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Hart's Vegetable Extract,
T 4 tm nnl v remedy that can be relied on for the per
X mtntat cura of Spinal Complaints, Spasmodic
Contractions, irritation ei ina .teives, vervous ui
Sick. Headache, Nervous Tremors, Neuralgic Affec
tions, Apoplexy, Paralysis, General Debility, Den-
ot Nervoua ana t ny-icai energy, ana aii.-ter-
From the Pittsburg Gazette
TTTP Mat mmmpr (iS47i has been a verv remarka-1
1 tie one. Eloquent and heavy rain, followed by the following, kno;
:. 1 t ...... iliiuJ hi.t h tTNet. in the I "31'LA.V
first place, to promote a rapid growth of succulnta! A medicine which
A RARITY under the head of a Patent Medicine
and advertisement. We ask our render to peruse
ir.e ihev will prout merepy.
is perfectly täte, and may be giv-
ntier iniancv, to auvanceu age,
administered to children
' . . . 1 :.i
rxuiti An anil in trip ciHiinii innnxjucc irau u
njT I 1 1. U1I1UII. .1 ill. . mw .. . w - . I .
voca Disorder, including the most dreadful of all I composition of vegetable matter, giving rise to much I lays undei -no
dire: thai ever ahect the human race--- miwni and tprwuiing wcknes, duese ana aeaui, oiwhi. rurg
in Lv"? w hich had heretofore
. 1
their S a.UUniV. . . ...... , I ,,. .l.on. ,.!.,1.1Ä ro-Trli.
f arecreuioiy wii . --' " "".."Ti .1 iIi"' V.oiUrl.iminthe ad tional advantaires
OnWUICnUWKriNI . . "A .. . : II -n.l ...inmr n.-in.nt iholfivn
the trround and was not ht to be cut. in Indiana anu 01 oeing given u r
t.uuu" . . " 1 .v.. .u. I ,in.,.,i,.nn . k h Urtrm tea and other supposed V er-1 of all
llllUOW, tue ICRne W as Reue. ... t.mt rr "Y l.ahriMlant nHto.it haa! wtanlaM Wail
a t tAriii iiniiti 1 1, a cuir I rri 1 1 1 1 ir aifiiiuiiii. v u a " -
luii - - t
v I 1 . - ... . . I In J 1 .l.aii ntn(T Ii ninitT V 111 It'll
whoeau'llr ring, were protected by a want ot prop.üecninwüuc lo lle 6U
-n ni una 1 rr Known auu nitianun ftiimiuhv , ,., .1
- vm I - - . 1 . 1 I 1
" Epilepsy, or Falling Sickness,
Hysterical 1 its. Convulsions, ra3ni, ic.
This disease consist in a sudden deprivation of the
eense. accompanied with a violent convulsive mu
tton ol the whole body. It attacks by tiu, and alter
; .l....,;-.n . nir iranorollv ImV iniT UlC 8111
cciiAiu uiuaiiuu tra . t-.mi.-j - .1 . i Ii ..
Wrer in a atupor, attended with great weaknea, anu - - TcXr,
inaUSUOn Ol meoouy. , . . , . " ,i naf, nnrtintr
at . i..abk r a tti innu 1 r rpimiiii-. n n&a aa.. wa w
. v.- i i,i; r..pthfllv tnnt on r.xnu a P:d:V 01 nuAiiciues ruiiru iu tuuu
remedy ever discovery tua - .- - VJre f lloct3 of this miasma, with which the at-
permanent cure oi ini..u . I ,tlM ; a,1.Kr,rwl
the inodtSkii.trti. ruvsiciAXS o
ur OWinuuiiv ..-.w. - -;r-"-f I .--T.;- . I' K.a ..I" 'Do
i. A a.m. i.nn ti rrrwi i v innnv. i iimiiiv iu rv rrv u aia iiaiiti uuu vi iwviw w
incuraole. vnu n. im urvii
until this most important ol all dtscov erica m as maut
t!rin in Mrinonrrnh&ij Co. V ircima. and were us
a f ri 1 1 , 1 n nil i : :t 1 n i 1 1 Li 1 1 ii aiuv ill ill 1 1 1 uiaiM. i' d " .
lLLXlkl.tDU. ...... I I .. . i- 1 . I 1 lU.inhl ol .I,.nni1
, .. -i ri.iMpnm i cniiin n. lor vcars Litioic iiw inwum vt . iu i v.-. - n ... ,. . , ,. .,
reoutation wrucn time ww w v...,-.-....-, , ä i Lmksome ol the medicine Home ior me use
U undoubted .kill and experience. A. int. m o, t- nem . t e , -- - " .f nv own Vounsr tun.ily. 1 Cave tle firat day a muhII
rious denomination8,e.3 wen as, iiuiiun uur um v ?. j r ft rii nti t v rtmui I f fknsiMHiiifiil to 5ar&h. Shcwas wan-Uwkingand black
itent citizens all unite in recoutnienoitiR .ue ue o euie uyy ,w . r u. v. - (. " . lhc evtS. öhc l)ü,seJ vcral worms, some nS
xhi, truly vlu?ble .u,.f u, f. T - - b9 a - stem also cave fcn)aU tcasi,)0nfli,
V" ;. T" -Vr, ,hU bei,, made arrange- tfan.utd. a little, rosy cheeked fieahy boy, about J
dv. . t. t. ! LI . " . I u-.n A- r v. X. Ct Wood vears old. but as his stomacn wnn tympanous
restraintaato cold Vater, or any kind rPHIS popular CAXuvhasluen iHtoretiiepuwicin
aea rnildlv.suluinefcvendePtroyaandl .L the wat and soutli more itnan one
, . .... c - . .1 l - . ,.r.: nhtmnmi niure rruunuuu
been remarkable lur expels worm witn invanaweaucccM, anu uu 1' -;"'"t aDJ cK.ap.
.ban .nv other Medicine of the kind ever otiered
- - j . II - Awr ai
It is the intention of the proprietors to sen, u '
Candy reasonable, in order that it may be in tnereac i
. . I . : 1 .Ka, novlr IH 1 1 H- iiiu ruv ii
IU uuiaiu a iiunu; , ,
is ever heard orthongnt oi, w ucu
rrJWi'fl rta äff
Ii Iii
U:$J ai&ia ß3S IM!5D ftfl
Dr .Town send Compound Extract.
SA lt SA PA It I IX A .
Thi Extract ia Dut uo in ouart bottles it is
This Extract, of Sarsapanlla has been expire! j
prepared in reference to female complainta. fe
male who haa reos-on to euppo-e ehe ia approachtne
that critical period, "the turn ot hf," enould neglec
to take it, as it is a certain preentiv lor any ot tbe
numerous and honible diaeaM to which females are
ol life. This period may be de
layed for veral years by uting tbirtmedicina. Nor
is it lets Yoluuble for tbope who are approachinc wo
manhood, it is calculated to assist nature by quick,
ening tle blood and invigorating the tyatem. Indeed
this medecine is invaluable tor all the diseases te
which women are fuhject.
