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Sft licmsas t)tcf.
Tharsday, :.: t : : : Jane 11, 1837.
The Bales commenced on Wednesday,
the third of Jane, and concluded on Tees-
day, the ninth occupying jnvt one week.
Everything pawed off remarkably peace
ably, with the exception of several small
"krimmages." We venture to say that
"0 body of land has teen so near wholly
ocenpied by claimants, as were the Iowa
' Trust Lands. Eveiy quarter and frac
tion cad its claimant, who secured his
land at the appraised value, save several
unimportant fractions towards the ex
treme West of the lands. Many arans
ing incidents occurred at the sales. To
secure a claim at its appraised value, the
settler Lad to reside on his claim, and
consequently be a Qizcn of the Connfy
ia which it was situated ; and when his
claim was bid off, he was required to
atate the County of his residence. Some,
by being too honest, or too dumb, or not
posted, came near losing their claims.
One stated his residence to be Richardson
County, Nebraska; another, Flatte Coun
ty, Missouri ; and another declared that
he lived in Iowa Point County ! Each
ettler had -to "prove up," on the day
before hu land was offered for sale that
Is. be was required to slate Lis improve
ments, and have a witness to verify hi
statement. One requirement was, that
each bouse should 'have a good roof on
U. A few days before the sales, two
J young men bad taken up adjoining
laims, and put up ' sod houses. Oue of
thera had a roof on bis house, and the
Other had none. The settler with a roof,
went, one day, to "prove up;" and while
be was gone, the other took the roof and
put it upon his own house, and went, the
ext day, and "proved tip" on it ! In
his way, both settlers. got thoir claims,
by means of the same roof! Another
"citiren xf Brown County," in "proving
tip." certified that bo had a cabin of
split logs, with a window in it, and was
covered with a roof split from log. It
turns out, that his cabin was a pen built
of rails, with a small piece sawed out of
one, for a window, and a few rails laid
ver the top, for a roof. lie might asj
well have certified, also, that the house
was fit for a family to live in meaning
family of bogs !-
During the sales, ftrown County was
found to contain an immense population ;
bat immediately afterwards. Brown Conn
ty men were seen to leave by the boat
load 1 Such an array of darted cabin
as can be seen ia Brown County, we
presume, was never met wun, in any
couBtry. during the ravages of the worst
war, famine, or pestilence. If Gold
smith could come back to earth, and take
ttroll over Brown County, he would
regret that be wrote bis '-Deserted Vil
lage," at the sight of a so much more
xtcssive tbeu:t !
A Chance fob Mechanics. There is
bow an excellent opening at this place.
Tor mechanics of every . calling. Those
who come new, can secure cheaper prop
erty, and establish a better run of custom,
than thost'who may come several years
bene. A blacksmith's shop is now
going up, and a wagon shop is talked of,
but if not yet a settled fact. A Shoe
maker, a Tailor, a Tinner, or a Saddler,
could do a '.hriving business. There is
excellent clay here, for brick-making,
but we do not know bow it would answer
for crockery-ware indeed, we are un
acquainted with the qualities necessary
to be possessed by clay, to fit it for such
work ; but if freedom JVom pebbles is
any recommendation, there can be found
no better, in that respect, on the globe.
If it were submitted to a competent
judge, and found to answer the purpose,
we believe a potter might do an immense
business at this point. A pottery, in
this part of the country, is a thing un
known ; and any one who night estab
lish such an institution, would find a large
sale for his wares, as Tnere wouid be rv
immense scope of country to supply.
Mechanics, by coming here, would not
enly drive a flourishing trade of their
own, but would add greatly to the busi
ness of the place. This fact is easy of
demonstration. Settlers living miles
back in the country, usually transact aa
much business aa possible in one trip ;
and generally, when one starts for a trad
ing point, he is employed to procure a
cargo of articles of every description, for
his various neighbors. Should be have
ob of tailoring, ahoemakingor tinning,
Wfclt Cloud would be out of the ques
tion, ifNo such tradesmen could be found
here ; c L as a matter of course, some
'ctisr placl more fortunate in this respect,
would be lfisited. And when once there,
these people, as a natural consequence,
n eu'W juii uacu um t,ms vi uii'i
chandiseX groceries, provisions, etc., all'
cf wbichf they would have preferred to
purchase Qa White Cloud, bad they not
Wo comr&led to"0 elsewhere for the
-oiar articled, in demand. It is plain to
.... li. .. .. .t WW
ee,uai u aiiKeiue micro ui mo a vwu
orupany and fcur business men, td favor
the settlement f mechanics at this point
5T There isWtnan living out on the
Vxno, weo wears a oeu ai uis km, iu
' " frvubled to find himself, when
We have the extreme pleasure, this
week, of announcing that White Cloud's
"head is all right" she is "out of the
woods," and no thanks to her enemies
for it. At the Land Sales, on Satnrday.
