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Dally Journal, per year...... .
Gj!cmivro A e c T- Messrs. Paktiii A -foaao
Fourth street, between Tins and Walnut, Cincinnati,
' art authored agent for th transaction of business for
Sbe Krauarille Jounut. The Dsil Journal will be found
. od Sie In their odea, and adrertiseroeo-i and subscrip
tions ars respectfully solicited utroujtt then.
Our nails.
The public have heretofore had little cause
t- complain of mail irregularities, tince the
. establishment of the full line of boats be
tween Louisville and St. Louts, until qu ts
recently. Within the 'ast two weeks three
Eastern mtils hare been carried past this
place, and from the best information we can
obtain, the failures hare been owing to. gross
negligence on the part of mail agents. It is
not to be expected that our business men,
'who are in daily correspondence with almost
erery Eastern city, from Louisville to Boston,
will remain'quiet under such vexatious mail
delinquencies. There is a fault somewhere,
and a criminal dereliction of duty, at the ex
pense ot the public, who receive their mail
accommodations at the Eransville office.'
N piiir elitiri tin sYtra thY incon
Tcnience of these failures, perhsps to a
greater extent than any other class, yet we
hive kept our equilibrium, until complaints
of mail failures became so frequent, that we
feel it to be ' i ur duty as 'journalist s to call
attention to those matters. '
The boats of which complaints are made,
are the Clifton, Telegraph and Gen.' Pike.
The latter boat passe 1 here yesterday morn
ing at the usual time. Our postmaster was
at the wharf in wailing to receive the mail,
but no mail bag or. agent appeared. ' The
agent was reported to hare been closely
wrapped in the arms of Morpheus, and of
course had forirotten the oath he . had taken
to deliver the mails properly at this place.
If there are any Whig agents yet in office, or
bogus Democrats who are so grossly negli
gent of their duties, we hope they will be
speedily removed. We want our mails reyu
lar, and according to the new arrangement
we are entitled to them, and we shall con
tinue to exercise the privilege to complain
on behalf of ourselves and the public, when
we don't get them, always ready to hear and
publish any excuse or extenuating circum
stance which oar mail agents may offer.
The fine steamer A. L. Shotwell pissed
this city night before last from Ne w Orleans,
and we regret to learn from a gentleman swho
arrived on her that she was making a very
unprofitable trip," and bad but little freight
and few passengers. The Eclipse. Marv
Hunt, and R. J. Ward, we are al.o crediuly
informed, made from one to three thousand
dollars each, osrr the left, on. their last trips.
This has been a bad year for fine steamboats,
owing to the exceeding low price of freights,
particularly down freights, and the enormous
expenses ttendingthe running of that class
of boats. The above named crafts have been
built at great expense, and no pains have
been spared to mike them comfortable to the
traveler; they are also owned and command;
ed by first-rate gentlemen who deserve to
succeed, which we hope they will in "the
good time coming."
, Rvr at Calr.
We leim- by a passenger from the steamer
Mediator, which le t Cairo on Tuseday night
last, that a terrible fight had just ended, be
tween two sections of hinds on the railroad
a few miles out from that place. The two
sections had at work nearly an equal number
of men, one composed mostly of Irish, the
other principally of German laborers. The
cause of the fiht originated on St. Patrick's
day, in consequence of the German overseers
refusing to allow some of their Irish hbcrers
to celebrate the day. The result of the me
lee was a great number of bruised heads,
dulled noses, and a few' broken limbs; two
"persons were so. severely injured that they
will no' recover. Quiet was finally restored
.1 j m ' ä .
Dy tne intenerence ot a. catholic priest.
though his "peculiar flock" got rather wo'..
ed in in the fight.
: CO-The Hon. W. R. Greathouse has re
turned from Washington; he was a passen
ger on the Gen. Pike yesterday morning
It is not definitely known whether he receiv
ed the appointment of Snag Boat Bess or not,
but from his passing Evansvilleso unceremo
niously we would infer that he has not been
one f the chosen. William had at one time
a good show for the above named position,
but "circumstances over which he had no con
trol " overthwarted ms prospects; we sur
misa that he has retired to the shades of the
Bayou to further await the call of his country
icxw genweraa irvuv cwuufga in town
j . . ., C XT... I L 1
yesterday, hearing our citizens complain
.. ..
about the mail bein? earned pastr remarked
that it had occurred frequently at their town,
previous to yesterday. We bene the agent
will have bia nip out before the boat gets
back here. We wou 'd like to have even an
old mail rather than loose it.
83The long dry spell, so unusual for this
season, is followed by one of the usual effects
of Buch seasons here dry cisterns, with of
course considerable complaint in some quar
ters. Some rain would be very acceptable.
Pity we had not more wells or water . works.
Tri-weekly Journal pr year, iS2P'ce honest, trustworthy unassuming, we
Wetklj Journal - oo j f
Vi OfHce Clerk.
