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S 31. T II AYES, KplTOa
Tli AtMT Rfunirlcul Imimr fn TrlUBSDB vet waves
Oar the land of the lYta uJ the home of the
If you want anything,
If you bave anything to sell,
If job ant to bay anything,
If yoo i " ""t a House,
If you w otters.
If yon turn) l.-et anything,
If yon bars found anything,
All wants mippllei bv advertising in tha
Delivered In the Citv. ner week 10 19
By mail or In the City, per year (ia advance) 6 0)
By stall per year, single eubeorilier ....... tl BO
" club of five (to one address) 6 09
For Term I lee first page, tabular form.
Tha following gentlemen axe our authorized
Agents ia the place nam-d :
Dr. Balaton, Boonviile, Warrick Co.
John M. I.ockwood, Mt. Vernon, Poeey Oo.
John R. Daugherty, Kockport, Spencer Oo.
James L. Thornton, Princeton, Gibson Oo.
John B. Handr, Sewburg, Warrick Oo.
Dr. Murphy, Ko Harmony, Posey Oo.
A. B. V 'X ,mi, CyuMiUna.
Preston Talbott, oyvlUe, Posny Oo.
H. II. Owwteo, Petersburg, Pike Co;
John Grt iJn-l P. O., Warrick Oo.
Hobt. A Tbroop, Francisco, Gibson Oo.
Election Tickets.
We are prepared to famish election
tickets township and city at the low
ratejof $1 per 1,000 or twenty cents per
hundred. Send in orders with the cash.
jgf Among other charges made again 3t
Mayor Baker in the Eighth and Ninth
Wards, it is stated that he is responsible'for
the order commanding the paving of Main
street from the canal to Eighth street, where
by the property holders on that street were
not only compelled to pave the street in
front of their property but also to pay for
the street crossings. This order was passed,
we believe, in September. I860. At the
time it was brought before the Council
Mayor Baker opposed its passage on the
ground that it was too late in the season to
commence such a work. That the street
ongbt to be paved, everybody was willing
to admit, but the Mayor thought it would
be better to postpone the work until the
following spring and summer. We believe
Councilman Roelker also opposed the pro
ject at toe time. Alter tne order was is
sued, the Mayor was compelled by virtue of
his position to see that it was executed,
But after the work was completed, by his
especial request, the Council at a meeting
held August 10th, remitted $215,28, the
amount paid for paving half of the crossing
at Eighth street. This, it seems
the property holders have forgotten orare un
willing to give him credit for it.
A Pact Substantiated.
It has been charged in the columns of the
Journal directly and indirectly that Major
Johnson refused to sign a remonstrance
against submitting the charter question,
to a vote of the people at the coming elec
We have been expecting a denial of this
cbarge by the Major, through the same
channel in which it was mtde, but he has
neglected to do so. We understand, how
ever, that he has denied the charge, privi te-
ly, in the most emphatic manner. We,
therefore, feel called upon to substantiate
its truth by the following certificates :
I do hereby certify that on the 10th day
of March, 1862, inside the door of Partner
Caldwell's grocery, on First street, I met
Mr. Morris S. Johnson, and remarked to
him that he would be a good man to com
mence this petition. He asked what it
was. I told him it was a remonstrance
against ordering an election between the
Old and Now Charter. -1 unrolled and
showed it to him. He said he would not
sign it, that he must think about it, that
tha Old Charter only carried before by a
very email majority, that he was not so
very clear but that the New Charter was
the best, and that he did not know but that
it was time the New Charter had a trial.
This is almost literally what Mr. Johnson
said. WM. HUNNEL.
I do hereby certify, that I was present on
or about the 10th day of March, 1862, at
the St. Charles Saloon, on First street, when
Mr. Geo. Wolflin presented a remonstrance
to the City Council against holding an
election between the Old and New Charter
to Mr, Morris L. Johnson, requesting him to
sign it, and that Mr. Johnson positively re
fused to sign the remonstrance.
April 3d, 1862. '
I, th8 undersigned, do herewith state that
I was present in the St. Charles bar-room
when Mr. Geo. Wolflin' presented Mr. Mor
Tia S. Johnson, on or about the 10th ult.,
a petition, signed by a good many citisens,
to the City Council of Evaosville, remon
strating against the holding of an election
upon the New Charter question, and that
said Mr. Johnson then and there declined
signing the petition.
Witness my hand, at Evaosville, on this
3 J day of April, 1862.
Sf The Lafayette Courier says that
Major Gorman of tbe 17th Indiana, will be
nppoiuted to fill the vacancy occasioned by
the resignation of Col. Wilson, of the 40th
rrgiment. This will be good news to the
numerous friends of Major Gorman in this
vicinity, who know him to be a gentleman
and a soldier; one who has been under fire
a great many times, and never flinched.
i '
g55 The New York Herald publishes
tbe loss of the 14th Regiment at tbe battle
of Winchester, at four killed and fifty
wounded, including five officers.
