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White Cloud Kansas chief. (White Cloud, Kan.) 1857-1872, November 03, 1864, Image 1

Image and text provided by Kansas State Historical Society; Topeka, KS

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" KvnV Harri! Hornh for Sbriial
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tritb I111 hoit of Frteilom iobi;
Tt k loml it Cloik ti joni,
Aihtpn aikiaon.
Caotri Ilarrih Himh! Ilarrah far Sbcrmaa!
Homh! ilomh! Horrxh for Fharmtal
Mimh' Harrlk! Ilorrah for Sbtrmta!
Forba foai paihinf oa.
Ua ara paihtDr. u the ballot box;
Itt ararj TOta ba pnlle 1,
Aid ihnw thxt we are fraemea traat
Whaia rifili aannet be teld;
A ad waMl elect oar chie f.
And leave McCleUaa la the cold.
At we a pnthlnf, en.
Laotca Ilorrah' Hafrai for oar Treiiilent!
Hurrah Ilorrah Ibroor Preiiileal
llarrah1 Harrah for our President!
Aa we ro poihln on
irlcct f ale
There wa, once upon, a timp, a rcry
nic jonn Hwsion Sergeant, wlio. while
U coruroanil of a picket don in thp
Shcntndoah Vrilluy, grmlunlly became
iwru dial tliere irns a very pretly girl in
the liatut of parsing cjuite proriHcaolls
V w'ml lis w. on post.
Vry -putty fjiflg iniloed .vera all threo
of the Mui ,leflf Drk of Lair, bright
oj rje, and Ipfti of wit. thpyknew thr
nleofcoqietry from Alpha to Omega.
wOr thin ihey did their prsyrrs, and
o'lt lutcrwt iu observinj; their 'practical
Th family lived just insid our Iinr.
ml wens nentrnl thnt if 10 say, they
aid two brother with AOthr, nnil jiked
to iII meals, etc., (etc , in Virginia, gen
erally mMog whiskey.) to onr officer
1 loUien?, at about ten timei their real
tiloe, all the while wishing this horrid
f wonld ceass '
Oar young Sergeani'n nnttiral modesty
Muni? been OTprcuma with great dlffi.-nl-tj,
ha fpefldily becarue q-iito intimate,
not to iy gallant, with tha yonng lady
ad her sitters.
Why shonldn't he, pray? He had
Bfltieena white fenula in three months;
Who had not scowled or .pat at him bat
ow.md the threw a brick a ort of
'Meg which, tbocgh amttaing at first,
.towi tiretome by repetition ; so that
b he. met two good lookrog femiti
J "ho did neHhej ho was fascinated.
'.Though hetook hi meals ;t tlnir
booh, (at 50 cents each,) and made him
w g?nerally,grefjabU, to the beat oMris
jwjity, onr Sergeant neter forgot that! ha
command ofan.nnQiiHlly large pick-
Hut ont purposelxito give timely!
--mg 01 ,aa exptcted.raid on, the iU
""; and never left tha road withont
P"'g a force too atrong.to ba-catjoff
"7 carairy dash before an alarm could
pwn, and.woaloVsetvlaavre his men
W,rdWorallth8beanty 0f Virginia.
Alter declining leYeraJ invitations to
P the evening, a few'ijays before tbe
M rf his retarn, he received a most
twl08 invlutioa t0 bng his men to
pwukt of a dinner prepared by, the
. Jefts. They bad behavedVo gen"
tiemijjlj. go nnliU lr.P ncn.l -., ...
rie. that really they most accept of
iJ'Plity. Andyoa will come.l
Whoconld resist encb a speech, ic
jPaied as it was with a blnsh and a
s which would have brought Gen.
ooi himsalf on his marrow-bones ?
w a"-t I can't leave the road unguarded.
J orders are'
V.. never mind thai
Isn't the road
hX m her8? Wh7 "B't you
'rta-. . - unuK iub rets np
ww no danger in the middle of tt
to"a u OB
10 much afraid of. This ia
coarase. is It?' wit), . .tr
fai a. - . . ' - -
tit - '""
wn li.ii. :: "7- ".""i -v 'm
I? Si
si -5
I 1 c::r-i uacA i- a
r. ;
8ergeant,4aftetaking.- short leave o( the
family, in, general in. the parlor, landa
long and affectionate, one pf (Miss, Jeff in
particular, on. the sUirSjefJectedja retreat.
( e latteriDg, Jsn'it, .thatcsne should
lake such a great interest inVme-,?; he.aa
liloquized. But thenLto ak theVmeqtr I
am biessea 11 x can see inrpngn it, anjrr
hpw.' And! be.fell iota, embrown stadjt
from wb.ich ha was startled by. a whisper.
l4 Maaaa, Sergeant I' -,-,. -. , . "r
-. TbefiargtaB atarted, Jppke4 arqand.
sad ifalf drew, bis Tovolver.bnt seeinir
nothing bat a juvenile, darkey ensconced
in an angle of tbe worm fence, .he tbrnst
itgback again. -,
'.Holb, Dick, yon imp of dark new 1'
b .vied, recognizing one, of the honse
servao's of the.Jeffs, npon whom be .had
bestowed several small layers.
