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White Cloud Kansas chief. (White Cloud, Kan.) 1857-1872, November 10, 1864, Image 2

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Tharidar, : : Sweater 19, 184.
---- rThn rnWlft Jtrrmnl iH
this plsce. nno'er tbftiuperiHtendea,of
UWMBvQUI'U' .v mm.w ------ -
Mr. J. D. Brown, naa sow jcn ".op;
ration for orerlwo monthsj, There 'are
seventy-seven ischqlsre' enrolled, )w(itli
enonglfw-coBjers.'WBM the enroImenV
to ran the number up to near one hun
dred. The average daily attendance ia
W lixty. jQwing to the waBt ofrega-j
hnoolrheretpfore.-jwoet oftU schol:
are were sadly behind-hand with their
eTudTes.and it required iome timeand
tronJ&-?o ofotti&li&'hnghfy theia
udV bat now the institution is running
mtlr, and the pupils are materially lm--proving'.,
, .j,. .'-'-.,
' .J&Jre are nongb, children ia tMs Dis-
trfet to mate two laree schools. Tweri-
Hrif thirty are u'niiif 'a aayonTua
?eler-'ifin .r&BonahlVT rcet ' alon? wMl
itfUl2tJi-- -.'' " -a. eJ.U.
HiairTvto saventvfive popila., ". is
Ftll'lVL.' -.'-T.-'." i- .'Mcff-itn
rBIf OBSlDlf lOr-ft.WJJlUUCtAU uwjy.iw.i--
tsiVoL theni, withont-'neglaeting otnere.
iOnr'ach'ooI should be 'divided into' two
cj'irtnienV;' or, at least, an, assistant
"tewfier ' ahonld, be employed.. There
aoBld.awo.be a.large, eomioruDia ana
-esmventent echool-house built at the ear
liest day possible. The only room that
"an obw'be procured for .that'pnrposa,' is
canvement,. ana; in. every, way, unsuiia
itelr"-With: the right "kind vof fa school
-kouie; and k' sufficient1" complement 6f
-rooa leacnersf wuiiq uioua couw noss.
01 one oi me nnesi scnoois in me mats.
.zJThe .Board, of Directors hare appoint
ed jSttnrday. the 19th inst, for a Dis
trie taoeting, to vote for or against is
suing oonus 10 ouua a icuoui-uoubb.
The law requires that a majority of all
ieiroters residing in any District, shall
fee necessary to authorise the issuing of
ponus. as is not sninciem mat major-
iijvoi mose, woo seetnt to attend oe. op;
tainedjhatno. bonds can be issued wittf-
pit a.msjority of all tbe qualified voters
raiding'in the 'District voting in favor
of tHe'pYoposition. The law also forbids
the, site pf suchbond's for less than ninety
cents pa tbe4dollar; and they have fifteen
or twenty: .years to ran, 'with interest.
Tote for the -Bonds.'
1?iJ!ijeOTiON ih this Township, Tuesday
vfM.'cold, stormy and dissgreeable; yst
(hers, was, a pretty full vote out. We
do not know of half adozen voters" bo
longing in this precinct who were 'not
stthe" polls here .or, at some other -place
in Uie To wnship. The election p assed off
quietly, without any drunkenness, wran
gling, orexcitementof any kind. There
vfere 92 'votes cast Lincoln received
7,Mc01ellan none. Five tickets con
gained; no names of Electors.
-fThe Anti;Lane majority comes up to
our 'highest expectations. White Cloud
has dons her whole duty. If other places
cr ,, , , , , n
generally naa aone as wen, ine uouoiy
would have rolled up three hundred ma
jority: against the corruptionists. Lee's
majority "is 65; Griswold's 74; Brown
over uoodnow, only is. J. us average
majority on the 8tate ticket Is about 54.
1 'Highland cast 121 votes, giving ' an
Anti-Lane msjority of about 17 Iowa'
Point 'cast 73 votes, giving the Lane
. i . - ' - s5rt ' rm'r i
licit stooufc, pu majority xuo auii
Lane majority in the Ypwnship, iherefore,
is only from 15 to 20. D at rick is elect
ed Representative by 84 majority.
V'LiTB cr LiKCOLS. The enterprising
publishers have bent ns a copy of the Life
and Pnblic Services of Abraham Lincoln;
embracing' a full history, of his Life; his
career, as' a Lawyer -and Politician; his
services in Congress; with his Speeches,
Proclamations, .Acts, and "Services as
President of tbe .United States; and Com'
mander-ih-Ohief of the .Army and Navy
of-the "United State?, nri'totne present
time. . It is a valuable and interesting
work, as well since, the Presidential elec
iiefl is over as before. r The'price is only
l-eBts. Bend that amonnt't'o T. Bl
iPljijadelphis, and have a eopysent by
etpraeiail. . ,J
fincBXAH ok. tbe 'Movb. We have
iaaportant-ntws- from Sherman. Leav
fl; tiro cbrps'bf his army ."under" Thorn;
a"s,.'at Chattanooga, , to attend to. Hood,
he returned to, Atlanta with five, corps,
destroyingtbe railroad between.'Chatta
aoogaad Atlanta, and sending the iron'
to. .Chattanooga;' He then bnrned At
la&taand marched with .his entire army
for Charleston. This looks like doing
the wofk'thoroagbly, and tbe Anaconda
Is about to take another coil.,
' ib. Medary, formerly Gover-
rior of Kansas, died at Columbus, Ohio.
XJr Monday evening. It went against
Us grain to support McClellan. jOld
Dsstlf saved him from voting that way.
