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The Archives are Being Hastily
Transported to Unkub, an
Athens Dispatch Says. ."""""
Berlin and Vienna Claim Victory
Along Stokhod River-r-Pause
in Somme Drive.
London, ' Sept. 20. An Athens dis
patch to the Exchange Telegraph,
- Company says that information re
. ceived there indicates that the- Bui
. gura are beginning the evacuation of
Mooastlr. It is said that the Bulgar
. ian archives tire being hastily trans
iorted to Unkub.
Although there is a pause in the vio
lent infantry fighting in the Somme
region of France, due to the inclement
weather, heavy battles are in prog
ress on the eastern front in Russia,
Oalicia. Transylvania and Rumania,
and on the southern front in Mace
donia. Along the Stokhod river in Russia
the Germans and Austro-Hungarians.
according to erlinrav crossed the
rixer in pursuit of their retreating foe
and have captured thirty-one -officers
- and 2,511 men, and seventeen machine
runs. Here four lines of Russian
trenches were penetrated by the Teu
tonic allies, says Vienna.
Teutons Counter Attack.
In , Galicia . a counter-attack by the
central powers along the Narayuvka
' river, southeast of Lemberg. resulted
in the capture of an additional 4,200
In the Ludowa region of the Carpa
thians the Russians have gained some
jiew positions. '
The war chancellories at Berlin,
Sofia and Vienna record victories for
the Teutonic allies over the Ruman
ians in Transylvania and Dobrudja.
In southern Transylvania near Hats
xeg, .according to Berlin, the invading
Rumanians have.' been repulsed and
are being pursued by the Austro
Germans while in Dobrudja tlie . new
line formed by the Russians south of
the Constanza railway and running
from the Black Sea to the Danube has
been penetrated at some" points and
several villages captured.
Bulgarian Attacks Fail.
In Macedonia hard fighting con
tinues at various points, but with no.
important changes in positions re
ported. In France and Belgium there has
een violent artillery activity on the
Somme and Verdun fronts and around
Another British Gain.
London, Sept. 19 The British line
has been advanced a thousand yards
along a one-mile front, saye the offi
cial statement from general headquar
ters," issued last night. A powerfully
fortified German work," known as "the
Chadrilateral," has fallen completely
into British bands. -
This operation la characterized by
General Haig., the British commander.
as important and ' highly successful,
ft is indicativeof the intention of the
British commander to force the battle
along the Somme front without cessa-
. tion ,the new advance being a con
tinuation "of the powerful movement
undertaken by the British and French
; on Friday last.
, Still Going Ahead.
Both north and south of the Somme
river in France the British and
French .troops at various points are
keeping up their -vigorous offensive
against the Germans and - have
-achieved further., successes and put
- down .strong German-counter attacks.
South of Combles the French have
4:aken additional trenches, . making
stronger their investment of the little
" town which now is almost completely
surrounded., Having evacuated, the
" village of . Denieceurt. - south of the
river the Germans have, been driven
back -southward about two-thirds of a
; mile, toward . Ablain court. South, of
Barleux. a German trench to the west
. of Horgny has been captured.
. Fierce artillery fighting is still in
progress .. in - the sectors of . the Pe-
- rcmne-Bapaume . road, recently " cap
tured by the French. During Sunday
and - Monday , more than ,1,600 Ger
mans were taken prisoner by the
French in the Denieoourt sector.
- Battle Una is Drawn.
There is considerable artillery ac
tivity in the "Champagne region. On
I the Verdun front the French have
captured a trench, on the southern
. slop of the famous Dead Man's hill.
J - To stem" the tide .of the advance of
the army of the central powers in the
Dubrudja region of Rumania, the Ru-
" . manians and Russians have ceased
their retreat and definitely drawn
Xheir battle line.
Fatal Iowa Motor Wreck.
Holsteln, la., Sept. 18. Mrs. Barney
Van voy. wife of a- farmer, was killed
and Mr. and Mrs. John Buck of Schal
ler, la., were dangerously injured, in
a collision of their motor cars near
here today. Mrs. Vanvoy was thrown
from the car and her neck broken.
Sent Prince Albert Home IIL
London, Sept. 18. Prince Albert,
eeond son of King George, has been
Invalided Jiome on account of a ab
dominal abscess. Bay-ran official com
munication issued today.
