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HL IIILU, - - - - - EDITOR.
TtirsJij: : : : : : BI17 19, i860.
. About Played Out.
It i amusing to notice with what wa
Vum soms of the pipers of Kimu speak
of tbs feet that ber delegatee are istnrnc
Ud for Ssward, aa if tbat.ia all that ia rs
qnirsd to pnt him throngh. Especial
dependence ia placed upon the influence of
Mr, Phillip, who, it ia asserted, waa tbs
popular eorreepondent of the New York
Tribune in fact, the inference ia left that
Mr. Phniipe' letter gave the Tribune a
major portion of ita popularity ; while
the truth ia, the fact of these letter being
in tba Tribune, waa the only thing that
caused tbem to be read by any respectable
number of people. We hardly think,
when it eomea to the Chicago Convention.
that Phillip can get up with his osaal
self-aasaraoce, and command how this
sad that ahall be done, and the Conven
tion meekly say MYee," and "glory to
Phillip,' aa is the practice here in Kan
aa. ...
The fact is, Kansas haa been spoiled.
Bba furnished all the capital for the last
Presidential campaign, which haa led
torn of ber most zcalons people to im
agine that ha haa only to express ber
wish, and the great Republican party of
the nation will obey. They seem to think
that, aa her dancing has so delighted the
politicians, ahe haa only to ask, and the
Chicago Convention will aend her the
bead of the Republican party on a char
ger. But let ns suggest that Kansas is
almost played out. It is folly to suppose
that the Delegates from the great Stites
of the Union will resign their will to the
Kansas Delegates, to propitiate her three
electoral votes and those three votes by
no means certain to be included in the
great count. There will be other inter
eats to be considered ; and Kansas, if ahe
is allowed a voice in the Convention at
all. may be thankful if she possesses an
influence in proportion to the number of
her vote.
As a great political hobby, Kansas has
bad her day ; and the sooner her ardent
people realize this fact, quietly subside to
to tba station of common folks, and seek
for favor and influence only upon their
merits, the better it will be for them.
Tub Chablestoh Fizzle. The Dem
ocratic Convention at Charleston has pro
ven a magnificent fizzle. After the aeces
aion of Southerners, the two-thirls ruled
conld not be rescinded by the Convention
proper, and about sixty balloting! were
had, Douglaa receiving less votes on the
laat ballot than he did on the first. The
Convention then adjourned, to meet at
Baltimore, in June. The Seeeders
Convention adjourned sine die, after rec
ommending the Southern States to sp
point Delegates to a Convention to be
held at Richmond. 8ome of them con
tended that they still had a right to meet
with the other Convention at Baltimore,
and proposed io do so, and to endeavor
again to accomplish their ends. What
will be the result of the Balimore Con
vention, the Republican ticket then being
in tbe field, it ia difficult to guess. They
art in a bad snarl, and it is undoubtedly
written that they are to be beautifully
cleaned oat."
New Codkterfeits. That black cal
endar of coin and currency, Peteesors
Coubteekit Detector, for May. has
reached as, and gives the cheering news
that counterfeit gold dollars have flooded
tba City of Philadelphia of late, but may
be detected by the absence of the word
LntEETT, in small letters on th Indian's
bead dress ; also that since the issue of
the April number sixty-five new counter
feit bank note have been put into circu
lation. Three of these are on Pensylva
Bin Baaka, via : Fivea of the Bank of
Cheater Valley, Coatsville ; Fives of the
Bank of Lawrence County, New Castle;
and Five of the mechanics' Bank, Pitta-
burg ; also a dangerous Five on the Sus
sex Bank, New Jersey.
' ' "Dee Dectsch Cootaey." Tbe deck
of the Emilie, wbich came np Wed nee
day morning, was literally jammed with
passengers. W learn that they were
tba German colony from Western New
York, which haa been aent out to settle
at Arago, in Richardson County, Ne
braska, where agenta soma time since
purchased a large tract of land. That is
th way to settle a country. These emi
great will add largely to the industry
and wealth of Richardson County, for we
doubt not they have plenty of the "yellow
t3T Bat short time ago, and with
wiat a "vim every Donglas psper in
tbe land paraded the little coincidence
that the Charleston Convention wonld
meet on the Little Giant's birth day.
