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The Evansville daily journal. [volume] (Evansville, Ia. [i.e. Ind.]) 1848-1862, March 06, 1854, Image 2

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Tutu, iik si isrHiKriOS.
II. ' Jnurnal i.i r i-ir 9ß
" ' " ' m.
Ciiiti Aunrv.-'IW. . ati- - -
ru..mi, iwt-e..
lare ..aUirzed ajreuts tor wo c an a .......
he Khii!Id Journal. I It ' ' r-
on m.Mtithir and 'lritavi. ana aMcrij
lata, am ca4ic.:uüy Muai J UitMfft täaaa.
" E.. . B r
v' "
J " fm:m
fh cl In the Cac.
...... . . .
Tne indei.-itijrable eHorts ol Soulliern advo-
catea of the Nebraska Biil, and their North-
ern douh-faced aci oniDlu-es to ahow thit the
Miasouri ComDromise was forced uron the
' ' i
South against their will, by being overpow-
ered by Northern votes, like most other means
resorted to support this swindle measure,
vanish before the l.g a of trutn, like the morn
ing vapors before the ''King of day." Here
are a few historical fact, the truth of which
is irresi.table, that bear directly upon the
point, and sho'v the kind of means employed
and relied upon to carry tbis fraud hill
through. Our neighbor of the Enquirer, eith
er wilfully or ignorantly engages zealously
in the aupport of thts bi'l oy propagating this
base falsehood, in the following language:
"Now for the history of what they call a
Con-promise between the North and the
South. The Nor;h insisted upon a restric-
tion prohibiting slavery in Missouri. Such a
hi I was passed by the House, the South op-
fosing it vita unbroken front."
The following paragraph is Irom Col. Ben
. a, . - . i.i
tons Rem.n.scences; a work, in which we
uuv ..4...rcr win p.ace me mo.i im-
plicit confidence:
w some o.v.s.on
amo- g Southern members; but tne w hole vote
il lavor of it was 134 tr 42 ia the negative,
tue latter comprising some Nor' hern mem-
ul- .u S3 .1. . .
bers, a- the formrr did a majority of the Soutl - ,
ern; among them one whose opinion had a
weignt never (Xeeueu y lliat of atlV other
American statesman, LowatJ! of Si
... .1 I .. . J 1
Carolina. The .trriu of namrs shows tto Mis-
y J ' --'J I
our Compromise to have been a Souther
MVR.and the event put the seal upon fWjwill not produce a lull crop of anv d.scriotion
rlTsrlrr he eiaW. U L I rfnhl, V.. rl , . H .. . ' LrP W a" llwf
s a. J 9 r -I
Mr. Clat. in a peech in the Senate, in 1
I860, c inrirmed this statement iu the follow-
. I
ing language:
I f . L' J 1 I n fnftamn t r asw t'. .. t r. i t . r. r
. . t l ...v w. .-.aiiii lw . jj ...at. ..; 1 1
those who agreed to that line ere a majori
ty of Southern members. My friend from Ala
bama, in the Senate. (Mr. King.) Mr. Pin
ney, from Maryland, and a majority of the
Southern Senators in this body voted in fa
vnr..ith.i,..Pi.t,w ao..,;.. ,.d a
0 j - i
ly of tne Southern members in the other
House, at the head of whom was Air. Lowndes
himself, voted also lor that line. I have no
doubt that I did so also: but. as I was Sueak.
er of the House, and as the journal does not ,
show which way the Speaker votes, except j Alter a few moments, he appeared on th
I etw t I . LI II -.It.
nit case u. u He, i am not auie to ten wit i
riirl iinlu Kmii I ftilni li- ...I., kni I I.....
n., earthlv stent! inert I w,p,I ' , ,ammfM !
- - - - - j m m m . . . t i e w i . ' i
v ith my other Southern friends, tor the adop
tion of t ie line of 36 deg. 3u min."
Oat! What a Town! The Kvsnsville En
qu'rer says the shippers in that place violate
fifty-one Sa'tU-iths in the year, and that the peo
ple don't have any 2Jd's Feb. or 4tnS id Ju-
n.ake a si k purse ut of a no matter what
ne said; some ammals will return to their
no matter about tfiat, either. The friends of
the Madison c lony at Evansvi:!e, in this city,
musr send another missionary, as the one we
spoke ol left that place for Indianapolis about
six months since. Madison Cour.
Wo ,.n. k. ..itawi ... -.i:. . u J
iu u t. twuifiriicu tu aiiijoi i.iir
truth of the Enquirer's statement, in regurd
to th's matter of -shipping on the Sabbath," I
but our city is peculiarly situ.ted. Boats
Dissn. r Madison in th.. I.-. t tor n ot Mi.,
week and finding no freight Lh-re, and know
r 1
ingour Lvee is always crowded, make it a ;
p iiut to arrive on Su iday and solicit freight.
Our enterprising commission merchants, be
ing anxious to forward their consignments at
every opportunity do not like ttsend boat. .
"empty a'vay." Of the "missionary preach-,
cr and teacher" which the Courier claims to .
hive stmt to 'this heathen town" we only
ja .w. aaaaaai ii aaawai wvuii.j
h ive the testimony ol that distinguished treu-
ai i i . . i . i ..
tleman and Ü.vine that b WM MlsSati. He
nKan..,.,..d .k. .n,,n f.. tl.- a... L.-. t
nbanu ined the town, for the reason i fiat his
course was onward; he did not like the retro
gride movements of 3Iadison. He wanted
to live in an enterprising atmosphere, and
very wisely chose our thriving city. This
adventurer, (not missionary) honored his call
ing and served the people in a highly satis-
factory manner, w hile here. We had need
for jo.t such a man in Indianapolis, and sent
hun there, believing that he could do more !
for the interests of Evansville at the capital
W a.
than here. His heart is, nevertheless on a
"Straight Line" with us yet.
a a . . . .1 wbt j I... i"iu u it a . a. o i ii v - it oi - ' a l i ir i r i . i ai u f i n iiriri'
li., ornrl,!, ., l lu . . J! ,L ' . .in bruk. ., Ik. Hirtv tv.. 'IT"' hi!.; "J He--I-. Hwca an. pit -liej unnn a aaaWa bteaaw.M I r... Ä, at. l.,...t.i,c, . ,
... r ----- - - ...... I shin in ' uiiiuitain )"'-iis' i s.tiii bt tree' i sev so nivn ami miM on tue m irt, mat very ' -,rr-111"' "arns, au-i u iu, never aaiaee io give n nr. mi- mrjrr w 11.1 m.i i am wn m im-
didu t seem to care one red about it." i learned the extent i the break nor the time 1 s,,,',,, nutuinar was heard hu- a e.mt...,. ,u' 'mme',i:lle proved jrla m h. ; e m.ma & ,.e eee tni ttwnj
a. . .I nie ureja, nor tne lime . SSJUa nuOIH W . t. .HU OU. a Continuous ; !ilf,.m riiat we have a.n used the Mu-tanc 1.11,1 .glSl Itaj I aparter M :.. ar:. le ,.f gU.ae. thai Laa o.,.ue
' -"i out- Miii..oiiary, preucner anu U will take to repiir it, but trust il will be all .-p. , .. .. i di-cordatit ce.' be he t 'he air with inces-1 mt nt for tu. Pne. tin sii Ii is, Kelt Kheaai and Catenped aaalefaj obevnattoe I theenutu re emmeid Uiea.
teacher to "this heathen town and had . KJT HfUowiasj in anM to Men nnenrrnd I ant MpnMplianaJsi1 motions of his arms 1 "", ,hlt ' 1Ä w lattopatvtle. lAtol. ma t.
ho. -d he had amended the morals. f the t-lace. ; ew d3' in New Ur ens, during the inva-ion of f at (a ,,,, J..I,, . , ... .. . Knantvan. nvMUMU, Ihal wahav. amdat Mas-
t . . .. , - i ...... l , j ,, . . 7. , a Ja smote the desks round about" with his targ i ii.i.neiu f-r Sre 51pples. Kava Htnaaai. Chafes J P h O'lililt All).
