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The Richmond Palladium, Friday, May 4, 1906.
Page 5.
Jcaen as Well as Men Are Mads
, Hiserable by Kidney and
V . Bladder Trouble.
J3dncy trouble preys upon Jie mind,
Jourages and lessen sambitioV, beauty.
vigor ana cneeriui
ness soon disappear
w hen the kidneys are
out of order or dis
eased. 1 Kidney trouble has
become bo prevalent
that it is not uncom
mon for a child to be
born afflicted with
weak kidneys. If the
child urinates too often, if the urine scalds
the flesh, or if, when the child reaches an
age when it should be able to control the
passage, it is yet afflicted with bed-wetting,
depend upon it, the cause of the diffi
culty is kidney trouble, and the first
step 6hould be towards the treatment of
theseJinportant organs. This unpleasant
trouble.is due to a diseased condition of
the kjdneys and bladder and not to a
habit as most people suppose.
Women as .well as men are made raiser
able5 with kidney and bladder trouble,
and'bpth'need the same great remedy.
The mild aud the immediate effect of
Swamo'Root is soon realized. It is sold
by drugg6ts, in. fifty
cent and one-dollar
6ize bottles. You may
have & sample bottle
bv mail free, also a
pamphlet telling all. about Swamp-Root,
including many, of the thousands of testi
monial letters received from sufferers
cured. In writing Dr. Kilmer & Co.,
Einghamton, N. Y., be sure and mention
this paper. Don't make any mistake,
but remember the name, Swamp-Root.
Dr. Kilmer's Swamp-Root, and the ad
dress, Binghamton, N. -Y., on every
Aa Well As Cure
If subject to headache, take
Dr. Miles' Anti-Pain Pills when
you feel the first indication of
' an attack, and you will find
that they rarely ever fail to
stop further progress.
Pain weakens the nerves, and
the longer you suffer, the more
frequent will be the attacks.
On the contrary, if the
nerves are relieved of this
weakening influence, the at
tacks will be less frequent, and
finally disaj
Dr. flllei
ear altogether.
Anti-Pain Pills
contain ho
ium, cocaine, mor-
chine or '.c
oralTn any form.
They areab
ii tanen as
, and will
have no cither effect, except to
drive out the pain.
"Dr. Miles' Antl-Paln Pills are all
right, and I can recommend them to
any on In need of a remedy for head-
tache, neuralgia, or In of any kind.
My health la not v good, and I am
ubject to f roquen' .ttacks of severs ,
headache, but slnm I began taking
Dr. Miles' Antl-Paln Pills I do not
puffer from -that-trouble as I used to.
They nvcf Tail to give relief in a few
minute, end If taken promptly on tha
approach of headache will prevent an
attack from coming on. Pain P'lla .
t re vent, as well aacore.'V .
Hotnft of Bwamp-Hoot.
' Gloversville, N. Y.
f Dr. Miles' Antl-Paln Pills are soldhy
J your druaalst. who will auarantae that
the first package will benefit. If It
falls ho will return your money.
23 doses. 25 cants. Never sold In bulk.
Miles Medical Co., Elkhart, Ind
(Sreen or Black
Tho beveraRe which satisfies even
confirmed coffee drinkers. A scant
teaspoon make3 two cups. Steep Ave
minutes only.
Are sold loose or in seaied pack
eta by Great Atlantio & Pacific Tea
Co., 727 Main.
(Published by authority of the In
dia and Ceylon Commissioner.)
"I kT mtd fnir VftTt'lbla Puttnli nA flnrl
' thm perfect. jCnuldn't io without them, i hata
Hi tliam fur mnmm tin for indi(ttan nl bil
iDa and am now Completely cured. .Heco-n.
nd them t everyone. One tried. Tuu Will
ver be without tbeni in the family. "
wwt a. war. AiDtny, ft. x.
Best For
The Dowels
Pleaaaat. Palatable, Potent. Tante Good, Do Ooed,
Vever Sicken, Weaken or Urlpe. lik, 2it, Wc. Nerec
old la hoik. The (enuine tablet a tamped 0 0 C.
Ouaraoteed to aura or jour money back.