Wh oerer ma get the Post Oßice, we
hope to see Mr'. Sbmtirilx.the present Clerk,
continued in Ms position. Accommodaün;
to every one, farailiir with the duties of kis
resuro dv one wcri. wisn iFse oim
placed. With our Urge German population
it. is almost indispensable there should be a
clerk acquainted with the German laninsaire,
in the Evan sf. He Post Office. Certainly no
one cooM better perform the dnties than
Mr. 9. He does not mingle in politics, and
indeed we do not even know to whieh party
he belongs, nor is it a matter of a difference
-but we do know that those who hare much J
business with the office, would regard his
continuance there with special favor. We
make these remarks, entirely unsolicited
from any. source, believing they embody the
feelings of the community, and are but a
proper testimonial of respect to a worthy
yoing man. ,. j
The Tenth Wander!
The fat lady, Mrs. Schooley, will arrire
here this morning, and spend a few days with
us. She will make her quarters at the build-
ing formerly occupied by Stowell & Page,
next door to Hillock St. Stodard's Druz Store,
Mrs. Schooley is said to be highly interesÜng
in conversation, and entertains the ihrongs
that call to see her with great ease, notwith-
standiner her crest nrenonderance of matter,
Sh will h nrrnmn.n;A K k t..K.ni .t
rvi w j n . xxr w
Col. Wood, the Barnum of the West. Mrs.
S. was visited by over 6C.000 persons in Cin-
cinnati durin? her sUv there, and over 20.000
persons visited her at Louisville in three
' I
days. Everybody in this city will invest a
dime to see this interesting specimen of a
lady. ... , .... J . . V
fJ5Tho Wabash is still low. The John
M. Stockwell is still lying at the wharf await
ing arise in that interesting stream. She is
admirably adapted for carrying a large freight
in low water but she can't wade. ,The
Stockwell only draws five feet water with
five hundred tons 6n board. She cn, how
ever, carry eight hundred tons. We hope
ber owners may meet with encouragement
enough to place her in the Evapsville and
New Orleans trade.
fJCj"We are informed by a gentleman di
rect from New York, that the builders of the
Crystal palace are making but slow progress
towards completion. - 1 hero exist a great
difficulty in procuring mechanics to do the
work under a foreign architect. Some por-
, , r,
lions of the palace will be ready for use . by
the middle of June, but the entire edifice wil
not be completed before September. '
Ulount Vernon, Posey co.i at which a circurn
stance occurred, hitherto unknown in the
history of that? county. The Grand Jurj
were charSed bv Jude Hovey and relired lo
their roo n, but returned in about an hour
and reported no business. This looks well
for "old Posey."
fJ3The advance in real estate, in and
around Terre Hauteris said to be enormous!
sales are being made every day, at highly ad.
vanced prices, many Eastern farmers are
settling in that section.
OCT We are rej jiced to hear by a dispatch
that there is "prospect of rain" at Lafa
yette. Y e hope they will let us know, when
the prospect is realized, some people are
anxiously awaiting a rise in the Wabash.
How Sexatoxs axe Elected is New Jer
sey. The following extract from a New Jer
sey paper shows how things are done
there, since the State has been thrown into
the embrace of Democracy by the great
railway monopoly, which has rested, like an
incubus, on the prosperity of the State for so
many years:
We are of opinion that very few members
of the Legislature from any quarter were
bought outright with the funds of the Essec
millionaire. It was the lobby borers who
were Wright hirelings, and thy were dc
pended upon to worry and dragoon the mem
bers into his s"pport. These mercenaries
were orougni mere irom every county in
the State: thev numbered in the atroTetrstA
n..ne hundred strontr. and wer cmnlnH
at a cost of somewhere between 520,000 and
. ' - T
850,000. - One lobby operator.
who ' hails
from this county, and who is regarded as
unequalled in that corrupt vocation, is alone
reputed to have marched into B'Cj to the
tuue of $4,000. This corps ol purchased
borers were the instruments of Mr. Wright's
snccea; they "fleeced the . Goldeu Ass,"
leaving the members of the Legislature to
do the vo'in?. and sneak: to dinner with
empty pockets. Doubtless, there were
some few of the latter who mada the
thing pay. It would be strantra if none of
mw laliVI nuv mbwv aw
ih,m hfirl n.,r ti,. .i .u:7 .v- a
shower was descending.
... , :
i good iJemocrat, who was in the State
House at the time the caucus was in aeaaion.
tens us that when the WrLht faction found
- II .a . . " W
ineroscires aesperaiely in need of two more
votes in order to swell the amouut to the
essential number of twenty six. thev waxed
exceedingly wrom uecause $6,900 was asked
as the price of the aforesaid cnvotn.i
I . . ... vvw.
i uat wnetner mis sum was paid or not the
I .
general raci remains, mat tne great body of
the members who voted for Mr. Wrieht in
the joint meeting got very little, if any, of the
a a" -a .
urge cousiaerauon lor wdicu me lobbj in
a IB I S.S m.
terestea sota tne senaionai omce.
