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Hurl's . Vegetable Extract,
IS the only remedy that can be relied on for the per
manent cur ofSpinal Complaints, Spasmodic
Contractions, Irritation of the Reives, Nervous or
bick Headache, Nervous lrcmors. Neuralgic Atfec
lions, Apoplexy, Faralysis, General Debility, Deli
ciency of Nervous and Physical Energy, and allNcr
ois Disorders, including the most dreadful of all
diseases that ever aifect the human race
Epilepsy, or Falllusr Sickness,
rsteneal t its. Convulsions, Suasms. &.C
i'bis disease consists in a sudden deprivation of the
aenscs, accompanied with a violent convulsive mo
tion of the whole body. It attacks by fit, and alter
a certain duration goes off, generally leaving the suf
ferer tu a stupor, attended with great weakness and
exhaustion ot the body. - t m
Doctor Hart w ould impress it upon the minds ol
the atllicted, that the Vegetable" Extract is th only
remedy ever discovered that can te relied on for the
permanent euro of this most dreadful of all diseases.
As its tendency is to insanity, madness and death,
the most StiEi-rei, I'uymcia.ns of Europe, aswellas
those of our un country, have pronounced Epilepsy
incurable. And it has been so considered by many,
until this most important of all dL-coveries was made
by Doctor S. Hart, nearly sixteen years since, durin
which time it ha been performing some of the mo!
IUxAkibuCi'Us upon record, and Im acquired a
reputation which time alone can tü'ace. J'bysiciana
ot uudoult"d skill und experience. Ministers of va
rious denominations, as well as hundreds of our emi
nent citizens, till unite in recommending the use ol
this truly valuable medicine to their patients, t-harce.
and Irieuds,wlioare tnus aniictett, as me oniy rem
rdv. ... t
We Qcote tits lasiirAGE used by thotewho have
been cured by this valuable medicine. (.me says. 'l
have uiHrcn beyond my power of description, but
now 1 rejoice in being lully restored to health and
haonincs. Another says, "1 thank God 1 feel that
I am twkll man. I also ft el it my duty to proclaim
it to the ends oi th earth, that those similarly atllict
ed may find relief. Another, (who is an Eminent
Lawyer, and well known in this city.) says, ,My
son has been afflicted for years with Epilepsy, but is
now eniying good health from the egetable Ex
tmrt ltu f-Miw mi'i ho k'tlniiilil rmit mnrlit til
founded to the ends of the. earth." Another says
"Language isentlrely inadequate toexpre niycrat
- itude to Dr. Hart, for having beca the mean, under
the blessing of God, of restoring me to the enjoyment
f eood halth. ahr having been atllicted witk Ep
ilepsy in jts worst forms lor more than twenty-three
year and my morning and evening oblation ol praise
and thanksgiving hall continue to ascend to that Uod
w ho has atllicted but to make me whole."
. . . . a
EntxcTic r its U twenty Heven years and six
montha, cured by thu use ol this Truly Wondcxfu
Medicine. .,
Ke ad tin fo lowing remarkable case ot the "on n
Win. before, E-q.J of Fhiladclphia, afllictod with
Endemic Eits twenty Heven years and nix months.
After traveling ihrojgh England, Scotland, Ger-
manv. ant t ranee, consulting tne most eminent
physicians, and expending for medicine, mcdica
treatment and advice three thousand dollars, rc
turnet! with his son to this country, in November
last, without receivins? any benefit whatever, and
was cured by using Ihm' Vluet.vele Extract.
Mr. Wni. Score's Letter to Dr. Hart:
I have sneni over three thousand dollars for med
ein ami medical attendance. 1 was nA vised to take
a tour to Europe with him, which I did. I lirst vis
iuid En-dand. 1 consulted the niot eminent nhysi
im liiert? in rcsueet to his case; they examined him
ml tires:ri'cd accordingly. 1 remained there three
months wttl.ot't perceiving any c.hang; for the better
m hirh e.w mc r.!-ut two hundred and titty dollars
..wk.f-.l J.t the i.hvsiri.m. and the most that I recciv
d was their opinion that my son's case was holies
and Positiv rav Iter kahle. I nccordingl Kit .En-.i-...l
irT-t .1 tiirouiili Scotland, i lerinany . and
Vmnz-P r.rA r tiroed heme in t'ic month of Noveni
bcr last, witUi son m far irombting cured as when
I left 1 "vr your , advertisement in one ot the New
York paper J, ami cor.truvlvd to try Hart' Vegetable
Extract, tin your stt.remcnti and ctrtiticauofw)
vnany curca, some ( twenty and thirty years stand
ing, and I er r.saure yon I nni nol sorry I did so, as
by the us of I'art'a egt-tabl Extract alone, he was
restored u I. icr IIealtu." llisreason, which was
ofar "or.a t; t- unfit uim lor business, is entirely re
storwir prospect now lfore hint ot Jilc,
health aud uicfulncss. He is how years of age.
and 27 y?-s 6 months Of this time has been atllicted
w ith thii tn.wt. drealtul oi ajscascs, oui, luuuik uou,
im now eniovVuigood health.
Vrtf. Bir.'fniih without works I don't liclieve in.
Tosay Uhallibc ever gralelul to you is one thing
and as I bcra enclose you one hundred dollars, 1 have,
iLniKt Litt von will think this another and quite a
.,.T.,.nt thin. The debtef cratilude l tili owe
v..,i rnJ! ccent this amount as interest on the
lebt' in aAvance- Voir s, very 'Ct'un v,
(Sinned) W ILLIAM fcLLUUE.
AivAhtr remirkuhle Cure lKrformrdlj the .e ol
Doctor Hart: It is withno small degree of gratifi
...;..n thst t am emdiled to announce to you the com
-.r,,,. ,. .. w -- - ,
llete lestoration tohramtoi my c.augnier,iiy uiuusc
(her a"e ft present is sixteen) she was hrst atjaeke
with this drvadiul malady called Epileptic Fits; an
....,;i ti. .on.menced taking the Extract, she sutlere
atiHrk. ot tits, almost incessantly, and so se
yerely as to threaten to drive reason from its thtonc,
,.,.v.l..r U.T inonr IpIOTIC.
l'hv-icianspronouni-f d her incurable, and cauld do
. y '.- i i-r i I i. ..., .1.
BOthlll1 more tor TUT. r uau nuuim vi u
n 1,iti Krin- of the rrmnrhable cures tx-rformed
ly the Vegetable Extract, ve determined to give it a
trial. The rrtult haseiceeded our most sanguine ex-
reflation, a bi itscsv siicisirce irom a most ureau
,.1,1 anA restoretl to i'Er.rr.CT HeAI.TH.