Five Men and Three Women Under
Arrest In Chicago Accused of
S . '
Chicago, Sept. 18. Eight members
of an alleged blackmail gang charged
with using the beauty of their women
members and the fascinating powers
of their male confederates to" mulct
wealthy men and women out of more
than $250,000 are ' in custody of fed
eral authorities - here today and will
be taken to Philadelphia for trial.
The band, including five men and
three women, were arretsed. shortly
before midnight last night in a raid
by department of justice officials on
a fashionable South Side apartment
The women, according to the au
thorities, are young and beautiful.
The men are well-groomed and of a
type calculated to impress society
: They are accused of fleecing men
and women - of social prominence, in
Chicago, Baltimore. New York and
Philadelphia, through organized ef
forts. Their schemes, according to H in ton
G. Clabaugh of the department of
justice, was to comprimise their vic
tims and then blackmail them. Im
personation of department of justice
officials is another charge against -the
men.- They are said to have used the
charms of their women confederates
to win attention from rich men and
then to have threatened their victims
with prosecution under the Mann act.
Those arrested gave the names of
Henry" Russell, Edward Donahue,
Helen Evers, Mrs. Frances Allen,
Mrs. Edward Donahue, James Chris
tian, Frank Crocker and George
Bland. ' -
George Irwin, alleged director of
the group, is still at large.
The chief charge against the band
is the, alleged kidnaping of Mrs. Re-"
gina H. Clifford of Philadelphia, one
of their reputed victims and wanted
as a government witness. : She was
spirited away to Canada, it is charged,
at the time she was wanted to testify
against the band. -
"'The chief offenses charged against
the band occurred in Philadelphia and
for that reason they will be taken
there for trial," said Clabaugh today.
"They will be arraigned for prelim
inary hearing here Tuesday."
Clabaugh , said there were fifteen
known victims of the gang and that
the amount obtained from these vic
tims will reach probably . $250,000.
Forty thousand dollars were obtained
from one victim and $35,000 from an
other, Clabaugh said.
Former Mayor of City and Ex-PresW
dent of Columbia University
Succumbs to Disease.
New York, .Sept. 18. Seth Low, for
mer mayor of New York, died late
today at his country home. Broad
brook Farm. Bedford Hills. N. Y. He
was 66 years old and had been 111
several months of a complication of
A change for the worse was an
nounced last night and it was then
said the patient probably could not
Seth Low was twice mayor of
Brooklyn once raayor. of New York
and for eleven years was president of
Columbia University. He was one of
the leading figujs n New Yorkity
Born in Brooklyn January 18, 1850,
he came of a long line of merchant
princes and - men -of culture. His
father, Abiel Abbott Low, founded a
big business in the importation of tea
and silk in New York.
Only 13.5 Persona Out of Every Thou-"
and Died in United States -Last
Washington, Sept. 20. Only 13.5
persons out of every thousand in the
United States died in 1915." according
to figures by the census bureau today.
This constitutes the lowest mortality
rate ever recorded in this country.
"The widespread awakening of the
people thuoghout the United States,"
said the bureau, "together with the
great progress in medicine and sani
tation, has resulted in the saving of
170.000 lives over 1903, a decade ago."
The decrease in the mortality rate
in the decade is 16.7 per cent, or al
most one-sixth, the report said.
The death rate a thousand, included
in the 1915 registration in Kansas was
10.1; in Missouri, 12. "Washington was
lowest with 8.
Dutch Army to Mobilize.
" Amsterdam, Sept. 16. The news
papers say a test mobilization of the
Dutch army will be ordered at once.
The mobilization will occupy about
four days. ..
More Wilson Money Now.
New York. Sept. 20. Betting on the
presidential election is more active
today than at any time In the cam
paign. One wager of $20,000 on
Hughes n 2 to 1 was reported. AVil
son money is more plentiful today,
though, than for the last few weeks.
Reopen Army Rifle Plant..
Rock Island. IIL. Sept. 29. The
small arms plant of the Rock Island
arsenal is to be opened September 25
and the government is anxious to get
workers. "
Carranza Cavalry Pursuing the
Bandit Raiders of Chihua
hua Into Mountains.
Mexican Refugees Reach El Paso
.From Interior Mine Owner
Appeal to United. States.
. Chihuahua City. Mex., Sept. 20.
Villa has succeeded in making his way
into the Sierra de- la Silla with his
followers, according . to reports to
General Jacinto Trevino. from Gen.'
