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The Richmond Palladium, Sunday, January 20, 1907-.
(Continued from Page One.)
Of Staple Grocery
Needs Monday
Three Leaders
For the Day Only.
Fancy Michigan Cookers, Monaay
only . . .50
25 Pound Cloth Bag, Monday only
Carpenter's Fancy or Richmond
25 pounds .0
50 pounds $1.00
100 pounds $1.95
Pillsbury, White Satin or Haxall
25 pounds 70
50 pounds $1.35
100 pounds $2.65
4th and Main Sts.
Kesiaents of South Fifth street Com
plain to the Police of the Actions
at Night Are Very Distasteful to
The residents of South 5th street,
between IJ and C streets have com
plained to the police of the actions
of a mysterious stranger whose act
ions in that locality for the past few
nights have been very annoying and
wholly Impropfv. His movff; have
always been made while the women
of the house were seemingly alone.
He has tried to gain access to the
nouses which he has visited by knock
ing and some time falling against
the door. When questioned to his
identity he would never tell in fact
no words, could be gained from him.
But a meager discription of the man
has as yet been obtained but this was
given to the police and they are work
ing on the case.
friend of Hanly, is taking some hand
in the development of opposition for
ces to the governor's pet measures.
It was also said thiit some of Hem
enway's special legislative friends
who have been believed to be riding
on the Hanly band wagon, have tum
bled off and are whetting their knives
for the bills that bear the Hanly
brand. Then there are stories to the
effect that these charges are alto
gether untrue. At all events things
are badly 'shot to pieces" in the leg
islative halls at the close of the sec
ond week and it is all due to the
mixing of politics.
It must not be understood that all
or anywhere near all of the legisla
tors are viewing legislative measures
through political glasses for they
probably are not, but there are some
of them, republicans and democrats,
who appear to believe that the best
work they can do for their constitu
ents is to vote for a bill if it suits
them politically or vote against it if
it will add to their pol;tical prestage.
No consideration is given for the
folks at home.
Just who these legislators are can
not be told to an absolute certainty
until the votes on certain measures
are taken. There will be some
"ducking." The more timid will be
afraid to face the issue. The
Women's Home Missionary Society of
the Grace M. E. church, to Have a
Series of Interesting Meetings for
Coming Year.
The program for the several meet
ings of the Woman's Home Missionary
society of the Grace M. E. church, dur
ing the present year has been prepar
ed. These meetings promise to be
of more than ordinary interest to
those who have the success of this
work at heart. The organization is
to hold one meeting each month, the
program being as follows:
January 8 Leader, Mrs. Frank Fry.
The Broad Field, Mrs. E. M. Haugh
ton; hostess, Mrs. S. M. Guild, 311
North Eighth street.
February 12 Leader, Mrs. M. C
Price. The Invading Army, Miss
Rosa Dunn; hostess, Mrs. Mary Whit-
ridge, 105 South Eighth street.
March 12 Leader, Mrs. Dr. Town
send. Work in the South, Mrs. S. M.
Guild: hostess, Mrs. Geo. Simmons,
210 North Seventh street.
April 9 Leader, Mrs. Emma Eva
Letting In and Shutting Out, Mrs. G.
II. Hill: hostess, Mrs. Dr. Townsend,
bold i 101 North Ninth street.
Medics from Over the Sixth
District Will Assemble
Here to "Discuss."
will try to bluff their way through,
but the publicity that will come will
have some effect toward hastening
the end of the bluffers.
rr -
It does not look today as if the
Richmond police department mem
bers need be fearful that the metro
politan system is to be abolished.
True the men who have this repeal
business in hand will line up many
supporters but there is evidence that
the senate will kill the bill even if
the house should pass it.
May 14 Leader, Miss Ella Ross
Orientals and City Mission Work,
Mrs. Angie M. Taylor; hostess, Mrs
Lvdia Dille. 121 South Thirteenth
June 11 Leader, Miss Elizabeth
Townsend. Young People's Number,
Mrs. Grace Gorman; hostess, Mrs. M.
C. Price, National Road. west.
July 9 Leader, Mrs. Israel Harris.
Immigrants in Their New Home, Mrs.
T. J. Newby; hostess, Mrs. A. G.
Compton, 348 Randolph street.
September 10 Leader, Miss Rosa
N. Dunn. Woman's Work for Alien
- , 1 i Women. Mrs. Frances Kelley host-
movemenc are uemocrais. i ney are j ' , in
Representative McCullough of Ander-
Hulpit Will be Filled by the Rev. Dr.
Hill This Morning and Prof.
Davis Speaks Tonight.
The Rev. J. O. Campbell will go to
McCordsville, Ind., today where he
will officiate at the funeral of Mrs.
