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E.VOUSD Tuk Pxosrr.cT. Amid all the revolu
tion which have swept the European nation?, sayt
the North American, one remarkable feature has
tcn presented as the forerunner of each that is, the
Extraordinary infatuation of the governments and rul
iag classes against which they have teen directed.
There docs not seem, in any case, to have been a
Iropcr appreciation of the peril, or the slightest sus
l icion that the popular movement meant, and was to
I revolution . The kings and the princes, good soul,
shook their head, and smiled or scowled, as the case
might be. and then went satisfied to bed to wake,
next mominz. thronelessor Dowerie. exiles in for
urn countries, or prisoners on uarole at home, the in I
voluntary instruments and servants of their people.
This infatuation, at the latest dates, prevailed in an
extraordinary degree in the British Parliament, where
honorable members, Fitting on the thin hell of a vol
cano about to explode, contented themselves with
laughing and pooh-poohing, in the most genteel man
ner possible, at every suggestion and warning ofdan
ger. Three hundreJ thousand chartists or republi
cans were to hold their monster meeting within a
few days.the minister had declared the meeting should
be suppresed, and the chartists had sternly avowed
they would hold it notwithstanding, and repel force
by force. Was there nothing terrific in the prospect
of collision f It appears not. When Feargus O'Con
nor hinted that the ministerial determination to pre
vent the meeting would "take the people by surprise,'
the M. Pa cried "ohr and laughed; and when 1 e
said the chartist petition was signed by five or fix
millions of citizens, they cried oh, oh!" and laugh
ed again.
There is, manifestly, an ominous stale of things
listing in Great Britain; and the retreat of the Queen
to the Isle of Wight is a circumstan?e, perhaps preg
nant with meaning. We have always believed that
the aristocracy of Europe must sooner or later fall.
Cobdcn's New League would have ensured the result,
by a pacific agitation. If a revolution burst out, it
must be a fierce and bloody one. The British aristo
cracy m not like the worn out continental aristocra
cies. It has a strong plebian infusion, and wide p'e
bian alliances. It is full of strength and vigor, and
will never yield wi hout a struggle; it will die game.
It is threatened both by England and Ireland; but it
seems confident of its own resources; and perhaps
pride and infatuation combine together to keep it in
thp facetious mood which it exhibits in Parliament on
the eve of a great day of danger.
The following is a translation of the Marseilles
Hymn, originally written during the old French Rev
olution of 1789, and which his ever since been the
rallying song of the French Republicans. It was
tung through the streets of Pari, during the last ex-
i:ement,with the liveliest enthusiasm:
Ye sons" of France awake to glory,
Hark, hark what myriads bid you rise,
Your-children, wives, and grandsires hoary;
Behold their tears and hear their cried.
Shall liateful tyrants, mischief b reeling.
With hireling hosts, a ruffian band;
Affright and desolate the laud.
While peace and liberty lie bleeding!
To atms! to arms! ye brave.
The avenging sword unsheath, -March
on! March on! all hearts resolved
On liberty or death! ...-
Now, now the dangerous storm is rolling.
Which treach'rous Kings confederate rnisc;
The dogs of war let loose are howling,
And lo! our fields and cities blaze.
And shall we basely view the ruin.
While 1 awless force with guilty stride
Spreads desolation far and wide.
With crime and blood hi hands embruingf
To arm!
With luxury and pride surrounded.
The vile insatiate de-pots dare
Their thirst of gold and power unbounded.
To mete and vend the light and air
Like beasts of burden would they load us
like tyrants bid their slaves adore;
But man is man, and who is more?
Nor hall they longer lash and goad us.
To arm!
O'. liberty! can man resign theef
Once having felt thy gen'röus flame;
Can dungeons, bolts and bars confine thee.
Or whips thy noble spirit tame?
Too long the world has wept bew ailing
That falsehood's dagger tyrants wield;
But freedom is our sword and shield,
. And all th ir arts arc unavailing.
To arms!
Married. At Vineenncs, on Sunday evening last,
LytheReT. S. D. Alexander, Geo. W. Rathbo.ve,
Esqr., Cashier of the Branch Bank in this City, to
Kate, eldest daughter of Dr. Hiram Decker, of the
ifbnner place.
New Orleans April 23.
Ftccx. About 1500 bbls. were sold at prices
ranging from $3 00 for common to f 1 50 for choice.
Oralv. The sales of Corn to-day are as follows:
C00 sacks yellow at 29c.; 1500 do. mixed and white
at 25c; 1200 do. mixed at 30c.; 500 do. damaged at
22c; 500 do. mixed at 2Gc- 00 do at 25; and 600 do.
yillow at 26c r buhel. There are large lots offer
irr, and prices are tending dowdwards. Of Wheat,
250 bbls sold at 90c; and 95 do ' at 80c P bu-diel. Of
Oats,'330 sacks sold at 2Cc.: 2600 bushels in bulk at
and 3000 bushels also in bul.Tat 21c. 9 bushel.
