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The Evansville daily journal. (Evansville, Ia. [i.e. Ind.]) 1848-1862, May 01, 1848, Image 4

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Meets every Saturday evening on First st. OrTi
rs James L. Jones..layor; Joan J. Chandler.Clerk;
- va i vui a a w iiauu ivi
Nimuel Urr. 1 reasurer: Wm. H.H. Mnrhi,!! ".
filmen 1st ward. Jnnn M
hs Stephens; 3rd ward, Willard Carpenter; 4th ward,
. w . x wi-r-, jiu waru, Isaac iiutcninson; bin ward
Ttxru or Honor, No. 1 Meets every Monday
vening at Temperance Hall, Water St. Officers for
the present quarter, P. G. O'Reilly, w c t; Osborn
Keilly, wti; James T. Walker, w k: R. D. Hart, w
a R; Isaac A. Crane, w r k; John Shanklin, w t;
John E. Taylor, wdc; Edward DeGarnio, w o; Rob
ert Allen, w s.
Ltmas Beechek Division, No. 25 Meets Tuer
day evenings at Temperance Hall. Officers Wm.
Holden, w r; Jas, Laughlin, w a; James T. Walker,
k s; A. Warner, a r s; John llenson, Fs; Robert
' Barns, t, Joseph Turnock, C; T. Grant, a c; C. Bates,
I s; Robert Vance, o s.
Temple of Hoxoa Divistox, No. 54 Meets Friday
am aa -v sir V ft "a a
W T ; - ( . - " .
a- t - : wbi. ir.i,
B B ff n H it n n n n w n n n n g
This Extract of Sarsaparilla has been expressly
prepared in reference to female complaints. No fe
male who has reason to suppose she is approaching
that critical period, "the turn of life," should neglect
to iae it, as it is a cenam preventive ior any ui me mandretn s rills are fcltogetner oi vegetable com-
and horrible diseases to which females are position, and while they possess remarkable powers
ihia time oi life. This nerind ninv lie dp. I m
This Great and Glorious Union.
I IKE heinir the createst blessing. . that wliich in
lj surers it free from the evil oi premature death
must be of paramount importance.
mandreth s rills are Rltogether oi vegetable com-
Ut, t; R. Allen, c; J. W. Stinson, a c; J. Dotes, i s,
J. E. Fiuman, o s.
L o. o. r.
MoK.Yi.xa Stab Lodge, No. 7 Meets Thursday
veningsat Hall, corner of Main and First sts. Ctli
eers L. L. Lay cock, re; H. O. Uabcock, n w; W.
W. Sullivan, v g; II. Q. Wheeler, s; O. Ladd, T; R.
W. Punbar.c; W, Hunnell, i u; C.Colvin o o.
Dr. Townsend's Compound Extract
This Extract is put up in quart bottles it is six
times cheaper, plea?anter, and warranted superior to
any sold. It cures diseases without vomiting, pur
ging, sickening or debilitating the patient, and is
particularly adapted for a
Th great beauty and supeiiority of thu Sarsapa
rilla overall other remedies is. while it eradicate! ilia.
ease,it vigorates the body -Consumption curärTTMW r" ug . .
-Cleanse and strencthenisuSon can S .!5h .,n..V.er? fere,?ing, and has frequently
.,.r,: i, !:. I uuouio vu icac er neu. i ue rupiure was very
lsunmtinn. iivpr rnmninint ! r .
large ana severe, tne tried almost every remedy lor
aiK-h PSopa U.'itVl Kilt lit tl Konfl Wkon aUa V,nA 9.
- - " ...... V. . . ft . la..th. DU IlkMl
ken but three bottles of your excellent medicine she
... . : t 1 : 1 r 1 1 r . 1 1 . 1
wo entirety reueveu oi tne ausease oi me nean, anu
the rupture nas almost entirely disappeared.
She has also had the dropsy, and was very much
swollen. We had no idea that she could be so bene
fited, as ehe had such a complication of diseases.
But it has, as strange as it may appear, relieved her
of the dropsy. 1 am aware that this statement is so
I strange as to appear almost like faction, but it is
I i : . r n
9iuur rvaiiiy. i our toarsapamia is certainly
t- -.i- . a- i rr B i ll ...
sumeci at mis time oi nie. litis penou may oe ue in cunnjr difcase. are Dcriectly liarmle. and can
layed for several years by using this medicine. Nor thus be used with perfect safety by persons of all
is it less valuable for those who are approaching wo- ages, and in any condition of the system, with a cer-
manhood, it is calculated to assist nature by quick- tainty of beneticiul results from their operation,
ening the blood and invigorating the system. Indeed which is mild and pleasant, tho' thoroughly eearch-
thia raedecine is invaluable for all the diseases to ing to the root of diseased action, and always lerrni-
w men women are euujecu nating in a great increase ot health and vigor
ii iJ i nrrs liir n nuic bi bllui. &c:aicjvv b uri iiiiiic:ii liv lie-
t its
most medicines taken for female weakness and dis
New York. July, 22, 1846.
Dr. Towxsend Dear Sir : My wile has been af
flicted with a terrible rapture for over fiiteen years,
the greater pait of the time. She has been troubled
with shortness oi breath & great fluttering ot the heart
j I J I ' j ivu J vuii IJV J uu v a-v a a va v iuv JU 1"
eneraea by removing the impurities oi the lie. and everv succeedincr vear has increased thp
not BO far Stimulating the SVStem aa tO DrO-lAnhprA nf thir errant iiohiln Thv uro nnw n.
aa ci I iluuonnont aI fa W at 1 inn A. hlh tha aaa I a Z.M 1 . .1- .1 1 I
reningsa freniperan Hall. OncerT-John Greek , SE-SSrrhh1
wr; A.C.JIallock.WA; M. W. Saflbrd, a w! ZinZlh K ."hT,BpiVing f ? r0
Carpenter, a r s; James I). Walters, r s; W. II. Chand- fJS'i t,V n -"ni1 ",g "weaU''tdlt,x,il
Isr. t; R. Allen, J. W. Stinnn a c J. Boy, i ?! P' expectoration and pam in the side, &c.
i"V.:Trrr:;".' " V.V.." sober reality. Your Sarsaoar 11a is e
of TiSSSSS r "tSE -We niicine, .boulJ I ud b, every on. ,h?.
, i : i r I s suiienng as we nave been. It any disbelieve this
Lrrrxas For a single letter, not exceeding half
an ounce, uvoiruupoise,) st-nt not xceeuing
3c0 miles,--.; 5
Pwnt over 3ii0 miles 10
Fer every half ounce, and any excess over every
half ounce, the same rates of postage; and
when advertised, two cenuon each Utter, or
four cents, if tho advertising cost so much ad
ditional. For drop letters, not tol mailed, each 2
Cikctiurs For any printed circular, handbill,
advertisement, unsealed, aunt auy distance 3
Newspajeks Ot 1900 square inche, or less, sent
over 30 and not more than 100 miles, or any
distance within the state 1
Over such a distance II
Ktvfpaprrt unless to subscribers, 3 cents. each,yre
jxiitl; or not forwarded from the Poot-ollice.
