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aba Chief.
Tfioreday, : : : : : Febrtvtry 15, 1878.
The LeffUauare.
During the last week the Legislature has been
more earnestly st -work than daring the first half
o.'the session, and tbe Calendar baa been cleared
of s large number of bill. Moat of them bare
been of a-local nature, or of minor importance;
bnt there have bean aome of considerable gener
al Importance.
The liquor law baa bad much and. excited dia
" cuaalon, and finally paieed the Home, the Utter
part of the week. It underwent ao many amend
menta and recontiderationa, that W do not know
exactly In what ahapait did pss; and aa it U
uotyet through the Senate, we cannot aay that
it will become a law at all.
The Herd taw ha passed the Hon, It ptaees
the power in the hands of the County Comniis
aiooera to aay what animals ahall be permitted to
o at Urge. There seems to be a strong and
growing feeling in the State in favor of a herd
A bill relative to taxes baa P" " Houe,
which exempts from taxation certain manufact
uring establishments. Iu the mauia to seenre the
investment of capital in Kausas, there is a dispo
aition to exempt property 'from taxation, leaving
the burden on the less wealthy classes. A few
simple amendments to our lawa would accomplish
the desired object, without special legislation in
favor of a few moneyed classes.
In appropriations, there is a general grab, aa
usual. The ruitentiary, tne university, ana tne
Normal School, hate already received what tbey
sled for; and this is all that can be given, out
aide of current expenses, and not increase the tax
levy. There seems to be disposition to avoid
an increased levy, and to make other institutions
wait another year for their grab.
The Aniiortionment will probably begin to fer
ment, this week. Every man has his own idea of
how the thing should be done, ana mere win ne
plenty of plans to choose from. There are ao
many interests ami candidates to satisfy, that it
will be hard work to complete this part of the
business. Some do not want to be in a District
with Leavenworth; others will not listen to be
ing placed with Douglas; and still others object
to Shawnee. All the small bore aspirants are op
posed to being placed in a District containing
many prominent men, lest their chances should
be lessened. Atchison is terrific against having
Leavenworth in the Northern District. We im
agine that there are others beside Atchison to
consult in the matter. A Northern District of
respectable shape cannot be formed without Leavenworth,-
and the people of Northern Kansas has
aa much feeling in common with Leavenworth as
with Atchison. (Thls arrangement might inter
fere with the calculations of some aspiring gen
tleman in Atchison, who expect to run tho entire
District if Leavenworth is kept out. The other
Counties in Northern Kansas are in favor of hav
ing a neutralizing force in the District, and
therefore want Leavenworth. Hitherto, no office
or place of honor or profit has been allowed to
get north of the Central Branch Hoad, except by
accident. The peoplo of Northern Kansas, while
they are friendly to Atchison, are somewhat tired
of this monopolizing business, and want some
thing occasionally to reach a little higher up
than the Central Branch Eoad, just for change.
Unpleasantness with England. The Eng
lish thought they had made a good thing by the
Washington Treaty; bnt finding that the United
States has got her where she lives, she has been
flaring up savagely, and threatening war. Bnt
late reports represent that the tone is modera
ting. The -people of the United States appear
rather to relish the idea of a war with England,
aa an event that would bring our domestic diffi
culties to a harmonious termination.
Z3 The Lawrence Standard retracts its charge
that Thomas II. MoonK, of this Connty, sold out,
last Winter, on the Senatorial question. Inas
much as the Standard got its information relative
to all the persons charged from the same source,
does it not think that all the parties may be
equally innocent T Had not the Standard better
hold on, next time, nntil it received evidence
from a truthful sonrref
aeaik TCwI. Jaae Mwsrtyeryvr
We received a note yesterday Boning from
Mr. Zook, of the Fleaaanton Observer, announcing
the death of Col. James Montgomery.
"He died at his home St a .o'clock p. m on
Wednesday, December 6, and.willbe buried at
his original claim, this, Thursday afternoon. Du
ring the past summer and antnmn'Col. Montgo
mery has been in "very ill-baltb. but with the
energy which marked his character, he fought
with disease, and has traveled from place to place
promulgating the religions doctrines he so thor
oughly Tielicvet Jo. The last time I saw him he
spoke hopefully of future Hru, and now be has
crossed the river, and another or' oqr heroes has
joined the army gone before."
CoL Montgomery, was acenstomed to travel
from que school district to another, speaking at
least every Snmlay, on religious subjects. He
belonged ton sect called Soul Sleepers, with
whose dogmas we are entirely unacquainted.
He wars natire'of Ohio, bad been a school
teacherand must have been fifty years old. He
lived n Missouri a few years before commlng to
Kansas. His name did. not become well known
until the fall of 1358, when he gained a notoriety,
as Car-.t. Montgomery, and the leader of less than
a hundred anti-slavery settlers in Linn County.
Tbey resisted the outrages of -the " pro-slavers''
(as Montgomery always called them) at borne,
and sometimes carried the war acrose the line,
and into the enemy's country. Some of the
"Jay hawkers," on one side, like the "Bushwack
ere," on tho other side, were thieves, bnt James
Montgomery was not. We believe he Tif al
ways and at all times a mjs'cT lienor, and no
more a "ftic" than any manjswbo tries to
regnlate his life by Vae golden rule.
V7e first met him in El wood, Doniphan County,
twelve years ago this month. Tbos. Wentwortb
Higginsonaud Richard J. Hinton believed that
Hazlit and Stevens two of John Brown's men,
could be rescued from the jail at Harper's Ferry.
Brown had been hung on the 2nd of December,
and bis two brave companions were soon to suffer
the same fate. Their rescue was left to Mont
gomery. He came to Elwood with four or five
of his most trustworthy men, and with arms.
The Hannibal and St. Joseph was the only rail
road across 'Missouri aud afforded the only ave
nue by which such men could safely travel through
that State. Montgomery assumed some other
name, which we have now forgotten, and be re
mained wun us several aays. We bad a good
chance to study the man, and he was worth studying.
f hey went on as far as Ilarrisburg, where they
met their Eastern friends. The expedition failed
there, or on the journey south, on account of tbe
depth of the snow. The men could have been
taken from the jail, but it did not seem probable
that they could theu be concealed or got out of
ine way. ine leading actors in mis ouair will
doubtless, at some time, publish its details.
At the beginning of the war, Montgomery be
came Colonel of the Third Kansas. e think be
was the first of our Colonels w bo released and
emplo ed slave. He told us that he bad over
come the army regulations by making negroes
teamsters, and this then seemed to him and to us
a great anti-slavery v ictoy.
When negro regiments were organized, Mont
gomery was called to South Coralhia to co-operate
with General Dai id Hunter. His friend Higgin
sou, named above, and also a preacher, was made
Colonel of the first colored regiment there, and
Montgomery of another. Neither had mmh
omMirtuuity to make military reputations, but
they did a far greater work in teaching their sol
diers that a white man could be a gentleman and
aud true follower of Christ.
