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Tempting Creations for the Housewife
Green Pepper and Cheese Salad.
Select and wash three medium-sized green
peppers. Cut around the stem of each with
a slender paring knife to remove the seed
and white sections. Stuff the inside of the
peppers with cottage cheese, pressing it in
firmly. Chill, and when ready for use, cut
the pepper into one-fourth inch slices and
place two or three of these slices in a nest of
tender lettuce. Serve with a salad dressing.
Pepper and Egg Salad.
4 hard-cooked eggs. 2 medium-sized peppers.
Cook the eggs by dropping them carefully
into a kettle of boiling water (about 2 quarts
of water) and set the kettle where the water
will not continue to boil. Allow the eggs
to remain in this water, well covered, for
45 minutes before removing to chill and peel
for the salad. Clean the peppers, cut into
long strips or into circles, arrange the slices
of pepper with slices of egg attractively on a
nest of lettuce, and serve with a cooked
salad dressing.
Stuffed Baked Green or Red
Filling No. 1.
1 cup cold chicken. 1 cup toasted bread
1 tablespoonful chopped crumbs or cooked
onion. rice.
1 tablespoonful chopped ya teaspoonfui salt.
2 taablesepoonfuls melted V teaspoonfui pepper,
butter. 1 slightly beaten egg.
Filling No. 2.
1 cup minced cold ham 1 cup toasted bread
or chopped bacon. crumbs or cooked
1 tablespoonful chopped ,,ce' r ,
. 'A teaspoonfui pepper,
parsley. j cup tomatoes cut ;nto
1 tablespoonful chopped cubes.
onion. Salt to taste.
Other cold meats may be ground, seasoned
and mixed with an equal quantity of bread
crumbs or cooked rice moistened with a
slightly beaten egg, cream, or tomato, and
substituted for either of the fillings.
Take six whole medium-sized fresh green
peppers or canned whole pimentos. If
fresh peppers are used, slice a round off the
top, remove seeds, and save the top to re
place. Soak in cold salt water (2 table
spoonfuls salt to 1 quart water) for half an
hour ; rinse in clear, cold water. Drain,
press in the filling, and replace the top, and
fasten it in place with wooden toothpicks.
Put the stuffed peppers in a baking pan,
pouring around them enough water to cover
the bottom of the pan one-half inch. Bake
in a medium hot oven for 20 to 30 minutes.
When canned pimentos are used, remove
from cans, discard liquor, and allow the pi
mentos to stand in a bowl for about 15 min
utes to aerate before using, thus giving them
a better flavor. Stuff as for green peppers
and bake for 10 to 15 minutes.
Escalloped Potatoes with Peppers
1 chopped red pepper.
I chopped green pepper.
4 medium-sized cold
boiled potatoes.
V, tablespoonful parsley slice of onion
(minced. (minced).
Season with salt and pepper.
Cut the potatoes in 1-inch cubes. Put a
layer of potatoes in the bottom of a buttered
baking dish. Mix minced pepper, parsley,
onion, and seasoning, and add a layer of this
mixture. Continue putting alternate layers
of each until the mixture is all used. Pour
rer this the cream sauce and put a thin
layer of buttered bread crumbs on top.
Bake for 25 minutes. Serve hot.
To -make buttered crumbs, melt 1 table
spoonful butter and stir into it 1 cup soft
At times it is a great convenience to the
housewife to be able to reach to a shelf for a
can of soup, open it, heat it, and serve it
within a few minutes time. The Depart
ment of Agriculture's specialists' in home
canning-club instruction point out that the
next logical step for the club members after
learning to can fruits and vegetables is to
transform meat scraps, bones, ligaments, and
odds and ends of vegetables and cereals into
an economical, as well as palatable, soup
something that can be made ready in a few
minutes for use as a hot dish.
Directions for Making Soup Stock
Secure 25 pounds of beef hock, joints, and
bones containing marrow and strip off the
fat and meat, cracking the bones with a
hatchet or cleaver. Place the bones within
a thin cloth sack and put them into a large
kettle containing 5 gallons of cold water.
Simmer, but do not boil, for 6 or 7 hours,
then skim off all fat from the liquid. Do
not salt while simmering. This should make
about 5 gallons of soup stock. Pack the
stock while hot in glass jars, bottles, or
enameled or lacquered tin cans, and par
tially seal the jars; if tin cans are used, cap
and tip. If using a hot-water bath outfit,
sterilize for 40 minutes ; if using a water
seal or 5 pounds of steam pressure outfit,
sterilize for 30 minutes, or 25 minutes if
using pressure cooker outfit.