It braces the w hole vys-um, renews permanently tho
natural energies by removing the impurities ot the
body not ki far stimulating the rystern as to pro
duce a fubtequtnt relaxation, which is the case o
mopt medicines laken for kmale weakness and dia
l thisl ümea cheaper, pleaanter, and warranted superior to DISEASE OF THE HEART, RUPTURE AND
tCoLDi any sold. It cures diseaes without vomiting, pur- DRUföY
it.rinn nr. i,nwtrr k! 1 i 1 1 1 in r tK nnfipnt. and is Vtu' Your Julv. C"2.
auoH. and is tnerciore oiiercu iu y p iss, -"'vs - r i ,
Eicted, of the West and South; lor their good, pamcu ar y 11 a
jxABv Complaints, I WuoorisoCovcH, fcl'RlNU AND bUMMER 3IL
,Cot ons,HoARSNtss, Infulenza, The great beauty and supeiiority of
i.h:;, h lea.t hiccw. where it ha promptly ex- and afllicted, of the West and bourn; ioru.tr VIY,V- ,f rninvr. asi Vr" ' f r Zl.'
pe Med wornia o an tn" Pacific fors Hua11n"s, Ivfulenza, The great beauty and supeiiority of this Sarsapa- the greater pait of the time, ttie has been troubled
Hear what the Editor of the Bulleuta ot the i acihc.U;oiJisoiun5,tlOARSNtss, iNtixa , r 1 ... otherVemediesis. while it eradicates dis-1 wit 7Kr,0rtne ol breath &. rreatllutterinir of the heart
!puUi,hedial'itu,lurlil.,ra.)1ystnrcUrcncetoine icnrrig atha. , UtI0S vigorates the bodyi-Consumption cured which has been very dutreinp, and hai frequently
article. K.;Jflnwnta t.-.r mv small nd rwner&l atiHotions of the Chfcst and Lungs. Cleanse and strengthen Cunaunipuon can be been uuable to leave her bed. The rupture was very
lnJÄWl r ibidfleadslo C dbea-s, cured-Bronchitis, consumption, liver complaint, large and severe. She tried almost every remedy for
ahcet, the other I calje J ' nijm Messrs J Mud g" lhis valuable Cover colds, cough9,catarrh, asthma, spitting of blood sore- w& CB9es wilh but little benefit. When she had ta-
3l to. and F v leid tnmicdiateiy by u.e use 01 lhe chest, hectic fluh, night sweats, difficult ken but three bottles of your excellent medicine she
fu7ijÄCÄ2 Ö The materials used in the preparation are of the or profuse expectoration and paia in the aide, ic, was entirely relieved of the disease of tiie heart, and
SÄ .ifj Jrw... remedy that baa been 'ÄÄ uch
icates. t eeung pursuauca um uie ruucui , cur.: -hV ; - W ., . r( , - - t,, in Harste ease of consumoüonas this; 1.; hrl nn i,!e ihnt sbe cnuhl be m bene-
erv rcwwct a pure anu Kr ,,ulin" 0 . - - , c- - -
0 I CUi c tLiH,Vn!nut Stritt Cincinnati, 0. it cleanses and strengthens the system, and appears uted as she had such a complication of diseases
' CEllT IFICATE.S. I to heal the ulcer on the lungs, and the patients grad-1 ßut lt naSt as strange as it may appear, relieved her
r.m irnrv M,im 1 '.x Jud 'C ot Court ol Common l ually regains tneir usual neaiui anu sirvuKui. 0t the dropsy, l am aware mat mis statement ia so
. . i . . . . . . fn . -
I'lease. . . V.-f. ,
This is to certify that we have used uieougnvan
Vt QcoTt the La:;gv age ul by thor ho have merit
n curr-d by thU valuable inetlitiue. Due says, '-11 Street,
l'jttsburg, Pa. to prepare and vend them.
eiuruiiiur. vfu7-, ?V i r....i...M .nt llcrnP, Ult.rmore.w h c 1 1 did not ee ht to Ctve
. a .-a .i ... .-it . . ... luiii itKMto ffAmnnp rinv iki i ruiL'u uina wuii.a i -- . . . ... .
have suiTore d beyond nty wrr.u' T f: : . i ,7 .Vmi, but upon the operation ol this mediane
nous, i. e. dy ol HOWE &. CO., and do with confidence chrer
worms. fully recommend it to lhoj aillicted with Coughs,
give him. Colds, ic. II. MORfcL.
a 1 lull . KAt.-ifCMI IA RfMliri till
i -Vnother sav.""! ihuuk tiod I leel tliat
1 am a well man.' I aUuel it my duty, to proclaim
.1 m tke endot the earth, that toc similar y ai.iiet
ed may find relu-f. Another, (who is an ytisrsi
i .ti-viV and well known m this city.) says, Mj
... ha. been alUieted lor years with Kp.lety. but I
.....I ht-alih. from the ei:etalIe r.x
!7. ,S J . 'vh.mld and oucht to be
inn. l ttiiiiv. v
in ftnv reosoiinblt Ciuantlty
1 lee I iil! are noi reconnwwicu a i;iin-i.
'all the ills that liesh is h:ir to," but in ail affect
he was pot-bellied, 1 thought he might have
it Viva mm a ikiii j m. a
l,i mnther tinnfnrt.irprof Patent Force Pumps, Ornamental
and the neighbors were turprUed at the result, lie Cast Iron t ountains, r ire engines, xi . .
nasstnl nearly a pint ot worms, almost all as big as a Cincinnati, Aus- 11, ISA t, 1). X t .??UM.
.. ... - M'l., .......... w..r.i.r i., nil t ion r mm 11 1 little. I rOTnlelur Ol lUv wllV l.vlCI
of the Liver and in all bilious complaints, they rtana coninio pipe . c " . lAw- 5, Se r
All who have ever usKitiitm, giveigaveauiiu: j... " r. T." :.u 1. .,;.ru;.o tnt
all other Pills, and cannot t e j iwcniT-m e w e ... - V, tö testify to the eiiiciency ol your membera of the Buird ot Heafth in New York and
B leei ciear iu luumiuc... .u 7 o l'Vv !' "V r . . .s i 1... :, ... i", I .n I .nonintr tk mnQtofmv earnings in
Cou"h Candv. i nave useu n anu miuw iu w un.ni.cBi. . rjui6 . ... - -i 7
. r- . J a ii. j I. I-.. . : - i . k 1 1 K anrl'ntror rofiilincrin
gll9, I BllCUipUIlU IV r gain 1. 1J maun, aitu y
some paper ot your Sarsoparilla I resolved to try it.
curious CASE OF co.NSUXPTIOX . I atmncre a tit nniiear almost like liction. but It 1
There ia ftcarelr a day D asses but there area num- I 1.. .ilitv. Your rennarilla inrertainlv a valu
ber of cases ol Consumption reported as cured by the j Bbe medicine, and should be used by every one that
use of Dr. Townsend's Sarsaparilla. The following j g PUfieririg as we have been. If any disbelieve this
was recently received. I account, they are at liberty to call at my bouse and
DR. Towxsend Lfc ar oir: for tne last tnree years nave ycular demonstration. 1 our?, respectlully,
without a rival
tluMii the nrelert-nce over
I have been afflicted with general debility, and ner
vous consuniDtion of the last stage, and did not ex
pect to ever ga;n my health at all. After going
Lrtoueh a course of medicine under the care of eome
... 0 . .- 1 1 1 .1. -n,l
01 ine mosi oitiinuuisiieu treuui miys.ioua vnu
. . . .1 .. 1 . . . .
ouiHieu to me eii
itude lo Dr. Hart.tv.r having been ihe.uuan?
persuaded to exchange those which they find expert
rm'B tu Le milJ.Ki . and tiftiiuatAor any other.evcn
lhou"h they may be ugar ctatta, or so crastic as 10
through by day light.1
a specific for worms.
11-c 1
It fairly seems death to them.
LSIt ALL 11LLS, Editor.
1.,. gu i.UUy .-,-,.., , ,IMntM.C.U.J 1 Wl.
Language i, entirely iuau. to exj ;grut- .n, TO ""p . the sole proprietor, of Dr. M'Lane celebrated medi-
.-, uuue. Mir .v. u., -.v.. - - .: aT. ' ...l nu. All nril.T must lm addressed to them.
rittshurorli Feb. 10th. 147.
