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NO. 85.
W. II. Cil.VNDLEa. &. Co., Publishers.
rT ASnow in fN e and daby receiving his Spring
i, J erjumrrtf, IV irtfUiXo Ola,
i, faint and I arvish ll.'uht, S-c.
Arc you Insured?
THE undersigned asa?nt for the Col-
for twelve lines, first insertion. 50 cents
For each additional insertion, 2. cent.
For twelve lines ner annum in Daily or Weekly paiier
Kl. 8-3 00
For same amount in both papers. 10 W j J, St",
l)ni!v or werk.lv 2U IX); Ijlutttrarr, arnii, I
do U both piper, Z- w oc. .mj fiu is ui u.e largcet anu inos-i rum
F jr one-half column Daily or weekly 35 no j pleta ever Udoie offered in this market, comprising
Jj do---- in both patera W Wi ". every nruiir in my ihr-, m-ieiicu iy u.j-ii
Fa Cards of six lines and under 00 ; with ereat care in regard to the best qualities, and
The privilege of annual advertiser U limited to purchased directly from first hands and on the best
their immediate business, and roiy be changed as term, by winch mean I am enabled to 11 at as low
ofte l as once a week ; and all advertisements lor the a rate as any other House in this part of the country
ben 'fit of other persons, as well as all legal adver; Dealers are respectfully requested to call and examine
tisemcnts, and advertisements of auction sales sent my stork before purchasing cl.-ewhere. and those who
i- k. .h. m,. he ni:l f.ir at ihe miml rates, i cannot do so. bv sendins their ordersabnll have them
Ho reports, resolutions, or proceedings of any cor- attended to as promptly and at raus na low as if here
poration, society, association, or public meeting, and in person.
no communication de'ned to call attention to any ; My lock constats, ir part, of Ilm following
matter of limited or individual inter Jit, can be laser ,
led, unless paid for as an advertisement. j
No advertisement cm bo inserted gratuitously for
charitable or other socicties,pullic institutions or com 1
eHiTf.tind-us Ohio Luurance Company, isprepar
V"ed to take risks on onshipniente of Merchant
dize. Produce, .c, from and to any part of the U.
States .y picj.d and sailing ve.-sels, steam, anal,
keel an l Hat lonts, also u;ori buildings, merchandize,
furniture, &e., on most reasonable terms.
The hih reputation w hich this Company lienrsfor
its ability, liberality and promptness in adjusting lost
ses, entitles it to the cnnhdtiice and patronage of the
public. nov27-tf J.NO M. STCCKWELL Ag't
Agreements will be made at higher pricee for ad
vertisements inserted before "murriigew a'1" dcatns,'1
but all advertisements that exceed the limits engag.
ed, will bo counted and charged for
ni. c. cook, jr. d.
Office Comer of Main and Tine Streets,
fTr DOCT. COOIv tenders his acknowlcl-e-
Si'ienta to his numerous patrons for the con
tidence rejns.-d in his -kill and aU ity in I
the important and critical department of the profe
aion, to wh'uh he continues to devote his attention,
wix: the diseases of the KYC and Having l
devoted th-j ast fitieeii ycirs to the study and prac- j
tice in this branch of nu-dica science, hi feels assur-;
ed that in tven the most in eteratc cases he can ac-'
co nplish a iernnnant and cur. Iiis aucce
heretotore warrants this degree of confidence in any
case that ma be orescnttd. i'ersons who are unfor-
tanat!y atllicted wih disease of .ither the LYti or
th EA II, am invited to call and seek relief,
ap 11 di.wly.
D It Y liüüHS.
Nu. 4 it, Mam St. Louisville, Ky. m21
No. 5J1 JIaiu S..ecL, I.e...... .lie, Ky.
(.nlxt Do. a io rut .k or u cisv.ixe.)
jco oz iuln Ciuiniiie;
i. Z Iodine; ,
100 t.z lly'd Totasw, )
5 oz lVpcrint; )
200 oi LxtUaikl'rtcip't; '
50 Ihs Cum Aloes;
'XjO do Assafeii-.io; (
X) do Fulv lihuhath; '
2.'0 do do Jalapo;
13 this ul,.hur;
5 do Ihimstone;
3CX) lbs iolt liuli;
' I AO do tine Madder;
200 do Nutmegs;
j -300 do Clmcs;
100 mats Cinnamon;
1 2t)0 1U Calom.1;
1 IHM do Cream Tartar,
10 Lbls pp. Whiting;
10 do do Drown;
10 do V. Red;
150 lhs Chrome Green;
100 do Paris Creen;
ISO lbs Chrome Yellow;
lo 1.1,1s Tanners' Oil;
do Linseed do;
do pure Castor Oil;
do tir.ts 1 urixn
do Copal Vnmtsli;
do Alcohol;
do 'Copperas:
do Alum;
I.xe liottles an;
do Window Glass;
Carboys Oil Vitriol;
do MtrievV .lu-
ri'itic Acic;
iltX) Ibs.r-iheratus;
-.1000 do Ked I.tnd;
t 3)0 do I4thame;
10 boxes James' Rivrr
' '1 uhacco;
; 150 kegs White Lead
: 6
rauE & ,iiai:ie ixsukaxce.
If there .f- naety mdy in eood srevrity in
order to be Hfcure, yet mnsf be afrly Innnrtdr
f II EN we Lear of our friends looin their prop-
v ertv tiy nre.or inattne ves-ei on w inen inev nave
made shipment of 1'roduce or Merchandize is lost, the
tirl question we ask is 'were you insured T Now it we
teel such an interest in the wclt.ireotour friends, bow
can any one rirk the dangers that are continually sur
rountüng his own property withou U in? able at any
time to answer the question if put to hinielf, "Yes
I am Insured."'
