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Meets ever
rv r-saturdar eveninrr on l-irst at O.Ti-
eera James GJoneOlayor; J ohn J.ChandIer,Clerk;
öamuel Urr, jrensurer; vv m. Bell, Marshall, t own
ci 1st wardt Jonn M. Stockwell, 2nd ward,Si
las Stephens; 3rdard, Wjjlard Carpenter, 4th ward,
M. W. t otter, 5th vfacd.lsaac Hutchinson; 6th ward
Stephen Childs. . - -. -V
i , s i :v
Tzmtix, of Honor, No. l-Meen every Monday
evening at Temperance Hall,' Wate r st. Officers lor
the prevent quarter, 1. (i. O'RfU w CT; Osborn
Ktillv, w y t; James T. Walker, w h R, H. Hart, w
a R; Lasc A. Crane, w r R; John fchanklin, wr,
Wm. Holden, w c; John E. Taylor, w D C; Edward
DeOarmo, w g; Robert Allen, w a.
Ltvas Beechfr Division. No. 25 Meets Tues
day evenings at Temperance Hall. Officer Win.
Holden, w r Jas, Laughlin, w .; James T. Walker,
R s; A. Warner, a u s;Jolm Hcnson, rs;Koberi
Barns, T; Joseph Tuntock, C; T. Grant, A C C. Bates,
1 s: Robert Vance, o s.
Temple of IIoxor Division, No. 51 Meets Friday
evenings at Temperance Hall. Officers John Greek,
w p; A. C. ilaliock, w a; M. W. SafTord, K s; W.
Carpenter, us; James I). Walters, r s; W. II. Chand
ler, t; R. Allen, c; J. W. Slinson, a c; J. Boylb, i s;
J. E. Piitman,os. .
J. O. O. F.
Morsixq Star Lodge, No. 7 Meets Thursday
evenings at Hall, corner of Main and First sts. I ra
re rs L. L. Laycock, r g; 11. O. Babcock, N g; W.
W. Sullivan, v g; 11. Q. Wheeler, s; O. Ladd, T; R.
W. Dunbar, c, W. Hunnell, i o; C.Colvin o o.
Litters For a single letter, not exceeding half
an ounce", lavohdupoise,) sent nqt exceeding
300 miles, " 5
?ent over 300 m'des--.? ? ? 10
For evei jr half ounce, and any excess over every
half ounce, the same rates of postage; and
when advertised, two cents on each letter, or
four cents, it the advertising cost so much ad
ditional. Fir c'rqp letters, net to. be mailed, each 2
CiRCVLars For any printed circular, handbill,
advertisement, unsealed, sent any distance 3
NtwsPArERs Ot 11)00 square inches, or less, sent
over 30 and not more jhan 100 miles, or any
distance within the state v??rt?:l
Over such a distance.. ? 1
Sewspapers unless to subscribers, 3 cents each,r
pail or nut forwarded fron) the Pqst-otfice.
Northern, north-western and north-eastern mails, via
Vinccnnes, .Princeton, etc., is due every Monday,
Wednesday and Friday, at 10 o'clock r m.
Eastern mail (properl now arrives by the river, usu
ally on Wednesdays. Thursdays, Fridays and Sun
days, jn the alternoon."
The eastern mail, by steam boats, departs every
Monday. Thursday and Saturday; letters intended
to go by this mail should be placed in the office by
61 o'clock r v. the hour of closin the mail being
7 f m. By this mail letters to go south, east, and
north-caat, ars also sent, it being the piost speedy
Southern mail by the river is due semi-weekly. Days
t arrival uncertain. Ueparts every Wednesday
and Saturday. This mail closes now at 7 o'clock
r. m.
The Packet mail, from Shawneetown, is due on Mon
day, Thursday and Saturday, arriving after night,
and departs on Sunday, Vv eduesday and Friday.
Closes at 9 o'clock a m.
The Leavenworth mail, via Doonville, Rockport,
Troy, etc., is due at 6 o'clock r m, on Monday and
Departs at 6 o'clock A X on Tuesday and Satur
day. The Southern Jart'l mail via Henderson, Ky, Nash
ville, Tenn; and Shawneetown. Ill; etc, etc, de
parts every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at 7
o clock a x Keturning arrives tame days by 6 ? x
The Mount Veruon mail teia West Franklin, departs
every Wednesay at 8 o'clock a m; returns next day
by 4 o'clock T M.
The New Harmony mail tia Elairsville .departs every
Friday at a P M. Keturns next day by 4 r m.
The Newark mail arrives at 12 o'clock x, every Sat
urday, and departs immediately. -
All letters to go out by the night mail, or those that
leave early in the morning must be in the office by
81 r x, and for all other mails half an hour before
tha time of closing them.
The oftice is open for the dispatch of business every
day (except Sunday) frnm ö a x until sundown.
when a mail arrives on Sunday the office will be
ODened for one hour (but not during the usual
hours of public worship in the churches.)
The rates ol GoldCo;n as per Act of Congress of 1S41
fixing the value of the Ea
a me, are as follows :
United Slates Eagle old emission
$10 66
10 00
England Guinea
Sovereign t ......... .
Seven shilling peace
France Double Louis (before 17?6)
" Luis
" Double Napoleon, or 40 francs
..5 07
r4 84
1 6'J
-9 69
4 M
7 70
Napoleon or LTJ trancs
3 85
" The same as the new Louis Guinea
Frankfort on the Main Ducat
-4 65
a 27
Hamburs Ducat -
2 27
-Malta Double Louis
9 27
4 t5
.2 33
15 53
Demi Louis
Mexican Doubloon-
Holland Double Rix Dollar
,.12 20
-6 04
' - Kix Dollar
44 Dacat 1 1
Ten Guilder Piece
' Portugal Dabraon,
Johannes -
Jpain Doubloon, 1772
44 44 since 1.. 2
Pistole,. -1-
Columbia Doubloon....
Dollar specie of sweden anl Norway
4 00
...32 70
....17 30
....17 06
...16 02
...-15 35
15 33
Dollar specie ot Denmark
Thaler ot Prussia and Northern states of Ger
Florinot southern states of Germany-... ...
Florin of Austrian Empire snd ol the city of
Lira of the Lombardo Venetian Kingdom and
. Tuicany
Franc of France and Belgium, and Li vre of Sar
dinia, Ducat of Naples :
Ounce of .Sicily 240
Pound of the British Provinces of Vova-scotia,
New jjrunswick, Newfoundland and Ca
4 00
Eale coined be fore Jul? 31, 1S23.'
do coined after 1323 ft
Ducats, Prussian
do Others.
