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Hart Vegetable Uxtruct,
TS tka only remedy that can be relied on for the per
JL manent cur of Spinal Complaints, Spasmodic
Contractions, irritation 01 me ierves, ferrous 01
ick Headache, Nervous Tremors, Neuralgic A flec
tion. Apoplexy, Paralysis, General Debility, Defi-e-cy
of Nervous and Physical Energy, and all Ner
v s Disorders, including the most dreadful of all
diseases that ever affect the human race
Epilepsy, or Fnlliug Sickness,
Hysterical I its, Convulsions, Spasms, &c
This disease consists in a sudden deprivation of the
senate, accompanied with a violent convulsive mo
tion of the whole body. It attacks by fits, and alter
a certain duration goes off, generally leaving the suf
ferer in a stupor, attended with great weakness and
exhaustion ot the body.
Doctor Hart would impress it upon the minds ol
the afflicted, that the Vegetable Extract is lb) only
remedy ever discovered that can be relied on for tht
permanent cure of this most dreadful of all diseases.
As its tendency is to insanity, madness and death,
the most Skillful Pbtsiciams of Europe, as well as
those of our own country, have pronounced Epilepsy
incurable. And it has been so considered by many,
until this most important of all discoveries was made
by Doctor S. Hart, nearly sixteen years since, during
which time it has been performing some of the most
Remarkable Cckes upon record, and has acquired a
reputation which time alone can efface. Physicians
01 undoubted skill and experience, Ministers ol va
rious denominations, as well as hundreds of our emi
nent citizens, all unite in recommending the use ol
this ttuly valuable medicine to their patients, charge,
and friends, who are thus afflicted, is the only rem
V QcoTt thi Language used by those who have
been cured by this valuable medicine. One says, '
have suffered beyond my power of description, but
now 1 rejoice in being lull restored to health and
happiness." Another says, "I thank God I feel that
1 am a well man. 1 also feel it my duty to proclaim
it to the ends of the earth, that those similarly afflict
ed may find relief. Another, (who is an Emi.xe.xt
Lawter, and well known in tliis city.) says, MMjr
son has been afflicted for years with Lpdepsy, but is
now enjoying good hea th from theNegetable Ex
tract Its lame," says he, "should and ought to be
sounded to the end of the earth." Another says,
Language is entirely inadequate to express my grat
itude to Dr. Hart, for having been the means, under
the bUssing of God, of restoring me to the enjoyment
of eood health, slier having been afflicted with Ep
ilepsy in its worst forms for more than twenty-three
years and my morning and evening oblation ot praise
ana thanksgiving than continue to aseeno to mat uod
who has a filicteü but to make me whole."
tPiixcTic r its ui twenty seven years ana six
months, cured by the use of this Truly Wonderful
fiend the following remarkable case of the son of
Wiu. Secore. Esq., of Philadelphia, afflicted with
Epileptic Fits twenty sewn years and six months.
After traveling through England, Scotland, Ger
many, and France, consulting the most eminent
physicians, and ex pending for medicine, medical
treatment and advice three thousand dollars, re
turned with his son to this conntry, in November
last, without receiving any beneht whatever, and
was cured by using Hart's Vegetable Extract.
Mr. Wm. Secore's Letter to Dr. Hart:
I have spent over three thousand dollars for med
icine and medical attendance. 1 was advised to take
a tour to Europe with hitn, which I did. I first vis
ited England. I consulted the most eminent physi
cians there in respect to his case; they examined him
and prescribed accordingly. I remained there three
months without perceiving any changs for the better,
which cost me about two hundred and fifty dollar-,
pocketed by the physician, and the most that I receiv
ed waa their opinion that my son's case was hopeless
and Pcsitivilv Incurable. 1 accordingly left En
gland, traveled through Scotland, Germany and
fiance, and returned home in tie month of .Novem
ber last, with my son as far from being cured as when
I left. I saw your advertisement in one of the New
York-papers, and concluded to try Hart's Vegetable
Extract, teeing your statements and certificates of so
many cures, some of twenty and thirty years stand
ing, and I can assure you 1 am not sorry 1 did so, as
by the use of Hart's egetable Extract alone, he was
restored to Perfect Health.. His reason, which was
to far gone as to unfit him lor business, is entirely re
stored, with the prospect now before him ot life,
health and usefulness. He is how 23 years of age.
ni 27 vears months of this time has been afflicted
with this most dreadful of diseases, but, thank God,
is now enjoying good health.
Now, sir, faith without works I don't believe in.
To mv 1 hall be ever erateful to you is one t bine
and as I here enclose you one hundred dollars, 1 have,
ao doubt but you will trunk, this anotner ana mute a
different thing The debt ot gratitude 1 still owe
you, but please accept this amount as interest on the
Übt in advance. Yours, very respeci-uiiy,
.Another remarJcaUe Cure yerformedhif the use ttl
IlarVt Vegetable ii-t tract.
Doctor Hart: It is with no small degree of gratifi
ation that 1 am enabled to announce to you the com
piste restoration to health of my daughter, by the use
ol your Vegetable Extract. At the age of six years,
(her age at present is sixteen) she was first attacked
with this dreadful malady called Epileptic Fite; and
mil she commenced taking the Extract, she suffered
with attacks ot fits, almost incessantly, and so se
verely as to threaten to drive reason from its t hi one
mnA rprwW her insane Idiotic.
Physicians pronounced her incurable, and cauld do
othing more for her. We had almost despaired of a
ure, wTien hearing of the remarkable cures performed
by the Vegetable Extract, we determined to give it a
trial, l ne result nasexcceucM uui inwi.-auSuiurcj
recta tion, as by its use sho is free from a most dread
.1 mtHw. and restored to PlKFTCT HEALTH.