The Camden Insnrance Company of New
Jersey, well make insurance on luildiu?s. House
hold furniture and Merchandise of all kinds also
uponshipmt nt of Produce and Mercaudize, on Uial
ot Steam tkats. Sailing Vessels, Canal, Keel and
Flat Coats, at a fair valuation nnd at reasonaHo rates
ot Premium, and, m case oi loss, as soon as the claim
can Improperly adjusted pay oer the sr.nie.
Al.Lr.N C. II ALIjOCK, A?en,
Otlice on Alain t., nea Water,
mar 0 Kvasville, la.
,T riHCCS Apron Check, this day opening, lor
93 sale low, u h desale or n tad.
a Water street
ashionabloXXat Establishment,
Ccrner of Maiii and first EruMttille.
THK attention ofciuntrymerrhnntsand dealers
is inrtieularlv direct el to the lame and varied as
sortment of HAT'S. CA Pö, & now opening at the
above establishment, mmpriiins the mot-t complete
tock ot f i.-liionablc anit durable zpriug and iimtnrr
wear everotlered in this city, and un.urjased in the
Wet. Posesfin iV most favorable facilities for
purchsMn anl a judge if all articles in ray line, I
am aLlo tos 21 at rates lowtr than can be obtained
elsewhere in the city, and as low n such articles can
be had in ljouisvme or C incinnati.
My rrtail customers are are irvited tocall and ex
amine my stock of Spring nnd Summer Hat, several
styles of w hich are unsurpassed tor beauty of fiimh
and lahion. It is my uitentioii to sell cither by
wholesale or rt t nil at pri.-es which must coinmaud
purchasers, and I earnestly solicit a fäll from all who
intend bujuij. K. AII.KN.
iuarl crner of Mnin and r irsts.,
rornurly occupied by Johnson ij- Cram.)
1 . f a
TtSÄÄ! and iscom York
rorciffu and ome&tic Ery Ocods, Hats, Bcnncts, Beets and Ehccs,
. . , , , and Taney Hardware,
Uhifhhavnzlfnpr.rcIwPMat t he latelam- iv,,jM i . t
much I.- than ,to usual pticcs.. . II i.detein UnTlf 'ik. b II ä U U, rmToVvJ. t
S'i Z 1- T m "lT,!g he S" ?? wi,h those who orp " io n, and ould rastet
ally reqi.et the attention ol all to h,s stock, which he offers at wholesale d ret.il upon tern's wl.ichL
hmks will not tail to g-ve entire satisfaction. faulSl MOKHIN s. JOHNSON.
-a, J. VAETItEV & CO ,
p WOULD respectfully announce to theg
' litcitizens of Lvansville and country ad-s.
iacent, hut the y have recently opened a i-hoei.torc
on the Wei-tsifie of Mnin street, next door the cor
ner ofJseeond, where they nre nianulactunng litX 1 1 S
eperi-tu"-in the business will enalde ihcm to procure
the lc"l of ft.ck and have it nuiuu tact urtd in . uiol
durublf m imicr. We invitethe citizens ot Evansviile
and public penerally to call and examine our work,
as we have a pood kfocko! ready made work ot our
ou n manufacture. Young men w i.-hing fine Boots
ennobtnin them here ofeerv description, ready made
or to order it jreferaMe. All orders kit with us for
KrCmm. Flaxtird. Ft-nthrrt, and JJrtticax ta
ken at the Lhhc-t inatkc t r rirc in exchange lor a
goods sold, or in payment of dt bts lue me.
N. U. All iers.ns indJ'U'd to the firm of W. Ic C
H II will ple:iM! setile up as soon as psib, either
by note ortuherwise, as the lirm lus been dissolved
since the 23d of August last.
jan 'is-tf.
j.n.. .i. rr respect muy lniorms me
A LI. EN C. HAhUXIi, lJnL'gif Qt M
rhiriHtrntiitt, w ould call the attention ot
e citizens of hvnnsvi'.ie and and adiomir.2
towns to his conioletc assortment of Oruss.McUicines,
Chemicals. Oils. Dvcjdiitfr. &r.. A.c., Ac. All of'
which arc carefully Kh cttd and received fresh from
the Eastern Markets. Physicians and merchants
; may depend upon their orders being promptly attend
I cd to andth:.' genuine article always delivered, on
I tenns wUysuTtf ii nd ret:il as favorable as the smie
quantity aftd quality can be purchased at any Pice.
A lull nssoitmcut of liotaiuo .Melici;ies, Roots,
niil 'ic generali! v that he Las leased for a
term ol years, the well known tavern stand in Lv
ansville formet ly kept by K. Khrsam, and lately by
Ueni Nurre. The house has been thoroughly re
paired, and handsomely fitted up with entire new fur
niture, and toji-et the travelling public who may fa.
vor him w ith a rill, may rest asurcd that their com.
fort and convenience vill meet withevery attention
His Table will always be supplied with the test
that the market affords, and his It-ir furnish.cd with
the choicebt loquors, carefully ot 'letted by an experi
enced hand.
Attaeheitto the Hall, and immediately on the
1 utnic. Square, are his stables, acknowledged by al
to be the in.wt Sa.i.ms and convenient in the place
nuc St., 117 l f. JNO. M. AIT.
mar VI ly
HAVII just received
30D0 Jrz. Cotton Yarn,
Which they are auth mzed to sell at Louisville prices
al all lime during ll3 m aoii.
