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Prints All Official County News
36th Year Number 24
Whaat CfrTt art
i Make Something We Can Sell
. ... I
But what is the good you get from all the work
and expense you are put to, to raise crops unless
you can keep an accurate list of your costs and re-
ceipts. A check book will greatly aid you. We
have just the kind you need.
The Wa-Keeney State Bank
Saturday Night, AUG. 1 5
Clear, Flickerless,
Perfect Projection,
Life Size Pictures
Three Reels
"" '"
Dr. John B. Dykes, Republican
nominee for CoDgress, hereby sub
mits a comparison of rates of duty
- under the Republican tariff of 1909
and the "free trade" tariff of 1913,
for the consideration of every voter
who is interested in his own prosper
ity and the welfare of Kansas:
Republican "Free Trade
Law 1909 Law" 193
Broom Corn.. S3 ton. Free
Buckwheat . . 15c bu Free
Butter..... 6c lb....... .2 1-2
-Corn..... .. 15c bu Free
Cream, fresb..:... 5c per gal.... Free
Milk, fresh........ 2c per gal. ...Free
.Eggs of fowls. . ... 5c per doz Free
Flax $22.50 per ton. .Free
Hogs, for food.. ..$ 1.50 per head Free
Hemp ..$22.50 per ton. Free
Lard 1 l-2c per lb.Free
Beef, fresh 1 l-2c per lb.Free
Mutton, fresh 1 l-2c per lb.Free
Pork, fresh 1 l-2c per lb.Free
Veal, fresh I.. 1 l-2c per lb.Free
.Potatoes 25c per bu Free
Jive 10c per bu .Free
Wheat 25c per bu Free
"Wheat from coun- '
tries imposing a
duty on U. S 25 per cent. . 10 p. c
Rice, cleaned 2c per lb. Ac per lb
Tobacco, uiistem- . -
med .$1.85 lb 1.85 lb
"Tobacco,stemnied$2.50 lb., 2.50 lb
Filler tobacco, un-
stemmed... 33c lb... 35c 1U
. 3T i 1 1 e r tobacco,
stemmed..-.. .... 50c lb 5Cc lb
The Underwood tariff of 1913 is a
A OtflM CrOTlS
free trade" secret-caucus measure.
The Southern members of Congress,
with the aid of Tammany, dictated
the provisions of the bill.
The northern and western farmers
who raise corn and hogs, pork and
beef, butter and eggs, can see by a
comparison of the rates under the
old and the new law, that their pro
ducts were put on the free list in
cqm petition with foreign countries
where low-priced lands are cultivat
ed and cheap labor employed; whilst
the rate of duty under the old law
was retained on tobacco for the bene
fit of the Southern tobacco growers.
The Southern rice growers are pro
tected by a duty of 1 cent per pound.
Ask yout congressman, who voted
for the Underwood bill, when he
comes home, why protection would
not be a good thing for the corn and
hog raiser of the north and west, if
it is a good thing for the tobacco
growers of Virginia, North Carolina,
Kentucky and Tennessee? Ask him
why protection would not be a good
thing for the butter and egg produc
ers of the north and west, if it is a
good thing for the southern rice
. I am in favor of an amendment to
the new tariff law restoring the duty
on farm products. Agriculture is
the leading industry of Kansas; and
should be protected.
The "free traders" claim that the
tariff is a burden upon the people be
cause it is added to the price of the
commodity upon which it is imposed.
If that theory is correct, the Amer
ican farmer will receive 25 per cent
less for his wheat under the tariff of
1913 than he did under the tariff of
Compare the rates of duty under
the old and tfce new law.
Then read tbe following table with
reference to the cash price of wheat
at n?e of tiie big wheat markets:
June 4 June 4
1912 1914 Decrease
Omaha $1,08 1-2 0. 88 1-2 $0.20
Kan City 1.12 .91 1-2 .20 1-2
Minneapolisl.12 3-8 .93 1-4 .19 1-8
Chicago 1.11 1-2 .96 .15 1-4
New York 1.21 Jhf 1.05 1-4 .15 1-2
The foregoing ti$ were on No. 2
hard wheat exaepfclliiea polls where
No. 2 Northe wtrt wasused.
