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t)t Kansas Cfyxtf.
TharidiT. : : Noveafter 17, 1864.
The Elrctlom.
The returns of the Kansas election liave
been coming in very slowly; bnt tie
counties are now nearly all in. The
Leavenwoftfi- Times insist that there is
an Anti-Lane majority in theLegialature,
and that Lee ia ahead, of Clarke. For
onr-partj-tfe can't aee it.- W hardly
think the Times would .wilfully misinform
its readers aa to the result we do not aee
what eood it would do bnt this claim
of auccearVin the faoefotbe reamslooks
-'if --
singular. t
Clarke appears to have a decided ma
loritv on the home'.Tote.,. The soldier vote
:t. iiJJJi ivlA .t, ...n ' i.4 tin.
lUlgUfc UBB vuaugeu lug icouitj w uw
soldiers been allowed ft free and fair
chance; but we all know how things are
managed in the Army of the Frontier,
and there they report a Lane majority of
nearly 1,000 The Anti-Lane regiments,
such aa'tha lOtb.'lltb, 7tb, 8th, and 5tb,
we presume, hsve not bad an opportunity
to vote, or. but very few of them. We
think that tbe"wboleLane ticket, from
Clark and Crawford down to Safiord and
Brumbaugh, is successful.
As to the Legislature, we cull it de-
eidedlv and stroncrlv Lane. It we are
disappointed in this calculation, we shall
bear it with humility. "We know that
nearly everybody claimed not to be Lane
men. Members were elected "against the
Fraud;" "opposed to Lane and Carney
both, but of the two would take Lane;"
and upon every othor conceivable pledge.
Can anybody tell us of a single anch can
didate1 for whom the Lane men did not
pitch in and vote for to a man ? All
eucb,- with hut very few, if any, L excep
tions, will go for Lane atraight along,
and be the most zealous in his support.
He knows his men, and appears to be sat
isfied Were he not, he would not be
taking things so coolly as he is, but would
bestirring around to get the thing. in
properhape. When it comes to an elec
tion' for 'Senator, we prediet that Lane
wHf "jjfVw without any tronhle, if he
warta it and we believe he does.
If the .Btata.can stand Lane's rule for
another six years, she can stand anything;
and we ought .to be thankful for the test.
If there were any smaller favor to be
thank'fnl for, 'we would try it a pull, at a
Ehd.of the Phice Campaign. Gen.
Curtis has concluded the chase of Prise,
and returned to Fort Leavenworth. The
Leavenworth Conservative charges the
responsibility of Price's escape npon Gen.
Thayer, who, with a force of 15,000 men
at Fort Smith, refused or neglected to co
operate with Curtis, and head off Price.
The Conservative intimates that Thayer
wks too 'busy protecting the swarm of
contractors and Government robbors
vbout'Fort Smith, to attend to more im;
portant business. We are glad that the
election is over, and that such papers as
the Conservative are beginning to see the
truth' of the charges which have been
Constantly made by the Anti-Lane press,
during the canvass. It is to be hoped
that measures will now be taken to pro
tact the interests of the Government, and
clean.' out that nest of thieves down at
Fort Smith.
A Goaty Mam Im at Hrn.
Some one baa aaid that no nation can
be truly great, that hu not Godly rulers.
As that portion of our nation known as
Kauai, has just decided, by the vote of
her people, that she will have Jim Lane
for her Senator, Member of Congress,
Governor, Legislature, and Supreme
Court, thus making him emphatically
and exclusively her ruler, w must en
deavor to determine to what degree of
greatness she has thereby attained, by
calculating the probable amount of God
liness possessed by said ruler. We be
lieve the Twelve Commandments and the
Golden Rule embrace everything calcula
ted to make men Godly ; therefore, we
must ascertain how near he comes to fill
ing their requirements.
1. "Thon shalt have no other Gods
before me."
Jim .Lane haa set himself up as a God.
2. Thou shalt not bow down to gra
ven images."
Power and Lust are what Jim Lane
worships. .
3. " Thou shalt not take the name o f
the Lord thy God in vain."
Let those tell -who have ever heard
Lane make a speech, or talk when angry.
4. " Remember the Sabbath day, to
keep it holy."
Does Lane ever consider the day, when
he wishes to gratify his lust, or engage in
political rascality ?
5. " Honor thy father and thy moth
A man who falsifies tha history of his
father .and mother, in order to es
tablish untrnths, cannot bo said to honor
them thereby.
6. "Thou shalt not kill."
Ask the widow and orphans of Gains
7. "Thou shalt not commit adul
tery." Ask squaws, wenches, prostitutes, and
loose women of every age, nation and
color, whose name is legion.
7. "Thon shalt not steal."