Wn ! uoiiruiiincoi.
Editor Joubhal : Your yesterday's cor
respondent " Tax-payer," must bo a strnn.
gor in the city, if he is candid in hia inti
mation of ignorance on the part of the
friends of the old charter as to the contents
of the new charter, and especially the sec
tions he quotes ; we have too much cause
to remember this section, to forget it so
soon. We well remember when, in the
winter of 185, the then Mayor and a aa-
jority of the City Council were in favor o1
the new charter, and how they insisted up
on adoptiag it under this section without
consulting the people, and we also remem
ber that it was with great difficulty that
the friends of the Free Schools succeeded in
staying the hands of these reformers until we
could hare the voice of the people at the
ballot box. Nor have we forgotten that
seme zealous new charter men, with more can
dor than prudence made threats then at " Tax-
Payer" does now, that the Council vert
not bound bv the vote of the people ; and
that they woild adopt the new charter, not
withstanding tho majority against it. But
the people have guarded this point. For
never m-c mo cutu wi x;uuu vi
- - . i -i . l or o
until the present year, have the anti-Free
School party ,hada majority in the City
Council! Nor hat this been accidental, for
we knew that just aa soon aa an opportuni
ty offered, an attempt would be made to
adopt the new charter. But at the time of
the last election the minds of the people
were directed to our National trouble and
little attention was paid to our municipal
election, and an opportunity was therefore
affordsd these auti-free-schoot anti-free
whisky (?) patriots to get a majority in the
Council again and the result is before us.
In conclusion, I desire to call attention to
the threat contained in the communication
of " Tax-Payer." The issue is fairly pres
tnted: elect Mayor Baker and a majority of
old charter CouncUnien, and we retain our old
charter and our free-schools, elect Major
Jo hnt on Mayor and a majority of his support
ers for OouncUmen and we lose loth, for we
have good reason to know that if we trust
the city government in'the hands of the new
barter J men they will adopt the new char
ter, whatever their professions may jno w be,
and regard lees of the wishes of the people
Freb Schools,
What Does It Mean I
I see that Mr. H. L. Johnson,the, as yet,so!e
candidate for Councilman for the 7th Ward
according to hia card, "in always ik favor
of fbbb (schools " How ia favor of " Free
Schoolsl" By wlmt means does he favor free
schools 1 All the other candidates in favor
of " Free Schools" avow themselves also in
favor of the 4 old charter." They deem
that the only means of securing " Free
Schools." Why the omission in Mr. John
son's card? His associations'and doclara
lions supply tne answer. He in nn of
those who claim with your correspondent
" a tax-payer" that "the friends of the
New Charter are also just as good and true
friends of the schools as there are in tbe
city," and who, in despite of " all light and
knowledge," the repeated decisions of our
Supreme Court, aod the sad experience of
every other city in the State, propose to
preserve our schools by establishing tbe
" new charter."
That would be to set the wolf to guard
our lambs.
And that, too, is according to tbe present
tactics of the K. G. O.
The men, w ho publicly on our streets
threatened, if there was war, to cross the
river and fight " with the South and for
tbe South, against the North;" the men,
whose eyes glanced with exultation at tbe
news of our defeat at Bull's Run, now pro
fess themselves tbe most ardent friends of
the Union. Yes, they are as " good and
true " friends of the Union aa any men
alive, " always in favor of the Union." But
squeeze out of them, if you can, the mode
by which they paopose to preserve the Un
ion, and you will learn that it is to be done
by a bivia submission to the traitors of the
South by tbe establishment of the
Jerr. Davis Constitution in place of that
our fathers made.
Our free schools will prosper just tbe
same under the new charter that the Union
would underjtha Jeff Davis Constitution.
In either case it would be the prosperity of
the lamb under the wings of the vulture.
. - 7th Ward.
64f The official report of Brigadier Gea
eneral Kimball shows that our loss in killed
and wounded at the battle of Winchester
was. much larger than at first reported.
He gives tbe loss as follows :
Killed 122
Wounded 540
M iesing. .rr.. . 4e
Total 718
The steadiness and bravery of our troops
Is highly commended by all who witnessed
the action. They marched up to the de
fenses of the enemy unflinchingly, and fired
at tbe rebels with such precision as to kill
more of them behind their stone fortifica
tions than they killed of our men in the
open field.
Narrow Esoapb. Mr. T. C. Bailey, a
member of the 14th Indiana regiments
writes to a friend in Vincennes, recounting
bis narrow escape in tbe battle of
Winchester. He says:
Our loss is about one hundred killed and
two or three hundred wounded I am among
the latter. I received a severe blow from a
ball which struck me just above tbe right
temple, knocking me down and making me
as crazy as a loon. I soon recovered my
senses and poshed on aod continued fight
ing until the bat lie was over. I bad my
haversack shot off", and another ball struck
me in the bair on tbe left side. I bave es
caped miraculously. Tbe bugle on my cap
ia all tbat saved me. Thank God, I still
live to fight again. Jackson has gone clear
off. We hoar nor see nothing of bim or
bia men any more.
