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White Cloud Kansas chief. (White Cloud, Kan.) 1857-1872, November 08, 1860, Image 2

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lt)t Kansas )tf.
Ttarflay, ij I-rearter 8, 18ft.
MHI aiMIl BAUIKi -j, J
W will ts any quantity of eftisat eoMsa ot
Bmb rags, as I cent per penad, k; payment for
nfcMriptfoB.tdreraiBgMdJorvork. Savs
year rags, ud gal MMtbiig for ibib, lastee
f settlaf them sway. Mo Other tlnd .will b
k taw neb m ere earned above. -
WJwwTiurbonert and tedustnoua boy to
iesra Ue. Mating business. One from 14 to IT
vaarsafage preferred, and most be able to read
and write. .Any boy desirous of learning the
basinets, and pMMjiag' the abore qualifica
tions, U requested to tomi alone withont delay.
,-- '
"Aw iKFosmo. Post Offices are rap
posed to' hare been established for the ac-
eoramod'ition of the people; bot tbe Iowa
Point Post Office is used for tbe advan
tage of a few ruffian. A friend informs
w thst a Democrat of Iowa Point (a
ro'minent actor in tbe row on election
day,) told him, a, few daya before tbe
election, tbat all tbe copies ot tbe Chief
ef October 25th. containing some pasea
fee in the life of Blakely, that were sent
to Iowa 'Point, were either destroyed or
cabbaged from the Port Office, and tbat
a'copy.conld not be found. Complaint
from onr subscribers at that office are al
nost incessant ; and several hare order
ed their papers sent to Highland, that
they may receive them regularly. This
fa scandalous. The Iowa Point Post
Office is in the hands either of A. Taylor
J. A. Farrall. The latter is a young
man, who, we think, aims to do what is
right, and therefore we cainot think he
is the'enlprit A. Taylor, in onr opin
ion, will do joitaa bis muter command.
He is the Postmaster, and he is reeponei-
bl..! Were it not that a change in tbe
office will take place ia the 8pring, i
weold ferret out the abases spoken of, and
Bf tag mm to tne marK. unt we nave re
Dewed cause to thank Ood that Abe Lin
coln is our nut President ; and one de
sirable consequence will be, the cleaning
out of the Iowa Point Poit Office.
Boftocn Rorm Thhbats. We are
informed, daily, tbat terrible threat are
made against us by the Pro-SIaveryite,
for articles published daring the County
emvass,2- particularly those against Blake
ly? , A Democratic friend has warned us
that he has it from Pro-Blaverjjtes, that
we are to be "put through" in every
manner possible, whenever we are caught
in a favorable position. A person who
came from Atchuon Oounty, on Monday,
tells us that heluard it below Troy, that
the Democrats intended to lynch us, on
election day I
Now, we do not donbt the disposition
of the Democracy to carry these threats
into execution, hot we are sot to be do
terred by .them. We have published not
a.word, in the matters in question, but
what'we have reason to believe was true:
and when we know of reasons why men
aboard not be entrusted with office, we
shall say so, in plain and unvarnished
language. As for the threat tbat we mnst
retract certain charges, we have to suggest
that we sever learned that part of the bn
sin, particularly when we believe the
charges to be true. Tne only way to si
leoce us, will be to destroy our office or
'.'put out our chunk!" Threats won't do
it we are used to them.
Corrbctjok. The Falls City (Ke
braska) Broad-Axe sends out on Extra,
for the double purpose, a we judge from
i.ta contents, of publishing legal adver
Ueemente. and contradicting some of our
"misrepressntations." Concerning "Ne
braska Justice," our statement, of the
murder trial came from one who was
there during the entire session of Court ;
hut as he was somewhat interested, his
account may have Jbeen partial and prej
adiced- Ae to' the debate at Bnlo, we
reiterate our former account. We do
not (and did, not) mean to say that the
crowd prevented Daily from getting op
eadltryiDg to speak ; but they mterrap
ted him' so shamefully that his attempt
at epeech was a failure, and but for the
same of the thing, he might as well not
nave appeared ia tne town, mis we re
mved-fraaa disinterested person, who
wsis present ; "tad a correspondent of the
BrbwBville Advertiser gave substantially
the same statement We see .no reason
to alter. our alateaeat, notwithstanding
thejaformation to tbe contrary, which has
bias rarfttrbed to the Broad-Axe.
. v- -
Cr A Briithibo SwtL. Now that the
election is oyer, people have time to at'
tead,t olber .matters of importance.
TaeoaBapaiga has. been along one, and
ewsrybodvTS heartily tired of politics.
