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The Daily Jocks a l is publihcd every morning,
(Sunday excepted) at 10 cents per week, payable
to the Camera, or $5 20 per annum, payable in
The Tri-Weeklv JoraxAL,or the country, con
taining all the matter of the Daily Journal, is pub-
.' lis bed on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, at
$4 00 per annum in advance.
The Weekly Jock:ai, is published every Thursday
at $2 00, three copies for $5 00, seven copies for
$11 00, ten copies for $15 00, in advance.
tO We are indebted to the officers of the
steamer Atlantis for a full file of St. Louis pa
pers. COThe N. 0. Delta of the 27th mentions
the arrival in that city from Mexico of Major
Polk and Capt. Porn, adjutant of the 3d dra
goons, Capt. Walker, of the voltiguers, and
Lieut. Majnard, commander of the naval bat
tery. CQ"The dealers in flour of New Orleans
have made an arrangement with well-qualified
parties for the voluntary inspection of '.hat ar
ticle. They have established the fee of inspec
tion at three cents per barrel, and require the
inspector to make two brands of superfine
one extra superfine, the other superfine.
A most serious accident occurred on Moore'
section of the New York and New Haven
railroad, near Norwalk, on Friday last. An
accidental explosion from a quarry of rocks
killed one laborer, literally tearing him to pie
ces, anJ wounding two others to that it is
feared they will not survive.
The Loudon letter mentions that two thou-
eaad lives were lost at Naples in the outbreak
of May 15. The correspondent of the Loudon
Daily News gives a narrative of the events of
tha iltr ii'hu.li l.o .k.T.I... . I.
iusuj,mmnsua.cauMUöcu. I
Every house seems to show the creater maT-1
nitude of the Joss of life on Monday, the 15th,
and the horrors connected with it. Enough 1
have seen to enable rae to speak of this terri-
Die disaster as the greatest which has befallen
any city in nvxleru times, whether as regards
the carnage of the destruction of property.
Upwards ol two tlioiisaiut p.-rsoin sacrificed:
Such is the enormous Iosm in which all seem
now to agree. 1 went last night to inquire
for a geutleman whj resides, near m?, Mela,
proprietor of the Crocelle, in Chiatamine, and
found that he had been shot on Monday and
buried the same night, tossed into a pit,
with hundreds of others, and lime thrown up
on them.
I met a person who, being at Campo Santo,
Lad seen &eveu bodies all of one family bro't
in; they wre lound in a well, and were sup
jHjsed io have Uen thrown in, or else have
thrown themselves in to avoid the soldiery.
The common voice goes on to speak of women
an I children being shot as well as men, or
placed on their knees in monetary expectation
of death, while their houses were rifled of ev-
cry innig. DJ late BS M eunesday aiiemoon 1 1
was aiiaiu wandering through this cilv of sor-
rain, which had disturbed the rubbish, and men
were called in to wash down, the steps and
street, which was running down, a river ol
blood and water.
Here there had ber n ffrcat carnace: on ' thi
spot poor Melgaandlhreeoihers had been shot;
Hi the next houtt, on the ground floor alone, as I
many more had been hacked to pieces by the
soldiery, w!.o had broken through at the back
... 'I . . ... ?... . I
01 trie cnurctl lo gel at them, lake these as
tccuic ucav.iimiuinuia uiuusami similar nor-1
ri-t. . . r. i ,
rors. ine aspect oi mis city is Deyonil ties-1
criptton sad; this usually gay and cheerful city
.5 i l rL ... ..i i k... i
"Liu lV . uJ . ' ,rTVu V, u?
u,uc-' ' iuuwu, anup generally aaut. lost
nave Med. Ihe houses in the suburbs are fill-
ed with poor families, who are too happy
have escaped with their lives. Very many arc
clad in recent mourning, and all are aintated
TOW, hil l I patted down Santa IJrussiva. Sear in iry anu miscellaneous arucies noin original
ho i t.,.,, h mKi i .,., I and scientihc the Emporium will not be dehcieut.
the church was aembled a crowd, horro - We ,,, aim t0 enco d Ca, ouf western ,it.
ktruck and silent. Ihere had been a little Urature. and cultivate a hVii ton nflitemrv
, . . . i ijifeiiv km .iivrii tiiiiuicii aim menus njinuui ,110 1 1 a & '
by a hundred rumors whuh point to some a p-Lard ol cultivating a laste for worthless and perni
nroachin? and more terrihl disaster, fiiul nri. I ci(iui nnvU wa h-livA nl jr iSi ihim ;a rri inil
serve US lrom It!
f q -------- - vm a'r
n.,Ä ..c ti.u. . a. c.a r r .1
vs uiuoi uiaziakciui iraiuirs ui ill is
fr.;, Ic k,.n .,.. l...Tl r .u
" T : ""Y,U .Mu;,. v W1 lur
feOldieryan J the laZZaroni. ThlS IS 8ll UU -
doubted fact. I saw them running by my
house with the most valuable articles for two
dai S and a ninht. PtnltlnanvPr hat lb.- U.m.
ed their lawful robbery, and shouting "Yira li
Kel It is said they were encouraeed to rob
by the soldiers, certainly they were not preven-
tea, ana mat day and the day alter it is equal
ly certain that a naister a peace was distribu
ted to them. There were a fraternizing be
tween the soldiers and the mob.
