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mm- --
ttje Kansas l)icf.
Itarsaay, : : K-reMber I, 18W.
Mti'i Ticket Wh OwnThemielvcg
utublioajt county ticket.
For Territorial Superintendent of Com
mon Schools,
For Member of Council To fill vacancy,
For Representatives,
For County Commissioners,
A. LARZELERE, 1st District,
A. LOWE, 2d District,
JACOB T. PIERCE, 3d District.
For Sheriff To fill vacancy,
For Assessor,
We will any quantity of clean cotton or
Htn rags, at 1 cent per pound, In payment for
abevrlpMon, advertising and job work. 8ave
yew rags, and get something for them, instead
f easting them away. No other kind will be
eefcea than inch as are named aboT.
Bepublioans sad Free State Men !
Nex Tuesday, November 6tb, is voting
day I We presume you are aware of the
importance of tho election, and have ex
perienced tho unfortunato results -of for
mer neglect of the ossential duty of vo
ting; and that thereforo we need not urge
yon to turn out, every one I Do not let
business nor bad weather keep yon at
tome. Next Tuesday will be the time
o remedy the evils which have beon im
posed npon yon; and if yon do not move
then, it will be too late, and yon will
have no right to complain of consequent
misrule. The Republicans are pledged
to Frcodom and Reform, while the De
mocracy, in their nominations, have in
dorsed Slavery and Corruption. Come
to the election, and choose ye between
them ! Not only coma yourselves, bnt
urge your lukewarm neighbors to 'come
with yon. Explain to them the impor
tance of the contest, and see that they
tnrn out. We want every vote polled,
and we will teach tho Slaveites and Cor
mptionists a lesson that thoy will never
forget I
Republicans of Doniphan! Shall we
not, on next Tuesday, enact a part wor
thy to bo recorded in the history of the
mighty triumph of Freedom and Reform
which will on that day be achieved
throughout the land, under the banner of
the gallant Rail-Splitter, "Honest Abe
of tho West ?" Then, to the charge I
VoTiJta for Commissiokerb. The
manner of voting for Commissioners, as
understood by those who claim to be pos
ted on the election law, is somewhat dif
ferent from what most people generally
suppose. Each Connty is divided into
three Districts, and one Commissioner
most be elected from each District, bnt
they are elected by the voters of the whole
County. In this Connty, A. Larzelere
and John H. Whitehead are candidates
for the 1st District ; A. Lowe and Eli
Gabbert in the 2d District ; and J. T.
Pierce and Wm. Word in the 3d Dis
trict. No voter can vote for more than
one candidate for each District. For in
stance : if a Republican voter in this
Township desired to vote for both Pierce
and Word, and should scratch off the
same of Larzelere or Lowe and pnt that
of Word in its place, in connting out
the votes, the Judges would be compell
ed to drop the names of both Pierce and
Word, because they are in the same Dis
trict, and no voter can vote for two per
sons in the same District So with a
member of any other party, in any other
District. On the ticket, the number of
the District must bo attached to the name
of each candidate for Commissioner, and
a voter may vote for either the Republi
can or Democratic candidate for each
District, bnt for no two candidates in the
same District. We think this is a wise
arrangement, as it is impossible to trade
off Commissioners upon local issues, and
thereby deprive any District of its rep
resintative ia the Board, as is frequently
Hone with other offices.
jar Who is the White Clond corres
pondent of the Troy Dispatch? In a
hifilntin account of the recent whiskey
pow-wow of the Slavers here, he terms it
a " Royal 'meeting of the Democracy."
"Royal Democracy!" 'Royalty is one
thing, and Democracy is precisely the
opposite. Talk about clean .dirt, white
darkness, a Republican Monarchy, a
sweet stink, or a religious sinner ! Roy
al meeting of Democrats ) Jerusalem 1
It the Slavery auction 6ettled f
The Democracy, in the present Coun
ty canvass, maintain that the question of
Slavery in Kansas is settled, and that
Free State as well as Pro-Slavery Dem
ocrats should make a common canse
against the Republicans. (They overlook
the fact that they did not act upon this
principle in making their nominations.)
Bat the Slavery question is not settled ;
. I
and it is from this very reason that the
Democracy, in all the closely contested
Counties, have nominated ultra Pro-Slavery
men for the LegMature, and are
making a desperate effort to elect them.
The Slavery question will not be settled
until we aro admitted as a State When
that will be, who can tell ?