Fart strife should now be forgotten, and
good feeling, restored. The Bepubllcans
aj.9w-.urely afford to treat tbeDe
Meracy ilika white saea at the, same
time, we7 trust tbe Democracy will give
them canie to do to, by endeavoring" to
act Jixewmtemsni '
Mr In the' Domestic Rmiim denart
meat of the Rural New Yorker, we find
directions for making "Lincoln Cake.
Wejtaveasea o aecosat ef "Dooglw
Cak,'!-for the reason, we stppeee, that
"bis cake-is all dough!
Blaksly is requested to examiae
tne vote of onr precinct, and then tell as,
twaCdeatiallv, how dearly he loves White
Cload 1 '
Iowa Towvsbtp. We congratulate the
RepnbHcaas of Iowa Township upon tbe
good work they did, -on Tuesday. It
ia the Home of Blakely, aad every string
was pulled ia his favor ; yet he leaves
the Township with S3 majority, when
he expected at least 100. This stronghold
of Pro-Slavery Democracy is gradually
coming around right, aad in a short time
will roll up a majority far the true faith.
White Cloud did' gtonoasly over-
reached oar most saagume aaticipatioaa.
W promised only about SO majority
here, but bare given an average of 46.
Hough beau Blakely 58. This is the
result of organisation and' work. "Tbe
rote was the largest ever polled in tbe
precinct, while a large nomber legitimate
ly belonging here went to Iowa Point.
Mr. Markham received a number of Be
publican votwupoa personal grounds ;
but aside from tbis.'.the Republican vo
ted well.
Highland has done nobly. Fears were
entertained for her. Since the previous
election, a large number of Republicans
bad left the neighborhood, and Demo
crats had come in ; it was thought that
there would be no effort to get out the
vote ; and in some quarters, it was sus
pected that those who did vote would not
stick to the ticket well yet she has giv
en a good majority very good, nnder the
circumstances' and vindicated herself
against the suspicions of those who dis
trusted the fidelity of her Republican
At Iowa Point, tbe Republicans polled
a mnch better vote than was expected of
ber and they did this in the face of ruffi
anism and mobocracy of tbe most una
dulterated stamp. When it is known
tbat to be a Republican in Iowa Point,
makes a man a mark for persecution, po
litically, socially, and in business af
fair, all will acknowledge that our tick
et did well in that precinct.
We know of but one solitary Republican
above Iowa Point who remained away
from the polls, and not one Democrat.
It was the closest votjng ever done in the
Township ; and we think, with an en
tire vote, leaving oat tbe bogus vote tbat
are smuggled in, the Democracy honestly
have 20 majority in the Township. Tbe
following was the vote of Iowa Towaship
on Tuesday :
1 .3
Territorial Sup. Seh. &
J.. R MrOill. 165 35 SO 230
John 0. Douglass. 64 81 52 197
Wm. D.Wood. 177 34 29 240
Nathan Price.
69 83 53 205
V. D. Markham. 173 55 30 258
Samuel D. Benight, 161 30 28 219
Uriah Griffith, 178 34 30 242
R. M. William. 89 90 53 232
K?3r JeBkine,- 69a-"n.. 62-182
Wm. H. Wilson. 68 75 52 195
Wm. Word, 161
EliGabbert. 175
John H. Whitehead, 170
A. Larzelere, 64
A. Lowe, 68
Jacob T. Pierce, 84
Charles Blakely, 182
George S. Hough, 64
Lee A. Hoffman, 178
Geo. D. Bennett, 67
36 33 230
34 30 239
36 30 236
83 52 199
83 52 203
82 49 215
29 28 239
87 56 206
36 80 244
82 52 201
Elkctio!? ik Holt. We have been
furnished with the vote of several pre
eincts in Holt County, Mo., which are
very nearly correct. It stands :
"o ji
o o
3 S
J ea
Oregon. 141 168
Forest City. 144 70
Richville. 6 25
At Whig Valley, Lincoln
118 97
51 16
17 16
about half the votes cast. At Mound
City, Douglas has a considerable major
ity. Several precincts to hear from
Douglas will have from 70 to 100 .ma
jority in the County.
Two-thirds of the Douglas party in
Holt are out-and-out Free Soiler ; and
not less than one-third of the Bell men
are of the saaavtaaaflft Many old Free
Boilers voted 'for Bell. The sentiment
of Holt is overwhelmingly Free State, if
the voters would but come squarely up
to the mark., "
Tax Result. Republicans csn truly
rejoice over the result of the election ia
this County, They have elected all their
candidates but one, and heatea every
Democrat who acted a part ia the daya
of Border Ruffianism aad Lecomptonicra.