Ihe burniuz rase asiinsl the Swiss soldiers
is intense; and assassinations will take off I
many. The night before last s veral were
murder'd; yesterday mornin more than one
were snot, lrom whence or by wnom no one
knows. It must have been by fulminating cot
ion. une poor teiiow was-Dome dv me on a
streatcher as I was walking in the .Toledo.
Iater in the diy a tlruist tol I m? that for
three days a young man had been to purchase a
pound of fulminating cotton, but that he had
refused it, suspecting something . wrong.
Theai iacts do uot increase in us a sense of se
' The King has pardoned all the prisoners ta
aen lor ine aciot .Mon uy, many 01 wnom
were taken in a run and some of whom had
cannon in their palaces. Prince Cerilla and
his aons were the first who were liberated. 1
was present on Thursday evening in a large
crowd watching them as they were let out.
Some were wuuuded; others wi
half dressed.
Peonle are now coins to CamDO Santo to
.urn.it,.;rrr;.n,b Ka ,l.,,l
1 . V. ,, - , f. f
are oeing couunuaiiv i-aincu meic. . wa wu
the TOad yesterday, but personal Security IS SO
doubtful that I ran ereat risk. Even at this
hour. One o'clock in the dav. and while in com-
n,n:;,hrr;n.l. ... V ,1 mm nn..
each side, and made a dart at me. 1 had put
on my watch and chain for the first time.
m - ! it t at
iney toon oniy my nanaicercmei, wnicn was in
mv bosom. 1 uruin round I collared one man
and dragging him into a &hop, searched him;
he bad not got it. I then ran out and laid hold
of another, who delivered it up.
I dared not pursue him farther; there was no
policeman or soldier lo whom ; I could have
given him up. ' One of the by-atanders ex
claimed,' "Che Corragio'. Why von will not
be at loss to gues, because it wan just as like-
lv as not that I should have had a knife-thrust.
Such is the present condition of Naples.
Up to this day the railways have been closed;
this morning they have been opened again.
Every order of government, 1 see, is signed
by Labrano, Governor of Naples, the city being
in a state of seie. The theatres are to be
opened at his discretion. All crowds in the
streets are to immediately dispersed by the
soldiery. Except the official journal, nothing
has been sold or printed since Monday.
The official Journal of late last night has
the following orders for the military governor
of Naples.
It is forbidden to cdtorsand printers to print
placards and journals to be sold in the capital.
Such an order to hold good until government
shall publish some express regulations on the
A nfc dote. -Among the good people
down east, the pious Puratanic custom is
not vet obsolete, of naming children after
the cardinal Virtues of Palieuce, Experience,
Waith ll..na and f'haril It i irht AfitianAaa n nri I
Justice, Truth, Love and Mercy. Not long
since a clergyman in Connecticut was lead
ing to his congregation the beautiful and
poetical psalm of David, wherein he says:
'Mercy and Truth are met together; Right
eousness and Peace have kissed each other."
At this passage a little girl id the assembly
manifested great interest, and whisgercd to
her mother, "That just as true as you live. 1
tee Righteousness Hill a kissing Peace Pea
body behind the smoke-house but how did
the minister know iiP
This reminds us of an anecdote we have
heard of a gentleman olyore, in thij coun-
tty, who was paying his devoirs to the daugli
ter of worthy old farmer, who reioiced in I
,K rh,!.,;,n r uM;M a .. .M.
,uw iiaiisb J a M7 WlUU
sister enioved the sweet aud ouiet name of
Patience. On one occasion, shortly after
. I
he gallant beau arrived at the house of the
lather of his "lady love,1' a eroom ftotn ti e
table announced that "Massa D's horse was
n:g'ity bad off with the cholic." He was a
loblo steed, the pride of the owner, and at'
judged iho best piece of horseflesh in all the
county. At once all ws alarm, and the
keau forgot his dulcinea, and turned tobe:
.11 I ... . . . I - I i
lOWin'? SU IIIS BlienilOn IO 11)6 10112. SWI1CJ.-
all roan, lie became much alarmed, and
-xhilned so much restlessness and anx let y
n his endeavors and resorts to reliete the
,nimal, that the old gentleman called upon
,,;. lo .m.e .uence. Mr. hP
Patience." This was so often repeated ilia
tie youn LtOtnario, tiiou'iit it. pet naps, an
v a
Kempt to foist the eldest daujjhler uiMin
im, and he exclaimed, '-No, if I can t get
oianry. i it ue ir l nate cither."
v w - mi w w m . r m . s
Western Literary Emporium.
Religions, Literary, aud Philosophical
"mui.tu.u in ruvo."