The.' Yarns are of an excellent quality, nnd supe
rior tomrrstof I ho Pituburg Brands. Pleas call and
examine th-rn. ap rt
TATUr:W M INNCIINHY V,Co., would res
j f I peetfully inform the citizen f Evansviile, and
tu puboc generally, thai they have established a
oj a id Ca:idle .1 inulact'ry, on Division street,
t twen 2-1 and 3d, at the old stand of Wilks Reagan,
where they intend to keep al wars on hand a supply
fci rtoap and Candles, of the bct quality, which they
i itenJ to sell at Cincinnati p-ices. The highest mar
I in 1 cea will paid f jr tallow and 5'ease of all
tcb 12-om.
fully put up mid of full weight.
Copal Varnish at $3 U),s'J -3. d J Ca'
Superior Pule French Brandy, P. tl . Goddard & Co's
Brand, w arranted pure, tor iiicttical purines ouiy.
llallock's WoimCandy, a sale and picu-ant nieI.
icine to destroy worms iu childicu andmiproe their
their general health;
llallock Couh Candy composed of Horehoui.d
Bjiiesel, ,Sk.c. tor nil kinds ofctn.gli.
ALSO ON sali:.
At the proprieties pricen
Dr. Woo-Ph Sars tp.irilU and Wild Cherry Bitters
See advertisement.
Dr. L'phaiu's Vrgitable Pile Kwtuary See adver
.1. H. MA GHEE & CO.,
Wholesale Dealers in Foreign and Domestic dry Goods.
"L now receiving nlwut SCO Cases of DRY (IOÖDS, LOOTS, SHOES. BONNETS, HATS &c
A. suited lor the Snrina and Summer trade, which thev ofl r alt.x'eit tr t VV'li,!. u .. i..iT
es. If you want lo buy O.wds cheaper than you canVet them anywhe.e ehse, west of the Mountains
on us and see lor yourselves. We have just received .uuuninn.
of the trade
1UH) pieces Y ancy Prints; $00 pieces Pantaloon Stuff; 100 pieces Lawns,
100 piece l.int;hnms; SoOdozPaltn Hats: .U.t.. V.n C v.. r
lU)ca.-es Shoes .ViViots; And a .arge variety of tmall article, to which we invite the attention
ap 6
MMIE partnership heretofore exiti:i under the firm
Cincinnati Clothing Stro
1 of 'Nihlin,al.V Sower. 'lofv.ee .nrl Ci. NH .... . . " 1 ? " " aiaif
-- B , . - - ..... - - lfI-V V-f J. V A C f. W T T rt
- j m .. ms ii ii o r i 1.1. r. l i
j j: .1 ii. . i
gari .iniiuinriurerp, i uu nay uistx-iveu iy ruuiuai f
con.nent, the business of the late hrm will be tcttletl 1 ' . .Z;."1'1'"'3" v Hit I JI.iJ I,IC
a, the old stand by illiam Niijhtinrile. t l-l J,. t1 received from their Manufactory in
. "au, me latest ew ork style of
M-Ki.Ni, kv u.Ml i; run iiixt;
All of which are made and trimmed in the best man
uer under thtir direction expresly for this n.arket,
and consists of every artlc'.e rceititr t.i r.,n.nln.
. i . i "
work will be Dromntlv attended to,
The Ladies of Evansviile are respectfully invited
to call and examine our large stock of Ladies' ware,
as we stand ready at all times to wait on those that
fe 1 disposed to favor us w ith a cull. We are prepar
ed to manufacture Knncv Shoes of every different st vie.
. . - - i
I liwfl ljl,ltlfT iirr'. ru l.krVn.uM n wfwt .Eurfl t n n t I
no pmns wu, rv- sparen in rymg to accommouaie iy ; - r v; .Hentlemcn's wardrcbes
rench and EnglUh Clotk
run trimmed
and Gray, and all col
d Frock Coats.
Lustre niirl I'rntnn Ptrttt,
and llnmiriiHi (.iiars- t.eth.-r with all nnieV in ,.rw? frock and fcack, Brown Linen ar.d Linen
the line Check and (.inghnm Coats. Every vaiicty ot Coats
Orders from abroad attends! to with punctuality,4-411 8 a,hl KouV,1,flV.,f-.
and dispatch. W.M. NIUHTINUALB. c . n, AN 1 A LOONS,
ap 4-tf-wk"ttw JOSEPH LISTER. f Superior B.ack and Blue Cloth and Calmer
. . tant.. fancy r rench Cast unere do. Black Lustre,
ALEXANDER EAECJIILI7Y, , ;rown Vncn' UmV t,uc.k n Corduroy
ineni wirn nnv aiviu iiiiv u-kii
v u-iTi:n. . . -..i ..i.t... ...:.,..i , Kister. in 'he 1 olcco and t. ii?ar btisiness. at the; . . .vu.
tlJnti . S. M.Ockcn.in Streeu would nPIk and BbueF
. l... - t.i .i f i.i. l . I resDectlullv announce to the Dub'ic. that we intend Bna racR voats.
and hope that m reiurn our work may merit thür I i'''1? '''r on nd a g.es
approiötion. ... ... i?,..i; " i..i " H - i-. i.-m c, ";:iJ Black Summer Cloth.
y.y .ii w in is uoue uy ums wnrrnnici, biiu no eiji"c
tnad for mending work that shoid I rive way.
leb U w&tw tt. J. VAUTK1N & CO.
co.ixmi:rc!a ciotei.
Lot 'tsrir r r., ky.