Jornaiides. at mir elbow, says it is h-irdto' Vur citizens h ve been anticipating mm h quarter by the IJrit.sl,. After the & Dec (1st, b.bv.1 tkaa ttiiMai:....rta.. .. ami Noree oa Childree. aedXr ioth or Fivekl ., Ul- s T u . u r, .. , a a.e.
, I . , I frf1 - " - w ' VVIIIII'CII titl U U I
Al LvciDE.vT.-Speak,ng of the tightness 'etine in ,peikin:, of lhe re.ululion ,ed in
or the money market say. the Philadelphia U,e Alabama Legislature against the Nebras
correspondentof the li.iltin.ore Sun, a little' ka bill, aays:
f ! I . ft .. ... a.... mXmmm .. ....... .
I ciur i iiiinc u iuc ihv nonce on V eil nsi'-. t
j vveanesuayi
which is worth relating. 1 stepped int.. one
of the fashionable jewelry ston s on chesnut
street and saw a ladv purchase Jiamonds
worth So:, and ordered them lobe 6enl
, a r , .
home. A few minutea a t r erve :, 1 . s I mo I
ii 9UOUU 01 me iauy m a nroser s omce, in
Third stn el neiotatinir a note of five thou
aand dollars, at a shave of lour per cent per
a . i . . t .... I I . ,r
rCT" A verdict of twenty-five thousand
dollars has been rendered in the Middlesex,!
N. J.. Cur., a,..., S.muel V. Tlaaar, kr
aednclioa. j
Tn,re ,a perllip!l illV0lTi the
r An emgy was totino in.s morning euspeiiu-
cultivation of the soil so sadly neglected by tlirowi: aside, witPout at lea a passiv' tm" letter to the Louisviiie Cou-ier irom its ed Iroin the top of i fiato-stati" oil the Corn
the agricultural portion of community in the lce. They are true lo the letter, and suite-1 Washington correspondent, m hich would i r- mon, v ith the following inscription: "IMe-
or the Ohio, the growing of feget.
b,e' and fruit,i- Th- ' .- section of this
vast continent of ours, which ni?. r m.mv
natural ad-, anta-es for the cu.tivation and
. , . , . .
ruuraiui gnmill ul SU lnn'P a Vdrit'tV (il the
. . . . , , .. . '
nu'ritious vegetables, and delicious Iru.ts,
,ne m VBil-y tMUgtmN tern-
tory. In reipect to the ndaut at ion of the aoi I.
no m of eauai extent can eau.Mt. and
no latitude has a climate congenial to the
rrrit.vth pn.l . . i . I .. .,( , .. ..... -1.1
Mialuri"U extensive a variety tf yegeta-
llon i8 ,n's
Fru,n lhe &real variety and delicacy of the ,
ir, f , ,1... ... ij a 1. ,
ol ,he w,ld f,'re8, Vlley we have
iL .
me most convincing proofs of its natural su-
pericrity over any other section o' the United
Stales. As an exchange apt ropriateiy re-
marks, -nature seems to have designed this
kq-...t i I. ..
beaut, ul valley a a region M which should
! rc-,UPa Bl iea6' "e old senpture picture
k " i .1.1... .
v: 7nj umii Billing uihht nis iiwn vine and
m .. ....
D?,ree- therto only the great staple pro-
ductions ol the soil have received the atten
tion due from the tiller of the soil, to the avo
cation in which they were engaged. The
more rare varieties of the vegetable
are only recogn.zed by the er-at mass
ers as a kind ol luxuries, not dem
?roalpr upon their time and
than their leisure moments would enable t hem
to bestow. This is a very mistaken v ew of
agricultural pursuits. And one which our
i ; . , . . -
m lppiiiess anu coiniort. and a irniniimr amnr
- , -
of progress in lütt department ol .umah in-
dustry demands an imu.ediate correction.
Most of our farmers, and others only pnr
tally engaged in tilling lhe n il, do not di 1
.-,., ,. ... . . . '
7"" 'be'r ' "bor V" for their
'"t.',est comfort or grea est profit.
. ..
Nurserries and orchar-ia are being p'anted
in this re.'ion verv snarin.r.v .UU k.Ml
J "I a ... nv noir
; .u- ,. .
his immediate tlay 1
wt" apted to the growth of every variety
. . ....
of ,ree rn shrub, known in this latitude, th- y j
tn pruance. n e design continuing remarKs
uun ,n,s s,,lJm !rom ll,ne ,u lin'p. ad hupe
.. .i. .i- ... .
that our agricultural readers will, in the mean
. . . .
time take the subject practically ,n Itsvtaie
j e v-nva.iy im bbbii
.1 .
I i C 111 SC . o S
Drowsed. On Saturday evening about.
i a man in tne employ ol Messrs.
Setchell &. Bowles, Livery stable, took a
horse and tneaare t ahWU.i
r I
ol wasliiiig them after bei urv driven in the
... ,
LT . T " m.xe isj
"rr UL'U mat place, ventured out too
far' "en -t don u trufgling together.
f mmm
face of the water, and floated nearly
h"dreJ yards before he was rescued.
ery effort was made to restore him, but life
was sound to be extinct. The unfortunate
man was
James Jiaco. a nalive ol l.omlmw
and uaa nrtt hn. ...... i. k i .
and was not known to luve any relatives in
. .
ibis country.
business through this channel of trade this
aeason. These frequent interruptions ana
their confidence a little but, as we are pr am
ised hue things by and-by we will only have
to wait and see, what we shall see
w .
OCT Fremont's Land Claim in Californ
wnicn wee tounrmeu to mm uy UWU.B.
. i . ... .. .. a LL. I .1 I-
a . a .
CüminiM u"er!, h:s been decided against Mm
l,y me Ü - District Court in California. An
nnnl ii-m ..... . . . .1 I" u ai
aPPeul ' ueen taken up to the L. S. Su- '
uppeai nas u
preme Court.
. r. .
grille newspaper editois and publishers
1 ill ll.mt. .1. naftunilil.il i,. f ........... I .... f ....
