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NO. 78.
LER & Co., Publisher.
tor tweWe lines, first insertion W cents
For each additional insertion, - cent'
For twelve lines per annum ,n D1' or Wecklv
changeable, ...v.. " $
For same amount in both papers, j w
For one-fourth column Daily or weekly M w
do do-. in both papers, - )
rr . ,!nnn n?iltr or weekly J3 lv
VI W-MI -"J ' fWl
do do-.. in noin papsr
For Cards of six lines and under- "
The privilege of annual advertisers is limited to
.L.:.l.;r..Kn.inM. and mu be changed ast
r. l. . an. I M advertisements tor tne
oiien asonce r. ,, , .
l c. c rnn A4 well as all local ad
tisements, Bd .ldrertirment. of auction sales sent
in by them, must be paid for at the usual rates. ,
. No reports, resolutions, or proceedings of any cor-
-v.;.... association, or public meeting, and
pwi -ry. . I -it ,,,,;, tu
Tl ASnow in stJe
XJL auppIyPrv
n shi o nable Hat Establishment,
communication designed to call attention to any
matter ( limiwl or individual intent, can be inser
ted, unless paid for as an advertisement.
No advertisement can be inserted gratuitously lor
charitable or other aocieties,public institutions or com-
Panies mi t i- t.:..l,.. nr. f.r .1.
Agreements win o mu oi.v. .
..rtiitmenu inserted before "marriage .and death, j
but all advmtiseme.tts thatexceed the limits cngag
d, will b counted and charted lor
and daily receiving hi- Spring
ijdtctnst, l aints, Ulis, uu
otnJJs, Si-4 Son, J erjumery, 11 tnaow uiass,
Glasswars, Varnish, 1'ainlnnd I amish Brmshts, tV".
f-c. My stock is one of the largest and most com
plete ever before offered in this market, comprising
almost every article in my line, selected by myself
with great care in regard to the best qualities, and
purchased directly from first hands and on the best
term, by which means 1 am enabled to sell at as low
a rate as any other House in this part of the country
.it .1r.i Dealers are resuestfullv requested tu call and examine
. .1 am a t .-u Ir l.r w V m . t n . .1 ab l npn a nil f I s
I' m . . . r ftaa -
cannot do so, by renuinz tüeir oraersantill iiavetnein
attended to as promptly and at rated as low as it here
in person.
My stock consists, in part, of the fallowing
in. C. COOK, HI. D.
Office Corner of Main and Tine Streets,
DOCT. COOK tenders his acknowledge
. rT-ments to his numerous patrons for the con
fidence reposed in his -kill and ability in
the important andcritica department ut tha profes
.ion, to which he continues to defote h n
iz-the diseases of the E L and Having
ievoted the ast tilteen years to the atudy and prac
tiea in this branch ot medica science, he l-els assur
d that in even the most in eterate casen i he can ac
ompfhh a permnnantand safe cure. 11 u success
eretofore warrants this degree of conHdence in any
fc " .i .. i- nrnul Persons who are unlor-
i.rir-. i,K otYiiher the EYti or
he KAU, are invited to call and seek relict,
apll d&wly.
uz uli Uuinine;
75 uz I xlme;
100 oz lly'd Totasso,'
5U oz I't perine;
2iO uz Ext UarLrrttiii't;
3j0 llw (Jum Aloes;
3j0 do Asnatetüio;
2M do l'ulv Rhubarb;
2M do do Jalapo; '
15 blIs Sulphur;
5 do liiiinstone;
3tW llsSoltIndi''o;
do tine Madder;
200 do Nutmegs;
300 do Cloves;
luO mats Cinnamon;
200 lbs Calomel;
500 do Cream Tartar;
10 Lblsp. Whiting;
10 do Jo Drown;
10 do V. Ked;
150 lbs Chrome Orcen;
100 do ran Orcen;
. J. i.. DmOBTU.
i. wr t is
ia i rnitTlI Ä; SOU.
... in Kt. Louisville, Ky. m
150 lbs Chrome Yellow;
10 bUs Tanners' Oil;
5 do Linse! do;
5 do pure Caior Oil;
10 do spirits Turpen
5 do Copal Varnish;
5 do Alcohol;
10 do Copperas:
) 5 -do A) urn;
) 200 boxrs Uottlts and
) Yial
iOO do Window Clos;
5 Carboys Oil Vitriol;
( 6 do Nitrie&Mu-
( riatic Acie;
'1500 11 Salaoratus;
atXX) do Kid Ix'ad;
3O0 do Litharge;
10 boxes J a nie' luver
5 150 kegs White Lead.
for a
bZrGimms. llmitred. VaAr, and Bmvnx
ken at the highest market pnee in esttiange
iriwli nr in n.n viiint nl debts due IllC.
M It All wruina iml.ilitpd to the tinil of W. iV. C
flell will pkusc settle up as soon as po!'ib!e, cither
hu nf or f)tlwrwi. no thn tirrn has been dissolved
mice the of August Ii t. . .
ion ol
No. 50T Main Street, LouisTille, Ky
CON"T NTLY on hand, double nnd
single Acthm Harps, Musical Instru
ments of every descnijtion, Italian
1 .... i x i. ,.1. IwitinH in
Muaie published Weekly -Music bound in
..4 to.d 1-i.ooi l-.rrt.d. - J. "-.rti7
..,r,!.,l with Music at a lioerai ins-
Arc you Insured?
