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O L. I.
NO. 84.
NY. It. Cil.VNDI.EIt A Ca., Publishers.
tor twelve lines, first insertion. 50 cents
Vi- . n.l.liti nal insertion. 25 cents
For twelve lines per annum in Daily or Weekly paper
changeable, '.'
For same amount in both papers.
For one-fourth column Daily or weekly
do do-- i'i both papers,
For one-half column Daily or weekly
do do-.-- in both papers
v.,. i .r imp nil under
....sH 00
10 DO
2) 00
23 00
35 00
13 00
4 00
The privilege of annual advertisers is limited to
tVir Irnrned&e business, and miy be change.! as
f.ea as once a w-'k; anJalladfertiinents lor the
benefit ol other p-rsons, os well na all legal adver
tisements, and auvertisements of auction wiles sent
ii by them, must be paid fur at the usual rates.
No reports, resolutions, or proceeding ol any cor
ratio, society, association, or public meeting, and
bo emmunication desi.rncil to call attention u any
matter of limited or individual inter ist, can be inser
ted unless paid for as an advertisement.
No advertisement can b inserted gratuitously for
charitable or other socictics,public institutions or com
panies. . ... r 1
Agreements will be made at higher prieee for ad
wertisements inserted before Mnarringe and death,
but all advertisements that exceed the Umita engag
cd, will be counted and charged lor
31. C. COOK, 51. D.
Corner or Maiu nnd Pine Street,
DOCT. COOK, tend. rs his acknowledge
5?T-nients to his numerous pnirons wr k
f fence mixed in bis kill and ability in
. - ,.
itapor ani.nucr-;- r-- aUerition,
, to wmcn ne "vro r; r; , K x . ii-vim?
i Äueh 3 m'edica science, he feJ assur-
n years tv the s
ed that in even the most in eterate case-
tice 111 mis ui." - """" , .ii ie
eu ui i " ,,, it j mi.eess
tire hi any
i.....i,j..ra t rrn 111-4 tu w l. v
.VIU ' 1
IVr)iHwhoar untor
th BAU, are invited to call and t-ck relief.
ap 11 dJcwly
J. U
v . rnt Til
BA.ORTM.-- ;. . Jn'.
DRY til) ODS.
II V "... ..rr 1 I'fll'PV
v SOI Maiu Street, Louisville, Kj.
r,-vvT VNTI.Y on hand, double
JcüVn lUrps, Musical In
""h . .,0-nntl.in Ita
. I. ,unntL in. Italian
j - iiieiu' 'V.,l,,,c bound ill
Strinz. Muiicpuwincu
thestron-t manner. llIIWito let, and tec-
riano Fortes repaired "J.1"".1 JxchnnKtfd.
Seminaries auppuea nuu
Mu-ic at a literal 01s-niar-21
J. II.3IA1IKK &co"
examine th'-iii.
- r THFW MclNNEHNEY fc Co-i wouU res-
.ho public ; ;
have rstabUf
un Division street.
W . II 1 II li 1 " w . w .
Jpshethe Washington U.U. 5th street, he
T.in and .Market. mar il .
tween .Main and Mark
iiwtv V lIVLL,-ny A. Ilftubold.
il. situated at the iooi oi
. Hi. uipnmitLKiL liiimiwii- w
--. . ..!.!:. f-.hrr-
streii, uptM-M m... ,.w 10
pea moderate and accomm juauuia vaw..
VYLO II L lrUtVEY, Common and
qiALOU & v ... Kransvile. Indi
.na. Have also h large, new wh-rf-bojl wl ihey
will receive and store Ireight Iree of draj age. ap.J
,.- ....n. RATfO Q. WM.El.tK
ivüi.r. WTI r.l.I.I.K.
ATTORNEYS AT L.W,Sicct ssors ro nvrrtu
i lx.il.r., l7rrrZ CULxtio an t htat Mat,
Othce on r irst street, u-low .Main.
11. Q. Wuuxr.R, Notary Public, foe 9 tf
JOHN J CII VNDLEU, Attorney al Law Olli;
o:i at- b-""n M nnd Svcamore. ap 2(
. . r, n.rra TIIOS. E. OARV1N
BAKER !t C. VRV1N, Allrrry nt Liv, Evans
ville, la. OUice in the Court t louse. s p3 Mb.
TAMES Ü. JONES, Attorn at uir, OlVice on
J First street, lielow Main ap2Jtl.
' TAMES It. HARPER, Attorney nt law ofiiee
I on 1st street alwve main. ijy J
WEEVER &. TRArrON,i,yt,Vwjr Snrgeons
i nlire on First st. newr the Sherwood House.
' N Ü. Dr. Wcever'sresi leneis on SecondsU, tirst
i i X f - lv.! r.linr-li n., 1't.r.iil
aOOr DCIOW iwev. .hi. is ov......
in. mux T. WALKE.
Street, between Second and Third, and nearly
opposite the Clerk's office, where ha may at all times
be found unless absent on proL-ssiotial business,
dec fci, '47-t f '
tirgun, corner of Vine and First sts. UyH 5
Sarecn. First St., above Main, Evansville. Pp20
WOOIEY A N CLSOXMiMioJt 31rehct$
A uctumitrt. Main, 2d door from Second st. a?
WM HOLDEN, Tailor, Main street, over James
. Scantlin &. Son's Stove sU)re. ap241y.
