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White Cloud Kansas chief. (White Cloud, Kan.) 1857-1872, November 03, 1864, Image 2

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Ct)t Italian t)ief.
ML. If 1XI.EK, - - r
Tbirsiiyi : : Kovearter 3, 1861.
Fational Union Ticket
3 .For Bepresontstire in Congress.
Of Doniphan County.
Bejrabli can Union State Ticket
... T " For Govsmor,
OLOK 0. THAOHEB, of Dosxlas.
For LIsutenant Governor,
J01N J., INGALLS, of Atchison.
For Sscrstary of State,
For Auditor of Stats,
" For Treasurer of Sute,
Carr. JAMES R. McCLURE, of DatIs.
For Associate Juitice of Suprsme Court,
All UEL A. KINGMAN, of Brown.
For Attorn Ganertl,
HIRAM GBISWOLD, of Leavsnworth.
Fr lopsrintendent of Fublit Instruetioa,
JOHK S. BROWJT, of Dooglu. ,
For Presidential Electori,
MARCUS J. PARROTT, of Leavenworth.
10BEBT WaBRATXET, of Rilsj
W. F. CLOUD, of Ljon.
gsr Dlitriet Jadge, Second Judicial Dittrict,
Of Atchison County.
For Representative First Dittrict,
Got it Fixkd Up. The Lsnsites bsv
at length got out candidate! for the Sen
ate from this Connty, and for Represen
tative Id thia Dictrict. For Senators,
tbey have J. T. Lane, of Iowa Point,
and Wm. J. Orem, of Wolf River.
Oram ia tha champion of negro suf
frage, and says he means to agitate the
j section until it ancctedi.
Lane repudiate Orem'a nigger issue.
and expects thns to draw in the anti-
Bigger votes, while Orem takes those of
the opposite aentiment.
Dillon ia the man who remarked, at
the time of the misunderstanding relative
to a draft for the hundred days regiment:
I have heretofore heen a Carney man,
bnt henceforth I am a Jim Lane man."
Yet he contends that he ia not for Lane,
and will probably ancceed in humbug
ging tome persona into voting for him.
aybo would, not touch a Lane candidate.
These men were cot nominated by i
regular Convention ; bnt :bcn the mi
UKa were in the field, a few men among
them, composing a clique, got together
and made the nominations, claiming that
the soldiers did it, and expect our militia
to be each arrant fools as to be caught
with such chaff. Three-fourths of the
nil it! a will repudiate the concern.
Bukl Plots. The straws are nnmtr
ooa which ahow the desperate condition
of (be rebels, and the absolute necessity
to their cause of the election of McClellan.
The Canadian authoritiea have informed
nr Government of a plot of the rebels
la Canada, to fire all the principal North
ant cities on election day. Buffalo, in
particular, was doomed to destruction
Bands of rebels have been discovered on
an island in the St. Lawrence River, near
Of densbnrg, New York; and demonstra
tfons have been made against the town of
Cectioe, in the extreme south-eastern part
of Maine. The plots have been exposed,
as aeaal, and ample means will be taken
to guard against them. No earthly pow
er can now defeat Lincoln and Johnson,
Slid the rebellion must go under.
Atlahtkj Mosthlt. The Atlantic,
for November, is before ns. The con
testa are: Leaves from an Officer's Jour
nal ; Riches ; The Vengeance of Domi
10 da Gorguea ; Lina ; Charles Lamb's
Uncollected Writings; To William Col
Sea Bryant ; House end Home Papers ;
The flew School of Biography ; The
Vast Sail? ? Fiaaacea of the Revolution;
flTsiwegaTicxets to San Francisco; Sea
Boars with a Dyspeptic; The Twentieth
Preetdeatial "Election. The price of the
Atlaxtfe, for J869, will be S4 a year.
PaWished by Ticfcnor.fc Fields, Boston,
W Geo. A. L. Lee has been making
tg raid into the interior of Mississippi,
oaptafwg an Immense amonnt of rebel
Una, arms, etc., and doing great dam
ft to property. Pretty good for a
' Copperhead." About the same time,
Me high-pressure loyal opponent, Sid.
Clarke, was deserting from the militia,
U the face of an invading foe, ia order to
cany on political aknlduggery.
jaw The Ladies' Repository, for No
Yeaaber, is illustrated with "The Bird
Catchers," aad M The Past and the ru
lers." For beauty of engravings, and
feailae merit of literary matter, we con
aider tbe Repository second to no pnbli
.atioa ia the conntry. Tha price is
&S0 a year.
Pablished at'Gtacinnati,
Emotios. As bo person has called
ID arge opoa tw to go to the polls, every
law? t have forgotten that an election
iflas)HM ST. Beawnber Tnesdsy tbe
Lut Oatrageof iBespenteTymt!
