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The Richmond Palladium, Wednesday, October 17, 1906
Page Six.
L R. R. "c
Provisions r
Live Stock, Grain
Stock Markets
'mere :3 neavy demand ior grocer
les, fall trade gotti? into heavy win
ter lines as November approaches.
Scotch and green dried peas are on
the market at $1.451.50 a bushel.
Demand for Holland herring and salt
mackerel is heavier than for soma
time. An advance of 10 to 15c a doz
en has been made in cove oysters,
owing to heavy demand. New ev
aporated apricots are on market and
are bringing 17&20c a pound a com
paratively high price, due to partial
crop failure in California. Prices on
seeded raisins are holding firm. The
pure food law has caused an addition
of 20 per cent to the price of bulk
shredded cocoanut, . on accoount of
cutting out various adulterants used
before the law became effective. De
mand for pancake and buckwheat
flour is particularly heavy. Ship
ments of the latter are slow. New
Russian sardines are on sale at COc
a keg. The tomato market, with
the closing of the - canning season,
has become unusually firm and prices
have been withdrawn in many in
(The prices quoted below are those
paid by J. M. Eggemeyer, Main &.
Fourth streets, for produce, veget
ables and fruits. This gives the
farmers and gardeners the accurate
quotations for their products; also
gives the merchants of the smaller
towns the wholesale prices paid in
Richmond on all fruits, etc., bought
from Commission men.)
Eggs 18c doz.
Butter, (country table) ' . . . 20c lb.
Butter, (creamery) .. .. .. ..27c lb.
Butter, (packing stock) .. .. -..12c lb.
Chickens, (Spring) 11c lb.
Chickens, (Hens) .. .. .. ..8c lb.
Chickens. (Roosters) . . . . . . . 6c lb.
Okra 10c lb.
Oyster Plant.. ........ ...... 25c doz.
Lettuce, (head).. ... .. ... 7c lb.
Lettuce, (Curly) .. .. .. ..10c lb.
Carrotts,- t.. .. ... ..50c bu.
String Beans! . .. .. ..40c bu.
Onions, (White) $1.25 bu.
Onions, (Yellow.. .. ... $1.00 bu.
Onions, (Spanish) .$U0 crate
Onions, (Young) .. ...... . ..25c doz.
Green Corn .. ...... .. .. 6c doz.
Cabbage ..50c bbl.
Tomatoes ... ..30c bu.
Cauliflower ( fancy) .... .. 75c doz.
Egg Plants 50c doz.
Radishes 25c doz. bunches
Cucumbers (long green) .. ..15c doz.
Beets m. ..50c bu.
Turnips, (washed) .. .. .. ..50c bu.
. Sweet Potatoes $2.90 bbl.
Lima Beans 9c qL
Green Peas .. .. ... ....$2.00 bu.
Mangoes (sweet) .. 5c doz.
Celery, (Michigan) ... .. .. ..25c doz
Parsley .. ... .. 10c lb.
Shelled Beans.. .. . .. .. 7c qL
Potatoes to. 75c bu.
Peaches. (Michigan) .. .. .. .. ....
,. ..$1.50 to $2.00
Huckle Berries, (16 box crate).. $2.25
Black Berries 7c per qL
Crab Apples 40c bu.
Apples, (picked cooking varieties)..
.. 50c bu.
Grapes, (Concords) .. ..... 25c bas.
Grapes, (CaL Muscats) .. .$2 crate
Grapes, (Cal. Seedless) .. .. ..$2.00
Cherries, (Cal- Ox heart) ...$1.75 bu.
Lemons, (Verdellas S00 s,) ..$9. box
Water Melons. (Indiana 30 lb av.) . .
..16c each
Canteloupes, (Tip Top. 40 to bbl.)
$1.00 bbl.
Gems, (Indianas) .. .. .. ..60c bas.
Cocoanuts .. . . .. 40c doz.
Plums, (Cal. Kebsey) .. .. $2 crate
Plums, (Damsens) $2.50 bu.
Plums, (Green Gage) $2. bu.
Plums. (Goose Red) $1.25 bu
Plums. (Blue .Gage) $1.50 bu.
