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llealtH of the City, A.c.
arc .gratified .to be able to pay
that the health of our city U good better,
'doubtless, than it has been at any period du
ring the past ; season.'. There is nothing
.vrhaterer to indicate the existence or the
l cholera among ua the' reports among our
country friends '"to the contrary notwithstanding.",-
We make these remarks that our
farmers uud others who have held back their
- fruits' from our market on account of the
reported bad health of our city, may do so
no longer. - There U considerable demand for
'peaches.' Such as we have noticed in our
market thus Ctr were of an inferior kind, but
we believe they fouud ready purchasers at
fair price. Good peaches would command
a good price, and if any of our country
, friends hare any to bring to our . market, they
1 could not select a more favorable time than
the present to do so. Come, feed us. '
; This eminent gentleman left our. city yes"
terday evening for Vinccnnea . During hi
tay inEvansville he has treated several c.i
'sci of a chronic nature, and in every instance
his treatment was attended with the most
satisfactory results. , His cures are erlect.
permanent, and generally effected with as
tonishing suddenness. We earnestly recom
mend the Doctor to our brethren of the press
as a gentleman fully worthy their confidence
and esteem ; and to the at'lietcd as a won
, derful Samaritan. We regret to part with
fearah Gordon is the name of a new
t a 1 1 . m -ail - I
ooai laieiy comp.eieu at ;ncw Albany. Jite
belong, to Capt, Hinckley, and is deigned
for the Ifiyou trade iu Louinna. The Led-
for the Bayou
ger sayt she is well calculated for the trade,
and furnishes one more instance to the nume
rous ones which have preceded her, of the
kill of the New Albany mechanics.
tt-ii very lauy and lover ot ilowcrs shoul.t
- - -T-. . . . . . ..II 1 J 1 '
Know mat powuereu cuarcoai, piaceu around
A 1 A 1 It I t I
rose bushes and other flowers, has the cüect
of adding greatly to the beauty and richness
of the flower. A late number of the New
England Farmer presents very strong evi-
dence of the truth of this statement. Ladies,
at a proper time early in the spring try
Lost. On Friday night last a blue-black
pocket wallet containing some 17 or $18 in
, money, and papers of value only to the own-
cr. The wallet and contents belong to Mr.
Timothy Kibbey. Any person, by delivering
the same to us at this office., or imparting to
, us mlormation by which they can he recover-
ed. will be suitably rewarded. fEn. Jour. '
lL-Itia stated tfiat CIin. Ttviirr 1ms liv
nn application ofa mixture of ilnhur.su-ar
- -Zo -J J I
of lead and rose wattr. entirelv recovered In-
hair, where for a long time it had been bald.
j i
The recipe is one drachm lac sulphur, half
drachm sugar of lead, four ounces, rose wa
ter, well mixed and applied twice a day.
The same application, it is said, has been i
successful upon a number of other heads.
JCT"A man named Clifton, just sentenced
for seven years to the penitentiary, was mar
ried on Thursday last in Cincinnati, to a Io
nian to whom he was previously engaged.
The bridegroom's legs were manacled and
his arms hnndcuiTcd when the ceremony was
, I.
.rXi-The Washington correspondent of the
Louisville Courier, in his letter ol the 20th
ult., says: ;iIt is confidently asserted here,
naid not without good reason, I think, that
Judge Cushing, of your sister State, Indiana,
has been invited by Mr. Corwin to fill the
important and responsible trust of Assistant
öecretary oi mc l reasuri . ;
Ticeon Creek Bhidgb. The bridge at
the mouth of Pigion creek is now so nearly
completed that it can be crossed eonviently.
13 a lew days it wilt be.cntireiy completed.
when we shall take occasion to notice it more
fully. It was built by Mr. bamucl Uorroth-
fXiThe report that Jenny Lind arrived in
the United States on the steamer America is
untrue. It was a telegraphic blunder. She
was to have sailed from Liverpool on board
the steamer Asia, on the 31st ult.
rrOtiMnif tr lio clrtcncaa nf nni nP nur
jjäT v.,... -
Jr,,,;,,, vMrnhvmnrmnnmnnl
our subscribers did not receive tneir papers
unufa late hour in the morning. We shall
endeavor to prevent a similar occurrence iu
the future.
JE5T he people of Su Louis seem tobe!
penecuy .auueu u . i. rv....... ...
quarantining which they have made
year. They are ot opinion that tue quaran
tine regulations shut a great deal of business
out of their city and we doubt not they arc
right. '
CJChag. Bird, while proceeding home in
Fhiladclphia, nn Monday evening week, with
n box of jewelry in hu hand.tvns accosted by
four men. and after some conversation of a
friendly character, was stabbed to the heart,
uiid tlied almost iuitantly.
