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$)e Kansas l)ief.
Tknrsiay, : : September IS) 18M.
Wc will take any quantity of clean cotton or
linen rags, at 1 cent per pound, in payment for
subscription, advertising and job work. Sare
your rags, and get something for than, instead
of casting them away. No other kind will be
taken than such aa are named abore.
The Game Plated Out. If any game
was ever completely played oat and ran
into the ground, that gams decidedly is
the cry of Abolition conspiracies, plots
and insurrections, upon the eve of impor
tant elections. It is so ntterly stale, that
we had supposed even the craziest South
ern fire-eaters would abandon it in dis
gust. Bat instead of doing so, they ap
pear to have entered into the business
more briskly than ever. The papers are
filled with the dreadful Abolition conspi
racy in Texas ; and the excitement has
not abated, before news comes of the dis
covery of an Abolition plot at Memphis,
and an Abolition conspiracy in Halifax
County, Virginia. It will bo observed
that these plots are always revealed just
in time to prevent their execution, and
that the names of tho instigators are not
discovered. In Texas, we believe, somo
fires have occurred, and it was supposed
that tho agents in the business were sev
cral preachers who had been driven out
of the Stale a year ago. One Dr. Charles
Pry or seems to have a monopoly of the
manufacture of the horrible down there.
One account from there contains the fol
lowing significant sentence, which reveals
the whole secret of this farore : " Noth
ing is left bnt a dissolution of the Union,
which is on everybody's lips 1" There
is bnt little doubt that this is the whole
gist of tho Texas, Memphis and Halifax
conspiracies. They are intended either
to affect the coming Presidential election,
or to aid the cause of the Dinanionists.
If so many fires have occurred in Tex
as as have been represented, they were
cither tho work of persons deputed for
that purpose by the Disunion schemers,
or of somo of the bandits, robbers, ma
rauders, outlaws, or pirates, which com
pose tbrec-fonrtha of the population of
Texas. But tho effort to make political
capital out of theso things will be a total
failure. It was foreordained that Old
Abo should bo clectod President, which
will surely como to pass, and all these
dreadful "conspiracies" will have no
more effect upon the result than the howl
inn of tho wolves on tho Rocky Moun
tains. Furthermore, tho Union will not
bo dissolved.
Don't Lies Him. Tho Rump Squat
ters don't liko Hamlin they don't like
anybody that refuses to stick to lhir cor
rupt faction. They call him a mulatto ;
and thoy hato a mulatto who will not asso
ciate with them ! They are hunting up ev
erything the Whigs used to say against
Hamlin, when ho was a Democrat, and
attempt to argue from this, that the Re
publicans cannot consistently vote for
him. Will they have the kindness to re
member that Hamlin is not the Whig
candidate? The Squatters claim that the
old Whigs are with them. If they tell
tho truth, tho Whig authority against
Hamlin becomes their own in which
case, why refer to it, when their present
vituperation and slanders will answer the
6ameparpose? If they do not tell the
truth, it is bat an additional evidence that
they have rejected the truth in their cried,
and are bat base libellers at best.
The Real Gold Mimes. It is stated
that the wheat crop of Wisconsin this
year, amounts to 22,000,000 bushels,
and that an immense quantity was per
mitted to go to waste .unharvested, in
consequence of the impossibility of pro
curing hands to cut it Harvest hands
commanded 83 per day. Yet thousands
of able-bodied men from Wisconsin,
expended their means, energies and health
in a fruitless journey to Pike's Peak,
where they made nothing.'and returned
empty, having expended their all in the
adventure; while at home enough wheat
want to waste, to have supported all the
people at the mines, just because hands
conld not be hired to harvest it, even at
the high, price of 83 per day I
' Peterson's Magazine, for October,
is before us. It contains a beautiful en
graving, entitled. "Undine discovering
herself to the Knight Huldbran ;" besides
a colored Fashion Plate, and other, en
grariags-This , Magazine p good and
cheaptbe- latter being an important
itenVtnese bard times. Philadelphia-
82 a year. We famish it to our sub
scribers for $1,25 a year.
