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""""Wodei Lore-Let. er.""
Interesting Sew from tue Trinity.
JTiana-cment of Crowd.. r " -"ftV A little 'her hkä Ms first Docket-Kmfe
The following precious do.utnent was re-
Sinoe the unfortunate calamity by which
The officers of our State Agricultural So-' and for serera! days used it himself, and ex-
K AX AWAY from th subscriber o tie 3rd of
March last, from my farm in Henderaoa to., Kjr.t
MONDAY MORNING,:::. :::::APR1L 11.
- , . , : i;: t ,n ah will Pa-t for Months ;L"UJOB,l,v'c,auu I1UW U,B or,Qe ao TC nwasoomicauyms vxrjr iCu.Wu, picu ui and take good care, of the children. Fron
Pierce. '''; IoV'Pe retiring the spectators to pass out one door your affectionate husband till death. i
. Recent movement, at Washington would f Years, and U...I ernap "w mcatiou with the mining regions beyond the in at auuther. When ordered to retreat there ' - '
tron'sly indicate a disaffection in the new fciiv ' " ' ': ' was of course nothing more to be heard till CCTAs the member of the body make one
Cabinet whichwonUhPiMPirnlttorernnrile ' th M, , , " S r nart 1w. him ! -AU tho whecIa on the ver have been Unentered again; and as he w ho' was out ' person, 8a before God all good men make one
Cabinet, which would be ciQeult to reconcile, et a thuubt I p??.i swept, thus destroying ihotmnds of dollar. nrs( obtained the nearest stand to the entered humanity. !
and t keep the r, ly chosen effice r. in their though It w.ll be with hop s of seeing you woftb Qf beß t(J lhe . d became neeJful on, for tho 8 ke 5 1
nlarp. The prT.irt of th PrPsirl-nt tn cal . again tre one abor. year expires. x. n. Ji.i i .: : - ....:. . i
rom the chaos of hii shattered partjsuch meu
as would unite the hostile fragments into one
harmonious whole, will, from preseut appear
tncci prov wholly abortive. i
- The id?a thit JjflT. Divis tho great expo
ent of the Southern Rights" principle,
can sit down in union of sent ment, side by
side with the Michigan Abolitionist, or the
Premier, of. the .New Voik Soft," wi
gross misconcertion of the President. The
Democratic States, base their disaffection
with a'rery great degree of plausibility, upon
the singular fact that tbe President, made
sever! of his Cabinet' selections from those
States which cast their rote for Gen. Scott at
U),..Uimn Pnl .TnaMnirof Maw Mr 1
Guthrie of Kentucky ;and the offer to Mr.Nich-
olson of Tenntssee, were selections from
utAiwMrh vntP.l nrr-inst th- nart lat P!I.
- - o I J
while the balance of the offices were filled
with "Hards" and "Softs" and other persons
of doubtful Democratic"" virtue."" We ""can
draw no oth3r inference from the President's
course, than that'he intended to' buy up the
Whijr States of Massachusetts, Kentucky
and Tennessee, ty giving or efferinjr them a
reprcsentution in his Cabinet; and propitiate
the.S.'ce sionists','Ab;jlitiDists . and' New
York "Softs,"-by" placing at the heads of
Departments one of their num jer respectively
From present indications, if a very probable
rumor U to credited. Gov. Mircy hjlJs his
position by , a very uncertain tenure, having
figured with his accustomed adroitness, to
procure the elevation of rreii of his own pe
culiar views to the mrst important 1 ffues in
Iiis own state, which rppears to have been
enually unpalatable to the New York Demo
cracy' generally, and to the President him
self.. Marcy's greatest'dangfr, however, con
sists -in the ruking "fire in the rear," from
Col. Cushing.whj is said tube peculiarly am
bitious, to attain to the Premiership himself,
and1 the result will no doubt be, thai when
the President finds his original harmouizing
scheme will not work, he will dispense with
the. services of such members of his Cabinet,
as prove themselves the most impotent to
meet the emergencies of his necessarily vas-
illattng administration. ; '
'- Division si California.
- The Division of , California into three
states, distinct and aep irate, is now contem
plated and pressed there. A majjrity'of tho
Legislature, it Ts said, will or Jer a state con
ventioii, nd upon that conventio.i will de
pend the node; manner and boundaries of
division. r .
i ,Tbe three states are to be niraed, "Sierra,"
the. mountain division, which nas about 23,
000 Inhabitants, i y the last censu; "Cali
foroia," which has 1-07,33S; and "Tulare,'
the southern state, including Los Angelos
and San Diego, which has 34,150 inhabitants,
and about seven millions -of' taxable pro
perty. '1 '
.This southern stat? of Tulare, in the divi
sion, it U contemplated by many of the occu
tants to make a slave state of, and one of tha
obj cts of pressing the division is to establish
slavery there, , ( " ' " ,
Thr ' Sacramento Union estimates the
state debt of Cali ornia to be about three mil-'
lions dollars. , The effort to establish slavery
in any portion of. the territory of California,
will doubtless prove a failure, as public opi
nion generally is setting strongly against it.
r - '
fj7"The California news by the late steam
er is highly favorable t m'nin and agricul
tural opirationi. ' Sacramento City has well
niirh recorered frorrt the t fleets of the latelAi. Co., Louisville. Upon examination' at
disastrous fire. The city is being rebuilt in a' that office it was the pinion ot the Postmas
ver suMäntiil manner.. The prosp.ct. for ' Mr- EJrd, .that the maiL agent Mr.