What has been, may be again. This
is a world of uncertainties, and results
aro often precisely the opposite from what
indications induce people to hope for.
The Senate, nnder all probable circum
stances, will be Democratic for several
years to come, at tho least ; and there is
a fair chance for tho next House to be or
the same political complexion. These
two branches, or either ono of litem, can
prevent our admission. Our Governor,
Judges, and other Federal officers, are
Pro-Slavery. If the coming Legisla
ture is of the same politics, what is there
to prevent them from passing strenuous
laws for tho protection of Slavery ; or
laws against freedom as outrageous as
the bogus code, or the tyrannical laws of
any of the Southern States ? There will
be nothing to prevent it ; and, judging
from the past, and from the present bear
ing of of the Democracy, the probabil
ity is that they will do it. The Demo
cratic candidates for the Legislature are
chiefly of the Disunion school, and will,
if elected, frame laws suited to the style
of the Southern ultralsts.
Let ns look farthor. They may pro
vide for a new Constitution, and define
the qualifications of voters and the mode
of electing Delegates to the Convention
It will be in their power to do precisely
as they did nearly four years ago dis
franchise a largo portion of the Territo
ry, and make a Registry of voters to suit
themselves. The Convention may frame
a Constitution recognizing Slavery, and
send it to Congress as the Lecompton
Constitution was sent. With both Hou
ses of Congress Democratic, our case
would be critical. But it may be said
that Lincoln will be President, and pnt
his veto npon such rascality. To.be sure,
we are all confident that be will be elec
ted ; bnt there have stranger things hap
pened than hit defeat. There is no tell
ing what a day may bring forth ; and if
be should be defeated, onr fate would be
sealed. Onr election comes off on the
day of the Presidential .election, and it
will be too late to apply the remedy -If
the result should be unfavorable to Lin
coln. We must depend npon ourselves
if we keep things right at home, we
need have no fears of such an imposition
as we have spoken of. But even if Lin
coln should be elected, (as we have no
doubt he will be,) he may prevent our
admission as a Slave State, bnt, with
both Houses of Congress against him, he
cannot admit ns as a Free State. In
that case, it would devolve npon ns to
keep ourselves right npon the Slavery
question nntil we conld be admitted.
The movements of the Kansas Democ
racy are ominous. In doubtful Conn
ties, as we have said, they have nomi
nated the most nltra Pro-Slavery men
for tho Legislature ; while in strong Re
publican Counties thsy have selected men
who have been silent upon the Slavery
question, and are endeavoring to run
them m upon local issues. 'Ins conse
quence will be, if the Republicans and
Free State men are not wide awake, the
enemy will steal a march npon them.
Bnt whether any such game as we have
intimated be contemplated or not, yon
are sure of one thing : the Republicans
are pledged to Freedom, while the. De
mocracy are not ; and by electing Re
publicans to the Legislature, yon will be
euro that yon have tho Slavery question
in safe hands.
Beixxmost. The Republicans of
Bellemont are a gallant band, although
there has heretofore been scarcely a hand
ful of them. The settlers in the neigh
borhood were nearly all Pro-Slavery
men ; and some of the few former Free
State men there went off with the Demo
cracy, in order to curry favor with the
Pro-SIavcryites of St. Joseph, in the
hopo thereby to build up their town.
But the little band of Republicans stood
firm, and have now organized a Wide
Awake Club, to which they are rapidly
making accessions. They intend to roll
up a vote for the white people's ticket.
on next Tuesday, that will astonish the
old residenters.
tST A Leavenworth correspondent of
the St. Louis Republican, speaks despair
ingly of the Democratic prospect in
that County. He says the Breckinridge
men induced the Douglasites to unite with
thorn in nominating a Connty ticket, and
by some means the Breckites got nearly
every candidate. The consequence is
great dissatisfaction, and the Republicans
will probably carry the Connty. The
tame may be said of other Counties.
In this Connty, the Disunionists have a
large majority of the candidates, while the
Douglas men are expected to elect them.
The Democratic party of Kansas is in
the hands of the Disunionists.
Comiso to the Kescoe. ine issi
Troy Dispatch cornea to tht deftnea ef
the Commissioners, against too cnarges
preferred by the Chief, two weeks since.
