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TKK.S OF Sl HSfclPT10.
DiUy Journal Wr year
M a
" by the weeK
Tri A 'eekly Journal, fwioar, .....
v eekly Journal .
4 tn
i w
Imici. Messrs. PmVia
smli street, between vine ami vx ninut, t tnctnnnu.
. ., i. ....... I .. ........ . ... i- . n .i.eli in III bUilMlf tlr
Aa Ivansrliie Journal. Tue iti Joruut will bafnuud
a Ol in itieir oit; e. and advertisement. anu auDscrip
leas are respec1. flty solicited throujrtt tbein.
Water wark for .ha City
A member of the firm of Duggan, Cart
wright tCo., Philadelphia, submitted a pro
position to our City Council on Saturday
niirht last, for auDDlvine the city with water.
A m.nS the many improvements in progress
i. i . -,i
and in contemfH.t.on in connection with our
ciy, there is no one more important to the
r .... i- J ...k;.K
?aure mass oi our peop.e, uu uu u, ...v..
would confer so many direct and healthful
.. . . j
-j u ;,.A.,in n Kminti.
au, i,re,.,uuu.u
ful supply ef pure water, generally diffused
throughout the corporation. Uur present
. . .. .. .
siDDlv of water lor tne summer months, is
rr , ,
l m .., r, m mit nnlv scnnlr tint nrtn.
"' J ' ' J
ally bad. and must of necessity have a dele-
terious effect upon the health of the inhabi-
But of the advantages of such an enter
prize, euner airect or remote, we need not
. a. . a .1
speak. They are too well known and have
been practically demonstrated in nearly all
the Eastern cities of the United States.
The practicability of entertaining the propo
sition at this time, is the point which directs
itaelf to the mind of everv citizen, and more
especially to the consideration of the 'city
fathers,' who are the legal guardians and re
representatives of our corporate interests.
The proposition, which has already been sum
marily submitted, contemplates the filtering
of Cie water before it reaches the city, thus
rendering it at all times free from the ioath-j
list a j
some impurities inseparable from the supply
of water now in use.
The company which has made these over
tures to the Council, has been eminently suc
cessful in the construction of such works in
aeveral of the Eastern cities, upon terms and . communicate thought with the speed of light-
,. , . . ,. ,- i ninj; across continents, fructifying ihe soil
in a manner highly satisfactory to all parties. ... T . , . 7 . ,
. , , . ,, I as it passes with the seeds ot knowledge and
The tax upor the property of the city would j ilUeigence. jt ia not lhe mi?gion of Araer.
be very small, and only a sufficient amount j icans to rear sepulchres to departed gran
would be required, after the work is finished I deur, but to quicken the intellect of the
to indemnify the company against too heavy
Josaea before the water rents should prove
adequate to defray curn-nt expenses. We
can imagine no greater blessing that can rea
aonably befall our thriving city, than the re
alization of the objects contemplated in this
proposition. We are pleased to learn that
the Council look upon the matter with fa
vor, and resolved to confer further with the
company upon the subject.
(XT The Gardiner trial came to a final,
and rather tragical conclusion on Friday laat,
at Washington City, it will be recollected IT?" The body found in a barrel of liquor
that Dr. Gardiner was once before tried on a at Madison, waa found to be a ' medical sub
charge of defrauding fie government, by jject," shipped by a graduate from the Medical
laying claim to a quicksilver mine in Mexico,
mad the trial resulted in the disagreement of
the jury. At the recent trial the jury con
victed him of the crime as charged, and he
was sentenced by the Court to ten years im
prisonment in the penitentiary. After the
rendition of the verdict, and while a motion
was pending befc re the Court on a bill of ex
ceptions, the doctor committed suicide by
taking poison, saying as he drank the fatal
draught, that -he would soon be tried before a
Coart that would not find himcruiltv
This notorious individual has occupied a
conspicuous position before the federal tri
bunals of this country for thc last two years,
and now, that the courts and a jury of Iii-
country have found him guilty, his name will
doubtless go down to posterity, with a no
more enviable notoriety, than having been
theaothorof tne of the most gigantic swin-
dies ever perpetrated upon the American
government. His tragic death will only add.
w - ' .
to the notoriety of his infamy, and give an
additional proof of tha consciousness of his
own guilt.
We call attention to the advertise-
ment of H. Semmons &. Son (Opticians) in
to-day's Journal. 3Jr. J. H. Semmons of
that rnnr.Prn. has iut arrived in tins citv. and
has opened a splendid assortment of Brazil -
Z . , ,
ian Pebble Soectac es for the examination of
our citizens, in the room adjoining the Jour
nal office, formerly occupied by the County
Library, where be will remain for a short
time. Mes-rs. Semmons are the sole manu
facturers and proprietors of these unrivaled
apeciacies, as to tne superior qualities ot
which, they have the certificates of several
.V. .. , .
i me uiuai Bctentinc men iu me couuiry
and in our own State
As tbeir stay will be ahurt in our city, we
would recommend those in want of this ar
ticle to call without delay.
As Isdian on L.YISG The Cattaraugua
Whig states that a suit was recently brought
before a magistrate in the village of Randoloh
b . ,uolPn.
and during ita progress an Indian was
. . . . . sail- .u .
brought forward to testify. His blank, ex -
pressionless face, and the general unmean -
ingness of bis whole demeanor gave rise to 1 , ! . .
. ..... . r.u rcSam Medary has written a letter to the
a serious doubt in the ind of tbe "court" aa Ohio Legislature, stating lhat he was in la
to the admissibility ofbis testimony. Ac- vor of the Nebraska bill. If he was elected
loraiogly he was aaked what the consequence to lhe Senate it must be on these grounds or
would be if he should tell a falsehood while no.e';niUe. Enq.
. . ... ... Before Col. Medary wrote this letter he re-
underoath. 1 he countenance of the Indian ceived some thirty vote, in the democratic
bs-ihteced a little as he replied in a solemn j caucut. But in the ballots taken since thc
tone, " Well, if I tell a lie, guess I be put in ' leller w" wr,t,n. we do not perceive that he
ia.1 jrreat whiia mav be. Biraebv I die
j wiii-. i ti
and then J Ukh it agtw! The witness was
I ennittcd to proceed.
Steamboat Burnt.