'TheDlvid Democracy of Kan
eas are even devoid of the poor kope that
anlmatsstheir party ra the States. They
cannot add to their numbers- by unking
with the Bell party ; for that party, to a
nan, baf heretofore voted tjrith the De
mocracy; gfwery and all.
A Model Democratic Candidate.
The Democracy of Nebraska have made
their nomination (with the advice and
consent of the Administration) for Dele
gate to Congress ; and tho recipient of
the honor is one of James Buchanan's
Federal office-holders, by name J. Ster
ling Morton sometimes callcn Hon. J.
Sterling Morton, which might lead the
public to believe that the people of Ne
braska are hard np for Honorablcs ; but
it should be borno in mind, that every
Constable and Land Office Clerk in Ne
braska 6porU the prefix, while men of
calibro and sense discard it. Some ob-
servant writer remarks, tnat when yon
see a man with a donble name, who, in
writing it, gives bnt the initial of the
first name, while the second is spelled in
full, yon may set him down as being ei
ter a very smart man or a natural Dam'
phool. In this connection, we will ob
serve that J. Sterling Morton never bore
the reputation of being a man of extraor
dioary smartness, except where he sue
ceeded in giving ont such an impression
himself. We think the Colleges have
done him injustice, in not conferring op
on him the degree of S. P., ("Small
Ho came to Nebraska from Michigan,
a few years ago, and started a paper at
Nebraska City. Tho first evidence he
gave of jgreat statesmanship, was causing
the impression to obtain among the
" dungarees" of this new country, that
he was the veritable, original "Doe
sticks." We recollect well, when we
first came to this country, of hearing it
from a number of persons, in all earnest
ness and solemnity, that the author of
the "Doesticks" letters was publishing a
paper np in Nebraska City! Morton
gained a wide celebrity npon the suppos
ed merits of " Doesticks," and began to
think ho was cut ont for a great man.
At that time, every man who wanted of
fice in Nebraska, had an idea that he
must turn Democrat. Many persons did
this, who really had more sense, and
ought to have acted more consistently.
Bat we are happy to say that a nnmber
of them have become heartily ashamed of
their course, and are returning 'to the
right path. While men of character
were acting so foolishly, as a matter of
course the " foofoos" followed suit and
J. Sterling Morton acknowledged him
self a " rantankerous" Democrat. He
succeeded in obtaining one petty office or
another, nntil Old Buck discovered his
qualifications and fitness to enjoy his fa
vors. Thereupon Morton became Secre
tory of the Territory of Nebraska.
Since he has been in office and made a
raise, Morton has devoted his time prin
cipally to importing Shanghai chickens.
Berkshire pigs, short-horned balls, fast
horses, and blooded stallions. He did
this for his own benefit and pleasure, yet
it is a great wonder that his newspaper
organs have not cited theso things as ev
idence that ho is tho benefactor of the
farmers and stock-raisers of Nebraska,
Morton has an extraordinary knack at
looking out for " nnmber one." As Se
cretary of tho Territory, he lets out the
public printing to himself, has it done in
the East at very low figures, and pays
himself an enormous price out of the
Treasury for it! In this way, he has
doubtless laid up enough spare money to
buy a large number of Half-Breed votes,
and to pay for the manufacture of any
required amonnt of forged election re
turns. But if wo understand the senti
ments of the people of Nebraska, they
are not ambitions to be represented either
by a " Doesticks" or a Doughface.
Tremendous Exthusiasm I We read
of the tremendous enthusiasm for Dong
las throughout the entire country in fact,
to read the Squatter papers, one would
be constrained to believe (were it not for
the well-known lying propensities of the
machines) that everybody is for Douglas.
A friend of ours hsppened in St Joseph,
on Friday evening last, for -which time
a rousing Douglas meeting had been ad
vertised the speaking to be in the street
The time arrived, the people were drum
med np, and a band of music paraded
the streets, to collect a crowd. They
waited and waited, and at length speak
ing commenced in tho presence of a tre
mendous audience of 25 persons, which
was shortly swelled by the addition of
three more making tho highest number
present 28 ! This, too, in the bustling
city of St. Joseph, where probably one
hundred persons had occasion to pass
the spot where the meeting was held, ev
ery half hour I This, too, at the home
of Jim Craig and Willard P. Hall!