P. W. II 1 II J( I l O 1 II TO R
Ityuposite liie i'ikMwkiia 11m, uect, be
iwteu Main and Ma..i u mar'Jly
' ' " : TT Familv i'ill
INDIANA UALIe-iiy A. lianDoia.i l)r.0rave's Anti Fcver and Fever and Ague Pill
Tiii llottl is situated ai uc lovi. ol Division j Cholera Infantum and Bowel com
' "str''et, op;x-ite the steirirjoat nminj. v-nar-j yjj,.,
riv ill
Wildor's Sugar Coated Vrg. Anti-Fever Pill
Dr. VanZandt' Heuhh Hetorative Veg.PilU
Dr. Folger's Olosaonion,or all Healing Ralsom
advertiM ment.
Dr. Petei's Vegetable Pills, Worm and Cough Loz
112' s.
Dr. 1a Roy's Univerwil Vegetable Pills, composed
of Sarsapnriiluand Wild Ch ny.
Dr. Portei's i'oor man s Curative Sugnr Coated
Pills, at licents st U'.x.
)r, former's fo.r Alan's Strengthninr Piaster, at
10 cents apiece.
Banits' I'ooih-Achc D;op-, warranted to cure in all
Overstrect's genuine Lin.iriKiit.and Doctor Beach's
nrsT srartT, evansvimj:, ivpiana.
THE undersignetl having become proprietors
. ... ot the alKve weil known establuhmeut, beg
JLl-leave to offer their sen ices lo the public and to
solicit a share of patronage. They hope to be able to
continue the favorable cu;isiU ration uie llouso has
heretofore enjoyed under the management of Mr.
Sherwood. iSo exertions w ill bo st.areu to cive uni
versal satisfaction to all. The Table andthe Bar
will be abundantly furnished and the rooms kept
clean and neat. Charges as heretofore nuwlerate
iiov Ml PET Eli BURK.
ritiVATi: ih)ahi)in; noi si:.
THE undersigned has opened a Private
Boarding llou-ein the Urick Buildingon Wa
tcrStr-et, above Main, known as the Wheel
er Louse. My object is to keep n house for the ac
eouiiiuxlation of tjeutlenu n prmcija!Iy. There are,
however, three or lour very pleasant rooms in the
ll.)U-c whirh can le litte! up lor the accom inflation
f small families. The table hall not be surpassed
bv any in the city.
' Nor. dth A. F.n.SWOr.TII.
' If the old btund, Main St. abort the Marlet.)
I h'ivo on hand and shall constantly keeD
i ' f ir Mnl; larco and general ssoiinient I
-i f U.n 1 1 L Kb, mnile in the liest manner,
ZrT and which I will sell at remarkable low
prices. 1 Iiom; wishing any article in ny line are rc
piestrd to call and examine toy stock.
N. B. All orders trom the country promptly at
ieni;ri to arm luriiuure careluily packed lor shipment
Dr. Upham's .Vcgctabla Elcctnary.
.1 JhU huI 7iiiy, WArA if ut'J acenrdin to di
rt( ti H,a cvr'fur h i guarantied.
ofteiH smiis.or U aringdown se nsation, as it is ; WE beg leave to call the attention of merchants,!
familiarly called; thire is also hent, tension and! Tradi rs, and Fanners generally, throughout.
throbbing in the part, varying trom a moderate de-. uie vv aoan country, Illinois, anu ui j coutnern por-
fr-r'r-5- Wholesale find Itetail
ii,'"'i1.v.., v.-i ''...
u I n. I u, jivii. 4 tun, A ill
Pants, of every vaiitty and price to euit customer
TM t. C -. ' l , ..i ....
a-. uuk cawn. Diai.i anu rurcv m k ani iiv
and Sheet Iron Start. 2Li2aIS white Marseilles and Marseilles of all colors, and
i. .
Ites moderate and aeconi"iodti ns erel'ent. my 10
rpAYLOIt t llVRVT.V, Crmm; ;m and For
JL mrdMp Jlrrrhnnti, Waterst., Kvsnville, Indi
ana. Have also a large, new whaif-boul wliere they
will receive and store utihl tree ot drayae. ap'23
ATTORNEYS AT LA W, iwrsst bs ro Batttxl
Si IvwLE. GrnrrnJ Collect ion and Erat hjtUte
Areiwy. Ollic on First street, below Main.
N. B H. W. HtXLiR, Notary Public. foc9tf
TJ1IN J CHAN DLL I, Attorney at LiwOHic
I . . i. . .. . I . .. .,-
o.i (i. ii"u ami cvcunikJi e.
JlJ Tille, la. Office iu the Court Houe.
Lr.tiruvu's Pain Extractor, for burtv, scalds swel
Iiiiifs, Blieumatic I'ains, .c, warranted to give in
staut reliei in all cn.vs.
Nerve und boue Linaincnt, highly celebrated forits
curativs powers
At the .New Drug More; .
mi iit.V. Viele's.
kinds of common yettsand pric.
rs--' All the late stvlea of plains-
and fancy silk and satin Crn-r'A
gree of these sensations to" the most excruciating suf-. tn of Kentucky, to our large ai d very general, -ovat9, Scats and stocks; whiteJiLi
iering; the arc caused ly ti c great flow ol blood Mock of Crocerus, Iron, Nails, Tin Plate, Copper, sik and all colors Pocket Hrnikerchiefs; Linen and
to the parts, tiometimcs the inner coatoflhc bowels. Wire, Axes, Co'tr. Yarn and Domestic M anutac- Linen bosom shirts: Muslin and Fannel do.; Flar
t.roiriia.'s at everv evscniti m. forminir wnst iaertlUt tured Articles. Which we offer for sale at very re-'nel and Net under shirts and Draws: Shirt Col -
Prolapsus, or falling of the Imwels; tliis is the ttieet duced prices for Cah or Produce. 'ars; Fashionable Beaver, kid, thread and cotton
ot long continued irritation and weakness of thatoi-i The head of the house residing in Pittsburgh, will Cloves; embroidered and plain gum suspenders; silk.