Margaret Davidson of that place.
Mrs. Davidson is the mother of the
Rev. J. O. Bills who assisted Rev.
Campbell in the recent city wide re
vival meetings. Rev. Campbell was
formerly pastor of the McCordsville
Methodist church.
In his absence, the Rev. G. H. Hill
will officiate at the Fifth street M. E.
church this morning, and tonight
Trof. Walter S. Davis will speak on
"The History of Christianity."
Root in Canada.
Publishers' Press. 1
Montreal Canada, Jan. 19. Elihn
Root, United States secretary of state,
accompanied by Mrs. and Miss Root,
arrived here en route to Ottawa,
where he will be the guest of the gov
ernor general.
Artificial gas, the 29th. Century fuel,
son, and Senator Kistler, of Logans
port. But there are some pretty
prominent republicans, who are de
clared to be leaning in that direction.
In the house where the democrats
have within a few votes of an even
game with the republicans, the repeal
bill may receive favorable consider- j fss'
ation, but even this is doubtful. In
the senate, with the democrats in a
hopeless minority, there is no chance
Just why the democrats are for a re
peal is not plain.
Senator Wood's bill to increase the
salaries of the officers and patrolmen
of metropolitan forces has some
chance of getting through. But there
will be hammers out for it all along
the line and it may be so amended
before the finish comes as to cti
cally ruin its features.
This week will be the first since
the opening of the general assembly
for the consideration of measures
that are ready for passage. The ap
propriation bill, providing for the ex
penses of the legislature is the only
measure that has passed both houses
and which has received the signature
of the governor. That is a law. If
it had not been, there -would have
been no salaries paid the legislators
and the small army of clerks and
doorkeepers in both branches.
More than 340 bills have been in
troduced, the senate thus far having
a slight lead. Sixty-eight of them
are ready for passage in their respec
tive branches. Twenty-five or more
will reach the opposite branch from
that in which they were introduced,
during this week and some of them
may become laws before next Friday
ess, Mrs. Jienry lownsenu, iuo uu
Sixteenth street.
October S Leader, Mrs. Lida J.
Mott. Frontiers, including Alaska,
Mrs. W. M. Nelson; hostess, Mrs. J.
W. Finfrock, 115 South Eleventh
November 12 Thank offering. Host-
Mrs. W. M. Nelson, J13 rsortn a
December 10 Leader, Mrs. S. M.
Guild. The America of Tomorrow,
Miss Carrie C. Lesh; hostess, Mrs. C.
S. Farnham, 32 North Tenth street.
First Case to be Heard Will be That
of Edward Holden, the Showman
Against the Big Four Railroad Company.
Gartin Got a 'Possum.
A number of railroad men yester
day morning made glad the heart of
Green Gartin, one of the colored jan
itors at the Pennsylvania station by
presenting him with a 'possum weigh
ing seventeen pounds. The Gartin
family will live high today.
Deputy Sheriff Mashmerer has
been very busy during the last few
days serving notice on citizens of
Wayne county, who had been selected
to serve on the petit jury. He com
pleted the work yesterday, and the
following named will occupy the jury
box in the circuit court during the
present term: Frank B. Jenkinson,
Boston township; Joseph B. Hurst,
Center township; Edward Gentry,
Clay; Oscar A. Brown, Dalton; John
H. Marshall, Franklin; Alva C. Study,
Green; John Davis, Harrison; John
Walters, Jackson; Elias M. Hoover,
Jecerson; Larking Hoover, Clay;
Wilber Elwell, Washington; Marcus
D. L. Reynolds, Webster.
This body will convene tomorrow
morning, and one of the first cases
that will be heard is that of Edward
Holder, the showman against the Big
Four railroad for damages for the
loss of several trained animals.
Preparations are being made for
the sixth district councillor medical
meeting at the Wescott hotel next
Thursday. The meeting will be open
ed with prayer by the Rev. R. J
Wade, after which Mayor Schillinger
will deliver an address of welcome
There is every indication of a large
attendance at the meeting as a num
ber of papers of interest to the mem
bers will be read. The program is
as follows:
"Puerperal Sepsis" Dr. H. M. Lam-
berson, Connersville.
Discussion by Dr. J. C. Sexton,
Rushville, Dr. G. Pigman, Liberty.
"Migraine" Dr. Henry Gregory,
Discussion by Dr. C. II. Parsons,
Rushville. Dr, S. E. Gordon. Alquina
"Medical Treatment of Cholecysti
tis" Dr. E. R. Sisson, Greenfield.
Discussion by H. H. Egolf, Liberty,
Dr. C. G. Bartlett, Lewisville.