, J . j. , , . r ... Levy, had taken the package. Mr. Ilutch-
the yield of gold the ensu.n- season are hurh- ln.,jintm lToly 8 tlirte j inpws uit. Arriv.
ly flattering, and will far exceed that of any . ln, jn this city, he Uar;ied that Mr.Levy, after
previous year. The 1 md-pirate Joaquim and
his party continue their depredations in the "
Tici-.ity of the nboata; and have tl.us tr.
eiuaeu me vijuauce 01 tuu oiac au 11.
Cjiiro, April 7
To Ann RiwnPM -1 T have iust le;ned of
.i. -.:tr.: . ck;.i T-M
i: i.L. rn :
uc M,Iuru.ir.u
cu.i ... .v..
water and broke in two. ' She was bound up-
ward. Boat and caro are a total loss. She
WPnt rf,n in- fii minute aftPr tritinrr.
. . . -
110 .irra were josi. i was owneu
an3( commanded by Capt. M. D. I. H. Te parties hft yesterday on the States
Brooks, and injured at Nashvi.le between man. 'Col. Levy, we understand, has ocru-
which nlico and Vw Orleans she was civ-
infra, b. Vra rP.nectfullir
t. r- ' ' J '
.Uäsuuse Coxvst. lhe Boston Journal
states that a comu.itteeof the Massachusetts
Legislature have reoorted a bill for the In
t .u . . vt.,:
cuiu.ww... v, uie auuerers 01 nie umeu
Convent which was sacked and burnt in 1634, dat you will perform de duties of your office for the Liquor Law. The Assembly ibow-bytcjob.-'
- j to-day so coot as you canopy Cotl" (ever, opposed to it. ."
so dear, but alas how soon that hope Will
ho Chr..:,J with the Thought that you love
Tm she Idol of mf IICArt.
I ask to behold tbee, '
To gazj upon tlijr faee,
' To iliiu eye BinUo on m
v With tue bewitt'Oiug fTuct'
To trn-r Uiy voito' iw-tt ruuiic "
' Law luunuiirtn my ear,
Tom thy form ti we.
To (eel'tbaUbou art Der. :
To know that tho-j will mttim
Heiow ouo 1 ouzhtoo MIA,
' E'ju though that tiouUtU not of Xr
- To kii'iir tbut l"OU art bappj,
u ill ot in) hdarl at rst, -F-tr
lu thy bmifiuM 1 feel
Tbat I hui iraly blet - . 'L. B.
The Werk y Journal.
( Our sub6criptio.i list to the Weekly has ex-
I : 1 l jj ; :.u: , 1. -
P""a eucn a uacen iurre.se wuu.a uu
1t two weeks, that our last week's issue
failed to supply the demand. ' We regret to
la . m a t 1.
üisappoint miry oi our suDscnoera wno -re
in the habit of caliingatthe office, for their
- ,
paper. We dont expect our good fortune
will cause us again to disappoint our friends
in this way. We will humbly jask their pardon
this time, and prjmise to print all they will
retd hereafter.
' OrThe rain of night before last was. too
slight to do much good by way of settling the
dust in our s'reets. A warm, April shower
would be very acceptable now as the surface of
earth is becoming quite dry. , t , r
" O The Farmers in this vicinity, are no at
putting in their Spring crops, the season has
opened unusually late, yet there is still plen
ty of time. The prospects for abundance of
f.-uit arj flattering. . ' ' '
If Epicures will refer to our advertis
ing columns, they will see that Dr. Evans
has Fresh Baltimore O.sters on hand con
stantly which he will serve up at the shor
test notice. ' -J '
O The steamboat wharfage collected dor-'
ing the month of March, by wharl-maater
Taylor, amounted to ' . , 475 10
Boats landed - " r 345
Boats passed without landing : 10
Mcrdie. A fracas occurred on tbe Fan-
-? ,
ny Farrar at Paducah, on the 1st inst., be
tween two deck hands, Felder and Kerwio,
in which Felder stabbed Kerwin, killing him
almost instantly. Felder is in jail.' . , . .
.Hurd r .Moit t'wui.
On the 5th inst., a man named Joseph
Murphy, was deliberately ahot in a bar room
in Lancaster, k'y., by a mm namad Jack May.
