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NO. 112
av if. r:lIAXILi:il Sc Co., Publisher.',
lor twelve lines, tirat iaenioii. 50 ccnti
For each ai htional insertion, rJ tt,a;
Fur twelve liaes per annum to Daily or W ec.ly p;-p;t
changeable, "
For same amount i:i uh pn.-rs,
For one-foartn column Daily or weekly -u
do lo---- in both papers, -J
O K-?- ...ö.mn Of WCtlvIV 'J lV
. i . l..tl. nao rs w
For Car h of six lines an 1 unJor ; "" "
The privilege of annual adversers is limited to
tlpir immediate business, e.,"1.
oftca as one? a wceK ;
ana au iwui um
tu-r .it" other persons.
. ll us u Ivznl aavtr
sales sent j
.: ... lo.-tispnivnH o! ave!in
uv.-iii'ui3, - ... ., ...l ......
in by them, mnst I paw . ,. '
W r.';irt'4.
4 re-oluti m, or uroci-cuuia "j i.
nnrsii.vi. soietv. a-sochtion, or public me
.'eun:r. ana ,
H-jcomnrinicationdteUncl t; call attention to any
matter of limited or iadivi lu:tl unci t, cau be tastr
ted unless pail for as an ndvertUiuetit. t
NoaJvcrtinuiit c;i-.i Ui indued gratuitou.y for
caaritablc or other societies,ublic ittstitutior. or com
panies. ... . CA
A"rvem?nH will hctnukat !?Vr Wf K a1;
vertiemenu iui.rtel betbre "marriitff and death-,
but ALL ADVERnsE.'iEsrs that exceed tlic lumts tn-a,;-
J, w ill hi counted and charged for
M. C. COOK, M. D.
O.Uce Corner of .Hain und Tine Streets,
?. DOCT. Ct yJM tenders his acknowledge
t nF-nicnts t j hi- mi. ncroas patrons lor th con-
ti lence ro,i scJ ia Iii- siu.i anu an
tSs i:n?ortint an! critical vlepartment ol the
f ion, to which he cmtiaiips to dcv.ite hi al
viz: tho diseases of th-; KYK and KAit.
tilence rp,i scd ia hn ski'l and abi.ny. m
devoted ta- asttitteen yenrJto tne .-tu.iy an l prac
tice i t t!.i branch of mo.tica pcifntt, he K U nssur
ci that in cwn thtr in st in cterale csm.-.' he caa ac
... aIwIi - Twrmniant a;id sate core. Iii eucce
l.'rf..i:rA warra.iu tili i de of cjnfi Uncc in any
that inav heyresentt.l.
IVrsom who are tir.for- i
tut -it-Iv i '.I.i-toJ WITH di-"e i. r.iit r
th i: are invited to cnll and ?-tk re'.iet
ap 11 d.Vwly.
i. DANfoam h.VIüCnI
J. DAM'OllTII & fU).
fo'reign and domestic
No. 111 3lain SI. Louisville, Ky. tm21
Mrs n - v Visus it '.RS,
No. 50T U:un Street, Louisville, Ky.
(Ntxr yooii ro tut ba:k vi ui is villi.)
aJf B rON'r.T YNTLY on hand, djuMe and
.-iiigle Action Harps, Aln.-ical lastru
inunts ut every description, Italian
Strings. .Mtoie pubiiaheU v cr:üy -.uusic uouuu n
the lro:i4-t taaanor.
r'ua" Frt repaired and tuned to Wt, an I e-c-oi
l hau l r.iti J piirchaM-d, old, ut exchanged.
Smu. i.r a j.i. i lea Wilt .UU. iC ui a iii.-eiai uis-
... .ii i ..
m ir . iy
J II. .iiA4iiii:n A CO.,
Aiienls of the
nnitiitsniR minimi AN) MANUFACTURING
UJl'l'IIWU'l ....... .
UAVt ju-t rweivol
öOOJdot. Cation arn,
Wnich th-y ire a-Jth niil t -ll at Louivnlo prices
alali tinij-. duri.i the seasoa.
I hes Yams are of an excellent quality, and supe
rior triiM ofdio i'itubarg Brands. Hease call and
xami i! thoin. a? 0
cjixcixTi'Ti at iio.j a::::
S O A 1 AN O V V N ü L i: 31 V N U l'ACTO It .
i T VTlil'AV M IXNCIINCY i Co., would res
1M. vi'cild'dy i iiorm the i itizensot Kvansvüle, and
the p.ibli;: -.-aerallv, that they have establialied a
Soa and tfini'.e Minulaciory. oa Division htreet,
between - I and J 1, at the old stand of Wilks Iteagen,
where tluy iaten 1 to kejp always on hand a supply
of Soap and Can lies, of the be.-t paality, which they
intend to sell at Cincinnati prices. Tlei highest mar
kiaJs ccs will be paid for tailow and grease ol all
i'eb l-irn.
Jrv)i)ivsitet!i-; Washington Hall, 5lh street, be
tween Main an I Market. mar 21 y
ffS INIMANA 1I.VLL -Kr A. Haabold.
fc'ti'l This Hotel i situated at t'ni fo.Jt ol Division
m V,treL-t. o.ifita tlv? steamh oat landing. Char
ges mo lerateaiil accommodations excellent, tny
rpAYLt)it Si. IIARVKY, Commission and lor
1 warding Jdrrrkantt, Water st., F.vansville, Indi-
llave also a large, new wharl-ioal w here tn-y
will receive and store treight free of drayae. ap2J
A TTORN LYS AT LA W,bLcctssi cs ro Battell
j. t I:wLE, Gtnrral Culhctwn and Real instate
l ..n PiHf atrrt. b'loW .Main.