Dsab Dr. E. B. Collins, Surgeon of the
6 1st Indiana, and Secretary of State for
Indiana from 1855 to 1857, died at bis res
idence in Newton county a few days since.
8y The Madidon and Indianapolis Rail
X ad was sold on last Thursday at Matsba '
8 de. An agent of the bondholders, from
N. J, bought it in for $325,000.
L'iliou ttig iii KUlucy.
At a meeting of the Union teen of Mc-
Cracken county, held at the city Court Room,
in Paducah, on the 31st of March, 1862,
pursuant to notice, R. D. Bacon, Esq., was
called to the chair and B. R. Harris appoint
ed Secretary, whereupon the chairman, in
a few appropriate remarks, explained the
object of the meeting. .
Col. J. B. Husband then offered some
cogent and well expressed reasons why
the people should elevate to the highest ju
dicial station in the State, not only an able
lawyer, a pure, impartial man, but that hia
loyalty to the Constitution and laws which
he would be called on to administor should
be of The--moat undoubted character, and
that the nominee should be a true Union
man, known and recognized through the
difficulties of the past. After which he offer
ed the following resolutions which were
unanimously adopted :
Resolved. That Thos. Keed. IS. Uiven, J.
H. Gardner, L. SL: Trimble, W. H. Jones,
S. P. Cope, J. T. Balinger, A, ' Bradshaw,
Shelby Bradshaw. Thos. B. Hines, L. If.
Tap&cott, J. K. Alexander, V. u. Weisr, x,
M. Duke. Samuel Kice, Thos. 1-lower, Jen.
Counsel, J. E. Morgan, J. G. Cole, A
Jones, B. R. Harris, Daniel Lotshee, D.
Peters. Warren Thornberrr. J- B. Husband,
R. D. Bacon, and H. Monsheld reappointed
delegates to attend the convention, to be
held at Henderson on the 1st day of May
next, to nominate a suitable person as can
didate for tbe Court of Appeals from tbe
4th Appellate District, and that we will
abide the decision of said convention and
support its nominee by all proper and hon
orable means.
Resolved. That we. on the part of Mo-
Cracken county, express our preference for
the Hon. R. M. Williams, whom we nave
known aa Circuit Judge of our district for
the last twelve years and have great conn
dence in his legal learning, ability and in
tegnty as a lawyer and Judge, and we ask
Buch of onr delegates as may be present to
consider bim as our first choice and to cast
tbe vote of the county for him.
Resolved M That tbe EvanBvilIe Journal,
Henderson Mail, Louisville Journal, and
Louisville Democrat and other Union pa
pers of the district be requested to publish
these proceedings.
The meeting then adjourned.
R. D. BACON, Chairman
B. R. HARRIS, Secretary.
Union. Meetl g la Ballard County,
On Monday, the 24th of March, 1862,
being tbe firBt day of the Ballard Circuit
Court, a meeting of the Union men of the
couoty was organized at tbe Court House
in Blandville by tbe appointment of M. G.
Thompson Chairman, and J. 0. Depayter
Secretary, and the following resolutions
unanimously adopted :
Resolved, That it is proper that Ballard
county be represented an tbe Convention,
to be held in the city of Henderson on the
1st day ot May, for tbe purpose of nomina
ting a candidate for Judge of the Court of
Appeals for this Appellate District.
Resolved, That having been served by
Judge R. M. Williams faithfully and effi
ciently as Circuit J udge, for the last twelve
years, we confidently recommend him to
tbe District as eminently qualified by great
legal attainments, industry and gentleman
ly bearing tor tnat office.
Resolved, That our delegates be instruct
ed to vote for and use their influence to
procure bis nomination; that E. T. George,
Dr. Reed, Wm. Mercer, Judge C. S. Mar
shall, J. C. Depayster, M. S. Preston, Moses
Unsel, W. T. Hatcher, J. H. Snow, Mr.
Miller, and W. O. Hendricks be appointed
delegates, and if none should attend, that
the delegates from Graves county be au
thorized to cast tbe voteofeaid county in
said Convention.
Resolved, Tbat the Evaosville Journal,
Louisville Journal, Democrat, and Hender
son Mail and other Union papers be re
quested to publish these proceedings.
J. C. Dbpaybtbb, Sec'y.
Battles of W inch est bb. The following
is an additional list of killed and wounded
in this battle :
Fourteenth Indiana Killed Corporals.
Jacob Fust, L W Kelleer ; privates, Edward
JNerlit, t'eter tiauer.