Burling Remedy Co., Chicago or N.Y. 601
ftm ttm nttn nXr
The Brethren
Author $f "She," "King
COPYRIGHT, 1903-1904,
A T'Arcy! A T'AnTy! Help for the
sultan!" shouted the brethren, and the
fray began.
Six of the men attacked them, and
while they were engaged with these the
other two slipped round and tried the
door, only to find It fast. Then they
also turned upon the brethren, thinking
to take the key from off their bodies.
At the first rush two of the fedals went
down beneath the sweep of the long
swords, but after that the murderers
would not come close, and while some
engaged them In front others strove to
pass and stab them from behind. In
deed, a blow' from one of their long
knives fell upon Godwin's shoulder, but
the good mail turned It.
"Give way," he cried to Wolf, "or
they will best us."
So suddenly they gave way before
them till their backs were against the
door, and there they stood, shouting for
"Help lor the sultan ! "
help and sweeping around them with
their swords into reach of which the
fedais dare not come. Now from with
out the chamber rose n cry and tumult,
and the sound , of heavy blows falling
upon the gates that the murderers had
barred behind them, while upon the
farther side of the door, which he could
not open, was heard the voice of the
sultan demanding to know what
The fedals heard these sounds also
and read In them their doom. Forget
ting caution in their despair and rage
they hurled themselvea upon the breth
ren, for they thought that if they could
got them down they might still break
through the door and slay Snlah-ed-diu
Before they themselves were slam, tint
for awhile the brethren stopped their
rush with point and buckler, wound
ing two of them sorely, and wheu at
length they closed lu upon them the
gates were burst and Ilassau and the
outer guard were at hand.
A minute later and, but little hurt,
Godwin aud Wulf were leaning on
their swords, and the fedais, some of
them dead or wounded and some of
them captive, lay before them on the
marble floor. Moreover, the door had
been opened, and through It came the
sultnn In his night gear.
"What has chanced?" he asked, look
lng at them doubtfully.
"Only this, lord," answered Godwin.
"These men came to kill you. and we
held them off till help arrived."
"Kill me! My own guard kill me?"
"They are not your guard. They arb
fedais disguised as your guard aud sent
by Al-je-bal as he promised."
Now Salah-ed-diu turned pale, for ho
who feared nothing else was all his
life afraid of the assassins.
"Strip the armor from those men,"
went on Godwin, "and I think that you
will find truth In my words, or, if not,
question such of them as still live."
They obeyed, and there upon the
breast of one of them, burnt into hia
skin, was tho symbol of the blood red
dagger. Now Saladin saw aud beck
oned the brethren aside.
"How knew you of this?" he asked,
searching them with his piercing eyes.
"Masouda, the lady Rosamund's wait
ing woman, warned us that you, lord,
and we were to be murdered tonight
by eight men, so we made ready."
"Why, then, did you not tell me?"
"Because," answered Wulf, "we were
not sure that the news was true and
did not wish to bring false tidings and
be made foolish; because, also, my
brother and I thought that we could
hold our own awhile against eight of
Sinan's rats disguised as soldiers of
"You have done It well, though yours
was a mad counsel," answered the sul
tan. Then he gave his hand first to
one and next to the other and said sim
ply: ''Sir Knights, Salah-ed-din owes his
life to you. Should it ever come about
that you owe your lives to Salah-ed-din
he will remember this."
Thus this business ended. On the
morrow those of the fedais who remain
ed alive were put to death; also many
others in the city were seized and
killed on suspicion, so that for awhile
there was uo more fear from the assas
sins. Now, from that day forward Saladin
held the brethren in great friendship
and pressed gifts upou them and of
fered them honors, but they refused
them all. saying that they needed but
one thing of him and he knew what it
was an answer at which his face sank
One morning he sent for them, and,
except for the presence of rrince Has
san, the most favorite of his eualraj and
a famous imaum, or priest of his re
ligion, received them alone.
"Listen," he said briefly, addressing
Godwin. "I understand that my niece,
the Trincess of Haalbee, is beloved by
you. Good. Subscribe the Koran, and
I give her to you in marriage, for thus
also she may be led to the true faith,
5hom.I.bate sworn ,no tojprce Jhere-
Woman's Alines," Etc.
to, aird I gain a great warrior and par
adise a brave soul. The imaum here
will instruct you in the truth."