II. J. WntELtE, Notary Public, foe 9 tf
01IT JC.I AN'DLCL Attorney at Law Otlic
o i st. boa l-un anl Sycamore. api
BAKEKÄ. O MtVIN, Attvrreii at Lic, hvans
ville, Ia. Odice in the Court llou-e. sepj 4G.
J ll
AMK Ji)NES, Athrnj
ut L
Oirice on
irst street, below Maui
J,VMCIi. HARPER, Attorney at Law. otlice
I )i l?t street above nnia. ijy
- . i ,
r DR. JOIIX T. WALKi:il.
iJIIYSICIAN AND r-'U liG EON. Odice on Main
Street, letweeii Second ami Third, and nearly
opposite thfl Clerk's otüce, where he may at all times
be fojnd unl-r! absent on professional business.
dec 2-i, 47-t f
MCDICAL.-GEO. B. WALK Ell, Musician
and Sargten, Onicc oa Frst street between
Lx',it arid Walnut, ia the Olli lorm-rly occupied
by Da. Traftoa an 1 Weover. S 10
Surgeon. Firtst.,alove Main, Evansville. ap'Ju
OOLSEY Sc NEISON,coiiMJiVn Merchants
A uctinneers, .M ain, 21 door Ironi Second st. a'
.M HOLDEN, Tailor, Main street, over James
Scantlia vtS.)n's Stove store. ap 2-lly.
BRAUT Jt MATHEWS. Tailors, shopon theeast
ide of Main st.,one door from the coruerof First.
O'NEIL, FashionuK'c Tailor, First fct , abov
Main near the Sherwood House. apUly
EATON & UL' tlCi. House Carp ntersand Joiners.)
2d treel bet ween Sycurnore and Vine apv3dy j
1 odiico Dealers ti. Commission rIh'ts
So, 1'. l'rout Street, St. Louis.
SarnrnHannah i Co;::!::: j Evansvillo
Beckwtth.t Dryer, )g . . t S.W. Ball,
Mellon & English,! Jjnu,s- ill Whitmore
oct2G-yJ Mathews fit Patch.
ETER SCOTT, Painter, Exchange Hotel.
jy worn
I '.-1
HASnow i:i st-.e audduiiy receiving hi- Spring
iuip!y Urng Medicines, ,1'amU, U t'f. My
Stujfs, Sim-r. Ni', J'trjituitry, Windt.w Glass,
Glassware, Varnish, I'aintund Varnish lirushts, $-r.
4-c. My stock is one of the largest ami most com
plete ever before u til red In tin market, comprising
ulino&t every urtkle in my line, selected by inyscll
with great care in regard to the best qualities, and
purchased directly from fir.-t hands and on the best
terms, by which means 1 am enabled to sell at ns low
a rate as nur other House in this part of the country.
! Dealers nre respestfully reouesttd to call and examine
my stock More purchasing elsewhere, and those who
cannot do so, by sendin! tti ir orders .shall have them
attended to as t.ronmtiv and at rules a low ai if here
r '
.My block conntü, in part, of the fallowing.
.U0 Z JSiilp yiaiUUe;
75 U2 Ii;hne;
loo oz lly'tt 1'otapfO,
N oz IV peri tie;
LI i .a F ItnrLPrrrin't:
150 lbs Chrome Vellow;
10 LIU Tauiu rs' Oil;
5 da Linseed do;
do pure Castor Oil;
do spirits Turpen
tine; do Copal Varnish;
do Alcohol;
do Copperas:
do Alum;
boxes üottlca and
Vials; .
do Window G! a??;
H3'J Vos lium AIms; ?
3ÖÜ do Asdufctfcio; (
250 do I'idvKhuharb;
'."0 do do Ja!n,R; )
I j bid. ulhur;
5 do Urim-tone;
S00 Um Soll Indigo;
1JU) do fine Matlder;
Ät) do Mutmrgs;
00 do CIove?;
100 mats Cinnaraon;
LMO lis Cahbiia-ti
500 do Cteam Tartar;
10 Lbbsu. Whiting;
10 do do llrown;
10 do V. lied;
1 00 I'os Chrome (Irecn;
100 do I'ari Ureeii;
5 Carboy Oil Vitriol;
G do Nitric & Mu
riatic Acic;
(1500 lls Salneratus;
(1000 do lied Load;
IJOO do Litharge;
() 10 box-A James' liivcr
) Tobacco;
150 kegs White Lead.
Ftnlhers. and Dcswnx ta
ff5 (2 i nt4 n g , War seed.
ken at the hiühtf-t market t rue in (xchuiiire tor 0
goods fold, or in payment ot Ubts due me.
I U.. All oersnns unlbteil to Ine nrm ol o.&t
n !l will please settle up as soon as pofsib'.e, either
Ly note orih'rwhe, as t!e firm Ins been dissolved
sinio the 'JJdof Auirust la.t.
jia2i,'46-tf. CRAWFORD DELL.
diii'cs and 3xi:oicixi:s. fh
IJ A LLLIN C. 1 1 ALLOC K, Druggist andfj
i i H'lnnncuii, w ouiu can ine aiiemion yi
! Ul.th,' ftt'non f Pi-misvillp und rind ndioinini
j towns to his complete assortment of l)ntgsMl'di('ine.s
tChenucals, Ui'.s, Uvcstulls. &c, &c, A.C. All ol
which nre carHulIy selected and received tresh trorn
the Lastern Markets. l'hvirians and merchants
may depend upon their orders bt ina oromntly attend
ed to and the genuine article always delivered, on
terms wholesale mid retail as la vor able as the same
niantity and quality can be purchased at any I'lace
A full a.-ortnient of llotanic Medicines, Roots,
Barks, Herbs, Lxtracts, I'owdtrs, Äc, (repared and
lit up by the linkers.
