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White Cloud Kansas chief. (White Cloud, Kan.) 1857-1872, November 24, 1864, Image 1

Image and text provided by Kansas State Historical Society; Topeka, KS

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WBflfE CLOUDVMgAS,:!rfftmsbArS0yEii!BER 24,1864;,.
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A itl. diimintleS'wmk ) flttli.
A iij of rt! From oot tho rty
Hith cilmlj wHt'11' 0,1' Pit 1i
While ipirit-ikronji fc" boot to too'
VTbit till dj' ',,, w,re m '"
Aid i tl t"1"11 '1U, r,,f
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Oirbtil lioi wiit to heir
Thl rtnfioc lojll-noU of c!if,
Wlicb IM' ,l,"n "'" Sllt '"mw,'7
UiHlthf mirlt work U ilono;
Or, jitW'l ' ''' "'' foe, .
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lli'l hfieJ P tb''' lnI lonI'Tt
f, f rMilom'i mckJ chii lo pry.
fuu!J oi thiir nrror coll, alone,
Tliilrr !ip sliflinf hsck the moan,
jtrriiji edict nil wonIed lie,
Wattit i'l petient learti to die
Tit !' Pr'"fi ""elhey (0 ----Tka
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ljkiV-i!Mf i, where deith'i fable win;
Brt Ai"ed eeerr jbjmi ihinf.
Tin nt,WBe eur oflioD went dows
ft filA afllood-ihed uut renowo,
lai nit, le keOMr if all i ei.
71ifjrif tletr treaiore to be ilain.
Ok, GV add not thil mion drop
Te wrrow'a of trflowiflf eop.
Tie Polli are eloieal Xodaoertet
('pel a nation roae or let,
lttri wheie mjitie lida there lej
f tck fillW hull 11 to-day.
Mia of the North what have ye wrought
(Tail ii the tole ran, anxiom thoafht)
For Hod aad Caaatrr, human riht.
Far ipminf time, of hope and lifhl!
We Inew net, bat we sctm to frel
Tilt ftod'ijeit hand huh turned the wheal.
BT MlT tOBltll.
(Tit lait wordt of Major-General Birney, vlio waa
Iret'ltto Mi home, in Philadelphia, a few dai linee,
hrna the ftaitle.f M. only In die. were eharaeftriitir of the
ii!rotie lehlier. He wai deltrioai. and railing himielf
llil bed, hit eei flllhinf fire, he eried ont, in hii lond.
eipe, ''Coyi! keep year eyei on that fle!" and fell
Wrk aal died.
Bnyi! keep yoar eyei em that flee,'"
A htro ihooted. in dyin;:
Hid he catih itl eleam. thro hii lait wild dream,
Aff o'er the hatlle flyine,
While he lay dyin!
Fair did the eiiinn nnfold,
I'nlil he once more wai leading
lliirtorioei men. Ticlorioai when
Th atari and Lara were receding.
And lie lay Meedine!
"Her,! keap ynnr eyea na that rlae!"
'Tn a hero, death, death defyine;
Ann I aeeni to har the anawerin- cheer
Fwm Free.tnma rait ho all replyiex,
, iwtii, hn toil atone!
"Ktepyoar eyea on that flae!" helieaine,
Tleoli itcoita yoa dear. It ia worth' eacli tear;
And hope on, yoor loilei leaelnf1
TaHiaxa'i rxriarinr.
Mt neighbor Growler, an excitable
an. bj the way. wa nartienlarly excit
M over hii "Ineoma Tax," or, aa he call
. hi. "War Tax." He htd never
liwl the war thought it nnneeeasary anil
-mi, me worK or politicians. Allis
nghting brother ginst brother was a
jfnble thing, in bis eyes. If yon asfc
nt. l. i . - -
"la Who bpcan tht nrar tnrin atrnnV.
nation's life-if self-deTence
--p ......... - uu ..Uw.v-
aero not
dntr be would reply with vagno, gen
alities, made np of.parti'fian. tricky itn
'"cm, which ha had learned iwithont
"nprehending their jnst significance.
Growler came npon me the other day,
fiootiahing a sqnare'piece of bine-writing
f'f"- qi'te moved from his qriahimity.
'There it i 1 Just so much robbery !
M and deliver, is the word. Pistoli
bayonets for two 1 Ybnr money or
I took the piece of paper from his hand.
; , , JwtlDtLPHlA, 8ept., 1863.
R!Wd Growler, Eq.f
Dr. To John M. Riley,
Collector of Internal Revenue for the
UiKtnct of Pennsylvania,
27. Cheitnnt Strati.
lE62f theTaxonIncom
tor toe year
e to me by the
?" of the District, 843.21
fttceired payment.
Johh M. Rilw, Collector.
'If 'I a "ght." I said, smiling,
ill right?"'0 kn"7 Whtt yU mMn b7
Growler was just tv little offended at
J ty of treating this verv serious mat-
!. 7 " "' eJM L mean
'Boeen robbed of
forty-three dollars
-"u IWPntt,
D ..I'.". ce.n.l,e ne continoed.
tftbVo.7,lw'"n8? A minion
"J Pock.I,56.nlhM Pnt h?s hand iDt0
, --- -.. ..ju, 5
?!&" I replied. :
in very
"owie ciaM.11
'iret as
: , "vyyrclHstata?t8,i J Growler,
'dumping himVeTTinto a cfiair, and look
Jng'siU:hnft(8red as possible.