PrJ)viio.t9. The Provision market continues qui
et. The sales ot Pork to-day are 100 bbls. Mess at
10; C3 do. at 8 121; 100 do for prime, at 6 75; and
535 bbls Mess, under certain conditions, which make
the rate cqy to $8 00 bbl. Of Bacon,' 30 casks
Shoulders sold at 2;; and 20 do. Sides at 4c P &. No
sales of Beef. Of Lard, 25 bbls eold at 41; 20 half do.
At 5; 4C0kcgat G: 300 do at 51; and 465 do, also at
31c 9 ft.
ComT 200 bags of the cargo lately received from
Rio sold to-day at 7c; and about 1500 bags sold yes
terday aLx at 7c ? lb.
WuiKir- Small sales of whiskey at lC&lGlc.
Cincinnati, May 2, 6 r. m
The river at this point has raided 6 inches during
the last twenty-four hours. There was a very heavy
tea vy rain here last night.
Cincinnati, May 2, 6 P. M.
FtoLR 100 bbb Flour sold at $4 12k.
Grain -In the Grain market but little is doinp-,
and there is no change- whatever in price.
Whiskev1 notice transactions to the- extent cf
f-f.O bbls at 15c per gallon.
GcoULivs-Mola&scs at 26c. Prime Coffte has
iwndipc'ed of in moderate quantities at 717-.
BcTTtx- .Hood Wetrn Butter sold st 1 1c.
Another Letter from Gen. Scott Ills
Charges against the War Department.
The Philadelphia News publishes a three
column letter from Geueral Scott to the War
Department, in which he enumerates all the
various causes of complaint be has had from
the time he left Washington to the period of
his suspension from the command of the army.
We, however, have only room for a few ex
tracts: Mexico Feb. 21th, 184S.
Sir On the ISth instant, I received your
two letters of the 13th ultimo, and immediate
ly issued the general order No 59 a copy en
closed devolving the command of the arm in
Mexico upon Maj. Gen. Butler.
As the officers detailed for the court of in
quiry, before which I am ordered to appear as
a criminal, are not known to have arrived in
the country, I avail myself of a moment's leis
ure to recall ome of "the neglects, disappoint
ments, injuries and rebukes, w hich have been
inflicted upon ne by the War Department
since my departu: from Washington, Novem
ber 23d, 1S16.
To me the business of recrimination, how
ever provoked, has ever been painful. In this
summary, I shall, therefore, indulge in no wan
tonness of language, but confine myself to na
ked historical facts, leaving conclusions to men
of sense and candor.
Early in the following January, I asked that
a general court martial might be appointed, on
the part of the President, for the trial of two
officers, (named by me) for conduct each had
committed that endangered, in a high degree,
the success of the impending campaign, and 1
specially referred to the anomalous and fatal
act of Congress, (May 29, 1830,) which prohib
ited me, as the "accuser or prosecutor," from
ordering the court for the trial of the cases.
M application has never been noticed. This
neglect, alone, ought early to have admonished
me thai 1 had no hope of support at Washing
ton, in any attempt I might make (against cer
tain officers,) to maintain necessary discip
line in the army I was about to lead into the
Here follows an enumeration of the various
disappointments in respect to transports, seige
trains, and ordnance stores, he had experi
enced. He then alludes to the ten regiment
bill; which was passed February 11, 18-17, and
"My distress mar be conceived, by any sol
dier, on learning at Jala pa, April, 27, that the
wnoieoi tnat lorce had been sent, under Brig
adier General Cadwallader, to the Rio Grande
It is not extravagant to say that, if Brigadier
General Cadwalader's forces had not been di
rected by me to the Rio Grande, where he was
made to lose, without any benefit to Major
Gen. Taylor, much precious timf, I might have
easily taken this city in the month of June,
and at one-fifth of the loss sustained in August
and September. The enemy availed himself
of my forced delay, at Puebla, to collect, to
rible, to organize and discipline, his forces, as
lso, to erect numerous and powerful defences
with batteries. arly all those extraordinary
preparations for our reception were made after
the middle of June. And it is known that the
news of the victory of Buena Vista reached
Washington in tune to countermand Cadwalla-
ler s orders for the Rio Grande, before his de
parture from New Orleans, Two rifle compa
nies with him; received the countermand there,
and joined me early.
the letter then proceeds to quote from sev
eral despatches to the War DeDartment. in
which, he complained bitterlv of the treatment
he had received, which, he adds, were sent off
by the same coaveya nee with my despatch No.
30, and the charges against Brevet Mai. Gen.
..uim.iHoiui vicurrai riuuw.ariii lire v. lieui
Col. Duncan, together with the appeal against
r .L . r 1 c.
me vi me iormer. All tnese are acknowled
ged by the Department in the same leter, dat
ed Jan. 13, that recalls me.
