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VOL. XXXI. NO, 261.
Richmond, Indiana, Thursday Morning, October. 18, 1906.
Single Copies, One Cent.
5 DEAD; 100 HURT
Ohio's Historic Spot a Scene
of Death and Destruction
as Result of a Discharge of
Fire Departments From Near
by Towns Go to Rescue of
Little City List of Fatali
ties Will Probably Grow.
rpublishers Press-
Celina, Ohio., Odt. 17. The dyna
mite explosion in the Minarding
Hardware Company's store at Fort
Recovery, Ohio, at noon today wreck
ed the entire middle section of thel
town. Four persons were killed, two
are missing and at least a hundred
persons injured. Physicians had to
be summoned from outside points to
aid the injured. The property dam
age will reach $100,000.
Buildings in the neighborhood of
the hardware store wrecked and the
hardware store Itself was demolish
ed. Fire followed the earthquake
like shock and for a time it seemed
as If the entire city as doomed. The
fire apparatus and -firemen was sent
from this city and other towns how
ever, and were successful In checking
the blaze before the town had been
completely destroyed.
' As the explosion occurred in the
business section at a busy time of
the day there were many people in
the streets who were injured. The
fprce of the explosion broke every
wradow in the town and the shock
whs felt In some or the surroun dinar'
The List cf Fatiiities.
The dear are:
Miss Cleo Weis, aged 23,, book
keeper. ' : " ' ; ; ' ' ;
Henry Lammers, aged 23.
Joe Rosener, aged 45.
Charles Wagner, aged 40.
A customer and traveling salesman
whose Identity has not been learned
are reported missing.
The injured are:
John McMullen, leg almost torn
from body, cannot live.
Mrs. John McMullen, leg cut and
side gashed.
D. Kidder, leg broken. '
Al. Rishler, leg broken.
Henry Claughman, Internal injur
Mrs. George Record, body badly,
Many others were injured but all
were able to go to -their homes and
in the contusion their names wertl
not obtained.
Cause of Explosion Unknown.
The cause of the explosion Is not
known. It is suggested that a gaso'
line tank In the building caught firet
In some way and exploded, setting
off a large quantity of dynamite
which was kept in the place. It ty
declared however that the explosioif
occurred in the engine room of th(j
Journal Printing Company, next dooij
to the hardware store and that the
jar set off the dynamite In the store,
Boh the store and the printing offic
were destroyed so it cannot be deter
mined where the first explosion oc-
Just a few minutes before the terri
fic crash occurred a parade had tak
en place "through the main street
In front of the hardware store and
printing establishment. The street
was crowded with people watching
the parade.
People living on the outskirts of
the downtown section rushed to the
rescue of the injured. They . fountf.
sthe street lined with unconscious
men and women who had been stun
ned by the explosion.
They found many persons suffering
from cuts from broken glass and
some were crushed by the walls of
the building which had collapsed.
It was then found that the fird
was assuming alarming proportionsj
Xearby towns were called upon anr
firemen and apparatus were rushed
here from Cold Water, St. Henry and
Portland, Ind. By 2 o'clock the fire,
fighters had succeeded in checking
the blaze. A dozen buildings were?
destroyed before the fire could be goU
ten under control.
INDIANA Fair Thursday and. Fri
day; fresh southwest winds. v
OHIO Fair Thursday; Friday partly
cloudy; fresh to brisk southeast
Previous Day
Richmond and ' Wayne coun
ty's appreciation of the Pallad
ium still continues to manifest
itself in increased circulation
every day. You have watched
this circulation report space
every day' since Monday and
have seen the number of sub
scribers increase from 3,061 to
3,165 in this short space of
time. No better example of
the growing popularity of the
Palladium could be asked. It
is a fitting acknowledgement
of the Palladium as the news
iest paper published in Rich
mond or Wayne county.
Dr. FranK brouwer Atter a
Trial Lasting For Ten Days
is "Exhonerated of Charge
of Wife Murder.