Thus he spoke, but Godwin only
stared at him with eyes set wide in
wonderment and answered:
"Sire, I thank you, but I cannot
change my faith to win a woman,
however dearly I may love her."
So I thought," said Saladin, with a
sigh, "though indeed It Is sad that
superstition should thus blind so brave
and good a man. Now, Sir Wulf, it is
your turn. What say you to my offer?
Will you take the princess and her do
minions with my love thrown in as a
marriage portion?"
Wulf thought a moment. Then he
answered, with one of his great laughs:
"Aye, sire, but on my own terms,
not on yours, for if I took these I think
that my marriage would lack blessings.
Nor, Indeed, would Rosamund wish to
wed a servant of your prophet, who if
it pleased him might take other wives."
Saladin leaned his bead upon his
hand and looked at them with disap
pointed eyes, yet not unkindly.
"Now I have one more thing to say
to you. That Frank, Prince Arnat of
Karak, whom you call Reginald de
Chatilion accursed be his name!"
and he spat upou the ground "has
orice more broken the peace between
me and the king of Jerusalem, slaugh
tering my merchants and stealing my
goods. I will suffer this shame no
more, and very shortly I unfurl my
standards, which shall not be folded
up again until they float upon the
mosque of Omar and from every tow
er top in Palestine. Your people are
doomed. I, Yusuf Salah-ed-din," and
he rose as he said the words, his very
beard bristling with wrath, "declare
the holy war and will sweep them to
the sea. Choose now, you brethren.
Do you fight for me or against me?
Or will you give up your swords and
bide here as. my prisoners?"
(To be Continued.)
Second District Democrat who has
an Ambition to go to Congress for
a Very ''ong Period Had a Spirit
ed Fight.
TFallal'-nn Special.
Indianapolis, May -3. The nomina
tion of Cyrus E. Davis for Congress
from the Second district was the cul
mination of sixtenn years' active hust
ling to accomplish what happened
In some ways Davis won a remark
able victory becausa he had pittod
against him the best poiTticians in the
district. A lot of "political doctors"
i also fought him because he did not
'support some of their pet measures in
the last General Assembly, and he
demonstrated that political doctors'
have no more influence than ordinary
The Retail Merchants' Association
gave all the ' "d they could to his po
litical enemies because Davis as a
Senator opposed the garnishee bill.
A few so-called labor agitators start
ed the cry that Davis as a. Senator
was against organized labor r.r.d
Davis beat all cf them.
So as to his race for the nomination
he made a lino t l owing. H9 had to
fight hard because he had sonic haid
fighters against him. And, though the
Republicans are making' the m.-.sl of
the convention and Us troubles, it 53
not likely there are many sore spots
Centerville High School Graduated
Class of Four Members on
Tuesday Night.
iralladlum Special.
Centerville, May 3. The commence
ment exercises of the Centerville High
School held at the town hall on Tues
day evening were more than of usual
Interest. The hall was tastefully dec
orated with flowers and potted plants.
The music was furnished by the Rich
mond High School orchestra. The
orations delivered by the , graduates
were each excellent in composition
and in delivery. The names of the
graduates and subjects are as follows:
Lyman H. Lybolt, "A Flower of
Gaar G. Eliason "The United
States as a World Power."
Pierre Helms "Civic Regenera
tion." Raymond A. Meek "Our Heritage."
The presentation of the diplomas
was by E. E. Oldaker, superintendent
oi the public schools. The enjrre
program was highly pleasing tqfthe
large audience assembled on trfs oc
The annual meeting
f the stock-
holders of the Richm
Natural Gas
Company, No. 43 No
Eighth street,
on Wednesday evenfug,
May 9, at 8
o'clock, for he purpose of electing di
rectors for tlnwensfiing year, and the
transaction of anjtither business that
may come before the meeting May 1,
, fi. O. HIBBERD, Secy.
John Johnston of Logansport
Very Apt in Acquiring
Palladium Special.
Indianapolis, May 3. A special
from Washington says that John
Johnston, of Logansport, will soon be
hailed as "consul at Annaberg.". Rep
resentative Fred Landis has been
looking carefully after the interests of
this political chieftan. He has made
frequent calls on the president and
Secretary Root.
