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IilTJournaj,ryear.........w,...w 3
i-WseUj Journal, per inr, JJ j
Cixciatt AS
eT.-MeMrt.PAin I
een Vine and Walnut, Cincinnati, 1 1
are authored arent for tbe tnnwUoa of business for
&t KriniTllle Journal. The Dill? Journal w ii M i rouna
on 11 la their offlce, and adverilatmsota and subscrlp.
ttoas are respectfully solicited through them.
Ne Dispatches
Owing to tre hign wina tnat prevailed
laoat of yesterday, no dispatches wrre re
m..A awer the wires. Our reDorts are al-
w u www - S
waja full and regular, when the line win
won. ..
The License Question.
Nearly every prominent city in Indiana
went against license at the recent election.
'EransTille went for license. Well, we shall
hate a fine opportunity here of testing the
tjirm'tive workings of the new law. It may
.not be amiss to try the experiment one year,
of gmi.g licenses, free of cost, to every one
who desires keep ng a coffee house and can
procure the proper bonds. If the evil of
liquor retailing appear to increase in our
midst during that term, under the experi
ment, the remedy will be at hand next April.
- We hare a large number of coffee houses in
this city, but truly we do -net Enow another
place in which such establishments are per
mitted, where they receire so small a sup-
'port.1 The Aome patronage is small Our
young men, sum tinned as they are bv these
. . .. I 1 .1 iL
of any other city in Indiana. Wc do not
xeept the young men of those cities where
..drinking establishments sre prohibited our
remark is of general application, and its
ttutb cannot be ajccesaf J y refuted. Where
young men or old men want to drink, there is
oerer much difficulty iu readily obtaining the
liquor. There la probably as much tempta
tion in the prohibition of that to which they
are inclined, ts in its free proffer.
f$"Il is a very agreeable fsct that there
are no poor little girls in Evansville, not al
ready well . provided for a lady of our ac
quaintance has been advertising for. A little
nurse girl, offering an agreeable situation,
and had not up to yesterday morning the first
offer. This shows the happy conditionof
tha Boor" in Evansville.
FXThe April Term of the Vanderburgh
Circuit Court will commence in this city on
Monday next. There is a rery large "Dock
' et,M both criminal and civil, which it will take
at least three wecka to dispoae of. The
Trial of Luram for the killing of Cook, is to
. - ...... t
be, it is hoped, concluded this term, we
also understand that there are several appli
cations for divorce on the Docket.
(C7The new Court House is progressing
finely-there is already sufficient of the su
perstructure completed to show what manner
of building it is to be. ' Our people have
been ä long time talking about a new Court
House, and we think they hit upon the Tight
plan at last, and the right man to build it.
; (QrThe river is again falling at Louisville,
and several large boats which had gone
above tho falls, were compelled to drop down
to Portland for fear of being caught in bad
fXJ-The dust swept up the streets y ester
day in furious charging cluuds, greatly to
tho annoyance of . pwdestnan and store
keepers. A little rain would be bleased little
Mineral at Soda Wati. We notice
Farrcll & Co's. fancy Mineral Water wagon
again perambulating our streets, laden with
boxes of the cooling beverage. As usual,
this firm Intend manufacturing largely this
aeion, for not only home consumption but
for the consumption of the thirsty in eur
rounding towns. .They have all the macht
eery for manufacturing extensively, and sell
ing cheaply They have a ho opened their
soda fount in . the Confectionary Store.
Take '.he ladies around.
P. .8. We are iudebted to the enterpris
ing, .ndujtrous, amiable and good-looking
firm,' for a dozen of the miners? water gioing
to be left at our residence, and another dozen
to b left at the Journal O.fice, in short order.
Do fate? If so, we will partake you.
Thx New Silver Coinage. Tbe officers
of the mint st Philadelphia are now closely
engaged in coinirg the new silver piecea o
the denomination of three, ten, and twenty'
fire cents. In order to meet the public wants
for small silver change, tbe work at the mint
now goes on both at night and by day. The
new quarter of a dollar weighs precisely
four pennyweights, and is 7 grains less than
the ,' former piece. As compared with the
current Spanish quarterage new coin is de
eidedly heavier and somewhat finer. None
of the neT dimes or half dimes have yet
been struck.
fjSrTbe Locomotive steamer WhLe River
has ahown herself entitled to the horns'
hsaing beaten every otber bost which she
lias encountered including among others tbe
EclipM, Empire, York State and many oth
ers. Capt. Page will never allow her rep-
station to suffer in his hands. The White
Hirer is the only rtgvlar boat now in tbe Wa
bash trade and affords a speedy, and safe me
d'ea cfjcsanacication with both the Wa
bnti acj White rivers.