IUI linn"", . - I 1 i
s!h..nt.i n one feel desirous ot seeing her, and ot
ascertaining prticvlnrs.ol the case, such wis
inay be raiir ?.. fcy calling or addressing a letter
ln w, nTtt.na:d at mv residence, two miles from the
ill3"ot Yonkcrs, Westchester, New York.
Til.in(T Coti,:.Qwtivenes, vStc. wiM pro.Juce
tl... lio.ir.Cr- Ina'.lsuch cas.the Vegetable Ex tract
is the only md.cir,s which can he relied on. w ith any
Afwmi nafetv. .others who have small children
shouM remember this. Mast a Child, the past year.
who has sutf.-red with - thu coniiaiut, and hau been
if iven over by physicians to die, nas necti restored py
fhouof hut one iMittle of Hart's Vegetable Extract.
TtiArhUd nf William Ainlcrson, North Fourth
treet, Williamsburgh, aged M months, had fits con
stantly tor eiht weeks. A consultation ot physi
einns "wan called, who deci.led that the case wa.i n
hopeless one, and the child n:ut d.e. V hilst the
hüd was ia this dangerous state Mr. Anderson call
ed at my oliice and obtained a bottle of the Extract,
administered it to the cr.ua, ana tue resuu was a per-
pect rstorauon oi nea,.. .
The son of Mr? Robert Mcficc, corner of u!livan
and Frince streets. New York, was severely atllicted
with tits. In this case a'o the phyrfci.ins held a con-:
sulfation and decided that they could do no more,
and that nature must f lfect its own cure, or the boy
must die.' The Vegetable Extract was administered
to him whilst in a tit, by one of the attending physi
cians. Its effects were almost instantaneous. The
fits was broken, and the boy restored to health. Mr.
.Cee says,"lshll never again be without the med
icine in my house, tl I can avoid it, for tear that some
of the rest of my children may be attacked in
the same way.v 1 consider the medicine invaluable.
We Mould r fer to the following persons, who
have Leen cured by using Hart's Vegetable Extract.
W. Bennett, nine years, 171 Orand st.
J. Ellsworth, seven years, 13 Dover s
Joseph McDougal. nine years. East Brooklyn L.1.
H. W. Smith, N. Y Custom House
S. Kelly, twenty years, Staten Island.
Miss E. McKccf, twenty years. Yorkvdle.
Miss E.Crane, twenty years, 11- hamniersly st.
Win. H. Farsel, twenty-three years, 78 Nurlolk st.
Jacob Fetty. four years. 17 1 Delancy st.
Thilo Johnson, twentr-eight years, t. reencastle Ct.
Judge Randall, 91 East Broadway, N. Y.
Thomas U. Jones, of the U. S. Navy.
Capt. Wm. Jenninzs, State st Bridg port, Ct.
Tun Time Is Nor Far Distant, When thousand?
who are now trembling under the hand of this dread
ful disease, and fearing ihct every attack may prove
fatal, will find permanent relief end be restored to
new Ufr, by using this celebrated medicine.
rtirsa OtTHoisA.NDCERTtricATrs, Have been re-
'eeived in testimony of the beneficial res u lis prod uced
ry the use oi iyr. nai v "":
Freptied by S. Hart,M. JJ.,N
retabte Extract.
tow York.
Four "
-$3 00
10 U)
CO 00
tjt r.n at: he t ween 3d and 4th. Cincinnati O.
General Agents of the United States.
GJkDCHAFKIN Agent Louisville Ky.
a?24 y C BELL, Evatuville Indiana.
It is carefully packet! u? in boxes hr transporta
tion and sent to any part ''!'?, 5 f i?'
Mexico and West Indies. '1 HOM A MIXES,
From the Pitttburs Gazette.
THE past summer (1S-T7) has been a very remarka
ble one. Frequent and heavy rain, tollowed by
intense and long continued heat, had the t Meet, in the
hrst place, to promote a rapid growth ot ucculnta
vegetation, and in the second to produce a rapid de
composition of vegetable matter, giving rise to much
mifwrna ana spreading eicKiiess, disease ana aeam,
in jjVtg whicjihad heretofore been remarkable for
thur silubVity.
We are crediblv informed, that whole meadows.
on w hich the gro- waa unusually heavy, rotted to
the ground and was not tit to tc cut. in Indiana and
IIIinoi3vtheMckiiess was so general, that there wa
not enough w ell persons to attend upon the fick.,
wliosesuthrirtiTs were pretraete! by a want ot prop
er remedies, as well as of good nundng. Much of this
suffering might have been prevented, had every lani-
lv kent on hand a supply ot medicines suited to coun
teract the tllicts of this miasma, with which the at
mosphere at certain times is surcharged. In nddi
tion to Quinine, (which is in Puch general use as to
need no comment.) we would strongly urge every
family to keep on hand one or nit r J boxes of "Da
These Fills are the nrescrintion of aneminentrhv-
sician in Monongahafa Co. Yirginii, and wire us-d
by hint in his private practice as a remedy in billions
complaints, for years btfure he thought of offering
them to the puMic. Such, however, w as the success
lo the rills, and so creat the nun.lx r ot persona wu
ftitedhy them, that the making of the quantity requi
site to sui:lv the increaMmr demand. teran to inter
fere materially with the lime required to attend to
his practice, lo prevent this he has made arrange
ments witb the house of J. KlDD &. Co. No. GO Wood
Street, I'itti-tairg, - la to prepare and vend them.
where the genuine may be procured at all times and
in nnv re&MWiabb? ounntitv.
J liefe rills are not recommended as a panacea ior
'all th ills that flesh is heir to " but in all affections
.. .. . , r
of the Liver and in nil bilious complaints, they stand
without a rival. AH who have ever uwd them, give
them the preference overall oth -r t ills, and cannot le
persuaded ta exchange tl.ose w hich they find experi
ence to lie mild. m ft. and feti.for any other.even
though they may l uzar coated, or so drastic as to
r throu'li bv dav li'jht."
- Prepared fvr the proprietor by J. KIDD&. Co whcloj
safe Druggist, No. M Wood Street, Fittsburch, Fe. to
wIhu all orders irom a distance must be directed.
Sold alsp by our Agents and the principal Druggists
throughout the I nited Mates and Canada.