Hullock's spperior cold drawn No. 1 Castor Oil,
.nanutactured at Mt. Cart'n 1, Illinois.
A larce assortment of l'attent and Family Medi
eines, Essence's, Huir Oil's, Perfumery, Soaps, and
I aney articles Cologne, Bay and Kose Water, allof
the iK-'tt (juaütiis r-H-idlitze anu.oda 1 owucrs, care
fully put up and of full weight.
Copal Varnish at $"J Wa'Z 23, and SI 75 per gal
Sujerior Pale French Brandy, P. II. Goddard & CoV
Brand, warranted pure, for medical purposes ouly.
llallock's WorniCandv. a safe and pleasant nud-
-ine todetrv worms in children and iniproe their
their ciuTal health;
Hadock'a Cou'ih Candy comV)scd ofllorehound
Uoncsei, tvc. tor II kituls otcaunh.
also on sali:.
At the proprietors prices
Dr. Wo.kl's .Sarsaparilla and Wild Cherry Citters
See advertisement.
Dr. Uphaui's Vegi tabic Pile EIectuaryScc adver
v liner s cujar uoateu eg. .nit-r ever mis see
Dr. VanZandt's Health Restorative Ve. Pills See
Dr. r olger's Olosaonion,or all Healing Dalsom See
Dr. Peter's Vegetable Pills, Worm and Cough Loz
Dr. Lc Roy's Universal Vegetable Pills, composed
of Sarsapardla and Wild Cherry.
Dr. Porter Poor man's Curative Sugar Coated
I ill, at lOcen'.sptr tajc.
Dr. Porter's Poor Man's btiensthmnir l lastcr, at
10 cents a piece.
iianies' 'i'ooth-Atlic Drops, warranted to cure in all
Ovcrst reefs genuine Linament.and Doctor Beach V
Family l'ill.
Dr. Grave's Anti-Ftvcr and Fever and Ague Pills,
" Cholera Infantum and Bowel com
plaint Pill.
Dr. Graves Patn Lxtractor, for burns, scalds swel
ins, Kheuiiiatic Pains, &c,, warranted toiiiveiu
junl relict in all cases.
.Nerve and bone Linament, highly celebrated for its
curative powers
At the .Sew Drug Store; Maia strett opposite Re
tnent i. Viele. jylO tf .
THE subscriber has just received the
agency lor this City and surrounding
country, with a supply ot his
Abdominal Supporters;
Shoulder Braces;
Inbalein Tubes;
Also his bonk of six lectures on the uses of the Lunjts
causes, prevention and cure of Pulmonary Consump
ii-n, diseases ol tne lieart, and inn true inoue oi pre
serving hcata and prolonging lite.
.Main st. near Vater.
t flfh HIIDSNew Orleans Sugar.
AwtF 2iK) Bags Rio cotlee
250 Bbls Molasses;
n store and for sale by A LLIS &. HOWES,
api Water st
0X Bales hemp Packen Yarn,
IS doz. do No 1 Peadcords,
37 lbs. Cotton Twine,
1 box Indigo.
1 bbl. Madder,
1 do Salaratus,
1 do Allum,
10 bags Lazuara Coflce,
20 ke;3 Noils.
For sale by
aa 1 0. VENNEMAN, & CO
. T,?rv
UMS' Erg"'"' Wtdnctday Vackel.
Jtr THE elegant, fast-running steamer
AT L.ANTIS, S. S. Paxo.n, Master, will leave Evans
vide tor the above and intermediate landings evtrv
Wednesday, at 8 o'clock A. M.
For freight or passage apply on tKiaidorto HA
rimjtoN, CRANE &. O'RILEY. jy K
A FULL and very desirable assortment of 'Mour
ning dress Goods, superfine Bom!!i.iiios, Silk
Var;i, Alpacas, (.-ume very line) Alpaca Lustres,
upcriine black, plain and figured beiuges, black
Lawns i.e., now open and for sale low by
CASUS Boon and Shoes.
Just received and for sale ot wholesale by
my C) J. II. MACH EE & CO.
nisi: & ?ia::iae i.sukaacc.
tIf there V bafety only in good security tn
order tv hi secure ce mast be safely Insured.''
i IILN we hear of our friends loosing their prop-
erty by lire,or that the vessel on w Inch they have
made shipment of Produce or Merchandize is lost, the
first question weask U 'were you insured?' Now if we
feel such an interest in the welfare ot our friends, how
can any one risk the dangers that are continually sur
rounding his own property withou being able al any
lime to answer the question if put to himself, "Yes
1 am Insured."
The Cntnden Insurance Company of New
Jersey, well make insurance on Buildings, House
hold furniture and Merchandize of all kinds also
ULtonthbineiit of Produce and Mercandize, on boad
of Steam Boats, Sailing Vessels, Canal, Keel and
lint Boat.-, at a lair valuation and at reaMnal lo rates
ot Premium, ami, in case otlos, as soon as the claim
can le properly adjusted pay over the same.