WheoGsn. Harrison died, Medary made
tiapjous remark, in the Ohio Statesman,
"fie inquires a long spoon who sups
viA ike .devil.' Perhaps fee ' knows
JCs The city of Galena,, Illinois, has
gives McClsllsH a considerable majority;-.
while; to balance of that. eeetioBot the
BOmW ke gone overwhelmioglyUnion
Her Vote is supposed to be a complimenij
SO aacyieuas lor utiuj aciccieu vuoguur
boat Galena to hide on, during the battle
of Malvern i Hill. . ,. .. ,"
v.-.j iwflsmmi v-; -
Copperhesdisnfis sqnalchedont, anlj
the last hope of the rebellion is gone,
The people.have pronounced their verdict
ind' thosebv bnlv small majorities. The
Unionists gain aix.orsevan Congressmen'
in New To'rki and ihree'br four ;.in,Ilr-;
npis. They will have s majority of over
two-thirds in C&hgxe&BV'thpVleaying the
rebels powerless toembarrasstpe.uov
ernment in that body. Here sre tbe pro
bable majontiesWthe'home vole, which
will be largely'incroased Jn ;favr pf Lin
coln bv the soldier.tvotev in those States
which permit their soldiers to'vote :
For Lincoln.' -
MAINE. ' "" 'VV-,2"P0(J-
NEW HAMPSHIRE;, o 3.000.
, VERMONT. , ,.-, ., ,. .SP.0OO.
MASSACHUSETTS.. ' -40.-000;
.,.'..S. -!Sti HIAnA'"1
' 7.000.
. 10.000;
TENNESSEE, (not eslimated.)
Indiana.- -
, 30.000.
KANSAS.:. . ,;,, .
OREGON. For- ifcCMlan.
'GoTHRiB.-The,,. Leavenworth, Tiroes,
giving a list of Anti-Lane Senators elect
M t:
ed to the Legislature,. mentions W. W,
Gntbrie, from Brown: and Nemaha.-
Guthrie is not.electpdT was not a candi
Catc, - na . i5 "hgnti-Lane enough to
hurti,mnch,.--In""ppjttip8j) liai.belongs to
thB'.Guthrie partyoF which &b'l8!nes3i,
lail, andfiUin." He came out for iu.
Senate against the .regular', Anti-Lane
nominee, and only wubilrewj-a.few ,day
-i - --
before tbeelectioo,- upotf condition that
tbe nominee should'dd likewise. To save
the District this was consented to, and
a neWj'rflan, putbn '"the.-track; 'but' there
was no time,to canvass; in , his, favor,-:or
even to explain the matter to the 'donbt
ing andiditeatisfied.i w'Gntrie iinipl
succeeded ihIbsinffWe'Anti-LBne Sena
tor in Brovyn,'and.Nemaiia, ,ini defeating
tbe two reguIar-AuU-LaGe Represenla'
lives jn. Brown', and? incirryirig' Brown
County: f0 r the Lah'eticketl $f l from "50
to lOO'majbfity. ' He acepmpiished pre
cisely "what; Jieaimedat, and'what he
was no doubt handsomely paid:ont of. the
Lane Corruption iFund for doinB.'-'TeV;
haps the'people ourth'ere will coma to
understand Tthis' slippery, genius, after
wnue wnen ne sens inemoni every year,
for a couple hundred years. or so.
X3T Wlves, , jMothers, and Sisters,
wbot8;HasbaQd.SDns,' and 'Brothers are
serving'inl tbei Army,r.:annot'pnt-rihto
their knapsacks a'more necessary or val
uable, gift '''than V few5," boxes" of"flotLo
wat 8 Pu.ls AKn.QrEXT.l"TbeyiinT
sure; bealthieven'underltbe exposure's 6f a
soldie!r,'rlife.' "a s-'l e : l-"'
- If the reader6fJthTff''VolicSi:'erannot
r ' irkt 1 - . - '
,- . - J -- . i in -rt
get a oox oi iruis or ointment irom Ltne
drug store. in his. place, let- him write to
rae;.60 -Maiden '"Lari"," Enclosing" the
amount. ahd'I. will' mail a box'ffee of
expense, aiany aeaiers wui not eeep
my medicines on hand because they can
not make. as. much profit is-on other per-
sons make. 3a eents.
cents; end
W.40 per box or'pot."
Nkver DB8PAiB.4-Msay ayoung house-
wife has given, np. irf Jdecpair after .re
peated attempts to make light bread and
biscuit, .because, she had. not tbe-right
material. After procuring De Land Sz
Coi's Chemical "8'aieratus there "was" no
difficulty in baVjng light and wholesome
bread. ' So never despair, you who 'have
not yet used this Saleratns, but call . on
- " .T- -V Jit r: A
your grocer to sell it, and once need, you
willave no other. L '.i '
.. it . " " - f
7 . im 1 . a. uuw-Biurm prevanea on
Monday night and.Toesdey, accompanied
by elset. "The enow .fell to the depth'.of
tbree or four inches. The weatherhas
aince t been rather ;warm, ; yet llje, eoo w
melts put slowly. -- .-- ,xiez .
yry;If. 'somebody Jwill furnish jig. with
V: 1 3 . ,J" .-.- '.-' t.'J-i '-
a complete taoieoi toe vote 01 ims.uoBB
1 shall be pleaawHo-pBtoish itfor
nponraiWrln-a voiconhW-ToreTgn bF nHeui thdm:a . o(:ier. 1f.uf;i.oldifrs,w,iU:be;receired,,-Coi,will
lions may hear'McOlellan carries only . . mencgmM ren1.rn-sdm.wh.r'withirconvientdi.-,
the poor, miserableZStatesfew Jersey, rth-ehLnetfiik'et. This Urice.cnati"l!it.iif1asceTiainea what" vote,
and Delaware., and probably Kentucky.. KjOiY.'A2' ft??i.l.g are needeTI'to carfV-certaTn. Districta and'
result of the election in Doniphan
County, is about 170 majority for Lee.