Matias Ramos, commanding the gov
ernment cavalry in pursuit." The dis
patches said the bandit chieftain was
last seen in the vicinity of Pablon,
west of here. Other reports brought
here by ranchmen say that Jose Inez
Salazar is accompanying the band on
Its retreat and that Villa has an
nounced that, owing to continued ill
health, he intends turning over his
command to Salazar temporarily.
Following the discovery that resi
dents of the city had assisted the Villa
forces in their attack upon the town
by sniping from " windows, . General
Trevino issued orders that all civil
ians must surrender their arms within
twenty-four hours or face . a firing
squad. - "
- As a result hundreds of arms, rang
ing from old muzzle-loaders to mod
ern high-powered rifles, were received
at the Cuartel today.
. Refugees at El Paso. -
El Paso, Tex., Sept. 20. More than
100 Mexican refugees, who fled from
Chihuahua City following Villa's at
tack last. Saturday, arrived in Juarez
today, bringing with them their fam
ilies and 'their household goods. Most
of the arrivals expressed the inten
tion of crossing . into " the United
States in search of work.
American military reports here to
day Indicated that during the attack
a number of the members of the gar
rison joined Villa and that he since
has been joined by several indepen
dent leaders. 1
A story current in Chihuahua City,
according to arrivals, is that on hi3
retreat Villa captured a peon and or
dered him to say to General Jacinto
Trevino on his return:
."Villa says next time he come after
you he'll drop out of the sky, but first
he is going to Juarez and drive the
garrison there into the Rio Grande."
Appeal to Washington.
Washington,, Sept. 20. American
corporations .' having idle "" mines iu
Mexico City today appealed 'to the
state department to protest -against a
new mining decree reported ' under
consideration by General Carranza
which they declared might operate to
confiscate their property. The depart
ment has not received official infor
mation on the subject, but is making
inquiries at Mexico City.
Fourteen Thousand Guardsmen in Big
Battle Game in Texas Gen. Fun
ston a Witness.
New Braunf els, Tex., Sept. 20. The
fourteen thousand national guardsmen
in the 85-mile hike from Fort Sam
Houston to Austin today resumed then
march, despite the fact they had jut&
emerged from one of the most terrific
"battles" ever fought on Texas soil.
. When the ten thousand men under
Brig. Gen. Henry A. Greene approach
ed this town late yesterday they found
it held by four thousand men under
Brig. Gen. S. L. T. Richardson. There
ensued a "battle" that for noise and
excitement was nearly the real- thing.
Artillery, machine gun and rifle fire
echred through the town for hours.
General . Funston. who witnessed: the
maneuvers with his staff, pronounced
them a technical success,
i Greene's column left for Hunter, ten
miles north, today, following a route
south of the Missouri, Kansas & Texas
railroad. Richardson's men started
for the same place, marching north of
the railroad. At. Hunter the two col
umns will unite, and tomorrow will
hike together to Blanco, twelve miles
beyond. s., I
Bandit Chief Lost a Number of His
Followers in a Raid on
Chihuahua City, Mex.. Sept. 18.
Villa's own troops executed a sur
prise attack on Chihuahua in the
dark the other morning,:-which, al
though successfully initiated, ended
in a complete victory for the de facto
government troopn under General Ja
cinto Trevino. who received a flesh
wound in the left fore arm under the
Hughes Off on Long Tour.
New York. Sept. 19. Invigorated by
a 5-day rest. Charles E. Hughes left
New York at 8 o'clock this morning
on his second campaign tour and from,
now on will be on the road almost
constantly until election day, Nov. 7.
Submarine was U. S. Boat.
-. New London, Conn, Sept. 19. The
submarine reported approaching New
London" late last night, which was be
lieved to be the German undersea mer
chantman Bremen, was an Americas
craft of the L type. - -
V During an exciting debate on the
corrupt practices bill in the senate
Senator Charles Curtis of Kansas so
enraged Senator Ashurst that the
Arizona - statesman threatened the
Kansas man with violence.
Caterpillar Tractor Used Against
Germans in European War Were
Manufactured in Peoria, III.
Washington, Sept. 19. The British
"tanks," the armored motor cars used
in recent assaults on German trenches
in Northern France so . successfully
as to attract worldwide attention,
were built for the most part in Peoria,
111., in. the form of caterpillar tractors
designed many . years before the war
began to meet some of, the difficult
problems of modern farming. Except
for their armor, their machine guns
and their crews, thousands like them
are in use today in the United States
in plowing, digging ditches and other
labors less heroic than war.