'Stoph?re, Massa. Sergeant Don't
let no one see yoo, and I'll tell yon some
en.' A long and anxfons confab ensned,
interspersed with, consiufrable cursing on
the patt of (he military gentleman, at the
endjof which. the Sergeant took bi way
to camp instead of the post,, in a etndy.
far browrrerthan that from which be bad
so. recently emerged. , t
r At precisely, noon. of the next .day, a
look into the dining-room .of tbe Jeff
would have disclosed tbe. Sergeant, and
with one exception, the entire picket un
der jhis command, sitting .at the table,
their arms stacked in tbe hall, makiqgan
onset before which the dinner vanished
like chaff before tbe wind. 'lr,
, One hour paseed. . .
Suddenly steps were heard on the pi-
" Don't disturb yourselves,' said one
of tbe yonng ladjes, going to the window.
It's only soraef the niggers.,. 0
I won't,' replied the Sergeant, with a
tender glance.
The ateps came on the stairs up them;
the yonng ladies glanced nne&sily around.
bnt the Sergeant never stirred. There
iva. a stir in tbe hall, followed by a sud
den rnsh, and about twenty-five of Ash
by 's cavalry made their entrance, with an
utter disregard of tbe proprieties of life
and the presence of ladies.
Yqn may as well cive yonrselves np
qnietly, smiled the Sergeant's (?) con
quest to her adored and h's followers,
who were consnlting in the corner to
which they had retreated. My brothers
n l.iys trait their prisoners well, and we
have your gone.'
. Well, darned if ever Lsaw snch per
fidy !' cried the Sergoant, throwing bis
hot from the window in a rage.
Give rae five minuses to collect my
self, LicntHnnnt,' tnrning to the comman
der of the troop, 'and I'll tell yon what
I'll do.' .
All right, my boy, take six,' return
ed, the youngia(ly'a,'brother, in tha .most
good nanued rnnnnar, sitting down and
pitching into the dinner, like a half
starred drngonn. s bo was an uncere
monious example which was imitated by
his' followers. tJ r
ijYe'pilnntBS passed. A trampingjvas
heard outdide.
'Darn thnse horses!' exclaimed Lieut.
.IrfTi.with hi month full of corn-bread
and lolled chicken. There's no gaard,
thoreJ Tom. go down' and see ift they
are getting unhitched."
Tom filled hii 'month with the same ar
ticle, picked up hi carbine, and started.
He looked back as be reached, the
door, and said: 'Keep me soma fodder,
lam . What the deuce
8 -' a
Bang! t . ,
Blue u re Ah ef smoke circle Jnto the
room amf-sTnggisbly roll upward, and
Tom pitchea heavily forward, with a
bnllet thrqSgh'his head, never more, to
rite, wliilo several files of tbeP98th "regi
ment emerged from tbe smoke and march
ed over him, theirMnusketa at a charge
and at the same time, each of tbe pickets
at the other end of" the room produced
his revolver and marked his man.
" Have to trouble you tot surrender,
gentlemen,' .remarked thV.Sergeant, wth
a condescending wav'eflhiaandjowara
the Tsecesh. vYoof see ypa JhaveVt t ght
hi . v IV a. i -'
Just ffiy luck I'-cried' the.LIentenaht. J
nere x am laaxu priauuer, reww x -half
eaten theronly'dmner I'haVe seen-m
a month' ' - ' J "' '.
""? Don't-let rnr interfere," interrupted
the'SergeahV'with a native'1 pfbllteness.
'Take 700 to camp 'any time'. w' .
'The Lieutenant Iootetfat his'men'and
winked. They gnnned-bicktheif,-response.
Bat tbe Sergeant was oblivions,
and the mearproceedea. . fc. ; - s
All at once its progress was interrupt
ed by dropping shots on the road, the
galloping of horses, and the terratis ,01
cnarging cavairj, , , - ,.,
TheliieufeAant pricked, npia, ears,
and winked fte'second tinie'at his men.
I reckon. 8ergeant,'l'be remarked to
his csptor.' who remained ,'aa cool aa a
cucumber, that the tables are "changed
again." Those afe onr boys there'a no
mistaking that noise. That'a
He was interrupted by asndden cessa
tion of the cheering, and the heavy boom
of cannon so near tbeu house, tbat.Mba
windows rattled.and. the glasses -danced
upon tha table. The aonnd.wae repeated,
and followed by s heavy Tolley Jroea
hnl-T. . . . k ... ,. j.,-.
What tha draoS U Wai ntj,sta-ui
edfatarting,upJa great itatio.
Doya Baa no, oeayy. cawu s, -.
tr.i,nn. it Tomarked hia cantor, jvito I
- 1
1 'il"uv-,T''"?'n-r,iMl tkoaht taUaak
ffiaiUniraT . rinK. IiawLa: aiUatranaFWai wa'.waBr -
wvwci'r".,'L. ' j ...
0, TOCiyaaOJiraVfwjnTtXr'-'l'
- - aaaai aaTnillVI.. LaVlaaie
7 " - - :
r I
JrW t
QC "r"j'7I
- if -3
1 r
YtSl I
F 13
r-l e-rl jtiT- Mi5T! 7ZTt7
and I rather gneas they have given Ashby
s The" Lfea'tenant dropped into his seat,
and .madVa faint, attemp't to 'swallow
soma more corn bred.li)nt it was.ftonte.