Freed Physician Will Resume
His Practice at Toms River
and Mav Prosecute His
Decided That Statement of Claim
Agent Should be Taken in Litiga
tion Involving Richmond Street and
Interurban Company. " "
A rather unusual feature in connec
tion with a damage suit arose yes
terday in the "Wayne Circuit Court
relative to the cases of John S. Lac
key and Owen Dillon, both of whom
have brought suit .against the Rich
mond i Street and Interurban Com
pany.. Owing to the fact that this
company is a part of the recently
formed system of traction lines which
are all under one ownership , though
operated independently. Attorney
Johnson, for the piaintiffs, recently
took action to ascertain just what
company was operating the line be
tween Richmond and Cambridge City
at the time of the accident -which
caused the death of Mr. Lackey's
horse and which seriously injured
Dillon. In answer to interrogatories
filed by Mr. Johnson, answers were
tnade in a sworn statement from the
claim agent of the Indianapolis, Co
lumbus & Eastern Traction Company.
Attorney Johnson, yesterday contend
ed that the answer to the question
as to the ownership of the line in
question should be made by some offi
cer of the company. By agreement
however, between the attorneys, the
answer of the claim agent as to the
ownership, is to be taken as author
iative, thus giving assurance to the
plaintiffs that their action for dam
ages cannot be invalidated by a tech
nical error, which the naming of the
wrong company as defendant would
be. The case will be tried in November.
i ruDlisners-rressj
Toms River, N. J., Oct. 17.-Dr
Frank L. Brouwer's prophecy of last
Sunday afternoon that before the
next Sabbath day came he would be
a iree man ana me dioi piaceu ujiuu
his name by the state of New Jersey,
which charged him with the murder
of his wife wiped out, was fulfilled
shortly before six o'clock tonight
when the jury, which has been lis
tening to the evidence in the case
for the last ten day's returned a ver
dict of not guilty.
The miblic generally have been
confident of an acquittal in the case
since last night when three doctors,
all well and favorably known in Nor
thern New Jersey, swore positively
that it was ptomaine poisoning, and
not arsenic, strychnine or ground
glass, that killed Mrs. Brouwer
Their evidence was given in such
a straight forward, matter of fact
manner, that it naturally impressed
the jury and all efforts of the prose
cution to fill the missing gaps in the
chain of circumstancial evidence,
against Dr. Brouwer failed utterly.
Shook Hands With Jury.
Immediately after the verdict was
rendered Dr. Brouwer was discharged
He shook hands with and personally
thanked every member of the jury
and then went to the home of hia
counsel where he held a levee for
short time and met many of tha
townspeople who have all along main
tained that he was perfectly innocent
of the crime charged.
Today was devoted to the summing
up on both sides and the charging1
of the jury by Judge Hendrickson.
The dramatic feature was the argu
ment for the defense by Attorney
Wilson who, after talking for two
hours, wound up a most eloquent
plea by begging:
"Send this man home to his aged
mother and motherless children." .
Jurymen Cry Like Babes.
Three members of the jury were
In Speech at Spiceland He Re-
clares That Vice President
is Well Qualified to Succeed
In Reply to Ralston's Speech
The Governor Denounces it
as a Jumbled Misstatement
of Facts.
When the President has a job at his disposal, ever notice the great majority of citizens who want it?
In Russia the Czar is not troubled that way.
The Rev. M. Colver to Address
Opening Meeting of Olive
Branch Synod.
(Continued to Page Eight.)
Red MenvHave Returned
Richmond's delegation of Red Men
returned last evening from Indiana
polis where they have been attending
the sessions of the Great Council.
To Confer First Degree.
Thi evening at the regular meeting
of Herman Lodge of Odd Fellows, the
First degree will be conferred upon
a class of candidates by the degree
team from Whitewater lodge. To
morrow night Whitewater lodge
meets and another class will also re
ceive the first degree.
y '1 v .
I I W r.v J
Alvey A. Adee. second assistant secretary of state, is one fixture of that
office. Administrations change and first assistant secretaries come and go
but Adee stays "on the Job," despite all the vicisBitudps of politics.
entered tbe diplomatic service in 1S70 as secretary of legation at Madrid an.!
was transferred to the state department in 1877. President Cleveland np
pointed hiui second assistant secretary in lSSti He was present at tin
signing of the treaty of peace between Spain and the United States aiid
bus been actine secretary ef state several times. - -
The Olive Branch Synod which is
composed of Lutheran churches in
Indiana, Tennessee and Kentucky
will convene at 7:30 o clock Monday
night in the St. Paul's Lutheran
church. .