A correspondent and friend writing from
Lancaster, under date of April 5th, speaking
of this matter, says:
"Tha deceased was . sitting in the , room ,
t liking t a gentlem in, with his back o the
door, when May stepped into the room, ap
proache 1 near- Murphy, drew a revolver, and
discharged two balls into h:s head killing him
i.istatit.y. It wasalldonets quick as thought
.Murphy did not see him choot. Jack .May
was accompanied .by his brother, and both
immediately fled fnm town. A warrant wa
issued this mo-ninjr. and placed in the hands
Of un officer, who is now in hot pursuit of the
perpetrator of this fiendish act.". . : T. ,
. ; 'Ittil ICobb'Tf.
Mr; Iiutchings.of the firm of IIutchings&
Co., nf Louisville, pissed through this city
ysterdaj cn route for Louisville, having in
cuaiouy oi. i.evy, u. ft. iiau Agent, cnargea
with having rubbed lhe mail in .Louisville of
a package containing over 84,000. The cir
cumstances us we learned them are substan
tial as follows: Iltitchings & Co., about ten
days since, mail d the package at Louisville,
(all the note having been previously branded
with their private mark,) to Shanard & Co.,
of this city, and telegraphed the same. The
mail arrived without the package. Shapnrd
tJcCj. immediately telesrruphed to Hutrhings
ex unining tills ofHce,as a the busmen of the
oVjlrVeSn8 0Utlhath WÄS S00.10
MVTl'utchiDM, hotvever,for some reason,
l00k iae carB ttnJ pil,ng Chattendoa with
out obtaining any clue to him, he finally over
took Iiua at Atalanta.Ga., traveling under an
assumed .;ame, but unlortunatelv for him hav-
lu2 iil hu P0 cssion an umbrella marked
1. "stule n f-om
, s.-ru um 1. juevy. i)ir. llUlCUinzs on
it .1 . ... r. r i I 1 w . .
.his trip found several uf the bills belon?inSto
me pacKape in tne nanas ol persons who had
changed thern, and actually tood beside Mr.
Levy and purchased a railroad ticket with one
ol the bills. Most of the money was recover-
, ed by 31r. Hutchtngs, either in the original
fun Js f Jfl other currenry.
pie J the position of Mail A'?nt lor Kentucky
1 nu 1 ennessee. lor a nun urr ui vcars, ana, 01
. m r U . .. r 1 r
I ,..t I. kiih.rtn u'iirn xti untarnishpil r,
putation. XasHville Ykig, April bth.
fTy1 At a recent election in Pennsylvania
the Dutch Jude in swearing in one of the
- pfCUr ask d:I M Will. you swear or af-
nrui!" -Affirm," was the reply. 'Uold up
,uUr ri-ht hand ,ht)n? 8uiemnlv swear
spenajü. 1 ne orici
. Mnni.o. . ......
JTr: 'lrJt'
with all the appurtenances, supposed to have
cost 82500.
At Hi? Bar, some twelve miles below tbe
North Fork of th, Trinity, the miners are
obliged to eat males to subsist, t ere being
no provisions beyond Weaver for sale, and
here Hour sells at from 80c to 1 25 per Ibj
al! other kinds of provisions in 'proportion, !
and very few at that barley being the prin
cipal food used, it being ground iu coffee mills
by the inhabitants. . ... ,
Thebndrrsat Clear Creek crossinjri cn
the road from Shasta to .Weaver, are both
swept, and no passage for man or beast is
The snow has been almost constantly fall
ing through the whole northern country for
about four weeks past, and freahels must
necessarily ensue, which will inundate the
whole country dded to which, starvation
is staring hundreds in the face.
A man was frozen to death near Wearer
ville December 27th. ;
Trinity rive has been 7 feet higher this
wii ter than last, and three feet higher than
ever known since the immigration to this
At Yreka flour sold for five dollag per B,
and now they are air leaving and coming
through! the snow, some twelve fret , deep
arriving in Shaita and Weaver daily.
Oregon Items.
' The following is the memoranda of the
steamship Columbia, tho arrival of which is
chronicled it the letter of our San Francisco
Memoranda. Arrived at Astoria at 7
o'clock, a. :M.,29ih Jan. Lying at Astoria,
ship Robert Burton; brigs Nonpareil, Alert,
J. W. Havener, iSujan Abigail, J. B. Lunt,
Grecian. Tigris and Francisco; barks Louis
suna and Naumkeag; scbrs. Harriet Endoms
and J. M. Byerson. , Brig Vandalia, (..villi
Capuin aqd en w,) is reported to have been
on Columbia. Bar. Steamer Columbia left
Astoria Feb. 3d. On the morning of tbe 5th
inst., at 2 a. M. off Cape Mendocino, souke
steamer Fremont. Ai rived at San Francisco
at lrj f-.'m., 6th irst. '
Te Democratic Central Committe have
called on the party throughout the State, to
select delegates to meet in convention on
the lit of April,' or the purpose of electing
delegates to a Mate ( convention at Salt in, on
the 2J April, for the no n nation f a. delegate
to Congress, and to recommend theExecutive
of the United Mates to appoint suitable
persons to all offices in the Territory, &c.