North Carolina and Georgia $5 pieces
German Crown
..1 00
..2 20
..2 20
4 75
1 00
- 93
. 16
French do.
Five Franks
New Hampshire,
Rhode Lland,
New York,
New Jersey,..
Virzin ia,
North Carolina,
Times ofkoUing Elections.
-2d Monday in September,
-2d Tuesday in March;
1st Tuesday in September,
2d Monday in November;
1st Wednesday in April;
1st Monday in April;
-Tu'day after 1st Monin Nov
- -Tu'day alter 1st Mon.in Nov
2d Tuelay in October;
2d Tuesday in November;
..-1st Wednesday in October;
3d Thursday in April
. 1st Thursday in August;
outn Carolina,
org!a, -
m .uonuay in tkrtober;
1st Monday in October;
1st Monday in August;
1st Monday in November
Isl Monday in November;
1st Thursday in Auzust:
, . . i - . . .
..fist. Monday in ADgUbt;
r2d Tuesday in October:
lft Monday in August;
1st Monday in 44
1st Monday in 44
1st Monday in
.. .
...... 1st .Monday in November;
..1st Monday in October;
r lor ids,
...... 4 .
... ....
Monday in Octler. "
Dr. Townocnil's Compound Extract
. It S A I A K I LL A .
This Extract is put up in quart bottlesit is six
limes cneaper, pleasanter, and warranted superior to
any sold. It cures diseaes without vomiting, pur
ging, FicKenin or aeDiiiiauns me patient, and is
particularly adapted for a
T1 L - x . 1 . .a- .
i ii great oeauiy and supei lortty oi mis carsapa-
nils overall other remedies is, while it eradicates dis
ease, it vigorates tho body. Consumption cured
Lleanse and strengthtm-r-Cunsuniption can be
cured Bronchitis, consumption, liver complaint,
coids, cougn,caarrh, asthma, spitting of blood, sore
ness in the cheat, hectic Hush, niht sweats, dilFicult
or prolitse expectoration and pain in the siJe, &c,
nave a no can be cured.
Probably there never was a remedy that has been
so successful in desperate case of consumptionns this;
it cleanses and strengthens the system, and appears
to ncal the ulcers on the lungs, and the patients grcd
uauy regains tneir usual health and strength.
cckiocs case or coxsi-mptio
There is scarcely a day nasaes but ther ars mim
ber ol" cases of Consumption reported as cured by the
use of Dr. Townsend's Sarsaparilla. The following
was recently received.
Dr. Towjssexd De ar Sir. For the last three years
I have been atllicted with general debility, and ner
vous consumption of the last stage, and did not ex
feet to ever gain my health af all. After going
rtough a course of medicine under the care of some
ot the most distinguished regular physicians and
members of the Board ot Health in New York nd
elsewhere, an 1 spending the most of my earnings in
attempting to regain my health, and after reading in
some paper oi your tarsapanl.a 1 resolved to try it.
After u.ing six bottles 1 tound it done me great good
and called to see you at your office, with your ad
vice 1 kept on, and do most heartily thank you for
your advice. 1 persevere in taking the Sarsapanlla,
and have been able to attend to my usual labors for
the last three months, and 1 hope by the blessing of
voü and your Sarsapanlla to continue rny health.
.: helped me beyond the expectations of all that knew
Orange, Essex Co. N.J.. Au?. 2. 117.
Slate of New Jersey. Essex County, ss. Charles
vtuimoy ueing sworn according to law, on his oath
saith, that the foregoing statement is true according
iv iue ucm oi ms unowieaze and belief.
Sworn and subscrilieil to before me st Orange, the
2d Aug. 1S47. CYRUS BALDWIN, Justice
of the Peace.
Read the following and sav that cnn.-uimntmn
incurable it' you can.
. New Yobs. AdtU 25 1847.
Tow.fsrxD: I varily believe that your Sarsap
anna nas noen the means, through Providence, of
saying my nie. have fur scye ral years had a bad
cougn. it became worse and worse. At last I rais
ed large quantities ot blood, had night sweats, and
was rrateiy debilitated and reduced, and did not ex
pect to live. I have only used your Sarsapanlla but
a ehort lime, and there has a wonderful change been
wrought on me. I am now able to walk all over the
city, l raise no blood, and my couch has left me.
l ou can well imagine that I am thankful for these
resuiis. l our obedient servant,
Wx.RrcsEtL, 65 Catharine st.
The anneied certificate tells a sinrnle and truthful
story ol suttering and relief. There are thousands
ol similar cases in this city and Brooklyn, and yet
inereare tnousands ot paren ts who let their children d ie
lor iear oi ueing nunibugged or to save a few thill
n??- . . URookly.v, Sept 13, 1817.
DR. lOWXSEXD: 1 take nlpnsiirn in etatln f..
I i: . .r.L .r ivi .4"-
utriieui 01 inose wnom it mav ronrorn tht r.
daughter, two years and six months old. was affiic-
.tu iiHgcucioiucuiiiijr ana iOi?s oi speech, fhs
was given uo as Dast recoverv bv mir fnmil tv.
cian; but fortunately I was recommended by a Iriend
lO trV Vmir Sorannarill-i I'-.f...- I : i
bottle she recovered her speech and was enabled to
w am aione, to the astonishment of nil Im v.
1 i . - w" v
Muiiiku Btui me iircunisnnce. me 1 8 now auite
U'ül .n.l 1 n m . . n I. 1. . . I 1 . I .1 .
"""u i'iuiu uciicrncaun tnansne has been lor
io monins pai. Jt-SEPII TAY1X)U,
.Vrtmi 128 York st. Brooklyn
i ; icn laiuuica i:iureu in iaci we have not
heard oi one-that used Dr. Townsend's Sarsapanlla
in time lost any children the past Summer, while
those that did not sickened and died. The certificate
epuuiisn oeiow is conclusive evidence of its value
ana is only another instance of its saving the lives ol
Da. Towxsexd- Aar Sir: 1 had two children cur
rd by your Sarsapanlla of the summer complaint and
..ju.nj.uiir oj oniy is montns old and the oth
... . jVl -j , , v. " v7 ""- reuueeu, and iew
cAptviru uiey wouid uie; iney v ere given up by tw
icsptciaiue pnysicians. v hen the doctor inlormed
...... -c iiiuii iwb mem; we resolved to try your
Sarsppanlla we had heard so much of, but had little
conuut ice; mere ueing so muchstutl advertised that
. . . V. ii VJ nanul that we diJ.
lor it. iinnftuliiMlltf I ik. il . i . '
.i "7' . v,D i write
uns uiai utners may do induced to use it.