The speakers scarcely alluded to Lin
coln or Bell, but spent all their energies
in abusing Breckinridge I Oh! poor,
dirty, ragged, distracted, miserable, ly
ing, tmeving .Democracy! How art
thou fallen ! Your troubles are greater
than yon can bear I Curse yonr sad fate,
and die !
Douglas is bonnd to carry Mis
souri there is no use trying to .rub that
ont The orator of the Savannah Plain
Dealer announces that, alter muek solid
tation, he has consented shortly to ad'
dress the people of Andrew and Noda
way Counties, npoa the leading issues of
Douglasism. Whia that happens, peo
ple will will lose all interest in the stump
speeches of the "Little Giant" himself!
We mean to employ a reporter to take
down the promised "hosts" of eloquence
and wisdom !
Attempted Assassination at Oregon.
An attempt at assassination was made
at Oregon, on Friday morning last, the
circumstances of which havo been furn
ished ns br disinterested persons, most
of the facts having been testified by wit
nesses at an examination before a Jos
tice. We are told that tho News gives
an unfair -and prejudiced account of the
transaction : bnt that sheet has not been
received here for three weeks, and we
have not seen its version.
Last week; a short communication ap
peared in the Chief, with regard to the
formation of a Breckinridge Club at Or
gon. The paper went over Thursday af
ternoon, and the authorship of tho com
munication, as nsnal, was charged upon
Clarko Irvine. A young law stndent
named Bing. Trigg, assumed tho greater
part of the indignation, considering the
allusion to "Brick Topp, Esq.," as
meaning himself. He borrowed a pistol,
on Friday morning, and proceeded to Ir
vine's office, where the latter was sitting
with his back to the door, engaged with
some important'papers. Trigg demanded.
in insulting and obscene language, wheth
er Irvine was the author of the commu
nication in the Chief? Irvine declined
to answer, unless interrogated in a decent
manner. Trigg thereupon poured forth
a perfect volley of oaths and obscenity,
notwithstanding the fact that a number
of women were close at hand. Irvine
approached him, with the intention of
preventing such language on his premi
ses, when Trigg snapped a revolver at
him, which missed fire. Irvine then
slammed the door in his face, when Trigg
kicked the panels through, and immedi
ately fired, the ball grazing Irvino's side,
and passing out at an open window,
where his wife had just been. Some of
the splinters from the door struck Irvine
on the breast, and thinking it was the
bullet, he exclaimed, "You scoundrel,
you havo shot me!" Trigg walked
away, and remarked to some persons who
were standing around, apparently calm
ly awaiting the result, "I've fixed him !"
Proceedings were instituted to arrest
Trigg, when the Pro Slavery Mayor of
Oregon took himself out of the way.-
The other officers occupied the entire day
in getting ont the nocessary papers, giv
ing Trigg all needful time to escape, if
he desired it; but he not going, a Pro
Slavery Justice was brought in from the
country, in the evening, and an examina
tion had ; after which, Trigg was held to
bail, to appear at the next term of the
Circuit Court, in tho enormous sum of
five hundred dollars, for his base and
cowardly attempt to assassinate an un
armed man 1 The sureties for this im
menso amount, are a roan who owns no
real estate whatever, and another whoso
proporty is covered with mortgages !
The opinion is expressed, that it will go
hard with Tngg to escape the Penitentia
ry ; but we think differently. He will
either be let off with a light fine, or clear
ed altogether. AH the movements of
the officers, from the preparations to ar
rest him to the bailing process, are
enough to satisfy anj one that a jury will
be selected who know just what they are
required to do and they will do it !