The opening sermon will be deliver
ed by the Rev. M. Colver, of Middle-
town, Ind., who is the president of
the Synod. One hundred and fifty
persons are expected for the conven
tion and provision for. their enter
tainment have been made by the
members of the St. Paul's congrega
tion and those of the First English
Lutheran' church. It is expected that
the meeting will last for at least four
days with a possible extension of a
day or two, which may be occasion
ed by certain affairs which may come
up. In addition to the regular syn
od's business will be the affairs of
the Women's Home and Foreign
Missionary Society which will prob
ably take the better part of one day.
A special program of .devotional mu
sic for choir and organ has been ar
ranged by Organist Charles Weis-
Program cf Sessions.
The general outline of the conven
tion program is as follows:
Monday evening at 7:30 o'clock:
Opening sermon by the Itev. M. Col-rer.
Tuesday, 9 A. M. Opening session
consisting of Communion services
for the Synod and the Women's ;
Home and Foreign Missionary So
ciety,' sermon by the Rev. H. is.. Sen-
ner, or Louisville, Ky., organization
of the Synod, reports by the presi
dent and Treasurer, election of pres
ident, secretary, treasurer and statis
tical secretary. Appointment of
committees for the work of the
synod. Regular work of the Synod
and reports of the committees.
Evening A Union Meeting of the
Synod and the Women's convention.
Wednesday and Thursday Consid
eration of the Synod work in the field
and reports pertaining thereto. Wed
nesday evening, sermon by the Rev.
S. S. Waltz, D. D., Louisville, Ky.;
Thursday evening, sermon by the
Rev. Carl Zinesmeister, of Nashville,
Friday the Board of Directors of
Wittenberg College, at Springfield,
will make their report for the past j
scholastic year. i
Splcelano, Ind., Oct. 17. Governor
Hanly spoke to a large crowd in the
Stiegleman grove here this afternoon.
He devoted part of his speech to a
reply to Samuel M. Ralston's address
at Greenfield Tuesday night, and tho
Governor did not mince words in de
nouncing Mr. Ralston's statements as
misrepresentation and wilful perver
sion of facts. He also gave the Dem
ocratic leaders Taggart, Kern and
Alonzo Greene Smith some hard
The Governor aroused great entnu-
I siasm when he announced, for the
first time in a public speech, that
Charles W. Fairbanks was the logical'
nominee for the presidency in 190S.
and that he was heartily in favor of
his nomination. Mr. Hanly's tribute
to the Vice-president was cheered, as
were his utterances in reply to Mr.
The Palladium Will Aid Work of Showing
Our Advantages as Commercial Center.
The Palladium has always been an
xious to, promote in every way possi
ble the interests of Richmond and
its industries. .This city is one of the
most ' important , in Eastern Indiana
in the number 'arid variety of its man
ufacturing industries, and these in
dustries are of great interest to the
general public. The life here as a
city is based upon them.
It is well for the people and the
community in general to know more
definitely the number and condition,
the peculiar style, capacity and pro
ducts of the numerous concerns
which" have made and are making
Richmond well known all over the
country, and the Palladium is pre
paring to issue, in the near future,
an edition containing accounts of as
The Governor's Address.
. Governor Hanly, in replying to RaT-
ston's speech said:
"The Democratic official keynote of
the campaign was delivered Tuesday
night at Greenfield by the Hon. Sam
uel L. Ralston, the paid attorney of
the Big Four Railway Company. It
is due to Mr.- Ralston, howover, to say
that he did not write it. It is not his
child. It belongs "to a syndicate.
Among the members of The syndicate
who prepared it are Alonzo Greene
large a number as possible . of the Smith, Thomas Taggart and John W.
financial, manufacturing, wholesale Kern, none of whom had the courage
and jobbing plants, .with a good idea to deliver it after they had it pre-
of their special products and the pared.
magnitude and 'capacity of each. "The speech is a" seasoned one. It
This edition will be the result of was prepared days ago, and would
special care and study by thoroughly have been delivered earlier but for
competent representatives of the pa- the inability of the syndicate who
per who will call upon the manufac- wrote it to find some one who would
turers, real estate, commercial and be willing to deliver it.
financial lines. The Governor after answering Mr.
The intention is to give a careful Ralston then went on to show what
and accurate account of the business the Republican party in Indiana had;
interestes represented in this general done to cleanse the politics . of tho
edition and the advantage of such state.
showing will be evident to all the He said:
business men. The object is to show wnne i care proiounaiy ior uia
Richmond as a great manufacturing good opinion or my countrymen, i
and financial center, and to that end knew in the beginning there would bo
the hearty co-operation of everyone
is solicited.