Oranges, (Velencias) 126 s $5.50 box
Bananas. (Jumbo's) .. ..$1.50 to $1.75
Pears, (Sugar or Sickle) .. ..' 50c bu.
Pears, (Bartletts) $1.00 bu
Grape Fruit (60 size) .. .. ..$5 box.
Pine Apples. (Fancy 24c.) .. .. $3.25
(Paid by Richmond Roller Mills. )
New Wheat .. ... .. 68c
Corn, per bushel ..... 46c
Oats per bu 28c
Rye 50c
'Paid by H. J. Ridge 4. Son.)
Old Corn 46c
Old Timothy Hay.
Baled $14
Loose $12 to $13
Mixed baled $11 to $12
New Timothy Hay.
New hay baled $10 to $11
Miscellaneous. -
Old cats 38 to 40c
New straw baled $4.50 to $5.00
(Paid by Wm.Hill & Co.)
Clover Seed, Little Red or Big En
glish, per bushel $6.00 to$7.00
(Paid by Richmond Abbatoir.)
Choice butcher ste ers. . .$4.00 4.35
Bu:;3 $2.00 & s.oo
Cows, common to good ..$2.00(g 3.00
CaJ-es 6.00 3 6.50
Hoes, heavy.. 6.10 6.25
11 ess. 2C3 ibs common and rough
5.S3 6.00
Hogs, 290 and 250 lbs average.... 6.25
Don't you think you had better try .
To v.car a smile and sin a song?
It's a good old world after all,
Provided you take Rocky Mountain
In the spring and fail. A. G. Luken &.
lFublisher' Press
Indianapolis, Oct. 16. Receipts,
10,000 hogs, 1,600 cattle and 500 sheep
against 5,856 hogs, 1,001 cattle and
624 sheep a week ago, and 7,485 hogs,
1,201 cattle and 461 sheep a year ago.
With receipts of hogs much larger
than they have been recently, the lar
gest for a single day since the early
part of September, the market open
ed with all buyers bidding lower and
with a limited demand fro moutside
sources. The general decline was 10c.
On that basis local packers were free
buyers and trading was active.
Cattle Active and Steady.
Thpre was an increase in receipts
of cattle but there was a steady de
mand from practically all sources tor
good to choice kinds in all depart
ments, and they found an easy outlet
at steady prices. There was no
change in the situation as regards
common to medium offerings, and
thfiv were difficult to sell. There was
only a fair country demand for feed
ing cattle at steady prices, compared
with the close of last week.
Good to choice steers
1,300 lbs and upward $ 5 75 6 75
Common to medium
steers. 1,300 lbs. and
upward .. .. .. 4 75 5 75
Good to choice rteere .
1,150 to 1,250 lbs . 5 00 575
Common to medium .
eteere, 1,150 to 1.256
lbs , 4 25 5 00
Good to choice steers.
900 to 1,100 lbs .. .. 4 25 4 75
Common to medium
steers, 900 to 1,100 lbs 3 50 4 25
Choice feeding ateere.
900 to 1.000 lbs 3 75 4 00
Good feeding teers, 800
to 1,000 lbs .. 3 25 3 50
Medium feeding steers
700 to 900 lbs 2 75 3 25
Common to bast stock
ers .. 2 25 3 00
Good to choice heifers ,.4,25 4.75
Fair rto medium heifers ..3.75 4.10
Common light heifers ....2.50 3.50
to choice cows .... 3.25 4.00
Fair to medium cows .. 3 00 3 25
Canners and cutters .. 1 25 2 85
Good to choice cows and
and calves SO 00 50 00
Common to medium
cows and calves 20.0O3O.00
Good to prime bulls 3.25 3,75
Fair to medium bulls .. 2.50 3.00
Common bulls ......... 2.25
Common to best veal
calves S....V 4.50 8.00
Fair and good heavy 3.00 7.00
Best heavloa. 210 Ibs
and upward 6 65 6 80
Medium and mixed. 190
lbs and upward .... 6 50 6 65
Good to choce lights
160 to 180 lbs 6 50 6 65
Common to eood lights
130 to 150 lbs .. .. .. 6 35 6 45
Best pigs 6 00 6 25
Light pigs .. 4 50 5 75
Roughs 5 50 6 15
Bulk of sales 6 50 6 70
' Sheep.