BRADT M ATI I EWS, Tailors, shop on the cast
side of Main St., one door from the corner of First.
O'NCIL, Fishionuh: Tailnr, First ft , aboT
Main rrear the Sherwood House. ap201y
EATON A HUGO, House Carpenters and Joiners,
I 2d street between Sycamore and Vine ap25dy
T. lil'GO, J!tue Carjxtttir and Joiner
Vinetreet,rw-'r Mr .Dodges' chuuh. Imy2-tm
I ET Eli SCOTT, Painter, lchaiige Hotel.
jy 2 Gm
HASnow in st--e and dniy reetiving hi Spring
am ply Drug MtJlciH, 1'aitit, Oils, l)y
Stnjs, Snee. So, 1'erfumrry, Window Glim,
Ulassicare, VarntsA, Paint ami urnish Brushes, $-c
d-c My btock is one of the largest and most com
plcteevcr before offered in this market, compririni:
almost every nrtirle in my line, selected by inyscll
with great cure in regard to th best pialitieg, and
purchased directly from first hands and on the beat
term, by which mean I am enabled to ft 11 at as low
a rate as any other House in this part of the couutry
Dealers are rcrestfullv requested to call and examine
my stock before purchasing elsewhere, and those who
cannot do so, ly pending Unir orders shall have them
attended to at promptly and at rates as low as if here
in ierson
sicK'k consists, in part, of the following.
500 uzSulu Uuinine; 150 lbs Chrome III!
75 oz Iiniine;
10 bbls Tanners' Oil;
1H oz Hy'd I'otasso,
50 oz lejerine;
200 oz KxtliarkTrecip't;
XJ 1m Ouui A Iocs;
Ü50 to As.afftlio;
250 do 1'ulv Khubarb;
250 do do Jalapo;
. 15 bbls Sulphur; .
5 do Dtimstonr;
0(0 lbs Soft Indigo;
1200 do fine Madder;
2U0 do Nutmegs;
a00 do Cloves;
100 mats Cinnamon;
200 lbs Calomol;
500 do Cream '1 artar;
10 bbls pp. Whiting;
10 do do Brown;
10 do V. Kod;
150 lbs Chrome Grt en;
5 do lnt-ted do;
5 do pure Castor Oil,
0 do )inta i urpen
5 do Cpa Varni-h;
5 do Alcohol;
0 do Copperas:
5 do A h:ni;
O i)xc uotlles anu
O do Window fSJasf;
5 Carlmys Oil Vitriol;
C do Miric&..lu
riatic Acic;
(1500 lbs ala rattif;
(1000 do U11I Iead;
rtiH) do Lilharse;
10 bo.tis James River
; 150 kegs White Lead
100 10 i uris o ret n:
g-GiHre, l lasfcrd. Feather, 1m1 Bivat to
ken at the hinlieft mnrkrt pure in rxchango lor a
goons soltl. or in payment ot irita cine mo.
N. IJ. All iiernons ind -bu-d to the tirui ofW. C
Cell will pleawj fettle up as wwn as po?hib!e, either
by note orutherwi.-c, as the firm has been dissolved
since tue xjuoi .ugui iai.
jan2y,'is-tf. CRAWrORU KV.hl.
ALLEN C. 1IALIAX;K, Drfigit auu
Pkurmucutitt. would call the nttention
the rilizelM of Kvuii-tville and and adjoining
(nwru tolii.nu)ini)!ete n-irt ment ol Druiis.Medicines,
Chemicals, Oils, Dyestut)'-, &e., vVc., Ac. All of
which are carefully selected and received frcrh from
the Lastern Markets. Physicians and merchants
may depend upon their orders being promptly attend
ed to and the genuine article alwuys delivered, on
terms wholcr-aTo and retail as tavoruble as the same
quantity ami quality i-nn be purchased at any Place.
A lull assortment of Botanic Medicines, Boots,
Barks, Herbs, Extracts, Powders, &.C., prepared and
ut up by the Sinkers.
llai lock's superior coM drawn No. 1 Castor Oil,
4ianutacturcd at Mt. Curniel, Illinois.
A large assortment of Patient and l amily Medi
cines, Lssence's, Hair Oil s, Perfumery, Soaps, and
laucy articles Cologne, Bay ami Hose Water, ollof
ihe best tpjaliiien S. ul litzt; and Soila Powtlers, care
fully put up and of full weight.
Copal Varnish at $3 00,$ 25, and 1 73 per gal
Smx rior Pule French Brandy. P. ll . Goddard A Co'
Brand, warranted pure, lor medical purposes ouly.
llallock's WormCandy, a sate ainl pleasant med
icine to destroy worms in children nnd Improve their
iheir general health;
ll i ...IV f.ii.b f'nn, if oAiiimwri l I.i rehoiiiul
,ll"'"M . '
Bonesei. &.C. for all kinds otcnuuh
'"' " WU,H - I -
.., II tliwl- ......., .
ALSO Ml.b.
At tin proprietors prices
Dr. Wo.,!- äarsuuurilla and Wild Cherry Bitters-
See advertisement.
Dr. I'phaiu'a Vegitable Pile Electuary See adver
Wilder' Sugar Coated N eg. Anii-r ever Pills Sec
Dr. V'anZaait's flcalih Restorative eg. Puis See
Dr. Folger' Oloeaonion, or all Healing Ualsom See
advertin tnent. .