. f i, o. o. r. :
The Grand Lodge of the United States
will meet at Cincinnati on Monday the 9th
iust.' This will he the first meeting of that
hody ever hclJ in the 'West, and 13 appointed
tat Cincinnati to accommodate the Western
Lodges. The appointment has occasioned
much enthusiasm in the Queen city, and sug
gested thc preparation of a reception levee
and supper. Coleman, of the Burnet House,
has aken this part in hands, and of course
will ncou it himself-with honor. - We learn
that orders for tickets from Maysville, Madi
son, Louisville, Indianapolis, and interior
Lodges, have already been made, and that
the right kind of spirit is abroad to make the
reception rf the (J rand Lodge a cordial and
splendid one. It is expected that Evausville
will be represented. Will it e so?
Collision.- A collision occurred on the
Little Miami Railroad, near Buckingham's
Mills, list Wednesday a timber and freight
train coming together, killed a fireman in
stantly and badly bruised another individual
The accident was the result ol careless
The New York Tailors. The tailors
have stopped striking " now, and have
gone to work to open a large shop, on the
co-operative union plan, situated in Nassau
street. They propose to find work and good
wages, lor one another, by these means.
Jt!;The weather-wise philosopher, the
clerk of the weather, and the oldest inhabi
tant, held a conference yesterday, and deci
ded that in consideration of the unusual heat
of the past summer, it is adv isable and prop
er to have an early Fall this year." Wei
Death or a Catholic Priest. The
Ilev. Mr. lV.ninri'Z. who officiated at the
n?pmnil rv.tl.nü f!h.,rrh in Milivm-.kSe. Wis
nn . , nn Sliri!.,.. .V1.t, nfler -
hours, . of uu funcra W!W
...i... iltr n :mmnna nnnrnntW
JCr"IIenry Clay will occupy his present
rooms at the Bellevue, at Newport, lt. I., un
til the 1st of September. He manages to
Leon nrtte nniet and nnbored. exrent at ta
, m.onic msl otl drinkin: his
BiRnd a.vhtiic Telegraph. At n point
where the magnetic telegraph crosses the
Ohio, the wires were twice broken by the
weight cf birds congregated on the wire. So
says an exchange.
53The Cincinnati Times says that 533
persons were arrested by the Police of that
rity. during the month ending the rMult,
charged with various offences.
jr3CapL R. A. Clay, of the Cincinnati
and Memphis packet, lu. . bteplicns, lias
pur thanks lor late papers irom tue I alter cny,
The Stephens wa3 at our wharf Suuday
v . I .,1 ... 1 I
VT nusnviue is in ivunrn.u, iuhuu,,.-,.
..... .. ... .1.
MMtmn. it is sn.u inai me cunor o. m
i i i
PaPcr P ai u,c u.rmer pw.ee, run-
"nS wild on account ot it.
tj We invite altention to the letter in
another column, taken from the Louisville
Courier of the 22d ult.. signed L. D. S. It is
richly worth a perusal.
3"" The ovrrland route to California i
getting to be an easy nflair. The first party.
Inst spring, made the journey from Missouri
in two months. They had pack mules.
U3" This is the only year ofuni versa! peace
throughout the world, since the days af Au
gust us Cesar. ,So says a quidnunc to the
Ljltor 0r,jic ,;ltior.al Intelligencer.
C? California and China are. it is Faid, to
be soon put in closer connection by a line o
steamers, to run direct between San Fran
cisco and Canton.
rr?" The nonoscd tunnel connecting? the
cast and west side of the Boston and Troy
railroad. 'through the Green Mountains isceti
mated to be four miles In.-ig.
IQ-The censnsr-taker of Decatur county
rPporls tiat not less than one thousand slice
liavc ljCcn ki!oJ in ex wecks l)V tl
tn2The miniher of Odd Fellcw in Mary
land, occording to a report lately made, is
nine thousand six hundred and fourteen.
Noiseless Wheels. Noiseless carriage
wheels are now made, ty covering the tire
with bands ol vulcanized conutchoc.
. .,.. ...
ll.U r.xeiu u.iumi.u n.j.en in
i Kentucky, has injured the corn crops to a
considerable extent.
Cj-Ve are indebted to A. C. OUU clerk
of the steamer Beacon, for New Orleans pa
u Johnn : of tlie steamer New World. has
iuIJ u3 under oMlvations for Cincinnati 'and
Louisville papers.
jrThc Police Gazette says that Yankee
Sullivan is not dead. The report of his hav
ing been idiot is untrue.
CCT" Whole number of emigrants arrived
at New York last week, 5,11G.