Spring lambs 4.00 7.50
Good to choice yearlings. .5.00 5.50
Common to medium.... ..4.25 4.75
Good to choice sheep. .. .4.25 4.75
Culls to medium 2 50 4 00
Stockers and feeders .. 2 50 3 50
No other remedy on earth is so
good for children as Holllster's Rocky
Mountain Tea; makes them eat, sleep
and grow. Bright eyes, rosy cheeks.
Tea or tablets, 35 cents. A. G. Luken
& Co.
A Lucky Postmistress
is Mrs. Alexander, of Cary, Me., who
has found Dr. King's New Life Pills
to be the best remedy she ever tried
for keeping the stomach, liver and
bowels in perfect order. You'll agree
with her if you try these painless pu
rifiers that infuse new life. Guar
anteed by A. G. Luken & Co., drug
gists. Price 25c.
Impure blood runs you down makes
you an easy victim for organic dis
eases. Burdock Blood Bitters purifies
the blood cures the cause builds you
The life of a breed depends upo
the honesty of the men v.lio make ou
tin pedigres. and there should 1?
severe punishment for a man who de
liberately falsifies a pedigree or ce:
tificate of breeding. It is due cattl
breeders, however, to say that tkei
transactions have been remarkabl.
free from any tampering with peJi
grees. IIolstein-Friesian Register.
The Dandelion.
A good time to exterminate the dau
delion is in the autumn. It caaact hi
done by digging up the plant, for it i
impossible to extract all of the root
and later on tv.ice as many plr.nts wii
spring up. The best way is to poui
gasoline all around and into the cen
ter of the plant, and in a few days i.
will shrivel tip and die.
evil's Island Torture
is no worse than the terrible case of
Piles that afflicted me 10 years. Then
I was advised to apply Bucklen's Ar
nica Salve, and less than a box per
manently cured me, writes L. S. Na
pier, of Rugles, Ky. llealo all wounds
burns and tores like magic 25c at
A. G. Luken & Co., tiiusgists.
i Publishers' Press j
Cincinnati, Oct. 16. Cattle re
ceipts were moderate today, but in
addition to about 750 stile cattle car
ried over from yeserday's heavy re
ceipts, the supply was again exces
sive for the second day of the week,
and, so far as the local demand was
concerned, affairs were very quiet in
the butcher branch of the trade, but
there was a prominent exception in
the stocker and feeder department,
where the quality was suitable.
Hogs There was an indifferent
and relatively light demand from all
sources for hogs today, and although
the receipts were only moderate, an
easier to lower tone was evident from
the start, and the market opened
with packing and butcher hogs sell
ing easy to 5c lower, and light ship
ping hogs barely steady.
Choice .. $ 5.25 5.50
Fair to good.. .. 4.50 5.15
Oxen . . 1.75 4.00
Extra ..5.15 5.25
Good to choice 4.50 5.10
Common to fair.. .. .. 1.00 3.40
Extra 4.10 4.25
Good to choice 3.60 4.00
Common to fair.. .. .. ..2.00 3.50
Extra . .. . 3.60 "3.75
Common to fair ..1.00 2.50
Canners 1.00 2.25
Stockers and feeders .. 1 75 4 25
Thin and light .. .. 2.00 2.50
Bologna.. 2.60 3.25
Fat Bulls.. .3.00 3.25
Common and large.... .. 3.$$ 7.00
Extra .. 7.50
Good to choice packers
and butchers 6.75 6.80
Common to choice heavy
fat sows .. 5.00 6.45
Stags.. .. .. 4.00 5.00
Light shippers 6.35 6.65
Pigs, 110 lbs and less.. ..5.50 6.30
Common to fair 2 50 4 00
Good to choice '. ..7.10 7.50
It is enough that a woman should
be well and strong to be charming
and beautiful, in order to be this she
must take Hollister's Rocky Moun
tain Tea, one of the greatest beauti
fiers known. Tea or tablets, 35 cents.
A. G. Luken & Co.
Human Blood Marks.