Should any one feel desirous of seeing her. and of
..Mrtininir the particulars ol the ease, such ish
ansy be gratified by calling on or addressing a letter
t m. nast-naid. at mv residence, two miles from the
villaee oi Yonkers, Westchester. New York,
village oi o DENSU)W Yonkers N. Y
Teethine. Worm.Costiveness, will produce
tkis disorder. In all such cases the V egetable Extract
is the only medicine which can be relied on with any
ifotv. Mothers who have small children
hr this. Ma.it a Child, the past year
who has suffered with this complaint, and has been
men over by physicians to die, has been restored oy
ru...-,.f i-.t r. hnttleol Hart's Vestable Extract.
tua,!,! ni' William Anderson. North Fourth
street, Wiiiiamsburgb, aged 20 months, had fits eon
...nti. vr ijht weeks. A consultation of physi
cisnswas called, who decided that the case was a
knn.io.. nnp and the child must die. W bust the
child was in this dangerous state Mr. Anderson call
a .. ..fi",. nd obtained a bottle of the Extract
administered it to the child, and the result was a per
The son of Mr. Robert McGee, corner of Sullivan
and Prince streets. New York, was severely atmetet
m m this case also the physicians held aeon-
saltation and decided that they coutd do no more
wust die. The Vegetable Extract was administeret
k;i- in nr. hv one of the attending nhvsi-
ana uiamaiure musi mcvi j
riaiia. It effects were almost instantaneous. 1 he
f. ui hmlipn. and the bov restored to health. Mr
M-i" "I shall never asain be without the med
icine in my house, if I can avoid it, for fear that some
I'll V.k m 4. 4 L .U-I s n
of the rest ol my ennaren may w
-.u . ... 1 nrmider the medicine invaluable
w rw.lH rpfpr to the following persons, who
have been cured by using Hart's Vegetable Extract
W. Bennett, nine years, 171 Grand ct.
- TMi....rvt, mvn wsra. 13 Dover a
Joseph McDougal, nine years, East Brooklyn L.1
H. W. Smith, iM. X Vyustijra Aiousc.
S. Kelly, twenty years, Staten Island.
. Misa E. McKeef, twenty years, orkvill.
Mi p. r.r.n ttvpntv vpfifs. 112 Hammersly st.
Wo. II. Parsel, twenty-three years, 78 Norfolk st
I.enhP'llf frmr voora 17.1 DelanCV St.
Philo Johnson, twenty-eight years, Greencastle Ct
Judge Randall, 91 East Uroadway, x .
Thomas R. Jones, of the U. S Navy.
THTiit Is Nor Fxa Distatt. Vihen thousand
who are now trembling under the hand of this dread
ful disease, and fearing that every attack may prove
fatal, will find permanent relief and be restored to
new life, by uinz this celebrated medicine.
" ana: O.vc Thousand Certificates. Have born re
' ceived, id tofet.mony of the beneficial results produced
by the use of Dr. Hart's Vesretable Extract.
' freparea oy o. iisri.iu. y.,iw xora.
Price One package, $3 00
Four 10 00
Eight 4 20 00
It is carslully packed up in boxes for transporta
tion, and sent to any part of the United States, Texas,
Meiieo,and West Indies. THUM AS &. MILKS,
147 Main st, between 3d and 4th, Cincinnati O.
General Agents of the United States
G APCHAFRIN Agent luisviH Ky.
apMy C.BELL, EvansviUelaiiana.
ii tmiiiVniiniKi iiilR
Town send Compound E
This Extract is put up in quart bottles it is six
times cheaper, pleasanter, and warranted superior to
any sold. It cures diseases without vomiting, pur
ging, sickening or debilitating me patient, ana is
particularly adapted for a
The ereat beauty and superiority of this Sarsaoa
rilla overall other remedies is, while it eradicates dis
ease, it vigorates the body. Consumption cured
Cleanse and strengthen- Cunsumption can be
cured Bronchitis, consumption, liver complaint,
colds, coughs.ca'arrh, asthma, spitting of blood, sore
ness in the chest, hectic flush, nuzht sweats, difficult
or proluse expectoration and pain in the side, A.c.,
have and can be cured.
Probably there never was a remedr that has been
so successful in desperate case of consumptionas this;
it cleanses ana strengthens the system, and appears
to heal the ulcers on the lungs, and the patients grad
ually regains ineir usual neaitn ana strengtn.
There is scarcely a day Dasses but there area num
ber of cases of Consumption reported as cured by the
use ot Dr. 1 ownst nd a fcareapanua. 1 he following
was recently received.
Dr. Townsexd Dear Sir: For the last three years
I have been afflicted with general debility, and ner
vous consumption of the last stage, and did not ex
pect to ever gain my health at all. After going
hrlough a course of medicine under the care of some
of the most distinguished regular physicians and
members cf the Board of Health in New York and
elsewhere, an 1 spending the most of my earnings in
attempting to regain my health, and alter reading in
some paper of your Sarsaparille I resolved to try it.
Aiier u.oing six Domes a louna it acne me great good
and calledto see you at your office, with your ad
vice 1 kept on, and do most heartily thank you tor
your advice. 1 persevere in taking the Sarsaparilla,
and have been able to attend to my usual labors for
the last three months, and 1 hone bv the ble&in? ot
God and your Sarsapa rilla to continue my health.
neiped me beyond tbc expectations of all that knew
my case. UHARLEo liUlMui
Orange, hssex Co. IS, J., Aug. 2, 1847
State of ISew Jersey. Essex County, as. Charles
Quimby btinn sworn according to law, on his oath
soith, that the foregoing statement is true according
to the best ol nis knowledge and belief.
Sworn and subscribed to before me at Orange, the
2d Aug. 117. CYRUS BALDWIN, Justice
of the IVace.
Read the following and say that consumption is
incurable if you can.
KtwYoil. April 23 1847.
Ma. Towssextk I varily believe that your Sarsan-
arilla haa been the means, through Providence, of
saving my lue. 1 have tor several years had a bad
cough. It became worse and worse. At last I rais
ed large ouantitiesot blood, had night sweats, and
was prately debilitated and reduced, and did not ex
pect to live. 1 have only used your Sarsaparilla but
short time, and there has a wondertul change been
wrought on me. 1 am now able to walk all over the
ity. 1 raise no blood, and my couch has left me.
You can well imagine that 1 am thankful f r these
results. Your obedient servant.
Wm. Rcssell, 65 Catharine at.
The annexed certificate tells a simple and truthful
story of suffering and relief. There are thousands
ol similar cashes in this city and Brooklyn, and yet
thereare I housanus ot parents who let their children die
tor fear ol being humbugged or to save a tew shili-
ngs. Brooklyn, bept 13, 1847.