' "A Steiliko" Fellow.; The following
unique advertisement appears in late a num
ber of the Lebanon Post:
I AM in iail. and rervuniustlv I think ran
I am lonely and desolate, and bare nothing
to while away the hours. .1 aohcit a share
of patronage in v. line, viz: TAILORING.
I will work very 'ow half price rather than
be idle. A. STERLING. v
Lebanon Jail, Feb. 23 ,'53.
A deadly feud subsisted, almost from time
immorial. between the families of Zl'Pherson,
of Bendearg, and Grant, of Cairo, and was
banded down "unimpaired" even to tne ciose
a a - t .a 1
of the Isst cenUry. In earlier time the war"
like chiefs of these names found frequent op
portunities of testifying their mutual anion
ity; and few inheritors of that fatal- quarrel
left the - world without having raotsteired if
with the blood of their hereditary enemies.
But in our own day the progress of civiliza
tion, which had reached even these wild
countries the heart of the North Highland
ersalthough it could not extinguish entirely
the transmitted spirit of revenge t least kept
it within safe bouuds, and the feuds of Mc
Phersoa and Grant threatened, in the course
of another generation, to die entirely away,
or, at least, to exist only in some vexatious
ldw suit; fostered by the petty jealousies of
two men of hostile tempers and contiguous
It was not, however, without some ebulli
tions of ancient fierceness that the flame
which had burned for so many centuries
seemed about to expire. Cnce at a. meettng
of the country gentlemen, a question f privi
lege arising, Bendearg took occasisn to throw
öuts ome taunts aimed at his hereditary foe,1
which the firery Grant immediately received
as the signal of defiance, and a challenge
was the consequence. The sheriff of the
countVi however, having received .intimation
of th affair, placed both patties under ar-
rest; till at! length, by the persuasion of
ineir,nenof8. - nül ,"e"" ?' -r
L. f,ok hands .nd each nledireV honor to for
eet at least never again to remember in
sneech or action, the ancient feud of their
family. This occurence at the time was the
object of much interest in the "country-side,"
. rathcr ... it ,eeme, t(J ivV the' lie t0
tne prophecies, of which many a highland fam
i!v has an ample stock in its traditionary
chronicles, and which expressly predicted
that enmity of Cairn and Bendearg should
only be quenched in blood; and on thisseem-
inr?lr t crcss-erained cirturottance' f ome of
the youn men who had beun to be tainted
with the heresies of the lowlands, were seen
to shake their heads as they reflected on the
tales and the faith of their ancestors; but the
grey-l aired seers shook theirs still more wise
ly, and answered, with the motto of a noble
"I bide mvtimfe."
There is a narrow pass between two moun
tains in the neighborhood of Bendearg, well
known to the travelers who adventure into
these wilds n quest of the savage sublimities
of nature . At a little distance it has the ap
pearance of an immense artificial bridge
thrown over a wide chasm; but on a nearer
approach, is seen to be a wall of nature's
" . m 1 . .1
own masonry, lormeu 01 vai ana roggeu
bodies of solid rock piled on each other, as
if in giant sport of t ie architect. Its sides
are some places covered with trees of consid
erable size; and the passenger who has a
head steady enough to look down the preci-
Pce, may see the i eyries or birds or prey oe-
5, . "T Vr
that it will not admit of two peraons passing
ai0nirside: and indeed hone but-the natives
accustomed t the scene from infancy, would
attempt the dangerous rente at all, though it
Isavca a circuit ortnree mues. let it some
times happens that two travellers meet in the
middle, owing to tho carve, formed by the
' r ' ;.i
pass preventing a view acroea .either iue;
and when this is the case, one is obliged to
lie down while the other crawls, over bis
body. '
.A a a ..a a
One day, shortly alter the incident above
mentioned, a highlander was walking fear
lessly down the pass, sometimes bending
over to watch the flight of the wild birds that
built below, and sometimes detatching a frag
ment from the top to see it dash against the
uneven bides, anu bounding from rock to rock
its sound echoing the while like a human
voice, and dying in faint and hollow murmurs
at the bottom. When the highlander bad
gained the loftiest, part of the arch, he ob
served another person coming leisurely from
the opposite side, and being himsi If of the pat-
riciai? order, called out to him to lie down;
the individual, however, disregarded the com
mand, and the highlanders met face to face
on the summit. Tney were Cairn and Ben
dearg; the two hereditary enemies, who would
have gloried to have met in mortal strife on a
hill side turned deadly pale at this fatal ren
contre. ,
I was first at the top," said Bendearg, "and
called out; .lie down, that I may pass over in
When the Grant prostrates himself before
M'Pherson," answered the other, "it must be
with a sword driven through bis body.'
"Turn back, then," aaid Bendearg, "and
repass as you came." "
"Go back yourself if you like it; I will not
be the hrst to turn before a M Pherson."
This was their short conference, and the
result exactly as such had anticipated. They
then threw their bonnets over the precipice,
and advanced with a slow and cautious pace
towards each other, they were both unarmed.
stretching their limbs like men preparing
for a desperate struggle, they planted their
I r c . i .i. j i u:.