Reception Committee to Meet Sen
ator Who Will Probably Arrive
This Afternoon Speaking Begins
at 8 O'clock.
Tonight the political fire works of
the city will be touched off in a Re
publican speech by Senator Albert J.
Beverdige at the Coliseum. The doors
will open at 7:30 and the speaking
will begin at 8 o'clock. The reception
committee will be composed of A. M.
Garlner, county chairman, Dr. G. H.
Grant, Elwood Morris, William Plum
mer, S. S. Strattan, Jr., and Mat Von
Pein. Over three hundred vice-presidents
have been invited to officiate.
The Richmond City Band will furnish
the music and there will be a large
parade 'on Main street after the meet
ing. Up to a. late hour last night no
word had been received f rom the Sen
ator as to when he will arrive in the
city, but it is expected that it will be
some time in the afternoon.
vituperation and calumniation. I knew
the things accomplished could not ba
done without heartburnings and with
out the infliction of a wound here and
there. When the storm was fiercest
and the issue doubtful I said to my
friends, I can afford to -wait for tho
deliberate judgment of my country
men. The time will come when they'
DAMAGES ASKED know and iiderstand and appre
ciate the character of the service
rendered. I can afford to wait.'
"And I say to you now that much as
I care for your good opinion, I can
still afford to wait till passion has
subsided; until personalities have
been forgotten; until the wounds have
healed. I can afford to wait, conscious
that the day will come when the ad
ministration will have the approval
of my countrymen, and have it too.
without regard to their political con-.
victions. But, sirs, the cause at issue
can not affora to wait, ine things
I ask for must be done now; the oi-.
portunity is here; the hour strikes; ,
the occasion bursts full-blossomed
and you can not afford to wait. The
needs and welfare of the people, pre
clude that you should wait. The cause
if savd, must be saved by you and
saved how in this election.
Plaintiff Formerly Member of Rich
mond Fire Department and Was
-Hurt Through Alleged Negligence
of Pan Handle Railroad
The Pennsylvania railroad com
pany has begun actual construction,
of its electric lighting plant. Instead
of a special building to house the
machinery, a part of the railroad
shops will be used. The electrical
apparatus has been ordered and will
be in position within a short- time.
The company officials deny emphati
cally that it is the intention of the
company to use this plant for supply
ing power for the proposed electric
cars on' the Pan Handle. v It will be
used exclusively to furnishing light
ing for the yards, passanger and
freight depots ?nd other buildings of
the company.
- The damage suit of Charles Howes
against the Pennsylvania railroad
company will be called in the Wayne
Circuit Court on November 14. The
plaintiff formerly was a member of
the Richmon fire department and
was injured as a result of being
thrown from a hose wagon, the driver
of which had been compelled to make
a very short turn jo prevent beinc
run 'down by a locomotive, at one
of the grade crossings in the city.
The fact that the crossing was open
for traffic and neither flagman nor
lowered safety gates warned the driv
er of the hose wagon that the cross
ing could not be made in safety, is
taken as evidence of negligence on
the part of the Pennsylvania com
pany and is the basis for the action,
asked. .
Judge Luther C. - Abbott has re
ceived an invitation from the Euro
pean Excursion, Company, to accom
pany one of their parties on a six
weeks trip through the continent and
England. Owing to several engage
ments which the Judge has booked
he was compelled to send his regrets.
The trip was to be gratis and the prop
osition was made the Judge by an
old friend in the East who is inter-
tiested in the company. -
Tribute to the Vice-President.
"I have said that I am not a candi
date for any office, present or pros- ,
pective. That, I think. Is broad enough,
to cover the presidency, but I am
willing to be specific as to that. I am
not now nor shall I become a candi
date for the presidency in 1908. But
there is a man in Indiana who ought '
to be a candidate for the presidency
In 1908. He has earned not only the
right to be a candidate, but the nomi
nation of his party, and the election
by the people. In poise of character.
In breadth of statesmanship, In expe
rience in public affairs, in the clean
ness of his life, we find that In abund- '
ance which qualifies him for the ex
alted office and makes of him a fit
successor of William McKinley and
Theodore Roosevelt. ! , ,
"That man ... Is", Charles W. Fair-
banks, the Vice-President of the Unit
ed States. I . am for. his nomination
and. for his election, not only because
be is the first citizen of my own State ;
but . because of his qualities of mind
and heart and the rare qualification
he has for the great trust which the
President of the United States admin
isters." - - ...

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