Dr. Peter's Vegetable Pills, orm and Cough Iaz-
Dr. ' I.e Roy's Universal Vegetable Pills, ctimrmsiHl
of SunajMirillu and Wild Cherry.
Dr. Portcr'a Poor man Curative ucar coated
Pills, at lOceuts jr )ox.
Dr, I'oru-rV I'uor .Man s Mrengthmng l'lasler, al
10 cents a piece.
Uanies' Tooth-Ache Drops, warranted to cure in all
Overstreet's genuine Linameiit.and Doctor Beach's
Family Pill.
Dr. crave Anti-t ever ana l ever and Ague I i.is.
Cholera Infantum and Bowel com
plaint Fill. .
Dr.Uravc a l ain retractor, iorDurn?,scauis awei
lings-. Rheumatic Pains, &.C, warranted to give in
stain relict in all ca--s. .
Nerve and bone Linanitnt, highly celebrated lonts
curativ powers
AttheAew Drug ctorc; M tin street opposite ie
ment A Viele. ' jylOtf
jiali: academy am female
n je m 1 a it v .
rpiIE suls-rilH-r, grateful lor ihe increasing patron
Jl age the above institution are receiving, respect
fully give notice, that the Spring Term will com
mence Feb. 21st, ami ihe Summer Term, May 15th;
the Academy, to be taught exclusively by binisdl,
the seminary, by Mrs. U'M. Safiokd, assisted by
Miss E. F. Monro and Miss S. C. Bowde; teach
ers amply qualdied by thtir literary attainnients and
experience in teaching, to give thorough instructiou
in all the branches usually taught in the bet Semina
ries uf the country.
Two other voting ladies from the East.ohried, and
highly approval capabilities for teaching, are expect
ed in a short time. The public may rest assured.
that no pains will le spared to render the schools wor
thv f their confidence and cordial supoort.
For the better classification and progress of the
scholars, the pupil of the Seminary arearranged into
two departments ; Primary and Academical, with
appropriate teachers assigned to each, but both under
oiieirciieralsuuerrision. Bv this arrancement, tlie
best order will U- m'ured, and all due attcmion paid
to small, as well as larg scholars.
Itisgreatly to the interest of tho.w who attend the
school, thai they commence w ith the U-ginning ol the
term; as classes ure theu formed, and subjects oi stu
dy commenced.
Primary English branches 4 00 per Qur
Higher English branches 5 00 "
Creek, Iann, Hebrew, A!g bra, Geome
try, either or all, together with the pre
ceding 7 00 " "
Primary Department 3 00 per Qur.
Academical ueparimcni iwto aw
Latin, French, or Algebra for each- 2 00
Mu-ic lessons with Urc of instruments tt l)
L'se of instrument for practice 2 (X
Etansville Feb. 8.
lZy THE hubsXTiber has just received thr
Vil 2j agency for this City and surrounding
country, with a supply of his
Abdominal Supporters;
SIiou Idcr Braces,
lnhaleing Tubes;
Also his book of six lectures on the uses of the Lungs
cau-jes, prevent! j'.i and cure of Pulmonary Consunip
t ion, di seal's of the heart, and tlie true mode of pre
serving heath ami prolonging life.
je 21
Main st. near Water.
Arc you Insured?
TUG und ersinnet! aa Tf-nt for the Col-
tjrumbus Oiiio Insurance Company, isprepar
IsmwrSSid to take risks on on hitmrMit nt l-rrhant
dize, Produce, &c, from and to any part of the V.
1 . , .,. 1 .
oiaies oy fif nrii ana sailing ve.'Mis, Ptcam, ianal.
ketl and llat boats, also uxtn buildings, merchandize.
iirniture, vc, on most rra.xonnble terms.
The hLjh reputation which this Company lears for
its ability, liUrality and promptness in adjusting lost
ses, entitles it to the confidence and patronage of the
public. nov27-tf.J J.NO.M. 5STUCKWKLL Ag't
nnc & iTiAiciivc i.nsuiiaivci;.
"If there V. safety only in cood fCJn7v in
order to be secure ice mast be safely Insured."
Ul HEN we hear of onr friends loosing their prop
erty by fire.or that the V??t I on which thev have
made shipment of Produce or .Merchandize is luft.the
urt question we ask is 'were you insured f Now if we
feclfuch aninteret in the weliareufour friend-, how
can any onerik the dangers that are euntniuallv xur-
rounding his own proprty wi thou U inLrable at any
time to answer the question if put to Jiitnself, Ve"s
I am Innured."
The Camden Intnrnnec Comnnnr of New
Jersey, well make insurance on Buildings, House
hohl furniture and .Merchandize of all kinds aUo
uponthipment of Produce and Mercandize, on lniad
ol Steam Boats, Sailing Ve.-fels. Canal. Keel and
Flat Boats, at a fair valuation and atreasonabloratc.
oi 1 re n nur 11, and. in casn ol los, as soon as the claim
can Le properly adjusted- pay over the same.
Oilice on Main t., nen- Wut,
mar 9 Kva(sville, la.
y rifXE-S Apron Check, this day opening, lor
sale low, wholesale or retail.