On the balance of the State ticket, some
of the Lane and some of the Anti-Lane
candidates have majorities. Tbe two
Anti-Lane Senators aro elected Dren
ning by a considerable majority J aftd
Price by 20. Detricfe is elected". Repre-1
aWvstStsict, Pa'yne jri the !
1 2.l,'RUil Wltbe 13, and LelaslinlthV
- - --"- ii irr t i.. -
rt.,.'5 ...1 T.-.'-r H rS .'.'vsr
J 4tR aiijLanH-L.ana; , ijow
we (Lneit9:is
District Clerk, Jenkins County Attor
ney, Camp Soperintendent of Instruction,
and" lowers Assessor. -
The 5th Representative DistrfcCpWayna
Township) is really Anti-Lane by at
least 125 maiorit ; .vet -it Rave ftonuvO
to'80liane.maiortfy:HWe hearMtfi
.brotjiec-inr.la w.,and iDepoXyjEravost Mir-
nterest, by fair, means pr fnol.
l;, "Of thatp'riucjp,al, cause . a f J he general
result in-,thrtjWounty; we needisay out
little. It all comesof 1 not holding'1 a
1 Cbnnly'Gpnventfon"1 When We predict-
iir, i? .v- i. .' i ; m. '
ea, oflfc flijofi iiue,uj iut iui3..uuio
wonld in the end ba a5 matter, ot regret,
, we had hd:idealUiaf'it'w'onld: com'e to
pass so. 8909. Had-'a-' Con ventio'n ''been
held, "and a regular ticket-nominated, it
would bav ouaedj at Jeast. two,, pqndred
striightiotes to -the. AptitL'snehticke't.
Rntthnt did'aot'snifa' fewindiviJrlals.
They'wanfed'to ronlho machine, and ,a
ConXfent.ion might hoje spoile.d-fheirap.
Thus -.the . AntiLanemen, tundoubtedly
in a large majority in tus bounty,, wero
left'in an nnorgahi'zed statewitb'nothing
to concentra?9'them some;to'jbeled;ovei
tofLane..andothe.r8.to remamiat home.
Candidates cameouttt their'own hook
three or fonr for somo offices, which
has ranked in'th'o defeat of gO? officera
and Anti-'Lne men, and the ,e!ec. "on oi
men.ulteriy .untried ana. unknown. ."
instance, a man 13 elected Probate' Judge,
whom we do'dt believ'hadever before
been heard 0! by one hundred of the per
sons who voted .fqrrh"ra, Indee.d.'we.are
told that he has not resided inthe :Statei
Jongenongh td be a qualified voter. ' Wo
alsoi:ame'withina few votes of 'losinfe a
Senator. , , . .
i Hfjc ,. , - j -.1 1 , j .-"'
Butiwodonotccar.e to dwell, further
tipon tbis shameful .reealt afopresont.
We'intend'to-'refefto the' matter s'gain,
'wherrwe'shall give our opinion in .full,
. -1.-3 ' qn vf r.ff.OT ' -;.fi . .;- 1 .'
ana reiaiq some lacts tor ine consiaeration
.- ,. i'.ft ..
of Anti-Lane -voters.- - tf t
a a
promoted by'Gov.jCarneyitOjthOjppsition
of M'ajorpf,that-.regiment.-5. Thelpromo
tion has been well earned. Major'Utf.'at
the firstoutbreak of the'wa; 'left ' college
and euiV. "Ie three monlfis' service, in
tranE;BIair,a'ai, Louis, .regimenr, "and
MjU8tedjptue'qaptnre 0 O.rnp Jackson.
Whenhis-termJexpired,"he came' hom
and 'assisted in'recrditing.th? Kansas 7th'f
a'hid! was clib'sen First Lieutenant of-'c'o.
Uponjthejjgrpmotion of Capt..Her
rick1lo,MajorrtLiep.t..Utt was made'Cftp
tain of his Cmnpsny, and was atifs head
tbiongh allrits ardnous services, 'until
knout eigbten months .since, rwhen he
"r-t'7 . 2"-'s ' - I--
had his XootBbot'cff inra battle near Tns
cumbia,-Alabama.vwhich unfitted him for
active duty formoe than a year. During
i.'.i:ijh..r..i I'm' t".-iJ. !."!?. .
u" inuc, tcrtiii uiuvurs iu iue rezimcni
were promoted overhiraj.jTho position
pfpMajorJiavjiiB recently.beenagain made
yacantr.tiovj'Garneyhaa recognized merit
and- valuable rBerviceV,!rbyvth"e appoint
ment of Capt. Utt to the vacancy.
;rJ3JWe nolioa"'tha't -Madame Lbo.
Marahall. tbe g'reat'natnral C'loivo';an't,,,
(it dldn'WiAJii'go by'that nai'e h'ia
holding forth in Leavenworth. As a
payetateithaBha was in thisjglace,' last
Summer; '- and1 iVonFcffice.Th'cofiveraa'-
rVt,',r --
;TJ1 bedtiCiLfnolnrwillcbeonr.De'xt
Ptesiderit.",- Thatt wis pnrely, 'prophetic;
and embrscedt worprbpo5itjbris; Thephe
wilhlTega,d'lo, Lfrlcoln havingTailed ,we
have too.much faith in her "claivoyance"
to'-doubt that 'th? other alternative ' will
come to. pans. ,
7T r i '
I ',''' - " "-"7
!Thi: Pmirrens-i-This' excellent" month;
ly.-devoted' to' the'l'Merests' of the "crafti
cdntinnes 'to'vis?t,!'tls", regularly. "As a
specimefl bTfte' typographical art .alone.