SIowlyfh8 laid aside his, knife end, fork,
and rose from 'the table with the -air 'of, a
rhatfwbo bad rather niore than'is.gooa
fariim. ,j c r-
Tako ns. Sergeant,' ie said, resignedly.
. And be did take them, men, women,
boTBM..darkagrsr'nrl all.' '- . ' ' J
t Their fato.;was the nsosrVne.' The
contrabands.skedaddled; the. -horses went
tothe Pot Qnartermaster, (that-is, some
of themdid. tbe rest were, somehow.
lost, thongh'envions people said the staff
officers of the ysth all 'got new horses
about that time;) the men were paroled.
The ladies, of course, r. took tha oath.
and were discharged, for onr great repub
lic does not war on lovely women.
isc&mtsm' ..
1UC,;0T KTH.l
'' i 8 .1 TnJdrcjL jrce."
it r t -1 . I J1 i 3 ' c
Act Sth. Liit Sciia atrr Trro oa Tutaa-
W U i( JU ' ... '''l - -
Orangt Rovm Mae'$ Htutt. Enttr .Vae and antral
LittU JfMltnit.'' ' ' ""
- r tr
Jlu Brine; roe aumbre report,) let tliem all alide:' '
Till ttimt thtolien'iTot lath unto Oraap come.ir -
I feel ai lale aa f aaboat. t nat'a old Abriml
ntajpatnotpelitielaniVpl D(d not "
Thoaa who wall knee, tha army'a feelia' 017,01 -
Bt tut lut'i. Ok. Mac ' Et vkm polilmant tumtnaU,
OtmttvmuklT 80, then.'cork op! tiey aaj
Hanit! v allaadi(fcara!. J"t rnan'do VTaod! ' a
r,tlir TiUrram Hog. ,
JetT l)ATia eonaeript thee, thoa dlrtr brau
iVrearafol'althatsMw loakt-
HTij 40U tboa atand there fambliaf that dlipauhl
Boy Thera'la tJU rtaitr mag fit up frr himnlfi thon.
' rand
MtcOa our aide I ,
B ejr Xe, t'other.
Mac Taa thj fate hence' Fitx-Jofinl fan liak at heart.
When I keholdl FitiJahn, 1 iaj! Thia rata
Will roar me np Salt River.
I haee ran lent; enon;h; my way of Ufa
Rath fallen among tha nnioccenful throng,
Aad all that ahoalj accorrpanj aoeceia,
Aa office, Aatierera, troopt oToSiee aeekera,
I oanit net look to have; hat in their etead,
The nraitet oftha iTtrU, tha Cmmtrct, the Ejprisi,
Soch falaorae atoff at one woaU fain deny, bnt darn not
fsttr Fitz-Jei.
Fz-Jcin What'e all the row abontt
Jtfoc What aanri moref
Fttj-JoHa (Jtn'ral.tie rTorUeoafirinawhatwaireported,
.War Ha, hl ho, ho!- That fatal aoldier rota
Atmoit compels no now to cnt my throat. ,
I'll hide mraolfln coal-hole or In iee-hoate,
Altfeaagb ray liieaSt aaee gara ma tnch m ntea hooae.
Moltlns "A"Triy of the Rebel Ar.
.Bales. ,-v 1
JSJnch (hat has been said aboat deser
tions from the rebel armies has been dis
credited. Ve know that desertions
throngh o&V lines have beenlargej'bu'two
did not suppoie any considerable number
could, escape to tbe rear. In this.- how
ever, we jvere, jn'ataken. It seems that
tbe State of Georgia is overrun with de-
8ertrs, and that-they are, in fact, an, army
ofrJestifuction. The Georgia Militia in
Hood'aj army 'have been fnrlongbed for
thirty days, and the object, as stated, is
to arrest deierters. Upon this pointyve
copv the followinff article from a recent
number of the' Sonthern Confederacy,'
which is now published at Macon, (ia.:- .
.Now that tbe Georgia militia haa been
fnrlonehed for thirty day, and conse-
qnently a force will be orgapieed. in every
county snmcint for the bosmess. letM
of them he placed nnder the'control o'f
(Jol.-G. W.Lee,by Gov: Brown, and be
instructed to to clean the State of.deserwi
and stragglers, and we ventoret.be
liction th'at' in thirlydays. Gen. Hood
will be strengthened by tenthoauand d-
ditional men.. - j!j - sd
It is mortifying to our pride to know
that such is tbe case, but it, is useless
to conceal tbe fact that bands of strag-
glers'and'dessrters fnfeseverycity, town
a oa Til I ago :u tow owe.', xubjt ato uyuu
everv'higbway 'through; tbe country, and
wherever they go are committing the
most wanton acts of deatiuction and
abuse of property ever knownJ 'The rare
tearing, down .fences and turning cattle
npon the,nelds(oi corn almost, mainrea,
burning fence rails, killing 'stock,5 tearing
ud "notat6 patches!1 and, in fact,' "donig
, Let the militia, in each' county" bt? in-
strnctedjto.rrest ati.men, wno are. not
nmnerTv absent from their .commands.
and shoot down, whenever they arefoand
at their, worn 01 aesiruciion, me mnorauie
wrelches who are disgracing oar sons and
brothers, ia tbe army, byi wearing the
Confederate uniform,' while they never
served their jcoontiy either in camp or
Geld. .