Tr- V It Pnrlincori will Tilp.TÄ-li nnrtirnl.tr an
inquire tor lr. M'Lane' Lure as there ard
other Fills Duruortim: to be "Liver FilL," now bo lo
the public. dcc J-J-w y ,
Kold Wholesale JL Retail y
c. - r . C K AW FOR D BELL
Main st. Evansville, Ind.
llontlil vHiillrliii. A o.3.
r'PHH w orld has ever been the tcenc of the firccst
L fctruiTrrioi tu tweeu I ruth and error, ro sooner
doesTrutii propound an important theory, thin er
ror, with its lemon of nliies. seeks to arrest its pro
gress. -A most illustrious instance of this, was the
oupsiüoi made to the immortal Je.xner. His mas
ter mind was led, under Frovidence, to the discovery
of Vaccination, by which that dreadful scourge, the
iHuljr, was rybbed of its terrors. He found that
the m.itter from pustules upon the udder of a cowcor.-
. - 1 .1-1. .'. t l ! .1. I... .
tuineu a principle which uuiu i'iuuuiu uunwi
djvmc results for which he had so patiently ana anx
oiisly sought. Opporiton arose. Interested persons
high in h jal rank and professional position, ridicul
ed what they dared not deny! They asserted that
many vaccinated persons became covered w ith hair,
and even exhibited horns t and a tail; and that in one
case a child ran on all lours, bellowing like a bull.
But the current was. oo.n rurned. The Bri'ish Far
liament voted him X20,lXW sterling ($1U0,IXX,) and
the world tang his praise?.
J he same spirit has come down to our own time.
Even while we write this lJulletin. interested per
sons, jealousofihe wonderful efficacy and success of
1 he t.rnefeiiberg Jleuieines,
ae opposing tlieni. .vii.-guided men: now uiieny
impossible to arrest tin jr spread. The most extraor
dinary certificates are constantly flowing in to the
Company, from all parts of the country; certificates
which have astonished the most resjectaiie citizens.
Many ot these testimonials have been submitted to
cemleiiien ot great distinction, who have carefully
examined them to sec that they are genuine. Among
these, are the names ot the Kev. N. langs, IJ. D-, ol
the Methodist Episcopal Church, and Francis Hall,
Esa , editor ot the Iew-J ork Commercial Advertis
! i ... i . i i i . ii
er. Yveiinuiiy numittca. tue wnoie io me lion.
Wm. V. Brady, the Mayor of New xork, who has
given his certificate, under the Urcat ScaJ. of tue Ci
ty, that they are genuine anJ reliable. -
'With such names, we fear no opposition. We are
fortified at every point, and solicit a continuance ot
the unexampled patronage wc have already received
We would earnestly advise.
1st. That in every neighborhood where there is no
Craetcnberg lVpot, immediate steps be taken to hare
one. fsy addressing the tieneral .Agent ot any ijis
trict. this can be secured.
M. Families ilioUld clab toetlier and get an im
mediate mippIv.
3d. Emigrant Societies and ojirr philanthropic
bodies should lurnwi them to the needy. . .
Of the (iraefenU-rg Vegetable Fills ahme, 30,000
boxes are sdd each and every week!
Of the Health Bitters, an enormous quantity,
These extraordinary Bitters are sold at twenty-live
cents a paper, and are warranted to make twoquarts
f Bitters superior to any in ihe world. They are
composed of Roots, Barks, Herbs, and ines, gather
ed in the vast torests and praties ol America and are
a speedy and certain restorative of weak aud debili
tated constitutions.
The other Medicines of the Company ar qual
value, nd are as follows-.
The (iraefenU-rg Sarvaparilla Compound, the
flraolenlierg Eye Lotion, the Children's Fanacen the
(Iree n Mountain Uintuient, the Consumptive's Balm,
the Dysentery Syrup.
JtCr The Cenernl Agent for Indiana is Mvrns ?ca
lon. to whom applications for agencies may be addres
sed. EDWARD BARTON, Secretary.
New Y'ork, January, IS-H.
W.l. M. WOOIEY, Agent
mayl-tf for Evansville.
1ICAL.TII! iiiMirn:
the only certain- keo.dv tor the cure or
Ashtna, Bronchists, Spitting Blood, I'ain in the Side
and IJrenst, inire 1 hroat, llaorsness, l alpitation
of the heart, WhoopingCoitgh,Croup,llivcs,- .
Nervous Tremours, Liver complaint.
Diseased Kidneys, and Affections
generally of the Throat,
Breast and Lungs.
Of all the diseases incident to our climate there, is
none so universal, and at the i&nv line so lnsidioti
and fatal, as Consumption. In . this country especiaU
Iy,Fulmonary Consumption is emphatically a scourge
and in its rjsistlcss career sweeps over the lad as a
Destroying Angel, laying low, with relentless hand,
the strongest aiid lalrlst of our race. Hitherto all
efforts to arrest this dread disease have proved vain.
and all that seemed within our power was at best al
leviation oC? ulfering, rendering somewhat smoother
the certain progress to the tomb .
The proprietor, in olfering this preparation to the
public, would embrace the opportunity to state upon
what grounds it puts torth lis merits; and the reasons
upon which it founds its sujierior claims to the atten
tion of the atllicted, that all who require its use may
repose full confidence in its curat? vc powers. Since
its first preparation he has had the pleasure of wit
nessing its happy results in numerous instances; bu
he was determined not to olfer it to the public unti
he had betoiuc liorohly convinced of its efficacy
Having such conviction, ho n-w confidently offers i
as a remedy without a parallel for the cure fFUL
MON AR l CONSL'MFTION and its kindred dis
Iet the following speak fir itself.
"I have used'TnQUPiON's CompopsdSybct or Tar
Sc Wood Naphtha,' for some time in my nractice.and
have found it the most efficient remedy; I have ver
used in Consumptive cases. Chronic Catarrh, etc
when great irritability, with weakness of the pulmo
nary organs, existed. The rapidity with which it
acts is greatly in its favor where dyspua?a or oppres
sion exists, when is mediately relieved by it."
"In Fulnionary Consumption it can be used ith
confidence, bring applicable to vry .form of that
disease, and 1 consider it a medicine well worthy the
attention of Physicians, and exempt from the impu
ation ofempiracism." M. CIIAMCEKS, iL D.
Philadelphia, Oct. 11th, IS 16.
JÖ"The abevemedicines prepared only by Ancney
Sc Dick'o.x. at N E corner of Fifth ami Spruce Streets
Philadelphia: Sold by C. BELL, Evansville,
and reppectable druggists generally.
Price f0 cents or$l pr bottle beware of interven
ioa nov 4 117
A RARITY under the head of a Faient .Medicine
and advertisement. We ask our readers to peruse
the following knowing they w ill profit thereby.
A medicine which is perfectly sate, and may be giv
en to children from tender infancy, to advanced age,
Inva under no restraint as to cold water, or any kind
oilood. Furges mildly, subduing fever; destroys and
expels worms with invariable success, and is easily
administered to children.