Northern, north-western and north-eastern mail, via
Vincennes, Vrinceton, etc, is due every Monday,
Wednesday and Friday, at 10 o'clock, tu.
Eastern mail (proper) now arrives by the river, usu
ally on Wednesdays. 1 hursdays, s ridays and Sun
days, in the alternoon.
The eastern maiL by stam boats, deoarta evprv
have and can he cured.
Probably there never was a remedy that has been
so successful in desperate case of consumptionas this;
it cleanses and strengthens the system, and appears
to heal the ulcers on the lungs, and the patients grad
ually regains their usual health and strength.
There is scarcely a day passes but there area num
was recentlv received
D- Tow .sexd Dear Sir: For the last three years
I have been afflicted with general debility, and ner-
US wusuiupiiuu oi me lasi stage, ana aia not ex
pect to ever gain my health at all. After going
hrtough a course of medicine under the care of some
of the most distinguished regular physicians and
members of the Board ot Health in New York, and
elsewhere, an I spending the most of my earnings in
attempting to regain my health, and attcr reading in
wine narwr nt vmir Snrn.ritl. I numi.l ... t...
Alter using six bottles I found it done me great good
and calledto see you at your ollice, with your ad
vice I kept on, and do most heartily thank you for
your advice. 1 persevere in taking the Sarsapnrilla,
and have been able to attend to my usual labors for
the last three months, and 1 hope by the blessing ot
C P i your Sarsaparilla to continue my health.
.: helped me beyond the expectations of all that knew
vyrane, ivssex r, J., Aug. 2, 1Ö47
i valu-
account, thpv are at I itiertv tn enll at tnv house and
have ocular demonstration. Yours, respectfully,
Tn fin ill nr irifvliMnA fma vap ViAtn ä-liuAVfriv1
- Hax w -aX'aiv aaaao a wvvii a-w a v a v u
I which so nearly resembles the gastric juice or saliva
at via a 1a vivij ui VI älic? a iua'ju vi iu( IIUI Villi
envy nor detraction materially impair their well es-
tcKtialiMl roniitn4iin
These celebrated Pülilr not cure ntirc1v Kvtpir
purging qualities. They have in their composition a
vegetable corpuscle, anaiagous to tne corpuscle ot
the blood; the corpuscle of vegetable origin, becomes
incorporated with the mass of the life-giving fluid,
which occasions the blood to throw out all infestial,
rw"limnfll nr nppnnt mntlor. ikawtv ntirolu r.nti.
tying the whole volume of blood in the circulation.
And thus these Pills cure the most fatal, and noxious
and ban-asking diseases, in a manner eo easy and
certain, as to give great thankfulness to the af
flicted. Every year their salejias increased. Dr. Erandreth
sells more of them at this time in a month than he
did in the whole of the year 183d, or any previous year
The sale having increased
Can any other medicine be pointed out that has
sustained its reputation that has increased in the
confidence of the public in an equal proportionf
- It would be a most happy thing for the poor, it the
prejudices of Medical men would permit their gene
ral adoption in the public Hospitals. What a bless
ing this would be to the poor, and also to the w hole
community in which the Hospitals are situated! No
Shin FfiVsr UTtulil Innrr
. i k -avT i
i vriMVftiiT c mi nil rATVlaV.
. mmm ,i m.m m. ms mm mm -Msm . . mw m -
THIS popular Candy hasheen before the public in
the west and south more than one year,and in that
short space ot time it has obtained more reputation
for its good qualities, certainly of cure, ana cheap-
Wuinibv Uing sworn according to law, on his oath
sauh, that the foregoing statement is true accordinc
to the best of his knowledge and Mief.
worn and subscriTied to before me at Orange, the
2d Aug. 1S17. CYRL'S BALDWIN, Justice
of the Peace.
vcu in louowing anu say mat consumption is
lfnn,(.., T'k ., .l . ...1 ..J l i
to go by thi mail should b placed in the office by incurable if you can
(I o'clock r M, the hour of closing the mail beinl New Your. Anril 0 1A17
It. By this mail letters to go south, east, and Ma. Towxsejtd: I yarily believe that your Sarsao
uuuu-wai, uic auw n uciii;; iuc uiuai pecoy i '; "as wrn ine means, tnrouti 1 rovidence
not even Cholera, would be of a dangerous character lave l I? n,y power to testify to the etiiciency of your
in decomposing ood and strengthening the organs ot ?.eJe, U'andreth's Pilla vigorously resorted to when Aobe
digestion as this preparation ot0öarsaparilla. lipos- .ympirifnpeKeired. And Ship and Coughs,
L. V C t ever, and levers of an inflammatory, or of a tvthoid I anü 83 suc" commend It to the public.
örclu-onic J ' $ character would be foundequally under their , 'mW Cincinnati, Aug. 1C, 1817, D TUTTLE.
Bak Depabtmfxt Aibaw Msv 10 1845 lul control. While influenza, small-pox, measles, ,. ""Wm. Young, Presiding Elder, of the Metho-
erat years with dyspepsia in its worst form, attended att"9 requiring only a very few doses ot Pills, to MR. Howe -Not long since while laboring under
with sourness of stomach, loss of appetite, extreme entl,re,y re-establish the patient's heulth. And in case tne mrluence of a painlu ly embarrassing hoarseness
heartburn, and a great aversion to all kinds of food, 0' "natis.n and dropsy, and the various fonns ot bf wW Ping in the open air -
a iau j a a . - mi iniiiiiiriH aai in tiiiiiiaa in iiiiiiirr rniirn aaauiiua,u nie a KJirra.r; tinir i iniiriuiiiiiii ainn
jiu eaij a nave oeen unaoie C . . ' ....v, - - ,
: . u i I good; or whose use would tend more tr th rwnvw I liverwort Candy trom the us of u hirli I .Ttwrin.
r I...I.L l nA . i I . - ! . - . f . '
These Facts, Dr. BRA.i)!tErn proclaims, are I
Let our Ilegilatures and men in authority e very
where look to this. If thee things be so is U not a
part of their high duty to cause the Brand ret h Pills
to le used by our glorious Army and Navy, ami in all
public Hospitals! Public opinion tells the.e honor
able men, that such is their duty; and one of the most
serious character in which is involved the security of
manwakiahle Mvp nvprTu-n Million nf nur ('ifi.
- - - ' - m v m'm.mm aauas va viii VA
zens have approved of Brandreth's Pills: thev are no
Srifl fiiT Wtfalca I'ta.-Knff 1 iaii
- w vvuiu a- a i m a tu a av.. a
to retain but a small portion on my stomach. 1 tried
the usual remedies, but thev had little or no effect in
removing the complaint. I was induced, about two
btateofNew Jersey. LWx County, fs. Charles I months since, to try your extract of Sarsaparilla, and
rnnihu t in,. 1: . .1 i. , I I ........ .. :.u l:..f lm. I.. I.... :
I miiat B.1V Ulth littlA pnnhiloni'A tint nttpr luinn
. ...ww. j w-.... .....w vvijiiuv vf v.. ui ii
nearly two bottles, I found my appetite restored and
the heartburn entirely removed; and 1 would earnest
ly recommend the use of it to those who have been
afflicted as 1 have been, Yours, &lc.
