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The Richmond Palladium, Friday, October 12, 190B.
Page Tweu
Trust to Nrlure.
A great many AmericAis, both men
and women, are thin, palef knd puny, with
poor circulation, becaustffthey have ill
treated their stomachs Jiy hasty eating
ot too much eating, by Consuming alco
holic beverasres. or by fho close conn ne-
uient to home, office on factory, and 'n
consequence the stoma
in a natural way betoi
must be treated
l they can rectify
their earner mistake!.
loe muscles in
many such people, in f ;
it in every weary.
thin and tnm-Dlooaei
person, do tneir
iltv. As a result
work with great difh
fatigue comes early, u
lnnir. The demand fi
extreme and lasts
nutritive aid is
ahead of the supply. If To insure perfect
t I . I . B 1 a
iieaiLn every ussuej uuue, ii v auu
muscle should take from the blood cer
tain materials and ilturn to it certain
others. It is necesn
v to DreDare the
stomach for the won
of takine un from
the food wjhat is nece
rich. rednoTood. We
arv to make i?ood,
jnu.t go to Nature
for the I remedy, l
roots known to tn
country Ipfore the ai
iere were certain
Indians of this
ent of the whites
which later came id
the settlws and whicl
the knowledge of
are now growing
rapidly inl professions
favor for the cure
of obstinse Ktomacn
nd liver troubles.
These are found to 11
safe and yet cer
and invigorating
. liver and blood.
tain in their cleansiri
effect upoa the s torn ad
These ar tJolden
leal root. Queen's
root. Storki root. HI
Wiroot. Mandrake
mot. Thi there is
Jack Cherrvbark.
The medieaial princip
W residing in these
lacted with glyc
native roots when ex
erine as a f-alvent mak
ine muM rriiauie
mic and liver in
led in just the
in Dr. Pierce's
and efficiei stomach
vigorator, when com
rleht DropoVtions. a
Golden Medical Discov
y. vv nere mere
is bankrupt vitality
such as nervous
tion and thin
blood, tne
s vitror and the
nerves, blood a
he tissues, feel the
favorable effect ornTs sovereign remedy.
Although some physicians have been
aware of the high medicinal value of the
above mentioned plants, yet few have
used pare glycerine as a solvent and
usually the doctors' prescriptions called
for the ingredients In varying amounts,
icith alcohnl.
The "Golden Medical Discovery" is a
scientific preparation compounded of the
glyceric extracts of the above mentioned
vegetable ingredients and contains no
alcohol or harmful habit-forming drugs.
ContInued from page 1)
jmembering , charitable Institutions of
the city handsomely. The committee
lias been given assurance by many
fbuslness houses of assisting in the
'movement now contemplated.
The Elks have in project within a
short time the acquiring of a home
of Its own and the proceeds from the
coming fair may be set aside as the
nucleus of a building fund. The Coli-
seum is to be made a place of bo
wildering beauty by the Elks for fair
,week and the attractions will be
many and of a varied sort, though in
'accordance with established custom
with the local Elks, these attractions
will be of the highest class. One of
the special and unique features plan
ned is a vaudeville entertainment
which will Include several of the
great vaudeville stars from the Keith
and Proctor circuits. , The vaude
ville entertainment as well as the
nightly band concerts will be abso
lutely free and in addition to the va
rious other attractions to be offered.
More regarding the detailed plans of
the Elks fair will be given , later on,
but in the meantime the Elks are es
pecially desirous that the Richmond
people should not forget the dates
the week of November 19. .
Picnickers Rescued.
Cass Lake, Minn., Oct. 11. Six resi
dents of Cass Lake, marooned since
Sunday, pelted by snow and rain and
assailed by fierce winds, were found
oa Cedar is.laad in Lake Bemldji and
rescued. The party was composed, of
' Dr. and Mrs. D. L. Stanton, Mr. and
Mrs. Lee Burns, Miss Mabel McCurdy
and J. E. Seeley. They had had noth
ing to eat save a scant luncheon when
they went to the island Saturday
Emotion Broke Out i
Spots AI!