. . . - . .. , ....... . ... uiliriiiiuu iur HIS
. a
purpose ol ellectuiy an increase in the Dm-ee
I ty r
'ldv"li"i',e- ad a iter understanding j,,
regard to tne generei management ot new'i-
paper bt sines.
rt'TüaM. Putnam lor March has come to
- . ut.i.ni ,ui .1,-111.11 ua cumr 10
hand. It needs no recommendation. Go
I. ,
ad buy a Copy and pay your quarter, and
vm.'.l aaaM e.o.r aaaaaaala. ..1.
)yu''l ge' yuur money's worth.
C3r Count Druuo Uronski, a Pole, has dis-
k-ovneu un an ot crossing Mil worms-a
process throuoh which he obtains a silk of
splendid whiteness.
GO" The Lafayette Courier says John
Trimmer, lhe person shot by the Marshal ol
that city, has about recovered.
I mi ... . . . . . . . i
1 r,e l'me' ü ra"r"a om I'.ttsburg'.
V l I I I I a 1
to Philadelphia, since the completion of fh I
... . r 1
tunnel,isonly fifteen hours.
frTh. Va. fwu... r n...
u, .... tnitaa. vuiiimcu tui uui
l . i .. .,,
"Such a siirnilicaut demonstration will not :
be without efiect upon the Alabama Sena-
tors. It is very possible it will cause both of
u,em to oppose the bill; and, if so, may jeop-
a the prospers of the "'ittle sUnt" of llli-
n.us tor the next Presidency, by jeopurdini'
.1 .a, .. -
-Ii piissaoe of the bill, we snail not care a
whit. It s imlnr l)uii"ias had Soil.rht to
m O ' " ;
make political capital in any other mode, it
might have been considered legitimate, in a J
political sense; but to re-open the whole1
slavery question to sut serve his own ambi
tious ends, was really too bad".
Washisgto5, Feb. 28.
The House Committee on Llection re-
fon,6 .g.in "'"ZXi
contesting Mike Walsh's right to a seat.
fr--na If.. -.-I..; I l am. l il
IL a I 1 V U ' Pt rP I l'Hn 1 a- r . t V-il ii-. .. o 1 4 I il tU.' Ii T . l.a t la.. .1 ..I . . . . I . .
Stop my Paper.
Tne f tllowing remark are too good kl Le
Me I
to all iocalilie.. We are of the opiatOO
lhwe.keap.city cannot tail lo un-
dirstund then,
is astoniffimg what exn Irrd notions some
nor.. n. .. . . . i -t....... TIimu
"'iru turn uu ihi('w..v.. - J
eem to itiint.me Hie? are allovther liecerj-
. iP . '.' T; ., .. iT.i u
Ä(lU it j aJV n tv s,.uu!d b. Hh(Vt.d
out of lata war. : tin r rev' r oiiid b ao loose
. MH ,J üuuh.ne a,-M a kl huh
tal,,er ! J' '
per-ar,;: .v v t
. 6
...... .... . ... ...
i .iii'h imnurtani
peranages siy (etReeltor, 'lop fcj paper,
the whole elloli-nuieot ir.ut tfo to pot in
atanter. We have oiien hSfJwd in our
I eve though outwardly we ave looked
l'raiv a- I. n.l 1 .....n W ..f ihe Kwalat
K"ui uir wurm in man neu miu ui ruiio-
rial Mß$mmi and ordered u d.sr oi.tinuance
oraol the worin ha mar. bed into rur eüito-
of his paper And it always does us good to
see h- w the starch is tak n out ol htm whi.e
lbe editor smi inuty replo a, 'Certainly, sir,
)"h ' P faaure, just as soon as
tne clerk has enl'-red a hu idred or inure
nme, whiph hm9m . hf.nt : , Tllt,
mi.h'y u.au w.lta down like the narrative ol
aPn apatsnan, anu aw nnpaa aw ay tnut-
I r I . . . t.. 1... ...... It
" " ' ' L ' . u '
'U ell, I am afraiu that
iviiiig no uoui i mis iiui luniiu hihi iiii
These swells, who stop t' eir papers on ac-
ei-um of some miff which has fo. nd ita way
h s read. rs.
We once knew a minister, who, in describ
ing tt e Christian's character, and, the cir
cumspection if his walk, said the way to
i r: r
N r. P.. i i. ...... .... a. a .
.-..Ii i V.UUII i u in in ii Late II 3 I i utvj ii- a
cat to walk out. wall covered wi.h broken
bottles. It is something so with an editor,
it he ia to please everybody.
Reauiirnl, Eloquent und True.
. 4 . . . .
I i . i-v t ..... . , . L. ....... . i l
I T tl UM l o n IIP I U I U t f II U SMCtT 1
" Mvww.naw i. o. anvcti
. ....
by Amos liur ingame, Lsq., ol Mass., upon
.1. it . ,.
the Douglas Fr and
... ,'
"11 UIIU' npM no. lu rm.r t n n a
And now there is a lanJ larger than the
I oiates, ex.lud.ng t.al.torn.a-ly.ng under
I l.. a i:i Li . -.. .1 .
the latitudes of liberty, blest with th best
, . "u.T T , . ""C1
in the world, wai iog the advent ol one hun-
! a J S la a
drrd millions
of freemen, dedicated to liberty
ii .i .... i a ... - .
n,e P' ftiteu latin of patrols from the
ited tail!
.r...?i....ifti...w....i. - . . s i.. -.
ixurin mi', tue oDii'n, ana a rsew
. . ..1.1 . . .... I K
mIlZIL J .T'' ,
i North V est Under the amilrs of irtduan. nur.
ii. .-..'.( . am 11 1 Si J . I
cettinir the moiner that bore bin.. HHorMtful
to the land ol h a adoDtiuti. in the Senate of
the United . tales, in the fa e of the world,
, w ith hot lias-e, when no man p'sved for it by
Ptiti..n, seeks to abrogate the language by
i nhich it has heen ife ta freedom, the Inn -
a . a . " f aV
' Maill ill' ihd vIhmmm ... I
nance of 1737.
j . ...v j;iiii limn ma OIIJI1
" ' T" lr"m. U. 91 ,he au,hr '
O'itfioaily irom the mind of the
i-eriaratiou of udependence. ,... lo doom it
-gou.es oi Havery
L. el a-., . .
U ' 'ru,'-r' in th- humanity
i J protest. Let the declsratmn m . forth from
nid Paneuil Hall; let it rise Iron, ever, s.c-
tion of die Re, ublic: from the land id Henry
I... ..... I
: t(i ll" ,a"d Adam.-; from th luaadj o4 J I
ferson lo th tomb ol Jay ; from the grave of
Pallllllll. to th. ..ii..: . It i. atai ..III,., tm ..... .K.u
. . - .w .... ...... .-...su. ... .in ui-iii ma i-
KaUUi: from t.'.e erner..us s il ol old Kell-
,. L. .' 1 r ,
lucky, wbieli wraps the many form ol tlemy
1 . a a
luv; Irom the hon by the sout.diug neu.