Dt. I ou'xsiltd: 1 take pleasure in statins, lor the
benefit of titooo Uuoa It may concern, that mv
daughter, two years and six months old, was afflic
ted with general debility and loss ot speech. She
was given up as past recovery by our family physi
cian; but fortunately I was recommended by a Iriend
to try your carsapariua. ueiore naving used one
bottle bhc recovered her speech and was enabled to
walk alone, to the astonishment of all who were ac
quainted witn the circumstance, che is now quite
well and in much better health than she has been tor
18 months pat. JOSEPH TAYLOR,
128 York st. Brooklyn.
ery lew tamilies indeed in tact we have not
heard of one that used Dr. Townsend'sSarsaparilla
in time lost any children the past Summer, while
tho- that did not sickened and died. The certificate
we publish below is conclusive evidence of its value,
and is only another instance of its saving the lives ol
Da. Towüsesd Dear Sir: I had two children cur
ed by your Sarsaparilla of the summer complaint and
dysentery; one was only 15 months old and the oth
er J years. Ihey were very much reduced, and lew
expected they would die; they were given up by tw
reieciarie pnysicians. w nen ine doctor in termed
us that we must lose them; we resolved to try your
Sarssparilla we had heard so much of, but had fittle
confidence; there being so much stuff advertised that
is worthless; but we are very thankful that we did.
lor it, unnouotediy saved the lives ol both 1 write
this that others may be induced to use it.
Yours, respectlully, JOHN WILSON, Jr.
Myrtle avenue, Brooklyn, Sept. 13, 1847.
James Cumnungs, Esq. one of the Assistants
the Lunatic Asylum, Black well's Island, is the gen
tleman tpoken of in the following letter:
This is only one ol more than four thousand cases
of rheumatism that Dr. Townwnd's Sarsaparilla has
cured The most severe and chronic cases are weekly
eradicated by its extraordinary virtues:
Black ell's Islako, Sept. 14, 1847.
Da. Towx;ed: Ibave suffered terribly for nine
fears with the rheumatism; considerable of the time
could not eat, sleep or work; I had the most dis
tressing pains, and my limbs were terribly swollen.
1 have used four bottles of your Sarsaparilla, and they
have done me more than one thousand dollars worth
of good I am so much better. Indeed, I am entire
ly relieved. You are at liberty to use this for the ben
efit of the afflicted. Yours, respectfully,
That Dr. Townsend's Sarsaparilla is the very best
remedy for female complaints there is no disputing
thousands and thousands of weak and debilitated
emalesthat were prostrated by those diseases to
which females are subject were soon in the enjoy
ment of robust health. New Yoaxep 25, 18-17.
Da. TowsrxD: My wife has for the last year been
very sick, and in a greatly reduced state of health be
ing reduced by a variety of complaints such as fe
males are liable to; she got so bad at- length that she
was entir ly unable to walk, and was as helpleps as
a child, she commenced uing your Sarsaparilla, and
he immediately began to regain her strength, hei
complaints left ner, and after taking several bottles
she is restored. Being a singular ease I have thought
it might do good to publish it. - She used a number
ot remedies that done her no good previously.
Yours, respectfully, JOHN MULLEN,
Tow.vsfxd's SARSAFAaim. is a sovereign and
-peedy cure for incipient consumption, and tor the
general prostration of the system no matter, whether
Uie result of inherent cause or causes, produced by ir
regularity, illness or accident.
Nothing can be more surprising than its invigora
ting effect on the human frame. Persons all weak
ness and lassitude, from taking it at once become ro
bust and full of energy under its influence. It imme
diately counteracts the nervetesaness of the female
frame, which is the great cause of barrenness.
It will not be expected of us, in cases of so delicate
a nature, toexhibi; certificates of cures performed, but
we can assure the afflicted that hundreds of case
have been reported tous.
Da. Townse.nd: My wife being greatly distressed
by weakness and general debility, and suffering con
tinually by pain and with other difficulties, and hav
ing known cases where your medicine has effected
great cares; and ali hearing it recommended for such
casts as 1 have described, tobtained a bottle of your
Extract of Sarsaparilla and followed the directions
you gave me. In a short period it removed her com
plaints and restored her to health. Being grateful for
the benefits she received, I take pleasure in thus ac
knowledging it, and recommending it to the public.
M. D. MOOrUI, cor. of Grand sa l Lvdiussts.
Albany, Au' 17, till.
Extract of SaraaDarilla has been expressly
ireDared in reference to female complaints. No fe
male who haa reason to suppose she is approaching
that critical period, "the turn of life,w8hould neglect
to take it, as it is a certain preventive for any of the
numerous and horrible diseases to which females are
mbject at this time of life. This period may be de
Isyed lor several years by using this medicine, in or
is it leas valuable for those who are approaching wo
manhood, it is calculated to assist nature by quick
ening the blood and invigorating the system. Indeed
this tnedecine is invaluable tor all the diseases to
which women are subject.
It braces tne w bole system, renews permanently the
natural energies by removing the impurities of the
body not so far stimulating the system as to pro
duce a subsequent relaxation, which is the case ot
most medicines taken tor lemale weakness and dis
New Year. July, 22, 1846.
Da. Towhsesd Dear Sir t My wife has been af
flicted with a terrible rapture for over fifteen years,
the greater pait of the time. She has been troubled
with shortness ol breath & great n uttering ol the heart
which has been very distressing, and has frequently
been uuable to leave her bed. The rupture was very
large and severe. She tried almost every remedy for
such eases with but little benefit. When she had ta
ken but three bottles of your excellent medicine she
was entirely relieved of the disease of the heart, and
the rupture has almost entirely disappeared.
She has also had the dropsy, and was very much
swollen. We had no idea that she could be so bene
fited, as she had such a complication of diseases.
But it baa, as strange as it may appear, relieved her
of the dropsy. 1 am aware that this statement is so
strange as to appear almost like fiction, but it .is
sober reality. Your Sarsaparilla is certainly a valu
able medicine, and should be used by every one that
s suffering as we have been. If any disbelieve thi?
account, they are at liberty to call at my houe and
have ocular demonstration. Yours, respectfully.
No fluid or medicine has ever been discovered
which ho nearly rrsembles the gastric juice or saliva
in decomposing food and strengthening the organs ol
digestion as this preparation ot Sarsaparilla. It pos
itively cures every ca.? ot dyspepsia, however severe
or chronic.
Bak DEPxaTMENT, Atu'.AKY, May 10, 1845,
Dr. Tow.isexd -6Vr : I have been afflicted for sev
eral years with dyspepsia in its worst form, attended
wim sourness ot stomach, loss ot appetite, extreme
heartburn, and a great aversion to all kinds of food.
and for weeks (what 1 could eat) 1 have been unable
to retain but a small portion on my stomach. 1 tried
the usual remedies, but they had little or no effect in
removing the complaint." 1 was induced, about two
'nonius since, 10 try your extract oi onrsapanua, aiiu
1 must say with little confidence: but after using
nearly two bottles, I found my appetite restored and
the heartburn entirely removed; and 1 would earnest
ly recommend the use of it to those who have been
afflicted as 1 have been. Yours, &c.