Vr1, . . J. . . sr"uuu mprcsscu uc
"P8011 tneir darg brows, and nxing nerce
I ft . l 4 I ft . I . ft
anu waicmui eyes-upon eacn omer, sioou
there prepared for the. onset. They both
grappled ajt the same moment; but being of
equa' strength, were unable for some time,
to shift each other's position standing, as if
fixed to the roca, with suppressed breath, and
muscles strained "to the top of their bent.
like statues carved out of the solid stone.
At length M'Pherson suddenly removing bis
right foot so as to give him greater purchase.,
I a a a a aa .
ope.A D l and.De.nt 1S enemy w itn mm
Dr main sirenzm. mi iner ooin leanea over
the precipice, looking downwards into the
terrible abvss. The contest T7as as yet
doubtful, for Grant had placed his foot firmly
on an elevation at the brink, and had equal
command of his enemy; but at this moment
M'Pherson sunk slowly and firmly on his
knee, and while Grant suddenly started back,
stoooin? to take the supposed advantage
whirled him over his head into, the gun.
M'Phersoa himself fell backwards, his body
hanging partly over the rock a fragmeut
give way beneath him and be sank lunncr
till catching with a desperate effort at the
a m m a tal a !
solid stone above, he regained nis ioouog,
There was a pause of death-like stillness
and the bold heart of M'Pherson felt sick
and faint. . At lenirth. as if compelled unwill
ingly by some mysterious feeling, be looked
over the precipice. Grant had caught with
a ceatn like grip by a rugged point of a rock
. . ...
d I his enemy was vet almost within his reach
bia face was turned upward, and there-was in
H terror and despair, but he ottered no word
or cry. I he next moment he loosed his bold
and the next, his brains were dashed out be
fore the eyes of his hereditary foe; the man -
koJ. i .l . i
Iis; uiHnira imoag mo ireva, anu
its last heavy and hollow sound arose from
the bottom.
M'Pherson returned home an altered nian.
He purchased a commission in the armj, and (
feu Draveiy in
the wars' of the Penisula.
The Gaelic name of the place where this
trsgedy war acted, signifies Hell's Bridge.
,The Lady's Mab Of e41 the animal mil
sauce which afflict society rwe think the gen
trine lady's man takes the lead. His face U
eternally wreathed with unmeaning smiles,
and when he addresses a lady, it is always in
such a strain of absurd nonsense, that we
hare often been surprised that any lady, arm
ed with a fan, and so addressed, did not brain
the animal on the spot. If the lady's man
does, by any possibility, possess.he least de
gree of common sense, he takes especial pains
to conceal it, for somehow or other be has
taken it into his wise head that empty senti
mentality and absurd nothings are the only
offering fit for the female mind. In order toL
1 . . 1 . 1 I .!. . ill
ue true to wosme couceivcs 10 ue ioe enter
tainment and amusment of the ladies, be turns
traitor to manhood, and so becomes epicene
himself without presenting a just claim to be
classed with the male or female sex. His best
qualities are those which he possesses in com
mon with certain kind of dogs to fetch and
carry. Ladies, who laugh in their sleeves at
the fool, may not object to the attentions of
the servant, and so out of sheer commiseration
allow him to carry a fan, or escort-them to the
opera', when the man of their acquaintance are
not accessible. The ladie's man is sufficient
ly rewarded for attending them through ä
whole evening entertainment, if they will
only drop a smile into the poor fellow's hat at
parting. With this substantial blessing he is
encouraged to future exertion in this wide
field of masculine ambition.
If a man's duty to a lady consisted in pick
ing up dropped pocket-handkerchiefs and fans
or twihng her round, to the point of giddiness
and exhaustion, in the waltz, we shoul I, per
haps, envy the accomplishments of the mere
ladies' man; but, believing, as we do, that tre
delightful and liveable drpendance of woman
upon the sterner sex demands the exercise of
more manly qual ties for the effeminate ac
complishments of the other.
To treat a woman like a doll only to pre
sent to her mind the gaseous eructations of
false sentiment,' or the frothy nonsense of
iasnionaoie invoiity, is sureiy no way to win
the esteem and respect of any woman not the
victim of. a congenial worthlessness. Wo
men are excellent judges of character; 'and,
although, we have frequently seen them en
tertained with the fuhies of the ladies' man
as with the antics of a pet dog e have sel
dom seen a sensible woman apply them to
any better use than for their mirth and laugh
ter. Few would be willing to trust the gui
dance of their lives to such shallow and un
reliable pilot. A. O. Delia.
CjWe like to give our readers all the
light v?e have on the "Flying Ship," aud
with that view we copy the following ac
counts of its first trial from the Washington
The Flyiko Ship. The inventor of the
acroport, Mr. Rufus Porter, gave two even
ings last week (Friday and Saturday) to a
public exhibition of his plan for aerial loco
motion, illustrating it by a model or minis
ture float, or ma n supporter, of 23 feet long,
and 7 or 8 feet through the middle section.
and a suspended car containing a diminutive
but successfully working steam "engine,
whose duty it is to furnish power for the gut
dance of the machine. The total weight of
the matter of the model is fi'teeu pounds.