Since the Convention has proven a die
graceful fizzle, we have heard but little
concerting Douglaa -birth-day. We
wonld call this little circumstance to the
attention of member ef other parties,
who are indulging in a similar species of
'Attention is called to another
column, where will be found notices of
two mora excellent book issued from the
publishing bona of George G. Evana, of
Philadelphia, to be accompanied with j
Gift. ! I
Coming to tbe Rescue.
Two weeks ago, it pleased as to give a
few Oregon items, containing tome troths
unpleasant to certain parties. Among
Others, we touched np an individual who
haa been making himself conspicuons as
a Pro-Slavery mouther, while he never
owned a nigger. We did this the more
heartily, from the fact that be haa been
for a long time paying particular atten
tion to as and our concerns. Thst per
son bad no acquaintance with as, and we
certainly bad never done anything, di
rectly or indirectly, to injure or offend
him ; yet during two years past he haa
seized upon every possible occasion, in
crowda and on the streets, to bemean and
abuse the Chief, and our self personally.
These things, as a matter of course, came
to oar ears, through friends, of whom,
we are happy to say, we bare msny in
Oregon. We let the fellow pass, bat
treasured np his favors; and when he
laid himself open in a matter of public
concern, we gave bim a blizzard. There
are others over there of the same stripe,
who will be remembered at a fitting op
portunity. Last week'a New come to the rescue
of this person, in a column article, at
tempting a reply to the Chief and a
very flat attempt it is, too. The editor
commence in a very calm, mild manner,
but cannot help showing his teeth before
be is throngh. The strong point in his
argument is, that the individual allnded
to ia in the last stsge of consumption.
For that he is to be pitied ; bnt it does
seem to as that it would better become a
person in that condition to be preparing
for death, instead of standing on the street
corners, abasing one who never injared
him, and attempting to incite a mob to
commit personal violence upon peaceable
neighbors, for daring to entertain opin
ions at variance with his own. Yet the
News takes np this msn's defence, know
ing bim to be in the wrong.
While we have onr hand in, we may
as well air our sentiments generally. The
Newa accuse as of meddling in the affair
of its citizens: That's so oars is a free
and independent paper, in favor of free
sentiment and free speech ; and in its
columns we will defend the rights of men
who dsre to call their Bonis their own,
against those who would oppress them,
we care not whose citizens they are and
especially shall we do this, when their
home press is t-but sgsinst them. The
News is edited by a vacillating, pliant,
cringing, lickspittle tool of the nigger
drivers, who will kick him out when they
are done using him. He waa born and
reared in a free atmosphere, and, we
doubt not, taught the principles of free
dom ; therefore, the more shame to him,
that he has voluntarily become a tool, in
order to curry favor with men who own
niggers. Free State men are not allowed
a decent hearing throngh the columns of
the News. They have respectfully asked
it. and have been peremptorily refused
and all for fear of displeasing trader in
human flesh. If need be, we can give
name and cirenmstances. On the other
hand, any Pro-Slavery man has free ac
cess to the columns of the News, particu
larly if he wishes to denounce and slan
der Free State men. Under these cir
enmstances, the Free State people of Holt
County can be beard through the column
of our paper, whenever they ask it ; and
if they desire as to write ont their senti
ments in a style to suit ourself, we will
do it. Tbe ssme spirit that governs the
conduct of the News, once prevailed in
Kansas, but haa been banished beyond
her borders.' We have often thought, if
we shonld take a notion to change oar lo
cation, just aa like aa not we would move
oar establishment across the river, and
open our batteries right there in the vil
lege of Oregon.
We are not through with onr Oregon
items, by a long shot Ere long, wa in
tend to give a thorough showing np of
certain so-called minister of the gospel,
who, instead of preaching " Christ and
Him crucified," preach crucifying Free
State men and nigger, in order to win
the approving smiles of niggerdom ; and
who encourage tba mobbing, tarring and
feathering of other ministers, for not be
lieving in the Divine practice of selling
nigger babies away from their mother.
The New will then have something to
how over big. The only reason why ws
da not ventilate the (object right hers and
now, while the spirit moves ns, is, that
we expect to be absent from oar poet for
a brief period, and will not be able to
follow the subject np properly ; for we
expect to be able to prodnce persons and
papers to substantiate what ws intend to
aay ; and when ws commence the busi
ness, ws mean to "ait up" with the
News, and all the scribblers it can call
to ita aid.