T7 ITiIüUTmakin!r promises which we mnv ncv-
f V er fulril. we wiil timulv state our intentions.
uur uesign is lo turnisn an L.mporiutn ot vigorous
.w 1 . .. . . . .
and manly reading, wmca will awaken and culti
vate the noblest powers ot the mind.
As Home is the nursery ot all our social and man
ly virtues, we shall guard its purity by excluding
lrom our nasre
dl iNovels, an l allfucn articles as
. :..v i ... ri:..k. i n
rea(Jing. We shall aim. not so much to amuse, asto
elevate and instruct. We shall oiler a great variety I
lot Historical, seientitic and philosophical inlormation. I
The religious character of the work will be entirely
tree from sectarian uartialities. The Uible is our
standard of truth and practice we shall aim to re
commend it to the coiuiJencu and love uf all: we de
sign to secure the contributions ot our ablest writers
in all the different professions
It has bn said that a Monthly Periodical devoted
l"""" iieraiure,caninuücsufeiaincuin ineesiiy
i w 1 .Tu- l
as lreiuentlv tailed. We are anion? those that think I
that a work ofrealmorititf be sustained. We have
reTuiTi-u iu ru& a rew monsanu uonars in me enori
..i.l IM u L .i .i .
lo. ucn a worn, ana at icasi one year sion.
" e lr "cy " our pa.ns we snai naye
I 'he consolation that we were honestly mistaken in
fhe -ninz, todo good in this channcf. We believe
that the time has come whn Western men arewil
ine to nitron iza Western industrv nnd Western tal-
I ent. we believe that the moral and religious part ol
tne v entern community will rejoice to see a .lonthly
Magazine established, that they can safely recom
mon.l i ik.;. i . r;.. i ... : 1 1 . . v.
I . . vV '-wa'vo-iw t S4va IM.IV vasa.swa
I talent enough here to make the work emphatically, a
I Western rroduction.
1 L . , , -n . . t . ...1 t.
Miunuiuuer win coiubiii ni ieasi oiu Pveti uiic
Kngravinj and 6! paes of reading matter, making
i volume of about 400 Dazes each, or lvotumeot
1 about NX pages durin the year a valuable orna-
meni 'r tne panor tabio or library, rubiishod
monthly. lr..n, $2,O0 per year, or 20 cent single
number, in advance.
Liberal discount made to aetits
or clubs.
Address J. R. BAKNES. Cincinnati O,
jy 4 Im E Uur and Proprietor.
We are authorized and remiest' to announce
MICHAEL 1 . Jv).L- as a Candidate lor County
C'Oiinmssioner lor District :W I. anJerburgh
r AM authorized lo sell at private sale IH acrc.1 ol
JL land, the Eat hnlf of the South East quarter ol
Secti.n 31, in Town 6. S. Ranae 11 W. Said Land
is well located and the title indi.-nuteablo. For term
apply V) jy 3 U. W. DUNBAR.
I ust received at the cityohoe store on Mam street
O a spicded lot of Ladies fine Buskin walkinff siioes;
also Mist and Child's Laced Boots, and (eins tiai-
ier?, Jcc. All the lowest prices imaginable.
jy 3 V. K. BAKER", Main street.
TTHE.subscril)er is t-ettling his buinc?s and re-
L quests those indebted to him to call and wttlt
immediately. By complying they will confer on him
an important lavur.
J30 4w D. S. LANE.
Yrre Id OUl. I r wuu 11 1 , ...
ithout hats and I , T va,ua', el" armol River Bottom
Itnoui cats anciij. lind,sitiiateouOreen River Inland in Kentucky,
lour nub's from Evansville, containing 'J(k) acres 125
I0' which is cleared and under fence, and in a fine
state 0 cultivation. There are three double I02
I houses, with table, barns &c. The In; houses an
a,j gotHif anJ two of ,nern new wnh chinimes
tVrsons desirou ot purchain will learn my term
by applyin-r to Mr. E. A. CorU t or W. U Butler ol
Evansville, or by applying to me opposite the farm
on the Kentucky sue.
je 30
! -
1 1 vlki larse assortment oi tue newest stylet
Ix riease can aid examine mem.
ap l.t
National Dakery,
At lh corner of Water al Divit 'm streets.
17REDE1UC WETZE LL, begs leave to inform
P" irieuus, ana me puouc generally, teat ne na,
trieuds, and the imblic generally, tbat he ha
ajjaiu iciurucu ui mis cay, irum.uii,aiiu iew.-
-eturned to this city, from Mexico
nwncea ine oudiness oi uam.mj.iii an us various
k i.M -iwu i 1 "1 ' ;7.. . n ' u"
.-..v..i.. "" v v"v"
lJl'iJ,vvu, 1.111 .mi 11. iti Ul uit iiiitts, mu ill
most rM un'ile temii. Give him a call ,
THIS institution isdistinsuished from allcers Janiesli. Jones,.Uavor: Jofn J.Chandier.Clert:
Others, at home or a broad, by all. ec most,
if the owirnr Deculiarities
1. Where tlie premiums are over $jO. it reo u ire
only one quarter part in cash, instead ot the whole. I
2. It allows the asaureu to pay yearly, quarterly,
monthly or weekly.