Water meet
it J t iv'ii t a uii -r.-iiir . .eT
puhuc geiierallly that he has leased tor a,. LI
term ol years, the well known tavern stand in l,v
ansvüle formeily kept by E. Ehrsam, and lately t.y
I leni Nurre. '1 he houe has been thoroughly re
paired, and handsomely fitted up with entire new fur
niture, and thoi-e of the travelling public who may fa
vor him witn a caw, may rest assured tliat tleir com
fort and convenience will meet witheverv attention
His Table will always be supplied with the best
that the market allbrds, and his Bar furnished with
thechuircst loquorv, cartfully selcctta by an cxjuri
enced hand.
Attached to the Hall, and wnnWiatcly on the
1 uulic rvpuare, are lus stables, acknowledged by al
to be the most spacious and convenient ;n the place.
aug 2G, 1847 1 f. JNO. M. APP.
siiEiiwooi) norsi
rirs-r streit, tvAxsvitxr. iximaxa.
THE iiiidersirnetl having become proprietors
of the above well known establishment. e
illj. leave to oiler their services to the public and to
solicit a share of patronage; They hone to be able to
continue ineiavuraitie con.-i uration trie House nas
. f ii . I r .
heretolore eiijyel under the management of Mr.
u .1 t- : -ii, , .
merwoou. io exertions win oo spared 10 give uni
versa! satisfaction lo all. The Table and the Ba
w ill be abundantly furnished aitd the rooms kej
cbnn and neat. Charges as heretofore mo lernte
nov l-tf PETER BURK.
iiii' ati: iioAKiiiNc; norsi:
THE undersigned has opened a Private
i ioariimr iiouse ill mo lri t liuiMitirrnn Wa
iJJL terStn et, alsive Main, known as tlie Wheel
er House. My object i-t to kero a house fr tlie ac
i ' "" v,r,lu," " pi meipuwy. i nere nre
.r. ..r I 11.. in
I ,1.,.. ... I.v... ....... ..I. .1
u..CMi, m.iCi ii.ui ,,ijr i.itnsani rooms 111 IllC
llou.T which can be fitted up lor the accouiiiuhlariou
ol email families. The table hliall not be surpnfscd
tiv any 111 ine city. . .
" Nov. 4th A. FARNSWORTH
l the old aland. Main St. above the Market.
..j I have on hand and shall constantly keep
j larereand g m-ral nss,iriment i t
rji r L'KM 1 IJUU made in the best manner.
---nnd which I will sell at remarkable low
prices. 1 hose wishing auy article in my linearere
quested to call and examine my Mock.
N. I. All orders Irom tbe country proinntiv nt
tended to and furniture carefu'lv packed tor shiftmen!
ttb. l-lui ., UOUKIiT R'lltlUS.
CHAIRS! Chnirsl-l am nblo to olfer YS
&s the public an afortmcnt of Chairs ol all jSib
f'jry qualities and prices, ol In autiful patterns
and workmanship. Call , and examine nt my
Furniture Wareroom, Main street nliove the Market
leb 1-äii ROBERT URt;US.
SOVEREIGN remedy for Ague an I Fever.
Thisereat Romelv: to w hich the public atten
tion is particularly called, has leen extensively used
in the western and south western states as a speedy
safe anil certain cure for ague and fever, dumb ague.
Chill or intermittent Fever.
The unexampled and complete sueer?? attending its
ue; and so well proven have become its wide spread
victories over every form ol'aue ii th j west that ihe
'Ftbriluge' is now superseding every oilier otli red re
medial agent, and looked upon as the on'y one that
can le relied upon in all Ftagi a of the disease.
örrrForaile by Hoadler, Phelps & Co. wholesale
agents New York, and b'v BrinkerholF A Penton.
Chicago, 111; Ho ards A Francis, Sr. Iui, Mo, and
by Druggists generally dirongiioul th Uuiled States,
For sale bv WM. M. WOOLS EY, agent for Ev
ansville. I ml.
Wininqs vt Deusouchet. Mt. Vernon.
N.G-.Nettleton, New Harmony.
W.J. Whiting, Cynthiana. . jy 12-fm.
UlaclccnzieN Compound "Liver Pills
These Truly Celebrated Pills,
NOW properly estoerned in all neighborhoods
where they have leen us.-'d, will have the most
iiluiary elfect on the diseased Liver, and w ill most
i lli cttially cure the jaundice, andal-to thoroughly re
move the headache from those who are thus a fleeted.
They act specifically on the Liver and Yistrre, re
move all congestive action, nod morbi l secretions,
puiifying the blood, causing a free and healthy dis
charge ot bile, strengthniiig the system, and assisting
C.S. Mackenzie &. Co., Cleveland Ohio, Proprie
tors. For sale by WM. M. WOOIEY, Evansviiie, and
other agents throughout tli country.
Wioir.r- A Deusouehet, Mt. Vernon.
N. (. Net.ieton, -New ILirmony.
W. J. Wf-i'irig, CyntUana. jy l'?-Cm
ashionable XXat Establishment,
Ccrner of Jlnin and Fir$t Sts., Eianttillc.
V THE attention ofcountrymerchants and dealers
is particularly directed to the large and varied as
sortment of II ATS, CAl"i, See., now opening at the
above establishment, comprising tlie mo?t complete
tockoi i isiiionuhie and durable rpringand bummer
wear evcrolJi-red in this city, and unsurpassed in the
West, l'ossesbing the mot favorable facilities for
purchasing and a judge o nil articles in my line, 1
am able to eell at rates lower than can be obtained
elsewhere in the city, and as low as such articles can
be had in IouiviIle or Cincinnati.
