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White Cloud Kansas chief. [volume] (White Cloud, Kan.) 1857-1872, June 11, 1857, Image 1

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TZZ ?A2X2oV3 S0J3.
tfciisv r?' pMil, Kata,
"aa raa aas I mm yaaaf,
Jimi, hi Dm I.hm aTeaaKteM.
t Os? MmI lara in i . .
Oar a tara arT t
Bt r1 w hr ni W K.u,
A ia acr Matbfsl . ' .
- Wkal AatSa anrTttf !(, Kata, .
. M mil if nia aaaln ! .
AitiM'ttia Viofl, Kata,
' - Canl! inaj aa Vuat f tm !
Tb W-r. (hat a f rat, Kata.
- Tar la aVn eWl Biaml rnomt,
JTrt Cll tka fcua- wti thiak oa, Katt ?
. Of aiai e rily laraa.
Ti aa a lara H fa. Kau ;
Tfca arlaVIH i tW l.r,
Jkm4 fcf a la th eSaat, Kata,
That 1a al I ra aa.
Bat Mill thV-r ! v-ta. Kta, "
i AalbrH.hi aa f mth.
That aa. l'wa;i aM a1 rrif, Kata, - -.'
. SUD aara a la act noth.
LMattwnaairtar valtb, Kala,
' W haa a Inaairt 1 t
- Ooraaai! lara a T'atara la
. Of eSil Im aa.1 aor rat ;
Wa haaa all tSu r aa U Kiu,
If ''araa aar 1hr Mai s
O" f r a S' aH. h rtrt Una
Ttoa ricaaal aaai aaaiaia.
Mr aaa4 aaaa rnar baiaaa, Kata,
Baatt at ia former dart,
Aad kaart la aaart Wat qaiak, Kata,4
man tfcaai Cnafi par t
Biaart, tW aat aa aWa, Kata,
tin rracaaa ta tba err,
Ai Ataraat tbna taaathrr, Kala,
At U tn aaya of ynra.
A swa tha rata of lifr, Kau,
Wa irira) "la that aa-f w
Tiara Heaa aa traralrr. Kata,
V!aa ar am rtat."
. W11 Sra a.1 lara aaeh acHrr, Kata,
A -aaa aaa aiflt abaaU lar,
Aa' vtica at lart wr'r aauad tha taarb,
VaH lira aad Una abnra.
For Im thar bada tha aaacr and aaar,
ThioarH thrir ata!alr halli faaonad :
Tkrj bopai that VUI tha rliurrinj throng
- A aalaaa la fear grief aha faaai.
Thar hailcl tha aaiila that aaof liaaaa fUj'l
B 41t a'ar bar ptlWJ fir
Thair aaala.a mri wm waH r -aai J.
Tha haatie fir? aa Hr fair cheack .
Thay haitoa aahstlth'. retaraioj hloaa :
Tba ro'rfl of thai aya a are
Aa triaaaph, gaiaad oVr tba tomb I
Thaa biiad by honr, thrr aear-W arrxirad
Tba faca al aanraa. af aVcar ;
Nor, tha Ma of tbait haana beliaraa
" Of dkath, tha aaaaaaJ tha arilliaf fnj I
Alaat thatataarbTaVa paa
I ehaatalerjb aaa tiaia rail
A crirVar, bat ia aanaaarr laat,
Erj it fornrr f4a. wj ! -
(.Fnm Ptrtrr'i Spirit of tUi Ttuirt.)
.1 Thr years hd pa."BeJ iirny since Ben left
hit bom?, and for balr thi penoa be n.a not
eca old Ramrod'i face; for once, one night, on
u wh-timbrred creek, the Paarnees h id snrpri
V mA them at their C.Vmtv. an'l $4Utt i wtut axns
1 aim troru. xuhu aw piitirpci niw i iv nkkvii
each tiking different course; sal since that
- tim neither beliered the ether alire.
One erenina;, near the cloe of Oct er, the
- lt nrt of the setting r-uu hone obliquely np-
-LWhe camp of a. wnall brij of trsppers, who
hod pat up for the ni?bt new tha PiJoar, or
: south fiirit of the Platte -riTer, and but a few
" Biles froaj-tlte rejmlariy UMvelled em'prant
- roote to Oregon. The party was eomnoel of
t - V .It ;H il Mtit
Stl Bteo, oi Tanow .imiv w j
prairie costume buck-fliiu eoats and lsin!, j
- rnamentcil with leathern fringes down the
aeans, marcasina of Ind-on make, and shoulder-
- bc)fc, suitainina; their powder-horn and bullet-
powebe. and the mrioas Itratntmenta eaaential
' to the complete ontfit of the tripprr. A glance
would bare sufficed to show that they were al'
" aTTMrPTMV4l hunters. A small fire burned in the
centrs ? (e encampment, around whichjire of
tse number were basil r en jraged in toarttnx some
vfl.ps of Taniaoa and buffalo meat Nut for off,
the tra.ppr' hortr were graxing quietly, with
their fore-legs eonSned by bobbles of rawhide;
while farther out, the guard was slowly pacinp
r up and down, or, anon, he sscenoea toe omns
. of the river bank; or, beUmes,nauaed and lean
oa Ha rlne, as his watchful eye swept the
- prrjrie boriton, to see if he could disoorer any
ein of hostile Indiana. But he finally eame in;
'sod banns drawn Vis rifle-corer orer the bar
rel' seated himself beside his companions, and
-with ibe PMJ rook of tte oW'S -
now done to a turn, and emitting a deM-
' Woui taror, w'uich would hare readily pro-oked
sn appetite in -ens by no eaw hungry. Croas
Wjed and low bent, they plied their knires in
dastriously.fof he7hd pidden hlrd fcdy
: !Bcuertofgame5"ebufriUoD,1lIthem!a1
ers.aiaa's had gone farther south for the winter.
