keeney, Kansas
All calls answered day or night.
Office 'phone 110 residence 79.
will deliver at your premises any
kind of Lumber, hard or soft
wood dressed or undressed, in
side house trim; in fact anything:
in the line of
First Class Lumber
that you happen to want, at prices
that are always reasonable.
Verbeck Lumber & Supply
Wa-K-enev, Kansas
G.T. Binder's
Harness & Shoe Shop
All kinds of harness made to
order; also all' kinds of harness
and shoe repairing on short no
tice. If you need anything in
my line, please call and see me.
We handle all kinds of
Pratt's tood and axle grease.
PHONE 670, (Wa-Keeney line).
Buys and Sells
Real Estate
Leases Lands Collects Rents
Pays Taxes for Non-Residents
Special attention given to Collections
Correspondence solicited
Permanently.', located. x.
. All work guaranteed..
Phones Office 151. Residenc 58
Graduate Veterinarian!
Residence phone No. 19.
Farm phone No. 455
Do yon want a loan? Do yon
want to sell yonr land? Do you
want ' to" buy land at a bargain? '
' Call on . '
T. W. OI71MT3Y
Wells Bored and Cased on Short -
' Notice.
All Work Guaranteed. Yourt
Patronage Solicited.,

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