every part, parcel and fraction of land
was purchased, and legally transferred to
a person appointed by the Company, ea
their agent, for holding all lands belong
ing to the town fife. Those wishing to
settle here, can now cast off all doubts in
regard to securing a good title to their
property, for good and nndipputable ti
tles can at any time, be piyrn. The rL
feet of this is seen, even' before ikfrmx"
are closed. Buildings are being contrsc-
ted for in large numbers, and the snpply
of workmen is found to fall far short of
the demanc, as may be plainly seen, wlien
one master workman alone advertises for
ten hands.
When it is taken into consideration,
what nnmerons difficulties were thrown
in the way of White Cloud, the glorious
consummation which has just been effect
ed, is still a grenter matter for rejoicing.
And all these difficulties were created by
jealous rivals, whom self-respect and mag
nanimity should have prompted to more
honorable doings. A.nest has been kept
warm, in which were harbored reptiles
and vermin, whose highest ambition
seemed t.i be to throw obstacles in the
way of White Cloud. A gang has been
kept on the alert, ready to shove them
selves in as arbiters, in every .matter of
dispute, in which White Cloud had the
least pittance at stake ; and a decision
against the interests of this place,. was a
forgone conclusion. And to back their
decisions, a mob of ruffians has been kept
within hailm distance, to threaten with
violence any who might refuse to bow to
the dictates of this grand tribunal of sa
gos, and to execute their threats, when
they were sure that no resistance would
be offered. Weak-minded and tractable
men, who, in a manner, were living on
the gratuity of the Town Company, wer"
bribed to violate contracts and betrav
confidence, thereby jeopardizing the pros
pects of securing the to;vn site. And to1
give additional drench to the opposition,
lorltay-Luriards of the Smr wen found.
who Lad grown fat by picking holes in
rotten carcasses, who sold their aid and
counsel to the enemies df the place ; and
they were the only ones who profited pe
cuniarily in the operation, for they suc
ceeded in fleecing the scamps wbp em
ployed them.
But all these operations availed nought.
Every scheme was ferreted out, and every
plan scattered to the winds. The Town
Company had a critical matter in hand,
and they deserve great credit for the man
ner in which they performed their duty.
It has been, in this case, 'as it ever is in
dibhonorable transactions the, force of
tho blow has fallen upon the beads of
those who aimed it. A tremendous blow
was made and kept up against White
Clond, and untold pains taken to pro
claim its insignificance ; until at length
strangers began to wonder why so great
a fuss was made about so small an object
they examined closely, and findingnoth
ing whatever to recommend tho paradise
of tljese declaimeis, they naturally con
cluded that White Cloud mnht possess
some merit to excite their spleen ; accor
dingly, they came to see the place, and
immediately perceived where the sour
grapes hung. The result is, many of the
best men and largest capitalists in the
Union are interested here, and White
Cloud has not a dark cloud banging over;
her, but has a brilliant prospect before'
her, which can only be dimmed by the
folly of those who have a control over her
little and destinies.
Sale of Tows Lots. The White
Cloud Town Company have set the fourth
of July next, as the day upon which the
sale of lots at public auction will take
place. There will be a grand celebra
tion on the same .day. A number of
distinguished speakers will be present on
this occasion. There will no doubt be
a fine time and a great gathering ; and
those attending can accomplish a two-fold
purpose to celebrate our National Birth
Day, and secure valuable property at one
of the most desirable points on the Mis
souri. Here will be a chance for great
bargains, as lota, at the coming sale, will,
without doubt, be sold much lower than
they can be purchased at any future
time. i
Sock it to Them ! In another part of
our paper will be found a piquant letter
from a lady correspondent, in reply to
the bachelor complaints contained in the
letter of bur Oregon correspondent, last
week. She lays down the " conditions of
the sale," without reserve. We believe
she is right. If they don't get wives now,
they are slow to take a hint.
tW Ten good Carpenter are wanted
at White Cloud, immediately. See the
advertisement. . ".
election ia nigh at band, and still
everything ia a quiet as Summer even
ing Appearances indicato that peace
will continue to reighu, aa the people
seem disposed to pursue a different and
more honorable course tlian has charac
terized former political contests in the
Territory. The only dissatisfaction man
ifested at thia atate of things is exhibi
ted by editors at a distance, who have
heretofore been the principal cause of all
our difficulties, and now, indignant that
the people should determine to take an
honorable course, are attempting
again kindle the fires of disc ord, by ill
timed appeals to passion and prejudice,
that they, may reap a barvest from the
misfortunes of others.