My retail customers are are invited to call and ex
amine my stock of Spring and Summer Hats, several
styles of w hich are unsurpassed lor beauty of finish
and lasluon. It is my intention to sell cither by
wholesale or retail at irices which must command
purchasers, and I earnestly solicit a call from all w ho
intend buying. II. ALLLN.
mar zi corner ol .uain and Jr irst sts.
l DV 9 resnrctninv nnnounce lo uu g
r-v . v
vÄcitizens of Evansville and country ad
- - " ..." .m ak-Bto
jacent hat thpv have recently opened a Jf'hoe Store
oi the est side ol Main street, next door the cor
tier ol .Teond, w here tnev are manufacturing lUi 1 1 i
axd SHOES i.x a i.i. their TAniot's BUANciirs. Thrir
experience in the busings will enable them to procun
the lest of stock and have it manufactnrrd tn tut mt
duruUr manner. We invif the citizens ol Evansviiie
and public irenerullr to call and examine nur work
as we have a good stock ol ready made work ot our
own manufacture. Voting men w idling tine Boots
canobtcin them here of every description, ready maue
or to on:er it prelerablo. All orders kit with us loi
work will he promptly attended to
The Ladies ofLvansville ore respectfully invited
to call and examine our larze stock ol Indies' ware
as we stand ready at all times to wait on those that
letl disposed to tavor us with a call. V e are prer
ed to manufacture Fancy Shoes ol every dÜlerent style
1 hope leaving orders lorSnoes may rest asured that
no pains will le spare! in trying to accommodate
tnem wuii nnv sivle thev with.
We feel willing to acknowledge our gratitude to
the citizens lor ibe Iriendship lliey have manifested
towards us. and thank them for their lileral patronage.
and hope that in return our work may merit their
fcVAU work done by us is warranted, and nocharge
made for mending work that should give way.
leb 1 1 w&tw tf. J. VAUTK IN A CO.
Dr. Up ham's Vegetable Electuary.
An lntTnal Jtt.n'dy, wkicU if ufd according to di
rectum, a curtor lf it guaranteed.
1 common ronwntier.ee of this affection ha kind
."A. of tenesmus, or benringdown sensation, as it is !
laiiuli.'irly called; tluro is also heat, tension and
throbbing in the part, varying from a moderate de
cree of these i ensat ions to the most excruciating snf-It-ring;
these are caused by the great llow ol blood
to the parts. Sometimes the inner coatuf ihe bowels
protrudes at every evacuation, forming what is called
1'rolapsus, or faüin? of the bowels: this is the c tllct
of long continued irtitation and weakness of ihatoi
gnu. In some instances thv paiient cxperK-neeti tier -votis
pains, which are indiserihahle, and known on
ly to the f ulfcrer, which coinnvncc immediately al
ter an evacuation, and continue Irom thirty minutes '
to several hours; these sensations nre very annoini
and sometimes very distressing. This disease, when
of lonq; continuance, is attended by pain and weak-
: T . I 11 '. . ..I I-l 11, I I
nessiu me uacK, irritaiion oi ine Kiuncys anu iiau
der, and other organs in ihe vicinity, ain and numb
ness in the Ics and iWt, a tt use id straiUicss almui
the chest, and unnatural fulnu.-s ol the abdominal
viscera, accompanied with palpi'.ation of the heart
and oppression. Individuals sometimes experience,
previiu to an altaek of ihe l'ih-t, symptoms deno
ting great derangement in the circulation; there is a
sense ol weight and pressure in the abdomen, w ith a
peculiar fee ling ol uneasiness in the Iviwels, eonsti
pation or perina-um, attendeil w ith pain in the hack
and loins, nausea, and slight pains in tlie stomach,
pale countenance, contused sensations in the head.
weariness, and irritable ana discontented slate ot tlie
mind, and a sense of fulness and oppression in the re
gion of the vtotiiich. The circulation on thi surface
is fcthle, and the current ol blood determined inward
and downward.
O'All the above diseases nnd complaints, DR.
ITU A M'S V Etil-; TA ULK ELECTUARY cur -hctnall,
and then lore ttevents Tiles.
llntso.N, Dccemler 11, 18-16.
CIents 1 have used Dr. Uiiham's Ve-'etable I'ile
Electuniy which I purchased of you. and find it ono
ol ihe hest medicines in use lor the riles, and alsj lor
n, hil.ious alhvtions, arising from an impure state
ol .lie system
Yours, &c , . n. A. COLE, Marble Dealer.
U. S. MiRsiiii.ts OrTu-r, j
New York, December 6, If? 17.
Messrs. Gentlemen : Understanding that you are
ihe general ogents for tlie sale of Dr. l.'pham" Vege
table Electuary, for the cure of Files, 1 have deemed
it my duty lo volunteer a recommendation in Ixhalr
of that iiivaluaLd medicine ' I havchecn gfllicted
for many years with ;i!?9. and have Iried various
remedies, but with no beneficial effects indeed, 1 be
gan to consider my case entirt ly hopeless. Hui about
ihe 1st of September last prevailed uponby a biend
tomakea tri.-il of ihe aUne named medicine." ltook
his advice and rejoice to say 1 am not only relieved,
but as 1 believe, perfectly cured. 1 most earnestly
recommend it to all who may l ave the misioitune to
be alllicled with that annoying and dangerous dis
ease. Very respectfully, your obedient servant,
ilovxT Wasui.vgtox, Dlekike Co , I
Massachusttts, Nov. 1817. i,
Messrs. Ketciivm A: IIexshaw Gents : For thir
ty years I have beon atlhcted w ith piles, gereral dt
bilit and inflammation, causing tumors and prolap
sus U the bowels, and which haJrejistcd all the med
ical treatment Dr. Chapman and others could gi?e.