There is something in this affair that
slightly concerns ourself. On Thursday
afternoon we were in Oregon, attending
a funeral ; and we are informed that the
chivalrous Trigg was running about town
hunting a pistol to shoot us ! His rage
must have been great indeed, considering
that he felt sure ho knew who the author
of the communication was, and that we
had never mentioned his name in the pa
per, nor alluded to him in any way. It
is a great pity that he could not procure
a pistol be might have won unfading
laurels, as persons, when they attend fa
nereis now-a-days, are not supposed to
go armed, or to feel in any great fighting
mood. We also have reason to believe,
that the person who loaned him the pis
tol on Friday morning, (whose name we
have heard,) did so in the belief that it
was to shoot ns ! It may be that we
will visit Oregon again, before long; and
the valorous Bing. shoald have a pistol
prepared. However, we may not go to
attend a funeral; and if he feels any
ways bloody, we wonld suggest the pro
priety of his having two chips close at
hand, on which to carry away his re
mains 1
Oar belief in this whole matter, from
first to last, is, that Trigg was urged on
in the business by persons who had not
the nerve to undertake the job them
What a contrast there is between
the condact of the disappointed aspirants
for the Presidential nomination on the
Republican and Democratic sides. The
latter, after being beaten by Donglas, have
every oae bolted his nomination; while
the former are every one giving their suc
cessful rival an enthusiastic support all
except one being actively eagaged on the
stump. Seward, the most disappointed
one among them, his made appointments
extending from Maine to Minnesota.-
Bat these things can be easily accounted
for. On the oae side, they are cheerfully
working for principle ; while on the oth
er, they are snarling for pnblie plunder.
P "Fat." The 8ioax City (Iowa) Re
gister issaea a weekly edition of three
sheets for each sabseriber almost the
entire contents being delinquent tax lists
for that and several neighboring Coun
ties. That ought to oar something.
iso. Oar opinion of csmp-Buetings, in
brief, is, that they are iafiaitdy wome
than horse-races. WU they are iaten
ded for good, there is orewieduef, rice
and immorality carried oa there, by per
sons who go expressly for that purpose,
than at any other kind of gathering ;
while the good aeconiplisned, seldom
amounts to mock.
One of them intarestinz affairs was
held on Mosquito Creek, in Centre Town
ship, in this County, last week. On
Tuesday, quite an edifying scene occur
red, immediately after the meeting ad
journed for dinner, the circnmstancesHof
which we have from Tan eye witness,
Two preachers, fa Southern Methodist
and a Hani-Shell Baptist) not connee
ted with the meeting, met and got into a
dianute. Their ambition seemed to l
to see which coold out-slang .the other's
The Baptist said that he dreamed he
went to Hell, and looking all around,
could 6ee no'Methodists ; whereupon he
inquired of the Devil where the Metho
dists were kept. Satan bade him follow;
and raising a trap-door, disclosed the
lowest and hottest pH of Hell, which was
filled with Methodists. The Devil re
marked that the Methodists were so
mean, they were not fit to be kept with
decent people I
The Methodist retorted, by saying that
he also dreamed be had gone to Hell.
The Devil showed him all aronnd the
premises, where he saw every sort of peo
ple except Hard-Shell Baptists. Filial
ly, when they reached the farthest corner,
the Devil opened a door, disclosing a
dismal, stinking and intensely dark
hole; and holding a light in, the
place was found to bo full of Hani-Shell
Baptists, holding close communion!
Thus they went on, until a crowd of
rowdies that had collected about them,
raised theory that they wore a'of pair d d
hypocrites, and had no business there ;
at the same time commencing to cuff
them, and hnstlc them away. The Math
odist was severely beaten, while the Bap
tist got off with some pretty hard thumps.
In view of the fact that tho rowdies evin
ced more regard for religion than the
preachers did, we say, served them right !
Death to Docss. Tho past ten days
have been fatal ones to the dogs. A
great many of them have been poisoned,
and the balance probably escaped by be
ing kept np. The poisoning was accom
plished by means of meat sprinkled with
strychnine scattered over town. We
don't pity tho dogs for there were en
tirely too many, and had gotten to be a
nuisance ; but we cannot commend the
process resorted to as a safe one. That
those who are at the business may know
just where they stand, we give below two
sections from tha criminal law of this Ter
ritory :
Sec. 95. Every person who shall wil
fully administer any poison to any do
mestic animal, or shall malisibnsly ex
pose any poisonous substance, with the
intent that the same shall be taken or
swallowed by any domestic animal, shall,
upon conviction, be punished by confine
ment and hard labor, not exceeding three
years, or in the county jail, not less than
twelve months, or by fine, not exceeding
one thousand dollars, or by both a fine
and imprisonment
Sec. 96. If any person shall wilfully
and maliciously kill, maim or wound
any domestic animal of another, he shall
on conviction, be punished as in tho next
preceding section is provided.