' "Instead of being robbed," I said, "von
I have been-protected-faivour nronertr and
parson, and gnaranteed tbe pnvileees of
jcrtitensbip, for tbe paltry sum of forty-
inree uouars ana .twency-ons cents, as
yoar share of tbe cost of the protection."
"Ob, 'that is only yonr-way of putting
tbe case," 'retorted ;GrowTer, dropping a
litfla from liis.bigh tone "of indignation.
"Let me be more particular in my way
of pntting tbe case. Your income is for
the rent'of property T"
"What would it have cost yon to de
fend that property, from the army tf Gen.
Lee,- recently driven from this .State by
national soldiers ?''
"Cost me ?" Growler looked at me
in a kind of meze, as though he thought
me in jest.
" "Exactly. "What-wonld it have cost
yon ? Lee, if unopposed, i wonld have
certainly reached this city, and held it;
and-if your prnperty had been of any nse
to him, or his officers or soldiers. It
wonld have been appropriated without so
tnnch as saying, 'by your leave, sir.'
Would forty-three dollars and twenty-one
cents have coverfld the damage ? Of
course. not. You miglitbavelot -from
one-half, to two-thirds of all. .you are
worth." f ,
Growler was a trifle pnzeled.at this
way of pntting the case.
"You have a store onJ3outh ,.Wharf,
haven't you ?" I inquired.
.',,-Yes." V ' ,'
"VVhat has kept the Alabama or the
Flotida from coming np the Delaware and
horning the whole city front ? Do you
have fort, and ships of war for the pro
tection of yonr property f If yon do,
who provides.them ? They are provided,
and you are Rafe. What is your share of
tha protection for a whole year ? Only
forty-three dollars and twenty-one cents.
It sounds like jest."
Growler did not answer m, so I pro
ceeded. "Bnt for our immense army in the field,
nnd navy on the water, this rebellion
wonld have snci-eeded. What then ?
Have yon ever pondered the fntnre of this
conntry. in snch an event ? Have yon
evT thought of yonr own position -of
the loss or gain to yourself ? How long,
do yon think, we wonld be nt peace with
England or France, if the nation were
ditnnihcrd. and a hoitiln Confedera
tion established on onr sonthefn border?
Would onr tax be any less than now ?
Would life and property be any more se
cure than now ? Have you not an inter
est in onr great army and navy, as well
r I. nnd every other member of the
Union ? Does not yonr safety, as well
as mine, lie in their existence ? Are they
not, at this very time, the conservators of
evervthine we h.dd dear as men and citi
zens ? Who rqnips and pays this army ?
Who builds and furnishes thase ships ?
Wherr! do.tie enormous sums f money
come from? -It'is, the nation's word
the people aggregated into power and
mnnifiennce, and irresistible in might
unconqnirable. Have yon no heart, swel
ling with pride, in this magnificent exhi
bition of will and strength ? No part in
the nation's glory; no eager, helping hand
to stretch forth ?"
Growler was silent slil.
'"There was, no power in yon or me, to
check tho wave of destruction, that was
sprung by parricidal hands against us.
If nnrcsisted hyfthe nation, asan aggre
gate power, 'it'wonld have swep't desola
tion ovr the whole land. Traitors in
onr midst wonld have nnited to destroy
onr beautiful fabric of civil liberty. The
Government, which5 dealt with all good
citizens so gently .and kindly, that not one
in a thousand felt its touch, beyond the
weight of a festher, wonld have been sub
verted; and who can tell under what iron
rnle we might have fallen for a time, or
hnw manv vears of bloody strife wonld
have elapsed, before that' civil liberty
which insures the greatest good to the
greatest number, wonld have been again
established ? Bnt the wave of destrnc
tion was met nay, hnrled back npon the
enemy who sought' onr rnih. We yet
dwell in safety. Yonr property is seenre.
You still gather yonr annual income, pro
tected in all yonr'rigbts and1 privileges by
the national arm. And what does tbe na
tion1 assess you as yonr share in the cost
of this security ? Half yonr 'property ?
finla-jai small ner ctn.atT-'ofiTnr income
from that property! Jnst forty-three
dnllarsand weny,-one cants! Pardon
tneforsaying it, Jriend Growler, bnt I
am more than half asbamad of yoo I"
"And seeing the way yon putithecsse,
I am, more than half ashamed of myself,"
he answered, frankly. ''Why. taking
yonr view.this isabontj the cheapest in
vestment I aver made.",
Vnn 'oartainlv cet more for your mon
ey than in any other line of.expenditnre.
Yesterday I had a letter trom an o.u
friend living in the neighborhood of, Car
lisle. The rebels took from him six fine
horses, worth two hundred dollars apiece;
and over two hundred bnshels.of g"l0
f .o.iaoi nrirh nlnnderincr him. they
burnt down a bsro kfhich cost him nearly
two thonsand.doUers .JBju tor iuouij.
raised and vinjpperlbbvil
J. f Jhinh'rnn and T
..-. - .? r ..
tne nauoD.in uji-
are" taxed light
fyl we might have suffered as severely.