The last three year? ol that time my sufferings defy
description. 1 was confined to bed, unable to help
myself, and at last given up by my physicians and
friends it. despir ol ever gaining my health; in fact
for t hree days In forc I commenced ui:jg Dr. Upbnr.'i
Electuary, 1 was entirely speechless and my buf- u
clothes were made. But un ler i'rovidence, an ! the
use of Dr. L'pham'a Electuary, though an oui .m ax,
I have the pleasure ot Mating the fait to the public
that my healih is now good, ami l;oje lo live many
years, if it is God's will, to make known the virtues
of Dr. Upharn Electuary, and lo recommend it to
my olllicted tellow creatures. It helped me leond
all expectations of all that knew my case, and lean
ouly say to ether ilint it is in my opinion, the Inst
medicine in the world for Files, or any other disease
of i'ie bowels; and if they will ur j it according to be
directions, I will myself warrant a cure in every case.
Yours, with the utmost expressio'i of thankfulness,
Eorato.-t, Derk Co.. Mass., Nov. 29, 1847.
The abjve it-ndicate tells a simple and truthful
story of suffering and relief, el which, as physician
and witness in the case, I cheerfully endorse.
Notii-e. The genuine Upham'e Electuary has his
written si-mature, thus (JCrA. L'pham, M. D.) The
hand is alone done w ith a pen. Frice 1 a IJ-ix.
t-S.ld whol-sale and retail by KETCH UM &
IIEXSHAW, 121 Fulton streeU N. Y., and by Drug
gists generally throughout the United States and
Canada. jy 12.
A. C. HAL-LOCK, Ag't for Evansville la.
"Windoiv, "Wall Paper autl llorderii g.
A FULL supply of the latest paterns, in store and
L. lor sib' l y
tjnn C
AT WH O I.ES 4 t .
"ccvpua oy
THE mbseriler has opened within the lat lew d,-.
an extensive and splendid assor"n.et of J
W Inch Im einor Wn nnrrkicoJ iL. i .
Wholesale Dealers in Foreign and Domestic dry Goods.
A REnoMrreerivingaWit8.X)Casesof DUY;iX)I)S, B(X)TS, SHOES. EON NETS Hat?
t suited lor the Spring and Summer trade, which thev oiler ahopiflr- Tum,. iiVlVJ. "A.T?! r-
prices. II you want to buy Ooods ehea.er than you can get them "any whe.e 1 1 "e of il i "W
call on us and me for yourselves. We iiave just received ' ' l,iC -MJU".
T IM1E partnership heretofore existing under the firm'
L ol "Nightingule &. SowcrV 1 ohacco and Ci-
fvM l niitnrliirf.ra 1 tlil ilnv iII-umIvavI Iiv tYintiffil
Inxzinxa ..fll, N l.ri.1 .t ill L. - - '
a, the old stand by William Nijhtingale. l-l A h just received from thrir .Manufatuayui
WM. N K i FiTLNG A LE Ll- Hlm!,ivV.,T.l,e 1?,0! w York style of
hut,"1? ,at,e.nnJt"'mi.edinthebcstman.
A CAIJ1). . . nor under tbeirdircctivn expresly for ihi market,
WJU the undersigned have this day associated our- eontists of every article requisite to conirdet
aelves together under tlwtirm of Nightingale ßent.emen wardroU-s. 4
A Kister, in 'he Tobacco and Cigar business, at the' 0 . V , COATS.'
oli stand of John S. McCraekea, Main Sire t, would Superior Black and Ulue French and English Clotli
respectfully announce to the pub'ie, that we intend up' .l rock "d hacli "' rull trimimd .
keeping constantly on hand a ood nssortniont of the1 aJi"ct. I.rown, Green and Gray, and all col
Un brands Virciuia and Midsoiri Tobacco. "Snuffs"00' td Dress, Sack and Frock Coats.
Regalia, riiiicij, Canone, Caradava, half Spanish' n l'ck Summer Cloth, Lustre and Croton Cloih
and Common Cigars; together with all nrticles in.V' r?C.-a , fca.K' llrow i Linn oi.d Ijnen
ti:e line. .
i inters Irom aoroad alten!
tendel'to with punctuality'0010'8 onJ KoundaUuts.
JOSEPH KLSTEU. ! Superior Tdack nnd Line Clot
and dispatch.
ap 4-lf-wi.tw
ali:xa.mi:k i,u-bii.si.
a . . r- -
rTTT ii uoicsnie anu Ateinii
(ii-JUj Grocerv. Iron, Nail, Tin
- t a t T .
awa mien iron more.