The machine sailed aroutid tne room, evi
dentiy guided by th propellers of the sus
pended car. ' Whether it would be possible
to maintain a course not immediately be
fore the wind In the open air is. a question
we think fairly open, as is also the fitness of
the shape of the float to encounter the ide
pressure of an untoward breeze.. The exhi
bition will be repeated under more favorable
circumstances this week.
The iEroport was again exhibited by Mr.
l'orter, Saturday night, at uarusi saioon.
a I 1 - a
To see this miniature, sylph-like vessel, with
its gay and airly saloon filled with automaton
passengers (looking out at the windows).
actually elevated in the atmosphere, and
paddling its way' in any direction by steam
power, according to the dictates of its own
helm, tend to strengthen the hope that the
untirin projector of this means of atrial navi
gation may succeed in bringing it to a prac
tical result. Mr. Porter seems to be san
guine that a machine on thispr.ncjple can be
constructed, capable of making two trips to
California and back in the course of a week,
carrying two hundred passengers, thus, at one
hundred dollars a berth, realizing a snug pro
fit on the investment. Experiments upon i
large scale will, hewever, best prove the prac
tical utility, of this mode of atrial navigation.
. .A genuine Fern.t
(We copy the following almirable article
from the Boston True Flag, to which Fanny
Fern is a regular contributor.) i.
rCAaT. Apollo! what a face! dolefn
as a hearse; loidod hands; . hollow chest;
a a a a i n a.
whining voice; the very picture of cowardly
irresolution. Spring to your feet,' hold up
your head, set your teeth together, draw the
fane form of yours up to the height that God
made it; draw a long breath, and look abou
you. :. What do you see! w hy, all creation
taking care of number one pushing ahead
like the car of Juggernaut, over lire victims.
There it goes, and you can't 6top it. -Are
you going to lay down and be crushed!
' By all that's manly, no! cash ahead! You
hare as good a right to mount the triumphs
car as your neighbor, snap your fingers at
croakers; if you can't get round a stump
leap over it, high and dry. Have nerves of
steel, a will. of iron; never mind sideaches
or heartaches; work away without stopping
o repine, or to notice envy or malice. Set
your target in the clouds snd aim at it. I
your arrow falls short of the mark, what o
.ft . - l -
mats . ricK u up anu nre again, it you
should never reach it, you will shoot higher
than if you only aim at a bush. Don't whine
if your friends fall off. At the first stroke o
good luck, by Mammon! they'll swarm around
you like a hive of bees.
v. r tj al i . '.,
c uu, psuaw; i : inrow my
i r ' r .
gioves in your i ace, ii i am a woman: you
are a disgrace to corduroys. What! a man
lack courage? Aman want independence
A man to be cisrouraged at obstacles!
man afraid to face anything save his Maker
Why! I've the most unmitigated contempt
:oryou: you pusillanimous little pussy cat
1 There's nothing manly about you ' excep
jyour wnissers. f AHjrr x ebjt.
A Eutoarr
A humorous friend of ours from the South
(whose "favors we respectfully solicit) men
tioned the other day a funeral sermon which
he heard in North Carolina not long since,
that set even our associate Owl a-winking.
Parson S , a rather eccentric character
was called upon to "preach the funeral" of a
bard case named Rann, which he did in the
following style- "My belored brethren and
sistern if our departed brother would a-wan-ted
somebody to tell lies about him, and make
him out a better man than he was, he
would'nt a-chosen me to preach his funeral.
No, my brethren, he w at: ted to - be held up
as a burnin'. and shinin' light to warn yoa
from tho error of your ways. He kept hor
ses' and he run'd era; he kept chickens, and
hefou'tem; he kept women, and there sits
his widow.who can prore it, . The widow
sat directly in front of the pulpit, and here
gave an affirmatory nod. Our dear departed
brother had many warnins brethren. - i oe
rst warnin' was when he broke his leg, but
hetill went on in the error of bis ways.
The second wamin was when his son Pete
ung himself in jail; and the last and great
est warnin' of ull was when he died himself.
The preacher then enlarged on these topics
until he had sunk Rann so low that hi hear
ers began to doubt whether he would ever
get him up again, and, as is usual in "funer
als," land him safely in Abraham's boson.
Thiswas the object of the second part of
he sermon, started off thus: My brethren,
there'll be great mericals, grtat mericals, in
ieaven. And the hrst mencal will be, that
many of you expect to find there you won't
see there. The people that go round with
ong faces, roakin' long prayers, won't be
there; and the second meracle will be that
many you don't expect to find there, as some
peh ps won't expect to find our dear depar
ted Rann, you'll find there; and the last and
greatest meracle will be to find yourselves
there." M There is not one single word of ex
aggeration," said the narrator, "in it." It
is a literal transcript. KnicJierbocker.