Homuch. dp; yoti'tHnk, has cost ,n
moneytfor onr protection" in, this particn-
laF!nstance V ., . t
..-. 1m" -r nll.T nnrhsDS.' .
:S3SiSbn From when oske
the time onrrm Ie'ft JtS
nntil Ae aktf oWettyibnrf . tin CQwttO -
the Governmsht could scarcely. i1a Jen
man. me sum J,. nave, mentioned. tOtthu
snm, yonr nroportion cannot be oyer three
or four dollars;' and for' that trifle," yonr
prosperity may ba yorir life was held
seenre." I . '.--'oT -c-.t - f-'t
"No mora of that, ifyoa plesss.fVruid
urowier, -.snowing soma, annoyance.
"Yon" are running, this thing into the
ground. . I own up square; I was qnaf-
railing with tny best friend: Twas strik
ing at theliand:tbat.rgaveiriie 'protection.
If my war tax is :a,:bpndrsd dollars, jo
stead of forty-three, .next yeaI.wUl pay
it without a murmur!"'
"Don't say without' a murmur, friend
Growler." ' '
".Whatsthen ?"
"Say gladly, as a mesas of safety."
"Put, it, as, you will." heranswered.
Toldlng np Collector "Riley's receipt that
be still held'iu'his hand, and'bowing.bim-
selfont. ' '- ' "
Not long afterwards, I happened to
hear some one grumbling, -in my neigh
bor's presence, about his. income, tax.
Growler scarcely waited to hear him
through. My 'lesson was improved in
bis hands. 'Id the significant phrase, he
"pitched into" the offender, and read him
a lesson so mnch stronger than mine, that
I felt myself thrown quite in tho shade.
''Yon have been assessed" fifty-eight
dollars I Ooe wonld think, . from -.the
noise you makejsbont it, that yoa were
robbed of bajf.yoo.rre worth,, Fifty-eight
dollars ff rVecnrify at home, and protec
tion "abroad'!' -I'ifty'eiglif dollars' asyour
share in tbe cost of defetwe againit an en
emy who, if unopposed, will desolate onr
homes arid destroy, onr "Government 1
Already it has cost' the'natlofc, for your
safety. and mine, over, a thousand millions
of dollars;, and.you. are angry because it
asks fpr-yonr little part, of the expense.
Sir, yon are not worthy the name of an
American 'citizen 1"
"That's hard talk. Growler, and I
won't bearjt," said the other.
"ft is trne talk, and yon'll hays to
bear it." was retorted. "Fretting over
the mean little snm of fifty-eight dollars !
Why. sir, I know a man who hss given
bis right arm in this canse; and another
who has given his right leg. Do they
grumble ? No, sir ! I never heard a
word of complaint from their lips.
Thousands and tens of thousands have,
given their lives, that yon and I .might
dwell, in safety. I know mothers who
have given their sons, and wives who
have given their husbands sons and hns
bands who will never return 1 They are
with the dead. Sir, yon are dishonoring
yourself in ihe eyes of all men. A grum
bler over ' this paltry war tax 1 For
shame l"
I tnrned off, saying: "So mnch good
done 1 My reclaimed ainner has become
a preacher of righteousness 1" , f
. BT ."OLD lUrOUOX.",
Heard ye hoar tho great McCletlan,
'lie, IBS wether with the bell on,
Ho, tho bold of all tha aatea.
Heard ye bow ha toofc- Maattml
When tha Anaeonda pJneVr,
Flapped hii tail In OMRentneky:
When ap tha atream tha fan-boati paddled.
And U thieving Floyd aledaddled;
Than the chief of all lh eaaea.
Heard the ivorda, "Go taleManaaej."
. Forty. brigades wait around hint 'E'
Forty blatant.trampete eoanl Mm,
Ai tha pink of all tha heroea,
Finca tha time offiddling Iferoa
"Now'a tha time!" cry oat tie tnanei;
"Show yonr ptoek, and tale Maaaisai!"
Contrahendi eame Incline to him
"Ho, tha enemy iieil. paraee him!"
"No," aald Gaarge, "den't alan a trljrer,
Oa the word of anynlrxer; '- ''
Let bo more tha raaaala paaa aa
I know all aboat Manauai." ..
. When at lait a peawliag Tankee,
(No doabt, loag and lean aad liaky,)
I.aokIngaet far lew deeicei.
Took tha wooden fnni ai prim;
Said he, "I l wow, are daylight panel,
' 111 take a peep at famed Manaaiaa."
Then np to tbatrentbea boldly, t
Marched ha; they rectirad him aoldlyi
Nary Rcb. wai there t atop him, '
Nary Mfnio ball to drop him; -' .
Gathering eoarage, ia ha paiaaa
-JerniaJem', lra Ukea. Manaatair
Boll ftf eCleltaa heard the) eta
Oawara, eaaa, t fialda afgUry!
Let aa ahow tW rebel foaatea,
faVhen wira ready. wa'ra not alaw eaaa;
Wait mora for ipriigiig graaeea
Onward! olwartC ta'Kaanni!"