Wounded Captains, J H Martin, J H
Kelly ; Lieutenants, Neggs, Mayhoff, DaJ
zelt, J M Mitchell, Thomas Kidd ; Corpo
rals, U W Smitn, Weisner, J F Mull, Alex
Putnam ; privates, Chas O Warren, Frasti
oa Brown, John a Marks, Edward J Wal-
dron, James Quillian, H Kapper, Henry
Harler, Frank l1 eld man, Henry llarter, Ja
cob Ottingor, Wm Ottinger, James Jolly, J
E Spaker, Howard Lenor, Peter Mulloy,
Mike Prater, Wm Nelson, Mike Mutville,
Jonn U Uonley, T 11 Burnett, Harrison An
derman, Jefferson Thomas, Wallace Hook
er, Cornelius Obeam, C W Mears, drum
mer, Elijah Banet, Severn S Oram, Wm
Miller, J U Kosses Howard. Laner Keipga.
J Rober, B F Barret, A Wesler, T Wilbert,
wm anier, Howard jespakes.
Seventh Indiana Killed Privates, Mi
chael McGee, Charles Gill. ' -
Wounded 2d Lieut. S S Lynn, Sergeant
S S DoTia; privates, Henry Owenson, Jno
W Jones, George K Lovert, George Helmes,
Matthew R Porter, N Ridgeway, Charles
Montague, Albert Williamson, Henry
Thompson, James McKnight, James Hunt.
Thirteenth Indiana Wounded Sergeant
F Cowan ; Corporals, J T Graham, H Har
din : privates, Geo W Baker, Wm Mai lory,
F H Weiler, Mark P Heller (since died).
fijgf Ladies, read the advertisement of
Mrs. Hastings in another column.
fi3" For fine, fashionable and durable
clothing and furnishing good, go to Lyons'
who is daily receiving fresh accessions to
bis already large stock.
JSTWe notice that our friend Chablxt
Bboughtok, has removed bia Drug and
Grocery establishment frou.Jhis old standon
Clark street to a room on s Main, between
Sixth and Seventh streets "
i A new telegraph pole baa bean
erected cn the corner of Main and Water
streets, and the wires are all right again.
ErijfThe amount of tobacco being shipped
from Kentucky and Tennessee to this point
is eatonishiog. v, Every boat brings more or
less. '
We have been furbished a list of the
deaths tbat bave occured in' the Marine
Hospital in this city, since its opening, Feb.
23d to April 2d, inclusive, which we will
publish to-morrow.
Cannon adiko at No. 10. From a gen
tleman who left Columbus, Ky., on Mon
day evening, we are informed that on Mon
day a continuous cannonading was kept up
all day by our mortars at Island No. 10.
We are persuaded that wi will hear of
decisive results from that quarter within a
few days.
Behind Timh. The U. S. mail packet
Big Grey Eagle, on her last trip from Lou
isville, due here on Tuesday evening, was
twenty-four hours behind time, not arriv
ing until between four and five o'clock
Wednesday evening. In fact, she has been
more or less behind time for several trips.
Latb fbo- thh Tennessee "River,
We had the pleasure yesterday of meeting
Capt. Beadell of the 31st Indiana, just fiom
Pittsburgh and Savannah. Tennessee, fie
represents the Union troops in that region
C3 '
in excellent health and eager to meet the
rebels in open field fight, being confident of
a decisive victory. The Federal forces in
that region are very numerous, and as the
rebels are congregated immediately in their
front Capt. B. confidently expects an en
gagement in a short time.
Name of Soldiers nil nave died in
ttte City Hospital, K van Title.
J. A. Bnrcham CO O 43d Indiana, S.
Diets co C 42d Indiana, E. Conway co D,
44th Indiana, S. Moore co B 44th, W
Eddy co B 44th, O. Troops co A 44th, Jno.
Ryan co A 44 tb, L. A. Moses co I 44tb
M. Pattafer co I 44th, H. B. Shattuck co D
43d Indiana, J. M. Lee co E 26th Ken
tucky, J. F. Todd co K 31st Indiana, B. J
Thomas co F 11th Indiana.
Sick Soldiers. Dr. Pennington, Surgeon
in charge, informs us that the whole nnm
ber of sick and wonnded admitted to the
General Hospital, on 1st street, since its
opening, December 25tb, 1861 to April 1st
1862, is five hundred and fifty.
New Hotel. We learn tbat tbe Initiatory
steps have been taken towards tbe building
of a splendid hotel in this city dating the
coming summer, to cost not less than $30,
000. Responsible parties, we understand;
bave proposed to pay not less then 10 per
cent, per annum on the iuvestment.
preliminary meeting of those whose spirit
of enterprise lead them to this undertaking
will be convened in a few days.