Do your y hfy ; "" Draw your
owa conclusittftfc Figures will' not
lie. John B- Dykbs.-
- (Advertisement)
Pure homemade Hard at Bakers, adv
Editor "Western Kansas "World : . I
will reply to an article which appear
ed in the Reporter of last week, that
the mayor and council had notified
the police judge' to appear before
that body on Monday evening to an
swer some questions concerning the
status of the Frank O'Neil case. -
The reason the police judge did not
appear before that honorable body
was tnat the honorable mayor and
council had no authority to cite the
police judge before them. If, they
wanted to know anything about this
case they should have yftome to the
office of the police judge.
These are the questions and an
swers that they wanted the police
judge to recognize. The questions
are by Mr. Herman Long; the an-'
swers are mine.
1. On what date and at what hour
did you issue warrant for the. arrest
of Frank O'Neil? -
Answer July 24 about 1 o'clock,
p. in.
2. On what date and at about
what hour was O'Neil brought into
your court by the city marshal?
Answer. July 25 about 4 o'clock
p. t. ,
3. At about 'what time did Her
man Long appear in your court in
connection with this case?
Answer Five o'clock p. m.
4. Did the defendant O'Neil plead
not gnilty and state that he was
ready for immediate trial?
Answer O'Neil plead not guilty
and was ready for trial.
5. Was the cause thereupon con
tinued until the following Monday at
1 o'clock p. m.
Answer Case was continued until
Monday ot 1 o'clock p. m.
6. Was the continuance by consent
of parties or was it for good cause
shown to the court by the attorney
for the city? .
Answer It waa continued by re
quest of City Attorney Long on ac
count of the late hour. '
7. If the continuance was for good
cause shown to the -court, and not
with the consent of the defendant,
state what cause was shown for a
continuance and how it waa shown
Answer On account- of the late
hour, and also for .procuring wit
nesses. 8. Did you suggest the giving of
an appearance bond by the defendant,
and' if so what amount of bond did
you Suggest?
- Answer I asked Mr.' O'Neil if he
coula give bond and he said that he
did not and wanted to go to trial im
mediately. 9. At the time of this continuance
did you regard the defendant O'NeU
as a criminal whom it was dangerous
to allow to run at large?
4 Answer Yes; as he was crazy or
10. Had you prior to the time of
this continuance heard that O'Neil
had committed any offense for which
he ought to be prosecuted under any
of the criminal laws of the state? ,
Answer Yes, when the marshal
served warrant on him he took from
him a loaded revolver, and he showed
it to t he-court and Mr. Long. .
11. If so what -offense had you
then heard that he had committed?
Answer I heard of none only the
above case.
12. Did you approve of the contin
uance in this case without any ap
pearance bond from the defendant?
Answer Consented to it on the
advice of Mr. Long; I thought that
O'Neil should be committed to jail,
and I told Mr. Long so.
13. If not, why did you permit it
to be so done?
Answer On Mr. Long's advice; I
always took the advice of the - prose
cuting attorney while I was justice
of the peace. ' . .
In addition to the eighth question,
when I asked him to give- bond, he
said he would not give bond to any
- ' man. ."
'" ' " - Joshua -Ctot,
Police Judge of the city of Wa-Kee
ney, Kansas.
W eat-her Report
Maximum and minimum tempera
ture according , to the government
thermometer at Wa-Keeney for the
week ending Wednesday noon.
Max. Mrs.
Thursday. 98...
Friday .. 93...
Saturday 94...
Sunday 92
Monday .....'. 84...
Tuesday 87 . . .
Wednesday 97 . . .
We had 0.13 inch of rain
afternoon. '
. 63
We have Just returned from the
big meeting of the American con
gress of Optometrists at St. Louis,
Mo., and bring you every thing up to
date in the optical lines. E. F. Sul
livan, Optometrist, will be at
Wa-Keeney, Monday August 17th -
Hoosier Cabinet Sale
f&he Tamous ffoasit.