Yours, respect mlly. JOHN WIION. Jr
Myrtle avenue. Brooklyn, Sept. 15, 117.
v.uuiiimi(;s, rq. one oi the Assistants
w.c .uiibiic nrj mm, uiackwtirs island, is the
tleman poken of in the following Utter
This is only one ot more than lour thousand
of rheumatism that Dr. Townaeml'a S...;ti.,
i . - wLuijiid lias
cured 1 he most severe and chronic cases are weekly
eradicated by its extraordinary virtues;
BtACKW ELL'S IsLA.Vn. Snt 11
ilia has
De.Tow.nse.nd: 1 have suffered terribly for nine
years w ith the rheumatism; consi lerable of the time
i coum uuirui, sxcrpor wom;i nad the most dis
treeing pains, and my limbs were terribly swoll
a uiic utoi ivur uvukvqi your
hav done me more than one t
of cood I am so much better,
ly relieved. You are at liberty to use this for the ben
cht of the afflicted. Yours, respectfully,
COULD NOT walf:.
That Dr. Townsend'sSarsaparilla is the very best
remeuy lur icmaie complaints mere is no disputing
thousands and thousands of weak and debilitated
C I - I m. m. 1 a . a
emaiesinai were prosiraiea Dy inose diseases to
which lemaies are subject vere soon in the enjoy
menief robust health. New Yoaren 25. 1A47
Dr. Townsfxd: My wife has for the last year been
very sick, and in a greatly reduced state of hcahh be
ing reduced ty a variety ol complaints such as fe
males are liable to; she got so bad at length that she
was entirely unable to walk, and was as helpless as
a child, she commenced tiding your Sarsaparilla, and
ne lmmeuiaieiy uegun io regain ner strength, hei
a n a lr 1ia mm. I .ft... . . I. ! l , ...
coiiipiuiiiia ivii i i, diiu aucr uning several DOllleS
she is restored. Being a singular case I have thought
it might do good to publish it. She used a number
ol remedies that done her no good previously.
Yours, rcfpcctluUy, JOHN MULLEN.
' 87AarfoIkst.
Dr. Iow.n.'esd's SAESArARiLLA is a sovereign and
speedy cure lor incipient consumption, arid lor the
general prostration ol the system no matter whether
tnere.mitot inherent cause or causes, produced by ir
regularity, illness or accident.
Nothing can le more surprising than its invizora-
uiig cut-vis on me numan irame. i ersons all weak'
ness and lasitiide, from taking it at once become ro
bust and full of energy under its influence. It imme-
qiaieiy counteracts ue ncrvelessnesa of the temale
irame, wnicn is me great cause ot barrenness.
it w in not ie expected ol us, in cases of so delicate
anainre,ioexiiuiiceniucates ot cures performed but
we can assure uki niuicieu mat Hundreds ol case
have been reported tou.
Dr. Tow.nse.nd: My wife beinz zreatlv distrevt
by weakness and general debility, and suffering con
tinually by pain and with other diflieulties, and hav
ing Known caws wncre your medicine has eilected
great cures: and also hearing it recommended for such
cases as 1 have described. i obtained a bottle of vonr
cAiraci oi arsaparma anu louoweu the directions
i . . rv : 1 1 l f 1 1
you gave me. in a short period it removed her com
plaints and restored her to health. Being grateful for
thebenifits she received, I take pleasure in thus ac
knowledzinz it, and recommending it to the public.
M. D. MOORE, cor. of Grand and Lrdius sts.
Albany, Aug. 17,
thousand dollars worth SPRING &T SUMMER LOThInG
This Extract of Sarsaparilla has been expressly
prepared in reference to temale complaints. No fe
male who has reason to supposehe is approaching
that critical period, 44 the turn of life,4 should neglect
to take it, as it is a certain preventive for any ot the
I numerous and horrible diseases to which females are
I subject at this time of life. This period may be de
layed lor several ytars by using tins medicine. Nor
is it less valuable for thoae who are approaching wo
manhood, it is calculated to assist nature by Quick
ening the blood and invigorating the system. Indeed
this meuecine is invaluable lor all the diseases to
whic'i women are subject,
It lraces the wholesystem, renews permanently the
n at ami energies by removing the impurities ol the
bodv not so far stimulating the system as to pro-
duce a subsequent relaxation, which is the case ol
most medicines taken tor lemalc weakness and dis
New York. July, 22, 1316.
Dr.Towssext Dear iür s Mr wile has been af
flicted with a terrible rapture for over fiiiecn years,
tho greater pat tot the time. She has been troubled
with shortness of breath &. great fluttering ol the heart
which has been very distressing, and has Ireouentlv
been uuable to leave her bed. The ruptme was very
larze and severe. She tried almost every remedy for
such cases with but little benefit. When she had ta
ken but three bottles of your excellent medicine she
was entirely relieved of the disease of the heart, and
the rupture nas almost entirely disappeared.
fche has also had the dropv. and was very much
swollen. We had no idea that she could be so bene
fited, as she had such a complication of diseases.
But it has. as strange as it may antear, relieved her
of the dropsy. 1 am aware that this statement U so
strange as to appear almost like fiction, but it is
sober reality. Your Sarsaparilla is certainly a valu
able medicine, and should be used by every one that
s sullering as we have been. It any disbelieve lun
account, they are at liberty to call at my house and
have ocular demonstration. Y'ours, respectfully.
No fluid or medicine has ever been discovered
which so nearly resembles the gastric juice or saliv
in decomposing iood and strengthening the organs ot
digestion as this preparation ol Sarsaparilla. It pos
ltively cures every case ot dyspepsia, however severe
or chronic.
Baxk Department. Albast. May 10. 1315.