.rt7 3-; ,"!?,': r--i '"'j:,"''1 ';"" i ."
ucannowaii .io4comraanaine;aqmiranon
of every good printer.7 Its pages-ire fill,
ed with matter of use and interest to the
crarjjV.and altogether,. it sysv 'publication
wJuch.np pn'oter-can afifoi'dTtd. be with
tj". The Fort' SdottiMonitbr'nppbrt-
ed Lee for Congress nntil a few days ago
But Jim Laneihappened.in Eot't Scott, on
his,'wa.v.frp'mtha"pnrsdit of Price'," and
gave'Eramert,abput 3150, whendown
came Lee's .name., and ud went Sid.
C lark's.- Tt is an easy, matteror, E tnmert
3 i fc' s?"j I
lo-vaci ine owsowv ' t ri K. 5" '
mW One of the Democratic .Congress-'
men inst. elected "in New-YorsrOity.-dled
tbeVMber day ;a'nd'6ne of he'Presiden-
.:'.ri.'.i - -vUf'Lv WiML ?..ltvt.-'
itu-uicciura crnwea (O ,jOBnecucui..oas
elected is the 6th. fGordon (who is Qor
dSa.?)e!cte'd bJudgSVs
tWhflnii,Lajiticketa-reriEd- oWirs..-a-il4)oee-fvery
'.W.tlW H .W.MWUV. Tfl --.j-. --.j--. . c
'sh"al,wsiowamappointed f6rith espres
Krif 8bser6f rffnning'the'Coiinly VLine's
'PBOKOiep: Capt. L.-H.'TJtt, of Co
pftny A-.thKansaa'CaValry ' has
following prediction:
oaUr'Ther:pricejis only 81.50 ti 'yen?
Pahlisbed b'yJyhri Greason'iiCa.; NeV
Tort" 'a":1 "v: 1 ": " Lrt a
itpi .tiI 1 rr . r ? . .1 ...i.
WSWa .-n A e)itd slrnl aT
X ii'JtT. u
From indications, there waa a very
large vote polled is this Jate. oa Toes
day. We have bat sWntnras; but.it b
probable theJUae Stateckat ia ejected.
The vote -on CoBgraaiie cleeeaad.we
are unable to say which laaadidateiaBac
cessfil.tNptkerwcsn we'gaeeeiow. the
LegislatonT will ataahathViparties
claimingitL It may betYll.rigat'oa the
borne vbte;bot every Aati-Laae bub who
has not at .least J.0V majority may caicn
late nponJbsiag'wiadltd out of hie "'elec
tion. Tee Lfnefpreeae. are airs aHy be
ginning to intimate thw course inserersl
of the D ut 1 ids. Tbe Lane leaders, using
secretary Lawrence aa their tool, have
'sent al iH ideating! Tieqriey7"BaBed 3oEn
T. Cox, (a pretty same to go to bed to,)
r"j -- -- m- -- -- -'
downtowarllithe'IndiaB; coBBtry bb
tue-preteMe of takins the vote of Kin
candiJatj8,-whenitheffqniredpumber will
JiejjjkaulaUorsdr-Bd-ftd to-the-eel-
diers. Lawrence -Mill issaacertiGcates to'
. W!-Y!f-.Vi .rL 1. ..j'
and they will ast as judges of the qualifi
cations of the:,)nembwajcrtKBir body.
By this- mesns the people are to be de-
fnudtd oftheir just rights; and the Stats
disgraced and rbbb'ed for another six
years. 1
Doniphatf Connt'y gives Le's about 170
maioritv. The balance of tbe State ticket
mixed. ' Two "Anti-Lane' Senators and
four Representatives chosen, and one Lane
Atchison is. claimed by the Anti-Lane
party at 250 majority, with two Senators
and five Representatives. The Lane party
claim it'for their State ticket," xcept that
tit.-' -.,. . .. , ' .
Lies receives iu majority, ana tnat tnsy
have elected one fcenator and two Repre
Leavenworth gives tbe Anti-Lane State
ticket about 700. msjority, andLe 1.000,
The Anti-Lane party claim the three Sen
ators and nine Representatives, and the
Laneites claim one or two Represents
tlV!S. , , .,
Johnson Connty reported 150 Anti
Lane., with one Senator and three Repre
Donelas Cont; reported 400 Lane,
with the two Senator." "d six Represen
Shawnee County, for Lane, with 1
Senator, and one- (perhaps two) i?pre-
Brown Connty gives .the Lane ticket
about 60 majority, and elects both the Loe
Representatives. "However, Rawlings,
in the Eastern District, is only a Lane
man as against Gov.. Carney. If Carney
is not a candidate, bnt a third man is
brought out against Lane, Rawlings is
pledged to go for. the third mad, and
against'-L'ahe. - '
We have heard uothiog-from Nemaha,
and therefore khow"nblhip'gl'abput the
Senator from Brown and Nemaha. We
think the Lane candidate 'will bo success
ful. The cause of this result, and. of the
loss of Brown County, we shall' speak of
nereaiter. . .,,.,
ST "Another rebel pirate has been ta
ken tin and.done for., 'The. Florida has
benlcaptared:in:the harbor "of Bahai, in
BraBilj'by' theUniteI " 81:ate8ehip:,Wa-
chus'ett." - The Wnchus'ett rn,tbroneh
01 jl"?- .;. t.ij. --- ' J- -
the Brazilian fleet, gobbled updha Flori
da,, and to weJ'her" out to :sea, under fire
ofitiie"fleei-and:a fort'on nhofe; and'pur
Mhed'Jby two war vessels' ;' but' she' ran
away from her pnrsner, ,am received no
damage..0" Tbe British papera are howl
ing over this net; as a violation of the
law-of ni!tion ;' bot somehow the rebels
can'cdmm'it all manner of piratical depr
redationii, jn-shjps of British, build, arm
eiy..withtBntish gnos, and manned by
British 'Bailors, or rcan make robbing and
morderihg'raids'into the United States
fro'rfl British provinces, without once vi
olating the law of. nations, But tbe Flo
rida is safe, violation or no violation. '
.Lf.'i." V T. ! 't 1
"ga. correspondent. gives ns the names
of. several persons .in 'this County and
Browne -whom he' aays be. knows to have
received money from Lsne'arid :CIarke
Forworking for their tickstj, We do not
tbirjc it worth,. whileto publish the
name, sent. tTbe poor fellows doubtles.
needed it?more than' -Lane and Clerke
aid,"'and'will soon get rid of it; and up
on ibe whole, itrs a decided advantage
0 the pnblic to jscattsr, their ill-gotten
gains by, this-or: some other mesns.