Remember Osceola. "I send yon
8900 in gold, and some dust. Do not
let any one know yon have it; you might
be robbed I"
9. "Thon abalt not bear false witness
against thy neighbor."
Ask Gov. Robinson, Gov. Carney, or
any other public man who has incurred
his enmity,
10. "Thon shalt not covet thy neigh
bor's house, nor his wife, nor his man ser
vant.nor hisjn aid-servant, nor hia ox, nor
his ass."
Jenkin's claim. Mrs-. Lindsay, Ne
groes he tried to bny on' tick. Irish ser
ant girl. Thousands of cattle from the
Indian country.. Fine hors:s and mules
from Missouri.
11. "Love thy neighbor as thyself."
He loves nobody as he loves Jim
12. "Mind your ownbusiness."
This needs no comment. He was
never known to do that.
Goldtn Rule. "Do onto others as
ye would tnat otuers snouia ao unto
Does Lane want others to murder,
rob, slander, dishonor, and in every
conceivable way wrong him f
We take it that Kansas is on the high
way to true greatness, for aha has a
Godly rnler 1
Ah Elemsst Not Calculate).
The Anti-Lane party, in the late canvass,
felt confident of success. Calculating up
on the legitimate voters of Kansas, they
had pretty good grounds for their hope;
but there was an element which they left
out of the count altogether. There are
now in Kansas, probably six or seven
thousand refugeea from Missouri and
Arkansas, who have bean straggling in
during the past three years aud a half,
nearly all whom have been in the State
long enough to acquire a residence, al
though not intending to make this State
tbair permanent residence. The perse
cuted Unionists of Tennessee removed
their families into caverns and mountain
fastnesses, then shouldered their guns and
aided in rescuing their homes from tha
rebels. , Not so with these Missouri and
Arkansas refugeea. They clung to their
hills and ravines until their homes were
burned over their heads, their crop des
t roved, their stock run off, and them
selvea fairly kicked out, yet lacked the
energy and courage to fight for self-protection.
When Kansas troops went to
their rescue, instead of joining and as
sisting in the fight, they sought refuge un
der escorts of Kansas tropps, in our
State. They had heard tell of a wonder
ful being named Jim Lane. Here they
saw him. and were captivated by bis
wonderful eloquence, as tho ignorant and
low-minded always are. More than
that, they heard him tell how he was in
favor of marching into Missouri and
making up the losses of Union men out
of rebel property. Yes, they heard Lane
tell, with his own lips, how they should
go down and steal what they had lacked
the manhood to fight for. While Kan
sas boys were fighting their battles, they
might steal to make up for their losses,
and live at their ease. The consequence
was, these refngees, almost to a man,
voted tho Lane ticket and they are not
all Union men, by a long shot. But
wherever thsie refugees are found, there
you will find that tho Lane ticket carried
the day.
Two Sncs to it. The Leas papers
are making aa ado over the fact that La
compton, the Border Ruffian Capital,
gave an Anti-Lane majority. They for
get to state that nearly all its Border
Ruffians, who had not bees compelled to
qnit the State, had removed to Lawrence,
since which event that city has gone for
Lane. We refer them, also, to Iowa
Point, in this Oonnty, tsjjKonaer head
quarters of Border Ruffianism in Northern
Kansas, when a Free State man was
scarcely permitted to live, and where, only
four years ago. Republicans were mobbed
by a gang of ruffians under Lane's pet,
Rafus R. Edwards. At the recent, elec
tion the vote was almost unanimous for
the Lane ticket. So with Doniphan,
'where they used to murder a Free State
man every morning before breakfast, and
where, ever since the war began, the
Pro-Slavery party htld the majority.
Last week, that town also went almost
unanimously Lane. White Cloud, High
land and Elwood, formerly reliable Free
State town, gave large Anti-Lane ma
jorities; while Wathena,- where me fro-
Slaveryilee of WashingtonTowhship used
to concentrate on election days, was, on
tho 8ih, the rallying-point of the Lane
party of that Township. We might
likewise refer to Marshall Connty; but the
above instances are sufficient to show
that this nnestion. like' all others, has
two sides to it.
Solsizb.8, Attkkticn ! Pain, disease,
and exposure, with a hot climate, muddy
Water and bad diet, will be unavoidable,
bnt armed with Holliway's pnrifying and
strengthening Pills, you can endure all
these and still retain good health.