Dr. Townsexd -Sir : I have been atllicted for sev
eral years with dyspepsia in its worst form, attended
with sourness of stomach, loss of appetite, extreme
heartburn, and a great aversion to all kinds of food
and tor weeks (w hat 1 could eat) 1 have been unabl
to retain but a small portion on my stomach. 1 tried
the usual remedies, but they had little or no effect in
removing the complaint. 1 was induced, about tw
months since, to try your extract of Sarsaparilla, and
1 must say with little confidence: but alter usin
nearly two Dottles,! tound my appetite restored and
the heartburn entirely removed; and 1 would earnest
ly recommend the use of it to those who have been
atllicted as 1 have been. Yours, &c.
in. is. l urchase none but such as have wrappers
tnat hide the bottle completely, and have the written
signature otS. P. TOW NSEND.
l'rincipal office. 126 Fulton-sf.un ßull.lincr N. Y.
Redding &, Co, ÖState-st, Boston; Dvott öc Sons
132 North-Second-et, Philadelphia; S.S. Ilance, drug
eist, Jialtimore; Durol & Co Richmond; P. M. Co
hen, Charleston; Wright &. Co. 151 Chartrestst, N
O.; 105 South Pearl-st, Albany; R. Van Buskirk,52
corner oi .Market and Uroad sts, ISewark, IS. J., and
by principal Druggists and Merchants generally thro
out the united states, W est Indies, and theCauadas
For Sale by ALLEN C. HALI.OCK.
Druggist Mam.St, LvansviMe, Ind.
ho is appointed by the proprietor. Wholesale
Agent, with authority to sell at Manufacturer's prices
For Sale also by RICHARD 13. HALLOCK.
Druggist Princeton, Ind.
march IS-d&w ly
rVVLLEY'S Magical Pain Extractor.-
LS More proofs that Dallev's Mazical Pain I xtrac
tor is best Medicine in the world. Every day is de
monstrating the matchless virtues ot this article.-
Letters are coming to us from all parts ol the Union
expressing gratitude and surprise at tho wonderlu
properties it possesses in all cases ot burns, rheuma
turn, piles, wounds, &c 1 he press abounds in no
nxm wl iL bigU character as K standard Medicine
and trom the number we select the following fron
me isianu city oi tne mn ceptember :
Daiaey's Medical Paix Extractor. An inven
tion like this truly wonderful article, so full of virtues
should be made known to the universe. Its cures, in
many coses are absolutely beyond belief. For burns,
scalds, sores, swellings, pains in the limbs of all kinds,
cuts, wounds,and in every disease of the body, where
ii can De appnea externally, it never tails to cure. A
singular case came under our own observation. A
Iriend in playing with a st rp st iel pen, run it into
tne paim ot ins nana so that it came out at the back
II l.t
anu naa to oe extracted mat way. l ho poisonous
nature oi tne inn. in tne wound, as well as the instru
ment itselt, caused the hand to swell dreadfully.
Dalley'sPain Extractor was applied, and tho next
uay tne swelling had entirely gone Cown, the pel
had lelt, and the wound was cured in a few davs.
a 1 ... . . .
Important Caution Counterfeits of my Extractor
are unoiu&mngiy published to the world in my name.
Protect yourself, as you value lite, and health, from
... a a a a
mese deceptions, i am, as every druggist in the L ni
ted States knows, the sole invtntor and proprietor ol
ever made or can make a grain of it, for no man liv
ing has the secret ot the preparation but myself. The
only genuine has my written signature on each label.
o iiiivi! i mil Ciiiraciur: nn timer iMiirr rinn
anu is soia wnoiesaie and retail at theUeneral Depot
JOS Broadway, New York; and at the Soutliren De
pot, 151 CIIARTRES street. New Orleas, my only
... , , 11 D ALLEY.
vii oruers ior Acrencies. or tor I'mn i-:itrrtnr ..met
beaddressed to J. WRIGHT &. CO., 151 CHAR
TRES street New Orleans, only ogents lor the South
ano cst
öSrOnly Agents in Evamville,
m"23ly ALUS & HOWES.
Cincinnati Clothing Store.
, Next door to C. Bell, Druzzist,
II . r I . a . - -
ner under their direction expresly for this market.
and consists ol every article renuisite in mmnlt
.t .
Superior Elack and K!
Dress, Frock and Sack Coats, lull trimmet!
Cassimeret, Brown. Green and Gray, and all col-
ors of Tweed Dress, Sack and Frock Coats.
black Summer Cloth. Lustre and Croron Cloth.
Oress, r rock and Sack. Brown Linen and Linen
Check and Gingham Coats. Every variety of Coats
Coatees and Roundabouts.
Superior Black and Blue Cloth and Cassimere
Pants. Fancy French Cassimere do. Black Lustre.
Brown Liuen. Linen Check. Tweed and Cordurov
Pants, of every variety and price to suit customers.
v co i o.
Bbk Satin, plain and Fancy Silk and Velvet.
white Marseilles and Marseilles of all colors, and all
kinds of common vests and prices. '
1 ukmmu.m; goods.
AH the late styles of plain ,
and fancy silk and satin Cra- '',j5
vats. Scarfs and stocks; whiteLiljj
silk and all colors Pocket Handkerchiefs; Linen and
Linen bosom shirts; Muslin and Fannel do.: Flan
nel and Net under shirts and Draws; Shirt Col
lars; Fashionable Beaver, kid. thread and cotton
Gloves; embroidered and plain gum suspenders; silk,
gingham and cotton Umbrellas; Silk Hats; Caps;
üoots. Shoes; walking canes, Ä:c.
All the above arth-lcs and cvervthinz else in the
furnishing line will be sold at Cincinnati prices foi
We shall continue to receive fresh supplies weeklv
during the season from our Manufactory in Cincin
nati. . tap 4-tfl AHLERING & BRUMMER.
For Sale or Kent.
two run of r rench Burs. 10 mi es from Evnna
viiie, and I of a mile from the state road. Immedi
ate possession will be given.
twr or lurtner panicuiars apply on tiie premises
RICH A if n Rlinwrslivr:
Scott Township, April 22. ap 2f-d&w3m
ZiO (I ssorted Boston and Pittsburg Nails
and a general assorted slock of I run ami
Castings, in store and for sole by
jan .3,'43 BEMENT & VIELE.
Ml. I I IV11USI TfCPWPA trnm thrtP A! .nn -Mnrv in
arsopinUa, and ihcv I L 1 Cinnnntii. iKnUt.. tv va.u..i.. '
. .in ui nun aic iiiuuc auu inn in leu in tne ucst man-
Tiiis Great and Glorious Union.
