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'Hurt's Vegetable llxtrucf,
I 8 tbeonly remedy thit can lie relied 0:1 for the per
JL manoiu cure ot Spinal Complaints. Snasmjdic
w- l 1- V 1 1 in ton ui i lie serves, .crvoij
Nek headache, Nervous Tremors, Neuralgic A
turns, Apoplexy, Paralysis, Cei.eral Dcbdity,
rontractions. Irritation of the Nerves. Nervous or
ciency ot Nervous and Physical Energy, and allNcr
o3 Disorders, iu:uding the most dreadful of ai
eiscases that eve: affect the human race
Epilepsy, or Falling Sickness,
Hysterical 'it- Convulsions. Snasms. Jtc.
I hi-iuisea consist! in a sudIen deprivation of the
priis! r,.con)pa,e,i with violent convulsive 1110
l,on .1 ihft whole bodv. 1 1 at lark bv til, and aiu
p. rertliu duration goes otf, generady leaving the suf
Uret in a stupor, attended with real weaklier and
(exhaustion ot the body. '
Doctor Hart would itnnress it upon the mind oi
tht! aillicted, that the Vegetable Extract is the only
remedy ever discovered liiut ran l relied 011 lor tin
ertnanent cure ot this most treaami 01 au uiseases
A it tendency is to insanity, madness and death
i!k niot Skit.i-ii.-i. Fn sh ians f Kurooe. a well a
lhse of our own country, have pronounced Epilepsy
incurable. And it has been considered ly many
until ihinuMi iuv.iortant of alldiseovcries was madt
by Doctor S. Hart, marly wixioeii year fine. during
which time it has been performing Some ot tlw nfrl
l.'micciHiKCi ut.s niton record, and ha acmun.l a
reputation which tune alone run ettace. Physicians
ot undoubted kill and experience, Aliuit rs ol va
ri.n.l. n.uiiiiinii.m. n.n well as hundreds ot our run
neut citizens, all unite in rcouiiuiending the use ol
litis irulv valuable medicine to mur patients, cnarge,
and friends, wlu) arc thus al'dicied, as the only ruu-
llv 1
We Qtorc the IaNurAtJE uod by those who have
been cured by this valuable metiwiue. vine says, 1
nave s-ufT.red lniyond my iwwtr of description, but
now 1 re-oice in beimr lutlv restored to health and
haDuincss." Another says, "1 tliatik Hod I feel that
1 am a well man. 1 also feel it my duty to proclaim
it to the endsot the earth, that those similarly uttUct
ed mav lind relief. Another, (who is an Eminent
Lawvek, and well known in this city.) says, ".My
sou ha.- U-cn afflicted tor years w ith Epilepsy, but 1?
now enioving good heahh from the egctahle Ks
tract. Its tame," pays he, 'should and ouizht to be
founded to the ends d the earth." . Another sa) s,
"Language is entirely inadequate to express my grat
itude "to lit. Hart, tor having t-een the mean, under
the bUssing of Uoil, ol restoring me to the enjoyment
of good health, alter having ken aillicted vuih Ep
ilepsy in its worst forms for more than twenty-three
years and my morning and evening obla'ion ol praise
and tl-anksgiviiigshall continue, to asxt-nd to that (lud
who lias atiTicied but to make me whole."
ErnxcTic Firs Of twenty seven year. and six
months cure J by iho Mae vi this Truly Woudertul
Medicine. . - .
Ken-Ith following remarkable ease of the son ot
; Wni. Secore, LV;., of Philadelphia, atllicted with
Epileptic Fits twenty seven ytars and six months.
Afier traveling through Kurland, Scotland, CJer
many, and France, Consulting the tnost eminent
physicians, and expending for medicine, nieiical
treatment and advice ihrea thousand dollars, re
tunied with h'w S4n to this country, in Novemler
last, without receiving any U-neht whatever, and
was cured by uinllAKTs Veui:table Hxtkact.
M. Win. txcorc s Letter to Dr. Hart.
I have spent over three thousand dollars lor med
icine and medical attendance. 1 was advised to take
a tour to Europe with him, which 1 di J. I first vi
iied England. I consultul the .most eminent physi
eiaus there in respect to his cat?; they ex ami ntl him
and prescrilteJ accordingly.- 1 remained there three
months without perceiving any changi for the better,
which cost me altoul two hundred and fifty dollars,
pocketed by the physieiau, and the most that 1 receiv
ed was their opinion that my t-ou's case was hojieless
and IVsrrtvELY Ixccrable. I accordingly left Lin
gland, traveleil through Gotland, Germany and
France, anl returned home in tie monvli of govern
ler la-t, with niy son as far from ht mjj curel as when
I left. I saw your advertisement in one of the New
York papers, and concluded to try Hart's Vegetable
Extract, peeiun your statements and certiiicutes of so
many cures, some of twenty and thirty vears stand
ing, and 1 can assure you I am not sorry 1 did so, as
by the use of Hart's egetable Extract alone, he was
restored to I'tKitcr Hfjilth. Hisreasonf which was
0 far gone as to until him for business, is entirely re
stored, with the prospect now before him oi life,
health and usefulness. He is how 26 years of age.
and '27 years 6 mouths of this time has been aillicted
with this most dreadful of diseases, but, thank (Jod,
is now enjoying good health. '
Now, sir, faith without works I den't believe in.
To say I shall" bever grateful to you is one thing
and as I here enclose you one hundred dollars, 1 have,
no doubt but you will think this another and jtiiie a
ditl'erent thing. The debt of gratitude I still owe
you, but please aceop" this amount as interest on the
Uvbt in advance. s Yours, very respectu!lv,
AittAktr reinnrkible Cure prrfirrmttl by tht u ol
Hurt's Vtgtluble lUtruct.
Doctor Hart: It i with no small degree of gratifi
cation thatl nrn enabled to announce to you the com
plete restoration to health of my daughter, by the use
f your Vegetable Extract. At the ngeof six years,
(her aire at present is sixteen) she was first attacked
with this dreadful malady called Epileptic Fits; und
antil slie commenced taking the Extraet,shesutiered
with attacks ot tits, almost incessantly, and so se
verely as to threaten to drive reason from its throne,
and render her itisant Idiotic. :
Physicians pronounced her incurable, and cauld do
nothing in ire for her. We had almost despaired of a
cure, when hearing of the remarkable cures performed
by the Vegetable Extract,-we determined to give, it a
trial. The result hasexceeded our most ?a neunte ex -pr
ctatioti, as by its use she free from a mst dread
ful malady, and restored to I'ekff.ct Health.