If the reader of this "notice" eannot
get a box of Pills or Ointment from the
drug store in his place, let him write to
me, 80 Maiden Lane, enclosing the
amount, and I will mail a box free of
expense. Many dealers will not keep
my medicines on hand because they can
not make as much profit as on other per
sons' make. 35 eents, 88 cents, and
91.40 per box or pot. '
Little Candidates. The Democracy
are unfortunate with ljttle men. As snre
as they trot ont a Presidential candidate
I whom hia followers delight to denomi
nate "Little," so snre is he of being de
feated. In 1810, they put up "Little
Tan," and he was beaten. In 1860,
"Little Dog" was on the track, and he
failed. This year they trotted out "Lit
tle Mac," and his melancholy fate ia yet
fresh in the minds of all. Their success
ful candidates, Jackson, Polk, Pierce and
Buchanan, were none of them called "Lit
tle," yet the last two named were precious
little, after all. The Democracy should
beware of little men.
Another Version. Since our last is
sue, we have conversed with a number of
reliable Anti-Lane men from Brown
Connty, who have informed us that we
wera not altogether correct in attributing
the whole cause of the defeat of the Legis
lative ticket to Qnthrie. As we will not
intentionally do any man injastice, we
will give their version of the matter. A
person who was extrornely obnoxious to
a large number of the voters, in conse
quence of having been uu inveterate office-
seeker ever since his residence in the
County, and for other reasons not neces
sary to state, had managed' to secure i
sort of nomination for the Senate, and it
soon became evident that be would fail
to reeceive a large portion of his party
vote. A very popular man then came
out as the Lane" candidate, and it was
quite evident that he wonld be elected.
Guthrie, in the hope of securing the sup
port of the disaffected, and of receiving
a large vote from the Lana party, espe
cially in the neighborhood of the Lane
candidate, whare he had many friends,
came out aa an independent. Final
ly an arrangement was made for both to
withdraw, but too late to benefit tho new
candidate, who, although a good man,
was a comparative stranger in the District.
By this mismanagement, the party was
discouraged and disorganized, and thus
the entire ticket went by default.
Illustrated Maoazinc fob Young
Folks. Messrs. Ticlnor & Fields, Bos
ton, will shortly begin the pnbication of
a new juvenile magazine entitled "Our
Yonng Folks." The staff of contributors
will include many of the most popular
writers of juvenile works in England and
America; among them such names as
Capt. Mayne Reid, Gail Hamilton, Mr.
and Mrs. Agassiz, Mrs. Hart let Beecher
Stone, Edmund Kirke, Longfellow,
Whittier, Oil iver Wendell Holme?, Grace
Greenwood, and.R. H. Stoddard. Each
number will contain capital pictures,
drawn and engraved by the best artists.
The terms will be 82 per annum, or twen
ty cents per single number, Clnba of 3
copies, for 85; 5 copies, 88; 10 copies,
815; 20 copies, 830; and an extra copy
gratis to the person forming the GInb of
Twenty. The Atlantic Monthly, and
"Oar Young Folks,'' will be sent to one
address for 85, We advise onr friend
to send for this Magazine, and the influ
ence it will exert on the minds of their
children will richly repay the outlay.
Address Ticknor & Fields, 135 Wash
ington Street, Boston.
TBg8Hiats. We are pleased to note
the continued and rapid increase of
business in our town. The streets are
daily almost blocked with teams. One
year ago, we had but one Dry Goods
and Grocery Store in town; now we have
fonr good, well-filled stores, and they are
11 full of businees, together with a drug
store and confectionery. Besides, our
mechanics are all full of work. There
are a number of branches of mechanical
arts needed here, and wo know of no
bettor opening for industrious and atten
tive workmen.
KsUloxual Tfcamlosejlvlma;.
By the President of the United Stales of
a proclamation.
It has pleased Almighty God to pro
long our. National life another year, de
fending us with His pnardian care against
-r.: itmncrna from abroad, and
wm ami
.M.Mvd.finr tr. nam ma mercy mouy auu
BiKBil victories over tho enemy who is of
onr own honsenoiu. i ua-iu p--onr
Heavenly Father to favor as well onr
citizens ia their homes as onr soldiers in
their camps and onr sailors on tha seas
with unusual health. He has largely aug
mented onr free population by emancipa
tion and by immigration,- while He has
opened to us ne sources of wealth, and
has crowned the labor of onr working
men in every department of mdnstry witu
abundant reward. Moreover He haa been
pleased to animate and inspire our minds
and hearts with' fortitude, courage and
resolution sufficient for the great trial of
civil war into which we have been bro t
by onr adherence as a nation to tha canse
of freedom and .nnmanuy, ana to anoro
to ns reasonable hopes of'an ultimate and
happy deliverance from oil our dingers
and afflictions.
Now, therefore. I, Abraham Lincoln,
President of the Unitad State, do hereby
appoint and set apart the last Thursday
in November next ns a day which I de
sire to be observed by all my felloxv cit
izens wherever they my then be, a a
day of thanksgiving and prayer to Al
mighty God, the henificent Creator and
Roler of the universe; and I do farther
recommend to my fellow-citizens afore
said, tliit on that occasion they do rever
ently humble themselves in the dint, and
from thence off'r np penitent and fervent
prayer an I application to the Great
LM"poser ot events Mr a return oi me in
estimable blessings of peice, union and
harmonv thrtonghout the land which it
has pleased Him to assign as a dwelling
place for ourselves and our posterity
throughout all generations.