The life of this man will some day be fitly told.
He has left a good name, a bright example of
manliness, honor and truth, and be has gone for-
waru locoimuuc IiisnorK. tl. bcoll Monitor.
Weltrc m
It is fortunate, sava h ilk. .. r.r
that the voluminous preamble to Mr. Sumner's
one-term amendment cannot in any event be em
bodied in tbe constitution else all the text books
with that venerable document would be inordi
nately expanded. What Tom Benton called a
stump speech in the belly of a resolution was
nothing compared with this historical composition
in the heart of a preamble. For tbe whole prop
osition we mora a substitute; shorter and more to
tbe point, as fallows:
"Whereas, the American people have re-elected
such Presidents as Washington. Jefferson, Madi
son, Monroe, Jackson and Lincoln, and re-elected
noneof the less worthy Chief Magistrates, refusing
all bnt one or two of them even a, renoinination,
thus showing'just discrimination and reasonable
sagacity; and.
Whereas, .if the ambition for re-election ani
mates a President, he can do nothing so well cal
culated to accomplish that object as to pnrsne the
high, honorable and righteous course which will
commend him to the confidence and approval of
the people, thus supplying an" inducement to good
conduct instead of misconduct and abuse of trust;
Whereas, the argument for limitation of eligi
bility to one term proceeds upon' tbe assumption,
first, that the President will rely for re-election
upon the office holders ; second, that.tbe fifty or
hundred thousand office holders are more potent
than the six millions of voters ; and third, that
bad conduct will serve him bettor than cooil
argument absurd in its reasoning and preposter
ous is Us claims ;and, '
Whereas, experience has taught that there may
be exigencies ben it' is' not onlv desirable but
important to re-elect a President, as in tbe case of
iAncoin, aud it is rediculons lor a free and Intelli
gent people to bind themselves that tbey will un
der no circumstances choose for a second term a
"statesman whom tbey deemed worthy of one;
Besolved, That tbe one term principle is illogi
cal in reasoning, unsupported by history, unfound
ed in facts, worthy ouly of the week who fear to
trust themselves, and unworthy of a creat. free.
virtuous and intelligent people who are capableof.
sen government, ana wuo ougnt to ne as well
qualified. to judge at the end ofa first term wheth
er they desire a, tried President for a second term
as' to judge at any time whether they desire an
untried candidate at all."
" " State ltews.
Acodettallt Kousb Mr. Ned Scott, for
merly one of the county in Isaiwwls of this
connty, was aeddeatasty MsssVIast Ttausday.
Mr. 8., lived on Middle Crew Creak, isf Washing
ton township. The circa stssree ia rsJatioa to
bis death, so far as we have been able to ascrtain
are as follows:
He had been mining coal far a few days: baton
Thursday morning west .to timber to procure
some wood. He did sat eeaaa hoSM in tbe even
ing, and bia son and s neighbor west in search of
nun. iney iooaa hub aeea, sua u is supposed
that he was cutting 'off v3og overhanging the
creek, and that at the avinirat tbe log was cut off
be fell and the log rotted over Mas, crushing him,
and causing almost instant death. The log bad
rolled on to the iee on the crash, sad his body
was lying oa the bank, bead downward, almost
crushed iat with the earth:
Mr. Scott was one of the oldest residents of tbe
county, and highly respected in his neighborhood.
He was a widower, aad leaves oak son to mourn
bis loss.
A letter from Bell vflle,Sepabliccnnnty,Kansas,
datedJPebraarr 6. lt)7i informs' as that ahooine
I affray occurred about three miles from that puce
on inai aiternoon, wnicn resulted id tne death or
a young man named Jobn Walch. He died about
an hour after the occurrence. The murderer's
name is Stephen Gidley, also vnn- H
wasarrwtea-awi. -.'; .wV.r.? "?"?!
jen to that rz
wnere he
The Electoral Tote.
During tbe year just closed elections of sufficient
importsnee to determine the general political
complexion of the Toting population have been
held in twenty four of the States of the Union.
Of these States seventeen pronounced in favor of
the Republican party, and seven for tbe Demo
cratic. In 1870 the remaining thirteen States all
held general elections, excepting Georgia, which
voted for United States Congresmen alone, includ
ing Georgia, eight of tbe 1070 elections were dev
tenuiueu in fat or of the Democracy, and fit e for
These results, although not, of course, controll
ing tbe coming election for President, yet are suf
ficiently indicative of the political tendencies of
the country to afford valuable data fur work and
Admitting to the Demecratic party the electo
ral vote of every State carried by them duringtwo
years past, the ballot of the Electoral College
would be as follows:
Republican. Totes. Democratic Totes.
Arkansas 5 Alabama 6
California 3 Delaware
Connecticut .... s Uenrgl.
tlT Some of the Eastern folks are again agita
ting the question of acknowledging God in the
Constitution. As He is not recognized by those
who make the laws, it is thought that He is en
titled to some consideration in this Government.
But if it wero done, the " Passivists " would raise
a bowl about it, and try to prove that be was a
relative of Grant's!
ty- We ha e received the first number of I. S.
Kaixoch's paper, the Kama Spirit, an 6-page
weekly, published at Lawrence. It is devoted
mainly to Agriculture and home affiaira. Pub
lishing a newspaper and keeping a hotel are raid
to be two of tho hardest things in the world; but
KAliocn is likely to make a success of both.
The Delaware WtaipplBg-Post-COH-grcMiaaH
Biggs Corrected.
In a recent speech of our .comrressmnn. sir.
B'gg"i w" n raise as many peaches per acre
as the next man, and doesu't get frightened if the
marcel is a nine uun, made a very serious error.
He assured thehouse that: "Sofarasthe State of
Delaware is concerned, and esneciallv ns reran!
tbe whipping-post, that is an instution which we
ourselves to-day arc proud of. It has only been
established fur felons, and scoundrels, and thieves
and robbers; and to the glory of the State be it
said, that no man bos been canght back at it a
second time after he has been once properly
Now, the fact is, that it is a common thing fur
a man to be vt hipped more than once. At a re
cent session of court, one Isitton was whipped
for larceny, who had been lashed at the same pust
by tbeucat-o-nino-taiks" not less than twice or
thrice previously. Lutton said he had ceased to
care for the punishment, and he had evidently
lost all sense of bumilitation or shame. We un
dertake to say that if any earful examination is
made of the court records, and the sheriff's re
cords (if they keep any), that it will be found at
least une-tiftli, if not one-fourth, of the whippings
annually, are inflicted on persons who had been
so punished previously. Ko statistic of rn'm
are collected or published iu the State. Nobody
knows the precise facts or figures, but the friends
of the lash, tbe admirers of the whippiug-post,
(among whom we grieve to see a humane and
civlizcd gentleman like Mr. Biggs), have long
made the bold and unfounded claim that people
were never "whaled twice." It is time this as
sumption were exploded, aud we h&ir takn nwi.
siou to do so. The statement is not true, and the
records will show its falsity! We say again, that
though the last and the"convict's jacket" system
have the effect of driving many ol our criminals
into other States, many do come back to the whipping-post
to be lashed a second time, and even
2w Hampshire..