THE undersigned nsnp-.tit for the Col
umbus Ohio Insurance Company, iprrpnr- Ccrntrnf Main and Firtt His., Eianttillt
Z T . iVnm "TfmiimCU"r f"K. ,T THE attention of country merchants and dealers
luce, &.e.,trom and to any part of the U.I Vj ,.nr,;,.,.uri j t l.ro ml varied n.
"el?, 6team, lanal.t f e ,., Z ..nin tiK
CJ 1 illlllfrvi .IA, av.f liu" v.
dize. Pro
StxtM (. t-lim and sni'innr vrc:1a tlKnm .nnil
keel and flat boats, also upon buildings, merchandize,
furniture. VC. on most rensonable terms.
1 he huh reputation which this Company bears for
its ability, liberality and promptness in adjusting lost
so?, entitles it to the conhdence and patronage of the
public. Inovm-tl.J JU.tl. STUCK WELL
fuse A: 3i auim: IXSUUANCE.
"If there "he. safety only in cood security in
order to be secure ve mast he safely Insured."
UIIEN we hear of our friends looking their prop
erty by fire.or that the vessel on which thev have
made thipmcut of Produce or Merchandize U lost, the
tir?t question we ask is'wereyou insured Now if we
u eii-ucu an interest in uie weuareoiour irienas, now
can any one risk the dangers that are continually pur
rounding ins own property withou Long able at any
unie to answer ine question n put to luuiseu, " l es
I am Insured.
The Camden Insurance Company of New
Jersey, well make inxuranre on Duildings, House
hold furniture and .Merchandize ot all kinds alo
upon shipment of Produce and Mercandize, on bead
of Steam Doats, Sailin Vessels, Canal, Keel and
tint Boats, at a fair valuation and at reaonahlo rales
ot Premium, and, in case of los., a goon as the claim
can be properly n(!jn-ted pay over the same.
Ollico on Main st., neu Water,
mar 0
Kva.svilh. la.
Y T rilXLS Apron Check, this day opening, lor
I tß sale low, wholesale or retail.
a Water street
J. 1I.9IAUII1312 &CO.,
Aeents of the
HAVE just received
aooo doz. Cotton A am, .
Which they are authorized to sell at Louuvule prices
at all times üurins wie r... .;. ftn,i BH0..
r,-. v- mw fn eteellant Quaui,anap-
toes, iWccallan
. - ... . f ... f fkj. III B IU . t.. "
fTM IU lltv.v mw . - v
laminc tlieru.
ifr.iX?)IATfl AT IIO.llEi::
ALLKNC. HAl.LOCtv, Druzwt
Jiarmacutiit. would culltho attention
h ritizi na of Kvansville and and adjomuiji
towns to his complete n.tort nient ot Drugs,.Me.licincs
Chemicals. Oils. DveMl.tl'. VC. &C, VC. All O
wliu h are caretullv M.dectpl and received Ircsh from
?1 ! ll. (.'.lorn Mario! I'll VkifiallS and HKTcllHUt
ninv iI. tM'nd niNiii theirordcrs beinJ iromniiy aticnu
" - J j - j t m t ' J
ih to ami the cenuine article always delivered, on
terms wholesale and retail as tavorahle as the same
quantity and quality can be purchH?d at any Place.
A lull assortment of Dotanic Medicines, Koots,
llArks. Ilerlm. Kx tracts, l'owdcrs. vc. prepared and
ut up by the Shakers.
Hallock's superior cold drawn No. 1 Castor Oi
i-iniit'nrtiir.l at Ml. Carmel. Illinois.
A I a rc nnHortniunt of Pattent and Family Medi
eine, llsseiiee's. lluir Oil's. Perfumery. Soans, and
lancy articles Cologne, D;iy nnd Koe Water, allof
the best qualities Seitllitze nntirsnia lowutrs, euic-
ully put up and ol lull wcigui.
Copal Varnish at 3 00,2 25, and $1 75 per gal
on. .
iuDcrior Tale French Drandy, I . tl. Ooddard V Co s
DranJ, warranted pure, for medical purtMxes ouly.
Hallock's WorniCundy, a wito ami pieasani nie.
icine to destroy wonna in children and improve their
their generul health;
Halloek's Uouuli
tc. for iillkin.lt ofcauuh
At the proprietors prices
Dr. Wootl'a Sari.apaTi.la anJ Wild Cherry Cittcrs
see advertisnnunt.
Dr. Upham's egitable Pile Electuary See adver
JNO. M. APP respectfully informs the;
public generallly that he has leased for a ' '"1
tt rin fil vears. the well known tavern stand in L.v
ansville formet ly kept by K. Lhrsam, and lately by
licnj Nurre. '1 he house has been thoroughly re-
pured, and Iiandsomt ly fitted up w ith entire newlur-
mture,and tliowni tne travelling pui-nc wno may la
vor him with a call, may rtt a?suml that tlu ir com
fort'nnd coiivenieneo will meet with every attention.
His Table will always be supplied with the best
that the market allords, and his Dar furnished with
the choicest lopuurs, cart fully selected by an exieri-
enred hand.
Attached to the Hall, and immediately on the
Public Sphäre, are his stables, acknowledged by al!
to he. tli in v-t fKicious and convenient in the pi nee.
aug2ü, lS17tf. JNO. M. AIT.
above establishment, cornpriMn the most complete
jtock of fishionable and durable Spring and Summer
wear everollered in this city, aßd unsurpassed in the
West. Puseetsing the mot favorable facilities lor
purchasing and a judge of all articles in my line, 1
am alle to sell at rates lower than can be obtained
elsewhere in the city, and as low as such articles can
be had in Louisville or Cincinnati.
