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-. Seed Corn. ,
, Are tne batt, middle, or tip kernel beet for
. piloting T Seeing some experiment! stated U
. tke Valley Farter, the resnlUo which tended
strongly in favor of planting the keroela from
the luxe or butt end of the Mr, and noticing that
the editor of that Joaroal eeemed to think that
if the bntt kernel do really produce the strong
'stgrowthend the eariiest maturity ai the ex
perim enter aaeerted, It moat be owing to their
neater aise; that u the old see to tb prlict
. pal feeder of the the young plant in iu early
stage, It weald be bat reasonable to conclude
the largest kernels would produce the strongest
growth at first, and that this would naturally
lead to early maturity, we were lead to inquire
whether it is really so, that the kernels at tbe
batt are larger than those in the middles
Thinking that fanners knew more than ethers
boat such matters, we asked several their
opinion. One thought tbe middle kernels were
largest and beat formed; another thought there
eoold be little difference between the batt aad
the middle; a third said he did not knew, bad
not obserred, and could giro no opinion about it.
We appealed to the scales, weighing accurately
with the scales of an apothecary near by, twelve
kernels from the bntt of a well-formed ear, as
' many from the middle, and as many from the
tip, eadeavering to select average kernels from
aeh place. The result was that twelve kernels
from tbe butt weighed six grains more than
tweve from the middle; and twelve from the
middle weighed twelve grains more than twelve
from the tip; making a difference between
the batt and the tip of II grains. We tried
the experiment with a second ear, and found
the difference nearly tbe same, but a fraction
greater. The butt kernels, then, are larger aad
ere solid, and weigh mere than from any other
part of the ear; and as it is an admitted fact,
that ths seed in all eases furnishes the first food
for tbe young plant, it seems but resonable that
the largest seed should produce the largest
plant; and if the plaat from a large seed gets
. tbe best start, it is certainly not unnatural to sup
pose it may matare its fruit earlier. A at
present advised, if we had twice as mush seed
eon as we wanted, we would plant the butt half
Of the ears, or if we had three times as much as
we wished to plant, we would use the butt to
one-third of the ear; aad in the meantime we
1 would plant some middle end some tip kernels
: by themselves, and keep a look-out which produ
ces the earliest and largest crop. In expensive
experiment aad careful observation of results
. are what the farmer wants in order to advaacs
bis art. Let him have an eye open to the results
of his own doings, and an ear open to the re-
' ports of his fellow laborers, and he will be ever
learning, and will find that there is a right way
and a terong way to do everything, and that the
- profits are increased when he finds and pursues
, the right wsy. Indiana Farmer.
l ; Chinch Bage Wheat aad Cora.
EnrroiiPaiiui Fasjibb: These little pest
almost destroyed the entire crop in this locality
last season. I noticed that when a stalk of corn
eame ap among the grain and this is often the
case when it is sown on com land immediate
ly about the stalk the grain matured perfectly
sad was not injured by the bugs.
My theory is this: When grain commences
te ripen, the sap leaves the bottom ef the stem
and ascends np. The bugs do not like to follow
it, for wheu they gat up too high on the stem,
it becomes too hot for them. They therefore
leave the wheat and attaek the corn, leaving
euffieieat supply of sap in the wheat stalk to
mature tbe grain perfectly. I have also notie
ed, that when wheat waa sown alongside s field
of corn, there was a strip not injured in the
Now, for a remedy for the chinch bug in
wheat: Prepare the ground in tbe fall, and sow
in the spring a soon as the ground will permit
About the first of June take a small beli-tongued
. "low and run furrows through the wheat 10 or
.IS feet apart Drill in corn. When the wheat
begins to ripen the bugs will leave it and ge on
the yeung corn, where they can get a better
' empply of food.
Ta keep them from cam, when planted aloag
aide of wheat, prepare and sow thick with corn
. a small piece of land between the wheat and
planted corn of sufficient size that it will sup
ply the whole army with a comfortable living,
after they leave the ripening wheat, whtch they
will do, if there is corn for them to feed apon.
a Then kill Ik. They will all gather on this
atrip of corn. Haul straw dry straw throw
it among the ecru and fire it. They can all be
destroyed in this manner.
C. R. Moobtooc.
Caampaifn County, IU.
To Have Peache Every Year.
Procure your tree grafted upon the wild plum
took. The tree partake of the nature of the
plant, being hardy, and will never winter kill,
aad patting out late in the spring, will never be
injured by the freet, and is a certain prevenu
tiv against the working of the peach grub,
while the natural life time of tbe tree U beyond
that of oar own, s that yon may depend apon
peache every year, and for a long period of
time, without the destructive or discouraging
influencee attending the growth of the common
peach. They can be obuiaed from bO to 75
ccbU per tree, and you had better pay five times
the amount and to obuin them, and be certain
of peache every year. Try it, and our word
for it yon will be aatiafied with the remit
Field Cacumbers.
A correspondent of the London Gardaars'
Chroaicle, from thi country, write as follow
'Daring my visit north thi summer, I visited
overel truck farms, (market garden,) on Long
bland. On tanner had 13 acre, another 18
acre ef cacamber under cultivation whiU
pined variety. From a three and a half acre
field 60,000 encumber had been picked ia oae
day and $1000 worth cold from it in one week
They are planted in hill fbar feet by four and
a half feet apart, with no other crop in the ia
tarvals, five planU being left in each hill. Gen
orally four or five planting are mad with a
weekly Interval, so that on may escape the froct
and a good stand be secured.
Frait Garden.
We have very few suggestions to add to thee
aad last month. Fruit trees that hare prov
es aadeairable from any cause, may be re
grafted with more favored kinds. This i an
advantage with some varieties it take aa age,
for aa instance, to get the Seekd Fear into
bearing condition from a nursery tree; bat by
grafting it on one that ha already "arrived at
year of discretion," the advantage of placiag
a yeong bead on old sboalders, la this way is
ooa mad manifest Gardner' Xentty Jar
It you have not alreadf sown year tomato
Med and they should har been arws many
week ago ow some without farther delay, as
it i time they war 1 aad ap. -
To a Toaag Ka as Died Karly t
F-rerloas Peri of Hie Life, -
T A. r. L. PAXIX.