3ew Jersey
Virginia 10
nm tirguua a
Br" The Washington (Kausas) Republican, for
the benefit of its patrons, explains the postal
laws. Among other things, it states that no
wale matter shall be delivered nntil the postage
unit is paid. That being the case, there are some
men we wot of, whose postage bill
tnongu. to baukrupt them.
Egg Eating. Coyvilleclaimsto havethe cham
pion egg cater. A correspondent of the Altoona
t7ij at that place, says:
Wo have challenged the surrounding conntrv
and all that joins it, to produce an individual,
man or brute, that can devdur more eggs at a
sitting, than one of our worthy citizens. A few
evenings since, said citizen was bantered by a
countryman to eat eggs with him. They employ
ed a knight of St. Crispin to fry them, and the
countryman cried enonghP at thirty-nine; the
citizen called for'mnro at forty-two, but couldn't
bny them, the stores having closed for the night.
Your men are no egg eaters at all, we know a
man in Ohio, who eat six dozen bard boiled eggs
at one sitting, and one dozen of them were goose
eggs, then he eat other things along with them.
"Ltt us be Tolerant. There was a city elec
tion in Detroit not long ago, in which tbe Demo
cratic candidate took great pains to proclaim that
he was a Catholic As a result he concentrated
all other religions denominations against him,
aud waa beaten in a Democratic city. Whereup
on the Wetter Catholic the organ of that Church
j Detroit says:
fjjtl Catholics be no longer the tail ot any po
iiUctl parry. Let each one rote as suits' him
nest; asyl above all things, let ns be tolerant.
Tbe rims has been when for a Catholie to be a
Iiepublican was to be suspected of heresy by his
fellow Catholics, and abused as a renegade ; but
now. wben there are bisbo,s of tbe Church who
are Bepnblicans, it is time to concede that "Thou
Shalt vote the straight Democratic ti.-ket," is not
a commandment of God. Let us be charitable to
those who differ from ns in polities, as v e are to
those who differ from us in religion. There is no
reason why we should all attoi-h annnlna to u.te
party; there are many reasons why we should
aims Hinnm anting Doin. and leaven both, as
Redemption of JrlaUIatcd Carrencr.
Important changes in the regulations govern
ing the redemption of defaced and mutilated cur
rency of the United States went into effect Jan
uary 1, ltf7i
After that date, defaced and mnfilntnl ITnit.l
States notes and fractional currency instead of
raiisrairenauw as now by tne Treasurer of the
United States, subject to discount fur mutilation,
are redeemable at their full face valne in new
Mote lir IMim.t1f.l- llV tit TVnnun-A.. .1.. .... 1
--m ...........J j ., ..vaouaci, IUO 9C.C13U
assisiani treasurers and designated depositories
of the United States aud all national bank depos
itories, and will be received at their fnll face val
ue by all officers of the Treasury Department in
payment of currency dues to the United States,
provided that three-fifths of tbe.original propor
tions of each note is nnwented in unn &
Fragments less than five-eighths will be redeem
able only by the Treasurer of the "United States.
If more than half and less than five-eighths is
would be I Less than half a note will be redeemed onlv on
I lf. .!. .1. . .1 . .. . . . ..
i uiuai mat we missing portion Has Deen total
ly ucsiroyco.
Under the new mlcs, any person, firm, bank,
corporation, orpublio officer, will be permuted" to
forward five dollars and upwards in fractional
currency, and fifty dollars and upwards in legal
tender notes for redemption to tbe Treasurer by
express, at the expense of the department, un
der tbe Government contract with Adams Ex
press Company. Heretofore nothing less than
$500 was entitled to transportation at Govern-
uieu i. expense.
A circular embodying these changes is now pre
paring in the Treasurer's office.
The officers of the Treasury are -determined to
remove all cause for complaint concerning the
condition of tbe United States currency, aud to
that end have concluded to extend to all the most
liberal facilities for its redemption. Jt is expect
ed at the Department that the new rules will re
sult in a speedy and marked improvement in the
condition of the currency.
Florida 3
nunois .... 18
Iowa. 8
Kansas 1
Louisiana 7
Maine 3
Ataaaacbnactts 13
Michigan 8
Minnesota a
Muaiuippi 7
Nebraska 3
New Tork .33
North Carolina 9
PenntTlTania 36
Khode Island............... S
South Carolina 6
Vcnnont S
Wiaeonsin.- 8
Total SOB
This is a prospect good enough, as the Demo
cracy will find it hard work to recapture any State
in our column, while we, with a well-organized
campaign, shall certainly fight strongly, and with
fair chances, for New Hampshire, Missouri, Indi
ana, North Carolina, Oregon, besides makiug, if
we choose, a vigerous dash fur little Delaware.
PkiladetpXia I'rei-
Betaermel's Battle or GcttysbHrjr
How the Great Pictare was Saved.
To tie Editor of ike Chicago Tribune:
Sir Manyreports have been circulated through
out the press in regard to the fate of Kotheiuel's
picture, but tbey nave ail been so foreign, one to
the other, that, as yet, little liclit has been thrown
upon the subject, aud the rmbiic is undecided an
to wnetnerit is saveu atall. lam a ware that yuu
have not room in your columns for a long story,
so I will state the facts in a few words as possible.
The picture is safe and in my possession, audi am
now waiting to meet Butbermel. I superintend
ed the whole matter, and took e ery precaution
to have the picture removed without injury, and
would add that the picture was not cut from tbe
stretcher, neither torn into strips and carried from
tbe building, as have been published in rome oth
er papers, but was carefully rolled up and carried
from the building to tbe lake shore, n here I guard
ed it, at tbe peril of my life, from the cinders and
plundering mobs; cohering my face and hands
with wet clothes, to .protect myself from being
overcome uy tne neat, ine tailing ot tne cinders
was terrible. Tbe drapery wrapped around the
picture to protect it waseutirel v consumed bv the
tire, caused by falling cinders. I am happy to in
form yon that the picture received no injury at all
except a small rent in tbe canvass, which can be
easily repaired.
I also rejoice in in tbe possession of all other
pictures in the Academy of design gallery that
were any account. Mr. W. H. Donning, with
whom I shared apart of my studio in tbe Acad
emy, stood by mo in this emergency from begin
ning to end ; and, while I guarded tbe large pic
ture on tbe lake shore, at tbe foot of Adams street,
he guarded tbe others, and between us we suc
ceeded in saving all the pictures ofsuy valne.