IM. lt. Purchase none but such as have wraDoere
that hide the bottle completely, and have the written
aignatureotS. r. TiiWSlNU.
Principal office, 126ruIton-st,bun Building N. l .;
Redding &. Co, 8 Jftate-st, Boston; Dyott & &ns.
132 North-Second-st, Philadelphia; S.S. Hance.drug
gist, Baltimore; Durol &. Co Richmond; P. M. Co
hen. Charleston; Wright &, Co, 151 Chartres-st, N.
O.; 105 South Pearl-st, Albany; R. Van Buskirk,5y?
corner of Market and Broad sts. Newark. N. J., and
by principal Druggists and Merchants generally thro'
out the United states. West Indies, and theCanadas.
Druggist Main.M. Lvansville, lnd.
Who is appointed by the proprietor. Wholesale
Agent, with authority to sell at Manufacturer's prices
1-or Sale also by JtlCUAKD B. 11 ALLUCK.
Druggist Princeton, Ind.
march 18-d&.w ly
WINER'S Canadian Vermifuge The best
remedy ever vet discovered for all kinds ol
WORMS. It not onlv destroys Worms and invigo
rates the whole system, but it dissolves and carries oil
the superabundant slime or mucus, so prevalent in
the stomach and bowels of children, more especially
those in bad health. The mucus lorms the bed or
nest in which worms produce their young, and by re
movetng it, it is impossible lor worms to remain in the
body. It is harmless in its effects on the system, and
the health of the patients is alwaya improved by iu
use, even when no worms are discovered; the medi
cine being palatable, no child will refuse to take it,
not even the most delicate.
-Prepared by JOHN WINER i. CO., No. 83
Maiden Lane, New York. Sold wholesale and re
tail, by J. WRIGHT. General Acent for the South
auu icsi, aj x viiiiucaaircci, new VUCIU9.
n .4 1 4'l . . . T.
yCrOnly Agents in Lvansville,
mar25-ly . ALLIS&. HOWES.
5 CASES Stewart's Double Refined;
5 bbls Crushed do do,
1 do Powdered, in store and tor sale low by
an 23. (J. BELL
f-"--"K. T ni'tfiVIT t -w? .1
uuiioi iiiiiii auu
l'aducah Line of
S PacketsThe steam!
er II1IIKRN1 A. S. S. Psvon mssfpr and A 'PI. AN
TIS, E. Risle, master, will leave, alternately, at 3 o'
rliiclt. P. M nn Ttioanva TkurmUv. mnri SJitnr
days, lor Owensboro', Evansville, Henderson, Ml
1' Ol - r. -.t 1 t t I ft
eruon, onawneetown. cmiunana, rauuean. ne
tnrning, will leave Paducah at 6 o'clock, A. M., on
Mnnrltvr Thnmtiiva unrf Sflfnntai'.
Any business entrusted to the care ot the above
1 :n 1 .1 11 . ,-w.
pucr.c. wtu 11 siriciiy aiienaea to. mar -to
VT OTICE is hereby given that the undersigned
1.1 has taken out letters of administration on th
estate of Joseph Finney, late of Vanderburgh . coun
ty.and State of Indiana, deceased.
All persons indebted to the said estate, are reques
ted to make immediate payment, and those having
claims against the same, are notihed to present them
duly authenticated for settlemcnL The said estate
is supposed to bo solvent
my 6 JAM EST. WALKER, Admr.
SherinV Sale.
riMIE followim? described real estate has heen lev
J. ied on and will be sold by me to satisfy two writs
of Fieri Facias and one writ of Venditioni Exponas,
in favor of Margaret Cooper, issued from the office ol
the Clerk of the Vanderburgh Circuit Court, and to
me directed and delivered, viz:
Forty acres of land, the so jth-west quarter of the
north-west quarter of section No 20, in township No
5, south of range No 10 west. In the County of Van
derburgh. AUo One hundred and sixty acres, the south-west
quartet of the same section.
Also, the following dcscrilicd Lots in the Eastern
Enlargement of the City of Evansville, in said coun
ty, vix:
LotsNos. 7, 11, and 13, in Block No 4.
Lots No. 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, and 14, in Block No 5.
lxta No 2, 4, 6, 8, 10. 12, 14, 16, 19,20, 22, and 24,
in Block No 6.
lxts No. 3, 5, 7, 9, 11, 13, and 15, in Block No 7.
. Lots No. 2, 4, 6, 8. 10, 12, and 11, in Block No. 8.
Lots No. 5, If. and 13. in Block No. 14.
On Friday the second day of June next, between
the hours of 10 o'clock A.M., and 6 o'clock P. M.,
at the door of the court house, in the said City of
Evansville, I will offer for sale at public auction
first the rent's issues and profits of said real estate
for seven years, and if the same will not sell for asum
sufficient to satisfy said writs, then 1 will, at the
same time and place, offer for sale, at auction, the
tee simple of said real estate. The defendant's title
is good and indisputable. JOHN ECHOLS,
may 10-pf$3 W. SluriffV.C.
in. c. cook, in. d.
Office Corner of Main and Pine Streets,
DOCT. COOK tenders his acknowlcdge
Oymenta to his numerous patrons for the con
fidence reposed in his skill and ability in
the important and critica department of the profes
sion, to which he continues to devote his attention,
viz: the diseases of the EVE and EAR. Having
devoted the ast fifteen years to the study and prac
tice in this branch of mcdica science, he feels assur
ed that in even the most in cterate cases he can ac
complish a permanantand sate cure. His success
heretofore warrants this degree of confidence in any
ease that may be presented. Persons who are unfor
onately afflicted with disease of either the EYE or
he EAR, are invited to call and seek relief.
ap 11dA.wly. '
t.rela Kcnhaws Salt for sale by
tdec21-tf J0HNSHANKLIN.