We have jnst received the following
despatch from Leavenworth. Lane hesi
tates at nothing. He sees his doom, and
as a lut deperate resort, be appeala to
military force, the machinery of which
.he has had carefully arranged to his
band. While Gen. Lee is off fighting
the battles of his country, a corrnpt mil
itary commander attempts to elect the
thief, Sid. Clarke, aid perpetuate the
infamous power of Lane, by military
force. The result will either be, that the
people of Leavenworth, in their indigna
tion, will give an almost unanimous vote
against the Lane ticket, or, under milita
ry protection, fraud will have full away.
The rebels in Canada and the Laneites
in Kansas are resorting to the same dee
perate means to retrieve tbeir mined for
tunes. People of Doniphan, redouble
your efforts, and make op for what your
friends in Leavenworth lose throogn this
ontrsge !
LiiTimroBTH. Mond.T Erenlne.Nor.7
Sol. Miixie: The city was startled, thia
afternson, by tha issuing of an order from
Gen. Davies, Post and Disirict Commander,
and blood relation of Gen. James H. Lane,
declaring, in snbstancc, martiaj lw, and rero
king every "arbitrary" order heretofore issued
by all of Gen. Daries' predecessors. The in
tent of the or Jer ia simply to intimidate and
overawe the citizens, and is held universally
to be a direct blow at every civil right and
duty. Tbo most intense indignation exists.
and the people are resolved that the outrage
shall be rebuked and exposed by a united vote
against the Crawford and Clarke ticket, whose
interests the infamous and illegal order was
merely issued to promote.
Sec'y Republican State Central Committee.
'A Fbee Ballot" Tho country is
obtaining some idea of the "free ballot"
spoken of in the Chicage Convention.
The most astounding frauds in soldiers'
votes for New York have been discover
ed, in which high Copperhead officials,
civil and military, are implicated. New
York soldiers place ther ballots in sealed
envelopes, endorse their names on them,
and send them home. These have been
opened, Lincoln tickets abstracted, and
McClellan and Seymour tickets in
aerted in their stead. Thonssnds of votes
of deceased soldiers, and of men who
have never been soldiers, have been aeal
ed up and transmitted; but tbe fraud waa
discovered in time to prevent its consum
mation. Two person have been sentenced
to imprisonment for life, for their part in
the business, and othera will follow snit.
Persons who were convicted, state that
Gov. Seymour, Peter Cagger, and other
prominent politicans. were engaged in
the fraud; bnt tbe business was detected
before they were in such a position as to
be convicted.
Lisa Missionaries. Lane has em
ployed a corpB of foreign missionaries to
tell the people of Kansas how to vote,
and to stigmatize every man as a Cop
perhead whose stomsch is not strong
enoogh fd endure Jim Lane. There is
Major Heath, C.f Iowa, who is holding an
important military position, which he is
neglecting, to do Lane's dirty work.
There is Hawkins Tayicr, of lwa. Mail
Agent, who is distributing Lane Ii!'r
ture.-and concocting plans to defraud our
people, while we have the next thing to
no mail facilities at all. There is Rev.
Dr. King, of Colorado, who haa a win
ning way with him that causes him to be
kicked out of every community in which
he attempts to reside. The people of
Kansas are supposed to be benighted
fools, who should be thankfnl for sdvice
from worn-out, ninety-ninth-rate hacks
from abroad.
Continental Monthly. The Novem
ber number of the Continental has reach
ed us, with the following list of contents:
The Progress of Liberty in tbe United
States ; The TJndivine Comedy ; Death
in Life ; JEnone ; Creation; Phenomena
of Haze, Fop, and Clnuda ; Flv Leaves
from the Life of a Soldier; The First
Fanatie; Sketches of American Life and
Scenery ; Lois Pesrl Berkeley; The Sci
entific Universal Language; Tbe Two
Platforms. Tbe price of tho Continen
tal, for the ensuing year, will remain at
83 a year, postage pre-paid by the pub
lisher. Address John F. Trow, 50
Greene Street, New York.
Sionor Acastki. This celebrated wit
zard held forth in thia place, tbe present
week, to a large and delighted audience.
He is possessed of nnusual skill in the
magical art, and his feats of legerdemain
decidedly eclipse those of the magicians
who usually travel the country. The
Signor ia making a short tour through a
portion of the conntry, preparatory to
locating for a season at St. Joseph, where
he will give exhibitions, in connection
with other attractions, during the coming
JOT We understand that Capt. Dillon
contends that he is not a Lane man.
Why, then, is he circulating tbe Lane
ticket, containing the name of Col.