Political matters m the Territory, ex
hibit rather a strange aspect In the
States, each political party, upon the eve
of an election, eems anihitiona to out
blow their opponents, as to their glori
ous prospects ; but here the thing is re
versed, and each party secins desirous of
convincing the' country that they stand
no chance whatrvcr, and that their op-
nnenta have everything their own way. I
Read a Tro-Slavery paper, and yo- are
1 .
told that the Abolitionists are swarming
into the Territory by myriads, and that
oy mynaiis, nnu ui.-ii
there are no hopes for the Pro-Slavery
men Kansas must come in as a Free
State. Then, turn to a Free State paper.
and yon leain that the Bonier Ruffians have
everything cut and dried for their own
benefit that Kansas lm been marked
out for Slavery, and that their only plan
is to abstain from any participation in
the election, thereby refusing to recog
nize the authority by which Kansas ts to
be subjected to Slavery.
In one respect, the Pro-Slavery ppers
speak truly there is an overwhelming
majority of Free State men in the Ter
ritory, and tho advantage on their side
is increasing every day. e believe we
may safely assert that there are ten Free
State men to one Pro-Slavery man in
Kansas ; and therefore, it seems remark
ably strange to Us, that they draw back,
and utterly refuse to do anything for them
selves. They give a reason for thin, jt
is true ; but it fs no valid reason. It
must be confessed, that their enemies
have reason to charge that they refuse to
vote, lest the question of Free Kansas
should be settled, and thereby they should
hereafter lose their claim to bo called
martyrs of Freedom When men have
a professedly desired object within their
grasp, and refuse to hold it, no other
reason can be conceived for their conduct.
In addition to their inaction, there has
another spirit crept among the Free
State men. which never fails to destroy
those ' who harbor it among them, no
matter how strong thoy may be. We
allude to dissension, bickering, quarrel
ling, division and jealousy among hem
selves. A quarrel is at present going on
at Lawrence, which bids fair to wax hot
ter thnn any which thry have heretofore
carried on with their Pro-Slavery oppo
nents'. Bnowv, of the Herald of Free
dom, Gov. Rodissos, and others, are
ths prominent actors in this fend. Brown
seems to have incurred the ill-will of the
Free State leaders generally, and they
are coming upon him jhick. with proofs
that he has attempted to sell out the Free
State party, and slander its leaders ;
while he, in t.irn. retaliates upon them ;
and so they have it, beautifully. j
When Kansas ex:,item',nt has.had its
rnn, and an impartial history is written of
her wronsrs aud snfferings, those who
permitted their feelings to be carried
away, in times of high political ex
citement, by sympathy for ' certain
self-constituted Free State champions,
will at length learn that all the true
friends of Freedom were not congre
gated ' about LiwT'nee and Topeka ;
and they will turn in disgnst from con
templating: the manner in which profess-
friends of Freedom attempted to prosti
tute its sacred name to their own per
sonal gain and self aggrandizement. .
XiyThe Strawberries are begining to
ripen on the hills and prairies. By the
time they are pone, raspberries and black
berries will be on hand ; then will come
gooseberries, plums and grapes ; after
which, the hazel nuts will be ready for
cracking. Tho good timo is coming.
But these are not the only delichtfnl
things in this country. The black
snakes, bull-snakes, and rattle-snakes,
and similar innocent play-things, which
are so plentiful hereabouts, are out in
all their glory. They may be trodden
on at almost any time, in the streets and
door-yards sometimes they visit the
insides of the bouses ; and occasionally
one is sociable enough to creep in bed,
for a snooze 1 What do they care,
whether Kansas becomes a Free or a
Slave State ?
. Xylf those who have been co.mplain
ing cf cold weather, for the past several
months, "have not found it warm enough,
for a few days past, they wQl have to go
farther South. The weather is awful
on fat people we bavo seen several re
cently, who resembled human statues ia
2T Senator Bctlek, of South Caroli
na, is dead. It is a singular coincidence,
that the assailant of Senator Srmt,
and the one on whose account the assault
was made, have both died witMn six
months of each other, and within a year
after that unhappy affair transpired.
Hone Thieves Caught and Shot.