An elegant steamer called the Uregon,"
has just been bui.t, and is to run un tbe upper
v iii-meite.
A correspondent of the Oregon T'tnes,
writing from Jacksonville, a mining town,
under date of Dec. 30th, says: "A mail is
expected to run soon to Canyonville. An
ixpre?s runs bet.een Jacksonville and
Yreka, California. The rain had been con
stant, and the inhabitants leaving. Yreka,'
ayathe writer, "takes our flour away as fast
&a the price becomes as low as fifty cents per
pound. ' lhe population of the town is about
1000 "
The weather at the Dallas at last accounts
was excessively cold. It comco need now
ing on the 8th December, and continued 22
days and nights.
A new paper has been established at Olym
pia, ruct bound, called the Columbian.
On the receipt of the election news at that
place thirty-one guns were fired.
The Ethiopian Sereuader are doing well at
A party was given at Vancouver, by Capts.
Ingulils, Brent, aud Grant, of the United
States Army, un Fri. ay evning of last week,
which for tasteful arrangements and respect
ability of the company, I r surpassed any
thing oi like character that we have witness
ed in Oregon. Qregoniant Jan. 20.
Large Loss or Stock. The Oregonian
says, 'Vit is supposed that not less than five
thousand head of cattle died during and in
consequence ' of the Lte storm and cold
weather, at of the Cascade mountain. Many
persons lost very animal they . possessed.
This loss will be seriously fell by the whole
country." N
lter Tlexictia Setra.
.New Orleaks, April 6. Tha Delta has
dates from the city of Mexico to the 19 h.
The. President, Secretary and General
Uraga, and Marlin Orrava assembled on the
17th and opened the ballot boxs and counted
the votsfor President of the Republic. The
result was 13 votes for Santa Anna and 5 for
the other candidates. ; Santa A una was fhen
proclaimed President of the liepubic of
Mexico.. He will be inaugurated on reaching
the capitol.
New Orlears, April 7. We have dates
from the city of Mexico to the evening f the
2ist. , . :
Judtre Conklinandth Mexican Commis
sioners, Tarnal, Castillio, and Longas, have
just signed a tormai tretty between tne
Uuited States and Mexico, guar.-mteein; neu-
tra.ity and protection of transit wiy tcross
Thuintepec, and entire pectirity fo? the
capital therein invested. The treat; will
be ratified by the Supreme ExecutiVe of
Mexico. ,"
Connecticut election.
New Haves, April 6. The electionis far
as heard from, stands Democrats 100, Vhigs
70. In the Senate, 5 Whigs and . 10 lemo
rrats. Nearly two thirds of the Houss are
Mdine Liquor. Law men. The Sen.te is
thought to be opposed to the law
flhode Island Electi.onu.
Providehce, April 7. -We hare returns
from all the counties, showing 900 rarjonty
. uuauutt,vv. ivnta suicuuiu uwaiui" wucci u anauuaie unraic uuoiucoa iu a iun ' L W k 1 11 L'lrr I f A? II L. XTrI'
command, "Mranirers witnaraw: ueiore any
II ' All till a IrmiKu
i'T'TT" 1"- L " L .1 J II
when a universal scramble took place for the
place of exit. ' ,
At the State Fair, at Pougbliecpsie, pome
years since, hundreds of the-female partol
the crowd, to the great inconvenience of oth
ers, stood up at full length on the seats, in
the great tent, as Bancroft was about to de
liver his address. One of the policeman, an
old fashioned sort of a gentleman, brought
thiMn all down in a moment, by giving the or
der, 'The ladies will sit down, the yils may
stand" up." 1 - " -f
But his is hardly equal to the adroitness of
an old preacher at a camp meeting which we
saw reported in a late London newspaper
(The Mark Lane Express.) 'Mmy ladies con
tinued standing un the benches, notwith
standing the frequent hints to the contrary.
At length the olJ preacher, who was noted tor
his good humor, rose and said:
. 'I think if those ladies standing on the
benches knew they had holes in their stock
ing they would sit down!" They all sunk
down in a moment the preacher adding in
un undertone to his remonstrating friend, it's
a fact, if they hadn't boles in their stockings
I'd like to 'know how they could get them
on!" Country Gintteman. : f ! . .. f
lloiuunce iu Ileal Life.