Olhce on Mam tt., neur v ater,
mar 9 Lvasville, la.
rj JNO. M. API respt'ctfully informs thefijp
2Sdiiublicreuernll!v that he has leased tor all-L.
term ot years, the well known tavern stand in Lv
ansville "formerly kept by E. Ehrsam, and- lately by
I ieii j Nurre. The house has been thoroughly re
paired, and handsomely titled up with entire new fur
niture, and those ot the travelling public who may la
vor him with a call, may rest assured that their com
fort and convenience will meet with every attention.
His Table will alwav be supplied wuh the best
that the market a fiord, and his Bar furnished with
the choicest loouors, carefully selected by an experi
enced hand.
Attached to the Hall, and immediately on the
Public Square, nre Lis stables, acknowledged by all
to be thf.- mot spacious anil convenient in the place.
aim -jr., 16 17 t f. J-NO. M. A PP.
siii:mvooi house.
THE undersigned having become proprietors
of the above well known establishment, beg
leave to otier their sen ices to the public and to
solicit a share of patronage. They hope to be able to
continue the favorable consideration the House has
heretofore enioyed under the management of Mr.
Sherwood. No exertions w ill he spared to give uni
versal satisfaction to all. The Table and the Bar
will Ix- abundantly furnish d and the rooms kept
clean and neat. Charges as heretofore moderate
nov 4-tf PETER LURK.
rmvATj: hoarding iiousu.
THE undersigned has opened n Private
..J'.ii Boarding House in the Brick Buildingon Wn
tcr Street, above Main, known as the Wheel
er House. My object is to keep a house for the ac
commodation of uentlemen pnnci;ally. 1 here are,
however, three or tour very pleasant rooms in the
House which can be fated up for the accommodation
f small families. The table shall not Le surpassed
by any in tlt city.
1 SOVEREIGN remedy for Ague and Fever.
1. This great Remedy: to w hich the pu'.rlic atten
tion is iarticularlY called, has hern extensively used
in the western and south western states r$a speedy
safe and certain cure tor ague and fever, dumb ugue.
Chill or intermittent Fever.
The unexampled and complete success attending its
use; and so well proven have become its w iJe spread
victories over eve: fo; in of nne ia thß weuttbat the
l'cl ri'vge' is now super?ding every other olfcred re
medial agent, and looked upon as the nn!y one that
can b.' relied upon in oil stc-jres" of the disease.
STors.ile by Hoadley, Phelrs &. Co. wholesale
asrvntsNew York, and by Bfinkcr'iolV &. Pcnton,
Chicago, 111; E ails At 1 rr.ncis, St. Lotu-, Mo, and
by I 'ru""i-ts "enera'.lv throusrisout th United States,
For sale bv W.M. M. WOOLSEY, agent for Ev
ansville. li:tl.
Wininas &, Deusouchet, Mt. Vernon.
N.t. Nettleton, New Harmony.
W.J Whi'inir, Cynthiann. jy 12-Crn.
Mackciir.icVs Compound IJvcr I'HIs
These Truly Celebrated Pills,
NOW properly esteemed in nil neighborhoods
w hore they have been used, will have the most
salutary eiVect on the diseasid Liver, and will mot t
effectually cure the jaundice, and nl-o thoroughly re
move the headache tVoui thoe who are thus ath cted.
Th y net specifically on the Liver and Visare. re
move ail cniiiestive ncdoa, ail muri i I secretions,
purii'yiug the blood, raiding a free and healthy dis
charge ol bile, streiigthning thesy.-tem, end assisting
C.S.Mackenzie fit Co., Cleveland Ohi, Proprie
tors. For sale by W.M. M. WOOIEY, Evansville, and
other agent throughout the country.
Wiflings fit I)euoiichi't. Mt Vernon.
N. ti. Nettleton, New Harmony.
W. J. Whiting, Cynthiina. jy 12-6m.
RKAL Itate for Sale. I now offer for sale
sorie of the most desirable Ileal Estate in the
city and county, consisting of the following lots and
tract of land. Iot No 38 upper enlargement and
lots No 1G2& 16G donation c-large merit of the city g
Also the late resilience of Saunders Ilornbrook
dee'd, said to be one of tho finest upland Farms in the
county, coittaining 251 acres; al-o alxuit o'H acres ot
land in which there are several irn:rovemM:ts; lid?
la. t lot will be soi l in lot to suit piovi;i.-ers.
Al.o, 10 bhare of l.it:k stotk.
For terms a V!vto V. HORNBROOK.
je 2:-,I Jc.k: w Im
"tf OA Pieces Mcsipaito Netting, iest rcrrivrr'ond
jLn r sale by mylbj OLIM.KLADD.
QT Bl.N Rusllvillc Whiskey,
Ul 50 bbls Cincinnati do
2ü " New Harmony do.
In store and for sale low for cash by
my 10 . BEMENT fit VIELE
rf TONS assorUil RikI and Bar Iron;
loo kegs aborted Juniata Nails;
25 bundles spring Steel;
5 do sneer do;
t caso extra Cast do;
Plow slabs. Boiler and sheet Iron;
Rasns. Files, and Door Latches,
together with our former stock, makes it
For sale low by
may y.
Water street.
I T vi Ti $ i$ d
sshionafclc ZXAT Establishment.
Corner of Main and First Sis., Coansviüe.
THE attention ofcountrymerchants and dealers
is particularly directed to the laree and varied as
sortment of II ATS, CAPS, ficc, now opening at the
above establishment, comprising the most complete
Mock ot fashionable and durable Spring and Summer
wear everotiercd in this city, and unsurpassed in the
West. Possessing the most favorable facilities for
purchasing and a judge of all articles in my line, 1
am able to sell at rates lower than can be obtained
elsewhere in the city, and as low as such articles can
le had in louisvi!!e or Cincinnati.