"Open Air Treatment of Pulmonary
Tuberculosis" Dr. J. C. Blossom, Mt.
Discussion by Calvin Carter, Brook
ville. Dr. E. R. Beard, Liberty.
"Diseases of the Gall Bladder" Dr.
C. S. Houghland, Milroy.
Discussion by Dr. Samuel Kennedy,
Shelbyville, Dr. E. Derbyshire, Con
nersville. "The Treatment of Twenty Recent
Cases of Diptheria" Dr. F. T. Du
Bois, Liberty.
Discussion , by Dr. C. E. VanMatre,
New Castle, Dr. F. J. Spillman, Con
nersville. "Embolism" Dr. J. N. Study, Cam
bridge City.
Discussion by Dr. M. F. Veraker,
Kitchell, Dr. G. F. VanPelt, Conners
ville. The mayor, the two health officers
and the two township physicians and
the coroner, all of whom are mem
bers of the society, will describe to
the visitors the hygiene and sanita
tion as carried on in Richmond. Each
member of the Wayne county society
will act as a committee of one to en
tertain visiting physicians.
The committee on arrangements is
composed of Drs. J. E. King, C. S.
Bond, S. C. Markley, IT. B. Boyd, G.
II. Grant and D. W. Stevenson.
Telephone the Richmond
Laundry to get your laundry.
Miss Florence McClure of Muncie,
is visiting her aunt, Mrs. Will McClure
of South Seventh street.
Mrs. Elva Hart has dismissed her
suit against Robert Hart for divorce.
the pair having reconciled their dif
ferences outside of court.
Dr. Haughton is in his office
hours a day and makes calls also.
Artificial ga3. the 20th Century fuel
Big Sale in Granite and China Ware. See our middle
display window. Choice of any article for
Superintendent Mott Has Prepared
Statistics on Attendance for the
Past Month.
S. and H. stamp people will give 10 stamps with each
article sold. Not over 4 of any one kind to each custo
mer. Come early. S. & H. stamps as cash discount.
Pictorial Review Patterns.
A monthly report showing the ex
cellent condition of the city schools
was yesterday issued from the office
of Supt. Mott. The report, which is
jself explanatory, follows:
General enrollment, 3,135; boys, 1,-
564; girls, 1,571.
Average daily attendance 2,466.
Number of days lost by sickness
Number of tardy pupils, 433.
Minutes lost by tardiness, 5,071.5.
Truancy cases, 12.
Visitors, 290.
Number of days of school, IS.
Immediately upon his graduation
from the commercial department of
the high school next month, Ellwood
Silberman will take a position on the
office staff of the Richmond Manufac
turing company.
Robert Davis, who was with the
Hoosier Drill company for some time,
has been appointed a traveling ticket
auditor on the Rock Island. He as
sumes the duties of his new position
at once.
Howard Mitchell, a small boy who
is inclined to b. mischievous, threw
a stone tnroiign tne window or a
building owned by the Pennsylvania
railroad company sesterday and was
gathered in by the police. Judge
Converse turned his case over to Mrs
Elizabeth Candler, the probation offi
Trading Stamps with All Purchases. Free Delivery. New Phone
1079; Old Phone 13R. Store Open Tuesday, Friday and
Saturday Evening. 411-413 Main Street.
Bran the
The Kind You Have Amsrs Beiitt
ArtlScJal gas. the 20th Oeotnry fuel.
Palladium Want Ads Pay.
THc Saving of Money is a, HHafolt.
If you can get the children to acquire the habit of saving and to start a Savings Bank account, you
have laid the foundation for a future of independence and happiness which will increase as the children
become grown up.
A Dickinson Trust Bank will help your children to save their money and to become interested in
viio uunar wm srart tne account. We loan you a savings bank free of cost and pay 3
ceni interest on deposits. e invite you to open an account with us.
Veteran Passed Away.
College Corner, O., Jan. 19, (Spl.)
Thos. Pentecost, proprietor of the
Park hotel, died at this place Friday
evening at 4 o'clock of erysipelas and
heart failure aged 66 5-ears. He lea
ves a widow, two sons and five dau
ghters. He was a veteran of the Civil
war; he served 3 years in the 36th
Reg. of I. V. I. under Col. Groce. Mr.
Pentecost was one of our best citi
zens, he was a loyal democrat, no
populist or socialism was ever indulg
ed in by him; he was a true Jackson
ian democrat. Mr. Pentecost was a
bible reader and a man of prayer,
yet he was not satisfied with his life
and he sent for Rev. J. T. Jones. Mr.
Pentecost said he would like to so In
the M. E. church and make a public
acknowledgement of Christ. Friday
morning at ten o'clock he was taken
into the church and at four o'clock
that evening he joined the church
triumphant. Thus one by one the
soldiers are passing away.