John Aspden; whose sudden death on Mon
day was noticed in our columns, is to be bur
ied this afternoon. Mr. Aspden was one of
the English claimants of the immense estate
left by Mathias Aspden. Before the case
the Anierican heirs, the latter, proposed to
was decided by the Supreme Conrtin faaorof
the deceased to compromise the matter and
offered to pay him the sunt of $250,000 to
relinquish his laim; this he refused to dv
and the decision of the Court cut him off
without a farthing.. On Monday morning the
estate, was divided between th heirs at law,
and almost at '.he same moment Jo'tn Aspden
fell dead at a tavern in Carter's Alley, of dis
eas.of the heart, supposed to have been in
duced by disappointment and mortification.
At tbe t.me of Ins death his pockets contain
ed a solitary cent 1 his entire fortune 1 ' To
day the man who migh' have been possessor
of a quarter of a million of dollars will be
borne to his grave from an obscure part of the
District of Southwark. Truth is quite as
strange as fiction. Phila. Bulelin llth
Resistance lo llldicnle.
Learn from the earliest days to insure your
principles against the perils of ridicule, you
can no more exercise your reason, if you live
in the constant d ead of laughte , than you
can enjoy your life if you arc in the constant
terror of death. If you think it right to dif
fer from the times and m k; a po ut of mo
ral., do it, however rustic, however antiquated
however pedantic it may appear; do it not
for insolence but seriously, and prandly as
a man who wore a soul of bis own in his bo
som and did not wait till it was breathed into
him by the breath of fashion.
Sidney Smith. ;
. . ' . I ' , i
Distinguished Author. A young scape
grace, who had run out a fortune, and fa len
into bad habits, took up his rrsidence in ai
country village on Long Island, pretending to
be an author. Hi shabby appearance was,
therefore accounted for; and as his addresi
was good, and marks of personal beauty re
mained, many a romantic village maid sighed
over the cruel fate of genius." Sighs would
nut pay his landlord's bill and when a month
had expired he was dunned in good earnest.
At length the landlord told hiro he never saw
any ol his productions, and wished to know
what works he had been the author of. Being
pushed, he replied: Why, sir, I call myself
an author and sol am tbe author of my own
misfortunes!" '.
The Whale. The whale, having no air
bladder, can sink to the lowest depth of the
ocean, and, mistaking the harpoon for the
teeth of a sword fish or shark, he instantlv
descends, this being the manner of treeing
himself from these "enemie, 'who cannot
bear the pressure of a deep ocean; and from
ascending and descending in email spa. e, he
puts himself in the power of the whaler;
whereas, if he knew his force and were to
swim on the surface in a straight line, he
would break or destroy the machinery by
which he is arrested, as easily as the salmon
breaks the single gut of a fisher when his
reel is entangled.
OCrTha edi'or of the Boston Mail went in,
to testacies the other day in summing up his
poetical love of female virtues:
? "In woman's nature rests sweet soft spirit
ualism,' which has the power to absorb
the stern and gloomy sharWings of the
masculine mind into the gayer and brighter
channel, reflects its holiest ughts into a
spray of temporal happiness that feeds the
torch of hope through the dark labyrinths of
Iile especially if she makes first rate buck
wheat cukt s." ' . .
C3Grace Greenwojd writes from Rome
to the Nationa' Era, aslollows:
"I met on this night a son of 31 rx. Ilemans.
He resembles somewhat the portraits of the
poetess has, I should say ht-reyeaand hair.
He is a peculiar ruUd and pensiveyoang man,
wnom you might almost believe bad been
reared on his mothers melancholy melodies.
Mr. Hemans, is. a devout Reman, Catholic.
Think of the son of the author of The For
est Sanctuary as a Catholic."
New Orleans,. April 6. Gottschalk's first
concert took place to-night at Odd Fellow's
Halt ' It was a most brilliant and enthusias
tic reception. The house was crowded with
the greatest array of Creole beauty.
The Cherokee arrived with Havana dates to
tht 3d. " ' -
,on vnn rn i ninvino- thp ni hlr.sir. I
r J . J J " . . f
"irnenrj.you to marry Jemmy iU'Kourke,
. .'CY7i?iA?isii;ai, , I
rokxia or Taihr kd w alrct Vtrieti . '
rroressor of Languages aud Gymnastics.
u.w iua iß iTinzdUsoUedpart
nerhij with Wm. Ilolaen,) would
Ktiiounce ih t letillconiino0 the
TailorMie business at th old aUnd of
Holdeu 6i Davlion, on Main street,
up Utrs. oppoxlte lb Rank, her)
he will le l'fae U wait uj.on all
who way favor Kim wlih their pat
ronage. 3io pali.s will be spared to
girt, enüm itisfHctKn los.lt
- - - - . ..... miiuv HUiC9fBaU
EtaisvUlo, Airilll.'jS 31d- . C.DAVISON, j
"i TISS GUTUltlE his lust reonivod s.11 extensive sun-
1X l'I-T r the most beautiful.sDd fasliionsble Spruir
Myle öonneu ana uiuiuerj uoos, cm uracil : lu yarl
the following: , ÜOMif.