.where the great New Lu'jland sf .ttesuniii is
I ' "' 'n 'vhi,h both amies received nearly
the Me injury, a sub . Item BrMeiesr
Sfae aent to the American lines with a flag
of truce. Be.nff detained . Lttle, he beoan
to converse with a luavnawa
converse w ith a corporal in our service.
respectintr the probable issue ol even's there
u '.,,;, . , even. s mere.
tie stat, d it w folly for tue Amencans to
reMstany longer, .s they must eventually
i r
a . a -
110 rOiBllilt .... a 1. . . . a . . t
" '" m- ivwpti oppunpsj lo them
. , i-e . l
vs.' . r , r . ' , . .. . - . i !..:
"Tv-t, o. me nis a r m t , w n MO
repeatedly vanquished the best veterans ol ;
i ... r ii, t ... ... ... L..- - .. a .... i I
i . .... r a .
ed hv Lord laeke,)ham. Lord Picton. Cord
. iv.,i,iiii mi u I, ii-. ui re ni I in nil.
1 iir. . .i
Co. kran, Lord Keen. ahd maiiv more ol the
ahlast ouerals in Europe. To thm -he c.r-
:r irBnr nmignaimy: -tin .ursidU'e
h.e.. I ... I I e 1 t . i a a
hnve Lord (i.-d Aln.iol.lv. iIim f., .-.I 1
I , r . ..a . I a k I .a. ..I
Christ, andthei-eroA nd ew Jackson, and U
be h 'am.-., I if ..... .1....'. ...I.. . ...... .1
r- 1 a
--"HH.U 11
we don't whip you.
ftir "When you see a young lady so verv
delicate that she can't make I er be... or
P'll III,,
LiniTitnm !ntu 'heir cranium, are sure to watch the time TaTl 7 a a , r. K 1 . w,lu 999 F""1W SM tyUU,OUO in "e- ',CBtu;
kingdom . .. . ... .. and became a UiMointed wreck. Those nrm- isaanaaa. ujw.j bkow.
r, oi me next isnue, iiiuiKiii'' mat auoiner num- , . . . .. . .
oflarm- m.a ' .b. ;, ,u.. ciples which continue tue individuality of the ,
aakw. :, -..Va. , ZTSaaZT'Zi-Ti Nr,h,-r chf.,r. .l,i,h r, dPr .,.cl, pi. m "?"T" JuÄrEÄ-'-
- - ..... e .w . , i .. i-j- i it uiiuiti r i. O' i f i i o u a V s isl ii l ii r il iiie v""--l ,'l","'"","J no in . in in ' raunt-
attention it contains the editors farewell address to a,,u. a'd eawortl.y wn.ch bind it to- . ..,,, 1 :-i-r ;o,i,.- ar :(l ,,e. J.. Itaq
cuuple of pi .tes Qpon the table a- d vet trots rra,,K"" "e M fnx' le was made
O1. .. - .1 . .. .a ?-ii
all over town doily with the ep.-ed
'.. er , 11 unuv Willi Itie -p.-eO o' a race
horse to j imble nonsense w ith the S .fipates.
.1 aafl . . '
and Ahmnavpa ., la,..h;., -. a ea r i
.J? iti. ?" 1 )u-b"-.
H S, JUat Cll.llk it doW II that she S a piece of
Calico Vou can't invest :. ino'a nenne llP -
n.ilsat .... in A ..i,i ...... La aa.iT , k-........i. ...
w - -m a s' ii... a l lit- . I" a '
Int three feathers au I a pillow-c se, but can
tire a locomotive and a whole omnibus line
lire a loeomotive and a whole oinuibns line
out of brent ., is an institution that, like orussic.
oul ' hriit i, is an institution that, like prussic
acid and old maids, is to be kept cleir ol.
VVnuig m-n will please button up the fact in
' their iiieinnrw " !
In the case of the lady to whom we refer,
(the young gentlemen häve buttoned the fact
! in their memory, and genera ly avoid her as
one to be pitied. Let her learn the usetul
ata. 1"! IrU, I
,rts üf kirch(.n i(
hihi ,, lino; in 1 1 r iS 111tPai
there is in life than .he n. -Viru -t '
a ncina.i sin in nru 1.
In the olden times it used to be d.fferent, as
'he. Whose
wwww. we pa n icu oil ly commend 'o the
can t-
mahe-a-bed portion of community
1 1.0 not blame a bachelor,
If he leads a single life -The
way the giils are now biought up,
II.. ..... i .. : .
"-on 1 upiJUll a w 11c
Time was, when irh could card and
And wash, and baite. and l.rew;
Bui now ihey have 10 keep a uiai.i,
ll ihey have aught lodo.
I do not blame the b..chelor
His courate mud be great
To ih.ukr 10 wed a modern miss,
ll small be his estate.
rW ! . - i I l f - a
"i'l,- 1,, , Vi . J ., ,,r,P Ll 7
lhe an 1 Ihey help IO .ill,
And sa.ldl liobbin, shell the corn,
. I a a
ado rni. away to mill.
The bachelor i. not to blame,
If he's a pru lent .nan;
He now must lead a siagie life.
And do the best h ran.
' tenutor rnmnr
We give place to I be loilowing "xtract frott
. d cate that Mr. Samner hue ..mvw. himaeli
freeman worthy ot the best steel ,n the Sen
He i dou ess a man of the highest
order of ta.ents, end at? accomplished schol
ar :
Repeatedly, the crowded diorv. tmmind
ul dtnnnce o' heuai..rii uit-rd.clhm,
Ua ve luipulsi ve a no populii r ueiihntr.i trons of ,
PPubatiun; and the apj .use was pervading
, .
Nful rnfiliiiniiiK UIkIi Iii Ii -:,!). ii:l triiln.
" -
lullv debcribed the "huinun anotaniiS
'""J7 U"L Ie T7 n
',ulll,n" 4VM" 'K-
in repiy to uif Msenii.u oi .jr. uix n, n at
'his perfidious Nebraska project was of N
',rn Plry hat UV Nooth itnl
evld NC
, Ji.t ti ia i T i ... i f ili-ln i,,p i r
",,r r-e-"-- 1 T'
Sumner said that the "white aiave of the
North," dercrib d and aVpiSl J m Ran
dolph, were hot yet extinct and then added
the to lowing w inch w ill be reud and repeat
ed, so imig us the English language t "in
pr nt" It is one of the: melancholy ti.Kens
ul the power of fh.very uno r our political
system, and esp. cia.ly through the operations
ol the N tioiial Government, thut it loosens
mid destroy! the i haracter ul Northern Mb n.
even at a distance, line the bla, k magnetic
mountain in t lie Arabian story, under whose
irreaisiune auraciioii nie iron oolts wnicn
held together 'he sriisjsj i io ots of a stately
gather as with noli, are urawi. out, t.e by
one, like ilv- bolts of the til-tuted vessel, and
fn in the miserable, lousei ed !ra-n. nts is
I irme l that human anomaly a Morihrrn man
urith Southern ftrtwifttt. Sir uu ucii man
en speak ior the North!"
I repea that the applause at he conclu
sion ol the above brilliant, yet blasting des- j
crij tion was loud -.rid prolonged.