N. B. Purchase none but such as have wrapjtcrs
that hide the bottle completely, and have the written
signature of S. P. TOWNSKND.
1 nncipal ollice. 126 r u ton-st.Sun Buildinr rf. Y.:
Asafe and sure cure for CHILI? or AGUE &. FE
VER, in the unprecedented short time of Five Hours
as thousands throughout' the West and' South
can testily, who have been thus speedily cured by
this Great Remedy!
EVERY one who is afflicted, should be anxious to
obtain that remedy which offers the best, quick
est, and safest cure, no matter from what source it
springs; every honest man being bound to embrace the
truth, wherever found. Therefore, the proprietor, in
justice to the public and himself, feela called upon to
state, honestly, a few facts, which will establish
House's Indian Tonic to be the best remedy for
. Kwu Huaiiuva, criauujr w cure, um Ji- I vlilLiljsJ OT-AGCE A?TD fETER, now known. act 1st--
ness, than any other Mediane of the kind ever ofTered The article is convenient and pleasant to take ia re-
- "" iircpiireiuum wv nnea irom an gross panicles, wmcn renuer omerpre
Casdv reasonable, in order that it may be in the reach parationa ao muddy, nauseous, and disagreeable to the
ot all to obtain a remedy, that never tails, (no such taste; aml if the directions are followed,wUloire every
wordaa fail" is ever heard or thought of, when thisl case, with mathematical certainty, in from three to
Candy is talked about,) curing te most violent Coldi five hours. Astonishing ! ! ! but true. Fact 2nd
, ri;7r e Vu ir . i o L r . . " " p I 7 lul ciion upon tne nver ana otner organs con-
and orriCted. Of the West and South? fnr fh.ir tmrui I 1 : f ; .u i ; i..j .r
i . . . , Vi- ' v. iciiicu ui luiiuui" it, uie uiic is reeuiaieu, me uioruiu
P.rvr.n r Vi " It " " "-"t i acuun uiuuceu uy iue cause oi tneaiseaseisuesiroyea
ouu,ülghs,uoars.ess, Influenza, . . ...fever alia ved anil it will
K5I,7r ,A,SIHMA' P1"'1" 0F EirrE -gent in assisting to remove fevers generally. Fact
And ient Miina r,.SHRVT,IROAT'J TAT,3ri-lt Pvestone to the stomach-invigorates the
Ana ireneral niliirtions nf t no ( Koai mnA T imolt t. n.i -r . ...
.i,;vTi j . r r . . . .."""sftKxiy stimulates aume iuncuons to a nealtny action
v SÄHnfUTM,M',r,1t?f which diseases,JKnd is wVhly useful, wherever tonics are i anted.
Vield immediately bv the ukp nf thU vntiifiM rnrco -. i.l .?. . l. r . .
r. -, www. i vjci iin mis tonic nas periormea, rna is oauy per
vAADl. Ir : Ptlir 1 ü n.tm a i'i(flin
il , . . . , . I loriiiiiiii, cures in j iin-tLmj or nuuri ox, r s
bJt onr.v än'i1, n6 Prei?.ratJ "i f ,tIhf without a parallel in medicine. Witness a single boU
w&r'tVS r" WhUe- IIa' l,e makinS curein cas ol TEN YEARS stand-
prw rro.i ' . I iirtVif S V WV I in8' notner in a case ot nisstu x tiAliS standing
ery resjiect a pure and genuine article. HOWL &0). tDure that which had nreviouslv bafiled .11 skill.lnd
i, 7' C.canat., a every remedy. Ixwk at the many other astonishing
From ITpnrw Aio t.C i iZrv ro cures set lortn in the certiticates around the bottle, and
Plea e 7 ' g 1 CUrt of Common then say, if HOUSE'S INDIAN TONIC does not de-
vi vui utijuuuii anu ii iruusanu wueilcTCt JUU
meet with any of them, (to ascertain the truth,) dont
fail to ask them concerning it. De sure to ask for
HOUSE'S INDIAN TONIC, and as you value your
health, don't be put off with any thing else.
Prepared and sold by Geo. W Hocke, Nashville,
Tenn. Price $1 per bottle. For sale by
6m W M WOOLS EY, Evansville, Ind
Superior to any Purgative now known for expelling
Disease from the Svutm .
This Till rs made of Vegetable substances only, and
is prepared w ith the greatest care, according to the
rules ot Pharmacy.
To all who labor under any lingering or Chronic
disease, they are especially recommended. In Govt.
Y bite Swelling, Fever Sores, Scrofula, and Ner
vous Debility, they never fail to give relief. In
RHEUMATISM, they are the only certain cure ever
ced great and almost imn.edi.it retief-.i i Covered tor this painful disease, as hundreds can
have frequently used it with the same beneficial ef- lest, y.'i ul 6 fnowureJ.OICinS free. om pam and in
fects. I therein, teel no he,it.ce Tn rSmnicnding haT,n.S m frienda
yourCandy as a certain tpecitic for Coushs, Cold!, l?iphZ!$V aa incfuhtf 1,1 Dw- Arno
Hoarsness, Slc. WM YOUNG tio.ns, and diseases of the Womb, and those growing
Cincinnati Aug. 27, 1847. out of it, they are exceedingly valuable. Billious
Indi ' W.M. WOULSEY Airent.EvanvilIe and V 1 ot her evers, are subdued at once, by their
0 - - HiHUV UCllUn lIlMin l TW Ulinla tvctoin -
A ! a .m
dy ot HOWE & CO., and do with confidence cheer-
iiii y rerommenu it to those aUiicted with - Goiitrhs.
Colds, Sec. II.MORSfi.
.Manulacturer nf Pa
. , - " " v.v uuiii., vl iiaiiKTiiiui
Cast Iron Fountains, Fire Engines, &.c.
im-mnau, Aug. ii, iai7, V. S r ANNUM,
rrom 1). Tnttl. Prri.riutrr f i l,nr";t n...i
Messrs. Howe &. Co:
Gentlemen. It is with much satisfaction that 1
no v 25, ft'
i mm
I On vi n rv inn IiIa I 1 " .
..... - , . .. I , y c. a uumk ior several years naa a
irouinernmaiiDyineriverisuuesemi-weeKly. Uaysjeougn. it became worse and worse. At last I
f arrival uncertain. Departs every Vednsdayed large quantities ot blood, had niht sweats
auu iaiiLrvjay. a um uiuii closes now at 4 o Clock
r. m
f Kä llrAit m l i 1 aVm CJllfl U'noAtiU'n !a Ihm am ff aw.