My retail customers are are invited to call and ex
amine my stock of Spring and Summer Hats, several
styles of which are nnsurpassed lor beauty of finish
and lasdiion. It is my intention to sell either by
wholesalo or retail at prices which must command
purchasers, and 1 earnestly solicit a call from all who
inteud buying. R. ALLEN,
nrar 21 corner of Main and First sts.
rlT WOULD respectfully announce to tluYgi
u-iaVcitizi'ns of EvansrilJe and country ad-Xc
iacent. '.hat they have recently opened a Shoe Store
on the West side of Main street, next door the cor
ncr of Second, where thev arc inanufactarinz LOOTS
experience in the business will enable them to procure
the liest ofetock and have it manufai turtd in th m l
durable utanmr. We invite the citizens of Evansviile
and public generally to call and examine our wor,
as we have a good stocket ready made work ot our
own manufacture. Young nun wishing fine Boots
can obtain thetn liereuf every defcriotion. ready made
or to order if preferable. All orders kit with us for
work will le uromntlv attended to
The Ladies of Lvansville arc respectfully inviUil
to call and examine our larae stock of Ladies' ware.
as we stand ready at all times to wait on those th;it
feel disnoM'd to favor us with a call. We are prepar
ed to manufacture Fancy Shoes of every different style
Tho?e leaving orders for S noes may rest assured that
no pains will be spared in trying to accommodate
them with anv sirle thev wish.
We feel willing to acknowledge our gratitude to
the citizens for the friendship they have manites-ted
towards us. and thank them for their liberal patronage.
and liope that in return our work may merit their
JO" A II work donebvu.iwaantel.ondnoeharc
made for mending work tlit should cive way.
leb 14 wvtw if. J. V A UTK IN V CO
N THE NEW BRICK, stohe nearly opposite the bank
(Formtry vccvpiid ly Johnson if- Cram.) ,
foreign ana DomcsUc Dry Goods, nats, Bonnets, Boots and Shoet,
Winch ha ving tteen purchased at the late Iarre Vrr7mt.i..r r.., . u a .. i.- in n
much les, than theuJiialDtic lleuZlzL flatters himself hecan fell at
hinksMillnotiail to give entire fatilaction. . aplj MORRIS S. JOIIKSON.
J . H. m A GHEE & CO..
Wholesale Dealers in Foreign and Domestic dry Goods.
A now receiving about 8(X) Cases of DRY COODS, EOOTl, SHOES. DON NETS, IIATf &c
ll. suited for the Spring and Summer trade, which ihey otter altogeilier at Wholesale, at remarkbolr low
pru-es. If you want to buy tJood cheaper than you can get them auywlie.e el.-C, west ol the Mountains
ves. v e have itist received
llWO pieces Fancy Prints; 5n) pieces Pantaloon StuiT; 1C.0 pieces Lawns
UK) pieces tünghanu; 5t0 doz Palm Hats; ' SOdozFuncy &. Smw'nonnett
UH) cases Shoes tLH)t: And a tarse variety of t-mall artirlrs. m wl.i. i,., ;. ,i.
. - . - . .. ... ...w lilV Hll. ll.JV'11
ot the trade. - H
dissolution. Cincinnati Clothing Store
I , i. 'r' ;v,7u"uw , vlJ ' uoor io C lien, lru;
iiiuiiiigiiic tv cun.
cars Manufacturers, is this d
consent, the LuMiiess of the I
a', the old stand by W ilham rightincale.
II iJi.ujuM iiirnru iruni ineir .i anuiaetory in
viiii iiumw, uieiaioi ew i,
ork nvle of
All of which are made and trimmed in the bet mm
ner under their direction eimolv for thin mnr Lot
""7"E the undersigned have this day osociatel our- , l!t, 01 every article rttiuiMte to complete
W wives together under the firm of Nightingale ßemcn a wardrobes.
t KUter, in 'b ToUicco and Cigar butinc., at the
olJ stand of John S. MiLrackcn, .Main Street, would
fnrfr5,r r.t- ,. n.t lI..L". l...ip.j:.i ..i
. 4111 L - 1 111 III . -
rpcueetfiillv announce t.i the ntdir. that we intenil UTS. rOCK and Sack Coats, full trimnird
: . ' . . . . .. .. I nmnivml l!i-..u-n ( I . ' ll
ortmentol tne v.i.ir muu oij, uuu an
SHERWOOD iiocsi:.
rinsT streit, evaxstilij:, ixdiaxa.
THE undenignnl having become proprietors
r.i i . l " ..ii- l . t
i oi ine aoove wen kiiowu esiniii.-niiK iii, ueg
JJ. leave to offer their services to the public and to
solicit a share of patronage. They hope to Iks able to
continue the favorable consideration the House has
heretofore enjoyed under the management of Mr.
Sherwood. No exertions will be spared to give uni
versal fatisfaction to all. The Table and the liar
will be abundantly furni-thtd and the rooms kept
clean and neat. Charges as heretofore moderate
nov i-tf PETER JJURK.
THE underMrncd has openetl a Private
Hoarding House in the Urick ISmldingon Wa
ter Street, above Main, known as the Wheel
er House, My object is to keep a house for the ac-
fi .1 ii ri
... ,' , , I rir.1. l commotiauou oi uenuemeii principally. i nero are.
Cough Candy composed ofllorchound howeYtr thrce or lour very plea-ant rooms in the
Hou-c which can be fated u;lor the accotnniOvlation
of small families. The table thall not be surtmsed
by any in the city.