That it possesses these valuable properties, is fear
lesflv asserted: still claiming the adaional advantages
of being given in small bulk, and reouiring none ot the
drenching which Worm tea and other supposed Ver
mifuge demand. During its brilliant career, it lias
been introduced into many families, whereevery oth
er known and accessible Vermifuge had been tried
without the least uccess, where it has promptly ex
pelled worms to an almost incredible amount.
Hear w hat the Editor ot tho luiletin ot the 1 acihe.
(puhliihud in Fituburgh, Fa.) soys in reference to the
article. 5 :
"In looking una few advertisements for mv small
sheet, the other day. I called in ujmn Mesbrs. J. ktuD
& Co. and remarking that I would be glad to advertise
any medicine that really was essentially useful, thev
furnished me with their circular respecting Dr. M'
Lane's Worm Specific, witli the accompanying certif
icates. Feeling pursuaded that the certificates were
genuine, 1 took some of the medicine home lor the use
of my own young family. 1 gave the lirst day a small
tcaspoontul to Sarah. She was wan-Iookingand black
under the eyes, che passed several worms, some as
arge ns a pije f tern. I also gave a fiuall teasponfuli
S'amueJ. a little, rosy cheeked fleshy boy, about 3!
years old. Uut as his tomach Was tympanous, i. e.
he was pot-bellied, 1 thought he might have worms.
He cried after more, which 1 did not see tit to give him.
but upon the operation of this medicine, his mother
and the neighbors were surprised at the result. He
passed nearly a pint of worms, almost all as big as a
common pipe fem. There wasseventy in all. I then
gave some to a little boy only 2 years old, and he pass-
e l twenty-five, some eight inches in length. 1 there
fore feel clear to recommend M' LaneSi Vermituge n
a specific for worms. It fairly seems death fo them.
Fittshtrrgh Feb. 10th, 117.
J. Kidd Ä: Co. No. 60 Wood Street; Pittsburgh, now
the sde proprietors of Dr. M Iane s celebrate-d medt
eines. All orders must be addressed to them.
JO'" N. U. Furchasers will please 1 particular to
inquire for "Ve Jl Laht's Auirica Wurm Sjcißc,
or I frinJuf. '
Sold Wholesale & Retail by
Main St., Evansville J
f!y Druggists and Dealers generally throughout
United Slates.
IALLITV'S MngicHl Tnin I.xtractor.
J .More proofs that Dalley's Magieal Pain I xtrnc
i i-. ? .i ii i. i i
tor is i n't i .ueuicine in tue woria. r.vtry uay is de
monstrating the matchless virtues ot this art irle.
Letters are corning to us from all parts of the Fnion
expressing gratitude and surprise at the wonderful
properties it possesses in all eases of burns, rhcuma
t ism, piles, wounds, ic. The press abounds in no
tices ol its high character as a standard Medicine,
and from the number we select the following from
the Lland City of the lth September :
Dalley's M epical Pain Extractor. An inven
tion like this truly wonderful article, so full of virtues
should be made known to the universe. Its cures, in
many cases are absolutely beyond belief. For burns.
scalds, sores, swellings, pains in the luiros olall kinds,
cuts, wounds,and in every disease of the body, where
it can be applied externally, it never tails to cure. .A
-insular case came under our own observation. A
friend in playing with a si arp euel pen, run it into
the palm of Ins hand so that it came out at the back
and had to be extracted that way. I he ioisonous
nature of the ink in the wound, as well as the instru
ment itself, caused the hand to swell dreadfully.
Dalley's t ain Extractor was applied, and the next
day the swelling had entirely gone down, the pain
had kit, and the wound wa9 cured in a tew day.
Important Caution Counterfeits of my Extractor
are unblushing!)' published to the world in my name.
Protect yourself, as you value life, and health, from
these deceptions. J am, as every druggist in the Uni
ted State's knows, the sole inventor and proprietor ol
Dalley's Magical Pain Extractor; no other being hat
ever made or can make a grain of it, for no man liv
ing has the secret ot the preparation but mys II. 1 lie
onlv genuine haamy written signature on each label,
qiiu is tHJiu nuit-saie nuu leinu bi me iteiieroi uepoi
UM Broadway, New York; and at the Southren De
pot, 151 C ARTRES street, New Orlcas. my only
general lyepoi iur uc cnuwi ana est.
It V.L.l,L..
All orders for Agencies, or for Pain Extractor. uiut
br addressed toj. WRRII1T Sc CO.. 151 C AR-
TR ES street New Orleans, only agents tor the South
and West
iO-Only Agents in Evansville,
mar'JS-ly ALUS &. HOWES.
mutual ih:m:i;it
rills institution is distinguished from t
others, at home or a broad," by all, or most
of tho following ieculiarities
1. Where the premium are over 80. it require
only one quarter part in cash, instead ot the w hole.
'2. It allows the assured to pay yearly, quarterly,
monthly or weekly.
3. No part of the profits are withheld, or divert
ed ffoni the assured, either in charity or otherwise.
4. It has no loan, either nominal or real, to pay
interest r, having a tilficient capital funded, from
premiums received.
j 5. The assured can withdraw his profits, or have
them to accumulate, year by year, at his option.
6. It assures to the age ol 67, instead of stopping
at (X. .
7. It declares the profits yearly, instead of once in
five or seven years, and issues scrip yearly io the As
sured, liearing 6 per cent interest which scrip is re
deemed in cash, when the profits amounted to J00,
U00, or allowed to accumulate at the option ot tht
8. It enables a man to provide for his wife and
children in such a way, that although lie may lose
every thing, they are sale; and all persons, whether
married or unmarried, to provide tor Old Age, Sick
ness and Want, as well as for Death.
1. The Assured can surrender the policy at any
time attcrthe lirst year, and receive its equitabh
10. At any time after the first year, the Assured
can borrow on the snip issued, two-thirds of its a
mount, so that he has nothing lo tear from a change
of circumstances, or liability to pay the premium.-
11. Directors and Officers are chosen yearly; and
the Assured votes according to his interest.
12. The funds are all invested in United State.
New Y'ork, New Jersey and Massachusetts stocks,
and in Ileal Estate in New Y'ork and New Jersey,
v holly unincumbered, and ot double the value loa:
13. It pays no Directors, no Auditors, no Solici
tors. It lends monev to neither.
11. It does not reckon the Assured a year older
than he is but trorn fix months less to six months
more, so as to equalize the estimate be tween all par
tics. "
l.'i. The rates arc lower, the expenses less, and the
profits larger, than with Foreign Ollices; in vt struct, tf
here yielding from 6 to 4 ier cent. abroad only llpei
cent. to büv nothing ot 33 1-3 per cent reserved; not
ol interest aJowed to those who turni.-h a "guaran
tee capital," at the rate of 5 per cent, on every hun
dred pounds subscribed, for every ten pounds paid
in !