The and I Rsrilre)maf.
Judge Hall, President, and John Engl?, Jr.,
Secretary of the Evaosrillo and Illinois
Railroad, are now engaged iriHi . t jme of the
Director in riding orer the line surveyed by
the Engineer! between Vincenaet and Terre
Haotef preparatory to a final location of the
,,xiaute, preparatory
roada between theie points, ion alter which
expected to put mai ponton 01 w ruau
under contract. Tne portion of the road be
tween this point and Vincennes, is steadily
advancing to completion.
Destructive Fire
We notice in the Louisville papers of the
11th an account of a terrible conflagration,
which burned up Tower's Stable, a Cabinet
maker shop, a Coffee house; a Smoke house
and Ice house, and confectionary in connection
with the stable were destroyed. The aggre
gate amount of damage sustained, will not
exceed 87000. Partially insured.
. Seed Crn.
Repeated experiments among farmers,
prove that not one grain in twenty of last
year's crop will germinate. The chit did
net fully mature before the frosts of last
Antumn. This is a matter worth looking at.
OCrThe excellent Louisville ai.d Erans-
ville packet Fawn, did not leave the former
city till yesterday afternoon. She will be
here this afternoon, and return after a short
delsy. The Fawn is an excellent packet,
and regular in her trips as circumstances will
possibly sdmit. Her accomodations are
good snd officers sttentive. Our business
men 'and citizens generally, should throw
every thing in her way in their power, to
increase her patronage. one is a great
accomodation to this city in many parti
(0The Hou. W. R. Greathouae is most
emphatically a lady's man, and is at present
dispensing bis devotions among the belles of
our city, most lavishly. We had the pleas
ure of listening to one of his love-irakiiig
peeches a few evenings ago, and witnessing
its magical effects upon the lady. Wm. has
a very pleasant course of life marked out,
which may prove at limes a little perplexing,
but he is equal to any emergency; and since
lie baa resolved to devote tbe balance of his
life to matrimony and politics, we think his
cup of bliss will soon be full.
r . ..
fXA destructive fire occurred at Rush-
ville, Ind., on Moodsy the 23th ult., which
consumed tbe f oaey House, and all the
houses attached to it, together with several
other buildings, store rooms, dec. Two horses
and one cow were burnt in - one of the
stables. The Republican ears that the loss
will reach 810,000. The fire originated in
the hay mow of the Posey House stable, by
some unknown process. ; .
Destiuctite Fire in Cihcihjtati. On
Saturday night the Wm. Tell Coffee house,
the Phoenix Restaurat, and five or six build
inga on JTiIth street, between .Main and
Walnut, were destroyed by fire. Loss very
heavy. The Wm. Tell was a famous house,
and the Phoenix, a new house, was said to be
a most magnificent concern.
fC Renewed efforts were made last Fri
day to clear the steamer G. W. Kendall from
her precarious position on the rocks at the
head of the Falls, st Louisville. They failed,
however, and she is in a worse position still.
She is insured for 812,000, not her full value.
Capt. Andrews, of New Alban, was serious
ly injured by the falling of one of her spars.
OCT Mr. Dickinson, of New York, says he
will accept the collectorship at that port,
provided Pier e and Marcy will keep their
hands off. He appears to hsve no objections
to the emoluments of tbe office, but don't
like to feel under any obligations to either
the President or his Premier for the favor.
K5"We were informed by Mr. Porter, one
of the prop ietors of the Cannelton coal
mines, that there will be two new Cotton
mills ereeted there the present season, which
will involve sn investment of at least a "half
a million dollars of foreign cspital.
KS The "Pike," Capt. Fuller, was at our
wharf early yesterday morning for St. Louis,
loaded in every niche and corner to a perfect
jam. she could take no more, freight. We
are under renewed obligations for a package
of late papera.
(ryXavigation along First street near
Divisiou, is suspended for the present. The
streets are being reduced to the level of the
city grade, and an immense quantity of earth
is being removed, which is used to fill up por.
tionsof Lamaaco. -
-T5The Cinneinnati Commercial office
printed and sold 554 ,0C0 election tickets at
the late election. That bests us. Wa
didn't, as our books will prove, sell 100,000
OpOne of the new snag boats has just
been completed at New Albany, and taken
over the river. We understand our friend,
Mr. Greathouse, has concluded net to super
intend it any further. ,
G-The Lafayette Courier warna the Press
to beware of Mr. Evaks, the proprietor of the
Panorama of the Garden of Eden, Deluge,
&c, lately exhibited at that place, as hesfapeo!
without paying hia bill.