HoNoa Bright. The editor of the
Savannah Plain Dealer complaiae that
some individuals give other persons than
himself credit for editing the paper. We
do not see how they can donbt thet he
does it all. "It may be, they cannot
bring themselves to believe that any man
is so silly as to fill his own paper, week
after week, with sickening, conceited
balderdash laudatory.of himself, bis abil
ities, bis good looks, his popularity, his
bravery, etc. Sock is the gist of nearly
all the editorials of, the Plain Dealer.
Bat we will do Whitaker justice we
believe he writes it all !
V'Fatal Accident. An Irishman named
James Murphy, living on Wolf River,
in this County, was fatally injured, a
few days ago. He bad been to sill to
procure a load of meal, and was return
ing home with ." As the team was
crossing a bridge over a small branch,
the wagon sidled and jolted, throwing
him off, and one wheel passing over him.
almost the entire length of his body.
He was taken home, where he lingered
a few days, and thea died.
At the Brown County 'Sunday
School Celebration, last week, Padonia
carried off the banner, which was a beau
tiful and appropriate one. In getting
it np, Mr. Maqnilken did himself great
credit, as an artist, and the Padonia
School may well be proud of the prize.
We learn that the gathering was a Terr
large oae, numbering over a thousand
persons; and that several excellent ad
dresses were delivered.
-5j9The Buffalo hnaters reached
home, oa Saturday, after aa absence of
almost three weeks, all safe and sound.
lney .killed a nnmber of buffalo", of
which they secured seven. They met
with many amusing adveatares during
weir essence.
3 Mar Bead Sana. Jeaniags' renewed ad
rertiseraeat He keens a sunnlr of art!
des that are in everyday use, and sells
them right !.
Whom Shall Clay Wmos Vote for?
Every party is now professing pro
found admiration for Henry Clay, not
withstanding the fact that some of them
slandered him to the brink of the grave.
The trnth is, they are all fishing for the
votes of his followers. Which of the
candidates is entitled to them ?
They cannot consistently vote for Dou
glas, who was one of the' most foul
mouthed slanderers Clay had ; .who op
posed him and his principles all hisjife;
and who was the author of the repeal of
the Missouri Compromise, the greatest
woik of Clay's life, and which ho regar
ilwl'asliacred. They cannot vote for Breckinridge,
The Breckinridge family were neighbors
and personal and political r friends of
Henry Clay ; but John C'Breckinridgc,
npon arriving at -man's estatejoined the
enemies and defamers of Clay, voted for
the repeal of the Missouri Compromise,
and is the candidate of trw Disunionists,
They cannot vote for Bell, although he
supported Clay when the latter was last
a candidate for President ; for Bell was
an industrious circulator of the Bargain
and Corruption slander of 1825 ; he vo
ted against an amendment to the Kansas
Nebraska Bill, the object of which was
to prevent the repeal of the Missouri
Compromise ; he is in favor of a Slave
Code for the Territories, which is in di
rect opposition to Clay's views ; and he
has expressed himself in favor of a dis
solution of the Union, if the slaveholding
interest is not properly cared for which
project Henry CI ly declared, no matter
what contingency might arise, he would
favor "Xever! Never! NEVER!"
But they can vote, with a clear con
science and their whole soul, for Abe
Lincoln, the staunch friend and support
er of Henry Clay, as long as the Great
Commoner lived ; the opponent of the
repeal of the Missouri Compromise ; the
sworn enemy of Disunion ; and the stan
dard-bearer of the cherished principles of
Henry Clay's life.
Hard to Pleas. In 1844 and 1852,
the honest Democracy could not find
language sufficiently hard to denounce
Clay and Scott for making speeches at
varions places. But since their Squatter
has gone into the business, they call it
outspoken honesty, and denounce Lin
coln because he won't make stump speech
es. We fear they are too much like the
fox who, having lost his tail in a trap,
endeavored to pursnado the other foxes
to cut off their tails, by expatiating np
on the beauty and convenience of the ar
rangement. Douglas has hopelessly ra
ined what slight chances he had for the
Presidency, besides becoming a laughing
stock for tho whole nation ; now his fol
lowers would be exceedingly delighted
to have Lincoln do the same thing.