The splendid New Orleans and Memphis
(packet Mary Agnes was burned, and totally
'destroyed on Wednesday last, on the coast
short distance above New Orleans. The
loss of boat and cargo is great. The Belle
Key was near at the time of the burning, and
A .1 I tnn tn Ur rwr fho n i c; o r -.,,!
what little of their effects were snved, to
Mumnli t Thp Marv Airnaa wn now rd
... , -to
. . . , i . I 1 I a i - 11-
beautiful boat, and had made but a few trips,
We have no particulars of her taking fire,
7-'nor did we learn whether any lives were
Telegraph Line from the Atlantic to
m,... .x- ...
i ne -v. corresponaeni 01 me Baltimore
Slin 5n hi letter nf thp 9Kth ..it tU
foIlowillg account of thc project that ha8
been 8ome time jn cour8C of preparation l0
establish teleeraph communication between I
' . .
San Franc,9C0 andBOme point on either the
Mi - souri or the Mississippi river:
5, our or ine .tllSS bSIDO river
. . PP . . . I
"General Jones, of Iowa, introduced into
the Senate a bill, and an able report, for the I
estaonsnmeui oi a line ot teiegrapn irom
aomp nnint nn thp Miu.inni or ...ri In
r; 7
San r rancisco on I
Duuiv ."nui j i i i iii. in noiooiuwi vi i'iko ui u iu
1 V ' ' I
San Francisco on the Pacific. The Govern-
mentis not asked to pive one centorcne
is not asxeu to cive one reniorrne;
acre of land in aid of this most rtupendous
irise, which, when completed, will en-
able men on me Atlantic sea coast to con
verse with their friends on the Pacific, and
effect the most c.mnlete revolution in all our
' -
80cial and commercial
ial relations; but merely !
engages, at the completion of the enterprise,
nl.tinnnf the enternriP. I
and when the line is in working order, to I
make the parties a donation of two millions;"""-" - vv . 7r. 7" -r
f ..,.!.l.. mm t- i-i .if t Iwi tin noi nloc nf nrtn. I
ot acres of public lauds, in theshape of a :
. i iJ f... r .i;.. i
j T I t ' t Ul iCUOC IUI tue UM lit U IIUIll
or receiving 8000 words a montb,and vice
ver9a- 1 rub would be an immense saving
expenses, .ira messengers, etc., uui espe-
cially of time the thing most needful, espe
cially in limes ot war.
I "m the failure of the parties to comply
with these terms, the work, apparatus, im
provements, &.c, all to revert to the Govern
ment. The telegraph is to be sjbterranean,
with stations every hundred miles, and test-
ing tubes every five miles; the line is to be
U'orkpH Hair urirl nirrlit and tl.o .nvPrnmPnl
always to have the preference over all other !
' I
telegraphic correspondent. The Egyptians
may have raised pyramids, pud the greit
Sphynx which has remained a riddle to pos
terity, but it is reserved f.r Americans to
masses and to bid it "go ahead!"
IXt A person in England, lately rumaging
among his family documents, found written
on the back of an old deed some words indi
cating that a pot of gold was buried in a cer
tain place in the garden, it was at first re
garded aa a hoax, but on digging in the spot
an iroa pot came to light, containing fifteen
thousand guineas, snd a scrap of parchment,
much decayed, on which was written, "The
devil shall have it sooner than Cromwell.''
College at Louisville.
"TJ If every man had a window in his
breast, blinds would be in great demand.
Fixe Times for the Irou Meü. The Iron
Men are doing a fine business, so good that
they say not a word about a tariff. There
are thirteen thousand miles of railroad in od
eration; three thousiud miles additional, it is
estimated, will be built this year. For double
trark. OHP hundred thousand ton will ho
; squired this year. The quantity of railroad
iron, therefore, in use by the end of this year.
allowing one hundred tons to the mile, will be
.. ..
one million seven hundred thousand tons
wh'ch, at 6j per ton, the present price, gives
a total ot 110,oüü,000 invested in railroad
bars now in use. Eight per cent, is ratima -
td by the Railway Times to be the wear and
tear of the rails in use, wmch would require
AVa. atalaa la J a
an mit nir t.p tlitsa i r 1 m n mta i rvw.wA L ..
I " .. fir Vu ii . i ,
, eight millions ol dollars annuillv, or, in the
j course often years, over eighty millions of
- a J
dollars. By January, ItsGU, thete will, in all
l L-UUa. k : .: : it:.. .
Jl ., r7 ,i u nuPU
'1,ai"1ä ,;w ,u, ." Tr n
an fuui .:iÄJ f .:i...... n
now aas periou, immm w... nave to oe lur- become citizeils. T.e aubat.tule aa offered ' small pressure-any one-torth of the maxi
nished by our manufacturers, the tron for i by Mr. Douglas for the original some time! mum nressure. which, fin the words of aaa
some nineteen thousand miles of new track,
and as much as eioht per cent, per annum
the amount now in use. This mti!nficent
1 amount, xtith the multiplied uses for iron,jse
cars, locomotives, steam engines, macliinery,
steamboats, iron sailing vessels, iron build-
1 i"?' &c- Pive6 tJ ,the n trade the most
flattering prDspects; if nothing Intervent s to
,i.L ' ' . -ti-j ' .
iBiupiiicpi ojji i mo ui lauiuau t.oiiei rur lion.
Phil. ledger.
Scihg roa a Wife. The Rochester Dem
ocrat says that some time last.year a young
daughter of Mr. Win. R. Smith. Macedon,
married a man named Bennett, clandestinely.
, and much against the will of her parents.
j She was taken frm i ' Inaannawl Mtka tweLaUrtnitd cbieflr towaroa UmmmMu(
i were nruceedirio-on thp nrr la av. nftpr haviniF .. . v c PP " " 1 I
, - - r .viv "T J" ,
been legally united, by her father and grand
father, Asa B. Smith. The bereft husband
at once took legal prcre?dings against th'
relatives of the girl, and in a former trial the
jury disagreed. At the present term of the
Ontario county court, he brought another ac
. i . .. fnr it.mmtAi in tKa Aatmyt inn . f 1. 1 i .i fa
nun ... ...w ..v.v........ v. .....
and the loss of her services. The case was
!man,Kea7 "" , " ,
and created very general interest where the
r.t- nil nartip were known. The iurv ren-
..v... r- - - -- ,r
1 dered a verdict for plaintiff, mulcting the
1 Smiths in 81 .200 damages.
I ,c"'f',"""u ."aj vote. t.ol. Allen, on the
rnnfrarv. who in nnrlo.., i . 1. . :
uti.niuvi iu ue ayaiuoi
, the bill, received an increased vote.