- T -T - I
THIS popular CaMjt has hesn before the public in
the west and south more than one year,and in that
short space of time it has obtained more reputation
tor its good qualities, certainly ol cure, ana cheap
ness, than any other Medicine of the kind ever offered
It is the intention of the oroorietors to sell the Cough
Candy reasonable, in order that it may be in the reach
of all to obtain a remedy, that never tails, (no such
word as "fail" is ever heard or thought of, when thisl
Candy is talked about,) curing tne most violent Coui
and Coven, and is tberelore offered to the suuenng
and atilicted, of the West and South; for their good.
Pulmonary Comtlaixts,
Whooping Cough,
CoLPs,Couens,HoA rsness.
Influenza, -DirrirvLTT
of ExrEcroa
Sore Throat, ation
URo.vciirris, Asthma,
Phthisic, Cuorr.
And general afflictions of
the Chest and Lungs,
which leads to Consumptions, all of which diseases.
yield immediately by the use of this valuable Cuugp
The materials used in the preparation are of the
best quality, being vegetable ana the lest white Ha
vana Sucar.conseautntly it may be relied on asin ev
ery respect a pure and genuine article. HOWE &CO.
Y. 1, Loilrg Hall, IVnlnut Ztrttt Utncinnatt U.
From Henry Morse, Ex Judge of Court of Common
Please. -
ThH is to certify that we have used the Cough Can
dy of HOWE & CO., and do with confidence cheer
fully recommend it to those atilicted with Coughs.
Colds, &c. v H. MORSE.
Manufacturer of Patent Force Pumns. Ornamental
Cast Iron Fountains, Fire Engines, i.e.
Cincinnati, Aug. 11, ion, u. a rmnu.u.
From D. Tuttle.Froprietor of the City Hotel
Messrs. Howe &. Co:
Gentlemen: It is with much satisfaction that 1
have it in mv power to testify to the efficiency of your
Cough Candy. I have used it and know it to be a
valuable and certain remedy tor Colds and Coughs,
and as ouch commend it to the public.
Cincinnati, Aug. 16, 1847, U TUTTLE.
From Wm. Younjr, Presiding Elder, of the Metho
dist E. Church, Cincinnati.
Ma. Howe: Not long since while laboring under
the influence of a painfully embarrassing hoarseness
occasioned by cold and speaking in the open air
a friend handed me a piece of your "Hoarhound nnd
Liverwort Candy" from the use of which I experien
ced great and almost immediate relief since then 1
have trequently used it with the same benehcial et
fects. 1 tneretore feel no hesitance in recommending
four Candy as a certain specific for Coughs, Colds,
Ioarsnc89, &,c. WM. VUUNU.
Cincinnati Aug. 27, 1847.
Indt ' W. M. WOOLSEY. Agent,Evans ille
Th isGrcat and Glorious Union.
I 1FE being the greatest blessing, that which in-
L surers it free Irom the evil of premature death
must be of Daramount importance.
lirandreth's Pills are altogether of Vegetable com
position, and while they possess remarkable powers
in curing disease, are perfectly harmless, and can
thus be used with perfect safety by persons of all
ages, and in any condition of the system, with a cer
tainty of benehcial results from tluir operation,
which is mild and pleasant, ilio' thoroughly search
ing to the root of diseased action, and always termi
nating in a great increase of health and vigor.
ISiuety-seven years they have been before the pub
lic, and every succeeding year haa iucreased the
phere of their great uselulness. They are now pa
tronized in every part of the civilized world; nor can
envy nor detraction materially impair their well es
tablished reputation.
These celebrated Pills do not cure entirely by their
purging qualities. They have in their composition a
vegetable corpuscle, analngous to the corpuscle of
the LLkkI; the corpuscle of vegetable origin, becomes
incorporated with the mass ol the litgiving fluid.
which occasions the blood to throw out all infeatial.
poisonous, or peccant matters, thereby entirely pun
lying the whole volume of blood in the circulation.-
And thus these Pills cure the most fatal, and noxiou?
and harrassing diseases, in a manner so easy and
certain, as to give great thankfulness to tho af
Every year their salejias increased. Dr. Brandretli
sells more of them at this time in a month than he
did in the whole of the year 1Ö38, or any previous year
1 he sale having increased
Can any other medicine be nointed out that has
sustained its reputation -that has increased 111 the
confidence of the Dublic in an eoual proportion?
It would be a most hsnov thinir for the poor, it the
Drei ud ices of Medical men would oerrnit their irene
ral adoption in the public Hospitals. What a bless
ing this would be to the poor, and also to the whole
community in w hich the Hospitals are situated! io
Ship Fever would long remain to poison our atmos
phere with its noxious exhalation! io malady no
not even Cholera, would be of a dangerous character
were lirandreth's Pills vigorously resorted to when
the first of its symptoms were perceived. And iShip
rever, and fevers ot an inflammatory, or ot a typhoid
character would be found equally under their power
ful control. While influenza, emall-pox, measles,
ücarlet fever, and all the diseases of children would
be affairs requiring only a very few doges of Pill?, to
entirely re-establish the patient's health. And in case
of rheumatism and dropsy, and the various forms ot
lun" disease, 110 medicine is capable of doing more
good; or whose use would tend more to the recovery
of health.
These Facts, Dr. Brascre troclaims, are
Let our Legislatures and men in authority every
where look to this. If these things be so is it not a
part of their high duty to cause the Brandreth Pills
to be used by our glorious Army and lSavy,and in all
public Hosuitalsf Public opinion tells these honor
able men, that such is their duty; and one of the most
serious character in which is involved the security 01
many valuable lives. Over Two Millions of our Citi
zens have approved of Brandreth'a Pills: Uiey are no
longer a private, but a public medicine.
let the sick every where sec to their interest, and
obtain this eurer o I sickness: dispenser of health
and securer of Ions life. The weak, the nervous and
delicate are strengthened by the operation of Bran
dreth Pills, which are benehcial for the mind as for
the body: mental derangements ol all kinds are cured
by them; in fact they impart a vigor and power to
the intellect truly surprising, it is now a common oc
currence when a man is about to make a great effort,
to lake a dose of Brandretb'a Pills, which clear the
head and invigorate the perceptive faculties. In fact
the literary and sedentary of both sexes will
Fi.fD a Treasure or Health.
in !thesc Pills. When sleep cannot be obtained from
the nervousness of the system indaccd from over tax
ation of the mental faculties, or other causes, one or
two ot these Pills will invariably produce sleep. In low
nervous levers they are moat valuable, bpurzbeim
and the lamented Harrison would have been raved
had these Pills been used.