It was that budget of papers that caused the
blow of power, so Ions suspended, to fall on a
devoted head. The three arrested officers, and
he who had endeavored to enforce a necessary
discipline against ihem, are all to be placed
iugr wer oe iore tne same court. A he innocent
and the guilty, the accuser and the accused, the
juuge anu nis prisoners, are all dealt with a
iic. .tue i impartial justice: iui mere is a
discrimination, with a vengeance! While the
parties are on trialif the appealer is to bi
tried at all, which seems to be doubtful two
are restored to their corps one of them to his
brevet rank audi am deprived of my com
mands, i ne re can dc but one step more in
me same air.-ction: tnrow the rules and arti
cles of war into the fire, and leave all ranks in
the army free to engage in denunciations and a
general scramble for precedence, authority and
executive favors. The pronunciamento on the
part of my factious juuiors, is most trium
My recall under the circumstances a severe
punishment Utfort trial but to be followed bv
a trial here; that may run into the autumn
and on matters lam but partially permitted to
know by the department and my accusers, is
1 1 a
very ingeniously piaceu on two grounus. i . iiy
own request, meaning that of June 4, (quoted
above, and was no other befo the department)
which had been previously (July 12) acknowl-
eugeü anu reouRinsir declined, z. ine ar
a a a a i . mt
rest of lire vet Major General Worth lor writ
mg to the department "under the pretext and
form of an appeal, an opn letter, to be sen
through me, in which I was gross and falsely
accused of "malice" and "conduct unbecoming
an officer and a gentleman, in the matter
the general order, ro. 349, ou the suDject o
puffing letters for the new papers at home.
Un that second point, the letter irorn the tie
payment, of January 13, is more than ingeqi
ous it is elaborate, subtle and. profound
professional dissection, with the rare method
of eachins principles until now wholly un
t . i
mown to military codes anu treatises, anu o
course U all soldiers, however great their expe
nence in tne Held.
1 have not in this place, time to do more
man mm at tne fatal consequence of the nove
doctrine in question. According to the De
partment, any factious iunior. mar. at his plea
sure, in the midst of the enemy using "the
pretext and form of an appeal" against hiscom
mandcr, insult and outrage him to the greatest
extent though he be the General-in-Chief, and
iiiargpu wun tne conduct or the most critica
operations: and that commander mar not ar
resi me incipient mutineer, until he snail have
I . : .i .1 i .
uifc laiuuown msown authority and submi
ted himulf to a trial, or wait at least, until
distant period of leisure for a judicial exatnina
tionolthe anneal! And this i nrrip1r th
case under consideration. The Department
in its eagerness to condemn me, could not take
lime to Team of the experienced, that the Gen.
eral-in-chief who once submits to an outrage
lrjra a junior, must lay nis account to suite
the like from all the vicious under him a
Ieat down to a rank that may be supposed
without influence, in high quarters, htyort the
i . aa
army. Uut this wouiü not oe me wnoiertis
chief to the public. Even the great mas of
the spirited, intelligent and well -a flee ted.
among his brothers in ams, would soon ie luce
such commander to utter imbecility, by hold-
nz him in just scorn and contempt for his r
creancy to himscll and country. And are fc-
cipline ami efficiency of no value in the field.
liut it was not my request ol June 4, nor re
port No. 30, (of July 25,) so largely quoted
from above; nor yet the appeal of one pronun
dado that has at length brought down upon
me this visitation, so clearly predicted, that
appeal no doubt had its merits considering it
came from an erratic brother a deserter from
the other extreme who having first made 1m
peace with the true faith, was bound to signa-
izeapostacy by acceptable denunciations tl
one from whom, up to Vera Cruz, he had pro
essed and not without cause. the highest ol
izations. lit was there he learned from n e
that I was doomed at Washington, and straight
way the apostate began to seek, through a quar
rel, the means of turning that knowledge to
his own benefit. No. There was Irecentlyi
still another element associated in ;he work
kept as far as practicable out of the letter cf
recall an influence proceeding from the other
arrested General who is quite willing that ii
should generally be understood"(and who shall
gainsay his significant acquiescence;) that all
e wards and punishments in this army were,
rom the first, to follow his recommendations.
This, the most powerful of the proauneiado
against No. 319, well knew, at the time, as 1
soon knew that he was justly obnoxious not
only to the animadversions of that order, but
. a a
to other censures ol yet a much graver cna
In respcet to this General, the letter of reca'l
observes, parenthetically; but with an acumen
worthy ol more man a -nasty notice, mat
some of my specifications of his misconduct
re hardly consistent with "your I my oracial
reports and communications.
ng for the trials, I will here briefly stale, that,
unfortunately, 1 followed that General's own
reports, writteu and oral that my conficence,
ent him, in advance, had been but very slight
y shaken. as early as the first week in October
that up to that time, from our entrance into
this city, 1 had been at the desk, shut out from
personal intercourse with my brother officers.
nd that it was not till after that confinement,
that facts, conduct, and motives, began to pour
in upon me.