My retail customers are are invited to call and ex
amine my stock of Spring and Summer Ilata, several
styles of a h:ch are unsurpassed lur beauty of finh
and ia:hton. It is tny intention to sell either bv
w bolesalo or retail at prices which must command
purchasers, and 1 earnestly solicit a call from all who
intend buying. R. ALLEN,
mar 21 corner of Main and First ets.
P WOULD respectfully announce to the
-ciuzcns oi Lvansti e nnn ronntrv ait.
jacent, 'hat they have recently opened a Shoe store
on me est sloe oi .iain street, next dtior tne cor
ner of Second, w here they are manufacturing LOOTS
experience in the business will enable them to procure
the liest ofbtock and have it manufactured in the must
durah! mantttr. We invite the citizens ofEvansviile
and public generally to call and examine our work,
as wc have a good stock ol ready made work ol our
own manufacture. Young men wishing tine Boots
can obtain them here of every description, ready made
or to order if pretcrablc. All orders left with us for
work will be promptly attended to.
The Ladies of Evansville are respectfully invited
to call and examine our large stock of Ladies' ware,
as wc stand ready at all times to wait on those that
feel disposed to fuvor us w ith a call. We are prepar
ed to manufacture Fancy Shoes of every different style.
Those dealing orders forSnoes may rest assured that
no pains w ill be spared ia trying to accommodate
them with any siyle they wish.
We feel willing to acknowledge our gratitude to
the citizens for the friendship they have manifested
towards us. and thank them for their literal patronage,
and hope that ia return our work may merit their
fir A II work done by us is warranted, and no charge
made for mending work thai should rive wav.
leb 14 wfittw tf. J. VAUTRIN "fit CO.
2r. Uphaa3 Vegetable Electuary.
.1 litls.nal utmS'lij, which if ntd according to di
Ti.ctit.ns, a cursfur lijt is guaranteed.
common consequence of this affection is a kind
J. ot tenesmus, or bearing down sensation, as it is
familiarly called; there is also heat, tension and
throbbing in the pert, varying from a moderate de
gree of these ecu.-ations to the n:o&t excruciating sut
uring; these are caused by the great licw ol blood
to the parts. .Sometimes the inner coatof the bowels
protrudes at every evacuation, forming what is called
Prolapsus, or falling of the bowels; this is the tiled
of long continued irritation and weakness of thator
gan. In some instances the patient cxptriencesner
vous pains, w hich are indiscribable, and known on
ly to the sufferer, which commence immediately al
ter an evacuation, and continue Irom thirty minutes
to several hours; these sensntions ore very annoying
and sometimes very distressing. This disease, when
of long continuance j is attendsd by pain and weak
nrss ia the lack, irritation ot the kidneys and blad
der, and other organs in the vicinity, pain and numb
nes in the leTs and feet, a tenbe cf ttraitness about
the ci.est, and unnstunl fulness of the abdominal
viscera, accompanied with palpitation of the heart
and oppression. Individuals sometimes experience,
previous to an attach, ot the 1 lies, symptoms deno
ting grer.t derangement in the circulation; there is a
sense ol weight and pressure in the abdomen, with a
peculiar teeling ol uneasiness in the bowc3, consti
parion or perineum, attended with prdn in Ls back
and loins, nausea, and slight pains in the stomach,
pale countenance, confused sensations ia the head,
wcarinecs, and irritable and discontented suatect the
mind, and a sense ot fulness and opprpsnon in i.ie re
cion of the stent ich. The circulation on the surface
I . r... ' l .,!.,.. . ..n i . . i .1 .. : i : i
is icciao, u..u me curreiiioi oiooaueicriiiiiicu itiwaru
and downward.
JrAll the above diseases and complaints, DR,
lictuatly, and therefore prevents Piles.
HiDsox, December 11, 15-16.
Gents I have used Dr. Uoham's Vegetable Pile
Electuary which I purchased of you, and find it one
ol the best medicines in use lor the Piles, and also lor
all billious atfections, arising from an impure state
ol the system
Yo urs, fite , E. A. COLE, Marble Dealer.
c m . ... v. r,
New York, December 6. 1847. i
?.lessrs. Gentlemen : Understanding that you are
j the general agents tor tne ealeot Dr. Lpham s ege
table Electuary, for the cure of Piles, 1 have deemed
it my duty to volunteer a recommendation in behalt
of that invaluable medicine 1 have been afflicted
f,r many ytars with piles, and have tried various
remedies, but with no benehcial etlects indeed, 1 be
gan to consider my case entirely hopeless. But about
the 1st ol September last prevailed upon by a friend
to make a trial of the above named medicine, ltook
hio advice and rejoice to say 1 am not only relieved,
but as 1 believe, nerlectly cured. 1 most earnestly
recommend it to all who may hare the misfortune to
be clllicied witii that annoying and dangerous dis
ease. Very respectfully, your obedient servant,
Mou.nt Washixotox, Berkshire Co , I
Massachusetts, Nov. 5W, P447. 1
Messrs. Ketch cm fitllEssuxw Cents : For thir
ty years I have leen afflicted with pilc9, gereral de
bility and inflammation, causing tumors and prolap
sus ot the bowels, and which had resisted all the med
ical treatment Dr. Chapman and oihcrs could giro.
The last ihree years ot that time my suffeiinrs defy
description. 1 was confined to l-ed, unable lo help
mys It, and at list given up by my pnysicians and
friends i: despair ot ever gaining my health.- in fact
for three days lietore I commenced using Dr. Upham's
Idectuary, 1 was entirely speechless and my burial
clothes were made. But un ler Providence, and the
use of Dr. Upham's Electuary, though an old max.