V. A. l.-dyr.
Thirty - Third Congress Fir, ",oni
1 elerduy' I'roceadinfca;
Washogtoj. March 3.
SnNATr The Senate debated the Nebras-
ka bill yesterday until o lock I.
M. Va-
rioua ameudmeuU w.eie ulTereu and discuss-
d. Mr. fhiUc's U nf nil llie ' t tOthe 14m
section, insprtiut' t 1 worn-. - mihi
... . . j. ' .1 . i ... loirid
latureof a territory shall mt it precluded
- . -
trom prohibiting siarpr; tneren., y
. a 1
iected: veas 10. ihvf :vi. Mr. P. dger's
Iffl.endtnent.waa adopted; yas 30, nays6.
Mr. Chaae" offered a ii amendinent, making
f . ... . a. A Uft PfT
1 .1 .1 . ........... i .lvoa
dt the people to the territory: reptieu yeas
10, nays 30.
Mr. Chase offered an nmendiuen, puttin?
territory and
rrued the ab-
Nebraska and Kansas in one
-..,1 rr,..i
r ...f r ....liäM '
Mr. Mason said he fully endorsed all that
. i k f . )a,, ,knt it avaa I ip da,
lld 'Jtor
i. i .ouj u.. ,ua
a" u n oiner unieiiuiiieuiB vuc.tu j ...w
Senator Irom Ohio.
Mr. Chase said he had offered his amend-
.hi. nusc cam it- uau uucicu inj - -
k..D- Lt. oninion
,,B rTT 7 7 7 r
r'?ht: H,e k.neuw0 r"leuof propriety ur con-
nhi,T thp third tI,tP of the tin on
Senilis UlllO, the third k tdte Ot ttie U UlOn,
. . . . t
.1 a...!.. .An.An at tl-i. o.i nlimAIlt f I h Q t
nu ,ru,v "P" """""T 7 -
: ..r ? ....
State, was to be denied me privilege oi ouer-
I amer.dment- to this or any ol ier u.u, or
wnv inf.ttn,n,u",e 118 v?rV , 7
11 I. ... . I. ...... ii. . w.
I Irom Ohio were to be r iected because he of-
' fered them. When once the Senator had
reso.veu on w e pr.unp.e o. ,.o-.i.-. vc....o.,
he ha(J oHereU U,e amendments, not against
... I.,. ,,li .,,, Mm um.in, iti.int tint n.l'iliul
. DUl " carry nwna iniiiinwai.
Mr. Mason responded, denying that any
..mo.. nt ofloroil hv tKp Spnatnr uns in.
!c,,,Mru """J.,." ;'r'T '
intervention. His sole object was to defeat
the bill. He had, he said, read of a warrior
c who carried a hege shield covered with sev-
on ini in nc ii tin i inanaa 17 r ..-. i u i i nr'iss
The Senator from Ohio must suopose himself
I ! . L. ... .1. .. L. : .11 f . , L 2 . . ... - - -
covrrtu xxim eucn a sineiu irom uicjuai con
demn iition of the county. This was the last
Nnagffle of that party of which the Senator
was an illustration; if skia bill was passed
their vocation would be gone, their last plank
in the shipwreck taken nan them, und they
)vou,d die " they deserve to die, howling, ,
I..... I - , i. .1,4.1. ...... ,v-.k ! ... Ii . i' it n it
kowUng l:kefietlda becausetliey llBie HOt ,
been f to (Je9!Ir,oy l',e r?l,5t7 which P ro'
ln.lni 1I..W.1 I ... W..I.1K hm 11. I nr., I., 1 L
Oeen aoie to destroy me country wnicn pro-
Iected them. The South had not proposed
!,J :"i.o ,I,i
uns mt-nsurc-, n.ey i.w wnpnauni ...y
measure upon t ie suujeci o slavery , 1"'"
t bis bill contained much ot injustice to the
S..uth, he was still willing to take it no
small advance towards justice, anu as an ev
idence of peace.
aaa. .asaw wmm ? "
he could quietly, t the unjust and unbecom
ing aspersions cist upon the Senator, who, I
Mr. W ade said he had listened as long as
persions cast upon
with him, truly represented the sentiments of
the great State of Ohio, and he wondered at I
the calmness with which his colleague had I
borne the taunts, and imputations thrown up
un him 1 ersonallv, and upon h:s motives and
conduct. Such conduct could no longer be
put up with. Ohio was not inferior, he said,
to any State her Senaturs were not to be
brow beaten by any p rsons, and were not be
to frightened out of iheir rir ht t idler amen
ments to anv bill pending in ihe Senate of I
the United States.
The l.uiguag d used towards his colleague ,
was unbecoming the Senate it might be j
very suitable to the plantation, hut waa not ;
to the Senate of the United States.
Ohio would dispose ol the reward and f ir-!
nish her own representatives, and she re-)
cognised no mutter in old Virginia over her
Senators or people. Ohio would vote for'
the Senator. Thev would sud his colleague
back to the Senate for six rears longer, if he
maintained the Missouri Compromine; it was
constitutional. The very men who so stren
uously advocated its repeal because it was
unconstitutional, had over and o er again
voted for its extension to the Pacific. To
deny its constitutionality was to leave their
oxvn rnnrlnrt nnpn In ntMiimntinn u,-hi.h it
wouhi no be pnrliamentary to name. The
constitutionality of the W.lmot Proviso was
but little over six years old. At lhe North
it had its commencement at th" time wbee
t,,e Irom Michigan found it neces-
. .. r- I I . ... , ! 1 .1. t L
: . J 11 "V r ',,, uuriunisume uuo
iliments i.i the great Presidential race
J'he Declaration of Independence had been
; assai led by the supporters of the bill not on
! !y the acts of "the lather of hi country" had
! been declared unconstitutional, but what
they declared to be self-evident lies! It was
Ii BSa a -at.
i rtiiir.-osii t -I,, ik I in,, ..e..i.A C fH.L.