On Wednesday night four valuable
horses were stolen from the stable of the
NationaHIotel at Lecompton.' At an
early hour on Thursday morning the own
ers thereof started in pursuit of the
thieves, and after keeping np the ch&g
until next afternoon, came upon them at
Plymouth, near the Nebraska line.
Knowing that the thieves were armed, the
owners of the horses stolen, armed '.hem
selves with double barrelled shot guns,
well loaded with buck. shot. The chase
was kept up some eight miles North of
the town, when the thieves, seeing their
chance of escape was a dexperate oue.
jKBPrg advanced near them, fired ilreir re-
wheeled ineir iiorscs, ana as ttieir pur
volvers, bnt missed their men. Thry
were immediately fired upon ia return,
and all brought to the ground. So j. id I
were the horses stoleu, they iraius iiately
stopped on losing tlieir rulers. ' 1 hi-v '
were brought ba k by their ovner. who!
knowing that the comitiy was infvste.l
with horse thieve of the same gang, lil !
not stop to bury the roblnm. The prompt
manner in whhdi the pm-suit was inaile.
-nd the sail aud (em-fid termination of
the career of the thieves, will, we tlimk.
, frive a beneficial effect upon the thieving
portion of the coinmuniiy uear Leyomp-
.on. an.i .r P" ; morning, whn rettin-J-np time arrived. tion-erV fee. We cannot boast that one lowed it i. too flow; and he who i. so obfti
deprat.ons. T lie great numU,-of horVes, - - - P ..L c,.nA ; ... . nate as to folTow it. Wt neels dr. out a !.-
stolen, and tho fh
lf the ilepre la-
tions of the tliiev.T eAirv. b ive nronio-'
.... w . - . .
ted the citixenn to adopt a more prompt
method of meting out justice to the cu!-
"- n -j
jprua. MM wwnij aim u.
Having no iails, anl bnt luuite I mean of
confininc culprits for trial, the community
are but poorly provided with the means of!
defen'-e ; and while we cannot but regret
the necessity ol the case, yet we cannot
disapprove of the method of punishment.
The desperate defence of these thieves, is
but another proof of their murderous
chsracter, and the sooner tho country is
cleared, of them the better, whether by
due process of Law, or the more prompt
action of Judge Lynch. Lea.tnworth
By the circulation of such stuff as the
above, the people of the East are horrified
by awful stories of murder and Lynch-
law in Kansas. We venture to s y, that
nine-tenths of the Kansas blood-and-
thnniler stories circulated abroad, are
just about as truthful as the horrible part
of the abov Now, e have the whole
story from a person who was present
when this catastrophe came off. The
horses were stolen, and the owners went
:n pursuit. They came upon the thieves
at Plymouth, when our Informant volun
teered to assist themin recovering their
property. Several miles above the town.
the thieves were so closely pursued that
they abandoned their horses, and took to
a thicket. Our informant ran to the op
posite side of the thicket, to head the
thieves, in case they should attempt to
escape in that direction, expecting, of
course, that the owners of thff horses
'wrrald push after the; thieves. After
willing for sun? tirnand seeing noth
ing of thiaves op pursuers, he retnrncl to
the place where he had left his two com
panions, and found them sitting outside
of the thicket, afraid to venture in.
When he approached them, they made
the courageous observation "I tell Von,
it would be a mighty dangerous buness
to go in there after those follows I" They
recovered their horses, and returning
home, no doubt told a great tale of their
own prowess and .tanner oeeil.
woryler they wouldn't stop to Lnry the
thieves ! It is indeed true, thit Kansas
has been, and still is, infected with horse
thieves; and more is the disgrace, when
we consider the guise in whi-h they came
here. Taking advantage of an intense
politial ex'-itement. they came avowedly
for the purpose of fighting in defence of
their several cars', but in reality, they
came for the pnrpo'e of plunder. One
Sivarm followed Lane. nder the sacred
banner of Freedom ; and another horde
came with the Southern le.vlers, un ler
f ro-fclavery rotors. V a no not say
that all who came, were on that errand ;
bnt it is an undeniable fact, that both
armies wereinfeted with such vermin,
who disgraced the causes in which they
were severally enlisted, .and carried on
their depredations robbing not only
their enemies of the opposite party, but
practicing their outrages npon friends as
well as foes. We know some as good
Free State men as can be found in Kan
sas, who, being out unarmed, had their
horses stolen Jiterally from under them,
phy armed Wen, whom they had seen in
Lane's camp, and knew them to belong
to his band. And we have heard of sim
ilar acts committed by men of the other
party. When political capita, North
and South, manufactured out of proceed
ings in Kansas, ceases to be profitable,
people abroad will, obtain an entirely
different view of matters out here.