Should any one feel desirous of seeing her, and t
ascertaininu the jrtieulars ol the case, sueli ih
may lie gratified by calling on or addressing a letter
to me, past-paid, at my residence, two miles from the
illae ot Yonkers, V e-stchester. New York
m O. C. DKN.SLOW, Yonkers N. Y
Teething. Worm, Cost iveness, !tc., will produce
Ihis disorder. In all such cass the Vegetable Extract
js the only medicine which can be relied on with any
degree id safety. Mothers who have small children
should remember this. Ma.w a Cinu,the past year,
who has sutr-red with this compliant, and has 'lx-en
given over by physicians to die, has been restored by
he use of but oiiH Itottleot lUrt's Vtiietablo Extract.
The child of William Anderson, North Fourth
treet, Wilüamsburgh, aged 'M months, had tits con-
ptantlv for eiirht weeks. A consultation ol idivsi
cians was cafled. whotlecided that tlie case was a
hopeless occ and the child must die. Whilst 1 he
ehild was in this damrerous state Mr. Anderson call
ed at mv ofik-e and obtainetl a little of the Extract
administered it to tho child, and the result was a per.:
uect rstoration ot healtu.
The son of Mr. UoVrt McGee, corner of Sullivan
and 1'rinco streets, New York, was severely aülicted
with tits. In this cae also the physicians held a con
nultai ion ami refilled that they co;ild do 110 more
and that nature must eir;t its own cure, or the lv
must die. The Vegetable Extract was administeret
to him w hilft in a tit, by otic of the attending physi
cians, ltsetiects were almost instantaneous. 1 he
fits was broken, and the boy restored to health; Mr
McGee an vs. "I shall never nirainbe without the med
icne in my hfwse.if I can avoid it, for fear that some
. r 111 i .- i 1?
ot the rest 01 my cnnoren may ie auacken in
the wine way. 1 consider the medicine invaluable.
IV e would refer to the following tiersons, who
Lave leen cured by using Hart's Vegetable Extract
W. Uennett, nine years, It 1 Grand ft.
J. Ellsworth, seven years, lit Dover
Joseph McDougal, nine years. East Brooklyn
IL WlÜmith,N. 1 Custom House.
S. Kelly, twenty years, Staten I.-land.
liss E. McKtel. twenty years, 0rkv1IIc.
i E.Crane, twenty years. Hi hanimersly st.
. IL Parse!, twentythree years, $ Norlolk et.
1 Petty, four years.'l74 Delancy t.
Jacob Petty
Plnlo Jo!uiHon.twenty-ei2ht years, lreeneasilc ct
Jude Kandall. 91 East Broailway,N. 1 .
Thonn B. Jones, ol the U S. Navy.
CaDt Wm. Jennings, Slate st, Biid port, Ct.
The Time Is Nor Far Distant, When thousands
who are now trembling umltr ibe hand of this dread
Till disease, ami fearing that every attack may prove
fatal will find oermancnt relief and he restore! to
new life, by usin;i this celebrated medicine.
Ovtr O.n'e Tholsa-ndCeriuxcates, llavu leen re-
reivei, 111 testimony of the r:m heia results produced
by the U"efDr. Hart s YtveUdtle Extract.
Prepartil by S. Hart, M. D., New York.
Frio. One package," -.- .......... $3 Ot)
Four " 10
F.i2ht 1 ' -1 IH)
It is carefully packed ;:pn lo.s fr transporta
tion ami sent anv part etiie I niietl States, 'I exas,
Mexico and West Indie. TIIOMASJt .MILKS,
47 .Main nt, fj-twen 3t and 4tU. Cinciiuiati .
General Agents of t be DniteiJ States.
.ADCHAFBLN Agent Ixuiville Ky.
C BELL, Evanville Indiana.
From Our Pittsburg Gauttf.
HHE past summer (1847 has been a very rcmarka-i-
bleone. Freuuent and heavy rain, tollowed by
intense and Ion. continutd heat. had thcetSect, in th
first place, to promote a rapil growth ot succulnu
vegetation, audio the second to produce a rapid de
composition of vegetable matter, yiving rise to much
nnwiia and spreading mckiicss, tliseasc ann ueawi,
in .V:-js which had heretofore been remarkable fo.
their fa. ubnty.
We are rrediblv informell, that' whole meadows
on whicli the irrass was unusually heavy, rotted to
the i;nutnl and was not ht to lie cut. In liunana an
Illinois, theyii-kiit s was so eeiieral. that there wa
not enough well persons to attend uioii the fick
who.-esutli rings were prctrneted by a want of proj
'er remedies, as wt 11 as ot iroo.1 nurf ing. Mih Ii ot this
suffering might have been prevented, had every fani
;ly kept on hand a fupply of medicinea uiteti to coun
teract ta-rllects 01 uns miasma, wim wnicn uie ni
ttMisiihereat certain times is surcharged. In nddi
tion to Quinine, (which is in such general use as to
need no comment,) we would eirougly urge every
latnilv To keep on liaudonc or more boxes ol 'Dr
M"I.ANti. LlV tR l'lLJJ.' '
These Fills are llie uresrrittion of aneminentPhy
sician in MonongahalaC'o Virginia, and were used
hy him in his private practice as a reimtly in IkIUous
complaints, for vear llre be thought of ollering
tliem to the public. .Sich, however, was the euccc?
;o the Fills, and so great the number ol persons Uo
efitwl by them, that the making of ihe quantity reoui
site to unn.ilv the incre'a-iui' demand. U'an to inter
iere materially with the time rcuuired to attend to
l" I I ......I..
nis prae 11 iu)r;Tiii 1111.1 iw u iium- ii'
meiitswi h he house of J. Kiuu&. Co. No. oO Wood
:r.et. ritislnir.r. Fa. to urenare and vend theni
where the genuine may 1 procured at all times and
in any reasonable quantity.