We are glad to see a move of this kind
set on foot. Evaosville should bo able to
boast of one first class hotel, not only in
size and architecture, but also in all its ap
pointments and tbe manner in which it
shall be conducted. Here is an opportunity
for capitalists to make a profitable invest
ment of their surplus funds, and at the
same time further the interests and reputa
tion of the city.
Terrible date at Pad lie a ri.
The gale which visited this neighbor
hood Tuesday morning was felt much more
severely at Paducah. We learn from Mr.
Lewis Howes, w bo came up on the Bowen
yesterday, that the whole city was more or
less shaken, and a large number of build'
mgs considerably damaged. Tbe wind be
gan blowing about 12 o'clock Tuesday
night and increased in violence to 3 o'clock
Wednesday morning. At this time a hurri
cane passed over the city with destructive
force, scattering the roofs, cbimnies, and in
some esses whole sides of houses in the
streets. A heavy rain, accompanied with
thunder and lightning, added to tbe incon
veience and consternation of the inhabitants.
The upper wharf boat was struck by light
ning in close - proximity to a quantity or
powder stored there. The following is an
incomplete list of buildings damaged by
this tremendous-gale : All ward's mill, Wil
liam Thornbury's store house, Gather's
building, Campbell's store, J. W. Sheerer's
Store, Gardner's 6 tore, A. L. Sanders' dwell
ing, Daley & Co.'s stores, H. Ender's bouse,
Harrias & Gross' store, Calhoun and Ash
brook's stores, all of which had their roofs
blown completely off. Tbe St. Francis Ho
tel suffered in the same manner. The front
of the Methodist Church was carried away,
as well as the end of Watts, Glow & Co.'s
Exchange. The building belonging to
Short Anderson was almost entirely wreck
ed, injuring five men, whether seriously or
not we are unable to state. The Central
Hospital, full of sick soldiers, bad its roof
carried away, and a number : of men
slightly hurt. The Campbell Hou.e was
considerably shaken, besides a number of
others, the particulars tf which our in
formant bad no time to learn.
eSTTho Committee of the Soldiers Hos
pital Library solicit the donation or loan
for the time needed, three book cases.
Those having them will please report before
Saturday morning, to
H. F. Blount, Chairman.
gfAuction sale of Furniture by J. J.
Oohn at Nelson's old stand, Saturday,
April 6tb, at 1862 at 9 o'clock, I .will sell
a fine lot of Furniture, such as fine chairs,
beadsteads, sofas , marble top tables, mat
tresses, &o., &o. Also a fine lot of dry
goods, such as calicoes, Brown and bleach
ed lawns, silk hose, &c. ready-made cloth
ing, shoes,caps, also 20 bbls of mackerel and
one bbl Bourbon whisky Ac.
apr. 4-ltd. J. J. Oohn, Auctioneer.
$3T The Savings Bank, No. 4 First
street, buys and sells gold, exchange on New
Yorkr Illinois, Missouri, and all other un-
curreot money, sells sight drafts on Eng
land, Ireland and Scotland in sums to suit.
d3m. i:
Regs cits Wanted. Lieut a Fitz Wil
liams and Qorman will be - in the city for
several days for the purpose of enrolling
recruits in tbe 61st, or 2nd Irish regiment
They have established Headquarters corner
of Fourth and Main streets, in the Garisk
building. Comfortable quarters have been
provided for all who enlist. ap3-4td.
eiWaaait-i aWShasFiiii
Agricultural Bociett. Tbe members
of the Vandeiburgli County Agricultural
and Horticultural Society will meet at the
Court House on Saturday next, 5th inst., at
o'clock p. m. A full attendance is desira
ble, as this is the time for electing officera
for the ensuing year.
By order of the President
A. W. Chute, Sec'y.
April 2 d&wtd
River New
Tbe C. J. Hillm&n from Louisville, for
Nashville, with a large cargo of Sutler
stores, web at the wharf on Wednesday
night about ten o'clock.
Tbe Charley Bowen came in from Cairo
yesterday morning, making connection
with tbe train for the East, with a full
cargo of miscellaneous articles, and a crowd
of passengers. The Bowen was detained
several hours by the storm of Wednesday
Tho Shenandoah passed up yesterday
without landing..' . ' ,
The Commercial came In, light, from
Nashville, which place she left on Wednes
day evening, bringing a considerable num
ber of passengers, soldiers and civilians.
Her officers report "all quiet" at Nashville.
The Storm, which went up to Spotsville
to relieve the Lue Eaves, returned on Wed
nesday night without having accomplished
her object. The Eaves lies across the
locks, her bow resting on one abutment and
ber stern on tbe other.
The Lady Pike from Nashville, touched
tour wharf yesterday.
Tbe Mattie Cook, from Green river, came
in with a good trip, chiefly tobacco. She
leaves on ber return trip this evening.
Tbe New Golden State, from Nashville,
arrived at 2 o'clock yesterday, loaded to
ber guards. She discharged one hundred
hogsheads of tobacco, which she brought
oat of the Cumberland river, at this port
after which ebe departed for Louisville.