Dr. TJpham's Vegetable Electuary
An lntrnul Jlm l vhich if uf I accord i n g to di
rt ctioH, a curtor lijt is guiran!. d.
common consequence of this aff-ction is a kind
of tenef inus, or hearing down wnation, us it is
familiarly colled; there is also heat, tension and
throbbing in the part, vary ing from a moderate de
gree of these sensations to the most exoueiatingsul
lering; these are caused by the great How of blood
to the parts. Sometimes the inner coat of the bowels
protrutlesat every evacuation, forming what is called
Prolapsus, or falling of the lowels; this is the t fleet
of long continued irritation and weakness of that o:
gnu. in some instances the patient exj rit ncea ner
vous pains, which are indiscribable, and "known on
ly lo the sufferer, which commence immediately af
ter an evacuation, and continue Ironi thirty ininute
to several hours; these sensations are very annoyieg
and sometimes very distret-sinir. This disease, when
of long continuance, is attended by pain and weak
ness in the back, irritation ol the kidneys and blad
der, and other organs in the vicinity, pain and numb
ncis in the legs and feet, a tense of utraiiness alout
the chest, and unnatural fulness of the abdominal
viscera, accompanied with palpitation of the heart
and oppression. Individuals sometimes experience,
previous to an attack of the Piles, miiptuins deno-
tin irrent ilcraficunipnt in the circulation: there is a
wiii-o ol Wi-i4it ami pressure in me aiKioun-n,iwi
peculiar feeling ot uueaswicsi in tlic bowels, cousii
L- A.itiii v mndiflnfltf nn lisinil ffiwul na;
U-stlMiuids Virginia and Missouri Tobacco. "Sutills",ur" V1 Liress ack and rock Coats.'
Regalia, Piincipe, Canone, Caradava, hall Spanish'.. black..fc,,immer, Cloth, Lustre and Croton Cloth
and Common Cigars; together with all articles in:!,' trK:k.,ind i',,irc-k, IHow.n 1Ann. ond Unvn
the line Check and (.inglmni Coats. Lvery varu ly ul Coata
Orders from abroad attendel to with punctuality Coatcand llvun1aUats. -and
dispatch. . WAL MCIITLNCALK. 1 . r. .l AN11iLots; .-
ap 4-tf-wvSctw JOSEPH KLSTER. ' P r'lnr "d Line Cloth and Cammere
. -- : I nts. hancy trench Ca.imrre do. Hack Lustre,
m. 11
MVTHEW MaNNlKNEi i co wou n res
'peetfully inform tha citizens of hvanUle. and
ha pubie generally, that they have established a
C5an4 Candle Manutactory, on Di vision htreet,
Sj. win 2d and 3d, at the old stand of ilks Reagen,
lIS they intend to keep always on hand a supply
w Soap and Candles, ot the best quality, which they
mini to II at Cincinnati prices. '1 he h.ghest mar-
1,0 . will be paid for tallow and grease of all
iudi lob r;-tm.
Wihlor's Sugar Coated Veg. Anti-Fevcr Pills bcC 1f the Old Stand, JIaitl Of. VVOIC the JlaThtt.) nation or perineum, attended with pain in the back
I a a a i u ail'... - . ..I.
v ir. Dinu, rnoiMKTOit.
rrpposiwthe Washington Hall, 5th street, be
twSnSGnl Market. mu2y
INDIANA IIAMV-nr f A. Ilnubold.
TMThis Hotel is situated at tha foot ol Division
th steamboat landing. Cuar-
'"1vfr ,.; II.,... t... to
moucravv - -
, v ir r. I U0 ATIO Q. WDEELER
.i!f. wiii:eli:r.
a TTflU N F YS KT I.A W,Srccrssoas ro Dattixl
AY General CoUrttion und Rral totatr
' nn- i.r.t trMt. lrfh)W Main.
VIIIV Ii J - al r A A
11. 14. Whlala, Notary Public. Ioc9 tt
Dr. VanZandt's Health Restoratiye Veg. Pills-udvcrtihenicnL.
Dr. Folget' Olosaonion, or all Ileahnsbalioni
Dr. IVter'a Vegetable Pills, Worm and Cough Lx?z
nes .
Dr. Le Roy's lTnlversal Vegetable rills, composed
n( Snratm rilbt ami Wil.l L'htTrv.
Dr. I'orter'a Poor mail's Curative Sugar Coated
Pills, at 10 cents per lox
10 ce
Overstreet's genuine Linament.and Doctor RcachV üb
tannlyiiU. m . , ,
l)r. Orave a Anti-tever ana tever ami .gu 1 m.-,
CLoIura. Intaiilum ana liowei com
ntllnt P'.M
k.W.t.. . .... . . .
iir i.ravf. s l am r.iirjcior.wiuuiu..,ii.aiu- '
lings, Khumatic Pains, tc warraniea 10 give 111
afmit roiiri in mi eases.
- .... . . , .
Nerve and bone Linament, htglily celebrated lor its
curativ powers ' : " i.
At thA Niw iiruy tiorc: .iaiu sireei wwtno '-
- " ... . -
mcnt& Viele'. J'w"
1 have on hand nn.t sfia'l constantly keep
or snl, a larjr and i'eneral assortment oi
IJI A 1 1 1. 11 r.. mmlr in ihn liest manner '
iCand which I will sell at remarkable low
oriees. Those wi.-hin; any article in mv lineare re-
piestet to call ana examine my sttn-k.
M. 1. All orders from the country promptly at
tended to and furniture cart lull v packed tor t-liipment
Fei. 1-t-ni KOLSKUT 1 L löil S.
