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Social arid Personal Mention
The Richmond Palladium, Thursday, October 18, 1906.
Is cn indication that the
stomach and other digestive
ornsns are week, tired or
debilitated. It causes no
end of aches and pains and
is most common where
people bolt their meals and
harry and worry as they
BO m znis country.
cures dyspepsia it has "a
magic touch " in this disease.
For testimonials of r lOiarkaMe cures
end for Book on Dyspepsia. No. 5.
C. L Hood Co.. Lowell. Mass.
Mrs. Cleveland in Her Closing Lec
ture Says Many Lack High Senti
ments and Often Girls Are Not
Properly Educated.
Mrs. Cleveland gave her closing lec
ture at the Parish house of the Sf.
Paul's Episcopal church yesterday af
ternoon on the subject, "Why Mar
riage is Sometimes a Failure." The
largest audience that has yet greeted
her was present and thoroughly en
joyed her splendid treatment of the
timely theme.
The speaker contended that mar
riage often failed because the con
tracting parties lacked a high senti
ment, and oftimes through the im
proper education of the girl. The
thoughts of a fine home, a life of leis
ure and amusement, the speaker said
often caused girls to marry and after ;
finding the grim reality of the situ
ation they repented and sought the
divorce courts. .
Experts go Over Government
Accounts at St. Louis and
Find $61,200 Gone.
The following clipping from the
South Framington (Mass.) Evening
News, will be of interest to Richmond
Miss Marv A. Xir-hnlsnn. djiiisrhter
. , -j
U Abfc, I of Mr. and Mrs. William Nicholson
of Framington, and Everett R. Lem
on, of Richmond, Ind., were married
at 6:20 o'clock WednesdavT)cL 10. at
CHECKING UP ONE OF THE Ke"- Aoex miiiara, tne rector, assisted
by tne lie v. Cnarles C. Harnman, as-
CA5E.S FINDS SHORTAGE THE j sistant rector of St. George's Episco-
pal church of New York, a Framing
ham boy and classmate of the bride.
The church decorations were tropical
plants and great clusters of White
chrysanthemums, which formed a
beautiful background for the wedding
party. The bride who wore white mes-
saline with long veil was given away
by her father. She was attended by
her sister, Miss Sarah X. Nicholson
as bridesmaid, who wore blue silk and
carried a bouquet of white chrysan
themums. Dr. James Glass was best
man. lne usners at tne cnurcn were
Washington, 0;t. 17. The officials
of the treasury department have been
informed by T. J. Akins, the assistant
treasurer of the United States at St.
Louis, that there is a probable short
age in the accounts of his office cf
about $61,500, and at his request his
accounts are now being checked by
the treasury experts. At his request Wnijam r. Nicholson, brother of the
also Chief Wilkie of the United States bride and Robert S- Barrett, also of
secret service, has been sent to St. Framingham. Miss Ida M. Neary, the
Louis with a view to determining who Church organist, played Lohengrin's
is responsible for the shortage if it and Mendelssohn's wedding marches.
is actually found to exist. Followtlne the wedding ceremony
It is understood that the assistant there was a reception at the home
treasurer in checking uo one of the of tne bride on Cross street and
cages in his office, found the cash about fifty guests were present. Here
short to the amount stated, but on be- the decorations were of white and
ing confronted with the figures the green. In the front parlor were
clerk In charge insisted that he knew paims and white chrysanthemums
nothing of the matter and that there an(j the chandelier was trimmed with
must have been an error m bookkeep- smilax. The second parlor was dec
ing. Mr. Akins, however, was of the I orated with smilax and the mantel
opinion that there was an actual short- was banked with palms and pink and
age and asked the treasury depart- white carnations, while in the dining
ment for a prompt examination of his j room where the wedding supper was
office. I served, were Richmond roses and
St. Louis, Mo., Oct. 17. Three ex-If ems. Among those present at the
pert accountants from the treasury de j wedding and reception were Miss El-
partment at Washington, working un
der a deputy United States treasurer.
la R. Lemon of Richmond, Ind.; sis
ter of the groom, and her mother,
tome Carious Incidents of an Over
flow of Vesuvius.