In testimony whereof I have herennto
set my hand, and canscd tho seal of the
United States to be affixed.
Done at the City of Washington, this
20th dav of October, in the year of our
Lord 1SG1, and of the Independence of
the United States the Eighty-ninth.
Abraham Lincoln.
By the President.
Wm. H. Seward. Sec'y of State.
fST There has been a reverse to the
Union arms in East Tennessee. Breck
inridge, with a force of 10,000 rebels,
attacked ths forces of Gen. Gillam, at
Ball Gap, and after a desperato fight, sue
cesded'jD defeating them. We lost 400
'prisoners, and 4 pieces of artillery. The
number' of- killed is not stated. There
are no fears that this disaster will result
is. an invasion of Kentucky, as ample
preparations had bees made for such an
j ,
Markets, The following are tha St.
Eonis markets, at ths latest dates receiv
ed :'Hemp, 8255'per ton; Flour. 98,25
to 810125 per barrel; Wheat, 81.85 to
$2 per bushel; Corn, 81,29 to 81.50 per
jbisbel; Ots,90 cents; Barley, 81.80 to
!f 2;iBW81.15; Hides,' flint 17 cents,
gBse9foents; Hay, 833 per ton; Po
tatoes, 81 to 81.80 par bnshsl; Hogs, 10
toT 11 cents "gross, and 13 J cents nett.
' JJOT Tbejebels made heavy assaults
opoB'tJnr'a'rmj at Strawberry Plains, in
Tennessee, a day or two since, but were
repulsed every time, with heavy loss.
yTbfl..forces engaged, .we presume, ware
-tfeos of Hood land Thomas.
!"ar Whittaker. of thoSava'nnah (Mo'.)
Plundsalsr is an influential irenins. The E:
ticket which' he advocates invariably re
ceives 'from 70 to 90 votes ia the County,
out of about J 000.
S3" Godey's Lady's Book, for De
cember, is received. There are two beau
tiful engravings "The Return," and
"The Nativity" together with a Colored
lasnion Jflate, and other engravings.
The next number will commence 1865.
Pries, 83 a year; 2 copies, 85.50; 3
copies, 87.50; 4 copies, 810; 5 copies,
814; 8 copies, 821; 11 copies,' 827.50;
and any aditional number, at 82 50 per
copy. Any person sending a Club of
five or more, will be entitled to a copy for
one Tear, extra. We will furnish the
Lady's Book to any of onr subscribers,
for 82.50 a year,
Dingus is delighted with the pleas
ant weather, just set in, and hopes it will
continue. It has inspired him with the
following: What is the difference between
a half-breed Indian and the present sea
son ? Just one degree of comparison
the.ona is Indian, aoms, and. thet other
is Indian Summer. Dingus ought to be
kicked by a squaw 1 ,
" S3F The Nemaha Courier says that
the Chief was sent gratuitously to "per
sons in that County, with a receipt for
payment in fnll inclosed. We say that
not a copy of the Chief was ssnt ia any
such a manner to a single person in the
State of Kansas. Let us have .names,
if yon please, Mr. Courier.
Gold is again down to 216. There
is plenty of room for it to keep on falling,
without any serious damage to the pub
Cooper fe Ckeighton. Business men
who advertise liberally, deal likewise.
If the pnblic desire to find out where to
get the best bargains, let them refer to the
columns of tho newspaper, and ascertain
who are the most liberal advertisers. The
firm of Cooper is Creighton, in Dorland's
Brick, are of this class. They not only
believo in advertising, but do it in an at
tractive style. Their new poetical ad
vertisement will be found in this issue.
It will do to read, not only to find ont
where cheap goods may be had, but as an
uniqne combination of business and pleas
t3T Some of the papers, in giving a
list of members elected to the Legislature,
insist that "H. Snot" is elected in Leav
enworth, and class him as a Lane man
It mnst be a mistake; but if thero is i
member elect afflicted with such a name.
we don't donbt that he is a Lane man
Wonder if they don't mean Manning, of
Marshall County ?
XgrLieat. J. A. Pickett, Detective, has
sent ns a photograph of the fiend, Bill
Anderson, taken the day after he was
killed. Now we do not wonder at hi
atrocities. Judging from his picture, we
should say that he' resembled a hyena
more than a hnman being, were it not
that we do not wish to do injustice ,to
the hyena.