CHAIRS! Chairs! I nm able to offer
is, at 10 Cents per Ik)X. f VII.AIIV..- lllirsi-l nm line iu urr r
)r. Porter's Poor Man' Strengthnihg Plaster, al tlie public an nMrtment ot t hairs ofa.l t
cents apiece. T qnalities and prices, of l-enutitul patterns 0
lames' l'ooth-Athe Drops, warranted tocurein all and workmanship. Call and examine at my
,cg Furniture Warerooin, Main street above the Market
iverstreet'sirenuine Linament.and Doctor RcachV Cib 1-tini ROBERT FL' RCL'S.
r. 9.
u 1 nr yd rrn
w .... .... .... .... . .
nt.,.---- ... ... - ,
FEVER vTUAr io,i-y-i;''''
Othce on First st. near tne cnerw 0. t ,..
xr t it, w.M'.nM. pnra is on oecona si-, nisi
Joot below Rev. Mr. Doge's church. nov U-bin.
nttv?'l S AND sUKUEON. Office on Main
I Strt. lietweenS.'cond and Third, and neatly
;. tha Clerk's ollice. whre he may at all times
be found unless atMcut oil professional business,
dec 21, '47-tf
nAYLOR. c HARVEY, Commission and For-
I Mwtriii'a jltTehiints V aterst.. t.vansville, Indi
ana. Have also a large, new wharf-boat where they
will receive and store Ireight free of dray age. ap'.! J
m wirtlXOTOX. J. B. HAN.tAH. F.. II. FAITiClllLD
ITT A RR1NGTON. 11 A NN AH t CO., Evrvtirding
XX and Commission Merchants, Water at., opposite
,m wharf boats. Still continue lo receive and tor
word on liberal terms. ap 24 tf.
CHANDLER, Attorney at LtwOfiic
at. b'iw'ii M'D and Sycamore, ap 26
BAKER V. OAUVIN, Attorney at
Tille, la. Office in the Court House
JAMES G. JONES, Attorn at Law,
First atreet, below M ain
THOS. t. oakvin
Lave. Evnns-
ouse. sepj 'lb.
Office on
apJ tf.
MEDICAL. GEO. R. WALKER, rtvtiejan
Sarro. corner of Vine and first sts. Liylo 45
Surgeon. Fust at., above Main, Evansviile. apCO
S 11 31 1 A It V.
THE sub9criU r, grateful for the increasing patron
age the above institutions are receiving, respect
fully givea notice, that the Spring 1 crui w 111 eom-
1. -.- " et kii.i in .liiniurr 1 unit ai
ti.A Ai.a.i.mr t,!rf tmi?ht excluMvelT by InmU,
iiiQ 4ivv" I - m - - .
Mrs. U M. Saiford. assisted t)
Miss E. F. Mortox ana .miss o. 0. ...
ers amnlv qualified by their literary attainments and
experience in teaching, to Kve thorough instruction
. . . I ...... l t t tl. I .1t t SVllllll f, -
in all tue braucuca usuauy i",-" - - -
C .1. 1 . .
rics Ol 1I1C COUIlll, . ,-..- ..1
Two other yi-ung ladies ironi tne nasi, 01 uuu, aim
highly approvetl capabilities for teaching, are expect
.1"... - ii..,rt The nublic may rest assured.
that no pains will be spared to render the schools wor-
For the better classification nnd progress "
scholars, the pupils of the Seminary are arranged int.
two department;! 'riniary ana .caueinn.ai,
i..,-l,ira-iti 'ii.'il to each, but both
one reneral sum rvi.-ion. Uv this arrangement, the
bes.1 order will be secured, and all due attention pant
to small, as well as largi- scholars.
It HLxrMtlv tuihe iniere-t ot thoc who attend tlu
school, that they commence wi' lithe iK-ginuing ol tin
lerm; as clasi-es are tuen tormeil, ana tunjccis 01 mu
ay comineiiceu.
rrin.arv i:nlih branches 4 00 iv r Uur
I- I L 1? L 1 I fWl
turner r.iiuusn uraiiviit-t .------ vv.
Greek, Latin, Hebrew, Algebra, Geome
try. either or all, together nh the pre
ceding 7
Primary Department $3 OOpcrQur.
Academical Department 4 IH) to 0 CO
Latin, French, or Algebra lor each. 2 00
Music lessons with use of instruments f CO
11... i'inutrninpnt Mr tirni-licr ...... . ml
i rj ui in. . - 1 .-v.
Evaxsviile Feb. 8. AI. W. S AFFORD
1 Fever.
. This "rent l;emdv: to whicli trie pui-uc at ten
in th we.-tcrn an
ly c
1 1 Si
u'.li we
sa:eami irriai'i c ue i"r ts:
CI in or inTerru'Tt nt n;c
tern 'ai.-s
? a. id i-vcr,
ns n s; e.iy
dumb a .rue.
T.V'i:.e.;ini !! n i i m r.
us ;
and s will irove:i !i;ivu In-rooie 1
ri''s ov 'tPV 'tv I . m o v'1'-
i 1 1:1
:Y.'.. n .l.'.g it?
s v. i ! s;rend
! w.'rt t'utthe
I.', -;. !.:' i ti.i'.vsnrvraih!iiiL' eeiv other otiered re-
mp.lii.1 a.r.nt. and looked uion as the only one that
i. ,!;.l mm in .11 alien) .f tlio disease.
... - - . . .... I l
fiCTFors ilc by Hoadlcy, I'hrlps v w. wnoiesaie
KTfriLsNew York. and bv Bnnkerhotl & lemon,
. . - . . .. . .. 1.. . 1
C. .iea(To. I : Kwards t trancis, St. lui,-i",
by Druggists generally througnout the unitco states
For sale by WM. M. WOOIEY', agent for Lv
nnsville. Ind. .