Dr. Eddy. Hon. Nobjux Eddy, Com
missioner of Sales of Indian Lands, made
himself hosts of friends, during the late
sales, among the settlers on the Iowa
Trust Lands. . By his gentlemanly bear
ing, and obliging disposition, be cannot
fail to make friends everywhere. He did
everything in bis power, to the extent that
his sworn duty would allow him, to ac
commodate the settlers, and let them have
their claims at the appraised value, and
will ever be gratefully reae inhered by
them. He has given general satisfaction,
and hu not, as far as we can learn, made
a single enemy. Shonld opportunity ev
er offer, we doubt not that every settler
would hasten to testify Lis appreciation
of Dr. Eddy's efforts in their behalf, in
a substantial manner. '
Jt'"A bit of the wax with which a
ma? s doom wss sealed, was lately pick-
f"p t
Waxbaws, South Carolina.
- A Ci.ai for Pitt. The New Lucy,
one of the Lightning Line of Packets
running from Jefferson City to Weston,
ia a large aad fine boat, capable of ac
commodating quite a large number Of
passengers, but she baa not state rooms
for tLem all, when their number" is seven
or eight hundred, as Was the case the
latter part of last March. During that
trip, a large majority of th ladies and
gentlemen were compelled to sleep on
matrasses placed on the floors of the re
spective cabins. Among the roomless
rnes, were a loving couple from Hoosier
dom, who, we understood, bad only been
married about six months, and who
were constantly hugged op together, and
were a laughing stock for the other pas
sengers. The first night of the trip, at
bed time, the gentlemen. were all ordered
out of the ladies eahin. and the -loors
closed. When the bustle of going to the highest bidder, the next d ty. our ad
bed h l subsided, the door to the ladies' i vantages are not gret enough to make
cabin slid slowly back, and in crept Mr. the lot hrinij less than was offered for if,
j TToosier. hunting for his wife. Rome of
.h" women disi-overed him, and com-
tn n refr),Ht. But in the
4 inir hiiiimiuiii hi nn-inj:""v . . tt't ',,3iiinu ... .....
the tall, hnk form of ih H-visier siowlv
, .
j rising nmon? the rest. Iik'rr.iru from
t1l(t e j JU u , n,Tep1c j ; ,.wp.
Iie grave! II lia 1 sivceele I in creep
-,t v.,,
- ' "i
i by the power of instin-t. h i 1 found his .
wife! The nevt nizht he tried it asrain :
bnt thia time the ladles privately ent
information- to th Clerk, who arriv'ed
jnst as the fellow had snnply disposed of.
himself for the nitrht. and moved him
with a rapidity that would have been!ln!rM from ,nreo bonrs to a whole day
sufficient to '"jerk him out of his breech
es" if he had had any on 1 The oor
fellow slunk away, complaining that it
was "d d hard if a man wasn't allowed
to" sleep with his wife any more !"
Semjno Whiskey to Indians. We
had thought that persons were forbidden
by law. from selling intoxicating drinks
to th Indians ; bnt if there is such a law,
there is no attention paid to it in these
parts. On Tnes lay of last week, a party
of over a hundred Sacs pasd through
here, and proceeded to a small town be
low here, where they encamped over nij;ht
During that time, they procured as much
whiskey as they wanted, when they had
a regnlar spree and war-dance, and 'the
next day started for their homes. When
they reached this place, they were so
drnnk, that many of them could not keep
on their horses. Thoe who conM keep
their saddles, went their way yelling, and
the balance dismounted, and lay about
the streets until they sobered off. greatly
to the dismay of women and cbi'dren
nearly all the men being absent at the
Land Sales. These poor Indians have
heretofore been harmless creatures; but
sad experience has of late tansrht the peo
ple of some places in the North-West,
that these apparently inoffensive beings
may sometimes be di irea or tempted tq
rr-at atwitie. II a I thee Sacs taken
devilment into tlnir head, they could
have carried it out, with scarcely ny re
sistance. I'" there is a law of the kind
which we have alluded to, it shonld le
enforced ; if there is not, tho people ef
the West know how to redress grievances
which the law is invleqn.ite to reach. lj
such proceeding are justifiable in any
cise. se'iin wlii-ikey to Indians would
cdearly come under that bead.
