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I he Daily Jourxal is published every morning
Sundays excepted) at lucent per week, payable
to the Carriers, or fej 20 per annum, payable in
Tb Tri Weekly Jocrxai for the coaaf'y, con
taining alt the matter of the Daily Journal, is pub
lished on Tueydiys, Thursdays and Saturdays, at
$4 00 per annum io advance.
The Weekly Jocrxal is published every Thursday
at $2 00, tliree copies for $5 00, seven copies for
$11 00, ten copies for $15 00, in advance.
Awful Fire is Alba air. The telegraph
brought the intelligroce of a terrific conflagra
tion in Albany, N. Y., a few days ago, and we
now subjoin some particulars from the New
York Tribune:
Albaxy, Thursday, Aug. 179 P. M.
The district of the city burned is bounded
outh by Herkimer to Church street, thence
west along to Lydius, crossing Lydius street.
The fire proceeded north along Union to Hud
son street. The line of thai street was the
boundary of the fire. The eastern boundary
was the dock, along which, with exception of
three or four stores, all was burned. Those
acquainted with Albany will find that about
one-eighth xf the city is in ruins. The streets
burned are Herkimer" on the north side from the
dock to Churc'l, Lydi.n on bath sides from
Dock to Union street, LVnnistoa street entire
ly, Hamilton from Dock to Union, Division
from Dock to Union, South Broadway from
Herkimer to neir Hd.tiJti, Church from Her
kimer to South Broadway, a portion of Dallius
itreet. Liberty street from Lydius to Hudson,
and Union mostly on both sides from Lydius
to Hudson street.
la South Broadway the Eigle tavern, Uni
ted States Hotel, and the Townsend IIous- are
a mong the principal buildings burned. At the
Townsend House the tire wasi-hecked on the
cast side of the street by the rain, on the west
side by the rain, and brick store on the corner
of Hudson.
The entire of the pier from Hituilton street
bridge to the cut used by the Boston ferry-boat
is completely swept away. Here the fire was
communicated lo the freight barges, &c, des
troying several. . The destruction here was im-
tnjnse. The floats used in the basin for the
atoraze of property are burned. Eight or ten
freight birges belonjnnz to the Hudson river
aal Swiftsur lines aud the schooner Colrnt of
Boston were burned. The schooner Eliza Ma
tilda of Boston was much damaged. The Co
lurabia street market and three or four buildings
north of it were also destroyed. It is impossi
ble to estimate the loss. Two millions of dol
lars may cover it, but this is but guess work. I
io the north, followed soon after by a drench
ing rain, can the preservation of our city from
a w Mi-spread ruin alone oe ascnoeii. iiau uoi
the wind changed, the power of mn rould uot
have stopped the conflagration, and it must on
ly hare stopped by reaching the' northern
bounds of the city.
.The firemen of Troy, West Troy, and Schen
ectady wer? here in full force. The conflagra
tion in Liberty street was stopped by blowing
tip houses. It is feared that several lives were
loat rumor avs ai many a fen, but there is I
no positive information. The museum and
other pjaces of entertainment are closed.
BaEADTurrs. The 'exports of flour from
the United States to Great Britain and Ireland,
from the 1st ol Seplembe r, 154, to tne lamoi;
the present month, were 178, 782 barrels.
! -Ii. u i
I In ri iit
the same period last year toe exports
were 2,992,31V barrels or about $erentecu
time viQTt than the present year.
Ths Iocofocos contended, during the preva
lence of high prices for corn, wheat, &c, last
year, that their tariff, and not the famine in
Europe, caused the demand. Recently they
liave had nothing to fay in glorification of
their Tariff as opening the European markets
to our agricultural staples. We advise some
of them, who undertook a year ago to show
how their tariff stimulated prices and caused
the foreign demand, to undertake to show
how lhat same measure has reduced prices
more than one half and brought down expori
of breadstuff's to one-seventeenth ol what they
Gold. The Virginia papers are full of glo
rification of the Virginia cold mines. One
o u
farm has yielded 8150,000 in gold ingots.
In one instance, 62,500 is eaid to have
been obtained by washing a single bufchel of
(CyAt Vienna, a gentleman aged 6G tcilh
out legs, was married to a lady, aged 70, irifA
nf arm. In this match the bride seems to
. .., m ...t.l
hate obtained ample security mat ner swain
shall not run away from her, and be in his
turn against having his ears boxed by his
Widows. Nothing is more common than
devisintr certain real estate and DrotertT to
widows, on condition of their remaining sin
clc. and in case of their marrying again,
the property is to revert to other parties.
A case in point occurred in Pennsylvania.
where the widow married agnin. and the
- C7
heirs brought a suit for the recovery of the
property, on the ground that she inherited it
conaiiionauy. wnicn conainon sue vioiaicu
Judge Le wis, of the Common Pleas, Lin
cister County. ?ave a learned opinion in
which he decided, tint the condition in re
atraint of marriage is void and lhat she lose-
no part of her estate by second marriage.
1 h principles of morality, the policy of the
nation, the doctrines of the Common law,
the law of nature, and I he law of God, unite
in condemning as void, the condition at
tempted to be imposed by the testator on
his widow. In another point of view it is
wrong. If she is young, it is dangerous to
compel ir to remain single ; if old, she will
have no inclination tormny a second lime.