LIFE being the greatest blessing, that which in
surers It free trom the evil of premature death
must be of paramount importance.
Hrandreth's Pills are altogether of Vegetable com
position, and while they possess remarkable powers
in curing disease, are perfectly harmless, and can
thus be used with perfect safety by persons of all
ages, and in any condition of the system, with a cer
tainty of beneficial results from their operation,
which is mild and pleasant, tho4 thoroughly search
ing to the root of diseased action, and always termi
nating in a great increase of health and vigor.
Ninety-seven years they have been betöre the pub
lic, and every succeeding year has increased the
sphere of their great usetulness. They are now pa
tronized in every part of the civilized world; nor can
envy nor detraction materially impair their well es
tablished reputation
These celebrated Pills do not cure entirely by their
irging qualities. They have in their composition a
purging qualities. 1 hey
vegetable corpuscle, analogous
the blood: the corniiriA of v fir ft able origin, beert m es
the corpuscle of
incorporated with the mass ol" the life-giving m.id,poLI!sCoceHs,IIoARSKESs,
which occasions the blood to throw out all infeetial,
poisonous, or peccant matters, thereby entirely puri
fying the whole volume of blood in the circulation.
And thus these Pills cure the most fatal, and noxious
and harrasing diseases, in a manner so easy and
certain, as to give great thankfulness to the af
flicted. Every year their sale.has increased. Dr. Brandreth
sells more of them at this time in a month than he
did iu the w hole of the year 1833, or any previous year
The sale having increased
Can any other medicine be pointed out that has
sustained its reputation that has increased in the
confidence of the public in an equal proportion?
It would be a most happy thing for the poor, it the
prejudices of Medical men would permit their pene
ral adoption in the public Hospitals. What a bless
ing this would be to the poor, and also to the w hole
community in which the Hospitals are situated! No
Ship Fever would long remain to poison our atmos
phcre with its noxious exhalation! No malady no
not even Cholera, would be qf a dangerous character
were Brandreth's Pills vigorously resorted to when
the first of its symptoms were perceived. And Ship
Fever, and fevers of an inflammatory, or of a typhoid
character would be found equally under their power
ful control. While influenza, tmall-nox, measles,
scarlet (ever, and all the diseases of children would
be atfairs requiring only a very few doses ot Pills, to
entirely re-establish the patient's health. And incase
of rheumatism and dropsy, and the various forms ot
lun" disease, no medicine is capable of doing more
good; or whose use would tend more to the recovery
of health.
These Facts, Dr. Braxdreth proclaims, ark
Let our Legislatures and men in authority every
wi.ere iook, to mis. ii tiiese inincs oe so is it not a
part of their high duty to cause the Brandreth Pills
to be used by our glorious Army and Navy, and in all
pubjjc Hospitalst Public opinion tells these lionor
able men, tnat such is their duty; and one of the most
serious character in w hich is involved the svgurity of
many valuable lives. Over Two Millions of our Citi
zens have approved ol Brandreth's Pills: they are no
longer a private, but a public medicine.
Let the sick every w here see to their interest, and
obtain this eurer ot sickness: di?nenscr of health
and securer of lonz life. The weak, the nervous and
delicate are strengthened by the operation of Bran
dreth Pills, which are beneficial for the mind as for
the body : mental derangements of all kinds ore cured
iy mem; in lact tney impart a vigor and' power to
the intellect truly surprising, it is now a common oc
currence when a man is about to make a great effort,
to lake a dose ol llrandrelh's Pills, w inch clear the
head and invizorate the nerceDtive faculties. In fact
the literary and sedentary of both sexes will
I . m . .
these Pills. When sleep cannot be obtained from
jft a m. r. jä ja. km. m m . iti.
t he nervousness of the svstem induced from over tax-
ation of the mental faculties, or other causes, one or
f a . . . . .... .. . . "a
two ol these rills will invariably produce sleep. In low
nervous fevers they are most valuable. Sourzheim
and the lamented Harrison would have been saved
had these Pills been used.
Remember then, that enerrrv nf mind nml hnilv re
sult from Brandreth's Pills; that they are applicable
: II i:.; r.L.i i t . i:r! l
in an conuuions oi tne oouy, uoing goou ii goou can
lie done, and will he sure never to injure.
. No family haulJ bo without them in the house;
because so much depends on the timely application
of proper medicine when cickness commences. Sail
ors, and (til other travellers, shou'.J never be without
them; they prevent scurvy, costiveness, and cure the
malignant levers of hot climates.
When you purchase otherwise than of Dr. B or his
agents, be sure and obtain the genuine, and have
none other.
BRANDRETH'S PILL'S are sold.with full direc
tions, at 25 cents per box. at 211 Hudson strict, 274
Bowery, Mrs. Golf, 4 Market street, Brooklyn, and
byur. Urandrcth s
Principal OUice, 211 Broadway, New York, and by
HAN far. worn vrnv nn,i lvl M WimixtV
" - . , ' " -
agents Evansville and by one oirtntia every town or
village ia the United Suites. opl . 4m
Ashma, Bronchists, Spitting Blood, Pain in the Side
and Breast, Sore Ihroat, Haorsness, Palpitation
ofthe Heart, WhoopingCough,Croup,liives,
Nervous Tremours, Liver complaint,
Diseased Kidneys, and Affections'
generally of the Throat,
Breast and Lungs.
Of all the diseases incident to our climate there is
none so universal, and at the same time so insidious
and fatal, as Consumption. In this country especial-
y, t ulmonarv Consumption is emuhaticall v a scourre
and in its resistless career sweeps over the land as a
a a a " . . . a al
lesiroying .ngei, laying low, with relentless hand,
the stronscst and fairest of our race. Hitherto all
efforts to arrest this dread disease have proved vain,
and ail that seemed within our power was at best al-
eviation ol suttering, rendering somewhat smoother
he certain progress to the tomb
The proprietor, in otlerimr this nreuaration to the
public, would embrace the opportunity to state upon
what grounds it puts forth iu merits; and the reasons
upon which it lounds its superior claims to the atten
tion of the aiUictcd, that all who require its use may
repose full confidence in its curative powers. Since
iu first preparation he has had the pleasure of wit
nessing its happy results in numerous instances: bu
he was determined not to offer it to the Dublic unti
he had become thoroughly convinced ol its efficacy
iawng eucn conviction, ne now conndentiy oners i
as a remedy without a parallel lor the cure of PUL
MONARi CONSUMPTION and its kindred dis
Let the following speak for itself.