. O! Jitif uiBm
Yea m beta ea Blaakwefr ItUae. where
Voat far vat, Mi yea we Wnaf ever at
New Yert M he tfaiaklee. Ta wm very man
Waaayea wae ton, year to tola at wit a
Jelly, wHek art tto nam at year acta
Xa-aataiak. Bit yea -dies sto Mekiae dicVt
Teat wMie yea ant aliee, aaa f tot
latidiaki yea rated tto ml ef huge mnmt
la tto lap turn efasaeei wile araviaat was
Of as tiinm toat te aaaetalakt, sai
ntatorrib. Tea kadai aMri gat well
Alive, aad tto toTtpot aa nan toe paw
Ca, fere na ft ea a tarn, aaa yea anal
A kamvtia eieead tto Ualoe ta ooerea
OfeaJartaait iadiridialt at aerer toe aa
ft, ar wat aavar a tryia ta git eary.
CoeriMiak ef es-aretMiekt, Uwyvn what coeMat
Oil tUcf tt eear raiak tot stay ta
otae, aaa tiinm dial eeelea to Ueitea
lakt aaa Gcaerllt it tto 8tata araHdeet.
Wtol did yea da. eaiy tow, alto joe tat
BIf eeaf te tret mad, aaa drkelttet
Tee waat la MtMyefceteus, wtora aO tto
M ttot awa a dollar Ma ia jail
Tweaty-ire yean, aad aa neat
Aad ea-foDert to taka aara sf tto
Widdartwaatdidraa dot Toa
. Triad all faar lelatbiat Itora that
Weald five B5 ttoataad Ibr a raaaaa
X acre airita, tot karp a poor white all
la JaiL Ttora wtoi yea mitkmi mat.
Weatw yea tela New Terkt XeUitk tot fit
Kictod aat lata Vlnrliiy, aad tto
P. P. V.ll kiektd yea aat lata North
Ktrtiia, aad tto rarpteablt paepla
Kiektd yea toek lata Teaaetaeo, aad
Aadraw Johatoa led yoa to tto ear
lite Keataeky, wtoi tto kin Genua
Aid Iridiajea, aad aehoelaiuten,
Aid there yoafl atari tl yoa aa
ArnOta. Witek will U till tb.
Kithliet rale the Caioa. YoerkoSe
Wat bin by dtmknta, aad aaid
All torta ef exekrubni, rea wat
Koaaoeved ia tie, aad yean termed
la tto dark aad Heady fteead.
"Booes teat, yea beatt."
Old, But Good.
Bin F. was making a journey in a stage-
coach, over the hilly roads of New Hampshire,
and amused himself on the way by frequent re
sorts to the contents of a mysterious black bot
tle which he had with him. Suddenly the ceaeh
came in contact with a large stone, which, with-
out doing any other damage, deprived Billy of
hi equilibrium, and down he rolled upon the
"Wofn thunder yer doin't" aaid Billy;
" bow com yer to tip over!"
The driver informed him that the (Ug had
not been overturned at all; and the passenger
assured Billy that Jeha was right
Billy approached the vehicle again, aad re
mounted slowly to his former seat outside.
"Didn't npsat, d' yon say?"
" Not at all," replied the driver.
Well if I'd a knowed that," said Billy,
ItetuldnU ma' got off!"
Swallowed a Hole.
The other day, Jimmy, four year old, found
on of those bone-rimmed circles, which, I be
lieve, ladies call eyeleU, and while playing in
the garden, swallowed it The family were in
the house, busily engaged with a work on ety
mology, when Jimmy ran in with hi month
wide open, and hie eye distended to their ut
most capacity. His mother caught him by the
arms, and trembling with that deep anxiety
which only a mother can feel, inquired
"What is the mat UrT What has happened?'
"Water!" gasped little Jimmy, nearly cared
to death.
It waa brought him, when after drinking co
piously, be exclaimed:
" Oh, mother, I swallowed a hole!"
"Swallowed a hole, Jimmy!"
" Yes, mother, swallowed a hole with a piece
of ivory round it!"
A Big Kettle.
The Burlington Sentinel tells the followinr
joke of Captain Lot Chamberlin, of Lake Cham-
plain notoriety, who is a wit, a good fellow, and
a live Republican:
The captain was coming " np" from the city,
t'other night, on tbe train, and casually remark
ed to a crowd of listeners, (the CspUia is al
ways crowded,) that he had laUly seen, in New
York City, the largest potash kettle ever cast
in the world. It waa immeasurable was six
teen incnes mice, soim cast iron, tne ear
weighing eighteen hundred pounds apiece.
"What on earth was the object for such an
extensive kettle!" quoth an inquiring greeny.
"Te dissolve the Union in!" said the Cap
tain, very solemnly, looking at hi watch, aad
asking what tim o day it will k yesUrday,
and what o'clock it was to-morrow.
"I'll Tell Pa."
Oae of our citiians, who ha Uksn some pride
for .everal yew in cultivating a fall erop of
. " uviui
uo.uw, rmD Mu, eiuw. , uuo aoacnt, aa i
inexperienced barber spoiled hi whiskers in I
trimming them, which so chagrined him, that
be directed the barber to make a clean job of
it, by shaving whisker aad meusUche both off.
Th barber obeyed, and oar friend' face was a
(mooth and delicat aa when ia hi teen. He
returned home in the night Next morning his
little girl did not recognise him, on waking up.
Looking over her mother, and seeing, aa she
apposed, a stranger in bed, ahe remarked, in
her childish simplicity: "Muter, gst oat of here;
I'll toll my pa on yon, when be comes heme!"
Aa Expert Cook.
A recent traveller ia South Africa furnishes
the following, which is almost too rid for pub
" Sir," aaid one of my men, "there' the rea
diest black cook here that ever I seed; ah
heard that the Governor ia coming, and shs has
been ever tine in a terrible bustle, running here
and there, with a roaring child on her back. I
asked her for a light for my pipe, and ah whip
ped off a pieee of her shift in a moment, rubbed
it ap, greased it, and struck a light with it
She then put down aom soup afore me, tore
off another rag, cfesaea a spoon and th tabic
with it, aad thea stack it into her eleevefor
another tim. She' aerer at a Iocs for any
thing, sir."
Profitable Sato.