If she Ins been unhappy in her first mar
riage, let her try her luck in a second one.
At all evenis, her own feelings, inclination?
and attachments should be her guide.
PI I -T k. "I I! r 1 I I. : I . .I,..l.va.,l I t.i i.itna in.l j'Amviiwu lhpmlvrd tlifat flui DwuTil
lue liutnwer ui uuiuiuis ui an aiuua ucauvniu. -ii. w... ... .........v ... - r,.r I His citable wii
. . i ,i, ri,., ' I lions are something more than empty boasts. I heir I in iv . .
cannot be less than Ate hundred! . aml,rn(lv- tWin(. .i.,,,,, t. th irr.Trv S""nt -7- vcn a
The insurance is also laree, but it h doubted ; 7;-;;r- Vi , : o , r ci t Pi wr whom
. w , n. , iiUkiv, ait ,'i"', " " tii.. . w . v. v. . I u
vviieiuer an idii uc uiauc aiauaoic. iu iuc Kipers r.tuil i .vt;. iuu 111 ryui 'crsona lan1in-
nrovidential change ol the wind irom me souwi , i iit.ii. .u i i5c.m. is?. i-i k
sew Axb cheap drv goods i
Jtar tkeKtw Frame Building, on llaim St,i..r
wtlll w pa. Ringhams Tri
nts, at only 10 cents
rcr vard: I
20 nsOiiiehams. colors warrated, at 16 c'ts
Der yard;
100 ps bleached Domestic;
' 10 cases Hats;
10 do Boots;
lOdoz Indies' slippers;
20 pa IrUdi Linen, from 25 cints to $1 00
per yam;
10 berate Scarfs, at only 5Q cts each.
25 sun summer Shawls;
'M m Fancy l inen Drill;
Olove, hlkmid white Kid, Tic Nie and I
Steel Deeds and Puree Trimmings;
50 doz Hosiery, embracing every quality;
3 ps Carpeting; .
5 bale Brown, Domestic;
1 do Drilling;
2 do Osnabergs,
And many oilier article, which makes our assort
ment equal to any that can be found in the city.
Wemost respectfully solicit a call from all who wsih
to buy :ood, either at wholesaloor retail, as we feel
coutiJ nl that they will rind it to their interest to
purchase of us KRONEN &. MORGAN,
je 6 No. 23, .Main street.
1 UST received by JOHN S1IANKL1N, corner of
J Locust and Waterstrect, Evansville; IOO I'ack-
ages, consisting in part ol the following articles, viz:
fOO pieces prints of the newest style,
15 bales Brown sheetings,
2Ü pieces Ked Flannels,
20 " White do
20 Canton do,
50 44 Bed Tick,
25 cases Bots and Shoes,
100 pieces Bleached Shirtings,
20 pairs Large Blankets,
Blue and Green Mackinaw do,
15 boxes Hats and Caps, assorted,
60 dozen Hosiery,
Sattinet, Cas.Mmers and Jeans,
' . Buetia Vista Cass-imere;
1'aramalta and Coburgh Cloths.
California Plaids, Cashmere, M. (fj Lnins,
Alpacca of every variety. Wool Cloaking,
5 Pieces Gro De Rhine Silks.
A Lao, I jiifii t'aiubric Hdk'tV, fancy and Black Silk
do. A large assortment ot fc-ha wis irom cts. to
JCr All kinds of ProJuce taken in exchange.
ronr Ery JLsitc Front Ciirap
Favorable to All Cash Customers.
HE IIOUfcG that sells good for small ProSts and
ready pay, have just been receiving several im-1
nortant adimons to the.r large stock ol rocer..-
1 uey uieu-c uieiiients w us goou u.i.u.r, au
i " - '."ifu -
invite all dealers, who wish to do a sacm
JUST received from New York,
ü Hall Pipes Cognac Brandy;
2 Pipes Holland Oin;
10 i-ks Port Wine;
10 casks Madeira;
2 hvh Kum;
10 lirkets Chnmpnigne;
5 bxs Cord i d la;
100" Claret;
150" Sardines;
4U0 cans Oysters;
2j thousand Tinara Cisars:
for sale ty
Water at.
I ap .i
JUST received by steamer Olencoe,
75 fides sole Ieather;
25 Bxs Lemon Syrup;
3 Tierces reiineJ Sugar lor family us.
: c 1 - i -
.J"! 7
Water st.
TUST receive! from New Orleans,
20 Bbls lannersOi!;
Sit " lar;
4 " Varnish;
15 " Turpentine;
5 Bis Orange.-;
10 " Lemons;
in store and lor sale by ALLIS Si. HOWES.
Water kt
SCC; Alt and MO LAS CS.
luO IlhdsNew Orleans Sugar;
230 B!s do
do MoIa.ses;
40 1 do do
25 Lb! Susar
do do;
House Molasses Polka
25 1 Bbls do
a!e by
do do do do.
Water ttrect.
ap 25
8 O !Z A KEGS Boston and Juniata Nails, assorted
a ÄUU sizs;
Z- aegs 1 looring Lraus, ossorieu;
23 dj Assorted suikes.
Forfalcby A. LAFfUILJN,
Water street
KEGS Pure white Lead;
10 bbls Linseed Oil;
5 do iurpcntine:
25 boxes S-1U Window Glass,
For sale low by A. LAUGHLIN,
may Water street.