Mr. Sun. er has been grin rally denounced
Bat ll ! i . . I . I I i I i ' s. ' aaavM ill !l , I f f 1 Ik .r I r i . ." n il of.
SJaw ewajaj vwMaveivefi n..-.c.ii 'iiaii,vx.ijvii
. , .S . I I I
l lalist.and I coiitesMo having Inns r-curded
, him myseil but tie re was Bo Rbolitiofliaan
... r - -t , s . . . . . . ...
or lanatii ism in his splenuid oration ol Tue-
a?' ."a M boanarel with rne pro-siavery
i l. i I .... ..a . . ... I L aa a l ml - I a
w ...r .. . - . w.i.-o.u.ti,.
.-.,. , . , - -
'"V i t V . . . V
the troubled waters. He eono mind ,,.
the troubled waters. lie concluded his
speech, not as n tied ioualisi, but as a Na-
tionaliat Alter referring lo the pertinent
atiaknrat! between Bruins and (aaoius their
. .
- h im I I ir nnihinl I. .1... ...... ...... t ...... .
i " , u logeiuvr
' MPboWif the liberties ol Koine on the held
ol Phllippi, hr eaid
' The North and the South, sir, as I fondly
' lrust ,nid nh uifferences of opinion, will
"aVe a l,nd 1 '-"'arl ,or eal other; and
re"ev'"- 1 w prevalence of Aln.igtyh
Ttuih, I coutidentiv look or ward to the "ood
time, when botli w i I unite, aecordiior to the
'V 1.4
B ............ Ä a. , .A el.. a .. a . . .J1 , .
: ,r,"mr"Js " l,,H ne irtie spirit
' t'" or"n,u,'l'n, in declaring Freedom
l.....l ....t atiaaaaa ....,l.. Ml'. .. .1
7 v Z'. . . 'JTl2Tr n .'u,l
not r reedom shall be s ctional. Then w ill be
achieve! that Union, contemplated at the
1 Ksi.i ill It in iv airaint , 1 . i t. . the art n a. . C C
fd "'e assaults of foreign power will
,M M poti the Kolk ol Ages; and
I-IBKRTV, s. ek.ng a firm loothold, will
HAVE AT LAT wt:tto.N To staxd a.nd move
BMftl M..Bft B H
tui: World.
lam ree to say that I subscribe to tho-e
Feuiirnetits, whether enunciited by Charles
:Smi,,,t'r ' o.iy eine
T,..i'-.e tf nati.r T.ii.MSat ntP irala aaa&J .
1 0,,5 ' "dU'r 0,I,BH MOtWftt, made
ii ii r. I r.. I ...I . .. k I..u.. .1 aVT .a
a protracted speech in luvor of IlieNebras-j
ka bill. His speet h may be favorably ap
preciated in priui, but the tone and manner i
I jwis
tifleatiuaa oi Ins manly tonn were pain-
ui u, b I,. Id. 1 he pntlie opmiua
( llie S.nB e Chm.ber .s.that I
is Würs than a failure n ecotb
in and out
nis speecii
utistical b I u li
I r
rk n i . u . a . .
, fhe President h .s infima'ed within the
iltit lwa day., that imposition to this Wbras-
k t hil illnot be reoard d as treason to the
aJmini-r-li as. IWain --
auiiMiuo 111
t,( it said: - anticipated that he w..Uld faint.
aild MPrureJ his otlicial fioatllr... adopt. l
- w -m
. -.a....:.-.. -
its H1 nil. Ill t isi ric !Oll measure tie may HoW
u . u i .... .1 1 3
- - '"- -
Nebraska, fv .nsas, (Congressional non-in-
irv..t..,.,. ml amatai riartai t . k-i i..r..tarr, .
ition, and man's right t 1 sei f-jriivern - ,
are the only p rases heard in official
s but the limine don't vet iMattasataa at
s, out uu uouse uon 1 yet uiuicale a
disno-ition to adanl Innaa
''lit K SS..11 A I r 1 r .
The Reil Sheriden in her descent stopped
at mir Im.iiIii.o .'Kill vvhliia f 1 . r . tr.o Ii ...
... " ... ... . .
. 1, . 1 1 ' '
transp.r. d tr.at ton Intt r
llfUal III llllfdlllt hill in tVllll lKu II.iii. k .... I...
10 if e 1 in o 1 11 e B 1 re n .11 u 1. 1. 11 vol 11 o( 1 n r over-
, . . . . 1 , , ,
was in pursuit, but in vain; she came up he
fore the Sheridan hnd dey, r.y ce.irtd fom
' , , .
"' "1 rail liliingSlOP ami threw a nilililier
of the pursuers on her deck Quite a war ..t
words, accomp.mi d by a JiberaJ disp'ay of"
weapons ensued, pending which a demand i
. r .. .....
w is made upou the shore for odicial interfer
anceto arrei-t the lurther progress ui the
parties Iu lhe meatitime and helore '.he ca. I
Could ne resuomteii lo i eu ais, "yard-arm in i
'TT'. T"'" '" fT b-v
8,,,e "'e bell.L-r..nt cratt thus proceeded un-
til loot Irom view in the disi.tncr.
Mmm V. Ad.
n tr r ur . i
ää . it , , V'" '
maii.uo m-ilter hat business he may be eu-
, affe)J inf 1;,Ve a respecte for it ' It ele-
vales labor and ennobles trades. The oth-
,.r day, in the neighborhood of the I ark, we
, encount red a tall, rfgnihfd lookin man, iu ,
a long seedy Irock roat, butt -ned tc tin- chin,
with a very ylossy old s ik hat p. es dim at an
I apple stand, some how or ot er los manner.
his"itvle" struck US "Whit is l he nriee
, IIIS siyie, Mri.cM ua vvnills the price
ntihese apples' we a-ked, pointino-to a
small pile o. tempting red ones ' " We"sha.l
h - ive to ehnrje Itm two cents for those." ...,i,
, have In eknrf 0 te two cents for those," said
he, "they are a very sunerior article; bu
here is an app'e," he added, "of very fund j
quality, 'hat we can put you at one " cent!'
! a., a I e at .... . . I
rvnaue oi coin nerce: Hee.ouidn thav--iai.fi
more, nor in a more pretentions ma ner, if i SP
' he I...I ha.... ofT-ri kaa
..v ...... w. . .. .... ,.,7 latest uniin in .V
Stewart's marble nalace He w is verv I ,r
itaaaaaa. kaaUat.ka. SSM i
..ii willig ..,i.i ,.aio. ,tl I . I J I , I I CI 1.19 UU.l
pompous mentis!" K'iicke rltocker .
PuftTI AMD, Feb 28.
The Maine House ..f Repiesentntives at
Augusta have passed, almost unanimously.
the reaolves against the Nebraska bill.
ahm it oru ilriiiili out . , I . ' . , i 1 I .1. . r i V .. ' . !ai. j I ins i..i..ai..i . i, , L sa . a . t a
Dosros, Feb. 28.
An effigy was found this morning suspend-
a phen A. Ituigias, author of Hie infamous
- fiTJ n'd,ct Aruü,d üf
Mobile, reu.