Baggaga trilaa wara-laft behind hira.
la bis eageraeis to lad them;
"Upward thaianoonaaacended,
Ta aea whleb' way thVrakala teaded J
"TWrty aailaa aaraj, bis glaiaaa .
Berajn tka boriaaa roand Maaaaaaa.
- Oataigbt,tiafoaratraatiaf, '
Aaiwered back m boat I la greaUagJ
Noae CJM.M Ull, aa fl'ha paadM.
Whilberward he had skedaddled.
' Cried, "Harrab! Pragat Maaiaaaal"
Fataraiaywin uHlb woadta,
HewthamigltyAaaeanda c,
Lay sapiaa along tha border.
With tba mighty siaa to lord kat
Tall ea akaR, aad etoried bniaaa.
Haw ba took tka tamaa laaasaa.
The people of the'Sbenahdo'ah Valley,
says a rebel letter, are much Jhcensed
etrains't' Early, and" their constant answer.
! - t-1.1 -ai. . aa-se-OK. nntfiino?.
wnen asaeu auw noi , ,. -o
that old Early bos Deen trading
t? tbeTr-nTcees1 for-whisiwry-i-
Tf aasy Gats'ea Iwlthiiv Chaircla.
' r e - t? -wa -- 'l
Chtjkch or 8iiirr ViiiiirDiarjM, )
WiHdiET'i CoaUrcMGitf wrOBD Go.,0.
- r i - , ,. 1 Jnse.lO.eixtyS.' J
(jWehad a blesid and imprpvjn time
yesterdy, .My liftle, flock staggered in at
tpa usual. our ia tqe nfornin.evry man in
a heavenly Tra me nv BarridMjevln bifi en
gayjdall inite ia,'Wdrk"bv.wTsy," td
wit: aaobbt. ov JjrtirolliB o65eersin Oae
v them resut.'and.theysmote.biBa hip
and thigh) even es Bohash smote Jaheef.
Skriptooral. which is'nesssry, beia'in
theminisiry.' He-wail Ie'ft'fer derl:3 -
Wo opened servis by eingina him' wieh
i-writ, commenctn ex tollers: (r, .
. "Shal nigrcfi blaek this land pcaseta;
And mil with as p here 1
Ob, no, my frends, wi raytbar giess
" Wall nerer Hand' that 'era.
I then hild forth from this tex: "Whar
heV'ye'Iaid him- ?" Fetatid that the per
son I rtiferd'to'-wnx the marterd Vallsn
dignm, ..arid I, -in "behalf uv a outraged
Dimocricy, demanded nv the tirent Lin
kin, "Wbar hev-ye laid him ?'' CA un
converted individooal sed,- 'Heze laid
him out!" wich remark; cost, him a
broken had. I, went onto sbpw why our
Saint bad bjn'marterd be'coz he wnz ,a
Dimocfat, hecos h'a dared 2 exercize the
rites guaranteed 2 every Amerikan," cep
tin AbolishoisU and, niggers, and aboose
the gnyerment. Fer this, andtnnthin
else, wnz he eggsile'd. My frends, aez I,
drawin ' myself, op'to my full bite, and
lookin e irincb like G.'B. Pew ex pos
sible, I am willin to; be marterd, I de
nonnse this war-as unholy, nnconstoosb
nslponrychus shd onfnittygated. It is
nothing less" than a invasbeaj.of Dimo
cratik Slaits, fer tho sole pnrpus. uv freein
nig'gers Linkip is a tirent, Bnrnside is a
fo'orrOrder'3S a relik nv barberism, and
I will resist" the Enrolemerit. the Con-
skripshen and tbeTax, L Hurray fer Jeff
Onr class meeting wnz moar interestin
er than ever. One ole wbite-haired broth
er sed that at timz his way wnz dark and
his pathway gloomy. Wunst he wnz
very neer becomin a infidel. He reely
beleaved, at one time, that the nigger wnz
human, and wnnst hevotid fer alvepnbli
can road Snpervisor. But he had repent
ed, and wnz, he trusted, forgiven. His
mind -wnc-now eezy, and he should Vote
fer YallandigumJ - -
Two backsliders who voted fer Tod
confest ther sins publicly. I oxhorted
em 2 ours, and finin nr em a gallon nv
! whiskey "apcoce, took em into full com
,mnnynn. Tho whiskey will be devoted
to the miebonary saryiss, wich is me.
This is a delightfnl.feold or Iaber. At
the" Corners they give me sech flooid ea I
need, at al! tbe' doggeries except one, and
at; that one. they trust me, which amounts
to ,the same thing. 'I her borrid or my
flock' over 60 dollars alreddy. It is a
rich feeld. and wna wich 'will endoor
mnch workin. My aose it deepnin in
callor evry onr. Respectfully.
Paster in charge.
Chcbch cv Saint Vallandiock,
Wiboxbt'b Cobnbbs, V
Only the 7th., '
Lpreeched last Sandy from this tex:
"Brake every yoke and 1st tha oppressed
go' free.' ' I went on 2 show .that this
texi ;hd no refference watsirer 2 niggers.