This is as it should he.. All such men
should be marled.' Personally, they
should not be molested, their business in
-V..W.M W .KM, UV& U. IIKUM, WIW..U ,
but wnea they come before tbe people.
asking for offices of honor or profit, the
people should give them to understand,
in an unmistakable manner, that their
past misdeeds are treasured np against
them. -
I Ten Hoo SKasoff.-Mr. Bailey com
menced slaughtering, oa Wednesday,
He will this season operate oa bothaid.
of t&e river. "Notwithstanding the fetfare
of the com crop in Kansas, several fiae
droves of hogs have come ia. Had there
beaa good-crops, the number and quality
of hon -furnished by Kaasas fi
would have been astoatshiag.
sjj? wMiBnBBr
We hsve the glorious tidings to pro
claim, that Lincoln and Hamlin are onr
next President and Vice President, by
overwhelming majorities.' They have
carried every Free State this side of the
Rocky Mountains, except, perhaps. New
Jersey, where the vote is dose. Douglss
will probably carry " nary one!" From
the returns received, the majorities will
stand abont thus :
25,000 1
10,000 1
30.000 1
70,000 !
5.000 1
10.000 1
50.000 1
75,000 !
40.000 1
MICHIGAN. 25.000 1
INDIANA, 20.000 1
ILLINOIS, 10.000 1
WISCONSIN, 15.000 1
IOWA, 10.000 1
MINNESOTA. 10,000!
NEW JERSEY, Doubtful.
Ths returns render it probable that
Bell has carried Missouri, Virginia, Ken
tncky and Tennessee. Maryland is close
between Bell and Breckinridge. Dela
ware is close between Lincoln and Breck
bridge the latter doubtless carrying the
State. The balance of the Soutbtrn
States have, from appearances, gone for
Breckinridge. We aball be able to give
a more correct statement of the result,
next week.
Doniphan County has done gloriously,
electing tbe entire Republican ticket, with
tbe exception of one Representative, who
has been shamefully defeated by his own
party. Brown County elects the entire
Republican ticket; .Atchison. County
has gone 200 Demoeratie. Nothing from
tbe balance of the Territory. Henry Bo
der, Esq., County Clerk, has furnished
us with the aggregate vote of the County,
as follows : '
For the Council,
Nathan Price,
Wm. D. Wood,
For Representatives,
R. M. Williams,
E. J. Jenkins,
Wm. H. Wilson,
V. D. Markham,
Samuel D. Benight,
Uriah Griffith,
For County Commissioners,
A. Larzelere i
J. H. WhiteheadvS
A. Lowe,"
Eli Gabhert,
J. T. PierceW
Wm. Word,
For Sheriff,
George S. Hough
Charles Blakely,
For Assessor.
George D. Bennett,
L. A. Hoffman,
rannsoss auoaznre. we are in
receipt of this popular Lady's Magazine
for December. It is a splendid number.
"Peterson" has a circulation of 100,000.
It will be greatly improved in 1861. It
will contain 1000 pages of double col
nam reading matter; 14 steel plates;
T2 colored steel fashioa pistes ; 12 col
ored patterns ia Berlin work, embroidery
or crocnei, ana ouv wood engravings
proportionately mor than than any oth
er penodtcml ffives. Its stories aad nov
elets are by tbe best writers. Its fash
ions are always the latest and prettiest
Every neighborhood ought to make up a
club. Its price ia but Two Dollars
yesr, or a dollar less than Magazines of
its class. Subscribe for it and save a
Dollar. To clubs, it is cheaper still
viz three copies for to, or .eight for
810. To every person getting op a club.
tbe Publisher will send a magnificent
premium. Specimens sent gratis to those
wishing to get np dubs. Address, post
paid, Charles J. Peterson, 306 Chestnut
Street, Philadelphia.
b JV How long doea the Deputy Dis
tnct Clerk intead to hold on to those
little " fixing." ia order to nut the bnai-
iato BlakeJy'a heads f Shortly af
ter the 4th of March, the Clerk himself
will be passed iato the haads of Blakely,
or some other companion ia misery !