Remember then, thatenermr of mind and body re
sult from lirandreth's Pills; that they are applicable
in an conditions 01 tne body, doing good it good can
1 done, and will be sure never to injure.
No family should be without them in the bouse;
because so much depends on the timely application
of proper medicine when sickness commences. Sail
ors, and all other travellers, should never be without
them; they prevent scurvy, costiveness, and cure the
malignant levers ot hot climates.
When you purchase otherwise than of Dr. B or his
agents, be sure and obtain the genuine, and have
none other.
. BRANDRETH'S PILL'S are sotd.with full direc
tions, at 25 cents per box, at 241 Hudson street, 271
Bowery, Mrs. Goif, 4 Market street, Brooklyn, and
by Dr. lirandreth's
Principal Office, 211 Broadway, New York, and by
agents Evansville and by one agentin every u
village in the United States. apl
town or
A LL persons hiving unfinished, or persons wish
LA. ing to have dental work done by the subscriber,
had better call and hare it attended to, as ha does
not expect to rtmaia in Evansville much 'longer,
mar 23 EDW'D GRIFFITH, .
V Irr - -E ViTgi
A RARITY under the head of a Patent Medicine
lnd advetiscment. We at our readers to peruse
the following, knowing they will profit thereby.
A medicine which is perfectly sate, and may be giv
en to children from tender infancy, to advanced age,
lays under no restraint as to cold water, or any kind
oifood. Purges mildly, subduing fever; destroys and
expels worms with invariable success, and is easily
administered to children.
That it Dossesses these valuable properties, is fear
lessly asserted: still claiming the aditional advantages
of being given in small bulk, aad requiring none of the
drenching which Worm tea and other supposed V er
mifuge demand. During its brilliant career, it has
been introduced into many families, wnere every otn-
er known and accessible Vermifuge had been tried
without the least success, where it has promptly ex
pelled worms to an almost incredible amount.
Hear what the Editor of the Bulletin of the Pacific,
published in Ilttsburgh, Pa.) says in reference to the
"in looking ud a few advertisements for mv small
sheet, the other day, 1 called in upon Messrs. J. Kl
X IO. anu remarking tnat a wouiu dc giaa to aavenrsc
any medicine that really was essentially useful, they
furnished mo with their circular respecting Dr. M'
Lane's Worm Specific, with the accompanying ccrtif
icatcs. reeling pursuaded that tne certincates were
genuine, I took some of the medicine home for the use
of my own young family. 1 gave the first day a small
leaspoonful to Sarah. She was wan-looking and black
under the eyes. She passed several worms, some as
arge as a pipe stem. 1 also gave a smai teaspoontuii
fcamuei. a little, rosy cheeked nesny Doy, aoout Jt
ears old. But as his stomach was tympanous, i. e.
e was Dot-bellied. 1 thought he mifiht have worms.
He cried after more, which I did not see fit to give him,
but upon the operation of tkis medicine, his mother
and tne neighbors were surprised at the result. He
passed nearly a pint of worms, almost all as big as a
common pipe stem. There was seventy in all. I then
gave some to a little boy only 2 years old, and he pass
ed twenty-five, some eight inches in length. 1 there
fore feel clear to recommend M Lane's V ermifuge as
a specific for worms. It fairly seems death to them.
1.-511AEL REES, Editor.
Pittsburgh Feb. 10th, 147.
J. Kidd &, Co. No. 60 Wood Street: Pittsburgh, now
the sole proprietors of Dr. M' Lane's celebrated medi
cines. AH orders must be nauresseo to tnem.
IQr N. B. Purchasers will please be particular to
inquire for "Dr AI Lan$ Amtrica Worm Specific.
or Vermifuge.'"
s5old bolesale & Ketail by
Main St., Kvansville I
By Druggists and Dealers generally throughout
United States.
D ALLEY'S Magical .Pain Extractor.
More proofs that Dalley's Magical Fain J xtrac
tor is best Medicine in the world. Every day is de
monstrating the matchless virtues ot this article.
Letters are coming to us from all parts of the Union
expressing gratitude and surprise at the wonderful
properties it possesses in all cases ot burns, rheuma
tism, piles, wounds, dec 1 lie press abounds 111 no
tices ot its high character as a standard Medicine,
and from the number we select the following from
the Island City of the 12ih September :
Daixey's AIedical Pais Extractor. An inven
tion like this truly wonderful article, so full of virtues
should be made known to the universe. Its cures, in
many cases are absolutely beyond belief. For burns,
scalds, sores, swellinsrs. uaint in the limbs of all kinds.
cuts, wounds,and in every disease of the body, where
it can be applied externally, it never fails to cure. A
singular case came under our own observation. A
friend in playing with a I arp steel pen, run it into
the palm ol his hand eo that it came out at the back
and had to be extracted that way. 1 he poisonous
nature of the ink in tho wound, as well as the instru
ment itself, caused the hand to swell dreadfully.
Ualloy s fain Extractor was applied, and the next
day the swelling had entirely gone down, the pain
had kit, and the wound was cured in a tew days.
Important Caution Counterfeits of my Extractor
are unblushingly published to the world in my name.
Protect yourself, 03 you value ale, and health, troni
these deceptions. 1 am, as every druggist in the Urn
ted States knows, the sole inventor and proprietor of
Dalley's Magical Pain Extractor; no other being has
ever made or can make a grain of it, for no man liv
ing has the secret ot the preparation but niysilf. The
only genuine has my wri. ten signature on each label,
andis sold wholesale and retail at the General Depot
zOo Uroadway, iNew ork; and at the Sou ihren De
pot, 151 CHAKTKES street. New Orleas, my only
general Depot for the South and est.
All orders for Agencies, or for Pain Extractor, must
beaddressed to J. WlilUHT & CO., 151 CHAK
TKES street New Orleans, only agents lor the South
and West
ÖOnly Agents in Evansville,
r. 1 - ATT TC:
That the Piles is disarmed of its terrors.
Sy Dr Up ham's Vegetable Electuary
rTMlE ereat sensation which was created among
JL the Medical Faculry. and throughout the civili
zed world, by the announcement of Dr Cpham's Elec
tuary, lor the Cure ot Pius, (a disease that resisted
all former medical treatment,) lias settled down into
n itinrrmrrti nn4if!nrfw tKnt it iu a nnsilivp anrl Bnivlv
eurem all cases ol Piles, either Bleeding or liund. ex
ternal or Internal, and al. lor all Diseases of the
Stomach and Bowels, such as
Severe and Habitual Costiveness, Dyspepsia, Liv-
cr iompiunt, Anuamauen 01 uie cpteen, rviuntjs
n I . f or I: I
liladder, Uowcls, and Spine; Ulceration ol the Intes
tines; Flow of Blood to the Head, &c; and for the lie
lief of Married Women.