gan. In some instances the patient exiritnces ner-; enable us to be regularly supplied wit.i ail articles in gtngnam and cotton c niDrciias; Hat; Caps;
vous pains, w hich are indiscribnble, and known on -1 our line, ixaiers ana country mcrcii mts need not ioois, cnuw; wbirijik canes, oio.
ly to the sufferer, which commence immediately at-1 trav I beyond Evansviile lor a supply of all articles' . All the above articles and everything else in th
ter an evacuation, and continue from thirty minutes they may need, and they would const Jt their interest furnishing line will be sold at Cincinnati prices for
t.- Severn I hour- th.s U'ntxli.inn nr ver mmiivin? DV 1T1 V Uli US a Call, as W e BTC Oeierillllletl lO flliritt V.lv'll.
and soineiimea vory distressin. This di.-'s. w heu bare ol public pauonae. The business will l-j .We shall continue to receive fret-h supplies weekly
ot long continuance, is attended oy pain and wean- conuuueu oy
nessiii ineiiack. irruaiion oi me kidneys ana wan
der, and other organs in the vicinity, pain and numb
ness in the legs and feet, a sense of straitnesa almut
the chest, and unnatural fulness of the alo:ninal
viscera, accompanied with palpitation of the heart
and oppression. Individuals sometimes expe rience,
previous to an attack of the Piles, symptoms deno
ting groat derangement in the circulation; there is a
s n e ol weight and pressure in ihe aMonun,witha
peculiar tit ling ot uneasine-- in the bowels, constl
8 Feathers, Hides, Tallow, Iiwax,
'during the season from our Manufactory in Cincm
inati. lap 4-tl AI1LLKLNC & Bii UMMER.
ind alb
kindsof Produce purchased at the Lighest market'
price. may 1, 'L-tf
LAND roii sale:
rPIIE undersigned will sell ut piivate talc thci
south end ot the south-west quarter ot section,
CIIAIIIS! Chairs! I am able to off r Y
the public un assortment of Chairs ot ail tit,
qualities and price, ot beautiful patterns
and workmanship. Call and examine at my
Furniture Warcroom, Main street above the Market
SlLlil.KAII Y.
THE snbscrilier, gratr tul for the incrra.-ing patron
age the above institutions are receiving, resjnet
fully gives notice, that the Spring Term w ill com
mence Feb. 21t, and the Summer Term. May 13th;
the Academr. to be taught exclusively by hinus It,
... the seminary, by Mrs. jfc M. Saffoku, ns.-istil by
.Miss E. F. Moaro.N and Miss S. C. Bow pk.; u acii
' ers amply nualitietl bv their literary attainments and
' A K KR vt Ci AU VI N, Attrn at L-r-. Evans-1 V f. "7 Sl , " ' 'r "
g, .g ! in .ill iiir iiibih i"m vaiij i.i t. i.i tit .. in .-. .viii.iiu-
-tt-w. a- t.-ivi'j j. j . ii.v. . I Two other young ladies from the I"la.t, oftii d, n!
M iJ capabilities lor teaching are expect-
L ed la a snort time, ihe public may re.-t a.-surcd.
. - TAMES R. HARPER, Auorney at Law. ollice 1 J1 r wü,,l-i 0,? ""
I 1 . -1. : ' ..j. i thv ot thviT cimti'It :nce nnd cord 1:1 1 fiip;xrt.
I L U k .it.r el vi'i.Miti in nii.l i.rnivnwa rl tlA
K TR4rro j seh jlurs, the pupils ot the Seminary aie:irr;nged inie
Su.fr two departments ;- Primary and Academical, with
I House, j appropriate tcui hersas-igi:eil tot nch. but both undei
..1 I one .'eneral s;-.i. tv i-ioii. By this nrrangeinr nt, the
7 EEVER JL T It A FTON , 1 'a y j'ci. x
I II ,.. .k.l l-irl.il nir I lip .-hiTvf.fi. I ll.in
xt r it. . :i w-... ... l .:. t one .'eneral s;-.i. IVl-loll. ly tills arranueiii Iii,
iU,l. l..wi;..v Mr I.k! re'seh.ireli. n.,v V..r,n I best order Will t e seciucd, and all oao nttcnll.ll paid
, , j to small, as weil as birg.i scholar--.
111. mn T. U'l,Kr!i. I It isnready to the imerest of tho-e wl;0 attend the
-ri!VJ!riA V Vii'ITi.'Ci-., i" iin'..... T.n. ' se hool, thattti- v c-Miimeiice vii'li i lie U si.noiig oiiht
I Street, between Sccoud and Third, and nearly ! ; classes areth n fosr.i.nl, and M.bjeet- of etu
i...b' u i.o nnv !i ti,. dv coiuiuencul.
I I 1 U liiVJ VICI I. UlllV , " 1 ..w J ... '
be found unless ahsent o:i professional husines
drc2, '47-tl
Piitnary En I i.-h bronchi s 1 UOjx r Qur
Higher Engli.-ii branches i 10
Greek, Latin, Hebrew, A'gtbra.Geome
! TrnirAL (.T.O. B. WALKER. räweiamA
o. crner of Vine and F'irst sts. iyl64i' try. either or all, loi-tiiT wiih tlic pre
- 1 ceiling 7 U)
MEDICAL. JOHN R. WlirOX, riician&
sSurgcon. First et., above Main, Evansviile. ap20
WOOLS LY i NELSON,cihiVmi Mrriant,
A mct 'uutftr .Main, 2d door from Second st. ai
I T T- .