16. Listead of ene,-urjgi.-:, every precaution U
taken to prevent, a forf-jture of the policy.
17. The haUlity of the Assured is limited by Law,
to the amount of his premium note.
M.J. Bray, M. 1). Medical Examiner.
All persons wishing to make insnca on their
own or on their friends LIVES, will please call up
on the agent in this City, Odice on Main street near
Water, and examine the terms and rates of the Com
dany. ie 16-1 r
, - ,m m
5 quarter caks purejuioe Port Wine;
5 " " Old Port do;
5 Maderia:
1 " " 4 Sherry:
r J rÜPVi Cognac Brandy, Otard, Dupuy's
ly for sicknes, and the public can relv upon th-ir pu
ity. In store and lor sale by .'ian!?l O BELL
1 liese i.l.iuorse.l ve Iieo-I unrrn.ii eaori-i:ii
F. 1'AGA.V
W OULD infonn his friends and the public
VJthat ha now has, and intends to constantly KLi
Keen, a hiiAhti At ik.t.itt,: r--ir i.; rv
lor Une work. Work of every description done with
the u'rnost neatness and despatch, t In Main street
opposite the Brink.
ap 21 dly.
THIS popular Candy hasheen before the public in
the west and south more than one year,and in that
hört space of time it has obtained more repu'tuion
for its good qualities, certainly of cure., and cheap
ness, than any other Medicine of the kind ever offered
1 1 is the i ntrn t ion of the proprietors to sell the Core h
CJndv reasonable, in order that it may be in the reach
of all to obtain a remedy, that never tails, (no such
word as "fail" is ever heard or thought of, when this!
Candy is talked about,) curing ti.e most violent CoLDi
andCorcn, and is therefore uttered to the sullering
and atllicted, of the West and South; for their good.
Pvi2koxary Complaints, I WuoopixuCovgh,
CoLns,Corens,HoAR.sxis, J Influenza,
Ueonchitis, Astgma . I Difficulty of rxPEcrcit
Phthisic, Croup, Soee Throat, attvx
And general alllietions of the Chest and Lungs,
which leads to Consumptions, all of w hich diseases,
vitld immediately by the use of this valuable Couup
The materials used in the preparation are of the
best quality, being vegetable and the lest w hite Ha
vana Sugar, consequently it may be relied on as in ev
ery refpect a pure and genuine article. HOWE !wCO.
Ao. 1, (. Hall, IFViam 7r Cincinnati, U.
From Henry Morse, Ex Judge of Court of Common
- This is to certify that we have used theCoughCan
dy ot HOWE &. CO., and do with confidence cheer
fully x?eominend it to those atllicted wiih Coughs.
CoUs,ic. ' II. MORSE.
Mnnutacturer of Patent Force Pumps, Ornamental
Cast Iron Fountains, Fire Engines, Vc.
Cincinnati, Aug. 11, 117, D. S FANNUM.
Frutii D. Tuttle.Proprietor of the City Hotel
Messrs. Howe !t Co: . , v '
Uentlemen: It is with much satisfaction that I
have it in my power to testify to the efficiency of your
Cough Candy. I have used it and know it to be a
valuableano certain remedy for Colds and Coughs,
and as such commend it to the public.
Cincinnati, Aug. 1G, ls47, D TUTTLE.
From Wm. Young, iresiding Elder, of the Metho
dist II. Chnrch, Cincinnati.
Me. Howl; Not longsincc whilelaboring under
the influence of a painfully embarrassing hoarseness
casioned by cedd and speaking in the open air
a friend handed me a pirn; of your "Hoarhound and
Liverwort Candy" from the use of which 1 experien
ced greut and almost immediate relief since then 1
have frequently used it with the same beneficial if
lefts. 1 therefore feel no hcsitanee in reeoinmending
vour Camly as a certain specific for Coughs. Colds,
Hoaisness.c. WM. VOUNO.
Cincinnati Aug. 27, IS 17.
Intli W'.M. WOOlEY.Agent.Evansvi'h
nov'25, tf
Tins. Great and lilcrious Union.
I 1FE being the greatest blessing, that w hich in
li snrcrs il free trom the evil ot premature death
mul be of paramount importance.
iframlreth's Pills are altogether of Vegetable com
position, and while they possess remarkable powers
in curing disease, arc perlectly harmless, and can
thus be used with perfect safety by persons of all
ages, and in any condition of the system, with a cer
tainty ot lienetieial results from, their qieration,
which is mild ami pleasant, tho' thoroughly search
ing to the root of diseased action, and always termi
nating in a great iicreasc'ol health and vigor.
Ninety-seven years they have been betöre the pu!
lie, and every uoccitling year has increased the
sphere of their great usefulness. They are now pa
tronized in every ps.rt of the civilized world; no can
envy nor detraction materially impair their well es
tablished reputation.
These celebrated Pills do not cure entirely by llieir
purging qualities. They have in their composition a
vegetable corpuscle, a nalngous to the corpuscle 'oi
the blood; the corpuscle of vegetable origin. Incomes
incorporated with the mass of the life-giving fluid,
which occasions the blood to throw out all infestial,
poisonous, or peccant matters, thereby entirely puri'
lying the whole volume of blood in the circulation.
And thus these Pills cure the most fatal, and noxious
and hairassing diseases, in a manner eo easy and
certain, as to give great thankfulness to the at
Every year their salvias increased. Dr. Brandreth
st lls more of them at this time in a month than he
did in the whole of the year 13J-:, or any previous year
i no taie mvmg increased
Can any other medicine be pointed out that has
sustained its reputation that lias increased in tin
confidence ot the public in an equal proportion?
It would he a most happy thing for the poor, il the
prejudices of Medical men would permit their gene
ral adoption in the public Hospitals. What a bless
ing this would be to the poor, aud also to the whoh
community in which the Hospitals are situated! No
Ship rver would long remain to poion our at mos
phere with Its noxious exhalation! No malady no
not even Cholera, would be ot a dangerous character
were : Brandreth Fills vigorously resorted lo when
the first of its symptoms were erceived. An Shi
Fever, and fevers of tin inflammatory, or of a typhoid
character would be found equally under their power
ful control. While influenza, small-ox, measles,
scarlet lever, and all the diseases of children would
Ie affairs requiring only a very few doses of Pill., to
entirely re-establish the patient's health. At::5 in case
of rheumatism and dropsy, and the various forms ot
lungdiseae, no medicine is capable of doing more
good; or whose use would tend more to the recovery
of health.