A day or two ago he went to see
Secretary Root and took with him
James Cotner, formerly of Logansport
and now of Ardmore, Indian Territory.
Cotner at one time was a representa
tive from Cass county in the Indiana
legislature and he too. Is a friend of
Landis was expatiating on the splen
did qualities of Johnston when Secre
tary Root suddenly asked:
"How many languages does he
This was a poser.
"Well, Mr. Secretary, I am sire he
speaks English," said the congress
man. "Can he talk German?" persisted
"He may know how to talk German.
I'll find out about that and let you
know," replied Landis. Meanwhile
; Cotner had to pinch himself to keep
from laughing.
"I'll tell you one thing," added Lan
dis. "He's a quick learner and if he
don't know German now it won't take
him long to pick it up.
Secretary Root smiled broadly as he
said he guessed it could be arranged,
all right. As they were leaving" the
state department Cotner remarked,
calling the Eleventh district member
by his familiar nickname:
"Buck, why didn't you tell him that
Johnston, in addition to speaking the
English language with charming
fluency, also has a beautiful command
over the Wabash vernacular?"
"I didn't think of that," replied
The Annaberg consulship, uider the
new consular act, will pay a straight
salary of $3,000 a year. Under regu
lations recently established It will be
necessary for Johnston to learn the
German language.
Henry County Farmer Who Bought
Stock From an Iowa farmer Find3
Himself in a Peculiar Predicament
Claimed Paper Was Tampered.
Publishers' Press
Middletown, Ind., May 3. William
E. Baldwin, a cattle dealer of Se,lma,
la., has brought suit against U. S.
Abshire, a Honey Creek stock dealer,
for $2,278. Baldwin claims that about
the middle of March Abshire came to
Iowa and purchased of him sixty
eighe bead of good cattle and gav3 a
check in payment for the same.
After closing the deal and while on
his way back to Indiana, it i3 alleged
that Abshire wired the Farmers' State
Bank of this place that he had writ
ten acheck for $400, which the bank
should honor, that a draft for a larger
sum would follow and this the bank
should held rntll he came home.
When the check came in it was for
$2,278, and Abshire ordered the bank
not to pay it, charging thit it had
been tampered with and raised.
Learning the state of affairs, Bald
win came here and filed suit. Ab
shire's bank account and property at
Honey Creek were attaqhed. Baldwin
claims that the check is just as it was
given him; that he sold the sixty-
eight head of cattle
head, making $2,278,
Notice to Red Me
The Hokendauqua tribeJbf Red Men
will meet at the Red Men's Hall to
night at 7:30 fo rthe Jpirpose of go
ing in a body to holdjfervices for our
deceased brother, i!iam Edwards
Geo. Bowman, Sachem
A. W. Towle, Keeper of Re
At low rates
Thrmpson's Loan
Agency, 10 N.
Home 1'hone No.
The Union Ice
Telephones, Home
Business Colle
per cent disco
Trading stamps Jor trading
checks with ala sfoceries at
HARMIER'S, iW. 1030 Main.
Phone 1111
at $33.50 per
m E
eay terms. ,
aau iteay jcsiait i ;
(Jty streeJT Balls
yy7 4lllnDaul I w
C6J for Artificial Ice.
4XBfll 10R tf "
sft Summer 3th ool 10
They Must Report all Acci
dents to the State Very
MENTS. Richmond factories haev been noti
fied by D. H. McAbee, state factory
inspector, that hereafter the depart
ment of inspection will enforce the
law which requires owners of man
ufacturing plants promptly ot report
all accidents in their shops.
In the letter Mr. McAbee says the
department has, ever since its estab
lishment, dealt leniently with manu
factures in this matter, believing that
compliance with the law could better
be brought about by education, but, he
says, he thinks that seven of educa
tion is long enough.
He says the manufacturers do not
seem inclined to obey the provisions
of the law, and that he will hereafter
be obliged to report to prosecution un
der the statute when such failures oc
cur. The law requires that all accidents
In manufacturing of mercantile estab
lishments, mines, quarries, laundries,
renovating works, bakeries or printing
offices must be reported to the factory
Inspector within forty-eight hours af
ter the accident. The inspector then
makes a thorough investigation and
suggests means by which similar acci
dents may be avoided in the future.