A word as to the Dth article ol war. lean
ruly y that, in thisand other communications
have not designed the slightest disrespect to
the Commander-in-chief of the Army and Na
uy of ihi United States. No doubt he, like
myself and all others, may fall into mistak.s
as lo particular men; and 1 cannot, having my
self been behind the curtain, admit the legal
fiction that all acts of the Secretary are the
acts of the President. Yet, in my defensive
statements, I have offered no wanton discour
tesy to thehead of the War Department, al-
mougn wiai luuciiunarr 1 noi iu uie lerauu
eration of the above mentioned article.
Closing my correspondence with the Depart
ment until after the approaching trial,
1 have the honor to remain,
Your most ob't sv't,
The Hon. Secretary of War, Washington, D. C.
New Orlenns
New Orleans
New Orleans
-St. Louis
New Orleans
...St. Louis"
... New Orleans
New Oilean,
St. Louis
St. Louis,
' .Pittsburgh,
... Pittsburgh,
.Green Kivr
tobt, r ulton,--
tin Grande,--
.ad y Madison
Maj. liirbour,
t--Aa HIANkrUL. tor past liberal puironae,
would respectfully inform the citizens of Kvansville
and vicinity, that he hns just received his new and
nptendid stock of Jewelry, Watches; and Clocks,
whit h he will sell atrr:ular Cincinnati prices. 1ns
stock consists in part ot;
r ineLiul 1 ana tnljer Ievcr Watches;
A splendiJ assortment newest style ladirs Coral
Earing, Fingfrrins &c.;
Gold Guard and Fob Chain;
Miniature cases, and Iock.ets;
Fine Mourning Pins, Bracelet Clasps;
Guard Keys, Collar Buttons, and Studs;
A large selection of Gold Pencils with and without
A large lot of Davley's best Gold Pens with and
without holdersj
Silver Tables and Tea Spoons;
Silver Thimbles;
Every description of Steel Trimmings;
Steel Beads and Purse Silks;
Fine Fans,. Accordions;
Solar Suspending and Parlor Lamps;
Girandoles fee.
Every description Silver and common Spectacler;
rine pocket Knives &.C.;
B tew Fine French Mantle Clocks;
to which he would call the attention of those wish
ing to purchase. Ladies are invited to call and ex
amine lor themselves. J. L. Bl l I KOLr r ,
tip 13 Main Street between First and Second.
Fit JESU A It It I V A JL S .
"I U.ST received by steamers Alex Scott, Empire,
J Cincinnati, &e :
100 bags Kio Coffee,
10 " Old Gov't Java;
10 hhds New Orleans Sugar;
23 brU Purified do;
12 Loif and Powdered do;
50 44 Plantation Molasses;
CO 44 and half brls Sugar-House do;
5 tierces K ice; .
120 half and qur box Kaisin;
1 cask Zantc Currants;
75 drums Smyrna Figs;
10 boxes Iiemon Syrup:
10 44 4'St. Julian'4 Clarret Wine;
10 4 Sperm Candles;
50 44 No 1, Boston Soap;
H 44 4Collin.V Hartford" Axes:
10 iir casks No 1 Family Mackerel:
4 blas iN'os l and - ao au;
23 44 44 2 nnd 3 do
5packsgei Codfish;
I J erring;
50 bags Table Salt;
5 44 Pepper;
3 44 St.ice;
40 boxes Virginia Tobacco;
2 balro Cot ion;
lOOOOunnv Uag?;
1500 telect Cork:
13 bbls Tar and Rosin;
5 Ttmner'a Oil;
Lampblack, Alum, Copperas;
Madder, Indigo, Spanish Brown:
Yen. Red, Reil l,cad, Larthage, Whiting;
Sulphur, Roll Brimstone;
V.n. Salt. Salaeratus. i.e.. SlC.
Which added to my former Block, and late arrivals
from Cincinnati and Pittsburz. makes ray assort
ment very general and well adopted to the interior
trado, and are ottered to merchants and otucrs 41 a
vurv small advance for each.
Thankful for pastfaror I solicito call from my
friends and the public, at the corner of Main and Firet
treet" mar25 M. W IVSTriK,
would invite attention of the trade
Spring and Summer Foreign and Domestic Dry Goods,
ITrillCH we aredaily receiving from the Enstern Markets, Manufacturers, &e. Our stock has been st-
V lected with irreat rare and at extremely low rates, under the most favorable circumstances, (with the
CASH with an especial view to the pitronaje of the Evansville Trade, and as we have adopted the motto
of "LARGE SALES AND SMALL PROFITS," we have no hesitation in pledging our lvea to City and
Countiy Merchants, Dealers, Traders, &c who will be kind enough to call and -eeus, not only to le able
t. phase yon in etyle, extent, an J variety of Gols, but also TO OFFER YOU SUCH BARGAINS AS
Cr You are particularly requested on visiting our City to call and obtain p:iee.i beljre purclias.ng.