J he steamboats Sam Dale and Aiubaasa- "e CHun) ai'iK.u m nnr arnvni. wui a a. ir u .1 ij -Jor
burned in the Bay yesterday, loaded Uli ZI LM .X PKhHI E Pr. I ACI . atut iu ke e..ult-
- produce lor Th ir up irii s.ali ut which waa
dea.oy.d. U.O.OW.
Nsw Fstli Feb. '25.
Trtie bills have been louiid aj.rttiii.t and
- - . ..... v j. ...
. . .. . ... .
.tits. Mmvhs. Inr tha mnrduf .. iir ntf.r
a ,.. k:.
I hi office m Broad ay, two mouth, aince.
I tey have been arretted
Juini N..U.ii . ............J ...,-...,.)..,
a .... - -
o -U,ru -
l.n r v ) ,e. lortl.e nu.r.ipr ni Vir ninl airs.
- Cmm II., m . m f.. .t - " . -i. ....j .. .1 .....
HIT l, niirrrril III " Jill, UIIU UUMiKilu
lf;ulce ut his sentence.
j. 'mmm P L i3
öVRACt'SE, reo.
T ) ler, the hasbaml ol the murdered wo
ma.. meitKned on Sutu.day, w .s arrested in
IBM e.ty yesterday , aud underwent an X-m-
Mary Cummins Testified th it Tyler at
ft,m-,,;(i u poison his wile about u week be
lore the nigikt ol tin; muruer.
New i ri.i ans Feb. 27.
The steamer VirZLu
- ..-,......... i .......
Feb. 22, arrived oelow to-dav
The Emnire TitS mrrtwmdmi A-innwili Ph
L . r V 4rriV(J W
5S ana Would leave same afternoon lor New
The spirituilists have held a convenwon,
.t .....i s! . . I' II . . . r.
ai nun .Senator I allmadgc preaideu. lhe
sessions w re nvute.
If U L A A I V I'll I f f1 V C
Ol L Vi AL 11 V ill At),
- . .
iL y-TTSP TT ITbTITS P. 1 17 ill r m t j
ti-UOÜ ÜJWi-a UJUvrü CAjNDi
l a i I'lJi ii i; UNI,
Thlui. will be a meeting ol that I eiiii.emnoe Union
. 1 BP- --- hiwi.v v ioou
i as H a as n Saw eiueewvaai caanh. th. t..,....
r f . i i . " i till Mg .
tat can re re-pe. uu.ij ni.ite.i iUki-
t ml M luer ... Um Uuaiuca I nuiwrUua- brufclil
Sjfois um mraiiar
rouitt i
, ,.
i .m mk-.-. .ease huinium-e .nv name as a ean-li
. ...
A . H. at a (iMitd w i . e. .. hi ..i . .
km it. S.Suc.ii, atftat.: V u Wii j.iejsc auno iure
IP aesse as a ca.ehdaie i .r 1 1 ...tie.- or t n d.irsii.ii ai
tie Quailing April election. (ttMSatj '.. HOi.licv.
T.. at 1..-1 i..- . .. .
infti. dii-.iiuiir.ll I oil.l. i Ol ,'.-(. I". 11 1 I lei. o 4
ssjatatj has us I)
: u,rv at j,,u-l si,aui,', .si'.re, vnese iuj as ha.i Ver
, v-.r.ct oi moles ana frnaa mil illl i ie eel psese
e v I r)
in ti t.
TSJ it I S I v.NK yi v.
A K I K s r HATH All V Stat ri8i.U SKUICM.
Bti.Ls men t r.vansvill who w.sii to estsed their
hottaeaete the Green klver eoaatp, M futi u jrreallv
aoUMtf advsiiaaga l advenisnn; Hi Iimj HsNUhMSj
COUKlhK. pnt.ii.liea ul lleii..ero.i, Ky., I lie i miner
has a Ure circulation .11 lue nun. tic's si HBirtnrss i
M.htiLri.i. IT....... i '.. .... I - ... ...I
, - - ......j.., . ini.,iaii, i I I i . . 1 ' 1 1 I UIIO I ..1 ft 1 , 1 1 i 1
some iibsoriberi in aeern even eountx in Um uraoni
' aiiil'n ail ikxrl.
. j-.iiv ciiuhii
i K,v .rt-..a..tr
lay erdaiS en be promplU attended
ss ay aairanBag
W . tt. .viir.ii.S.t 1 1. .
tlenderso.i, .
Til EL STttLL.
SrsaiT Lnaa tTsiinaee Tim Tanas en the Resnss he i
in iianap -in. and i ievi?lunJ Strait Uaa Kaiiroad, bo be
i. LS . I . n aa Sin a S i . ae a m y a
t..i tlft".! Vrt, SSl.tei:!
be apiastti !! U l a. a .. the Uwtealt.
flif4wi VoSatc ';!Voek?,lett0r-
! y'
S. ftt'1., I k.'.. I... .
Villi I Wm rtl I 4 V U 119
Ton Tax Payers in tho I'on of l.a iiaaco City will
BtftMaSS lake aeUca put. unle. tae CorutHalkMi faxen
I Itn tSw th corporal. Xeavr o. saM a ee aje aeid. n or
re i-..- arav. cam) ... Jtavreav, i-j4. ni.- ti: urn leaigeil
. I''" 1 dtj of 10 p r Mai Satd sii.nl prucesU locotiecl
sia rAeeJ .litres, ens . .: niihtetl
1 t . i n ainas aval .
f AM ... f.ll I HIS. .Marshal .
laajMMC l it), Fob. 10 :-il iei-r,-.i
1CKSOI.I f'IOS Hv riiEpi oi'i i:.
lacn and neck; n.d lihei i! -va nroved etfccluul Icav
iiil' the kiu aMOto, oft and w hite.
Kaavava .by a l l iannaMa tiaTQS Thai we abalt over
i v. i. .iii-i. in.- .it: -n in - u'is.iii. 1. 1 1. 1 ' .i cut ftyce lustf tie
: lja . ,ru., ilM, ,,r,,v,.,i Uaedtrac) .
Jfjee adVeftlaoMsel in MMthSf colunia.
7"üf!. IfOUtTB vies PtLlaU mib CO
ptpJ, taWsetiwia rhllhniseess. andavnn i
! t-nach.
iujiisj of
NEW iDYtiRTtfEMfim.
. BAit .an l mil. .
A n"M'"nM"' nnmnurnm munn
A t... Planing Mill Ui JewKUa Hoerdiiar He
IT tlous -, c.,r-
Pi '.ri
iter oi .Market a..i vv ul 1. 0 t. sireew, an-i taei.ee lo lie
1. . . . . .u . r-. at . ...;.i . . i.l ,1.. . .
the tin or will be llbeflallj n-wa l.l bj
leniliaenaeaaaee at t..i? .-m e.
I nan-tv
I y.t. '.Air!s loot. ...d sh.,.-, a con. 1 te aor:
1 '"rn. I lnd;.t from .t. a ..er. t m, reae
nil apes, lev aala Sj (mhii) .. ... :..;.. c. . ...