I j J -. i . j -ii o.'aiiciii iji ,u,. -
pendence a he or this bill could nut be sud-i.l.
I ported. r
1 r v.
----- ....... r-,
An ameiuimeiit WM then adopted, striking
out the provision allowing nhens to vote and
I hold office, upon declaring their intentions to
., v
K j since, and was then pgreed to as amended,
f(and t:ie bill was orden-d to be engrossed for
a third reading, by yeas 29, navs 12. Nays,
nators Chase, Dodge of Wis, F (senden,
Fish, Foote, Hamlin, James, Seward, Smith, '
Kiimmr VX. ,u .....I W'.. i .... TL r 11- -1. - I
JieMtors were absent, or not vottng: Allen.)
i Banard Ball Hriuht f,. - I
oyra. lieu, jsrig lit, Lass, Wayton, C ooper.f
. . ,, u.iu . . ainn i ne iuiiu.'iik
;oting: A Ilen. '
Barrett, drier, Houston and Mai lory, Peace,
Rush, Thompson, ol Ky., Thomp on of N. 1
J., Toombs, T ousev, Weller, VV right and
Phelps 20 and one vacancy in North Caro-1
Imu !
The Senate then adjourned.
The session was marked by much excite
ment and confusion, and many personal re-
oi tne hill.
Washingtoh, March 3.
Senate The Nebraska bill was taken
v lt -ii . . i .i I
sairj ne was not present wnen tne i
vote on tne tnäTOasment was taken, and he
llpsirpll Ilia Viil. fihmill I . rnnrilail in t.u.ir
I " "
I of its Rnal passage as engrossed, including
.T.rVkV . rZ? " fV"" ,
'hat nothing contained in the act, shall be .
construed to revive or Dut in force, anv law
or regulation, winch may have existed prior
.. . ,.. . . i. .
to tne act ol the (ith nt Match, 1820 either i
7 r & - ""l"Wi J
protectiiiir, establishing, prohibiting or abol- Here's my fine new tea-kettle with the bot
ishin? slaverv. " tout melted out."
O mf
Mr. Bell is now speaking.
House A message from the President, ,
transmuting e report ol the Attorney tiener
al, relative to the plan of modifying and eu-,
log.z.ng lhe Judicial system; referred.
Mr. Chandler presented a resolution from
the Pennsylvania Legislature, asking for 160
acre of land lor the soldiers of 1812; refer
red, and ordered to be printed.
The Houe then went into a committee on
jthr Homestead bill.
A Luck) Ertltof.
John Wentworth. editor of the Chicago
Democrat, has just sold a lot in that city, 97
by 100 feet, for 30.000 making, according
to the Democratic Press, abiut one hundred
tnouaand dollars worth of priperty tie use
sold within a year, and he has more man as
much still on hand. x.
He went to Chicago almost barefooted,
some twelve years ago, and with no capital
but bis energy no such word as tail in ms
voc.i bu larv . nd a n honpj;t ir.dnstrv pxertedin
, J - . '
InAmftwr 1 1 Q V '1 ,1 ! i 1 1 IO .int.r'ir .u L 1 1 i . 1 1 1 1 TIP
." " . .i... uisuo i nni"
h'is succeeded, and built up a fortune lor him-
sei in an incredible short space of time.
i his, to many, anonH seem like magic to
Mlwm "im me iiiui ai . ui u c icauum 3 1
l.-i . .1.1 I ii ... .i .. ..I -- J Mf
veloping that innate wealth, it seems the pro-
...v.,.. , r.r--. .
Auction of a second Aladdin's lamp, frit
tne practical eye of business, he saw at
fflance that Chicago must, in consequence ot .
auii"iiiv cmiiun ,v, nauriiiauumi.-
tore, and commerce. With this knowledge,
nleaned. no duubt, while delving at i he case,
he sought a home irt advance of the comforts
nd luxurh.-s of the highest order of ciy.liza
. - . . i
tion, and by pe r. e ve ra ce has a ccomp hsbed
that which he fully des-rvesa fortune.
- VVett for just
such men Cin. Lnim. 'st
Tue Martha Washinoi on Case Escape
o n nr.. ti. fr,n...i
or in . c .w..v s
in ine inc,"" 1 ,tncs
. .. . . . . .I . r
It will be recollected thsf wh'n the Mar-
tha Washington prisoners were a.-rest.'d on
lne warrant ,rütn the (iovernor of Arkansas,
Rulug Chapin was lying sick at the Walnut
. k. .a a . I
. House. A L-uard was put over hi.n,
d intention to also remove uim
... . . i j. l e . i .
to Helena, wtienever u snou ue iuuhu mat!
he was able to travel
How vigilant this ouard was, proves itself
in the fact that niht before last Rufus left
his room, and has not since been seen by the
We'learn that he passed th
rough ihe office
of the hotel, where quite a nuinber of per ons
were as usual seated, ami that he attracted
T a - , - "" - - - aw aw- w - a. wa . a
no particular attention. This implies that
he was pretty well disguised. From a pret
ty authentic sourc xve learn that his hair
and his whiskers were dved and that his
cU)theg were cut in ihe fraiWnv fashion.
immHitplv PntProd
waiting and was driven a distance of fifty-five !
' . .W .... . 1
a carnage in
wailjn? an(J wag dn ve a distance of fifty-five
, f , , . 4 . 1 1 Ä . u
m,le9 before yUht to 8 Pointwhere he took
expreMlraillf anJ is )y ,hiö time Ol! tbe
6m)re 0f the Atlantic . What part of Europe
South America mav be his luture home
aoooat concern
We learn that the dr v was a little too
much for the noble horse which carried him,
and that he departed this life a short lime
t wasrW(1
. .1- -LV a.
Rufus is the youngest of the Chapins, and
more of the sympathy of the public has been
manifested for him and his interesting lady
than any other of the defendants. Whether
guilty or innocent, he has played an adroit
trick which will save him considerable trouble
OCT" A dispatch p'iblisliAd i n the morning
papers relative to a b dy having been found in
1 r 1 ... . - - -v - -
I a cask at Madison led many to suppose ti
riit was the bodv of Mr E. Slevin. We l-i
1 that a description uf t'10 body has been re
ceived and that it bears no resemblance to
that of Mr. S.