After that, we ahall change the pro
gramme, and give what the News will
probably call a "dirty attack," which
he invariably rings in, every time he al
ludes to tbe Chief. Ok, those "dirty at
tacks I" how they bother him. We are
preparing with great care, and will give
to the world, a series of papers with tbe
following original and unique title : " A
few bright particular spota in the career
of an amorous pedagogue : ahowing bow
competent teacher were discarded, and
be appointed in their stead, bees use be
waa ' right on the goose ;' bow he taught
school like h 11 ; and bow all the large
scholars, of the female persuasion, grad
uated the first quarter 1"
We now give th News one month's
time in wbich to get it " Ebenezer" np,
and come at us " end-way." We will
not be ber to reply, and Ansel will have
fall sweep. He may never again have
such an opportunity, and we advise him
to pnt ia hi time well.
True.--We copy the following perti
nent and truthful article from the Em
poria Newa, which hsa been one of the
most radical of the Republican papers of
Kansas, whose editor, we belaive, ia eith
er a Seward or Chase man oar impres
sion was, that he was for Seward :
A majority of the Republican party of
Kansaa undoubtedly prefer tbe nomina
tion of Gov. Seward aa the Republican
candidate for the Presidency. It ia also
true that a very large and influential mi
morily mnch prefer either Bates, Chase,
Lincoln or Fremont. ' Now would it not
have been good polity, aa well aa aimply
jutt, that thi minority should have had
one representative at least in the Chicago
delegation T
There is a very serious discusssion now
going on in the ranks of the Republican
party as to the strength of the various
candidates proposed. The Republican
who stands the best chance of carrying
the doubtful States is the one to be nom
inated. In determining the question,
pertonal preitreneet have nothing to
do, whatever ; and tbe friends ot all tue
aspirants, being needed to carry the elec
tion of whom is nominated, should have
a hearing. If it is to be this or that man
or nothing, then the party may aa well
prepare lor a defeat. Hut if men are con
sidered only as a means of securing the
triumph of a principle, enccess is meas
urably certain.
Tbe Republican party of Kansas is
yonng yet and haa many things to learn.
One of the most prominent of these is,
to let personal quarrels alone and atiek to
the legitimate business for which it was
organized. It msy, perhaps, take a good
drubbing to learn it these things. If so.
it might as well take it sooner aa later.
u- -
' ' River. The Missouri still remains in
about the same condition reported last
week. Since oar la&t issue, the following
have been the arrivals :
Up. Omaha, Thursday ; A McDow
ell, Friday ; Hesperian, Snnday ; Emi
lie, Wednesday.
Down. Hesperian, Thursday ; Emi
lie, Saturday ; Omaha, Sunday ; Izetta,
Monday .x
t3T The Topeka Tribune issues an in
flammatory extra.to announce the fact that
John Ritchey will not permit himself to be
arrested for defending himself against a
man who endeavored to kidnap bim with
out showing any authority for it. We
suggest that the Tribune next aend out an
extra to inform the world that the citi
zens of Topeka are opposed to burglars
entering their houses.
5kW akefield dc Mortoh. The Card of
this new firm of Architects and Banders,
will be found elsewhere in onr columns.
Wakefield haa been among as for three
years past, and his work shows for it
self; and we have assurances that Mr.
Morton is an excellent wokman. They
are prepared to contract for all kinds of
work in their line.
I "Pe-eaI" Sayrs presented as, the
other evening, with a very fine piece of
cutlery something with which to defend
oat. honor and virtue. . He has mora left
of the same sort ; besides goods, hard
and soft, wet and dry, of every descrip
tion, which he is selling cheap. Msy
Sayrs live a thousand years. Ws "hol
ler" on him I
t3T The Printer, for Msy, haa been
received. It contains several new type
specimens, and descriptions of new ma
chinery, together with a vast amonnt of
practical information for printers. Any
printer who neglects to subscribe fer this
valuable work, deserves to loss his "sit,"
and be classed as a "rat." New York
only $1 a year.
1 1 A Blow. This neighborhood was vis
ited by a heavy gust of wind, on Toea
day night, which blew down sheds and
stables, capsized chimneys, shattered trees,
and shook things generally. It waa ac
companied with sufficient rain to lay the
Spoekt. The Virginia Republican
Convention, which met at Wheeling, last
week, recommended that the next Repub
lican National Convention be held at
Richmond. Wouldn't the old "Mother
of States" scold, if each a thing should
(fAn Eastern Court haa recently
decided that Lager Beer is intoxicating.