The article occupies two columns, and
amount! principally to qnibbjea and flaw-
picking. The editor justifies tbepayiBg
of Clerk WuiteDeairs lees, oece-c,
they had not been paid," the Clerk, would
have sued the County I He . discovert a
. . .! !- . .(.nai) ftf ttm
contrsaic.um .u uui --- -,-"
I ahnAl
una maiier, wucio won .
contradiction whatever. He says
Commissioners paid the 81,000 due on
the Conrt House and Jail-contract, ont
of their own pockets, and expect tpj pay
the other 81,000 which will shortly be
due, in the same way. If f the Commis
sioners intend to donate that money Jo
the County, we shall have, to knock un
der; but does anybody suppose they
will? We ask whether the people of
the County wiirnot have 'to refund it,
and that soon ; and whether it will not
take as much money out of the pockets
of the people at some future time as it
would now ? The Dispatch denies tnat
the bnilding will cost the Connty f 10,-
000 ; in reply to which, we say, wait
until the thing is finished and settled for,
and see.
A perusal of the Dispatch's defence of
the Commissioners, and a similar one in
the Doniphan Post, has, upon the wholo.
tended to strengthen onr previous views
as to the conduct of tho Commissioners,
and to convince ns that there really is
"something rotten" in the Democratic
party of this Connty.
Look 8harp 1 Sam. E. Hardy is an
independent candidate for Sheriff. We
have heard a report, (bnt do dot vouch
for its correctness.) whic'i has a proba
bility of being true. It is said that he is
running merely as an anxilisry to Blake
ly. Blakely knew that there wero many
Democrats who wonld not vote for him,
and the best he conld do would bo to
keen them from voting for Hough. If
there were another anti-Republican can
didate ont, he knew that these Democrats
wonld stiDDort him in preference to a
Republican; and therefore Hardy was
brought out, to keep those Democrats
from the Republican candidate who wonld
not support Blakely. At the same time,
it was hoped that Hardy could secure at
least as many, if not more, Republican
votes as be would disaffected Democrats,
and thus leave the contest between Blake
ly and .Hough just as it would have been
with both parties nnited npon their can
didates; or, if any difference, with an
advantage in favor of Blakely. We do
not desire to wrong Mr. Hardy, bnt this
is the light in which many regard bis
candidacy. In any event, we say to all
Republicans :Benot thrown off of your
guard, bnt vote-tor iiougn, tnen yon will
know yon are right And to those De
mocrats who honestly desire to defeat
Blakely, we say : the surest way to ac
complish that, is to vote for Hough.
A DrFFEnxitcE or Omios. A week
or two since, the Troy Dispatch came
ont with a wonderfully stirring article,
telling what rousing Democratic major!
tiesweregoingto.be rolled np by al
most every Township In the County
Wayne Township, it said, was all ablaze
with enthusiasm, and was going to as
tonish the natives with her majorities,
The Doniphan Post, a Democratic paper,
pcblished in that Township, tells a differ
ent story:
Not So. The Troy Dispatch tells ns
that Wayne township is all afire with
enthusiasm in regard to onr approaching
election. You are misinformed, neigh
bor ; neither party appears to take mnch
interest in it The democrats feel con
fidant of success rather too confident
perhaps and the indications are that
nothing like a full vote will be polled.
-The Dispatch's blowing abont other
Townships -will amonnt to the same
thing. What the Post says of Wayne,
is true of every other Township. The
Democracy are dissatisfied, and feel that
their defeat is certain. Even in Iowa
Point, where Blakely leads his party by
the nose, it will work them to hold their
wn- u
Voters, Read 1 We understand that
Blakely has detailed a squad of "his un
derlings at Iowa Point, to bo at White
Clond, on election day, to haul, drive,
whip, coax and bny voters into the sap
port of himself. Ho cannot trust his
friends here with the work they are not
np to the tricks. He wants tools who
received their training from him! He
has boasted that he will have the disaf
fected Democrats and donbtful voters all
right, on election day, and his main de
pendence is whiskey ! Will voters who
have sworn not to vote for Blakely, sell
themselves for whiskey, or be dragged
into hie enpport ? Will respectable De
mocrats support a man who brings such
demoralizing influences to bear at the
polk ?. .Voters, .show Blakely and his
tools tnat there are some honest and in
dependent men ia this' precinct; and roll
np such a vote against him, as will send
his spaaish home to their master, with
their beads down aad their tails between
their legs !