0. ?io nan 01 tnepronia are witnneid. or divert-1
ei lrom tlie assured, euner in cnamy oromerwue.
A 1 1 hoa rr Irtri n i t hr mim mil r pna I tr n I
: ... . r... . . ir,;. r...ilj el'
m as a7 v uvtiiiiivi vi a it w aJik w I
premiums received,
5. The assured can withdraw his profits, or bav
them to accumulate, year by year, at his option.
6. It assures to the age ot 67, instead of stopping
at tt.
7. It declares tlie profi ts yearly , instead of once in
five or wven years, and issues scrip yearly io the As
sured, bearing 6 per cent interest which scriD is re
deemed in cath, when the profits amounted to .X)0,-
(WU, or allowed to accumulate at the option ot the
. - .-v
i - - - -
It ennl, m a mnn Ia nmvi,? 1,5. ,1 n,H
children in ouch a way, that although he may lose
tvery thing, they are täte; and all persons, whether
married or unmarried, to provide lor Old Age, Sick
ness mm inui.ns.ni aiuriC3in
lirA iior fliA luvt VMr nnil nvmi'. ij i.m.iinl.l I
10. At any time after the first rear, the Assured
can borrow on the scrip issued, tw o-thirds 01 its n
mount, so that he has nothing to fear from a change
of circumstances, or inability to pay the premium.
11. directors ana uincers are cnosen yearly; anu
the Assured votes according to his interest.
12. The funds are all invested in United States,
New York, New Jersey and Massachusetts mocks,
and in Keal Estate in New York and New Jersey,
wholly unincumbered, and of double the value lean-
13. It pays no Directors, no Auditors, no Solici
tors. It lends money to neither,
11. It does not reckon the Assured a year older
ä,i44-la I
than he is but irom t-'ix mo a
nonths less to tlx months
more, so as to equalize the estimate betwein all par
lies. 1 j. The rates are lower, the expenses less, and the
profits larger, than with ForeignOiriees;invenments
here yielding from G to 7 per centabroad only 3per
1(nnt .tit nu n..l . nrr nl '( ( 1 't nprAnf rarvu, . iif
lLiii&a avcuvisvsiiiiuwa m w sms vvui a wr a &u. aiwa
of interest allowed to those who fumish a "iruaran-1
tee capital," at the rate ol 5 per cent, on every hun-1
. ....... ... "
dretl pounds subscribed, lor every ten pouuds paid I
in I
. . .. a -
16. Instead of encouraging, every precaution is I
tfikfn lo nrpvent. n liirft iturfi of the ixilicv.
17. The habil ity of the Assured is limited by Law,
to ihe amount of his nremiuin note.
Al t.l.'Mr IIAI.mniv. Acrni I
M. J. Brav. M. 1). Medical txamiuer. I
AH persons wishing to make insurance on their I
own or on their friends L1YKS, will please call up
on the agent in this City, Olfice on Main street near
Water, and examine the terms and rates ot the Lorn-
dany. je 16-ly
Main street, Evausville, Ind.
: leave to inform his friends and Jl-Vi W
ihn public Generally, that tic has remov
ed his shop to Main street, !eiween First and Second,
next door to L. uell s Drug store, where he keens a
tarse and cenerat assortment ot Niddles, Undies, liar-
rles. Trunks, Carpet Uajjs, Saddle Uags, Valises. and
all i tlier articles in his line, which he otE-rs .t whole
sale or retail at the lowest cash prices. He also keeps
constantly on hand a Inrje nnd general assortment
of trimmings ot all ktnds, snch as, .
"Saddle lrecsot all kinds,
Skirting, Harness and Biidle Ijeathrr,
Ho-skin seating, I'ad skins,
l'lush of every variety,
. l'rass mounting ol all kinds,
Ulack do do do,
liridle Bits of every kind.
Bridle Duckies do.
Stirrup Irons do,
Duggy, Hiding and VVajron Whipa,
Toirether with all other articles in his line. Coun
try merchants and farmers would do well tocall and
I.. . . .......i. i... i. .......I... .... i 1 i
am determined to sell first rate articles at very low
June ll-dlw&wJmo fcA.MULLtUlTLt
I JXSTANTLY heil for retailing at the store
may l
5 quarter casks purejuice i'ort Wine;
5 " " " Old i'ort do;
3 " " " " Maderia;
1 " " " bherry;
1 pii pure Cognac Drandy,Otard. Dupuy'sl
Brand. These Liquors eave been purchased especial
lor sickness, and the public can rely upon their tu
Stntc of Indiann, Vanderburgh Co., scU
i v anderbumil circuit UOUrl. cepicinucr lerm. A u
o -
tate Dank of Indiana,
David E. A. Strong. John II
(Jroebeck, Francis W. Mil
ler, Ruth Ann Miller. Eliza
R. Miller, Jeremiah R. Harn
es, crawiord ikll, w 11 lard
Carpenter, Jel C. Mills,
John Uarnakle, George A.