- But ere th?y hyheir meal half finished, the
air lid cJ"'Jed ptrpfP'yi and as the twilight
(jined, fleecy rapor spread across the iVy.
. i'y sbaUiag cut the few strapgling stars th.
kwalded the coming night; while far away to
., a dense, biack cloud aeemedrap-
, jji-r- fcbtjTB ta honttsn, mom ominous 01
" Thir iU bo troub'e to-niht hoys,M atid on
of the youngoat of ths prty, " for rain's a-com-in';
and these diggiu's hainH nane of the hand
somest." . " WHt they 'aint." replied one with enrnha
sis, at the same time jerk:n a well-picked bone
towards a eauple of bilf-ftmWbrd wolves, that
sat whining and howling near the camp. " Buf
fior ain't naming now, ami a .r tarred Hpalw
wouldn't be no-ways b-ick'-jilabout makin' a
nife of our mules and pack, you miy drpenil.
Ish-raldn't wonJer if the sne ik'n' devils are
bu iwn - Whuoc dad a OS it you si w jester
day.Ben?" Tellow Bear's," replied the nwn, who was
no other than Ben Morton. " But he was a-put-t:ng
Cr Arkansas, and won't come this way,
I'm thinking. So thir's i bod ftl'er out of
the wit." , .
"Thtt's so; though one's bid as another, for
the tmst pirt. IIows'e-er Injuns be darned.
Clir awty these xin, an I let's hive another
log on the fire, for this child's going to smoke.
Any "
The speaker paue.l sa 1 len'y, anl wirh he:id
srrrti-d, stored eagerly int- the gloom, wiii
his finder raited upon his ride-trigger, ready to
pull it at a m .m -nt'a warning. The other, al
so, listened brentli eo-iy, as faint gounJ to wiuJ-J
waru praica 01 imse wnnre ricmige m.ghtnot
be a!togctberaTc!c-m2. Precntlr, the dim out
line of a aing'e fi,-ur was set-n m ving slowly
towards tho camp; and as he came nearer, it
was plain enough tint be was a white man. But
he wis a-foot and alone, and carried his rifle
wearily, and paused not on his way until he had
come within the li;ht of the blazing fire. The
man was about fifty yrars old, dressed in the
usual style; but his c'othes were all torn, and
bedaubed with dirt, and hiclung gray hair droop
ed from below the rim of au old black felt hat,
once too big, but now made to fit the head bt
means of a stick with which it was looped uo
behind. His swarthy eherks were hollow, and
his cadaverous jaws spoke of h ird " doings "
aqd long fasts, as If a cut of tcndcr-loin would
hardly come amiss Without pausing to ques
tion the intruder, the party tendcrel him the
nercr-fulmg inritttinn to "Kit snd et," which
he did at once, falling to with an avidity re allv
pleasing to see. Piece aftrr piece of the savory
meat he stowed sway in his etpacious cheeks,
nor paused till he had finished the last morsel
before him. Then leisnrely wijvng his kuife, he
returned it to its place in his belt.
None knew the old nan: and none seemed
dlspad-toTr:ilLrthe si nee whKc he ate.' But
now be rnme J b's ficc Mil toa-txnls the fire, and
Ben Morton uttered a sudden cry of surprise
and delight, as its light fully revealed his fea
tures. It was old Ramrod! Springing to his
side he grsped his hand.
Why, Ramrod, old boss, cm this be you! I
thought you was ur-der long ago!"
"What Ben?' exclaimed the old man.
f Well, if here ain't him as was rubbed out on
Pawnee Fork two years ago, I wouldn't say so!
Bow do you come on 1",
" " Slick, old boss. But how afoot now, and
whar from? What brings ye into camp this time
o day as famished as a white wolf, without kv
or kiver? and what's th sipn on the perair.il"
" B td enough, and fresh, too; and all the Way
down the river at that," replied Ramrod. The
red devils been awful bad hrrrabouta, and more
an one poor feller's hid his bar raised since this
cay week. It's more besides wulves as 'nil be
howlin' round this c.m? to-night, if I'm snv
judge of Indian sign." .
"That jut our mind, stranger," responded
one of Ben's comrades. " But hadn't yon bet
ter let me get th it arrow out of your shoulder,
for it ain't pretty, no-how! That looks like
fighting some, I guess j" and he proceeded to
extract the weapon, which was found on'y to
have penetrated tltronh the coat, slightly
scratching the skin. Whar did you get this
here?" '
" WaghT grow'ed old Ramrod with a savae
grin. " The varmint as filing. tli it skewer, left
his ticket for his p iins'nn 1 hc.c'appcd h'shind
upon his bc't, where hung a, Vood-stnined Indi
an scalp. " We had s hard time of it that nipht,
though. Me and Bib Sn'vplv was ahead for
meat in the morning, and hid jest sighted a
cou'Je of black -tails when all of a u ldrn they
take heels sway, and at the same time up hap
twenty red-skins above the hlufl-aud when thi'y
sees us they omes tearing away arterour h ir
like nvul. But abra they-seed two good rides
pointed at their gins mis, ready to give 'em death
and destruction, they stopped th it game, and
tried to circumvent us bv Kiak'n a surr.rand.