Wer wonld call tha attention of Gov
ernor Browifand Gsneral Hood to this
evil, in order that it may be remedied-
m r
At Ashland, a rebel Iiientenant, when
captured by onr men, asked to whom he
hmA tha honor of anrrenderinaT. "Second
nhin Cavalrr ." waatbe reply. "Great
Heaven 1" exclaimed the Lieutenant, "
fought that regiment in the 'Indian Ter
ritory. In Arkansas, in Kentucky, in
Tenneasee. and at last they've got me in
East Virginia. Are you a aportiag reg
iment r- .
Hob. James Brady, of NeW York, In
l.ti'.riird.iaJdr' "Much JilVaid" about
- i.-i
iiaaive4ioYOwtat wMaWbiatory
. .a-w
'ill von find a.aTBr
n. .a I.t V ?:."
Seme of aaatea "Pabltc CT?ietB.?
. The .Emporia, News ',14 surprised at
somethinttin'the Chief, conrwrninr tha
Lane'cbwhidlVga'ffcir!', "TherV'are two
of us-so."; is the-Sid wb'msnvt.rd. We
are anrprised.iha4-JawBter,n after fight
ing- i,ane soopg-api auttarly. and kaew-
rahioDara ana
vines' 1 rhsT pabllo sU( ajOeVMiearaaJa
-i. . TV Z
eioqnent and logical speech.- Cfiw,
While editors at a distance from Law
rence sflect surprise thatiLsne, should. be
connected witht a. cowhiding affair at
Washington for" his lecherous practices,
wo are- surprised that any' one should be
so ignorant, as not do know that such
conduct is a matter of course with Lane,
and especially are we. surprised that hia
own papers" should attempt 0 denial of
ujr uimrgo 01 mat' sinn. in tms town
hia followers boast that he is tbe greatest
libertjna iq theconntry,' and regard tbis
as.one a;gnmentjn,hls favor. : We bad
suppo'sed that his character in this respect
was well known, at least-'throughout the
Statr.-butifnotitis timeMt' should be.
If any igood men. are- supporting this
debauchea.ignQrantly;. thsirj eyes shonld
plead isnorance
ot his- trner character. Weuwill relate
nothing that cannot be proved, and that
has not been subject of common remark
in this .community. His secret. acts we
will not disturb, for Qod knows his, pub
lic debsncherie9"are bad enough.'
We especially call the attention of pro
fessed Christians and ministers of tbe
gospel, uho make it their business to
teachmoralily and religion, to this narra
tive. 1 Also wo ask fathers and mothers if
they want to indorse such a man by their
votes before their sons and daughters.
We will not attempt to give all tbe
cases of criminality known in tbis place,
as we do not wish to pollute onr paper
with their rehearsal. -
.The first we will name u the case of
Mrs. Lindsay, of this city. Mr. Lindsay,
the husband, was threatening to 'shoot
Lane for attempting to commit a 'rape
npon bis wife. Lane sent for bis neigh
bors to protect him against Lindsay and
bush tbe matter up. Persons in tho hpnse
at the time said that Mrs. L. went to
Lane's room'to look after his little1 boy,
not knowing that Lane bad returned
home. Lane caught her and attempted
violence, when her- husband came npon
them, pane told the neighbors that it
snouia not ns canea a rape, as ne naa
been intimate with ber for months, and
that it was in consequence of this intU
macy his own wife had left him. This
occurred just before the assembling" of
ine'-xopena vjonsiiimionat uonyemion.
Lane,- a memberfof tbis Convention; urged
that he should be elected President of it,
to show to the world that they did not
believe the report. He' challenged yonng
ijowrey longnia auei oecause ne naa re
peated the facts -in th case. Very- unex
pectedly to Lane, Lewrey determined to
fight mm, amTLane ingloriouily backed
;dYwn. ,,,,
Soon after this, Lsnetook to his honse
the notorious womannwhb called herself
Mrs.-Bnffum. He lived with her in a
most shameless manner. After a while.
she demanded pay for her services,, and
Lisne, ai nsaai, nad no money, one
challenged him repeatedly to a duel, and
finally followed him throngh the streets
with a pistol. Lane finally called npon
nome of our citizens to gst him ont of
this scrape. 'It may be said that this
was a long time ago, and Lane may have
reformed since. Bat it is notorious that
there is no improvement in his career.
We will not enumerate his amours, his
bastards, nor' his 'debaucheries, as thev
are disgusting to' relate. We will close
the list by referring to a shameless act
only j, few months since. Ate mid-day,
in tbe open grounds of tbe city, he met a
low, dirty creature, and one of our most
reliable citizens witnessed in" the brush a
scene too'disgosting to relate. c
., ' At Washington! his conduct isjo -t;
ier. vyo aavn iniormauon, ana, can inr
nisb the evidence if desired,' that this
beast oses a room' in tbe Capitol for par-
poses, of assignation. Wheni a woman
calls, npon Lane for a favor, hedirecta her
10 oe snown 10 mis room. j.na ennous
attendants made an, opening to ascertain
what Dablic business was ' carried" "tou 'by
tbis Senator. with. ibis" constituents, and
they, found that in 1 every case Lane at
tempted liberties with these women.