The Wm. Wallace and Stephen Decatur
came in from Nashville yesterday even
The Fort Wayne, loaded with lumber
and live stock, passed down.
The Little Grey Ragle from Louisville,
came down at 5 o'clock, and after leaving
a large quantity of freight proceeded to
She returned and left for Louisville last
night. A'
The Bowen was detained taking in freight
until after 4 o'clock yesterday, when ebe
left with a magnificent trip.
Apiil .
1 box d ry goods, 3 bxs shoes, 4 bales mnslla.
Mnckey tlenning A Co; 1 bale sheeting, J J V & Co;
3 rolls leather, U K ranee; 2 bxs mdse, Wm Bier-
bower; 1 bx leather, K Pretorious; 1 do dry goods,
A Ltoewenthal; 1 do fancy gooda, Vautier M;
6 tncs hats, 2 lo dry poods, 4 rolw UU, III boots,
1 do fancy goods, J P Byrne; 2 bxs hats. Keen A
Preston; 606 buoh wheat, J Jglebart Bros; Ibex
veeners, B Qrein-r A Co; 10 doz brooms, Beilly A
Oo: bxs miM, l I x uniDs, 11 jreldman; l sack
falh, .1 1) lieiman; 694 buab wheat, H U
Unable; 4 bbls green apples, 1 ker, Preston Bros;
17 sacks Sour, Peter Balz; 3 Lb Is eggs, Henry
Haub; 2 bbls eggs, H Barney; 2 tubs eggs, 1 tnb
bailer, joe bigntley: i bins green apples, An-
spacher A Plout; 2 bxs mdse, G 8. Sontagg A Oo;
58 tula whisky, Homeal A viele; 3U bxs oyster.
Wheeler A Biggs; 1 crate crockery, 4 boxs Bead A
Lawrence; 23 bxs boots, 2 do dry good i, 7 bales
sheeting, J J" Merritt A Oo; 1 bbl whisky. W ML
Aikmsu A Co; PS sacks potatoes, I k sacks, jeorga
JToster & ;o; l box dressed poultry, J V Klliott;
1 coop cntckeus, w w .roster.
A. K. SHBADSB. A oat.
SVVJL on the Salt Well Bond, about of a mile
from Main street. The house contains seven
rooms, fine garden, etc., with 4 acres included.
Bent low, to snit the times, and possession given
immediately. For paiUonlars, enquire at the
premises, of M. P. Jones, or at Philip Decker's
store, on Main street. apr2
Notice to Contractors
rmun cojnjaojvcovjvcix, of tbjb
JKL Vity of Taoeville, will be prepared by Mon
day, April 7th. ltt-i'2, to receive bids for the recon
struction of the fourth Street Market Heuse.
Plaue and specification may then be seen at the
otuce ot the undersigned.
' P. BURKE, Olerk.
Clerk's Office, April 4, 182.
faipx"it,6; tool.
Main Street, between First and Second.
a Spring Stock of Millinery Goods, consisting
jwuuoib, ntuuuuu, fancy uooas, 0., wnicn
were bought at very low flgnres, and will be sold
for casb only, at prices to suit the times.
The attention of the ladies is. called" to this
stock, which Is the largest and bwt selected ever
brongnt to tut markor.
apr6-3md MRS. J. HASTINGS.
M 61 Dairy Uhoese. 200 bxa, choice qnalitv. for
aale by
8. K. GILBKUT & CO.,
No. 4 Sycamore street.
HERRI NO 100 bxs best, for sale by 8. B. Gil
bert St Go.
TOMATO CATSUP. 26 boxes, one doeon
for sale by 8. K. Gilbert Co.
STAB OANDLK8. 700 boxes, for sale low. bv 8.
a. utioen a vo no. oycamore street,
april S
mjutoja tub m'IjJvh of jtoijv
JSL Hbelnlander, In Babytown, on Saturday,
maron z.igd, a Dlacit gelding, IS bands High, four
yoara oia, a small star in tne loreneaa ; also, a
sorrel Saldino-, 16 bands hich. four vears old. with
a blaze in the face, aad had on a bead collar at the
me ne leu.
A liberal reward will be paid to any one return
ing cnem, or tor eucn information as wul lead
to tneir recovery; Address,
BabjtoKB, Vanderbargh Oouuty, Indiana.
Em Jyjr . 5 dozen extra Coll Oil
- ottrnera juat received tor the purpose of al-
v. iuf, muu vi, ww fuiuAtamps. Aiamps can
be changed in five minutes, s Also 10 dox Coal Oil
uuininevs ; x oosen Brushes to clean chimneys
wlchlog and Shadea, at VIGKEBY BROS.
MM At a very low price, at
July39 New Drug Store.
OEDsa roa plans sips-walk.