OThe Rev. Mr. Baker, an Episcopal mi
nister of Baltimore, has publicly renounced
hisfaitb, and made a formal profession of
The Davenport (Iowa) Gazette con
taint an official notice of the organization of
the Mississippi Railroad Company, in con
formity with the provisions of the "code or
Iowa." The capital of the company is $G,-
000,000, and the fatentron is to unite at a
point oa tie ZXirsoari, ia Pottawatomie coun-
tjr, tar Council Bluff; with the Mississippi
at Daves sort. The Legialatare ef Illinois
has passed a bill chartering a company to
construct a bridge across the Hwtisai'ppi at
Rock Island, which will connect the Chicago
and Rock Island Railroad wits the above pro
posed road.
- OCyDaniel Dowrey, a Scotchman by birth
and a blacksmith by trade,' left Cincinnati
early in January 1852, to go South by the
river. He quitted the steamer on which he
embarked near Evanaville, since which time
his brother, residing nesr Madison, hss had
no news of him whatever. Any information
respecting him is requested to be transmitted
to James Dowrey, Madison, Indiana.
Effect or Higii Rests. One of the
dealers in fancy iron ware, in New Ycrk, has
a kind of iron bedstead which can be folded
into a small space, and, if desired, can be put
p a closet: Immense quantities of them, he
says, have been suld within ta short period
the purchasers adopting this way of econom
izing house room.
Mot)el Scholar. At the annual examina
tion of the Model School at West Newton,
Mass., on Friday week, it was stated by the
principal, Mr. AMen, that one of his pupils
had been connected with the school fire years,
during which time he had not once been ab-
ent or tardy! Such an example is worthy
of imitation.
0rMrs.C, Let oy Webster, widow of Ihe
late distinguished Secretary of atate of the
United States, is at present residing in Uni
versity place, New York.' Her house is the
resort of a very large number of citizens, who
csll for the purpose of tendering their con
dolence in person to her.
The Maghoha. The Louisville Courier
makes the following notice of the danger of
the Magnolia in a late storm, and of the
narrow escape of Capt.' Thomasson from
drowning :
The Magnolia encountered a terrific storm
at Natchez, but tbe boat was happily landed
before she receded the force of it. and no
damage waa done. Many passengers, how
ever, were terribly frightened, aa the fire
from tbe furnace blazed out on the decks, and
set the wood on the guards on fire.
Capt. Thomason, who was on the lower
deck, and in the act of stepping out on the
guard fell .overboard, and had a most pro
vidential escape from drow ning. It was very
dark, and amid thecoulusion and noise ol the
storm he was not I 'en to fall, and had to de
pend solely upon binuelf for rescue. Ahhough
burthened with an overcoat, and heavy boots,
he managed tj swim, and first grasped a fen
der, but not being able to retain his grasp, he
was swept away under the wheel but came
up alongside the guard, and finally reached the
rudder at the stern, and clambered up to the
deck, which be gained in safety, although
much exhausted. His presence of mind
never deserted him for a moment, and to that
no doubt Is owing his safety.
A letter from Havana describes a religious
procession in that city:
First, says the writer, came four negroes,
filsying the violi n, bass viol, flute and flageo
et, rolling their eyes and grining, as if it
were a supreme joke. Then boys and men
canning candles, and shoving every body
aside. Then a hang-dog looking friar in
white, wilh cowl thrown back, carelessly
swinging a huge censer, and glancing up
wards from aide to aide at the balconies full of
fair Habaneras, as he lounged along. Then
four men, carrying a gilded canopy, in front
of which paraded a boy in white, and a priest
in white and gold, bearing the shining Host,
and followed by another preist resplendent in
a gold-laced, yellow robe. Then "the srmy
incog.? black, white and yellow. An omni
bus got in their way. Livid with rage, tbe
center man, more incensed than ever I saw a
monk before, rushed up, swore at the driver,
stopped the horses, and turned out the passen
gers. The driver, a good-looking young
Spaniard, shrugged his shoulders, and winked
at the spectators. Tbe passengers humbly
gave up, except a gray-haired American in
spectacles, who fought the priest through the
window, and waa only dislodged by the joint
and furious swearing of tbe holy man and five
or six soldiers who came to his aid.
EcxrriAS Ruzixeks. Mr Bryant, in a let
ter to tbe Evening Post, thus describes the
wsy in which he effected a landing at Alex
andria: On the landing we were at once surroun
ded by a mob of fellows in white turbans or
fez i aps and blue cotton shirts tied round the
waisi by a suing, offering us their donkeys
with loud shouts, thrusting each other aside
to get at us, and blocking our way so that
we could not get forward a single step. As
there was apparency ou alternative, I toos
the one who stood immediately before rr.e by
the throat, shoved him out of the way, and
then attacked the next one in like manner
till I made my escape out of the crowd.