Will the Dispatch he so kind as
to inform a wbea Mr. Hoffman talks of
ttertlaf out to aeasse Mr. Price's proaartyf
IbISumu Ottrtrt aT BsJUsim
It may b tbat many of oar readers
looked upon oar asasrtioae, dariaf the
campaign, that the Doaiphaa Cooaty
Democracy were, the identical Border
Ruffians of 1856. aad vara the same ia
disposition aow aa they were thea, at
electioneering appliances, iateaded to af
fect tba votes of saw iadiaed to Democ
racy, but still more irmly inclined to
ward law aad ardor. Now that the bat
tle ia over, wa repeat that onr assertions
wen trae ; aad, coatrary to oar anticipa
tions, the proceedings at Iowa Point, on
tbe day of tba election, fally demonstra
ted that we did aot misrepresent the De
mocracy. The mobocracy and outrages,
upon that day, would hara done honor
to the palmiest days of Border Ruffian-
Early ia tbe day, a drunken Democrat
was charging abont the streets with a re
volver in-one hand aad a cane in the oth
er, heaping tbe foulest abuses upon every
Republican be met. William Hedrick
appeared to be the principal object of
Democratic hatred. The drunken man
declared that he was a slaveholder, and
had killed sevaral men in M i J
if anybody would show him that d d
Abolition:, Bill Hedrick, he would kill
him. He presently discovered Hedrick,
thrust his revolver in his face, and beat
him over the back with his cane. Hed
rick got out of bis way, but the fellow
was not satisfied. Some time afterward,
he approached Hedrick again, in a men
acing manner, while the latter was sitting
down. As the fellow approached, Hed
rick seized the piston-rod of an engine
pump, which lay close at hand, and dealt
him several tremendous blows over the
head, bringing him to the ground. At
this, a general rush of more than a hun
dred men was made toward Hedrick, with
the cry of "shoot him 1" "kill the d d
rascal I" He retreated into a store, but
was followed by tbe crowd, overpowered,
stamped and beaten in a shocking man
ner. A peaceable man named Simpson, a
neighbor of Hedrick interfered in hi
behalf, but was knocked down and beaten
with brick-bate until the crowd were tir
ed with tbe work ; and a large flesh-fork
was run through his nose, said to have
been done by a boy. Simpson was per
mitted to get up and start off, when a
crowd followed again, but were by some
means prevented from inflicting further
injuries upon him.
A young man named Sponseller, also
one of Hedrick' neighbors, was at
tacked by the mob, but broke out of the
crowd and ran for his life. He was fol
lowed by a unprincipled doggery keeper
named Tracy, a mere boy, who kept
shooting at him with a revolver as be
run, but not hitting him. A miserable
wretch named Jim Poteet, seized a rifle,
and galloped after Sponseller, threaten
ing to kill him before he returned: Ia
a short time he came back, intimating
that he had done something with Spon
seller; but whether he injured him or not,
we have not heard.
At this juncture, some one appealed to
BIakely,.as tbe leader of the Democratic
party, to quiet the mob, which he set
himself about doing, and finally succee
ded. The extent of the injuries of Hed
rick and Simpson, and the fate of Spon
seller, axe not known ; but a committee
of Republicans has been appointed to
visit their homes, and ascertain.
This mob cannot be claimed as tbe re
sult of excitement or drunkenness, al
though the originator of it was drunk ;
Vr ; j;.i-JT.--s .r
ur ifc ww a prcmeuiimieu auair. ueiaim
the dsy of election,, it was hinted in va-
rioua quarter, mat tnsre was to be a
muss. An old Republican of this Town
ship walked from Atchison Connty, in
order to vote. On Mondsy night he
stopped in the vicinity of Syracuse, at a
Democratic house, where he was inform
ed that the Republicans were to be
"cleaned out," at Iowa Point, on Tues
day. Tbe row was preconcerted, and
was but an outburst of tba old Border
Ruffian spirit.
Since the above was in type, we learn
tbat tbe flesh-fork story was a hoax ; but
that ths balance of onr account is not
quite as bad as the reality.
i m
j9" We have often heard it said that
a considerable quantity of whiskey, taken
internally, h'ss the effect of making the
recipient see double ; but wa are indined
to the opinion that' " Blakely sod-corn"
quadruples tba visioa of the patriotic
Democracy. For 'instance, the White
Cloud correspondent of the Dispatch, told
the public that 120 voters registered their
names at the pow-wow ia this pi
But little over oao-fourtb that aumher of
votes were cast for the Demoeratie ticket
here. We can aecoaat for this upoa'ao
other principle thaa that the person who
counted tbe names oa the list, had his
visioa quadrupled by eopioas potatiaae
of said sod-corn.