29, 18C1. And now it is hereby ordered
and directed by the Common Council of the City
of Evanaville. that the owners of all lota or parts
of lots fronting on or adioinins- tbe North side
of Second Street, from Cl-rk Street to tbe line of
or ock weir Enlargement, In saia city, cause the
side-walks thereon to be brought to the proper
giaae, and that they cause a siae-waia ot Olaas No.
2 to be laid down thereon within thirty days
irum ine publication oi tnia oruor.
Clerk's Office, April S, 1863.
for JUmptrr. .
WILLIAM BAKER b a candidate for re-elec-tlon
to tha office of Mayor.
- Ma ecu 27t, 18fl2.
Drab Sib Plaaso annonncs my nam aa a can
didate for Mayor of the City of Evanaville, at tbe
appreaehtug eleotlen. I have alwaya ben de I
tUdly an old charter man, and aa auch candidate I
am unreservedly In lavor or tbe old charter.
- " - MUUKI!) D. JOUN3UN.
O. W. MoCEIDH la a candtdata for re-election
to the offl.ee of City Beoorder. .-
- for Coumeiimmm.
Ten will please announce JOHN HOUSTON a
a candidate lor councilman in the Third Ward.
O. MILLEE Is a candidate for Councilman in
tea bia ward. ,
RUDOLPH EEHS is a candidaia f.ir r?nnnrlt.
man in the 6th Ward.
JUI A Til AH NEWMAN will tw ntW nU
charter free school candidate for Councilman la
tnetn ward.
Please announce the name of JOHN RtETYTiKR
IUr ss a candidate for Councilman In thn 6th
ANDT J. HUTCHINSON Is the " old charter "
" free school " candidate for Councilman in the
6th .Ward.
WM. HKILMAK will be the "old charter
free school" candidate for Councilman In the
4th Ward.
Please annonnce the cams of TjOTTTS BAUM for
UOHDCilman for tbe 6tb Ward, In favor of the old
onanerana iree sonooM.
JOSEPH P. ELLIOTT win be snciwrted bv the
old charter and free school men fur Council man of
the 2d Ward. -
JOHN GLKIOHMAN Is a Candidate 'ibr Oonn
cilman in the Sixth Ward.
M. L. JOHNSON is a caodl date for Councilman
la tbe Seventh Ward. Is always in fe.vor of tbe
f rw ooauois. - -
xtOHh. KT I KKGUo ia a candidal tnr Hnnnnll.
man in tnexnira ward.
Ms. EiTO: I wish you would annonnce mv
name as a candidate for Councilman for tha Oth
Ward and for tha Interest of tha city of Bvansvtlle
in genera ana ior no numuug whatever. .
WILLIAM MILLS fat thd Old Ctmi-tar r.r.l Frr
eobooi candidate for GouncibsM in tbe 8th Ward
JOHN H. ROELKER is tlie " Free School " and
"Old Charter" candidate fc Councilman In the
Btu ward.
for wHarttial.
ED. 8. MARTIN le a candidate for re-slection
to the office of Ctty Marshal.
Too will please announce the name of DENNIS
GBE8HAM asacaniiklate for Citv Marshal, who
wm do supported by MANY VOTERS.
" for jf Seirvpor.
Please announce mi lutoie as a candidate for
City Surveyor. K. FHICS.
HENRY MURSINHA will be a candidate for
City Surveyor at the April election.
..... for City Cttrh.
PAT. BUBKB ia a cat didate tor re-election to
the office of City Olerk.
Ma. EorToa : Please announce my nnme as a
crndldate for City Clerk, at the cnfnliig April elec
tion. Pkiha Mail.
Mb. EdItoe. please announce mv name as a can
didate for City Clerk, at the ensuing April election.
Please announce my name as a candidate for
tbe oflice of City Clerk and oblige
mnlte WM. K. HcuBEW.
City Collector.
Edit' -a Joua: Please announce the name of
H wiry S hrlLer, Br., aa a candidate for the office
of Cily Collector, , HAST Votebs.
Editob Journal : Please announce my name as
candidate fur tbe office of City Collector, i t
B. Peskiks is a candidote for the office of City
(Collector at tne ensuing April election.
Efitob Joubnai. : Pleaie announce my name as
a candidate tor Uity Collector at the ensuing April
election. - - lJ jr. 1. ALLIN
, . for City Trmsmrsr.K: .
' V,. 60RENS0N is the Old Charter candidate for
City Treasurer. , . . . (
M s. Editob : Please announoe my name an
saodidate for City Treasurer at the April election
AtiiaonY Hainan;
Btrtst Commttttonir,
Editou Journal : Please announce my name as
a candidate lor Blreal uomjakurioner.
Jobs Voasx.
Fds. Jottbsal: Please announce ray name as a
candidate for Street Commissioner at the ensuing
April ebretion. lJ John DABNATrr.LL.