Several scientific yonng men oat this wsy,
have been endeavoring, by patient person
al experiments, for a year or more past.
to ascertain the same fact, and have don
so to their entire satisfaction.
' t3T The Knickerbocker, jovial, jolly,
glorious old Knick., is here for May,
richly freighted with productions ef the
highest order of literary merit wit, sen
timent, and philosophy wa need aay no
more. Published in New York, at 93 a
f X&Am exchange says that mosquitoes
have already made their appearance at
Charleston and other Southern cities.
Mssqnitoes mads their appearance bare,
mors than four weeka ago. Ws ascer
tained that from their email bSU.
7 47 The District Court is now in sec
tion at Troy. It ia now. we believe, con
siderably over year since this County
waa laat favored with a Court, and there
is doabtless a vast amount of business on
docket "
7 3T The annual meeting of the White
Cloud City 1 Company, take place on
Monday, tlit 14th inst.
Special Waahingtoa Correspondence
Washioto CiTT. May 3, I80U.
Editor Chist: It having been ao
long since I last paid my respecta to yoo,
perhapa you begin to think I have wan
dered away and neglected my auuee.
But I have been keeping a look-oat opon
public affair. . and will now proceed to
make amends for my recent neglect, by
sending yon a few items of interest.-
One great subject of excitement here,
is tbe Covods Investigating Committee,
and the Presidents late messsge. I in
timated, in my last, that the President
wonld endeavor to escape by declaring
tbs action of Congress unconstitutional
His message prove the correctness of my.
conclusion. In fact. I denv all my in
formation from such direct and reliable
source, that there is no possibility of my
making misstatement.
Aa I hinted in my last, the President
sent for Walsh, of your Territory, to
coma and declare tbe action of Congress
unconstitutional, as be was used to doing
inch things, bnt Walsh declined to do
go npon what ground ia not precisely
known, hot said to be beeause Buchanan
owna part of a certain large hotel at
Lawrence, which is a rival of Walsh'a
hoUl at Lecompton. For bis disobedi
ence, Walsh ia to get his walking papers.
Secretary Case "tells me that Bee be, of
yonr County, will probably be appointed
to the office vacated by Walsh, but with
tbe express stipulation that be is not to
go into the hotel business during his term
of office. Buchanan is interested in ho
tel at many prominent points through
out the country, to which he directs the
Government patronage, and ia said to be
making a handsome thing of it.
A new trouble to the President, is the
publication of his Kansas letter to Gov.
Walker. Old Buck realize that be is
abont "gone op the spout," at all events,
and ssys it ia not the publication of the
letter that now grinds him, ao mnch a
the fact that he spent an enormous amonnt
of money in giving dinners and enter'
tainments to Walker, expressly to sugar
him off from exposing that letter. He
showed me a memorandum of said ex
penses, which foot np to over 850,000.
I understand that be is about entering
snit against Walker, for tbe recovery of
the amount
Walker and Attorney General Blaek
have also gotten into a mass. It origi
nated rather queerly, as I have it from
good authority. It was ascertained that
Walker carried the Kansas letter con
stantly in bis breeches pocket; and Black
conceived the plan of stealing it wEile
Walker was asleep. He accordingly
entered Walker's room, seized a pair of
breeches, and decamped with them. In
the pocket was a piece of manuscript,
which,' he doubted not, waa the coveted
letter, and immediately caused the word
to be circulated that iiucbanan never
wrote Walker snch a letter as had been
represented, and that whosoever asserted
otherwise, was a liar and a forger. Up
on subsequently examining the paper, he
discovered a woful mistake. The bree
ches were a pair that had just that even
ing come from the washerwoman, and
tbe paper was simply tier but lor a
month'a services as laundress I Bnt it
waa too late to recall the word that had
been sent forth, and it soon reached
Walker' ears. He thereupon challenged
Black, bnt the latter declined the honor.
and refused to enter into any correspond
ence. The reason ia obvious. If he en
tered into any explanations, he wonld
have to confess the commission of bur
glary, which wonld leave him in a worse
pickle than before.