AAV U l I V ä SAAtl Ala It Vila Ai ay lVV W Ua IJUUrj fU 1 'VI V ItUIC, AA 1 JJ iilt TU Ilu3
day, Thursday and Saturday, arriving after night, wrought on me. 1 am now able to walk all over the
aim ueparis ounuay, euuesuay ana r nuay. I a raise no uiooa, and my cou h has left
was erately debilitated and reduced,and did no't ex- by principal Druggists and Merchants Generally thro' ..y tPt'n,, ln ,ac,,,hey impart a vigor and wt r to
rwwit w.-m 1.... II a I . I a a . ' 1 - . I If H I111f 1 AT im if m , a.k . . rm i a . . H ...
OUl llie L niteU StUtefl. West Indira, anil tliPlnnJrm I .jr rut hkiiil;, h 19 iiuw u WMiwiiuii uc
1." . . O I 1 A a iavl a ( - w a - 111
pect to live. I have only used your Sarsaparilla but
ft filiraa lima tan.l I. I n a
- . ...nt. uuu mere nas a wonuenui cnanie been
Closes at o'clock a m. I You can well lmaorin tlmt l m tLnki..i
The Leavenworth mail, a Boonville, RockDort. I results. Your obedient servant.
nl.-w.tr I . I I .1'
for these
Wl.Brstir r. r,.!...- .
1 he annexed certificate tells a simple and truthful
story o sutlenng end relief. There are thousands
ciuuiai loaw ui uns ciiy ana Brooklyn, and yet
Troy, etc., is due at 6 o'clock r x, on Monday and
1 hunday.
Departs at 6 o'clock a x on Thursdayand Satur
day- t
The Southern land mail via Henderson, Ky, Nasn
ville, Tenn; and Shawneetown. Ill; etc, etc, de
parts every Thursday and Saturday at 7 o'clock a
m Returning arrives same days by 6 r x
Tha Mount Vernon mail aia West FianLlin, departs
very Wednesay at a o'clock a m; returns next day
by 4 o'clock p x.
The New Harmony mail ria Tilairsville .departs every
Friday at 8 r M. Returns next day by 4 r x.
The Newark mail arrive at 12 o'clock x, every Sat
urdav. and denarta immediately.
AH letter to go out by the night mails, or tkone that I bottle she recov
it. barlu r. . .rn in.-. . 1 1 1 t 1.. in I. ... II An urallf M I . m . .1 , . l t .. .
v . ...ä m v.iiw I asiuiiiMinieni oi an wuo were ac
et r h, anu ioi an uiuci utuua uuii au uuur ueiurei "ju mm uie CircuniSlunce. che IS I10W OUltf
For Sale bv AI.I.KN C II Al.UV.k'.
Druggist Main. St, Evansville, Ind.
Who is aDnointed bv thn
Agent, with authority to sell at Manufacturer's prices.
ror oaie aiso Dy kiluakd ü. UALLUCK.
Druggist Princeton, Ind.
march 13-d&.w ly
Via 1 1 n 14 a-kt n r tVaaara
The office is open for the üUpatch of business evary
day (except Sunday) frnni 8 a x until sundown.
w hen a mail arrives on Sunday th ofliee will be
opened tor one hour (but not during the usual
kours of public worship in the churches.)
Th rates ol Gold Coin aa per Act of Congress of 131
axing tne value oi tne same, are as lollows :
.United Statea Eagle old emission 10 66
AALLEY'S Magical Pain Extractor.-
"V " ..I mis cny ana DrooKlyn, and yet I "lWB proois mat uaney's .Magical t'ain xtrac-
tbereare thousanda nf nnrontau-I. lo. I...:.-1.:M i- llnr iahoet fnrtiinA in il.o. ....II L' j
loriear otleing humbugged or to save a few phill- monstrating the matchless virtues ol this article.
"X. I innrrrv Kni l'l ion I Lclwr n mminir In na Irnm I n..i I .1. fT:
1 . f ' tul. -.. .w m vrill Uli UI 3 VI UlC CIIJUII
t tne woudertul
burns, rhrunia
ted with general debility and loss of speech, She ,ice9 high character as a standard Medicine,
?M uH B9 pasi recovery by our lamily physi- ana ,rni tne number we select the lollowinji from
nan, out lonunateiy l was recommended by a trieni
trW N.taia a? m. ! 1 I ff I f .
w ujr uui oarsapaniia. lieiore iiavinr used one galley s .iedical niN Extractor. An inven
tion like this truly wonderful article, so full of virtues
should be made known to the universe. Its cure, in
many cases are absolutely beyond belief. For burt,
10 (X)
-5 07
4 4
9 6
4 84
7 70
3 5
England Guinea
4 Sovereign ........ .
" Seven shillinirneace
France Double Louis (belbre 17:MS)
" Luis
" Double Napoleon, or 4U francs
" Nanolenn or 20 franca.. ...... ..
Frankfort oi the Main Ducat 2 27
Hamburg Ducat 2 27
Malta Double Louis 9 27
44 Louis 4tj
Demi Louis 2 33
Mexican Doubloon 15 53
Holland Double Rix Dollar 121
6 01
4 00
32 70
17 30
17 06
16 02
r .
a at
Rix Dollar
Ten Guilder
Portugal Dabraon,--
44 Dobra,
fpain Doubloon, 1772 16 02
44 44 since 1 n 1 15 33
Pistole, 3 öd
Columbia Doubloon 15 33
Dollar specie of sweden and Norway 1 16
Dollar specie of Denmark 1 05
Thaler ot Prussia and Northern states of Ger
mfinv .
Florin ot southern states of Germany'
Florin of Austrian Empire and ot the city of
Lira of the Lombardo Venetian Kingdom and
Franc of France and Delgiuni, and Li vre of Sar
dinia, Ducat of Naples
Ounce of Mcily 2 40
Pound of the Lrituh I rovinces of ova-scotia.
New Brunswick, Newtoundland and Ca-
Fagle coined btfore Jul? 31, 1323
do coined after 123
North Carolina and Cieorgia $5 piecea--
4 00
1 06
1 oo
2 20
2 20
4 75
(itrman Crown 1 w
French do - 100
Fiva Franks VJ
n. I Head, 13
Pistareens.Cros; ,g
Slates. Jimrtoj knUU ng Mat ton
Maine, ; Monday in September;
N'w 1 1 m rehire... -2d 'J'ueadav in Mntrh-
r , . ... ' - --: .
istiuesuay in September
'ma .icinuay tu iiuttimwr;
lit Wednesday in April;
lt Mondav in Anrih
Tu'day alter 1st Mon.in Nov
Tu'day alter 1st Mon.in Nov
-V fit I
za I ucsuay in uctober;
Rhode bland,-Connecticut,-
New York,----New
North Carolina,
South Carolina,--
I Ihm '
'lUVf ------ - -
2d Tuesday in November;
1st Wednesday in Dctober:
3d Thursday in April
1st Thursday in August;
2d Monday in October;
1st Monday in October;
1st Monday in August;
1st Mondav in November.
1st .Monday in November;
1st 1 hursdajr in August;
1st. Mondav in Aumini:
2d Treaday in October;
if t. Monday in August;
Illinois, 1st .Monday IB 4
Missouri, ........ 1st Monday in "
Iowa. 1st Monday in 44
.Michigan, 1st Monday in November;
Arkansas, 1st Monday in October;
Florida, lit Monday in October.