This course was practiced for months.
Such a man represents Kansas in tbe
United States' Senate, and snch a man,
to our.own shsmebe it said, is supported
by protested unritusns. una 01 two
things' will soonv lake place In Kansas,
either ministers and professed Christians
will repudiate Lane, i or the people will
mock at them, and they will become a
by-word in the community. Mr. Moore
appropriately described Lane, when be
said be was a politician withont brains,
a libertine withont taste, and a murderer
withont remorse; and whoever sustains
such a.man. whether professed Christian
or infidel, will be justly charged with
giving countenance to the crimes of which
he is ailty.- ita-Tc Journal. '
It seems to ns very iBConeisteat that
... 1 m vl V 11- . .v
wnites, ana dibcks snouia ngni nnaer tne
- li r- m-- T"I- 1
same axorM.jjoutwiut ertntrruu. f
Is that' me Teisonwhy' the elavehold
re-have" doaeeb much towards briagug
tbe "witea and blaeka"aw.rateeKlf
aa; mm as wallow,!!, goes
denly becomijae af his wo
uema of his history in this particular.
that no'ohetHhall hereafter
ZWfefo Blait.
:3 ,0 if -1
icu ,i .-- at toe - '
Coma, boya, left hare a little aong, ,
' A-aorrorAUanfAady, " '
;- jAMilaglttonrfatberi' ttwJil. caw -!
, .Of Taakaa Daoal. Dandy. , r .
. Cmoc-Yankee Doodle, keep It np, J . ,
"A 6. W- TaitiDoJlDrf7: " - '
-s'sijO teiaaBfyewaajtawaaaaatSyoWTrtw
;,d7 O.AbaaaaAndyarajiajBe, r
Tbu pairiota ah aapgat la;
f " Foe tley lead forth' lie Nitloa'a aorta "",n
To do tha KlUoa'a tghtiag,
To tare the laad from rebel handt.
Now lifted to diittver,3 '
Aad link it, pant in alraager oaadt
Ofglonona Union aver.,
Upon tha PrtiiJenuaJ trtok,
Tha "aaaika" an all in motion,,
Soma going Worth, aoma heading Stall,
However take, tha notion;
Their rejalar train ia plnnging on,
With Fendletaa aa mde, air,
For Little Man hia jumped tbe track, "
Afraid f (ola U nil, air.
at ia hit toad-car, trudging no, '
Ha bopet to reaah the ataiion,
Aad'treat with JeK at WaahTngtoa
Jkbootthe Yaakeaffatioa, S
Bnt Abe anil Attdjktranntgdt;;01 j
To ran tha Peoole'a line. !,?
Tbtnbelp&kxUfMlewtaptba'wmf.i ":''dG
Aad reach tha gnat iatimej alt., s ,.,
Or alt tbeyll Up them ia tha 'rear,
Topjay tbemofriijjrickiy.
And thow them on (krof Watkioftn,
T Bitkmnd, down In-Dixie. ' " V) I
Poor Mic, air, it a dead aMr-twaa.
Shot by the r.beli' "aualertV' '"
And not hi, fiott inrplrtt theboala'i "
Of Copperhead prac-oaktra. fc f
One bo waa, trae, a fiery nag, - H-.
And held old Lee at bay. air;
Bnt sow he'i weak, and ec'arc can draw,
tjuept to draie ku py,-nr.
la Piiie't land, the rebel anak
la brniied and tore cfltad, air.
While in tha North, iu venoraed UU
Still wiggles in oar tread, air.
Bat Aba and. Andy an tho man
To pot the U,U to root, air.
While all the patriot, of the land
Will join the happy aboat, tir.
O, Abo andAndy ara tbe men
To pat tha loi tailt nnder,
Whila Gnat and Sherman Mill willgiv -t ,
Till anaktibip't bod) thsndfr.
O, Aba and Andy an the men
To put tha rebate down, tir,
And ia tha Fane of Liberty,
The Goddeit Freedom crows, airj
Throe cbeera, then, boyi, for Unci Sam,
And three for Abe and Andy,
And thna far thoie who join tie Ian
Of Tankee Doodle Dandy.
Hie latter of aceeptinc.
o 1
A Fanny Occarreace.