A tale of horror was told by marks
of human blood in the home of J. W.
Williams, a well known merchant of
Bac, Ky. He writes: "Twenty years
ago I had severe hemorrhages of the
lungs, and was near death when I be
gan taking Dr. King's New Discov
ery. It completely cured me and I
have remained well ever since." It
cures hemorrhages, chronic coughs,
settled colds and bronchitis, and is
the only known cure for weak lungs.
Every bottle guaranteed by A. G. Lu
ken & Co., druggists. 50c and $1.00.
Trial bottle froe.
A Practical Device For Malting"
Quick, Clean Cut.
A useful article for those who hap
any poultry to kill is the device shown
in the illustration. Take a strip of iron
one inch by one-eighth of an inch and
thirty inches long, such as an old buggy
tire, and bend in the center, so that the
straps come parallel, leaving a slot in
the center the thickness of the blade.
For the blade any sheet of steel three
inches wide and nine inches long ou
top will do a piece of an old scythe
flattened out. for instance.
The ends of the blade can be beveled
or squared, as shown by dotted lines in
Fig. 1. Fit the two parts together,
Fit. Z
drill holes (A A) about two inches
from each end and fasten with sofi
iron or copper rivets. A piece of the
same material as the straps can now
be cut equal to the remaining lengths
of the slot, holes drilled at B B, about
one inch from each end and riveted a?
before. Drill a hole at C for hanging
up, sharpen well, and the tool is ready
for use. Drive two spikes on a slant
about an inch apart into a block (see
Fig. 2) aDlace the chicken's neck
between them. In this way the neck
can be nicely stretched, and a combi
nation of the two ideas will save both
time and trouble, says a reader of
Farm and Fireside.
Explained Satisfactorily.
Percy 1 say. Cliappie. old boy, whj
ilo you aw smoke bwown pa pah cig
Chappie To match me wnsset shoes
doncber k -
Baby won't suffer five minutes wnn
croup if you apply Dr. Thomas' Elec
tric Oil at once, it acts like xuasic.
iPubllsliers Press!
Chicago, Oct. 16. The wheat mar
ket was quiet and easy. Receipts in
the Northwest ' weree almost the
same as last year, and the weather
conditions in his country continued
highly favorable. Cables were inclin
ed to obe weak.
The corn market was steady. The
feature of the opening was covering
by a leading short.
The oats market was weak on pro
fittaking by local longs.
The provisions market was easier.
(By O. G. Murray's Special Wire.)
Dec 7iVs 73
May.. .. .. .... .. 78 78
Dec. 42 42
May ..43- 43
Dec. .. 33 23
May 35- 34
Jan.. .. .. .. .. ..'..13.S0 13.75
Jan.. .. -.. 8.27 8.22
Oct.. .. , ..9.47 9.47
Jan.. .. .. 7.50 7.47
Oct 8.45 8.37
CHICn. ... - ..... sieers, $6 75
7 30; eom;rori to good. $5 006 i5:
cowe, $2 704 75; heifers. J2 605 35;
bulls. $2 404 50; stockers and feeders,
$2 40 4 40. Sheep and Lambs Sheep,
$4 E05 75; lambs, $6 007 75; .yearlings.
$5 50(g6 00. Calves $3 00 8 00. Hogs
Good to prime heavy. $6 706 80; medi
um to good heavy, $6 55 6 65; butcher
weights, $8 706 80; good to choice
mixed, f6 506 65: pigs. $5 756 40.
Wheat No. 2 red, 72!&7314e. Corn No.
2, 4545e. Oats No. 2, 33c
EAST BUFFALO Cattle: Good to
choice export cattle. $5 50 (g 6 00; shipping
Bteers, $4 75 5 25; butcher cattle, J4 75 &
5 25; heifers. $3 254 75; fat cows. $2 25
04 00; bulla, $2 504 00; milkers and
springers, 530 00(550 00. Sheep and
Lambs Good to choice yearlings, $6 00
6 50; wethers, $3 75 6 00; ewes, $4 75
5 25; spring lambs, $5 008 25. Calves
Best, $8 00(38 50. Hogs Medium heavy,
$6 907 00; Yorkers, $6 756 90; pigs,
(6 60; stags. $4 00(35 00.