Since the rbore we have obtained the fol
low particulars from a gentleman from Mid
tson: The cask iu which the body was plac
ed was brought down the river 011 the A K in
Adam. It was tu 1 b 'd in tour different pla-c-
a Alfred Kelly, Ladoga, lud.' The wharf
boatman's suspicion was excited by the
j ,ir a".
! "' rolll,,P
strange movement ol lhe contents of the cask
mmoned several f r i o n J
and opened it. There were about HgtH fal
Ions ofabohol in it, which kept the body
in a perfect etate of preservation. The body
was about six feet high and a heavy black
beard all around the lace. On the ri"htside
of the neck one of the main arteries was sv-
! ered a sharP 'T d over the left
! W ther ,wa8 a wound '""X inflicted by
i l,eavv blüW A br,,he name "'Alfred
n to res.ae in i.aaojja, anu
dispatches have been sent to him to get some
clue tu the matter. Lu. Jour.
Second Tetal Trip of the: Eiucsson.
The public were taken by surprise yesterday,
i on seeing the EnCason moving around the
t w iters of the bay . None beside Car t Kricsson
I the owners, and olh -rs immediate;y interest-
1 ii.l 1 1 . i r 1 1 nti . . i i i i I i t i i . i la irn I t , . t t Ii a nae
1 C Wäl U) I'Ul V It . I UHU IUEJ LFCI
, fürm,inces of the l.ip Were auch as to afford
j .i.. : . ns.. j-
Inf "'T?1 , ' b ,
I .,i 1 1 o m i b i mr t hp fn in t.p a nir t lit tit hu. smvM
to be greater than eould have been atiticipat
! ed; vet this is beim gradually overcome. The
wheels veslerdav made tl turns on a very
I - J r w - v
j well qualifled to know,) is intended, and
j thieb au2 U carried. Her cy linders are but
sixty inches, instead of one
sixty inches, instead of one hundred,
as in the Collins steamers: and it is affirmed
that even with the pressure already attained, '
. , ...:. I... I L. -..i- J r
sunnus ii" nt? w ti. iroxiucii wiui cv iiiiuersoi
II . J
the latter dimensions, she might have been
driven with any desired speed.
The greatest interest was manifested tes-
terday, on its
cssou had go
becoming known that the Kri-
gone down the Bay, and eager in
quiry made as to the result. The quality of!
. . i ;
tuei coubunieu uu life irtu was quite nisiinii-
e r -t a
ncanl '
The time that has yet elnpsed since the
L-.... I ,.f Ihn Ifrleaaa mud lui.l lm .. u t..r
to nsrtaan first claw
M V. V . t . . V- . . I.UU II . i ii i . , . o . . W U .7 '
ocean steamer.
.V. Y. Journal of Commerce,
To the Point. Brevity is said to be the
soul of wit; and the following example fully
verifies it: The editor of the Rockland
n....a,tn .ui....ii riii . ..n., ..c . ....
M m saC WW V. V i x v x. i - - ( n t Iß a Ol Ct IIC ff
... . t. . . . .....
worg, wnicn ne nounea inus: "ve nave re-
Ceivd a new bouk, eutitled 'Arnbelia a tale
of Tenderness.' The author is a tool."
M... u-Kt j
iati w c. -r.r. .i.x , . ay tait'
i: n.:J i.... j .
"ea unve, u.iugci, wnei nrcymi numg:
"Didn't yees tell me to put it on the fire i
' r t r j j 1 i . . , . . i
; for supper, an' 1 did, ail' I tht't It was Strange
yeea said nothing about puttiug water in it.
Speed or Liohtnimg, A wheel made to
revolve with such velucitv a. ta raasiar ira
spokes invisible, is seen, when illuminated
by a flash of lightning for a moment, with ev-
ery spoke distinct, us if at rest.
The reason
of this is, the flash has come and gone before
the wheel had lime to make a perceptible aV 1
j vance. j
KThat author who has thougot more
than he has read, read more than helms writ
ten, ind written more than he has published,
if he docs not command succeas, has at least
deserved it. In the article of rejection and
abridgement we must be severe for ourselves,
if we wish for mercy from others; since lor
one great genius who has written a Utile uook,
we have a thousand little noniuses who have
written great books. A volume, therefore,
t,ut contains more words than ideas, like a
trpa ib.-ir ima f-.,,r.. f..i;.,,.ö tk.n in.; mv
. w., c.... ,
;iu' , I . . ..... i S ......I.....
"un inwB'; iL irsuri in, w no wrilll UUl iu irnri,
but to dream and slumber; but the uiisfor
tore is, that in this particular instance, noth
ng can equal the ingratitude of the public,
hu were never yet known to have the Slight-
est compassion for those authors v. ho have
deprived thpmselves of sleep, in order to pro
cure it for their' readers. C. C. CcUon.
Monipelier, March 3.
The Stat Convention to-day opposed
iruraKU urn uiiaiiiniuusiv . i ne v onven-
tion was attended by irtiuential persons of
.11 parties: el. louent sDeech were made, and
spirited resolutions, denouncing the proposed,
. . .," . ...
nuasure, were made unanimously adopted
Svraccse, N. Y., March 3.
The passenger and freight train came in
collision near Camillus. The locomotives
, , J,,
were smashed, and a brakeman s leg bro-
New Haves, March 3.
mith. the mail robber, who
RüWand A. S
was arrested Sati
Saturday, was arraigned before
the l
S. Court to-day, and plead puijty,
T;ie Judse sentenced him to hard labor in the
States Prison for 27 vears.
, in2 a lengthy intercoose the other evening
:. i. ... i . ... ....... w
ami ui purported io oe tne spirit oi a tie-
t - m . .
CCCsed Citizen of this County, HOW ill the
. i t. . 1 : .... .
sixth sphere a respectable anti-Keuton hig,
acting as medium, the question was put,
0 . .1 '
what claw in this world, will receive the
greatest happiness in ihe nexti" The in-
i swer was italicised "The Kenton Demo-
' crats!" Our Whij friend "fainted''
Jefftrson Inquirer.
i JW fjj r th Temperauce Union at
h Meihodnst Kjitscopai ( haitk, ihis (Moii.iax)e eniiijr.