Another exciting topic here, has been
the Potter and Pryor affair. A wonder
ful thing is made of it, by those who are
not in the secret. Bnt with my superior
advantage for obtaining correct state
menta of all matters, I am enabled to
dissipate mnch of the capital that has
arisen out of this difficulty. At the very
time when the warlike correspondence is
represented aa having been going on
when Pryor was in Virginia and Potter
could not be fonnd a couple of well-
known Congressmen went on a shooting
excursion oat the Bladensbarg road
Passing near a cluster of hay-stack in a
retired situation, they heard voice ; and
creeping noiselessly up, who should they
behold but Potter and Pryor sealed on
the ground, playing euchre to decide
which should back oat, the second tn
ding by, deeply interested in the game I
r"al 1 . .
ineynaawon a gsme eacn, and were
playing th third Pryor standing four
point to Potter's three, and Fryer's deal.
He turned the Jack of Club, and took it
np, having the right, ace and seven
while Potter had the left. King, Queen,
and ten. ' Pryor waa euchred, and Potter
made hie five points! It waa then agreed.
in order to aav Pryor'a reputation, that
Potter shonld have himself arrested, after
which, Pryor should accept hia terms 1
This affair haa caoaed mnch talk and
. i Sf
amusement nere. senator cewara m so
tickled with it, that be contemplate giv
ing a big dinner to Pryor, Chisman,
Keitt, and Hindman !
The difficulty between Senator Clay
and Clingman, who indulged in a fisti
cuff ra Senatorial caucus, haa been ad j lis
ted. It has been reported that the diffi
culty was on account of Douglas. . So it
waa, indirectly, bnt Douglas ws not the
immediate causa. -Tba Presidency waa
under discussion, whew Clay remarked
that be wonld as'soon, live on bog, bom-
mooy and whiskey, aa to sot Donglas
President. Clingman pronounced this a
alar and an insult upon th citizen of
North Carolina, and demanded a retrac
tion, which being refused, he kicked Clay
in the paunch, and in tarn Clay punched
him in the eye, seating him upon the
floor. Something more serious was ap
prehended, but through the intervention
of friends, they settled the matter amica
bly, by expressing mutual regrets for
what had happened Clay regretting that
Clingman kicked him, and Clingman,
that Clay knocked bim down and bung
ed bis eve. Clingman ia a friend of
Donglas, and it ia thought that hia get
ting worsted in thia affair ia an Indication
of the weaknesa of the Douglas cause in
the South.
There are a number of members of
Congress who literally obey the Scripture
injunction, and let their speech be only
"yea, yea," and "nay, nay." Among
thia class is one Martin, of Virginia. But
npon a recent occasion, he seems to have
been so extraordinarily inspired with the
gift of gab, that be managed to get off at
least half a dozen words in connection ;
and the miraculous delivery evidently so
elated him, that he made one or more
repetition of the same words. ' While
Lovejoy was delivering his famous tirade,
yoo will have observed, by the reports,
that Martin interrupted him' several
times, telling him if he went to Virginia
they would hang him aa high aa Ham an.
And to give hia words a terrible mean
ing, he added, aignifiaantly, that be spoke
thua at a Virginian f This effort is sup
posed to have been a bid for the Presi
dency; and I am told that hia claims
were favorably canvassed in the Seceders'
Convention at Charleston.
This brings me to the subject of tbe
Charleston Convention. You have no
doubt heard of the blow-up down there ;
and a dispatch haa reached here, to the
effect that the Convention proper has ad
jonrned to meet at Baltimore, in June.
Let me tell yon, there is a good deal of
humbug in that operation. The Dong-
lasites first tried the game of admitting.
through their papers, that the Repnbli-
cans might be able to beat Douglas with
Judge McLean, and with him only.
They expected the Republicans would
immediately pitch in for McLean, nomi
nate him, and vacate his seat npon the
Supreme Bench, when a tool would be
appointed in bia place. But they beheld
a greater danger threatening their party.
The Bates feeling was rapidly on the in
crease, and they dreaded bim. They
well knew that if the Republicans felt
sure of electing Seward, they would no
minate him by a treroendona majority.
So they got np a shim quarrel and dis
solution down a Charleston, to induce
the Republicans to believe that, with
such a division in the Democratic ranks,
Seward or any other man they chose to
nominate could be easily elected. They
have now adjourned, to watch the effect
of tbe ruse. They expert that tbe Re
publicans, full of confidence, will meet
and nominate Seward ; after which, the
Democracy will again assemble, at Bal
timore, aa peaceably aa if nothing had
happened, nominate Donglas, and elect
him 1 , 1 have this from the lips of Don
glas himself so that yoo can rely npon
its correctness.