Outcome of Hancock Cowry's right
Against Traction Line Will
be Known Soon.
Palladium Special.
Greenfield, May 3. The county com
missioners are well pleased with the
action of the I. & E. Traction Com
pany in appealing their case in regard
to the annuling of the company's fran
chise to the United States Court. The
decision in the case will fix the limits
of their power as commissioners of
Hancock county, over the National
road. The commissioners are the rep
resentatives cf the people, and are
working for their best, interests. The
people want more accomodations in
the way of better local car service and
want thet drains and crossings proper
ly constructed, and to secure these be
ncfits the commissioners have take
the courso that seemed to them
best and surest.
Fcmptly Filled.
Cor. 9f
and Main.
ee Hi
$1.00 Round Trip
To Muncie,Uojiesboro
Marioa Peru
and InteraitBiate stations.
Via C. C. &IL. R. R.
Sunda May 6th
Muncie M untie vj. Bay City.
Marion- Mariln Cs. Saginaw.
Visit the National soldiers' Home
at Maro-3.
Take the familyland go.
Trarn leaves Rk Vmocd 10 45 am
C. A. BLAIR, P. & T. A.
HoTeTel. 44. Richmond.
Dayton l& Western
Dayton and Helurn,
$1.00 J
Eaton and R
Tickets at abclre price will be sold
every Sundaykntil further notice.
V - 1
Xfcgetablc Preparaiiotiror As
similating the Food andReg u!a
ling tho Stomachs and Bowls of
Promotes DigestionCIieerfi
ness artdRest.Contaios neillter
OpkuiuIorphiie norIiucxal
toy afGUJfrSAMCIimCiaR
Pnpkm Seal'
ylaite &ti f-
tfpentmt -
Aperiecl Remedy for Cons Upa
Fton . Sour Stomach, Diarrnoea
Worms .Convulsions .Feverish
ness and Loss of Sleep.
FacSimiie Signature of
. J M
m - -' i .w r jt . i m. c k an .n
Wbat is More Beautiful than Mother's Love ?
" Who ran to help me when I fell
And would some pretty story tell.
Or kiss tha place to make it well.
My mother."
A mother's worries are many. She
sometimes forgets her own bodily dis
comforts because of her overpowering
love for the child. She becomes broken
down, sleepless, nervous, irritable and
feels tired from morning until night.
Many mothers of experience can tell you
that at such a time they have been re
lieved, benefited and strengthened and
put into proper health by taking a pre
scription which their mothers had told
them was the best woman's tonic and
nervine to be taken at such times. Dr.
Pierce's Favorite Prescription has en
joyed an enviable reputation for over a
third of a century. In all that time it
has sold more largely in the United
States than any other tonic for woman's
needs, and to-day its sales are greater
than ever. Dr. "Pierce made up this
prescription from native medicinal roots
without the use of a particle of alcohol
and for the single purpose of curing
those diseases peculiar to women ana
when there is a lack of womanly
f trength to bear the burdens of maternal
duVr. How few women come to this
tical time with adequate strength.
he reason why so many women sink
under the strain of motherhood is be
cause they are unprepared. Is pre
paration then required for mother
hood? asks the young woman. And
evcrv experienced mother answers
"Yes." "I unhesitatingly advise ex
pectant mothers to use Doctor Pierce's
Favorite Prescription, writes Mrs. J.
W. G. Stephens, of Mila, Va. The rea
son for this advice is that Dr. Pierce's
Favorite Prescription is the best pre
parative for the maternal function. No
matter how healthy and strong a woman
may be, 6he cannot use "Favorite Pre
scription" as a preparative for ma
ternity without gain of tpMhPnd
comfort. But it is QioamerpTf hoyre
not strong who best rfreci ax the gifat
benefits receivedjwm thraBe of "Fa
vorite Prescripth.r Fr one tqin its
use makes thaabr'syfavent practXally
painless. I tints Jfna&ny cases f euced
days of 8uff&po a brief few ours.
It has changed the period of Jmxieiy
and struggle into a time of eoto am
comfort. ;
"Good actions epeak' Vfuderlhan
words," so, too does te stimhy of
many thousands of wonn dtoring a
third of a century speaw Iqmler than
mere claims not backed lb any such
record of cures.