. Over Body Caused
Itching for Two Year
h Doctor's
Medicine Did no Goo
h Cured at
Expense oF only $1.2
and Now
"'"Some time agoI wrote
for a
book on the Cutcura Re:
ies and
received it O. K. and went
the Soap, Ointment, and Pi
They did
me more good thAn any medi
e 1 ever
used. 1 hey curat me of in v
and I am very! thankful to
iu. My
, which
trouble was enfuion of the
broke out in xts all over 1
I got
and caused a front inual itchii
nearly drove ifte wild at tin
medicine of a clctor, but it did
me, and wheii 1 saw in a pa
t cure
ad.. I sent to sou for the Cuticu!
and I studied! my case in it
went to the diig store and bouAt one
cake of Cuticula Soan, one box If Cu
ticura Ointmc4t, and one vial olCuti-
cura Pills. I itm the first applaation
I received relief. I used the tiilt set
and two extra fakes of Cuticura
and was comletely cured. 1
suffered for twp years, and I
thank Cuticura mor my cure.
wish, vou publish this,
friend forever. CI.ideX. Johnson,
Grove Farm. R. D2 Walnut,
June 15, 1903."
Scratch 1 Scratch! Scffifl This
is the condition of thousands of skin-tortured
men, women, and cliildren, who
may be instantly relieved and speedily
cored by warm baths with Cuticura Soap
and gentle applications of Cuticura Cint
tnent, the great Skin Cure, and mild
doses of Cuticura Resolvent Pills, "when
physicians and all ebe fail.
Pol4 throughout th world. Cntienrm Soap, iV.. Oint
tnrat, Me Kooivrnt. c. in form of Chocolate Cow4
Flit, Vc. Pr vial of 60,m br had ot ail drupxiou.
inala 0tt oftea rum. Potter ltxuf Ciicm. CorpSole
-i-Jila gm. -AO About Um Skla. 6calp, as Hair.'
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passing Walsh and "hitting Eddie
Hahn in the face with a hard pitch
ed ball filling the bases. Hahn was
badly injured and compelled to retire
from the game, Tip O'Neill going to
right field.
Pfeister pulled himself together
with a Sox runner on each base,
straining to tear for, the plate. Manager-Jones
was unable to solve his
delivery and after swinging wildly at
two raised a weak foul to Kling. Is
bell, the hardest hitter of the Sox,
was easy for the Cub twirler fanning
for the third successive time.
Rone Answered Crowd's Request.;
Rohe came up with every Sox root
er calling for him to win the game as
he had the first. Pfeister shot a fast
straight one along Rohe's shoulders
and the Sox third baseman met it
squarely with a smash which spelled
defeat for the National League Cham
pions. The ball went straight into
the left field seats, while Tannehill,
Walsh and O'Neill scampered home.
Rohe, under the ground rules, was
given three bases on the smash.
The Cubs had but two Cuances to
score. In the first inning, riofman
started things going with a single.
Sheckard tried to sacrifice but fan
ned. Hofman was nipped -trying to
steal second. Schulte followed "with
a two base hit to left but died on
second when Isbell threw Chance out.
Cubs Threatening in Ninth.
Again in the ninth, the National
Leaguers threatened to send a man
to the registering place. Gessler was
sent to bat for Pfeister. He was sate
on a fumble by Isbell, took- second
on Hofman's out, Isbell to Donohue
and slipped up to third on a wild
A run for the Cubs seemed certain
but Walsh pulled himself together
and fanned Sheckard and Schulte in
succession and the third game of the
series was chalked up on the winning
side of the Sox ledger.
The largest crowd of the series
saw the game, 13,667 people paying
to see the battle.
Great Fielding Stunts.
Evers and Tinker pulled off three
of the greatest fielding stunts ever
witnessed by a Chicago crowd. In
the second inning Tinker picked up
Rohes terrific smash back of third
base and threw, his man out at first.