QoAuncanoss or Votebs. At' the
coating election, all citizens of the Uni
ted States, and these who bare declared
their intentions to become inch, of the
age of twenty-one years and upwards,
who have resided in the Territory three
monthe next preceding the election, and
ten days in the County in which they offer
to.rote, are legal voters in this Territory.
Speech or Summohs. Fearing that
onr readers could not bear so aay rich
thines at one aittiatr. we preferred to deal
ont by pieee-meal the iatellectnal treats
served np at the Democratic pow-wow in
this place. We aay the pow-wow, be
cause'it.waa the irst awl last om attemp
ted here by the Democracy. We guess
they so astonished tkeeaeelvee with the
brilliant performance, that they could not
sufficientlyrecover from their surprise to
hold another ; aad tbes, as, according to
their own account, 'they must have en
rolled the entire vote of the Township,
there coald.beB-aeeseUyfor.aeetiag
again.- Besides,, k-ia aot convenient for
the population of Iowa Point to comenp
here and return after dark.
m h t 1 " f J
, TW tn itm "fiint."' There' was one
speech delivered. upon that solemn occa
sion, which the Democracy boast of as a
matter-piece of eloquence. It was made
by one Zenwa.-with an S at each end of
his name. He stood on the steps in front
of a door, and sang it ont in a tone abont
half-way between that of a Hard-Shell
Baptist preacher in' the' midst of a ser
mon, and an auctioneer at a country pnb
lie sale of " household and kitchen fur
niture, and numerous other articles, too
tedious to mention." Aa to his gestures,
imagine a man working with all his
might at the brakes of a fire engine, and
then imagine the engine and brakes re
moved by some magic process, while the
workman kept on with his pumping, and
you can form some idea of the regular
and unvaried motions of the speaker from
the beginning to the end of bis oration.
To heighten the effect, he evidently, from
the number of times he need the term,
imagined that he was speaking to gentle
men. Here is a cnoice extract :
uM Gentlemen, I don't know whether I
was born a Democrat or not ; but I do
know, gentlemen, that I love that noble
old party 1 Gentlemen, look at the two
most extreme States of onr Union look
at South Carolina and Massachusetts,
gentlemen. What is it, gentlemen, that
holds those two antagonistic States toge
ther? It is Democracy, gentlemen. But,
gentlemen, let us look nearer home.
Gentlemen, look at the two rival towns
of Iowa Point and White Cloud. They
nsed to be deadly enemies, gentlemen,
bnt now they come together like brothers.
What is it, gentlemen, that has caused
this great change ? Why, it is nothing
but Democracy, gentlemen ! And now,
gentlemen, if Democracy can unite two
such rival towns as Iowa Point and
White Clond,- why can it not unite the
States, gentlemen ?"
The modest assertion that he didn't
know whether he was born a Democrat
or not, when he was present on the occa
sion, followed . by the astounding an
nouncement that 8outh Carolina and
Massachusetts were harmoniously nnited,
through the omnipotent influence of De
mocracy, to say nothing of Iowa Point
and White Cloud, so electrified and
"bnmfoozlod" (original) the listening
crowd, that they got dry, and all went
and liquored I ,.
Dos'r Believe it. The papers are
publishing a long list of correspondence
gotten np by the Breckinridge leaders of
this Territory, to prove that Douglas was
the anthor of the Lecomptoa Constitn
tion, with the rascally submission clause.
Now, we think Douglas wonld stoop as
low as any other man in the country to
attain the object of his ambition, yet we
don't believe a word of this new bngga-
boo. We find in it tne names of some
of the leading Border Ruffians of Kansas
men who aided in framing the Lecomp
ton Constitution, and in attempting to
force it npon the people of Kansas. Af
ter failing in all their attempts, they now
have the impudence to charge that Doug
las was the author of the villainy when
at the seme time, every man in Kansas
knows that the bitter opposition of these
men. to Douglas arises solely from the
fact that he opposed the Lecompton swin
dle in the Senate. - Swindling and'lying
go hand in hand the latter is necessary
to the former and any man who twin'
dies will lie. Therefore, it will not do
to believe this Breckinridge "Roorback"
about Douglas sand the Lecomptoa Con
stitution. a, -
Td;Caitabs. We learn from every
point that the debates "between the' can
didates resultto the entire satisfaction of
the Republicans. ,Wood, on the Demo
eratio side, makes a ninny oT himself np
onrevery occasion ;' while Crane and oth
er outsiders occasionally mix in, and get
roughly handled. 7 At Troy, Price nsed
Wood np completeryr-jcross-qnestioning
him on the Douglas' issue, getting him
entangled ia snare,, and discomfiting
him.. Kacker came to tne reecae, aad told
Wood to answer ao questions oa nation
al politics, bnt to stick to Connty mat
ters. The honest portion of the Doug
latitat are disgMted; with the-Pro-Sla-very
ticket, and will give it' 'the eold
should,,. 'X rVV
tW The Ladies' Repository, for' No-
t. ?-!. 1-M' -111 r'L . !.!