Cactus. - do:
Embroidered Ifeapantan lo;
Gossamer . Bo;
Point rralJ, open edge do;
llaibkct .. do;
French Gimp , v do;
Keljrrade ' - -. - . .'' do; .
spider do; " '
Vhite RHt do; 1
,,rlot(5d d., from $3 to 10 ' " ' do;,
rnjoons from 5 rents to fi 50e. per yard;
G.xsaiir Hats for Children; 1
' ' Bclrado oo do do; . '." ' :
Fj)l3or 'do do. do; '
Ki-1 GloTfs. aorted sizes, . . '
. . Killc G1ot(s,K1.1 French. " ;
". Fillet .Mitt I, long stud half long. apll
Ml OES. ASso Velvet Kiubroidered Slippers, and
a large supply of Kip and Butt Brogaus, pump-soled,
Just received nI for sale low br -
apti . Y: K. ilEyPRICKS & CO.
bOuTS, extra quality. Also, superior Culf Fejrged
boots. Just received by steamer An tic. - ; ,
apll V. K. HENDRICKS dc CO.
BACON.OT.OOW lbs. choice Hams. RWes and Shoul
ders Justfnim suioke-hou, iu lot-to suit by
; jU , , '; FUSTEKS dc MEOW!?.
rESS POltK. 0 lbls. and 23 half bbl., our
X-L ou patklug, and guaranteed, for sale ty
MACKEREL.. 150 parkaees Xos.' 1, 3 and 3. for
sale by apll FOSTERS & BROWS
BUCKETS, 50 dozen Ked and Clue;
10 do Onkel; Jut receired per
Giobe.tyv apll . 'FOTEK.S dt BKOW.N.
1 7" ABASH FL.OCH-50b).1s.. warrmuted, tat
siU) by apll tOSTKKS & EKOWS
TEAM. 14 half Chests Y. 11. and lin.Teas;
40 Nlfc. Bxes do do; -
50 6 !o do do;'
Jant receired aLd for sale low, -aril
rived m d fur smIo kr .
apll , ... : SAMUEL ORR. :
. huluna, aud lor sulc by ,
.apll.'. ' ; SAM
rcceiTed per
7- doz. woonrx nrciCETs;
) 25 do -iirtft and sioail Tut; receWwi and for
sleby splld&ir; . SAMUEL OKR.
cpired at '- .
ai-9 KV.Ay.ys RESTAÜRAT. ,
A GESTLE'JAN who is every Way qusllfla-J, Is anx-
us t- ir5t in o some business or employment by
wnicn he ait mito a suppoit- ncterwiKes g ttJ'
quired, hiiqui e at tuo 'vücraooa House ' 1
or address by note.
"OT TO--100 bashtls of coo-l eatirz A
L. ig PoUtos for sate cheap, to cla onsisril
'PKXJiLSSJEt; 5IOE bon?ht8tr.ne;t).
X by , , S. E. GILBERT it "r
"" Fy(fcinnre, aearM1:
a. o. nrxYAX," "
49, MA 1 5 STRUT, i '
. t - - LOU1S V1U.E. KE.N'I ÜCKY.
IS reccirine n lare and suerior stock of "Pprtil
Summer Gol, of tte best make hnd material
in every eolor and tle. - F. Klolley Fils as
Verviers; best Uran ll'Corn French Cloths and
skins. Simonis Sutiu D'Soire Cloths and Doeskins
e ioiTi Doeskwimud Casslmeres; a large stock of Frei ,'
tncii'i ana American fancy lniueres, in newt)
uu-huuiui njiets pauerns . ai aerirtis; i.tncn l'nti 1
the very first quality, white and colored, beantirul 1
pleasant for sjun.cr wear; the largest and jSasst U I
of Vestiiijt.eTor brou-ebl to Louisville. Plain aud fail'
MIK.MU and Linen, Valine's, Cashmeres and Satins
pieat varioly:a new article of Moria Anti ua and Br
cade: white and colored Marseilles, of elerant aualiti
and style, rery rich lor tasty jroods; a large stovk:
uents' furnishing Goods, of all kinds and of tbe bei.
quality. ..... i . . . ; . , . ..... 1
Hit Goodt art superior tualitf, wkitk exntrit
praren tm ( cteapest.
lrrThewell known and di-dinruished. Cutter, If
VAKKK V. WELLS. oresiJes orer thecuttinr-'
rwn4ji,w - All or Un filled iLa troui 4neM mtul üut.TT
. . . . s.
ajiH 3md
C : ' Proprietor.