"I have used'THOMrsox's CoMPorxn SvRrr ar T
Si.- Wood Naphtha,4 for some time in my practices nd
have found it the most elhcient remedy 1 have ever
1 4-a a .
ued in onsumptive cases. Chronic Catarrh, etc
when great irritability, with weakness ofthe pulmo
nary organs, existed. The rapidity with which it
acts is greatly in its favor where dvsDua?a or oonres.
sion exists, when is mediately relieved by it-"
"In Pulmonary Consumption it can be used with
confidence, being applicable to every form of that
disease, and I consider it a medicine well worthy the
attention of Physicians, and exempt from tho impu
ation of empiracism." M. CHAMCERS, M.D.
Philadelphia, Oct. 11th. 1S46.
CCrThe abovemedicines prepared only by Axgkev
i. Dicksox, at NE corner of Fifth and Spruce Streets
Philadelphia: Sold by C. BELL, Evansville,
nd respectable druggists generally.
t rice cents or 91 per bottle; beware of interven
tion. nov4. 1317.
Zfifl BAGS prime gieen Rio Coffee, lan Jed from
steamer "Cincinnati," and for salo by I
mar 9-tf
INEIt'S Canadian Vermifuge The bet t
remedy ever vet discovered for all kinds ot
WORMS. It not only destroys Worms and invigo
rates the whole system, but it dissolves and carries ofi
the superabundant slime or mucus, so prevalent in
the stomach and bowels of children, more especially
those in bad health. The mucus forms the bed nr
nest in which worms produce their young, and by re
moveing it,it is impossible for worms to remain in the
body. It is harmless in its effects on the system, and
the health of the pati-nts is always improved by it
use, even when no worms are discovered; the medi.
cine being palatable, no child will refuse to take it,
not even tue most dc licate.
WPreoared by JOHN WINER &.CO., No. 83
Maiden Lane, New York. . Sold wholesale and r.
tail, by J. WRIGHT, General Agent for the South
and W est, 151 Chirtres street. New Orleans.
KTOnly Agents ui Evansville,
mar 25-1 y ALLlSJc HOWES.
THIS popular Caxdy h&iheen before the public in
the west and bouüi mora than one year.and in that
fhort space of time it has obtained more reputation
for its good qualities, certainly of cure, and cheap
ness, than any other Medicine of the kind ever offered
It is the intention of the proprietors to sell theCovGB
Casdv reasonable, in oroer that it may be in the reach
oi ail to obtain a remedy, that never tails, (no sucr.
word as "fail" is ever heard or thought of. when this!
Candy is talked about,) curing tue most violent CoLDi
I ard Coron, and is therefore offered to the suffering
I ana anlicted, ot the West and South; for their good.
ÜRoxcniTis, Asthxa,
Difficulty of Extf-ctob
Phthisic, Croup,
And general afflictions of
Sore Throat, f atio
the Chest and Lungs,
which leads to Consumptions, all of which diseases,
yield immediately by the tse of this valuable Cover
The materials used in the preparation are of the
best quality, being vegetable and the best white Ha
vana Sugar, consequt ntly it may be relied on as in ev
ery respect a pure and genuine article. HOWE &CO
.W. It.LoUegt Hall, II lUnut Street Cincinnati, O.
From Henry Morse, Ex Judge of Court of Common
This is to certify that we have used theCouehCan
dy ol HOWE &. CO., and do with confidence cheer-
tully recommend it to thce afflicted with Coughs.
Colds, Jcc II. MORSE.
Manufacturer of Patent Force Pumps, Ornamental
Cast Iron r ountains, r ire Engines, &c.
Cincinnati, Aug. 11, 1847, D. S F ANNUM
From D. Tuttle,Proprietor of the City Hotel
Messrs. Howk & Co:
Gentlemen. It is with much satisfaction that 1
have it in my power to testify to the efficiency of your
Cough Candy. I have ued it and know it to be a
valuable and certain remedy for Colds and Coughs,
and as such commend it to the public.
Cincinnati. Auz. 16, 1847. D TUTTLE
From Wm. Young, Pn-siding Elder, of the Metho
dist E. Church, Cincinnati.
Mr. Howe: Not long since while laboring under
the influence of a painfully embarrassing hoarseness
occasioned by cold and speaking in the open air
a friend handed me a piece of your "Hoarhound and
Liverwort Candy" from the use of which I exnerien.
ced great and almost immediate relief since then 1
have frequently used it m ith the same beneficial ef
fects. I iherelore feel no hesitanceinrecommendino
y.ur Candy as a certain specific for Coughs, Colds,
I ""u-i "fi. louixu.
Cincinnati Auz. 27. 1847.
Indi W.M.WOOLSEY,Agent,Evansville
' - no y 2d, tf
A RARITY under the head of a Patent Medicine
Ind advetisernent. We ask our readers to peruse
iue louowing. Knowing tney will prolit thereby.
'A medicine which is perfectly safe, and may be civ
en to children from tender infancy, to advanced age,
lays under no restraint as to cold water, or any kind
oifood. Purges mildly, subduing fever; destroys and
exrieis worms with invariable success, and is easily
aumiiusiereu to cniioren.
That it possesses these valuable Dronerties. is fear
lessly asserted: still clainin? the aditinnnl advsnt(re
a . o - - -"
V ue,n? 8 in small bulk, and requiring none ol the
afnctfing w men v orni tea ana other supposed V er-
i : i . .1 . - i : ' . & -ii- - - . .
uuiu"c ucuiuwu. Auruiz its Dniuani career, it nas
been introduced into mtiny families, where every oth
er known and accessible Vermifuge had been tried
without the least success, where it has promptly ex
pe! led worms to an almc-st incredible amount-
Hear what the Editor of the Bulletin of the Pacific
(published in Pittsburgh, Pa.) soys in reference to the
4'ln looking nn a few dvertisementsr my small
sheet, the other day, I calJed in upon Messrs. J. Kidd
&. Co. and remarking that I would be glad to advtrtise
any meaicine tnat reai;y was essentially usetul, they
IUIU.JI1.T Hiowim tneir circular respecting ur. i
Lane's Vorm Specific, with the accompanying certif
tvuiig uiDuaucu ma i me ceruiicotes were
genuine, I took some ol the medicine home for the use
ol my own young family. I gave the first day a small
leaspoomui to faran. che was wan-lookingand black
under the eyes. She ptissed several worms, some a
arge as a pipe stem. I also gave a smoll teapoonfu!l
Samuel, a little, roty cheeked fleshy boy, about 'ii
years old. But as his stomach was tvmoanous. i. e.