PITTSBURG Cattle: Choice, $5 65
5 90; prime, $5 405 60; tidy butchers',
$4 655 00; heifers, $2 504 25; cows,
bulls and stags, $2 003 75; fresh cows,
$25 0050 00. Sheep and Lambs Prime
wethers, $5 60fiJ5 65; good mixed, $5 3C
5 50; lambs, 5 008 00. Calves Veal,
6 008 75. Hogs Prime heavy hogs, $7 00
7 10; heavy Yorkers, $7 00; light York
ers. $6 70(S6 89: pigs. $6 50(36 60.
CLEVELAND Cattle: Prime dry-fed,
$5 50(56 00; choice heifers, $3 7504 25;
fat cows, $3 253 50; bull. $3 003 25;
milkers and springers, $12 0043 00.
Sheep and Lambs Choice lambs, $7 75;
wethers. $5 25; mixed. $4 75(35 00; ewes,
$4 75. Calves $7 50 down.' Hogs York
ers, $6 806 85: mediums and heavies.
$6 806 85; pigs, $6 50(36 60; roughs,
$5 655 85; stags. $4 254 75.
CINCINNATI Wheat: No. 2 red. 76(3
77c. Corn No. 2 mixed. 4949c. Oats
No. 2 mixed, 352 336c. Rye No. 2, 6Sc.
Lard $8 40. Bulk meats $9 00. Bacon
$10 25. Hogs $5 50(36 85. Cattle $2 003
I 40. Sheep $2 504 75. Lambs $4 25
7 60.
TOLEDO Wheat, 76c; corn, 4Sc;
eats. 35?ic; rye, 64V4c; cloverseed, $8 15.
NEW YORK Wheat: No. 2 red, 79c
Corn No. 2. E4c. Oats Mixed, 38V&C.
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plete Freedom from Kidney
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From urinary disorders
From any diseases of the kidneys.
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Mrs. Edgar S. Mote, of 17 North
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pain that bothered him most of the
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Remember the name, Doan's, and
no other.
Is the Moon Inhabited.
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has an atmosphere, which makes life
in some form possible on that satel
lite; but not for human beings who
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of ours; especially those who don't
know that Electric Bitters cure Head
ache, biliousness, malaria, chills and
fever, Jaundice, dyspepsia, dizziness,
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al debility and female -weakness.
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petizer for weak - persons and espec
ially for the aged. It induces sound
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zema that had annoyed me a long
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Hon. S. W. Matthew?, Commissioner
Labor Statistic, Augusta. Me.
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tion Doan's Rcgulets. Ask your
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Cincinnati, New York
and Richmond.'
imblishers Prei
New York, Oct. 16. First prices
of stocks were higher than last night
with few exceptions. Gains were
slight nda the volume of business
small. Anaconda rose 2 points and
Reading and Brooklyn Transit large
fractions. -
The market responded gradually to
a fair SDrinkling of buj -ng orders
which included many of the railroad
stocks ofr first prominence, particul
arly the grangers and Reading. St
Paul preferred advanced 2 ' points
Great Northern preferred 1, Nation
al Railroad of Mexico second pre
ferred 1L and St. Paul. Reading and
Sugar a point. Wheeling & Lake
Erie fell 1.
Trading operations were much res
tricted after . midday, the failure of
the list to move decisively one way
or the other, renering scalping oper
ations difficult. The understone was
buoyant. Pressed Steel Car showed
animation and moved up 24. Cen
tral Leather, International Pump and
Virginia Iron each lost a point.
The late fall is a good time for calves
to drop If we are prepared to give them
good shelter during winter, and after
much experimenting I have come to
the conclusion that a shed with a saw
tooth or sectional roof with a row of
windows in each section is the ideal
place for young stock In winter, says a
writer in Breeder's Gazette, Chicago
This shed should be connected with the
cow barn, and the barn should be
warm enough to prevent the chilling of
a young calf which may be born during
a very cold night. There must be hay
racks and little feed bunks in the shed,
also water tank and a galvanized or
cement trough in which to feed fresh
skimmed, warm separator milk, but
care should be taken that nothing may
hinder driving in and turning Inside
with the manure spreader. This makes
It easily kept clean, and if there is no
manure spreader at present there soon
will be. The barn must be provided
with several box stalls for the purpose
of keeping by themselves for a few
days the nurse cow and her calf and
the calf she is expected to raise until
the calves are strong enough to be
turned out into the shed. .