But Ben puts a bill into th3 nii:h-t of 'em, and
drops him slick, I tell you. When the Injins
knew one of our guns was empty, they began to
close in, and fling their arrows smart. ' At the
same time one comes rushing at Bob with his
lance.' 'Give the nigger h--!' cries Bob to me,
at the same time a-ramm'ng down the ball". So
I unsold Ginger, and Uts him have it plump in
toe eye; and Bob, he gets his ball down at last.
and biases away, and nude another come right
handsome. But what could we Ho now, for both
our guns was empty, and ths Injins were just
ready to take our seal tat However, as good
luck would hare it, up come the rest of our par
ty just then, and charging rifht into the thick
of the Injins, took 'tm right and left, and them
what warn 't laid on the ground, took heels away,
shorter. 'But me snd Bob was full of arrows as
aporkvpine. '
. "Well we had another turn that night, and
the lujins mad? a raise tit time; for what could
we do agin "fvo hundred ot the devilsT " Five of
us went oder, and the lujins took the whole
cavayard. That was three days agone, and
this child has carried empty paunch ever since;
So thar s what fotched me here, and no mistake. :
Halloo! if itdon't rain I'm dogged! .What's to
keep Injins from being -shout such a night as.
this, I should like o know T" . .
. While the oW Uapper had been narrating his
adren tares, the wind had risea conaiderablr.and
the first big drops of the coming stona had at
traeted hii notice, as they pattered oa Uu! packs,
or fell hissing Into tb fire. - . , '
" Let's have another stick on," he said, "apd
the boys can bring in the bosses. It's no s
ruun'ng rl-kj bing out too late o'n'ght3; for,
as I say, th tr's brown skin knocking around,
and thir miy be somj hair-swapping afjre mor
ning." Accordingly, the animals were brought near
er the cam?, and securely picketed..' Freh lu
el was added to the fire, which now began to
blaze brightly, notwithstanding the rain. Then
each man spread his buffalo-robe and Van!.ct on
the bare ground yo wh:eH4bey added a Navajo
or fire-poiot Mtckinaw, as an out ide covering,
to keep out the rain from the beds. Having
conn'rted th"ir pria irations for ths night, sn J
sovn their rifles and powd;r securely protected
by lein? placed between the b'ankets,each mm
lit his black-stemmed pine, anl sHtingwith their
feet ta the fire, prepare I to b-gulle the tedious
hours with a am ke sn 1 m irvcllom y irus, until
tired nature should compel them to seek repose
in s'eep.
The hnurs dragged slowly, and nothing had
occurred to disturb the cheerles camt. Only
the rain fell mare eapliusly, and t"e chid;ng of
the wo'vrs was hurl but at interViSs, when the
wind ptns.d to gather its strength f r fresh
blasts. The. animals cescd to fa-aie, and
hnnricd their b xc'a ta the fjree of the stavn.
Tic tibicsiin t'.xt p:pot grew low, anl the bla
rSnz earm fire was reduced to glowing embers.
O'd Rammd stirred np the adics with his foot,
and "laneed uneasllv around.
Wha's fust Tuard to-night V he asked.
J e Travis."
to Well, put one more with him, and let the
boys lock well to the eavayanj. for thar will ire
powder bnmed afore morning."
Old Ramrod's injunction was readily obeyed.
for all seemed instinctively to acknowledge him
as a leader, thoturh there were those in the pnrtv
as old as he. Then all crawled in btweon their
bl.ankc.ts, and composed themselves for the night;
and with the in'nnction to"kee their eyes
skinned fir red-skim," the guard com:nonced
their duties.
Txo hours dragged, heavily by," and midn'ght
came ; but it broitirbt ni nb'tem"nt or tie
storm. Itwis 5h time fir the p-uirl to he
relieved. Old Ramrod rested un?as'iy. Hi
sleep came by snafches, and he tos.se.1 upon his
hard bed, occasionally raising his head and
peering into the tnick gloom, or casting his eye
anxiously town's the animals vhich were
picke'ed near by. Tcrhaps it wn the ex'raor
dinary toil he had endergone the pat f.-w d its.
that raade hf-jt restless. Once ho started rp
suddenly from lii sbaxed bed, when one o" the
mules snorted, and cocking his ride, walked out
from camp, and cautiously reconnoitred the
premises; but he saw mthing. The cmar l were
on the alert, and all seem -1 quiet. Concluding
that his drowsiness had aided lii imigiaat'on,
he retnrn?!, and once mare com;Sei lilmscif
to rest, cxpressng his vexation at being thus
dis'urbed by a sullen growl:
' Dim sich doins', say I! Ugh! Injins about,
be thcyT Well, sreitas they mr; but they can't
come it over (hit child they can't come it over
tkit child. Ugh!-
Then he closed his eyes for a m1m"nt, but
presentlv turned npon his other side, and glan
ced toward his pack-mule.
Urdi old grizzW-head! gotycr top-eye open,
have yet Tint's right keep it so or iniy-be
you'll gr t roped afore day-light.'