The good natured Musselmana smiled at find
ing themselves tbu unceremoniously han
dled bran infidel, and I jumped upon one of
the best looking animsls, and trotted off
through the streets swimming with 'white
mud to a hotel, followed by a donkey driver,
who brnndished his long stick which he oc
casionally brought down on the quadruped's
flanks to encourage his speed.
07 In the Washington correspondence of
the New York Tributs we find the follow
ing: v; ;
Chapman,' of Indiana 'crow, Chapmani
crow" wbo is now here, is dreadfully down
on, the administration, though I have not
learned the immediate eauae of his displeas
ure. He has certainly greatly changed his
tune very recently, it being growl. Cbap-
I t S.U .
man, growi, wiw oiut si ini present wnung.
Miss Ursutesrad BTr. Thackeray.
A report for some time prevailed in London
that the authoress of "Jane Eyre" was once
a governess in the family of Mr. Thackeray,
and that the character of Rochester was sug
gested to her by contemplating that of the
author of Vanity Fair." This story, we
perceive, by the papers, has made its way
across the Atlantic. We have reason to be
lieve, however, that it is quite destitute of
truth, and that Miss Bronte never saw Mr.
Thackeray till after MJane Eyre" bad been
published, and become famous. Another
story of the two celebrities, which hay been
circulated by gossips, is probably nearer tbe
truth. Miss Broute, it appears, before her
appearance as a first-rate lioo in- London
society, had cherished for Mr. Thackeray a
sentiment of cordial admiration, and was par
ticularly desirous of becoming acquainted
with him. They net; it was at a dinner
party; and they were seated directly opposite
to each other. The most casuil reader of
"Jane Eyre," "Shir ley,' and-Viltetter" meat
be aware that one of the qualifications- of a
hero, in the estimation of Currer Bell, is mo
deration in eating and drinking. The cha
racters she likes (herself included) are. repre
sented to be indifferent to be pleasures of the
tabid, while the people she detests have usu
ally something of the cormorant in their dis
position. Now, it happened that at the time
of this critical first meeting, Mr. Thackery
was recovering from a long and severe ill
ness. He had been bled and he had been
physicked, to within an inch of his life,
and his appetite was consequently thit of a
Sioux Indian, who, titer forty-eight hours
fast, sits down to a broiled buffalo hump.
The repast began, and the eyes of the favor
ito and distipguished author were fastened to
his plate. With silent fury he devoured.
Insatiable seemed tbe much-consuming man.
Not a word did he address to the wondering
Jane, whose largo eyes grew larger as the
meal went on. Satisfied, at length, he lean
ed back in his chair, stupified and slumbe
rous. .Miss . Bronte was disenchanted.
Whether she ever recovered from the shock,
whether she's till regards Mr. Thackeray with
horror and disgust, or whether an explanation
was ever vouch-safed her, gossip has emitted
to mention. Jome Journal.
Monks on their way to Ixdtaita. The
Warhe'tts Freund, of St. Gall, Switzerland,
publishes the following details upon the de
parture of two brothers from the abbey of
On Monday the 20th of December, two
religious ruouks of tbe chapter of the Bene
dictines of Notre Dame d'Einsiedlen took
leave of their felljw-brothers, and being pro
vided with passports sanctioned by the Fed
eral Council, they began their journey over
the seas. A very grand plan has been con
ceived; it consists of the foundation, in
North America,' of this old and celebrated
abbev, in order to diffuse the benefits of relir
ion and Christian civilization in those coun
tries, which, till now, were deprived of these
divine consolations. The barbarity of the
Jesiman vandals, who, by an act of violence
have deprived the convent of its home and.
its mission at Belliozone. has at length matur
that plan. Kev. Abbot Henry caused it to be
submitted to the approbation of the Holy See
by Ins envoy, toe Kev. ball Morel; and the
Holy Father, his heart filled with joy, gave
his consent and his apostolic benediction to
that noble and fine undertaking. The new
world of true liberty will then open its arms
and cordially receive those apostolic men of
M. Cenedtct, whom the degenerate children
of Switzerland endeavor to banish from
their scene of action, and eren deprive of
their means of existence. ..