Tcmoer, is uiosiraieu mis .a uoaiuiiai
engraving of the Falls of Minnehaha,
aad a portrait of -Ber. Joha Barker, D.
D., 'President of Alleghany Colleger In
reading matter, for variety," interest, abil
ty, and moral excellence, this work is
unsurpassed. Now,is the time to tend
yonr orders for the year 1861. The price
is 82 a year. ' , Address Poe k Hitchcock,
Cincinnati, Ohio.
TriEin Game. The Democracy, ignor
ing all the rascality of their party, con
tinually harp npon the conduct of our
acting Sheriff. The Dispatch comes ont,
week after week, with charges against
him, asserting that he does not justly
perform the duties of his office, retains
money in his hands belonging to other
people, delays business,., and ail tnat.
These things are brought np as argu
ments against the Republican ticket The
truth of the matter is, the Democratic
Deputy District Clerk withholds execu
tions from the bhsriff, which he ought to
have had era ibis. On .being asked, the
other day, his reason for this, he replied
that'he wanted to wait nntil Blakely was
elected, and. place the business . in bis
hands 1 There it is I .The District
Clerk permitsjnen's interests fo suffer,
by retarding their legal affairs, in order
to place tne lees in me poczei oi nu
Slavery partisan ; and then the Demo
cratic organ keeps"np a howl against the
Republican Sheriff for it !
Patience, friends next Tuesday, the
people will bnry Blakely so deep, that
the District Clerk cannot find him. On
the same day, Old Abe will be elected ;
and at the earliest moment possible after
tho 4th of next March, the District
Clerk's feet will fly from under him.
Dnring the next year, there will be such
an emigration of Ruffians, loafers, and
disappointed pap-suckers from Doniphan
County to Texas and other heathen lands,
as history gives no account of. - With
them will depart the flower of the Pro
Slavery party!
A New Book. We have received
from the publisher, R. M. De Witt, New
York, a work entitled "Revelations of a
Slave-Smuggler," containing 100 pages,
nd sent to every part of the country up
on the receipt of only 25 cents. Who
ever would "sup full of horrors," and
feel them all true, ought to read this new
book. Whoever doubts that the slave
trade is carried on now with as much cru
elty as in former times, had belter consult
these pages and read about the "Pon
cbeets," the "Gloria," the "Napoleon."
the "Cabenda," the "Augila." and somo
other "long, low, black" craft. Who
ever disbelieves that branding, poisoning,
drowning, and burning blacks are com
mon practices with white men, had better
pernio the story of an individual who was
eneaeed in them for fifty years. If any
Christian can rise from these "Revela
tions," with a sentiment short ef entire
disgust at the so-called "efforts for the
suppressioa of the slave-trade," then he
ha cnnlnr Klood tnan we have. It is a
shame to our government, thatjthis.enor
mity lies mainly at its own threshhold
That's the truth.
- Presidential Electiov. On next
Tuesday, the Presidential election will
take place thronghout the Union, togeth
er with a number of State elections. We
shall keep onr next week's issue open nn
til the latest moment possible, in order to
get in returns. We ehall probably be
able to give the final result, and announce
to our' readers the triumph of glorious
Old Abe, and the success of our ticket in
Doniphan County. If tho result does
not justify ns in coming out with flying
colore, and doing some right loud .jell
ing, yon may set it down as a fixed fact
tell it to your wife, and bet high on it,
that a young man of onr dimensions is
pretty badly disappointed.
& The Democratic papers are para
ding and grumbling over something
Seward said in his late Chicago speech.
complimentary to the foreigners. If a
Republican says anything against the
foreigners, the same papers howl ovor
that They are hard to please. The
fact is, they would like to continue hum
bugging the -foreigners, as they did for
many years making them believe that
the Democratic nartv is the only one
that will protect the rights of tho for
signer, and that ewy other party is op
posed to him. This, like all their other
humbugs, has exploded.