, K ii)D &. Co. No. CO W ootl street; fittsburgri, now
"uo ::-. . . . . .1 1 ...1. -1 1 . ..i ir,.ti 1 u mi ninsi tie uirecieu. 1 iiic.,
.i.k! mirnfl . f)i restoiMig nie to ine eiiiu) nil iii I 110111 uii ,Mui ia - , v
theblebingoiuod,oi - h ' ..... ,.. Li, ii,,,..- Awntu and the nnuciual Dru-istsl 50" N
I K. 1 1 n 1 if r 111V Ulli urcu uunvtiu w 1 'f -v w v . .
;i.vT' Tits wor-t form for more than tweuty-ibre throughout the I'mted htatr and tnnwa.
llepey 1.1 it wori"Vr" 1 ..t.Ui.ini,i nraia trr X. H Purchasers will please! particular an
. .if ntiirn nu :i 1 1 1 1 riiuinx vksw ivu v. er- - - m .1
: : - .. 1 ..ii,i f n
-.hail coiitiiaue to ü
ILI1U itiaiiiv-- - .
whn haa atluo:teu but to make tue nu.e.
f i,'M.dnriu.-eiitir seven viars and six
months, cured by the ue ol this 1 ruly W onde;
lf Aft .. I. A
1 1 .1... f. .t'.ii'inT TTriat kable case of the son ol
'. r.. . i.i Philadebhia. aillittcd will.
Scotland, Ger-
1 ! ...1.1,11 11 r lim n.iKi rniiiif-ni
many, anu 1 raneu, ,
phyaiciaus, and expendm- f-r medicine, medical
Treatment und advice thite thousand dollar, re
govern oei
a e. 9 I 1 1
1. . 1. .if ii. IV 111'" UI1V UC IK Ul . lluicilli Ui.w
ubia'ionoi praii-t 1 'r i. i. t uiniau r - .
ceiul tothatLiod inquire for "Dr. M'Unf't Lncr iV,'1 'a there ar
other I ills purwrting to oc "liver 1 iu., m w
.1 1.':- deeü-w v
the public.
-o.u Wholesale iictan t.y.
Main st. Kvauhville. lr.d.
Ü. Purchasers will please le particular to
inquire tor "ur j.u mmh m .im-cu turnt o;tyu.
or i'rrmtfMp:
Stld Wholesale Retail ly
Main St., Lvansvillo i
Cy DruggUu and Dcakrs Kcntr&lly throughout
United States.
. .1
Eoilvutic Fits iwciity ssvui jiar ana bx in......
A Hit irnvt lin-' through hiiglatid.
...,...i v. -.ti. i.i. va..i ti this country, in
u.ilw..it rfifuvni any utnui uaie;r,
wascuied by tiding Haut" V tuLTAhix tiXiKACT
M W. x.-iru a Jlli-r IO Ul. Ilillli
vuniiiii lui 11. 1 u-
Ivi.-ed to tuki
.1. 1 first vi-
..-.1 ..I I .on.,11 :1 the 1110M eiiii.ii in pi'VM
nana tlre in rw;iect to hu care; llu y eiunniud l.iu.
1 ihi.l nrcordiniilv. 1 rmiauird llieie thro-
months without pe rrtiviiany cliang j lur the tetter,
which cost me about two nunurcu u unjr uui.n.r
,i,.U Kv the ih vi. ian. and lhe mott that 1 rettiv
I . . i . ' .i.i
Mr. Win. score s letter io vt. i-a. -1
have sp nt over thrte thou.-and doll;
icine and i:.e.:i?al attendaiK-e. 1 a
tour to LuroiH? uiilihim, whu h 1 did.
Irvtifltlv Itllllotill.
TIII.S world has ever been the tceno of the fircest
striM'-jled Im tween Truth and error. No sooner
does Truth propound nn important theory, than er
ror, with its legion ol alius, sccrs to arrri 1 pro
res. A most illustrious instance ol this, was th
onpofition made to th iinii'ortai Joner. His mas-
ter mind v.-aa iei,unoer rroviuencc, iiiruis.v.. ,
of Vaccination, by which that dreadful t-courge, the
fhtali w, w as robbed of its terrors. He found t.iat
the in uter trom pdstuU'S ttpou tue uuua us u w
tr.ineii a principle whicii would proJuce u.e ni.nut.
lilVUlC IfsUlts lor V 1-lC.I l.C IlUUtU I'BUUiuj ii
oiiily soii"!l. l!i)o.-iti-ii nro. Interested persons
hi 'li in KHiii ran and pro;e.-iionai iwmiwu.hjum.
cdhat they daicd nut deny! They asMjried tnat
n.nny vaccinated persons became covered with hair,
and even exbiLiicd horns e and a tail; anJ that in one
i-n n rhilrl ran on all lours, bellowing like a bull.
DALLUYV la-rical Tain I'.xtractor.
More proofs that Dalley's Magical Puin 1 xtrac
lor is best Medicine in lhe world. Evt ry day is de
monstraiing the matchlcHS virtues ol this article.
Letters are coming to us front all parts ot the Union
. iexpressmg gratitude anu surprise i uiv wuuuenui
I .: . . . ... 1 1 i.ri.iirna rliriltilfl.
i ..I this. w the Properue u porv-. ... .": 'V" 1 "
valuable and certain remedy for Colds and Cou
l U I it r.ftiA r.iilil.1-
auu us FUvii luiiiiuiuuii - i". j i i - j w - . . . - .
Cincinnati, Aug. 1G, 147, D TUTTLE. Alter using six bodies 1 found it done megreat good
From Wm. Young, Presiding Elder, ct the Metho- and called to see you at your omce, wun your au
dist L. Church, Cincinnati. vice I kept on, and do most heartily thank you tor
Mr Howe: Not loivt-ince while laboring under your advice. 1 persevere in taking the bareaparilla,
the influence of a painfully embarrain hoarseness and have been able to attend to my usual labors tor
ocraioncd bv cold andsiK-akinff in tho open air the last three months, and 1 hope by the blessing Ol
-..; i,n,iiwf ,u . ot v.nir "Honrhound and I tiod and vour iSaruaparilla to continue my health.-
u ii.iiu ii i i i.i , I... . . -. ...
I.ivrrwortCundv" front the use of which I experien
ced great and almost immediate relief since then 1
li.ivn frntlfti ilv iid it will, the same beneficial ef-
ficts. 1 therelore feel no he?itance in recommending
vour Candy as a certain Kpccihc lor Coughs, Colds,
It.KirsnessI&c. WM. YOUNG.
Cincinnati. Aug. 27, 1817.
Indi v. M. WWlLl . Agent,liVansvi.ie
No fluid or medicine has ever been discovered
which so nearly resembles the gastric juice or saliva
in decomposing food and strengthening the organs of
digestion as this preparation ot Sarsaparilla. It pos
itively cures every case of dyspepsia, however severe
or chronic.
Bak DErAETJffEST, Albaxt, May 10, 1845,
Dr. Townse.vd -Air : 1 have been atilicted for er
eral years with dyspepsia in its worst form, attended
with sourness of stomach, los of appetite, extreme
heartburn, and a great aversion to all kinds of food,
and for weeks (what I could eat) I hare been unable
.-. i i K, m at 1 1 ruirtiitn im mv afiamRi'h 1 tritf-ttl
" he hvd mebevond the expectations Ol all tnat knew ltha,,c.! rrmcnips. hut ihev had little ornoellect in
my case. '' " CHARLES QUIMBi removing the complaint. I was induced," about two
Orange, Essex Co. N,J., Aug. 2, 1847. months tince, to tiy your extract of Sarsaparilla, and
State of New Jersey. Essex County, ss. Charles imustsay with little confidence; but after using
Quimby being sworn according to law, on his oath nt.fcrly two bottles,! found my appetite restored and
saith, that the foregoing statement is true according the lu.artburn entirely removed; and I would earnest-
to the best of his knowledge and belief. iy recommend the use of it to those who have been
CHARLES QUIMB . ,V,rtiHl an 1 have bLtn. Yours. &c.