M. M. Baker, vice-president of the
Holt - Manufacturing "Company, ex
plained here today that it was ma
chines made by his company at its
Peoria plant that had hurdled German
trenches, walked through forests and
crawled over shell craters in the face
of intense gunfire.
, "We have sold about one thousand
caterpillar tractors to the British gov
ernment," said Mr. Baker. "We have
had nothing to-do with putting armor
on them - or placing machine guns,
but .some of our men iu Aldershot,
England, recently were notified that
the British government intended to
armor some of the tractors and use
them . for work other than the usual
towing of big guns.
"Germany had some of . these trac
tors before the war began, and al
though I do not understand just how
it occurred, I believe she may have
obtained others since then." We have
sent some to France and some to Rus
sia. As far as I know,-until the re
cent appearance of the armored mo
tor cars, the tractors were used only
to. tow big guns. I understood that
Germany used about forty -of them
in this work r before Liege early in
the war, and recent photographs show
that the British are using some of
them now for the same purpose."
"It is true," said Mr. Baker, "that
these tractors can go ahead over al
most anything or through almost any
thing. They can. straddle a trench,
go -through a swamp, roll over logs
or climb through shell craters like a
car of Juggernaut. It looks uncanny
to see them -crawl along the ground,
just like a - huge caterpillar. In a
thick -forest, if they, en-counter trees
they could not brush out of their way.
they ' could' easily ' be '- used to uproot
them and clear their own paths."
Washington, Sept. J9. ' General
Funston was directed by tie War De
partment today to return one national
guard regiment to its home station for
each new regiment of the guard sent
to the border. - .
.. " Many lives have been lost and enor
mous damage has been caused near
Gablonz, Bohemia, by the bursting of
a dam in the Valley of Weissendesse,
according to a dispatch to Renter's
from Amsterdam. The onrushing
waters carried away numerous glass
polishing factories and it is feared
there were many victims. ,
; It' is reported from the German
frontier that the German government
intends to expel 10,000 Italians in
reprisal for the treatment of Germans
in Italy. .
Maj. Gen. Albert L- Mills, chief
of the bureau of militia affairs, holder
of the army medal of - honor for
bravery under fire, builder of the new
West" Point and former president of
the Army War college. Is dead In.
Washington after fifteen hours' Ill
ness from pneumonia,
Two firemen were killed, two en
gineers badly injured - and another
trainman tess dangerously injured, re
cently when two Missouri Pacific
freight trains met in a head-on col
lision not far from Towner. CoL '
A Mob Storms Olathe Jail and
Seizes Bert Dudley a Con
fessed Slayer.- -
Brutal Murderer of , Aged Johnson
. County Couple Taken to Frisco
Depot and Hanged.
Olathe, Kan.,-Sept. 21. A-Johnson
county mob took it upon itself shortly
after midnight this morning to avenge
the murder of Mr. -and Mrs. Henry
Muller, who were killed on the farm
near Stillwell, this county, the night
of August 20. " .i" -
Bert Dudley, an ex-convict, who was
convicted Tuesday of murder in the
first degree for killing Mr. and Mrs.
Muller, was taken by fifty or more
armed men from the county jail about
1:30 o'clock-this morning, placed in a
motor car with, a rope around his neck
and started out of town at a hot pace,
accompanied by the mob.
- Less than thirty minutes later the
mob had taken Dudley to the Frisco
depot, near-the edge of town, "where
they proceeded to bang him to a tele
phone pole.- v
"We're Prepared to Take Him."
The men came quietly to the resi
dence of Sheriff Carroll, which ad
joins" the"" jail, about, midnight. They
demanded that Dudley be turned ovecJ
to them at once." The sheriff refused.
"Better let us have him," the ring
leader said. - "We are prepared to
flake him."
And somebody In the crowd fjred a
revolver in the air.
Other shots followed: The sheriff
soon gave up. '
Meantime, Mrs. Carroll, the sheriffs
wife, ran away with the keys.
'Called-Fire Department.
A deputy sheriff and "the town mar
shal came to try to " prevent the
storming of the jail, but the mob soon
began battering away at two sets of
heavy doors. - -.,
A fire alarm was turned in. . .
The fire department responded by
turning streams of water upon the
crowd, but soon were forced to re
treat by men who held revolvers.
The doors were soon" battered down
and Dudley was -seized and taken
about two blocks where motor cars
were waiting. There a rope was
placed about him.