Niggars wna ordsned 2 be bondmen from
tbe day Noer took an overdose uv grate
bappyfier and,cqtKsBaa. -But the text,
like the Declarashnn, nr Independence,
"and the ever btessid .Constitooshh, wn
:j 'IL. I t.-j.-il i "Trt.-jTi'l
niaiu jjuioijt icr wuito meo. xi, uau an-
donted reference to' the payin of tiers.
What faevier yoke: is ther thsn noatst
and hoo is moar opprest than be -who
pays ten per sent ? -Burn yer noats and
let yer detters go-free, wood be a 'moar
correcter reedininr the passij.
In. our bisnis meetin in the afternoon
the qnsshen.of "draft wnz considered., It
wnz plain the enrolement could not be
preventid;' The e'nrolein officers had man
ijd to do it, and it wax a sertinty tb'st
evry naim atwixt 18 and 45 wnz down.
And we were also satisfied. that tha draft
could be enforst, and, tberefoar.it be
hooves us to make it ez lite eVpossible,
moar'espesbly es wen won on as is draft
ed he must go, not hevin the neseisary
300 dolers. It Ms hear ez it is in all .ex-
cloosiyely Dimercratik communiUz, the
grbsery keepers absorb: all the capital.
The follena reaolosbens ware past:':
Wbejub, ,Onr nasoca u.iarolrtd iae
hnrritile! fratrisidle war. the same beia. un
holy aud'woged aolsly 2 free the Bigger
' .. a ft-'..I! k.:. - Lr.T. :. .i...
ana ensisiv von wuua uau, wuisu isairei-
foar o'nr duty 2 oppoas the same; tberfoar,
be.it - . -r
- Jteeolvd. -That we are in favernr roxin
onr qnota by volanteerin, and hereby urge
tbe same.
"Resolvd, 'That we coasidder. the kem-
nlovment.ar niggers ez so hers,- not .only
iustifiable. bet highly commendable.
ttesoiva, inst a commmy oe appinr.
ed to sekurVtbe settleroent ur a cnpple nr
hundred familix nr niggers in this.town
ship, excloosivly fee rolunteeria perpns
ses. Tbe reaoloosbnns wax past, and tbe
committi appintid. Vailsadfgura stock
is risia.- Yares,
Pbtbolbuk Y. Nabt.
Ef my other letter ain't printid, don't
print it. Things is changed. 'Ijestlwerd
or YicksburK.snd Pamnsyltoay. I2
onst blew. the. horn and got ray flock to-.
gethsr. and told em the nnwamd oflsred
rW'MlKn'n1roBteinS?' ?.vicro e
s. . .,rja' !"--,,,., art.. ....,, r, r
-raWaTrtisy Onr belaved enntry it in
t6led, in a blnridy waf against rebel tra
teris. A oldPman bear interrupted me,
yin,' W-h-Vf ?" -Payln nratteushnn;
I proceeded. And in sech a cryses the
dooty'nr evry troo cittysen is to sostsne
tbe. grjverment; tberfoar, be it -J
Kesolvd, That' the Dimoccrary air ez
tbeyrallnz bsr-bm; in faster or ariggerns
prossykooshsri hv the war. . ' ' 1
'11mMoiY f.rPliat'rnrlp riAnfwflatia tal traa,
gratft;Yalandigarh is unabated, and bleev
in.bira 3, bathe only actqoal war man in
Onio.jhel give him. onr h'arty support.
Resblv'd, Thartiha reports b'v'trnbbles
in THdImes Conniy, "'and in Ingeany is
lies, got np 2 deseeve the peepil:
- The reeolooshens wnz past,, tho, I had
2 tell em twice 2,,vote,for. em.. We itn;
mejitely hnnted np 2 enrollih offisers who
we'tard and fether'd sum wesks ago; just
after 'Hooker wnz defestid 'by Lee at
Cbansvllervill, wen we spoz'sd onr Snth
rih, brethren wqbdtrinmpb,. andgiveem
a pnblic dinner. Ef all the feeders nv
the Dimocrasy war as sagabns ez me.lhe
old party wonld bev smootnsslih. Alas!
how few her -the jigantic inteltek hv
Nasby ! I, her ritten ,2. my .esteemed and
luvd frends Shacksin.snd Klimer.advisin
nr em 2 shift ez soon ez they' Kin. My
sole 'yarns towards Abnhr.1 He is my
kind or a man. He is, litterally, a beek
on lite. Yores.
PetbolbuhY. NabbY.
Boeino Oct Wheat. The-- nse of tbe
horse-hoe in the. growing wheat is qaite
common oothr-.best managed English
farms, where thl grain is put in with a
drill. " In answer to a Scotch correspon
dent, Mr. Meehi lately 'published the fol
lowing nots on the subject.'
"A northern correspondent complains
of weeds, and asks me whether it wonld
not be better to drill. In reply, I say
that broad-casting is one of the weak
points in Scotch farming, and is only
justifiable where stones or obstructions
would prevent tbe nse of tbe drill. Broad
casting is qnite out of date in the Sonth,
for by it we lose the great benefit of the
horse-hoe. When a dry, bright day, or
a good weed 'killing day offers in the
spring, away goes my man at break of
day with Garret's horse-hoe, which I bare
used nearly twenty years, and by sunset
ha has clean hoed twenty acres of whest,
cntting np every thing between the rows,
which are nine inches apart, The horse
hoe covers a space of seven feet fonr inch
es. Ten to twelve acres are considered
a day's work; bnt with an extra shilling
for tbe man, we get over twenty acres.
