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IPatje Two.
j he Richmond Palladium, Wednesday, November 21, i9Uu.
A Trite Saying.
It is a trite saying that no man Is
Btronger than his stomach Dr. Pierce'?
Uolden Medical -Discovery strengthens
the stomachputs'it.in .shape to make
pure, rich bloc! helps rb- liver and
kidneys to expei the from the
hod y -and thusx-ur s bu . r and kid
nv troubles. If you tuivc x.iA natural
hi I pnritier and tonic, you will assist
system in manufacturing each day
" t of rich, red blood, that is -v'tro-
to the brain arrd :ner The
- nervous, run-down, -del ,ated
.ition which so many people suffer
ifl, is usually tne effect ot poisons i
uie blood: it is often indicated by pimpk
or boils appearing on the skin, tne fa
oecomes inin aim ine ieungs uiuw.
Dr. Pierce's "Disoyery " cures all iJjfod
humors as well its being a tonic Xliat
makes one vigorous, strong and forijf ful.
It is the only medicine put up if sale
through druggists for like purpos that
oantains neither - alcohol nor rlrmful
habit-forming drugs, and the oyly one,
every ingredient of which has thy profes
sional endorsement of the leadirf medical
writers of this country. SonWr of these
endorsements are published Jo. a little
hook of extracts from standard medical
works and wille sent to ary address
I'rce, on reeeiptf request ilierefor by
etter or postal caVj, addressflu to Dr. R.
V. Pierce. BuffalN. Y. ft tells just
what Dr. Pierce's mlwIcinesMre made of.
The "Words of Pra" iM the several
ingredients of which 1. IMerce's medi
cines are composed, by llkadf'rs in all the
several schools of medicajpractice, and
lecommending them for the cure of the
diseases for which the "Golden Medical
Discovery " is advised, should have far
more weight with the sick and afflicted
than any amount of the so-called "testi
monials " so conspicuously flaunted before
the public by those who are afraid to let
ine jntrreuiems ui wnica ineir meuicwies
are composed be known. Bear in mind
that the "Golden Medical Discovery" has
the badse of honkstv on every bottle
wrapper, in a full list of its ingredients.
Dr. Pierce's Pleasant Pellets cure con
stipation, invigorate the liver and regu
late stomach and bowels.
Dr. Pierce's great thousand-page illus
trated Common Sense Medical Adviser
will be sent free, paper-bound, for 21 one
cent slamps, or cloth-bound for 31 stamps.
Address Dr. Pierce as above.
A. a Excellent .Appliance In le on an
Knsliali Poultry Farm.
The Illustration given herewith shows
tie "continuous" brooder used at the
university college poultry farm In
This brooder is constructed some
what like the outdoor brooders used in
this country, 'says the Feather. The
Illustration presents the construction
more plainly than we could if we might
use pages in an attempt to describe th
appliance so successfully used by them.
This brooder Is built so that it may be
placed upon the movable truck and
carried to any part of the farm and
put in a new position where it will
be protected by the shadows of the
trees, and where good drainage and a
Sne supply of green food are to be found.
These trucks need- only be a square
axle, with the wheels bolted in, one
at each end. The brooder placed on
these can be pushed about at will Into
any portion of the yard or farm where
It Is desirable to have It placed. When
this brooder Is in position, protecting
yards may be thrown around It to pro
ject the young chicks from all kinds of
dangers which might overtake them.
The only danger not provided against
In this manner is the rain storms, but
young chicks yarded In this way soon
learn to run to the protection of the
house or brooder so soon as the raia be
gins to fall.
Diarrhea In FonU.
Diarrhea is caused by either the
quantity of the food, the quality of
the food or of the drinking water or
the atmospheric conditions to which
he bird has been exposed. In thf
treatment of ."this1 class of diseases St
is especially important that the cause
phould be sought and removed. See
that the bird3 are comfortable and not
exposed to drafts, cold or dampness.