. I hesc Fills are nt recommenueu as a panacea tor
'all the ills that flesh isln ir t,Vbut in ail alh ctions
f the Liver and in all bilious complaints, they etaml
without a rival. All who have ever used them, give
them the ort ferenee over all other Fills, and cannot be
(x-rsiiadcd to exchange those which they hnl extK-ri-
ence to leii.'.andff(!''.forany other.even
iliough they may lie $uir roaleu,vT o drastic as to
go uirouiin ny iiay ugtii. "
Frenared for the nrooriotorbv J. KIDD A: CowlieloS
sale Druggist, No. (.0 Wood Street, l'ittshurgll, Fo. to
whom 1 orOt re Irom a distance must üe lireettu.
Sold also by our Agents and the principal Druggists
throughout the United State and Canada.'
9Cr -N.1J. Purchasers will please le particular an
inquire for "IJr. M'Jmuc' IJvrr 1 'Ult ," as there a rd
tht r Fills iiuniortiiig to be "Liver Fills, nw bo 10
the public. dee'-M-w y
bold V üolesalc Sc Ketoil ny
Alain st. Evansville. Ind.
Ioiitlilym:ietiii. o(i.3.
THIS world has ever been the scene of the firce&t
struggles between Truth and error. No sooner
lots Truth propound an important theory, than er
ror, with its legion ol utiles, t-eeks to arrest its pro
gress. A most illustrious instance of this, was the
opposition made to the. immortal Jt..ER. I lis mas
ter mind was led. under Providence, to the discovery
of Vaccination, by w hich that dreadful tcourge, the
tuudl was rob! ed of its terrors. He lound that
the in titer Irom pustules upon the udder ot a cow cor
mined a principle w hich would produce the almost
livine results tor which he had so patiently and aiu
ouly sought. ti)positon arose.- Interested p-rsoiis
high 111 social rank und protessioual position, ridicul
ed what they dared not deny! They asserted that
many vaccinated persons liecame covered with hair,
and even exhibited horns rand a tail; and that in one
case acliM l ran on all tqurs, bellowing like a bull.
Hut the current was hii turned. The liri'ish Par
liament voted him X"-2i,OOU sterling ($100,1:00,) and
the world sang his praises. ...
The same spirit has come down to our own time.
Even while we write this Bulletin, interested per
sons, jealous of the wonderful eliicncy and success of
. i ne t.rncienberg .ueuicuic s, -
are opposing them. Misguided men! How utterly
iuno-Miie to arrctttli'.ir spread. 1 he moat extruor
tlinury certiheates ate constantly llowing in to the
Company, from all parts of the country; certificates
which have astonished the most, respectable citizens
Many of these testimonials have been fcubmitted to
gentlemen ot great '.itiiiction, who have carefully
examined them to see that they are ukxcinc. Among
these, are the names of the liev. N. Uangs, D.D., ol
the Methodist, Episcopal Church, and Francis Hall,
Esq , editor of the New-York Cmmercial Advertis
er. We finally submitted the whole to The Hon.
Wm. V. licADV, the Mayor of New York, who has
given his certificate, nnuer the Great Seal of the Ci
ty, that they are genuine an J reliable.
With such names, we fear no opposition. Wc are
fortified at every point, and solicit a continuance ol
the unexampled patronage we hare already received
We would earnestly advise,
1st. That in every neighborhood where there i no
Graefenlerg lVpot, immediate steps be taken to have
one. Hy addressing the General Agent of any dis
trict, this can le secured.
l. Families should club together and get on im
mediate supply. ' ,
- d. Emigrant Societies and other philanthropic
bodies should furnish them to the needy.
Of the Grnefenberg Vegetable Fills alone, 30,000
Uixes are sold each ami every week!
Of the Health Bitter, an enormous quantity,
These extraordinary Bitters are sold at twenty-five
cent n paper, and are warranted to make two quarts
of Bitters stitH rior to any in the world. They are
composed of Boots, Barks, Herbs, and Vine?, gather
ed in the vast forests andprariesof America and are
a speedy and certain restorative of weak and debili
tatl con-titntions.
The other Medicine? of the Company are f ;qual
value, and are n? loiiows:
Ihe Graefenlirrg Sarsapanlla Compound, the
Graetenlierg Eye Isdion, the ChiMren's Panacea the
Green Mountain Ointment, the Consumptive's Balm,
the Dvx ntery. Syrup.
fcCrThe General Agent for Indiana is Myrus Sea
ton, to whom appliration foragene es may be addres
sed. m EDWABD BAKTON, Secretary.
rvcw l ork, January, i"iM. -
WM. M. WOOI.SEY, Agent
mayt-tf ' for Evansville.
Ashma, Bronchists. Spittinir BIoinI, Pain in the Side
anu breast, sore throat, Haorsnrss, Palpitation
of the heart, Whooping Coti!'h,Croup,Hivi-sy
Ntrvou- Treniours, I.iver cmplaint, '
Diseased Kidneys, ami Affections
generally of the Throat,
Breast and Lungs. ' '
' Of all the diseises incident to our climate there
none so universal, and at the same time s insidious
and fatal, as Consumption. In tluscountrv esnecial
ly, Pulmonary Cniimpt ion isemphaticatly a scourge
ana in us resisiiess career sweeps over the land as t
Destroying Angl I, laying low, with relentless hand
Ihn strongest and fairest oi our race.' Hitherto all
ebons to arrest this dread disease have proved vain
and all that seemetl within our power was at lcst al
leviation of fculfi ring, reiiJtiring somewhat smoother
the certain progress to the tonih
. The proprietor, in offering this preparation to the
puulic, would mhrace the opportunity to state upon
what grounds it puts forth its merits; and the reasons
upon which it founds its mjierior claims to the atten
tion ot the aillicted, that all who require its use may
repose full confidence in itscurative powers. Since
its first preparation he has had the pleasure of wit
Hessing its happy results in numerous instances; bu
lie was determined not to ollr it to the public unti
he nad lecouie thorouuhl
iihlv convinced ot its efficacy
on, he now confidently offers i
Havimrsuch conviction
a a remedy without n parallel for the cure ofPUL
MONA11Y CONSUMPTION and its kindred dis
I-t the following speak foritself.
"I have usedTnoii.-i.o.'s CoMrof.DSvRrr or Tar
Si. Wt u Na riiTHA, lor sme time in my praclice,and
have tund it the most efficient remedy 1 have ever
used in Consumptive cases, Chrojiw .t nfarrh. etc
wlieu real irritability, with weakness of the imiIiiio-
11.,. ...f : i
nary or"iiu, i-Ait-u. ur i.iwiuiiv i;u which u
acts is really in its tavnr where dyspun-a or oppres
sion exists, when is mediately n-Iicvcd by it."