"Call at the "EXPR FS STOR E," corner of Main and Water Street.
QfU PS. newest Spiing and Summer styles ol
UU Orange, liltics, and Fancy Prints, now
now on hand and rwriving daily; some of them very
beautiful, and well adapted to the city trade; which
we offer at a small udvance on Eastern coüt, at the
Express Store. E. & W LEWIS,
ap 13 corner M ain and Water street.
Ct?t IS. American and Imported Oinahams;
rtJJ 2UO pieces assorted qualities and styles of
Lawn, Utr sale very cheap at the Express More, ,
II & W. LEW 13,
-m 1 vir . a
ap 1J corner 01 iain ana v a;creireei.
1 (11 BALES assorted brands vi .Muzins Irom I
-Lvlvf liht to 37 inch heavy.
Alfo, To bales Oncbcrgs;
10 do Ticking;
5 do Drills;
8 do Blue Drill;
6 case Bleached Muslins.
For snla low, wholesale or retail at the Express
Store, corner of Main and Water street,
ap 13 E. &. W. LEWIS.
PC Ofl F1ECES Pant Stuns, tniaday received, ccn
0"i"S in part, Cottonades,Cam!eU, Checks
tambrons, iVc, also a few Pieces of extra article of
Fancy Linens for sale low, at w liolesale or retail by
. . Coutcr Main, and Water uecu
1 PIECrJ Alpocas. Plain, Black, Fancy and
XlvF Mohair Plaids. Also, a few pieces of
fcilk Warn Lustre, for sale low wholesale or retail.
E. &. W. LEWIS,
ap 13 Corner Main and Water Street.
FRENCH, English and American blue, black
drab, o'.ive and steel mixed Cloths and Casti
incrs, al wholesale and retail low, by
E. & W. LEWIS,
ap 13 Comor Main and Water Streets.
NOW on hand and receiving 200
cases Boots. and Shoes, consisting in
part of:
Ladies Black Pat. tip Bu-skin;
do uolored do ao;
do Calf and Morocco Shoes;
do Kid Slips;
do Buskins;
Misses Slips;
Childrcu'n aforted kinds cacks;
Men's and Boy's Call-skin Boot;
do do Kid do;
do do Thick do;
do do Congress Gaiters;
do Tatent Leather;
do Pumps;
Gents coarse and fine Brogans.
Together with a varied assortment not above men
tioned, at wholesale or retail low by
ap 13 corner Main and Water street.
THIS day received Steel trimmings and tassels,
consisting of bag clasps and tassels, purse rings,
Eurse clasps, steel beads, shaded and plain purse silk,
or sale low by E. & W. LEWIS,
up 13 Corner Main Water street.
wU vJ, " vlvl assorted qualities.
Also 50 dozen Shaving Boxes, for sale low, w hole
sale or retail, corner Main and Water street.
P3 E. & W. LEWIS.
LARUE assortment of Silk, Cotton, Gingham,
J Bandana. Wax Colors and all other varieties
ever broughi to this market, at the corner Main and
Water. tap 13 E. W. LEWIS.
JUST received 800 Looking Glasses, consisting of
the plain and double bevel, fancy round, bevel
band, cheny, tablits, German toilet, statia, &,c., from
5-8 to at-14 inch, for sale low, wholesale or retail by
ap 13 Corner Main and Water Street.
ÄTA DOZEN Mosquito Bars,
OU 10 Rolls Linen. E. &.W. LEWIS,
ap 13 Corner Main and Water Street.
NOW on hand and receiving daily one among the
largest asitorted stocks of of Fancy Goods
ever brought to this city, consisting, in part, of:
Silks, Dress Handcrchiefs;
Silk and Worbtcd Tics; .
Linen and Cotton Edgings, Footing?, &e;
Tapes, Uns, Needles, Beads;
Neclaccs, Finger-rings, Breast-pins;
Yiolins, Violin strings;
Hair-pins. Razors, Razor straps, Fans;
Pants Buckles, Shoe Laccts;
Spool-stands, Pocket Knives;
Plain, Black, and Fancy Veils;
Also, a variety of Berriages,
Cable Cord; Silk and Cotton Fursc;
Pocket Books. Wall Popper,
Firescreens. Carpet Warp;
Cloth and Hair Brushes;
Hooka and Eyes;
Vaste Boards, llonnet Wire;
Shawl Pins, Fringes;
Whalebone, Shaving-soap, &.c, i.e.
With a great variety of articles not above mention
ed, which we will be pleased to show to our friends
ind the trade generally. m E. &. W. LEWIS,
np 13 Corner Main and Water stwet.
CHANDLEF, Attomer at Law Office
1 on First at. between Main and Sycamore
to their unusually large stock oy
ap 13.