. otic: tE .
OTICE is hereby ir.v-ii.Ui.il bt mater of Um Bard of
Pi... ...i.i h.if. ...r. ...(,... f t- . ... v , 1 1 . Clmm LiOVa
i iiiiaii) , . deal u cu.leil met ting su-i rioaru. .n
IBM .M .lay ol Maren. ir.H. mere win na a n:--.-: .;
Moekhohler. of aaia t o.iiuiit , t.eltl at thai Olticu of
Join. i. üaandleria hv;ujtie. Ind.. on Um litn eafnf
.a. .b.i . . '. t ............. ..u ...... mm ..ft.. ...... ...l. . ... ...... .
" - '.. fir Illl SBff HI ft SaSll ai l1l I'll irL.
,tm a iiraeiashina talminass UsaCanHnl Modi af said
f .......... t . 1 1 1 . -I ...... J 1 !.. Ii al I I a. t . ....
"r1"' i-j. ..jui. nun. ... 1.. w tun. n . . .1 1. -i .
uVI nS P. U.. iur ll.e tu riM.se o. laktasS bale emisi. era-
Conusor) I
r."' ",.1"
3 '"
i tiie aiaoanlol stt,iMnj addioual Mock. sr.
tlte i.rot t-i.iiip ..I ai, a. t of Ui j Ireiieral A in
state of Indiana, to au'horizv the formation vf
oa ..i:htC.i.upai.eS, approve,! Kn.riiaf j la.h, Ml
t. G KfcAI..
i'. rc i.r?.
-ra'aa aa.a.aaz:
X TSS üttOÜ.. Just rec M a new su.)i,l of
. Hoi Corn;
Tue Ol.. Ihveery. (iuh4) SA.M I. I.ISTKR.
1c.l'KlVKl ..." --.e.uner A L.. Snoiwell
V o hMa t Ii i.ie .,-w oilrans nfar;
It. ilo (ioihI Fair JtnU t'rleans .sujfar:
ät. aasa Kiaela line .Moiaaaea.
2i. Ii.lf-onia Plantation .Unlades;
il. bajfa ol Kin Col.ee,
10 bagi of Liverpool I able salt, for nal. bv
mli4 b A. u. HM M ANN.
. 1
es Oroe ilr Kbiue; 5; pes Gros de .Naplea;
M Sea Kl.irei.ee, W yOt laVtaellaa; re. 'd this
day 1111,1 for sale by JAS. LoV A tl ,
mil 417 Main atasas. toetevMe, h.
. a
I M.I ' Oi L.AI CJa. 1 caae s .li.i . olora
woo. Mnsl.ude Uiivea, re, 'o Ihladay, tor aale by
JA.s. 1. ..'. dt CO., 41. .1a.11 si. boil., K .
AtlP T OH 4aIlT.ieeanaasal4antti) la atore
S a d lor Mile a. K..cior) prices by
uli 4 s. K. Gli.dKK l tV r. ., Syc ar Water.
f HX)FISd - '"es. .'a IBS each. Ir sale very I ow
1 . ... , -,. tULUKtCt .v CO.. sc. near M aler.
"iu3 417 Main atreet, Lou.
I thit da and
OW 6z CO.,
417 .Main street, l.ouiavilie. Ky.
ja rt PPLK
Ti. tuitT ia reicR ai aTovt rro.K,
Corner Vrf and am -t tti.
r (
CUPPl.KS oK?..e I l.ia tre at tlte ahwve to-
at.ou. aypOMta BoaaiBl n V lUt a. wtii-r- lie n
a. I .11 1. !...!. ..I I'll. . . I as -a. ...I a . .
I''l'" w' .. . . ... . . 1 1
. . . . .. .1.. .. 1 1 L . ...I . I'.. i .ii . . i r. ti. ui... ft-.. - I
ii.. i.ooiinx. t f ii i . r i i. , t t .t ta.t., in tti nest i.ia....ir
nd a; tiie lowest .rtces.
Ho also keei'S on hanti a va-
riet) of
tJIV.Jia.JXV 31 JV Ii,
and oihe Biielanf Moves tor al.-aa low a-.,m ilar vlovrs
can b-i purelntatsd iu tUu city . 1 lie public ar,- re-oe, t-
ally tnvünd ta sail. fcbU-u i
TTksi . ,ie, black nd col.retl silmw.
O ru:'d ibis day aud hvr sale i y JAS. LOW & CO..
mhl PI Mini urtrt, fooiavilh', Ky.
r - c,-- ... " io-is Hie etrai nun r qi.alh oi n:n i ni lh e for
ro't a snonr mtr. oxi.Yr
S'sbt i't CS i v d -11 mctu i n unUd,
fr-Zr-m-: -T
nSKV M05 & SOU, the ewtet'PMtf.t Knfliak Opti-
cUun frM Um i mproreO SptrUu-le .Vaitulat tory
1 i ti.eVr ..rtivc. j.:ji.iiiUit Um Journal öae, m the
"'tu lui iiir i out: j'ii'ti iuc ut ur tvu rfu uui k j
f-ui-li is th iiiieri"fit of Uiee newlj in ( uted. Iiral-
.1.1. nwa.i - B U, .... II... I. . r
ter they re iiafl i f.jre iiiiirrct Tis4u.the uioti de
.. .. .wi .-j . ....... it. . l i.iu,;, tut 1.. . t u v
- - . . : . . . , . . . .
i-cin arm n i.rouiriii m iti vyumiui. ntiurauiio orwi-
iml Ul-; l.iic the enatW iwlh Uie ola and the iitpr
to mum. the moTt mi. uir r,MOiai,t. eOacr by 4 7
raiidih lit. And lo rt iikmIt the irrrat mroiiToiirvm ot
-Ife.-tif vij..r. . . - ..f imlitidunU .n the I al-
i sufe, heVM l)(t.f jlbM..fl-
! ..;.. Ow lurmrr ... t .. ui 1,1.1.
lliev hi- hit uroud lo ui tMivlv.lrc uonniir Hiom
' .. . 1 . w . T
ta'.A..tp.ulll...t.. I. ith I I u. tl.. . . .Ik ...
l.W ' III IllVt IUI Ht IUI 11. 7 11 t 11 Lfi I. .1 II 1 1 P . Willi fllHIl IB
shall he aantlnij or thrir art to merit ihr omiei.r
au I aj.robatio.i. Adile.l t lie al van lafea aai
ti Inoin of Iii.ii; I'ruriHe i u l lie h e ' tili, manr alia uu-
- sr oiie of the n.ot learned Oeuliatsaa nkisii tathave
lhe Hri,han Pebble ,etarl- r.-..led , ,f,niloM
diploma at the tmtiaria riite Fair. heh. at LtarO.
The rotmn titer, on award' hp U.ee rli n-a-. tue remi-
- nuiSittaar.
ui.i, sai.i. itial ta at ui lu ui ortli) ol unuaual c ui
Exlratts from Testimonials rcrtirtti at Indiana-
: n .:: ia, ; si- . Nn. 2, '.rJ?