"ITT" E leg leave to call the attention of merchants,
f Traders, and Furniers leueiallv. throughout
the Wabash country, lllinoi.-, und the Southern por-!
tion of Kentucky, to our lar?e and very general
Stock of Groceries, Iron, NaiU, Tin Plate, Copper,
xe, Cotton i am and Domestic Manulac -
tured Article. Which wo olfer for sale ot very re-nel and Net under shirts and Draws; Shirt Col
duceil prices for Cash or Proihi.. ;lars; Fashionable 11 aver, kid,! thread' Bnd eoiton
lorLaslior lroilu-y.
if the bouse residing in "Pittsburgh," wil!
he regularly uppliod w ith all articles in
waters and conmry merch ints nc-ed nof
i i r " - i i- ii l
i ne iu no oi
enaMo us to Le
mir line Den!
travel beyond Lvnnm.le lor n supply ol all articles! All the above articles and everything else in the
they may need, and they wouhl consult iheir intrTest!furnihing line w ill bo told at Cincinnati nricca for
by giving us a call, os we are d'tenninHl lo im riti ' 'CASH. - - ..... .
share t public patronage. The busineos will btl Wo shall continue to receive fresh aupplies weekly
conducted by - j luring the season from our Manufactory in Cinrin
JAMES LA UGH LIN, Jr. uati. . a l-tf A H L E R I N G A R il fj M M i.l
l eathers. Hides, I allow, Beeswax, anl al!
kinds of Produce purchased at tlie higliest innrkei
pru-e. may 4, M7-tf .
rillE iinderxigned will mU ot private sale the
JL south end ot the south-wot quarter of wction
township 6, south vf ränge ll) west, b ing lietween
ihe IJoon ville road and the eiiy ol Evansvide, andj
witlun nail
a mile of said city. The said land, be-" . "V "wlJ ,V'e rropfietor ol a large and
will bo sold in unity or ten acre lotJffl
her way ,o suit pu.chaU. There is . Kl ioinm ÜoS 1TJ
ingll) ncresi
or in nnv rti iwtr ufiw lit nini-n-i mi ri ta ii
. . . i
very romioriaoie small iramc uousc, in en eueni
well of water, and a eonsideraU number of trui.
Ire s on said land. The title i im rfeel.
7'.r,,,. 111. P.I ir, N-ncI, nil tf.o ln in ci r n.
twelve month. - -
1'ersons wishing to purchase will apply to John J
Chandler, E?q., or to the undersigned at Iiis retidene
near the premises. -tds
may 10. . EMANUEL HULL.
rm a ikT ta.T ' r v w
lAitiwia uiu.
O-t BBLS Tanners Oil just recei
J,y Utb-22 DECKEK
JUST received by steamer Tempest,
50 Bbls Whiskey;
10 " Linseed Oil;
5 Lard oil:
173 Kgs White lead;
M Bxs Candles;
20 " Starch:
fort-aleby ALLIS A HOWES
ap 'J4
Water st.
iWtJ 430 Drums do., all frh:
or sale by ALUS A HOWES.
Water st.
" . ,r"ind Commission Uusinesi. eenrllv
THE sulsciilcr is now opening loo Packages of a,lJ English Sheer, brad and narrow Spring, ond all
Merchandise, consign? of Dry Goods, Eootb21'9 ot tnl K.uared Cast Steel, Axe Tt niper.
Al Shoes Hats,Cafs and Bomts, Hardware, Glass! for ale by A LAUGI1L1N.
Wake and Crockery; w inch he will sell as low as,
anv llouse in the City, for Cash, or Produce, such ai
White Beans
Ik, -.tail vuiiii ' ,
waiFcathers or Tallow.
JOHN siia.ni; LIN
a ir c
A. U. JOES & CO..
P odnCC Dealers & CcmxniSSlOnZVIh'tS
19 Front Street, St. Louis.
E. A W. Lew is, ) rvan!Vi;i0
Harrington, Hannah Sc Co., S
Heckwilh it Dryer, c. , S. W. Bnll,
McIIosci English, 1 "'"' I II Whitmore
oct Cfr-yl Jlatlsews & Patch.
National Bakery,
At th cornrr of Water and Dh hio street. !
TT'K.EDERIC Wh;rZELL, begs rave o inform
1? his Inends, and tlie public Generally, that be lias'
ost reasonable terms
Give him a call
1 N a-ore and lor 6ale 30 Lbl White Lime in gooe
A. order ane L heap
june 13 . M. W. FOSTER.
Corstantly on land an
i."iii.',f T.t iit-
made to order.
Main Street.
ICE! ici:ii
I CjttonCashiincrs,Cottona"e. Demio blue DrilL'.'bv
., suitable for men's Suninu r wear.
returned to this city, troni Mexico, and recom- n vajietvr,f n.l, ,.i;.k ..li ' " KU1U' tito
need the business of BAKING, in nil its various ZN-Y;
. Fresh 13read, and n vaiiety ol Cakesh K . V " üiZe1
s, &c, can oe nao ai nu nines, ana vn me,
. i , . ii.- i . i ...V v. .u tiiiii. un tiv ni irnrm i.ai.
mw f Tl.r4 T - t m 1
Ulli Sool .juality and low prices; also Car höuse Thi-f f Z R u VC ,or, ? Btore Md Pub"
atYWVl pet B .U of every variety for sale at tl-S, ls,ntfarm te W on reasonable
ft-'l-l-I'" Cincinnati Cloifiinp Store. l , ,""' W?, mai?,?y-,, I further infor
AHLEULNG fc 11KUMMER. .i " . ame? I " alker, ol Evansville
wtwirrnk. a i taut i. aauaanr vi.vam . n ,i . . . i . i . .
m c m m w. (msi i jioinor ni n ar r
CONSTANTLY hept for retailing at the store cf' ich is cleared and under cr.ee, and in a trie
may 2d ALLl.!t HOWES, 'state ot cultivation. There are three doubl log
; ' : 7- :house, w ith stables, lmrns fcc. 'Iiv low bouses aio
FANT STUFFS. all god. and two ol them new with brick chimniea.