Rotbermel's Gettysburg will have a. greater
reputation now than ever, and thousands more
fill ... 2. l:1i ,. .
win un eager iu sen it. a wm Kiua ue remnvea
to tbe State Capitol of Pennsylvania, and the na
tion will rejoice that the greatest and grandest of
.11 : ... Z : r- .' ..i
nit no ui ircaauica o Bate. luuio, iruiy,
"- - " " r -, nere m
will have a "jcIismvlT examination in tbe morn
mg. Our informant, W."H. Taggart, says he would
state particulars, bnt he has not learned them.
A Sad Accident at .Niwton. One day last
week Mrs. Hoffman was showing Mrs. Libirge
bow to handle a revolver, it was aecidently dis
charged, tbe ball striking Mrs. Libirge in the left
side near the breast, bnt fortunately struck a nb
and glanced, lodging in the hack. The bail was
extracted by Dr. Trnesdaleand she is likely to
recover. Sedgtcict Gazette. '
Pbozex. We learn from the Bellville Republic
that a little 'child of Geo. Trnssel was frozen to
death recently. It seems that while Mr. T. w aa
away on business his- wife went over to a neich-
tor's, leaving three children at home alone, the
oldest less than Bve fears of age. It is supposed
the two oldest attempted. to follow their mother
and lost the way" When tbe parents returned
search was instituted, and the oldest of the two
was found half a mile from home, in a sod shanty,
his feet slightly frozen. The other was not found
until2 o'clock the following day, about sixty rods
from home, laying on ita face, frozen fast to the
ground, dead. Atdtiton Patriot.
A company of capitalists from Holland have
recently purchased a large tract of hind on tbe
west side of Lyndon, Osage county, formerly
owned by ex-Governor Carney, of Leavenworth,
amounting to about one thousand acres, and are
negotiating for a much larger tract in tbe neigh
borhood, with tbe intention of bringing on a con
siderable number of Amsterdam Dutchmen to
settle iu the neighborhood.
On Wednesday last, the bouse of Mr. Andrew
Davenport, seven miles south of Eudora, was des
troyed by fire. Loss $1,200, insured for $700 in
tbe home, of Topeka.
Tbe Small-pox is racing on Mill Creek. Wa
baunsee county, there are 14 cases in 5 families.
The Alma Union says: two men named Kceler
and Ferrin, got into a row about a claim in Wa
baunsee conuty and Keeler stabbed Ferrin iu tbe
breast with a butcher knife. Ferrin lies iu a
critical condition, aud Kcvlgj is under bonds.
A man rasscd throueh Concordia, who had
both legs frozen off on the buffalo grunud, during
our lasi com speii. lie is me only sunn ing one
of a party of tit e to tell the sod story.
A colored man, named Zacbariab Peters, bad
his left forearm so torn iu a husk machine, on
Wednesday, at Leavenworth that it had to be
amputated above the elbow.
V. P. Wilson, of tho Abilene Chronicle offers bis
paper for sale, and guarantees that it will pay fur
itself witbiua year. The Chronicle is an excellent
paper. Mr. Wilson wishes to remove to Topeka
to establish an Universalis newspaper. Toptla
The Kansas Reporter says: That near St. Marys
a young man named Henry Willing was found
dead on the bed iu bis own house where be lived
alone. His gun was lying across bis body, and
appearances indicated that in endeavoring to
raise it from the floor, while lying down it was
accidentally discharged the charge taking effect
in his head, mutilating it terribly.
The English Minister, Thornton,- says he be
lieves that tbe misunderstanding in reference to
the treaty of Washington will be satisfactorily
Lead ore continues to be found in tbe vicinity
of Coffeyville.
An unsuccessful attempt was made to rob the
Miami loniity treasury! unsuccessful because the
room was guarded and tbe guards were notbaah-
iui aooui snooiing. mooooy was nun.
Kansas baa six hnndrM and fifty-seven post
offices. Nineteen Ststes have a less number.
Tbe Bead-Light learns that a Mr. McCIary bad
his arm crushed, while working in a coal mine
near Thayer, by a portion of the roof falling in,
one day last week.
liarrett, formerly from Parkersbnrg W. Vs., is
now in tbe Topeka jail for burglary committed
at Rossvilie some time ago.
A stock company has been formed in Chetopa
to erect a 30,000 hotel. .
In Kansas City they have a colored roan, who
has two wives, living with a white woman who
has two husbands.
A man died among the Pnttawaiomies recently,
aged ninety-five years. He was a soldier in tbe
war of 1812. and had been ith that tribe sixtv-
five years.
Washington county suffered to tbe extent of
$75,000 from prairie fires last year, and Clond
county, from tbe same cause $45,000.
Tae iMim mUim TsUHsUf TfceiT.
A writer la one of the New 'Tork papers who
"as to bars stadied his Ignres esre&Uy, saakes
ths amount which the Tammany tUares "have
55?!nJJrw,Mta?lBbribe of ansae sort to protect
their stealing ia the last twenty months to be
not less than nrry-nlne millions of dollare." Tne
tots! sam received by the city government dur
ing this penodfrom taxation, the sale of bonds:
and miscellaneous source-be sets down at nine:
ty-mne millions of dollars. He estimate the bv
Stimato current expenses of the city to be $15,
0,000 per year, which in two years would make
$30,000,000. He then adds $600,000 rwarfor
permanent pubb'c improvements, giving an ag
gregate c $10,000,000 in two years. He thus
reaches $40,098,000 aa tbe total expenditure for
two years on the supposition that the govern
ment of tbe city had been honest Iv and economi
cally conducted. Deducting this from the amount
received in the but twenty months we have a
balance of $59,000,000. of which the thieves have
robbed the public, which when they have enrich
ed themselves, and a portion of which tbey have
used in carry ing elections aud bribing the legis
lature of thia State.
These figures, which we give upon the authori
ty of the writer referred to, may not be exactly
correct; yet no one doubts whether this Tonuv.
ny rascality presents one of iiemost monstrous
m,tanetC:pecnlation andswindliuz known in
the history of th World. Iu bold daring, ita in
atiaDle greediness, ita artful canning, ita corrup
tion of legislation and the ballot-box, ita persist
ent and determined iniquity, and ita fearful suc
cess leave no doubt as to tbe total depravity of
these Tammany robbers. Now that tbey have
been thoronghly defeated at tbe ballot-box let
tbem be hunted by the most vigilant and uncom
promising justice. The people should not be con
tented with simply driving them from political
power. Their ill-eotten millions should be re
stored to tbe city treasury; and then the vil
lains themselves should be punished to tbe ut
most extremity of the. Jsw. A system of laws
that contains no adequate remedy for such crimes
against the public would be little better than a
mere sham. This great uprising among tbe peo
ple is their solemn and" antbnratativ'e mandate
directing the officers of tbe law to bring these
rouuers to justice, irtney escape either by neg
ligence or legal technicalities the fact will be a
burning disgrace to New Tork. X I". Independ
ent. isi m
Up-Hill Wobsu The great Anti-Grant combi
nation appears to be making very poor headway.