In the fourth, Evers ran clear to the
right field foul line and caught
llahn's short line fly which looked
like a sure single. Again in the
fifth he brought down the crowd by
making a marvelous --pickup and
throw of Rohe's bounder straight ov
er second base which had all the
marks of a single.
Pfeister pulled himself out of a bad
hole in the same inning when Dono
hue with one out, hit into the right
field crowd for three bases. Pfeister
caused Dougherty to raise a foul to
Kling and fanned Sullivan,
The score:
White Stockings. R. H. O. A. E.
Hahn, rf.. 0 0 0 0 0
O'Neill, rf 10 10 0
Jones, cf 0" 1 1 0 0
Isbell, 2b 0 0 1 4 1
Rohe, Gb .- ..0 10 1 0
Donohue, lb .. .. 0 2 .14 0 0
Dougherty, If.. .. 0 0 0 0 0
Sullivan, c. 0 0 10 3 0
Tannehill, ss.. S. .1 1 0 4 0
Walsh, p 1 0 0 3 0
Totals.. .. .. ..3 5 27 15 1
Cubs. R. H. O. A. E.
Hofman, cf.. 0 1 1 0 0
Sheckard, If.. .. .0 0 2 0 0
Schulte, rf.. ..0 1 1 0 .0
Chance, lb . ..0 0 7 0 0
Steinfeldt, 3b .. ..0 0 1 2 0
Tinker, ss 0 0 3 2 1
Evers, 2b.. ... .0 0 1 2 0
TvTTngr"c . . ... ;. .0 0 11 3 0
Pfeister, p. 0 0 0 2 0
Gessler, x .'.0 0 0 0 0
Total 0 2 27 11 1
xBatted for Pfeister in ninth.
Score by innings:
Sox ..
. ..0 0000300 03
..00000000 00
Summary Left on bases Sox 3;
Cubs 3. First base on errors Sox 1;
Cubs 1. Two base hit Schulte.
Three base hits Rohe, Donohue.
Sacrifice hits Sullivan, Donohue.
Stolen bases Rohe. Struck out By
Walsh 12; by Pfeister 9. Bases on
balls Oft Walsh 1; off Pfeister 2.
Hit by pitched ball Hahn. Wild
pitch Walsh. Umpires Johnstone
and O'Loughlin. Attendance, 13,667.
Time 2:10. i
Baker Won Tnird.
C. L. Baker an ai
ateur gunner of
this city won third
ize at the Mar-
ion Gun Club shoot
iWbich was held
at that place recei
ly. Mr. . Baker3
score was 359 out of1
ssible 400 and
he triumphed over
everal avowed
Artificial gas,
Hh Century fuel.
Don't think that piles can't be cur
ed. Thousands of obstinate cases have
been cured by Doan's Ointment, 50
cents at any drug store. ;"" - t-
Frank Laugel and Karl Gra
ham Given Liquor by Cal- .
vin Casad Last Night.
Calvin Casad, aged 19 years, and
rooming at 22 South 9th street, was
arrested last night on a charge of giv
ing liquor o minors. Casad is an
operator at the Postal Telegraph of
fice and his home is in Dayton.
Durng the early part of the evening
Casad went to the Western Union of
fices and associated himself with Karl
Graham, aged 13 years, and Frank
Laugel, aged 14 years, both night mes
senger boys at that office. Casad
claims that he had but one drink of
whiskey during the 'evening. The
Graham boy, who was not quite so
drunk as Laugel, said that Casad had
sent them out-4o a nearby saloon to
get him a sandwich and some whis
key. The boys returned with the
food and a bottle of whiskey which
Casad proceeded to teach them to
drink. The lesson took place in the
back part of the Western Union of
fice, where they could not be seen by
Mr. Burr, the night operator.
Later in the evening a person hap
pened in . the Tice and noticed the
odor of whiskey and investigated. The
boys were drunk and could scarcely
tell where they were. .The scene
was one of the most repulsive that
could be imagined, owing to the age
of the lads and their pitiful condition.