With all Hoosier Cabinets sold far spot cash during
the month of August the above list of Groceries furnished
yfree. Payment plan will be carried on. same as usual, but
no groceries given with cabinets bought oa payjneats. v
- Call and let us show the cabinets to you.
Official Vote of Trego
County August 4
. . U. S. Senator
Tucker -
... a6
.. 198
.. 35
Bristow -
Harvey. .
Lieutenant Governor
Capper .
- S63
Brewer... - --
;111LL 420
1 .. 139
Secretary of State
- - State AudiioB..
State Treasurer "
..Attorney General -.. .
Buleer. .' ,
Brewster.-. i
Suptt-Public Instruction --: -
Ross ,-
Supt. Insurance ,
Wilson-- - '
Hussey . i
State Printer .
Board of Irrigation
Ward's.---. . -- r r
Boyle.L.. --.
Diesem .- 'x?
Dyer. -V. 98
Uougn -r "I
Rich -.. g
Walker 193
' Congressman 6tn District
Dykes. - ,w
; Representative 9U District
Kline ! -- -
Connty Clerk
County Treasurer
..- 477
..... 490
.... 437
Reeister of Deeds
County Attorney
Probate Judrs
Peacock .
Supt. Public Instruction
Jones.. -- - "
AlVman 3
DeBoer '. "- - -
Surveyor ' - .
Harlan - 51
Hiirh Tchool Trustee
Wilson .. ....i 198
rvmini.sioner 1st District
McNauehton -. -- 11
V. S. Senator "
Sapw j-
. 149
. 10
. 47
... 21
... 37
- . Governor'
Ljfiru tenant Governor
Wagner. ..- -- - r43
Britton.... . SB
Ginder "
Secretary of State
Schlicher 11
Brown 11
St-ite Auditor
Clemaus 1"
State Treasurer
Attorney General
Potts 37
Little 87
McGUl .-.. S9
RudI. Public Instruction
Arnold. 212
SuDt- Insurance
Smith.- 1 104
H -.lflfhranfi . . 6i
F-rather 66
State Printer
IJeftwich . 116
( h;itnr . 93
Board of Irrigation
CThallis 73
H : 111 m. ill ii . 121
mr 78
Hanker. . 83
Ratter OS
Congressman 6th District .
"Connelly 199
Representative 89th District '
K"irl) v ' . 36
County Treasurer
Acre .-
1 bottle Vanils Ext.
1 bottle Orange Ext.
1 bottle Lemoa Eit.
1 pkg. Sod
1 pkg. R. B. Powder
2 pkgs of Oats
1 pkg Tapioca
1 pkg. Corn Starch
1 pkg. S. Flakes
1 pkg. Tosties
1 pkg. Coffee v
5 pkgs. of Spices
1 pkg. Chocolate
1 pkg. Cocoa .
1 pkg. Tea
. Register of Deeds
Evans .
Countr Attorney
- - Probate Judtre
Finch . - 204
Clerk of District Court
Williams , &H
Hillman ...i m
RUode- 1 ; is
Yowell ? J.......... 44
CoronBrr" " '
CTSord ......V- JS
High Scbool Trustees-
Raton. . ,. 188
Ehrichs tit
Seirer ; ..."HI
- Oonmissiomr-lst District
Musgrrave .'. , m
Trie Socialists cast 17 votes: Prohibitionists
1 and Progressives 1.
Justices Supreme Court Non-Partiaaa
Smith. Chas W...... .-. ...... 353
Smith. C A '. 178
Benson ; ISO
Buckman 73
Case 5
Dawson 4O0
Hanson .. : 81
L.ittle- 4
Mason . . , 241
Marshall , 195
Reeves 2w ' .. 188
Sheldon 197
Official vote of the 23rd judicial dis
trict for judge, August 4,'191- Five
i -2
Counties -
1Z v
so - . -, a
Russell 534
330 11S 7
75 174 19
137 ' 105 38
79 . 46 58
84 24 8
84 38 6
BUis 60S 804
Tregro 518 182
Gove .... 384 101
Logan 364 88
Wallace, 3U8 54
Total 8745 1081 . 788 504 309 5388
Ruppentbars plurality over Rea . 1083
Ruppentnal's majority over all four
ot tiers -2 - 108
-' , Trustee '
Ed LaRne. R , W A McConnell. D " -
Treasurer - .