The men who were announced as its leaders, and
who were to give it ita chief claim to respectabil
ity, are one by one dropping out of its ranks and
disclaiming any connection with it. Senator
Trumbull, refuses to act the part assigned to bim
in the programme ; Senator Sumner, hesitates to
fire off bis big gun in the shape of a "one term"
amendment to the Constitution, and even Horace
Greeley, perhaps miffed at the subordinate part
which be was to be allowed to plav in tbe farce,
stigmatizes tbe whole combination as a "back
stairs" arrangement, with which be will have
nothing to do. The plan of the campaign, so far
as it has yet been made public, is so puerile that
it is no wonder any mau of reputation hesitates
to indorse it. And yet it is probaly as good a
plan as can be devised to accomplish a purpose
so little touirht by tbe irreut mniuu-a of th nmw
pie. It furnishes the best proof in the world of
iiii.i..iiaiii iuh uiumiiiu louen. urant,and
of tbe absurdity of any combination among Re
publicans to defeat his re-election. While con
fessing that the main strength of the combina
tion is to come from the Democratic party, the
sorebeaded Republicans hesitate to admit the
Democracy to an open alliance with them. That
the Democratic party should, for one moment,
countenance a programme that place tbem in
sneb a humiliating attitude, only shows thr
depth of degradation to which the ;iarty has
snuk. It they are to furnish all the fighting ma
terial why should tbey not have something to sav
in laying out the plan of the campaign f .V. T.
HBHBSTS'fO masB wsm JSsala. I
I wamBBBiSBinMSS m: sshi w - -
. -- . . ill.l. lii.ii.ai1P.rMafllTloa
MrZ?xLZnZinlZ uTibTcuHtratfaa.
Waj- -r-r-r.
aad alivs bears, toar
"".SrlZiB tan stock. Alaoadlv
ft.T t. tea is wsH watersd. a
ISsfUfT oiteafawa
f10 TZTt-l kIm RM
lane, enauae-
and cellar, buflt last
SSH5" B-phentoa.S.r.-
7l" laaal
r&msry IS, !
v.jr.f.ik -""
State Fair Prcaesals.
Capitol BaUding,
TorsXA, January 96, 187. v .
SSSJiicioitrth. exhibitor, ana at.
&. S&rfTSESl TV,lS,ShL,na1d
oftilrxieuui bi.nl to paUUh the PJT"I?
dial support af the taraMra, mechanic. .stock tabors ana
other Wenda of ajriesltore, to auks thsStateFalr tbe
Fair of too West. T ..rrn
iimnOur Frealai
Justice of the Peace,lNTotary Public,
TAXES paid for aou-reldrnta. landa located, sad asks of
nl nut madeat reaaonabl. rate. Jan.3S,Ti
Atcaateon - Kansas.
Jan. J, TO.
WTSSuuia raneetraiiy annnanee to to. Ladm ot
Cleod sad Tieinltr. that I hey win, dunn:
on sass v s w . 9 wi wis. tllirilrv IPtaT T.
ad DRESS MAKntO. hi all their departoei5'
EST aad
r. . i .L- .mi t nt 1 . . .,-"
iiiduwuuiiki;iui..ui awrpiconsiantlvonhaiiii
ana au wvtk oowo prmNpuj-, am m w uieal and bett f
Tbe favors of the ladies are reaptrtfnllT solicited.
Store room, corner of Main aad Second Street, m .
Cloud, Kansas. Feb. e.
THIS well known hooae baa Juat born repainted, rnn
ted, and re-romlabed complete. It ia the larr.it. uj
one of tho bast kapt hotels in Northern Kan. Cen.ni
eat to Railroad Depot sad River. Uuml
Ksar Saflroad Depot and Steamboat T.)nc
White Cloud, - Kansas.
J. C. TIERCE, - rropriew.
livery Stable, Stafe aad Express Office connected iu
thoHoua. Jan, 1.71.
(over c. vr. notes' store,)
White Cloud - - - ICnusna.
Oct. i. lata.
Practicing Physician and Sergeii
Paints, Oils. Dye SMs, Stationery. Perflmery.
MAIX ST, (adjoinlne Citr Hotel) WHITE CLOCK.
Physician and Soxr-g-eon,
TENDERS hi aerTicea to the cltliena of TThite CW
and surrounding country. Will attend to all call.
dsv or night.
Office at resldenco, on Main Street. June U.71.
On Time!
The Jacks Bale.
General Jackson was the first nre.M.nt ,
made partixan support of the administration one
of tbe reqnuits for appointments to office, and
every democratic newspaper aud all the demo
cratic statesmen and politicians sustained and ap
plauded that policy. Gov.Marcy said, "to the
victor belong the spoils." Who ever heard of a
democratic president appointing a republican to
office. Did Jackson I . Did Vau Buren ! Tyler
was a hermaphrodite politician, around whom
fathered all tbe cormorants of all shades. Tbey
attend and befooled the old fellow with promises
u uia wciccuuu uuiu ue naa a nynna ot poli
ticians in office, no two of whom screed nnon an y-
u.uk cAvctf wa.iuK uieu- salaries, iney maae
him believe up till the very week before the dem
ocratic convention that that -body waa going to
nominate him. When be failed to get vote
there, they made him believe they would hold a
convection of their own, and set him rieht back
J.. - .:! - - .n- ..
in tne Dresidential chair. Their nMwt wa tho
men. into that recmrnitioa ot niie .ij lumnr mvuls of officii, and h.vnr!.t.jimi.ii.,with
jnd manly Americanism which will compell both TyltTbnt most of them died with their benefao-
to fed our power, and cive ns a nnror JLt i.....
imvrrouieut in uje minre inan we nave had in
We notice the Junction City Unit and tbe
lawnac Standard are opening are on the aadst
iug debtor laws. This is a move in the right di
rection to which we call the attention of our mem
bers, and we Hope tbe papers of the state will
trtvn the ant.lect their notice and discussion. We
should have a law similar to the Missouri deed of
trust law to induce foreign capital to seek in
vestment among us. Our homestead law should
be amended ao as to allow debtors bnt l,000.
Tbe stay law should be repealed entirely, 'the
pfitcers hare thirty days in which to return exe
cntjon and creditors should not be obliged to wait
longer. Oar state has been retarded in its growth
long enough by tbtoe laws eastern capitalists
aaeking investments are invariably scared away
on ai.Oiti&miLlHtr.
tor. J heir policy had too much hypocracy in it
to (. prraiiauue.