"Arthur's Home .Magazine, ,fpr
December, is received, u is illustrated
witbTheiBride." and ." Child'e Even
ing Prayer." This excellent Magaxine
sgejtks encouragingly of its prospects for
186?..,, In consequence. pf the high price
of labor and .'material, the subscription
will bereaflerlbe 82.50 a year. Publish
ed 'al. Philadelphia. ." .
'd:Li - - -
WimW- Wahave heard of a maa in this
Cddhty,- whb had" been a noisy Lane
man. but on election day he, voted the
Antf-Lane ticket.' When asked hisreaa-
ons for tbe sudden change, he replied
"Weill the fact is,, J haye got the name
lof.beinz a Javbawber. and. I voted that
.e -..- - - - f
ticket to redeem ay character. l'-'-jTaer
vu'mmS miu inllnlainn. J i r & - '
lt,i;j"!! ir - - '-r ilBT"
.jJjSincAXchisoB.Qpnnty has; gas:
agajusuiiafie.iwei reeosatoendt.to. mm a
earefnl peraaal of hie speech iC6Bgrese;'
in which he spoke eo feeliBgly of" loyal
AuLt.. ..J - ...T.-..:t.ntr
nuvaiauB- .uwjiw' ww"y
TAirtfAtaWliTirTliere are pes-
hepe hundreds of poor men aboat wave
north and the Port, who eera a living
for themselves and familiee by working
for the Government. The affaire at the
Fort are rum bv Jim Laae'a too!, and
of coarse, hie tyranny is made to reach!
the very hnmbjeat laborer under bis cotj
trol. Tbf8ea wew jubiobi v.nng
mously opjied to LasKgwhiek circumg
stance waif' see oHefomedBafja da
or two beft)refthe fiedoh. tM Billetfa
and CosewaiiveM1"1 hllol
ing threat written -by ne same -peraon,
at tbe dictation of Lane. After reading
mind : Ia thle a free country?
l Govbrxubrt EsTioms.-W have
hundreds of men in Government employ,
.who usually vole.jU.outjslections. Let
ourjcitiBene u1qfo for whom this
elaaa of "citizens vote, and all whoare
fonndcooperating1 witFCorjperheads,
nil ttM avosrad MSfllea:of the -Govern-
..--u:. :J.ii3... il.u;I" K W.ili
affiliate w'ith;tto:enemie.or the'Gover'n
mnti anil litenoba theoblic'erib'. - "So
that'those who "prefer' to "snatain treason
toYoundUnion men Tor office", mayhave
May allotted to' them lo;eloea np 'thir
a'ccotinia and stop "id forfsouhd friends
of the Government. Thit'ifay will jhr'e
lv and 6onrcome.Bullitin, before th$
-We Shall Sre Trlere? are hnndred
of men in the, service, of the Government,
who iive'npori the Government, draw
their rations amlrmoney for the support
of iheir families.,. Will tuat claaa sup
port the Union candidates for office will
tbe frients of the Government receive the
support of that class of voters? If party
ties prevent these people, who; live by the
favor or tbe Government, from support
ing'tKe known , friends of Jthe Govern
ment, should thtU.ia justice to true 'and
tried' friends, continue to hold fat office?
Take notice at the polls, and let their
votes decide their own esse.. They will
vote for .or agafns.t the Government.
Conservative, btfore the Flection., .,
. Cleah Thbm. Oct." To the victor
Itlong the tpoils." To loyal men belongs
th patronage of this Government. Semi
Traitors may howl, and iheir ally, the
Times, screech, bnt disloyal men will be
cleaned onLJBulleiin. after the Flection.
'The friends of the Government, so
harped npon in the above extracts, are
Jim Lane and his hirelings, who dispense
the patronage of the Fort; and the Cop
perheads aid semi-traitors sre Lee and
Thacher and their anppOTters. Simmer
ed down, it wonld read: "Vote the Lane
ticket, or your families shall starve 1"
3T Peterson's Magazine,, for Decem
ber, is .on onr table. Tbe illustrations
are, " Waiting for Father,:? "Milly'e
Lovers," a Colored Fashion, Plate, and
a magnificent Ti'le Page. For 1S65.
thia.will be the chearJst Magazine in the
country. Notwithstand'ing high prices,
which' re compelling every other simi
lar pnblica.'.'on to raise its su bscriplion,
that of Peterson vill.remain at'82'.ye''-
Bend on yonr orders Co Philadelphia.
, tW Gen.'MoClellan seut in his.resig
nstion as Major-General, the first of this
week. He thought he Wonl.l be eleC'ed
f resident, end wouldo t need the position
any longer. His resignation will be, ac
cepted, and be will be permitted to return
to railroading, or to enter the .rebel army,
where bis heart and bis friends sre.
JT lbs telegraph informs na that
Gen. Sheridan and one of bis staff offi
cers have so far recovered from , their te"
cent poisoning, as to be. able to t'rde ,ont
an horseback.. This is the. first. ivcrhave
heard of his having been poisoned.'