"e waspot-Deiiied, f miShl
He cried after more, which I did not see fat to irtve him.
he was not-bellied. I th-mnht he miirht have worms.
-II... .1 . i."
a specific for worms.
It fairly seems death to them
nKAtL KbLS, Jjditvr.
Pittsburgh Feb. 10th, W7.
J. Kidd & Co. No. 60 Wood Street: Pittsburgh, now
me sole proprietors ot ur. JU' L.aneM celebrated medi
cines. All orders must be addressed to them.
QOr N. B. Purchast rs will please be particular to
inquire for "Dr Al" Latins Amnricam Worm Sua Sc.
or i ermifugi."
Sold Wholesaled Retail ty
Main St., Evansville 1 n
By Druggists and Dealers generally throughout
United States.
From the FiUbrg Gazette.
TMIE past summer (1847) has been a very remarka
-L bleone. Freouent and heavv rain, follnwod hv
intense and long continued heat, had the effect, in the
nrst place, to promote a rapid growth of succulent
vegetation, and in tlie second to nrodnce n rnnift d.
composition of vegetable matter, giving rise to much
mi-ina and spreading sickness, disease and death,
' !- which had h;retofore been remarkable for
their salubrity.
We are credibly informed, that whole meadows,
on which the grass was unusually heavy, rotted to
j Krounu ana was not nt to De cut. In Indiana and
Illinois, the sickness was so general, that there wa
not enough well persons to attend upon the sick,
whose suiii rings were prctracted by a want of prop
er remedies, as well as of good nursing. Much of this
sunering might have been prevented, had every fam-
"j -f u nanu a suppiy oi medicines suited to coun
teract the effects of this miasma, with which the at
mosphere at certain times is surcharged. In addi
nun iu vtmnine, tw men is in such general use as to
need no comment,) we would strongly urge every
i iuuiy lOKwp on nana one or more boxes ot "Dr.
M Lake's Liver Pills.'4
These Pills are the prescription of an eminentPhy-
sician in ivionongahali Co. lririnia. and were hkH
by him in his private practice as a remedy in billious
complaints, for years before be thought of offering
them to the public Such, however, was the success
io me mis, and so great the number of persons beu
efited by them, that tb making of the quantity requi-
one iu cuppir me luvrating uetnand, Degan to inter
fere materially with the time required to attend to
his practice. To prevent this he has made arrange-
. n . n .... 1. . I. A 1. . 1 ... . . .
lucunuuiiicuuuNHJW.jviDDöiiJo. Jo. bO Wood
Street, nttsburg. Pa. to prepare and vend them.
where the genuine may be procured at all times and
any reasonable quantity.
I hese I ills are not recnmmenrtfvl nanun f.-kt
an tne ills that flesh is heir to," but in ail affections
ol the Liver and in all bilious complaints, they stand
without a rival. All who have ever used them, give
them the preference over all other Pills, ond cannot be
persuaaea to exchange those which they find experi
ence to be mUd,saf, and effectual, for any other, even
though they may be sar coaUdor so drastic as to
go 4 through by day liht,"
i repareo ior tne proprietor by J. KIDD & Co whelo
sale Druggist, No. 60 Wood Street, Pittsburgh, Pe. to
whom all orders from a distance must be directed
Sold also by our Agents and the principal Drust
'c uuiiri oiaies ana Kanada.
: !7 V urVJ.a.f er 'L1 Pse be particular and
l"2"rZXl 1L.9 1- as there are
ft, ki vuiwiw5 o oe "ijtver Pills," now before
Sold Wholesale & Retail by 7
Main st. Evansville, Ind.
out upon me operation 01 mis meaicine, nis Mother Cn!,rwfi 7, v . , ' B e
and the neighbors wem surprised at the result. He ,7 ,, ,,Mr L th.am J "geiable Electuary, for thecure
passed nearly a pint of worms, almost all as big as a " ' -e "d it my duty to volunteer
common pipe stem. There was seventy in all. fthen a.feun,nitidauon in Inhalt ofthat in valuable medi-
gave some to a little boy only 2 years old, and he pass- A , ,VC . " a.II1,cl ,or nany years with the
ed twenty-five, tome eight inches in length. 1 there- fAf,4 0 , '"f ve, !ed various remedies, but with no
r,. ri i ? j f , v - x- :c. ettects. Indeed. I beiran toconsider mv rn
iuic it-rmrui io icioiiimciiu .t Lauc o rrmiiuiie an
Asafe and sure cure for CHILLS or AGU E &, FE -VER,
in the unprecedented thort time of Five Hours
as thousands throughout the West and South
can testify, who have been thu speedily cured by
this Great Remedy! ,
EVERY one who is afflicted, should be anxious to
obtain Ä'i remedy which offers the best, quick
est, and safest cure, no matter from what source is
springs; every honest man being bound to embrace the
truth, wherever found. Therefore, the proprietor, in
justice to the public and himself, feela called upon to
state, honestly,' a few facts, which will establish
House's Indian Tonic to be the best remedy for
CHILLS or AgciandFeter, now known. Fact Ist
The article is convenient and pleasant to take ia re
fined from all gtws particles, which render other pre
parations so muddy, nauseous, and disagreeable to the
taste; and if the directions ore followed, will cure every
case, with mathematical certainty, in from three to
fire hours. Astonif hing ! ! ! but true. Fact 2nd-
By its action upon the liver and other organs Con
cerned in forming it, the bile is regulated, toe morbid
action induced by the cause of the disease is destroyed
fever allayed and it will be found a powerfull
agent in assisting to remove fevers generally. Fact
3rd It gives tone to the stomach invigorates the
body stimulates all the functions to a healthy action
and is highly useful, wherever tonics are w anted.
Fact 4th this tonic has performed, and is daily per
forming, cures in CHILLS or AGUE &, FEVER,
without a parallel in medicine. Witness a single bot
tle making a cure in a case of TEN YEARS stand
ing; another in a case of NINE YEARS standing
to cure that which had previously baffled all skill, and
every remedy. Look at the many other astonishing
cures set forth in the certificates around the bottle, and
then say, if HOUSE'S INDIAN TONIC does not de-
servedly stand, pre-eminently the greatest remedy of
the times. Read the certificates carefully; they are
from your neighbors and friends and whenever you
meet with any of them, (to ascertain the truth,) don't
fail to ask them concerning it. Be sure to aek for
HOUSE'S INDIAN TONIC, and as you value your
health, don't be put off with any thing else. .