The animal seemed to comprehend the lan
guage of its mi:ter. and cocked its cars; snd
Ramrod preseiit'y fell into a quiet doze. The
first guard had come in, and the second was pre-'
pared to go out, when the animals gave i. sud
den snort. Then came a startling sound, like
the swift rush of many feet trampling over the
turf; the horses gave a loud, quick snort, threw
Hp their heads, and dashin;; wildly to the full
length of their rop.-s, stood trembling and fa
ring into the thick glum. . In an instant, every
man Had sprung from his bed; and grasping their
ready rifles, they fljug themselves flat on t'.ic
ground beyoul the light of the Sre, rcidy to re
ceive the second attempt of the Indians upon
their animals, which they had very good reason
to expect. But they wailed iu vaiu. It wa ev
ident that the Indian, having onee f tiled of suc
cess, bad no c mriga t: renew the atuie!;, or
wise they p'.anncd torn: different m inoevrc. Ti:e
latter wis m t prob iblc.
D im the sneak in' red devils! said Ramrod,
at length, as he r se from the ear.h, and sliook
himself, ' If them ain't the meanest kind of
IiJ ns, I wouldn't say so. We might as well up
stakes at once, for it won't do ta st jp hrre, no
how. Tliis child hain't no notion of having his
top-knot swingiug from the end of a Rapahu's
wiping stick so let's out. ,
Accordingly, the lariats of the animals were
specdi'y loosened, and the party then qui et!y. re
moved to a spot some fifty rods dutaut; for to
remain longer before their bright fire, was but
to expose themselves as targets for Indian sharp
shooters, to whom the darkness was cover suffi
cient to protect them from the aim of the whites,
who could not see beyond the little cire'e of
right around them. H tving again picketed their
animals, they seated themselves upon the ground,
drew tiicir blankets around them to protect their
limbs from the cold and rain, lighted their pipes,
and waited patiently for the dawn. That came
at last. The Indians m dcstel th m no more
that night, aq . as soon as the first grey straak
appeared ia the east, they mounted horses, and
took the route which would soonest carry them
out of thtt part of the country; for, as Indians
were plenty, and game was scare, the induce
ments to remain were not great. ' -
After two hours ride, and while they were
.proceeding leisurely at an ambling gate, they
descried a small band of the Indians in the dis
tance; and en coming nearer, the Indians began
making signals of peaceable intentions. The
Indians being but six," their overtures were rea
dily accepted, and they were allowed ta come
up. They proved to be a hunting-party of Ogal
lalaa Sioux- After receiving some tobacco, the
volunteered the information that a large parry of!
Arappahoes were out on the Platte trail to in
tercept safh trains as should not be Joo strong '
for them, and advised tho trappers not to pass'
that way. Fer-tliis they received some addi
tional trifles f on ths prairie," (free gift.) and
went on their way. Heading now for the Platte,
the trappers soon struct, the wagon-trail along
the river. U.-re fresa wheel-tracks .attracted
their attention, which were pronounced but an
hour or two old. From the sign, it was plain
there were bt:t two wagons; but there were a
nnmber of on'sidehirse-tracks, which iudicatcd
cither a party of horstmen, or a cavalcade of
loose aniro-... jTiit.if".'p-fi'ljwei'on witb-l
out mendias tcir ue,liTlafteran hour's ride,
it was evident the wngon train was now not far
in advance; for even at th:s moderate gate, they
wou'd soon overtake the slow, lumbering vehi
cles. Soon after, they eame to a turn in the
river, and iust beyond, they perceived that the
whect-tracks became scarcely diseemable thro'
numerous honf-nrints, as if a large party of
horsemen had followed immediately In their
rear. After a litt'e, the whi-el-traeks again be
came dlstV.'rt. Tiien dee- irregnlir ruts were
sen, as if the hirsei hl shied suddenly, and
signs of a senfae wen vis'b'c. All thse need
ed no interpretation, an? the trappers mended
their pnee. . i
II , b ys! Jet's he'p them chaps ont of this
s?rapc, if it ain't too lit", a'reade, said Ram
rod, as he tightened his reins, an 1 drove his
spurs into his horse's dinks. The others in
stantly quickened the speed of their animals.
' It goes against my fra'n,' he said, ' to see white
fo'k made wolf-meat of by a set of darned red
skins. And why should they, when thar's those
at hand-that can help 'em?
f That's my talk, exactly,' said Ben Morton.
It's plain enough, the odds ain't equal, and the
Injuns have got tho best of 'errf. Ha! what's
this? he said, quickly, as he spied some object
in the road, a little distance a-hoad. It was a
woman's bonnet 'Ho! put out, boys! put out!'
he cried sharply. VThar's women in tie scrape;
and who knows, but t,lut they've a!-eady lost
their hair! Put out,J say! We'll see more
when we turn that tiinhcr, as sure as shooting!'
Instantly, every swift steed was flying over
the turr at the top of Iris speed, urgd by whip
aid spur, their long tails streaming in the wind;
and soon a loud sh rat rtr- from every tongue,
as th wa;;ons lwvc in fill view. But the trap
pers paused not, but plunged- the'r spurs still
deeper; for they s iw not a moment was to be
lost, if they would cTd those whom they sought
to rrscn. The wigons were still a good half
mile in advance; Jut they eou'd see distinctly
the desperate striit thev vcre in. The whites
had wine tio7?li i'Imso inimils wiji t!icte;t
an l these they wore attempting to defend from
the attacks of a l.in party of I i. linns, who had
so'ror.uded them, and were now galloping around
oa every tide, whooping and yelling, shaking
thcfcbufTilo robes, and trying in every concei
valjAwsy to stampede them, or lasso them from
thil.uVrd. But theVnites did their duty well.