The Symptoms, Cause and nature of the Piles, to
rather with its conjunctive diseases, will be found in
the pamphlets, to be had uf all agents and dealers
U.mted Stat as Maksuaix's Oitice, i
New York. Dec. 6th. 1347. i
Messcs. Wtatt t Ketch am: Gentlemen Un
derstanding that you are the General Agents for the
sale of Dr Uuhatu's Vegetable Electuarv. for the cure
or tne riles, 1 nave deemed it my duty to volunteer
.... . , ,. . .
a recommendation in bcluul ot that invaluable medi
cine. 1 have been amictcd tor many years with tne
Pile?, and have tried various remedies, but with no
ellccts. Indeed. 1 began to consider mv case boneless
But about the first of September last, 1 was pre vail til
upon I y a friend to make a trial of the above named
medicine; I took his advice, and rejoice to say that 1
am not only relieved, but. as 1 believe. Dcriectlv cur
eu. a must earnestly rccc-mmcnd it to an who mav
-j 1 : 1 : - ". -
I .1 - T. 1 - I .1 .1 '
ume uic mibionuiie to DC aillictcd with tnat annoy
ing and dangerous disease.
cry respectfully, 1 onr obt servant,
Ntw York. Nov. 2. 1X47.
Mittrt U'ualt $ Kttcham: Gentlemen 1 am con
strained to give you a statement of the benefit I de
rived from using Dr Upkam'a Electuary, in a case ol
Piles, by so doing, 1 shall render a benefit to those
who are suffering from that troublesome diseacs.
was reduced for several yi-ars by the Piles so much
that it was with great difficulty for me to walk or at
tend to my business. I also suffered from other dis
eases, which were extremely troublesome, and which
1 am pleased to say two foxes ot ttie Electuarv en
tirely removed; and that my health is better now
than it has been for many vcars. It has done me
and my family since more good, and with less ex-1
pense, than the physicians to whom 1 have applied, I
or iiieuicme a nave usea. 1
1 remain, etill in pcrlect health, Your ob't senr't,
n & l-su-n IMbWi ON .
230 Spring street, cor ltenwick. I
ivtw 1 okk, siOY. is. ja 47. I
... . . . A .11 : . .j . 1 . . , . 1
wu mit wim rues, lofinvr witn usiirnsi -
and a general disarrangement ot the system. 1 era-
ployed diflerctit physicians, with no good result, and
called to mind the benefit thit a nephew of mine in
rnuaaeipnia tiK'njainanrcrcivai) had derived in a
142 Merrar HtrMt
Nor: The genuine Upham's Eloctuary has his
erally throughout the United State and Cunadas.
jaa50- A.C. HALLOCK, Agent
fr J-vanaville, Jnd.
It a duty which 1 not only owe to vou. but m I h had hvnm 1
" j"- r -iwiumr-uiuucuiujTi consul- lie was ucictnuuea. not to oner 11 to me tjudhc unit
w beings, to speak in praise of Dr Upham'sElec-1 Having such conviction, he now confidently otftra i
, a mediane which I think has saved my life I as a remedy without a parallel for the cure of PCL
restored me to full health. For several years 1 1 MONAÜY CONSUMPTION' .n ; t; Ai,
f j .1 .1 u c j Ckiuiy UÖL n? OT lOT Ä voc't a ArHTHA, fjr some tune in my practi e.and
and said that I must die. 1 thus had given tip all have found it the most efficient rerAedf have" ever
hopes of even having my health restored, until I hn,l I nwl in rnncnmntir. r : ' -.1
--c.oo.vuiWmuuyWiicy. VJ your meuicwc, acts is greatly in its tavor where dyspucea or oppres
hat I purchased a box, which, to ray surprise, after sion exists, when is mediately reheved by it."
taking a tew doses, 1 received great relief, and thank "In Pulmonary Consin.pi Jn it cIrf b? used with
uod, or continuinjf us use, that 1 am now restored confidence. I
0 perfect health.
written KKmaturp thn tt-w A ITnliim tt h tl.Iil:i.j .i.i .-r
iV.- j 11 ' wpM., u.i j imaueipnia, uct. 11th, Itflb.
ua, 3L,"U' f.l1 "'Hrei-f.rlf z. . r-h abovemcdicinc. pre
i.7 ,Y, P.'TTf. rt.vw7 , v 1 vii- UicKsox, at NE corner of F
aa a uiioii sir ei i. i x ana ny uni:-mst f-n.i i'hiiHii c.jj
From the rittshurg Gazette.
THE past summer U&17) haa been a very remarka
ble one. Frequent and heavy rain, followed by
intense and long continued heat, had the effect, in the
first place, to promote a rapid growth of succulnta
vegetation, and in the eecond toDroduCC are Did de
composition of vegetable matter, giving rise to much
imna and spreading Eickuees, disease ana oeaui,
in y which had heretolore been remarkable for
their salubrity.
We are credibly informed, that whole meadows.
on which the grass was unusually heavy, rotted to
the ground and was not ht to be cut. in jnaiana ana
Illinois, the sickness was so general, that there waa
not enough well persons to attend upon the . sick,
whose suffi rings were prctracted by a want of prop
er remedies, as well as of good nursing. Much ol this
suffering might have been prevented, cad every iam
ily kept on hand a supply of medicines suited to coun
teract the effects of this miasma, with which the at
mosphere at certain times is surcharged. In addi
tion to Quinine, (which is in such general use as to
need no comment,) we would strongly urge every
family to keep on hand one or more boxes of "Da.
M'Lane's Liver Piu-s." . .
These Pills are the prescription of an emincntPhy
sician in MonongahafaCo. Virginia, and were used
bv him in his private practice as a remedy in l illious
complaints, for years before he thought of offering
them to the public iuch, however, was tne success
lb the Pills, and so ereat the number of persona beu-
efited by them, that the making of the quantity requi
site to supply the increasing demand, began to inter
fere materially with the time required to attend, to
his practice. To prevent this he has made arrange
ments with the house of J. Kidd Si Co. No. CO Woofi
Street, Pittsburg, Pa. to prepare and vend them,
where the genuine may be procured at all times and
in any reasonable quantity. . 1
. 1 hese 1 ills are not recommended as a panacea 10?