A few day sine, a good old lady of Boston,
meeting a farmer In the street, oa a load of hay,
inquired if it waa for sale. Oa being answered
ia the affirmative, she asked him to torn hi
team around, and drive to her husband' yard,
aome quarter of a mile distent Her request
was complied with, and after reaching th bare-
yard, th old lady informed him that ah only
wanted a cent's worth of hay for bar hen nest,
and that while k was throwing it off, ahe would
just step into th bona and get th change!
Th driver was usgaUaat enough to cane the
old lady, aad th baas, and refused to retail hi
la Denjerare, every oa ia '
boo and atockiaga.
'Esq.," that wear I
A New Receipt for Sleep la
Our friend the Thakoor, also visited a, and
he exeased the aoa-appearance of hi Bttl eon
on the ground that he waa asleep under hi wa
terfall. I had almost omitted to meatioo the
eorioM habit of the hill people to which thi
phrase ef the Thakoor' relate. Whenever a
woman wish to pother child to sleep aha take
it to one of the numerou place for this par
poe, which ar all over the mountain-si dee,
wherever there ia water. They consist of a
abed, or sheds, la which there are stone troughs
filled from the running stream; and from the
troughs are little pipes made of reeds, or hoi-
. ... , ...
low stems of trcco, which spout, oat water with
a gentle trickling fall, under which the child'
bead la placed at the distance of a few inehee.
The effect is almost Immediate. Tbe child
dose iU eye aad iU month and fall into a
profound, sweet and healthful deep, which en
dure o long as it is left under the water-apoat.
I have seen dosena of children thus lying fast
asleep; aad a far a I eoold ascertain, no evil
effect whatever can be attributed to the
practice. It certainly seem aa admirable
preparation against cold in the bead; aad if a
devoted mother would only make the expert
meat in thi country and it were found m
ful, she would be regarded as a blessing to her
peeiea, in Introducing each a delightful
torn pleasant to children, and Invaluable to pa
rant. ZMery ia India.
Techaleal Word.
Ia reading, we frequently come across words
with which w are onacqaainted, and which ar
necessary to give as a foil idea of the subject.
To obviate thi difficulty, w eive a defiaitiea
of some of the more common word:
A firkin of butter, 56 B.
A sack ef coal, 124
A trees of straw, 36
A tav of hamp, 39 "
A sack of fleur, 98 -
A quintal, 100 -
Apiggotofsteel, 120 M
A truss of hay, 56 "
Abash, 80 bosh. ,
A kilderkin, 18 gala.
A barrel, 36 "
A hogshead, 56 -
A puncheon, 64 "
English prices -current often speak of the pri-
ce of wheat per quarter to reduce thi to bar-
rsls, multiply the price by seven, and divide,
and it will give the price, at the earne rate, by
th barrel. Thus: If wheat is quoted at 56 shil
lings a quarter, multiply 56 by 7, aad divide by
19, and it give th price, 33 shilling 8 pence a
The Egg ia the Bottle
The London Field explains the mystery ef an
sgg in a bottle, which has often pusxlsd people.
This is how it got there
"Take a good sound egg, plac it ia ftroog
vinegar, allow it to remain twelve hours. It
will then become soft and elastic. In this sute
it can be queexd into a tolerably wide-mouthed
battle; when in it most be covered with water
having some soda ia it In a few boom thi
preparation will rector th egg nearly to iU
original solidity, after which the liquid should be
poured off and the bottle dried.
You need not tell anybody the hea laid it
there while in a soft state. Leave the puxsled
to guess it
Things to be Remembered.
If yen do aot keep your paper, eat this ont
and put it wher you can find it:
A mrreyor't chain i 4 poles, or 66 feet, di
vided into 100 link, or 793 inches.
A aquare chain is 16 square pole; and II
aquare chain is an acre.
A pole is S yards. Aa acre, 4840 square
yards, or 69 yards, 1 foot, 8 iaches, each way.
A aquar mile, 1760 yards each way, is 640
acres; hair a mile, or oou yard each way, u
160 acres; a quarter of a mile, or 440 yards
each way, is a park or farm of 40 acre; and a
furlong, or 220 yard each way, i 10 acre.
Remedy for a Felon.
W find th following in th Auburn Daily
"A lady who had been troubled for come time
with a felon on her finger, give a simple reme
dy from which ah experienced great relief, and
which enabled her to obtain sleep for th fint
time in many nights. It waa to cat a hoi in a
lemon, and wear it on the finger like a thimble
tbe felon being encased in the fruit"
Junior Applied to Female Name.
It is seldom that a mother aad daughter hav
ing the eame Christian name are distinguished
otherwise than as Mr, and Mi; bat a single
insUnce ef the daughter' being called Junior
has eeme to my knowledge. Among the gran
tee ia tbe charterter of Iraaburg, Vt, appear the
name of Jerusha Eno and Jarasha Inoe, Jr.
weU kncwn to u ft, Md of 0M
-t Am Hi irw ,.i r.-.
Batter Biacalt.
Take tw teacup of butter, and rob it well
in seme dry floor; then add two eggs well baa-
ten, and on quart of sweet milk, with flour
enough to make a very stiff dough. Kaead it
well, and then add to it one-half iu six of light
dough; knead together, aad let it ria. When
light, roll it out aad cut it iato round cakes;
prick with a fork, and bake.
Breathe freeh air if yoa weald Eve long. In
New England, farmer, who pas their day oat
of doors, Iiv to an average age of 64 year.
Th average age of persona who have ia-door I
occupation at death is, in Mahuttt aad
Rood Island: Shoe auk era, 43; tailor, 431
editor. 41; druggiaU, jewellers, and teachers.
from 39 to 40; machinists, 38X: printer, 36.
Freeh air, therefore, almost doable a man's
life, while it mora than doable his capacity for
A California letter-writer says: " When a
siek Indian ia given ever by th Medidn Maa,
they proceed to bury him at oae. It' ao aa
to make a fuse about it they're bound to and
him. Oa one occasion, they toek aa old chap
oat and boned him, in spit of hi atraggios, and
left him. Th next morning Mr. Indian appear
ed again. He had eeratobed oat, aad at last
bccoubU was aa good a new.