The First Gun in Kansas ! Glory
ron Leavenworth! On Monday, the
3d inst., the rnnnicipal election in Leav
enworth came off, and was hotly contes
ted by both parties. The Republicans
elected their entire city ticket, with the
exception of the City Clerk, who
was. beaten 8 votes. Leavenworth for
several years past, has beep overwhelm
ingly Democratic. This is the first elec
tion in onr Territory, since the opening
of the Presidential campaign ; and the
resnlt shows conclusively that the people
of Kansas have faith in Abraham. y
Will They Do it? The Americans
or Fillmore men are nrged and confidently
expected to rally to the support of Bell
and Everett Is Everett entitled to their
support ? So bitterly opposed was he to
the American party, that in 1856 he vo
ted for con-opt, slandering, vicious old
James Buchanan, in preference to Fill
more, notwithstanding the fact that the
latter was the regalar nomine.of the Whig
party, as much so as Everett himself now
& The coalition in New York be-
tween the Bell-ringers and Douglasites,
presents the strange spectacle of Know
Nothings and Irish Catholics endeavor
ing to accommodate themselves to the
same political bed. - The two elements
are as antagonistic as water and oil, and
will be as difficult to mix. But Old Abe
will administer aa alkali, ia November,
and reduce thea to soap !
MW A report of Donglas' reception
at Petersburg, Vs., says that, at the close
of his speech, three cheers were propos
ed, and "were given with a strength of
long thst was heard for several squares."
Why, the squalling of a year old brat
coold be heard for. a greater distance.
That must hare been a tremendous Doug
las meeting! '
9-The "Moaad City Report," k
the name of a paper jnst started at Monad
City, Kansas, in place of the'Herald, re-
ceatly'diecentinaed. It isaasat, well
filled, readable paper, Bepablieaa in pol
ities. Its conductors are J. T. 8noddy,
J. F. Broadhead, H. A. Smith, and A.
Daafo'rd. ' ' " , " "" ""
JaTae DetaocratU oSee-halders who
are suffering decapitation forDouglasism,
arejust discovering that Baehanaa is a
great old sinners Wa presume that, in
their opinion, his sin is not so much one
oi commission or oansuoa as it is of
SMWSokh Paal Joaee is aakiae: Re
publican speeches ia Iadiaaa. That
name alwava haa hmn tnr ih
'of freedom.
The Tnwo Extlaised. Many have
wondered that the Virginia Democracy
not only listened attentively to Douglas,
as he denounced Disunion in case of Lin
coln's election, in the very heart of the
fire-eating portion of the State, but even
applanded the sentiments. The .imper
fect telegraphic reports of his remarks
did not reveal the cause;. bnt a fall re
port has now been published, and there
the thing is explained. In the coarse of
a five or ten minutes' speech, Douglas
managed to refer twice to John Brown
glorying in his death, and commending
the Virginians for hanging him. When
men do acts which they feel have reflec
ted no credit npon themselves, it is grate
fully soothing to their feelings to have
some toady praise them for it. So with
these Virginians. They could derive but
a slender'amonnt of self-gratnlation from
the fact of their havinsr. br the aid of
the entire military force of the State, and
at the expense of several hundred thou
sand dollars, succeeded in catching and
hanging an old man after he was mortal
ly wounded. Then, it may readily be
supposed that ecomiums npon their gal
lantry and their praiseworthy act, com
ing from no less a personage than a can
didate for the Presidency, would so
tickle their mortified pride, thst they
would tamely listen to a little denuncia
tion of a favorite scheme especially as
they knew that the latter was merely for
The Dutchman's Great Loss. One
of ths severest sufferers in the poisoning
operation, was the landlord of the "Dutch
House," for he lost both dog and cat.