Give pure drinking waiter and regulate
the food. Allow small quantities of
mash or cooked food, with some chop
ped beef. Put a handful of oatmeal
In the driniing water or give boiled
milk for drink. Give a tablespoonful
of olive oil as a-laxative to carry off
any irritating matter that may be In
the intestines, then follow with on
half to one grain of bicarbonate of
soda and two grains of subnitrate of
bismuth in a little water three time
m His First Run Today.
Geo. Butler, formerly of Cambridge
!ity, and now living in East German
own, will make his first run out of
lichmond to Columbus, O. , as mail
:lerk today. Mr. Butler was night
perator at Columbus, on the P. C. C.
fc St. Li. R. R. when, he received this
i i
. ' r " -
i , 1 I . ; . . 1-
s EVERY-ubsCRIBER . . , TRY TO WIN THE . . .
- ' .;V ' : -1 L ... . r
S1mwMWb,!!m'mm,m,mm,m,"mm . m,,,,, y
How to Build First All Steel Coaches
Unburnable and Collision-proof Baggage,
Postal, Dining and Sleeping Cars
Also Under
Publishers' PressJ
Philadelphia, Nov. 20. The Pennsyl
vania Railroad has called for bids for
the construction of 100 all steel, non
inflammable passenger cars. This
will fee the first lot of such equipment
to be made in accordance with the
company's Intention to build no more
wooden cars. The decision on this
point was hastened by the progress of
the New York tunnel, through which
the company will not run anything
but absolutely fireproof cars.
Bids are to be asked of the Ameri
can Car & Foundry Company, and the
Pressed Steel Car Company. One ex
perimental passenger car has already
been built by the Pennsylvania, but
the new cars will embody many im
provements upon this one.
The company's shops at Altoona
will also complete now very shortl
the all steel baggage car, which is in
course of construction there, as well
as an all steel postal car the first to
be constructed by any railroad. This
will be delivered about January 1st.
The Pennsylvania has agreed with j
Uniform Rank K. of P. Intend that
Dance This Year Shall Be
Better than Ever.
The Richmond Division, No. 14, c
the Uniform Rank of Knights of
Pythias has appointed its committee
to look after the arrangements for the
grand ball, which will be given by the
company some time in February, The
exact date of the ball will be fixed by
the committee appointed.
According to the members of the di
vision, this year's ball will be the larg
est and most gorgeous that has ever
been attempted by the local company.
An out of town orchestra will probably
furnish the music, while several out of
town lodges will send delegations to
the event. It promises to one of
Richmond's leading social events of
the year.
The committee appointed to . look
after the arrangements for the ball is
composed of the following: A. L.
Stanley, chairman, Elmer WeiSbrodt,
Walter Lichtenfels, Chas. Tangeman
and Artie F. Ireton.
Gus Hoelscher, One of the Winners
for '08 Class at Earlham Yes
terday Afternoon.
The Junior oratorical contest was
held yesterday afternoon, the winners
being Walter Miles and Gus Hoelscher.
The final contest conies off Dec. 7.
The following men will enter:
Seniors Laurence Smelser, Frank
Laurence Smelser, Frank Gardner.
Juniors Gus Hoelscher, Walter
Sophomore Lester Mormon.
Freshman Sharon Mote.' -
Rev. Brown to Lecture.
Rev. F. B. Brown of the Universal
ist church will give
1st church at Dublin will give a free
lecture Friday night ' at 7 o'clock.
Subject, "Savonarola. Preaching
Sunday, 10:30, "The Greater Univer
satism." 7 P. M., "Salvation and
Coroner S. C. Markley j'esterday af
ternoon returned his verdict in Comer
case. It is as follows:
"I, Stephen Markley, find that Jo
seph Comer came to his death on the
17th day of November, 196, from an
electric shock, received by handling an
incandescent electric light bulb at the
Minck Brewing Company's plant on
West Main street."