"f,r,e have often wondered whether
the people of-Leaven worth, were madenp
wholly of stomach. The -local depart
"menU"of tbe papera of'that village' are
devoted almost exclusively to puffs., of
restaurants and drinking saloons.
- " -- ' ?i : '
The Nbw Cosstitution or Martcaxd
p-Tbe Maryland Free Constftntion ma1.es'
some very important'ctienges in the law
of the State. It declares 'that all men are
created equally free, and are entitled to
the proceeds of tbeir labor," tbst hereafter
there shall be neither slavery nor invol
untary aervitude, except in punishment of
crime. Whereof the party, shall have risen
duly convicted ;r and 'all' persons held to
service br labor aa slaves are declared free!
It prohibits the General Assembly pass
ing any law to-compensate masters or
claimants of slaves emancipated by the
Constitution.. It affirms 'that the Con
stitution and lawe of "the United States
are tbe supreme law of tbe land, to which
every citiaeh of tbe Bute owes permanent
allegiance. The Legislature is to make
provision for taking the vote of soldiers
ia tbe. field -Aniiasponant feature of the
Constitution is tut which readers inehgi
bio to office and 'iseempeteBt to vote at
any election, nalesa' restored' to citizen
ship by e.two-thirbVvote of the Legisla
ture, all, perrons who have aided the re
bel! 10a m any way, eHber' by service.
aoney,TgoodaIettera. or by- inform ation.
Tbis willidisfraacbuea great many of
the former ciUsjeosror Maryland and ia
the first attempt mad byaBy.'aTtate to
punish its citixeas for leading aid toTtbe
rebellioni ' , s
thegreat Union .meetiasi-ia New Haves,
on'WedMdaT, the Bev.Dr. Patton.
just returned from Earope. made a'speecb.
in me conn oi-wnicB. oa- sani.inat tie
had'horned.homa tovote foi Mr-Lin
coin', 'and that his haste had been, stimu
lated bv bavins; observed how deenlv in
terested tbs aristocraer of. .England ara
tb'atMcCTellaBshodd succeed.:" .He spoke
of' noolemea "who freely admitted' tbev
jr u .- u: . ..- '
fluen?eithe'eJectioB Biavor oMcCIellan,
believing thai' hie electioa would bet Jol
lowed by peace aad ttparfition.. . U '""
TaMw'of Srmidae's'reewat victory
waa reenvasl Wnasgs) i-Boetbif with
three 'skeat.fot SaeTtdaa. ''Grst'';sid
HlmmtiimAmimmtttrtAmMm? '
. r'-;'3 i!tet.-j & ';'
That thia gallant officer is no more tbe
telegraph neglects direcuy 10 iniorm us,
bnt indirectly announces tbe fact by men
tioning tbe honors to be paid to bis mem
ory. As befoie stated in oar columns, he
has been lying ill at Philadelphia, of
malarious flux, contracted in Virginia,
tbpiagh hia case was not regarded, as very
dttMSJrbus nntil within a day orji'wo. v
XSTIU &1IUUJ ,ww... in Airi
vilIe,yAlaWraa, iuay xy.iozo. una jb
movesl toCincinnati inhie'yontb, With
bia'faah:riJames G.Birnej! Hsi studied
law herein bnt before entefing jfponue
prectiesVof tbe professieni .eugageijh
busiiiess in Michigan. In 1848 ne went
to Philadelphia. In April, 1861. be rais-
ed a regiment 1 the 23d PennsyjvMJajhnjh.earmjr.Jt.isaid hia wruk"1'
rafeemonths men. and on the expiration
of its term of service, re-org6ir.wHt',for;
tbree years. In December, 1S61. he was
promoted to a Brigadiership. distinguish
ing himself at YorktownJiWilHsmih'qrg,''
and esoecially in tbe second batt.'e Oi Hull
liRoswCoapicnee-froes-the very- first
for, his gallantry,, discretion and eminent
soldierlv "qualities,' promotion .followed
- .: -yi. i' " m':':: ri'..... 1
promotion, anu ue ocgsraounjjf ,vieuci.
Doringthe present campaign -in Virginia
he Ijad' labored uuceasingly, and. bis .di
vision was' particularly conspicuous ..in
the. hard fighting .of the Army of 5 the
Jame$ for, the possi?flion , of Chapin's
BJmT.' " Z. J ' '. ,.",. ,..,'"-,
It, seems, hot yesterday., that- General
Biiney's achievements in front, 0 Richmond,-were
the fugrri!ing topic, of the
nation.. Scarcely bad I he first bnrat - of
a'lroiratio'n fiibsided, when thn,, wanrior
jlay dowhto. his. resL But -though he
uae passen away, ine memory 01 ina.oraye
deeds tvilllive in the records of the pre--spnt
war,, and, posterity, as well an his.co
renipbrarir.desoi ile himjss one.wbo de
serves wellj.of ,bis , country, Cincinnati
Ou telle.
How Pmck Tbeats nis Prisosebs.
Tbe following, from a paroled prisoner,
shows how old "Pap" treats his prisoners:
This advance guard of the.rnbel army
and all .expeditionary, partija of it. seize
every adnlt male not most evidently, and
positively disabled, and collect, them un
der guard. Tbe men thus gathered are
marshaled in line, and each is questioned
as, to whether he is in any manner in tbe
military service of the United States.
Tho answer must be direct, "yes" or
"no." If "yes,", the respondent is in
formed that he la prisoner of war, and
is to be treated accordingly. If " no,"
be is told that the State of Missouri be
longs to the .Confederate Government,
and he is conscripted into its armies. In
to one or the, other of these, classes each
prisoner roust go.