I WILL sue every Drayman, and Tavern and Gro
cery keeper, who shall nt have procured license
. . ' 1 " It'll T I 1 lL'f
iy iMonuny next. niw.. ullu,
aug 22 Marshall and Collector.
State of Indiana Vanderburgh County, f,
In the Vanderburch Circuit Court, in vacation
August 11, 1348.
Silas Stephens, Marcus Shcr-"
wood and John Shanklin,
Robert N. CKhran, l?aac
Blackford Matthew B. Cock
ran, Harriet P. Cockran. Ja.
RichinoiKl, Jane A. Richmond,
Wahin2t03 Ro., Margaret
Ross, Elizabeth R. Cockmn,
John W. Graham and the un
known heirs of Janus Parker,
In chancery.
i nl now at this time comes the sai d complain-
TA-ani! by James t.Joiie,thoir !icitr and hie in
olhce of the Clerk of the Vanderburgh Circuit Court,
their certain hill of complaint n:i;n?t the above nam
ed defendant. And it njHBtin2 trorn' the affidavit
ot ft disinterested person, tbia day hied in the Clerk's
office aforesaid, that nil ol the above named defend
ants except Robert N.Cochran. Isaac tJUcklord and
John W. Graham, are non residents of the State ol
1 herelore nonce is hereby even to the said non
resident defendants that ui.ltss they apear and plead
to or answer thecomplainantssaidbid of complaint
onorbcto.e the calftu; ot this cause at the nex
term of said Court to be held at the Court House in
Evansville, on the fourth .Monday in September next,
the matters and things therein contained will boot
to them taken as contested,
aug 1S-3 w-pf SI 00.
Ofi TONS as.orted Rod and Bar Iron;
rmJ loo kegs assorted Juniaja Nails;
23 bundles spring Steel;
5 - do shrcT do;
I case extra Cast do;
Flow slab. Boiler and Fhect Iron;
Kar4. Kilt-und Door Latches.
Which, together with our former stocl. makes it
For sale low by
may !.
Water street.
Cincinnati Clothing Store,
Next door to C. Hell, Druggist,
Cincinnati, the latest New York style of
All of which are mode and trimmed in the best man
ner under their direction exprtly lor this market,
and consists of every article requisite to complete
gentlemen's wardrobes. . -
co Ars..
Superior Black and Blue French and English Clotb
Dress, Frock and Sack Coats, lull trimmed
Cassimerct. Brown, treen and Oray, and ail col
ors of Tw eed Dress, Sack and Frock Coats.
Black Summer Cloth, Lustre and Croton Cloth
Dress, Frock and back. Brown Linen and Linen
Check and Oinghnm Coats. Every variety of Coats
Coatees and RoundaUiuts
Superior Black and - Blue Cloth fend Caeeimere
Pants. Fancy French Caw-imcre do. Black Lustre,
Brown Linen. Linen Check, Tweed and Corduroy
Pants, ol every variety and price to suit customers
Dbk Satin, plain and Fancy Silk and Velve
white Marseilles and Marseilles of all colors, and -kinds
of common vents and prices.
fuknishim; coods.
All the late styles of plain i
and fancy silk and satin Cra-Pj
vats, Sca'fs and stocks; while
silk and all colors Pocket Handkerchiefs; Iänen and
Linen bosom shirts; Muslin and tannel do.; Han
nel and Net under shirts and Draws; Shirt Col
lars: Fashionable Beaver, kid, thread and cotton
U loves; embroidered and plain gum suspenders; silk,
cinghamand cotton Umbrellas; Silk Hats; Caps;
ltoots. Shorr walkiBST canes. &.e.
All the above artirles and everything else in the
furnishing line will bo fold at Cincinnati prices for
We shall continue to receive fresh supplies weekly
during the season from our Manufactory in Cincin
nati. ap 4-lf AI1LEKING &. BKfJMMLR.
Shawncetown, Illinois.
rfMIE undersigned takes this method to notify the
JL , publ c, that lie is the propiu-tor ot a laire anu
commodious Wharf Boat, at Snawneetown, and
tliathestiil continues the Beceiving, Forwarding
and Comnnion BuMnes, generally.
t cruris landinu in the rutit, or ueMrous ot secur
ing passage in the mhl, w ill always hnd a private
room and a giod t ed, on bonrd.
lie ai) keeps constantly on hand, a pi neral assort
ment of (Iroclkils, Peovisk-ns, &c, tuitable to the
river trade
Jn connection with the above business, he has
opened a House ot llutertaininen t, on Front
treet, (about i yards Irom the v bar! Boat,) in the
mediately below, called the WoLI. HocsE and STaül
.VI I A -J Mi iv n . a vu nuu IT. VP 11 U 1Mb wu 1 k ....
Uffice, all of which have been recently repaired und
s lor ny n the ulteriorf onfe the
H , ir .
Tjo Hc that
ßAR j, ui,h Ue j, ,he wmUr con
I H,r.J ..r inmif-v. nnl mi nnin uill ltr snariil to ac
commodate comfortably'all w ho call on him.
1 I blled with every variety oi
nd managed by honeti and faithtu
the undersigned will be responsi
from steam boats at night, wil
conducted to the Hotel A they desire i:
je 27 tf
JUHN WULL, Vroprntcr
I TUST received a small lot of handsome Lawns and
ö Spring Prints.
mnr251 M.W.FOSThK.