The Troy Times pf Thursday tells the
following'fanny story aboat the loss of a
looking-glass: " ''
TaavtriAfnrA TARtrriaiv at rrivifrv nilivon
of West Troy, desirous to please his bet
ter half and properly adornhis "palatial"
residence, purchased a twenty-five' dollar
mirror, "which was cheap and just suited
her." The pnrchaser"rlonclnded to carry
tbe mirror borne himself, and not -trust
.. ... ., fi. - . e -
iia iransiiisaioD mence 10 ine perns 01 a
porter. With tired mnscle and pouring
sweat, he arrived on tbe 8 tV Charles Hd:
tel corner. The ferry-boat was on "t'other
side of Jordan," and the owner, of the
precious mirror was thirsty therefore tlje
mirror wss stood up "against tbe hotel
stoop on the sidewalk, and a small boy
was bidden to watch it while the owner
stepped into the St. Charles bar to get
"sntbin to cool hisself with." At , this
nnlucky moment, a large billy goat,
whiebjenjoyi tbe freedom of the city, and
is familiar to all tbe residents in that vi
cinity for its famous "backing' power,
came leisurely along the, sidewalk. The
small boy in cbsrge of the mirror fled on
double qnick, in Berious apprehension of
being "backed." The goat kept"on''hig
career until be caught sight of- another
goat reflected in tbe polished surface of
the glass. Then be stepped back, some
dozen feet, reached aloft his caudal ap
pendage, gave three or four preliminary
shakes of the .head, aad rushed on bit
shadowy adversary withvthe power of
"buck,", which ofal'the crea'turesof the
animal kingdom eoaU'elone' nossess?
The glaar wm 'shattered'-' ant I' epraylif
fragments, and the goat went through tbe
back .of (the mirror upMo,bia jiead.and.
shoniders. Whether tne goat. was more
astonished at thonter demolition'bf his
oppdnentv-W'tbe"owner onhe'mirror at
his unexpected loss, is oae of the -problems
yet unsolved. " T ,
. m 1
What MoOtaxLAir Wilt, Do.-Pro-feasor
Gold win! Smith, ofjEaglaad, aaya
that when ha read McClalUn'a letter of
acceptaace, he felt sore of one thing, and
that was, if be (McClellan)' should get
into power, a peaeewonld immediately
follow, and there wonld be aa end to 'all
that; the AmericanypeopJeJjad 'gaiaed,
both in. a military and.- sqoral jpoint of
view, after three,, years of the,. hardest
fighting the world nas.ever known.'
k , ' ; ' - '
. Badj WmsKiTY. They, arrested, a sol
dier 'in Wheoling, 'the other 'day1, for
drunkenness, which he confessed, aad de
clared that the whiskey'.waa ao bad, ithat
if it bad been election ayrand?he had
taken, one' horn more, he' wonld have been
"d i fo"orehonghv''fd vote!for Mc
Glellaa 1" -i g' r- ' -
During Sheridan's rapid purenitof
fiSriy, aner ine victory 01 x unera xuu,
tbe following note from .the rebel rear
sraard was. found. pinBedlo a tree: i"Mr
YankFor "God'a1 aakt' atepVVBd let
IIJ 1 jn. . l ! -tV -I
Hwrau uotua mj go away, sae went treat
5 't
' CnrIat,rhlo blTGod."
- -lAn'ordinary lodking mkn, a little be
low medium stature, coarsely dressed, and
apparently aboa; "iiprty-fiveyeara of age,
introduced? himself to,us,Thursday after
noon, by the announcement that ha.. was
"Uhnst. the Bonpf Uod.J', aCWa tmight
have been snrprised.-'bat were -not, .no
more when he'snnouneed his. name, than
wben be stepped into the door, a moment
efore.'and asked, "Are yon Alr-JByers?!!,
rra.i 1 0' : li -r-.il -'
xum tuouoru .oarioar is an xnsoman.
ippirently'W'ell e3(ncafe(iynd3 eJxtensy.ely
read.-1 Prom some'of his remarks, djmng
the course of a feWminutes'conversation,
we'judgehe'is gifted with a remarkable
memory." For'instanco, "be was familiar
with the circumstance of onr flood,' last'
Spring, and its consequent losses al
though be was in the Sandwich Islands
at tbe time it occurred and secme4 to
have a general and pretty correct know
ledge of onr Territory, which ho must
have gathered from the casual perusal of
newspapers. .
He was educated, in the Catholic faith;
renounced it after coming to tbe United
States, and became ra.ber an Infidel. In
1853, he crosscd'the'plains to California.
A few years later,;whilst in Mexico and
devoting much of hisUitne.to.the nemsal
of Infidel works, he was tho subject of a
miracle, accompanying which there ad.
peered visionno less'tbar. the hand of
God. He was reluctant to believe ; but
other mirjtples and visions' followed, until
he became' convinced, that he was singled
ont "as the especial mark of T) ivine favor.
About four years ago, while at Olympia,
Washington Territory, be concluded thai
he was Christ, and took the name he now
Since that time, he has been travelling
up1 and down the Pacific coast. In May
last, he was upon tho Sandwich Islands.
After returning, he started past, stopping
for awhile in San Francisco, Sacramento,
PIscerville, Virginia, Austin, and Salt
Lake. He usually travels on foot, though
he got a pass on the coach from Green
River to this city. When out of money,
he stops and works. He says he helped
to make bay at Fort Bridger for a week,
and now wants work here. Hs is en
route for Washington, to see the Presi
dent, after which he expects to go to En
rope, and visit Borne, Jerusalem, and
other ancient cities and lands of tlieiast.