In Chancery
.imcr, ueorire 11. iiahn.
iVttr V'oele, Jhn Rabbers,
Mathias iStahlhaTer, Hora
tio Q. Wheeler, Vincennes
Ktiark, John L. liittroltT,
Elias Steider, and l'eter Kro-
VTOW comes thecomnlainant bv John J. Chand -
LS ler, her solicitor, and tilea her liiU ol" Com-
plaint herein, and it appearing b the atlidavit 01 a
disinterested and count-lent witne?s, hied this the
13th day of June, lSls, dial the said defendants, Da -
vid E. A. .Strong, John II. tiroe.beck. rrancis W.
Miller, Ruth Ann Miller, Elizn K. Miller, and Jere-
miah II, Barnes, arc not residents of the State ot In-1 months will he civeu on the other lull with approv
Jiana. ed security. JOHN INULE Adm'r with the will
Notice is hereby given the said defendants of the
pendency ol this suit, and that, unless they, the raid
I David E. A. ltronp, John II. (
Mronff. John II. Orocsbeck, r rancis w.
Miller, Kuth Ann Miller, Eliza R. Miller, Jeremiah
R. Barnes, shall personally be and apper before the
said Vanderburgh 1
li Circuit Court, on or betöre trie call -
injf of this cause at the next term of said court, and
niead lo or answer the comnlainanra Bill ot Com-
jlaint, the same will be taken as confessed against
them, and the matters and things therein contained
lecreed accordingly.
jel5-p f $1. By R. JENKINS, Vcp't.
TMIE partnership heretofore existing between
X llaub & sppech in the (Jroctry busncsswas
dissolved by mutual consent on the 19th in?t. The
business will hereafter be conducted by Mr Haub
who is authorized to settle up the business of the
hrro. iune21-3i HAU It cc cLrrLCU.
A VERY large stock consisting of every variety
r. of Summer hats, leshorn. palm leaf, French
broid, shans, &c., fur and silk hats of every desira
ble style bonnets, all the newest styles, with a splen
-no aorinienioi nowers, riooons anu
msngsfor sale by ap 15 MORRIS S.
p ' 1
did asjortment of flowers, ribbons and bonnet trim-
JTT-T iu . ,-. t r. m j
LVT received by steamer "Uen. Lafayette, and
frrLe f?T C?sh7. ir
50 bags prime Rio Cofile;
10 Hogsheads of Sugar.
20 bb'.s Flantation Molasses a prime article.
10 bbl. Ros-in;
5 boxes of Ixmmons;
June 13, M.W.FOSTER
Corner main &. 1st Streets.
iff tth LADIES superfine hunt and dark colored
i"V : It'fik'i.l Clnve. surtertine I'.lnrk An..
..... a. . "1
White do., supernne white and colored Silk
and superfine black net Gloves, and M its for sale low
ertine ul
lap 15
.nUitlilöS. JU1LNSU.V
4 c n aLIjOCK has erected a fine Soda Fo
ta,n f()r ,he CCOmmodat Onof the niihlio nr
i ...1 1 : . r. .
; w uuw a uu oprreiiie i.raouns drink in
ool.duty day. to givolum acall
Also constantly on hand pure Blue
Lick Water
'tVoni the Drentlon (Ky.) Sjirings. - .
Meets every Saturday evening on First St. Ofli-
ssamuel Urr, l reasurer; w m. ijell, Marshall. t wa
icumm isi wara, jonn M. Mock will ''nrf wnr.l m
las Stephens; drd ward, illard Caroenter: -1th ward.
M. W. Foster; 5th ward, Laac Hutchiuson; Cth ward
iciepnea viuius.
enwa nr ttt'tt'ttt? a -nrn.
T. nP iiAvnB iMt.
----- . . v . v j w. .v 0 vivit iiiuuu v
levelling ai lemperance nan, water ei. uaicersior
rp frit nr. tr r
Kcilly, w v t; James T. Walker, w k: K. U. Hart, w
I a a; laac A. Crane, w r a: John Mianklin, wt.
Wnu Holden, w u; John K. Taylor, w D V; dward
ueuarmo, w o; uooert Ai.et:, w s.
Lymax Beecuee Divisiox. Na 23 fleets Tuet
day evenings at Temperance Hall. Oflirer Wm
Holden, w p; Jas, Lanthan, v a; James 1 . Walker,
u . ti nrnur . iiiriii rit'ii iiti mr it 11 i ruin
A llf t 1 If. t
,::ir" "J I' . Vi;" nL
. 1 1 . i . -
vooeri v ance, o a.
Temfle of Honor Divisiox. No. 5-1 Meet Friday
evenings at lempcranceilall. Olhcers Johnureek,
w n A. C. Hailock, w a: M. W. Safibrd, R s; W.
Parivtnfni ans. Iiwi.a Ii Wf1tA-o ra VV If fli a r,
. !. " . v, -. -.., . ,
I. 0. 0. F.
MoR.Nixa Star Lodue. No. 7 Meets Thursdnv
evenings at Hall, corner of Main and First uts. Olli-
rer 1 L. Laycock, p o; H. U. liabcock, N G; W.