MS" In the coming LegUlatnre, there
will be a Speer and a Spear in the Senate,
and two Glicks in the House. Wyan
'3btte County,, although giving a majority
for Lincoln, sends a Democratic member
to both Senate and Honse.
pfjEk There is a case of saall-pox in
town. , The disease .will probably spread
again. It there are any persons wnonave
not been vaccinated , they had better attend
to it before they find themsslrea broken ont
with the disease.
V Active preparations vow. being
made ia Grant's army, and a great battle
is' soon expected. Early's forces, ia the
Valley, have retreated to Lynchburg.
3T -It is rumored that Delahay is
about to resign the United States District
Judgeship, and receive the appointment of
Minister to Chili. A petition in his
favor for the latter appointment, would
bs unanimously signed by the peoplo of
Kansas. They wonld gladly aend him
to the gnano regions, ia order to get rid
of him here.
Trub Woman. The poet says true
"Scatters around her, wherever she stays,
Roses of bliss o'er our thorn covered wajs."
And he should have1 added, makes nice
light biscnits by nsing the Chemical Sal
eratus, to be had of all the respectable
S3T The rumors t that President Lin
coln was about to send commissioners
with peace propositions to the rebels, is
nnfonnded. It is said, however, that
be will soon issue a proclamation, giv
ing the sinners another chance to return
to their allegiance, before he tightens the
p i& "Professor Shackleford," the vsn
triloqnist, fiddler and nigger imitator.
held forth in this place, a few nights 6ince
We learn that -he felt so well that he dis
dained to walk on two legs, but was seen,
late the same night, making his way
through our streets on "all fours."
?"0. Bailey now has his slaughtering
and packing establishment in full oper
ation for the season. A large, number
of hogs have already been slaughered, and
probably a heavier business will be done
than in any previous year."
Executive Diththent.
The year now drawing to a close has been
odd of (rreat prosperity to the people of this
State. "We have to rejoice over sufficient har
vests, liberally rewarded industry, the decrease
of crime, and the general peace and quiat of
society. v r
In themldst'of a gigantic war, which is tax.
ing the energies and the resources of the conn
try, we have steadily progressed in wealth and
The consumer and the produwr have slnred
the blessings derived from the increaed activ
ity of trade and commerce. ,
Our educational interests have been fostered
and developed. Schools have been cs'ablish
ed, churches erected, and the means of mental
and moral culture liberally diffused.
The State has been meaurably free from
the devastation of rebel armies. The cloud of
invasion which lately hung over ourborderhas
been dispelled, and the tide which threatened
to overrun OHr soil, and perhaps en?ulf our in
stitutions, has been turned far beyond our
To avert this great disaster, the mass of the
people gallantly sprang to arms, hurled back
tho foe, and, by their vigilance aud heroism.
illustrated the impossibility of subverting in
stitutions defended by the enlightened valor of
a free and united people.
The Union armies have gone on " from con
quering to conquer." Great victories have
been gained on land and sea, from tha effects
of which tho rebellion has been shaken to its
foundation, and a restored Union rcndcrel
certain. v
The country has been true to itself. The
will of tha people has been potentially express
ed in favor of ths perpetuation of the Govern
ment, and the prosecution of the war until the
rebellion is utterly subdued, and Freedom'ev
erywhere established.
These, with numberless other blessings
vouchsafed to ns by Diviae Providenct, are
subjects of special thanksgiving.
Now, therefore, in accordance with the Pro
clamation of the President of tbeTJnited States,
and a time-honored custom, I, THOMAS
CARNEY, Governor of the State of Kansas,
d designate
Thursday, tha 24th Intantf
as a day of Thanksgiving and Prajer to Al
mighty God.
Suspending all regular pursuits on that day,
let us assemble in our several places of wor
ship, and humbly thank tha Father of All for
His mercies in the past, and implore His guid
ance and protection for the future.
In testimony whereof, I have hereunto set
my hand, and caused the Great Seal of the
State to be affixed, at Topeka, this 14th day
dfHovcmber, 1864.
The Richmond papers
the election of Lincoln, by an overwhelm
ing majority, and admit that he is no fool.
No doubt be will be pleased to hear if
The death of 'Gen. Ganby is re
ported, from the gun-shot wonnd in his
leg, received at tbe hands of a guerrilla.
Sherman's movements are yet in
volved in mystery. The report that he
bad burned Atlanta, is untrue.
McClellan received more votes in'
Kansas than we supposed he would. He
carries one Connty Morris.
KW The last Nemaha Courier is num
bered "LI." Every issue might be ap
propriately so numbered.
7 JVThe Kansas Huadrad Days men
have bees paid off, and mustered out.
Ctesaeral Order.