From several parts of America, most bril
liant efforts were made to revive the celebra
ted abbey; but the prelate who governs it
contents himself for the present with sending
two members of his order, especially for the
mission, in the Indian State; and to entrust
them vt ith the care of preparing the estab
lishment of a convent of women. These
two religious monks are the Rev. Father
Ulric Christen, from Stanz, and Beda Conner
from London. They will be soon followed,
perhaps, by other members of. the mother
house, who will remember the advice of
their master.
On the eve of the departure cf the two
missionaries, a fete de adieu z was offered
them at which the pupils of the school con
tributed by the recitation of several pieces of
OCT A correspondent of the New York Ob
server writes as follows on a subject which,
ought to be of natioual interest:
"To reach Gen. Taylor's grave you must
wind about through by. ways, and finally
stop before a small enclosure on the top a hill
in an open field, surrounded by a rude stone
wall; and just on the other siJe of that, wall
you will see a very plain vault, with a front
of limestone rocks, roughly hewn and an
iron door, and that you will be told is the
tomb of the once famous General Zachary
Taylor, President of the United Spates of
America. No monument has been erected to
his memory. His name has not even been
inscribed on his vault! In the center of the
small grave yard there is a monument erected
to the memory of his father, Col. Richard
Tsjlor, a . revolutionary soldier. Five years
ago Gen. Taylor was the idol of the nation!
The N. Y. ahd Erie Railroad. By a re
cent address of the President, Mr. Loder, to
the stockholders, we find this road including
all its asitets, property, and effects of every
name and description, has cost the stockhol
ders, up to March 1st, 1853,830,577,542.
.There are, of main road, of a solid and per
manent character, nearly all well fenced, 446
miles; Newburgh branches, 18 miles; sidings
or switches, 98 miles; double track, 139 miles
making in all 701 miles of iron rail laid.
The working machinery is 149 locomotives,
131 passenger and baggage cars, 1855 freight
and burden cars, with steamboats, torehous
es, depots, telegraph line. &c. Buffalo Cou.
Ohio akd Mobile Railxoad. Brarch to
Paducah. On Wednesday last, tbe vote of
this place was taken on the proposition for the
town corporation to take stock to the amount
of $200,000, in the branch connection with
the Ohio and Mobile Railroad. (The vote
had to be retaken on account of an informal-
lity in the previous vote.) The vote in favor
of taking tbe stock waa almat unanimous!
.-When the vote of the county is taken, on
the 7th of May, we anticipate that every vote
in Paducah will be recorded for the railroad.
Paducah Journal.
OCT Knowledge perverted, is knowledge
no longer. Vinegar, which, exposed to the
sun, breeds small serpents; or at best slimy
eels, once was wine.
Woman. ' ' ' j
The following extract from a speech, de
livered in the California Senate by Mr. Senile,
is touching! beautiful. The subject was a
bill authorizing women to act as sole traders.
There aro married men out of California as
well as in it, who may look in the glass and
see themselves! :
When I reflect upon the conduct of many
married men in California their faithless
ness to every vow which they make at the
altar how completely they fail in the per
formance of their duties how virtuous and
industrious, faithful and patient wi men are
imposed upon by worthless brutes of husbands,
as great tyrants at home, as drunkards and
debauchees at road, my respect tor tne sex
prompts me to do all within my power, to pro
tect her rights and secure her happiness.
I lovcwoman, I have loved her all my life,
and dying hopo to be faithful to the same nign
and inspiring sentiment. For amid all tie
varied scenes, temptations, struggles and
and hopes of existence, oue star, brighter than
all otHr?, has lighted and guided me onward;
if I ever bad any high and noble ambition, the
exciting energy has been in the approving
smile coming from the eye of woman. And I
judge her influence is thus upon others. Gen
tle in her affections, yet mighty through her
influence her medium rule is as powerful as
the ballot-box, and she only meets the, projec
tion of law agiinst those who have no law in
their habits and propensities. She has ruled
me from my boyhood with the soft and win
aing influence ot her virtues and beauty
I remember my first love; my baby affec
tions at four years of age. 1 have been in
love learly every month since save the dark
rayless days und years which succeeded the
desolate hearth and made the heart too deso
late. And never, sir, while I remember my
mother, long! ince iu her grave I remember
the night wuen 6bedied never whrle I recol
lect my sister, and the abuses that might have
been theirs never while I hold in memory
one other and her memory is all that is left
me shall I refuse to give my voice and my
mnuence, anl my vote, for any measure ne
cessary to protect and cherish the weaker and
better portion ot creation against the oppres
sion, neglect or abuse of my own sex. I hope
the bill may pass.
Singular Miesi aces. The Dundee Re
cord notices a singular marriage which took
place at Weston, Steuben county, New York
on the 21st ult. The parties are John P.