Moonlight for Elector.against Mr. Parrott,
the only effect of which will be to divide
the Lincoln vote ? That is tbe test Lane
applies to all his followers, and Capt.
Dillon gnlps it down without a grunt,
BW The National Convention of War
Democrats, just held at New York, re
solved to support Lineoln and Johnson,
aad to fight nntil tbe rebels were con
quered. Who will be left to support
McClellan r and where will be git any
Electoral votee ? o ' "
" Do "Ditto Otmi," Etc-. Laae la
still whining far hie reward for servicee
to the Free Stat canes. How has he
set the example, by rewarding others for
their services ? He is causing tbeir re
moval from office almost every week, and
has tried to rnia almost every prominent
Free State asaa of tha dark daya of Haa
ss. Take, for example, Gov. Robinson,
Gen. Deitxlsr, and Gains Jenkins. These
mea were takes prisoners by tbe BdraW
Ruffians at Lawrence, and confined at
Lecampton. Lane, aa usual, happened
to be ont of the way ; and while these
men were wallowing in prison vermin,
Laae wasgadding through the East,
boastiog of his exploits. We know this,
for we saw and hard him. His subse
quent treatment of these men, shows him
to be undeserving of any confidence or
sapport from Free State men. He bit
terly opposed Gov. Robinson's Admin
istration, cansing it to be almost a fail
ure ; denounced Robinson a a Copper
head, and. .endeavored to have him im
peached for a crime of which Lane him
self was guilty. He censed Deitaler to
be removed from an office to which he
had been appointed for services in the
eanse of liberty ; and prevented Deitaler
from being promoted to a Brigadier Gen
eralship for meritoriona services, while
man were made Brigadiers who bad ren
dered no service ; and has caused Deilz-
ler to be systematically abused and elan-
dered to tbe present day. And Gains
Jenkins he murdered in cold blood, be
cause he would not aubmit to being rob
bed. Such a man to claim reward for
services to the Free State cause 1
The "Friends op Lincoln." The
Lane strikers, who claim to be tbe only
friends of Lincoln in Kansas, .seem deter
mined to do all in their power to lose
him an Electoral vote. They opposed
Col. Cloud to Mr. Parrott nntil Mr.
Chesebrongh died, and tbe Anti-Lane
party accepted Clond, for the sske of
harmony. But this did not satisfy the
Laneites. They are resolved to support
no man who does not belong to Lane.
Their leading papers, by and with tbe
advice and consent of Lane and Sid.
Gierke, have rnn np tbe name of Col.
Moonlight for Elector, thus still beeping
four candidatca in the field. He will re
ceive bnt few votes; but the circumstance
shows what the Laneites would be guilty
of, if it were in their power. Can hon
est men any longer doubt that Lane and
his tools would send the conntry to de
struction, rather than witness the success
of any man who refuses to be a slave to
the Prince of Demagogue T
t3T It is ssid that Col. C. W. Blair,
of the Kansas 14th, haa crawled in the
dirt at Lane's feet. He made a speech at
Fort Scott, the other day, in which he
aaid that Lane had saved Kansas from
Price's army, and that the people ought
to support his State ticket. For this
dirty work, he has been promised a Brig
adier's commission. Last Winter, when
he was an honorable supplicant for a
Colonel's commission, he was particu
larly vicious against Lane. He sub
scribed for tbe Chief, because he ssid he
liked the way in which it pitched into
Lane! A son-in-law of Sam. Medary,
anyi a follower of Jim Lane 1 How
mnch u101 could he bear, and not hang
himself for very shame 1
jar A person,- wn ne"d 'i relates a
hot discussion whleb took pl" between
some citizens of Kansas OUj, relative to
whom credit was due for savi "at Place
from Price's army. On party contend
ed that Jim Lane bad saved them, ft"ile
others insisted that it was Gov. Carney.
Such miserable pukes deserve to be con
scripted aa boot-blacks and cooks for
Price's army during the war. To sit
shivering and shaking, and permit Price'a
army to travel through the centre of tbe
State, without opposition, and then get
into a quarrel over the question as to
whst citizen of Kansas saved them from
destruction !
The Smiths. The Smiths are a popu
lar, as well as numerous, family in Mis
souri. We have just printed som Radi
cal tickets to be voted over there, upon
which the name of Smith figures as fol
laws: For Presidential Electors, Smith
0. leofield, George R. Smith, Barna
bas Smith, and W. Smith Ingham; For
Lieutenant Governor, George Smith; For
Register of Lands, J. E. Smith. On the
local. tickets, there are doubtless a cqrres
ponding complement of Smiths. Legion,
thy name is Smith.