I i iiimry j-,i.ii iiin-i;i
Academical Departmeut
"Tr.M HOLDEN, TaUor, Mnin street, over James ;
T Scantlin &. Son's Stove store. ap211y. i
Tt"!To V Ti;r. SKUINAHV.
fi.i CO per Qur.
1 U to j i)
Latin. French, or Algebra for each- 2 0) 41 "
Music lessons wiih uc of inMruinent if t "
1 Use of instrument fr practit-i 2 CO " "
EvAxsviu r. Feti.. M. V, . Js.M- FOR D.
11 RAD I Jt M ATI 1 EWS. Tailor, fbop on -ls eaM
jsue ui .tiaia i.,oneuoor irom the corner ol r irst
O'NLTI, Fdfh'ti itaK Tailor Pirst st , alniv
Main ne-.ir the Slierwoml 1(oum. ap2oly
EATON Si Hl'GG, House Carpenters and Joiners,
I 2f s reel hrtwin Svea more ami Vina np.'l
Ii'iure CarjHphr and Joint r
pETEK SCOTT, Painter, Exchange Hotel.
"1 T. HUGO,
J Vinescreet.nv'r Mr .Dodge' ehim h.
D!. S. S I'lTCIl:?
coNsr.TiPTior ke.tied:es.
THE suhccriVr has jurt received the
agency for tl.is city an.l snrroundin:
country, w itli a su;uty of his
Ahdotuinxl Jjupporitrs;
Shoul.rer B;ac;s;
lnhaleinir 'Puties:
Also hislmnk of six leciuiesbn ihe i;$ S of Lnng?
causes, preven'i. !i and euro of Pulmonary Cousnmp
ti-n. diiiits t tfv h.irt, and the true mode of pre
serving heath and imdon'Mn lite.
.M.i in st. mar Water.
r''-e- ; " ""lü r .-pw. j-. i I
Shawnee town. Illinois.
1 V:wnshi,P 6- eou;h S f.twf n'T-IIE undersigned takes this mribod to notify ihs
tlip IriVtnv i le rond anil the ritr ol I .vatisv l If. and I . ..n- ., , , . ' .
pation or peril., attended will, pain in the back wllhlU MU mile of .aid city.' The said land, be-IXus Wbakt IlSHi SSf Ind
and loins, nausea, and slight pain, in the stomach j in . 4 ncre9 in lvvcty t.r tcn acrc iotsa" -"l con
pale countenance, con fused sensations in the head,.0,,, any othcr way t0 fuit kw. There is a mdLwntJZliZZcS cenSal J5' fWardirS
weariness, and irti'able and disi ontented stateof the vcry comorwble small frame ho.,, an excellent , E of seeur-
nnnd, and a sense of tu lr,e,a..d oppression in the re- : l)( watcrf an1 considerable number ol Iruit1' eVc 'S i tit Siffft Jfi iTwt finH V r,HI
gion pi the .torn ich. '1 he circulation on the surface lri on Mld Und. The litlo a ct. H I JtVJll-A Lnd 8 P,lT,e
He also keeps conitantly on hand, a grr.eral assort
ment of G&octKixs, Provisions, AiC, tuitable to tha
river trade
in connection with the above business, he has
pened a House ol Lutertninmcnt, on Front
Street, (alut75 yards from the WharlBoat,) in the
"Morns" Brick House, and two frame buildings im
mediately below, called the vv oLL Hot. se and efTAec
is feeble, and the current of blood determined inward Ttrtu. On-third cash and the ba.ance in six or
tit n.warrt rl
SOVEREIGN remedy for Ague and Fever.
xA. This great Kemeoy: to which the public atten
tion u pai'ticularly called. Ins been extensively used
in the western and south wetern s'ates as a speedy
safe and certain cure for ague and fever, dumb ague.
Chill or interr.i'ter.t Fever.
Theuncx.mviled and comp!. -tesnrccsa arte liJin its
use; ami x w II proven have b come its wi le spmd
victoties iver every forri; ol'ague i i th- west tint th
r Vbrituue' is now superseding every other offered re
medial n;rent, and looked upon a the only one that
can le relied upon in nil stage of the tüsease.
$r For sale by Hoadler. Phelps Co. wholesale
asjT.lsNew York, an i h'y l.rinkerhotf Pentm.
Ci.icago, HI; E ards & Pram is, St. Lmis. Mo, ar.d
by IJniegistsjrenera.lv ihrMirtiout th.- l'nitel States.
For rale by WM. M. WtHJIStTY, "gent for Ev
nnsvilic. Ind.
Witiinjs A: Denoucl.rt. Mt. Vernon.
N.t i. NeM'e'on, New Harmony.
W.J Wli ing, Cynthinna. jy 12-:n.
and downward.
CAU the aS-ive diseases and complaints, DR.
Ui'ilA.M'iSVEtniTABLKELECl ,l'AKYrtn.
Jtctuaüu, and therelore prevents 1 lies.
It LA D Tt 1 E TEST1 M ON Y.
H: Poo.v, December 11, 1316.
Gests I have used Dr. Upham's Vegetable Pilo
Electuary which I purchased of you. and find it one
of the be?t medicine in use for the Piles, and also lor
all Ullious affeciio.is, arising Irom an impure stave
cl the system
Yours, &e , E. A. COLE, Marble Dealer.