Emmerson und. Mary Jane Bennert. The
Record says: "The bridegroom is about 24
years of age, a brother of a Mrs. Hoover,
carrying on an extensive business as a tail
ores at Wefctou. He has been at sea most
the time for some ten or twelve years past,
and alter an absence of about nve years, had
just called up to see his sister. Finding that
she had in her employ bo nie sixteen young
women learning the trade, he strolled into
the room in a free anJ easy manner, and told
the girls that if there was any one who want
ed to marry him right off, to say the word.
The bride ubove named forthwith dropped
her work, and declared herself ready for the
nuptials. Within an hour from that time the
parties were spliced. A jolly wedding took
Lplace, and the next day he left his charming
b-ide for a voyage on the briny ocean."
Miss Sushi Denin, one of the most pro
mising young actresses of the time and the
country, became .Mr a. F. Woodard, of Syra
cuse, rather suddenly, the other day, at Buf
falo. It appears tin I Mr. tW., who is a
gentleman well-to do in the world, has, for a
year or more, been quite in love with Miss
Denin, and has followed her from place to
place, has written her letter after letter,
but was never received.it seems by the young
lady, dee day, it is reported, Miss Denin
had some diiagieement with her step-father
an J guardian. He gave a domestic $50 to
carry a note to Miss Denin, during her guar
dian's temporary absence.- The colored gen
leman proved a faithful Ganymede, and de
livered the missive. Miss Denin sent for
the writer she had never seen him. He ar
rived at her room door, when she met him.
"Do you . want to marry me! Are yon in
earnest!" was her salutation. "I do, and
will." "Send for a priest." The Rev. Mr.
Shelden answered the summons. Mr. War
ren and his lady and some other friends were
present, and the ceremony was performed.
The party passed through Syracuse on the
29th ult., on their way to New York, accom
panied by the mother of the bride-groom.
Abe we a Good Loosmo People! The
editor of the Boston Post, as is well known
(in parenthesis,) is a very handsome fellow,
aa times go. In answer to the quotation in
Putnam's Monthly, Are we a good looking
people!" h responds as follows;
MVe answer, personally and individually,
yes collectively, we don't know. We should
say let erery face answer for itself; only there
re so many faces that "wont answer."
WILL attcad to all legal business entrusted to him
In this und the adjoining counties, and In the Su
preme Court; al, to the collection of Claims, and will
o.tuin PENSION'S granted by Act of Congre-a. at the
last session, allowing -' half pay to tbe Widows
and Orphans of hubands and fathers who died of
wounds received in the service of the United states.
TTP References of th best character. Office on First
Street, betwetn Main and Locust, Evansvlllo, lnd.
O 134 hhda. of Sugar;
503 bUs. Plantation Molasses; - , . ..
56 tugar House do; for sale low by
irr; nnxs. assorted loaf, cixusn.
A-Jt ed and Powdered Sugar, for sale by
P" . BttAICaT öx VIELE.
A AO. MACS RIO COFFEE, to arrire, for sale
vvj sioreaaa lorsaie ny
1 HQ i KEGS NAILS, assorted, Boston. Wheel
llei Inland Piiuburcu brands. In store and for
sale by apI3 BE MEN T t VIELE.
ÜOÜ ALE, for aale by
J- OU and good. This popular brand c a N bad only
at . EEME.1T dt VlfcLK 8,
Commercial Bow.
4:0 18 do Llnaeed Oil; '' "iVST i vtT K.
- - . . m w w m?e 171'.-
.pl3 "d"' BEMENT VIEL.
IN 24 bblH. Carolina Tar;
H.i Pitch:
do Rosin; for sale by
mo whom I lent my GUN, some two years since, will
I please return it, that others may be ace-Qmodated
on short tinw apU A. B. BEMENT.
NOTICK IS HKKKBY OIVKN. that by order of the
Court of Common Mjs, of Vsaderfearf h Coast jr..
nude at its Marrb Tern, A. D. lfitf.the vadersira'd ad
ministrator of tbe Ut f Florence Blsthenfeldt, late
of Va.nderturjrli county. deceased, will oil Saturday, the
Hlhdaj of May next. Wtweea tbe lawful hour of aaUl
dar, at the door of tbe Court House. In the City of Eraat-
Tille, ex pone to satoal pnblic airUoa, to tbe hihert bid
der, tbe followine tract of lasrt. belonging to Mid eaute,
and lying and being in the eoiroty aforesaid, to-wit: Tbe
Nortb-East quarter of the North-West quarter of section
Ifo. 13. la Township Bo. 5. South of raafre No. 11 Wext,
upon the following terms: One-fourth of the purchase
money to be paid on tbe day of aale, one-fourth . in six
months, one-ronnh in twelre months, aad on foanb lu
eighteen months, from the day of aale, the purchaser
giving his notes uh aj proTed terurilj, bearing Inlereit
from day of sale, WaTlnj relief from ralnaUou and ap
praisement laws. ' GEO. H. TODl.
apl3wU - Administrator.