Tbe Ladies' Friend, for Novem
ber. is on onr table, illustrated witn a
beautiful engraving, "The Empty Cra
dle," tegether with a Colored Fashion
Plate, and numerous minor Fashion cuts.
It contains, also, a piece of Music, and a
number of original contributions. Tbe
price of the Lady's Friend, for 1865.
will be 2 50. Published by Deacon fc
Peterson, Philadelphia, Pa.
& If the people of Doniphan County
cannot suit themselvee in election tieketa
this time, it will certsinly not be for
lack of tickets. We have this week
printed over 10,000 tickets in thia
County, of every diacriptioa except Mc
Clellan. and there have no doubt been
thousands printed at other offices. For
our parr, wa nave about worked onrreli
dowa to a point.
Why are tbe Copperhead like a
hungry child T Because they are clam.
i oroaa for a " niece.1
AvonBB Foaataf. Jiai Lea Mver
beeitatee to ceamk a forgery, waea ft ia
necessary to his parpoeee. Ha forged
President Liacola'a aaase to a letter, aad
haa now done the same favor for Gea.
Pleasanton. Immediately after tha de
feat of Price, near Waetport, Gea. Plea
santon expressed hie coaUmpt for Lane,
aad a hope that tbe people of Kansaa
wonld beat him. The Laae press imme
diately affected great indignation that
Pleasaoton should have any credit for
saving Kansas, and attempted to hammer
that idea into the minds of the people.
Bnt it failed the people of Kansss were
there, and saw for tbemselvee what Plea
santon had done; aad hie opinion. of
Lane, which so coincided with theirs,
was having a dsaasging effect. Some
thing must be done to counteract it. As
soon aa it was ascertained that Pleasan
ton was out of reach of Kansas, and
would probably not retnrn. Lane bad one
of bis hired scribblers forge a letter, ma
king Pleasanton express the highest re
gard for Lane, and tender his thanks -for
valuable servicee rendered by him, in the
pursuit. 'Lane has 'had this published,
to deceive tbe people. It it, a baae for
gery, and bears evidence of it in its very
style and tone ; and Pleasanton wiU'puIl
Lane's nose for it, the very first opportu
nity that offers.
Ghawino a Filb. The Lanopapera
are engaged in an op-bill bueinese, when
they attempt to make capital against
Gov. Carney, in connection with tbe re
cent invasion. We have heard probably
abundred express themselves, and all have
spoken in the very highest terme of Car
ney's conduct. Some men, who have not
had a good word for any other peraon
connected with the operationa, speak fa
vorably of tbe Governor. They eay he
was constantly at work to secure tbe
comfort of the men. and to so dispose of
them as to be of the most service ; and
tbey are indebted to bim for many favors
and comforta which they could not have
enjoyed, had he not, by the most labori
ous exertions, secured tbem. It will not
do to slander the Governor to tbe men
who were there and aaw, except it be a
few abject toola of Lane, who deserted the
moment they found that old Satan was
not running the machine.
tW John Speer, being rqnarely ranght
in tbe attempt to divide the Lincoln
vote, creeps out by
that there
will be 15,000 votes cast in Kansas, of
which McClellan cannot pos'ihly get
more than 3 000. and that a division of
the remaining 12 000 between two men
cannot possibly elect a McClellan man.
So they have been forced to admit tbe
truth of the Anti-Lane position, to clear
themselves. We have been telling them
that McClellan had no" show in Kansaa ;
that Lane's pretence of stomping for Lin
coin and John'on was all humbug ; and
that their howls against the Anti-Lane
party were intended to deceive the people,
They have now abandoned their only
hobby, and it now remains for tbem to
come up and vote the Anti-Lane ticket
like men.
tW An attempt haa been made to
lessen Mr. Ingalla' vote in the Northern
Tier, by referring 'to his position on the
Railroad queation. It might work, were
it not that McGrw, his opponent, is in
a far worse predicament on tbe same ques
tion. That qneation was a matter of di
rect home interest with Ingalls, while it
did not concern MeGrew in the least; yet
tbe laiter, in 1862, made a direct issue
against the Hendwson Amendment, wss
elected on thst issue, carried his Connty
for Ingalls on that issue, and in the Leg-
'atnre fought the Henderson Amend'
-..Q. as bitterly as sny Atchison man
The LantT itrs ad better play quits on
that issue.
Cause of Bad 1?!IKB-iT a person
oats Iiftht and nutritions food and digea
tion is good, tbe temper .'"'g01 t0 be
1A Mnett nt I Tin mnrnMi ,."(. temper
noticed is doubtleaa attributable to food
Bad bread is a prolific source of,micb.,e'
in -digestion, and bad temper aa a conse
quence. No one will have poor bread
who nses De Land's Chemical Saleratus,
a pure article, making light, wholesome
breed and biscuits. The grocers have it;
Manning, of the Big Bine Union,
is wonderfully exercise! because Hon.