Produce, Commission if- Exchange Merchants,
TOLEDO, OHIO. ;''tiVi:',
' PinLO nrcai(OHM. Toledo, Ohio;
A. Ht'cif moH?, ZanesTille, Ohio;
B. II. HccKixcHM. Kew York.
Advance insde'nn Const rrtimenl t
Backiuplauis tt Guthrie, EuJTalo; Hitcklr.phains 6c Mc
Culoh, .New Yurk; Keunedy & Foster, Mew Orleans:
A. G- Furwell t Co., Bostou. 1 ... 1
REKKRECSPreston C Cmtbr, and O'Riley Ac
Mitchell, Etinsville, Ind. . Advancements made oucod
sifriiinents toUisa'Hveflruasby Presloa & Uro.
febbd&nCm . . . . . j -
LAS BELLAS AKTES, lt.ii00; Cayndores, 13,t;00;
El tiTati, 5.010: Heniani. 1,00;
La Florista, 20,1(0; Washiiifrton.SO.OW);
All the above srw warranted genuine imported Havana
e .b, and wiil be sjU at rery Icm prieet fr the qual
ity. . , , JS. E. GILBERT A CO.,
. ap3 . . . Syc tniore. near Watet.
11 . ' . S. B GILBERT at CO.,
. Sycamore, near Water.
POTATOES A few barrels and sacks Just received,
a cnoice article, for sale by
ap8 Sycamore, near Water.
A SMALL URSK GIRL U wt' Ud to accompany a'a
Evansville.to take e arjreof a child, l-or further lufor- .
ntl.ti.tn at.ril. , V ; ftrtn . Btlltf.
IX. Ufiiui aunne an absence or aevenu raom tvim .
Q I LVF.K W A I K.Just received by Expresa, dl.
roct iroin ue manaiaciurer, m "v
Silver Tabe. T-a. alt and MusUrd r-poons, r ,
9sl a-stTKalsi Unftas W rtfsrsxai Aii-
j u ujTROLFP.
ap7 I-. , Main street, bet. Water and First.
CA ITCPIIOIt . 2U0 lbs Refined, for sale by
ap7 - - FOSTERS & BR01TS.-
TNDIQO. 3 Ceroons Caracas, lorsaie oy
1 ap?
T AUW EIUS Oil.. ISbbls. Extra Straits; 1
i do Common;- -,
for sale by ' ap? FOSTERS dt ER0W5..
ima .KH V v . mm mm mm . w !
m '
Ywwm9iw m iiri ii j mi. 'f ' ' ft
1 1. . . ' . f..
lue proprietor bas long aerotes snenuon to u is
particular branch ordomeiicecoiinij, and passingfrom
oflefmproTement to another, has at Itmrth arrired as
n-ar perfection as it. is posstMe to ach- ,A proor or
this is found iu the rery eneral use of these Coolers ia.
all parts of Ute country. A cimple sUfejiitnt of facts In
regard Uv tliese Coolers, will satisfy fvery oe of their
superiority, first, they are the mrtitle utketimi
tvtr patented. They are furnished with lao distinct
non-coudnciing eWnuhers.- by meajM f. kk h.u ith two
ounds ot ice to the gallon, ,;er Is kept (at a tempera
ture of 40 Jejrrees bei-- tvr, or ! t degrees bor
t je freezing pon.t) all dat. Thas, Et a"cot of some threw
cents per day, a faniil of ordinary sio can be eonatsn.
ly supplied with water as eelS as icm itself Iar?r nuas
bers m i!k S H11 projioatoa. . This has bfi, found y
actual esperiiuect to be a aarlug of at least se verity r(ua
percent, over tbe Earthen Jr, foriucrSj uaed for' Urta
purpose.. . . . . ...
.Iptin.thwe Coolers ytvaa SnrtsTio tliVway aarlcj
ranch ufiuecttssary .waMte and trouble. ; .. . , .
Bing ruanutucturexl ia the tooat woikmanUke style,
and handsomely fioLdied in every rctpett, they mate- a
very beautiful oruaniest for the Lining t.eom, Hotel, wr
Steamboat..... ...
An important improvement has lately been .added to
tha Cooler, viz;. A small Fan .(capable of holding irera
iKtoichl.uniJU of Buttar) iuaerted irecU) ander
the cover.. Thisquau.it) of butter ran be kept .perfectly',
hard all dar, w ilhout additional Ice, (a very Important
addition to the economy and com fort or fans1 lies.)
' ir desired, tbe Cooler caa aiso bo furnished at a small
txpense with a . . . , .
which serves the additional purpose of removinraU Im
purities from tbe water, rendering it perfectly ciear and
wholesome. . 1 1 ' j ' I - t
The Cooler and Filter may be seen 11 operation at any -
irnie. ai - DUnJ EI ri. ,
. No. 14, East-Fourth street.
., . . CindnnaU, Ok.4.
, ITPFor sale la Evan-vlUe by
VlEt.Aa 15 bbU. ConWlins; Wood & Co.'s Pars)
Cider, for sale by
en's Kip liroirans:
1 , do . - do 'alf do; .