XJL 10O Cases Hats and Can.
f CONSISTING, in part of lt, 2nd, and 3rd rate
Ueaver; 1st, '.aid and Zrd rate lirush; lerro ior
do, Buena Vista, Silk, Wool, nnd all other varieties.
Also, 500 dozen I 'aim Hat;
10 do Ix-gh-jrn;
5 do Straw;
5 do Panama.
Also a few dozen CAPS.
All of the above are of tlielateM and most fashion
sale low, at wholesale or re tail, corner of Main nnd
Water street ap 13J E. & W. LEWIS.
f Bonnets, Artificials & Ribbons.
sj THIS da v received. 75 dozen assorted
ro. Flonnce Braid, ttraw. Devon and'51
Chip Bonnets 59 boxes artificial Flowers ot French
and American Manufactuns.
1 AfWi Pieces Ribbons white, Bonnet black, fi,
XVFIVF urcd, fancy, cap, colored TafTata, black
TnfTi, Gold Satin, i.e., with all the latest and most
fashionable Spring and summer styles, comprising
altogether one of the largest assortments in the city
For salelow, wholesale and retail by
E. cc W. LEWIS,
ap 13, Corner .Main and Water street.
rrUIIS dav received at the "Express More," a lew
JL beautitul CRAPE SHAWLS, which the ladies
r iuvitd to rail and examine. Also nn nssortiiw-nt
of other varieties of Shawls, artl an ample assortment
of Dress Goods, &,c. ti. 00 W. lY W IS
np 13. Corner Main nnd Water street.
-j ftZ PIECES Irish Linens;
X 4 tß 50 pieces Brown French do;
til niui'a Chi-rlf !
Also 200 pieces Swi-s Muslin with a general and
varied assortment ol W lute Dress l.ooda.
H. & W. LLWIS,
ap 13 Corner Miin and Water Street.
V PST I fl . 1 K X TM. r 1 1 A V A TS. &P.
rpilIS day received, an assorted stock of Vesting?,
Spring and Summer trade, for sale low at the "Ex
press Store." E. & W. LEWIS,
ap 13 Corner Main and Water Street.
np iff 300 dox. assorted Hosiery; 12
1 Wfi 1D0 do do Gloves; i-tite
JM 175 do do Suspenders,0443
Consisting of all tlie varieties ever brought to this
market, or ever called for, at the corner of Main and
Water street. ap 13 E. & W. LEWIS.
jt&Ss AN ample assortment of Silk and
Sää-Cotton Umbrellas, fcilk and Cotton JT
Parasols. C.
Alto; a small lot of Shades, w hich we will sell at
our usually low rate. E. &. W. LEWIS,
ap 13 Corner Main and Water street.
rrr.- t : I r. .. .n. T it.
1 Ills uay recciveu uuiierwy, 1 01 H.a. ku,
cc Imitation Shell, Tuck Combs, Side do, Pocket do,
Ivory do. Reding do, and all other varieiies. For
sale wholesale and retail by
E. &. W.LEWIS,
ap 13 Corner Mtin and Waierstrect.
BLUE, black, steel mixed, gold mixed, drab and
fancy Cascinetts.
Plain, blue, fancy, gold mixed, steel do, and striped
Kentucky Jeans. Also New Hope nnd Steubenville,
BrandyWine, Fisherville. Woodland, Is'ukeve,
Westminister4 Brooklyn, Hrrino, and Rockaway
Manufacluries for sale low wholesale and retail by
ap 13. Corner Main nnd Water street.
QflfinOZ. assorted St-ool Threads.
UUUU 3 jO Rolls Cotton
325 pounds of Linin 44
40 lbs American and Italian Silk.
1500 gross assorted Buttons, for sale low
wholesale and retail at the Ex press Store,
ap!3 Corner Main and Water Street.
T PIECES Apron Check, this day opening, for
m fJ sale low, wholesale or retail.
E. &. W. LEWIS,
ap 13 Corner Main and Water street.
2 PIECES Floor Cloth, expressly for the city trade
E. & W. LEWIS,
ap 13 Corner Main and Water street.
Padncah Line of
Packets.-Thc steam-
ers HI BERN I A, S.S. Paxon, master, and ATLAN
tnrning, will leave Pnducah at 6 o'clock, A. M., on
Mondays, Thursdays, and Saturdays.