6 Good 1 A certain Pro-Slavery blovi-
ator in this Connty was recently holding
forth to an audience, and among other
things, asserted that the Republicans
thought more of their -horses, cattle and
Hon than thev did of their wires. "It
may be to," interrupted a Republican
listener;" but they think enougfi of their
wives to bring them along, when they
come Westl" Orator felt something
pinch him, ana changed the subject
l jWeThe girls over ia Missouri must
be queer institutions, A yoang friend of
ours saya ha attended meeting over there,
one riigbi 'not long since, aad at the close
stepped np to.a girl for the purpose of
seeing her home, when she drew a jor-
midable lookiag dab from beneath her
mnron. and told bin to "Bit" OT She
would drop him . He "got"
-Itisnow claimed that "Doe
sticks" Mortoa is elected Delegate from
TK1nt- When Ttailv'a election was
claimed, the breecb-eloat Democracy had
aot bee heard (rem. ia the Couatise
rfceM ao white neecle live. Those
Conaties havia the fewest vetes give the
largest Morton majorities. ' Strange, ba't
it? r 1
S awThenanera aoataia accounts of
nnrnarnna' earthmakes thrOUsfhont the
North, withis a few weeks past They
are merely foreraaaen of the great earth'
naakfl which ia croinr to overwhelm r the
Democratic patty, oa next Tuesday.
Ah IimLuaaxT Cardidatb. DuriBg
the debate at 8yracuse, last week, Blake
ly arose to correct a misrepresentation of
himself. Somebody bad badly misused
him, by reporting that he was not a
genuine Douglas man. (The Democrats
abont Syracuse are principally for Dong-
las.) He wanted it distinctly uaderstood
that he was a Douglas man from taa
crown of his head to the soles of hie feet;
and any person who asserted to the coa
trary, was a liar !
When Blakely finished, Mr. Price
arose and said : " I wish to knowwhe
therMr. Blakely believes that tbeCon-
stitution, of its own force, carries Slavery
into all the Territories of the United
"Oh," replied Blakely. "I don't know
anything abont that ; I know nothing at
all abont it!"
Price reminded him that he had heard
him, npon a recent occasion, assert the
above doctrine, and thonght he wae a
queer sort of a Douglas man ! Blakely
quickly answered that he didn't know he
would bo replied to by a Senator. If be
had known he was to be met by a candi
date for the Senate, he wonld have pre
pared himself ! Seizing his hat, he slo
ped, and has not since made any speeches.
He has discovered that his forte lies in
getting a gang of rowdies abont the bar
of a doggery, and dealing out sod-corn
whiskey. He is always prepared for
that, and ready to meet even a candidate
for the Senate !
Thet Feel it. Our article relative to
the County Commissioners evidently
touched some tender spot ; for the Don
iphan Post like the Dispatch, comes ont
in a long defence of the Commissioners ;
and, like the Dfspatcb, it resorts to quib
bling and flaw picking discovers a con
tradiction in our article, tells about the
Commissioners paying money out of their
onrn nnckets. and all that Now. while
we were writing that article, we suppos
ed we might make some slight errors in
minor particulars, but not sufficient to
materially affect its truth. We wanted
to get at the principal facts, and we
succeeded in doing so, substantially.
Little errors of dates, technicalities, and
all that, will not help the case of the
Commissioners. As to allowing those
fees of the Sheriff for prosecuting Free
Sute men. which the Post so zealously
defends, we think the editor is barking
np a tree, for we have said nothing abont
Sheriff's fees, as lie will see if bo reads
our article carefully. But perhaps such
fees were paid, and the Post has nnwit
tinrlv nut us on the scent of another of
the Board's "sweet" transactions.
Au. of a Strips:. Democracy is get
ting to mean Disunion, and nothing else.
No matter what win? von may take, if
yon go to the foundation, you will find
Disunion there. In Doniphan Connty
this ia decidedly the case. The Demo
cratic ticket is Disunion, and the Demo
cratic orgsn has now taken that track
confessing the charge while attempting
to deny it. The Troy Dispatch last
week complained that some Republican
had charged the editor with saying he
was ia favor of the South seceding in
case of Lincoln's election. He says he
didn't say so, but does say that if seces
sion takes place, he is with the Sonth 1
Now, what does this amonnt to ? Only
the South threatens secession ; and this
they threaton if Lincoln is elected Presi
dent. If they should execute their threat,
the editor of the Dispatch would be with
them. What is that but Disunion of the
rankest kind ?