Tlrev ftad halted tfte-w.a?on. and nlaced them
t right angles to each other; and. having driv
en the animals into this partial enclosure, they
had drawn themselves up in line outside, and
kept bristling front of ride-barrels always to
wards their assailan's, on the sid most exiOscd.
But the Indians we're too numerons by far, and
had now divided th.'r force, and, by a pre eon
certed plan, made a simultaneous attack, both
in front and rear. The whites repelled them as
best they could, receiving their charge with a
volley of ri3e-sho.r every ball bringing its man
to the earrh. Bur thrir rifles only cracked once,
andthoyliad not time' to re-load. Their only
remaining resource wis thejr p'stols and their
knives; and, with the fury of desperation, they
now sprang to the hswl-to-hand encounter. J
AH tit's happened while the trappers were fly
in? to their assistance; and, so enjaged were
both parties, that neither, noticed their approach. ,
Now, for the first ' me, the trappers perceived
that a number of white men were evidently ai
ding the Indians. Them were three of them in
all, and these were foremost in the fight. But
now, leaving the Indians to their own bloody
work, they sprani to the wagens, and dragged
out the womn, who had been placed therein for
!ctror security. In va;n the women resisted;
and their friends could not help them, for they
had more thin they cu'd do so defend theaa
selves from the Ia lian', find two of their num
ber had already fallen. Ar-Mm 1 these, a half
dozen savajres were veiling-like Sen Is, aud G jlit
int for their sea'ps; while near at hand, a stal
wart tesmster-was engaged in an unequal con
test with two naked warriors, wha fought with
the fury of wild IxVfr; little farther on,
a tall o'd man, with. a. huge bowie-knife was
vainly endeavoring to defend himself against a
dozen that stirrotindad him. These had already
forced him upon his knees, an I one now twisted
his fingers into his long grcyjiair, and drew his
knifo aronnd the scalp, to separate it from the
sknll. But he suddenly passed from his work,
as a yell most fierce and load sounded upon his
ear; and the maddened trappers, with showers
of imprecations, bonnded into the thickest or
the fight, prostrat'ng snore than one Indian war
rltir in their headlong charge.
' Qiit that! you cussed f evil!' cried old Ram
rod, as he rushed upon him, and drove the muz
zle of his rifle full into his breast, firing as be
did so.- Then, drawing his pistols, he fired right
and left, dropping an Indian at each shot, snd
continued the aotest with his trusty knife. In
like manner, the rest of the trappers did deeds
of valor, rushed madly into the unequal contest
for even now, their foes were- more thru five
to onr and compelling many a red -skin to bite
the dost. But Ben Mortoai tuned hi horse's
head to a hero on of the renegade whites had
dragged on of the women to the earth, and
was now struggling to bind her. Castipg away
his rifle, for he dared not fire, for fear of woun
ding the woman, be laaped from his horse, and,
drawing his knife, iomped to the rescue. But
the other anticipated him, and springing to his
feet, boldly confronted him. Had a ghost from
the s.s'rit-world suddenly appeared to read him
his final doom, he could not hare been more j
amazed and" dumb-founded than he now was, at j
tha sight of a face that be had but bo good caaee
to renieoaiDer the identical wesaa-ebaps, carroty-hair,
and ear-marked ty of BoDy Blink-
JUNE 11, 1857.
eye! Blencoe was equally amazed. For a mo
ment, both stood "riveted to the spot, speechless.
Then, the start of wonder gave place to a fero
cious scowl, and, wi h tongues laboring for ut
terance, they glared at each other like two
Ha! I have you jowl Ben fairly shrieked,
at length. You shall not escape me this time,
by the gods! Take Ant and poising his long
kftife.be gave bis whole weight to the force of
the blow. But- the quick eye of the expert
swordsman detected the thrust, and twisting his
lithe body to one side, he received but a slight
cut on the arm.
- 'Not so fast, my boy! he growled, with a
horrid grini It wasn't easy to come that when
this child was alive, and it ain't no easier to kill
him after he's dead, I guess. At the same time
he mid a pass at Morton's rib, which brought
the blood in a stream, and again he gave a grin
of savage delight- He was in his favsrite ele
ment now. and no man was his superior nt that
game. But Ben fought with the fury of mad
ness and desperation, and though Blencoe wri
thed and twisted, feinted and parried, and cut
and thrust, he did not, by any meana escape
the furious blows of Ben's knife, and blood was
a'reaily fl iwing from a doz?n different wounds.
He found Ben a touzh match. But both were
now lecoming weak from the loss of blood, and
Ben the weaker of the two. Blencoe saw his
advantage, and followed it up with renewed vig
or and telling effect.
But just at this crisis, the bound woman, who
had just now freed herself of the cord that con
fined her limbs, sprang up, and with a wild
shriek, 4hrew her body between the combatants,
then fell lifeless to the earth. At the same time
old Ramrod eame bounding to the spot. Seizing
the bully by the collar of his eoat, he jerked him
backwards, with an oath.