Wininss t Deusouciiet. Mt. ernon.
N.G. Nettlcton, New Harm Jtiy.
W.J Whiting, Cynthiana. jy I2-6m.
TTTOOLSEY &. NETON,commwVi MrchantK
T -1 uctunrs Mam, 3d door Irom Second st. a
"ITrM HOLDEN, TuiW, Main street, over James
If bcantlini Son's Stove store. ap-lly.
RADTt MATHEWS, Tailors, shop on thecal
4de ol Main stone door troni the corner oi r irt.
L.iwMs AND ntlNTS.
dr. s. s. riTcirs
-r?' THE sultacriber has just received tin
k- )tpiu-v lor this City und Kurroundiiu
Vr country, nith a supply ol hu
AUlominal Supporters;
Shoulder Unices;
Inl.ttinur Tube;
"-V . r.i .
Also his Ux)k ot rix lectures on me uses 01 t ne A.nn
JUST received a finall lot of handsome Iiwns and iuses, prevention and cure of Pulmonary Consump
Sprin Prints. (mar M.W. FOSTER. Ujnn. diseases of the heart, and the true mode ot pre-
O'NEIL, Fashionablt Tailor, First st , abov
.: ik. Ul.urnnil limn. .n'llll.
r...h and nrolonL'iniT life.
ot Main st. near Water.
lIacUoi7.ics rompoiiiid Liver Pillsi
- These Truly Celebrated fins
... , . t
NOW p-operly esteemed in II neigiibornnous
where they have been us-d, will have the most
:d uta r v etb-ct on the diseased Liver, nnd wi.iniosi
!l. ;-inäIlv eure the h und irr, nnd lit thoroughly re-
i.o'i.o-.ilnr.Ko irom thi who are thus atf'rtnl
They art specifically on the Liver nnd isxre, re
ni.iv nil mn. 'dative action, nod morbid errctions.
mriiViti t the blond, cauui' a free and healtny ns
rf .... - fin.1 .j.i.llii T
I cn:ire 01 Mlc. sin nziunin ' iutitiuu, ."c
litest ion.
C.S. Mackenzie t Co., Cleveland" Ohio, Vpne
For salebv WM. M.WOOLSEY, EvansviUe, and
other agents throughout the country.
V inuiK3 V. Deusoucuet, ..t. eriion.
N. G. Nettlcton, New Harmony.'
W. J. Whiting, Cynthiana. jy 12-n.
ALFiXAKULU LAUC.IILIIV. rown I.inen, Linen Check, Tweed and Corduroy
WI..I...1. 1 t.:i lants,ol every variety nnd price to suit customers
JJ.uroctry, iron, au, l in c.Y I Lbk Satin, plain and Fancy Silk nnd Velr
..A.f tvn r,t,.
and Sheet Iron Store.
water' stue kt, evansville. ixliaxi.
l E l'g leave T call the at tention of merchants,
V TradiTs, and Farmers generally, throughout
the Wubnsh untry, Illinois, and the Southern or-i
larj and very general
white Marseilles and Marseilles of nil colors, and
kinus 01 common vests and prices
J'Urnisiiim; ;oods.
AH the late styles of plain ih
and fancy silk and satiu Cra-l"!
vats. Scarfs ami stocks; while
lion of k'piitm-kv to our lar.'rt
Stock of Oroeencs, Iron, Nai s, Tin Plate, Cop;er, F'k and al colors Pocket Handkerchiefs; Linen and
W ire, Axe, Cotton 1 arn and Domestic Manufac-. Linen bosom shirts; Muslin and rannel do.; Flan-
tured Articles. Which we offer for sale at very re- "el and Net under shirts and Draws: Shirt Col-
du red prices for Cash or Produce. lars; I ashiouable lUnver. kid, thread and cotton
ihehendot the house resid.ngin 1 ittsburgh, wul uioves; eiut.rotdereu and plain gum suspenders; silk.
enable us to be regularly supplied with nil a nicies in gmghani and cotton I nibrellas; Silk Hats; Caps;
our line. Dealers and country merchants need not Roots, Shoes; walkim; canes, V.C
travel beyond Evansviile for a supply ol all articles All the atiove articles nnd everything else in the
they may need, nudthey would consult th ir inh resl lurni.-liing line will be sold at Cincinnati pric" itm
hare of public patronage. 1 lie Uu.-iiuvü will be conmiuc ,r "i 'p w wiit
.. l.u tiurinj' in- st-Bsoii iiuiii our ..iBiiuiai lory in hinein
conuuciea iy . . . ..... 0 , . n tu imiiv. t. . ii,
JAMrü L.l'tJllLK, JR. lt '-"J '""''" i'ui'.u.wwk.
Ö3T Feathers. Hides, Taliow. Kecswax, and all
kinds of Produce purchased at 'the highest market
price. may 4, '47-tf !
nnd l.iinx. nnd slight uain in the stomach.
pale countenance, culustd sensations in the head,
weariness, and irihablc and di.-onunttd state ol the
inin.l. nnil a sense of ful 'tess and oiurts--ioii in tle re
gion of lots tomich. .The circulation 011 thesurlace
isfeible, and the current of blood determined inward
mid I. iw 11 wrird
ÖAIl the alxvr disenes nnd complaints, DR.
ITIIA.M'sVEOETAULE El.Et 1 FAR 1 cuitstj
fcctuulh, nnd therefore pr vi r.ts Piles.
Hi'Dsox. December 11, l!M0.