HE subscriber offer bis Farm, oa which be resides,
at private aale, lying two miles east of tbe Court
House, on the Btonrille read, containing forty acres,
ondergood ealtiration and good fences. Twelve acre
iu Wheat, fifteen or eighties ready for Corn, the rest In
Meadow; two good nerer -failing Wllsand Stock water:
W or,?TeD.lT fir1 benring Apple Treea: a eemfor
table Brick dweUiog house, log Kara, aad other oat
building. AU, thirty acre of first rate Timber land,
bus uot been cut or culled out. half a mile south of the
road. Por price and terms, aptly to tbe snbecriber on
the premises, or to Dr. J. Hnichinsoa, Kransvtlle.
- t rope, hopv stock, and farming Btensilswitk the Arm.
If desired. .Possession siren as agreed upon. .
ap?3w3t A. f . UUTCUIXSO.
THE well-known superiority of the G EXTJIXE HART
Fi)Kl COLL1KS Axes, has induced some n.anufac
turers to stamp their axes II. COLLIS S, and suck axes
are frequently sold as my manufacture.
The OfcSUlAK CULLJJN AXh-S. which bare betr..
made under my direction for more than twentr-fira-
years, and which hare sustained such aa unrivalled re
putation, aro Invaruuiy stamped COLL1&5 A -CO..
ÜAKTFOKD. They are to be lound at eur Depot in the-
clly of Xmw York, and at tlie principal liardaare Stores --
iu the large ciUes.
apl3iy S.IN'I w. COLLINS.
IS HEREBY GIVEN, that Uie UDderalgred baa bee
appointed Admtniat mtor of the estate of AI1KK
V H be LE K. late of Vaude rbo nrb county. Ind.. deceased..
Said estate is supposed to be aolrent.
Evanaville. April 13. '53. 3tw . Adminl.Ualor;
van. rirnT-
THE School Room, formerly occupied by Mr. Safford
in the Engine House of the Neptune Fire CompaLJv
ou reasonable terms. Apply to .
splSif A.C. HALLOCK, Tr.
yy- liANlKL W. FOKKST will make a bUPKKlOK
TH i-a rlU1of French Calf Boota, from .akina, to
ri VI vbich vauwirdeJ a priieMAdal at tbe World's
w fair. Ko mistake!! for all who wiU favor faint
with their orders at bia shop, on First street, betvee
AI in and Locust. All work wade from tat abora JkLua
warranted not to brent.
Also Ladies' Buskins. Cloth Bask ins, Gent's Gator.
Half Gaiters. Slippers, and Jenny Lind Ties, made wUn.
neatness and dispatch pJ3Jly
WILL be received by the Common Council of the
City of Kvansvilla, until Saturday the 16th day of
Apr 1, 1853, for the excaration of Water Street, between
Mulberry and Gum, and of Gam between Water and
Secoud Mreet tbe earth (estimated to be 3G00 cubic
varda.) to be placed on Gum street between First and
Fourth. ... ; ; j
Proposala will also be receiTed during tbe name UnW
fr the excavation of Eighth Street, from K) camera to
Uirfsion Street, estimated at 3231 cubic )ards. '
By order of the Council. "''.'
apiatd J.NO. J. CHAXDLEK, Clerk.
.. I Xj 2FL O
OX and after Thursday, the 7th of April, there will be
TWO PASKGK 1KA1NS on thU road, whlck
will run a fallows. .
The KXPKESS MAIL TRAIN will leave Jefforaoa
ille daily, Sunday a excepted, at 5 o'clock, A. At., (Loa.
isville time,) stopping to set down and uce up Passen
gersoutvat Ueur)ville, (for breakfast.) Vienna, Rock
lord and Columbus, and arrive at Ed in burg (77 mile ) at
9 o'clock, A. M., in ample time to connect with the early
Madltou Express Train to Indianapolis.
Returning, this train will leave Ediubur at 1 1
clock, P.M.. or as anon a the Express Train of the Ma
dison Koad arrives from Indianapolis: aad eomtn Uüa
way it win aet down and take up Passengers af aU Ka
goUr Stations. ' '-.