It is rumored among the " faith
fol," tbat we are to ha prosecuted for li
bel, for certain statements made during
. - i .
tbe campaign. That begin to sound in
teresting. Let thsmf squirt their dye-
stuff: we shall be hat too happy to be
the mesas of setting eertaia characters ia
their true light before tba coaatry. The
longer a critical kvsstigatioa iato tbe
early transactions ia Kansas is delayed,
the more difficult it win be to get at the
facts ; and there k aa hatter way of pre-
ing them thaa by spreading them
upon the rtrordt of oar Gears.
"Wasted to Boat 8ol-Mnxan."
Such was the song of the Blakdyites,
from the day of his nomination nntil the
cloee of tba polls. BIsksly expressed
great concern lest the Chief should not
be circulated throughout the Connty, as
be expected to derive mnch benefit from
its oppoeition to him. He sent ns word,
thst if be had any money to spead in the
canvass, he could pnt it toa better pur
pose thsn baying whiskey that he would
purchasers a new auit of dotbas, ia con
sideration of the great service we were
doing him by our opposition. On elec
tion dsy, some of his over-confident
friends congratulated us upon the benefit
we had been to him ; and on the same
day, we are told, Blakely himself declar
ed that he wanted to be elected, if for
nothing elao tbsn to beat Sol. Miller.
They were going to have rare sport
our sxpense, when Blakely was elected
Gentlemen. Sol. Miller is perfectly satis-
fied with the result. How do you like
it ? Has be helped yon much ?
J9" The Atlantic Monthly, for No
vember, commencea the fourth year of
the existence of this able work. It con
tains, oesmes tne editorial nonces ana
reviews, ten original contributions, in
prose and verse, most of tbem of con
siderable interest, and all ably written,
viz : Thomas Hood ; Fayal and
the Portuguese; Midsummer and May;
Gone ; Expression ; Italian Experi
ence in Collecting "Old Masters;"
'Tenty Scran' ; Recollections of Irving ;
Irene An adyomene ; and a continuation
of The Professor's Story. Now is a
good time to subscribe. PnbKshed by
Ticknor and Field. Boston, at 83 a year.
We will furnish it to our subscribers for
$2 a year.
'''Coita to ths Rack h Qaite a number
of "confidence" men accepted our prop
osition to snd the Chief one year, to be
paid for when Lincoln was elected Presi
dent. We take this method of slyly
hinting to them thst said event has come
to pass, and we confidently expect every
one of them, as men of honor, to roll
along the "Spondulicks." Friand,
ple shell out, while we (ing that good
old hymn
Com; j !, peer ill Imij,
Wrty, ntgil, "tprtnt tod "tof ;"
Tee the mirk, and feet the nule,
Fork tbeee itid "peodt!!ckl"o'tf.
After which, we (ball listen to a dis
course from the Lssven worth Dispatch,
with reference to the fools all being dead!
3T The Democracy of this Town
ship, confident of victory, had made pre
parations for high carrying on. On
Wednesday evening, after the news of
Blakely's election was received, they
meant to make their cannon do some loud
talking they would fire it from the top
of the highest bluff ia Iowa Point, so
that tbe whole country around could hear
tbe glad tidings. We listened attentive
ly, on Wednesday evening, bat didn't
hear that cannon. What was the mat
ter, boys? As it rained all day Wednes
day, probably you got your powder wet!
' JV The Blakelyitee, on election day,
were so confident of bis success, tbat they
could not repress their malignant feelings.
8aid one of his pimps, in onr presence,
intended for our especial edification:
" When Charley is elected, we'll have to
send him np on Walnut Creek again !"
Hadn't you better send bim along ? He
will have plenty of time to cogitate upon
the vanity of human hopes, ere the peo
ple of Doniphan County call him back !
xy Dome oi tne iiepnuncan ooys
went down to Jackson Becler'f , thi even
ing, to hold a jollification. They took
a couple of anvils along, to wake up tbe
Democrat of Iowa Point, and remind
them thst they had not yet heard thai
cannon proclaiming the tidinga of a Dem
ocratic victory. They had a number of
speeches, jd a good time generally.
Q V We have beard the question ak
ed, what County officer it was, over in
Holt County, Mo., that snsaked up to a
young German who had recently taken
out his naturalization papers, and told
him tbat if he voted for Lincoln, be
would violate his oath to support the
Constitution 7
JtW We have tbe pleasure of inform
ing the Dispatch that that queer ham of
Ras. William' don't bother him any
hasn't "criplsd" him a bit But he is
still ss much of a philanthropist as ever
as sn evidence of whicb, he begs of ns
aot to taunt the dowa-troddea Democracy.