C. HALLOCKhas erccte! a fine Soda Foun
tain lor me accommodation ot the puuic and
reijucsts those who appreciate a cooling drink in
hot, dusty day. to ctve him a call.
AUo constantly on hand pure Blue lack Water
o m the Drennon (Ky. Springs.
my 26
OT BBLS Tanners Oil just received and for sa
by feb22 DtCKEK & KKAMER
House mid Sign Painter.
rTAS opened a shop in Evansville, at tlie Exchange
l-L-L Hotel, where he is prepared to do all kinds ot
lionse, Mgn, and iurrin;e l'atntincr.
it the lowest rates He respectfully requests a share
oiuuuuc uatronaire. lr i'J-ii
TMIE partnership heretofore existing under the firm
JL ol "Nightingale & Sowers, lobacco nlid Cl
gars Manufacturers, is this day dissolved by niutua
connent, the husineA of the late hrm will be i et tied
at the old stand by William Nightingale.
jacob su wehs.
WE the undersigned have this day associated our
selves tosrether under the tirm of Nightingale
Si. Kilter, in the Tobacco and Cigar business, at the
ot J stand ot John S. .AlcCracken, Main Street, woul
respectfully announce to the pub'ic, that we intend
keeping o-n-t jntly on hand a good assortment of the
liest brands Virginia and Missouri Tobacco. "Snuffs"
Itegalia, Piincipe, Canone, Caradava, half Spanis
ana Common Cigars: together with all articles i
the line.
Orders from abroad attended to
and di-patch. WM.
ap 4-tl-w&tw JOSEPH K 1ST Ell.
CONTAINING two hundred and six
ty-one and one half acres, ninety-six improved, ten
miles irom Lvansville on the state road leading to
Terre Haute, one half mile trom "HJrowninc's steam
mill. This land lies on both sides of the state road,
and can be so divided that it will make two good
farms. On the East t-ide of the road is a new two
story frame house, with a store room attached, tliir-
ty-two kit loug. a ;rane smoke hou.-e and shop, a
large double bnj barn six y-ix feet I0113; by tw enty
two wile, with a tw l.'e toot shed running the w hole
length, and all other nece:iry out huiidins, and
plenty fgfHd water, orse Lundn d of choice apple
trees, w itJi a aricty of nach and oihertruit trees
On the west side ot the road, is a good frame dwell
ing, a frnniecmoke house, with a large double harn,
well shaded, with stables and other out buildings.
one hundred leai ing apple trees ol the best kind, also
a vnJiety ot peach, plumb and cherry trees, a never
.ailing wellot ti.e bet kind of water. The land is
in a high state of cultivation, plenty of good hickory.
white and black oak timber tor all nuroofes, plenty
of sand, free and lime stone rock, in t-hort everything
to make it a tfrcirable location. It is one of the best
locations in this part of the State lor a store and pub.
lie house. lhis farm will bet-old on reasonable
terms and payments made easy. For lurther infor
rnation emiuire ot James T. Walker, ot Evansville
n to the proprietors on the premises.
1 ofesion may be had immediately u required.
Peott towpwliipA'andc-htirgco. la. faul3d&wm6
THE underpinned will sell at privaie fale thi
south end ol the south-west qnartt-r ot st-ction
2?, township o, south ol range 10 w et, h iug letwcen
the Boonvtlld road and (he city ol LvaneU le, and
within half a mile of said city. The said land, be
ing 40 acre will be sold in twenty or ten acre lots,
or in any other way to suit purchasers. There is a
very conilortable small traine lionse, an excenem
well of water, and a -considerable number of lruit
trees on said land. The title is pt rfect.
Trrmt. One-third cash and the balance in six or
twelve months.
Persons wishing to purchase will apply to John J.
Cha. idler, Esq., or to the undersigned at his residence
near the premises.
tdsmuylG. EMANUEL hull.
Ju-Jt received at the cityshoe store on Mam street
a soleded lot of Ladies line Buskin walking snoe;
also Missc and Child's Laced Bots, and Gents Gai
ers, VC. All the lowest prices imasinanie.
W. R. BAKER, Main street.
V Rf1p.i.J Liirr llrnwn Shtftinrs. in store and
i-v Brown Shccti
JvF for sale bv
- S. KUHN,
iVo. 24, Mi in $trrttt EvarurviUe. Ind..
WILL keep constantly on hand, a large and gen
eral assortment of dress, frock and sack Coats
suitable fr all reasons; Cloth and Casimere print.
fancy Casimere, Brown leinen, Linen checks,Tweed
and Corduroy Pants of every variety and price to
suit customer: plain and fancy Silk ahd Velvet
Vest". Marseilles of all colors, and all kinds of com-
ion est; tine and common Cravats and Scarfs:
'ocketHanderchiefs; Linen and Linen bosom Shirts;
common do; flannel do and draws; Hats; Caps;
Boots; Shoes, &c., &.C
Mv fnemls and the public are respectfully invited
to give nie a call. je 22 dy.