Price is described as riding part, of tbe
time on horseback, and,part of tbe time
in an ambnlanre with the pretended
Governor Reynolds. ,
Tbe invaders are said to bo abont
15.000 fightingjnen, partly cavalry and
partly mounted. infantry, with about five
thousand " camp followers," teamsteis.
cattle scalers, atco". Tfie. camp tilt and
all tbe movements avowed a ueuign .and
expectancy of takingposse.aion ajt,Jefler. I
son City .installing Reynolds-&
or,, and holding the State for tho Loiife'l-
t riM. . i -.1 I
eracy. Jeff.,1 bompson is reporteii with'
n .,..-., r ' j '
Price, but not-wtb any command.
- ' J
Death of a Distisgcished Man. 7- j
Hon. Thomas' P.- Marshall died at his j
house in Woodford Connty, Kentucky,
on Thursday, the 22d nit., of .disease of
the heart and longs. Mr. M. was widely
jnowii ili?nP pii'be. most gifted men o'
his day, a.nd fr l8 'Mt thirty year had
occu-'ie'd a il'W I",! of t1" public at
tention. " F-w ml?11 anrpass-d him io va
ned learning and ee6't'l'l,rr "l."e
ments. which, with bis ."P'endid genins.
made him one of the most .tractive ora
tora'of tbe age in which he Hvl"
Cal.'VVashborne U pnshinzviijnrou
the work'- of contesting' the election of
Dan.' Voorhem In Conires in ili'o Sc'r-
ait.M i.ir... n:,:-.. ti,.- rxr ,.(
'frand "aceumulatra'daiiy. and a mis"- of
evidence will ba Dresarited in snppo't of
Washbnrne's claim 'to th
will carry the certain conv
that VToorliee"ovei His' cert
tion to the most'unb'Iushirig franls.
X ' 1 '.... . i 'U.I
'A correspondent r6f tbe Philadelphia
Press' at ales that Beriator Wall, of New
Jersey! declares that. in event of the Detn
ocrats being defeated at the polls in No
vember. Gen. McClellan will place hfm
felf'at'th head of a million men, and hy
virtue" of military power declare himself
r . f - . .i V-. irt... . ct
rresineni oi ine united acaterf. as oeu
ator Wall haila from the same State as
Gen. M.-Clellan, he should 'know whereof
he speaks.
"My first effort was for Dssce." a aid
Jefferson' Davis at Augusta, "and Isertt
commissioners to endeavor to arrange an
amicable dissolution. i From time to time
I have repeated efforts to that end, tut
never, never have I sought it on any, other
iatit lul Independence." '
$lje Kansas tftpef.;
SOL. MILLER, Editor and Pabli'shar.
Two DotLias'A Yju, i Adtaxr. Pay
meat should be made strictly in advance? 'oth'
erwlss, the rat of $3 per xear will btfchirgsd,
atthedjscretloa of. the publisher. .
1'li.v - v ' .t -A s "1
1 1 mo;
3 mo.
Q mo.
-:1: Square, -,
Square j, -,
3 Squares, ,
"-i-CoInmn, -j
5 00
50 00
x "Uiiumn, r.l
For1 any other length oftime,. in accordance
WUa tfle aeove rates: which mnalroalr to mr-
alar.adisrtiaing.jj .,, , r
business uaros ora lines or less. $ a year.
For Lenl and transient advertisements. 11
per square for the first josertion, and 50 cents
per squara for each subsequent insertion.
aSeecial Kotiecs will be chanted 50 neVcant.
extra; and editorial advertlaementa and. per-
'Ten Hues ofsollii Brevier make one square.
AlITraetlonVef half ,-aqoare' iW- over, are;
eo-aaf-ad-'aia full square:,- , iijt- is. J J:
Adveitisesjiea.UTeaalriBs to bcarti8ediOi
will be charged, the cost of. certifvinfc iaaddi-Uoa'totai-regalarraus.1-
-' .' " r.
Trusjent sdvertrsesieataBQtt' be -paid 'for
Invariably in advance. "S '-. . i -
-.CT iQBJWOatir f ll H.AKtAm.rt
Batiaa..aa !''. n. in .ur.ii.in
M. KltVTtrnrw 0 -"
incident worth narratf ree.?,Eo-A8
red in Boone County. K'1'8
wealthy pl.nter. the owner 1
"chattela" and well known .. Ml'
conservative, who intends to vote ?J?H
uienan and 1'endleton. hadaf.V
mnsclfci negro' wSo 'wrf.cnn.' .."
to rte ProvSst Mafshal'. office .. V
prnyidSi'with-iunirorm iSlaSJ
Irishman then, for the first tim. ' '
tained whom it K. Mt-
proianuy exceeaea all bounds bnt ;,
ThB K-.nfn.V- ""Wt0
Ira. .
. ,k '' :. :"', C0B'T,t,,
than see a negro free ihev nni.i 3.,
ef Irish, popuNtioh into ,!.:,. '
'fr-Lthctnnot'i Commercial ni
meme. Orf
Matrimonial !
If von wish to marry, addrev the nadp
ed. who willsend on, without monejanj,;
out price, valuable information thjiutltv,"
vou to marry happy and speedily, irreip,-;, '
of age, wealth or beauty. Thii hf).-
will cost you.nothin,and iryou wi5htoai:t,
I will cheerfully aasist you. AllleUtrsunti"
confidential. The desired information itatw
return mail, anil no questions asked. Adi
GreeDpoint, Kings Co, Nw Yoti.
Consumptive sufferers will recti-, a tiIuv,
prascription for th core of Consumption, Aii
m, Bronahitii, ar.d tH Throst ind I.uiij it:.
lions, (free of charge,) br Binding their uli-aj
Witliamsb&rg, Kingi Co., Ktw Toil.