Now, yon darned thicvin varmint,' he cried,
take what I owe yer! and raised his, knife to
plunge it into his breast, but Bert stayed the
' N it now, Ramrod, not now, he replied.
Killing is too good for him. Here, boys! the
rope give us the rope quick! he cried to two
men who now came up. 'Tie him up, slick, and
then fetch me a drink, for I feel faintish-like.'
The bully struggled, fought, raved and swore;
but to no purpose. He was soon firm'y secured,
and left to his reflections. The fight was now
fairly over, and Ben, though weak and exhaust
ed, immediately turned his attention to the wo
man who had saved his lifu, and who seemed to
have Mtcn tii a shook oVhi'e be raised her up,
some one dashed eoM wateainto her fieer snJ
opening her eyes, she turned them full upon
him. And Ben, for the first time, had a fair
look nt her features. No wonder he startcd-then;
for he beheld in that upturned face the rosy lips
and beaming eyes, and waving, auburn hair, of
his long-loved, long-lost Bella May! Scarce be
lieving his senses, he held hei from him for an
instant and gazed intently upon her.
Ben, don't you know meF sht asked:, half-reprovingly,-
while the tear-drops irembled on
her lashes.
He needed no more convincing.' The next
moment she was sobbing on his bosom.
' Thank liod you wer not killed by that
dreadful man,' she said. Are you badly hurtf
No, Bell; only a few scratches. And I am
thankful that you got safely out of his clutch
es. But how came you here, I should like to
A low, spiteful growl, near by, startled them
at that moment; and turning, they beheld the
rye of the bully tuned full upon them, and gla
ring with intensest hate an ba.U 'd rage.
' III fix you yet,' he muttered, with a choked
voice, attempting to rise.
That's right, hoss, answered Ben taunting
ly. But you'd better be quick, for you ain't
got long to do it in. Then turning CoJJell, who
drew instinctively away- nor er mind him. He'll
never do any more mischief.
No,, thai he won't my purty gal, you may de
rafr now chimed in old Ramrod, who had been
fidgeting impatiently for some time, anxious to
speak to her, but unwilling ta interrupt har first
meeting with her lover. If that 'ere varmint
ever gets finger on you again while old Ramrod's
sbout, you may scalp my old head that's all.
Now give us your hand.
The girl regarded him with much surprise.
' What, uncle, are you here, toof she said, ad
vancing to meet him. How glad I am to see
you all. How strange it is, too, that we should
al meet together in such a place you. and
Ben, and fa She paused abruptly, and her
(ace grew suddenly pale, her breath came quick
ly, and she looked eagerly about heron all sides.
'My father! where is hef she cried. Is he
dead? Oh! bow could I forget him so long!'
She wrung her hands for grief.
' That's a fact,' said Ramrod, slapping his
hand upon his hip, as if recollecting himself,
and then strode off hastily towards the scene of
the late conflict.
'What', is the eld man here too? exclaimed
Ben. I never thought of that thongh I might
have, anyhow And he, too, turned to follow
after the other. - . ' : 'r
- The battle-field presented singular aspect,
indicative of a hard-fought contest and a dearly-bought
victory. Twenty-three of the Indi
ans lay dead or mortally wounded many of
them having fallen at the first fire of the team
sters. One of their renegade white allies also
lay stretched upoa the grass, with a pistol -ball
ia his forehead, and a deep cut on the neck, Of
the teamsters.' party, seven were killed, and all
more or leas hurt. Tbeir horses, with the ex
ec p tic a of those hitched to the wagons, had been
let loose upon the prairie, and were afterwards
picked up bv the retreating Indian. The wo
men, all but two of whom were half-breed squaws
wives of the teamsters had escaped injury,
the object of the assailants being to take them
prisoners. These two were the wife and daugh
ter of fanner Mar. To take care of the woun
ded was now tha tripper's first attention. Stri
ding hastily ever the ground. Ramrod sought
out the body of tanner Mir, his brother. The
qjdnvan etiU braathed, laboring hardly nnder !
U wsiirht of a Wo dead larsge that ly acro
his brat, awl prevented him risbg, weak and
exhausted as he was from loss of blood, lla was
pierced wit'a arrows and knife-wounds, and clots
of b'ood stained bis forehead, where the Indian's
sealping-knife had but half finished its work.
Hastily removing the corpse cf the Indian, Cam
rod raised the fanner's head into his lap, and
carefully wiped tho blood from his forehead.
The old man opened his eyes, and a smile of
recognition played upon his lips, as he essayed
- 4 t -- ,.vt '
my ori.Ter, ite wprtc is uuor. i ou
was a minut too laic Take rare of the girl ?
for my sake. It is all Biencoe's work.
He spoko with great difficulty, and Ramrod
saw that the sands of his life had well nigh run
out. He would hare called the daughter, but
she wss already by his side she and Ben. They
were just in time to receive the old man's bles
sing, and then he dies.