"In Pulmonary Consumption it can he used with
confidence. bein applicable to every form of thai
disease,au! I consider it a medicine well worthy the
attention of Physicians, and exempt from tho impu-
aiion ofempirnnsrn." M. CHAMCLIiS, M. D.
Philadelphia, Oct. 11th, 1Mb.
tt"7The alivem-diciiies tre:arl only by Axoxcv
et Di ksox, at iN H corner ol Filth niKlSpruee Strrt t?
Philadelphia: S-.d by C. BELL. Evansville.
and respectable dfrnr'sts ceniTally.
I'liCi yU ccu! or 1 per Imtilo Isjware ol intervpii j
iiov l la it
i (Formerly occupied by Johnson Crane.) ,
rr,IIEsubserilerha opened wiihinthclast few days,
JL an extensive and splendid assortment ot :
Foreign and Domestic Dry Goods, IZats, Bonnets, Scots and Shoes,
and 2ancy Hardware,
Which ha vinglH.cn purchased at the lalelarge VeniajUory Amtwn Si7,he flatters himself he can sell at
much less than the usual ptices He is determined to exert himself to make his establishment popular at
well withpurehascrs who are v Loiting the City, as with those who are residing in town, and w ould nispeel
u lv request the attention ot alUo hiSFtock, which he offers tt wholesale and retail upon terms which he
hiiiks will i'''t failjo gjveLe"Üre satisfaction. ; (ap 131 . MOKUIS S. JOHNSON. .
Wholesale Dealers in Foreign and Domestic dry G-oods.
ARE now receiving about fc)Cascs of DIIY G(K1 S, BOOTS, SHOES.. BON NETS, HATS, &c.f
stiitetl for the Spring and Summer trade, which they Olli r altogether at Wholesale, at rematknbly low
prices. If you want to buy Goods clieauer than. you can get them anywhc.e elte, webt of the Mountains
call on us and t c for yourselves. . We have just received
. 100O piecei Fancy i'rinla; . 0 pkrt s I'antnloon StufT; . 1C0 iecc8 Lawn?,
IOO pieces Ginghams; . oOO do Palm Hats; 50 doa Fancy &, titrav Bonnetü
lt0caies echoes & Boots;-And a large variety of small articles, to which wc in vile the attention
of the trade. , . '- ; - r np 8 '
Wholesale dealer in dry Goods, Boots, Shoes, Hats,
: Caps,. Hardware, Cutlery, Leather, &c, &c.
ow wätsr stueet, Tnnu) door above'zäaipt etrees
TO Country 3Ierchant. I take this Tiieth i to inform Merchants visiting this City, that I am in
receipt of one of the lnrs-st and liest assorWil stock ofGootLi ever, brought to this Citv. "Atnnnu
which I enumerate Tick, lvmins, Drills, Stripes, Jane?, Plantation staffs, 0näburgs,' Wickmgs, Wad
dings, Batling!, Cotton Yarns, Vc. " . (- i .7 1 i - ,
My assortment of brown and bleached Cottons is, I believe," the, most complete we6t of the Alleghany
mountains, comprising all the most desirable styles selected from the liest minufactoric. Mv bleached
Cottons are mostly from the I wcll arid Walthain
either foreign or domestid, oller. (I in this market.
avorable to buyers than at any other house in this
may IG
i;3v 1. -ia fed frlmi tT,
Spring and Summer Foreign
"f I "IIICH we are daily receiving from the Lastern
f V lected with creat care atul atcxlrenuly low rates,
with an esiiecial vi.?w to the patrona- ol the
of "LAI
Country Merchants, Dealers, Traders, !tc., who will
to please you in style, extent, and vanly ol Go.mN.
iiri r t A i N' lll.r-l WlliMl lit,' 'i
You are particularly requested on visiting our Citv to call and obtain prices before purchasing,
;nll at the "EXFll rS STORK," corner of Main and Water Street. i
THE proprietor of this celebrated medicine justly claims for It a supeiiority over all other remedies ever
oll'ered t the ub!io for th --af certain, speedy , and pennant nt cure of Ague and Ft vir or Chills
and Fever. lie relers-to tin; whole Western country to !ar him testimony t t!ic assirtion that, in no
case whatever M ill it lau to cure it the directions are strictly lollowed and carrie! out, and with this as
surance he is fully prepared to warrant a eure in ail frnis whatever of Ague and Fever or Chills and Fever
whetar r of short or long standing; nnl all person- selling it are hereby ruit!irivd to return the money to
persons who may have used it ns directed whi n it shall have lairly tailed to cure.
Thi- remedy has now been extensively UM-d throughout the West and Smthwest for the last seven years
. f i ...... . .. .. . . r .
and within that htiiki lias permanently cured vn,tJwu cans, in an its varied lorms, many ot which had
lieen ol Irom one to three years stand ng, and had resitted all the usual remedies known in thu country,
and in no case did this medicine fail where the directions were followed properly. Such is its invariable
success that a larger mimbcr of respectable practitioners of iuedioi:jet iu , varioii iits t the cut.ntry,' u3C
ami )rescrile it in preference to Quinine and all other runielies. ' . - , v j
The public are assured that it is not anly ce'itain in irsetferts a a Tonic, but, beimr compoisHl entirely
r i . ..i::... : i- :.. . :. . ... , ... . r J
ll vegeiaoic mMiriu.-s, is perieeuy iiiiioceiu in unj ease-.-" it cm u:u-iauees, ami may IX." givtll t7 ICIliaics,
infants, and all persons of debilitated and delicate cotiitituiions without thvjcast fear whatever of uiiy un-
pleasant t u ci.
This meJi'.'ine i c:mt;ij.sr;l of trticlesof t.?e prinit
prietor in perwn, after the established forms of pharmacy, (which cannot be snid of the maiiv Tonics now
flooding the Western and Southwestern country,; aod
By its aperient and powerful diaphoretic properties,
superior to quinine ami other remedies as a general
nre proper tone administered. 1 he proprietor, then fore, would respectfully unite practitioners add the
public generally to give it but a fair trial, and they will then be convinced of its great superiority over all
other remedies now in use for the purposes specified.