At one house, which had been entire
ly surrounded by the flood, but not de
stroyed, ono saw people, ou top of the
mass of lava, entering the upper win-
(lowo with a ladder and bringing forth
their household goods to transport
counting more than $20,000,000 in the Mrs. Ida M. Lemon who with the
vaults of the United States sub-treas bride's parents assisted in receiv-
ury, have discovered a shortage oi ing. Mr. and Mrs. Lemon who were
$61,200, says the Republic. John Wil the recipients of many beautiful wed
kie, chief of the United States secrei j ding giftsi took a late train for Rich
sfcrvice, is In the city but declares mond where they are to make their
that his mission has no connection j future home.
with the examination. United State: j . .
cuDireasurer x nomas j. AKins aa The wedding of Miss Philomena
mitted that the experts are in St Morel, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Eu-
louis, nut says tftat no definite state- gene Moreif and Mr. Floyd Pohlman
them to a place of safety. One vine
yard was surrounded on three sides by men would be made by him until the of Columbus, O., took place last even-
.rmau.rn n uui oiiiUfiiuu uau Jng at the Grace M. E. parsonage,
finished their Investigation. The Rev. W. L Nelson performing
FOREIGNERS tne ceremony Tne Driie and bride-
groom were attended by-Miss Hattie
May Be Driven Out of Morocco. Pohlman of Columbus, O., and Mr.
Americans In Peril. Louis Morel. The bride wore a hand-
Tantrier 1nmttn Ort 17 Twr some gown of Paris muslin and a
thousand tribesmen are assembled large picture hat of white lace and
this dividing current, and it vas pos
sible to walk Into it among the lines
of trimmed vines and to perceive the
fire still glowing In the towering walls
of lava on each jide. The people at
tributed this remarkable phenomenon
to the miraculous intervention of their
Madonna, "Our Lady of the Snows,'
with whose sacred image they had con
fronted the all devouring monster
sweeping implacably down on their ap
parently docnied homes.
Step by step the priests and the faitb
ful, singing the litany, retreated as the
awful flood swept on, and still the
sound of singing and prayer rose above
the fearful roar of the torrent and the
thunder of the mountain above, belch
ing forth from the central crater fiery
bombs and enormous swirls of cinder,
sand and smoke, which rose to great
heights. Yard by yard the lava swept
onward. Now a palatial villa would be
surrounded by the torrent, crushed
dov.n and disappear in smoke; now a
wrepiiig peasant would see his little
cottage and vineyard, his all, go under
In an instant.
- One poor woman was thus watching
the fate of her earthly belongings from
a little eminence when a smaller crater
came roaring forth at her very feet
She turned to flee, fell, rolled to tin
bottom of the little hill, and the next
moment the lava flowed forth like tb
foam from a glass of beer and swept
over the spot where she had been
standing an instant before. Willian
P. Andrews in Century.
south of Fez and are planning to cut plumes. Her bouquet was a shower of
off that city and capture the sultan
A big battle is expected in the nea
future. Agitators for months have
been busy, among the tribesmen in
citing them to a holy war to clear th
land of foreigners. The overthrow t
the dynasty is included in their plans
Serious fears are felt for the safety
of Fez. The insurgents are reporte
to be commanded by a renegade Euro
pean, and they are supplied with ai
tlllery. Part of the program is to kil
all foreigners in Fez. Among these
are several Americans.
bride's roses. The bride's maid was
charmingly gowned in light blue chif
fon over taffeta and carried white
roses. After the ceremony a wedding
supper was served at the home of
the bride's parents on Liberty Ave.
The house decorations were of palms,
smilax and roses. In the dining room
were clusters of white roses and
from the chandelier to the four cor
ners of the table were strands of
smilax. In the center was the bride's
cake surrounded with a wreath of
smilax and white roses and at either
end was a vase of roses and ferns
Covers were laid for Mr. and Mrs.