IT ST" received hrnwn tinil iJenrhed T.inen TDrillr I'prwin. trs.ir.ma rtl nnr Imvinor tiill leai-ri mv
i? A AT O 7? rn t t
Johnson q- Crarie.) . '
,ji . . . ;
nd U Co,li'tanty receiving directly from New York
' ap a
Cincinnati Clothinff Store
11 A 1 1 I. A 1 ! ii A- 1 If I T f 1 w . ,.
.UuUuW,, jjrery vauety ol Coats
ants, raucv ireiichCassimer .1.-, hi.l. i ......
jrown Linen, Linen Check, Tweed and Corduroy
lants,ol every vaiiely and price totuit eustomera
Ebk Satin plain and Fancy Silk and Velve
while Marefillcs and Marseilles of all colors, and
Mijua ui common vesisniul pnco
All the late Uyles of plain -ft
and lancy silk and satin Crn.lm ..a
ivat, Sca'fs and stocks; whiicULl
"-ill and oil colors Pocket Handkerchiefs: Linen an
, Linen Ufonishirts; Muslin and I nunel do.- Flan
jiars; fashionable tk aver, kid,! thread and cotton
Gloves; embroidered and plain gum suspenders- f-ilk
Ringham and cotn Umbrellas; Silk Hats- Cans
Hoots, Shoes; walking canes. Sit. ' '
Ali. i " it .
Shniiectovi ii. Illinois.
'piIE undersigned takes this method tö notify ihe
. ...
i.,rjr,. i .i i . ; . . ,-
: n '',0,n,g ,' ' f doj,ro.U91 cf r'
'"li2- i"UL,1,C:n,,ht,'iI1, a,Wayj illul a l,iva,c
K""v. uam.
He also keeps constantly on hand, a general
jmrnt ol Gnotiniis, Pnovisio., ic.t euitabl
suitable to the
river trade
In connection with the above business, he haa
nened a House ol Lu tertaininen t, on Front
Mrcet, (nliout 75 yards from the Wharf Boat,) in the
.i orris tncK House, nnd two frame buildings im
mi;,f j ui .ii .1.. ! . ii" ; v
ivrdand for Mlc7.rr. . "ninioiKwatiwi
-. Mini iiuc oein receiiriy repaired anil
rehtlcd, ond where persons may secure s sts in co-l
- wai.jieff, ioi any puini jn me interior, on the
mail routes.
The public may rest assured that his Table and
R ,!?"' 1)6 fMl,l',ittl Vi'h the best the country eon
ifford for money, and no pains will be fpared to ac-
omniouateconiiortably all who call on him.
Iiis Stable wi"l le filled with tvety variety of
rain, hay, &., and managed by honest and faithful
)stlers, lor whom the undersigned will be responsi
ble. .
Persons landinrr from nenm brtnt nt niVbf will
always lo conducted to the Hotel it ihey d.-sire i:.
je27tf JOHN WOLL, VropritUr
A LARGE and general stock of ihe best Drnnds
, A me loan Blieter, Englieh Blister, German
"P Water strc2
CONTAINING two hundred nnd si.
hy-onc and one half acres, ninety-six improviuItTlil,
'miles Irom Evansville on the state road leodintr to
hlerrcHaute, one half mile from BrowniW.ti?
nill. I fcu land lieson bcth tides of ihe state roar.
nd can i so civiaeu mat it will make two goo.j
iarms. On tlie East side of the road is new two
ttory frame house, with a store room otlachcd, thir-Jly-two
feet long, a frame rnioke house and thoD a
large double Ig barn sixty-six feet long by iwriitV
two wide, wiih a iwtlve loot thed running tU whole
Jength, ond ail other necessary out builSinpa. and
plenty of good water, one hundred of choic at-nle
it n es, with a yaiuty ol peach and otbertri.it trct-a
ihi the west side ot theioad. is a roKl fr ..ti
'" f", 1 uZX T I?B! C.w
w?r,;h:,dcd, with VtaLIeV and ot "r out buin!'
iin.lJ i.,; 1- . ' V . .oul .tM1'?,n?fl.
i l,itPr.,l l.t,L . 'l"f fa .IUI,.
, . , : , . - ""c ii'ik, in snort
to make it a desirable location.
CVf rvlhinr
It is one of the be"t
'or to the proprietors on the premises.
' Fosesfcion may be had immediately i
may oe naa immediately it rccuired
Scott townshipA anderburgco. Ia. aplDdiw mC
I WlfcH to sell my valuable Farm ol Kiver Bottcm
J. Land, situate on Green Kiyer Island in Kentucky.
tour miles from Evansville, containing 2f0 acres 123
apnlving to Mr.
Corbet or W. U.
IKvansville, or by applying to me opposite tbe farm
on the Kenlucky side.
. ... -. . . . ... - ..... ....
Butler at
je JO
j ;
' i

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