The Scientific American ha mad a ealcula-
tioa that there are at least 200,000 amoker ia
the city of New York, who apoa aa average
io two cigars a day, making the total
consumption 400,000 par day. Th sea, at an av
erage coot of fear eeaU each, will amount to
$16,000 daily consumed ia amok ia that city
alone. This make $5,840,000 aanaaDy.
Schiedam, the "Schnapps' town, in HoTUad,
has a population of abeat twelve thoaaaad fly
hundred, a large portioa of whom ar engaged
ia the herring fishery. The maanfactar of
gia, for which it is particularly noted, give m
plc7meattoevcrtwohaalrdditflJrieaV AniafUHU receipt for the care of (Use-,
i lafallibl
Tile WeeMr Press
?Ti Waiv Faxes win eater apoa a New
Volam with the apwoaching New Year.
To asy.wjerely, that war paper has beeaaoo
eeesfal, wjold ai to gtve far too weak and In
definite ai idea of ear position--for, not waly
has Taa Wtavt Tarn beea eaUblUhed on a
t feBndation. bat it is, ia
reality a marr electa example of the degree of
favor whJb a rightly codobcku
Literary, Political, aad Newt Joaraal,
aaa receiwt at the hands of a liberal and en
lightened pobEft, Oar most grateful thanks
are tendered for the patronare already Stow
ed apoa as, and we shall spare ne efforte
which aaa; serve to render the paper even more
attractive, asefsl, and popular in the future.
The FcxmcAi. course of thcWxxxLT PatM
aeed aot kj enlarged npon wre.
steadv. aad faarieaa.it ha battled, anwarertng,
w sry defence of the
against Eraocrrm UawaTtow, and anfalr and
tyrannical legislation ; wver declaring and ad
hering to me dortrtne that Ponrun Sonaxioi
tt const! tates tbe fundemental basi of our free
Institanots, and, that the intelligence and patri
otism of oar -eitiseas will always be preserva
tive of a wise, lost,, and salutary government
These art the principle to which Ta Was,
iv Pus ha bees committed, and to these it
will adhere. .
will onthvae to be the subject of anretnitting
ear aad attention, and all diligence be employ
ed to makethia paper a compendium of all the
Erindpal event of interest which transpire at
ome and abroad.
The LrmaaT character of Tat Wxxxlt
Pans, now aniversallv acknowledged to be of
an elevated stamp, shall not only maintain iu
present high standing, bat shall be enhanced by
important and valuable contributions from able
writers. Deeming mrrr or moaaLS the great
safeguard of private happiness and public pros
neritv. we ahall carefully exclude from oar
columns every thing which may reasonably be
objected to on the score of Improper tendency.
The fields of pure literature afford sufficient
material to make an AcecrTasLB Family
NxwaPArca, containing all tbe elements of excel
lence, without a sinele objectionable line ;
and the proprietor of Tub Wexilt Pbbss may
justly claim that no head of a family need hes
itate to let it columns go under tae nonce or
any member of his household.
The reneral feature of the napor, in addi
tion to iu Political and News DenartmenU, will
be Poetry, Sketches, Biography, and Original
aad Selected Tales, choeen for their lesson
life, illustration of history, depicture of man
ners, and general merit and adapted, in their
variety, to tbe tastes of both exe ana an
Commercial Department,
Due car will be taken to furnish our readers
with correct and reliable reports of tbe produce
and cattle markets, made up to tne latest nour.
Among the agreeable variety of articlea in
tore fer the patrons of Tub Wixilt ran,
may be mentioned that we acall commence.
oar New Yoiume, the publication of
an Original Novelette of surpassing interest,
written br an author of acknowledged ability.
The story will run through aeveral number of
tae paper, ana will be, in lueir, wortn more
than the sum required'for a year' subscription.
In a word, it will be endeavored to make
Ths Wbbbxt Pais continue a favorite Faa
lt Jovbnal, embodying all the characteristic
of a carefully prepared newspaper.
IT Subscriptions are respectfully solicited
Te those who propose patronising the "Wbbblt
nxss" promptitude in forwarding their orders
for the New Volume is earnestly recommended,
as, from present indications, it is beleived that
large as th edition may be which will be pnn
ted. it will not Ions; be in our power to furnish
back number, ia which ease disappointment
must occur.
One espy, one year, $3 00
Three copies, one year, 5 00
Five copies, one year, . 8 00
Ten copies, one year, T2 00
Twenty copies, to one address, at rate ef
11 per annum, SO 00
Twenty copies, to on addma ef each
subscriber, 24 00
Any person sending us a Club of Twenty or
more will oe entitled an extra copy, we con
tinue to send Taa Wbbblt Pbbss to Clergy
men, tor si.
Subscriptioa may commence at.anv tim.
Term always eash in advance. All letter to
be addressed to JOHN W. FORNEY,
Na. 417 Chestnut Street,
Tile Dollar Dealer,
For IS50.
For twenty years the "Cleveland Plain Deal
er" baa been owned and controlled, Published
and Edited by the same individual. It ha
never missed a publication day aor scratched a
Democratic Ticket. It baa feueht it way sin
pie-handed against all opposition until it has a
National circulation and a national repuUtion.
From Main to California the Plain Dealer i
known and read, and it never was in so good a
condition pecuniarily, or in better plack. politi
cally, to fight the battle of Democracy than
now. f or toe coming year it will do particu
larly devoted to ropuiar sovereignty !
It ha aninst hirh authority, dared to advo
eate the right of " the people of a territory as
well as a sute, to regulate their domestic in
stitution ia their own way," and it will contin
ne to do to against aaid high authority, "tbe
world, the flesh and the devil." Against all
Leeompton Constitutions, sisve codes, and tbs
re-opening of the Slave Trade, thia Paper is
devotedly dedicated from this time, henceforth
and forever :
"Come one, come all ! Thi rock shall fly
From iU firm base aa won a I !"
Beside the current New of the Day, the
Plain Dealer will eon tain in each number a
TALE , Correspondence from a best of Contrib
utors, and Telegraphic Reports from all part
or tbe world.
Th CommerctacDepartment will be under the
sole charge ef James Brokenahire, Eaq., who ia
acknowled to be one or the beat market report
er in tne country.
Tbe Local Department will tie presided over
by that original and laughter provoking genius,
Artomns Ward, Eao-' whose Letters, Joke.