The rolling mills are again in active
operation at Wheeling, Va.
Correspondence of the Louisville Courier.
New Hakmony, la.. Aug. 13.
Kdittrr of the Coarir .
Dear Sir: -No one can stay twenty-four
hours in New Harmony without be:ag charm
ed with the situation . Their is every attrac
tionpure water, u healthy atmosphere, ro
mantic secenery, hsh ana game in abuiui-
aDce, and people ol unbiundcd hospitality.
The town is built on the cast bank of the
Wabash river, and near the extremity of a
rich, alluvial bottom, embracing nearly twen
ty thousand acres. The fertility of uThc
Harmony Bottoms", U proverbial. On one
side, the river sweeps' with a brisk current;
on the other, in the form a rrcscent, stretch a
range of gently swelling hil'a. You cannot
but be pleased with the rural beauty ol the
place. True, there are some antique build
ings of a singular, prison-like appearance,
which were ciected by the louuders 01 the
town, ' George Ilapp, and his associates," as
this German community designated them
selves, but most ol the private dwi llings are
built with taste, and nestle in proves ol lo
cust, the China Tree, the Maclura and orna
mental shrubbery.
New Harmony is likewise riclt in historical
reminiscences. Here, uapp ana Ins associ
ates ca:ne, amidst the wild luxuriance of un
molested nature, and in a lew years, made
the wilderness bloom like a rose. This soci
ety was founded in 1S02. Their first loca
tion was in Builor count?. Penn., but being
desirous of a milder climate, ihey ld out and
settled 0:1 the Wabash river in Indiana, where
they made great improvements during a res
idence of nearly filteen years. In lbJl they
sold their property iu Indiana to 'Mr. Robert
Owen und returned to Pennsylvania.
Mr. Owen esiah'ished his community, ami
was soon alter joined by. Wm. McClure, who
founded a school of industry, which attiacted
much attention at the time. These philan
thropic gentlemen drew around them a cor
tege ol artists and scientific gentlemen of high
merit. In the grounds adjacent to Mr. Mc
Clure's private mansion, ia a handsome moa
umcul erected to the memory of Thos. Say.
It is of white Italian marble, ;ind bears t li i-
simple intcri.:ion : Thomas fcAV, Natural
ist. Among the treasures ol rare merit which
have survived the mutations that time has
worked in New Harmony, is ;i Madonna, ty
Guido. A large buudle ol auil en'ie docu
ments which accompanied the picture, and
conclusively proved it an original production
of the immortal Italian's pencil, was destroy
ed by a fire in 1813, which .consumed .Mr.
McCIure's dwelling and a 1 irire portion nl
lis valuable library. Maximilian, Prince tie
Wied, Neuweid. while making his tour of the
American continent, passed a winter at New
Jarmony. 1 lie I'riiicc, together with the
irtist who accompanied him, who was one of i
the lirst iu hurope, spoke ui high praise of
ihe picture and pronounced it genuine. The
ime judgmc.t was accorded by a connoiseur
rom London. 1 lie head, cpmvfallv. w.m
qual to Guido's St. Michael, at Rome, in
the Church of the Cunjchinu. Tl.. ime
ife-Iike animation, corrcctics of design. Ii dit
md flowing pencil and freh carnati m. which
characterize Ins thf tCn ucrc. were to be
IOUIHI in mis. . ,
In a memorandum, in Mr. Mae! an;' hand
which was preserved. I find ihe following:
"About the year 1SJ0. 1 traveled in Spain
r . . . . .... .
ior my amusement and inlormatiou. and u-;w
at Madriil, iu the year IS ", when Richard
ti) nai iecn earnestly solicited me lor a loan
ol money to enable him to escape from a
icrsecutioii ol Ferdinand's Government, be
ing implicated in the revolution ol Cadiz
1 tic last payment o the ban to 11 11. ICe. ne.
1 made on the 21th of. march. S3. and soon
after left Madrid and Spain, and after travel
ing in Europe lor some tune, I left far the
United States of America, where I rem lined
until 18S, when 1 went to Mexico, where I
have been for ten years, with the exception
of one summer passed iii the United Stales.
ihe picture I held as a pledge, lbr the loan
2 300. A short time ago, ICeene went
before the Alcalde and commenced suit for
the picture, which he valued at -$2.300. un
der pretence that 1 had given it as ii present
u a iauy."