These Facts, Dr. Brandretii rr.oci.AiMs, at.e
lct our Legislatures and men in authority every
where hok to this. If these things lie so is it not a
part of their hi h duty to cause ihe Brandreth Pills
to in used by our glorious Army and Navy, and in all
public Hospitals? Public opinion tells tbet-e honor
able men, that such is their duty; and one otihe mosl
serious character in which is involved the security ol
many valuable lives. Over TwoMillions of our Citi
zens have approved ot Brandreth's Pills: they are no
longer a private, but a public medicine.
fx;t the sick every where sec to their interest, and
olitain this eurer ot fickness: disenser of health
and MTurcr of long life. The weak, the nervous and
delicate are strengthened by the operation ot Bran
dreth Pills, w hich are lienetieial for the mind as lor
the lody : mental derangements of all kinds are cured
iy ineni; in lact tney impart a vigor and power to
the intellect truly surpri.-ing. it is now a common oc
currence when a man is aliout to make a great effort,
to take a dose of Brandreth's Pills, which clear the
head and invigorate the perceptive faculties, ln fact
thcliierary and sedentary of Uth sexes will
Find a Tream re of Health,
in 'these Pills. Win n sleep cannot be obtained fiom
the nervousness of the system induced from over tax
ation ot the menial faculties, or other causes, one or
twoof these Pills will invariably produce sleep. In low
nervous levers they are most valuable. Spurzheim
and ihe lamented tiarri-sn would have been saved
had these Pills been use d.
RememUT then that energy of mind and body re
sult from lirandrethV Pills; that they are applicable
in all conditions of the body, doing good it good can
lie done, and will be sure never to injure.
No family should be without them in the house;
because fo much depends on the timely application
of proper medicine w hi n sickness commences. Sail
ors, and all other travellers, should never be without
them; they prevent scurvy, costiventss, and cure tht
malignant levtrs of hot climates.
When you purchase otherwise than ol Dr. Bor his
agents, be sure and obtain t4ie genuine, and have
uone other.
BRAN DRETH'S PILL'S are sold.with full direc
tions, cents per box, at gl 1 Hudson street, 274
itowtr.-, Mrs. (J iff, 4 .Market street, Brooklyn, and
by Dr. Brandreth's
Principal Oiiire, illl B'oadwav. New York, and by
agents Evansville and I y one agentin every town or
village in the .United States. npl -Im
ATQT1CE ii hereby given, that the undersigned
i.1 has taken out Utters of administration upon
ihe estate ot Oeorge Stull, deceased.
All persons indebted to said estat-i are requested
to make immediate payment.aud those havinTciaims
against f ai l estate will prctent them duly authentic
aied for settlement.
The estate will probably Ix solvent.
H- Q- WHEELER, Adm'r.
; "MSR WPEiüi?
AU A Uüü J UE UM g 12 g g iii
WnPtrn n it u it tn 1 1 fin
Dr .Townsend's Ctvmpoona bxtracl.
This Extract is duI ud in ouart bottles it is six
times cheaper, pleasanter, and warranted superior to
any sold. It cures diseases without vomiting, . pur
rin?r. Mckenim? or debilitating the patient, and is
particularly adapted for a -
The great beauty and supeiionry of this Sarsapa
rilla overall other remedies is, while it eradicates dis
ease, it vigorates the botly.-rConsnmption cured
Cleanse and strengthen Cunsunimiou can,le
cured Bronchitis, consuqiption, Lver complaint,
colds, coughsa'arrh, asthma, spitting ot blood, sore
ness in the chest, hectic flush, night sweats, duficuii
or profuse expectoration and pain in the side, CLc.
have and can be cured.
Probably there never was a remedy that lias been
so successful in desperate case of consumptionas this
it, cleanses and strengthens the f ystem, and appear?
to fieal the ulcers on the lungs, and the patients grad
ually regains their usual health and strength.
There is scarcely a day passes but there area num
ber of case's of Consumption reported as cured by the
use of Dr. Townsend's Sarsapaiilla. The following
was recently received.
Dr. Townsend Dtar Sir:. For the last three years
I have been atllicted with general debility, and ner
vous consumption of the last stage, and did not ex
pect to ever gain my health at all. After going
iirtough a course of uiecVcine under the care of son it;
of the most distinguished regular physicians and
members of the boaid ot Health in New York and
elsewhere, an I spendiiigjhe most of my earnings in
attempting lo regain myiiealth, and afterTeading in
some paper ot your Sarsapatilla 1 resolved to try it.
After using six bottles 1 found it done megreat good
aad called to see you at your oliice, with your ad
vice I kept on, and do most heartily thank you for
your advice. 1 persevere in taking the Sarsapariila,
and have been able to attend to my usual labors for
the last three months, and 1 hope by the blessing ot
'Jod and yourSarsaparilla to continue my health.
.1 helped uie beyond the expectation's oi all that knew
Orange, Escx Co.N, J., Aug. 2, 1S47.
State of New Jersey. Essex County, ss. Charles
Quimby being sworn according to law, on his oath
saith, that the foregoing statement is trtie according
to the bc&t of his knowledge and belief. .
Sworn and subscriU-d to 1 f.ire me at Orange, the
2d Aug. Isl7. CYRUS BALDWIN, Justice -
of the Peace.
Rend the following and say thai consumption i
incurable if you cau.
New York. April 25 13 17. .
Mr. Townsend: I varily U lieve that your Sar&ap
arilla has Ucn ihe means, through Providence,- ol
saving my life. 1 have for ftveral years had a bad
toiinh. It became worse and worsr. At last I rais
ed large quantities ot blood, had night sweats t)nd
was irately del ilitated and reduced, and did not . ex
pect to live. I iiave only used your Sarsapariila but
a short time, and there ha? a wonderful change been
wrought on me. 1 am now able to walk all over ihe
eity. 1 rai.-e no blood, and my coujjh has lift me.--
i ou cau well imagine that 1 tun" thankiul fur these
resulus, Y'our obe-diriit ieivant,
W.m. RissELf., CjCatliarincst.
The annexed certificate tells a simple.nmT Iruthful
atory ol suffering and relief, there urv thousands
ol similarcasesin ibis eity and l'rooklyn, nnl yei
thereare thousands of paren ts who let tin it children die
tor tear of being humbugged or to sa,e alew tlull
ngs. liROOKLV.v,"Sept 13,1847.'