Oddities and Qui di ties, ar alone worth the
price of th paper. In abort w ar prepared
to present one of th best aad neatest aad
cheapest family Newspaper ia th Wert.
Single Subocriber, per year, $1 30
" " for six months, 1 00
Clb of Tea, per year, 10 00
All over Ten Copies, to on Post office, I 00
To each getter ap of a Club, one copy extra.
Errost Masters are requested to act as
AJewete MMuwtraU ore espeatea la am as
arenU and to loo ao tim ia getting every be-
leiverin Popular Sovereignty, no matter to what
party be may belong, to taae in is paper. Mow
i th tim to bestir yourself preparatory to
the next Presidential Campaign.
Those who want aa account of th opening
of tbe New Congress, tae organisation or the
New House of RepreaenUtivec (which will be a
protracted and rich affair, a majority being
- Oppoatioa,") th President' Message and
Reports of th Departmeau, will commence
tbeirsubariptloaa December First, Tbe new
Voluma will commence January 1st All pay
menU to be made ia advmaee. Address,
J. W. GRAY, Cleveland, Ohio.
Lifitn ail Flir!
IRATE just received a lot of good Liquors
from St Leal, each as bar never beea ia
thi city before. I har Boarboa from th old
country, aad Com awa a good aa ever was
aaed. and Bread v from Sgaia- I have also a
let ef good FW oa head, which I will sell as
ww aa caa be heaagha a the dry.
Mf.KsaTHft aVUJWjnSW4V
Wtoaiaftaa, D. C.
We would earnestly iavrto the attention of
our democratic rrienaa throagnoat tne union
to the wHtUf edition of oar paper which I
publiabed every Saturday morning, aad which
has already met with each marked aad flatter
ing eoceeaa. Tbe "Weakly CooaiuUoa" ia a
large and beancfauy printed sneet, combining
the advantage of a political and family n ewe-
pa per- it i mad ap of the moat important
editorial article which are publiabed ia ear
daily iasa ; will contain during the session of
Coagree eareruuy preparea aosiracu oi toe
proceedings of both hooaee, funiabes authentic
information of the proceeding of the various
depart menu of the Government, for obtaining
which we have peculiar fadlitiea ; all palenu
iasned ar published ta full ; all changes In,
diseontinuenee of poet offices regularly appear;
and contain, besides a large a moon t of well
elected nrisceHaneou news, together with the
latest markeU and telegraphic intelligence, do
mestic and foreign. The "Sabbath Reading"
eoblished ia the Daily of Saturday evenior is
refrularly transferred to the Weekly, aad this ia
a birnly intereetinr lea tare oi ue paper, and
meeu with great favor. Nothing of a ateteri
nature will be admitted ia thi department
With a desire to bring before the people tbe
principle and measures of the Democratic Par
ty, and at the same time furnish them with aa
acceptable mawa joaraal, we offer the paper at a
price barely sufficient to pay tbe coat of paper,
printing and packing. The terms as follow :
For one copy, $3 per annum ; 3 copies, for $5;
5 copies for $3 ; 10 copies for $15 , SO eopie
seat ta ana addrtat. 35. Subscriptions may
commence at any time.' Daily paper $6 per
annum ; semi-weekly, ft per annum, vtam
erata, pot your shoulder to the wheel; posh on
the column, and it will not be long, we trust,
antil yon will enable na to circulate a hundred
thousand copies weekly ef this great paper.
K7" Editor giving this notice a eeasefcawae
insertion will retrieve the "Constitution" reg
ularly in exchange, provided they send a copy
of their paper marked. Those who already re
ceive an exchange will, we trust, also publish
this notice.
Shore's Biral New Yorker,
thi lab Bar ciactrLASBO
Agriealtnral, Literary It Family
ST 0. 9. T. M00XX, S0CHS3TX2, N. T.
Twit Tlrtrt in a Vn CI fn it, mAnlh
pfjTo ciu0. and ArenU a follow s 3 Copies
one year, for $5 ; 6, and one free to club agent.
for $10 ; 10, and one free, for $15 ; 16, and one
free, fer $23 ; 20, and one free, for $26 ; 33,
and two free, for $40, (or 30 for $37,50,) and
any greater number at the eame rate only
$1,25 per copy with an extra copy for every
Ten Sabacriber over Thirty. Club paper
sent to different post-offices, if desired. As we
pre-pay American pottage on papers sent to
to the British Provinces, our Canadian agenU
and friends must add 11 i cents per copy to the
club rate of the Rctbal. The lowest pries of
copies sent to Europe, c.,ls only inclu
ding postage.
AnvBBTisBMBwr.-Twenty Five CenU a
Line, each insertion, payable in advance. Our
rule ia to give no advertisemenU, nnless very
brief, more than six or eight connsecutive in
sertions. Patent Medicines, sc., are not adver
tised in the Rbbai. on any conditions.
Tbb Postasb oa tbb Rdbal, ia only Zi cU.
per quarter to any part of thi State, and 6
eenU to any other Sute if paid quarterly in ad
vance at the poet office where received.
The Prairie Farmer.
Tbb TWBWTT-rtBsr volume of this old and
popular Agricultural Paper will commence on
the first day of January, 1860.
It will be the aim of the publishers in the fu
ture as in tbe past to make a paper that ahall
be a favorite with the Fanner, the Horticultu
rist, and at the fireside. In each department
we shall endeavor to assist In improvement
and instruction, and make it a favorite with the
younger portion of the home circle, by so treat
ing of subjecU that a desire to more thorough
ly understand the true science of farming shall
prevail, that the calling may be looked upon as
it really is, the most healthful and independent
one known.
Tbe list of practical contributions will be
much enlarged another year, and no expense
necessary to make it tke Agricultural Paper of
me west win be spsred.
The peper will ever be found the working'
man i mena and advocate.
Termeof tbe Prairie Farmer for I860.
On Copy, one year $3 00
1 hree Copies, oae year 6 00
six Copies, one year, and one to agent 9 00
One additional copy to the club agent for ev
erv ten copies over ci x.
t or each one of fifty persons sendine the
flrst Hsu or twenty subscriber on above terms,
after this date we will give a Bound Volume of
I hb raaiBiB r ABaBa for tbe last hair or the
present rear.