DU. C. S. WEKVEK, successor toTraftonand
Weever, would respectfully inform his friends,
the friends ol the laie Dr. William Trafton, and the
public generally, that he has, in order to be near his
residence, exchanged ollices with Dr. Oed. B. Walk
er, and may now le found at the office en the cor
ner oi First and Vine streets, at all business hours,
except when absent on professional duties.
lo Ins friends and acquaintances. Dr. Weever has
only to say that he will be happy to serve them at
an nouis uay or mgni wun tne same zesi anu iiueii
ty as he has heretofore donet and for a compensation
as low as lhat required by any well read Medical
gentleman in Evansville.
1 o those not personally known to Dr. W. be begs
leave to say lhat he was lor three years a Pupil, and
for nearly four years a partner of the late Dr. Wm
Tralion, during his pupilage he enjoyed the advan
tages of the Medical Department ot the University ol
Liouisviu ana ine Alarme iiospnai anasuoenueni-
y tbose ot trie Jeiterson Medical college ot rmladei
ihia where he graduated in 1844 and where he also
enjoyed the benefit of attendance of the Blockley
Hospital, and at v ills Hospital lor the bund and
ame. . ..
Dr. Weever'a residence is on Second street, first
door below the Rev. Mr. Dodges Church. Persons
calling at the olhce will always find someone there
at all hours day or night. " au X.
LATE of Cincinnati Ohio, having located himself
in the city of Evansville, would respectfully offer
ms services to me citizens oi this place, niid the sur
rounding community tor the practice of Medicine and
Surgery in all their various branches
Oniceon the corner ot Locust and r irst streets op
posite Ibe Sherw ood House. ICesidence at the house
ot the Kev. J jhn V. Dodge, corner of Lorust and Sec
ond streets. aug 10dlm&.w3:n.
t- J. B. STIXSOX, would respectfully inform
A J his friends and the Dublie that he has located
himsell in the city of Evansville. .where he intends
evoting his attention to the practise of Medicine and
Surgery. In tendering his services & the public in
this capacity he pledges him?clf to attend promptly
and faithfully to those who may ft vor him with
their confidence, and he trusts that the opportunities
which he has enjoyed lor acqumns a Medical Edu
cation will be a sufficient guarantee to his friends at
least ot his capabilities to discharge successfully the
important duties of his profession.
. Office with Dr. L. L Laycock where he may be
tound at ail times unless professionally absent. -
aug io d&wjy. -
jLAIIA!I town lots
T WILL sell at private sale a tract of Land adjoin
JL ing Evansville, containing about twenty seven
res; also, ten or fifteen Lots in the upper enlarge
ient of Evansville. all of which I will sell unreason
able terms in quantities to suit purchasers These
wishing to purchase Land or Lots, will hnd it to their
nterest to apply immediately,
jyll E. A. CORBET, Agent,
JUDICAL. DR. C. S. WEEVER, (of thelat
tirm of Trafton (c Weever,) Physician and Sure
irton, ullice on the corner ot r irst and ir.e streets
a iVw doers atove the Exchange hotel aug 2
CONSTANTLY Kept for retailing at th store
may2G - ALLIS &. HOWES.
TN store and tor sale 50 bbl White
Lime in good
. order anc Cheap
june 13
JUST Received this day by express, a I
of mens1 fine Calf monroes and Missc
few cases
isscs Laced
Boots and a variety of children' shoes, &c. Sec.
may 9. W. it. BAKER, No 22 main street
Faculty, solicitous ol giving students every op
portunitv of instruction, will commence Lectures on
Uie 1st .MONDAY in October, both in the College
and Hospital. On the 1st MONDAY in November
the established Collegiate course conuuences, and
terminates 1st March.
JOHN S. SIIOTWELL, M. D., Anatomy.
JOHN IiOCKE, M. D., Chemistry.
R. 1). Ml'SSEY. M. 1).. Surrerv.
J- .M. LAWöON, AI. D., Mat. Med. and General
M.B. WRIGHT, M. D., Obstetrics and Diseases
of Women and Children.
JOHN P HARRISON, M. D., Theory and Prac
tice of Medicine.
On the 1st MONDAY in October, the Dissecting
Rooms will be opened under the direction ot the Pro
fessor of Anatomy, and his assistant, JOHN DAVIS,
M. D., Demoustrator.
Terms: Manipulation $5; TTospital $5; Dissec
ting Ticket $10; and each Professor's Ticket $15.
. au 1 JOHN P, HARRISON, Dean.
Evansville Stoneware Pottery.
TT J. HART having bought the entire interest of
XX ni. leap in the above establisfiment, it will
be continued under the firm of R. B. L H. J. Hart,
we have a large supply ot Ware now on hand which
we will warrant sound. Please direct ane leave
your order at our office on Main Street, at II. J. 11 art"
Shoe Store, sinn of the Mammout Boot, where they
will be attended to in tae most punctual manner.
We would solicit the p. itronage of all those dealing
in our line. (jv 2SJ K B. & 11. J. HAKT.
THE nndersigned as agent for the Col
umbus Ohio Insurance Gmpany, isprepart
d to lake risks on onshipmentsof Mcrchar-
dize, l roduce, &.C., trom and to any part ot Uie u
Mates by steam and sailing vessels, steam, tanal
keel and flat boats, also upon buildings, merchmdizc
furniture. iVc on mot reasonatle terms.