Sworn and subecribed to before me at Orange, the I w. W. VAN ZANDT.
t iB 1. ..... I . ... . . . .
mm, piles, wounus, txc. i lie press bouunus in no
tices ol its high character as a standard Medicine,
and from lhe number we felect the following trom
the Lland City of the l Jih September :
Dallxy's Medical Paix Extractor. An inven
tion like this truly wonderful article, so full of virtues
thould be made known to the universe. Its cures, in
many cases are absolutely beyond befit t. r or burn,
scalds, sores, swellings, pains in the- limbs ofall kinds,
cuts, wourid--,and in every diseaj-eof the body, where
it can be applied externally, it never fails to cure. A
lingular case 'cvnc under our own observation. A
Iriend in pliiying wun a si arp sieei ien, run ii imu
s liand so tnat it came out ai ino puck
Thi rent nntl Glorious Unicn.
lFEbi.-inir the greatest blesinj:, that wfiich
,,'a u-.. i,n i r&c a cnna fan vn an iou.b, wi.u.. - ,u ,.-ir ., i.i i,mi ui that it came out at me duck i
TtJri" ,t 1 .1 3 accVrditI2ly- left En- iut the current was von turned. '1 fie ; Lni t ar- ,jaJ d Um way. The Poisonous y'ZT uar
land traveled ihr. ugh Scotland, Germany and Iiament voted lam a.ulu bierung .ww,, nature cf ,he ink lh(J WüUnJf M Wf as the in.tru- " , their ureäi usefulness.
",!.lrrnl Lome in tie month of Novem- world anghis prai.es :. ment itself, caused the hand to well dreadlully.- f Vf .he eivil
vJrlaltV with niv son as lar trom being cured as when niue same DalUVs Pain, Extractor w... pp. ed arid the next ' - J malcrially
.,i,tupiii-ut in une u t he ftc ' r r . t av the swelling naa cr.iirciy guue uo ii, me ... i- .. . . . ,;., . .
York pap7ra: nd concluded to try Harts .Vegetable son,, J " ha'd Ml, and the wound was cured in ? -7- i Pill, do not
7Jt ..ein.r vour .tateiueuU and ccrtilicales of so .V"cic,V :b"?i. . tterlv M"'"'. tuan-Counterfeits o my Lxtractor auaUtiw. They have
"I r;:.;.Vo1u'e of twenty and thirty years stand- are oising ui bu"- "v A . ' are unblushingly publislied. to lie wonu in my nam. 'ZKl f orouscle. analasous
"'in f l ean assure you 1 ... not sorry I did so, as Vll rs K Y?"' ? ou value ,,,eV 8ni1, "n . he U-kmI; the' corpuscle ot vege
v .&.Vr,: ni H,rt V egetable Extract alone, he wat ') "llu,e:i ".Ti : V. "". " u Ukn deceptions, i am, as every arugg ,i .. - inrort)0ralt,i ,1. mass of
WJ n,.r.ai, which was Company, ironi an pans oi ukuiuumj, y... .v-.v t(i(j ta(cs knQ ws, Uie mXt inventor and proprietor oi ,
toiw w rkin t ."'." , ; i..i.i I u i i.-ii haA astonislud the most respectable cr.izens. I ,.
ii T i..:n i.'w i i.t..r. ..I !i..p ln-i in Iik I auu
i far cone as to unlit mm ior uui-.s . ' V, " " "i ,,;,..,.,ni- hnv U en submitted to -." V." 7 .1 V" ivrARTS A
and 27 yenrs 6 months pi tn.s um ..." ,,- ,inmMot the liev. N. iianss. D. D., ol ""7: ",7. l r' . " V "s T. Z tvin- the whole volume of blood i
.i.i.'. I -i.n.t tu I ol ii i seliges, out, i liaiiK v.oii I . .! . ...... , . ., ... .. . . U..II aim h um n iiuirmir nuu iii.i i ...-j wi.-i.u. i n , ,, llo ;. . . ....... ....i .. noiiou? lo trv vour faRioanlia. lieiore navim; usea one
Sää.- !S!SSE sääsä iÄ&sh; äää;
Misav lshV.l Ikj ever gralelul to you w one thing Vf; V.c p''"'' V , general lWt tor the fcouth and W est tlicted quainud with the circumstance. She is now quite
nudailh WM'V-U if rt? r ll DALL" ' Kmv year their salejia increased. Dr. Brandrcth well and in much better health than she has been loi
Ähv1 wilAhitak this rJll;NJl yni t AU order, for Ae-.J JS&SSln.M month, than Iu 18 months pa, t. JOSEPH '1 A LOI
II": ibrXnceBCC 1 Yours my. nj. Äi!Äy.Ä . jt TO1 IN TEN YEARS. . . Very few families indeed-in fact we have not
(Signed) wiLUA.UDiAiu.Uii VeÜnxv e -- uniy agents in i.vaniiie, Can any other medicine be pointed out that lint heard ol .onethat used ur. lownscnu ssarsupu ., a
tia' SHs-ÄÄ --otWÄVws- Äte; ÄIÄIEÄ
rretVrestoratiMt to health otmy daughter, by the ue .jj. Families should club together and get an mi- rpHfci great sensation which was created among ral adoption in toe .public Hos-pita s. a bUsj- cbildrin. p Si x had two children cur-
StfätÄs -.a LatrÄ Är.MWÄÄ SfiSrx
a.feS5S.irSft KÄÄ-rsr:s., ÄÄffi ÄWÄ
nil l.-i-ra.i-a ol tue I ine nrsl Ol lis svinnioms. wore iJerrx-ivio. -i . -1 1 -ia imi c m uo. i.-i. . . . .. , v--
J-i surers it free from the evil ot premature
must be of paramount importance.
ltrnn.lr.MhV IMU are altogether of Vegetable com
position, ahd white they possess remarkable powers saving mv life.
in curing disease, are perfectly harmless, and can
thus be used with perfect safety by persons of all
ages, und in any condition of the system, with n cer
tainty of benericial results from thtir operation,
which is mild and pleasant, tho' thoroughly search
ing to the root cf diseased action, and always termi
nating pi a great increase of health and vigor.
Kill MfJWIV llic jjuas-
has increasid the
They are now pa
ized world; nor can
impair their well cs-
2J Au?. 1847. CYRUS BALDWIN, Justice
of the Peace
vnA tV.of.ilW inland sav that consumption IS
aVV MVI v vav J
incurable if you can.
New Your. April 25 1S47.
Mr. Townsexk I varily believe that your Sarsap- fi,, ia
arilla has been the means, through Providence, ot ,u n j,
N.I. Purchase nons but such as have wrapper!
that hide the bottle completely, and have the wntteu
signature ot 5S. P. TOW NLM).