To tbe nrst six persons, who will tend as IisU
of fifty or more subscribers on shove terms, w
will jriv a copy of Webster' Unabrutaed Die-
neaary (pictoral edition) eonUiningJitrra aaa
are illustrations.
Friends of Tub Pbaibib Fabbbb. yoa can do
amen to extend tne seruineee and circulation
of Tbb Fabbjeb. Will yoa not try T
We will send sample copies and pro spec tog ea
free to sny who will try to extend iu circula
Addrei EMERY ft CO.,
304 Lake Street, Chicago, 111.
A Benevolent InatUutian eatakUtked kf aaecial
Cnatatamant, Jar tke Relief of fa Stek and
DtUKMtd, afflicted witk Virulent mud
EfitUmic Diaeaaea.
JL of the awful destruction of human life
caused by Sexual diaeaaea, aeveral year aro
directed their Consaltinr Surreon to open a
Dispensary for the treatment of thi das of
diseases, in all tbeir forms, and to giv MEDI
CAL ADVICE GRATIS to ell who apply by
letter, with a description of their condition (ace,
occupation, habiu of life, fte.,) and, in case of
extreme poverty, to rUKNlsix MEDCiHES
Tbe Director of th Aaaoeiatkm, la tbeir
late Annual Report express tbe highest ta tit
faction with th tooeeas which haa attended th
labor of their 8urreons in the cure of Snerma-
torrho)a,Seminal Weakness, Gonorrhoea, Gleet,'
Syphilis, the Vie of Onanism or Self-Abu,
Disease of th Kidnevs and Bladder. Ac and
order a continuance of th nci plan for th
ensuing year.
Aa admirable Report oa Spermatorrhoea, or
Seminal Weakness, th vie of Onanism. Mas
turbation or Self-Abase, and other di tes te of
th Sexual organs, by too Coaaalting Surgeon,
OF CHARGE, oa receipt of two STAars for
Adreaa,far Report or treatment, DR. J. S KIL
LIN HOUGHTON, Aetiar Sargeoa, Howard
Association, no. I Boats If iota Street, rhila
dclphia, Pna teptl.M-ly.
WORK, or. Every oa hi own Doctor
Belnc a Private I Detractor for married nersoa
or thoee about to marry, both male aad female.
Ia everything eo Beaming the physiology aad
relation of oar sexaal system, aad the prod ac
tios or prevention of oTftprine:, melodise; all th
aew discoveries never before riven in the Eg
tlah language, by WM. YOUNG, M. D. This
ia really a vaiaab! aad Interesting work. It to
written ia plain language for the general reader,
aad I maatrated with apward of oa hundred
eerrajrinr. An vownratarried people, or those
eontearplating marriage, and having the least
impediment to married life, should read thi
book. It dtoelot ecreU that every one ahomld
be acquainted with. Still it to a book that most
be locked ap and not II about the bouse. It
ail be seat to any oa oa tbe receipt of twenty
five ecau. Addrce DR. WM. YOUNG, No.
41f Earac fit. above Fos, FUladetBaae-
Taa Tuscan now more thaa tightest years
old, and having over Two Hundred The u tana
subscribers, or oonatant purchasers, diffused
throurh every Stats aad Territory of oar Uaioa
will continue la meaeo what it h at been -th
earnest champion of Liberty, Progress and
of whatever will conduce to our national growth
ia Virtue, Industry .Knowledge, and Prosperity.
It will continue to urge the emancipation not
only oi tne uiaea laborer from enawien
hmnlim. hni at Am White likewise from
Land Monopoly, Intemperance, Ignorance, and
that dependence oa remote MarkeU which par
alyse exertion bv denying to Toll any adquto
and morally certain rewai d. Believing that the
htr evil nf anr time la the Inordinate mult! pli
cation and disproportion of N on-Producer, it
will continue to war against whatever tenda to
degrade Manual Labor or deprive it of iu just
and full recompense. It will tasexioiy com
mend the policy of winning hither from Europe
tbe Uaeful Arte, aad, wherever they may be
eadMl. the Artiaana aa well fbrwhooe prodocU
our eeantry to now running recklessly into debt,
whn nnr iM mam in frnitlaas oucst of em
ployment,, leaving their children in want of
bread, though the farmer is too oueacompcueu
to sell hi crop at most inadequate mice. In
abort while hatilinc- arainst Filibosterism and
every other manifestation or that evil spirit
which etk throncb. the spoliation of other
couatrie that aggrandisement wbicn is io oe
trulv attained only throaeh th du develop-
meat and cultivation of our internal reeoorces.
It will urgently advocate a mar effectively
discriminating Tariff, the Freedom of tbe Pub
lia Land, the aoBStrnetioa ef a R railroad from
the navigable water of th Mississippi to those
of tbe Pacific, and every other measure which
teems to a calculated to enhance the dignity
or tbe recompense of Labor and promote tne
.H K;. r Mankind.
The "irrepressible conflict" between Dark
ness and Light, Inertia and Progress, Slavery
and Freedom, move steadily onward. Isolated
acts of folly and madness may for th moment
giv b seeming advanUge to Wrong ; but God
still reipis, and tbe Apes are true to Humanity
and Right. The year lew must witness a memo
rahlammflict between these irreconcilable anUe
onitU. The question J"Shall Human Slavery
be further strengtneneo ana ainaneu u i-
ar end nndur the flew of the Federal UttioB 1
Is now to receive a momentous If not cone hi wive
answer. "Land for the Landless, versos Ne
groes for the Negrole" is the battle cry of th
embodied Millions wbo.having just weptPrin
ylvam's, Ohio and the North-West, appear in
the new Congress, backed by nearly every
Free Sute, to demand a reeogm'tioa of every
mii'i ripht ta cultivate and improve a medio-
cum of the earth' urfee wherever he ha not
been anticipated by the Sute' cession to anotn
rr. Free Homes, and the consecration of the
virgin soil of the- Territories to Free Labor
two requirements, but one policy must largely
ahaom the attention or conrress laroua toe
entuinir session, as of the People in ths succeed
in Preaidential eanvaas : and. whatever the
immediate issue, we cannot dewbt that the ulti
ma'e verdict will be in accord at once with the
dicutea of impartial Philantbrophy and the in
alienable Riehu of Man.