Modkrx Preachkr. Minister of
the jjopel were frfnie-ly supposed to he
men poor in worldly poods ; and an old
book tell n of o"e who "ha I not vhere
to lav his hea l." But th tim" for snch
things is passing away. We mentioned,
last week, that ministers, like everylioly
else in Kansas, were in fir speculation
and why should they not attempt to ac
qnire sufficient means, to live at ease, as
well as other people? B it soma things
look worse in a minister of the gospel
than in worldly men. For instance,
when we hear a manreach with all the
fervency of a genuine christian, and with
in a few days afterwards hearbim offering
any man fifty dollars who will whip, or
any one five hundred who will bang, a
person whom he has conceived to have
dealt nnfairly with him, we begin to lose
confidence in his piefy And. when we
know that the laws of the country forbid
a man who has pre-empted on Indian or
Government land in on one part of the
Territory, from pre-empting, as soon a
he secures a title to his claim, on similar
land in another part of the Territory
when this minister knows it, and has bad
his memory refreshed, by bearing it pro
claimed from the auctioneer's stand and
knowing this, when we bear him offering
one hundred and fifty dollars to poor
young men, if they will violate this law,
that be may derive the benefit of their
crime, we cannot but think that the gos
pel has been journeying from Jerusalem
to Jericho, and fallen among thieves.
We have known such cases.
Spapldixo House. Mr. 8rACUnto
contemplates shortly making aa exten
sive addition to bis Hotel, in this place,
and fitting it op to accommodate the pub
lic in the best style. - His present house,
built to meet the wants of White Cloud,
when her prospects were rather gloomy,
is found to be entirely inadequate for that
purpose, at the present day ; therefore be
has determined to put op a building, and
make arrangements to afford the best ac
commodations to travellers aad boarders.
In the meantime, be it still on band, and
can "man age to make room for all who
may give htm a call.
Adtastaoh sot PosaEasu bt Worn
CljOCD. We shall ever take pleasure in
setting forth the advantages of White
Cloud, in every respect ; but candor com
pels ns to admit that there are numerous
advantages possessed by other places,
which are denied to White Cloud.
Other points may have something to
boast of and they do boast. But we are
magnanimous, and will acknowledge the
corn. Ltst ns. speak of snme of these ad
vantages. To begin when a piece of
property ia hold here, for a certain snm.
White Cloud does not. possess anmVieOt
advantages to inertatt the value of that
property, six mtinths afterwards, to Over r.
hundred dollars less than was paid for it,
after some .fifty dollars' worth of im
provement has been made upon it. If a
certain amount is offered lor a lot here,
and in refusal, but the lot is put np to
, the diy before, an 1. after all. to hare it
j kno- ke l off to the owner, who makes
cler giin, (out of po ket.) of the anc-
town, and see
a boit in the river nt Any
time, b'ans
.K- !
'i n ii,iazr-n Ifl
hind in?
so poor, that a boat
' hove off soon as .he h .rcomnlUhe.1
, . ,
h purpose 'or whi.-h she landed ; whde
ome 0,ber places can always hoist of
presence of a boit. hecanso nature has
i Wn Partial to them, th-t whenever
one attempts to land, she so effectually
rnnR aground on sand-bars, that it
to spar her off. And another great dis
advantage to White Cloud i. that she
does not possess citizens so energetic and
devoted to her interests, that they will
destroy every copy of a paper they can
find in town, because it happens to be
published in a town of winch they are
jealous. We might enumerate many
other disadvantages, bnt surely no oue
could ask a further exercise of our candor,
as it miht utterly destroy the prospects
of our town 1
What Has He Donb? The New
York fftrold has come out in favor cf
Millard Fillmore, and nominates him
ior itie i resiiiency, in I Alter en
during abuse and shnderrdoring the late
I residential campaign, such as has rarely
i . . .
titt-n meieu out to mortal man, we
should like to know what FIllmore has
done, that be shonld be visited by this
last and direst calamity of all f
Whitb Cuicd City Company. The
following are the names of tlie officers of
the Company :
President JatEs Fosteu, Esq.
Secretary ATT.INO), Ell), .
' Treimrer-Drill. W. Peter.
norsE, Stox asd Ornamental Paint
ino. Persons desiring work done of any
description coming under the above
heads, will find out where to g"t it done
np right, by reading the card -of A. C.
Bevan, of Oregon, in anoiher column.
t3T Gov. Rodert J. Walker has ar
rived at Lecompton, where-be delivered
his Inaugural Address, on tho 27th of
May. It is rather lengthy, bnt we may
find room for it next week. If not, we
shall, at all events, give a synopsis of it.