The bodies of the whites were all decently
interred on the river bank, and their grave mark
ed with a pile of stones. When these simple
ceremonies were completed, the horses were
hitched up, and the party, silently and in sad
ness, continued their way over the prairie, leav
ing the dead bodi3 of the Indians to be de
voured by the wolves, which ever follow on the
trail of the hunter or emigrant. ' Havinj ac
complished a mile, they halted the wagons and
prepared for luncheon; for all were greatly in
need of refreshment, after the toil and excite
ment of the moming. But Ben and Ramrod
had another duty to perform a duty which they
owed to the dead and living those who had
fallen by the assassin's hand, and those who had
escaped his vengeance; and an exultant. twinkle
of fiendish delight was visible in their eyes, as
they set to work to make preparations for carry
ing out their plans.
First they lifted the bound body of Bully
Blink-eye down from the wagon wherein he had
been placed, and laid him carefully on the grass.
They next selected the strongest raw-hide lariat
they had, and a pickt-pin, and laid them beside
him. Then, when all was ready for the start,
they retained their own horses,' and bade the
rest of the party go on, without them, which
they did, all but two or three of their comrades,
who insisted upn remaining behind. Ad the
wagons rumbled slowly away, Bell looked unea
sily behind her; but Ben hastened to tell bernot
to feel anxious, as he would overtake thean be
fore they had gone a half mile farther
It was now about four o'clock, and Ijie Oeto
tobcr sun was rapidly lengthening the shadows
on the prairie. The ,t.awriy stragglers, wliich
here and thoro, jlte l the plain, would soarnjh
er in the lonely night witn, a furt irrpwe chorns.
andthe wajsailtrs of the midnight hffir revel
in barbarous satunjalia. Already 'the fleecy
clouds that hung above the western hfirizon be
gan to grow rubescont, ominous of the coming
twilight. This is the usual timo for cimping;
for t-.e hunter must m iko his preparations for
the night, and theanimils n;ed timo to graze
as well as sleep. Old Ramrod bore this well in
mind, as he and his companions industriously
busied themselves with their helpless victim be
fore them. First they turned Biencoe's arms
be'uind his back, and wound the raw-hide lariat
tightly aroun I his wrists, tying it with many
knots, so aa to make it donb'y secure. His
clothes were then removed, except his hunting
coat, and the cords that confined his lowar limbs
were severed, which left him free in all respects.
save in the use of his arms. Hivinicomn'cled
these preliminaries, the trapper cnbhed h" hands
with satisfaction. Ths n, presently, he took the
nfekct-pin, and drove it deep into the gronnd, so
firmly, that no single man could draw it out, and
fastened the lariat securely to its bead.
Thar; that'll do, now, I reckon,' he said,
and grinned savagely.' Then turning to Blencoe,
Come, boss, gel up! It's nigh on to feeding
time, and I guess as how we'll picket yer hyar
for the night The grass hain't none of the best;
but you'll find better pickin' afore momin' may
be, that Is, if '
Good heavens! you don't mean leaving m
here alone, to oe eirten up by wolves V cried tha
terrified villain, now fully comprehending the
intentions of his persecutors.
Wei l, you'll m ike as good wol f meat as any
thing else, I reckon, coolly replied the trapprr,
' though may be the critters 'ud despise sucking
the marrer-bones of sich arou. Iu thtt eise.
you can bail us in the morning, for our camp
ain't fur off not more'n a mile or so. Come,
boys, let's put out, for the wagons are nigh out
o eye-shot
No, no! for God's sake don't leave roe here,'
cried the doomed man, as the others turned to
depart -Shoot me; knife me; or anything else;
only don't leave me here in tvis way, I beg van.'
But the trappers paid ao further heed to him.
Mounting their horses, they drove rapidly away,
despite the shouts and cries of their victim,
which grew less and. less distinct as they canler-
ed over the priiri, until at length they were
lost to hearing altogether. Joining their com
rades, they made camp fir the night Supper
was prepared by" th women, and in due sevson
fully dicusefoy the whole party; after which
the passing hoc as were occupied ia listening to,
and recounting the event of the past few days;
how farmer Miy bad set out from Missouri, In
company with others, to find new homes on the
confines of the Far West; how Bill Blencoe had
pressed his company upia them at the outset,
and importuned Beil-Myts be hi wife; how
he was refused with seem, and departed with re
newed threats of vengeance; and how, at last,
when they were already a fortnight out from the
settlement, he had come down upon them at the
bead of his villainous crew already famous for
their high-handed outrages on the plains and
attempted to massacre their party, and take pos-
! session of their goods. A3 this waa told, and
heard in common. And other things were said,
intended only for private ears. Other
riet were recalled froip the Almost forgottea pa.il,
mutaaj explanations folljweil, dark snrsteries
wer solved, forgiveness fresjiy granted, aadj
i i . -r t :.r .fT.-.:.,- .i i. : , ' i
jr.i. '- "'uui (
ged, a Eca Morton and Bell Miy sot out th
aasail hours of th night, ia that oal,wh;te-tiUd
Cocea!oge wagoe, whidi chance or t' '
drawn off a little apart f
The upshot of all this was, that oa the next
morning, when the teamsters had the horses all
hitched up, ready to put out, they took the back
trait for the settlements, at the -iveo word from
Ben; and their hearts grew light and joyous, do-'
spite their lute b -reavements, as the wagon
rumbled rapidly over tfi prairie on they way
home. The two lovers rode aide by side, happy,
at this unexpected turn of fortune' wheel and
together they have travelled" v since. Old
Ramrod, t jo, j;ladly acsompanie.? thorn, for h
had not put fot Within the States for three long
The fate of Bill Biencoe the bullv, th duel
list, and the bandit remains yet und escribed.