Doan's Regulets cure constipation
without griping, nausea, nor any weak
ening effect. Ask your druggist for
them. 25 cents per box.
the Postoffice Department to construct
its future mail cars of 70 feet in length
and suitable for use as either letter or
paper cars. The present pay for rail
road postal service is based upon a
car of 60 feet in length, so that in the
new cars an extra 10 feet will be pro
vided for which the company will re
ceive no compensation. Tho new
cars will add greatly to the safety and
convenience of railway mail operat
ors. The motive power department has
also just approved designs for an all
steel dining car, and an experimental
car of this character will be started at
once. The Pullman Company, at the
instance of the Pennsylvania Railroad
is at work upon an all-steel non-inflammable
sleeping car. . Sjme 500 such
cars must be completed and prepared
for service by the time the New York
terminal is ready for operation.
It is the expectation of the compa
ny's motive power officials that the
cars, which are now ordefid, will be
as completely fireproof and collision
proof as modern engineering science
has yetendered possible.
By Agreement Reached Between Men
and Lackawanna Railroad Company
Some Will Get an Increase of Five
Cents per Hour.
Scranton, Pa., Nov. 20. There will
be no strike of the Switchmen of the
Lackawanna railroad. The contro
versy arising over the demands of the
men for a ten hour day and an in
crease in wages, was settled today at
a conference between the switchmen's
committee and General Superintend
ent T. E. Clarke. The switchmen get
the ten hour work day, a reclassifica
tion of the wage scale and a reclassifi
cation of the yards. In some of the
yards the increase is as high as five
cents an hour.
The settlement arrived at today was
reached after conferences started
three weeks ago.
The agreement between the com
pany and the switchmen was signed
late this afternoon.
Splendid Advertising Wagon Has At--tracted
A Great Deal of Atten
tion While Here.
"Gazabo" the wagon advertising
Schwab's Pure Gold beer made at
Hamilton will leave Richmond today.
While here the wagon has attracted
much attention on account of its
beauty and those who have been
guests of those in charge have mar
velled at the wonderful vehicle. The
wagon, weighs 6,850 pounds, is twen
ty feet long, seven feet wide and six
feet and a half high. It requires
three large horses to pull it. In ad
dition to a range, refrigerators and
the like there is room for six beds.
Township Trustee Manning Makes
Visit to Model BuTlding West
of the City.
Township Trustee Manning, of Per
ry township, was in the city yesterday,
and while here took occasion to go to
the district school No. 11, just west of
the city, to make an inspection. The
school is one of the finest district
schools in the country, and has at
tracted the attention of all the county
trustees. ' Township Trustee Potter
and County Superintendent Jordan ac
companied Mr. Mannig.
Edgar Norris has received word
from Peru, Ind.", of the serious loss by
fire suffered by his brother-iA-law, J.
W. Smith, whose mill was recently de
stroyed. Mr. Smith carried no insur
ance. '
L Is Said that Receipts - Mon
day Night Were $800 and
Yast Night $400. v
Despite the heavy downpour of rain
last night, there was over five hund
red paid admissions to the Elk's fair
which is in full blast at the Coliseum.
The antlered herd realized that they
were up against the weather and they
doubled their efforts to please the
'faithful" ,who endured the rain and
journe5red to the scene of the festiv
ities. One of the most noticeable features
of the whole affair, is the way in
which people are hurried to the diff
erent booths. It is not done by the
elk's, who are over eager for people
to buy, but when the visitors first
step inside the "enchanted circle"
they are whirled about the floor by
the push and , hustle of the large
crowd, which is always eager to pur
chase the many things that are off
ered. The country store still remains the
center attraction the genial custodi
ans of the same, . are kept hustling
from the time the first "bally hoo'er"
announces that the fair Is in full
blast,' until the last wee dime is count
ed after the evenings business is
It is said that over $800 was taken
in Monday night while the receipts
last night ran up to almost $400.
With weather, conditions favorable,
it is expected that the fair will do
the largest business of the week to
night, with Saturday night probably
excepted. '
ComplimentsMote's Work.