- - mvio IIUW UUIIC
vclland in much better health than she has been ior
Very lew families indeed in fact we have not
heard ofone-that used Dr. Townnd's Sarsaparilla
m time lost any children the past Summerwhile
those that did not sickened and died. The certificate
wenublish below is conclusive evidence of its value,
and is only another instance of its saving the lives ol
Dr. Towxsexd Dear Sir: I had two children cur
ed Ly your Sarsaparilla of the summer complaint and
dysentery; one was only 15 months old and the oth
ers years. They were very much reduced, end iew
expected they would die; they were given up by tw
resectable physicians. When the doctor informed
us that we must lose them; we resolved to try your
arsparilla we had heard so much of, but had little
confidence; there being so muchstutr advertised that
is worthless; but we are very thankful that we did
lor it, unnoubtedly saved the lives of both I write
this that others may be induced to use it
You rs, respect f ul ly, JOI IN WI ISON, Jr.
..ijit.it; avenue, urooK.yn, Cepf. 13, lb 17.
James Cumnnngs, Kq. one of the Assistant in
the Lunatic Asylum, blackwell's Island, is the een
lleman poken of in the following letter
This is only one ol more than four thousand cases
of rheumatism that Dr. Townsend's Sarsaparilla has
cured The most severe and chronic cases are weekly
eradicated by its extraordinary virtues:
I3LACKW ELL's lsi.AVn.Kont If 10 IT
Da. Towwsend: 1 have suffered terribly for nine
years with the rheumatism; considerable of the time
I could not eat, sleep or work; I had the most dis-
iicsj-nii; pains, anu my iimos were terribly swollen.
scalds, sores, swellings, paina in the limbs of all kinds,
cuts, wounds,and in every disease of the body, where
ii van us upueurAiciimuj, n never inns to cure. A
.-inguiar case came unaer our own observation. A
irienu in playing witn a al arp eteel pen, run it into
currence when a man is about to make a great tfort.
to take a dot ot lirandreth's Pills, which clear the
head aud invigorate the perceptive faculties. In fact
the literary and sedentary ofloth sexes will
Fi-vd a Treasure of Health,
in these Pills. When sleep cannot be obtained from
the nervousness of the system induced from over tax
ation of the mental faculties, or other causes, one or
twooftliese Pills will invariably pMducelee,). In low
nervous levers they are most valuable. Spurzheim
and the lamented Harrison would have been saved
had these Pills been used.
Itememlicr then, that energy of mind and body re
sult from Urandreih's Pills; that they are applicable
in all conditions of the body, doing good it good can
le done, and will tie sure never to injure.
No family should lie without them in the house;
because so much depends on the timely application
of proper medicine when sickness commences. Sail
ors, and all other travellers, should never be without
them: thevDreventscurvv. roxi! venera and rum tn.
malignant levers of hot climates. -
When you purchnse otherwise than of Dr. B or bis
agents, be sure and obtain the genuine, and have
none other.
bllANDUETH'S PILL'S are sold,with fulldirec
tions, nt 25 centa per Iwx, at 211 Hudson street, 271
Bowery, Mrs. Got!", 4 Market street, Brooklyn, and
- v v-w j run. m uuu muy a u tl I
en to children troni tendtr mlancy, to advanced age,
lays under no restraint as to cold water, or any kind
oIIiMmI. I'liriroa niilillv BiiluliiiixT r..i-t.i-. .lut...- .1
p-, ;i .u.iw.ll IV.lIf U.DlIOUIIU
expels worms with invariable success, and is easily
administered to children.
1 hat It possesses these vnlnnhlo nrnnonioi i j fo..
lesslv asserted: tili claiinimriho .lii;..rf.l .Jm..,
I ' a "."..ÜB . III .l10
ui uvmy f;iiu liifinanuuiü, anu requiring none ol tne
A irrcat amount of the best evidrncp rnnld 1 10 nAAA
toestablUh the high reputation of this PI EL butthK
tnal and use of a single box, will be worth more to
tne invalid than the combined certificates of tha
whole world. See certificates on the wrappr.
Prepared only by GEO. W. HOUSE. Nashville
Tenn. ror sale by,
nov4 Cm W M W00LSEY, Evansville, Ind.
OUSE'S PILE OINTMENT is a most valuable
sate and certain rum l.r I'lT.V
ftCrSee certificates around th bottlp Prpnnr K
George W House; Nashville, Tenn. Pike SI per
bottle, t or sale by,
, W M WOOLSEY, Evansville, lnd.
o e-. ............. .Uaa, mm iiijuiiiii- uoiivoi uiei mc a ncs is uiurniCU Ol IIS tCrrOrs
drenching which Vorm tea and other supposed Ver-ISv Dr TJpham'S Vegetable Electnarv
mituge demand. Durinn its brilliant cnSr. it haJIl.jr w'"4".s vegeiaoie lCClUary
::U.i"" 7"'C " V" "u" "' run. u.,n,. bvDr. bran,treth
me puiiu in iiiaiiuuu eo mat 11 came out at ine bacfc I i iwr" on r j t
ml ui .,tnM.,i (u. ...... mu : "1 nncipal Ollice, 241 Broadwnv. New
anu nau v ne extracted tnat way. I he poisonous
nature of the ink in the wound, as well as the instru-
meni liseii, causeu. tne nand to swell dreadlully.
Dalley's Pain Extractor was nnDÜed. and th pti
day the swelling had entirely gone down, the pain
bad lett. and the wouml wurnrJ in . 1...
ImjMtrtant CuafionCounterftitg of my Extractor
are unblu.-hirtgly published to the -orld in my name.
Protect yourselt.as you value life, and health, from
luesc ueci'Diions. 1 am. as evprvitrimnut in tho iTn;.
ted fctate knows, the sole inventor and proprietor ol
Dallev's Magical Pain Hiimrt.ir. nn iilir L.;.. l.
ever made or can make a grain of it, for no man liv
ing nas the secret ot the preparation but niys If. The
only genuine lias my written signature on each label,
anu is soiu wnoiesaie and retail at the Generat Depot
208 Broadway, New York; and at the Southren De
pot, 151 IT I ARTH ES street. New Orleas, my only
general Depot lor the South and West.
an 1 r a r n 11 DALLEY.
Allorders For AfTPnriparirr.FPniri PVffa.aaA... .......
. . . , ...r - ' aaaas AJAII 11V IUI , llllll
uvauuicisvu OJ. liniUIU it i;ii.. I"l c i A I
mituge demand. During its brilliant career, it has
been introduced into nmnv l-imilira ul
er known and accessible Vermifuge had been tried
without the least huccps whr it
pelled worms to an almost incredible amount.