The'ssme remark applies to besns. This
is by far tbe best-ana cbeapast means ot
keesping onr land clean; and the noes
cnltivate, on their second nse, almost as
deep as the plow. Care most be taken
to hoe 'before ths spring fibres work in
between the rows to cut' these would be
iojarions.to tbe crop, either corn or root
crops; vv.e narrow our oeans wen wnen
about, one men out ot tne ground, ana
horse-hoe twice when further advanced in
erowth. ' The hand-hoe is used in the
row's. It does not pay to permit weeds
to grow among yoar corn
What Hogs .to Wikteb. A. Hins
dale, of Ohio,in 'an article in the Ohfo
Fa'rmer.glves.tbe following rery sensible
advice; ' "
j'Geta good breed of msdiam-sized
bogs, that will, ft at any age; such. as
will weigh from 300 to 400 pounds when
matured if yon have no' 'cheaper feed
then corn. Keep over -Winter none' bnt
breeding stock. Be snre and!keep enongh
of that, for if yon have too many pigs,
yoa can always do something, with them
in the. Spring!. Have your pigs come
about the first of April. Keep no mora
than' yon can keep well growing.. Be
sure and' have, good .pasture for them.
Make all the pork yon can ifrom cheaper
feed than corn which must be tne base
of fattening. " "
"I pret-nme-that.when corn i over fifty
cents, per bushel, it will pay well , to grind
ind.cook it; bnt I have nottried.it fairly.
Fat'well and kill yonr pigs about Christ
mas, and (hey will ordinarily weigh 200
pounds of as nice pork as was ever pat in
to a barrel, it will frequently outsell
heavy hogs in market I think that
when corn is fifty cents abnshel, to make
pork-raising a good business, it shonld
bring $4 per hondred, and for every tea
cents advance on eora, pork shonld ad
vance 91." m ;. '
"A Good 6moi Hocsi. We lately
observed a well planned smoka bouse on
the premises of a good. farmer, worthy of
a brief description. It was aboat six
feet square, the lower half built of brick,
famished with an iron' bound door, and
eervioe as an ash house. and place for the
fire. The upper part, about, foar leet
hinb.' besides tbe ascent of thiTOof, was
made of , wood. It was separated from
the lower part by seating joists, a
space of two or three inches between them
.. -.'a. " l?'i y r u 1
inrougu wnica sraoao uu air caaiu siwar
ly pass, bnt sufficient to catchany hsm
.Tl . -.a' -a nJ r.tl J ah..
IOBI SB1gB( acciucaiaiij lan, auu mua
ear it from.ths fire, Tbe tipper pert as
well aa the lower,, wae entered by door
frosa Ltbe ouUid; tbis epper door may
be kept locked, except when admitting
or withdrawing bams; bet the lower JBay
be left nunldeked,r.fer . the hired asoato
build fires, withorrt any -danger, of .the
rsev wiinoT any -aangsr,oi .uve
.above, beiag'stolen, ss tfie' thief
lass thfougtr tbe openiortbweea
s. Exehangt. "i fi : .
cannot p
the joists. Exchangt.
Jut f Jfarmer.
1 don't appwora tile hawld waw;
Tbsea dwaadfal bannahahawt my eyei;
' Arid gaiti aid dwim'a are nea a ba'w --
, TVhy don' t tii pVwties aomp jraaaiiel
Ofeaw,twalb ftaahawaia;:, -..Bit
why mast all tia Talgeif awowd
Fawiiit la apawting anifawmi
la caBlwa so axtwaaraly load
And then the ladiea pwecioos deahsl
I mawk tha change oaar'wy bvrowi '
jBal Joie! I weally hate my feaba, ;
They wathah lika tha hawld wawl '
v . '
To bear tha chawming cwsstckai talk. -
Like patwoni of the bloody wlag,
Of wiw and all ita dawty wawk -
It doats't seem pwsppah thing!,
IcalWat'Mri.Gween'i,.laat night, .
To sea her niece, Miss Hawy.HerU,
' And foaad bar meling (cwoihing algbt!)
Tba waddast kiad of flannel shins! -
Ofeawe t woia and sought tha daw.
With fewty HaiMag fwom my eyea!-j
t ean't appwoya this hawid win
Why don't tha pawtiea compwamisat
t ...f
A. Poetical Telegram.
f Tha fallowing diipiteh was received by tba Sar. Joba
Doorlaaajof Fiuabarih,-6oB Jsrass Graham, Esq., of
"Ilorrah! yon dwellers ta tha imokal ,
Tha Back of -Little Mai' ii'brokeY
Tha leyal city af old Penn, '
Agaia foils tip Its thoaiinda taa. -
Tha Union's safo'j aad Fraadoa, too,
. 6ys Yaakea Oaodla, daodhvdoo"'
. . aa .
llilaroas Patriotism.
(A nstloaallr;iaidtohar baas written by a nai
tloasl irr, commences aa follows:
OrIIall Colnmblal tale my bonnit;
1 reekoa nowyoa're been and dan It!