And again:
"At the earnest snlkita'ion of Richard II v-
nal Kcene. I commenced a correspondence at
Paris to si ll the, picture on Iiis account and
risk. Said correspondent not bcin" nbh? to
sell said picture, took with l:ir:i to Philadel
phia, and from thence, either he or some one
fur him. transferred it to New Harmony."'
a ins uivuie iaumnj una recently become
the property of P. L. Duclos. Hsu. Ho will
dispose of it to any religious institution, asso
ciation, or private indiviJinl. who may wish
io tv I'lut.ucuo.-j irom ine pencil in
the most renowned artist of the XVlth cen
tury. . Generally this portion of ihe State with all
its natural advantages, u less advanced
than the more newly settled. The reason is
obvious most of the laud has been In Id in
large trac.s by capitalists and cultivated by
tenants. At a reform meeting held in Lon
don in March last, oau of ihe spe.-.kers typi
fied society by the story of the Indian and
ICentucliian, who went out looting together.
The result of their day work wasa tar
key and a crow. When they came ta divide
the product, the Kentiu kian said to iho In-
dian. "No.v. then, von hail tak I...
and I will ukc the ti.rkcy, or I wi',1 taku the
turkey and you shall take the crouv' "Well,5'
said the Indian, '-that pounds very weil, but
some how or oilier you always get the turkev
and I ai ways get the crow."
Oftcner than otherwise both 'andlor.l niul
tenant come in for the Indian's !iare. The
iti.iiuMi irs hui coovrcir.ai wiin our in.siiiuiton.
It is repugnant to the American character
it borders loo much upon lord and vassal, iik-s- j dullness or sam ness. Nay, it accompanies
tcr and servant. Nothing gives a man so nuirli ' bun lo his n-xt day's work, and rives him
real dignity, so completely invests him wi-h i somelhmg to think ol beside the mechanical
all the iuor.il attributes of manhood, makes drudgery of his every day occupation ; sonie
him every inch a kiuir. as the consciousness thing he can enjoy while absent, and look fbr
that he owns the soil ho cultivates: that af- w-ird to with much pleasure. If I were to
ter the toils of the day nrc passed, he repose
under bis own vine and fi" tree in absolute
freedom, save that supremacy which he vo!
untarily yields to the Government and laws
iijMuti uu many, noi 111 Indian 1
merely, but in the most favored portions of
the country, can still say in the language with I
whhdt Cowley-wrote to Evelyn, l l stTck t-tiil
in the inn of a hired house, without that
pleasantest ol work of human industry, ihe.
improvement of something which we can call
tur own."
Our people have just chosen delegates to
remodel their organic law, irrespective of
party, the best talent of the State has been
selected, with some few exceptions; we have,
therefore, much to hope from the wisdom of
their deliberations. The first const tuioii of
Indiana was a nns.ter-piccc of political wis
dorn, and has served asa model for the young-1
er Slates. It will be no child's . pastime to
improve the areat original.
l ours, ever,
L. D. S.
A Discovert. A correspondent of the
Georgia Constitutionalist has made the fol
lowing important discovery. He says:
" Without po5e:slng great talents, Mr, Clay
has always wielded r rent influence over the
minds of the American people. "
HThcrc is a fellow in Connecticut who
has invented a patent kissing machine. A
man havinn one ran kiss a p;il so casv that
;ehc wi, not know it. unless the amiable swain
is so vulgar ns to suuick.
SrANisn Q,cartkrs. By an actol Con
gresSjWhich took effect on the 1st inst., "slick"
quarters pass for twenty cents and York six
pences for five cents. '
- , ...
Steamboat arrivals arc becoming frd
tjtmit. The number ofarival every 21 hours
will soon become sfilciently large to justify the
publication of a register. . ' ;
The larger class of steamers at ' Cin
cinnati have commenced, '-brushing up," in
expectation of an early rise in the Ohio.
$Cj The Editor of the Newport News is
out and down on Camp Meetings! He has
no notion of camping out on his road to hea
ven. tCT"TI.ere is a steamer on Lake Erie
which runs on au average eighteen miles an
3" Population of RulTalo, N. Y., 7.337, of
which only 3 130 were born iu the United
Thirty-five Californians, principal
ly from Missouri, arrived at St. Louis, on
Monday, bringing with theni $170,000 in
Duv. A young man at Saratoga has
drank up two farms since the 1st of July, out
houses and all.
rjrWe learn that the chlcra is prevail
ing to a considerable extent in Noblesville,
in this state.
JCI1ordeniown, N.J., now has a popu
lation of 2.7G0 an increase of 909 since 1S40.
lEJThc steamer Ren West has been pur
chased by Capt. Heeder of St. Louis.
rThe German population of Cincinnati
is estimated at 50.000.
JO4' Kent arc enormous, " as the loafer
said when he looked at his breeches.