But the President believes every word
of these reports. He is in high glee over
the apparent failnre of Donglas, and is
now on a big drank. He has a peculiar
way of getting on a spree. He gets bis
liquor all ready ; then, after expressing
confidence that the All-wise Being in
whom he haa ever placed bi reliance)
will not permit him to drink more than
is good for his stomach's sake, he pitches
in, gets beautifully tight, and swears like
a trooper 1
It ia (opposed that Senator Bigler will
vote for the admission of Kansas. Thia
great change may not be understood by
all ; bnt the secret haa been intimated to
me. He haa given op all hope of a re
election, and at the expiration of hia term,
contemplates keeping a atallion in" Sou
thern Kansas. Hia brief experience in
that line, during the land aalea of 1857.
convinced him that it wonld be a profit
able business, if properly followed, and
he rather liked it. He knows the admis
sion of Kansaa wonld bring in the set
tlers; and th mora settlers, tbe better
his -fastness.
A dispatch haa jnst reached here, sta
ting that a supposed insurrection haa been
detected in one of the mountain Counties
of Virginia, . Suspicion were first erooe
ed by tbe discovery of sn incendiary doc
ument, in thia wise: A soiled piece of
paper was found in a fence corner, which,
npon examination, proved to be a piece
ef tbe New York Tribune. . Near by waa
discovered a substance interspersed with
huckleberry seeds. An investigation waa
instituted, by which it waa ascertained
that a Western Reserve cheese peddler,
who had passed that way, bad eaten very
heartily of preserved huckleberries, at a
tavern about five mile distant, the day
before. Hundred of men are now in
pursuit of the peddler, bo aa yet he has
not been taken. A detachment of ma
riaes has been sent by tbe President, to
aid in tbs pursuit ; and the Governor of
Virginia baa issoed a proclamation, com
manding every person in tbs Stats to
keep hia cows in a secure enclosure, un
der the penalty of having them shot; and
ordering all tba wheat stacks to be strong
ly guarded. , If tbs peddler is eanght. be
will be hang, and bis cheese confiscated
t the Stats.. ; - -, a vC:;.
Tbe Chicago- Convention ia looked
forward to with interest. I contemplate
being present, and may writs you from
there. Yoars,
Gbeedt. The Middle State are
claiming that they are entitled to th
President on the Republican ticket, this
time. Upon what principle they make
the claim, we are nnable to divine, unlets
it be the principle that the mora ons has.
tbe more be ia entitled to. With aaingl
exception. New York or New Jersey ha
had one or both of the candidates on the
Opposition ticket for ever twenty foar
years, and perhapa still farther back. Io
1836, Francis Granger, of New York, waa
the candidate for Vice President. In 1840,
was- the aingle exception.' In 1844,
Theodore Frelinghnysen. of New Jersey,
waa the candidate for Vice President. In
1848. Fillmore, of New York, for Vice
President, and afterwards became Presi
dent. Van Boren. of New York, waa
likewise a candidate for President, the
same year. In 1852, Scott for President,
whose borne waa partly in New York and
partly in New Jersey. In 1856, Fre
mont, claiming New York aa bia home,
for President; and Dayton, of New Jersey.
for Vice President likewise, Fillmore, of
of New York, for President During the
aove period, tbe Democrats bav also
had candidate from these skates. Yet,
notwithstanding the foregoing fact. New
York claims that, if ahe cannot have
Seward for President, ahe mast have
Preston King for Vice President.
O Doccmknt. If person in tbe differ
ent Township of this Connty, Brown
and Nemaha, will send ns lists of all Re
publican voters in their respective Town
ships, together with the names of such
Democrats as are open to light, knowl
edge and repentance, we will forward them
to the Republican Committee, at Wash
ington, that they may be supplied, during
the coming Summer and Fall, with value
ble campiagn documents. Let this mat-
ter be attended to witbont delay.
ffJ?X3T The Holt County New apologi-
res for the non-appearance of a comma
nication. from the fact that, when partly
set np, the manuscript blew out of tbe
window, and waa lost. The compositors
in the News office, ought to learn o fol
low copy!
W One of the Virginia Delegates to
the Chicago Convention, is said to be a
Postma-rter in Montgomery County, down
among the monntains. Decapitate him
he cannot be depended npon to search
out and burn incendiary mail matter I
C 3T The emigration to the gold mines
is immease. The roads in evety direc
tion are crowded, and if the rush contin
ues, some of tlie Western Statea will seri
ously lose in population. .