The police were notified and Officer
Vogelsong detailed to the work. He
temporarily arrested the boys who
were at the Telegraph office and then
went after Casad. After an hours
hunt over the city he was finally lo
cated at 22 North Ninth street. En
trance was gained to the boarding
house and Casad found dead asleep
in a small upstairs back room. He
denied that he had purchased or had
a hand in buying any intoxicants for
the boys. His story conflicted in sev
eral places with that of, the 3roungs
ters, Graham and Laugel.- A rigid in
vestigation will be made by the Pros
ecutor and the police as to where the
liquor was purchased. It was stated
later that another boy was in the
crowd but that he made for home as
soon as he" became sick.
Three, years ago Casad was sent
to the Dayton Reform School, for car
breaking, having stolen ja pair of
shoes. He was in ttlat institution for
three years and there learned to be
a telegraph operator. Two months
ago he came here from "Dayton and
secured a position with the Postal
Dominican Rebels to Surrender.
Washington, Oct. 11. Cable adviceB
received here from San Domingo state
that an agreement has been reached
between the government and insurgent
forces In the neighborhood ' of Monte
Christ! whereby the insurgents will
Surremder to the government and Gen
eral Limbardo, who conducted the
campaign for President Caceres, will
become governor oJ Monte ChristL ,
A Wealthy Manufacturer of Philadel
phia Is Said to Have Died.
Philadelphia, Oct, 11. According to
a statement which the Public Ledger
publishes on the authority of a mem
ber of the Wampote Co., Henry IC
Wampole, the - drug " manufacturer,
whose body was found recently in the
East river, New York, died an em
bezzler of a large sum of money. It
Is asserted by the Public Ledger that
Wampole robbed his business partners
systematically of $500,000 and may be
more. Wampole, it is said, reft paper
representing several hundred thou
sands' of dollars in about 60 banks of
this city and the state, and also some
In New Jersey. Not until a few days
prior to his reath did his partners
have any idea of his defalcations.
Since then the story has been care
fully guarded. The assets of the Wam
pole company are ampl'e to meet all
obligations or demands.
Young Society Man of Muncie Hurri
, ed to Prison at His Own Request
so That He Would not Have to
Face his Mother. ' -
George Benham, the young Muncie
society leader who has visited in
Richmond on a riumberof occasions
and who was recently arrested for
embezzling funds, from the Muncie
Garment Co. plead , gnilty to ''the
charge and before nightfall he was
imprisoned behind the bars at the
Michigan City-penitentiary.
The whole affair was a shock to
Muncie society,, but . the proofs of
Benham's guilt . were . numerous, as
there were in all told, thirty-five char
ges standing against him.
Although pale and trembling, Ben
ham stood up under his disgrace, and
took the sentence of the judge like a
man. At his own request he was hur
ried to Michigan City, so that he
would not have to face his mother,
when she returned to Muncie from
Machine of C. O. Hurst Started for
Price's Confectionery But Was
Stopped by a Telephone Pole
Driver's Feet Tangled.
An automobile making a mad dash
for the large plate glass window of
Price's and suddenly swerving aside
to clip a chunk out of a telephone
pole caused excitement yesterday
morning on- Main street. T.he ma
chine w-hich was being driven by the
owner, C. O. Hurst, of Milton, "was
slightly damaged but no person in
jured. An elderly woman who was
in the way of the machine escaped
being hurt by stepping back of the
telephone pole. The cause of the ac
cident was due, to the driver's foot
getting tangled in the lap robe, which
prevented his working the emergency
Judge Hearing Case of Dr.
Brouwer Warns Juryman
' To Obey the Law.
IPublishers' Freas
Toms River, N. J. A direct charge
that some parties unknown have
made an attempt to tamper with the
jury before whom Dr. Frank Bronw
er is being tried for the murder of
his wife, was verified in part jus't be
fore court adjourned for the day,
when Judge Hendrickson,, who is pre
siding, ordered the jury to stand up.