Oil! how rapilly, to him, did tint declining
sun drop down the western, sky! The softly
tinted clouds grew gorgeous, and bland with
molten fire, anl flired upon him with a painful
effulgence. B.-ihter they grew bright to their'
full intensity; aji I then their glory gradually fa
ded into a be ivy, sombre rei, which spanned'
the whole horizon, while in tho centre hanj th '
sun, like a molten bill of fire; and he gai.d at
it steadily, with wild, stvrinj eyes, as it hung
there, suspended for a mjmebt before its laps
from sight summoned his executiorers to their 1
work. Then, whe'.i Its last faint ray hid vanish
ed, anl twilight eirno ruihinj frjm the east,
spreading its gosumr veil ovrr ths plain, h
shuddered, and a chill crept through his veins,
as he heard the dismil howl of a distant wolf.
Then another took up tire mournful cadence front
a point still more remote; and as the twilight
deepened, the signal call was answered from ma
ny throats at intervals some near, and some
far. Often before, Jie had heard those voices is
the silent watches of the night, and heeded then
not; but now he trembled. If he could not free
himself, he knew that death was eertain, and
his guilty soul recoiled at the dread issue.
Once more he tried with all his might to part
the rope that held him. He placed his feet upon
it, an 1 pulled w:th ill his strength, bat the strong
raw-hide would not yield a particle. It only cut
still deeper into his bleeding wrists. Then turn
in;, he wound the rope around his body, until
he had wound himself up close to the picket-pin
and strove to draw it. out of tho ground; but it
remained firm as ever. Now, frintio with fear
and rage, he dashed to its full length with all his
force; but he tried iu rain. . He stamped, and '
rayed, and swore, and tugg.-d violcnt'y at the
cruel rope; he chewed It with savage despera
tion, and dashed lilmse'f upon the ground, until
his body recki-d ith perspiration. But no relief
eame on! tt,e wolves! Haeouid see the d
H;;hi of Ben's far off eamp-Iireand tiiis auly
aggravated his woes. Tho wolves had scented
him now, and were holding hideous revels at no
sreat distance. Tha-howled and whined, and
their feet patted on ths turf, as they trotted
stealthily around him, running hither and thith
er, and afraid to approach one whom they had
been taught to fear. But their frightened victim
stood rigid as a statue, and only gnashed hi
teeth, as his eyes rapidly followed them la all
their twisting and turnings. . The creatures
seemed puzz'ed. The advintnre was new to
them. But they only howled the louder -and
each y ill brought fresh secessions to t'icirranks.
Presently, a little coyote, bolder than th rest, r
brusTied past him, sbnfling as it went, and th
bully started at the contact of a creature b
would yesterday hire scornsd to waste a bullet
on. Then another came, ftn l another. The x
magic circle that hail seemed to keep his person
sacred until now, grew rapidly less; and among
the hundred duky shadows near him, he could
distinguish th larger f.irmi of the dreaded grey
wolf. A half dozen of these now moved out
from the rest, and approached him stealthily oa
all sides, and be knew that his doom was sealed.
His heart leaped to his throat, his jaws grew
dry. and lurid flira-s fiishel through his eyas.
And now they made a dash at him, simultane
ously. With a single yell of mortal agony, ha
sprang to tne full length of the rope, it if h
would leap them all at a single bourn! ; it 'V
fore it was fairly taut the bad fasten 4 theirr-a
fangs upon him, and tasted hlj blood, Bv'fjref
the sound of his last death-yell hid fiiriy CM V
away upon the air, the whole pack were snarling
and .-napping and fighting over his bonoa!
Wbcu B. u and Ramrod pasted that way th
neitmorain?, the picket-pin and a well-gnawed
skull were all tba traces that rem lined of C
last night's trag"dy.
A HcaDsro Yauas Ano- Soai'iboJv has, ua-
striking facts in th history of oar c junlry aud
of the world. " ' 'S
A him Ired years ago, a S : YZerman mon
arch reined over the Uni!u lies then col- .
onict of Great Britain and on the whole earth,
with the exception of Switzerland,. .&,! wj
not a single republic of any pretensions' A. hua-
dred years ago the French lag Sooted over Que
bec, Pittsburgh'and New Orleans. A hur.urd
years ago the old French mvjnarehy existed tb
baatile reared its accursed towers, and Louis th
XVth dallied with infamous wantons, squander
ed his subjects money, and blasphemed 1 n hifrf
own person th natae of man. Fifty years ag-" '
railroads, loconrofives, and magnetic teler" -were
practically unknown. Fifty years ?T uj
were scarcely five millions of peop! a. tr. re Unl - .
ted States, and O'aio was almost -ca. h a w:l- .'
derrtess as Oregon is now. Ti':f years ; ;4
Washington had just died, Jeff i jo wis iti". Ut
ing, and Clay, Webster and Ceac wra niaoe '
as yet unknown to fame. "si. . '
The wond would be jnore -gave
up more to an intercourse .
But money engrosses all our d
scare enjoy a social hour,te;.S -'
unjustly stolen from th m tin r
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A good newspaper is lifcs s jtnaitils and am- :A
hearted rV'ea J. wh jse appev i' cc oj.c t
bo'.a ztadiiens tie mini Je .ta tie K-.i-i
of '
pleasant and proEtiU Yi .'.Jr.
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