A-pirtiomnent of Delegates.
The. Governor hiia issued his prindama
tion irivinat the apportionment of the
Delegates to each district. The number
of legil voters is 9.251 ; which is not a
large an was anti.-ipated. jJnniphan
cuunty composes the first district, and is
entitled to seven delegates in the Con
stitutional Convention, and is the third
county in population in the Territory of
Kansas. I he i ownslup delegates to the
County Convention will meet at Troy on
Monday nex forth" pnrjoseof homisat
ing seven delegates for the. high and re
sponsible duty of forming a Constitution
to irnt'le the beautiful, ri -h and desirable
Territory of Kansas from her infancy, to
the briyht period when she will form one
of the bricrhtewt gems in the great sister
hood of States. IIentofore, we have ex
pressed our opinion as to the kind of del
egates that should be chosen to represent
this county, and have only to remark
that they should be oler, th:oking, mo 1
prate, intelligent energftie', working a..d
bnsinesa men. So T.ir as we are inform
ed the Townships have not recommended
any person from their respective Town
ships, and we are pleased at this policy.
This is not a mere township matter, the
welfare of the whole county is at stake.
It is not a local matter, but pertains to
the prosperity of all in every section of
Kansas. 1 his fact being incontrovert-
able, the County Convention should se
lect the best men regardless of their
residence in the county. Every town
ship should be fully represented, and the
people should attend on Monday ner.t.-
Govxrsor Walub. A Washington.
letter notices the acceptance by the Hon.
Robert J. Walker, of the government of
Kansas', and says :
llr. Buchanan's countenance has relax
ed, and bis heart seems to have grown
lighter since tnis matter Has been settled.
The position of fduegs in Kansas is com
plicated beyond all measure, but it is
conceded here that all that human wisdom
can accomplish to disentangle tlie snarl
will be done by the remarkable man
who is about to take the helm ia the Ter
ritory. He is entrusted with plenipoten
tiary powers to the foil extent . that they
can be bestowed under the Constitution
and will be compelled to s.vait 'm in
struct iors from Waahiaton ia case of
emergency, ine proiubilities are even
increased of the refJm Bere of General
Walker, in the rtaca cf Sir. Walker, if
the exigencies of the ease shouM demand ;
s mort tj extreme rneasurei. 1
orrcsponbcurc .
(For the Kansas Chief.)
Ouoon , Mo., Jane 6th, 1SS7.
Mr Eorroe : The ton it quirt to-day. All
are resting and preparing for Cie bnaineat of to-
ttorr. The speculator's greedy how! for
mart, a not heard, bat his sordid tool sleep
wirhin its carcass and rests from swindling its
netphbor. It is well on day in seven ! set
apart for the exercise of the moral faculties,
when man ea ret at eae, with the emteiou
bes that, on this dar, financial vultures dare
not approach him. The jTat cs re-crow, pou
lie opinion, ia hung out on this day, to keep them
off. It is a great pity, too, that it could not be
kept out always. But the public Itself hi a lit-
tie too deeplv concerned in sharing aad deatrey
ine !t component parts, to allow it. The scare
crow mart be taken in occasionally. It is op
posed to the intereMs r nnnkind. Tb tender
conjoiences of Mime men wouldn't permit them
to make slij-ht deviations from rifht Tines to in-"
ereoe their wealth, if it were bug beibr them
all the time.
Life is shirt. It is the dettinv ft all men,
nnw-a-dnrs. to make a fortune, and then die.
Fortnne mnt be aernmaUted, or men cannot
die. The mnaner of obtaining the desired end
is merelv nmndnrr. AU ft
tained honestly n hont course eannot be fol-
i -
I . . . . ...
i rrMLiit? riisirnc'. iihi nnriina irAiinri Mita ea
3 . a .
I." .WH.r.,U.
Mndero experience proves conclusively that
, the " fast man " tee fewer of the Mni,,l
of life than the honest nan, simply became he
hits more to do, and leas time to observe the
difference betwec, rijrht and wronp; consequent
ly, he commits more faults; but he becomes ex
cnsaMe, from the very fact th.it he does not see
what he ia doinir. AH men have blunts before
them to fill with rood or bad acta, of which thy
must make a full return oa th final day of set
tlement. Each ind'ricnal fill out hit blank to
suit hinuelf jcenerally done according to the
training he ha received. Th speculator's
blanks are filled with small operation over the
Riei ; selling aecond and third rate articles"
for first rate, to poor, nnsuspectinjr Indians-.