Addressing them he said: ' ay
"I have been notified that certain
of you twelve men have been seen
talking to persons in the street. This
is absolutely without excuse, and
contrary to the instructions of this
court. If I hear of any such action
again during the course of this trial,
I will make a rigid investigation and
the person guilty of such contempt
will be punished very- severely." ,
Turning to. th& deputy sheriffs, who
have been in charge of the jury,
Judge Hendrickson continued:
"I must warn you officers of the
law that it is your duty to see that
this jury has no opportunity what
soever to talk with outside parties.
If m any . officer errs ; he will be dealt
with by the court."
Former Milton Lad Now One of Cleve
land's Best Twirlers, Is Visiting His
Brother, Frank Liebhardt Known
As "Iron Man."
Glen Liebhardt, known as the "Iron
Man" of the Southern League, and
who pitched three games for the
Cleveland Americans the latter part
of the season, is in Richmond, visit
ing Eis brother, Frank Liebhardt.
is one of the best pitchers in the coun
try, as he is of powerful build and
has speed, plenty of benders, and
above all a good head, the requisites
of a good pitcher The three games
Liebhardt pitched for the Cleveland
Americans, after he had been trans
ferred from the Southern League,
were winners, he having his oppo
nents at his mercy in all three games.
He was at that time on trial with the
Cleveland bunch, but after the Amer
ican League season had ended and
after Liebhardt had made such an en
viable record, Manager Jajoie immedi
ately signed the lanky Milton boy for
next season.
Rhode Island State Convention En
dorses Stand of President on
Tariff Revision.
IPublishers Press!
Providence, R. I Oct.- 11. After
adopting a platform endorsing the ad
ministration of President Roosevelt
and his attitude on the question of re
vision of the protective tariff, the re
publican state convention today nom
inated the following ticket by accla
mation: For governor, George H. Utter, of
Westerly; Lieutenant-governor, Fred
erick H. . Jackson, Providence; Secre
tary of State, Charles T. Bennett,
Providence; Attorney-general, Wil
liam B. Greenough, Providence;
Treasurer-general, Walter A. Read,
Bilious? Feel heavy after dinner?
Tongue coated? Bitter taste? Com
plexion sallow? Liver needs waking
up. Doan's Regulets cure bilious at
tacks. 25 cents at any drug store.
Not ;tO;jrieJtoderthe'UniiCd
States Government as
Some Had Hoped For.
Publishers' Presl
Havana, Oct.- 11. If, as has been
charged, the American capitalists who
are interested in the Isle of Pines,
brought about the revolution in Cuba
in order to secure American interven
tion and have the Isle of Pines recog
nized as an integral part of the United
States, instead of Cuban territory,
they have spent their money in vain.
Secretary of War Taft received a
commission of residents from the Isle
today, who demanded a separate gov
ernment for that territory. The sec
retary . told them he would reply to
their petition tomorrow. It can be
announced with authority, however,
that at that time he will tell them
that he represents the Washington
administration, which has already ar
rived at the decision that the Isle of
Pines is a part of the Cuban territory.
A committee which called on Secre
tary Taft today was headed by Cap
tain Stark of Pittsburg, who made an
eloquent plea to the war secretary,
urging that more than half of the in
habitants of the Isle of Pines were
Americans and that fully nine-tenths
of the land there is the property of
American capitalists.
Pinar Guerra and a number of the
other insurgent leaders, were guests
of honor at a banquet at the Liberal
Club tonight, the toastmaster being
General Gomez.
Speeches denouncing the Moderates
were made, and a general jubilation
The practice of Liberal officers pa
rading the streets In brilliant uni
forms, resembling nothing so much as
birds of paradise, Is causing much un
favorable comment, and it is expect
ed that the provisional government
will issue an order tomorrow compell
ing all officers to stop parading the
streets in their glittering raiment. Po
litical processions are also to be put
under the ban as a result of tonight's
parade of Liberals. A large number
of Liberals took part in the proces
sion tonight, it being headed with an
immense banner bearing the inscrip
tion "Viva Partido -Liberal." The
procession was received with much
hooting as it -passed the. Moderate
club and other centers of Moderate
sympathizers on the prado.