Clover hay fed in connection with the
grains named and mill feeds should in
sure a fairly good flow of milk, but if
the corn crop be put In the silo and fed
to the cows also it would Increase the
milk supply very much, and if a little
silage be fed to the calves it would
make them very sappy and thrifty.
With all this ready before the calves
are born they should be welcome at
any time, and such cows as give the
richest milk and are easily milked
should be milked by hand, and those
with faulty udders, short teats and
hard milkers, or with any bad habits,
are better used for nurse cows, whether
they are heifers or mature cows.
A newborn calf should draw its first
drink from its own mother, and it is
better to keep it with her a few days,
then put it in a sack, hind end first,
and let its head stick out and tie the
sack to as to give the calf no chance
to get out; take it to the cow which is
to nurse it and lay it on the floor be
fore her. Of course it will struggle
and thus excite the cow, but that is
what is desired, for call it mother's
instinct, pity or what not the fact i
she will soon start to lick the calf's
head, and you may withdraw your
sack, and the battle Is more than half
won, as most cows do not object to
nursing it at once, -but if she should
kick at it a rope may' be tied around
her just In frout of the udder for a
few times to prevent kicking.
It Is well to have calves of nearly the
same age on the same cow, but a differ
ence of two or three weeks does not
hurt. As soon as calves are strong
enough she should be turned in the
shed after nursing, where she may be
fed a little fine clover hay and a little
cornmeal, and, as they grow, a little
ground oats, or speltz with the hulls
sifted out, may be added. Tbey should
learn also to drink the fresh milk,
warm from the separator, and if they
at first refuse it a little may be poured
over the grain. Care must be taken to
clean the trough after each meal. If
only one calf begins to drink they will
soon all do it. A little dried blood meal
may be kept on hand to be used in
case of scours, and hay, grain, feed and
separator milk should be fed in greater
quantity as the calves grow, and a
little silage may be added if available,
but ground speltz, barley and oat
need not be sifted any longer.
The pure bred calves may be raised
this way as well as the grades and all
should be vaccinated against black leg.
They should be ready to be weaned
when grass comes. If the grades arr
for sale they should bring strong prices
The shed should be covered with an;
of the better kinds of ready rooSn
which will make good material for gui
ters and alleys also. It will cost a IP.
tie more to raise calves during winte:
but if they are handled as describe
they may be taken away from tb
cows at five months old and fed sep:
rator milk and grain, and if some goo
calves can be bought Ji-a same cow
may raise another crop of them o
"What's good for iasomaia7r'
"Pay your debts." .
first district:
' South of Main. Wfest of 7tlu
1-2 1st and S. C, Piano I fflJ.
1-3 2nd and S. B.
1-4 4th and S. D.
1-5 5th and S. B.
l-6Wth and S. II.
1-8 7th and S. C
1-9 7th and S. ,
South of Main, bet
fees 7thsHU2i.
2-1 Sth and Mai
2-3-Sth and S.
2-4 7th and S
2-5 9th and S.
2-6 10th and S
u a.-
2-7 lltb and M
2-S 11th and S
South of Ma
East oi UCJ
'3-1 12th and
"3-2 12th and
3-4 14th and
'3-5 14th and
'3-6 ISth and
3-7 20th and
3-S 15th and
North of Main,
4.13d and I
rarest of 10th toTfrm
ain, Robinson akoph
4-2 3d and Nl
4-3 City BuiKing.
4-4 Sth and '. . G.
4-5 Gaar, Sc tt & Co-4-6
No. 1 Hcse Ho-use JEl
4-7 Champio: i Mills.
4-8 10th and N. I.
4-9 9th and tf. E.
4-12 City El ctric Light Plant
West Riehm nd and Sevastopol
5 W. 3rd i nd Chestnut.
51W. 3d aid National Arena
5-2 W. 3d aid Kinsey.