The editor of Ihe Henderson 1'anner
speaking af the lukewarmncj-s of the citizens
ol Henderson concerning the contemplated
Railroad from that town to Nashville, dis
coiirseth thus :
If our citizens desire the town to improve
ami the country to grow in prosperity nn I char
acter, and will do no better, than this, we
would suggest 'the propriety of renting the
town out to Evausville. The people there
will improve it and make it what it ought to
he. They have the right sort of nerve and
energy for such an enterprise.
That's right, friend Lhirnctt, stir 'em up
agravate them until they imitate, the public
spirit of Evaiiavilic, and your road will soon
be built.
ICj" An editor out West having left his
paper in care of his devil," during a tempo
rary ubseuce. the little fellow seized the op
portunity for the purpose of proclaiming his
own abilities. Hear him:
The editor has left town, and we the
imp have got iu his boo's, which will ac
count lor the superiority of the present num
ber, and two or three succeeding numbers of
the Eagle.
Tub Iuon Ix tehest. This is one of the
mojst important interests in America, and
should be well considered. The manufacture
of iron will eventually be an immense business
iu this country. The PolUvil'e (Fa) Demo
crat says :
" The iron men arc now making great ef
forts to impress upon Congress the nccessit"
of additional duty to save their branch of pro
duction from distress. Tin re seems a nroba-
l,iI,:.v: mc change 10 Vui
FLEAseiiE oi Heading. Of all the nmu.se
meiiti that can possibly be imagined for a
working nnn. after iaily toil. or in the in
terval?, there is nothing like reading a news
paper or a book. It calls for 1 0 bodily exer-
I tion. of which ulreadv lw. . has had enoujrh.
I perhaps too uim h. It relieves his home of
pray für a taMe which would stand by me
under every varietv of circumstances, und be
a source of'hnppitics aud cheerfulness through
liie, and a shield against all its ills, however
things might go amiss and the world frown
upon me, it would be a taste for reading.
Hi rsche I.
Ax O
Odd Sckxe. The querest object
is a Spanish beggar, for these beggr
beg on horseback; and it is an odd thin" to
see a man riding up to a poor foot- passen
ger asking alms. A gentleman in Valparai
so being accosted by ere of these mounted
beggars replied, "Why. sir. you ccmc to beg
of me who have to goon foot while you ride
on horseback?" "Very true, sir said the beg
gar. ,;and I have the more need to beg, asl
have lo support my hcrseas well as mystll."
Washington Ikvixo now sixiy seven
'years of age had found resting place -at
Wolfert'd Roosr. close hy the scenes which lie
in the immortal beauty that radiates from his
paires, ai;d when he thought that in this Tus-
culum he was safe from all annoying, free to ,
enjoy the-quietness and eae he had earned
Irom the world, the same vandals laid the which will I kept open from 10 o clock A. AI. to
track through his grounds, not only destroy- . 5 oYWk P. M., for ihe nception of Taxes," for
ing all their beauty and attraction, but lenv-' m mohth next, before ihe first Monday iripcto
mg fens from which these .summer hent3dis-! ncxl Mlcxicx Üm'ailJliuVb(UnyuiuiirJ.'o
tilled contagion. He has therelore been .1! Cül,ecl he by-izüig and scliiag
constant carefuiness,'iu3"'pirysTcian and friends
begin to loalirmed for the result, 1 Heaen
. I - . - . -. 1
avert the end they so fearfully antiei ate. j
He cannot so t a loner The honest Knicker-
locker. the gentle Crayon, and, l lie faiildul
brother Aagapida. with Washington Irving
will forever.lenve the world, which cannot yet
resign itself to the joss of either.' .' ;
Sr it Li me. 'Twas midnight ! the moon
shone forih in all her glory 1 the stars htud
ded the firmament! we did not move, but lis
tened more eagerly, as we sat upon the steps
of the Sinithftcld Church for a moment all
was stillj and then an awful noise, as if forty
B dlams hail broken loose ! we trembled in
our shoes ! we turoluut;rily;rosc to our feet,
making some harly, strides towards the spot
whence the shrieks proceeded. hat a tight
was here lor man to behold ? , Some three or
fiur persons had arrived at the scene of dis
tress about the same t me we did. For an in
stant all seemed paralyzed :. when a young
man, gdit'd with gr'-t presence ot inuid. and
stout of limb.wiih one desperate eflort,caught
the hog by the ears and dragged it from un
der ihe gate! JUfx.JJwprcfts.