IJ" X3T The little stern wheel steamer,
Gus Linn, ran on a snag, an I aank, on
her trip from Sions City to Council
Bluff, several weeks since. Boat a total
"tST The Rnlo Guide, after a suspen
sion of about aix months, hi again made
its appearance, under the control of its
former conductors, Messrs. Kirk A Her
gesheimer. . , ,
3 V The Whippoorwil) made it ea
son's debnt iu these parts about two weeks
ago, and has since been discoursing its
melancholy notes during the boars of the
night. . .
1. far For a coo pie of days past, the
weather haa been uncomfortably cold, ren
dering fire by no means disagreeable.
And this with the wind in the south, too.
TThe papers announce that Herr Ka
cbelberzer is dead. Sorry for him. Won
der who hia wife will marry next ?
Fifty seven ballots have been bad by
the Charleston "Rump Convention, and
no nomination hsa been made. Upon
the laat ballot Donglae had 15U and
Guthrie 651;. The proposition to adjourn
to meet at iialtimore in Jana doea not
seem to have met with mnch favor.
Douglas' friends, it ia said, will stick by
hira to the end. They sppear to be de
termined to "rule or rnin." ,
Battiasoreaas Spraa4iBf Theanelve.
Baltimore, Msy 2.
Great preparations are being made
here for the meeting of tba Constitution
al Union Convention, which rneete here
next week. Recent events st Charleston
give thia Convention, it ia thought, , in
creased significance.
Orrosmos Victoet ix Philadelphia.
Henry, th Opposition candidal for
Mayor of Philadelphia, ia elected by a
decisive majority. . A close veto waa an
ticipated, and the election of Robbina, the
Democratic candidate, waa fearod by bia
opponent. The election of Henry ia a
good omen for Pennsylvania. ' , . ,
F. P. Blair, Sen., and Wm, Martha!,
are delegates at large to tbs Chicago
Convention from Maryland. ' Mr.' Blair
will be one of tbs moat Snflnential mem
bers of tbe Convention.' He bad mnch
to do with securing the nomination of
Fremont in 1858. ' ', '
. The Legislature of Rhode Island ia Re
publican. Tbs Spragna combination
elected only 15 of the 32 Senators, and
bnt S3 of tlie 71 Representative. . Aa
before stated, no United 8tatea Senator is
to be chosen by- this Legislator. ..
Tbe candidates for tba Baltimore' nom
ination are red need to foar, Tbs only
name now prominent are Messrs. Mc
Lean, of Ohio ; Bottt, ' of Virginia ;
Crittenden, of Kentucky; and Bell, of
Mr. Henry is re-elected Mayor of Phil
adelphia by c 815 , majority,, in 60,000
vote . east. - Thia shows .tba People's
Party in' Philadelphia to be about 5,000
J stronger than it was tar year ago.
Deleraxee AUte4 ta ta rv.
. Whieuso M.y. 2. igso
The Republican Stats Con,,:.. "
called to order at 10 o'clock it -large
and enthusiastic meeting rl,
galea are prwent from all part, of
Hon. Alfred Caldwell and E V v
ton, of Ohio countv. J. C UaderLj
Clark coonty. and W. W. gSt rf.
Montgomery coonty. were tDno;-.., ?'
egatea of the State at large to th r-v
:.v rn .. . . " silica.
k www - wiui tun a 1st net m.
tions and alternates. .
Wilson of Indiana and Blair of V
aonri addressed the convention ia u
and affective speeches, and amid totfa
n applawe. Great enthasiasnt prtra"
Richmond was recommended by n!l
Intion as the plsce for the next Nionf
Repnblican Convention. ;
The Committee en Resolutions riportJ
a lengthy address, with a serias of 7
tions. pledging support to the ChieJ.
nominee ; favoring a tariff afforJing
taction and encouragement to then
ducta of white laboring men of onr e
try; equality of rights among citia"
and opposing proscription on accoontof
opinion or place of birth ; denoaocin.n,
action of iho administration wgirdi,,.
impressment of naturalized citixem
ting the country of their birth; approric,
the Homestead Bill ; favoring a n
colonization of free negroes.
Mr. Norton, one of the dele
large, states that if Bates is nominate! K
Chicago, the Republican party can carrv
Virginia in 1864. 1
From tbe Cincinnati Gautic.