Don't be so stupid as to understand, Mr. Editor,
that it is wronjr for a white man to swindle aa
Indjsn, especially if th white man belongs to
church, or aome benevolent irctitulion; for the
poor Indian will squander bis money ia aome
way; and the whiskeyed wncr-)ler, the sec
ond or thiid-rate provision teller, or any other
swindler, may each gef al much aa he can, or
some other set of scoandrel will get It. They
are; poor, iimorant rt; too " green " to know
whether yon are dealine honestly with them or
hot, aa long as yon tell them something, no mat
ter how worthless, even if it would not pay
transportation, as far aa you could " sling a bull
by the tail np hill," just so that it fills th blank;
But do not be to indifvrcet aa to get beyond the
limit of thit form to for as to knock on down
for hi money, although it wouldn't be any worse
than the prescribed form; yet il wouldn't be con
sidered in law as rendering an equivalent for
what has been received.
Whilst wc are buty In relieving the poor In
dian, and th unforturmte emigrant- who finds
his way among ns, af any turplus change that
they may have about them, there it other pack
of skinners silently fleecing ws. One of thi
claw, exhibited hit foolishness here a few days
agOj by plajifig on a broken iewsharp. polling
feathers out of an old hat, eramming thewhole
in bit urty ph-i with old bite of masy newna."
- - f - All
pert, and practicing various other dissustinff
tricka. More than half the audienee left before
he was throuph, and then he eled oa th bal
ance, by thanking "itn for their kind atten
tion (!)" 'He might well consider it a kindness
on the part of those who remained. For my
parj, I im thankfal that we were not bored any
worse. .
The name under which thia worthy conducts
bit operations, is Prof. R amount 1 He snorto
pronsidcraWe of a handle fbr a than" of his eloth.
aim i net
The next fleecing that is to come off here,
w.ll b conducted by th A irromo family, which
will be followed by the fu'fillme.t of 'another
contract tvt to Sam and somebody cite not
"the Sar-parilL man, I presume, but one equal
ly deposed to humbug his fellow-men.
After tnese fellows ret our mnn .t
gone, we'll quiet'y resolve to be humbugged no
Before c'ogihp, I cannot heln tntertin a f.w
line, elippe d front a newspaper by a friend. The
reader can find a place for them:
"A HtI xmlhit 1. a ra.iMl tit,
B MnHif Ur-j la a aaM rrt i
Bat rKT BilW. mmtmt r-u li n.
(For the Kansas Chief.)
Oneco. ; 5, ISil.
Ma. Eorroa While perusing the nazes ef
your excellent and well -executed paper, the
White Cloud Kanma Chief, my attention was
drawn, to a letter written-by your masculine cor
respondent, of onr beautiful sad flowrwhing little"
town. Hoping to find that at last some ej-jget-ie
peraoa had foand it is his heart to notw. V,
the readers of the Chief, the high qualities of
our quiet and well located town, it was with un
peakable joy that I entered aeon a peratai of
that letter. But, !! how toou (hat Joy van.
Ished, add changed to sorrow yet, sorrow for
our poor, miterly old Bachelor, with which, I
am sorry to aay, our town (which is weU worthy
the interest of sturdy, enterprising nwa.) ia so'
well blest; to find that, after beootuinx aware
of their doubtful age and deplorable coodjiion,
they have retorted to the columns of the worthy
Chief, to make known, ia aa off hand way, that
they with, after making repeated effort la vain.
(being repulsed by a faiat heart,) to marry. Va
cannot conveniently tramp ia this case, there
for we must follow suit, and beg that von em.
fcra fare upon a, aad give apUeeinyow
paper for this, our an war to their stercileea re
tort spoa the young Wif Oregon- How an
merciftil, sow njwst, how unkind, to think that,
after we endeavor te make known to thea, i
very way that w. possibly can, without diso
beying the rules of etiquette, that we bide their
use,ibey yet sena to wish that we sheald
beyond an rales of propriety, aad ask them to-
marryas. Ucrw aoaurl and bow ffroundlcas tfw.S -
eenfure. We have bat Utile saore to add, and t
that liule ia thia: w forTt Utfic wiCj-aU ee
hearts, aad say to tic,.,
eome boldly np5ksmaa3d give s a chance
to repeat thi , lii! word.. Yet!
DrrtExmn to i Trs. -The
WarVenton (Tal)Whig, has sigtied it
preference for the next Pres'uUaey, tr
the following, which is kept standing at
the bead of its editorial eotMtta .
ron rftismcsTix 1?C3:
i ; .1
I' .' i
is ;

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