Floyd Pohlman, Misses Hattie Pohl
man, Catherine 'Pohlman and Mr
and Mrs. Crandell Pohlman of Colum
bus, Ohio, Mr. and Mrs. Beckwith, of
Hamilton, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Rit
tsr, of Cincinnati, Mr. and Mrs. Horn-
back, of Cincinnati, Mrs. Orsshall, of
New Alsace, Ind., Mr. and Mrs. Eu
eene Morel. Louis Morel, Frank
Wogenstall and the Misses Wogen
seph Sowers, William Hufford, George
Theurer, Elmer Daily, Mrs. Hjayes,
and the Misses Treva Etters, Pauline
Sener and Eva West.
Dremes Ball entertained a party
of fifteen school friends at his home
100 Chestnut street yesterday after
noon. The occasion was the tenth
birthday of Master Ball. The time
was spent pleasantly by the little
folks with games. Refreshments
were served.
The members of the G. O. P. Club
have issued invitations for a dance
to be given Wednesday evening, Oct.
24, in I. O. O. F. Hall. Mr. and Mrs.
Charles Kolp will be the chaperones
and- the music will be furnished by
Messrs. WThite and Wilson.
In the club are Messrs. Morton Har
rison, Elmer Dickinson, Paul Wilson,
Willard Jessup, Herbert Meyer, Geo.
Hodge, August Hafner, ' Paul Rice,
Roy Dennis, Frank Lichtenfels and
Ross Hewitt. , .
The Ladies Aid Society of Grace
M. E. church gave a chicken dinner
last evening in the dining room of
the church. Over one hundred were
.jf .ji .). .
Mrs. James Wilson was the hostess
yesterday afternoon for a meeting of
the Penny Club at her home on
South 13th street, after the regular
business of the club was transacted
luncheon was served. The next meet
ing will be in two wreeks at the home
of Mrs. Warfel, corner 10th and
South B. streets.
The Daughters of American Revo
lution will meet this afternoon at
2:30 o'clock with Mrs. W. W. Gaar
at her apartments in the Wescott
4f -H-
Mrs. Frank Land entertained the
following ladies at luncheon yester
day in honor of Miss Meredith who
spoke at their meeting. Covers were
laid for eight. Those present were
Mesdames Virginia Meredith, Frank
Glass, Harry Mather, Fred Butler,
John Shroyer, Frank Land and Miss
Sarah Hill.
ilflULdlLjii .
Wife of Harry Thaw Says That She
Can Prove Conclusively That She) stall, of Hamilton. Mr. and Mrs. Pohl
Did Not Buy Revolver, With Which nian will leave Friday for Columbus,
Ohio, where they win
White Was Shot.
The board of health of Buffalo has
disinfected all text books In use in the
public schools.
John S. Kenyon. Thayer scholar and
instructor in English at Harvard, has
been elected professor of English liter
ature at Butler college.
There will be no Greek letter frater
nities in the new Carnegie Technolog
ical Institute if Director Arthur Ham
merschlag can prevent it. lie would
establish school clubs instead, without
the secrecy feature.
A petition presented by Boston teach
ers to the school committee asking that
body to discontinue the separate schools
for boys and girls gave as reasons that
discipline is much more easily main
tained In mixed classes and that the
work of teachers in boys' schools ap
pears in an unfavorable light when
compared with that of teachers in girls'
xsew York, Oct. 17. Mrs. Harry. I
Thaw said that she is not in the leas-,
worried by the intimation made trr
District Attorney Jerome that anothe.
person in addition to Harry Thaw ma
be indicted for the murder of Stan
ford White. Mrs. Thaw met A. B. Pea
body of her husband's counsel, when
she made her regular visit to the
Tombs and the attorney was with her
when sh.e spoke of Mr. Jerome's state
ment. Mr. Peabody said: We havf
positive information that Mrs. Harry
Thaw did not purchase the revolver
with which Stanford White was
Charge Against Husband.