I have the pleasure otstatin: the fact to the public
that my health is now good, and hope to live many
years, if it is t Jod's will, to make known the virtues
of Dr. UphamH Electuary, and to recommend it to
my itluicted fellow creatures. It nelpeu me beona
all expectations of all that knew my case, and I can
only say to others that it is in my opinion, the best
medicine in the world for l'üs, or any other di.-case
of the bowels; and it they will use it according to he
directions, I will mytelf warrant a cure in every case.
Yours, with the utmost expression of thankfulness,
Ec RA yo vt. Bork Co.. Mas., Nov. 29, 1S47.
The above certificate n ils a simple and truthful
story of suacrir.g and relief, ol which, as physician
and witness in the cae, 1 cheerfully endorse.
NoTICT. The Pennine Upham's Electuary has his
written si .rniPire, thus (K7"A. t,-unam, .1. ir.) 1 ne
hand is alone done w ith a pen. Price $1 a Box.
SCrSoM wholesale and retail bv KETC1IUM fit
II EN'S II AW, 121 Fulton streit. N . Y., and by Dr.t?-
ci-t3 generally throughout the United States tnd
Canadas. jy 12.
A. C. HALLOCK, Ag'l for Evansville Ia.
N' store and lor 6ale 50 LH White
Lime in good
order anc Cheap
june 13 M.W
r"7"MllS popular Candy has heen before the public in
JL the west and south more than one year,and in that
short space of time it has obtained more reputation
for its gocd qualities, certainly cf cure, and cheap
nets, than any other Medicine of the kind ever olfcred
It is the intention of ihe proprietors to sell theCorwn
Candy reasonable, in order that it may be in the reach
ol all to obtain a remedy, that never tails, (no such
word as "fr-il" is ever heard or thought of, when tl.isl
Candy is telked about,) curinjti.e most violent CoLri
and Cough, and is therefore oirercd to the sufierin
and nlllicted.of the West and South; for iheir good.
BrosciiiTis, Asthma,
DimcTi.T v of ExrrcTOR
Phthisic, Croup,
Sor.z Trr.o.T, f atjon
And general addictions of the Chctt and Lungs,
which leads to Consumptions, nil of which diseases,
yield immediately by the use of this valuable Couup
The materials used in the preparation are cf the
best quality, being vegetable and the best white Ha
vana Sugar, conseout nil it may lie relit d on as in ev
ery respect a pure and ger.'tine article. HOWE &CO.
No. ,Cilltgt Hall, Walnut Strttt Cincinnati, 0.
From Henry Morse, Ex Judge of Court cf Common
This is to certify that we have used the Cough Can
dy ct HOWE fit Ct)., and do with confidence cheer
fully recommend it to those afflicted w ith Coughs,
Colds, fite. II. .MORSE.
Manufacturer of Patent Force Pumps, Ornamental
Cast Iron Fountains, Fire Engines, 5tr.
Cincinnati. Aug. 11, lb 17, D. S F ANNUM.
From Ü. Tuttle.ProprietoroftheCity Hotel
Messrs. Howe fit Co:
Gentlemen: It is with much satisfaction that I
have it in my power to testify to the ctHcicney of your
Cough Candy. I have used it tr.d know it to be a
valuable and certain remedy for Colds and Coughs,
and as such commend it to the public
Cineinnati,AuS. 16, 1847, D TU TTLE.
From Wm. Voun', Presiding Lider, ol the .letlio
dist E. Church, Cincinnati.
Mr. Howe: Not lonjisince while IaUirmg under
.1 . I n nnnti Iii. mil .,rrinff hunrcAntcu
ilil? Illl.UVilCf: Ol U UtlllJIUliV l-iiiuau hü. "ä uyut.v.iicc
occasioned t
a fri
v. tu 1:11 ai uiiu uiim;;i uiiii.iu.un .v.. v. .... .
have frequently used it wiih thesame U-neScial f-
ft ris. I ihrretort feel no hesitance in recommendimr
vourCandv as a certain siKcitic for Coushs. Colds.
iloarsness, & c. WM. YOU.NU.
Pinrinnnti Am 27. IS 17.
Indi V. 1. WOOLSEY Airent.Evansville
A RARITY' under the head of a Patent Median"
and advertisement. We ask our renders to Peruse
the following, know ing they will proht thereby.
31 LA N ES V EltJI 1 F LT C E.
A medicine which isDerfectlv safe, and may be civ
en to children from tender infancy, to advanced age,
lays under no restraint as to coid water, or any mnd
of food. Purges mildly, subduing fever; destroys and
expels worms w ith invariable success, and is easily
administered to children.
Thtit it possesses these valuable properties, is fear
Icsslr asserted: still claimin! the aditional advantages
of being given in small bulk, and requiring none ot the
drenching which Worm tea and other supjiosed Ver
mifuge demand. During its brilliant career, it has
been introduced into many tamilics, whore every oth
er known and accessible Vermifuge had been tried
without the least success, where it has promptly ex
celled worms to an almost incredible amount.