. Persons lining in districts of country subject to Ague and Fever, ChHlt and Fever, or Bilious I evers
would do well to keep a supply ol thii valuable uuieuy
lie conveniently had. .. .
The proprietor has now in his possession hundreds of
used ll.
, with many letters from merchants who have sold it hu gely in th-'ir country, us well as from many
table praeliiiouers, who have used it in preferemJO to other reniKliis, attesting its value. For the
ction of thos- not aaquaintcd v iih its valuable curative powers the following letters and certificates
are civ en from the many in his inv-scssi m
,Mi-.R?. Wn.s, Pettet. .V. Smi rtt Oentlemen: Tiii author of tins is the meagre subject who pnseuted
himself at your counter, on Friday. thel2.h it.st., midtra complete state of debility from fever und a"ue
ll. ... , I .. o 'i w . .. . i - . , .
i on win rionei iook a 001 ie oi ouiiui s i ome
weak, 1 did not wish to take any medicine until I got
home on Sabbath morning in lime to take two doses
hour (10 o clock, A. .vi.) as ha'd as nsual, nut it J.istrd nut a short time. 1 he lever also kit me a great deal
sooner than iisunl. In the evening I resumed the Tonic, as directed, and only had time to take three clones
until bedtime. Next morning, alter breakfast, 1
had passed, when 1 dro;i:iej it, and was entirely tree
icme to restore a person a red as tue t onic restored
l J . .i : " ...:.i . .: t. : . -1. i. . .
jwiue. i uo uiiiiK, uiiuui jMioii, 11 13 me oesv
Most resi-ectfully,
' 1 -
Messrs. Wilson. PrrrEr, fc S ntm Gentleman: I
more of the Tonic .""yrnj. I am now entirely out. an I
very great. In every instance where it hag been trie !
parcel tor me before this reacuas you, eightor ten dozcii
Respcctfully,-&.c., ' '
Messrs. Wilson, PtTrrr, SiSmitü (cntlemen: You will please send me two dozen Smith's Tonic Sy
rup. I cannot close my letler without informing you that, out of the three dozen of t'ie Tnic Syrup 1
bought of you this last sprinr, I hnvo only two or three ltth-s nw on hand. It is called for almost dai! v
and it has never laild m tin- hrsf instane ol proJncing
cure of chiil and lever or ague and fever that J have
will much oblige your friend. JAM EST. EDMUNDS.
We, ihe umlersigucd, do hereby cheerfully certify that we have sohl Inrgcly of S'mi'.h.s Tonic Syrup in
our neighborhood, and in very many cases have personally sen and know n it used among our customers
and from what we have seen ami I now of its use, do wi'liourhesiüoon, lecotntüend jt to our frk-mls and
tho public geri'TalJy a lli iosi tprtc'v, -riuaii nt. und jnimeeut ren.ly that we have ever s"eii or heard
of iu the euro ol Ajjue and Feu r or Chills and Fever, and we do believe that it will in uo case fail to cure
if the directions are properly followed.
L. F, Chilton, Christian county Ky: J. E. Goodwin, Taylorsviile, Ky; J. Ii. Hamilton, Ilnneock eo.,
Ky: W. E. Sublelt, Clinton. Ky; M. !t J. Helnier, Springville, la; L. I'risbie, Militown, Ia; P. lndrum.
Fulls Rough, Ky; Satuu;l McL'larty. Hardiiisbiirg, Ky;
r e v l.irrett, lirowinviilc, Ky; J. v . larner, Co:irl -
t. isiwiiiin, iiiersvtlie, ivy L. e. l.ow:i a, uo., v
Bell, Liveimore. Kv.
- IVroan-d hy JOHN J. SMITH,
Sdd wh-le.-al? an.l n tail bv
an-? P
A ulhor o;).l Proprlctt
and is constantly receiving directiy Irom New York
Factories, and areeeeidedlvsiinerior to nv otl.pr rncu
With assurance that my terms and prices are more
diy. Very rispecttully,
and Domestic Dry Goods,
Markets. Manufacturers. r. Our stock has Ih h sc
uuler the most favorublo circumstances, (with Ihe
r.vansville 1 rade, and as we have adopted the motto
wuliav e Ha hesitation in pledging ourselves to City ami
!o kind enough to call iiud m us, not only to be able!
but al.-o IO Oil Lli OUM.Cll BARGAINS AS
IM 1 1" I" l.'YTto V 'T'i DMV i tll'l iL' i 1 1 l?o
.. .
and pure-t quality, and is always made ly the pro
in this rtsjt ct alone is rendered greatly superior to
adhl to its tonic ouali'ties. it is rendered eminently
and popular Tonic in all eases whatever wh-re Tonics
always un hand, especially it medical iij cannot
! . .
certificates of iL value, given by persons whhave
Ci.ci..vati, July 20, 1S-I I.
) rup, ni our earnest solicitation, ana, iHmg so very
home when I could r'Ci ive proper attention. 1 got
Ik lore my shake came on. It came on at its usual
rontinu f taking it until the hour of ague and fever
Irom l Iii disease. 1 did not think it possible lor rued-
me. l he greatest diliiculty now is to gov ern mv au-
r . . i ' 0 ' '
meujciue a ever 100&.
" ; E. (J. MAGLTRE.
Paris. Tennessee. Sentcinhpr 1 1 . ixjn
wrote you. fuur days ago, reijuestin you t send me
have borrowed twodozti. The leniiiid for it is
it has ell -cted n cure. It you have not stirtcd the
out will not bo too much tosend.
Mourn Saxky, Tennessee. August 21. 1st:.
an eliectual eure. It is the best medicine for the
ever teen, i our early attention to the above order
(.a!nm &, llaworth. Bowling Green, Ky; h'ound-
town, la; I -rry ( iaithvr, 3Iiiiiroe eountv, la; W
(aithvr, .VI. in rot eountv, la; W
.M. Pliclp, Lc.iveiiworth,' la; IL T.
cd l oint, uy; j
- .r, Kouwvilh-, Ky.
C. BELL. Druggist, Main ft., Evansville,
To whom all old. r will !e addresed.