Il;e frieIlüi ()f he are n'tillly JLa to-
I tnd. as tliero will bo Uuaiuuaa of i.nporunco brouhl
before the meeting.
i. nihii-1 ;
.Mi. Sandicr.: Please announce uix name as a candi
date for r . -election to the oitlee of City Marshal at the
apppsaemifaf April alertien. ffeWB) joh.n vyakd.
A. II. SAXDriKS. KS4.: Wu will please announce
my name a a eandnlalc f irl'ie oitlceof ('it Marshal al
tbe emjmnjr April election. (feb21 V.vi. llOLüfcX.
Flic Vanderburgh t'ounly Bible .society has lt Deposi
tory at Joh.i Shank liu'j Store, where may be had every
v. riety of Bibles and in -nt. at tie leu el price.
mu 1-lf
BrsijiKss men -f Evansville who wUh to extend their
bfttinaai in the Green hiver country, will Uitd il greatly
to their advantage by al vertisinjr in laa UK.MIKKs
COÜKIKK, published at Heinierson, Ky., Tle Coariar
has a laOM circulation in the ctiutitics of llettWraan.
H op'vin. I'nion, CattSOaii. M uhleu!urg and J 'avies, nnt !
s mV1 tibseribers in nearly every county in the Green 1
K rerCaSMSff. AuyolMei wil.be n.oi: pll ulteud:d
to by a4oeaaaag vv. i;. a ..fc,K..J.THV,
..i.-i I..
ilen lersan, Kx .
OraatT'llSS Kmi.kosd. The laxes on the Kvansv.lle
Indianapolis and Cleveland Strait bin I. .ilroao. io be
p. id by i.ie ileal fcslaie Propeiiy Hoblers of Lie t.ilx of
r.vansville, must lie paid THIS MOS I'll, ur Ihc.-o will
be a pe.iall. allachea. Tliis is lhe last en.:.
ttfcVM? aV Jfa Bhbl., l it, i' dlector.
(Kiiiiiirerand Volksbete copy j week.)
ThkT.iv Payers in the Town of La na
.... ...
0 CUV will
P' ?Kt: tUmt' "?le lU3 run"W" xa
lor liie i:i rorjiriii jar ..i phih im u ni'j i'-h'..
b tore th ijr-t iiav of .March. K4. ibex will be cuan. d
rttaa nsaat af io per dms. and Ubail proceed kacSSleal
.uu uau,U;..,.,i.c mmm .... - M.rahal
Utnasca (ly, Feb. IC. ir-.il. fr
i!! M'i! 1 IOAS BT Til B PEOPLE.
KasoLvicu UaaaiaotsLY That for ShSS two years
w-t have be9u in liie constant habit ol using the Alus-
tarn l.iuMii nt. for li i'- l uali- ii ami for a II Sores, lirius-
es. Sprains mid Burns, audit has never failed u give
. l!. J t a
iii.u:eiiaie renei.
u n.... i. .i.. ......l ihn l ini.
iii-ui.o i', i liuk nave oi.'J uv-, .1. k
menl for liie Piles, trxttipelaa. Sail l( lieu 111 and Cbapped
Mauds, und thai il has al wax cure I
a... .......... ...... j Iu. .. 1.1...M...
TiWiTar'ft V? " h r , V Vh r
Utrtg Ln.iine.il l-r sore SMaHora Breast., Chafe
.1 .sores on ch.l. re,., and lor ttfaftk or r e r. - . II e
lace and neck: aud .1 has nl ways pr-jxed effectual leax -
iuetheaklusinooüi. sol laud whtta. hall ever
Hksolvk j. bv all Arnes ans sexies. I hat we shall ever
continue the use oft le Alustanj Liniment because we
hi. ve t ried and proved its eM.caey .
lOSej advertisement in another column.
1 . TTTT ...... 7. .TT
h stom ach.
,.. (.' .. 1 1 .iiiiii. u. nti..
t i RALKfl Anchor sheetinsrs;
X J lb do Ciinuoltou
in do l.isrht do;
acuses run mmw mym '
JT. ..I. u-:i. riu.. silo...
1 do Portsmouth Printed Lawns, new SaclJHJ
a do Blue Denims,
5 lo Kbirtuag stripe";
3 do Nea Style Plaid Summer Cass'tnieres;
Just received and lor sule by
nih: J- It, MAliiitr. tit.
SI) oelebratail for lhe eure of Kheu inatisin, Iie-Uolo-reuv.
Neuralgia, Headache, Deficiency of Xervea,
aiid Hhvsieal ünergy , 6 c, A.c., for sale by
rah: -ti HAI.l.Ol K A STODDARD.
Binnr t. r;s.
V T Al.T.firK Ac srui.OAKU have just received aUrpe
J J Maori ment of Canary Parlorand Hreedine Cages;
BH Fonnuiiu, Baths, Seeds, &c. Ac, for sale low.
mn i -It
-fKCKlVKD er steamer Memphis
JV 25 boxes of No. 1 Cream Cheee;
in boxe? starch, (Fox's;; lor sale l.y
tnhT I. etc D. HhlMAKN
. .
MX first rate Houses and two valuable Farms, in Oer-
man and Arm.tronr Township, from 7 to 10 miles
from bvansville, la. Terms made easy. F.ntiire of
inh7-ilw MOKGAN. KFK.N fc PKhsloX.
( Reform aspjr weak.)
WK have received another lot or those t noic. Ha
vana Ci?ar. wh'ch we offer to the trade and
ir,.nr.ran.uinir minwiirirOaiii.
( - w p v ' ' , !, - .
...l.- . i i t ' i i 1 1 i i .v ( . l i . i , . . ' -
llllll 11 V 11.1 UltxV Ik v r - '
C'SJKaMllW.ii i
IS hhds choice Snear: 0 eaa prime r.io lonee,
Ä baas old Government Java once;
30 half-bMs Plantation Molnses;
S BOll do do;
U do Sittrar houe do;
10 bags Pine Liverpool Salt;
lo kills Prime Salmon; fer sale low hy
mi: HOKXBKOUK & CHUKCHI LI.. Water st.
afctaaaY Tausa ne On. laataawr fatrattraCstsasa-
, . u..iv .nil hass dome more to alleviate huinaa
U ' mth.-;.! vremedv ever discovered.