Briag ool yon goal, all yoa that ha 'em,
Aad blsa away witb.aathssiaiml
Tha trompet bait, tha bail-dram blow;
Tka rebels' time's aoml for to ga! x
Solemncholjr Refrain.
' The melancholy days are coma,
Tha saddest of tha year.
Whan drafted men feel aery cheap,
And sabrtltntss are deari
i a.
,, Qcioklt .Marribd. An. old Dutch
farmer, just baring arrived at the dignity
of Justice of the Peace, had his -first case
of marriage. ' He slid to.the man :
"Yell, den; y6nrants to''pe msrrit, do
yoo? Yell, yod lovsh dis voman so goot
as any voman rat. yon has seen 7
" Yes," answered the man.
Then to the woman:
"Yelldo yon like dis man petter as
any man rat yon has seen ?"
She hesitsted a little,, and he repeated:
" Veil, veil, den, do- you like him so
veil as to pejus rife V
" Oh, yes," she answered.
"Yell, dat ish all any'reasonaple man
can exbect. 8o yoa are marrit. I bro
nonnce yoa von man and rife."
The man asked what was to pay,
"Notting at nll;ypu are releome to
her, if she rill do.yoa any goot"
A laughable story-,18 told of an old mi
ser, who, being. at the point of death, re:
solved to give all his money to anepbew,
at whose hands he bod experienced some
little kindness. ' Sam," said he, for
that was his nephew's nime, ''Sam, I'm
about to leave the world,, and leave yoa
all my money. . Yoa, will then nave fifty
thousand dollars only think 1 Yes, I
feel weaker and weaker ' I think; I shall
die in two hours. Ohl' 8am, I'm going;
give me two per, cent, and yo'J may take
the money now I" A ,
Tbe following is said to be a true copy
of a shoemaker's bill, received by a gen
tleman ,in a rural town .whose family
comprised fonr or Eve daughters :
'.' ilnB ?. Dr. to J. J :
To soling Miss Mary, 151.35
To'strapping and welling auss sassnzo
To binding and closing .Miss Ellen, 13
To pntting a few stitches inMiss Jane, 6
. A. physician,-examining his, student as
fo his progress Jn medicine and surgery,
asked him : "If a man shonld fall into
a'well forty feetdeep;" and strike his head
against one of the tools with' i which he
hss, been digging tbe well, what would
be.your course, if. called in as a surgeon?"
Student "I should advise them to
let the man lie, and fill np the well 1"
A bit- Irinn" having -strayed from
the camp, fonnd himself, lost, on trying
toVetnrn to it l After looking shoot, fie
drew himself en.' sad exclaimed, 'Iaion
lostl" bat recovering nimeelf, aaavieei
ing nnwil!ingto acknowledge such short
sightedness, continued: "No,. Injun no
lost wigwam lostl (sUiking Ms breast,)
Injqa here;!.: , .
" The Boston Poet says': "A lady eor
respondent, who assumes to know how
boys onght to be traiaed, writes to an ex
change as follows : .Oh.raothersl hunt
out tbe soft,' tender, genial side of yonr
boys' nature. Mothers often So with
an old shoe' or a piece of 'shingle, to tbe
boys' sorrow andbeaefit."
" Well, Jane, this is a queer world,"
said Joe to his sister ; "a sect of women,
Dhilosoohers bss iust sprang np."
" Indeed,J said Jane ; ." sad what do
ther bold T"
" Tbe strangest tbiBg in nsture' said
Joe "their tongues 1
Little Charier came to thetable rery
hungry, end hrh'ad-h'is forkSa a potato
aod;the poUto traasfemd,,to bis plate
:DeiorBD;iuoBjjaa,vi a -. "T .
Looking np to hie fojlier,.De J-.."
yoa talk to Heavea, while I maib
potato! n'tl'
before, be;thoaght, of the asoal: bleeaiag.
. ,
..., t-
-.i -..t. .. ,.r. I ,L
.3 i;
'' .-V. .' W - '.' -
n77,7Ael Xf.eenafM 7LmAer '
rlen'!nr!i u)
- j: ,.iij o tf-il'.t? eP7i ''.iij 'J. .Jtd
r.Please pubusb the fcJJowingf treatment -
of diptHeffa.''tIt:hai7ben1'nged by' myi
self, and others 'to' wKbaml have giveait;
in over- one.ithaasaad. cases, ..wrtboot is)
failure. , It will always cura-; if the treat
ment is commenced beforo the., diplberia
membrane extends into the air inbes,
which is known by Ihe'great'difficnTtjr of
breathing, and restlessness,. In such ca
ses, no remedy yet- discovered; will.. at
ways effect a.cure ;, but if tha, patienttisj
watched,' and this treatment used in time,
there is no danger. ; . '
1 sept this treatment to a friend of
mine, in Wisconsin, ;and ihemsed it on
himself, and family and, neighbors, -with
snch wonderful success that be requested'
trie to send it tb you. for publication, as
this horrible disease is prevailing exteirt
sivelyin parts of Missouri : : ''
DIPTHErtfA WASH. '1'''
Golden Seal, Pulverized, 1 draehmvo
Borax,' ;" - 1 . V ,7'
Black Pepper, ". I '.'