It will be a severe blow to the North
to lose the editor of the Dispatch ; bnt,
ifyon're bonnd to go, why Biggers,
good byel
Frank Lisua'a Mostiily. This is,
we believe, the largest monthly publish
ed in America, and one of the best. It
contains the choicest illustrations, and
each number is tilled with the very best
literature, not only of this country, but
of Europe. With this Magazine is in
corporated the Gazette of Fashion, con
taining Colored Fashion Plates, Die
grams. Patterns, eke, and everything
connected with Ladies Fashions. Ia
this line, ft k the completest Magazine
our country affords. It likewise contains
men's and .boys' Fashions. In short.
Frank Leslie's Monthly is a "star, of the
first magnitude in tbe literary galaxy.
Published ia New York, at 25 ceats per
copy, ot9Z a year. :
-Widk-Awakis, Attxr ! There will
be a meeting of tbe Wide-Awake Club,
on Friday evening. Xet all attend, as
there is basiaeas of importance to be
transacted. By all, is meant all who are
honestly opposed to Slavery and Cor
ruption. . "
dhow i a ne now u tnis evening
coaiag down ia earnest, eoaveyiag a
broad hiat that Winter is at head. A
stiff begiaaiag for November.
PaasotAL. R, M. Williams. Esq.. ef
,, mis viuuu, ncpuoucu casuiuMa lor
Representative, waa ia our city oa
wu:. rn x t t -irj-.r- -
weaaeeaay isat. sad called at our omce.
Mr. Williams is evidently a jreatleaua of
apeneaca and ability, aad leaves a pleas-
- - M . . -"-" -
log uaprewoia woerever ne goes, rve
are decidedly is favor of oar caadidatee,
ia thu canvass at least, showinir them
selves to the people. We will stake oar
success on a comparison between them
and tbe "bob tails" who are "agin 'em."
Elvood Fth Pre:
XT Who aix thx DiinioiiiTiTHT'
Forsyth, editor of the Mobile 8,, J
leader of the DongUa party m A!lblau'
few days since. In a Utter to W. 9 a'.
etid: otuW.
"If a Black Republican ri!fai .v-u .
elected by a purely sectionU you, tie s 1
resisting aad the Northerners natisginjB,,
this ia no Union for SlaTeholders to liT, V.
honld go with Mr. Yaoeey fordiwapUo. i,. ,
tet" or no "halter." . W-
BT"Mr Own Rsrotni." Hie "pulp,,
rinciple" Is not DoegUV only pecHjir isX"
tion. He Is so fearful or alireprtnauuo,,
rather of not being represented to soil l
that he employs a special reporter to Intel win!
him. At Detroit, on Mend.y, the AarmT... i.
forme ns he refused to commence kii speech u"
fore "his"own reporter" should trArt, ui &
two reporters of the Detroit Freefttei !!..
organ, were actually kicked off theiUnd kjks,
direction, iuijii ro uiioiu 10 IMp oa li
Douglas platform, but as has been Ike aT!ih
many others, found it impoasiWe.
IT A Noiix CoMmwrr The townof Ww
Creek, Lake County, Indiana, it the election
last week, polled 141 votes, every one of tMc
was for Henry S. Lane, and the RepnMiets
ticket. Where is the town that will d m,
ETA Stassch RrruiucAi Cocrrr Tk.
County of Alleghany, Pa., was eipeeted by tht
KcpuDiicans wj gire purlin a sujority of about
4,500, but the returns show that the did mock
better than that Curtin's majority wu (,S33.
OT The Charleston (S. C.) Conner quotes the
following choice specimen of grsmmirfrom lit
Selraa (Ala.) Reporter:
The news comes in from all quarters that
Bell and Everett is the men for tbe people to
elect, their chance is gaining strength and pop
ularity every day.
IT The Albany Evening Josrnal uti tit
Bell men boasted of 3,000 votes In Nevus, N.
J. The Charter election showed that they num
bered less than 1.100. The residue of the 3,000
are for Lincoln! Just so it will be found to be
everywhere only more so.