This singular man seems sincerely im
pressed with tbe belief.tbat he is the Sa
viour of the world. In conversation, he
constantly and involuntarily tarns to the
subject, and speaks calmly and deferen
tially. 'He says that ho has not begun
preaching, because bis mission for the
present is to go abroad ip the world, to
talk and reasoD.,qaiotIy. It is a most
singular case of hallucination, and-'though
not absolntely'original,' ii Is at'least rare
in the, history, of the world. It may be
pretense,, tbongh.Jt seems sincere. He
expresses no fear of , the j Indians, on the
road east, though he.evidently. prefers ri
ding to walking. and'theVeforo thinks nf
waiting-until the coaches begin1 running
again, xi nor. a monomaniac npon this
particular subject, , we, conclude that be is
anxious to see the world, and travel "no
on ibe cheap."
1 Onr citizens will probably all Have an
opportunity of seeing this singular -per
sonage, it they do, they had better se
cure an introduction; for it will probably
be the last chanca.manv-of them will ever
have to become acquainted with any one
oearing nis name. jjejivtr jsiwt.
i About General HooKui.T-The San
Francisco correspondent of tbe New York
Times sends tbe following reference to th'e'
Home-sue relations ot u-en. i.ooa.er irom
the Alta Californian:
Not EsinnELT RcrriBM. ,W fini
the following item .drifting abput-among
onr Eastera exchanges:
"General' Hooker fights nbf for pelf.
His wife.was a rich Mexican-, "and when
she did she made Joseph a pugnacious
Crcesus." . r
Aa this item contains news for ns. .we
submitted it to our dear friend Armsnd
LeonidarStiggers, with" Wat intimately
acquainted with General? Hooker in 'the
early days of San Francisco; having taken.!
tumuj a ii-cuuiT iiuo rrtiu uim, nuu on
9W occasion borrowed' a'sfifrf 'collar and
pairof kid gloves' from him; aad he, after
a) fnlj consideration of 3 the subject--, and
reference to. copious notes, which ha .'car
ries with him,' authorizes us. to mako.tha
following statement in regird to ths'tnat
ter." - af' -' t-s "
1. General Hooktt'swifewaBofc rich
when he married- her, nor at any. other
time. , . , . .. ..
" 2. General Hooker's wife was not a
Mexican. - " '4 '
3. General Hooker's wife' is not" 3e&&
4. General Hooker never bad a wife. -
5. General Hooker ir not a Crcesoj,
never was, and never will be.
With these few exceptions the' item is
very correct, -indeed; i aa. any old San
Franciscan can certify,, - ." - - ,
3 The New York Tribune pots' tha per
tineat query, that " if a party, thst -wants
tqpnt-down tbis rebelliotrjean't, puti)
down, how. soon will a party pot it down
that don't want to pnt it down ?" 'J
' A lady in -Berkshire-was delivered of
t. -iiii mi tT tJ- tt c t.i
oor ( cniia iaai weec. tier-iuouu
taaa well u can be arpeeied. l.13"
a. . a. .
(tj General Angaria on, the "commission
to ezamine the smooth-bore and" rifled
" " i . .."
ordaaae,' " ti
' r.
' Wh'ara'isr there am officer "dismuied
from the service who ia not. la'faT0T:r6f
Little Mae ?
$2.00. PER ArtNVWf'iBT AlfCI.
aVwitmat wrrr sitaa.
...- JV .. Z"-'.l i ao
New, loyal -eartiieJU.aUv' rMftt'
,jyrk wtU.jo'uetiiW'rrUgbtL''. , , f,
''Tfi waited bonr drWatgh at JBa.JJl
Wbia atsty ma, eta fignt. "J
Kow alow ymrgraal and frowning- IVaM
Agaiart tW'ttaggwri; SmI '
riTpger.rfiH.-tl?a braBi, ,
To Treaeon'l overthnwl,
-".. c .3 93 in , . 11J. 1 v
a -TMf-Uar tliaa.!,; rot.wcaXNjscaeU i 3
Tbit atnggla Jt trx taatl
De giaata now anataka t
T glorify tipaitfv
Tbe'ltooJy paatOb, for'tba eati,.
Otthat wide retching grtT,1" '
rtTitre beroet il.ep- no mafatewak.
vBe vigilant anl brave! 0 .
Lihtae.ina ahead. Tb eUora la aaaf,
We reaah it now or never!
S -el
By all tour Joyal bearta bold dear.
Be migfcty"ln endeavorl
i -
Tb old flag'a itained bat'Utorl!ag,
Who'd tttjk It bow before tb bat
, Koce hot a. coward wonUI , ,o ,
Oh, weirthV JjaH!te thltbaif '
How acow the foe tb DaJlm'a po
" 'TrAtW'i.lideadt' -J l0x)
33 e ' -! a ' -.d.-,-i tx
PetoJB.rKi Darlrasrtlie WUsrmtma
tloa. . .
thls lis not.the first time, th'e iibanyv.