5-3 W. 3d aid Richm
5-4 W. 1st And R. R.
5-5 State an 3 Boyer.
5.6 Grant a id Ridge.
5-7 Hunt an i Maple.
5-8 Grant a id Sheridan
5- 9 Bridge Avenue, Paper :4JU
5-12 Earlha n College.
North of D, East of lOtb
6- 1 Railroal Shops.
6-2 Huttonjs Coffin Factorj
6-3 Hoosiei Drill Works.
6-4Wayne Works.
6-5 City M 11 Works, r
6-6 15th ai d R. R.
6-7 13b ei d N. BT.
Between Main and North J UsA 91
7 9th anfl N. A.
7-1 11th ind N. B.
7-2 14th ind N. O
7-3 No. 3 Hose HousJ
7-4 18th ttnd N. C.
7-5 22d sjnd N. E. , '
2- 2-2 Patrol Call.
3- 3-3 Fire Pressure
' 1-2-1 Fire out.
3 Fire pressure oflV
AL. H.
7 North N
has some good value
fate. Rents collected
attention given the pr
I Delivery
: lliff's S
I Phone 723
ipadour !
'erfume rare
Delicious and
Very Lai
,g. can ana test
It for Y
trie If. A pleasure
to show
M I Hninlpv Court House
8ee how what you havieard look
in print and get a dolff for doing it
Win the new i'
Artificial gasJ
ie 20th Century fuel.
huntXI 1
Jin Zeal Es- I
tt T I
4 im. m fit
S I 1
' Prior? 1L7. f If -
Plumber and'Gas fitter XjfS 3cotyMn c' JN
I Bicycles ai Sundries J fl w ftLT
X Phono 1482. U 406 Main Sft IT tiltE' t VLJL
$ AidXepairer. cufford o. kesolcr X
Make your oldivf&en furniture ' l018 MAIN STREET X
a like new .armake new If ' , . U TINNER t
t you want ltr U
I S A L0TT I GenerM JoD Work Repairing. 1
lttltT7? '
I Esseneerf Pti
t The LatqVW
aw MF
$9.45 Rount Tf ip, to Chatta
nooga, i enrf.
On account
lot "Reunion of the
Society of thtf
Army of the Cum-
berland." Sellfc
g dates, Oct. loth.
17th. Final
return limit Nov.
$1.45 Round Trip to Muncie,
On account of "Indiana state .
Conference tm Charities and Cor
rections. Selling dates, Octobei
Sth to 9 th. I Return limit, Octo r
ber 13th.
To New Orleans, La.
Less thai half rates for the
round trip n account of the Bi
ennial( Me ing Supreme Lodge
K. of P." Selling dates. Oct.
12th-14th. Final return limit
Nov. 30th.
$15.50 Rou
d Trip to Mem-
phis, Ten
On accoant of "Brotherhood of
St. Andrei
Oct. 15th lo ISth.
Finai return
limit. Nov. both.
$40.05 Rou
Id Trip to Denver,
accoint of "American alin-
Ing . Cong
ss." Selling dates.
Oct. 12th
Oct 31st.
llth. Returning limit.
Winter and
Ail-Year Tourist
Tickets I
to All Points.
ttip Home-Seekers and
one way
colonist tickets
For parfculars call
. a t. a.
sral Brokerage
29 N. 6th St.
Richmond ind.
j at the
Vlaiage Factory
No. 47 North 8th 8
0 000000
IdULMC d I uvea
00000 c; 00000
I TwIooreIOcborn
write Fire via lornaao insur
ance. W Mil bond you. Loans
from 91 IO t3UU. rngni
Home 1589 Bell 53 R.
Very Vpslrable West Side res-
j. Idence i northwest corner 01 .j.
m 1 m -
Main znayKest Seventh streets. 4"
Y, ll BlSdbury 6 Son
4. l-3laOcott Block t 4. j
4. - ' - ' i-j
C. A. Bk
Fone 44 jff
I Only 2wMhT
1 required u
H7 Ufcl TV
48. d 1l
1 !
1 i

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