W B Marauand , R W M Brabb, D
Miles Powers, R Julius Hillman, D
r Trustee
J H Bassler. R ' -
Treasurer -
Jooa Herbert. R
Samuel Glass, R ...
A W NelsoM. B Qbasearttecr. D .'
' Treasuaer.
Otto Coloore. It . JoeZeMecD
W A FTUler. Wm Edwards. D .
H H Cawley. D
PWOToole. B
Clerk - .
W l.- tL I
Trustee ' .
E F Bryant. K J J Drammond; D
. Treasurer
W W Mattlnly. R T J Rhoades. D
S T Lamoruu. R M C Williams. D
Tom Kite. R Geo Demes. T
J W Lawrence, R L S Burt. D -
Herman Rahberg- R C H Swisher. D
Josepb Hobl. R Arthur VanScyoc, 15
AW Mall. D '
F A Pallso wsky, D
The ladles of the country as well
as those of the towns, of Trego
county are kindly requested to bring
in all kinds of fancy work, home
made quilts, rugs, etc., for exibition
at the county lair, 2nd, 3rd, 4th of
September. . By order Of Committee.
- ' . (
For loans on your farm, call on the
Wa-Keeney State Bank. 27t adv.
To the Voter of Trego Counry . .
The primaries are over and I ac
knowledge my defeat which is mostly
due to my inability to see and form
the acquaintance of the voters of the
county on account of the sickness o,t
my family, and I want to thank all
those who supported me knowing you
did so with a clear conscience, and
especially do I want to thank the
ladies for their support. They have
certainly shown an interest and wis
dom in their first effort at the polls.
I wish also to extend my congratu
lations t Mr. Hillman and hope, if
elected at the general election, he.
will take the same interest in con
ducting the affairs of the office as I
had intended to do if elected, and I
assure you of the fact that there is
no soreness - on my part toward any
one; "I am a Democrat still, and
very still," - and I attribute my de
feat in the primaries to as above"
stated. - "
1 hope my friends will not feel dis- ,
appointed as the sacrifice' I have
made in meeting defeat is probably
small in comparison with the, disap
pointment to my supporters.
I am indeed proud of the support I
received after taking into considera
tion the advantages . of my opponent
and the many disadvantages of my ..
own. 'Yours.
- " T. J. Bbuden.
To The People Trego County
I cannot and words to thank you .
for.the. overwhelming support given,
me in all parts of the county. . It
makes me happy indeed to see my.
work so much approved and apprec-.
iated. -1 hope to show you my grati-.
tude in deeds leaving nothing unidone-,,
which lies in my power t make our
schools of the greatest benefit to tbe. '
children and, to the people of every,,
school district.
. . . . Very sincerely yours,
Carrie A. Stradal
County Supt.
E. McNiUen Little More Thea
7H"Tw'y ' ."y.'.'v'-v
' .Will make flights at Wa-Keeney on
September 2nd, 3rd, and 4th. Ralph
McMillen who is to 'fly here,' while .
the youngest of aviators has rapidly
forged to the front among the best
known gying men in the world.
'He enjoys two distinctions in that
he learnei tQ fly , without instruc
tions that is,' just by flying; and he
also was Che first man to demonstrate
a heavier than . air machine before
the kite loving people of Japan give
ing an exhibition before the JSmporer
and bis court by royal command. He
made a welf paying tour of Japan
and he has since flown in most of
the important meets that have been
held in this country.. McMillen uses
a Curtiss Biplane.
Abstracts of title made promptly at
reasonable rates. W. H. Swiggett. adv
7 '-jr. I - . -
Tbe Well Known Eye Specialist -
and Optometrist will again be im
Wa.Keeney, Kansas
" at the Trego IT o use on , ;
August 21 and 22, 1914
"Very near school time, better ses .
about your children's eyes, the very
important thing to look after.
. Satisfaction Guaranteed'
For Infants and Children.
Be. Kind YcaKaye Always Eqsgtf
Bears the
SIsnatnre of

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