Any business, entrusted to the care of the above
packets will be strictly attended to. mar 28.
ffSl5vXhe.fine.new Kg11 draught steanur
Mjmr Padncah, Citt. Tillev, drawing
"v only fourteen inches, will run during
the season as a regular packet rx tween Evansville and
Lafayette, Indiana. The Pad uch offers very superior
accomodations for passengers, her cabin having ail
stata rooma For freight or pas age apply on board or
to . . , , TAYLOR II ARVE Y.
feb.5 tf.
t -vi
1 to, L. Kigle, master, will leave, alternately, at 3 o'
clock, P. Al., on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Satur
days, for Owensboro Evansville, Henderson, Ml
Verartn Sk,nrnuil rrw SkmitI' 1m nl Dh.Ii.L 0
HaiF Vegetable Extract,
IS the only remedy that can be relied on for the per
manent cure 'of Spinal Complaints, Spasmodic
Contraction!-, Irritation of the Nerves, Nervous or
cick Headache, Nervous Tremors, Neuralgic Aflec-.-
. i r.i. rion&ral DKilitv. Den-
IIIOII", ypopiejr, eiaij 5-' -"' J ' "
,ciency of Neivous and Physical Energy, and jcr
vous Disorders, including ihe most dreadful of all
iitenses that ever nftect the human race
Epilepsy, or Falling Sickucss
fysterical Fits, Convulsions, Spasms, ccc.
l'liL disease consists in a sudden deprivation of th
( nsts, accompanied with a violent convulsive mo
ion of the whole body. It attacks bvtit, and after
. 1 certain duration gees off, g nerally leaving the sut
erer in a stupor, attended with gteat weakness and
j. haust ion ol theiiody.
Docior Hart would impress it upon the mines of
he aff icted, that the Vegetable Extract is the on!
emedy ever discovered th&l tan be relied on for the
, permanent cure of this mo&t dreadful of all disease".
: s its tendency is to insanity, madness and death,
be most Skillful Puvsicia.ns of Europe, at well as
. hose of our own country, have pronounced Epilepsy
incurable. And it has U-en so conswereu oy many,
until this most important of all discoveries was made
hy Doctors. Hart, nearly sixteen years since, during
whith time it has Uen perfoitning some of the nws-t
Remarkable Cur.i.s iipon record, nnd has acquired a
reputation which time alone can cft'ece. Physicians
of undoubted skill and experience. Ministers of va
rious denominations, as well as hundreds of our emi
nent citizens, all uniic in recommending the use of
this tiuly valuable mri'Line to their patients, charge,
and friends, w ho ate tLus afflicted, as the only rem
idv. Wt QfOTE the Lanovage used by those who have
been cured by tliis valuable medicine. One says, 4'I
have sufT jed lyond my power of description, but
now I rejoice in being luily restored to health and
I appiness." Another says, "1 tliank God I feel that
I am a well man. 1 also feel it my duty to proclaim
it to the ends of the earth, that thoc similarly afflict
ed may find relief. Another, (who is an Evikent
IäAwyer, and well known in this city.) says, 4My
son has Uen afilicted lor vcars with Lpilepsv, but is
now enjoying good health from theegetable Ex
tract. Its lame," py he, "should and ought to !
!Hundctl to the rndflfthe earth." Another says,
Languigeientirely inadequate toexprefs my grat
itude to Dr. Hart, for haiug been the means, under
ihe bler-sing of Ool, of ref toting me to the enjoyment
jf good health, ulttr having been afflicted with Ep
ilepsy in its wurst form for more thau twenty-lhrt
years and my morning and evening obla'ion ot prnie
nnd thanksgiving shall continue to arcend to that God
who has ntilicied but to make ine whole.4,
L'piixctic Fits Of twenty seven years nnd six
months, cured by the use of this Truly Wonderful
Rend the following remarkable case of the son of
Wm. Secore, Esq., of Philadelphia, afilicted wiih
Epihptic Fits twenty seven years and six months.
Atter traveling through England, Scotland, Ger
many, and France, consulting the most eminent
physicians, and expending for medicine, medical
treatment and advice three thousand dollars, re
turned with his son to this country, in November
lat, wiihout receiving any benefit whatever, and
was cured by using Hakt's Vegetable Extract.
Mr. Wm. Secore's letter to Dr. Hart:
I have spent over three thousand dollars for med
icinc and medical attendance. 1 was advised to taka
a tour to Europe with him. wLich I did. I first vis
ited England. I consulted the most eminent physi
cians there in respect to his case; they examined him
and prescriled accordingly. I remained there thre
months without perceiving any chanjr; for the better,
w hich cost me about two hundred and fifty dollars,
pocketed by the phytieinn, and the most that I receiv
ed was their opinion that my son's case was hopeless
and Positivelv Incurable. I accordingly left En-
fland, traveled through Scotland, Germany and
'ranee, and returned home in t ie month of Novem
ber last, with my son as far from being cured as when
1 left. I saw your advertisement in one of the New
York papers, and concluded to try Hart's Vegetable
Extract, seeing your statements and certificates of so
many cures, some of twenty nnd thirty years stand
ing, and I can assure you 1 am not sorry 1 did so, as
by the use of Hart's V egetable Extract alone, be was
restored to Perfect Health. His reason, which was
so far gone as to unfit him for business, is entirely re
stored, with the prospect now before him ot life,
health and usefulness. He is how 28 years of age.
and 27 years 6 months of this time has been afflicted
. J I" t r.i:. .1 I. fi
wiiu mis 1110M urenuiui ui uiaeacs, uui, iuuu 000,
is now enjoying good health.