A never-failiag method of telling
a candidate for office ia Kaasas, is to ex
amine his purse. Yoa will find it filled
with change, from tba smallest to the
largest denomination to treat an " in
dependent voter' to a Bra osat " nip,
or to liquor a patriotic crowd.
ja9 After our County ticket was no
minated, ia speasnag ot Jttus. vv iuisma
popularity up this way, wa remarked :
" For farther particular, sea the vets, ia
November." Ia order to give tbe public
tbat opportunity, we publish the vote of
our Township,, ia this issue.
r" tar Will the Denatr1 District Clerk
have tbe kindnsse to issue a search war
rant for that 200 majority which tba De
moeratie ticket was going to receive ia
Doniphan Cooaty? Ha ea pat tba bus
iness into Cbsriy Blakely's haads 1
( tW Our (Head. Charles Miller, (good
aame.) of Palermo; has ear thaaks for
a Club of subscribers at that plae.. Let
others "go aad delikewise,'
Bad Bosmss. Mr. Markham is elec
ted over Mr. Jenkins by a majority of 3
votes. For this result, a few of the Re
publicans of White Cloud can take their
share of the credit. After demanding
that tbe Republicans of other precincts
should not trsde off any of the candidates,
they have done worse voted for a Dem
ocrat, withont a corresponding eqaivaleat
ia return. We admit that Mr. Markham
i well qualified to perform the daties of
a legislator ; and were we called apon to
vote for a first-rate, clever fellow, or for
a maa upon tbe ground of personal friend
ship, we ahould vote for Mr. Markham
But there Vas a principle at" issue; and
if those Republicans who defeated Mr.
Jenkins, hold that by so doing they ad
vanced the principles of their party, we
pity their principles that's all.
tar Dingus reminds'u that hi is'still
erect, by getting off the following :
Why is it reasonable to suppose that
Itrm lut nlamt & tnnpr wntlld visit. WOUld
.. r r .
be a whiskey hop next door to his own?
Because it i a dernier (derned near) re
sort 1
t9T We learn that there was a fracas
at aioana uiiymo., on election day, in
whicb a German, after being whipped in
a fight by one Williams, drew a Bowie-
knife and stabbed two of Williama' bro
thers one, it is thought, fatally.
' J9The Holt County News, we learn.
has changed hand. A. R. Conklin, of
tbe Forest City Courier, will henceforth
be it conductor. We have not heard
what ia to become of the Courier.
Onr Special Washington Dispatch.
Waehixutox, Oct. 26.
A New York correspondent says that
Mr. R. J. Lackey, late of tbe lreasury
Department, who wa removed on sns
picion of Lincolniam, ha revealed a plan
entered into bv high official for a disso
lution of the Union. Mr. Lackey ays
the plan was tbat the Governor, of the
Southern State should convene their
Legislatures on the 8th of November, and
as soon aa Lincoln election wa ascer
tained. the Legislatures were to declare
the Union dissolved, and pronounce in
favor of Breckinridge as President of the
Southern Confederacy. The same cor
respondent charges Cobb with being i
party to the scheme, wtyich seems to be
confirmed by the fact that Cobb, when in
Georgia recently, avowed Dimwit favor
able to a dissolution in cuo Lincoln wa
The Constitution newspaper ia aid to
be entirely in the hands of the Southern
members of the Cabinet. The Northern
members do not interfere, neither doe
the President ; and hence, under tbe gui
dance of Cobb and Thompson, the Gov
ernment organ, day after day, predicts
dissolution in case ot Lincoln election
It is rumored here that secret agent, well
supplied with money, are traveling South
aiirrmg up tne aisnnion leeung. it is
alio aaid that the visit of Cobb and
Thompson to New York ha preference
to the .withdrawal of the fuadrfrOm
the Snbtreasury, in cue of Lincoln'
The Blce Cockadk. We have be
fore stated that Minute Companies are
formed in South Carolina, who mount
the blue cockade. This is not the fir6t
time cockades hsve been mounted in this
country for partisan purposs. In 1798,
the Federal party mounted the black
cockade in Philadelphia and other places.
In three years more the federal party re
ceived ite death blow, and the reign of
black cockades was over. In less than
that time the blue cockade will share the
me fate. The cockade party may live
long enongh to hold another Hartford or
Nashville Convention, but hardly that.
Their doom is fixed. They, like the old
federalists, mil call themselves tbe no
bleat party on earth, think they know all
abont the Constitution, make a little
more noise, and sputter out tbe ambi
tion part taking office from the hands of
the Republican.