Alden Mote, the Richmond artist,
was in the city, today, on business.
Mr. Mote has just completed a portrait
in water colors of little Mary Eliza
beth, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J.
Howard Mount. The picture was or
dered by Mr. Q. A. Mount, a great un
cle of the little lass, and is a splendid
likeness of the beautiful child. Con
nersville Evening News.
loma of the Great EngalfliiK Warei
:. of the Glutton Sea.
There is -one consolation about thf
two great earthquakes which destroyeC
respectively the two great cities of
San Francisco and Valparaiso, ant
that is that they raised no seismic
waves to speak of.
This was because the earth tremors
were wholly on land and did not ex
tend beneath the bed of the ocean. It
is when this latter eventuality happen?
that these terrible waves are created
causing widespread havoc.
For instance, It was this kind oi
ocean avalanche that engulfed Lisbon,
with '50,000 of its inhabitants, in 1755,
and "in' 1883 a submarine earthquake
started in the straits of Sunda a so
called "tidal" (seismic) wave that trav
eled twice around the globe and drown
cd 35,000 people. '
In 1801 again a submarine earth
quake threw up a wall of water seven
ty feet high and more than 800 miles
in length, which , overwhelmed the
greater portion of the Niphon Islands.
On this occasion 84,000 houses were
swept away and 10,000 people lost
their lives.
Worse still was a huge wave which
In 1868 wiped out of existence in a few
minutes the cities of 'Arequipa, Iqui
que, Tacua and Chencha, drowning 25,
000 persons and destroying property
worth 60,000,000. The waters of th
Pacific first retreated . nearly half a
mile, then rushed forward with irresist
ible force, so that great ships were
carried far inland and there left high
and dry for future generations to won
der at.
At Port Royal, Jamaica, again, many
houses were engulfed forty fathoms
deep, "with above 3,000 of their In
habitants, while about the same time
an earthquake made wave so complete
ly demolished Catania, in Sicily, that
of the town and its 18,000 inhabitants
not a trace remained- Pearson's
Marion Legislator May Not
Give Branch His Support
For Speakership.
The Indianapolis Sun had the fol
lowing to say on the Speakership race
last night:
: "Representative Guy S. Condc, of
Grant county, at one time supposed to
be in a fair way to obtain the speak
ership of the lower house of the In
diana general assembly, without much
trouble, but who recently was con
fronted by Governor Haly's opposition,
does not seem to be ready to draw off
at the behest of the governor, in spite
of the announcement that Gov. Hanly
favors the election of Representative
Branch, of Martinsville, to the speak
ership. While Mr. Branch takes it
for granted that' the matter is settled,
and that he is to be the speaker, Mr.
Condo and some o(Ter members of,
the house, do not fall in with the ar
rangement. Mr. Condo calls atten
tion to the fact that he did not de
clare for Mr. Branch at the confer
ence recently held at the office of the
governor, but that on the contrary, he
was directly silent on the subject of
the rise of Mr. Branch.
Urged to Make Race.
"He has been urged by letter and by
word of mouth, by house members in
the northern part of the state, to con
tinue in the race for the speakership.
It is intimated that he has had assur
ances of an encouraging nature from
the Marion county delegation, and it is
said that at a meeting of this delega
tion, Wednesday, some action will be
taken by the Marion county members
of the house looking to the solution o
the problem created by Gov. Hanly
when he stated in open way the exec
utive choice of a speaker."
"It is known that powerful forces
are at work in Marion county in the
interests of Mr. Condo. The fact that
T?omihiiran Conntv Chairman John C.
Ruckelshauvs is brother-in-law of the
Marion man, may be , said to have
some little significance in this connec
tion." Stubbs Led Ticket.
Indianapolis, Nov. 20. (Spl.) Jo
seph H. Stubbs, the republican candi
date for statistician, led the other re
publican candidates in plurality at the
late election, .according to the official
tabulation'just cornpleted by the secre
tary of state: Stubbs' plurality was
Superintendent Cotton had the
smallest plurality, 30,692.