-..srrinffiti:.!! aux relllitlT eti'r
One or iwo applications will relieve the most severe
Pais, Hr' is or sea als. ....
1 ' . . Ill I !. a,,1 V. A n 1 1. . i
oija ar Roaa.aad ftarHI kaal tba tmrnmt aarava Baraa ac
?$l2m , a-
f r use in time of need.
For Horses il Is far uperior to nny other remedy for
Ijin.ecess. Bruises. Cuts. Scratches. Old Sores.
swellings. Ate., Vc. See advertisement in another
mi.. -ii
. f&Mn. 'r, boxe,, as lb each, for sale very low
j by (.uhi)s. f.. ;ilhkktv CO. , Hye. ftaar waastv
- , er"
a 11 1 1 KI.EI Tl, A. P. 1R5.
V"OtU Ei he cijrp:e'i t Iii L-::l x..tr of Van
iA lert.urpli cojiiIv. Inat tlie .Annual April lilcctioi:
will a held on KielrVi Monday In. April. A. I). IK, at
the aiaal place rjaaldm suri. fcl ;ioi,
'J JE!' in 5ai eoam, rr UV folio
. In the several
twiug Officers.
fur Picon T.itraMp.F.nr Constablea
For Knixiit Towasliip One JaMue of the Peace, two
Fur Scan Township. One Jaaiiee of the Peaea,
For Arintrn?.e TowDshii'. One JasUce of the Peace,
two Constable'..
For Perry Township. One Justice of the Fear, tsva
Fo V h Township. One Ju-ttce or the Pea
' -
t oiirUiMt-
I- or Centre Township. On- Justice of the Peace, twa
For German Township. Two .Tn'.i-?;i of the Pear,
tT ""itaH a.
JUH.i r irA III,
Sheriff of YuinJerburyh t'ounty.
- "' " 1
X" TM S.
do .M.irKei Casket v Jdoz CUthrf P,asVets;
do cwvcrtMl Market Kuket.; Holling Puu, Po-
tatoe Masiier. Chums, Tubs, Bücket, Waishboards. Ac.,
Bali" NVnterrtret.
i , . -i --n'Tt 7trv t
sieht IVoer cd -itiiudueoa l'reveutcd.
i ...... .-... ..
fl-STfc T
TT S EMM ON? A: S0.. the celebrated Knrltsa Opt
AJ eiaii from th Improved Sptetacle Aliiiiuraetwrjr
"M Corp win Optle! Ksubltahuie t, Kum Hr.Ttur,
cepertlii'U aniioui.ee their arrival, Uli a plenoM aa-
aoniwent oftheii n-aiy invented uq.i impnued HKA-
ZII.IAN PhliHI.K SPKCTACI.KS, and max We cAwtull
ed al their ntlire, adJoin1n( the Journal OftVe, in the
Koout tonnertx oreupied iy the Vanderhurjcb Count
UlUvo honrs from o'clock A. M. to etaek P. M.
.neh is tli apertorttx of thew newly Incenteil. In ala
:ille, preeriiiC peetacte Iimi. that I tunte! lately af
fear the mtt placed tn-for- imperfect vidian. Mie mmi dm
S-ctlv aisM Ubrouchi i it j ..uihfni. natnraiaad onai
mil state: while they eii ible both the old and the vounar
t aanue the luo-t mi mile empiaynieut.eltlier by day or
eauüieli ht. And to re weil x tUereat itit-ouveii leioe of
defective v nion, an tlioiinu.i of mdividuala in the I in-
leiue, oiieit int lunnt r lavots oi lliu public, which
they will be ever proud to u-.ijre; uurinr
i a a i . uk .a a - . a. -. 1
ho entrust them with tl.rir eoiuaianda. Uiat l.olh lie
suaii or wnniiiii; on im ii tun 10 iiieru uiitir tornoeiiee
ad approbation. Added t.. ike aHriiafea putaii
bx tuem nf l.nj: practtee in tne Kve Irtlrmnne ano un-
.t .. . . . 1 . 1. n n. . . . t 1 11 .. ii.. . .. . 1 i.
irr 'or ui im.- luv.-.! n iniir'i v 'v-,i i.!r . i, nnicii lirry naiw
obtained a thorough k nowledgo of Ule ctircanea of riM.
laa tiraiiliau Pebble KpccUclct rtc. ixrd u rcii.ium
and diploma at the Indiana Male Fair. held ut Lafayette.
The committee, on awarding Uiese irl.if-e. the rcml
una. Mini, ihal "ihe le in tbeni wwriky ot auuauai coin
iiiendalion." Extracts from Tistimonwh rerrired at Iwttianm-
potis. 1 A
huuxtroui. 1d., Nor. 2. IfX
I kave beea tioin? for .nne vck imrof ILKam
I moil!) &. S'n lirsi:l';:ii Pebble !pccl. fi. They are
very superior, and I take prent b-s-iire m re rum mend,
UiR lhe (rlaaaei of the?r renllrinrn to 1I1 public. 1 bavw
: been Irving t-r aav era! awra la precara riiecuu-lmw hick
.7, :u w "tfl " '
Irion w iiiiwut inneiiitx ia the 0 Mart-
tide ra I u in is efieub il b ttteue nf these
glasse.. W.M.J. KKOVS.
Inuutirni.it, A ir. 10, K3.
Messt. Krsixiox A Son:-! imv- evamiiied iur Bra
zilian PebWe .Sn-iiiclei. and ton! Ibctn, in my csliiua
Uoi!. far superior to the Rltife in ceiaiuon u. '1 Ley
possess the extrnordinarx quality I eitu-eiiMtllna lor
Met I ision vittioul aMaTtoU mg the ol jet t. in cotiaequeiice
of whicb the eye is at rei a rfeeMaratap aiaih to be-i-ired.
They are WfH ealetilnted fxr Ore Mil Sent, al.d
all ollier alio have in any way inipairert their viien.