HrADQBAiTiaui Kahsas Statb Miutia, i
TorxxA, Kaisas,
October 29th. 1864. J
I. Commanders of regiments and detach
ments called into active service by the procla
mation of the Governor and Commander-in-Chief,
of the 8th of October, will cause to be
made ont and forwarded to these Headquar
ters, immediately, a complete aud accurate re
port, showing the number of men that timed
oat and are entitled to pay, a'nd the number of
animals and the amount of transportation ac
tually used in the service under aaid procla
They will also muster for pay, at as early a
day as practicable, the militia thus called out,
making a separate roll or such persons, includ
ing negroes, as are not liable to military duty
under the militia lawa of Kansas,, hut were or
dered into the service by proclamation ofMaj.
Gen. Curtis, declaring martial law. Blank
muster and pay rolls will be furnished, upon
application at thtse Headquarters.
II. All claims for subsistence, forage, fuel
and tranportation will be made out in proper
form ami forwarded, aa directed by tha Gover
nor, to Major-Genewl George V. Deitzler, at
Lawrence. Persons presenting such claims,
will be required to furnish the receipt of the
Regimental or Battalion Quartermaster, by
whom the supplies or tranportation were taken
or employed, or make affidavit to the correct
ness of the claims, and that the articles were
really taken by the militia, giving, if possible,
the number of the regiment or the name of its
III. Claims for horses lost in the strvicc,
must be sustained by the csrtificite, under
oath, of at leait three credible and disinterest
ed person, setting for.h tho value of the ani
mat lojt, and that it was actually lost in the
IV. Vouchers will be given for all claims
nlloweJ, and will bo piid by tha General Gov
ernment, upon the approval of Major-General
The General Commanding desires to tender
his tribute of praise and express his pride to
the citizen soldiery of Kansa3, who, at the fi at
signal of alarm, marched to the sceae of tbrea
tened dinger, with an alacrity and enthusiasm
which has no parallel in history, leaving their
homes and occupations to the care of the wo
men and children, the decrepit and the infirm,
in a holy zeal for the welfare of tho Slate, and
who bore themselves, almost without a mur
mur, through the feirful crisis, suffering all the
hardships and privations incident to the sea
son, without tents or a sufficient snpply of
blankets, and camp and garrison equipage,
with a virtuous gallantry, and who, when vic
tory had crowned our cause, returned quietly
to their homes, to enjoy the deliverance pur
chared, under the guidance of God, by their
self sacrificing and noble action.
The conduct of the people of Kansas, in tha
campaign just ended, challenges the admiration
of every loyal and patriotic mind, and famishes
an example which, if followed! by a similar out
pouring of the people of the Northern Slates,
would certainly, effectually and speedily crmh
this wicked rebellion, together with its encso.
While we m turn the loss of the gallant dead
who sleep quietly in honored graved, and deep
ly sympathize with the woinded ar.d the be
reaved, we hare cause to congratulate our
sclrca that our casualties arc so light, and al
so, that the threatened invasion is uot entirely
without compensating benefits.
It has developed the military spirit of our
people, and inspired full couSJencc in our
prowess and ability to successfully defend the
State it has given arms and equipments com
plete to nearly every nan in Kjnstt, and to-day
we can lafely boast that we have a better mi
litia establishment than any .State in the Uni
on. The enemy is not ignorant of these f ict,
and it is cnnfiJently believed, he will notngin
ventu-e an attempt to overrun Kanas. It is
gratifying toobserve, too, that large portions
of two classes of notorious and peace distuib
ing characters bushwhackers, and the wires
and families of rebel officers and Foldiers, hive
accotnpaniel Price to Texas. The rcmovil of
so large a number of rebel women, whose in
flitcnce was vastly more perniciom than tint of
twic the same number of mer, will teid to
Ie-sen tfic dinger of another inraMi n, Confed
crate soldiers harirg no longer the inducement
to make annual risits to their families in Missouri.
Tho expenses incurred by the cimpaign,
though amounting o millions in the aggregate,
will not prove a heavy burthen on the State
By direction of Major-General Curtis, to whose
kind co-operaticn and well diiccted energy in
furnishing arms aud other supplies, without
which our efforts would nece3irily have been
feeble, we should cheerfully accord a full mea
sure of our triumphant success, the General
Government will assume the largest item of
expense, such as subsistence, forage, fuel and
transportation; and it is mire than probable
that tha General Government will reimburse
the State for the pay proper of the militia.
By order of
-Mjor-GenraI K. S. M
Jcni T. Mostom, A. A. G. no v. 17-4 w
&f)e Kansas l)uf.
SOL. MILLER, Editor and Publish,
Two Doixaas a Yxa. .,. -
ment should be made strictly in sdrinc V
erwise. the rate of!3 per year will b, cW'
at we uucrcuou oi me puolubtr.
1 mo. 3 mo.