But we will tell the story in his own pa
thetic language :
"Mine olt cat, she goes ont soraeblace,
una nnts a chunk oi meat so pigger
enough aa drei cat could eat, und prings
it home ; and den she dskes a pits, and
ahnmps np more as elefen feet high, py
tam I Bnt I dinks noting ; ant de olt
dog, he looks so wishfal at de meat, and
I cut off a biece and gifs it to him ; and
no sooner he swallow it dan be falls down
deader as de tuyiel ! Uot tam mine
mndder! Got tam mine fader I , Got
tam eferypody! Got tam White Cloud !
At this point he invariably commences
boo booing, and takes a hearty cry over
the loss of his dog !
A friend of oars tells us that one
of his correspondents writes that there is
a great and growing enthusiasm for Bell
throughout the East that many Demo
crats are declaring for him 1 We bad
tnougnt tnat this game was too near
played ont to bamboozle even the most
gullible people. The Democrats find
that there are a great many Bell men
who will not vote for their ticket, bnt
wonld vote with the Republicans,
as a choice between thet two. That
The Democrats therefore pretend to join
the Bell party, to give these intractable
ones new zeal in the canse, and indnce
them to throw away their votes upon
Bell ; when they themselves, with as
many Bell men as they can succeed in
buying, will qnietly go and vote the
Democratic ticket !
We have just learned the figures
at which another Kansas Democratic pa
per values itself. Jnst before the late
municipal election in Leavenworth, the
Dispatch offered to sell itself to its own
parly, for the enormous earn- of 8185 !
But the party, deeming the price entire.
ly too steep, refused to buy. Perhaps
the party objected to the "lightning'
part of the concern !
Old Vermont stills remains aa
firm as her everlasting hills. The Re
publicans have carried the State, for
Governor, Congressmen and Legislature,
by a largely increased majority proba
bly 22.000. The Breckinridge ticket
will receive perhaps 1,000 votes. Won
der if the division in the Democratic
ranks lost them the 8tate !
One striking evidence that the
Donglas and Bell parties are fast accom
modating themselves to the same bed, is
the fact that most of the Donglas organs
regularly copy Prentice's political witti
cisms, without a grimace or a word of
dissent ; while Prentice has about ceased
being fanay at Donglas' expense, bat
fires bis shot 'into the Breckinridge wing,
tW The sharp editor of the Leaven
worth Dispatch says we object to steal
ing his wit, ia mistake for tbander, be
cause there is too mnch lightaiag ia it
Jnst so. Bat it is because the generating
apparatus of hit "lightning wiflies in
the same region that the lightaiag-heg
carries its brightaess!
7 J3rThe Democratic Convention meets
at Troy, oa 8aiarday. Wa have it from
Democratio authority, that the tieket is
to be composed of Pro-SIaverr men
Free State DemoeraU not being consid
ered "sound oa the goose."
L-aThe Democracy attempt to make
great sport over the circumstance of
Haas.Wbesiag the aaaae aasaa aa the
celebrated elepaaatHaMibel. Let them
laugh k will not be long natil they see
the elephant.
Jlt m said that "Knowledge
-ruwCT, ut uwixfueorop says ao re
KA Bi7T .
cently had knowledge of Wag strapped,
wiiaowiKwertoaettto bj that was
threat aadsr bis sees.
tlb. Beeb Secretary of to Territory,
decides that the Begistryltw will not be
ia force, ia tlte coariag eJectiea.
IsDUir Fiom. The bnftiTT7Tr
party met a company of several '8
from the plains, who reported m. T
battle between the Pawnees on 0e ,h
and the Sioux and Cheyenne, on ih, 0!l'
er. It appears that a war party of '
seven or eight hundred p,wae(J
ors made a foray into the Sioux country
leaving 120 warriors at home, fii'
Sionx and Caeyennes,, thinking the Pw
nees had left their settlement defaced
collected about M0 warriors, and taki '
a circuitous route, came down upon the
settlement. Bnt they were callantlr
si.teU by the 120 Pawnees, and defeat
,u. . .UM u. suma iu warriors, and
four or five prisoners. The latter w.
condensed to suffer at the stake, that u
Bight The Fawnecs visited the Ranch
occopiedby the jersons communicating
this Infofmatioli. and invited them to
their village, to see the performsnee.