Secretary Csrwin'i Advice to an Ap
plicant for Office.
The Washington correspondent of the
Philadelphia North American says that about
three years ago a young man presented him
self to Mr. Corwin for a clerkship. Thrice
was he refused, and still he made a fourth ef
fort. His perseverance and spirit of deter
mination awskened a friendly interest in his
welfare, and the Secretary advised him, in the
strongest possible terms, to abandon his pur
pose and go to the West, if he could do no
better outside , the Department. "My young
friend," said be, "goto the Northwest, buy
160 acres government land or if you have
not the money to purchase squat on it; get
you an axe and a mattock; put up a log cabin
tor you habitation; and raise a little corn and
potatoes; keep your conscience clear, and
live like a freeman; your own master, with no
one to give you orders, and without depen
dence upon any body. Do that, and you will
become honored, respected, influential, and
rich. .Bn accept a clerkship here, and you
ink at once all independence; your energies
become relaxed, and you are unfitted in a
few years for any other and more independent
position. 1 may give you a place to-day, and
lean kick you out again, to-morrow; and
there's another man over there at the White
House who ran kick tne out, and the people
by-and-by can kick him out: and so we so.
uui ii you own an acre ot land, it is your
kingdom; and your cabin is your castle y?u
are a sovereign, and you will feel it in every
throbbing ol your pulse, and every diy of your
life will assure me of your thanks for having
thus advised you."
The Lakcuage of Jot a d Sorrow. We
seem to be better acquainted with the mis
eries than with the happiness of life. This
is ehadowed forth by the fact, that in at least
the English language the words to express
what is good and pleasureable are fewer by
a great deal than these for the bad and pain
ful. We hive colors to paint every stage
of woe; let the crime be the blackest, we
can tell of the very les. But to tell of the
varying lights ot piea.-ure, and an the win
ning way of goodness, we are wholly at i
loss; and the most we can say of the great
est goodness is, that there is an unknown,
indiscribab'.e charm about it: the most we
can say of : the highest bliss, that it is un
utterable. Dallas's Poetics.
i .
OCrThcre is an interesting couple in Cin
cinnati who have been engaged to be married
for the last five years, but no time has occur
red during that period when they were both
out ot prison at the same time.
LAS BELLAS ARTES, JP.000; Cayadores, 13.C00;
Kl Diran, S.lMiO; Hcrnani. lC.OOO;
, La Klori-ta, 20.WW; WaUinjrtoa.SO.000;
AU in above are warranted gtmuint imported raa
Safari, aad will be ad Id at ry Uw price $ fnr the qual
ity. . .. K. G1LBKKT 0c CO.,
f hcainore. wear water.
ALF KPAXISI1 SEGARS 50,000 for sale by
Sycamore, noar Water.
POTATOES A few barrels and sacks Just received,
a cuoict article, for aale by
. S. iS. (iiLOLKl dc UJ..
ap8 Sycamore, near Water.
SMALL NURSE GIRL iswaMed to accompany a
ramiij dunng an ansonce or sererai
months from
Kransrille, t take esarre of a child.
Par further infor-
nation, apply at this office.
SILVER W A It R. Just received by Express, di
rect from the manufacturer, a beautiful lot or fine
Kilrer TabM, Ta. Fait and Muetard hpoona, Sugar
Storels, Butter Knires, dee.
Main street, beL Wawr and Fint.
C-t9IPIIOt-200 lbs Refined, for sale by
ap? . . FOSTERS dt UKOWM.
I?f DIGO 3 Ceroons Caracas, for sle by
TAtll EIDS OILIS bbls. Extra Straits;
5 do Common; .
for sale by ap7 FOSTERS ä BROW-
SC Y Til F.S-5 dozoa Waldroas Crass. Gma and
Brier, rr sale by - '
, i - i
The CelbrstPd New Traredr
Tragedy 1 Three Acta. by.,.,.. Cs, Gctzkow.
r. Tryr.T. ann ItEWAnD!
. HtNAWAY froroth. subaenber on the 3rd of
-larch la, from my farm in Henderson eo., Ky
nwEranarU e.ino-, i n i-ram jut.
weighs abtat I6Q pounds: abou 4 fe;tBor 7 inches Uga.
H-ianTdarK Drown cmniexn. a-arr-aet, ana
H is a pood ena-iner. baring aitenaea engines m muis
fr0orje-rs. He la quick Pfken, and of rather a
mo.letraforenntenance. it ia prooaoie mat no ia
makX hU way t a free Stat.
IwiU five, tb abo- reward to any a who knay
UX hhaii a free Bute, or 20 to any one who may take.