Thowh.ile democratic party are now howling
because. Grant wont appoint officers "on merit,
without Vfgani , to party?' Bnt once let him-attempt
to gt t alipolitical shades in office,' and there
would be no harmony in tbe administration. It
would be a baJxl of eonfnsion, which would dis
gust the president's old friends, without making
a single new one ; and after the president should
be defeated, manv'of those who held positions un
der him, wonld claru favors with the new admin
istration, on the ground that they had circum
vented a republican president, bv means of the
very positions he bad conferred on them. Grant
is on the right track when he compels all appli
cants for office to undergo a thorough examination,
as to fitness; bnt tbe policy of appointing the
men who have faith in free Government, to dis
charge official duties under ihat corernmeat. ia
just m esswnriai as any vfue
The iHaUffaaUoa at Haamlitea at the
Acaltal or VallaaaU aghaia's Client.
Tom. McGehan is not likely to dwell in peace in
Hamilton. He was acquitted after several trials,
but the people of Hamilton are perfectly satisfied
of his guilt. Extraordinary pains were taken to fix
a jury for him. There are scoundrels who lurk
about court-houses in other counties than this of
Hamilton, whose trade is to prepare Juries. The
eternal vigilance of the people is the only safe
guard of justice. There is no reasonable doubt
that JlcUenan was one of thegangwho deliberate
ly murdered Thomas 8. Myers. There never was
a more dastardly murder committed. The theory
that Myers shot himself is foolishness. It never
would have been invented if -the defendent had
not been driven to desperation. Tbe gambling
den where the murder took place was crowded.
Some of those present must have seen the murder,
but they are afraid or ashamed to tell it. Many
believe that the murder of Myers was contrived to
conceal swindles in which some of the gambling
crowd hadpartalcen. They hold that Myers knew
too much for tbe comfort of some rings of rascals,
and, therefore, was trapped and murdered. Some
of the witnesses are afraid to tell what tLey know.
They have a guilty secrete of their own, and dare
not whisper. Then there is the gambler's honor,
of which we hear so much among tbe men of prey.
It ia a part of this code not to speak outside of
that which transpires In a gambling-bouse. If it
is a murder, why. so much the creater tbe obliga
tion not to talk. There had been a good deal of
ruinanism ana oiooasnea in Hamilton. A sheriff
who performed his dnty in banging a bloody
wretch, was regarded as a phenomeon. It seems
in that case a aneetion whether the mr of
criminals, wuo were organized tor mutual protec
tion, wonld be able to bully tbe law-abiding peo
ple. Yesterday, McGehan returned to Hamilton
acquitted, aud held a Christmas levee. Crowds
of his admirers hung about bis house. He was tbe
lion of the day. This incensed tbe people, and an
innamatory hand-bill was issued and in the even
ing a very orderly and impressive meetingof good
citizens waa held. McGehan wisely took flight in
time; and it will be well if he returns no more
CtBCtaaati CeststercisI,
DlSTCtonsHXD .Dead. The necrologies! re
cord of 1871 contains many names of world-wide
fame; among tbem Hersrhel and Mnrehison, Dn
mas aodDeock,-Aaber and Thalberg. Tbe list
comprises also the honored names of 6eorge Tick
nor, tbe Cary sisters, Alice and Fhcebe; Generals
Robert Anderson, James Tot ten, Thos. J. Rodman
and Commodore TatnalL There have fallen
among clergy the Rev. Dr. Gannett, Father Tay
lor, Bishop Baker, and the Rev. Albert Barnes.
The scroll also bears the names of John Sidell,
Jaa. M. Manson. and Clement L. Yallaadigham.
Two Saginaw youths called upon a "sweet
girl "and made rather protected stay: bnt when
the heavy father came down and threw a pail of
water in the stove, they took it as a hint that it
waa-time to go,' aed stood not upon the order of
their guias;
General Graat aasl the Irish.
To the Editor of the Rotton Pilot :
Dear Sir: Last week a deputation from that
aspiring village, New Tork, waited npon l'reti
drut Grant, to urge npon bim tbo dismissal of a
certain official counected witn tne Internal Rev
enue. They were a solemn looking set of men,
and meant business. After going through tbe
usnal ceremony of introduction, and shaking
bauds with his Excellency, one of their number
stepped a little in advance of the others, and ex-
j.iaiucu me; nys ana waereiores ot tne case, to
all of which General Grant listened with his usu
al imperturbable countenance, nor attempted to
interrupt the harrangne by word or sign. At
last the eloquent spokesman, red in the face with
his exertions, finished, quite ont of breath, and
never doubting bnt that the Executive decree
wonld be in accordance with the petition as set
"But, gentlemen,' remarked General Grant,
"after listening with attenjlou to what yon have
to say, I can really see no. just canse why the
man in Question should be removed ."
"Mr. President, have I failed to make it plain
that the fellow is an Irishman and a Catholic a
Roman Catholic, Mr. President i " was the excited
"I understand that," said the President, after
taking a few long draws at bia cigar; "but I
don't see what a man's religion or nationality
has to do with a faithful performance of his offi
cial duties! Gentlemen, had yon been with me
at Vicksbnrg, and ia the battles of the Wilder
ness, where rcgiBentr"sBd divisions, composed
almost entirely. Of Jrishi Catholic soldiers, were
fighting bravely, and railing dead and wounded
by hundreds and thousands ia defence of onr
canse, I won't suppose yon wsnld have urged
their discharge on the ground that they were
Irishmen and Catholics I Neither can I listen to
a proposal to tarn a faithful clerk ont of office
for such canse, particularly, gentlemen, when I
know that this same clerk saved his colors from
falling into the enemv'a bands at the risk of hi
life, on our march to Richmond in fact, I know
all about him, for he waajaas f aiy soldiers, aad
deserves well of his country.
It waa a pretty lonr snerrb for Preajdent Grant
to make he hasn't time for speech making; bat
it u evuieni nun an naa aome iioerai ideas about
the rights of conscience, and a soldierly apprecia
tion of bravery. .
That deputation wore very solemn couutensn
ces when tbey emerged from the White House.
This is the kind of weather tint makes the liv
ery and doctor's badness ;Td r. Those who start
out for a eleigh-due now-a-daye usually take a
buggy bong to ride home in, and ties teres, while
esme U very stable keepers employ a corps of men
nth thermometers on their hats to stand aroand
town and watch for aay change In the weather
that will necessitate the change of their roUing
stock from runners to wheel. The man that Is
frost-bitten to-day dies of sunstroke tomorrow,
and one physician inibrau as ha treated the pa
tient on Christmas for ess sV ssiel by patting iee
oa the brain, who was brought to his oake yes
terday to have the frost taken oat of his wooden
leg so that the sap coaM circulate sgsin. 7Ms
tilte Herald. .
At Greeley, Colorado, that city of the future
named after the creat farmer, woman snAacist.
is sn actoali ty and not an aspiration. At a recent
election for postmaster held in that boroagb,
ninety-eight ladies were on band to cast their bal
lots. The only alaralns: feature ahsat this ia
that tbe ladies all nn.1 1 their bast clothe."
That may do in Colorado, bat if carried into prac
tice here the result wcM bs a series rf loaw bill
presented to paterfiuBalias within a week, tat
new dresses to replace those rained ia the sna-efcaTaprapsktJathlw,r-jV'.