1 he high reputation which this Company tears lo
Usability, liberality and promptness in adjusting los
ses, entities it 10 tne eonnaence ana patronage 01 in
public. ISAAC A. CR AN E, Ag't-
By authority of the United States District Cour
for the district of Indiana, I will sell at public
auction to the highest bidder, for cash, at the Court
House door in Henderson, in the county of 11 nder
son, and State of Kentucky, on the Cth day of Sep
tember, a. d. Id IS, between the hours of Ö o'clock a.
x. and 6 o'clock p. m. of said day the lolowinj de-
pcrflnxi Real Estate, being a part of the Assets of F.
G. &. E. W. King in Bankruptcy, to-wit:
AU of the title and interests of the said Bankrupts,
in one hundred acres of Land on Rock Bar, below the
mouth of Green River, in the county of Henderson,
Ky., as derived by them.by a Plate and Survey filed
in the Register's Office ot the State of Kentucky.
au 1 It. Assignee.
VERY large stock consisting of every variety
A of Summer hat, leghorn, pa! m leat". French
broid, lians,&.c, fur and Mli& hats of evy d sira
ble style, bonnets, all the newest styles, with a tpleu
did assortment of flowers, ribbons and bonnet trim
mings lot sale by apl5 MORRIS S.JOHNSON.
A LARGE and general assortment of nil sizes c
Common Bar, Flat, Round and Square, Bmnd
and Narrow Band, Axe and Hoe Bar, Plow Bar.
Plow Moulds and slabs, Nail and small. Rod, to
gether with all sizes usually called for in the above
line. For sale by A. LAUGHLIN,
op 23 Water st.
"1 fa nOfi Oozen Hope Factory Cotton Yarns
XUjUUU No. 500, UX) and 7l0, this day re
ceived per steamer Rosco from Pittsburgh. For sale
ccived per steamer
by Imay 17
THANKFUL for past fflfrT .
would respectfully inform the citizennf V'.v.n-Miii
ind vicinity, that he has iust receive! k;. nA
splendid stock of Jewtlkv, Watches; and Clocks,
wmcu lie iu ;u ui tejjuiai Cincinnati prices, his
tock consists in part ol:
r me uoul and Mixer Lever Watches;
A splendid assortment newest style ladies Coral
Earings, Fingerrings &c; . .
Gold Guard and Fob Chains;
Miniature cases, and Lockets;
Fine Mourning Pins, Bracelet Clasps;
Guard Keys, Collar Buttons, and Studs;
A large selection of Gold Pencils w ith and without
A large lot of Barley's best Gold Ten with and
without holders; .
Silver Tables and Tea Spoons;
Silver Thimbles;
Every description of Steel Trimmings; .
Steel Beads and Purse Silks;
Fine Fans. Accordions;
Solar Sunpending and Parlor Lamps;
Girandoles etc.; h f!
Every description Silver and common Spectacles
Fine pocket Knives See;
B lew Fine French Mantle Clocks:
to which be would call the attention of those w ish
ing to purchase. Ladies are invited to call and ex
amine for themselves. J. L. BITTROLFF.
ap 15 Main Street between First and Second.
4-. v.iuui i'icb oi i a lyouuic rvtnneu;
5 bbls Crushed do do.
1 do Powdered, in store and for sale low by
jan 29. c. DELL
IUST received br,wn and llonhol T.i nan Tralla
I - - - -'. Mma. II I'll I IPj
Cotton Cahimers, Cottonades, Demin blue Drills,
&c., suitaMe for men's Summer wear.
mar 25. M W FOSTER
Idvery Stable,
1 HE undersigned have associated them-
selves together in the Livery Stable Business,
aim soucii a snare oi puuuc patronage. Their Sta
ble is on Vinr street, between the Johnson Iloue
and the river, where they can at all times be found.
readv to wait upon the public. They intend to keep
good stick, ana their charges shall he in accordance
with the times . JAMES WHITE.
July 25-Smo S. C. JOHNSON.
State or Indiana, Vanderbnrg Coanty, ss
In the Probate Court Vanderburgh County, in vaca
action July 27th. a d. 14S
James T Walker, atlrn'r of Joseph Finney.) Petition
ceceaseu, t$. soil real
Unknown heirs of aiJ Joseph Finneylec'd) estate. .
Anu now at tnis time comes the said admmistra
tor,and riles in the otfiee of the Clerk of the Pro
bat Ccurt of Vanderburgh County bis petition pray,
ins for the sale of the real estate of the said Joeoh
Finney, deceased, and it appearing from the affidavit
if j .r j 1 1 .1 .-.1 1
01 a aij-inieresiea person tms aay mea in tne v-aerKS
otfiee, aforesaid that the unknowm heirs of the said
Joseph Finney deceased are not residents of the State
r I 1: Vl. C. 1 1
01 inuiaua. 1 iicirii-rc nonce is iiert-iiv civcn 10 ine
said unknown heirs to appear on or before the call
ing of this cause at the next term of said court to be
held at the Court House in Evansville on the second
.Monday in August next and show cause if any they
have or can show, vtby the real etate of the said
Joseph Finney deceased should not be sold and made
assets in the bands ol the said administrator tor the
payment of the debts, and demands outstanding
against snu estate.
au 1 cA,u ii a. j t.iivij?,cra.
T AM authorized to sell at private sale 93 acres of
L land, the east half of the southeast quarter of sec
t ion 31, in town 6, south rane 11 west. Said land
iswell lecated and the title indisputable. For terms
apply to jy 3J1 R. W. DUNBAR.