Two New Iorkers Sextekced to be
Hcruo m South Cabouva. The follow-
ing paragraph in the Charleston Mercu
ry of the 17th, gives the probable de
nouement of tbe excitement which dis
turbed the citizens in the interior of Sonth
Carolina a few daya since :
JbromUheraw we learn tbat the two
Hitching, concerning whose arrest snd
trial as Abolition incendiaries a' full ac
count was published in the Mercury of
Saturday, had been duly convicted and
sentenced to be hang on Friday next.
Additional and crushing evidence had
been adduced to prove their complicity
in an insurrectionary plot, aad thia seal
ed their doom. At last accounts, 'Mia-ute-3Ien"
were actively. forming in" Che-
raw ana me vicinity.
Flam ef Disaaiaaiat.
Louisville,' Oct. 301
Thi morning' Joarnalaav. rsmsrk
ably shrewd aad well informed ooliti
iane, recently from Washington, ' state
that soma of the principal Breckinridge
leaaers iron ine oonin. laeladinsr Wi.
fall, of Texas, aad Jadg Meek, of Ala
bama, agreed, last Tbursdav. nnon a
plsn of action ia case of Lincoln's elec
tion, viz: Bout' Carolina, witbia thirty
daya after tbe election, would declare
herself indepeadeat, aad aead aa ambas
sador to Waahiagtoa askiag rseegaitioa.
If recognized, other Southern State
would follow sait,. aad aftar a eeSeieat
aamneror States navo thaabeea race
nixed, a Soathsra Confederacy weald ha
lonaou. ,
A Ijhcoiji Ox w Kaxsas. NelsoB
Abbey, Esq., of Doniphsn Countv, Kaa
sas. has a choice or which' ha has long
oeen laiientBg lor the tnMiimnat' f
a m . . e,wr
ms msnas, m ueeveat or Mr. Liacbla's
lection. Mr. Abbev wa. for
years, a neighbor of.Mr. Lmcola; aad ea
tertains that eathtisisatiV'resrard for hist
which all person hare who are iatimat
ly acquainted with thamxt Piastdeat ol
the Repahlic It k aeaoTssa to add that,
whea thaax killed, tnsre will- be a
aad Abhay.-ireaea Fnt Dim,
trot, s -
Tluuisgiviig Proclaim?
To the People of Kansas :
In the beginning we wera , .
that "while the earth ren.i"""
time and harveet. and cold ., i. '. ?
summer and winter, and day and 'Jrr
hall not cease." ' a m8"
This great promiss to man's bona ..4
indu.try .wa, made by Him. . "d
fountain of Truth ; who also said -v
forth and replsoish the earth ;" wa' wr
said anto the tempest "be still." But
to Gad's great purposes msa csnnot rZ
His ends are worked out in Hii i
good time. HechestiethforoarZn
giveth and withholdeth that His 5 '
may receive the higher glory amor, Hi.
creatures. The contrite in heart art &.
man, therefore, aot repine at nhn .
him, i a mystery, but rather lt J,;-
thank God. with humble obedience, pnt
ting tmstin.Hi great promise fulfilled
nnto o many generations, rather bo
ia grateful adoration to Him by wj,
power he breathes end moves, thinimor
antly cmse the hand which utendt
blessings, and withholdeth no needed
Governor of the Territory of Einsai fo
in accordance with custom a enstotn
sanctioned by a Christitn peop!,p.
point and set apart THURSDAY, ths
29th day of November, 1860. u ,.,
for the many merciea vouchsafed to M
Though drouth ha come npon us taj
our people are eorely tried in this their
hour of destitution though the grns
ries are empty and food is gWen out with
a sparing hand, yet it is a causa for ,.
joicing. for thanksgiving and praise, that
nnusuai neaun pervaue every part of onr
Territory that plenty is withii resch
tbat the means of communication are
rapid that the hearts ofa Christian peo
pie beat quick in acta of mercy, so thst
our wants are but to be made known to
be supplied ; and. more than all. that we
have an opportunity of doing good woth
for one another that our hearts may hsre
a closer communion, and society be
moulded together with "Faith, Hope snd
Charity." r
Given under tbe Seal of the Territ07,
at the City of Lecompton, this 30th dsy
of October. A. D. 1860.
By the Governor : S. MEDARY.
Georoe M. Bebbb, Secretary of Kan
sas Territory.
Momtqohmt. Oct 27.
Hon. Robert Toombs spoke to an au
dience of 2.000 persons here last night.
He urged resistance to death in the event
of the election of Lincoln.
St. Joseph Markets.
Hemp, $95 to $105. Wheat, fair to prime
Fall, $1.05 to $1 25; choice Spring, 85 to 90c.