W . Sullivan, v c; II. tj. Wheeler, s; U. Ladd, T; K.
W. Dunbar, c; W. llunnell, I g; C.Colvin o o.
Evaxsvimx IiwE, U. D.- Meets first Saturday
evenins of each month. Ullicer CA r oster wm;
JohnC Hebcrd. sw: James T Walker, J w; F(t
O'Keilly, s; N KowIovt; John MiaDkl in s i; A r ar
... . . ' . ...
neswortn, J h; u l airiuge, sät.
Letters ltr a single letter, not exceeding half
an ounce, tavoiruu poise,) sei noi cxceeuinur
111 M I mthM.
Sent over JoO miles 10
r or eveiy half ounce, and any excess over every
I I r . I . .A. . J
nnn ounce, me same rau-s oi posiaee-, nnu
when advertised, two cents on each letter, or
four cents, if the advertising cost so much ad
For drop letters, not to be mailed, each 2
Cl net' LA RS For any printed circular, handbill.
advertisement. unhealed, sent any distance----3
NtwsrArERs Ul llKX)square inches, or less, sent
over M and not more than 100 miles, or any
distance within the state 1
Over euchb distance 11
XttrsjxijHT unless to suWribers, 3 cents each,rc-
xini; or not lorwarded lrom tlie i ost-ouice.
j. i niTTitoLrr.M
TiIA.NKr UL lor nast liberal patronage.
would resnectfullv inlorin the citizens of Kvansviile
and vicinity, thai he has just rect ived his new and
... I. ...i; i . ..I. .i t . . r i .,
llltliuia K Ul JLWLLB), II tllH; UHU
which he will sell at regular Cincinnati prices, his
fctock CoiiMstsm part ot:
fine Gold and Mixer Lever Watches;
A splendid assoruiicnt newest style ladies Coral
Urea st pins;
Enrinjis, Finsjerrinffs fccj
(iold tiuard and r'o Chain?;
Miniature cases, and Lockets;
Fine Mourning lins. Bracelet Clasps;
Guard Kevs. Collar Uuttoiis. and Studs;
A large selection ol UolJ Tcncits with and without
A lanrelotof Havlev's best Uold l ens with and
without holders;
Silver Tables and Tea Spoons;
Silver Thimbles;
Lvery description of Steel Trimming;
Steel leads and Purse Silks;
Fine Fans, Accordions;
Solar Suspending and i'arlor Lamps;
Girandoles &c.:
Every description Silver and common Spectacles
r ine pocket Knives See; -
It lew Fine French Mantle Clocks;
to which he would call the attention of those wish
ins to purchase. Ladies are invited to call and ex
amine for themselves J. L. MTTUOLFF,
ap 13 Main Street between First and Second.
IUST received brown and bleached Linen Drill?
Cotton Cashimers, Cottonndes, Uemin blue Drills
i.e., suitable for men'b Summer wear.
nnr -.". M W Hirt I t.li.
State of Indiana Vautlerbursh County.
Vandcrburgh Circuit Court, in vacation June 7, 11?
lah Miyett,
!.' I n... r im
o. i t-i. ior Avivorce. .
AND now at this time comes the complainant by
Ingle and Wheeler her solicitors, and tilra in the
lotnce ot the liem ol ino v nnocrourcn circuit v-oun
I. .1 r. ; . l :. :
!. i-onain iiotirinn l.ir IliViirfA Anil It Il'Vnrin
. ...... - ' . - -. v . ' - - - I n
from an atlidavit this day tiled in the Clerk's office
aforesaid that the said John Onyett is not a resident
of the Slate of Indiana.
Therefore notice is hereby given to the said John
Onyett, that unless he personally be and appear here
on or before the calling of thi canse at the next term
of said court, to lie held at the court house in Evans
ville, on the fourth Monday in fcepteniber next, the
.-viie will be heard and determined in his ansence.
je 1 1 SAM'L T. JENKINS, CTk.
Administrators Sale.
BY virtue of an order of the Probate Court of Van
derburgh County Indiana. 1 wIl on Saturday
ihe 15ih day of July next, between the hours of 10 O'
clock A. M. and b o'clock P. M., ol said day expose
1 totale at 1'ublic Am-iion at ile Court II 011; door in
J the City ot Kvansviile, Lots 2ios. 9, 10, 1 1 and 12, in
I block Wo 2 in the 4th enlargement; adjoining the
J city of Evansville to pay, the purchase money. Ihe
1 bove lots belon gins to the Estateof Franc Chambers
Terms or Sale One hnlf cash and a credit ol 6
I annexed. jell
VIj Estate for Sale. I now offer for eale
some of the most desirable Real Estate in the
city and county, consisting of the following lots and
1 tracts of land.
Lot Ho 33 upper enlargement and
lots I0 1G '& ICG donation C-larCCmcntof thcci'yof
I A I so tho late residence of Saunders Ilornbrook,
I dee'd. said to be one of the finest upland Farms in the
county, containing 2S1 acres; also about 500 acres of
! wnu in which mere are several improvements; mis
la?t lot will be sold in lots to suit purchasers.