AND examine the fresh stock of Boots and Shoes
just opened at the City Shoe store" being the
finest and cheapest assortment ever offered in this
luar.ci, nniMniug ui rvrir vb.iciv miiurriK'nf
wear. Ladies and Mioses Gaiters, half Gaiters, Slip
pers, Buskins, Morocco, fine French Kid, and every
article to be wished lor All 01 w men will be dispos
ed of at exceedingly low prices,
jy 25 W. K. BAKER, No. 22, Main St.
Dr. Champion Vegetable Ague
Medicine !
SAFE and warranted Cure for Fevers of every
Also, Dr. Champion's Vegetable Anti-Billious.
Anti-Dyspeptic. Purif ying and Cathartic Pills, poss
essing lour important combined properties for the cure
of Diseases, carefully nnd correctly combined, one ar
ticle to assist the eflect of another for the benefit ol
the Health of Mankini.
Thee pills contain the lour leading properties for
which the Liver, the Stomach, the Bowels or tht
lue luic VI utsciisco. A lit 1 1. 19 liukuiuuntumiiuuiu
blood is not concerned. Therefore, these pills are
carefully and correctly prepared to meet thoe seve
ral indications. In all Bilious complaints they cure
by acting upon the liver, and carrying oil theredun
dant, or excessive bile: and at the same time exciting
the liver into tull action. In dyspepsia, they carry
off the accumulated mass ol acidity, and correct the
stomach and digestive organs, it is a tact well
known and generally acknowledged, that a great
Cart of chronic diseases depends upon impurity of the
lood. These pills posters the power of purifying the
blood, even in the most obstinate cases of scrofula or
flaccid temperament; and as a cathartic, they act gen
tly upon the bowels, rcr.ioving all unhealthy accumu
lations. - They are mild in their nature, and may be
used with perfect safety in all ages, trorn infancy to
old age. t or sale by
c' Uc5lI" Woolsejr& J Evansvillela.
Dr. Thos Newman, Mt. Vernon la.
K. B. Hallock, Princeton la
W.J. Whiting, Cyntliianna la.
W. B. Dimick, lloonville ia.
Dr. Joseph Sower, Vincennes I.
-3 m W.
THE partnership heretofore existing between tl e
undersigned, under the name ot "Harrington,
Hannah &. Co.," is dissolved by mutual consent.
The business of the tirm will be settled by Charles
Harrington and RH. Fairchild, to whom all debts
are to be paid, and by whom all claims upon tlie
house will be settled they using the name of the
late tirm only in settling its affairs.
The business will be continued, as heretofore, by
Charles Harrington, in connection with Isaac A.
Crane and P. G. O'Kiley , under the firm of Haibing
To:t, Cra.xe &. O'Riley. We reler the old patron
of the house to their card below, and recommend for
them the same liberal support that has been bestowed
upon the late firm.
It will be seen by the above lhat the undersigned
have become successors to the house of Harrington,
Hannah &. Co.. under the firm of
Harrington, Crane & O'ltilcy,
will continue the Forwarding and Commission bufi
nessattheold stand, with the same Wharf Boat
and other business facilities o I the late firm, and ask
of the merchants and traders of the Wabath and
Green river countries to extend to us their patronags
so liberally bestowed upon our predecessors, pledging
ourselves to give to the business at all times our Dest
perscnal attention, and in all things to look to the in
terests of our correspondents, and to use all endeav
ors in our power to give them entire pati.Snction
jy27. .
TUST received by siearcer "Gen. Lafayette,
J lor sale low lor cash
f0 bags prime Rio Coffee;
10 Hogsheads of Sugar.
20 bbls Pla'itaüon Molasses a prime article.
10 bbl. Rot-in;
5 boxes of 1 emmon ;
June 13, M.W.FOSTER
Corner main Sc. 1st Stroets.
t Cases of new styles spring Prints;
IO 5 do Blue nnd Orange, for sale by
uaia street, Evansville, Ind.
leave tninf.mr. k;. 1 . ..1 1
the public generally, that he h rm.v-C
111a 11.1111 u i 111 r
,,a I. ..1. ...... . -
ed Ins shop to Main street, between First and Second.
next tlmtr tn t ' . .
l.r" " 7 t" 0 -ug store, w oere he keeps a
" ... , t "r"i"enioi aauaies, lindies.Har-ne-
l runks, Carpet Bags, Saddle Bags', Valises,and
all t tlier articles in bis line, which he offers -t whole
sale or retail at ihlnu.ct .i. ,,: .1
., 1 j r,. neaisoKeeps
X '7on W.1.1" ?d Cral assortmeit
ol trimmings cd all kinds, stich as, .
saddle 1 rees of ail kinds,
Skirtinc. Harness ami Bridle LeatWr
llog-kin seating. Pad skins,
Hush ot every variety,
Braas mounting of all kinds.
Black do do do.
Bridle Bits of every kind.
Bridle Buckles U,
Stirrup Irons do,
Bug?y, Riding and Waenn Whips
1 ogether with all other articles in his !,ne Cm.
try merchants and fanners w ould do well to call ami
examine my stock before purchasing eltewhere as I
am determined to sell first rate articles at very law
June 14-dlw&.w3mo.