Now. Kir. fniih without u-rirka I Hnn'l belief in
To say 1 shall be ever grateful to you is one thing
and as I here enclose you one hundred dollars, 1 have.
no doubt but you w ill think this another and quite a
different thing The debt of gratitude I still owi
vou. but please accept this amount as interest on the
debt in advance. Yours, very respectiilly.
Another remarhiWe Cure performed by the vt of
UarCt Vrgttable lZxtract. '
Doctor Hart. It is with nor-mall degree of rratifiV
cation that I am enabled to announce to you the com
plete restoration to health of my daughter, bv the us
of your Vegetable Extract. At the age of six years.
lhir n crck m nrrcrnt ia KiTleoni cno u-aa tirat ait.olAil
with this dreadful malady called Epileptic Fits: and
until she commenced taking the Extract, she suffered
with attacks ol tits, almost incessantly, and so se
verely as to threaten to drive reason from its throne.
and render her insane Idiotic.
Physicians pronounced her incurable, and rauld da
nothing more for her. W e had almost despaired of a
cure, when neanng 01 tne remarkable cures pertormeu
by the Vegetable Extract, we determined to give it a
trial. The result has exceeded our most sanguine ex-'
pectation, as by its use sIr' is free from a most dread
ful malady, and restored to Perfect Health.
Should any one feel desirous of seeing her. and of
ascertaining the particulars ol the ease, such wish
may be gratihcd by calling on or addressing a letter
to me, past-paid, at mv residence, two miles from tba
village of Yonkers, estchester. New York.
O.C.DENSLOW, YonkersN.Y.
Teething. Worm, CostivcneKs, &c., will produce
this disorder. In all such cases the Vegetable Extract
is the only medicine which can be relied on w ith any
degree of safety. Mothers w bo have small children
should remember this. Many a Child, the past year.
who has suffered with this complaint, and lias been
given over by physicians to die, has been restored by
the use ot but one bottle ol Hart's V ege table Extract.
The child of William Anderson, North Fourth
street, Williamsburgh, aged '20 months, had fits con
stantly for tight weeks. A consultation of physi
eians was calico, wnoaeciueu mai ine case was a
hopeless one, and the child must die. W hilst the
child was in this dangerous state Mr. Anderson call
ed at my office and obtained a bottle of the Extract,
dministered it to the child, and the result was a par
acet restoration of health.
The son of Mr. Robert McGcc. corner of Sullivaa '
and Prince streets, New York, was severely afflicted'
with tits, in this case also the physicians held a con-
ultat ion and decided that they could do no more.
and that nature must effect its own cure, or the boy -
must die. 1 he egetable L.x tract was administered
to him whilst in a ht, by one of the attending Dhvsi-
cians. itseuccts were almost instantaneous, ihe
tits was broken, and the boy restored to health. Mr. -McGee
says, "I shall never again be without the med-, ,
icine in my house, if I can avoid it, for fear that some '
rw 1 .... J4--.
of the rest of my children may be attacked ia
the same way. I consider the medicine invaluable.
We would refer to the following persons, who
iave been cured by ming Hart's Vegetable Extract.
W. Bennett, nine years, 171 Grand st.
J. Ellsworth, seven years, 13 Dover
Joseph McDougal, nine years, EastEnxjkltn L.1,
IL W. Smith, N. Y Custom House.'
S. Kellv, twenty years, Staten Island.
Miss h. McKeef, twenty years, Yorkvillew
Miss E. Crane, twenty years, 112 Ilammersly st.
Wm. II. Parsel, twenty-three years, ",8 Norfolk st.
Jacob Petty, four years. 174 Delancy bU '
1 nuo jonnon,iweniycigiii years, treencastje Ct.
Judge Randall, 91 East Broadway, N. Y.
Thomas R. Jones, of the U. S. Navy.
Capt Wm. Jennings, State at, Brnlg port, Ct.
The Time Is Not Far Distant. Vhen tkiart
who are now trembling under the hand of this dread
ful disease, and fearing that every attack may prove
fatal, will find permanent relief and be restored to
new life, by using this celebrated medicine.
Over One Thousand Certificates, Have been re
ceived, in testimony of the beneficial results produced
by the use of Dr. Hart's Vegetable Extract. .
i-repared by S. Hart, M. U., Iew York.
Price One package, $3 00 .
Four 44 10 00 ;
Eight 4 20 00 1;
It is carefully packed un in boxes for transDorta
tion, and sent to any part of the United States, Texas,
.Mexico, and w est Indies. I HUM as & MtL.L,
147 Main et, between 3d and 4th, Cincinnati O.
General Agents of the United State,
GADCHAFRIN Agent Louisvills Ky. :
ap2i y C. BELL, Evansville Indiana. .

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