Alotn, 1 ".'
Nir'nifn 'rif PiiiaaTi. '"' ' 1 '
Ssit,"' ?" ' "' 2 "'' X :l!
Pat all'ihtd a common' sized tea-rap,'
or ressel which. holds about four-ounces;
and poor half full of, bpiling; water,, sti
well, aad then, fill full -of 'good ivinegsx.
Fit for nse, when it settles'. Make's
swab, by getting a little itickfabont'tha
siz'e of a pipo-stem, botch'' one'endj'srid
wrap a string of cotton clotb around .it,
letting the cloth project aboat half, an
inch beyond, the end of .the stick, so as
not to jag "the mouthfaad throat, and. fas
ten with a thread; ' ' - a
Swab the month and; throat wall every'
half hour, if the case, is bad j every hour,
if not bad.; when the patient gets better,
every two boors; .then when ,better, every
four hours; and when' 'still .'better, 'two
or three times a'day.'tiH'wel), which'will
ba from two to seven .days.. 1 Touch eve
ry affected spot, the -uvula, tonsils, and
fauces, the whole back part-of.thejnouth,
and top of the throat; andTet the'pstiepX
swallow a little of the wash each time
you' swab. Swabbing casses no psfn,
tbongh the patient; will gs, and Isome
times vomit ; but swab well, and,, feel
ing of relief will follow every swabbing.
Let every patient have a separate swar)
and wash, as the disease is' undosbfedly
infections. Keep the wash pure, by pour
ing what you .nse, each time, into another
vessel, and also wipe -off any matter or
slime that may be on the swab, every
time yoa take' it from tbe mouth.,
Rab the; following' liniment on-the
throat,- outside, once every three Or' foar
boars, and -keep a flannel cloth -around
tha neck, till well: ,
Take Spirits turpentine, 1 onnce; , j
" Sweei oil,' (or linseed oil,') I onnce:
' " Aqna ammonia; (mix,)' 1 ounce.
-,: Shake before using, each time.''-" ' -,
- Seep the bowels regular who castor oil.
.Keep the pstisntdn the honse-,.bp:t rear
titate.well. The diptheria wash and lin
iment will be found' sufficient" for atfequt,
if taken' in time;' and should yod"mrstake
any ;other, ' sore throat" .for dipt bene,
yon wjll effect, a care almost invariably.
as I nse .this, lor all common sore throat,
I hare never lost a case, 'and many have
told me that no money wonld 'induce
them, in these '" diptheria times,"- tote
without the wash and, liniment;,, and whea
a soreness in, the throat is. felt, it is used,
and a cure is always effected.2
Yoor friend,
Bbv W. AI Scott, '
Palmyra, Warren' County, ilttea. -
. .
Thh Coffib.-Pot Rkmedt: Everybo
dy ought to know, that in coses of dfffif
cuU.brsathingi'and. pains in theichest; so
common m. pneumonia and lung ! fivers,
reliefmay be bad as.followsi . r -cj
Put a bandfnl of mullen, and.as mncji
of bitter herbs sucbWhOarhourid, b,opf,
or wormwood :into 'a -coffee-pot? add
half a pint of vinegar, and three pints of
boiling wotsr; place.it oyer, .tbe fire a;faw
minntes,' then shake weHandjIet jthe-.'pa-tient
gently and .very gradually inhale
the" steam from tbesporit'o'f thecoflW-pol.
Care mnstbe'taken- against exposure -to
cold immediately:afterwardi f'-r .,' i-'i
' -The above Xbave koowq Mrirare, re
lief for mora than.twenty years, aad have,
within" the list'tweaty-foar hoars,.' wit
nessed its great' v'sIaVin an- extreme case
of Inng'feTer.' 'Tberpitieatssys;:,-'4ers-rybedy-ought
to know it" ; No good
pnysiciaa.oDjecHjio.M.,., . , 0-3j,
.u. u-nuTCHrss...
- . j i4..H
A rery eariora metbodjof;rdqc:ag,tIa
intense .headache experienced. bZifereps-
tienti, has been latslypomted'o'ut by M.
Gayoa."5 It consists simply- in p'ressnrs
extended orsr"tbe integaraeat coreriag
tbe temporal arteries. It was dicovsred
qnite accidentally, in. feeling, the temples,
rather than the wrists, in order to'oscer-
tain the freqaency.of thepnlse. WKiTe
the pbysiciaa' compressed the veeeel, tUe
-.? Y.:; i . as n.M mm. mIm
-pHieni azcusiiuau, ; uv j
me IV .aad,Uas;iadicated'tba result prp-
. . a : " a- sa.!Ljral. .'. 111. -f Lf ..4
doce.bjf dimianbing.tbesppplr of.bl
to tne snrjace oi ine.crsaium.
ToCwaxXHaib. BBCSH-T-Pat -a ,tf-
moke tbe brush as else as tMiRist
bleepoonfnl of spirits of harUhora (squa
ammpaiaViir a,pin of water; and' vVash
ibe'lrnsb'witb'it.'' If Vii! tTQtnakiy
m fti . .- igaaeap.sajgaj jgia,i.,i..neF.i7l , j ianaanr. r-.
l - - -a
f --l!RJ
aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaav. -

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