Pedagogues From Clay, Green, Perry
and Webster Townships Discuss
Subjects of Vital Interest to. Their
Work The Speakers. "
The teachers of the townships of
Clay, Green, Perry and 'Webster were
in session yesterday at the office of
County Superintendent Jordan, and
the subjects discussed were as fol
lows :
Basis of Practical Teaching Isaac
Moore, Retta Thomas, Alonzo Ranck,
Charles Woollard, Alice Reese, Ellen
Wright and W. M. Penny.
English Literature Ethel A. Thom
as, Guy R. Hall, Maude Norris, Anna
P. Burgess, Ida F. Packer, Lena Cof
fin and Daisy Petty.
Essays in Application Mary Smith
Carrie Townsend, Clarence Foutz.
Catherine Kniese and Garnett Bailey.
Proposed School Legislation Clara
Pickett, Benjamin F. Williamson, Ly
man Lyboult, Ethel Foutz, Nora Mur
phy, Lee Reynolds and Harry Webber.
Deaths and Funerals.
POGUE Mrs. George Pogue, of
Chicago, died in that city Wednes
day. The body will be brought to
Richmond to the home of Mrs. Jonas
Gaar, East Main street, arriving this
morning. Funeral arrangements will
be announced later.
SCOTT William W. Scott died
yesterday morning at the home of
his mother, Mrs. Daniel Bennett, 127
North 3rd street, at the age of 32
jears. The funeral will be from the
home Monday afternoon at 2 o'clock.
Burial will be at Earlham cemetery.
Friends may call this atttrnoon and
LINGNFELTER The funeral of
Samuel Lingenfelter will take place
at Centerville this afternoon at two
o'clock at the Christian church, and
the burial will be in the Centerville
TOWNSEND The funeral of Ed
ward Townsend took place yesterday
afternoon at the home, 810 North G
street, the Rev. J. Beck officiating.
The body will be taken to St. Paris,
O., for burial.
Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Griffy, 71S
North 19th street, girl, eighth child.
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence White, 112
Randolph street, boy.
All the leading hotels, restaurants
and dining cars serve Mrs. Austin's
Pancakes for breakfast. Much better
than others.
Artificial gas, the 20th Century fuel.
Usn't IHTealthful.
Of course you know that. But
perhaps you go on eating bread
that is sour just the same.
It's yeast too much of it
that makes bread sour. The
yeast, when used in large quan
tities,, forces the rising process
the dough is puffed up be
fore the flour has time to rise.
The result is a big loaf, all right,
but not a very good one. And
the puffed loaf doesn't really con
tain as much bread as its size
indicates j
Zwisslcr's Bread
Is RIever Sour
Because the proportions of yeast
and flour are right.
The Zwissler loaf is saised slow
ly, in a natural way, the
yeast and flour combining ris
ing together.
Zwissler's bread is light, but of
fine, delicate texture, with a pleas
ing, appetizing flavor and with
out a trace of sourness.
And, without any artificial yeast
puffing, Zwissler's bread is the
biggest. It's the weight that
counts j
Always ask for Zwissler's Bread,
and insist in getting it.
All Grocers Can Furnish It.
If you want any coal get the best. I can supply you
with it. I invite comparisons of my coal with that
of others, for it's the best. Why should I hesitate to
tell you about it? Trust me with your order, for I
have just received several cars of good Jackson and
Pohahontas Coal.
Office: Bullerdick's Cannery.
0. D. Bullcrdick, South fifth St. Phone 1235.
We use only the Purest Drugs the market affords.
Let us fitt. your prescriptions.
W. H. ROSS DRUG CO. 804 Main St. Phones 77.
Seviings Deportmeiniir
I. 0. 0. F. Lodge, Notice!
The members of the Whitewater
lodge, I. O. O. F. are requested to
meet at the lodge hall Sunday even
ing at 7:30 o'clock to hold services
over the remains of W. W. Scott.
L. A. 1 1 AND LEY, Seer.
First NotiODHsiD fomk
The First National Bank of Richmond has
added a Savings Department to its banking
accommodations, having thoroughly equipp
ed the new department, which is now open
to the patronage of the public
Three Per Cent. Interest Paid on Savings Deposits.
Pass Books are issued and Home Savings
Banks furnished free to depositors j& j&
mens pocket or lady's purse will be fur
nished to those preferring them.
One Dollar Starts an Account
Interest compounded semi-annually at the
rate of 3 per cent.
The Savings Department Backed by a National Bank
Bank will be open every Tuesday night
Use artificial, eas tor llht and heat.

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