Thomas H. Baker bas returned borne to
exercise his right of suffrage, and to work
for the ticket of hia choice. Manning
haa a dread of Baker's opposition, and
well be may ; for if be falls into Baker's
bands, there will be no more left of him
than what the boy trod in, when he went
behind the school-houw.
John Sherman, in describing
Lincoln, eaya: " Go pto him with a
etorv of woe, and he will weep like a
child." We imagine that when Jim
Lane gets bim by the button-hole, and
begins hia piteous supplications for pa
tronage to save himself from destruction.
Old Abe's ryes are like nnto two salt
springs, pouring forth the pure brine, at tbe
rate of a thousand gallons to tha minut.
Lane haa got hie enemies pretty
nearly cleaned oat of tbe offices In Kan
sas. He would keep them ont of Heav
en, if he could ; bnt fortunately, he doee
not control the patronage at that Court.
jay Tbe Maryeville Enterprise haa a
column which it heads ' Onr Chip Bas
ket." The eoloasa devoted to Maaaiag,
of the Union, ahoald aa headed "Oar
Baf ale-chip Basket"
TW BaiaamE Maaxxr. Tha Iew
papers are boasting that Cole. Jenakon
aad Hoyt have become worshippers in
the synagogue of tbe demagogue. Won
der if they are not sorry now that they
exposed Jennison'a brutal act of picking
op a Kansas militiamaa who bad been
cot off from the Topeka company, and
who protested that he waa a loyal citizen
of Kansas, offering to prove bis identity
if allowed an opportnnitv: bnt Jenaisoa,
calling bim a rebel, and a d d lying
son of a bb, witnoat any enorc .o
oDtain prooi, oraerea mm io
down like a dog,
which was executed 1
This act, together with hia services in the
Lane imposition, will probably entitle
him to a Brigadier's commission, which
hasdonbtle8B been promissd him leav
ing a Colonelcy vacant for Hoyt, as a
reward for his bending of the knee.
What a heap of Brigadiers Kanaas
will have when Lane's promises are
fulfilled. There will be Bowen, and
Blair, and Jennison, and Clond, and
Moonlight, and-ef course Lane's son-in-
law. Col. Adams. Col.rPbillins would
also have had a promise out in hia favor,
had he not been so rath aa to command
Satan to get behind him.
Fon Voters to Remember." That the
peoplo of Kansss are paying a revenue
tax of nearly 8200.000 a year, which ia
all expended, and more besides, to salary
a pack of lazy dogs in Kansaa for doing
Jim Ltne'n dirty work.
That while our soldiers at Forts Smith
and Gibson were living on half rationa.
hundreda of thonsanda of dollars, intend
ed to pnrebsse supplies, were being stolen
by Lsne and hia tools, with which to buy
up tbe voters of Kansas.
ThatvLane haa disgraced Kansas, de
stroyed the influence of two State Ad
ministration, humiliated onr State in tbe
eyes of the whole country, and caused tbe
destruction of life and property, because
he wss not permitted to nsurp the pow
ers of the Governor.
That the Devil was kicked ont of
Heaven for precisely tbe thing tbat Lane
is carrying on in Kansas for giving his
ambitiop too wide scope, and attempting
to ruin when he could not rnle. Yoters,
imitate the Heavenly example 1
Met Their Reward. Tbe fiend, Bill
Andereon. lias at last received bis deserts.
He was killed in Clay County, Missouri, a
few daya ago. The ouly pity is, that he
as not killed by inches, at the rate .of
one inch per day. The Price invasion
has ben peculiarly nnlncky for notorion
guerrilla loaders. Todd wss killed in the
battle on the Blue. Jackmsn was killed
in the battle near Mound City. "Now
Bill Anderson has gone to occupy the
same furnace. This is tbe inevitable fate,
sooner or later, of all snob mnrderers.
They are going gradually, bnt surely
Qtisntrell is still flourishing, but his time
is bound to come.
Setes Hundred Volunteers Sick w
Camp ! Young men, be warned in time,
supply yourself with Hollo wat's Pills
and Ointmest. Tbey am guaranteed to
cure the worst cases of 8 ores. Ulcers,
Scurvy, Fevers, and Bowel Compl-iints.
If the reader of this "notice" cannot get
a box of Pills or Ointment from tbe drug
store in his place, let him write to me,
80 Maiden Lane, enclosing the amount,
and I will mail a box free of expense.
Many dealers will not keep my medi
cines on hand, becsuse they cannot msks
as mnch profit as on other persons' mske.