Cleveland. O., Oct. 17. Robert Cor-
bett, 27, was arrested, charged with
setting fire to the night clothes oi
his wife, Alice Corbet t. who was fatal
make their
home. The out of town guasts were:
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Beckwith, of
Hamilton, Mrs -Frank Hornback of
Cincinnati, Mr. and Mrs. Orssher, of
New Alsace, Ind., Mr. and Mrs. Orss
her, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Ritter and
family, Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Pociey
and Mr. and Mrs. John Allonier, of
Cincinnati; Mrs. Sherer, Frank Wo
genstahl and the Misses Wogenstahl,
of Hamilton.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Woodhurst
were pleasantly surprised Tuesday
evening at their home on North 6th
street by a number of friends. There
were five tables of cards, prizes be
ing won by Mrs. Walter Sener and
Mr. John Etters. After the games a
three course luncheon was served.
During the evening Mr. and Mrs.
Woodhurst were presented with "a
handsome library table. The guests
were: Messrs. and Mesdames Frank
The Lackr R'tcl.
Mamma Roxtoburn E3A Hl be
five years old ia a week.
Papa Roxtoourn True!
"Of course she will have to have her
own footman now, as well as her three
"Of course."
"Arid I've been wondering"
"If she oughtn't to Lave her own so
cial secretary likewise, what with ai!
the affairs she will be invited to.
2Cew York Life.
I - -w-m i 1T',U C . Trt.
ly burned in their apartments. The Gray, Jonn otters, diwr
husband told the police that the wo
man smoked cigarets in bed and that
the bed clothes were set on fire in
that way, but in the "sweatbox" he ad
mitted having frequently quarreled
with his w'fe.
AI Gaylor of Greensfork was in the
city yesterday.
D. C. Brookbank of Liberty spent
yesterday in the city.
Mr. and Mrs. Louis A. Posther left
yesterday for Nashville, Tenn., where
Mr. Posther has purchased stock In
a buggy manufactory and will take
the position of superintendent of the
Miss Lizzie Campbell and son of
New Castle spent yesterday in the
Mr. and Mrs. John Sering of Chi
cago are the guests of friends in the
Mrs. August Stauber has been call
ed to Piqua, on account of the ser
ious illness of her brother, Chris
Mrs. Charles Wolfer is visiting her
daughter in Chicago.
Mrs. Margaret Dick is visiting in
Miss Helen Carson of Greenville
is visiting friends in the city.
Mrs. John Lantz has returned from
a visit at Hagerstown.
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Pickens will
leave soon for California to spend
the winter.
Please bear in mind while putting your
house in order for the winter, that we are
headquarters for many of the new things
that you will need. It will be money in
your pocket to see us on following items :
Room Size 9x12 $8.50 to $35.00
Small Rugs 50c to $7.00
See the new Fibre Rugs All Sizes.
Ingrain Druggets $4.00 to $9.00
Cocoa and Rubber Door Mats.
Full lines from 1
Much below regular price
ijr-zy 6oc. u;
E C.
Air widths .25c to 35c
Nottingham, big line ....50c to $5.00
Ruffled Curtains, all new 85c to $5
ArabiiMGrral?is $3.00 to $10.00
urgJJtirtains ..$2.00 to $8.50
russels-cQrtflins ...$3.00 to $10.00
TapfTCurtairiSS. - VJJaio $8.00
ouch Covers ...1.25 to $5.00
Window ShadgOraperies.
TableJfejCarpet Sweepers.
CupJStretchers ..$1, $1.50, $1.98
Mrs. Virginia Meredith Addressed
Domestic Science Club at the Reid
Memorial Church Four Hundred
in Attendance.
That Richmond women are showing
a new interest in household econom
Miss Lizzie Hill has returned from ics was demonstrated yesterday at
a visit in Fountain City. fhfi 'onPn-' meetine of the Domestic
Misses Mayme Golden and Eliza rience Club, which was held in the
nayes nave returned from Cincin- . .
. , . . I Memorial church. Between 300 and
iui. emu inis. ft cum iajiur ui ruua- j
tain Citv are visiting in the oitv w women were in attendance, a ma-
Mrs. Blanche Page Broekenbrough jorlty of them, club women. The
of Lafayette is visiting friends in the j guest of honor and the speaker of the
city. - occasion wras Mrs. Virginia Meredith.