EvenrrJg iToufnal saysfthat a Koshlfi ar
my has appeared'b'efore Petersburg7. ''Oa"
the 24th of; April, 1781, General-Pail,
lips, ojtheBritisLarmy.iattljeibaaflj-of
2.400 men, landed at.Qity, Point, aad-,
marched upon the city. ' The Baroa
Steuben, wfid dommahdfM a 'handful of
patriot troops, covered the- town aa beet
he could,, but. was compelled to retreat np 3
the Appomattox, destroying the bridge
behind him. The British entered the
town- tho "next day. destroyed a large
quantity of tobacco,'-etc., ravaging sever '
at other adjacent villages, and then '.set
sail, again to return, in tha hope of de. -
coying Lafayette, and shutting him. u
in the Peninsula. Phillips .was recalled .
to Petersburg, after'whlch Lafayette ap- x
peared before. the town, and 3 commenced
bombardingit from Archec'a Hill. Phjla
lips.died, during the siege, andthe traitor c.
Arnold succeeded him. Th'e British Do
ing reinforced, "Lafayette abandoned tha
attack, and retired across the'Jsmes Riv-'1
er- at O-borne'a Landing, followed bj
Cornwallis, who pursued him aa far, aa '
Hanovor Court House. The latter, ex .
pe'eting that Clinton would reinforce hirnl". .
marched to Williamsburg, and subset
qnently retired to Yorktown, where he ( '
was csged, and compelled to capitulate,"'
The brave men who defended tbe " aa
cred soil" of Virginia against the licen
tious minions of King George, iJittle
thought that some of their deacendanta.:,.,
would raise against that Government..
which they made snch sacrifices to estab
lish little thought that tbe city they eo cl
stoutly-defended would, eighty years le-T
ter, become tho stronghold of domestiQn
traitors 1 . j
r - 1 i - e -1-' ' El
. .
7 ' -, -- . 'i CIS
A Good Joke os IapTnu. Since oth
advent of General Logan's splendid corps
at Hnntsvilie, the rooms in the prlncitial
hotel have .been in demand. - Aeaitifal ax
and accomnlished actresa had'beaa atari -r.
ing at the Hnntsvilie Hotel, and in aboat-:,
1 i ---- .iJ. .-lf -. -,e "
m uiiuulo aou a uui or two miuaiee
after she bad vacated ber room, the gal" '
Iant General 0 was assigned 'iO'U '
by .the landlord. The General, oa exam
iniDg hissed. previous to ret'ringfonad.
a mosdnowy robe de nuit neatly, folded"..
under his pillow, marked in 'delicate char "
acters with the name of the fair owner'
Tho chambermaid was called-andaaa-ed
by the General, holding tbe garment is
his hand: ' ---"-
" DoTyor- know Miss Lottre Hough V '
" Yesj? answered the chantlMnaadtlJ ; -"Then
carry this, to her; with aayooal a
plimenU, and say General .0-r-T-s.aot-i
in the habU of sleepiog with empty night" ,
gowns 1'
.-5 r
McClzllih Ahzxd. We are Informed. .
by a"eliableJ bnshwhacker a good & J
uienirr uemoerat ot course, niatavoie-ii- -
was taken ini Coir Bill Ar.aon'e'Teft "H
ment-of gnenillas, near .Centralist Whack-; .'I
reanlted as follows : For MeOIallan ajarlt.
Pendlelon'680; for, Lincoln and 'Jofinaoa.
flnaC'r-lVOmPMlIVn. P'tit ftr.'. rmJ40
decided between General Tom aad" Gea,x"
eral Sterling Prise 1 7. for 'Col. Tho.jQ,.
Fletcher.'()fJO.!.:Who will dare ufd. say..
--- - .---" --e -" r
hireafter"tbat "the'soWiers'in MiMOBrTara''-
not goragananimoBsly for MtrCIsHai "aid-'t-'-Price.?.
The OaatcaTPreaf Qeipcy-JIefvto-a
aid and bULonts.&pablicaa,.viIIweBM.-,.
copy. La Orange American., , .. .. 'r',
. AK0rr-B-'.rC0RSKtU0t-TrTaa.l"a 2fJ
rJournl.is.responsi!le for fPHti
-. moat. soocKing ana axrocioas con, .
spiracy-his jnst comffTyilghriWaifi
ington, being no' lees thin 'a' systenatfen
attempt to-pofspn thousanSa of meanwlja
Vote with the" 'Democratic'party.. ""Alex
ander Long and' Dan Voorheeir have fhr
of last'.wiater.-iaoo 'j icJ ".".nl
"- "Areyoii sohnif " asked Dif S&ISsf "
tbe -other, day. of an oId'ngrM Swat's'-dfaftrxUffOH-
wWeatfieli.- .MasMchrieettf.-'iiJis
and presented himwlf for -exaesirriat"oB jj
"Yes," replied "the" conscript," '"I bavf; .
voted the Democratic tickrt-jiejejhirty
n i . n a A -T.oircaj"S
""Arf exehahge-aiya tHa"veVV'eooFwrrIe3 '
Of rttKfarate rseiMwm WvM-hW aaoailtto
ai which aida their taea4-i-nbulleri-i c! !
The greatest "Virginia Iteaper"--G. '
Phil. Fkarrldan. "
a. sei.
ihj &f
a j.
- t- a" 1
i I i
t L.
P i
v ft.'
. fml
nansn was amon aauumeuu..
tae mxi tiiae wt mm ( BKI5!5
SOB BlSOr, IB MJS WHW voae-e- "" "
.'j a-ra
,-v-a. -J toWV

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