Principal eflice, 12b Fu!ion-st,Sun Building N. Y.i
Redding &. Co, ÖMate-st, Boston; Dyott Sous,
. . ai-i a a , .-.las i
YS4 orth-econd-tt, l liiiaceipiua; i lance, crug-
Uiniore; Uurol & Co Kichmond; 1. .VI. Co-
arleston; Wright &. Co, 151 Chartres-st, N:
k).; 115 South PtarUt, Albany; R.Van Pukirk,51J
I have for several years had a bad
couch. It became worse and worse. At last a rms- cot-cr of Market and Broad Ms, Newark. N. J., and
ed large quantiti-js ot blood, had night sweats, ana DV j incina druggists and MerchMits generally thro
was irately debilitated and reduced, and did not ex- uut tj.c United states, West Indie?, and tlie Canada?,
pect to live. 1 hive only used your Sarsaparilla but portale by ALI.LN C. 11 A I. LOCK.
a short time, and there has a wonderful change been - Druggist Main.S-'t, Evanavi'.le, Ind.
wrought on me. l am now aoie to wai. au oci W ho is appointed by the proprietor, unniesaie
city. 1 raise no Mood, and my cougn nas ien inc. Aijeiit, with authority tosellat .Manntaeturcr snrice
You can well imauine that 1 am thankful for these
results. Your obedient servant,
Wm. Uussf.ll, C5 Catharine st.
Tb nnnrxed licrtificate tells a simple and truthful
ikt.wv of sulTerinc- and relief. There are thousands
cure entirely by their jut similar cases in this city and Brooklyn, and yet
in their composition a 1 therearc thousands of parents who let their children die
to the corpuscle ol lor tear ol being humbugged or to save a lew sinu-
table origin, becomes I ngs. Uroqklvn, bept 1J, lt47.
the lif"e-iviii2 fluid, Dr. Townse.id; 1 take pleasure in stating, ior .ne
benefit of those whom it may concern, tnat my
FERMENTATIVE TOWER I daugmer, two years anu six numius um, wo uv-
row out all infestial, ted with general debility and loss oi speecn, cne
thereby entirely puri- was given up as past recovery by our family physi-
n thn circulauon. I cian; out lonunateiy a was recommenueu uy a .ncuu
l or ale also by
inarch iS-dlw ly
Druggist 1 1 luceton, Ina.
ALLIS V HOW, livansvillc, la.
The 0ldat Tea EotaUUhmtnl in America
and render her insane
-TnT.vrtr. iTbePe.traordinar; Bitters are sold at twenty-five ternal or Internal, and nlao lor
ii tu v a m . - a - .
vt,,,u MV II t M 1 " iivmiLA lui.nnirU A.nl I'.uJ, .h AJ
Vhva.i iAiitirronouncea net ucmiir9 biui ramo crrilz ft p9.?vT, anu art" im"'n "" " inuniiutu unu ru
I iljeivi! A . a i I ... .1 , ..i" - I . . - I... ... ;n tli a tA'ArLt 1 sf ft r I O ... 1 I I -m I . . t a 1 f..liv
tirtl liin lll.ire tvr II T. (? natl aimwi ur.-puin ui r, lljllvib rrTlur a an a- " v - j . I a-viv uuu iiavnuai wa
w ,.an....i..i I a f a . 1.-1,.. Il..l.a an1 V ma r n llrT I t .I... InH .i,i4li. nl Ilm Sri
..,,1.l I " iTI ki 1. li.UR. 1111 ISC BIH1 V llivr. I IT I .1 tl 1 1 l ' A tA 1 1 1 L . All a A .1 1 1 1" ll II VI av- ft'
U I l,iMJll liwi 1 fi,,,,,,;. I or.. I in. I I. l .1. ....I w'.i,;.,. l'Urlinn nl'tho lnt. K
. ct t.-af-akcia nnii niu iua ui am i it. 41 an v i,ri it. liun ru. at im iti . , i. -1 mmwu "-
av ----- - - . . . , , . a - . . . .
eure, w ben heaiin ot ir.e rtnwi a ..v i u. a ..w. .... u
.1. . V..c.-nl,ln Kxtruct. we determined to give it a
trial. " The result has exceeded our most sanguine ex-
pectati 11, us by its use sho is tree irom a mosi ureaa
' 1 . .11 1 r... t.roil to PtRfLeT HlAITU.
IUI IlllllUU J , i.v- ... " 1 . l.i
Should any one f-rl ilesiious ol set 1:1? her, and ol
acerta'.i.iii4 the particulars ol the rase, such wish
" w. ..-..,;;... 1 r,v i-u'liti-' on or addressing a lettei
r: : . n..,,,... ihr
.i.i ai i v it--10 11., "
Westchester. .ew 1 orn.
DENSUIW. 1 onkcrs N. 1
r.i.ir.,. W..rni.C.wtiveness. Äc, will product
this diwnler. In all such eacs the Vetable Kxtraei
. t!ie only medicine winch can ue- rvi.ru o . ...
2ree ol safety. Moiher v h i have small children
to me, pa.-i-pui
village ot onktrs, v
9 1 1 i
yj. v.
-!kuM rein
iiiUt tr.i-
.M NY ACiMLP,the past year.
whohiS.ulT rcd Willi thw CJiiiplaini, and lia hetn
K,len ovvr by phy-i ,iatu t,j l,,s Uc:, res orI b
tne use ol but one nouivoi i'
The chil l uf William An.lersoii, North 1 ourtl.
...... Wiiünmurch. aied niontus, had fits con-
A con.-iuliaiion ot
. ..!. I'.r ...rill Uli kl.
. I .1 II .1 . IV. 1 X . . . - . .
... l 1. ...I...I .1..., li.i. i-i. ri 1
i-nllil. W II, lltft. lUfru ill... ' - '1 I
" ' ----- - .... -1 . . 1 I
chi d niU'tnie. nii-itiie
linn was
1 1.... .... in, I the
I lOUe K3t OU' , 11 t t ti
;., il.Ud.im'Toiis state .Mr. Anderson cad-
.1 .. ..... ..iv...r,n.l ..iiiain-da tH.t'leof the Extract,-
aimini'tered it to the child, und thcrts-dt was a per
t cctrstoration of health.
Tk. .if tr ir.h rt Mct.e?. corner of ulIlvan
and Prince strceis, New York, wa, s..verely aitju ted
with fits. In this case aiiii-,i! h
f ultation and decided that they could do im more
and that nature must ctltfi Us own cure, or the boy
.. ..i.i I L w i ..a fi,irinniut.-rit
'i la firfi niiit rA Li miin'.i. iv,v
..,. a
IUU31U1U. ' 'Hi' A . . a
ai,;i-i in fit. tiv nt ol t ho attending lnvsi
KJ Willi-'' " '
ians. Itsctrecta were almost instantaneous, l he
. . luaa KrsUn M Ufa the bv rcstortnl to health. Mr.
III T Ä-I l'IVIV"t a... . . 1 . .
n speedy and certain reotorativc ot weak and dcUli
tate.1 coiisiiiiuions. .
Ph.? other Medicir.es of the Company ar qtiai
. r 1 1
vaine, nni are as loiiovts:
Tho llrneii nlierir Sarsaparilla Compound, tlie
firat IcnU rg Eye loiioii, the t:inldren's Panacea the
(irecn Muntaiii lintiiiful,tlieCiiJUinptiveslalm,
the Dystntery Syrup. ....
JO" 1 he titncinl Agent lor mutans is .Myru .-ea-
1011. to whom applictiiioii lor agencies may lie a ldre-
a. l.UW AliD HAK IU., Secretary.
New Ytik,Janaiy, PSW. .
W.M.M.W00LcEY. Agent
mnyl-tf lr Evansville.
r 1 It )M St a S x 1 M PO V S I ) S V K fi' P or T AR AND
WlH)D .NAl'llTHA.
fit V KU II 1TI O.N .