Prepared and sold by Geo. W Horn, Nashville,
Tenn. Price $1 per bottle. For sale by
6,n v,.1, WOOLSEY, Evansville, Ind
Superior to any Purgative now known for expelling
Disease from the System.
This Till rs made of Vegetable substances only, and
is prepared with the greatest care, according to the
rules ol Pharmacy.
To all who labor nndcr any lingering or Chronic
disease, they are especially recommendad. In Goer,
RVivHiVt11 neVCr, ,a,1,t0 ß,ve. reIief' In
""'"iV ther Me V onl7 certain cure ever
aiSC.overed lor tnispaintul disease, as hundreds can
itaw.jr, nnuuc now rejoicing iree irom pain and In
perfect health, after having been given over by frienda
and physicians as incurable. In DropsiCAL Affec
tions, and diseases of the Womb, and those growing
out of it, they are exceedingly valuable. Billiocs
and all other Fevers, are subdued at once, by their
speedy action upon the whole system.
A great amount of the best evidence could be add d
to establish the high reputation of this PI EL buttha
trial and use of a single box, will be worth more to
the invalid than the combined certificates of the
wnoie world.
.hole world. St Certificate nn the wranrvr
Prepared only bv GEO. IV. HOUSE. Nhvil)i.
Tenn. For sale by '
nov4 6m W M WOOLSEY, Evansville, Ind.
HOUSE'S PILE OINTMENT is a most valuabla
s afe and certain cure lor PILES.
KrSee certificates around the bottle. Prepared br
George W House; Nashville, Tenn. Price $1 per
bottle. Ior sale by. .
W M WOOLSEY, Evansville, Ind.
That the Piles is disarmed of its terrors,
By Dr Upham's Vegetable Electuary
THE great sensation which was created among
the Medical Faculry, and throughout the civili
zed world, by the announcement of I )r llnhnmv v...
'""V, for the Cure of Piles, (a disease that resisted
all former medical treatment,) has settled down into
a thorough confidence, that it is a positive and speedy
tuic ti, aiiiuM-B oi r ues, euner uiteuing or Blind, tx-
Diseases of the
a a a a a . - -
Severe and Habitual Costiveness. D venenata. T.ir.
er Complaint, Inflaniation of the Spleen, Kidneys,
auur'i i'"1 au r-pine; Ulceration ol the lntes
ÜnsvV.ow of.lJ!ootl to 'he Head, kc; and forthe Re
lief of Married Women.
The Symptoms, Caufe and nature nf tri P!W t
gether with its conjunctive diseases, will be found in
ihe pamphlets, to be had tf oil nircnts and dealers
II .. -
Mfs?Ps. Wrmi Kmn.y iCv"54'' ir
i ... i .. ATT Ketiam: (entlemenUn-
I ill I clulttl
But about the first of September last, 1 was prevailed
upon by a Iriend to make a trial ofthe above named
medicine; I took his advice, and rejoice to say that I
am not only relieved, but. as I brl
ed. I most earnestly recommend it i-. all u U
h. . a w aa HJ IIAtljr
ave Hie imsiortune to be atllictArl with K-. '
. a a " -Msa UUUVV -
mg and dangerous disease.
very respectfully, Yonr ob't servant,
ir rr- . r- Yobk, Nor. 2, 1847.
Mtsrr H vatt A. Ketchnm..- t Pnt lman 1 a m
strained to cive vou a etateinont nf th imt t
rived from using Dr Upham's Electuary, in a case of
Piles, by so doing, I shall render a benefit to those
who are sutterim? trom that
was reduced for several vrnra hv tiie PJi.. ,.,t.
that it was with great difficulty for me to walk or at-"
tend to my business. I also Kufnrwl frrm Atks Aim.
uch i were extremely troubltsome, and which
lam pleased to say two boxes of the Electuary en
tirely removed: iml thil mv hoofiK k.....'
than u has been for many years. It has done me
and my family since more good, and with less ex
pense, than the bhvsici ana to whom 1 annT;.
or medicine 1 have used.
1 remain, still in perlcct health. Your oVt sery't.
280 Spring strict, cor Ilcnwick.
Nl:wVnr Kn U 1A"T
3Zssrs Wyatt JL Ktcham: Gentlemen I co nsiJ-
er it a duty w hich 1 not only owe to vou. tmf m-
fellow beings, to speak in praise of Dr Upham's Elec
tuary, a medicine which 1 think has saved mv - life.
and restored me to full health. For several years I
was nlllicted with Kies, together with Dyspepsia,
and a general disarrangement ol the system, i em
ployed different physicians, with no good result end
they at last told lue thev could do nn iruir fnr mm -
and said that I must die. 1 thus had given nr oil
hopes of even havin? mv fipnlth retnr until T r,A
called to nund tho bencfats tint a nephew of mine in
rinladelphia (Bcnjaman Percival) had derived in V
severe case of chronic dysentery, by your medicine;
that I purchased a box, which, to my surprise, after
taking a few doses, I received great relief, and thank
God, by continuing its use, that I am now restored
to perfect health. MRS. SARAH T. AMES .
v ' ' , . 142 Mercer street.
NoTicE--The genuine Upham's Electtlarv has h? '
written signature, thus (r A. Upham, M .) The
uuiiu is BiM uone w iin a pen. rrice ?1 a box.
Doiu,wnoiesaic and retail by WYATT &. KETCH
AM, 151 Fultonstreet. N Y and bv Drmrcnet mn.
erally throughout the United States and Camrdosf
- . . J.j. IIAL1AAK. Airent -
for Evansville, Ind. .
A LL persons having unfiniehed, or persons with-
'fA l11!? 10 it ve anl work done by the subscriber,
iad better call and have it attended to. he d
not exp-ct to remain in Evansville much longer.
wr F.nW'n fiHIPl.Tilt
1 O B.ßLS No 1, in storeand for sale by
-a. Vf inn q. n'
FLAT BOAT 80 feet long, will 1 sold cheap br
'Ulm vnn uro th. Il...l I . .1

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