Herr what the Editor of the Bulletin of the Tacinc.
published in Pittsburgh, Pa.) says in reference to ihe
"In lookins up a few advertisements lor my small
sheet, the other day, 1 called in upon Messrs. J. KiDD:
tf. 1 - I l. : . I . 1 . ..II k. .t.,1 . ,lvrtiQ
any medicine that really was essentially useful, they
furnished me with their circular respecting Dr. M'
Lane's Worm Specific, with the accompany inj certif
icates. Feelinz pursuaded that the certificates were
genuine, I took some ol the medicine home lor the use
of my own young family, lgave thclirstday a small
icaspoonful to Sarah. SSnewas wan-lokingand black
under the eyes. She passed several worms, some as
arge as a pipe stem. 1 also gave a small teaspoonfull
- bamml. a little, rosy cheeked heshy boy, about Jl
years old. - But as his stomach was tympanous, i. e.
he was rot-bellied, 1 thought he might have worms.
He cried after more, which 1 did not see lit to give him,
but upon the opcratioa of this medicine, his mother
and the neighbors were surprised at the result. lie
passed nearly a pint of worms, almost all as bi as a
common pipe stem. There wasseventy in all. lthcn
nave some to a little toy only 2 years old, and he pars
ed twenty-live, some eisht inches in lensth. 1 there
fore fel clear to recommend M' Lane's Vermifuge as
eines. Ail orders must be addressed to them.
KT N. B. Purchasers will please be particular to
inquire for "Dr Jr Ltns American florin eecific.
or ( ermttug.
Sold Wholesale fit Retail by
Main St., Evansville
By Druccists and Dealers Generally throughout
United States.
"ft ALLEY'S In?icnl Pain Extractor.
L More proofs that Dalley's Magical Pain 1 xtrac-1
tor is best Medicine m tlie world. L.M ry day is tie-
inonstrating the matchless virtues ot this article.-
Letters are coming to ui from all parts ol the Union
expressing gratitude and surprise at the wonderful
properties it possesses m tu cases oi ourns, rneuma
tisra, piles, wounds, fitc. The press abounds in no
tices ol its high character as a standard Medicine,
and from the number we select the lollowing from
the Island City of the l'2th September :
Dalley's Medical Pais Extractor. An inven
tion like this truly wonderful article, so full of virtues
should be made known to theunivcrse. Its cures, in
many cases are absolutely beyond belief. For burns,
scalds, sores, swellings, pains in the limbs ofall kinds,
cuts, wounds.and in every disease of the body, where
it can be applied externally, it never faÜ3 to cure. A
singular case came under our own observation. A
friend in playing with a ßl arp 6tecl pea, run it into
the palm of his hand so that it came out at the back
and had tobe extracted that way. The poisonous
nature of the ink in the wound, as well as the instru
ment itself, caused the hand to swell dreadfully. i
Dalley a Pain Lxtractor w as applied, and the next
day the swelling had entirely gone down, the pain
had lelt, and the wound w ascuteil in a few days.
Imjmrlant Caution Counterfeits of my Extractor
are unblu.-hingly published to the world in my name.
Protect yourself, as you value lite, and health, from
these deceptions. am, as every druggiat in the Uni
ted States knows, the sole inventor and proprietor of
. . . B V a Ik . . I tL" 1
Ualley s .iasicai i ain txiracior: no oiut-r otuig nas
ever made or can make a grain of it, for no man liv-1
inir hia tbp ctrrrt nlth nn nnratian but mmll'. Tim I
only genuine has my writte n signature on each label,
and is sold wholesale and retail at the General Depot
.03 Broadway, New York; and at the Somhren De-
twt.lolC ARTRES street. New Orleas, my only
general Depot for the South and West.
All orders for Aprr.cies. or for Pain Extractor, most
be addressed toj. WRIUHT fit CO., 151 C AR- !
TR ES street New Orleans, only agen'j lor the South j
and West'
trOnly Agents in Evansville,
y cold and speaking m the open air . rncourngirg, every precaution u
end hamleit me a piece of your "Hoarhound and ,a:i !,,.' "'"''e oi tne noiicy
erwort Canc'v" from the use of which 1 experien- ' u"lJ "e nssureais iircitcflDy Law,
.wt i..,., ;n.wu';f,f.rrl.rt'...iii it-rn 1 to the amount ot his premium note.
a specific for worms. It fairly seems ch a:h to them. rTMIE subfcriber has receivdd an assortmeat ot:
ISRAEL REES, Editor. X Seals, Scaling Wax, Note Paper,
Pittsburgh Feb. 10th, 1817. ptct j jjceds, Kings, Tassels;
J. Kmo fit Co. No. CO Wood Street; Pittsburgh, now ia2 clasps. Nee dlc3. Purse Twist;
the sole proprietors of Dr. M' Lane's celt brat - mcdi- Fancy Beads, Pins Knitting Fin;
i-ifc lasuiiAsci: co.iiPATir.
other. !nhIitU,ion ' 9in?uishedfrora a'.I
of the Y, mo.1
I. V hre the prenuum. are ort ft50 it renr'rr.
monthly or VcSkh t0 y yearly, quarterly.
. It nas no aan.rnK
5. 1 he assured can withdraw his profits or hr
theintoaccumulaie vrrbw. .V- ctT,
6 It a,,. , ! a.' ' r by Jcar' at 'i13 option,
tt CO. e0gei67' stoppiog
five ijirl f nr 9 'yearly in8lad of
v. hi t en ears, anil ucniu . 1 . . .
sured, bearing 6 per cent interest-w hich scrip isr!
dccmedinra.h hon tk.K. . . "r".0
deemed m cath, when the rrnfn m,,. ."KZI?
iw, on
tliCwed to accumn at. tK-1 .'
- ... vynvu vt is.
" ? Tn8n 10 Provide for his wife and
children n such a w8y, that although he Jay
every thin-, they are fc; and all nsfwL
married or unmarried to provide for Old Act, iCk.