4l.m:i. r.rone hists. SPittimr Ulood, I'UUl n me ciur
and llrta-t. Sore I hroat, Haorsness, l aipuauon
ol il.e Eeart, Whooping Cough,Croup,llivtf ,
Nervous Tremours, Liver complaint.
Diseased K'ulreys, and Affections
generally of the Throat,
Hrt ast and Lung?.
Ofall the dis'ass incident to our cliniat tliere i
i . i . . i ......yi;mA . -i Iniiili.m.
n..ti.. a. i iTTHVi rn . Hiion i iiif rniiiu i.iuw du hk.iv..
i.i . i ui... vi. ,-- . --- - - ,
.i.l i-ital. n t'onsumuti"n. In this country epcciai
ly. Pulmonary Consumption is emphatically a scourge
and in its resistlei career sweeps over the land as i
iirnvin.f AniTfl. laviniT low. wnn relentless nana
.- i-, ...CK . -j - - . .... I ... .11
i. yir.mMti mi. iintol our race, iiuneno au
U !rrntl diae have proved vain
(,iltri.vr - .
.. .ii .. .i . ir..i. I-
'inrs; r low oi isixu to tnc ticau, ctq anu ior uiw iw
i.fot warned Women,
'i nn sivmntonm. Cause and nnturc of the I ilcs, to
aether with'its conjunctive diseases, will U found in
ii .ii i r ii .....I t. . .... i.c
ie pamphlets, to ue una ct au agents .m umiu.-
U.v'itlp Statas Marsualx's Oh u r,
Nlw Yt'RK, Dec. t'th, 1S47. lt
Messrs. Wvatt Si. KrrcitAM:(K-nt!enicn Un
derstanding that you u re the Oencral Agents for the
1 1 . . . 1 1 1 ... hrt ill lid ti'innl. n. u-.irn I rff-1
UK, luv lim. v. ..3 r, ... ..i n. "i. . . .1. ... , ., 1 1-
i. , t . ,.Dr, n Ji.r-.mmnt.-irv nr ot a tvPnoiii I ars"narnia we naa neara so mucnoi. dui ua
1 I III. ft 1 1 iA IL 1113 UI Uli IIIIIUUUIIUIVI I I " -J " 1 . . . a . a.
I - - - - , . . . .. . a " 1 if . I 1 - a. t..M ...t.nul that
Dyspep-ia, Liv- character would fie found equally under their power- commence; mere oeing so mucnsiuu luinuwu ;
fi n. Kidneys. I ful control. While influenza, emall-pox, measles, I is worwiiesn; nut we are very inanttiui maw we uiu,
- I . a ia .a 1 e I'll. ttla 1 . . - ...Li II.. ilm Iica nl fi. 1 ar rite
scarlet lever, and ail tnc diseases oi cmiuren wouiu ior , uunouuieuiy pocu um ik uyi .....v
be affairs requiring only a very few doses ot mis, to this mat otners may neinauceu io use u
i k . . . . a ii a i i a ... i.u a a a a a xj v a
McOee says,"I shall mveragain le without the med- nnj n tjiat ..rcraed within our power waa at best a
wine in my hou-e,if I can avoid it, for lear that some rvja,jon 0f sullVring, rendering somewhat smootfii
of the rest of my children may be attac'iFt. the certain progress to the tomb
. ! . li......ii...n.k A
iKnm'lT. 1 consider ine mru.uireiniaui..
We would reter to tlie lollowing person. vwh&
l ave been cured by uring Hart's tgetable Extract.
W. Bennett, nine years, 171 Crandt.
I'll .k uriA Hr.. 1J llOVei P
J. Olisworin, v j. , ,i. . f 1
ii...d, M.'lkjufnl. nrna years. Last firooalyn 1. I
H. W. Smith, N.Y Custom Houhc.
S. Kelly, twenty years, butcn Llan J.
Miss E. McKeet, twenty years, orkviIle.
-i. i- .Ü umv vwm. 112 llaminerniv ft.
Wm. II. Parrel, twenty-three yeart, .dlsortoUst.
Jacob Petty, four years. 174 Delaucy st.
, Philo Johnson, twcnty-eight years, Urcencastle Ct.
Judge Randall, V t East Uroadway. N. .
Thomas K. Jone?, ol the u. o a y.
f.oi tVV. lonnin- Ktma at. Bridif DOrt. Ct.
THr Time Is Not Far DliTANJ. When thousands
wVi.- are now traniblinz under the hi.nd of thii dread
,.i .t,.-iw .iul t'-fri ur il.rtt i-verv attack mav prove
r.f-,1. will tin! t)ni:aii.M.t relief a;id be restored to
m.r bv usiiiar tliit celebrated medicine.
iitfa iir THors vNiiCKRTiiictrES. Have been re
V lv--a - w-w-- ,
ee'tve l. in tetiiuonv of the benelicial results prod d.red
by the use of Dr. I birrs Vegetable Extmct.
' Prepared by S. Hart, M. D., rew i ork.
PrieeOnepnclta;e,.- - -
Four "
Il la erhil!v nacLod no in toXH for
tiuu, ani tont to any part of the United State., 'I exas,
Meico.and Wrsl Iudwri. THOMAS At MILES,
117 .slaw n, between 3d and -tu. Mnciiir.au u.
Otruml Agonts of the Ur.iV2.l States
u luciiAfui Agent ixru siiij hy.
p 4 f C BELL, EvaiuT.lle Indiana
$3 CO
. .. 10 U)
... JO IXJ
Hie proprietor, inotTering this preparation to the
puMic, would embrace theopportunity lo state upon
..(,, nrnim.U it mit forth its merits: and the reasons
nnon which il founds its superior claims to the alten
. a . 1 .1 t I 1. im tiuat III4U
lion ol the ainictea, mat an who i"iuic -
rcpo.v full conhdence in its curative pow ers, rince
. tu iir.t nrpnirai ion im nns nntl .no u i .jui " l
.i.tiin-r ii. lin-iov rfiilta in numerous instances; bu
iii-.i.i.- i " i i ; - - - ...
k. u....lntrTiiinefl r.o' io oUlT it to the PUU'l? Unt
I a u" viv -!
he hid become thoroughly convinced ol it e.iicaey
Havinzsuch conviction, lie now conn Jenny oner l
. -.,..11 um t Vinn, i, nsrrilif-l for in eure ot r Uli
Min' ARV CONSUMPTION and it kind.cJ dis
eases. ..... .....
I i th following FPeaK toritfeli.
I have ued'THoirso5's CoMrorNoSyncr or Tar
Sl Wo, d N Ant tua,' for some tune in my practice.and
fi.im.l it tl.a most ethcient reineJy 1 havo ever
u-ed filConFUmpmi cases, t-nronic vaiarrn, eic
...i.,. ,.-., irrit-,1 i fitv. wit l weakness ot the pulmo-
Wlilll 111 .a -I f 1
r-ran. existed. The rapwlity with which
a ia a w - - - . .
J . v .t .- . . aM,.M K rt-MM ilvaiinnn ff k?-tnrw
acts is greatly in us u,-... r.
. . '.I : . ;.fi.1u rpU vrd bv It."
Sloii e.Aisi!', ..v.. : - - , . - , . t
"In lulmonnry consumtnion it tn i utw. ii.i
u.i... Ki.inrr anr irab r to everv lorm oi inai
wniiuH.i'-"'b -i r-r ,. . '..ti .k-
disease, and I consider It a inemcine wen uiui .
.ti-ntio:i ol I'hvsiLnna. ana exempt iro... ij.
arwn cfempiricisni." M. CHAMtERb, D.
Philadelplua, Uct. lltn, ioo.
a a a a .