General Funston will not be a
guest of the Taft-Bacon party ,on
board the Louisiana when it sails
Saturday, but will make the trip on
board the Virginia. The Louisiana,
Virginia and New Jersey sail north
Saturday afternoon, while the Indiana
and Newark are under orders, to leave
Friday morning.
Physicians Say That Fear of Compli
cations in Case of Estella Wea
ver is Past.
Estella .May Weaver, who was se
verely burned while leaning over a
gas stove at the millinery store of
Mrs. Brehm on North Eighth street,
Wednesday, is thought to be on the
way to recovery. She is receiving
the best of care at the Reid Memorial
Hospital, and the doctors state that
the fear of complications setting in
is almost past. ; - .
Local High School Think They Can
Turn the Trick on New Castle
Saturday Afternoon.
The football jfame tomorrc be
tween Richmond and New Castle will
be played at Reid Field Earlham, and
the game will be called at 2:30. There
was a report today that Muncie would
play at New Castle Saturday, but Up
on inquiry this was found to be un
true. The local boys promise a good
game for Saturday, and ask that the
people of Richmond will turn out in
large'numbers and help them, start a
championship season. The admission
Is ten cents and those unable to buy
tickets ahead can get them at the
gate; The lineup will be announced
Colorado City Basball Manager Sends
Word to Garry Hsrrmann That He
Will Guarantee $10,000 for Final
Championship Contest.
Denver, Oct. -11. George M. Reid of
this city has telegraphed Garry Herr
mann, president of the national base
ball commission, offering $10,000 for
the seventh, game of the world's cham
pionship. The message reads: ln case
seventh came is necessary to decide
world's baseball championship, Denver
guarantees $10,000 if played in this
city. Weather perfect for ball play
ing:. The reply came as follows:
"Telegram received and noted. Thanks
for suggestion and offer. Place of
holding deciding game must ., be de
cided later at session of commission.'
Don't Fail to Sec
Croat Displa;
ft?)p V CORLISS,
my CO. ,uby
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the correct styles to be worn for this Fall and Winter. All styles. In
cluding Hight Benders, Wing Collars, Poke Collars, Old. Men's
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collars can be found in our Collar Department.
15 cts. Two for 25 cts. $1.50 pr Dozen.
The Contest closes 11 p. m.v Saturday, October 13.
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base burner. Must be In good con
dition and cheap for cash. Address
George Merkwell, General Delivery.
12-lt ,
WANTED House cleaning or day
work. Call at 412 North 5th. 12-lt
WANTED Girl to assist In dental
office, call Home phone 1741. 10-2t
WANTED A girl in the laundry at
the Westcott Hotel. 10-3t
WANTED Good girl for general
housework Immediately. Small
family, 323 Pearl street. 9-3t
WANTED Some washings. Phone
827. , 9-3t
WANTEDTwo Men that are Willing
to work for good pay. Apply to
Golding, Palladium office. . 3-tf
WANTED Money loaned on Diam
onds, Watches, Jewelry and all ar
ticles of value at the Success Loan
Co. Office 526 Main St. Rich
mond, Ind. Dr. E. Simmons, Pro
prietor. 30-7t
WANTED Boy at Starr PlanoXCo.
in Box Department. 20 tt
Richmond property
a specialty.
Porterfleld. KeUir
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12tf -
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ler fireproof safe. Standard Oil
Co. ll-2t
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South 12th street. Inquire 115 S.