Vegetable Soup.
A good vegetable soup may be made, ac
cording to the department's experts, as fol
lows : Soak one-fourth of a pound of lima
beans and 1 pound of rice in water for 12
hours. Cook one-half pound of barley for
2 hours. Blanch 1 pound of carrots, 1 pound
of onions, 1 medium-sized potato, and 1 red
pepper for 3 minutes in boiling hot water,
and then quickly dip into cold water.
After this is done, the carrots, onions, po
tato, and pepper should be cut into small
cubes and mixed thoroughly with the lima
beans and rice which have been cooked as
described above. Fill the glass jars or lac
quered or enameled tin cans three-fourths
full of the above mixture of vegetables and
cereals. The next step is to prepare a
smooth paste from one-half pound of wheat
flour blended with 5 gallons of soup stock.
Boil this mixture for 3 minutes and add 4
ounces of salt. Pour this mixture or stock
over the vegetables until the cans are full.
Partially seal the jars, or cap and tip the
cans, and sterilize for 90 minutes, if using a
hot-water bath outfit; 75 minutes, if using a
water-seal or 5 pounds of steam pressure
outfit; or 45 minutes, if using pressure
Cream of Pea Soup.
Soak in water overnight 8 pounds of dried
peas. Cook the peas until they are soft,
and then mash them fine. Add to the
mashed peas 5j4 gallons of soup stock, and
bring the whole to a boil; then pass the
boiling liquid through a fine sieve. Make
a smooth paste by mixing one-half pound
of flour and a little water ; add 10 ounces of
sugar and 3 ounces of salt, and add the whole
to the peas and soup stock. Cook the whole
until the soup begins to thicken and then
pack in the glass jars or tin cans. Partially
seal the jars, or cap and tip the tin cans. If
using a hot-water bath outfit, sterilize for 90
minutes ; 80 minutes if using water-seal
outfit ; or 45 minutes in pressure cooker.
Cream of Potato Soup.
Boil 14 pounds of potatoes, sliced thin,
with 5 gallons of soup stock, for 10 minutes.
Add 3 ounces of salt, one-fourth teaspoonfui
of pepper, and one-half pound of butter, and
boil slowly for 5 minutes. Make 3 table
spoonfuls of flour into smooth paste and add
to the above. Cook 3 minutes and pack in
glass jars or tin cans while hot. Partially
seal the jars, or cap and tip the tin cans.
Sterilize 90 minutes if using hot-water bath
outfit; 75 minutes if using water-seal outfit;
or 45 minutes if using pressure cooker.
Bean Soup.
Soak 3 pounds of beans 12 hours in cold
water. Cut 2 pounds of ham meat into
J4inch cubes and place in a small sack.
Place beans, ham, and 4 gallons of water in
kettle and boil slowly until the beans are
very soft. Remove the ham and beans from
the liquor and mash the beans fine. Return
ham and mashed beans to the liquor and
add 5 gallons of soup stock and seasoning
and bring to boil. Fill into glass jars and
tin cans while hot. Partially seal glass jars,
or cap and tip the tin cans. Process 2 hours
if using hot-water bath outfit ; 90 minutes if
using water-seal outfit ; 75 minutes under
5 pounds of steam ; or 60 minutes in pressure-cooker
Cream of Tomatoes
Slice two onions, two carrots, one leek
finger, a few pieces of ham scraps and brown
slightly in a little butter, then add three
fourths of quart of boiling meat stock (or
water). Stir well until it comes to a boil,
then add eighteen fresh tomatoes, cut in
pieces ; one bay leaf ; season with salt and
pepper, and add a little sugar. Cook on hot
fire for one hour, constantly stirring, and
when ready, strain ; add two small pieces of
butter, one-half pint of good rich cream, and
"Can All You Can."
Wasted fruits and vegetables in the gar
dens and orchards of America amount to
several millions of dollars annually. If this
waste were saved the housewife could not
only supply the family with food in its very
best canned form, but could also net for her
self a neat income by marketing the over
supply. As it is, the same family which his
permitted this waste in summer is com
pelled to go to the store in winter and buy
the vegetables and fruits which specialists
say are absolutely necessary to health. I
women could only be brought to realize that
vegetables and fruits canned fresh have a
better flavor than the commercial canned
product, besides being cheaper, they would
certainly make an effort to do more home
Home canning is comparatively simple and
easy. Certain utensils are necessary, but
these may be found in every home. Can
ning on a large scale is never recommended
for the first year's work. Do not buy ex
pensive steam pressure outfits until you
have used the simple hot water bath outfits.

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