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Turner who of Cambridge City, who takes high
have been the guests of Mr. and Mrs. rank among the talented women of In-
Webb Pyle have returned to their diana and the west and whose addres
home in Cambridge. J ses on the subject of domestic science
Mrs William Randall nf Kiwnnd ai"e always listened to with marked
will arrive tnrtnv n vmcJ rr w interest, airs, jvierecuin was neara
----- - - - - bwuu f Jl, 1 Ui .ft.
Mrs. Will Clements has returned to
her home in Fountain City.
during the Chautauqua last August
and her discussion yesterday of mat
ters relating to the business of house
keenine was not onlv Interpstirifir hut
musses iiattie ana tatnerine "bl- of real value
man and Richard Pohlman of Con- Followins the address there was
nersville were here to attend the a Hisr.inv f i-iton nt0nciic
Pohlman-Morrell wedding last even- this nhase of the nfternnnn'o nrnram
Mr. and Mrs. Will Dill are the The next session of the club will al-
guests of friends in . Indianapolis. so be open to the public and Miss
Mrs. Schoolcraft and son of Adrian Burkhardt will discuss an important
Mich., are the guests of Mrs. Will topic, "The Care of Sick Rooms."
Crooked Jokr.
"Say. B.il' exclaimed the second
tory man as they wended their way
down the avenue ou a . warm night
"I'm all but roasted. Let's go ia berfr
end get n sodru." ... ., .;: &
"Not for mine, pal," laughed the safe
"Why not?"
M ell, you see. I might bm a safe
rracker, but I don't want peoae to say
I am a sC-a or?f !:-" f"hic Nw
tury fueL
Divorce Hearing Postponed.
Paris, Oct. 17. The' hearing of thf
cult for divorce brought by Countes;
de Castellane against her husband,
Count Boni. and the hearing of tht
suit brougnt by the creditors of tht
count were both postponed for a fort
nighf, cofcsel for the countess suc
ceeding In having the court decidt
to hear the divorce suit before thr
creditors" suit. The count wanted tt
have the latter cases decided first.
Every Effort is Made to Prevent
Spread of Disease Through
Books at the Library.
their soiled condition and every pre
caution is taken to prevent the
spread of disease through library
The place of the meeting will be an
nounced later but the date has been
already fixed, . October 24.
Artificial cas. the 20 th
Four Kitted in Explosion.
Celina, O., Oct. 17. Four persons
are reported dead and several others
missing as a result of a gasoline ex
plosion in the Meinerding hardwart
store at Fort Recovery in this county.
The explosion set fire to the buildings
and the injured were Imprisoned undei
the ruins.
Ber the ? 1 r'8 m IQa Haw ftlwa'S Bflligni
The following signed statement
was made to the Palladium yesterday
In regard to the care being taken at
the Morrisson-Reeves library to pre
vent the spread of disease through
the promiscious circulation of books:
There seems to be some misunder
standing in regard to the care of the
books at the Morrisson-Reeves Lib
rary. The library authorities and the
Board of Health are in accord and
are working together. Books have
been fumigated and there has been a
formaldehyde plant for he - fumiga
tion of books at the library for many
years. All books 4 known to have
been exposed to tiiphtheria, scarlet
fever or such contious diseases are
burned and large numbers of books
. re sent to the furnace on account of
Count Tolstoi neither drinks, smokes
nor eats meat.
Old John Lie, the most beloved Nor
wegian writer, has returned to his na
tive land after a twenty year sojoun
In Paris. He is seventy and almost
Alfred Stevens, the famous Belgian
artist, is dead, lie was a commander
MAKl calls at night.