Flour, from $2.90 to $3.50, acrording to brand.
Oats, scarce, at 40. Rye, 40 to 50c. Whii
key, 19 to 25c. Hides, doll at 9c, Tor drj flint,
and 4c for green. Wool, common, IS to 23c.
Sugar, 9 to 9jc. Molasses, 45 to 50c. Coffee,
16tol6c Salt, $1,60. Hoga,34c,groM.
Cattle, market well supplied, at 22Jc, grow.
Potatoes, good supply, at 65 to 90c. Applet.
$1 to $2 per brl. Corn, 40 to 60c.
Wa hats no rrrv for people who go about
complaining of their acbca aad pains. Why do
they not forthwith procure a bottle of J. L. Cur
tis Maauwzs Lisiar.Tr and re-inrigontt their
diseased muscles? It is a pain killer,
and no mistake. And remember, also, thst his
Compound Syrup of Sassaftaa is a sure remedy
for Coughs, Colds, and the thousand and on
diseases of the respiratory organs. No medi
cines ara more efficacious and none more pops
lar. See advertisement. Oct. 18.
feTenryBlangy ) On Order of Sal
ts. and
Ctorge Barter.) Execution.
THE sale in the above entitled same, is ad
journed to the 9th day of Norember, 1669,
at 11 o'clock. A. M-. of thst day.
J03. F. HAMPSON. Acting Sheriff.
Br C. Liuxd, Vtpaij b&enir.
November 8. 1 660-1
Joel Ryan
Henry Gall.
Albert Ferry
Henrv Gall.
I On Execution,
NOTICE la hereby given, that I will, on lie
8th day of December, A. D. 1660, at one
o'clock, P. M., of that diy, offer for sIe,
public auction. at tbe Court House door, mine
city of Troy, Doniphan County, Kansas Terri
tory, the following described real esuw, w
wit; the north rut fourth of the SOath-eStt
quarter of section 19, townshio 3, rtnfe 20, sit
uated in said Uounty or uompnan. i
ths nron.rtr nt Itonrr Hull, hv virtue of tWO CI-
ecntions to me directed, issued from tks Distort
Court of Kansas Territory, sitting in and ft
the said County of Doniphan, for the lnl or
causes arising andar tbe laws of said Territory.
In one or said executions, Joei nyan pi-
and Henry Gall is defendant; and in the oraer
of said executions, Albert Perry is plaintiff!
Henrv Gall rsdefeadant. TobesoMiosauwj
said execution and costs. v
Given under mv hand, this Rn uay o -
vember. A. D. 1860.
JOS. F. HAMF30H, AanfButT.u-
Bv C. Laxass. Deputy Bhsnff.
Novesaber 8,1860-5. .Printer's fee, &
Amos Rutltdge
6. )
Baatnel Neese.
On Execution.
&rvfrr.E r. l.h. !. th,
i for sale, at public auction, on tneBth itj
oriwcemoer, a. u. ioow, a-wn v-. -M.,
or that day, at the Court Honse door, a
tbe city oi Troy.Coanty of Doaiphaa, and Ter
ritory of Kansas, the following tenrzJrr
estate, to wit: tbe north-east fourth, lis nona
west fourth, the sonth west foarta, ?V"J
teeth-east fourth, or the nerta-easjaatrleror
sectieBd. in township., of rsnge M,
ia Doaiphaa County aforesaid, by virte ofaa
exeeotionto me directed. Issued from ths W
trict Court of Kaasas Territory, teas; ""
for tbe Coantv or Doniphan, . 'SfJSj
Asses Rotledgs is plaintiff aad the MS
v :. j.r.!Li.., Fr! on. and SO08
or said premises wi'll be sold, as isssv e aseis
sary to satisfy tbe JaAgsieBt aad easts to ssia
cmase aad oa aaid execatioa. .
jGivea ander sayhaad, this 6ih day oTflo
veaaber,A.D. I860. -..j
'JOS. F.-HAMWON. AcUag 8h
yoveasber8,l8Jw. Prlatar'slae.Sj.
, Kfl POELlll M1-
STRAYjtfor stolen &':
teateereW'salies west JSeVaU,'
Kaasas, on Tuesday evening. TBS kat
adeeabar mare, aboat are jw - .
String, tifteem toads bisk, asavir -
IiT La .11 wmL She has the asara
reee 'areas! air left F a to
ateve reward will be paM -saiacaMZwaere
tke aslsea! ssay ae zy
Feb fJaafcCeJll-J & -
A" "" -'"-j"?

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