Oct. C-3m.
Twentr-Fita, Fifl7 and 0e Hnnditd
Per Cent.
Two or tbree coats f paint on joorhou?,
wagon cr carriage, will add to it in Talneli
per cent; in Appearance SO per centraniia
DurabililT 100 per cent. Then whj don't jpj
et K. O. Pierce, of White Cloud, to paint t5
jour ruatj old houses and wa joi.s? Ue wi(jtf
it well and cheap. See adrsttiitment inaa.
other column. Sipt.39,
KmToacF Cmtr:
Deh Sis: Witii tout p-rmiwion,! will ti
nj to the readers of rourpaperthat I wili
by return mail, to all who wish it, 'free, i
Ktcipa, "its f!t directions fur making uj
using a simple VegetaWe Bilm.thnt willt.
11t remote, ill ten dajs, Pimnlej, t'jWr,
T.ti P..-Vt. unit all trm!rit?.. ..f ri...k.
,he ialC9 1Jltreler tlnooli tnim'
j ,,, m,n fi w ltet h,rj. m
Head,f r JUre F.re...rmrl.di..ii.v4-a.
. .. .. . . ., . . . ...
formatiori that will enable ibro to itarta Ml
. , . . ,,..
crowth of Ijixumn ma:.-, nhiufn, or a
?, . , . , .....
Moustache, ia Ies th:n I'lirir a.in.
All appticatioas answered br rtlum mil,
Tithout clMrgt-.
Rcprctfollr riKirt,
THpS r'.CUAeynS.O'taift.
831 IVuaUnaT, Xe Vot
A 'Card to the SnSerfnp.
I CJWALLOTV twoorthreehnpiheaclicfEt
( J chn," Toiire Itittvrs," SintynU,"
"Nerou Antidotes. 4c, Ae., tr.,andtiur
yon are aadaBril with Xhr rriinlt. tfi'a lroi
SPECIFIC FILLS and be rr Kred l UvA
null isr in l's than fiitly !- Tit 1 'f
purely vesetaMe, i'enautlo lakrrp'p"l
nalntary intneir .ff-cijonlhebruirr Jownani
-baiter.-'! ct.rjt:tti;ii.n Old and ;"rf
! t
1 tlien'ni-.iisilt-ineiT. iKpufteJiMM.1
1 m
Uuiteu ot-le .'-. if
Vo. til firoa'1"'"'. Stt Taii
0"Jk;en t.-she VM'U w:"-
faction is not gireir
Do Yoii" Wistf to nn ct
R-NT.T.lRir'RPPnrFIt; PILLS, care
Ia !'
than 30
30 dayn, the wont cases .r fcrtJ0l'
S.'IinpoVencv, IVaniathre Decsy. ''
mesa, l..-anitT. and mil Urinary; Scim
. ".:. - m.tt.r from "'i'
nnu nerTouf anev"'i3. --- - .
cause produced. I'.ic One DMrttti
One Bx will perfect the tore in "'
AddraJJ ' 3AME3B.BOTI.EK. .
Ceueral Agent, '427 Brod tj.-
Sept. 2!Wd.
Main Street, White Cloud, Kama.
HAS alnara on hd SADDLK. g
HARN'ESS, and ererytlung usually i-
a SiddJ.'ry Store, ,.,- j
Repalrinff done BTatly, oa Aelasrltrt so-
clll before .reasag '""JYiJs.3
sell aa cheaply aje j
, mite cioad, 9pti 8, im-ir-
-' Efcleaerir I.-
r 'Wtite of Kltasai. Dwlptaa-Co"
ii TJanUT Datrfclr,
.' (Adsslotstrator ot -
Washington Young, dee.r
J. H. Selectman. "J ,7- t stf-
By.virtoe of anorde. '"S'i!:
,tbe Djstriet Court of.lta.Swsag
Diatriel. sitUng. w'thin "JlTSii
tj.andStiteifoVcsaid, for liji wat"
arismtr:imcr the laws of MJJ& pjV
Koveraher lat. 1S64. wherein u"ir..v,.
rick. Administrator of the E.u V iid J- '
toaYoaag;, deceased, "K'JZioAi'r
Selectman ia'defendarrt, I will, on lJfa,
ef Uecember. 18G4, between th hSr,i aaid
o'clock A. M.and four o'eloclc-f .
day. at the Court House door, ia r'tar
Tiiy. County. ;and Stat, .'tbiM
safe, at public auctfcD. to tbt ""'JW
tor caainhand. ail the right.. Ufls and f
esfbftliesaia J.H. Selectman '"f '
foJIirdMcribe4eal. estalevM ?&)
aorthaat qsarttr of.aectioo. ttWW- &$
also, tots' flmrt-ea- WiSLVtOei
aacwer.of .saHIta
aatOrter.otxWWItn "r.i. T-Mp
AdaUBUtraorAof fts .Estate jJ 4yrT ;
ToBBg,"deeeased, , r- ,A-JLjii(jm
:CR18ideriBraaad,'thUbiy ,
who oppose the conscription of r, J
arming the'nefcroes. ev dintlw -J.t
0paial Notices.
. . . -i rr in k.cfii
0 scat tvr.ith ; r. s.-A b. . ' i&s' lit ,;,., tf
ction witli it '." oe,BI?,.ldAv 'K 'ngLLAK, -i P
ificale of elpc-ir td, t ', V '-
L t .. t- ..k.
(L.If. ' - -
riissiwf'sTrm' y .
6ciH.cHct Ktfl .3SSfrI
":ff:V "jlaja.:ViWs(iJ:5'' tfK"J1 Sfs-i
io sofiijirta a ai occ ."vI ed .iti
-n- - Hr ' ; utic a;'''
V .....
"--' ls-

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