T. Mamamj Tw
Bbowslov ox Solthekx Loyal Claims. In
a letter published in the Knoxville (Tenn.) Chron
icle, Senator Bruwnlow says: "Already there
have been so many claims fraudulently gotten
through here, aud some of them of the most dis
loyal parties in tbe State, whose loyality has
boeu indorsed by ex-Federal officers and other
Union men, that the credit of our State is dam
aged, and the just claims of loyal men prejudiced.
From different parts of tbe State I am called up
on to indorse the loyalty of parties having claims
i nuose course aunng tne war I personally
know nothing. I sm asked to do this because
such parties have their loyalty indorsed by ex
Federal officers of high character, and include
men from different Northern States as well as
Tennessee. I have a" rule on this subject, from
which I have not departed slieethe war ended,
and which I shall adhere to in the future. It is,
not to indorse any man's loyalty unless I person
ally know him to hae been consistently an ene
my of the rebellion, from its beginning to its end
ing. Sofarasthe passage of special acts by Con-
(,.v auo fMjiiicub ui claims is concerneu,
Congress will proceed cautiously. The general
feeling is strong against tbe passage of such bills,
because of tbe frauds which ha e already been
perpetrated npon tbe Treasury by the passage of
these special acts. At the last session Congress,
to be relieved of all this special legislation, pass
ed a bill establishing a commission, whose head
quarters are in this city, to audit and rejiort up
on these Southern claims. This commission bas
appointed snb-commissions in all the eleven
States lately iu rebellion."
TjS The aid Reliable aadl Papalar Tarawa
s Eirma Baste
To Saint Louis
Paints, Oils, kc, &c,
THE attwitSon f pbyiicUna, dealers, and the public cm
erallr, ia tnTited to tbe IndDcenienta oflervd t li
jimp, Menwriiwt, uua, .'alula, raity. unubcn.
WIimIuw GUmi, Dye Staffs. Pare Wine anr. Lfiiiiora, at the
rery lovrat rate. Schm1 Ucmka, Stationery, Wall riper,
rtrtarp MoaMInffm. tic, at a very moderate advance on tie
niannfactarera price. June 29, 71.
Frcm W Louis to lew M
Elegant Day Coaches!
Pullman's Palace Sleepers!
Miller's Safety Platform!
Patent Steam Brake!
fy A Kaalasarat aeaaaatea' ay aar atber
.lae ia tbe West.
Try It!Try It!
General SuuerintendeDt. St. Lonla.
General Paaaenger Agent, St. Lonla.
Boots efts Siioes,
saia soirni west coma rvnuc, sqcasx,
HAND MADE Boot and Shoes s spctlartv, and rooit
Tbe citizen, ot the County are lnTlted to call and examls.
Stock and Pricea. oet 1 1.
Atchison, Kansas.
ty Wo will meet any Competition on tho Vlaaoarl Bnr.
H A R 1 E S S
Afic3L SAcSLcSLle Sla.OT3.
TROY, : :: : : KtHS'SAS.
W", '"'. HsrneM. Saddles. Bridle. Collar. 4.
All kind of work done anon abort notice, and iUfictit.n
fraalecd. July 27, 11-1 .
r. n. psEcxixft.
Proposals for Building School House.
SEALED propnaal will be receicrd br tbo undersigned.
at White Clond. Kan, nntil II o clock if, no Satnr.
day. March 9th. 1872: for tbe erection ot a School limine, at
aid place, ran and speciniratlona mar be cenbv calling
" PnoClOIC." A few months am ten had
pleasure of publishing tbe nhitnary of Colonel J.
W. Howard, aliat Phocian," one of tbe most per
sistent and impressible " dead bests" that erer
infested the western eonntry, as railway compan
ies, hotel keepers, newspaper publishers and others
can testify. We published the item st tho time
with crave doubts as to its truth, the announce
ment being based npon tho fact of finding How-'
aid's clothes upon the bank of tbe Matte with at
tendant circumstances leading to tbe idea of sui
cide. The body wasn't found nntil recently, and
seems to nave drifted down the Platte and Mis
souri, snu up tbe Mississippi and Illinois to Peo
ria, where it has turned up again, bnt whether
without clothes or the contrary is not stated, nor
does it mske much difference. We ham nnlr th
following trifling incident in his history, bnt it is
sufficient to establish the identity of the corpse
beyond the shsdow of a doubt:
" Colonel J. W. Howard, formerly political edi
tor of the Peoria Tnuueript, wan arrested Monday
in Peoria, on tbe charge of bigamy. He married
a Miss Anna Jordan, daughter of a lawyer at Ber
nandotte, Fulton county, though much against
the will of her father. Since then the father has
been examining into the former life of Howard,
and claims to have found that he had a wife lir
ine in Omaha. On this ha had Howard inMtal
The alleged bigamist wss arrested and confined,
uui ucwes in cnarge irjoignaniiy, nearer Aers.
A Dmousm.vo Oranox. One of the men no
on whom the Democratic "Thamb-Snekers" hare
mainly relied aa a nowerful allr. in ajtino- ti
.u- ii i - .! : ' - r . v
viij mo iuhvo policy io a soccessiui issue, is
Senator Trumbull, of Illinois. Alas! this hope is
nipped by a cruel frost. The Louisville Conrier
Jomrnal of Monday morning has a special from
Washington giving a conversation of Senator
Trumbull with a prominent politician. The Sen
ator declared, with unusual emphasis, that he
would not be a conservative candidate for the
Presidency against General Grant, but preferred a
seat in tbe Senate. Besides, he said, the people
were not ready for acbaage. Grant'sdefrat would
cause a reaction in the South, whose consequen
ces would be worse than thepresent stateof affairs
there. T TVnrrrrita n-mild not adopt tho "Tin
wve policy,- wnicn i a qishanamcnt. The an
pnnishment of viol. aM at tbe Booth would alone
beat tbe Democracy. Tbe Republican party baa
not, oe saia. reaiiy aivMeo, aad wonld poll a
larger vote this year than ia 1867.
on tbe ondendgned, at White C1..U.I. or at the office of E. t'
Carr, Architect, Leavenworth. Kanaaa. Bid will bo re
ceived for the whole work complete, or for tbe different por
tion separately. Contractor will be renairrd to sire bond
for tho faithful performance of tho work. Tho right i re
served to reject any and all bid offered.
By onlrr of the St bonl Board.
Jan. 18, I8T2-M. W. II. FOKXCIUJOK. DUL Clerk.
SherilTii Sale.
Doxintax Conrrr, i BJV
In the District Court for Doniphan Connty. Slate of Kanaaa.
Jamea Balaton. 1 ITalntlff.
James Delaware, 1
va, (
Jee lUl.ton, J Defendant.
T1IOTICE U hereby rfren. that I will, on the IMh day of
A1 February. A. D. IKS, between thehonraof 10 o'clock.