RrThC aDOVCmddlCtnes pre;nreu u.i.y uy v.-...
t Du xs;y, at NE corner ot Fifth and spruce Streets
HiiluJelfhia: Soldty C. LLLL, Lvansvule,
and tfipcctablc diucgitts renera'Iy.
Price 50 cents or $1 pn Niitle beware of ia? vven
11011 uw iIJ"
entirely re-establish the patient's health. And in case
of rheumatism and dropsy, and the various forms o)
lung disease, no medicine is capable cf doing more
good; or whose use would tend more to the recovery
ol health.
These Facts, .Dr. Dr.ANDr.Ern rnocLAtais, are
Let our Lecislatures and men in authority every
Yours, respectfully. JOHN WILSON, Jr.
Myrtle avenue, Brooklyn, Sept. 15, 1S47.
James Cumr.iings, Eq. one of the Assistants in
the Lunatic Asylum, Black welPa Island, is the gen
tleman apoken of in the following letter:
This is only one of more than four thousand cases
of rheumatism that Dr. Townsend's Sarsaparilla has
ale of Dr I plinm Vegetable Electuary, lor the cure e . , .,', Arinv ni, .,T.and in all
.k. l;l., 1 !,,. , ,.w it mv , ..tv in v.. untrer I "T-." b'"'?""" . . i
a tnc a a at. b a. aiaaa,uvx.aiivu a a v tiu I aw -w..----- -
where look to this. If these things le 60 is it not a i CUred The most severe and chronic cases are weekly
part of their high duty to cause the liranorein i nit ! eradicated by its extraordinary virtues:
a recomnioiidatioii in tehallof that invaluable tnedi
cine. 1 have been afllicted lor many years with the
i!cs.nndhavc trifd various remedies, but with no
effects. Indeed, I l egan tocontider my case hopeless.
But about the first ol September lat, 1 w as prevailed
upon by a Iriend to make a trial of the above named
i- , ... i. i.; . i : .:. i ...... ik.i 1
medicine; i iook his antiee, nnu ri-joitc iu eu inai
am not only relieved, but, as I believe, perfectly cur
ed. 1 most earnestly recommend it to all who may
have the misfortune tobealilic'cd with tint annoy
ing and dangerous disease.
Very respectfully, Ycnr ob't servant.
fill I .nuoun
New York, Nov. 2, 1847.
17?ri tVudti X- Kttcham: Gentlemen 1 am con
strained to give you a statement of the benefit
. . " . ... i t 1 1
Diihlic lIosnitnlsMVIilic otiinion tel s these honor
able men, that such is their duty; and one of the most
serious character in which is involved the security o;
many valuable lives. Over Two Millions of our Citi
zens have approved ol Brandreth's Pills: they are no
longer a private, out a puduc medicine
BLACKWEU'slsi.ANP,Sept. 14, 1347.
Dr.Towxsi.nd: I have suffered terribly for nine
years with the rheumatism; considerable of the time
1 1 could not eat, sleep or work; I had the most dis
tressing pains, and my limbs were terribly swollen.
I have used four bottles of your Sarsaparilla, and they
have done me more than one thousand dollars worth
let the sick every where see to their interest, and 0f good-1 am so much better. Indeed, I am entire
obtain this eurer ol sickness: dispenser of health y relieved. You are at liberty to use this lor the ben
and securer of long life. The weak, the nervous and tnt of the afllicted. Yours, respectfully,
delicate are strengthened by the operation of Bran- JAMES CUM.MINGS.
dreth Pills, which are benehcial for the mind as for COULD NOT WALK.
the body: mental derangements of ail kinds are cured I That Dr. Townsend's Sarsaparilla is the very liest
by them; in fact they impart a vigor and power to j remedy for female complaints there is no disputing
the intellect truly surprising, it is now a common i oc- thousands and thousands of weak and debilitated
rurrence W'hen a man is about tO mnke a trreat effort, I .rnalua flint uum nrnulrnlml bv lhrwu ionon to
to lake a dose of lirandrelh'a fills, which clear the I wuicu females are subject were soon in the enjoy
0 50
0 75
1 CO
1 H3
U 75
I 00
..i i
. i -. - . ...... ... .. ir i" i r ir it. ti -; . .11.
nveu irom using ivr t i nau. . . . . the literary and sedentary ot
files, by so dome, 1 snail renne eeium ,o 100-. Fisd a Trea
who are suiiering irom mat irwa. y .lhese pjUg. When sleep
was reduced lor several years ny me 1 ius so "'V the nervousness of the
i hut it w.i wit Ii frreat iiillicuiiv ior me to w ais. or oi-i i
?ar lne I which females are subject were soon in the enjt
In factjment 0f robust health. New Yoaxep 25, 1Ö47
head and invisorate the perceptive faculties,
both sexes will Dr. Towxsfxd: M v wife has for the ast vear been
scRi of Health, I venr sick, and in a srreatlv reduced state of health be-
cannot be obtained from :n reHuced hv a varietr of conmlaints auch as fe-
system induced from over tax-1 males are liable to: she pot so bad at lenirth that she
a" I . .1 Ä I . . ü . . . a i
a l ....x A nt Has t. I - - - naariitiiiir uuioiQ iu uin. auu -ww ao iivai'.v 40 aacr
tend to my cusiness. i n. -ui . oo.j .-- two of these Pills will invariably produce sleep. In low t child 8he commenced usine your Sarsaparilla. and
eases, wr.icn were i xiremciy ,rtuo 0..,., nervous levers they are most valuable. Spurzheim he immediately began to regain her strength, her
I am pleased ta say two boxes ol U.e Llecmarv t n and the iarnonted Harrison would have been saved complaints left her, and after taking several bottles
t.rely removed; and that my healih is she is restored, iking a singular case I have thought
1 mn .t inulu.-n Ir.rinnnv vrnr. 11 URS OOIie nit i .1 .L-. -f " J I U J ... .... , . a.,-,P.., . V
u.i... . j ' .j -Iii. u 1 uemeniperuien, tuat energy ui uiiiiu uuu ouuj .c- umight do gcod to puDlisü it. fche used a nunibei
and my family since.more goinl and ,e. "- tult from Brandreth'a PiUs; that they are applicable otremedies that done her no good previously,
pense, than the physicians to w horn 1 fiave applied, in condition9 of the body, doing good if good can youf rtSpectlully, OILN MULLEN,
or medicine 1 have used. be done, and will be sure never to injure. 87Narfolket.
I remain, still in pcrlcct nealta, 1 our on i , serv t, Q famiy 8hould be without them in the house; TO THE LADIES.
. NELSO.N ?.E v iu.v because so much depends on the timely application GREAT FEMALE MEDICINE.
'V Ingv - J vTI I u r of proper medicine when sickness- commences.. Sail- dr. Towxem's Sarsaparilla is a sovereign and
5Isr$ Wmtl & K'Uhaui: Oe
er it a duly which I not only owe
KJi IA 1 rn.il ors, and all other traveller!, should never be without Lpeedy cure for incipient consumption, and for the
to vou bv t nv v lhcm; they Prevent KUVlY costivencsa, and cure the general prostration ot the system no matter whether
VW- Vis - i n, I Th,n'a i: e.'. ?nBni ,c r uu V"u" . x r, t.:. ,D resmi o innerem cause or cause, proaucea oy tr-
ii'llUW M-l.lI., IU f CI IV 1 Iii m " " j -
tuary, a medicine which I think has saved my life
and restored me to full health. For several years 1
was atHicted with Piles, together with Dyspepsia,
and a ftneral disarrangement ol the system. 1 em
When vou purchase otherwise than ol Dr. B or his
(Tpnts.be sure and obtain the centime, and have
none other.