85 cents, 88 cents, and $1.40 per box or
Rev. Wm. Bishop requests us to
say tbat be is not a candidate for Super
intendent of Instruction. When he an
nounced himself for the Office, be nnder
etood that Mr. Camp would not be a
candidate for re-election, and that t iere
was no one else who desired tbe office.
Aa Mr. Camp is a candiate, Mr. Bihop
withdraws, and asks thst no votes be
cast for him.
Two yesrs ago, J.ibe Stotler said
that be bad done printirig for Lane, who
rave him a check on Clark it Grober, of
Leajenwortb, for pay ; bnt when h pre
sented i-V ,dbJ 'oM bim that Lane had
never had a cent of money deposited with
them I Query f ben Lane bought J ake
8"totler, did he pay him by check on Clark
it G ruber ?
ST The beat evidence that the rebel
armies are about played out, " 'he fact
tbat a large proportion of the t'le e
to be set free, armed, and put in. tje
ranks. If they transfer the negroes fr?m
tbe corn-field to tbe battle-field, it looks
like filling ibe ranka at the expense of
Lempty stomechs.
How to Vote. See which ticket Dem
ocrats and Copperheada vote ; you vote
the opposite ticket. Yon are sure to vote
rightthe rule is infallible Cont-rvativt.
Thai's se. Find out whst ticket
Bmmbaugb, Rnfns R. Edwards, and old
Medary' aon-in-law are running with,
and then vote tbe opposite ticket.
W Dingus, hearing tbat tbe rebels
bsd determined to arm tbeir alavee, want
to know whither this refers to the nig
gers or the Northern Copperheads.
J9 A great deal is aaid ia the papers,
about the rebels cheering for McClellan.
The poor, forsaken devil ahoald sot be
begrndf ed a cheer from somebody.
JV The papers are dtceassnag wheth
er Lane'e ztaa Crawford ia a Key or, a
Marat. Tha people of Kaaeae will eeatla
biepetw,by vcHiag ymr! "
PoRaurr o Patea At lut aceoaata.
Price waa atill rnBBiag. with oar forces
after bim. He had destroyed nearly all
hia train, loet all bie artillery bnt one
piece, bad a number of hia Generale kill
ed or captured, and left several thousand
nriaoBers in our hands. He bad a fight
with the Federal forcaa at Neosho. New
ton-Connty, in the extreme 8onth-west
eorner of Missouri, and' waa wnipped
agsin, when be continued skedaddling for
- - j ra0M COL. W. A
Entitled to Leave of Absence, and i Re
fused ! Coald Have Come if he Would
be lane's Candidate! Seven Thou-
aod Dollnra woma n.i any " '.
nsDicu ; . - .
jm m sat . wa w w an-T rncc.
S. J. Crawford, W. F. Cloud and John
Ritchie, all blatant Lane men, can pro
cure "leave of absence" to enter the can
vass for Lane, alth'oogh Fort Smith ia
aorronnded by the enemy. Colonel Wm.
A. Phillips, who1 has been on doty for
nearly three years, and is entitled to ab
sence by' General Ordera from tbe War
Department, is ramsed wnen not on amy.
H- was relieved" from duty, as we have
the best reasons for believing, because he
interfered with the dishonest and traitor
ous speculations of'Lane'a "minions"-in
his DeDartment. He is refused leave of
abtencs because be is opposed to Lane,
and would expose his dishonesty and that
of his friends in tbe canvass.
The circumsUoces nnder which he de
clined lesve of absence, (to which be re
fers in his letter,) are these: He waa ten
dered leave of absence, p'ovided that he
would come home an 1 become Lane's
candidate for Governor, and seven thou
sand dollars were offered bim to conduct
the campaign.
The foulest injustice is thns done a
brave and gallant officer, a great wrong
committed upon tbe people, that informa
tion may be suppressed, (no ditcnesion
stifled, and men who wear the livery of
the Union and profexs towards it the
heartiest devotion, may continue their
wholesale plundering and thieving npon
an impoverished treasnry and people.
Here ii the letter and his application
for leave of absence:
Fort Smith. Ark . Sept. 7th. 18C4.
Dear Friends: I had expected, np to
thi8 ening, to have been present nt tha
State Convention at iopekn. as I wonld
have pushed through. I asked leave of
absence under orders which make it a
privilege, under the act of Congress, bnt
was refined, although relioved ol my
command and on no duty.
Yon recollect I declined leave formerly
tendered to me nnder circumstances in
which I did not feel I could honorably
accept. I ben I would have been taken
from a command that needed mo. Now,
I was refused, when on do duty.
should like t have met Jamet B
Lane fate to face before the people of our
State, bnt Gd in his infinite Providence
knows what is for the hst.