St P:-.uI, Minn., Oct. 17. Subpoena:
have been served by the United State,
marshal here on the comptrollers,
treasurers and heads of the claim de
partmeats of the Great Northern,
Omaha, Minneapolis and St. Louis anc I of the Legion of Honor and had prac
the Wisconsin Central railroads di I tieed his art for nearly three-quarters
rectmg th'ein to appear before a spe 1 of a century
viai eiiiiu jury ia lae cnuea oiaiet i ur. unaries nouert liuwaru vo:
district court at Minneapolis on Tues- j Hartmann, the noted German philoso
day next with the books and records pher, is dead. His most famous booit
of their respective departments. This Is said to be "The Philosophy of the
action is said to have been taken as r j Unconscious." i
result of the investigation of an agenU Charles Dana Gibson is seekinsr
of the department of justice of the fjKf studio in Paris after a torn- of tht
eral government of the givingT re-1 great art galleries of Italv and Snaln
bares by the railroad of the ffthwesf
in connection with Khfcients of
A dance 'to
Auxilliary to
F. hall Octob
lS-lt "
He acknowledges being a
from homesickness and would
turned to America but for
slon of friends.
en by Ladies
R. T. in I. O. O.
HolIoMeen, 1906.
Use artificial gas for
lAve re
&nd heat
Pr-rcliar Custom of the Arab Ladies
of Zanzibar.
The Arab Indies of Zanzibar live In
great seclusion in the large white
houses, never going out in the daytixr
from one year's end to another, say
the Manchester Guardian. A little
cooking and sweetmeat making is their
only recognized employment, though
some few of. them can do beautlfui
silk embroidery. To lie on their bei
and be fanned by their slave girls U
the usual occupation of the riche?
If they want to visit their friends, or
as Is more often the case, to peramba
late the town, they wait until S o'cloci
in the evening, when . a gun is fire;'
warning all Mohammedans that It b
the fifth and last hour of prayer; thei
they may go out They are entireij
enveloped in large mantles and theii
; faces completely bidden by very ugl
gilt masks, with obldhg slits for th
eyes, and many of them wear thc.'
even in the privacy of their own homes.
Their other garments are trousers and
a tunic re-ching below the knee, whkl
is often embroidered and trimmed will
gold braid. They have a number c
gold and silver ornaments, nose ring
and earrings, bracelets, anklets. an
so on.
They are very light in color, many of
them cream colored. Their features ar
regular and good, and they have dart,
eyes and silky black hair. They palm
under their eyes and stain their hand?
and nails a reddish color with senna.
If they want to go any distance froai
home they ride through the narrow
streets on large white asaes stained ii
brick red, their slaves running by the!
sides, but you generally meet their
stalking solemnly along, surrounded b)
their slaves, who carry enormous Ian
terns as big as a London street lamp.
Very often they do not return borni
till 4 in the morning, when another
gun Is fired proclaiming the first hor;
of prayer. It is very awkward at times
when you nieet in the streets some o'
these ladies whom you ought to knor
and are greeted by them. You cannc
see their faee3. it Is not always ea;
to recognize a volca. and nothing woult
offend them more than to ask theii
THE 01
Buy f voXDrumrist I
l AT-' f BltAJTD PILL, for
yc.rs' Nafcutiad . Bt. Satat. Always
KeliaMc Sold by Druvrists erarrwbera.
If you have good "opportun
ity eyesight" you will pnd
some things in the wantads
today which most oeop'3 will
overlook. Before you throw
The Palladium aside. Kik over
the classified advertrements.
opftie hours
8a.rn.toSp. m. vry day
xcpt Tuesday.
Lady Assistant.
M sua
Doing a good job Is apt to keep yor
too busy to -r?n1e- r,t,nr fp.jo
Artistically MetroroUtan i
In every Retail U tM t
WeddinA rjusic I
Furnished In Rich ml
by Lawrence WJ
Tet-rauq Concert Quartet
Sweet Cider (Just
New Chestnuts.
Rambo Apples Eating,
Phone 292.
f .?
0 ty
The Prescription IDi-tajf Sfprc..
'PHONE 77. 804 IWaAlN STRE
Try Ross Csrbolized Cream for rough face, hands not greasy. 25 CE
has the exclusive right !n Richmond of the new Whit
ine piace or oarK amalgum filling. Guaranteed five y
No. 8 North Tenth Street.
eVPoreain to take I

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