J t f -t "v", .1
..irauaiir n t tj to n
i -?n Tk hub
Dr. . ToAvnsend'H Compound titract.
i ins extract is nui up in auari notties it is six
nines crieajier, pleasanter,aiia warranted t-upertor to
any sold. It cures iliseaecs without vomiting, pur-
inijr, . sickening or delilitatin thc natient. and is
lartirularlv adaptedlor a
The rreat beauty nndfcunctiority of this isrsana
rilla overall other remedies is, while it erodicatesdis
ease.it vigorates the body. Consumption cured
Cleanse and stremithen Cunsumntion can 'be
cured Bronchitis, consumption, liver complaint.
colds, coii":hi',catarih, asthma, spntins ol blood. sore
ness in the chest," hectic flush, night sweats, difficult
orpro.nse expectorntiou and pain in the side, &c,
:iave and can be cured. -
Probably there never was a remedy that has been
so successful in desperate case.of coiiseraptionas this;
it cleans and streiuithens tho system,' and -apinars
io neat tue ulcere on tnc lungs, ana tne patients gratf.
ually regains their usual health and strength. f
turiocs cvsc or coxscmi-tios.
Tliere is scarcely a day passes but there area mini-
er ol cases ol Com umption reported as cured by the
useoiur. lownsenu s tarsoparilla. 1 he following
was recently rcceivi'd. '. ' "
Uu. 1 ow.vslxd JJtar 2tr: l or the last three years
have been aillicted witlmcneral debility, and ner
vous consumption ot the last stage, and did not ex
wet to ever oain my health at all.' Alter cointr
lrtougn a course oi nieoicine unticr the care ot some
of the most distinguished regular physicians and
memlers of the Board ot Health in New York, and
elsewhere, an 1 spending the most of my earnings in
attempting to regain my iicaitn, and alter reading m
some paper of your Sarsaparilla I resolved to try it.
Alter using six bottles l lound it done me great good
ana caned to see you at your otiice, with your d
vice I kepi on, and do most heartily thank you for
yonr advice. 1 persevere in taking the Saniannrilla,
and hjve been able to attend Io my usual lubors for
the last three months, and 1 hope by the blc-ssing of
'Jod and your Sarsaparilla to continue mv health.
helped mc beyond ihccxncctationsof all that knew
my case. - CHARLES QU1MBY
Orange, Essex Co.N. J.. Aur. 2. 1S47.
State of New Jersey. Essex County, ps. Charles
Ujuiuiby being sworn according to law, on hi oatl
saith, that the foregoing statement is true accordiii"
to the bett ot hu knowledge and be! iet.
Sworn and subeciitied to U-fore me at Orange, the
Jd Aug. 1S17. U Klo BALDW IN, Justice
' -" " - - Oi" the Peace
KCnd tne lotiowiiig and say mat consumption ts
incurable if you can.
. ' New York. Anril 25 1347.
Mr. Towxscxd: I varily Im licve thai your Sarsap-
anlla has leen ihe mean., through Providence,' ol
saving my life. 1 have for several years had a bad
cough. It became worse and worse. ' At last I rtis-
ed large quantities of blood, had night sweats, ami
was irately ucpiUtMed and reluced, und Out not ex
pect to live. T have only used your Sars-j.parilla but
a short time, and there lias a wouucrlul chance. ban
wrought on me. 1 am now able to walk all over the
city. 1 raise no buxxl, and my couuh has left iiew-r
l ou can well imagine that I am thankful for these
results. Your vbeilif nt servant, " ;
W.ir. Bussei.l, C5Cathaiinett.
The annexed certificate tells u simile and truthful
story of suffering ami relief. There are thousands
of siniilarcasesin this city and Brooklyn, ami et
ihereare thousands ol parents who let their children die
tor lear ol ueing huinuugged or to save a tew shili
ngf. r BnooKLY.v,-Sept 13, If 17.
Dr. Tow.vsexd: 1 take nleasure in staiimj. for the
lenefit of those whom it may concern, that my
daughter, two years and six months old, was aillic
ted with general debility and loss of speech. She-
was given up as past recovery by our family physi
cian; but fortunately 1 was recommended by a trietid
to try your rarsapsnlla. Before having used one
bottle she recovered her speechand was enabled to
walk alone, to the astonishment of all who were ac
uainted with the circumstance. She is now quite
well and in much Utter health than she has been tot
12$ York st. Brooklyn. ;
v cry few famil its indeed in fact we have
heard of one that used Dr. Towiisend'sSarsapatilla
in time lost any children the oast Summer, while
those that did not sicken d and died. Thecertificate
I we publish below is conclusive evidence nf in valu.
land is only anotherinstancc of its saving the jives o
children: . "
Du. Tov.vse.d Ihnr Sin 1 had two children cur
I.Jl .. .. . . numuui Ii uu
by your Sartauanlla of the summer coiunlnmt :im!
(Usi-ntery; one was only 15 Inonths old und the oth
ie'3 years. They were very much reduced, and iew
expected they would die; they weregiven up by tw
respectable physicians. When the doctor informed
is that we must lose them; we resolved to try your
jars', pan I la we hail heard so much of, but had little
con tide nee; there ixing so much Mull advertised that
is worihlcss; buf we are very thankful that we did,
lor it, tinnoubtedlv saved the lives of both I write
ibis that others mav lie induced to t'seit.
; ours, respectfully, - JOHN WilJSOX, Jr,
i Myrtle avenue, Brooklyn, Sept." 15, 1347. - .- - ' i
James Cummin?.-. hsi. one of the .-Wwfftnt
the Lunatic Asylum, Blackwell's Island, is the -eu-tleman
poketi of in the following letter: '
! This is only one ol more than four thousand ca. cs
uf rhe
uiiiatism tbot Dr.,Iownsond's Sarsaparilla has
The most severe and chron 1C rai nrti U (. Ie K'
. radicated by its extraordinary virtues: '. . '
, Blacku eu 'blsia.ND, Sept: 11, 1347.
DR. 1 ow..e.D-. I have Stiller! terrihlv. lor
Vt ars with the rlieuaiaiisin; considerable of the time
1 -could not eat, sleep or work; I had the most dis.
tressing pains, and my i(,i Wer terribly twollrn.
I have Used four bot lesol vuurSsrinti!l'.i n.t
have done me more ll:an one tboiiniul l.dl,.i -.r,I.
1 m 'II ll 3 n VI 111
god-1 am so much Unter. Indeed, I am entire
ly relieved. ou art utlihertv to n ... tl.; r..r i i
eui oi mc amictcu.
Yours, respectfully.