Also, 10 shares ot Uank stock.
For terms apply to 1. HORNBROOK.
Sale of Ileal Estate.
BY virtue of an act of the General Assembly of tho
State of Indiana passed at its last sestiou, 1
will expose to 1'ublic Auction on Saturday, the 15th
day oijul next between the hours of 1U u'clock
A. 31., and u o clock 1 M..ot said day, at tue Uourt
House door 111 Kvansviile. One fourth part of Lot
No 29. in the Lower Eilarsement of the City of
hvansvillo Indiana. Ihe property ot the heirs ol
I nomas IJewev. late ol V anderburcn tounty, dec d.
The above i Lot is pleasantly situated having a con
venient Dwelling Ifouse and stable upon it. A good
Warrantee Ueed will be given.
I erms of Sale Cash. But a delay of three months
will be given on 1 with approved security.
Rob't NwHTixa ili:, Att'y in lact for heir.
je lld&wlw.
THE subscriber hns receivdd an assortment of:
Seals, Sealing Wax, Note Taper;
Met I Heeds, Kings, 1 assets;
Bag Clasps, Needles, Purse Twbt;
Fancy Beads, Bins Knitting Fins;
Razors, Razor Straps, Shaving;
Tooth, HairandNail Brushes. Sie.. &c.
Also, Edgings, Inserting, Drawer Goods ot every
(variety, lor tale at wholesale and retail by-
A FULL and very desirable assortment ol Mour
". ning dress Goods, superfine Bombazines, Silk
Warp, Ahricas, (some very tine) Alpaca Lustres,
superune black, plain and figured berreges, black
Lawns xc, now open and tor sale low by
'r. Z . nwv-ptnv tu p. tu nr. TO THEIß UNUSUALLY LARGE STOCK Or
Spring and Summer Foreign and Domestic Dry Goods,
WITiril ue aredailv receiving from tlie Eastern Markets, Manufacturers, &e. Our stock has been
II IUI we ara"7 J11"-" renlv 1,W rate, under the most favorable circumstances, (with the
r AIIh ??S.?5cw1E Evansville Trade, and as we have adopted the motto
f M 4 R(P n-AN DM ALL PJIOF ITS," rehaveno hesitation in pledging ourselves to City and
WUL'LU l.N 1 1 n i i i "i ........
Qr You are particularly requested on viuinS orv.i.j " 1, ' AO
g-Call at the "EXPKf-SS STOKE," corner of Main nd W ater fctreet. .
Wholesale dealer in dry Goods, Boots, Shoes, Hats,
Caps, Hardware, Cutlery, Leather, &c, &c.
our WATzm street,
TO Country Merchants. I take this mctholto inform Merchants visitin; this City, that 1 am
receipt ot one of the largest and lest assorted stock ol Goods ever brought to this City. Arno n
which I enumerate Ticks, Dentins, Drills, Stripes, Janes, Hantalion stuffs, Otnoburgs, Wickings, Wad
dins?s, lJattin-'s, Cotton Yarns, .c. .... . , . r i i.
Aly assortment of brown and bleached Cottons is, I believe, the most complete west of the Alleghany
mountains, comprising all the mott detirnble ttyles selected lrom the best manufactories. My bleached
Cottons are mottly from the Iiowell and Waltham Factories, and are eecidedly superior to any other goods
either foreign or domestid, offered in this market. With assurance that my terms and prices are more
favorable to buyers than at any other house in this city. Very respectfully, . '
,nay je OLIVER LADI).
ÄTA Bales 14 heavy Lrown fc?heetincrs,in store and
Oil for sale by mylf-J ULI VIU LAUD.
Caes of new styles epring Prints;
lu 5 do liluo and Orange, lor sale by
may 16. OLIVER LA DD.
Oft Pieces Mosquito Neltine, just received and
JnU forsaleby myl6 OLIVER LADD.
orirk Prs. Ladies flippers and Buskins of eupe
OvfvF rior quality and sryle ever before brought
to this market, just received and tor sale ty
may 16.
I!? Cas-es of Prime Kip Drogans; .
O "1 do do Boys do;
5 do Thick . do,
Forsaleby lmayl6 OLIVER LADD.
FZf Dozen superior Waldmin Grass Scythes;
OU 10 do do do Corn do;
do do do f urrrr
a superior riuainy lor saie oy
may 16
Of Dozen Lampson patent Snatlis;
do do Common;
10 do superior ritch rorks-:
Forsaleby may ICj OLIVER LADD
rfHE subscriber would most respectably inform
I the public that his stock for-the Retail Trade is
full and complete, consisting of one of the best as-
sortmcntsol Fancy and Staplo Dry Hoods that can
be found in Evan3ville. I'lease call and examine for
yourselves. Imay 16 OLIVER LADD.
1 A AHA iozen Hope Factory Cotton arns
XU,UUJ Hos. 500, COO nnd 70O, this day re
ceived per ßteamer Rosco from rittshurgh. For tale
by Imay 17J OLIVER LADD.