A. 1L, and 4 clock. P. M. or said day. at tbe door or the
Court Ilonae, in tbe city of Troy, ia Doniphan County, State
of Kanaaa, offer for sale, at public auction, for cash, the f.J.
lowing described real estate, to wit: Lot three. (3) in block
Utyoo. (SI) ta the city of White Cloud, in Doniphan
County. State of Kanaaa: taken a. the nropcrtyor Jeaw
KaiaoB.sa offered Tor ale to the Mehext bidder for caah.
to aatlafv certain hutment uwl ... - r JILrTT!
th.DUtrktCjnrt ir Il, a-Sty. In "tt. SUto of
.. a which Jamea Balaton sad Jamea Delaware an
j-iauiusa, aaa J tame Kiion 1 Defendant.
Given aadcr my hand, thia lath day of January. A. D. im.
JaTl8.tWw. K'rUrf "" County.
Pr'a fee, IIS,
And Real Estate Agents.
WIIX practice in all the Court of the Second Judicial
"strict. rept.S.10.
Notary Public, Conveyancer,
TAXES paid for nan mddenta. landa located, and aalea st
real estate made at reaaonaMa rale. I,k 1 -1
(men. . II.
"ifi? AfkaowledpnenUof Deed, and traM.t
eJri-Mi oth,T bo,lBM sppertalninc to the, .flee of Xta-rTr"Wlc-
' may 17. IMS.
Sherirs Sale.
MQuau umrr,
In the District Court for Doniphan County, Mate of
iwjw, t r'-'viig.
D. W. FIuuv) Defendant
NEE"a",7f2Trt!!i?5k' Mr t
H"uii of Troy, fat Doniphan County. Stats
ofKaaaaOrr for sale, at public snctionTfor cash, theft.
fourtea. nil lot n
block thirteen, (13) ia
Jistjce if tke Feacet aii KirtaiT Mfic,
C'EfXTi."??0, "J B " rf IpLirritinfc don.
iathsbeat atyle, 00 abort notice. uiioU,'Jly.
Kansas Insurance Company,
auSS SSl.'X'.ZrZfZZr "r5?.9WT-
iz-zrr:.zx . t r-. -- " , tnm is.
r-T" -V'."T" " "'". win uk leu. 1101 1 block
P) in Hock thirteen. (U) lot aix.(f) la
low foiat, Doalnbaa Couatv Kaa.
Uoek thirteen, (13) ia lows Potat, Doainhaa County
S?-J,,S.'kf !Tf!y f O. W. funa. aad it
ori"ianjgnes auaerrar cash, to astiafy acertaia
ladrmentand 1 eaata, now of record la tb Diatriet Court
&rISl.Sa,'Tt.u " ( of Kaaaaa. ia whkh ftSa
Tmm PtaiatiC aaoTD. W. Fllaa la Defcndaat. "xa"a
JeGJaaderaryasad,taU UU dayof Jaaaary; A.D.
A. PlaaT.Attry&,Phulnc"", vv'
Jaaaary 18, Isn-Sw.
nsnsl schemes to enable private eorporationa to
seenre large tracU of pnblie domain nnder tbe
pretense of giving homesteads to soldiers are
beginning to crop ont, bnt the experience of Con
gress daring former sessions, when these jobs
were attempted to be thrnst npoa them, ha
had the effect to check their progress this ses
sion, and tbe action of the committee ia repor
ting npon them win, it ia believed, be considera
bly delayed, greatly to the dismay of the specula
tors arcing them npon Congress rTasaisjnis
Tbe District Deputy Grand Master of tke 96th
Masonic District of MJasoari, advises the craft to
Hetoasaaarl, swarthy look-
Tontau, Feb.7.
Caldwell to-day telegrapaed from Washington,
toa member of the Lrgialatnre, that he had, at
the reqnesCarthw rrrsMant, consented to the
withdrawal of Legate's nomination to the Oov
emorsfaipof Waskiagtoa ferritory.
Watfhiatgtsm's MirtM.
nusiy -m. is 7j
I ii -r ' T laliliauli mi
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4n. AJJfitemm)tamiyMmmy-M
"-"'-"' a-AJaaJ
MBaTMbltla-lv. mwm. CsaWnsvUtss.
Sfcerira Sale.
hthoDUtrktCwrt torDorJphanfW.iT- w.rw..
w iraass LUdrkk, FbiatiC
aspk r.Dsaa, ) Defendant.
f "fiaiTfftft ? .-- yr
jHS JJ fcara'etoek P.M. sfssiddsy. at the 4W of the
rSi?2aahi ta lty af Tray. Doalphaa County. Stat
CSf!fi?L sale, at nahHe aacthn. far cash, tho fol-focra)edrealetat.towit.-'
The aorta half of tho
aoruVwaat frarUoaalqaarter of ascnaa aumher three, (3)
5!5,J2Ser " ss-Taaf number rweatyfa)
sHaatWaDaatahan Chanty State of Kaaaaa. Takoi
i5lerty of .Joseph T. Dana sad aaVred for sslatotas
r """v sav caaa, so assMiy a certain juapaeat aad
or rsrard h tat Dkariet Ont for Donfohaa
or ik. hx T.i. -7TZV rJi"V'A-
ia thia fJmon.ivJ7rV2i 1ST""' "T
S. B. 8LOA2VE,
PUee. -her. . TSammmmTZ aeedTtiiSlSS:
7i. . ar Whits Clond.
. is; i7Ht
Cly rgas sstlatacto-
aAas Blato af Tis us, ia which Wunma Hodriek
A. ' m'mnuttmT.uuammvtiiaan.
this Mthdayof Jaaaary, A. D. W.
toct A Kawaaas. Attorney tor PlanUX
-Jaaaary IS, ts4w.
Iftlce fr JsMrarcc -
mis st.
Tte (Wy &moi Ttaau
iew vu. mm, msun k MtiYiiiri
WhVaPsJso Cart
JiiisIiIIT 11 i,)PlnaC
CaadacKcama. JDefeadaat.
rtTtmtasU riadaw Tianai linajast wm take aotlca.
Ja. Chat tasasH Jil ssilah Keasaa. plabrtiC a tta Many
January. A. D. WIS. Hod. Ia tho Clerk's asses etfatfci
Coart. hUaHltias again th. said defendant, nrsyiag that
drfrnaiat may W art salli sail sasallsd, sad amlaaa ss
caaa lasrefer. wdd saaaae sar tana years Iastpal7
saawar aaid aeUsVat an or hesars the Ma day af March. A
nHMidlMtMivflai aAaaaSSraa.aad laliamt
wB ha takes aooatataetr.
DatW Jaaaary rnh, A. D. Ml.
1W. fl
3:y. f 41 rrw mi m (Iuil
.!. m-Vbx
lT22!-c aw-t.ir.
t:lf P.
caABVavitajurrr. ..

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