Dr. Townsend: 1 take pleasure in stating.'for :he
benefit of those whom it m iy concern, that my
daughter, two years and six nionttis old, was nlllic
ted with general debility and losa of apccch,She
was gi.en up as past recovery by our family physi
cian; but fortunately I was recommended by a Irieiid
to try your Sariapatilla. Befire .having used one
oottle Hie recovered tier speeeuand was enabled to
walk alone, to the astonirduiH nt of all who were ac
a a . ...
quainied wun tlie circumstance. Miels now nuiu
well and m much better health thanslie has been loi
ISmoiiths pasL JOSEPH TAVUlR,
ljy York st. Brooklyn
. . . ......
ery lew lunulies indeed in lact we have not
heard of one that used Dr. Towiisetid'sSarsupatilhi
in time lost any children the past Summer, while
those that did not sickened and died. The certificate
wepublis.li Itelow is conclusive evidence of its value
and is only another instance of its saving the lives o
Dr. Townsend Dear Sir: I had two children cur
ed by your Sarsapariila l ihe urinner complaint and
dvseniery; one w as only 13 months old and the otlu
r..jenrs. i m y were very inucn reduced, and lew
expe cted they would die; they were given up liy tw
resMf table physicians. When the doctor in lor med
'is that we must lose them; we resolved lo try your
Sarrttiarilla we had heard to much of, but had little
conhdence; there being so mueli stuff advertised that
is worthless; but we are very fl.anklul that we did.
lor it, unnourncuiy saved ttie lives ol both 1 write
this that others may le induced to use it.
Yours, resjecttully, JOHN WILSON. Jr.
Myrtle avenue, Brooklyn, Sept. 15, 117.
T . a - i a
j a mes gumming?, rq. one ol Hie- Assistants in
the lunatic Asylum, Ulackwelri Island, is ihe vn
tleman cpoken of in the following letter:
i ms is oniy one oi more man lour tnousand eases
of rheumatism that Dr. Townsond's Sarsapariila has
emeu j ne mosi severe auu cmornt cases are weekly
1 1 aun uitu . xu aoiuillüi y virtues:
Blackulu s Li. and, Sept. 14, 1S47
iB. iiamad: inave suiiereu terriniy lor nine
years w ith the rheumatism; considerable of the time
1 could not eat, sleep or w ork: 1 had the mott dis
. t j- i- ... ..
iressuiu pains, nna my nnios were terribly wollen.
1 have used tour botths of your Sarsapariila, and they
have done me more than one thousand dollars worth
of good 1 am so much l-etter. Indeed, I am entire
ly, relieved. You arc at liberty to use this for the ben
efit ol the alidcted. Yours, respectfully,
That Dr. Townscnd'sSaisajtfdiila isthe very best
remedy for female complaints there is no disputing
thousands and thousands of weak anl debilitated
emales that were pr trated by those diseases lo
which females are subject were oon in the enjoy
ment cf robust health. NEw YoRKep Ü3, 1847.
Dr. Townsfnd: My wife has for the last year leen
very fcick, and in a greatly reduced stale of health lur
ing reduced by a variety of complaints uch as le
ma'esare liable to; she got so bad at length that she
was entirely unable to walk, and was as helpless as
a child, the commenced using your Sarsapariila, and
she immediately began to regain her strength, her
complaints left her, and after Liking several" bottles
she is restored. Be ing a singular case I have thought
iimighi do good to publish it. She used a number
ot remedies lint done her no good previously. '
Yours, rejcct fully, JOHN MULLEN,
' 87Narfolkst.
Dr. 1 ownslxd's Sarsaparilla is a toveirn and
speedy cure tor incipient. consumption, and for the
general prostration ot the system no matttr whether
ihe result ot inherent cause or causes, produced by ir
regularity, illness or accident. -
Nothing can lie more surprising than its invigora
ting effect on the-human frame. Persons all weak
ness and latitude; from taking it at onc become ro
bust and full ot energy under its influence, h imme
hately counteracts the nerveless ness of the female
irarue, which is the great cause ol barrenness.
It will not be expected of us, in cases of so delicate
a nature, toexhibit certificates ot cures performed, but
we can assure the aiHicted that hundreds of case
liae been reported tous.
Da. ToW.VSEND: Mv Wifa hein r frrrttv rKi-c-l
by weakness and general debility, and suffering con
tinually bypainand with other diliicultics, and hav
ing known cases where vour nir.lifin. h-, .or
great cures: and also hearing it recommended for such
i-asesas I have described, I obtaiicd a bottle of your
Extract ot Sarsapariila and followed the directions
) ou gave me. In a short period it removed her com
plaints and restored her to health. Beim? lrrateful tor
the benefits she received. I Lilt fill " a iir in tniia kj
a II . ' y a v a a tuu9 au I
Kuow.eugingit ana recommending it to the public
M. D. MOORE, cor. of Gnjnd and Lrdius st.
Albany, Aug. 17, 18J4 '-
This Extract of Sarsapariila has Neu ex press! t
prepared in refercnocc to female complaints. No fe
male who has nason to tupioe the is appraachiag
tliaVcritical period. lhe turn of life,".thomld neglect
to take it, as it is a certain preventive tor any of the
numerous and honibie diseases to which feitia'cs arc
subject at this time ot lite. . 1 las period may be de
layed for se veral yars by Ufing tbisemedit-ine.v Not
is it less valuable for those w ho are approaching wo
manhood, i: is calculated to assist nature by quick
ening the blood and invigorating the system. Indeed
thi medecin is invaluable tor all the diseases ta
which women are subject. . r -
It braces the whole system, renews permanently the
natnral energies by removing the impurities ol the
body not o far stimulating the system as to pro'
ducc a subsequent relaxation, w hich is the caw f
most niedicines taken for female weakness aud dis-
. - . DROlY ,
m . - . New York. July, 22, laiG, .
Dr. Townsend Dear .Sir : My wile has been af
flicted with a terrible rapture for over fifteen years
the greater pail of the time. She has been troubled
with hortns8 of breath Si great fluttering of the heat,
which has been very distressing, and has frequently
been uuable to leave her bed. The rupture was very
large and severe. She tried almost every remedy for
such cases with but lit tie benefit. When she had ta
ken but three bottles of your excellent medicine she
wns. entirely relieved of the disease of the heart, and
the rupture has almost entirely disappeared.
,. .She has. also had the dropy, and was very much
swollen. WJ had no idea that the could be' bene
fited, as she had such a complication of disease
Uut it Las, as strange as it piay appear, relieved he
of the dropsy. 1 am aware that this statement is so
strange as to apiear almost like fiction, but it ia
sober reality. Your Sarsapardla is certainly a valu
able medicineand should be used by every one that
shutiering as we have been. " It any-disbelieve thin
account, they are at liberty to call at my house and
have ocular Remonstration. Yours, respectfully,
. . . W ILUAM TOWSER, 1 James st.