Z2nrnet's Patent vyater Cooler
WS are again prepared to offer oar friaods
tomert a auperior article of Water Coolers of sa
tire new etylee, and at greatly radacad pricee. lis
Ucle is the result of the arUcatio- or acientifle princi
ple, to the purpose intended, vie to keep water '
!. m.0 Umr aa . mad vitk tkt lt
muMntitf . Jt. '
J be proprietor aas iof aevotea bis aneouo- k w
particular eranch of douiettle ecouoraj, and pastier from
-n tnapt vaa-ant m aao.-tw, baa ml laugU. adf aaa
nar penertioa aa it is poaaioM to reaca. a prooi
thU it found la the very jeaeral use of these Coolen la
alt part or tbe eountry. A simple at-teDt-of factka
regara to these Coolers, wUl aaUarr m ary ooa of tbair
aperiority. Flnt, thej are tbe aj mrtuu 1 kind
9tr pmttmtei. They are fiiraiaked wfch two l!ct.
noa-condacUng- chaaibara. by Baeaaa of Wbitb, wiCl twa
pound of ice to the gallon, water ia kept (at a tain pas
ture of 40 degrees below ae-ro, or ouly 8 C;rei tt
te freezing point) alt day.- Taas,atae-Jtlor sonieUirea
renn per day. a f-ntil) or (wdinanr atza eaa be eonatani
ly supplied with water as cold aa Ice iUelf; Urger noni
bers in the same proportion. ThU has been found by
actual experiment ta be a earing of at lewet aaaty-Sa-percenu
over the Kartbea Jara, foriderly ased for this
purpose. . . . .
A gain, tb we Coolers bxtss Sweat, la this way Mytaff'
BiitU unnecessary waste aad trouble. ' -
Being wan nurtured fa th most woismanliks style,,
and bandStomely ftnisbed ia every respect, they make a
very beautiful orusaveni tor the lrtaiug Ho, Hotel, ay
Steamboat. , . ,..'.,
An important ImproTeant has lately been added t?
the Cooler, Tlx: A tnall Pkn (capable of holding rri
tit to eight p'unds of Butter) Inserted directly aocUv
the corer. This quantity ar butter eaa be kept arfeeUf
hard all 4ay, without addUioaal lee, (a very impyrtasH
addition to the ecuoiiiy and comfort of faiailla.)
If desired, Ute cooler can also oc lurmaued at a saau.
exitense with a v ' ' i ' ' - ir- - 4
which Serres Uie addiUonal purpose of restoring all Im
purities from tho water, rendering It perfectly eiaar aadL.
The Cooler aad Filter may be seen la operation at any
time, at ' BUKjtavrK.
AO.1 if, jtst-rouruBveei,
, . , CiacluuaU, Ohl.
TTpFor sale la EranarUle by '
VI T RU A it bbla. Conkliag Wood dt Co.' Pafw
Cider, for aaU by ... t
.ap ruts if tu mt cnu a
1 Case -leu's Kip Brogans:
1 do - do - Calf do;
dkt do Morocco;
1 do do do Superior; . t '.
AlsoA general assortment of Ladles. -liases' ana
children's Shoes, for sale at
apt Malu st. 3 doors below Sacondr-
6 doaea Looking Glas just recetred and for sals'
ap4 Main st,. 3 dnac below Second.'
T3EltACi: DE L4K1!
A Sue assortment selling rheaa at
Main st-, ,doacs below Second. T
1 a Ires a supply now ope
now open for ins
er- at
Alain St., 3 doors below wooS. j
THE subscriber hariag completed the assorting aad
piling his stock of Pine Lumber, would reipeclfuny
inform the citizens of Eransville, Lamaseo and rlclnitr
that he I now prepared to fill all orders la at Una. . I.
would iuviie persons Intending to build, and mechanics
generally, to examine his stock before purchasing else-,
where. Corner Ha and Ma.n st., nortk of Canal. V
sXn f(f FKKT Pin Lamber. tkrmrkU
Sdß J Jji ef, embracing an qualities, from ona
half to two inches thick, for sale low at the EraarTiUe
Lumber Yard, Main st., north of Canal. -
DRE3 D PLOOING. j .. t.
A CONSTANT supply or seasoned White Ptnedras'dl
Flooring kept at the Kransrille Lamber Yard. Maim
SU, north of Canal, by ap4 JOHN F. GLOVEK.
finn FKET Kaoed Pine vVaaiherbordtwg-
JJJ for salt low at the Kvansville
Yard by
NOTICE 1 HEREBY G1TEX, that the prtneryp
boreiofitfw exitlng between Adam Karsch, Voten
UaViuul dc Andrew KUntwort, la the Cabinet iaa
ness, has this da been dissolred by ruutnal consent.
Uie aaid Wiitrl aud Klintwort will continue the Cabinet
m-king bumeas and are auUmrized to eollect an out
8taiiliiij clulin of saidCrui, and will par all debts of UM
same. . ADAM KÄRLICH, ...
ap4 fVoIksbote copy ) ANDKEW KLLNLWUkT-
iSecurlty StabillfyFerpet-iity,.).
LlFl INSURANCE. . l 'l
mutual Lire Insurance Company
no. 35 wall stiieet.
Mctca- C-sh Prx, crrMnTBn oe Irr Fss'r." I-S3,.