Our Special Washington Diipatcfc.
Douglae' Botktrt look BlueMotifa.
tion of the Xkaraguon md Mtxita
Treaiiet England u ActictJ,f.
Davit on DovglatKantat LaU.
Tahi!IOTO!I. May 1
Douglaa barkers look fearfully bias
to-day. All of them that had any mos
ey staked their pile npon him when th
secession took place; ibey thonght th
thing waa .lead sore. Their small change
is in a bad wsy.
Senator Simmons retnrnsd to day. sal
is now prepared to submit to the 8eot
bis propose-! amendments to the Nicer,
gnan and Mexican treaties, and bnt littli
donbt exists as to their ratificfitioa.
The developmnls respecting the inter
est taken by England, in qnirting the
Mexican difficulties, have opened the erm
of Senators, who are now aatinGed thu
nnleaa thia Government acts promptly, it
will be too late.
Mr. Davis of Mii-wippi, will speik
in the Senate npon his Territorial rel.
tions on Monday next. ' Tie is eipetd
to make a slashing speech, and will p
his respects in a handaome style to Dung
las' new fangled doctrine.
Gen. Ward B. Burnett, Survivor Cet
era! of Kansaa, ia bore, preparing re
port of work done. Eight hnn-lrel (ana
sand acres New York Indian land, mi-1
to be the finest in Kansas, will bt throws
into the market in Jnne. T!iee lie xwih
of the road from Independence to. Sa!t
Lake, and contain abundant anpplin of
the finest coal. Gen. Burnett has exam
ined closely the geological fealnret oftbt
conntry. Alfsi.
Donglas is defeated, even in the "hnn
of his friends," where he was thonght to
be perfectly safe. Tbe votes of tbe em
ding Statea were not allowed to be tH
in making the nomination, yet a majori
ty of those remaining determined that
two thirds of the entire electors! vot
shonld be required to nominate Tfa
was the fata! blow, and so intended tr
msnv who are bis professed friends. Tie
number of votes in Convention. Harinc
the first twelve ballots, wss 242. 0s
tbe first ballot he bad 145 votes, wbic
were incressed, on subsequent trials, t
150. or 52 Jess than the required res
thirds, and 2 lesa than a majority of tht
whole electoral vote. Thia failnre -terly
disappoints bis over sanguis
Bates i the Nobthwest. A corres
pondent in Minnesota, under dst
April 20, writee as follows :
Yoo are aware that about this lime to
Great West is to hsve some voice is tbs
Presidential election. The right bub t
be nominated ia Bates, who is a besd sl
shoulders above most of his compeers,
talent and acquirements, which, with M
Iocs! and political position, winecort
the Republicans tbs election. Csa he tt
nominated t I shonld like also mjM
friend. Wm. Pitt Fessenden. forth Tic
President. Btlo Journal.
Northern Democrats most foel hHf
complimented by the remarks of Mr.
rowa,.of Arkansas, ia tbs Cbrl
Convention, last Saturday. - "H T
idered them worse thn Black Repw
cana 1 H did not car whether th'
Repnbl.csn whipped them. "f?,,Z
pad tbe Black Repoblieana. Of
ha considered toe tJiacx , 7,
th most open and manly fo w
8ontb." I thia the guerdon earned.
ter years of devotion ts 8Ievery
part of Northern DmocrtT Q '
Tba Charleston Convention
admit the delegates who offered U
. ..t J T ;.?. ta ISUISW"
selves, who uu c--- .w
tbe Tvrritory of Kansas- Of eaorM
had no jast claim to participate -action
of th Convention, unless on m
mttted into me uoiu. -nenet
ident next November. .The De-?
at Charleston bav voiaea ""
ly soconragiBg My. "r"",
event now resting with a Deta
8enata.,,....- . ' - J
A New York correspondent of tbs
timora Patriot write : " "-TVTlis
with great ears to acerUin.-
tat of pobli Mtng 'a "
nomine, of the Chicago Cowg
I adhere to tbe opinion that J"f
wm be elected. I tbmk I
from tbs figures that Jadge
Kava asven mere votes on
tbaa aay oo else.
' "' ' ' i li rmsif "
Cwni. He-era
8avaas. OT'i tk
Ona'hnndrsd jgnn were
battery thia sveninf tk
drawal of the 6optberp J?....

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