Hear w hat the Editor of the Bulletin of the Pacific,
published in Pittsburgh, Pa.) says in reference to the
4'In looking una few advertisements for my small
sheet, Jhe other day, I called in upon Messrs. J. Kidd
.V. Cfi find roma rL- inn il. i 1 .....1 I I 1 . i
.... ........ r.... niut nuuiu irgiou io auverute
any medicine that really was essentially useful, they
lurnihed me with their circular respecting Dr. M'
Lane's Worm Sjiecilic, with the accompanying certif
testes. Feel
o e j" ' . . vi iu cm irB wer
genuine, I took some of the medicine hor.'P lor the use
of my own young family. I gave the lirsf. day a email
icdMioomui loaran. onewas wan-.ookingand black
uu ier ine eyes, fche passe sevr.ral worms, some a.i
urge as a pipe stem, i also gav; a small teastwonfull
ouniuut. a nine, rosy cneeketi nesby boy, hlwut 31
juib um. uui us nia aiomacil was Ivmnaiiou. i.
mw -..it. ....
' I mil. great sensation winch was created among
X the Medical Faculty, and throughout the civili
zed world, by the announcement of Dr L'phanVs Elec
tuary, tor the Cure ot Piles, (a disease that resisted
all former medical treatment,) has settled down int
a thorough confidence, that it is a positive and speedy
curein all cases oi Piles, either Bleeding or Blind. Ex
ternal or Internal, and also for all Diseases of the
Stomach and Bowels, such as
Severe and Habitual Costivencss, Dyspepsia, Liv
er Complaint, Inrlamation of the Spleen, Kidneys,
Bladder, Bowels, and Spine; Ulceration of the lrnes- '
tines; Flow of Blood to the Head, &c; and for the Re
lief of Married Women.
The Symptoms, Cau.e and nature of the Pil&s, to
gether with its conjunctive diseases, will be found in
ihe prmphlets, to be had of all agents and doalcra
grarid. "
I7.VIT1 Ta ST AT a f a von a w w i .
v b.io ptiruiuv as us i VIIIII3IMIUS. a -- - . . r.. a nnaja. vr r ii .
York, and by ',e was pot-bellied, I thought he flight have worms. I ,r ,,r -w '.Kk, Dec.bth. i47. t
-EY. I,e ct,ed alter more, winch I did not see fit to cive him . tt oi a ETCH am: Gentlemen L n
...... . I but ntkin tho niipraii.in l il. n.-v.l:..: . L: ... .1 J I tiersin
- ' ..v.v ...i . um uvi rc in lUglTCIIIIII,
agents Evansville and by one agentin every town or but upon the operation ol this medicine, his mother
village in the United States.
apl 4 in
Ashma, Bronchists, Spitting Blood, Pain in the Side
and Breast, ore Throat, Haorenefs, Palitation
Nervous Tremours, Liver complaint,
Diseased Kidneys, and Allections
generally of the Throat,
Breast and Lnncr.
Of all the diseases incident to our climate there is
none so universal, and at the same time so insidious
and fatal, as Consumption. In this country afjreeial
ly. Pulmonary Consumption is emphatically a scourge
unit in 1 f a rf;ittam ....... I 1 1
. wiv. pnt-ruo wei 1111; 1 7i 1 111 ns a
TRES street New Orleans, only agents lor the South VeetrojrinS Angel, laying low, with relentless hand,
rwl IViul. 0 I lh. tPftnm.el I.!. II!. I . I .
M.UU .rcai I in oiivuni aim lauteiui OUT TBCO.
ana tne neiiibbors wer mmrl-,! . t, n..
; - - - I' ' ... 1 '111. 41c
pasH-u nearly a pint of worms, slmosr II as bir as i
common pipe stem. There was seventy in all. f then
Save SOme to a little Imvnrtlir ' voire -n.l l.
eJ twenty-hve, some tight inches in length. 1 there-
lore ieei ciear to recommend M' Lane's Vermifuge as
a specihe lor worms. It fairly seems death to llieni
n. . , L , ISRAEL REES, Editor.
Pittsburgh Feb. 10th. lsJ7.
J. Kidd & Co. No. GO WikkI Street; Pittsburgh, now
i lie aoie proprietors oi ur. M' Lane's celebrated niedi
eines. All orders must be addressed to them.
. ö N. B. Purchasers wilt please be particular to
inquire lor "Dr iU' Ijmt't A r.Vo. ir..,.- v.
or I'ermifug." J S-
xId V holesale &. Ret.ül bv
n .', Main St., Evansville I n.
By DmggisU and Deabrs generally throughout
United btates. .
JErOnly Agents in Evansville.
,1,ar25-1Jr ALLIS& HOWES.
rpiIE GREAT FLOOD of 1847 will be lon re-
a membered in many wtrts of the WesL The
swollen streams seemed to know no bounds; but ris
ing higher and higher carried dismay to the inhabi-
llltKaorffa alt
o - - . vv v Ma a uvv A Allir. I KJ iXA I
enorts to arrest tnis dread disease have proved vain.
iuiu au mat seemeo witnin our power was at best al
leviation of sulfering, rendering somewhat smoother
the certain progress to the tomb
The proprietor, in offering this preparation to the
nublic. would rmlirncn tl . ktalVaart rt f a t-a etnas . .v.
what grounds it puts torth ita merits; and the reasons
...L'.L ! a a". I !m a I
ufjuu uuu ü luunus us superior claims to the alten-
I.... Aä"aU. All" 1 .1 m -II I
uvjii ui i lie niiiicitxi. mm mi u nrt rpninrti ita uao ma.
iviui v aa7v moj
rrjMi iuii coniKR-nce in us curative powers. ince
That Dr.Town iVsn "",.7:.!. ouU it be if the sad conseouenc
remedy for female complaints he e is no deputing JW-ll ,?r I ,he,wa,cr9 But no!
ihousanda and th.n...n.l. r -J.-w ! "i "'."A ÖT.1.'1? re,,reinS wayes lett vast alluvial depoitcs.
females that were prostrated bv th7 AnLZ .WW1.n.f :'tw tao.nlh9 .fT S"ol that deleterious
which lemales are st.bject were x,n in Ä qZ,.r TÄ ,
nent ol robust health. IV tw i ORaJSon IÖ.WJ1 L:,7 V' ... -r, . t,u.s" on mis
r .. . ' viiiii iiiiswrr: A lie cause Ul III iniimlsraniTont.nl
has its principal source in halfdried margins ol rivers.''
u msiory anu experience proves this theory. W hen
----- j inauuf vi azrirt?Ill
auura. at a time when tlu rivr t :nn.titifi hni
dry alter a llod, remittent and intermittent levers
iiuuia wuniunn uesirucuve tualiir-
nilV lh.tlkiui.mani..li I : . ' . O
uim im vuiiit iiijijii wing trAiirpaieu.
Let the following speak for itself.
"I have Used'l'HOVPSON.' O iVPiirm S-if" o T. -
..-..v.....i,i VE MAT
&. ot'D aphtha, lor some time in my practice,and
I rom the rituburg Gazette.