Let me hopfljh,t wjdotn and self-de,-ntal
will RUiife trie connel of thote who
have the purification of the State in tbeir
hands. 1 hope God in his wisdom will
guide you.
I shall send an address for publication
in the papers. I am for Lincoln and
Johnson, against Lane and his minions.
and for tbe stern purification of the State.
Very Respectfully.
W. A. Phillips.
The Secretary of Stat Secretly Conni
ving Asniaat the Soldirrs and the
People I Ballot Dor SiurTing at To
peknt A Timely Warning to Connty
We have jnst learned of another damn
ing conspiracy against the sn'diers of
Kanaa and the right of the peopl. W.
W. H. Lawrence, Secretary of State..hss
prepared poll books and tickets, and cent
S. T. Cox, of Ottumwa. ns a special j
messenger to the regiments at Fort Smith.
Fort Gibson and other localities in tbe
Indian Territory and Arkansas. It i
the intention of these nnscrnpnlnns con
spirators to make up a vote CW without
the knowledge of the soldiers, jgg retnrn
ing them all as having voted lor Line's
State, Connty and Legislative tickets !
The ballots nre then to he sent to the
Secretary of State, tWwho is to distrib
ute them to tht County Commissioners of
the several Counties, to be counted ia the
returns of their local elections -ff
By such a fraud W. W. H. Lswrence
w'lll be enahlsd tostujfthe ballot boxes in
his office at Topeka, and defeat the will
both of the people and tbe soldiers.
We know whereof w affirm. We re
cite facts. Sut'do not fear. The viP
lains will be checkmated by the courts of
the State. The soldiers shall not be thus
defranded or the rights of the people thns
trampled upon. The imposture will oply
react npon its perpetrators. The day
haa come when snch infamous frauds and
fraudites must beware let the indignation
of soldiers and peoplo mete out to tbem
their jutt deserts? Times.
Pbw. Foster, as he terms himelf. aad
is know.n, haa been peddling bis misera
ble ware to tierj market. He wanted
to be State Qeolaxht, promising, if made
0. that he won.'d traverse the State, and
use letters written to him by Laneagaiust
bim. Gov. Carney Jld'nt think that had
mnch to do with geolofv, and wonld not
appoint the creature. Ln' fnnU now
hsve him appointed aa a acoqt. at 91.00
ayear. Judging from hia lecture", termed,
Bwrcb for a Man in th Dark." he will
be a very poor scont, Lawinct Journal.
CorTERHsUDtsM. Sid. Clarke wae at
the Mansion Houaa the other day, eon
versing with one of his confidential friends
in regard to tbeir Electoral ticket. He
said tbey would have been quite willing
to rnn Parrott for Elector if "th other
side" had not nominated him first 1 'He
aaid farther, that aa aettera stood now.
be did not car a carta whether all of tbe
Lane Electors were defeated or aot, "The
Laaeitee were goiag to fa at It' oat to the
MtLMll. aad tea whie winsr eV the BeV
pabHcaa pattt? WMatfeJajeat! Jl!"1
"Toma, Kastsas, Oct. 27. lSMIf
No invadsr's foot treads the soil f
Kanaas. Price aad bis robber horde have
fled inglorioosly befere onr heroic eel
diery. I congratulate you. It is eeaea
for congratulation to the State aad te tha
country, for the defeat of the aaaraaden
is sweeping aad complete,
o Commanders of Brigades. RagioMata,
Battalions and Companies will starch
with their respective commands to tha
counties to which their commands betoag ,
and there disband tbem, making a careful
record of tbe term'of service of each ana,
and sse to it tipecially tbat proper re
ceipts are given for all property take or
received while in tbe field or oa thair
marcn Homeward, so toat eea mea aaar
obtain pay for all servicee rendered Of
means furnished during the time tha m
litia of tbe State have beea ia active i
. . . .
vice. I cannot, however, direct this or
der to be isaned without paying aa eara
est tribute to yon, citizens of Kaasas.
The call upon the militia of the State waa
written on Saturday night, the 8th, aad
published on Monday, tbe 10th of Oct.
You" answered it with alacrity. Yo4
waited for nothing. Yon" cared aeHWr
for blinkets, tents or transportation.
You left business, tbe farm, the shop, tha
office, the pnlpit. at a season of tha year
wheu every material interest called upon
von to remain at home, and self-sapport
almost demanded it. , fc"t . tmK
Seizing yonr arma and securing yoar
ammunition, you marched to the border,
and in less than three 4 ay a areseated a"
dsfiant front, full fifteen thousand etrong.
to the rebel toe. X on stood together ready
to hnrl bim haok. Never did citiaan sol
diers show greater promptness or spring
to arms with sterner will. Tbe fire aad
spirit of th heroic blsza ont in all your
conduct. It will be an example to roaea
the courageous and atimnlate the daring.