U.S. Marshall's Orrrcr., )
Ntw York, December C, 1847. i
Messrs. Gentlemen : Understanding that you are
the general agf nt lor the sale ot Dr. L'phaiu's Vege
table Electuary, for tha cure of Pilc3, 1 have deemed
it my dufy to volunteer a recommendation in behalt
of that invaluable medicine 1 have been alllicted
for many years w ith piles, and have tried various
remedies, but with no beneficial tffects i;.vhed,l be
gan to consider my case entirely hopeless. But about
the 1st of September last prevailed upon by a friend
to make a trial ol the above named medicine. Itook
his advi.-e and rejoice to say 1 am not only relieved.
j but as 1 believe, perfectly cured. 1 most earnestly
recommend it to all who may have Wie mialortune to
be atllieted w ith that annoying and dangerous dis
ease. Very respectfully, your obedient servan.
Moc.tt WAsni.vGTox, Plcksüike Co ,
Massachusetts, Nov. 29, IS 17. I m
M"eF.rs. KETcncn & Henshaw Cents : For thir
ty years I have been arilictcd with ilea, gcreral de
bility nnd inflammation, caur-ing tumors and prolap
susol the bowels, and wdiieh had resisted all tne'med
icnl treainunt Dr. Chapman and others eou'd t,iTC.
'1 he Lisi tluee years ot that time my sdP rings defy
de.:c;i;ion. 1 was cor.tincd to led. unable to heln
' twelve monthd.
I'ertons wul.ing to purchase will apply to John J.
Chandler, Es., or lo the under, igned at his residence
near üie premises.
n newrfo rann n R
I .ins and
in t.i:
ITIacliiv.?io,. Compound L.ivcr Iil!!
Thee Truly Celebrated Pill,
"VTOW p-operly esteeme.1 in all nci2hb.r'iooJs .
LN where they haveliten us-d, will have the riost
salutary et loci on the dise-ised Liver, and will most
effectually cure the jaundice, an 1 alo thoroughly re
move the hetdcho from tliUMä who are thu aib-cted.
They act specilically on the Liver and Visiere, re
in, v.. ktl .nv f.hv neti.in A.'wi m irKi I uvntfi vnt
in....- Mil IK -- .7. - - ... .a-.... r . . v. . . .,- ... . .
purifying th l bl, eausin a tree and healthy dis- me u-me wi.n a in. i rice a uox .
v . "in win'i mm - nüü it a., ii rvLitw.ic.u x
to.T strict, .n . i ., ana by Urug-
hout the L r.itcd States and
myclf, and at lat iven up by i:iy phy.-i lai
tri.-ri.t i .! ! I r . tfvvtf.r rr , n rr m v 1-.. 1 1 1 -
for three days Ik fore I commence Tu.-ir.g Dr. Uph-.i's
LLcttiary, 1 wa entirety spee.-hless nnd i:.j it .:!il
cio lies were nride. But im 1er Prniden", ?.r. 1 the
use of Dr. U.ihaui's Eh ctunry, tliousli an uis jiat.
1 have ti e j I. a-ure of tating the i.vtr to th puti.ic
that my health i now g..Kl, and liope to l.ve manj
years, if it L G ls will, to make known the virtue:
ot Dr I.' pl ain'. Eh-ctuiry, aud io rc:o.-iimviid i. !
my ai'lictei fellow creature. It hel;rd me be .ond
all f xpertati'.tiis of all that knew my cu, and I enn
only say to others that it is in my opiiiion. the bst
medicia- i i the wtM for File.-., or any oilier di-ense
of the bow-!-.; nn I if thy will ii3 it aceonling to ft
directions, 1 will tme f warrant a cure incvc;y c-isc.
Yours, wit!: th.- u;:nx-texpressi nof thfikti!n-s.
üdsxvotr, II rk Co.. Mass., Nov.SP, 1?47.
The ah iv it rtiiicate tri! a simple an 1 truthful
st'ry of suffering and r 'i f, 1 w !ii ii, as physician
bin! wimm-ss in ine ca1, 1 ch ertnliv einbre.
Notkt.. The n'iin- Upliam's E'cctuary his his
written M?:iat'ir. thus (!TA. Uphnm. M. D ) The
charge o: bile, etren'thmug thssyutcm, andas-iiüng . .yr' ,wh"'
di -Trim 3 0 "'ilENcHAU.l.'lFuIto
C.S. ."iaceniic Co., Cleveland Ohij, Proprie-1 nts genmliy throu-!
tors. 'Lanauas.
For salebv WM. M: WOOLS EY, EyansA-ille. anl
otli- r agents throughout tlie country.
Wii.iius iSi Deusoucht t, Mt ernon.
N. (. .NVttleton, New Harmony.
, W. J. Whi'ing, Cynthiaua. " jy 1-2-Hm
A.C.HALIi0CIv, Ag't for Evansvi
Vf 12
idle la.
Window, Wall Paper nnd Horderii ?.
A Fl.' LL supply of the latent paterns, in s'ore and
for s;d by
P.TVy VllVv ik .f,?. "le.0m:E, all of which have been recently repaired and
by Jcb'.. I ULLKLK & KKAJILK. fctim;d. and where persons may secure scats in pocsl
JUST received by steamer Tempest,
. W Bbls Wldskev;
, 10 " Linseed Oil;
5 ' Lard oil:
175 Kgs White lead;
50 Bxs Candles;
20 . Starch;
for sale by ALLIS & HOWES
ap 21 Water ft.
450 Drunu do., all fresh;
or tale by ALUS & HOWES
Stage Coachet, for any point in the interior, on tha
im.il route.
The public may rest assured that his TAtLt and
Bar shall be supplied with the bc?t the country can
'afford for money, and no pains will be spared to ac
V'Omniodate comfortably all who call on him.