Incredible Leap. An incredible leap
was performed on Friday evening by a small
sorrel mare,' belonging to Mr.' uninermau,
livery stable keeper in Miuersvil!e, and Leh
beus Hughes, son of E. Hughes. Esq., aged
twelve years, who was riding the mare, when
she became frightened, 'and ran away with
him. Sin ran up the railroad to where it
crosses Wolf creek, just above the shop of
Mr. Win. tie Haven, at which point the plank
had been removed from the bridge for a
space of about twenty-five feet. Here, as it"
fearful of attempting the leap, she stopped
suddenly for a moment, and then gathering
all her energies, cleared the.Fpaco at a tin
gle bound. The distance was measured and
found to hi twenty -seven feet.
JIA Dutchman once wanted towed a
widow, and his manner of making known bis
feelings was as follows:
'"If you ioh content -to get a pcttcr for a
vorsc, to be happy lor a miserable, and if
you smokes, und drinks nie, I shall tike you
ior no pelter and much vorse." Upon which
the lady said. "Yaw."
Metf.oricPiikxomenox. At theQ,uecn?s
Hospital, Ijirmingham, (Eng.,) a meteoric
ball was pcen to enter through one of the
panes ofgiass in the window, and pass to the
lire-place, where it exploded like a pistol. It
was about the ize of an egg. had the uppear
ance of a t-tar. and. singular to state, did not
break or crack the glass through whii-h it
passed, : or leave any mark whatever. ' The
entire building was shaken. A few minutes
afterwards another ball entered through a
door-way and two ol the uurscs were envel
oped in flames. "...
A Dutchman, on being called upon to help
to pay Ibra lightning rod lor the village,
church, lo.vard the building id" which he hu-X
liberally subscribed, exclaimed, rf have help
ed to build a house lor de Lort. and if he
chooses to iloHtfer on it and knock it down, he
inusht do it at his own risk."
'Make way there, gentlemen.' cried' a
Massachusetts representative to jHipuIace
who were crowding him cut of his plan: in
the procession 011 the election day ; . 'in ike
way, we are the representatives ol the peo
ple.' 'Make way yourself,' replied a sturdy mem
ber of the throng, 'we are the people them
selves.' Women and Men. A woman who loves,
loves for life, unless a well founded jealousy
compels nr to relinquish the object of her
affection. 80 pays somebod.
A man who loves, loves for life, unless he
alters his mind. So says somebody che.
"Julius, are you convalescent dis morn
ing?" '
'No; I was convalescent yesterday, but I
took medicine last night and worked :i"t off."
f . .
ST LA 31 311 LL TOI! SALI'.
TUG undemenwi will ecU on WodncMlny,
the I5t!i day of iptcmler next, at the rct-i-lence
of Christopher JJuriittt. in Marrs town.-hi;),
Pos y jointy, Ind., the STHA.U MILL A N I)
Fiy.'l'UKfs in sai l towiisdiia. bdiii4.in to the
estate of JoHnh l'liarr, iSaid 4ii.l i.s iii youd ordtr
and runiunjj diilv. Persons dtiioiis i'l endark
11151a the imiliir hi. biiuss have now a l'aora-
lAf oji)orHiiuty ot innkiui a gou iurcliac
Tkcms ok tALr.: A crriiit of iwilvc months will
civen. by the puichaser giviiijj his note with re
proved iccuii'y, waivitiy all nav nr.d valuation
laivs. UUliXN MAltUS,
jcj):t-2tw . Adm'r.
"7 ESTFdl I)AY,fron New Orlea is,3'J tiers jtrime
i Kio Co'T: ; anil 1 cak fi-li It in;, mid lr salt'
t.y riJSTL'f: Ar IJKOWN..
Am Ungliih and Clostind frhual far ijfwn Ln
aii . und GcnfU mm .
21. V. .SATI OItl), A. 3I.,rrincipil.
TllK Fall Si?rion will commence the first Mon
L day in S-ptcinher. As tlaFes ure ori;a!iiz-J
arid su'jectsol Judy connneiiccd the first w(-r-k,il
is more important than many suppose ihrt pispd.
Clilrr jironnflij.
For further particulars pre ca.alotie of 1SJ9-.")C,
which can Lc iisd gratis at Lister and ConyntonV
15(.k S;ore." ' ; ijyJl linw
k'. n nsvillr, Intl.
rpiIE ft.hsc.htr.s liavinz purchased the alovc ts
L tahlLshmcnt fluni U.U. Hart would inform the
citizens aud ptldic cnetnlly, that tliey hnvealarne
stock ef Stoneware on hand, which they are i rt-
pared todeliverto wholesale merchantsat the Wharl
at unusual low prices. 1 tiey . woi;td fio.icit iner
c innts and traders to send in their ordcis, w hich
w pr
idly ra
A dd 'I
will Lc carefully r ackrd and dtlivercd to order.