BRAN DRETH'S PILL'S are sold.wtth lull direc-
tions, at 25 cents per box, at 241 Hudson street, 274
regularity, lilnessor accident.
Nothing can be more surprising than its invigora
ting effects on the human frame. Persons all weak
nesa and lassitude, from takinz it at once become ro
bust and full of energy under its influence. It imme-
' r . . . . 1 1 1 1 nuns, a v.m w., ..... ii .- . UUM lnu )ull v, egeigr Uliuer iu uiuucuw. 11 mime-
ployed different physicians, with no good res.ut, and ßowery rs. Gotf, 4 M.arket street, Brooklyn, and diauly counteracts lhe nerveleesness of the female
. 1 . a . . i i . . 1 ...M A n.-h mnrA f.ir mj, I . -. . .... I ......
tSev at laut told ma thev coul 1 do no more for me
and said that I must die. 1 thus had given tip a!
lKpes of even having mv health restored, until I had
called to mind the bcielits tint a nephew ol mine in
Philadelphia (Benjaman Percival) had derived in a
severe case ol chronic dysentery, by your medicine,
that I purchased a box, which, to my aarpris-3, afir
takin" a few dose, I received great relief, and thank
Uod, Cy continuing iw use, that I am now restored
o perfect hcilth. MKS. SARAU T. AMES
14i Mercer street.
NcTrct--The genuine Up'aam'a Electuary haa his
written signature, thus CXT A. Upham, M D.) The
hand is also done with a pen. Prieo$latox.
Sold.wh Resale and retail hy WY ATT &. KETCH
AM, 151 Filton street. N Y mid by Drwgzists gen
erally throughout tlie United States and Cuiisdas.
jan2j-'4 A.C. HALLOCK, Agent
for Evanavilla I:rJ
by Dr. Brandreth'a
frame, which is the ereat cause of barrenness.
It will not be expected of us, in cases of so delicate
DANIEL OOLSE , and WM. M. W OOLbEl .1 . nature, toexhibit certificates oi cures performed, but
agents Evansville and by one agentin every town or we can ad5Ure the afiiicted that hundreds of case
Principal Office, 241 Broadway, New ork,and by
village in the United States.
apl 4m
p!Fashionable Boot and Shoe Maker.
J k ii'.itu rx .- i: i I I .1 Ul:.CP il
i uuiiU iniorm ms inenus auu tue puuuc . ; i
lihat he now has. and intends to constant!
iteen. a fine lot of Philadelphia Calf-skin,
for tine work. Work of every description done with
the utmost neatness and despatch. Un Main street
opposite the Dank.
ap 21 dly.
lAf) "a.rehK
11J'. dec 2 1 -if
a.rels Keuhawa Salt for si!e bv
have been rt ported tou3.
Dr. Tow.nie.vd: My wife being greatly distressed
by weakness and general cebuty, andsucenn coa
tinually by pain and w ith other dilliculties. and hav
ing known cases where vour medicine haa ttfocted
creat cures: tn J also hcaruig it recommended for auch
cases as 1 have described. loLtained a bottle of your
Extract of Sarsaparilla nnd followed the directions
you gave me. In a snort period u removed her com
lainu and restored her to hakfi. Ling jratcfij for
ir.e beneiiis ihe received, I vajie tnojiure ia tji aa
auowicdjirc it, and roco.uaitriCin it to the j-,ti;
Albsry,A?j- 17, IWl
THE Canton Tea Company has let n popularly
known for many years. This is the largest and
oldest Tea Establishment i:i America. 1 he public
have had lull proof ol their integrity and nsjionsi
bility. Rut such has let n the great and pressing de
mand for their Teas of late, that they have beeiiobli-
:cd to enlarge, to a great extent, ?htir two rrmctplo
Establishments in New York, viz:
125 Chatham tc 1(J3 Cireeutvieli streets.
Tht v moreover possess facilities, in relation to the
fen trade, in a very abundant degre and doubtless
sujieriorto any other lea Concern in AUictica.
I heir scrupulous regard to all principe that tena
to elevate tfie character of a large hoti.v, is well un
derstood, and has already procured them a connec
tion, proluibly, larger thaii all other 'l ea establish
ments united, and tiiey consepuentiy an aeiermineo
io sell tcaa purer, nio:e Iragrant, and p-rlect for the
.i . ..
nce, iu the aggregate, mau any nouse in tne woru
- China excepfeei,
1 hey most zealously invite the attention oi the in-
Habitants ot this city and surrounding country tt
their agency Messrs. Allis it Howls', w here tho
lol lowing anortmeut are always on hand; and they
feel no hesitation in'ttatinr, that wherever a single
trial is made, a very dcrideel preference is given to
the celebrated Teas of the Canton Tea Company.
Öj"Keadcr make the experiment.
lit tail priat a follows, tibject in all rates tole re-
lur md if unt uppriixrd j.
Good Young Hyson -SO 50 V &
tini do tlo
No 2 fragrant do
No 2 very fine do
Silver Leaf, do
Good Hyson
try une do
Extra Iragrant
Jayd Hyson skin-.--.-.
Lood Imperial
Very hne do
Extra tine do
cioed Gunpowder
hue do
Extra fine do 1 5
No 1 Souchong 0
No 2 do 0
Finest do 0 75
Fragrant Powchong, various prices
Congo, various prices
rine Oolong 0 so
Very line tlo , 0 75
Extra line do ' 1 00
Ningyong, various prices
Finest Engli.-h Breakfast Tea. (very rich
Pekoe flavor' 0 75
Fine Orange Pekoe .....!... 0 62
Finest Pekoe Flowers
ilowoua. or finest lllark Tea imported-. 1 00
Ne phis ultra Teas, both Green and Black, of all
descriptions, the highest grades grown in China, $1,50
per pound.
TAKE NOTICE. The Canton Tea Company
are the exclusive venders of the etineror Black Tcu.
called "oiryua' Mixture." ' 'I hey introduced it
in America in 1320 and every other person or house
professing to sei' the same at all much less at a loWS"
cr price deceive ;he unwary, as the public thejo
s elves will percieve, by comparing the spurious w-jth.
the genuine "llowqua" vended by tho Canton Tea
Every package (in addition to its containing mil
weight, independent oi tnc wrappcr.ucar tne stamp
of neatness and elegance, and the Teas therein - are
so thoroughly secured from light and air, that the
quality and power will remain unimpaired in any cli
mate, liny 16 ALLld i HOWE, Agents.
WINER'S Canadian Vermlfngr Thebcrt
remedy ever yet discovered for all kinds o
WORMS, it not only destrora Worms and invigo
rates the whofij system, but it rfiisolvcs andcanieaofl
the superabundant ahme or mucus, so prevalent ia
the stomach and bowels rf children," more especially
those in bad health. Ths mums lorau the bed cr,
nestia which worms produce tlxrtr yotinrr, and ty ie-
moveiu it, it is impoatibLe for worms to t cruatn ia tie
body. It i j Larudesi in it erTecu cm tha system, and
the health ef the patients is always improved try its
us, even whnn woruJ3 are dwcoTereh the medi
cine being palatable, no cbi'-l wil! ief.ire to tcLo rt. -.11
even tijc most delictitc. -
fiPit v-rc i ly JOHN WINER At CO.. Ke.c3
Maiden Lnj.NtwY.cL L'-old whjlwile cad
i V? J. VKIfiHT, Gi-usrA A;;r it ior the ou'-h
and Vect, !'! Cb irtrj st.tx; t. Nc-w O.-l.-a n.'.
1 r
rOaly Ag:r.-. ia E-::svill
t.iir 0-j-ly

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