1 do do Morocco:'
1 do do do Sooerlor:
- Also A general assortment of Ladles', M Isms' and
children's Slioes, forsule at ' - (. 1
: ap4 ' - . Main St.. 3 doors below 8coadt
0 dozen Look hi Glacs Just recelred and forud
ap4 . .Main at.. 3 doors below Secestd.-
A Cue assortment slline che.tp at " : ' M
apt Main st., 3 door beten Second. '
ap4 . AJa'ia st 3 doors It low Kesond.
THE subscriber ha vir)- completed tlio assortln: aid
pillns his stock c-f Pne Liiiib-r. would respe tfulrjr
iiiiorm the citizens of Eransrille, Lainasco andvlclnitT,
that he ii now prepared to fill all orUers ia hi. line, lie
would iuviie persons intending to build, and mechanic
Srene rally, to examine his stocH before pun hatinjr else
where. CoruerSm aud Ata.n ats., norti of Canal.
ap4 .. . - JOH.N F. GLOVER.
A A ft FKKT Pine Lumber, tUmgltf .
t ) U U ) 1 $ nei , embmcins all qn all ties, from on
half to two inches tli ick fur sale low at the Eranrvillw
Lumber Yard, Main at., north of Canal. . . .
ap4 . . , , , JOH.N F GLOVER.,
A rOXSTA VT supply of seasoned White Pindrest
' Foorliif-keptat tbe Eranr11le l.omNr Yard. Mala-st-orth
of Canal, by ap4 JOHN F. GLOVKK.
i)K fff FEET ffeaoned Pine Weaiherbordins;
iv'sVVLf for sale low at the Evans
rille Lumber
Yard by apt
"VfOTlCE 1 "5. HEREBY C1VEX, that the pirtnership.
X heretofore exUting between Adam Karscb, Volen
ti ue Viu-l & Andrew Klintwort, In Uie Cabinet bust'
ness, has this da bees disolved by mutaal consents
lhe said U itzel and Klintwort will conUnueihe Casliiet
makinir business and are sulhorized to rollert all out
Undii;g claims of said flrui, and w ill pay all debts of tho
same. ADAM .KAK.vCfl, - V L
. ap4 (Volk'-.bote eopy ) AXDKEW KM5HVORT,
7pL DOZ.
O by ,
DOZ. A. sorted Meei Yiucs, jn store aad" for tils
SACKS OF BR j. just recivd and for sal t&
TTJST IM CEIYEI. A lare and jreneral assort
I merit f Ixn-ksand latches from th factory of Ed
wards, Morris 3t Co., and for sale low by '
p8 V " " ' - " ' Sljnofthe Mill Saw..
' FOR SALE. " 4
fresh and in fine order. Iut recrlel frM te nort
er part f tUte, Site and thr'Jir., fur !? at th
Wharf Hoatc 'tapl - P'RILEV A j.llt UtLL.
Krwid'ii- Wanted. : f
M A MElilüM SIZEU dwelünjr. eentruy altnated
tad In jrood order sid repair; h wsnted for a
j small faurly, who wiU make prompt pajing ten
ant. Address "fjc. A . care Journal. mh'jytf
BARRELS in Store and for satenr
nr nnA"POII'AK BHIXOLES"jinit"r9eelTedad-,
yOvMv for aale by mha;! SAMUEL ORR..
' . . . 1 . ; .'. ;.i.,t
, 'THE subscriber' thsnkrol for past liberal pat-.
Vfy. ronage, would respectfully Inform the pabtle, and j
tbe Ladies iu particular, tbat he hJit rece ed(
a nre and very flue assortment of WATCHER, JEW-.
ELKY, t "LOCKS, and all other artich-s usually round 11
Jtweler's shop which he can and sriVf sell at prices as
iow M tney eail Dourh i aa nh-r niv his siock
COnslsls in part of FtneGoldaad itrer Watches. Gold.,
,A V ri.,.1.. t1..iu tl A Kelt Kinff.
an1 v Ke . Fiue s;ali
I ( 1 mitml Pin-r. f.A?H Pa.Ti
s, rlue iiuiini r w:ei., s ;
seals sd Uu-tk , Gold. I ,
Laoii -i' and Gebtietnea'a. 5 ;
t ens, a large asaortui nt or UUH'V sdu urBur .
Breast-Pinst splendid lot of Earrii-g. both Drops and, I
Hoops, Silver Tael and Tea Spoons. MUer eaciis ana., w
e tension Pen holders, Silver Thimbles, a beauuful lot i
of fine Peart Cai Caes. Portmoni-. foove a lors. ana j .
lKstofQther articles, all ol Ue west styles, tall la. f
' qther articles, ail ol the -west styles. 111 m. f v
;e a iookaaihow, aa It Is no sroobta to show auchv , ,
S'Pr, lb,u! eM !twLTixrroLV; 1
3nv Main Street, bet. Wateraad FtrsU i
nice Ihit
arl-3in Main Street, bet. Wateraad Ftratt
C)YTIIES.--25 dozea Waldron's Graas, Graja a4 t
"tf Vr r ' - FOSTERS-k BR0W5 si'

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