IT The Laerosie (Wis.) Nord Stein, hith
erto a aealous and inSuential Democratic orna
in the German language, has put up tht namer
of Hamlin and Lincoln. The Germans of that
State who have before voted tbe Deaocralie
ticlttt, are coming by thousands into tht Rtptb
lican ranks.
37 A correspondent in Minnesota wrilti si
that the prospects of the Republicans in
never so cheering in that Slate as now. "The
veto of the Homestead bill, the sale of oor
Government lands for the purpose of repltniih
ing our empty treasury, to be squandered by a
corrupt Administration, have driven thouiuuli
to onr standard."
IT The Washington Constitution his n
peatedly published the following statement, mult
by Senator Trnmbnll, and challenged denial of
its trath, yet it remains undisputed:
Mr. Douglas called on Xr. Covode, a Repub
lican member of Congress from PensytnvaaU
and requested bi m to go to Trumbull aad jet fclas
to agree that he (Douglas,) should be rstorsed
to the Senate by tbe Republicans of Illisois.aad
in consideration thereof he would flghlthe Risib
lican battles In 1860.
ET AsoTjrta CoiriiT. Mr. Oliver BeirJ,
Breckinridge candidate for the tbe Asiemblr
;n the Third District Brooklyn, New Tors, his
come out for; Lincoln.
ST Since the reeent State elections in Pus
sylrania, Ohio, and Indiana, the Democracy
hereaways have eschewed polities and gone la
work. They think that politieal sukjecti Aa
well enough for ambitious young men to Ult
about, but Democratic gentlemen, ef ailsrr
age, can empley their time much more proSu
bly in their counting-houses.
D The New York Tribune says: "Ws m
no reason to doubt the general corrrclneis of ou
estimate by counties, giving Lineola the Sun
by 45,000 majority, and we trust that the gooi
news from the pivotal Slates will carry II eos
siderably above 50,000."
ST Tom Corwin is doing wonders in Illiaeii
Wherever he speaks great crowds are always
in attendance. At Decatur on Saturdiy. win
were 18,000, and at Jacksonville oa Mondi;,
15,000 persons present.
ST iMrosTAirr Accissiok. The rndlaaspsni
Journal says:
We heard yesterday from good authority tii
Ex-Governor Paris C. Dunning.one of she ablrit
and firmest of the friends of Mr. Dooglss in thu
Sute, has avowed his intention to support Mr
Lincoln, now that he sees his own preference
cannot be realised. We are also fofofieed Ihit
Mr. Bryant, tbe present State Librarian, hu ex
pressed a similar determination. We do not
vouch for the truth of these reports, hot we hsse
them from reliable sources.
KXDsKOcaaTS Oiva it Krw Tost The
New York Herald, which has advocated Bell.
Breckinridge, Douglas and fuiion-enjthiil
and everything looking to thejlefeatof Iisw'"'
having given up Pennsylvania now relinqmiliM
all hope of New York. In Friday's isnsvs
read the following:
Tbe day for the redemption of New Tort
assed by. ShewillroteforLtncola,sadu7
asaajeeityequaltothe whole popoUlioa of
as.ilwiilDOt surprise oe- There Is no geauto it
sloa between the Breckinridge and DouriM iW
tioBS. The breaeh has widened bewsea
sute these kite electioas.
CTTax Bzu. Von w Osnc-Tfce Tie.
foot, op the entlreBell-Brmtt voteiafiftt-lour
CfcMe, at the IaU election, as 8,1- J8"
sum Counties itgivesthe FlMa'
as 32.476-e lose of 14.239. "JZl
of the whole Asaerican strength! TBas p-v
has evidently seen Its best days.
ET There U a good chance for jj
awe. Heisnrpportdbyth.RfjJ-
by the Bell Krerett pty aad b si JJ
viav. .teaman. If .UeUd he will probaW
Mstain Mr. Lineoks's Adtfattratise.
IT Tan laasewiM Vcm-Ta. I
Aatasie. -tka avert body eiaeesj
ted so Stats Heart at all. er vw -
State ticket. IaUseSoatkpartce-
rave meet eaeeftslve'7 "-V. isfc
rrW.B.SteveBa6w,Jl.B "T
ea. Elector. of ni'n!.
limm have an organisation to """'"L,, sf
r,w- An the OUe river, as '
..s Aeea into tee " ""Ti its
.1.-..1.- WMriii lea awtae. aw "
parisg iia&versMy with aVstera

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