D?oS n-f Want' as weI1 tor Dath. C
.9. 1 he Assured can surrender the policy at arr
value1 t year, and receive its e.uut.'t
10 AtBnytimeaftcr'thefiret'year, the Assured
can borrow on the scrip Lsued, two-thirds ol Pa n.
mount,-so that he has nothing to fear from a char?,
ot circumstances, or inability to pay the premium.
tdTCCAn andoc' are chosen yearh ; ar.J
th vAr. V0,tes accordmg to his interest. '
x- v- ll X- aIe aI1 invd in United States.
tT; v k'i nCW Jc-rs7- 8Dl Mawachusett stock.
lltc Vork and New rl
w hey unincumbered, and of double the value lna
t '
t,i3' V,r.1riDirCtPrsvr()Auditore.n0 So'äci
tors. It lends money to neither.
1L It does not reckon the Assured a year older
than he is but lrom six months less to six montfca
more, so as to equalize the estimate between all t ar
ties. r
15. The rates are lower. tV.eTrvr.ei lac .-j.l
profits larger, than with Foreign Cffices; investments
here yielding from 6 to 7 per cent. abroad cr.ly 3 per
rv: "fi'l l-J percent reserved; TOf
I ..An i Vko n . r
- l " """f iaose wno iurnith a "guaran-
'. -t" ni V;e r?ie.0' 3 Pcr cent on very hun-
ouu.woeu, ior every ten rcunüs pai4
1 "
1 Aft rv r tf & t r rrr i
nxiV- -i VL ALlP0h, Agent
V.J,1,RAT 1V-. V- leoical Lxammer.
aii persons wtsning to make lmurance on their
1 oa F'ne? VJ- ' ?!e.aM caI UP-
.t . ... vuj, uui uii iusm sireei r.etr
uw auis ana rates oi mecorr.-
je io-jy
THE subsciiber is now opening 100 Package! e!
.Merchandise, consi-tin ot Dry Goods. Toon
K cnors, llATS,CArs and üox.tets, Hardware, ulati
V are and Crockery; which he will sell as low r a
any House in the City, for Cash, or Produce, such as
Fork. W heat. Corn. Oats, ilaxsced, White lktr.
Bceswaxr cathers or I allow.
decl-tf JOIiy SHANKLIN.
TRUNKS. Leather Trunks
T II awv jMwij wsv v . V-
i nrllJ lt Bags of every variety lcr tale at ti
Cincinnati Clothing Store.
JUST received by steamer Tcmpcat,
50 Bbls Whiskey:
10 " Linseed Oil;
5 ' Lard oil;
175 I.'gs White lead;
50 Exs Candles;
20 " Starch:
for sale by ALLLSii II01VES
ap 2i W ater t.
A - FULL suply of this article fresh from the mill
aTA. together w i h the best of Roach Lime.
For sale by the batrcl. A. LAUGHLIN,
ap 25 Water street.
fifcl JCST receivea this aay Dy
fHI Express A few cases of Boots and
' ySlioes. and a vaiitty of Ladies' and
Misses' fine Shoes. W.R.BAKER,
-f fk PIECES India Straw Mattings;
XvF Just received and for sale low by
my 6 J. IL MAGIIEE fit CO.
O ÄTO PIECES Wall Paper, new styles;
ti J ( " " fc'atin laced;
ICO " New styles 4-4 V indow Pepcr;
Just received and for tale low by .
i L. p-,.-r.rnn. Shavinrr:
Tooth, Hair and Nail Brushes, ir., Ä.C,
A Will , .
Also, Edgings, Inserting, Drawer Goods ot v
variety, forsale at wholes -and I retail by
8p JJ iUW.VIX !
2 - 450 Drums do., all 1 fresh;
Mie ty
Water at.
8p 21
.a K, T tttttJ T. A WTT8
VERY larpe assortment ot tue new
u.. iieawu... VAnfiii t? tntrvcnv
ap IS
i uidiori co;
5 m Maderia;
. i Sherry;
1 pipe rure Cognac Brandy .Otaro, Pupuy't
i : .....JS.v.l- nn nurrhased especial
ly for sicknei-s, and the pu:,ucc-tn re., ".V
ify. In store and lor sale by QanS 0- BELL
r. r. fagaiv,
TTlFahionable Boot and Shoe Maker.
Si VVOULDinfornihislriendsand the P JcMIJ
iha now has, and intends to wn.utljr U
SJn a tine ldt of Philadelphia Calf-tkn,
l.ecp, a nnc ioj v Jcscripuon done with
for tine work. ,ertcu 0n Main ttreet
opposite the Bank
theutmosi neaiui r
ap 2 dir.
t t'T MM.ivpd a small lot Ol Banjwiyc .--
mall lot
1 V." (: ' .I rmar251 M. V. H b 1 IK
tf rpnuK 1 1
lXr. ; i it-v hna rrrrted a fine Soda l oan-
. . . m.vm . . ' . . . . I k . V . K . -
q jj LIAA1 nas muvu u - - ,
Vor the accommodation of the Fu,c
Zu -l.n Drrrciate a cooling Crinu in
. 1 jIlfctv AaVm to 1VC him a Ca.l. . ...
nVi L ,7n,'v on hand pure Be Lick V at
, ".."J nrVni.o.. (Kv.) Spiing. ",y
' 77T.T
DBI Tarn.rs Oil jusi :r c ;ived "rjffp"
,7vl ffrb-22 1 DECh LK fit KKAMHw
DOMES I J 1 1. . .
A Bale4-4 heavy - . ..rri; , AIJ,
U for sale by imyiuj.
i T-.. . ..I r
: I

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