Citizen soldiers of Kansas, the present
will remember, and the futnre cherish
your gallant, your self-sacrificingactfoa.
Thomas Cakebt, Governor.
A Few Pfstctlcsd Qwesrttnsi.
To J R Lane:
Dbar Sir: Yon aaid in yoor epeaeh
in St. Louis, some time ago, tbat "every
dollar's worth of property tsken by yoo,
in your famous campaign in Missouri ia
1881, was turned over to ins 'Govern
mnt." To whose Gevernmnt did yon
mean ? Will yoa show rsesipts. or
state anything abont that thirty Or forty
thousand dollars worth of goods, taken
hv you at Osceola, and boxed up in
Westport, Missouri ? Secondly: Will
you tell what became of tbat immense lot
of contrabend atock bronght out of Mis
souri by the troops, consisting of horses,
mules, oxen, cows and sheep, and tnraad
over, by yoor order, to J. O. Lambdin
and o'bers, nnder the pretense that it wsa
to be winiered on the Neosho, and sld
by the Government in the spring ?
Wbose Government sold, that property
and received tbe money Are there any
paperar'to ahow ? J. C. Lambdin says
tbat h fed what hit collected ahnnt one
rnoMh. am) tbat von sent an order for it,
and be turned it over to yoa. Will yon
tell when end whe'e the sales were or
what rtocam of thnt property ? Yoa
frequently sat! to us thst all th prhperty
; wa ipg-ilarly turned over to yonr Qnar-
terr.iaitr. Did yon turn your Qiarler
mHster oer ? One iieni more when
did ynn tnrn ovr the two fine horses
brought ont rf Southern Missouri I
mean the blscfe una gray worth $500
each :hat yon Wt in t?;c e' of a darkey
in Lawrancp. wlin yon started to Wash
ington ? and the throe mnles thst yon had
tied west of yonr hniiso when we wer on
a visit ? A satisfactory answer to these
questions will be of infinitely more value
to yoo in this canvass than all the speech
ea yoa eso ever nakn. And will von
f tell yonr frrenda in jnnr speeches whether
the ran npon Lawrence wa. or waa not,
the reaction of yonr raid on Ocola
One or tre 55 wno wadb vnc 8exatob.
. i?
Another Glnrins Kaposc! How tbe Eire
tian is to b CVirried ! Great Swindle
Upon the Corernmeott
W. W. H. Lswrence, a Lane effice
holder, was so disgusted with the nomi
nations ofthe8"b of September, that he
threatened to oppose the whole tick't.
To appeass his indignation, aa well as
lo aid the election, Lans) promised him a
heavy government contract.
A corn contract waa accordingly 1st at
Paola, by one ol Lane's Qoartermsaters,
or thb State, for 135,000 bushels at
83 02 per bnsbe). , " a' .v.
This contract was rejected rr. Gbb
bbal Stxes. 9 He wab removed bt
Geh. Coktu and Gait. Blcmt pot IV aw
THE CONTRACT! The corn ea
be purchased at ohe doixar, axe A. salt
perJxwheL - c-
Lawrcnce, Secretary ot Stat, is one of
the contractors. Ha is to give f 20,000
of the profits to Lans and Clarke, in aid
of their Stats ticket I Comment ia oa
nscossary. Read Ih expos of Law
rence's contemplated fraud opoa the coir
dicrs in another colnma. Tito. : i. ,
.This gallant Kansas officer, fer hiaesBr
duet at Pilot Knob and hia retreat there
from nnder tbe most hasardoca etream-,
stances, baa won the plaudit 'of alt.'iJL
Tha following ia from aa order ietaed ay
Gen. Kosecraos oa me snojeet:
St. Lonis, Mo., Oct 6, 18Hi s
i With pride aad pleasure tha dots
asaadiag General aoticM.thsaJlat9a
dart of Brig. Gea. Thomas EwingJr,
aad hia command ia tha defence of Pilot
Knob, and in th subsequent retreat to
Rolla. With scarcely one thousand. ef
fective mea tbey.repobed th attacks of
Price'a iavadiag army, and saevessfoUr .
retreated with their battery a 'distaae
IDC ihw. i the fac of pnrssiag "?.
aaeailtag cavalry force of five -JlfF
number. 8rck eoadoct toJSL
tioa. particularly "55oWr5
:" . .f.:
f, xt, .3"u !1 ' l " "'"
jtS S3
r 1 I'-Hifcuffliw,

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