Half the negroes in the United States
are under 19.4 years of age.
The postoffice has a profit of $15,000
a year through unclaimed money or
ders. The number of murders and homi
cides decreased 2,000 in the United
States during the last ten years.
There have been over 8,200 visitors
to the Longfellow home In Portland,
Me.this season against 7,757 In 1905.
A Maine schooner, the Natalie B.
Nlckerson of Boothbay Harbor, Me,
was high line in the mackerel fishery
this season, with a gross stock of $13,
800, the crew sharing $245
Three lives have been saved by
means of a device Invented by a Swed
ish woman named Llnd for preventing
people from being buried alive. It was
applied to 2,200 supposed corpses.
In Johannesburg, South Africa, the
agents of the Bible society were last
year asked to supply fifty-three differ
ent translations of the Scriptures. In
only one case, that of an Icelander, did
they fall to produce the desired trans
lation. '
will be strong enough to build up a
great fortune."
"You will have to show me a blu
print of the fortune first.'
Not He.
"I love a nice lawn more than any
thing else about a bouse."
"You are different from me. I donf
love any kltd of a lawn mower.
WANTED feoard and room for two
young ladies in private family. Ad
dress!. P., care Palladium. 21-2t
WANTED A girl for "general house
work. 206 North 9th street. 20-2t
- :: , r . j Y :?H!
WANTED Someone to weave silk
rags. Address Mrs. Edw. Hill. 131c.
South A street, 20-3t
WANTED Apposition as bookkeeper
or assistant by young man. In
quire G. A. R. in care Palladium.
-. T ; y "V.
WANTED A good girl who can cook,
at 110 North 10th street 17-3t
'VANTED Have your cleaning done
with compressed air. Home tele
phone 384. D. S. Bray. 15-7t
SPECIAL We positively allow no
hunting on our farm. Joseph Myers,
John Myers. ll-14t
WANTED Cabinet maker at the
Rowlett Desk Mfg. Co., North 10th
street. - 13 tf
WANTED A boy to drive delivery
wagon. South 9th and B street.
WANTED At No. 329 North 14th
street, woman for general house
work in family of three, no wash
ing. 2l-2t
Richmond pr
a - specialty.
Block. Phone 329-
FOR SALE Buck lamb and 2 regis
tered pigs. Address S. E. Alexan
der, R. R. No. 4, Phone 173 E.
Fountain City. 18-4t
FOR SALE Cockerels, nicely color
ed. Barred Rocks, also white turk
eys if taken soon. D. E. Weller,
R. R. No. 1. 18-7t
FOR SALE-r Have your cleaning done
with compressed air. Home Tele
phone 384. D. S. Bray. 15-7t
FOR SALE Hot air furnace for $35,
725 North 10th street. Phone 576.
f 15-7t
FOR SALE For pure Polfhd China
brood sows, call on 'A H. Pyle.
Phone 805C. A' 17-6t
FOR SALE Cheap affarm 8 miles
from Richmond, if Interested ad
dress C. M. caredOt Palladium. 24tf
Ererybody Dfa property from
WoodhursU 91Ma!n SL Telephone
491. JuneS tt
FOR SALE A sewing machine
Society to Check Huge Fire Losses
Building Authorities Join in Movement to
Carry on a Campaign of Educa
tion Free Advice Given. txXi-
IPublishers' Tress
Washington, Nov. 20, Or efforts
on a large scale to reduce fire losses
is represented in the' International
Society of Building Commissioners
and Inspectors, of this city, which
has just held its third annual election
and issued a report of its progress.
Free advice on the subject of fire
prevention is ogered "to any munici
pality, association or individual, hav
ing their own corporate or his per
sonal Interest enough at heart to ask
for it,"
The society is composed of the
chief officers of the building depart
ments of the large cities." Nearly ev
ery important city in the country is
represented as well as many cities in
Europe, some of the members being
from England, Austria and Mexico.