2,01 ft,7 7 -,G4I! v -
Securely inv sUd in Bonds, Mortgages Jf Stoc...
JOSEPH B. COLLINS, President. "
Isa-C Absatt, Sec'ry ....... ....CaaaLcs Gill, Actuary-.
C. V. Halhsone, Ageat, Kranarnie, Ind.
Omca at ins branch baxk. - 1 -
M. J. BRAY, M. 1)., HUGH RONALDS, M , D.
Medical Examiners. i
THIS Company being baaed upon tbe Mutmtl aad
C principle, atfrds tbe best possible guarantees
to all who wish to secure tbe beneOu of Life insurance-KErcBBKC-a
ia Kr-NsriLLa: Measra. John Fhanktia,
Glilison Ma:hre, Charles Viele, Samuel Orr, Soren So
renon, Johu Inzle, Jr., Lewis Howes, W. T. Pt
J. P. kUiolt, W. II. Boirourt. JameaLaughlin, Jr.. V m.
Kughea, John W. Hughes, W. A. McUea, A. H. Ne
Griff, Henry D. Alli, J.N. Herschberger, Crawford Bell
OUrer Ladd, N.H.Johnston, James K. Pare, JrJ.
K Taylor, W. Bacoa, 1). W. Ashbridge, J. Woods-.
Hughes, J. C. Wheeler. ; i . 1 1.
PiiirBToii Hon Famuel 'lalL
TTr Pamphlete netting forth the adraatagesoiTeredby
this Company, together with Tenth Annual Kport
(on February lt, 1C53.) will be furnished gratuitously
upon application to the Agent. apstf 1
O Ä n0Z. Assorted Steel Hues, la stare and for sas
Iclby mar-S SAtL OEM.
Oß SACES OF BR.N Jut recclrd and for sate stt
JUST KECEIVED. A large and general aaaorK
mentof Locksand latches from the factory of Ed
wards, Morris dt Co., and fur sale low by S .
apl . Sigaof thoMUl Syw.
fresh and In fine order, lust receiredfrojn Ue nert
em part of the State, Snd and thrtftr. wr aale at U.
Wharf Boat of p21 O'RILEt MITCHELL ,
THR subscribers to the eaptu) slock of The Taettewa.
Plank Koad Company ,u aganixed for the parpo
of construeüng a Pank Road from tb Citj of Etaaav
rilie to the south bank of Big Plgeoa Creek, apon a
along tb SUteroad leadtag from E nUJf f
. t. --.a-! ,h.i election will be held St
Se office of 765 aV BLY1 BE, In h Ciy of Er.K j
rillo, on He lih day of April. A - v-fsi f7??J? I
hour, cd i an4 4 -Vloek. P. W.. of s-ld JP'
poM of elecUng aot less Uaa Ihre, aor mere UBa'
and until their successors are el"0- ' '
sttan-ir- aMB!J G oNK, OaWaalfr .
...... ' 1 . i :
JAMES LA t'-HLl5, ( aad ether
aja CEAWFOEI BELL. J abscribers..
Residence Wnntrt. . -
A XCtUVM-Oi'v .cw(, nuu.ii; rim.w,
and ia good order aad repair, to wanted for a.
small family, who wifl male prompt paying tea-.
Addteaa "J. C. A.." car Jerl. aiXf
vjnrrn xjuü. :
rtOft BARRELS 1 Svoawaad for aa)e r " ' '"r
Ot C(n F0PLÄB SHINGLES lust receJredanA
yOaVUV for sale bj (mU3;j, SAMUEL ORR
THE subscriber thank In I for past liberal pas-,
ronsge, would respectfully inform the public, and,
the Ladies in -articular, that he has last reee.red.
a ar- aA4 very Bu aaaortnaeni oi n j
ELKY, CLOCKS, and all other articles usually found Is
a Jeweler's shop, which hacaaaad wtt sell alprice a
low as they can be bought In any other city. His stock.
"mmmmm . a r a -bw II uo WB mw
conslsU in part of Fine Uoid and ifciiver v ai enes, u-oto,
G FJt aBd Vest celns,Pla d Sen Riagv,
Crtia Po.eila. Fiaa Hrntinr Lockatä:
G . d KtJ piM seam aad BuckU-, Gol4 f
, . aaeortmrBl of Ladiea'aad GenUemea a i '
o . . .ninAiM wr RnM ! nmn. m.mA
Hoow sm;r Tabl aad Tea Speena, Sllrev Pescfts an4
exteosion Pa holders, S.ver liaMea. a aeaaUrtl fV
' i viM-r. cu... Him-M Wntmtiral Ua
Ir fiB p.ricaro C-sea. PorV-o-ies. SarenVers. aad a
vost of oaher article atl et Ue oewest style. Call la,!
4 v-:aahow. a tt U no trouble to ahw sa3 !
, VEvanttlatT old V warrant-d b aas :
i? j. L. BITTROLFF, c i
1 pl-3m Mala Street, be. Water aad T)nk..

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