COULD X'fi'l w.l v
Thnt Dr. Towns-end's Sar.anarilla is the wre 1,1 1
yuieoy tor n-maie complaints there is no disnut :jl
i.. t- i- . . j . i -
iiiousands and thousands of weak nu.l .!.1.;iiT.,iol
cm ales that were prostrated bv th.i.i m
which females are subject were soon in tli eniov
iiHiitt.f robust health. New YoRv Si n iri:
Dk. 'I'ow.vsi xp: .AI y wife has for ihe hist year been I
very sick, and in a greatly reduced state of health ! I
ing reduced iy a vanety ot complaints such as fe
males are liable to; she got so bad at length that she
U'u nntirt f.'iirw. I.T.....1I. I i
a child, sh: couuueii.'ed using your Sarsaparilla, and
she immediately began to regain her strength, her
complaints hither, und after taking several' tattles
..iiunwj uiidim iu dih, aim was ns ueiiiless n
sue is restored. Lein' a singular case I h-iv. tl,r.,,l,,
itniightdo gooil to publish it. She used a number
ot remedies that done her no good previously
lours.resjicctlLlly, JOHN MULLEN,
UK. lOW.NShXD SOARfcAPARlLLA in ll sti.voriMrm ...I
speeuy cure lor lncipumt cousuuiptii
general prostration of the system no
.... V ' la, II UIIU
inci(i;nt consumption, and frtr the I
fvniil ll 1 1 vi I
matter whether P
tne result oi inherent causor causes, produced bv ir
Noihing can be more surprising than its invigora
ting etlecui on the he man trains. n . l
ness and lassitude, from taking it at once become ro
bust and full of energy under its influence. It imme
diately counteracts the ncrvebssness of il
trame. which ia the rreat cause oilmrronr.MSj
It will not 1 etpct'ied of us, in cases of so delicate I
a nature, toexhibil ct rtifieates of cures pe rform, d, hut
we can assure the r.lllicted that l:i;ir.,lo r
. . ---- . vij i . i tan;
nave lx-en reported lobs. ... .
Da. TowxsEXD: Mv wife lw in rf.i!
ry weakness and general debility, and suilei jnr con
tinually by pain and with other difficulties, ami hav-
ug known. cases where vour inedi. lne hns ..('.m..I
great cures; and aIo luiniiü it r-ouiiir iidl f..r . h
cases as 1 liave descuhti .I obtained a L.tiU if v ni r I
Extract of Sarsaparilla and fdlowed ihe directions I
yon rave me. 1 a short neru! it rcumv,.) I
plaints and restored l.er to health. Being urateful for Maiden Lane, New York. Sold wholesale and re
ihe benefits die rert ived, I take pleasure in thus nc tail, bv J. WRIGHT, General Agent for the Souti
kiwwlciliriiij it. nnd recoiiinicnoitiir it to il,t inli!L- LnW Wol. 131 !lirirr- street. New Orleans.
.M. D. .MOOR E. cor. ol Grand and Lcdiintv I
Albany, A.er. 17. MM
I his Extract ol Sarsaparilla has U n txnres
epart-l in referenoceto female eomnlni
IIB I f llt( ilUlt
male who has n-ason to tuppose she is aruroachm
thatcriticjil ,ri(xl. "the turn of life - sh3 f ES
to take it,.aa it is a certain preventive tor . ..v.i.
numerous and horrible diseases to which females arc
sunjee t at this tune ot lite. '1 his period may be de"
laved lor several yiara by using thisemetücine. Nor
is it less valuable tor those who are approachin wo
manhood, it is calculated to assist nir. , J! .
ening the bld and invigorating the systemf Indctd
wnnoiurtuic nit i ne uisca
ll braces the whole sybtem, renews permanenUv tha
natural energies- by remov ing the im7,Uritkof Si
Ijtrfy-noi so lar stimulating th Msten. u t D!
duco a suliuent relaxation, Mhicfi is the case f
llll)sl llll .hrmoo i.L r... I... I ! , -lSC Ot
.......v.w..aU11, jinia.- weahness and A..
,t : .i a . . - : -. . . . DROI-SY. . - AP.
. . Nlw York July iair "'"
D R. Towxsex T-l)i ar Sir : Mywile hnVli?! r
flicted with a terrible rarilr tt;
the greater pan of the time. She WliuS
wnhshonm ss of breath & great flut terinTof the he
which has b very distressing, ,nd fea rreeuentll
been uuablc to leave her bed. 'Fbe niptureTTev
large and severe. She tried almost evay mnuly 2
mx& eases with tut little benefx WbS,a!
ken bat three Iwttles ol your excellent medicine she
was entirely relieved of tho disease of the heart and'
the rupture has almost entirely disappeared.- , '
n Vi haia , drtP' nd was very much
hted , nsshehad?uch a complication of diseases '
But it has, as strange as itway '.n,Wf' rcIievedS
1 droi?-f- 1 tM "wa lhi statement is ao '
- Ö ., "-""OH. 11 IS1
. our fcarsapardla is certainly a valu
?, and thould he used by every one that '
r we have been. If any dsJlev . T."
able medicine
bsullerins as
ci.ount, in
rount tneyareatlirty to call it my house and
ive ocular demons t ration. Yours, resiicthi II - t
, ! , , WILUAM TO&fiXl r
" ,J ''' " DYSPEPSU ; ' :
No mtid or medicine has ever been oiscovered'
which so nearly rewinb fa the gtstrlc juice or lwl
m decomposing food and fctrei;2tbcrinS iheonWot ,
digestion tu Uns preparation ol 5aisapiirilla It noa
or chSc eVVry Ca$e PyIK-ptia. however JCer . 4
n AXK DEfARTMüT, ALBAxr,Mav 10, 1813, !
De. 1 ovuvscxp -6ir : I have been afHicted for t- 1
eral years with ppvpn in its worst ton, attended
with sourness ol btomaeh, loss of aptHiüte, extrcma
heartburn, and a great aversion to all kinds of food
and tor weeks (what 1 could eat) 1 have been unabl '
to retain but a small portion on mystomaeh. 1 tried
the usual remedies, but tiievlmd little or no effect in .f
removing : the complaint. .1 was induced, about two
months since, to try your extract of Sarsoparilla, and '
1 must say with little confidence: but after usin-
nearly two bottles, Hound my ap,,etMe restored and ?
the heartburn entirely removed; and 1 would earnest :
ly recommend the use of it to tltose who have been
aillicted as 1 have been. Yours, &c
v n p i V. W. VAN ZANDT.