I HE past summer (1S47) has been a very remarka
Ä. ble one. Frenuent nnrHmmmin .m......i i...
intense and Ionr rnntimif d boat ua th mot
. n .... . ., . . iu mi. v uvvi ah 1. 1
nrst place, to promote a rapid growth of succulent
nu in me second to produce a rapid de-
vegetaoie matter, giving rise to much
reading sickness, disease and death.
uau nereioiore been remarkable for
J "
edibly informed, that whole meadows,
: irrnt-s was unnannllv hw ..n.i ...
I . -, 'J ... .. . , lUlllU U
uie grounu ana was not ht to be cut. In Indiana and
rstandingthal yon are the (ienernl Agents for tha
i ..i lJl,'an,'8 "ble Electuary, for the cure
ot the 1 iles. 1 have deemed it mv dutv in wninm.
a recommendation in Uhallof that invaluable medi
cine. 1 have been ntilicted for many years with the
Piles, and have tried various remedies, but with no
ellects. Indeed, 1 began to consider my case hopeless.
But about the first of September last, 1 was prevailed
upon by a triend to make a trial of the above named
medicine; 1 took his advice, and rejoice to ay that I
am not only relieved, but, as 1 believe, perfectly cur
ed. I most earnestly recommend it to all who may
have the misfortune to be afflicted with that annoy
ing and dangerous disease.
Very respectfully, Yonr ob't servant,
, ; Niw York, Nov. 2, 1817.
MesT$ II yitt (J- Iutrham: Gentlemen I a in con
strained to give you a statement of the benefit . 1 de
rived from using Dr L'nham's Electuary, in a case of
Piles, by so doing, I shall render a benefit to those
who are sulfering from that troublesome diseaes.
was reduced for several years by the Piles so much
tliflt it U'a u-itri liR...l.. f..- . . It. .
...v. w. uo tu gitut ii.iivuii jr ivi me iu wbi& ur at
tend to my business. I also suffered from other dis
eases, which were extremely troublesome, and which
I am pleased to say two boxes of the Electuary en
tirely removed; and that my health is better now
tnan it nas been tor many years. It has done me
and my family since more good, and with leas ex
pense, than the physicians to whom 1 have applied,
or medicine 1 have used.
I remain, still in perlect health, Your ob't serr't.
280 Spring street, cor Renwick.
,r t T- w York, Nov. 15, 18 47. .
31r II mit $- AcA. Of ntlemen I co naid.
I er it a dutv which 1 not onlv owa tn vnn. km .
. . . i.: rn r i . '
" utinga, iu aueaa in praise oi Ul upnama r.lec-
t.iM.M . I . . t : 1 l.i i i ...
Illinois, thesickness was so Pener.1. thnt .no " 1 ' , JLICI? .V" f VU 9
l ... v no. lumi, a iiiquiuiic wuiiu i u uit nu MVM m Ii to
., and restored me to full health. For several years f
Du. Tüwxsrxir. M wif Ki. r.i.ili !.o. . i "
very sick, and tn a greatly reduced state of health U'-
mgreduceil by a variety of complainta such as fe
malesarR liable In: ah wit mi hml . i l.nra..i. i. -. . i .
e , . .v.. gin uiai Mic
was entirely unable lo walk, and was as helpless as
a child, the commenced using your Sarai pari I In. and
he imtiieiliatel v ln-irtn tn rro.in 1... . l. i
7 i Biic-iim, ner
complaint kit her, and after taking several bottles
ne w resiorea. wing a singular case I hare thought
it mirht do ?ood to nublish it. sh n! . n..n.r.
,7 D, , , , ii uii: in. i
ol remedies that done her no good previously.
i ours, repecuuiiy, JUU.N iMULLKN,
T 7Narfolkst.
i" auk l.auii;n.
Dr. Townse.nu's Saksaparim A i aiw: ....1
speedy cure lor incipient consumption, and for the
general prostration ot the system no matter whether
me reuu oi innerem cause or causes, produced by ir
nary organs, existed. The rapidity with which it
acta is greatly in ita favor where dyspucea or oppres
sion exists, w hen is mediately relieved by it."
4,In Pulmonary Consumption it can be used with
ronlUence, Iwing applicable to every form of that
TU ('lL I-" i i , disease, and l consider it a medicine wel worthy the
Infi trappnnpr(T I .nmnnnv ikun.l.ui ........... t. I . .. . . . . . .
call the attention of ,h WeTio the'ir liÄÄiKTf"-
trao.xlinary and celebrated series ol Anti-Uillious AVnlelVr i 'i ih .JJ:.CIIAM-tRt M-u-
.Aledicines. In everv locality über tl. ;-il... I -im t. i- V '
pn,v t. 'r "Vi r"' - "e "Oven euicines pre
.j iuiu uing i
Migniesi tendency to any lorm ot Fever. Fever ami
Ague, Dumb Ague and the like, the inhabitants
should at once send to the General Agent of the dis
trict and have a Oraefenberg Depot established near
them U p tliia il,.i .!.' f i
I i i ii , in im uiaeieiioerg ereta-
ble I ills and Health Iii tiers used according to direc
tions, mere would he no tear ot billious diseaees.
Nothing can he more aumridinrr Vin
... ;i mail iia i it r irn.
ting etfecM on the human fiame. Persons all weak
ness and lassitude, from taking it at once become ro-
bust and full of enprirv tindpr ita inrl.. t. -
. lt immr-
diately counteracts the nervelessness of the female
frame, which is the great cause of barrenness.
It will not Ire expected of us, in cases of so delicate
a nature, to exhibit certificates of cures performed, but
we can assure the atHicted that hundreds of cn.
have been reported tous.
Dlt ToWN.VlVrV Mv U-i fa tvoinr rvo.lt.. Jl-i I
- feiiour uijucs-'eu
by weakness and general debility, and sutjerincr con
tinually by pain and with other diliiculties, anJhav
ing known ca.es where your medicine has ellected
Sicoiiuir? nnu nifwj Hearing recouimeiuietl lor such
cases as I have described, lobtaincd a bottle olvour
La . - r 4 ! I 1 1 r II a .
tAirac uiarvaparjua ana ionowetl tlie Uirectiuns
in a nort penoU a removed her com
fl A at a - ar
,'lmnnH.r.. m m.kll'r'.-iY.,'.. UlU LUf 1 lib.
people ol the West, that thefollownifstcDssdould b inO BAGS "m? !? C".11. P44i
I immn .1. . t. - I wr v
not enough well nersons to nn,l i.... ik.