' ' v dysfetsia". -; -
Nd fluid or medicine has evcj her n discovert 4
which so nearly" resembles the gastric juice or saliva
m decomposiag Ioh1 and strengthening the oigans of
digestion as this preparation uf Sorsaparilla. it pon
iiively curt every cae of dyspepsia, however severe
or chronic '". " .
Bank I)ErARTMEKT, leant, IVIay 10. 1S43,1!
Dr. Townsend -& : 1 hajre been atliicttd for sev
eral years w ith dyspepsia in its worst form, attended
with sourness of ttoinach, loss. of appetite, extreme
heartburn, and a great aversion loali kinds of food,
andfor weeks (hat Icoukltaf) 1 have been unabla
to retain but a small portion on my stomach. 1 tried
the usual remedks, but they had little or no ciiecl in
removing the complaint. I was induced about two
months since, to try your extract of Sarsaparilla, and
lmut-tsay with little- confidence; but after u.siöi
nearly two bottles, I toünd my .appetite restored a:id
the heartbdi u entirely removed; and 1 would earnest J
ly recommend the ue of it to those who havo been
nlilu-Ieil ns 1 li.nri" lui n Vnnri X f . -
... - - W. W. VAN ZANDT. , .
7. B. Turcliase none but such as have wrappers
that hide the bot lie completely, and have the wnilou
tignntureolfc. r. i NfrEND. .
Friucipnl ofHce, 126 Fulton-st.Snn Building N. Y.
Redding Sc Co, 8 Statc-st, Lotten; Dyott Sors,
1 Jg N or th -Second -tt, Fhiladel4hin;S.. llance. drug
gist, Baltimore; Durol v, Co Riehmond; F. M. Co
nen. Charleston; Wright & Co, 151 Chartres-st, N.
O.; 1C3 South l'euil-st. Albany; R.Van iiukirk,M't
corner of Market aud Bfuad bts, Newark, N. J., and
by principal Druggists and Merchants generally thro
For bale by 0 ALLEN C. IlALLOCK.
' . -. Druggisl.Main.St, Evansville, Ind.' ?
Who is opjHiinted by 'the rt)pikior, W'holea!
Ajriiv, with authority ior-11 at Manufacturer's price;
ilor Sale also by RICHARD B. HALLCCK.
' , . Druggist Friticeton, lad.
march 13-di.w ly ..,-,...
T eas;!;tas!! ;
AL.L.1S & IJOIVJCS. Evansville, I.
- CArrröii tea ccrvsp-anir.
The Oldcul la 'E.tablishmcnl .in America
THE Canton Tea Cmpany has been popularly
known for nmay years. This is thelargtsi and
oldest T a Estahlishiut nt in America. '1 he public
have had lull proof oftbeir iutegiiiy and responsi
bility. Rut f ueh has been ihe gual and pressing da,
mand for their Teas of late, that they have UtBi.bli-gi-d
to enlarge, loa great extent, tlmr two piincipi
t-stnldil:iiit nt.- in Nt w Yeik, viz:
123 Clmthnm A: 1C3 Greenwich Streets.
, 'l'Lt y inoieover os.-ess facilities, in relation to tie
lea trade, in a very ubiiudant dgree, anddwbt!e
stqHnorto any other Tea Concern in Ameiica.
1 heir scrupulous regard to all principles that tend
to elevate the character of a large house, is well un
derstood, and has alnady procured llurn a connec
tion, probnbly, larger than all other 'l ea establish
ments united, and il.ey consequently an determined
to tell teas purer, moie fragrant, and perfect for tha
price, in the aggngatc, than any houte in the world
China excepted.
Tin y most zealously invite the attention of the in
habitants of this city and surrounding country to
their agency Mtssrs. Ali.is Sc Howes', where lb
lol lowing assortments are always on band; and they
feel no hesitation in tatinf , that wherever a t-i
trial is made, a very decided preference is give
the celebrated Teas of the Canlou Tea Company
in i.u ursjiuiion in fciauiif , ti.ai wuertver a t-incla
n to
1 1 ki n v
t Vlllllll,
IUtail prices us follow, subjict in all eases to he re
f...-.... j i
tiod oung Hyson
$0 50
0 62
0 73
1 00
- 1 25
r nie do
No 2 fragrant
No 2 Vrrv line
Silver Leaf,
(jood Hyson
cry nue uo
Extra fragrant
Good Hyson skin
a ' a
viood impetial
Very fine do
Cxtrafine do
Good Gunpowder
I ine do
Extra fine do
It I. A f KS.
No 1 Souchong
Ao do
I 'iiitst do .... .... -
rragrant t owehomr. various nnrea
Congo, various prices
Verv fine do .
Extra fine do .
Ningyong, various pnees
I inest lJrglish lireakfast Tea. (very rich
i rhue liovor-
Fine Orange Fe koe
Finest Fekoe Flowera.
0 75
0 62
1 00
Howqua, or finest Black Tea imported-
1 00
iNe ulna ultra I a K,li f : ... i ri--U .r .it
- - -".i-"uv.iiiiioiiu uinea., oi an
descijptions, the highest grades grown in China, $1,50
TAKE X0TICE.-Tlie Canton -Tea Company
are the exclusive venders nf 1 1. tniwf RI..I. Pl
called "1owqua's Mixture." They introduced it
in America in Is 10 and every other person or bousa
professing to sell ihe same at all much less at a low
er price deceive the unwary, as the public them-
1,rsi peiciee, uy comparing me spurious with
the genuine "ilownua" vemh .t Kv tl. rnn
Every package (in addition to its containing fnll
w-eight, independent ot the wrapper,) bear the stamp
of neatness and elegance, and the Teas therein ara
so thoroughly secured from light and air, that tha
quality and power will remain unimpaired in any cli-
umiu. liny JOI wtLL13 iV IllJW rJS Afrnt
WIXEIl'S Canadian Vermifuge Tlie best
remedy ever vet discovered for all ki
WORMS. It not only destroys Worms and invigo
rates the whole system, but it dissolves and came oft
the superabundant tdime or mucus, to prevalent in
the stomach and bowels of children, more erircialir
those in bad health. The mucus forms ths bed or
nest in which worms produce their young, and by re
moveing it, it is impossible for worms to remain in the
body, his harmless in it effects on thesysKni.arid
the health of the patients is always improved by it
use, even when no worms are discovered: the tnedi
cine being palatable, no child will refuse to take it
not even the most delicate.
KTFrenared bv JOHN WINER &c CO.. Nt 83
Maiden Lane. New York. Sold wholesale and re
tail, by J. WRIGHT, General Agent for the SoutJi
and W est, 151 Chart res street. New Orleans.
iKrOnly Agents iu Evansville.
mar ?S-1 y A LLIS Si HOWELL

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