Having made arrangements for fuller and more
graphic report or the doing oi uongreas, anu
of whatever else traspiring at the Federal Me
tmnolia ahall aeem worthy of PoM iereeard. and
having extended both our Foreign and Domestic
Correspondence snd strengthened our Editorial
suff, we believe Thb Tbibohb may ssfely chal
Icnee a comparison with any rival whether as an
exponent of principles or as a reliable mirror of
tbe passing world. W c purpose not to do Bar
passed nor anticipated in tbe collection or pre
aenUtion of intelligence, though we eschew that
repuUtion for enterprise which is acquired by
bribing messengers and clerks in public offices
to connive at the premature publication of trea
tiea or other official documenU. We prise aeeo
raey of sutement quite as highly as prompti
tude, but endesvor not to sacrifice the latter
while securing the former. Essentially, Tbb
TaistmB will be what It baa been, while we ahall
eonsnUtly study to improve iu every feature,
and "make each day a eritic en the last." The
general verdict of the Press snd the Publie has
affirmed the success of our past labors, and thoee
or tbe future shall be characterised by equal
earnestness and assiduity. We ask thoee who
believe the general influence of our journal to
be salutary to aid us in extending tnst innuenee
through an increase of our subscriptions.-
is printed en a large imperial sheet, aad pub
Iished every moraine snd evening- (Sundsys ex
cepted.) It conUins Editorials on the topics
of the times, employing a large corps of tbe
best newspaper writers ol the day ; Domestic
and Foreijm Correspondence ; Proceedings of
Conereas : Reporte of Lectures ; City News
Cattle, Horse, snd Produce MsrksU r Reviews
of Books ; Literary Iaulligenee ; Papers on
Mechanics and the Arta, Ac, Ac. We strive
to make Tar Tbiscxb a neutemaper to meet the
wanU ef the public iu Telegraphic news alone
osstiag over $15,000 per annum.
THE DAILY TRIBUNE I mailed to cub-
scibers st t6 per annum, in advance : S3 for
six months.
The New-York "smi-Weekly Tribaao
is published every Tuesday and Friday, and
contains all the Editorials of the Daily, with
the Cattle, Horse, snd General Markets, relia
bly reported expressly for THE TRIBUNE
Foreirn and Domestic Corresponeoce ; and au
ring the seeione of Congress it contain! a sum
mary of Conrreseioanl domes, with tne more
important speeches. We shall aa heretofore.
Literary, aa well as a political newspaper, and
we are determined that it shall remain ia the
front nffk of family papers.
One copy 1 year $1 1 5 copies I year $11.35
Two eopie 1 year, $5 10 " te 1 mddreea $30
Ten Copies, to addrtta of tatk aukaenker,
$3.20 each.
Any person sendine; us a club of twenty, or
over, will be eauueu to aa extra copy, r or a
club of Fifty w will sead th Daily Tribune
one year.
to Clergymen at $3 per annum. .
Th Near-York Weekly Tribune,
a larva eirht-nare nanor for tbe eoantrv. I nob
tisbed every Saturday, and contain Editorials
oa th Important tonie of th time, th now
of th week, intereetinr eoiiesnendeneo from
all part of th world, th New York, Cattle,
Hon, and rrodne MarkeU, Interacting and
reliable Political, Mechanical and A rri cultural
article, ftc, ftc.
We (hall, darinr thi year, as hitherto, eon-
sunt I y labor to improve th quality of tbe In
structive entertainment a forded by THE
WEEKLY TRIBUNE, whieh, we Intend.
ahall eoatinae to be tbe beat Family Weekly
Newspaper published in th World. W eon
eider the Cattle Market Report alon richly
worth to eattl raisers a year' Bnbecalptioa
On copy, 1 year, $3 I 5 eopie, 1 year, $8
3 copies, 1 year, $5 1 10 copies, 1 year, $13
Twenty copies, fa e addrtat. , . $30
aad any larger number $1 each.
30 copiea, t aaaVtes if each noterHtr, $24
aad any iargeraamberat $! each.
Any person sending aa a club or Twaaty, or
or, will be entitled to aa extra eepy. Far
a club of fifty, w will sead the Semi-Weekly
Tribune; and for a A ub o( one hundred the
Daily-Tribane will be seat rratia. W eon
tiaae to send Tarn WaBaxr Tuawn to Cler
gyman for $1.
Subecriptiona may commence at any tim.
Terms always cash ia advanea. All letters to
be addreesed to
Tribune Building,
Naesaai I tract. New York.
TTTILL araotSe la all Ue Cowrt of Deal
VV phaa. fiowe the adjoiaiBS Centiee:
pay taxe for bob rcaidenU, and bay sad sell
laada. rarticalar attentioa paid to col I actions
ia Kansas, Nebraska, and North-West Miaaoari
JLU received, per Steamer Wm. Camebell,
aad far sal bv . WIVXIX.S-
ar -.
sob na arxisT eras ot . '
Utamitteat Fever, or Fr r . .
Kamiaeat rarer, Chin Fever
Ago, Periodical He4acke,Vm k
neadacne,and Billoa. FewiTr
fcr th whole das of iiulr
mtUmt ta biliary t?
If o on remedy to loader etlltd v-"
aeomitim of th American TawpUiw
aod asf ?r for Fever and aVT
wo ar teow enabled to offer, wS 7l JS
rtainty that it win eradicau thi F1
and with aaraiance. founded on Braef?1
teo hams taa sria from iu aj mLr
tity. 7Tas.
That which protecta from or
disorder moat be of immense mtnirT-
eomrnnnitie wher it prevails, fy,.
Better than cure, fcr the patient
risk which h must na in violent ataZL
thi baleful distemper. This "Cvm-T
the miasmatic poison of Fxvu abb jt
from th system and prevent ths dW?
tnent of ths disease, if taken-on theta'
poach of ito premonitory ymptcaCi"
not only the best remedy ever yet dionl"
for this clam of complaints, W iLT!
heepest. Th large quantity w tuj,?
dollar brings it wtthio the reach i Lz
body; and in, bQiaadtftricta, wher
Ajro Aocb prevails, every body should W
and na it freely both for rare and rm
It is hoped this price will place wntriaa
reach of aO the poor mwcU mtht tick 7
great superiority ef thi remedy ev J.
other ever discovered for the speedy aid 17
tain cur of Intermittente is, that it eor&
atyaQni-nrne or mineral, ecoeaneniiy jJr
daces too quinism or other mjunoas L
waiflrrer upon the conttititakin. Thwstna
by it ar left as healthy w if thty had .
had th disease. J-aart
Fever and Ague !s not alone th axeiQaat.
of the nuaamatic poieon. A great vtrirtyof
disorders arise from iu irriUtion,smoovaiA
aro Neuralgia, Rheumatism, Gout, Btadick.