. - . . . .in,) . i iv. rn.A.iniiu icriuicu Illc III 1 U 11 li
haveund it the mostetlicient remedy 1' have ever 'rernS with Dyspasia
useu in vonsumptive cat, Uuronic Catarrh, etc Uuflerin nii.rht hnvp i6ü -"u "MY"? ai uwnrraiigeiiieni oi tne system. 1 eni-
when great irritability, with weakness of the pulmo- iu JS1 öS Land . nSmK1, fan" Piyed , tti rent, P'O'sicSins, wiih no good result, and
nary organs, existed The rapidity with wfich it eLotÄ more for me.
tion to quinine, (which 13 m such general use as to called to mind the benelns tint a nephew of mine in
need no comment wo L-nnl.l i.nl.. ... I m i. i 1 i .... . .. .
lan.ilv tokee n r,, , , . ' 7 ui Ko every i miaueipina tUenjaman I'ercivat) bad derived in a
vffmrTl rn,0re bo" vere caeeol chronic dyaeniery. by your medicine
Thii k8, r that I purchased a box, whichto wy surprise, alter
sife SofefiTtf "5S""! 5?k!? 5 fcw.doses, I received JSÄ reliefand lhank
cÄil'1? prnnate fr r ,iceh" W v3E. m. Sarah tTmBT
complaints, for years before he thought of ollerins 142 t, rVt
fbthi Pifi CPU VI,C Sufhihoweverf was the success NoricE-The genuine Upham's ElecSSSi hZ bia
ifi fh1 1 ,k' and. .ff, be number of persons beu- written signature, thus (fcr A. Upham AT) f The
efited I by them that the making ot the quantity renui- hand is & done with XMcVRitox.
fere tJ UwZ r a Äale a"d W YATTTCII
K-UUIICU Ul niäCIlU Ul m.mMm 1JI f I I I I Cht. A f Tmm f IM V 1 ä.. I W.1 P
. . - I w va 7a a m 1 M. OlIU L V - ' w
i lirprtnrrwt nnlv wr A w .
- - V- -, t " vi j . . i r. i
Ac Dickso.V. at i h corner ol Fifth ami Snrnn Minu,.
i'liilaihlithia: Sold bv f! ItKI.I. l .,..w. :i
-I j . m-.m-.m-. . .UOI Ulf,
and respectable drutrgits generally.
1 1 ice w cents or 1 per bouie; tieware of interven
tion. nov4. 1S17
v w
jan 25-'4a
immediatelv tnken-
1st. Every neighborhood should have ita Graefen
berg Depot.
IJy addressing the General Agent of any district
this can bt Secured. ti
2d. FainilicBhoiildriiifi tnTPibornr.4 .n :
- -w.... MllVil-t. UlllllJIllt.-
il I n t.. ciini.li.
Jd. Elillifrant Societiea ' and nthnr nb
btxlies shnuld tnrnili tlictn tr ilmn.!
- ........ ... ... v. tuoiimj,
ly such means bilious diseases will be entirely pre
v ill VA.
mar 9-tf
steamer "Cincinnati" and for sale bv
11 EM EN T &. VIELE.
ITTINER'S Canadian Vermifuge The best
It remedy ever vet Hinverpil f..r nil Lin.i. i
WORMS. It not only destroys Worms and invigo
rates lUo whole system, but it dissolves and carries'ofT
--. -- ---- ' . " - niuu IV. VA. xo. W OOU
oireei, ritisourg, ra. to prepare and vend them,
where the genuine may be urocured at all times and
in any reasonable quantity.
i nese t ills are not recommended as a panacea for
an ine ills that flesh is h ir to," but in all allections
ol the Liver and in alt bilious comnlninto thov mt.A
without a rival. All u h, hnvpv
" a- a. a U471.VA. tllVUli kLl C I
thAm lUfl mm.C I - I 11 ii a I
- . for Evansville, Ind.
..v.o. j ' . i ui3i.es uimcnrrios on "ieni me preterence overaJ other Fills, and cannot be
lilanthropit 4e superabundant slime or mucus, so prevalent in persuaded to exchange those which they find experi
, nrpPK he stomach and bowels of children, more especially ence to bew,7c,w, and JectualM any otherfeven
iürtly pre- tho 1,1 hea,lh- 1,he mucus toTms the or thoh they may f Wor so d ras Uc as to
inentlv adaotrd to thedieaiapaii ir 1A ll l" ti llinM ..A .A
coniuiendeib anil pnn.iai f,f id. f..!t.. :
The Uracfeuberg Eye Lotion, the Children's Fana
cea, the (Jreen Mountain Ointment, the Consumo-
live 'a It.ilm trio llvuiniiin.C.,...
Iineuenerai Agent tor Indiana is Myrus Sea-
nPSt in Wl.lCh Würms nrntllir thir von nrr mnA Ita a- I rrra itKaivvk Ka K.ti m I ATT f . . . -
movein?it,itisimpoiib.efo;wo TrTnnjt. A . i,V j iÄ'j!! FSi".
. . . I .1 . a . . . . r --..v..... u. VVJ IF. IK111- I . -S " M V UUIU V VUV uw tue HU HTinPT.
rrt in . . ... . . i i .. . . . . ,
Tl. .1 r.l . r.
-a ire uuier .ueuicines oi tne company are most em-1 1 i ?. I V U- " . "r"a, "e i lepareu ior me proprietor by J. KIDD &. Co wheln-
- l i . l f .I . . . ' BUU ". iiu"gisi, ao.w vvooaMreet, nttsbureh.Pe to
the health of the patients s always improved by it. whom alforders Irom a distance must U dfrected
u.. etcn when no worms am Hiaortvprnrl- thm ....j; Ka . a . . 31 ue uireciea.
vou crave m
plaints and restored her to health. DeinsrErau-fuIfor in Tr r ?enl fr l,u,ia"a 19 M7
theUnetits she received, I take pleasure in thus r!c- l?v7 l Whom ,pfcI"V. ff 'iUay ndJres
knowledginü it, and recomritendins it to the nublir t- , ,fcUVV A.u.lAliAK 1 ü:v cretary.
iuw i ora, January, ijhs.
V.u. M. WÜ0I.SEV, Agent
use. even when no worms are diovered: th T So .1 1 k"" "I a"'.?'!"?3 ",U34 airected.
rinft Leina oalatable. no child will refu. tn tataT. thrV:,,;i,n.,V.iTr iChl' i?" ruS5lsU
... - -v iv, ms ciaiesanatyanaaa.
CCrFrepared by JOHN WINER & CO., No. 83
Maiden Lane, New York. Jold wholesale and re-
had better call and have it attended to, as he does
I A . . T a a
not expect to remain in evansville much longer
mar - - ED WD GlilFl-fril,
anowledsnn!! it, and recomrirrndins it to the nublic
M. D.MOORE, cor. of Grand and Lydiussts.
Albany, Aug. 17, ld4 1. . . '
tail, by J. WKIG11T, General Agent for the South
ana v est, ioi vuartres street, iv
OrÖnly Agents in Evansville,
.a m w
ew Orleans.
for Evansville.
. -. . -w-w M wiiu VUIIUUB.
A- li- 1 Urchasers will Dleane tw nrl!rnlr.n.l
inquire tor "Ur.. JlIT,. r .. ,, -i
I.. ... , . - . aa iiierearei
other I ills purporting to b. "Liver Fills,4 now before
uie imune. v dee2-2.w v
fcold W holesale k Retail by '
Jlain st. Evansville, Ind.
BBLS No 1, instoreand for sal by
ian q- C. BELL.
"I ; FLAT BOAT 80 feet long, will be sold cheap by
is r
i 1
1 i
i r
f v
i ....
a. " A.

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