Its work is directed by the chief ex
ecutive officer, F. W. Fitzpatrick, one
of the "best known consulting archi
tects and authorities on fire preven
tion in the United States.
Through the society's efforts many
cities' have already been induced to
improve their building laws. The so
ciety is also trying to get, municipal
ities to lower taxation on fireproof
buildings, while placing the maximum
assessment on fire traps which are a
menace and the protection of which
involves big expense to every large
Speaking of the aims of the society
Mr. Fitzpatrick says: "Year by year
cheap. Call 205 Chestnut Street, j
21-2t "
FOR RENT Furnished-rooms. Also
boarders taken. 21S North 7th st.
20-2 1 ' "
FOR RENT Nicely furnished rooms,
furnace heat and bath. 115 North
12 th street. r 20-tf
FOR RENT 5-roonl house, bath. et.
Richmond aven. $15. " Also -room
house, Chrles street, $10.
' . " 16-17 !
FOR RENT njrnished rooms, eleo.
trie r.ght, stlta heat, for gentlemen:
only, at the Grand. 14-tf
FOR RENT Furnished or unfurnish-:
ed, single or suite rooms, centrally:
located and ..desirable. Reference,
exchanged. ' Address "W". Paling
dium office for information." " 2l-1f(
FOR RENT House, 424 South 14th;
street, 8 - rooms, large attic,, good;
cellar and stab'e. Inquire 'I E.j
Leonard, 115 North 10th street.
' " ' ' LOST. 1
LOST A large tall of boa. Return1
to Haisley's shoe store. 20-3t. j
LOST A large Maltese cat with
white spot on'nock and four white
paws. Leave at 22 North 14th
street and receive- reward, 20-3t
LOST Silk umbrella. Gun metal
handle with gold plated trimmings,
leave at 17 South 12th street. 18-3t
' FOUND. " r
FOUND A glove on Middleboro pike.!
Mrs. T. J. Addlemah. Phone 821C
20-3t ' ' -:'
FOUND A leather gauntlet right
glove on West First street. Owner
can have same by calling at f-09
Main and identify. 20-3t
FOUND A Carrier pigeon at 211 So.
14th street, mark P. P. 1900.
FOUND Dog, buff and white pup. Call
1276 new phone.
FOUND A bunch of keys near the
Main street bridge. Sunday morn
ing. Frank Lasbley, Phone 504.
FOUND A bicyckf, owner call and
identify it at J$7 South C street.
19 3t
HUNT, 7 H. 9th
RENT 6-Roomt and
batn in good location, or ' will
rent 5 rooms furnished in same
4 nouse wnn oain.
we burn up actually one-half of as
much as we.1 add. During the last
month some cities have far exceeded
that average. Atlanta erected $239.
335 worth of buildings in September
and burned up $215,000 In October;
Buffalo built $689,990 and burned
$313,000. Our average annual fire
loss is now $200,000,000;. this year it
will exceed $500,000,000. The Inter
national Society of Building Commis
sioners and Inspectors was formed to
carry on a campaign of education
whereby the public will become thor
oughly familiar with what constitutes
fireproof construction and tbe need
that exists for it."
Taken to Sanitarium.
Geo. W. r ("Phil") Zuttermeister,
who became violently insane Sunday
night, and was locked in the police
station for safe keeping, has been tak
en to a sanitarium at Dayton. Those
persons accompanying him to Dayton
stated that he was never more ratio
nal, although he still suffered with
extreme nervousness. When they
left him, Zuttermeister stated that he
hoped that the 'cure" would benefit
Gives vigor, strength, vitality t$
your nerves, stomach and every part
of your body. It's easy to take; swal
low a little Hollister's Rocky Moun
tain Tea; it does the business. Tea
or Tablets, 35 cents.. .
A. G. Luken & Co.

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