11th. U-4t eod
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ish at 282 Fort Wayne avenue, op
posite Kramer's plaining Mill,
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sugar tree and beach wood. Call
Eureka Fence Mfg. Co., Home
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at 34 North 10th, city. 9-7t
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a bargain at once, 38 Washington
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West Main, owner going to move
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of Richmond. Can be sold in two
parts. For further information
call Home Phone 913G. 10-lit
FOR SALE The Eli Petty farms
two miles northeast of Hagerstown
Indiana. Consisting of 140 acres of
good first and second bottom land
and 140 acres of good blue grass
pasture adjoining. Good road ruin
ing between the two tracts Good
buildings. Well watered. A&mt 10
acres of valuable timber oak and
popular. Mr. Petty has ifecently de
ceased and the heirsyfrfll sell this
valuable real estate For particu
lars inquir. of. ..Jt. Fox, Hagers-
t town, In dif
property frotr
i Everybody
Woodhurst. 91
Iain St. Telephosa
. Juneo tf
FOR RENT Furnished front room,
suitable for two gentlemen, 48 Ft.
A Collar Contest
To the first person
saessing the near
est number of col
lars we have in oar
east window will be
presented with ore
dozen collars; the
next nearest one
half dozen.
Men's furnishers
Wayne avenue. 12-2t
FOR RENT 7 room house, botn elec
tric lights and bam. near Main St.
See Al II. Hunt, 71 Nqrfh 9th St.
FOR RENT Large fJRnished house.
Modern improvements. Terms rea
sonable.! 323 Jorth 9th street. 9-7t
RENT FrnisJod rooms at the Grand
for gentefeu only. tt
FOR RENT Two 4-room houses. 600
North 19th street. 10-6t
LOST Black, self opening umbrella
between Sth and Main. ... Leave at
Palladium office. '
LOST Gray silk glove of 'left hand
Leave at 28 North 10th and re
ceive reward. "r 9-3t,
; cattle -one-was colored white. Noti
fy A. C Underhill and get reward.
; 1818 K. F Richmond." ' - Phone 357.
9-3t . - , . ,
LOST Black pet rabbit with white;
spot on nose. ' Return to 123 South
10th street, f'9-3t
LOST Small green parrot.' . ? Reward
lf returned to E. R. Thompson, East
Main street. . . 10-3t
: v
LOST Pocket book containing $165.
00 and two" receipted bills between
N. J and Sth and Main. Finaer re-f
turn to James Oakey, 1021 N. J
street and receive $65.00 reward.
10-3t :
LOST A rubber tire between South,"
joiu auu ouuuiciii artruuo am o".1
11th and F. Please return to 732
Couth Sth street. 10-3t
Money Loaned.
Low Rates, easy terms. Thomp
son's Loan and Real Estate Agency.
Wide Stairs, 710 Main street. . f
13- thu&Fri-tf ;
la effect Hay 6. 1906. Subject t
change without notice.
f M
PM ik-M
.) 31jOO
9.07 lllJA
10.U6 12.1
U.JO ,
RIch'd l.v
Katon Ar.
W.Alex -
Dayton "
Leave Richmond
for New Parla,
5:50, 6:45.
B:20. :20. -10:00. 11:20,
a. m. 12:2(
, 1:20. 2:20. 3:00. 4:20.
:20. S:20. 9:65 and 11:00
5:20. 6:20,
P. 1L
New Weatvllie.
at Dayton wttl
trains for Troy. Pianti
and Lima.
0:00, 12:00
aving Richmond at 6:10,
bl. and 3:00 p. m.
CoNNECIJONa At Zaton with
C. C & SLlLu for points north and
south. Aapst Alexandria with Cin
cinnati KorturB B. R. tor ; points
north and sooth. At Dayton with elec
tric lines diverging for Troy, Plat.
Sidney. Llma,lXenla. Springfield. Co
lcaibus, Hamlaon and Cincinnati
Through ratis, through tickets to
all points. Foil further information
call Home Phole 269.
rrangem Jits f or parties, special
cars, etc, cfcll tlione or write -C O.
BAKER. O.IF. ahd P - A, .West Alex
andria, O-
tr old oroKen furniture
,and make new if
Int it.
S. A: IfOTT.
9 South 6th. Phone 1210
... 'v - v
x you J

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