'all -the ills that flesh is heir to," but in ail allectioni
of the Liver and in all bilious complaints, they stand
without a rival. All who have ever used them, giv4
them the preference over all other Pills, and cannot b
oersuaded to exchange those which they find experi
ence to be mil J, in ft, and effectual, for any other, even
though they may be euear coated, or eo drastic as va
go "through by day light."
Prepared for the proprietor by J. KIDD &, Co whelo
sale Druggist, No. 00 Wood Street, Pittsburgh, Pe. to
whom all orders from a distance must be directed.
Sold also by our Agents and the principal Druggist!
throughout the United states and Canada.
fiCT N. 13. Purchasers will please be particular and
inquire for "Dr. M'Lane's Liter Filing as there are
other Pills purporting to be "Liver Pills,1 now befor
the public. uecw-w jr
told Wholesale &. Retail by
Main st. Evansville, lnd.
Ittoutlily Bulletin. No. 3.
THIS world has ever been the scene of the 6rcest
struggles between Truth and error. No sooner
does Truth propound an important theory, than er
ror, with its legion of allies, socks to arrest its pro
gress. A most illustrious instance of this, was the
opposition made to the immortal Jexner. His mas
ter mind wss led, under Providence, to the discovery
of Vaccination, by w hich that dreadful tcourge, tha
ruiaupox, was robbed ot its terrors, lie tvunu mat
the matter from pustules upon the udder ol a cow con
tained a principle which would produce the almost
divine results for which he had so patiently and anx-
ousiy sought. Oppositon arose. Interested persons
high in social rank, and professional position, ridicul
ed what they dared not deny! They asserted that
many vaccinated persons became covered w ith hair,
and even exhibited horns r and a tail; and that in one
case a child ran on all fours, bellowing like a bull.
But the current was ioon turned. The British Par
liament voted him 0,000 sterling ($100,100,) and
the woildtang his praises.
The same spirit has come down to our own time.
Even w hile we write this 13 u I let in, interested per
sons, jealous of the wonderful efficacy and success ef
The (Jraefenberg Medicines,
are opposing them. Misguided men! How utterly
impossible to arrest tht lr spread. 1 he most extraor
dinary certificates are constantly flowing in to the
Company, from all parts of the country: certificates
which have astonished the most respectable citizens.
Many of these testimonials have been eulmitted to
gentlemen of great distinction, who have carefully
nea inem to see uiai uiey areot.NLi.Nt. unions
!,C8fi arLe ,')e.?n.ies of lieLhev '& P- Vi Ä1
examined them to see mat they are oe.nci.ne.
a .
me iUemouisi ruscopa i unuirn, anu rrancis iisu.
Esq , editor of the New-York Commercial Advertis
er. We finally submitted the w hole to The lion.
Wm. V. Brady, the Mayor of New York, who has
given his certificate, under the Great Seal of the Ci
ty, that they are genuine and reliable.
With such names, we fear no opjotiiion. We are
fortified at tvery point, and solicit a continuance of
the unexfitnplctfpatronac wchavc already received.
We would earnestly advife,
1st. That in cverv neighborhood w here there is no
Graelenberg Depot, immediate steps be taVtn to have
one. By 'addiesting the General Airent of anv dis
trict, this can be secured.
2d. I amines should club tonet her and tret an im
mediate fupply.
3d. Emigrant Societies and other uLilanthronic
bodies should furnish them to the needy.
UI the Uraeknlerg ecctable 1 "is alone. 20.0CO
boxes are sold each and every week!
Ut the Health Unter?, an enormous ouontitv.
These extraordinary Bitters arc sold at twenty-five'
cents a paper, and are warranted to make two quarts
of Bitters superior to any in the world. They are
composed of Roots, Barks. Herbs, and Vines, gather
ed in the vast forests and praries of America and are
a speedy and certain restorative ot weak and debili
tated constitutions.
The other Medicines of the Comranv arr ot enual
value, and are as fcllowr.
lhe Graefeubtre Sarsarjarilla Compound, the
Gratftnhcrg Eye Lotion, the Children's Panacea, the
Green Mountain Ointment, the Consumptive's Balm,
the Dvsentery Syrup.
KrThe Oeneral Accnt for Indiana is Mvrus Sea-
ton, to whom applications for agencies mav be addres--
sed. EDWARD BARTON. Secretary.
New York, January, 1818.
W.U. M. WOOLSEY, Agent .
may4-tf for Evansville.
Wuou NAPHTHA. .. 0
Ashma, Bronchists, Spitting Blood, Pain in the Sida
and lircast. Sore 1 hroat, Jlaorsness, Palpitation
of the Heart, Whooping Cough, Croup, Hives,
Nervous Trcmoure, Liver comploint.
Diseased Kidneys, and Affections
generally of the Throat,
Breast and Lungs.
Of all the diseases incident to our climate there is
none so universal, and at the same time so insidious '
and fatal, as Consumption. In this country cf necial-
ly, Pulmonary Consumption is emphatically a scourga
and in its resistless carter sweeps over the land as a
Ucttroying Angel, laying low, with relentless hand.
the strongest and fairest of our race. Hitherto all
efforts to arrest this dread disease have proved vain.
and all that seemed within our power waa at beet al
leviation oi suffering, rendering somewhat smoother
the certain progress to the tomb
1 he proprietor, in offering this preparation to the .
public, would embrace the opportunity to state -070a
what grounds it puts forth its merits; and the reasons
uDOn whicil it founds its sunerior claim to the attrn.
tion of the afflicted, that all who require iu use may
repose full confidence in us curative powers. Since
its first preparation he haa had the pleasure of wit
nessing its happy results in numerous instances: bu
Let the following sneak for itself.
"I have used'THom soa's Coxrot-so Sykcf ot Ta
when great irritability, with weakness of the. nulmo-
uary organs, exisieo. i he rapidity with which It
I disease, and I consider it a medicine well worthy the
attention of Physieiang, and exempt from the impu
ation ofemnirsriam r rii a Met ra m 1
I.I .1 , . Wlt(.llVUtVW tlt Vi
pared enly by Akoktt
iftb and Spruce Street
br f!. HELL. Evanrrill. .
nd reppectable druggists generally. , .
Price 50 cents or $1 per bottle; beware of isterven-
. w. ... . v. viiiumc uaiarrn, eic

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