G1VE up ny store on" the first cf Sepcn;l.er
and will sell rrcat harsains to einrennt the en
tire stock. The last chance to cash buyers es 1
will close up on that day.
j9 cli?t9w2 J. P. SCHWING.
i tj'NLlL tashio naMe 'jailor, i-fep i; ye
JLSm more, lid ween Water and rust t.
The tax-pa)-crtt" the city of Evarsville are
hereby notified that the tax 'duplicate has been
placed in my bands and I am now ready 10 re
ceive taxes tor tin cqrrent year, at my oihce, at
,the Drug store of Ci'ajvlord' Bell, on Main t.,
p91' ,, f be city
of taxable is pay
i'lt It UM'l 1. kll vT 1 1'O ii V 1 l.irUr !) unlü in ilia
payable in ash, 43 cents on
the SI00 may,b?.laid in city ifder
1 r- M-f if-'
City Collector.
ÄOTICE. i , i
1 The qualif ed voters btingmemlersolMorning
Siar Lri'ge No. 7, Independent Order of Odd
Fellows, arc hereby notified that tn election will
be held in the Lbilge room on Thursday, ihe 5th
day of Sipicmler, 1850, between thi boors of 7
and 10 o'clock F. M.,-to elect three Trustees,
for the purpose of receiving, bokling aud. con
veying' real estate for the lencfit of said 'Loitze,
and lor the discharge 'of such o:her duties asuu
ally devolve upon such olllcers.
l'y order of the Lode.
. . r. hounduookIn. g. '.
Attest: 111UAM NELSON.-
anj'Jl te S'cretarv.
Kvaiiavillc I.od?r, io. 4, V. 71,
Meets Ut and 3tl Monday evening, in Shank
lin's DuilJin;?, corner of "Water and Locust sis.
W. Hubbell, W. AI.; II. T. Coby, S. W.; W.
E. Ilollingsworth, J. W.- A. II. Sanders. Sect.;
J. C. Iklcrd, Treas.; II. Partridge. S.D.: W.
Drown, J. D:;!T. Vennciiian, T
I. O. O. F.
idouviNu Snn 'Lqik;v, A'n 7, I. O.-O. F.
Meets every Thursday evening. Olaceis lot the
present term:
S. Sorenson, F. C?.; P. Ilora'irook, I". G ; J.
T. Walker, V. C; II. NeUon. Scci'y.; L. Howe,
TrcaVr.; J. E. Ulythe, C; J. Turnock, IV ; J.
Saunders, Q. G. & lt.; W1.1. Nigliling.ile, I. G.
8C l-.iNTt rr Cuiic mtl w ill I- j-uni lor the
above aniuunt of Dirt, deposited in the II a-vineccros-s
l ed Hum, hi ns 10 rn.e mid lrt
nlmvc tlx liigh water tuark ol ;147. . Apply 10 the
pustscrilMTs. , ,
Dli. "HAiNM). ceh'biaitu ititiliciius, lor the
cure i f all chiunic ili'nsc, f-r Mle bv
HATciirrr cd.
Evaxsvim.k, Ind.. Aiisr.W, IHjO.
My ucniiinc l'ttnedie nr.d Ointment inny tie lind
at the Dnin Sore n Dr. J. C. Hatching Co.,
WattT ft reel, L'vansville, Indiana.
anc'-Hl .'.M. SHANNON.
FORNVOUb'Scmu.KKA DLOfS rund nior
(. hol ra and l'iarih a- lal )cnr il.an any oili
er medicine. For falc hv
aug.TJ Ko. 1 1, Front M.
DTPOTof Iun!nr Medicintx. -Swain's
l'u mil V MrdiritHf, Ivk'ii?, do. do, Twn
eiidV, bell" and Shaker Snn-niiarilla, and every
vatuattle iniieiit iiH-dkine. fir ni liv ;
nic'SO Ho. 14,1'; onl st.
' sciioob.'1
MK. JAMISKUM1K. nn fXrienrnl teacher,
willoncti r. shoo f'.ir Imyn and cuU in the
school hon e litilv occupied hv Mr. Siniui m. And
f(iiii ily ly Mr. Knight, 011 Mui.day, ihe 2d S--tti.i'xi
Tir.M.t r r Qi;r. rrB-rFaili-h hrart he..2 .V to
?t W. Aiici in hii.'iaf ." laiij."'..'vd.J
11 n pii!i?-rilx is i TiiM il a u.-parlncf-hiji on the
J. Ifi. insr..' umlcrtlir tvle. nu ftrtn of Morgan
it Keen, for the transaction 1 a wholesale and re
tail J ry UHdis itu.-im ss.