J lP1iVu.m
in ii i, -oi, orazi nun r- u ie ie. i i . I uy are
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Kect faliv. Ac, J. H. oGi.fc.SbY.
From Umn. t;im i-leuhar. Preh! at Br-m h Bank :
iND.aKaPOI.., Deo. 3 l-'it
yire:ir9 jai I l.avir been ac 3 at HIM to ue arttSital
, ?or e:ir naM I liav bor-n .. n.i.,
of At laelea. kut
naniou!i.i none llt.tl ao oou.pletel milefea lhe aitva.i-t-iKe
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i Wi v,e K'r uu' 'aerinm uave uuu.
'roin Prvf I.. Uuulap.M. ü :
mo aWaPoLta. Sept. 12, 1P"W
They rnesj the nreenfleer iHal tars i lomprn-
ain.e i-ir mi. tiaion, ühuui M.acii.ixia U.e oblaot i
de-iiler inn. mm Ii i Suelfeii: ml mrm .! c. I i an J
f -r tlm student, and all oihora thai have iu ai.) a ini
pairca their viaiou.
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'ro'" WS? Win, A. rN?lia:
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f". Save aetauean ÜMS farU I could ib, reaioiu.r
". eUcct. lhe i iear aiid . nSSSM aigfcl of J ouUi.
Pro.n Prof. J. I. Bobba, M . fk:
I Ma troLU . Acjr.y. 1S51.
I he letnsH Isaf lanatiee aafttt, ana1 me e..iouraud
ttuiahf.vu Uu n. a a et l SSM, tea lo ti.e atfkl.
Fren. Hon. J P. Uhanii.uH. f. tiner Editor of ihe t,.J m a
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The) ars n.: oi.i gooduah.x.
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than an; I Lave ace a lor a
From A. I. Call. M. I):
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former or .re.e it invention. Ihrt aoi i.nlt kni. ihn
wi u.-r.-inte aasaia m ua ii.n.rui tn.ie, an mm 'at
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ans f mr is mil, nt hraniilne m anal sipan
From F. Kiiijt.l-.iq , Priv.it KefNl r to .orrnor:
laani n . Ai.s II t
TasJaiJ mm nlrr t4 tb rt. . I carer m1uos t!l
HaVIVl. fl1ll Ilia A ll.aamnmtn -aaaaaaaaa
i:irl Ii-, t. tl..- larreat ob Uie.aaBaalÄJJ
4 i, i a niter, in tl, .1 iI-stanÜHl maimer. 0 are pr-
pare.l to facilii.eo ant iius.n-sa nirii-i il o ourcare, cith-
'-r l- Kl r. ! . . i.. II.KO.I Oorl
C T.T -fgT I AAA tllol.t e I- ...ll- to
- - " i.ii leiiii .iox ot tb.- weaiher. ai. j roptrtty;
a.nt p.riicularaili-i.tion v ill be paid to hecei luf, Noirintf
ami Forwur.lnip, and aim. to Mae 0. UU ProSeee
ehnstaasM to ua, ami all orders raeMIl Slleo.
P. O- U'Kfi bV return- his naeare thablt le hi uu
i.ifr from meroua Irteuda lor their torn, -r btromare. and reaerel
fa l solicits a cn.iti.iuanoi- of tins .nie. h.ch tili be
UuU reeiurocate-i
. - I ..
. More Kooiti. well Mii.-lie.. II t.e kept for th ac
00m -oo.-i'ioi of boats, and ihe.r or.ier ea r.nij Sited.
liil.3-!& 1
V. G. U'KlLh V s
O -ioz hakir Ur Mm;
ClattMS Krushes;
Marin t baahr
I n.a, W.fti k liaakets;
Himer tndh ;
I reel C.Uaa ( ord ;
Kutter Prima;
l.a, I boxea;
1 .lo Urne P Tubs
4 neat P. I o'-;
3 nests e eitel i.l.s;
3 aaais if'Ur Tubs;
1 loi lfel l'.r.;
l dos Half M I . r:
15 zro ;iateni I foU pi. ; k(i V oodr n Boeia;
S ueata evven 1 Um.-, l'oiatoe .Maaher. tV: j.at
ret 'a ..ti.l lor sule I T. BAt ON tV lO.'K
n.IiS Kaiuily tirocerT.
8 Hi. X Ks star C.eSlee; 5hf lvee f Ur aid., a,
3 jr bxs Mar (.'una lea, t uat rrr ! an- for at.lt at
1I.L3 T. HA. II A CO.H Kum.l. OrotrT.
(tt til H exlra flue lri.vt PuUtoea, for fain. I) ua.
jJ juat ree'd and Iur ante al
U I A4 )N & CO.'K Pamlly Grorvry.
; T'KKMI Sui kah-at Hour. I i. bolted Kl-jur, aveS the
X tn-m Family Klnas,jasl mrd ai d for al. a.
mh3 T. H.At.u.N V Cu Family Greeery.
(UtflCSt freab Kai in and Fi-. jnt rer'o, for saifal
j mit t T. O.ii'o tV o.'.s Family Grocery.
i.uruii:u d i 1 1: 11 1 x tai
Mau gi i.ooiifc.
1 PCS a'lper biax k ren.li l"w Hard Cloth;
HC MS' piece, henrnim I kath;
lia:i piece I oUou arp Cloth;
Ha .i . Frfncli Ikw.kin 1 assimeret.
SS i.iJt-c I 'h.Ui. back Saturn;
I i'lctoa rtoiU-.i satii.a. , r superior quality ;
Itopiajfin French 1 oUonadea, Mlk Taiat ami
Sewing Silk. 1 i.nva.s l'.idilin. huiton. with a lull aa-
Stirto.ent ot Mica a.l.cles Wui.len t. Tailor
mal JAS. LOW X) in Main st., Lou., Xy.
IHK au Itaerlher ba on hand f?jii in Lamaaco City
Orilers. wüii b lit. ari.r.. i.. At .I... ,- of al 9)1 ceata mz
tne malar
lllt.S. ... S.M1IU,
Külianl Saht ui, rr.ruer Main and rirat als.
iu l.a 3t
lOKNKUet Waln.ti a eat .larki-i atreeta. Term a f'j
SO per week ; U cea jorday. Several amah faini-
lieaean tie act-out icodaled
lab tf
llifl I, lesend IS hbla, l4.rdin hlilc.
do, A auaera do,
(dec til ALUS tk HOWF.5.
Uli ve in üoltles.
11 ATM Alii S'.SP.
1 KNTS' Silk, Kur and V. o l Hat an-t Fur Car. Bo-
.... . aaat ... .
-mw . .... .... . . ... ...'...
Furasu v ooi nawa-.u DattCKaUU oiue; lo it aps,
f.r a;.K-at
JJJ , ..fWa looae, Kept e.aiLauliy on baud and for
aale ai lite new WeaUTii rtretl Mora.
derl T GRANT ati CO.
JLI receit eu. a aaaorlnu 1 1 of l.yon and Pattersoa'a
Galla Percai aleu i'.ba, aiulforaalr by
fehC3 MTTROlaf F 4 fOSS.

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