J. P. ELLIOTT, Surer:
for to lr. Af. A- J. P. mtttt
will continue the above business at th C
01a stand, .vain street, Evansville. He will alwava
keep on hand a constant supply ot Saddles, Bridles,
Trunks, &c. Sec. of the bm workmanship, which lie
offers at wholesale or retail at the lowest prices.
Also A great varietyof Trimmings used by Sad
dlers, Harness-makers, and Trunk Manufacturers.
In addition to my former stock of materials 1
have just received a very large and general assort
ment ot
Saddle Trees, of all kinds;
Skirting, Harness and Bridle Leather;
Hog skin seating;
Call' skin do;
Plush do, every Tarietv:
Bridle Bitts and Buckles, all kinds;
Mirriip Irons, &c., & e.
Ri lins. Biiirsy and W?on Whins.
Together with all articles in my line, at wholesale
ina retail.
Persons deal in 2 in the above articles will find it u
their advantage to call and examine my stock. -
All ordets promptly attended lo at the shortext na
lice. ImayS lyl J.P.ELLIOTT
"I flf REAMS Foolscap pa pr, assorted;
A"v 100 reams Letter paper, do;
50 gros Black Ink
Also, a supply of Quills. Steel ens. Wafers, sad
ealin? Wax, in store and for s t'e by
jan 29. C. BELL.
BARRELS, Halves and Quarters, for sale very
low by tmy 10) BEMENT &. VIELE.
- fa BBLS No l.instoreandfor sale by
XU jan p. C. BELL.
Oflfl pieces Black and Colored A I pace Lusters
WUUl25 Kentncky Jeans.
100 " Sattinetts all colors.
150 " Red, White and Yellow Flannsls
' 75 Cases assorted Prints.
5 ' Bleacaed Muslins.
500 " Woollen Shawls.
150 Pair Blankets, just received and for sals
very cheap, by J. H. M AGHEE, cc CO.,
oct. 19-tl Main streel
SUPERFINE black French Cloth, Superfine black
French Cassimeres, Black, Blue and Bunn clotha
of every quality and price. Fancy Cassimeres, Fancy
Vestincs. Whith and Colored Marseilles Vestings.
with a large assortment of Gents Plain Black aoi
Fancy Sifk Cravsts, and Patent Stocks, superfine
Plain and Figured black Silks, and Satins for es
tings, Gents, superfine, Black and White Colored
Silk and Kid Gloves, with every desirable article , for
Gents. Soring and summer wear, for wlwlesale and
retail by fap 15J MORRIS SJOIINfrON.
CEDAR Posts suitable for garden fencing.
For sale by (je2 A LAUGHLIN.
firfifl BBLS Kanawha Salt, on band and for sa
COTTENADES, Crotens, Tweeds, srpcrfina
black Freuch Drap, ets., Drap de Nienne, Lin
en and Union checks and stripes, with all the most
PIECES Assorted Mosquito Nettings;
ju9t received - & C0.
my 6
ASA J'E and warranted cure tor Chills and Fever
in all its complin ted. forms, Dr. Champion 11
Vegetable Ague Medicines, lor sale iby C. BELL,
anS WM.ftf. WtWLSEY. Also Dr. Ch.rnpK,'.
Vegetable Anti Bilious, Anü-Dysjcptic Punf)irg
and Cathartic Pills- jy21-3md.
arrels Kenhawa Sail ; for sale by
dec21-tf " JOHN fell AN KLIN.
WHEN I advertise my stock in our Daily Jour
rial, I am not in the habit of advertising dou
ble or triblethat 1 have on .hand, but"
quantity by referring to my invoices 4 1 ai ,R
Abased Eait, may 16 OLl LR LAPP.
JUST received from Pittsburgh,
100 Kgs Nails;
25 Bbls Ale; ,.miT.
for sale by ALLI, i IIOJJFS.
ftp , M
rfft . LADIES supenine in. u
- m , nnerinm Black do., supcrtne
' (J IVIU WIOCB, ru v
ifU'.;r. . 1. anil colored silk.
52 black "aTt Gloved dMitsförsale low
auperhne black g J01LXaay
A SPLENDID lot otrapcr nanginga.iu ..u-
- m f f : . A Wiw.
jan l-tf: m"""
T UMBER. A large and full assortment ol Tint
I . a I. Warn
maVnT- A. LAUGHLIN, Water
ITTIJfDOW Glass-An aasortroet of Windot
ITT ANTED 1 with to hire by the month a pood
V industrious boy, 16 or 17 5 ears ot age, m ier-
.A. Kni Lh will be preferred. Apply
soon to Uuly 22 V M. M. WALKER
r I' I UO Jh Kte Carpenter
I . Vine strect.n r Mr .Dodges' church. Imy2-6m
. ipprrts and BUSKINS.
On A Pra. Ladies slippers and Buekins ofsupe
300 ÄVäwJfK bT0ueb
. -m a a a ijii a
to this market, just recent quiver. LADD.
may lb. . , . . .
t ff Ca-es otPiime Kip lrogans,
XÖ ö do do Aioy
5 dJ ihica u.rnT.nr,
; . . . jnvl61 O.I Eiv IAUi.
ÄT fa Dozen supeuor i a;ir- Gnw Scyt-V,
50 10 do do Co com Co;
5 do do do urvrr
Alio. superior quality for LAPD
may lb .
FäÄr "lnljr '6V OLIVER LADD.

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