Gents I have used Dr. I'liliani's Vegetable Pile
Ele-tuary which I purchased of you. and find it one
of the Ik s! medicines in use for the Pil', and also for
all bilü 'tis aitections, arising Irom an impure state
of tlw system
Yours, .c , E. A. COLL, Marble Dealer.
U.S. Marshall's Otite, )
Niw York. Dccrnder 6, lb!7. i
Messrs. Gentlemen : Understanding thai you are
thegei.eral ogf nts for the sale of Dr. I'phnm'a ege
tablö Electuary, for the cure of Piles, I have deemed
it my duty to volunteer a recommendation in Im half
of' that invaluable medicine I have been attlicted
oi msnv years with idles, and have trn! various
remeilies, but with no beneficial effects indeed, 1 be
gan to consider my case entirely hopeless. 13m about
the 1st ot September last prevailed upon ny a menu
to make a trial of ihe aUivc named medicine, ltook
lis advice and rejoice to say J am not only relieved.
but as 1 believe, perfectly cured. 1 most earucMly
reconuuciid it to all who may have the misfortune to
c alllictcd with Hut anno) nig and dangerous dis
cry respectfully, your obedient servant,
Morsx Washington, Rekkmhre Co , )
Maseachusttts, Nov. Itf 17. S
Messrs. Km hum V. Hl.nsiiaw Genu : For thir
ty years I have been atilicted' with i!es, gee era 1 de
bility and intlaiiimatiiiii, causing tumors and prolap-
sus 01 Wit noweis, ana wiucn na 1 reisiea au nie meu
ical treatment Dr. Chapman and otliers could pi''f.
The last three vears ot that time mv sulU rinrs defy
description. 1 was confined to led, unable to htlp
myself, and at lat given up by my physicians and
friends i:: desnair ol ever eaininii mv liealilu- in faci
for three days fiefjre I commenceTusing 1 r. Upham's
Electuary, 1 waa entirely speechless nnd my burial
clothes were made, but un ler t rovi lence, ana the
ueof Dr. Upham's. Lh-ctuary, tliougli uu old man.
I have the nleasuie of statinü the r.cT to the public
that my health is now g-xnl, and hope to live many
years, if it is Cl's will, to make known the virtue?
of Dr. Upham's Electuary, ami to recommend it M
my alilict?d ftllow creatures. It helped me lie ond
ill f-xneetatiLin-s of all thai knew my eae, and I ran
mlv say to others that it is in my opinion, the best
Medicine iu tlte world for Piles, or any oilier disease
. t!. U.a .-U- n.i.l it thev will uTe it nccordini to he
liriTiions. I will invself warrant a cure in every case.
Yours, with the utmost expression of thankfulness,
milE undersigned will sell at private .ale the ; . xa.xxa.vx . V..-" 9
X south end olihsouth-w.t quart, r ol .eci ion Shaivneetown, Illinois.
township 6, south oi range io west, r ing 11 ien rpHL underfignrd takes this nirthod to notify the
ÜiO liooiivi.le roadandthe ciy ol hvansldo,aild X public, that he is the propiietor of a larKe and
within half a mile of said city. The aaid land, te-coniinodioiis Wiiakf IioAr, at Snawneetov. n, and
ina 40 acres wilt le sold iu twenty or ten ncie li, ,,nl a, jj conrinues the Reci iving, Forwarding
or in any oilier way to suit pmihasers. 1 here js a niuj (Jonitiiiviou Rusiness, generally,
very comfortable. small frame house, an excyllenl Persons landing in the night, or desirous ofsccur
well of water, and a considerable number ol irun ing passage in the night, will always lind a pi ivate
trees on said land. The title in ix rt ct. room and a good bed, on board.
, Ttrms. One-third cash and the balance in fix or. ie keeps constantly on hand, a general assort
twelve months.- tnent ot Crocluils, Provisions, &c, suitable to tbs
Persons wisldng to purchase wUl apply to John J. rirtr irate
Chandler, EUfl., or to the undersigned at Iii residence; n connection ihthe nlmve business, he has
near tlie premises.
ids may lo.
opened a lion se oi Entertainment, on rront
street, (aliout ,j varus Irom the V uarl lioat,) in the
''Morris" Erick I'louse. nnd tw frame buildincsim-
'mediately below, en Hod the WoLi, Horse and Staoe
T PDIS Tanners Oil just ret-eived nnd for al ;omcT.t aU of hich have bn recently repaired and
raft by Jleb.i I l)MlLR.nik..iii-u. ircj
I'idvnvT. P. rk (..Mass.. Nov. 29. 1SI7.
. Thealajye eertilicate tells a simple and truthful
storv nf utr.-riiH and relief, a 1 which, as physician
- " . . .. i
d witiu3 ia the case, 1 tlK-erhilly endorse.
Uli. L.ll.r.M.i.
NoTicr. The genuine Upham's Electuary has his
written signature, thus (&3"A. Upham, M. 11 The
ln.nl u nl.mn done VA ilh a I'iCll. i HCO 1 a 10X.
tO-Sohl whol.-sale ami retail by. KETCHl'M t
HENSII AW, l.M t ultqn street, i .. an i ny irug
rrii, ron..nllv throughout the United States and
- j o .
Canadas. .. jy li
A. C. HALLOCK. Agt tor Evansviile la.
II Pancr nnd Hordcril e
mi. i. m v.iir oi tue latest naicrns. in store auu
UST rec ived by steamer Tempest,
M libls Whiskey;
10 " Lins ed Oil;
5 Lard oil:
175 Kgs White lead;
W lixs Candles;
20 " Starch; .
for sale by A LL1S & II W I.S
ap 21 vatir
ri;s! rit;si itc;si
nmfJ 4 j0 Druina do.,
or sale by
all fresli;
Water st.
retittetl, and where persons may secure seats in good
Stage Coaches, for any point in the iuteiior, on the
mail routes.