Eds. J oi ait a l : Ton will ideaee announoe JOHN
S. 8TOCK8 as a candidate for Street Commissioner
at tbe ensuing April eleciion.
Please announce my name as a candidate for re
election to tbe omce ot Street ConimlKeioner.
for Const Abfs.
Pleaie annonnce tbe same of ROBERT T. HULL
as a candidate for Constable, at tho ensuing April
election. -
JOHN CLIFFORD I a candidate for Constuble
of Pigeon Township
Please aLnennce the name of O. POX SULLI
VAN as a candidate for re-election to the ptOce of
Coustable at the ensuing April elcctiou. '
Please announce the name of JOHN WELSH as
candidate for re-election to the oflice of Const'
ble, at the ensuing April election.
JOHN PAINE is a candidate for the offlco of
Constable of Pigeon Township, at the eusulng
April election.
We are authorized to announce HIRAM'NELSON
as a candidate for Constable of Pigeon Townebip.
Please announce that sua k h. 51 o Kill 3 is a
candidate for theoiSceof CcnaiaUe at the ensuing
April election. ()
Ma. Editob: Please announce the name of
HENBYCBANMEB as a candidate for Constable
at the April election.
Mb, Editor: Fta&se iinnounce the name of
THOMAS BBOWN as a candidate for Constable at
the April election.
Please announce the name of THOMAS BA
GEANT for the t.foe of high Constable at
ensuing Anrihelectiou.
... i$ Jfstossor.
By roqat MAHOCJS SHERWOOD has consent.
ed tb become a cai-; uuSj for City Aeseasor, at the
ensuing April election.
Please announce tny name a? a candidate for
City Assessor at the April election.
Please announce my name as a candidate for
City Assessor, at April eieoon .
Please announce my nameaa a candidatn for the
nice of City Assessor II. O. MiOliT.
Z. M. P. CASTER. Kso... is a candidate for Cltv
Assessor at tbe ensuing April election.
ADRIAN YOUNG wilt be a candidate for Cltv
Assessor at tue April election.
Ploase announce tbat B. P. NORTON is a caudt-
date tor tne ouiue ci vuy Assessor, at tbe ensu
ing April election. ()
for Trust:-
EDWARD BUUTIdiia a candidate for the office
of Towns ip True tee. at tha ensuing April eWo-
iion. t voiKHDoie copy, j
JOHN WAYMAN Is a candidate for the office of
rownship Trustee, at theeasuing April election.
for Suptrittor.
FRAJfK FERRIS Is a candidate for m-rrt-
of the 6th Boad District, at the Aorll lt!ni
He la in favor of improving tbe roads in bis dis
trict. . , -.
Judge W. K. Williams, of Gravoa coun
ty, is - candidate for Judge from tbe 4th j
Appellate District of Kentucky.
W.JjOt7Jt. 100 bsgsaod 25 bbis or extra ram -
ML uy nour, manutacturea iroo. '
avi1 Brnmntut tA DIM aatiifaOtlOD, for SaiS at
Vlckerr Bros.. No. US Main street.
EGGS. Pourdozan for 260, at VIcKery Urcs., a
Main street. -.-i:..- t . .
FISH. No. 1 Salmon, Mackerel, and Codnsh.
at Vickery Bros. . -
BACON. Nice new Hams, Bides and fibouiders.
at Vickery Vroa. - -
018DEN 8EED8. 10 boxes new Seeds from
tbe Shaker tiardens. Also, 10 buebela ef Oniun
setts, for sale lew, at iJK:itK JiKO.1.
mar3l a s mam et-fct.
KM, AKHIAXa Or TAI. trfind Warrants, and
otner oovernmcai promises, ror claimants joetly
euuutm. o uunrni uuii ciaioiaare secured.
OrriOK : On Third Street, near Main.
ITCH. 5 barrels best Navy, tor aale ti
mhlO g. X. GILBERT A OO.
PCX ITHtiJ TP '-.r At. 6u sacks Buck
wheat Flour. Extra, at
JS-8 H. A. COOK'S.
n -is
I sm now recatvlog a very superior
stccK nr lue uosas for usntisaes s wear
purchaked at very low figures fn- CASH, f I
and wlU sell at vm-y liyU pr for CASH f
ONLY. Positively no deviation from
this role.
My stock consists In pal t of
L-f VJ" fcj ij Lwaii J
0 MOSiG.
u y
Heglige and Linen
. ... ft "
f n r-
&C., AiC.y tiC
; . . ' :, i'
Also, a Urge stock of fine Imported I - I
Cloths, Casslmsres, Vestlaga, Ae. i '
, Haviny; in my employ aa experienced .
and skill fui Cutter, wo are prepared to j-?
makeup Eakblotiable ud BfylUh Gw . J.
nients to order.
s sonsr
; S! -f jf
p 1 1 " - I

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