1 Sqoare, - $2 00 $5 00
2 Squares, - 4 00 7.00
3 Squares, 7.00 1000
Column, - 10.00 15 00
Column, 15 00 25 00
1 Column. - - 25 00 45 00
7 00(i"Mi
SSI 1500
1510. 20oo
2500, 3500
3500 5000
MOO 90W1
For any other length of time, in mi.r,.j.. "
with the above rates, which apply only to ttt
ular advertising.
Business Cards of 5 lines or less, J t ,M
For. Legal and transient advertisement! 11
per square for the first insertion, and 50 cents
per Kjuara for each subsequent inscrtioi
Special Notices will be.chtrged 50 per tint
extra; and editorial advertisement and tt'.
sonal communication', double price.
Ten lines of solid Brevier make one Mnut
All fractions of half a square and n... '
couited as a, fall sqnare. '
Advertisements requiring to be certified ta
will be charged the cost of certifying in til
tion to the regular ratss.
Transient advertisements must b piij f0.
invariably in adrance.
O-JOB WORK ofall kinds done oailort
notice, as low as the times will admit. AH
Job Work must ba paid for when tttea fma
the office.
Special -Notices.
Matrimonial !
If you wish to marry, address the indenin.
ed, who will send yon, withsut money and wui
out price, valuable information that will ejibli
you to marry happy and speedily, irreipicviij
of age, wealth or beauty. This infrrmitioa
will cost you nothing, and if you wish to mrrj,
I will chesrfully assist you. All letters strict.';
confidential. The desired information sent by
return mail, and no questions tkeJ. Addrtu
Greenpoint, Kings Co., Nw York.
By the Governor.
W. W.
nov. 17-2w.
Secretary of State.
From Gen. Curtis.
Headqurters Abut of ths BoRDEn)
Gamp Arkansas, Nov. 8th,
via Fobt Scott, Nov. 15. )
To Gen. Davits:
We have jost concluded tbe pursuit of
Price, whose rear guard crossed tbe Ar
kansas river, nnder fiie of oirenns. He
left another of his euns and bis- own car
riage, nbicb, with other arms and eqnip-
menta, nave fallen into onr hands, vva
are now rid of 20,000 or 30,000 half
starved bushwhackers and half starved
vagabonds who I hope may never return
to disturb the peaceful inhabitants north
of the Arkansas river.' He is also beyend
onr posts of Fayetteville, Fort Smith and
Fort Gibson, which are now safe.
(Signed) S. BCcmis. Maj. Gen.
Corner f the Wkarf & Mala Street,
"White Oloixcl..
V? 7'j"i i -i
znmmm store.
"Main Street. Vfhita Cloud, Kaatas,
HAS always on hand SADDLES. BRI
HARNESS, and-everything oscally found In
a Saddlery Store,
Repairing done neatly, on tbe Shortest no
tice. r
Call before Durehaalnr elsewhere, aa I can
all aa cheaply as any store was ef ft. Levi.'
White GlewdtStp. , isssa-ay. -
With best respects to every friend, '
And warmest thanks for favor past, '
And hope thsir kindqess long will last.
We can suply them, at onr Store,
' With Goods fir cheaper than before
fresh Goods, at prices less and lass,
Are daily coming by Express.
Our stock on bard is always great,
Too tedious to enumerate:
In part, there's Boots, and Shoes, and Hats,
Fine Calico, and Satioetts.
I Hardware, and Shirts, and Crinolines,
Xite Ladies' uloves, and Dressing Pins,
Rich Linens, Cottons Silks, and Hoods,
And every kind of Ladies Goods.
Our fancy, Belle-attracting clothes.
Are quite the rage among the Beaux;
Tbe latest fashions latest shapes,
In Coats, and Pantaloons, and. Capes.
It, is' our' great and fond ambition, ,
'-To'ouUtrip'efery'cimpetHion. - ' '
Consumptive sufferers will receive a jIok!i
prescription for tha cure of Consumption, Aith
ma, BronthitM, and all Throat andLnngifTec
tions, (freeofcliarge,) by sending their addrsia
Williamsburg, Kings Co , Sw Tork.
Oct. 6-3m.
TwentyFive, Fifty and Oat Ilnnditd
Ter Cent.
Two or three coita fpiinton jourhonM,
wagon cr earriage, will add to it in Talne 5
per cent, in Apreiranee 50 per tent; tmliii
Durability HlO-prr cent. Thrn why don't jo
get N. O. PUrce, of Whili- Cloud, to piiitj
your rosty old booses and wagons? He will do
,it well and cheap. See adrurlissmfnt ini
other oil unia. S.pt )
Editox or Ciiur:
Dkak Pia: Uu tow permission. 1 ilti
ty to tharead-rsof roiirppTtIit I willir.l
by return mail. fc all wh- wiih il, (frti,
Rtclpa, with ftf'l dirrctioi for cukmrsnl
uiiga aiinp'e VeetaMelt-Iin. thit willrffn
unlly remore, in ten iIiti, Piniilev lf:c!).