The public mny rest assured that his Table and
Rar shall be supplied with the best the country can
afford for inou v. and no nains will besDared to ac
commodate comfortably all who call on nini.
His Stable will be tilled w ith every variety of
rain, hay, &c., and mnnnced by honeM and laiiliful
Ostlers, for whom the undersigned will be responsi
ble. .
Persons landing from steam boats at night, will
ilwaj-9 le conducted to the Hotel it they desire i:.
je27tf JOHN WOLL, Vrojirittcr
A LARGE and gem ral stock of the lest Brands
of Ameiican Llister, English LlistfT, Oeiman
nnd English Sheer, brad and narrow Spring, and all
r-r,lll .1 11.. !. rt.inni tir Tl Ml Pfilt T-a nl
' SsecnslstiX
. aa . i r ikr nv m. a . a aaiia.a.v.
&SHOl!lATS,CAt'sanaUATS,UAKDA.l!.SS " " ,
Warf, nnd CSOCKERY: wmctl 110 Will seil Bs low ESI r J ..v
a I t . U v lr., 4 siiili ml ' 1
any iiotise in . ne v..y, , .w ViVi,: J i " TT, ! rr A V A LU A RLE FARM for SALE
tswaxleauiere or lauow.
iLlxi CONTAINING Iwo hundred and six-!
ty-one and nie half acres, ninety-fix iintiroveti, ten
: I . . . . I-. i.L v 1 1 Ii. ran 1 1 . tf,ta . n I . .4 . . .
lliilirB iioiii ijniiij.i... v ...v. i.i. i von ii uuiiji' I
L.. .. t i- i r ii
flerre llnute, one nan nine irom urowr.ing s steam
: i
ti i i - i i i : . A i .... v. ... a. ... . a
Produce Dealers & CcmmissxonlWh tsanJcan jiiHthat it will make two good
f!. !. W. Lewis,
ll:trriniton. Hannah fc Co
( Evansviile
Reckwilh t Dryer, ) St i ou:9 S- W . LH,
lclloeV English, , bt LOUl9' 11 Whiimore
ocfJo-y Mathews t Pttch.
tanns. On the Last sue oi tne road is ntw two
istory frame house, with a store room attached, iLLr-Ity-two
feet long, a frame smoke house and shop, a
large double lg barn sixty-six leet long by twenty
two wide, with a twelve foot shed running the whole
iencth, and all other necessary out buildinrs. and
'plenty of good water, one hundred of choice apple
Mm, with a variety of peach and other fruit trees.
On the west side ot the road, is a good frame dwell-
t fit corner of Varr and Division stmt. iing, a frame smoke house, With o large double bam,
FREDERIC WETZELL, begs leave to inform well shaded, with stables and other out buildiugs.
his friends, and the public generally, tl at he ha one hundred bearing apple trees ol the betd kind, aUa
r,in returned to this city, from Mexico, nnd recom-a va-iiety of peat Ii, plumb and cherry treet, a never
ii need the business of BAKING, in H n various failing well of U.c best kind of w attr. 1 he land is
branches. Fret-li Bread, and a variety ol Cakes,in a i high state ol cultivation, plenty ofgood hickoiy.
rackers.Vc, can be
ost reasonable terms
National Bakory,
had at nil time, and on the white and black oak timber for all purposes, plenty
. (Jive him a call. . mayl,jf sand, free and lime etone rock, in short etery thing
to make it a desirable location. It is one of the brt
TRUNKS. leather Trunks o locations in this part ef the State for a store and pub-
r,Hxl miality and low prices; also Cnr lie house. This farm will be sold on reasonable
P ' ; ... r I -..I.". l . I l l i
iuriner lruor
. L I VX) good quality and low prices; also Cnrlic house. This farm will be sold on n
y A W A jet Rigs of eA-ery variety for sale at th' terms and payments made easy. For tun
I'l "U Cincinnati Clothing Store. jmation enquire of James T. W alker, of - E
AHLERING t BRUMMER. Jortothe propriebirs on the premises.
1 N store nnd lor sale W bbl White Lime
X order sne Cheap
june 13
in good'
Possession may be had immediately it required
Scott township, anderburg co. la. lapl'J diwrnC
made to order.
Main Street.
for sale by
Consi.ntly on liatxl an RIVER BOTTOM LAND FOR SALE.
ROBERT FERGUS il "WISH to sell my valuable Farm ol River Bottom
JJL liand, situate on oreen Kiver Island in Kentucky,,
four miles from Evansviile, containing 2& seres Y2j
(ol which is cleared and under fence, and in a fine
CJN'STANTLY hept for retai'ing at the store c f state of cultivation. There are three double log
maySfi ALLIS t HOWES, ihouscs, with sialics, barns &c. The log bouses are
: . lall god, and two of them new with Ifick dumme.
I ANT STUFFS. Persons desirous of purchasing will b;rn ",v lern'
I UST received brown and bleached Linen Drills, by applying to Mr. L. A. Coibet or W . U Butler ct
.1 .ttonCashlmers,Gtonade,I)em;n blue Drill-jEvansville. or by applying to m op polite the lärm
&.C, suitable for men's Summer wear. on the Kentucky siue.
mxr 2j, M W FOSTER. ! je So
.Haul Htu wre

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