I llii Stiki r ui.l lie ti'.lf.l nith rverv ritw nt
grain, hay, ie., and manoged by honest end faithful
.Jstiers, ior wuoni tee uritrtigricd will be rcfponst
Persons tatitling from steam boats at r.hzht. will
always l-e conducted to the Hotel if they desire t:.
I je 27 tf JOHN WULL, 'ropr tcr
op CI
Water it.
1 LARGE and reneral stock of the best Brar !a
TO COUNTRY MLHCIIANTS- of Arne ican Blister. Lncli.li Blister. German
THE subsciibcr is now opening lO) Tachrgca of and English Shter. brad and narrow Spring, and all
Merchandise, con.-isting of Ury Goer, BxrTs 8liT.9 ol at rnd squared Cast Steel, Axe Ttmper.
&SncLs,llATS,CArsand Bo.n.vets, Haidware, Glass! x or ale ly A . LAI GHLIN,
Warl and Crckkirt; which he will sell as low ns "P5 - Water strcS
any House in the City, for Cah, or Produce, such as'
rk,W-. eat. Corn, Oats, Flaxseed, White Beans' f A VALUABLE FAK3X for SALE pol
w axFcathers or Tallow- V&Ji CONTAINING two hundred .n,l.i..
lc-tt JUli J?L.?I.LirAi ,r.nn- nr.d nr. half acrc. ninetv-Hr imnr,,
a - J - " " " J - ...' v v V4v tktA
n.iles from Evansviile on the statu road lcadinc t
A. IS. JUALs A L(J. fl'crre Haute, one half mile from Browning's eteam
w 1 j, mnjt A-.'m;ll 1 ' 1. 1 . Init llixnn laMh to. il.....i. I
t DCiliCC A täiCl 5 M. WIUÄA1US2 ILU XSaIA lO . "uimuw I ClULC rUCUi,
No. V) Front Street, St. Louis.
E. W. Lewis, j rrnreviMa
Harrington, Hannr.li i Co., 1 t-TI55-'
BtTkts ith A: 1 'rvcr, if r , 4 S. Y. Ball.
Mcliosr& Etwii.-h, ' l- Lcul?' i II Whitmore
oet "2-y J
Maihewsik Patch.
National Hakery.
and can 1 so divided that it will make two food
'farms. On the East side of the road is a new two
Istory frame house, with a store room attached, tbir-!ty-two
lect long, a frame f moke house ar.d hop, a
large double log barn s iity-cix fect long by twenty -two
wide, with a twelve toot thed running the w to'
'length, end all other necessary out buildinga, and
plenty of rood w ater, one hundred of choice arple
!trecs, with a variety of peach and other Iruit trces,.
yn tne west siuc oi tneroaa, is a rood frame dwell-
T?;a:DEUlC WinZELL, Lgs leave toir.rominJref0ho.n.
Jl his Irier.d-, and the public ger.eral!y, that he Las "". e"0".' T"'. uu omcr out Dui.(inra,
ag-iin returned to this city, from Mexico, and recom-one hundred bearing apple trees ol the best kind, also
ioencel the bu,imss of BAKING, in nil its various f vaJiety of peach, plumb a cd cherry trees, a never
anel.rs. Frc h Bread, and a variety of Cakfs faillg ' l.nu of iwatcr. The land is
oeker6,Ac, can be had at all time s. and on the ,n" m? j IVC , u'uy'lon' llcn,7 fgood hickory.
oh ihihimMs terms. Give him a call. nmy I, whue and black Uaibcr lor all purposes, plenty
,vi saiiu, ircc ana nmc stone rock, in short everything
to make it a def irablc location. It L? one of tie Ut
locations in this part of the State for a fetore and pub
lie house. Thi3 farm w ill be told on reasonable
terms and payments made easy. For further infor
. 1-6:-
made to order.
Constantly en Land i
Main Street.
N endless quantity and variety of Prints of the
mation cuquire of James T. Avalkcr, ot Lvaufevill
M I rir.tS Ol tue or tathl nroliriefirnn fKi r,..,.
rpwMS'WliiT nii1 Summer fvle tiwrpfher. 1 : i . t . j r
. ......... r...a .j u ? ; i weacesiou may ue caa immediately it reitared.
with every thire lew, ia th way of Dress Goods, for tnnv i mi'iu 1
sale at wholesa.e and retail by I THnlA itevvrc'
Ü?J MOilR13S.J3HXOy. Scott township.VarudcrbuVe U
A E It i large assortment of the newest gt)lesi RIVEIl BOTT03I LAND TOR SALE.
xjl. i leac can and examine mem.
ap 1."
CASES Mewart's Double Refined;
O 5 bbis Crushed do do,
1 do Powdered, in ttore and tor ta'.e low bv
jan 29. C. BELL
T WISH f.i k-.l mr trliiwl.i E;r IfftfNn
J - " J VT4& 4 ai 111 VI Vi w. m - -----
J. Land, situate on Green River Island in Kentucky,
dour indes frcm Lvansvills, containing 260 acres lib
tol w hich is cleared and under fei. and in a fine
state of cultivation. TLcr r dubla log
bouses. wi;h ttablcs. barns 4c. Th eg hotife ax
n nncx crijrrr.u-s.
pnng Trinis. imanuj .vi. v . r 21 1 rK.
y terr
lailguod, and two of them nw. win bncX ch!
Persons desirou of purebwing i!l learn rry
bv aor.lvir.iT tü Mr. E. A. Corbet er W . Be.
.vndVtlU l.v arn'viiitr to Tt m'osi'e the s
X T'.T rw.l ,ml .m.li l.ht rxl linnitamA tiln'nc ,n I . - . I. JL .. : f.. .
je 'JO

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