Tan, Freckles, and all impunliti uftl.e k.
learinj tha me nit, clear, mjik a.lb-a-tiiul.
I will alw mail free l iNxe hiTiit:: Bl
He-id,irB-re Ftce,imp!e dirMt"nnandin
formation that will enab'e ihm t atari a fall
growth uf I.muriii. Hiir. Wh rim, or
Moustache, in less thin thirty dvii
A51 iipplicalioa answered t return awl,
without ilisri-.
Kepcctfu!Ir ynim,
THOS r.CHAPiHN.Oitmi".
831 Broadway. New York,
tfept 29-3m.
ACard to tie Snfierirg
C? WALLOW twicr thn ehnpheafc 'f'2
O chu," Tt.i,ic IHins." -."!.
-Ntrviu- Antidote." fcc..r,ie,dtf'
yu ire e-i Hlicd nth l'- vea.ilt. thrn lit J
SPECIFIC PILLS and be restored to HH
ami ripor in lr than f ity day. II." '
purelv leseuhlc, p!e.iai.tto takr,rioptJ
-alutiry in their iffntannlhebruker i.nii
.battered contituti..n. Old and y :
take them with advantage. Imported i ma
in the U.iited Sutea orlr hr
Nr. 427 nradwa, Nrw York,
OTAsent f.r the United Sitl'J
P.S. A BoxorthelMla, securely P"'"2
will he mailed to anr address on receipt '
price, which is ONE DOLLAR. F f'd
money refunded hy the Agent if rt"f,MtJ
faction ts nut piven. Sept. 2
than 30 days, the worst ta-es "f &fcK""t T,
NESS. Irnpoleney. "''"""'V'SEIl
Weaknes., lixamtr. and all Ur.o.ry. Se
and nervous affections, no matter "'"
Muse produced. Pric One Wtai '
On. Box will perfect the . iure in most cm
Address JAME3S.BUT1EB.
General Agtn$,-437 Broadway. N-I-
Sept. 29-3m.
TT WolfeC.
Tror.DonUhsn County, Kgn,. J
Tember30th.i8S4,for lbs PnrP5e ol W
in?T.xes for the pgM-g ,cT
t - o rv.un'.T --
hot. i .. "
Call ia. examine well onr ahelrpsr H
Our Goods wilt recommend themselves.'
v By, Jew aad Gentile 'tis conf esse!, '
We sell the cheapest aad the best ,
Of Family Groceries In the State.
Calf and get bargain. Do not wait.
Boy from narrow, if jou are1 wise
We're selling at a sacrifice?
White Cloud, Kansas, Nor. 17, 1864-ly.
O Take the Chief!
atTAdTfrtiae'lBthe Chief!
CT Pay for the Chief!: J
Bkerlafai Halo
, Slate of Kansas, Doniphan Ooaslf-
Daniel Dttrick,
Administrator of
Washington Young, dee.
T TT &trtmftn.
TY ,irtue of an order of ' JJEft 31
-a- tbe Uistncs ixmrt oi u " :;. ,,
District, sitting within and for Donis w? s
. -j c...- fV..:,l fee the trial ol e
arising ander the laws "LttiiSMM'
November 1st, 18, wherein .' m-
rick, Administrator or me "V .Bd J- H
tn Vne. r!p.ad. is plaintiff, nfl ' ...
Selectman U defendant, 1 i"'03' :0f aior
of December, 18G4, between tha i boars o
o'clock A. M. and fonr o'clock J. - ef
j w ...-.... tr.. .trior, in tne w.
aaT,aiHic wvuu ww ---. offer w
Troy, Countv and Suta aforesa'e.
..l.-.-r.;hlienrtion.to the ignes
- - r -- - , ,.u- -jo i---
cash in.haaa, iu riB.. -- -, w ue
of the said J. H. Selectman In sad
i;o. rlMfribed real estate, to ' ,351.
Allowing described real estate, w -
. T. ...r .etion thirty nxr,
intownahipne,(l)of rang, nm etc -
also, LoU fonrteea (14) and ''. r,M
nine, (9) in the tawn of Io foau
a. tha property of S.B&gS.fiMM.
an'order of eat. m'xayor "fvristy
Ad.ialatrator.ori. & ef W
Yoong, deceaseds - jfr fcy tf Jsa
j0i,,n ;sderixkaad,.th!s 5 jjjjj.
Sharif-of Doafthaa ..-
Pisuav Hastv AU7 ""',, !
.J -

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