Blindness. Toothache, Earache, Catarrh, A.
tnav Palpitation. Painful Affection ef tu
8pleen, Hysterica, Pain in th Bowtn, Coin,
Paralysis, and Derangement of the Sioeicl
all of which, when originating in tha earn
put on the intermittent type, or become pnwj.
IcaL Thto "Cum" expels the poooo too
the blood, and consequently cum tbna tg
alike.. It ia an invaluable prottctioa te insu
grenU and person travelling or temporarily
residing in th malarious districts, ft takm
BCfaakaially or daily while expeetd to the b
faction, that will be excreted from theiraea,
and cannot accumulate ia (uScieat qutnuir
to ripen into disease. Hence it even Bon
Tela able for protection than cure, and fro via
Over suffer from Intermittent, if they crul
themeetvc of th protection this remedy oV
Ayer's Cathartic Pills,
arc to eompoatd that tactic within tke faareel
their aetaao aan rarely wnnstaad er mdetLaa.
Their penetrating propertiea search, aad eiauM,
and tDvigoTaU every portion of the kaana enna.
tamv correcting fts dieeaard action, sad KMaraf
Bts healthy vitalities. As s eoaieqaeace ef flaw
propertiea, ths invalid who it tewt cava vita
pain or phyaieal debility ia aatooiahed m fed as
health or energy restored by a remedy at aaai a
simple and hwitmg.
Not only do they cure the every-day eonrnttics
of every body, tint also many foraudiblt awl
dangeroaa diaeaaea. The aavnt below ataaj a
pleased to fumnh gratis my Amrrina Aiaaae,
aontaininr ecrtiaeatcc ef tbew cares aad emi
foitheir use in the following eompltiatt: Cam
note. Heartburn, Htadatht anting from aVavans
Stomach, Ntmtea, Indigntian, Fatm m mad MwrM
Inactxm of the Bomit, flatultncy, htm tj A?m
tUa, Jaemdiee, and other kindred ceaipitaa.
ariaing from a low iUU of th body ar ebnraeaoa
of iu fuAcOona. They are au rxcellnit alunare
for the renovation of the blood aid lb mure
turn of tone and strength to the itkck irbuuws
by disease.
Ayer's Cherry Pectoral,
bob tbb bafib eras or
Congas, Colda, laf aeata, Hoaxseaea
Croap, Bronchitis, lacipieat CoBtanp
tioa, aad for tke relief of Censamsbvr
Patients la advaaced atagc f It
Bo wide ia the field of itt uiefulneee easMt
merooa are the cues of iu curve, that tiwat
every section of country abound hi penem ft
hW known, who hare beea reetored froct tkmuf
aad even deepen la diaeaaea ef the bust bj m
aae. When race tried, iu euperiority over rmy
other medicine of ita kind it too apparent to mxtm
ebearvarjoii, and where it virtaca are knows, u
publie no tenser hetitaU what aandote ta entity
tar the diatreaaing and dinreroae aaevtieat ef Be
pnlmomary argent that are incident to ear tin.
While many inferior remedies thrust asoa tke
community have failed and beea diaetnritni
haa gained friend by every trial, conferred bestaa
on the afflicted they caa aerer forget, tad we
dueed euree too numerous sad to reaiiriB
b fbrgousa.
DU. J. C. A YER & CO.
Sara ve k Maey, White Cloud , KaBaas. .
Dr. J. W. Reed, Iowa Foist,
McAllister A Lett, Lafayette , "
A. J. MiraVer, fflgbkad, "
Fcter A N epbler, Oregon , M .
Zook A Baldwin, Forest City.
Barnard A Co, St. Loaia, wholctalc
Van Lear. BritUin A Hardy, St. Joseph.
And by ArenU ia every town in the Cei
States. feb.lT,-'7-
Tt&i tad Stereotype Foandry,
a Txamxr nruiiBH w Aixsoti.
EsUollskei U 1840.
r a nfur a r
S7 and 88, Loeutt Strut, SU LaJi
fTTTFE-FOOKDERS, and dealers ia all B
i at Praaaaa. Plain and OmameaUl T7!'
News,Book and Colored rrinting Inks, roV
News. Book, Cap, Letter, Envelope, Celerea
and Manilla Faper. . t mjl.t
We are prepared to rumian ew-r-
nma. at ahart notice, aad at Eastern f-
Becidec Type of oar owa maaafactare, w
fill orders selected frees th PJLwv.
L Johnsoa A Co.. Cindnnali Type 0,"TL'
Conner A Sons, Whit A CoOco. ?Tr
Wood Type, from Well A i !
Wo are also the Mtborised AgeaU fjJ7
A Co.. Tavlor A Co., Cincinnati Tyf FeaW'
J. D. Foster A Co., 8. F. JTZtuiU
MannfaeturUf Co.. aa xton-Twa
Free. , .aiaaate4
Any aewvpeper wabllslitBg m
uA...f l aollars. aae new- a -
y-i wui
puebae, ive timee ta aaw - pa
Ileewotyping xatd at
t.perior manner. TlJ1.
oet. B.ai. a.'-" -
HATT50 refitted aad Mj"lf"rJLr
aedine cetabHehmcat, lam bow rT"
XX eardi
.1 ICC'
rerk lathe
r.a-w --.il
oaabl rate
aa aU ethers, may rely apoa beiag
tod with prompt.
CmA mmi rnaaaeteat WCrani"
fcoea ompioyaa- ...t
I will be prevared to d. -'JTU.
let of July.
Ta oawacae " " , AMrCBr
thoold ataad
, ; Plasterer,
a. IB Bis una, swen - ,ilt en-
U., oa short aotiee, .1 rcaaeaac FTM
ia tha ver best stylo. -

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