IS. B. 1 urcliase none but such as have wrappera '
that hide the botilt. completely,' and Lave the written
signature of si. F. TOW NbEND. - '
Principal cfiice , 12öFulton-fct,Sua Cuildin N. y v
4-ÄüS Co,8tate-fct 1WS D,(lt &
LU Not hecoud-st, I'hiladeIphin;S.S. Dance, iw
uist, Baltimore; Diirol ! & Co Hit hmond; P. M C.
hen. a.arteston Wright & C, 131 Chartres-st. N :
(.; Ko.uth Feorl-st, Albany; IL Van Buskirk,W2
comer of Market and Broad sis, Newark. N. J., and .
by principal Druyitt na Merchants generally thro
out the L mted stale?, West Indie, and the Canada ,
KSa!c by - - ALLLN C. IIALIjDCK.
,,' l Druggist Main. St, F.i ansville. Ind.
-V lo is a pjoi 11 uu by tle. propiit ior, AVtMilesala
Azeut. with auihoiity mail at Manufacturer' prices
For Sale al.-o by BICH ARD B. JIALLCCK.
. , . . . , Druggist Princeton. Ind.
march l?-dvlw ly 4 .
-eaST :
ALLIS A: HOWLS, i:aiiKvillr, In.
TU Oldest Tta Ealablhlvunt ia America
THE Canton Tea Company has hetu popularly .
known for many years. This i.i the Surest and
oldest Tea Establishnu nt in Atm tiea. '1 he puhli
have had lull proot id ti.eic integrity and rt-?pomi
tulity. But such hue lin n thereat and piessingde
maitd for their Teas of late, that tht y hnte Ut aobli- )
ged to enlarge, to a great ei tent,' tin ir two principla
estiiblL-liinentsiii New Yoik. viz: ;
123 Chathum & 1C3 Greenwich Sttetts.
They moreover nossess fa iiilies, in huini. t.iil?
not I Tea trade, iaa Very abundant det-iee. and h.tdith- '
superior to any oilier. Tea. Comim in Atnciica.
I Their scrupulous r card to all iniiicitd ilmt i n.l
I to elevate the character of a latre hou.-e. is well n- v
derstiKKi, and has alnady proeun d tUm a coniiec
liill. lirnlint.il- lurimr tiuii II r. a t..l.1 ;L 1.-
I ments unittU. and thev troiiseouentlr an cfeterniiiied :
- 1 to sell tea- purer, more fragrant. and Perfect for the
i " uiii,iiiuii iiiiBium, auu ieiiioi mv
I price, in the aLr'r iaie. tlian any house in ilic world
j China cxceted. . -
I They most zealously iuvitethe attention of the in-
J habitants of this city and surrounding country to
tlir ngencyMi ssrs. Amjj & Hewis', wheteth
Hollowing assortment? arc always on hand; and they
leei no hesitation in statin.1, that wh
herever a sinula
trial is made, a eryd cidcd preference-is given t
tl celebrated leas ot tueCaniou J ea Company.
fKrlieader m::kc the Ciix rinient.
luiait priccg us JoUutt, subject in 11 catrt to br re
: lurtitJ if not cfiirovid of.
' .'KEENS. .
(jood loung Hyson .-$.0 50 f
i'iiie . . do
0 62
No 2 fingranf
No 2 very line
Silver Ix.af,
(ooil Hyson
Very ri ne do
0 75
Extra fragrant '
tlood Dyson skin
(Jood lxiiiicrial
4 f
Wry fine do
Extra line do'-
Good Gunpowder.
rine do
Extra fine do
No 1 Souchong
0 50
P 75 -
0 50-
0 75
1 00
No 2 do
Finest do
Fragrant Powehong, various prices
Congo, various prices ().-.- ' '
FineTt lolon
T nne
Extra fiuo do ' ' i
Ningyong, various prices . '
Finest Engli?ii Breakfast Tea. (very rich
Pekoe flavorV
0 75
0 62
1 CO
Fine Orange Pekoe y
Finest Pekoe Fl wer'
I f .titwm. Ii .c t l:ti.1r rl'ft ri i 'j rf 1
I 40
.. i .1 i .. w i ri I. ..r -ll
ve puis uiira i caif, uhu onvii auu imih hj
descriptins, tlie highest grades grown inChina, I,5U
ner nouuil. ... - , i r t .- . .
TAKE yOTlCEThclCauton Tea Company ; t
are ihe exclusive veiidTs of the superior ' Black Tea "
called "Jlovyuu's Mixture."-: They introduced it
in America in 1S40 and every other person or house .
professing to sell the same at all much less ct a low fJ
er price deceive the unwary, as the public them- ,
selves will percieve, by comparing the spurious with
the genuine "IlowquaV vended by ihe Canton lea j
Company. ,,. . .
Kv.tv nnrta?e im addition to its containing mil .
- - . F er : ... . . . i .
w, iht, independent ot tlie wrapper,) war tne stamp u
neatness and elegance, anu tue i eas, u-. em i. ,
so thoronghly secured irom ngm. aim mi, umi tun
oualiiy and power will n main unimpaired in any cli
mate, my 16J 4 ALL1S& HOWES, Agents.
WINKlt'S Canadinn Vermifuge The Lest 1
remedy wer yet discovered for all kinda of.'-t
p vis It n.o iiilv d strovs Worms and invifo-
rates the whol'-pysfem, but it dissolves and carries oil
i!... ,nw:diundant shine or mucus, so nrevalent in
ihe stuiach and lowels of children, more especially
those in had health. "The mucus lornis the bed or
nest in which worms prwlwe their young, and byre-'
inovcin it, it is impossible for wonns to remain in the :
hinly. It is harmless in its t fleets on the s ystem.aml
the health of the patients is always iniprove.1 by it
use, '
rrn when no worms are disc oveic!: tn cmea-
ntn A hi inT 11.'. latab e. no child will refuso t tak3 1
not even the most d lieate.
rfi-Pwnarrtl hv Jl )HN WINER V CO.. o. 83
ft-V-Onlr A-ftit5 in Evansville,
rv L'Vl v " A LLIS vt HO WES.

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