Kespecilully Joum. i.. UlM.uP, it. il.
rt. StKHss A So! GenlTemea: Ii rive rna
.o a!! nx l-tinioi,x to it at of iHlier aa lo rtM
nlaaaaia to
exeelleiice o your "BiatHlaa Pebble Spet Utrlr. "
Within th' past year ntv exe siht li:il iNfunr niHrp
impaired that I was unable either to read n write ly '
ataats WgiS tat aaj length at data, wian eaasaraSjan
Some month inee 1 purenased a pair f foe , kmI hava
rlorived such "aid am) catafort" from their use that I
Witakd uoi be ileprix tsd of mem fu B ttt tiim a iLeir-t,
Kcapat lfaliy . Ac, J. H. trGl.fc.sBY.
Prrm Raa.nvln Flct.lur. PreHriit Pranrh Pank:
laaiaeaeoLie. Her. a. i -S3
Paryr-ara st I have been ac -iislomeij lo use artificial
lit' -l. alio bave tn.-il sever . 1 i. nl .-c i.-n le. but
- j lia i e rurnt iiosie itiai so cniupieieix pcaiores me aovan-
laes o tke former cod n ..: ra , m i iu. us Uie gl:
i UStiWS irom II. Seiumons A Son.
Prom J. MThesney, Ps.. I ashler State Bank :
I MilAMAP-ll.lS, 1-C. . THSS.
1 eh"prf.iHx benr textttnon) to tlie siiieriorit) of yo
sK.ciaire over any oitier Ibat 1 bave ukd.
From Kev. Wa. A .
HoiliMiix :
iM.ux.rtiu. Aar- M. tS3.
.... . - - 1 i ... . . . . ....... . .. .
insv nave oroouce i utusniran iiiu im, icouim
1 . ... ...k,. ....k
lit v u t t i . i ne tiviu u nam : w zhh vi vu
From Prof. J. S. Ihi. M. ii..
1 ii . v i i a i i . In T IBM
TtlAin iot asinerlnr puüiü. aad the eoi tour aa4
; ll" lu an adapted to the sight.
Fram Hon. J. P. Cb.iiijairmer Fddor of the tudiasa
uic Sentinel: jsjmss
nre nt of), d t ha"''. SlSMst 'aa
,,,,, . lu ,,,,.. t haTC vU fer a
. ' . ' r
j ' f
cmm n t.a't V 1
I rrom A. II. Ija.l, X. P.
1 Jl D 1 A P A mill. . OK. I. V
I am eonrliied that thev are superior aux ilsstei ef
1 . ia Mice
' former or pr.se a mxenti xn. I hey not .aly brin ta
"" M t. natural suie, but also the
- urMk. lllal lt ffZ eae lo the e, ea
kmvuBmmmmM lMa.eaalioa ot ibal organ,
i "
Fro" F.Kh,g,h8.,,Priv.,i. secret ry lo l.nvsrrirxr:
. . ... K5
he rM j .bo,.
Cllabl; Vo see U1U,U by caintle light.
I l..i .vim. Oct. V0. ISM
I f -Pleaaure to sUte ittatj am a.lng thelin-
t.ro ed .kiwi, ol II . S.miiioi.s V Son anü nut wiriu
Igraatr taitarter ta mx articla of glasses that bat
i i.i. iter my obseixalkuu i ihet-nulix re -ou iuena uiesa
lo lhe public.
11AMKL MAI fc.l
HOI. L of Baak l'.ill. en Krnlav last, ii gtiogfrora
Uie Pliuiinz Mill lo Jenkins' huarumj' Hosiae. cor
ner ii Market and Walnut streets, and thence to tb
' '
Post 0ft) its.
rhe fin lor will oe liberally reAfsiMSvl
l, i,,g tbe ame at this ofHeu.
..Mil II
I'" I'ASRS Hoot- f.nd Shoe-., a complete aseort
I ) luenl. jnt lande I oiu falliert hna
hthl.se. I 9al. bj iinhbj J. H. (UAGHtha CO.
V OTICE is hemby given. that by orderoflbe Board of
lsi Pre-ideutand Uneitors ol lue Kvauaville Gas Ligbl
Cfimpaay, m deal KCaNasI iiieelinu or aaid Utwrtl.eu
lhe :if däy ot Marth. 1--I. Use re aiU oa ineeling of the
Stockholder of nabl ( ompany, held al the OSlee e
John J. Utiaudler in KvaaavHte, lud., an lhe 15lh day ot
Ainl. I"."4. between Uta hours of 10 o clock A aaS 4
o'eloi k P. M.. for the purpoae of ukiiig hito consn'era
lion a .rM.Uieu to increase Ihe Cailal Slock of aaiti
( oinj.any l-v the amou.il ol lu.issi adoioual Mock, ac
cerSiikic lolb,' oroti-ious of an ac! of Ui (reneral Asseui-
, uLa ioaaaaaaa, ajaa aaaa Fei.ruary i3.b, l5l
I . Ii. K KA I S,
Mx oftheStiite of Ind. ana. to authorize the forii.at.on wt
mM-td irfraaysStj
aj Ell' BOOKS. Just ree'da new lapply af
Hot lorn:
1 b Oj . Hr.'wery
(mh4) PAMM.I.ISTjjjL
KKCKIVK1) per steamer A. L. Snot well
6 Mi4 i liiwce New Orleans Sttfu r,
lu ib ood Fair New Orleans nagsr;
M bids Planta '.ion Molaascs;
basMaas Pianutiou MuIukk
mi baas of Kio Cottee:
lu bates ol" Liveriiool table Salt: for aale br
mh4 1. & u. HK1JIAX5.
U.K.S. M Hishoff Silks.??. 30 and Inches;
I . n ... i uu numv, ,' j.x.. . . ,
100 pes Florence; 5 pc Marcaliae; ree'd Ihla
.lux and for sale by JAS. LoV Sr CO.,
uihs 417 -Main street, Louisville, Ky.
lli. i ..... i . I l l i .... . -.1. ..... rt .Ii nf.l.
AII SLIX ni lAINiKa. I caaa solid eolanall
iv I wuol Muslin dr Ijiines, ree'd lliis day. tor sale by
JAS. i.O x . CO., 417 .law st. Lou., Ky.
l"ARPF T CH AIN.-lohacslestuoal;ty iu
and tor sale al haclory prices by
mli 4
s. K. GU.KKK I Az C':. Sve. re tr Water.
- . v
J. tl PPLl,
tin, snarr tans, torraa aaa rm rraat.
Corner firt and Sycamtri tti.
JCUPPbfc.s has opened his more at the ebve la-
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