The mob took care that no other
prisoners in the jail escaped.
Dudley killed Henry Muller, an aged
German farmer, and his wife, near
Stilwell, Kan.; seventeen - miles south
east of here, Sunday morning, August
20. Dudley was an- ex-convict. The
double murder was discovered a few
days later when Sheriff E. G.. Carroll
went to Stilwell to arrest Dudley on a
charge of stealing a load of wheat
from Muller. ' After killing the aged
couple and hiding their bodies in an
old cellar near an abandoned house a
quarter of-a mile away, Dudley hired
'a boy to help him with the farm work.
Near Kingman, Ariz., Engineer of Lim
ited. Fireman and an Unidenti
fied Man Were Killed.
' Kingman, Ariz., Sept. 21. -Three
persons were killed and eleven injured
when the engine and four coaches of
westbound Santa. Fe train No. 3, the
California Limited, jumped the rails
on a sharp curve north of here before
daylight today and rolled down an em
bankment. - The dead: -
J. Goldson, engineer. Needles, CaL
Michael Osborn, fireman. Needles,
' An unidentified dining car worker.
. The injured: '
: Mrs. -George.; Overmayer,- Topeka,
Kas.,-broken arm. r
.Ten others in the same .Pullman
sleeping coach with Mrs... Overmayer
were slightly injured. . ,
The wreckage of the engine and
coaches was strewn a quarter of a
mile along the rack. . .Five cars re
mained on the rails- and traveled a
great distance past the scene of the
wreck before they were halted. -.
San Antonio, Tex;, Sept, 21. That
Francisco Villa will soon cut the Car
ranza line of communications be
tween Chihuahua City and Juarez, if
be has not already done so, was sug
gested by General Funston today af
ter he had read a report on Villa's
Chihuahua engagement received from
Brigadier General Bell at . El Paso.
General Funston refused to give out
all the details of the .Bell report for
publication, but be said that it eon
firmed previous accounts of the battle
and indicated even more serious con
ditions than were admitted by the Car
ranzlstas. -
Powder Blowup Kills Five.
Huntington, Pa., Sept. 21. Five men
were instantly killed and another dan
gerously injured when the air dry
house of the Mount Union plant of the
Aetna Explosives Company was
wrecked near here early today.
Report a Riot in Germany.
London, Sept. 21. A Central News
dispatch from The Hague says the
rioting started Saturday in Chimnits
when the news arrived of the heavy
losses of Chemnitz workmen in - the
Somme battle."' . -
How She Was Relieved from
Pain by Lydia EL Pinkham'
Vegetable Compound.
Taunton, Mass. " I had pains in both
4dea and when my periods came . I had
to stay at home
from work and sof-
fer-a long time.
One day a woman
came to our house
andasked my
mother why I was
suffering:. Mother
told her that I suf
fered every month
and she said, ' Why
don't you buy a
bottle of Lydia E.
Pinkham's Vegetable Compound? ' My
mother bought it and the next month I
was so well that I worked all the month
without staying at home a day. I am
in good health now and have told lots of
.girls about it." Miss Cuuucs Mown,
22 Russell Street, Taunton,, Mass.
Thousands of girls" suffer in silence
very month rather than consult a phy
sician. - If girls who are troubled with
painful or irregular periods backache,
headache, dragging-down sensations,
fainting spells or indigestion would take '
Lydia E Pinkham's Vegetable Com
pound, a safe and pure remedy made
from roots and herbs, much safferin.i
might be avoided.
Write to Lydia E. Pinkham Medicine
Co.. Lynn, Mass. (confidential) for free)
advice which will prove helpful.
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quent urination, headache, - dizziness,
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these trouble to become serious om
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A Missouri Case
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Mo., say a: "My
feet and ankles
were so badly
swollen, that I had
to wear large size
shoes. My- bands
swelled, too, and
my kidneys were
badly disordered.
the secretions being;.
full- -or sediment,1
I - had headaches,
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dull, narinr tin In
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The Army of
Constipation .
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nenttycure Cse-
stnabea. Mil
lions use
them for
Riliaainr ll
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Genuine must bear Signature
pTPflTC Wftori K. email, Wan i
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n assail 0 t ItMMOSf. BKU roSOitaV
lti uuuioora. Lbo uml
W. N. U, KANSAS CITY, NO. 39-1916.
Ask for and Get M r-r
wr- , W 1
.l niTT w
r jr I I J iwr-ij I
' I i

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