The ACCOMMODATION TRAIN will start from Edia- -burg
daily, (Sundays excepted.) at 6" o'clock. A. M:, eras
soon as the morniiig Train from Indianapolis arrives fof
the Madison KoaJ. and will arrire in Jefleraou rille at
12 1-2 o'clock.-e. M. t
Returning, it will leave Jeffcrsonvllle at 9 Ho'clock,.
P. M., and will reach Ediuburgat 7 o'clock, P. Miu
full time to connect with the Auromutodatiou Train on
the M4dlui Road, from thence to Indianapolis. This.
Traiu will stop ior the convenience of Passungen at alia
Stations along Uie line, both going and returning.
By these arrangements, the EXPRESS TRAIN forms,
a direct connection with the bnelby ville, KaightMoWo.
and Rushville Rallnmd Trains; and with Uie early Ex--press
Train from Madison to Indiana polia, which enables .
Passengers to take the BellefonUine, Ufayette, Penlj .
and Terre Haute Roads tbe earn day, forming, by tbe
latter, a connection with Ftage to Kt. Louis 1
A connection Is also wade by tbe ACCOMMODATION ,
TRAIN with tbe afternoon Train or. the Madlsoa Road.)
whereby Passengers arrire in Indianapolis at V o'clock,
P. M.
By these connection, travelers from any of the Roada
runniugto Indianapolis, taking either of the Madison
and Indianapolis Trains, to Ediuburg. and tbe Trains ef
khlsRoad from thence, can arrive la Jefferson ville or
Louisville in few hours. .
That person i from Indianapolis and tbe neighborhood,
as well aa from ail points this side, can visit J.-ffersonvilla
and Louisville, and return borne the same day, having
two hours la those cities for business or pleasure. Ferryi
Boats are plying eonatanUv between the cities. '
I. C. If. BORDLEV, Gerl SupV
Jefferaonviile, ApriH, tf-53. . . . , .
the Kentucky shore at half past 4 o'clock iu the morn-.-Inc.
to conned with the Train, and also leaves JeffersoW
ville after Uie Tral s arrive, whether that should be early
or late in tbe evening. '-
JAMES WATHERN, Supt of Ferry.
NIBÜS, now running In connection with the Morning .
Express Train, will also run in connection with the Ac 1
com modatiou Train, and will call for Passengera at the
Gait House. Louisville Hotel, Owen's Hotel, and Ex- 1
change Hotel. . , . -
Passttngera may procure Tick eU at Elliott & Co.'s Ex
press Office, No, 41 Third St., between Main and Water ;
and by luaving their names and d dress, will be called
for at their residences, aa heretofore.
apixmw jja vis t,u. -
H. FLCEGEL, .. - -
Professor of Languages aud Gymnastics.
SUOES.-.A1SO Velret Embroidered Slippers, and
a large supply of Kip and Buft Erogans, pump-soled,
S..a a a a a a. .
lust received anA for aila low br
BOOTS, extra nualiiy. Also, superior Calf Pegged
Boots, lust received by steamer A rt tie. 1
.ii V. K. HENUR1CKS 6
BACON. 20.000 lbs. choice Hams, Sides and Shoul
ders Just from smoke-house, in loUto suit by
MISS GUTHRIE has Just received aa extenslre snp
plr of the mot beautiful and fashionable Spring
Myie of" Bonnet andMihinery Gooda, embracing In pari,
tne M lowing: Ü032ETb. .
Cactus. do:
Embroidered 5espalitin ' do;
Ontumar do;
- Point braid, open edge do;
Basket. do;
French Gimp . . do;
Belgrade do; '
Spider do; :
W bite Silk . do;
Colored do, from 3 to 1 10 do;
Ribbons from 5 rents to t2 50c. per yard; 1
Gossamer Hata for Children;
Belgrade do do do: ' ' -
Spider do do - do;
Kid Gloves, assorted sizes.
Kilk Gloves, Kid Freack,
Fillet Mitta. long and half long. spi t.
ESS PORK. 50 bbls. and Si half, bblt., our.
. own packing, and guaranteed, for sale by
MACKER EL.-150 packages Noa. 1, and 3, for
sate by apll FOäTkKS jc EKOWS '
BUCKETS .50 dosen Red injk Bins;
10 do Oaked; Just received pet
Globe. by apll FOSTERS St EROWN. -
WACASZI IXOtjn.Yv0.bbl.. wicra Died, b
aale by apll frOSTERS 4 RKCWN, ,
T7IINE TEAM. U hatf Chests Y. II. and Im-Teas;
J.' 40 n I. üoxea do do;
90 S do e do ' do;
Just receiTed and for sale low, by

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