In ad.l'i.oii t ue slixk f J. II. Morgan 'we
have ii!n haed ihe entire tfM-U ot Oliver Laild, and
will carry on hti.-iin at hi. oM sinnd n MaiiM.,
Wh! we will plea. -cd tuee his Iii-tin and f ns
toiiicrs, and all ttherü Im may lVel difjotid ti
1 .Mend m ns their patronage.
J II. MOJtCAiV, I . '
LSAAt; Kl;i;., 1
oiiir-27-tf MOotJAN & KEEX.
. .TT . . a ;iAiciiifc: voiiks. r -
nIIF. Troprictur ot tlte (Jreat Wtiern MarMe
'oiks having cialli.-hd a. hranth of Iiis
tahhshiiuiit in the town of Evuii$ville, Ind., is now
prer-areil to furnish ull who may desire to erect Iu
ralle Mementoes, over ihe (Jravrsol iheirdeccnFed
trie nds, witii Monuments, Tombstones, Ac,
of ui! dm. ripiion , sizes and qualilieot Foreign and
Domestic Mail h; and at fjower l'riee?, than have
ever lccn olli red Wot ut iho Mountains.
Evaiivillc, Ap:il 23, 'Oü.; COL. CKÜInS.
THE underpinned liavi-i: di.-covend a Quarry of
line White Marl le in Hanson County, Ind., has
erci.'eil a sta-u Mill, ior ihe purjKise f rawing ii
up into Sla!H mii.-d!c lor TomhMonee. &.c. M now
prepand to lun.ish Mich arth les at Unit one half
the price they hive I tretofoie Urn furnished at
It receives a very U-ahtifnf polisl: and is in eery
way tqnal to ihe Marble furnislied hy ihe Vermont
Quart it 1 Lav- ordered a large hi flopped lo Fv
ansviiie, which will le here during liie coini.i;
inont!:. Any on ntedinsr Monunieni, Tomh
ttotK, Furniture Woik of any a: d every descrip
tion, would do well to examine our Wtsiern pro
duction U fore Ini) ins 1 have In -en lone enjiaed
in the I. u! ., and call il t-quaf if not tuperior lo
any Marhle ever otlcred in the Weft.
an2:t lmdwif i . : COL. CROSS. ,
RCUMiLINliiV.-i Lioaoway, mrth of
. Con it ptn-et, Cineinnati. are ninnufhetiiiiu
Wlete Lead, I'arlor Taint, I'utfy, &c. Wc aic
no' prepared folilli!l ordtr? oi tptly, and of ti e
very in! pi iliiy . II, Conk mir. i!ie principal of
tinse two cjt:jhli!-hiiicnip, Pas lei n actively and
roiistintly enaiji'd in the niannfacturc of White
f.- ad for twenty-two ycura in lliis-ny. hnd he feel
under many .i!irstiioiia lor the literal pa'.ronnce
of the pu'dic rh.neir that siiiic. We are prepand
to lua'.n.faclnre at tin ?e t oestat lis-liments Iwenty
fr.e iiiiiidrid l,gsof t'ure White Ixad per wek;
and can increr:.-c liie aintutit I v rtmn:n; at nifht.
so that the pii'oic may rel nssunil that their orders
I u ill he filled promptly, at (he v rv lowet-t current
rates lor enj or jrood paper. A supply cf I'cd
JU.'au and Litharge always on Land.
anl J -JWUÄ.W Cm. (lazette.
. ALLIS & KOV7XS , .
VTIKH F.SA I.K Deahr? in lirocciir,' Liquors,
t Tohacco, Mails l'aper, Axe. Fpae'es, hhov
Fowder, tie, tte.,- are :now neeiTiuj: thttr
Wivttr Stork, rrd wet:!rf rj eifi Hy say to Mer
chant?: Having find e jspciiniee in ihe ! i.hi p ot
the West, almost a? loiur a? ihe West ha h.d l us-
ines9, they have a thon neh ki owldye ol the Wot
and its wants, guided t-y wlich Knowledge they
have carelnllr he teil fioin manuiactnrerR and im-
norters. such articles ns will mit the rrarket, und
are prepared to fell goods on as favorable Itims as
can he ohtained in Ixiuisvillc or Cincil r.ali. ,'
To CA.NALCoxTBiiToKs. With rc-'wl view to
Canal works, they have on hand, and will!e con
siauily receiving fatjie lots of Spaces and Shovels,
Dlasting.Powrfer, together m it h all other articles
calculated to facilitate the toil, nourish the body, to
cheer the spirits of our sturdydahorcrs.
To Faroes and Pbopite Dealers. They will
par the highest market price for country produce,
and call particular aiUntien to their very farpe
stock ofGunny Uas, hieb thty will furnish on
let ms that cannot fail to please ' V
Nov. Vt -i'Jn 21-tt;

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