Miss Emma Petty, 1126 S. Olive Street,
Indianapolis, Ind., Past Vice-President,
Daughters of Pocahontas, Minneola
Council, also Organist, South Baptist
Church, Indianapolis, writes: "For sev
eral years I suffered with lencorrhaea,
which was a serious drain on my vitality,
sapping my strength and causing severe
headaches, bearing-down pains and a
general worn-out feeling, until I really
had no desire to live. I had many
medicines recommended to me and tried
many, but did not get permanent relief
until I took Dr. Pierce's Favorite Pre
scription. In two months I was much
better and stronger, and in four months
I was well. Have had no more disagree
able discharge, no more pain; so I have
tvery reason to praise Favorite Pre
100 South KJlflh St.
Ltest Methods Lf Crown
Bridge Work
No Liability in San Francisco or any
where in California, leavtTthe
of Indiani
Richmond I
11 South 7th St.
I . as fit"
SI - M
csnre y
m m
Telephone No. 41.
For Infants and Children.
The Kind You Have
Always Bought
For Over
Thirty Years
mi my. wear vms err.
scription.' 1 consider it without aa
equal for ills of women.1
All the ingredients entering into
Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription are
printed in plain English on each bottle
wrapper. Dr. Pierce thereby shows that
he is not afraid to tell his patients just
what this medicine is made of. This
is not true of any other medicine espe
cially designed for the cure of woman's
peculiar ailments. This "Prescription
is also the only woman's medicine sold
through druggists that does not con
tain a large percentage of alcohol; it
contains not a drop.
As an indication of the high esteem
in which the medical profession are
coming to regard the several ingredi
ents of which Dr. Pierce's Favorite Pre
scription, for weak, and ailing women
is composed, we have room here to in
Bert only the following:
Dr. John Fyfe, of Saugatuek, Conn.,
Editor of the Department of Therapeu
tics in Thb Electric Review says of
Unicorn root (Heloniat Dioica) one of
the chief ingredients of Dr. Pierce'a Fa
vorite Prescription: "A remedy which
invariably acts as a uterine invigorator .
and always favors a condition which
makes for normal activity of the entire
reproductive svetem, cannot fail to be
of great usefulness and of the utmost
importance to the general practitioner
of medicine."
"In Helonias we have a medicament
which more fully answers the above
purposes than any other drug with
uhich I am acquainted. In the treat
ment of diseases peculiar to women it
is seldom that a case is seen which does
not present some indication for this
remedial agent." "
"The following are among the lead
ing indicationfPTTejiai: Fain or
aching ineffe back, witlVleucorrhcea;
atonicweak) conditions at the repro
ductive organs of women, wnental de
pression and irritability, I associated
with chronicJliEeasef of thl reprodnc
tive, organsypt women, constant sensa
tion of nepyln the region ofthe kidneys;
menorvbVJaV' ' ( flooding due to a
weakeiyLfcondition of tin reproductive
systemJT mmenorrhcea, rfising from or
accQirTpJnyine an abnormal condition
of me age6tive orgMrs and an anaemic
in bixd) habjflrdragging sensations
the emremMlcwer part of the abdo
If more or less of the above symp
toms are present, no invalid women
can do better than take Dr, Pierce's
Favorite Prescription, one of the leading
ingredients of which u Unicorn root,
or Helonias.
should have a medical book handy, for
knowledge is power. Thev should
know about anatomy and physiology.
They should have a book that treats of
the sexological relations of both sexes
out of and in wedlock, as well as how
and when to advise son' and daughter.
Has unequaled endorsement of the
fress, ministry, legal and medical pro
eseions. The main cause of unhappi
ness, ill-heallh; sickly children, and
divorce is admitted by physicians and
shown by court records to be the vio
lation of the laws of self and sex. A
standard workjs the People's Common
Sense Medica'Adviser, by R. V. Pierce,
M. D. 31 one-cent stamps for the
cloth -boawTd book, or 21 stamps for the
papeecovered volume. Address Dr,
B.irpierce. Buffalo, tf. Y.
Phon 741
j J - jjJ, -J. j ! J
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Agency, Hans N. Koll, Mgr
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