The men declined, but endeavored to
pnrcnaae ine prisoners, offering every,
thing they had. The Pawnees conld not
be induce.! to give up the prisoners, bnt
departed for their village, several n,flM
off. That night the men distinctly heard
the yells and songs of the Pawnees and
the shrieks, as they supposed, of the tor
tured prisoners.
The above may be true, but we wonld
not like to bet on it.
SW Breckinridge has at length maris
his speech in Kentucky, which the mie
representations of the Douglasites forced
him to make. It is quite an able and
dignified effort, and is in striking con
trast with the wishy-washy, elang-whang.
ing, vituperative emetics with which
Douglas is fast vomiting himself to
J"Still another Missouri River steam
er has gone down. The good boat Asa
Wilgns sank in the Missouri, at a point
about dbe hundred miles above StLonit,
on the 3d inst Hopes were entertained
that she conld be raised.
The New York Leader declares
that "Douglas will stand by his 'great
principle' in all sections of the Union,
though the heavens fall." He ought te;
for that is the only way in which he will
ever get near heaven !
Arthur's Home Magazine, for October,
is illustrated with -"Recreation." Fashion
Plate, etc., and the reading matter is more
than usnally interesting. Mothers, this
is the Magazine for you. Philadelphia
82 a year.
Forncrook's advertisement will
be found in this issne. He still holds
forth at Van Doren's old stand, and in
tends to keep np tho reputation of the
They had a tremendous 'Rmnbli-
can gathering at Detroit, Michigan, last
week, at which Senator Seward mado
one of the greatest speeches of the cam
A , Democratic exchange learns
that "there is a very fine Douglas feeling
in Virginia, south of James River."
Probably so fine as to be scarcely per
ceptible. One of the numerous political
biographies of Donglas states that "he
is a Yankee by birth, but a Sucker by
adoption." Yes, a vhhlcey tucker!
tW An Indiana correspondent of the
Detroit Free Press, says he "can find
Donglas men behind every stump. "
Don't they create a bad smell ?"
W Whitson keeps mighty good sprnce
beer something that is not often fonnd
in this wooden country. Call at bis
ranche, next door to Sayrs' store.
There is an association of Demo
crats ia Leavenworth, called the "Sqnee
Gees." An appropriate name for the
whole party.
MW When a toper is sucking whiskey
from a bsng-bole, with a straw, can be
said to be "smiling" tbrongh tint?
The oficer who apprebeaded dsu-
ger, has been compelled to, release it, on
a writ of habeas corpus.
tar The fools are aot all dead yet.
Lsenenwortk Dispatch.
No, aot in Leavenworth.
A 8qaatter orgaa ssys that Doug
las' speeches amgvr well fer his saeeew.
They are aadeaisbry great'faw.
Kit will accept oar thanks far a
quantity of bafalo meat. May his "bora
be exalted."
It fa said that the Prince of Walrt
haa ao hair em his apper lip..
CAimr Majml The eppesHiea .
the Bepablieaa party are already begia-
aiasr to Brenars Lincoln's CaHaeL
The following is oae of their arrange-.
Wsa. H. Seward, Secretary of Stats;-
H. Wiatar Davie. Attaraer Gesersi ;
Job 8hemaa. Secretary of the Trtss
ary ; Cassias U. Clay, Secretary of the
Iaterier ; Bcajamia F. Wade, Secrcter?
of the Navy; John.Hickmaa, Secretary
f War. and Sehaybr Colfax, Pottmu
ter General.
The Toledo Blade says: .
VflSBin ISM .-. aj-n """",'
thw efcr, aerctefcre aa active D?ngi
Democrat after listening to the able sad
cotrviaeiaf; sMseh of Mr. H""
lanteFealig. Jedsred Us panose to voU
fer Lineala and Haa-ttn; and ocrat
Ol k SUImi aartr. Mr. Tf "
haa dona eo-aidraWelaber ia the Dew
oeratie ranks, as sneaker etaerwiee.
aadwearc .fcWto note this elaeff
ia his polkieal coargj. -
.- - -a"Crj? -. e

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