Q f TONS assorted Red and Bar Iron;
4Wv! loO kegs aacorted JunL-ita NaiL-;
2b bundles spring Steel;
5 do klieer do;
' l case extra Cast do; '
Plow fclabs, Boiler and thect Iron;
llaps, File?, and Door lAtehes,
Which,, together with our former stock makes it
l or sale low ty
may 9.
Water etreet.
J. P. ELLIOTT, (Succes
sor to W. M.&-J. 1'. Elliott
will continue the above business at the
old stand. Main street, Evansville. He will always
keep on hand a constant supply oi Saddles, Bridles,
Trunks, &.c. &.C of the best workmanship, which he
offers at wholesale or retail at thJ lowest prices.
Also A great variety .of Trimmings used by Sad
dlers, Harness-makers, and Trunk Manufacturers.
In addition to my former stock of materials 1
have just received a very large and general assort
nient of
Saddle Trees, of all kinds,
Skirting, Harness and Bridle Leather;
Hog skin seating;
Calf hkin do;
Flush do, every variety;
Bridle Bitts and Buckles, all kinds;
Stirrup Irons, &c. &.c.
Riding, Buggy and Wagon Whips,
Together with all articles in my line, at wholesale
and retail. ,
Persons dealing in the above articles will find it to
tV.eir d vantage to call and examine my stock. .
All orders promptly attended to at the shortest no
te, may 9 ly . J. P. ELLIOTT
C10TTENADES, Crotens, Tweeds, superfine
J black Freuch Drap. ets.. Drap de Nienne. Lin
en and Union checks and stripes, with all the most
desirable styles, for sale low at wholesale and retail by
apiJ- luftiuo o.juiuaUi.n
"I AH CASES Boots and Shoes,
ust received and for sal'? at wholesale nri
ifpyJ imyoj jiagiilk cc CO
.,. i,f.:n nrirs betöre Durthaslnr.
Four Days Late From Europe.
raverable to All Cash Customers.
ALL1S & HOWES. . ;
THE HOUSE that sells goods for small profits and
ready pay, have tust been receiving several im
portant additions to their large stock ot Groceries.-
They pledge themselves to sell as pood articles and
at as low rates as can be obtained in the West, and
invite all dealers, who with to do a saving butanes
to come and convince themselves that those asser
tions are something more than empty boasts. Their
stock embraces every thing belonging to the grocery
trade, in proof of which see the columns of our city
Jl'ST received from New York,
C Hall Pips Cognac Brandy;
2 Pipes Holland Gin; ,
10 casks Fort Wine;
10 casks Madeira;
2 hhds Rum;
10 barkcts Champaine;
5 bxs Cordials:
100" Claret;
150 " Sardines;
400 cans Oysters;
2j thousand Tisra Clears;
for eale ty ALLlS & HOWES.
Water fct.
JL'ST received by steamer Glencoe,
73 sides fcole Leather;
2j 15xs lenion r-vrup;
3 Tierces refined Sugar lor family use.
for sale by
Water st.
ap '-'I
JL'ST received from New Orleans,
20 UblsfTannersOili
' W " Tar;
4 Varnish;
15 " Turpentine;
5 Bxs Oranges;
10 " Lemons;
in store and lor sale by ALLIS & IIOWE3. ,
inn HHDS New Orleans Sugar.
AUU 300 Bags Rio cotTce
2Ö0 Bbls Molasses;
n ore and for sale by ALLIS &. HOWES, :
ap24 Waterst
lw niida rew ur leans Micnr;
250 Bbls do . do . Molasces;
40 I do do do " do; - '
25 DLLs ugar House MoIaaFes Polka
brand; '
25,1 Lbla do do do do do.
Forsaleby A. LAUGIILIN,
ap 23 Water street:
KEGS Boston and Juuiata Naib, assorted
rmttßyj sizes;
25 kegs Flooring Brads, assorted; ' -4 '
25 do Assorted spikes.
For sale by A. LAUGIILIN,
ap25 Water street
ftrfk KEGS Pure white Lead;
UU 10 bbls Linseed Oil:
5 do Turpentine; ' ""
25 boxes 8-!0 Window Glass,
For sale low by A. LAUGIILIN. '
may . f Water street.
A FULL suply of this article fresh from the mills,
l. together with the best of Uoaeh Lime.
For sale Ijy the batreL A. LAUGHLLN,
P 2 ' Water street
IRON, '1
A LARGE and general assortmeni of all size o
Common Bar, Flat, Hound and Square, Broad
and Narrow Band, Axe and Hoe Bar Plow Bar,
Plow Moulds and slabs, Nail and small Rods, to
gether with all sizes usually called for in the above
line. Forsaleby . A. LAUGHLIN,
ap25 Waterst.
A FULL and general assortmenf ct
every thing in that line, namely! An
vils, Bellows Vices, Screw Plates
Rafp. l'ilcs and Grates.
For sale by . A. LAUGHLIN,
ap 25 . ' Water stuet.

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